Accused (2023) Movie Script

[somber, poignant music]
[faint voices]
[man] For me, like, no. All right.
- [zipping]
- We might have to do a coordination thing.
You use the east wing,
I'll use the west wing.
[woman] Sorry, Fresh Prince of Yorkshire.
Such an upper-class bro.
[man] That's a stretch.
We only moved there when I was ten.
[woman] Oh, feed me caviar
with that silver spoon, would you?
[man] Oh, shut up!
Caviar is only reserved for me and Flynn.
- All right? You're gettin' none of that.
- [woman] Hmm.
So I'm not getting red carpet treatment
from the Bhavsars?
[man scoffs] You think I'd bring you there
if my parents were there? Are you mad?
Wait. Am I, like,
your dirty little secret?
[scoff] Trust me, if you knew my parents,
you'd know why. All right?
They're jokers. They'd find
every possible way of making it weird.
If you say so. [sighs]
I will tell them soon.
All right? I promise.
Pinkie promise?
- Promise, then!
- No, but... Do you want this promise?
- 'Cause you're acting like you don't.
- [chuckles]
- Ah, aah!
- [woman] Can't break that now.
- Fuckin' hell.
- So, I can't wait to meet Flynn.
And, of course, chilling in the
Bhavsar Palace with not one but two dogs.
- What, are you sayin' I'm a dog?
- More so than Flynn? 100%.
[chuckles] Well, at least
I'm not a donkey like you.
[woman laughs] Oh, really?
- You reckon? Yeah?
- Yeah.
Hmm? Well, the dog says, if you clean up
a bit before you leave, it'd be amazing.
- No chance.
- Yeah, didn't think you would.
- [chuckles]
- All right.
- See you tomorrow, okay?
- [woman] See you.
- You gonna be all right comin' down?
- Yeah, yeah.
- I'll just message you before I go.
- Cool. Okay.
[girls laughing]
That one? It's a
- Yeah, that one's probably better.
- [both laughing]
Like this?
[tense music playing]
[man] 'Scuse me, mate?
'Scuse me.
[PA] suspicious behavior.
Help keep our station safe.
Speak to a member of staff,
and we'll be happy to help.
Spot it and we'll stop it.
[woman] This bloody country, honestly.
Cor, blimey.
[PA] The 10:42 South Talbot Trains
service to St. James' Cove
departure from platform eight.
[door alarms chiming]
[PA] We are due to arrive
into St. James' Cove at 11:45.
Please have your tickets
ready for inspection. Thank you.
- [man] Yeah. Definitely.
- [murmur of voices]
- It was like...
- [phone plays burst of music]
- [deep rumbling]
- [man] Yeah, Thursday.
- What the fuck? Yo, you see this?
- [phone ringing]
- It says "explosion"
- [phones chiming and buzzing]
- [woman] We were just there.
- [man] God!
Oh shit.
[somber music]
[ringing tone]
[woman 1] Hi. I've just seen the news.
You'll think I'm being over the top,
but can you just send me a text,
let me know you're okay?
[man 1] Hi, sis, it's me. Um, listen,
have you been able to get through to Mum?
I've tried calling her,
but she's not picking up.
- I'm a bit worried.
- [woman 2] I've just...
Uh, I just want you to give me a call
when you get this, if you can.
- Just wanna make sure...
- [man 2] Breaking reports of an explosion
- [man] Hey.
- [woman] God, babe! You okay?
Please tell me you're okay.
Yeah, yeah. No, no, I'm fine.
I'm on the train miles away.
Did you... Did you see anything?
- [man] No, not at all.
- Oh my God, babe. It's all over the news.
- [man] What are they saying?
- An explosion at Central Junction!
Seriously? Do you think
I should get off the train?
- Um I... I don't know. Where are you?
- [man] No. It's fine. I'm fine.
Shit, I better call my mum.
She'll freak out.
- Call me back after, straightaway.
- [overlapping voices]
- [woman 3] Just give us a call back
- [ringing tone]
[tense music playing]
- [man 3] Just saw it
- [man 4] Have you just got the same?
- [man 3] No, I'm fine
- [woman 4] We were just there
[passengers murmuring]
[PA chimes]
[PA] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your train manager speaking.
We are currently trying to find out
more information about what happened.
I'm sure you've all heard
about this explosion
[PA] South Talbot Trains
service to St. James' Cove,
calling at Bracknell, Little Frint,
Barnscombe, Angeville
- [car door slams]
- [man] Harri!
All right, Dad?
[PA] and St. James' Cove.
- This train is formed of eight coaches
- [Dad sighs]
[Harri] I'm all right.
- [sighs] Glad to see you all in one piece.
- [scoffs] Tell me about it.
Come on, then.
[newsreader] All across the city,
London's transport
has been brought to a standstill.
So far, seven people
have been confirmed dead at the scene.
- [Dad] Ugh, good God.
- More than 50
[Dad] Imagine if you'd woken up late
or stopped for a coffee.
- That could've been you!
- [Harri] Eh.
I nearly did help this lady with her bags.
That would've been the holiday canceled.
[Dad] Yeah. Yeah,
that would have been a total disaster.
- For us, obviously.
- [both laugh]
[horn beeps]
[Harri] I don't think
I've ever seen her crack a smile.
[Dad] She doesn't do smiles.
- [beeping]
- [Harri] What is that noise?
[Dad] Ugh, your mum's car alarm.
Keeps going on and off, on and off.
- [sighs] Just like our love life.
- [both laugh]
Hey, listen, don't be, uh going on about
the attack in front of your mum, right?
- She's a nervous wreck.
- [Harri] Oh, when is she not?
- [Dad] Yeah.
- [loud beeping]
[beeping stops]
[Dad] She's fixed it.
Okay. Good luck!
[Mum] Look, sweetheart!
- Mum, I'm okay.
- Oh God. Come here.
- Ohhh!
- I'm all right.
[Mum] Oh! [sighs]
This is new.
Yeah, it is new, and it's very expensive,
so don't touch it.
- What, you set it up yourself?
- [Dad] No.
I paid someone to do it.
[sighs] Apparently,
you can look at it on your phone,
but luckily for you,
I haven't figured that bit out yet.
Oh, so I'm still okay
to trash the place, then?
- [Dad] No, you're not.
- [chuckles]
Flynn! Come here!
Oh! Who's a good boy?
Oh, I missed you. Come on.
- [barking]
- Come on. Go on!
Go on!
[pensive music]
[wood creaking]
[floor creaking]
[Mum laughs]
[whispers] Fuck.
[Dad] Silly fool gave himself a splinter
messing around in the treehouse.
[Mum] Ugh, Ramesh, you really should
take that rickety old thing down.
- It's a death trap.
- [Dad] Don't be so dramatic.
- It's not. I built it myself!
- Fuck!
[Mum] Hah! When was the last time
you were up there?
- [TV] targeting innocent commuters
- [Dad] Seven or eight years?
[TV] As the search for the bomber begins,
police have urged any witnesses
with information on the...
- [Mum] God. You know what I just thought?
- [Dad] What?
- [Mum] The airport.
- [Dad] Oh, fuck.
- [phone vibrates]
- You'll be fine.
- There'll be loads of queues and delays.
- I know. We'd better leave early, huh?
You'll definitely get
stopped and searched.
Nothing like a good invasive strip search.
[Mum] That is what I'm saying, Ramesh.
Look at you. You look like [laughs]
- I fit the profile.
- You fit the profile!
- [both laughing]
- This is not funny.
- No, okay.
- This is not something to laugh about.
- Okay?
- Anyway, the police are shit.
- They'll never find him.
- Oh, for goodness' sake.
- Not this again.
- Why? What's happened?
- You know Mrs. Daly down the road?
- Mmm?
She got burgled a couple of months ago.
Took two and a half hours
for the police to arrive.
- That was our local police, not the Met.
- [phone vibrates]
The police are the police.
- It's a matter of principle.
- They're not... It's not the same thing.
I don't think you can compare
a burglary to a bombing.
- Will you put your phone away?
- Anyway
- [Mum] What's so urgent?
- [phone vibrating]
Someone seems very persistent.
Well, yeah, that's 'cause she uses
the send button as punctuation.
- She? She!
- She.
- [Dad] She, she.
- Fuck's sake.
[Mum] You hear that? She.
- [Dad] She!
- Fuck's sake.
What's her name?
[both] Chloe!
Chloe's a nice name.
- [thud upstairs]
- [Mum] I know.
- [Dad] Nice girl, I bet.
- [Mum] Is she your girlfriend?
- She might not be a girlfriend.
- Well, why not?
Are you gonna get married?
- [both] Oh, stop it!
- [Dad] Come on!
- This is why I don't tell you anything.
- I want to be a granddad.
- Stop it!
- You look like a fucking granddad.
[Mum] She might just be
a friend with benefits!
- What? [laughs]
- Huh?
- How'd you know what that is?
- [Harri] Where'd you learn that?
Why shouldn't I know
what a friend with benefits is?
- Ahem. I've had quite a few of them.
- Oh, Mum.
- Ohh. Okay.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- No one wants to hear that shit.
- Pass the wine.
Okay, I will. All right.
- Have fun.
- [Mum] Thank you!
- [Dad] We will.
- Text when you get to the airport.
- [Mum] Text me when Chloe arrives.
- [whispers] Fuck's sake.
- [Dad] Okay. Let's go, please.
- [Mum giggling]
- Okay.
- [Dad] Oh, and don't burn the house down.
- All right. See ya.
- [Mum] Bye!
We'll try our best, eh?
["Your Mind" by Greentea Peng playing]
[soft rainfall]
I know that you
You doubt yourself, still
I thought that by now
You could see all that you are
Don't look backwards
You've come too far, star
[Flynn whimpers]
- Hungry? Hmm?
- It's disappointing
When I let you down, baby
There you go.
I'm my own worst enemy
No one can judge me harder
Than I judge myself
Thoughts in the way
Carry them round
- Heavy like a bag lady
- Sit.
Go on.
- But I'm here to stay
- You eat better than I do, boy.
This voice of reason
Yeah, objective notes to self
I know you didn't want me
To achieve nothing
I know that you'll
Hex me with your words again
I know that you have been broken
- [scoffs]
- And expect nothing from man
- [phone ringing and vibrating]
- [sighs]
Oh, interesting.
Uh... I'm the luckiest girl in the world?
Thank you.
[Harri] You should feel lucky.
You're getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance
to stay at the Bhavsar Palace.
[TV playing in background]
[groans] Come on.
This trash Internet, man.
I do not miss this.
- [humming]
- [man on TV] At the back!
You think it's lost!
- Yo, can you hear me?
- [cackling on TV]
- [Chloe] Yeah, yeah, you're back.
- [Harri] Sorry. The Wi-Fi here is shit.
[chuckles] Apart from the dodgy Internet,
is it nice to be back home?
[grunts] Yeah? I mean, it's nice.
Yeah, nice to get some peace and quiet.
For a day, at least, till
your naggin' arse comes over tomorrow.
I can stay at home.
Oh, no, please don't do that. [chuckles]
I do not wanna be here on my own.
Oh That's what I thought.
- [chuckles]
- It's the ghost, isn't it?
- Yeah, you know me too well.
- So, Mr. Harri Bhavsar.
Has your room still got, you know,
that horrible blue? The shitty posters?
I mean, the blue's gone,
but the shitty posters are still there.
Mm. You know what?
I'm startin' to have
second thoughts about us.
[chuckles] Yup.
I don't blame you, to be honest.
Oh my God. How weird.
[exhales] What?
- You've gotta see this, babe.
- What is it?
Uh, turn on the TV.
TV's on.
No, like, go to the news.
- I'm not trying to watch the news now.
- Oh, just do it! Please, please trust me.
- I wanna see if you see what I see.
- All right, fine.
[newsreader] the CCTV photos
[Chloe] Is it just me,
or does that bomber look just like you?
- If you squint, like, a little.
- What the fuck?
- [Chloe] Right?
- [TV] The suspect
- Shut up, man. That's not me, is it?
- [newsreader] wearing dark trousers
- [Chloe] Obviously, it's not you you...
- Chloe...
[Chloe] But it could be you.
- That's not me.
- [TV] explosive device
- Not me. Right?
- [Chloe] Oh my God.
What a way to find out
you have a fucking doppelgnger.
- You must have a twin, mate.
- Twin?
First of all,
have you seen what he's wearin'?
- [Chloe] Obviously!
- He's not my... Look at the shoes!
Different shoes, whatever.
- I saw you get ready!
- He fucking is.
It's almost uncanny, like, same vibe,
same gray hat, beard
- Harri, it could be you.
- [TV] public to join in the search
Based on what?
You can't even see the guy's face.
[Chloe] Mmm! Who knew
I was dating a little bad boy?
All right, stop now.
All right? It's not funny.
Boo! You're no fun.
Listen, your bomber
secrets are safe with me, Hazza.
- Ride or die shit. [laughs]
- All right, no.
- Now, that was not funny.
- Oh, come on.
- It was a little.
- It's not.
Don't grump on me.
You ain't got a sense of humor now?
I do have a sense of humor. It's just
not funny, is it? People have died!
Yeah. I... I'm not making fun of that,
obviously. Like, that's sad, but
[chuckles] Resemblance, right?
- [TV] We have breaking news
- [Chloe] Shit, my dad's calling.
- I've gotta take this. Speak soon?
- Yeah. Fine. In a bit.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye. Mwah!
[TV] CCTV photo of the suspect
in the Central Junction bombing.
The police have advised that although they
have raised the threat level to critical,
which means an attack is highly likely...
[suspenseful music on TV]
[TV playing quietly]
[woman on TV] It's exactly
what you want. Exactly.
[man on TV] Inspect it. It's in there.
Thought it'd be here.
Well, I expected you to lose
stationery items like that,
with your banal meanness
for placing things.
But those sorts of items,
they don't tend to make
You'll find all those
The mantel brass compass
[somber ambient music]
[water running]
[phone notification chimes]
- [lightning crashes]
- [gasping]
It's alive. It's alive!
[yells] It's alive!
[dramatic music on TV]
[mob yelling]
There he is! Hit it again!
- Success!
- [crashing]
[man] Oh! Count, it's just you.
[Count] I was beginning
to lose faith, Victor.
A pity your moment of triumph
is being spoiled
over a little thing like grave robbery.
[Victor] Yes. Yes. I must...
I must escape this place!
[Count] Where are you going to run,
Your peculiar experiments have made you
unwelcome in most of the civilized world.
[Victor] I'll take him away.
Far away, where no one will ever find him.
[Count] Oh no, Victor. The time has come.
[woman] Why do you think
I've brought you here? Can't you
[menacing music]
[dramatic music on TV]
[mob clamoring]
[man yells]
[menacing music continues]
[man 3] Look! It's headed
for the windmill! Come on!
[mob clamoring]
[ominous music]
[turns TV off]
[breathing heavily]
[laughter on video]
[sighs heavily]
Oh fuck.
[ringing tone]
[man] Hello, this is 101.
How can we assist you?
Uh [sniffles] My name is Harri Bhavsar.
Uh There's people online saying that
I... I did something that I... I didn't do.
They're sharing my photos and, uh
they... they're saying they wanna kill me,
and I... I don't know what to do.
[sniffles] So, yeah.
Okay, Harri.
Can I get your address, please?
Brook, Stroud Lane. Y035 5CT.
Okay, thank you. Do you have any idea
why this is happening?
Yeah, no. Uh... Um, yes. Yes, I do.
They... They think... They...
The bombing today, they think it's me.
But it Obviously, I mean, it's not me.
That's... that's why I'm calling you,
so yeah.
- Okay.
- It's... it's everyone.
It's online. It's... it's trending.
Go on any social media site, it's there.
It's all... It's all over it.
This sort of thing is quite common,
and if I can reassure you,
these threats usually
don't amount to anything.
Do you have any reason
to believe they know where you live?
- Or where you are right now?
- Uh, no, but... but they do know my name.
And... and, uh
what I look like, obviously. [sniffles]
Okay, so with everything you've told me,
our advice would be to stay put,
stay alert, don't engage,
and to contact us if anything changes
or if things escalate, okay?
Uh Well, yeah, that's it, then?
Uh, th-thank... Thanks.
Okay, well, thank you
for letting us know, Harri.
I've logged your notes and we'll be
in touch in the next few days.
- Uh, cheers. Bye.
- Bye.
- [sighs]
- Hello, it's Isha here...
Fuck's sake. [sniffles]
[ringing tone]
- Hi, it's Chloe. I can't...
- Oh, fuck's sake.
[sighs heavily]
[ringing tone]
[line busy tone]
[ringing tone]
[line busy tone]
- [ringing tone]
- [Dad] You've reached the voicemail...
- Hi, this is Ramesh. Hello.
- [sniffles] Hey, Dad!
- Yo...
- Psych!
- This is Ultraviolet Mobile.
- God!
- The number you called is not available.
- Fuck off then, man.
- Seven
- Leave a message after the tone.
- Eight, four
- It's Imran. I'll get back to you soon.
- Nine
- The number you called
- It's Aaron. I can't get to the phone.
- Or leave a message...
- [Chloe] Harri.
- Hey. I... I've been trying to call you.
Sorry, I can't... It's all gone crazy here.
I'm not sure...
Okay. Okay, but, I mean,
have you seen what's going on online?
- Yes, I've seen it.
- They actually think it's me.
- There's pictures of me, Harri!
- Well, yeah, no. I mean, I've seen...
- I've seen it. I've seen it all.
- There's pictures of me online!
- Well... Chloe...
- What's going on?
You're my girlfriend. What'd you expect?
Of course they're gonna
fucking share your photos!
- Okay, then... I mean, it's not just you.
- [Flynn barks]
It's... it's Ben. It's Mark, Aaron.
I mean, they're not picking up my calls.
- It's too...
- [Flynn barking]
Listen. Listen, you're coming
round tomorrow, okay?
The... I... I've spoke to the police, okay?
They said this is all
just gonna fucking blow over.
- I can't...
- They said just don't engage, okay?
Just... just come over tomorrow,
and we'll just chill.
- Harri!
- We'll do exactly what we fucking planned.
- Okay? We'll just have a nice chill...
- [Flynn barking]
Harri, listen to me.
I'm not coming tomorrow.
What do you mean, you're not
fucking coming tomorrow? [sniffles]
What do you mean? [sniffles]
- I'm not coming, Harri. I can't see you.
- Chloe.
- I just need space.
- Babe. Ba...
- Chloe, it's...
- No, listen!
They're sharing my photos
all over social media.
What do you mean, you don't wanna f...
Chloe, don't... don't fucking...
- Just... just wait one... one second.
- Harri, I... I'm hanging up.
- Okay, let me just fucking...
- I'm hanging up. I can't talk, okay?
Look... look, please, please
just come tomorr...
- Chloe
- [Flynn barks]
[Flynn whimpers]
[yells] Fuck!
[sniffles] Fuck.
- [glass smashes]
- Fuck!
Go on, boy. Toilet.
[collar jingling]
[Flynn barking]
[Flynn yelps]
- [barking continues]
- Flynn.
Flynn! Come on.
- [barking]
- Flynn!
Flynn! Come inside now. Come on.
Good boy. Inside.
[paws pattering]
[wind sighing softly]
[sinister ambient music]
- [whimpers]
- There you go.
Night, boy.
[phones ringing]
[overlapping ringing]
[phone vibrates]
[phone vibrates]
[woman on TV] What is clear is that
the public are in a state of fear.
To know this person
is still out there, at large,
they could be planning
another attack as we speak.
[man] What are the timings
usually like in cases like this?
What kind of timescale can we expect?
[woman] Well, that's hard to say.
These things are always unique in nature.
We really have to break down
the psychology of the perpetrator.
- [man] Why haven't there been any arrests?
- [woman] That's a great question.
It's important to remember, just because
the police have only released one photo,
just because there have been no arrests
doesn't mean there's been no progress.
- [man] It's interesting you mention
- Hi, it's Chloe. I can't answer the phone.
- Please leave a message.
- [TV] amount of social media attention
Chloe, this is stupid. Okay?
I've... I've not done anything.
All right? You know that.
I know you don't believe
what they're saying, so what is it?
'Cause I don't get it.
You're trying...
You're trying to save your own face?
- I... I don't know.
- [man on TV] without being recorded
Look, I get... I get it's overwhelming,
people sharing your photos and whatnot,
and it... it's happening to me...
It's... They're coming for me. Okay?
And I just, uh
- [woman on TV] We are going to show you
- I just need someone, uh, to talk to.
[man on TV] So let's go back
to the psychology you mentioned,
because what I see here
is an ordinary looking man,
early to mid 20s, perhaps?
[woman] Well, is this a normal man?
How can we tell from this one picture?
What I see here is a man who has
almost certainly been radicalized.
I mean, that's the nature of these
[man] Now, you say radicalized...
[breathing heavily]
[menacing music]
[landline rings]
[ringing continues]
Uh, hell... hello? [sniffles]
[man] Oh, he... hello, Mr. Bhavsar. This is
Dr. Smith calling with your test results.
Uh uh, sorry, doc...
Uh uh, what? [sniffles]
Yes, from your recent blood test, sir.
Uh uh Right, okay.
[sniffles] Uh, well, I didn't... Uh...
Am I talking to Mr. Ramesh Bhavsar?
No. He's, um [sniffles]
Uh, wh...
Wait, it's, uh It's 2:00 a.m. [sniffles]
Who am I talking to?
No, so... Uh, sorry.
Why... why are you calling so late?
Who is this?
Is that you, Harri?
[landline rings]
- Leave me the fuck alone. Okay?
- [man] We're gonna find you.
- We're gonna burn you alive...
- Fuck off.
[landline ringing]
[ringing continues]
[batteries clatter]
[ringing continues]
- [ringing stops]
- Fuck off.
[phone vibrating]
The fuck
[phone vibrates]
[sighs heavily]
[breathing shakily]
[owl hooting]
[floorboards creaking]
[clock ticking]
[car alarm blares]
- Go to your bed, Flynn. Bed!
- [whimpers]
[alarm continues]
[horn blaring repeatedly]
- [click]
- [alarm stops]
[twig snaps]
[door slams]
[keys jingle]
No, no, no.
Fuck off.
Ah, fuck
- [man] Emergency. Which service?
- Uh, police. Police, please.
- [sniffles]
- Please hold.
[breathing heavily]
- [woman] Police?
- Uh, hi. Someone's broken into my flat.
And I think...
I think they're trying to find me.
Can I take your postcode, please, sir?
Uh, yeah. Uh. Talpham Close, number 5.
AMW, sorry. Uh
Unfortunately, that's not
- That is...
- No, no! Uh, sorry, um, I'm not there now.
Uh, I'm at my parents' house,
but, I, uh, I'm on my own.
- There's no one here.
- What is the address where you are now?
Uh The Brook, Stroud Lane, Y035 5CT.
Okay. Are you in any immediate danger?
Yes! I think... I mean, no... No.
But, uh, listen, I've...
I've been getting death threats
all night. Okay?
They're being...
They've called this house and they...
- They've, uh...
- Who are they?
They've broken into my flat.
Uh, people! People online.
I don't know their names. Just people.
But they've broken into my flat.
I've seen it.
Can I take your name, please?
Uh, yeah, Harri Bhavsar.
Look, I... I've... Huh?
I've already spoken to 101 already, okay?
Okay, I can see that
you've spoken to 101 already.
I've got your details.
Someone will be
where you are now in due time.
- Is anyone there with you now?
- No... no! No, I'm on my own.
Okay. Well, I need you to sit tight.
We'll get officers out to you
as soon as we can.
- Unfortunately, it's a little busy.
- Uh [sighs]
Okay. Can I... Can I just get a time?
Uh, I won't be able to give you a time,
I'm afraid.
Your call has been logged, and we'll
get officers out to you as soon as we can.
It's very busy at the moment.
- So you'll have to sit tight, okay?
- Okay, yeah.
Well, I guess I'm gonna have to, aren't I?
Okay, Mr. Bhavsar. Thank you very much.
- Okay, bye.
- Goodbye.
Fuck it.
[Flynn barks]
For fuck's sake, Flynn.
- Flynn!
- [whimpers]
[wind whistling]
[Flynn grumbles]
[pushes door]
[breathing shakily]
Good boy.
[clock ticking]
[tapping continues]
[breathing shakily]
[locks window]
[footsteps on gravel]
[softly] Stay.
[menacing music]
- [Flynn whines]
- Shh.
- [Flynn grumbles]
- Shh.
- [Flynn whines]
- Flynn. Flynn. Ssshh. Sshh.
Oh shit, shit, shit, shit.
[whispers] Stay.
Stay. Stay.
[faint creaking]
[footsteps on gravel]
[Flynn barks]
Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.
Flynn! Hey, hey, hey. Shh.
- Come here. Come here. Come on.
- [whines]
[footsteps on gravel]
[footsteps on wood]
- [door rattles]
- [whines]
Flynn! Flynn, Flynn, Flynn, Flynn.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. There.
No, no...
No, Flynn! Flynn, Flynn!
- Flynn! Flynn!
- [barking]
- Flynn!
- [barking]
- Flynn
- [growling]
- Flynn...
- [growls once]
[faint clatter]
[clock ticking]
[floorboard creaks softly]
[breathing shakily]
[whispers] Flynn.
[softly] Flynn.
[whispers] Flynn.
Flynn. [sniffs]
[ominous music]
[loud creaking]
[clock ticking]
- [creaking]
- [gasps]
- [creaking]
- [gasps]
[fridge buzzing]
- [crash]
- Oh, fuck...
[breathing heavily]
[exhales shakily]
[footsteps fading]
[breathing shakily]
[music blares]
["Howdon Aldi Death Queue" by Sam Fender]
[volume increasing]
Shit. Shit!
[man 1] He's here!
Hey! Hey! Front door!
- [banging]
- Hey! Front door!
- [turns music off]
- [man] He's here! Get...
- Hurry up! Come 'ead! Front...
- [banging]
- Front door! Open the door!
- [bang]
Come on! Gonna get...
- [thumping]
- Front door!
[Harri panting]
[man 1] Come on! Hurry up!
- [Harri gasps]
- [man 1 yells]
[whispers] The phone...
[heavy footsteps]
[under breath] Come on,
come on, come on, come on.
- [slow footsteps]
- [Harri breathing shakily]
[soft rattling]
[slow footsteps]
[soft jingling]
[Harri panting]
[slow footsteps]
[loud creak]
[man 1] Hey. Hey. Over here.
[man 2] What?
- [man 1] I heard a creak.
- [man 2] Where?
- You sure?
- I'm sure. He's in there.
[man 2 panting]
[breathing heavily]
Where are you?
[roars] Where are you?
- [man 2] What the fuck are you doing?
- [man 1] Did you hear that?
[man 2] Get your shit together!
Look here, I'm going downstairs.
- [man 1] Yeah.
- [Harri shivering]
[man 1 sighs]
He's here! He's here!
Come here! Come 'ead! He's here!
You're fuckin' dead now, Harri!
[man 2] Where is he?
[man 1] He was just here!
[man 2 yells] Fucking find him!
Come on, Harri!
- [Harri] Fuck!
- [man 1 shouts] Gone in here!
[man 2] Where the fuck is he?
- Oh fu...
- [man 2 shouting]
[man 1] He's in here!
He's here! He's here! He's on the roof!
- [man 2] It's all right.
- Fuck!
- [man 2] Don't know where to fucking go!
- [man 1] Where are you goin', Spider-Man?
[laughs] Fucking hell, man!
You're not going anywhere, lad!
[man 2 laughs] Oi. Hey, move.
Move. I'm gonna fucking film it.
- [man 1] You're gonna fly, Harri!
- [man 2] Don't slip, Harri! [laughs]
- Whoa! Uh-oh!
- [gasping]
[man 1] Go 'ead, keep climbing.
Don't fuckin' worry, Harri.
I'm comin' for ya.
[man 2] Go on! Quick, grab him!
- [man 1] All right, then.
- [clattering]
Go 'ead. Wahey!
You stay there! Come on...
[man 2 panting] What happened?
- Oi! Fucking what's happened?
- [sighs]
- Fuck! He's up! He's going!
- [man 2] What?
- [man 1] He's going! Go! Go!
- [Harri gasps]
[man 2] Go! Fucking...
Ms. Daly! Ms. Daly!
Ms. Daly!
Ms. Daly! Ms. Daly, hey! Help me, please!
- Ms. Daly!
- [music playing]
Ms. Daly! Ms. Daly!
[Ms. Daly] Oh, for Heaven's sake.
Hey, hey! Ms. Daly!
It's me, Harri, from next door!
- You have to let me in right now, okay?
- [Ms. Daly] What does he want?
Ms. Daly! Ms. Daly, open the door, please!
It's me, Harri,
Ramesh and Isha's son from next door.
- You have to let me in right now, okay?
- Do you know what time it is?
Ms. Daly, look, there's people,
they're following me!
If you don't let me in right now, they're
gonna fu... they're gonna kill me, okay?
- Please! Open the door!
- All right, just a minute.
- Open the door!
- Just a minute!
- Fuck! [gasping]
- God above.
[Harri hyperventilating]
[gasping] Lock... Okay, just...
Just lock the door!
- Are all your doors locked?
- [Ms. Daly] Yes.
And... and the windows? [sobs]
- [thumps window]
- Okay
- Is everything locked?
- Yes.
[screams] Is everything locked?
- Do you hear?
- [yells] Yes, everything's locked!
And if you don't tell me what's going on,
I'll go back round and unlock it
and put you back out.
- I'm sorry, I just really need your help.
- Oh my God, look at the state of you.
- You're soaking wet.
- [panting]
There now. There's more towels there,
and they're dry,
and there's a dry sweater.
Now, you sit there
and tell me what's goin' on.
They broke into my home.
They have masks. They have weapons.
- Wait a minute, Harri. Slow down now.
- And...
Who's they? Is it burglars?
They killed Flynn. [sniffles]
They fucking killed my dog.
They killed my fucking dog.
Harri, look at me.
Look at me.
Have you taken drugs?
What? No! Wha... No, no!
I'm being serious. They could be
coming here next, do you understand?
Why would they be coming here?
Are they following you?
I got a head start, but I... I don't know.
There has been a horrible mix-up.
[sniffles] They... they think
I'm someone that I'm not,
or that I... I did something
that I didn't do.
And [sniffles]
It's all online, and I, uh
We we need to call the pol...
Uh, we need to call the police, okay?
Right. No, no, no.
Don't you call the police.
Because by the time they get here,
you'll be dead from hypothermia.
You'll dry yourself with those towels,
put on that dry sweater,
and I'll go and make us a cup of tea.
Put on the clothes, and I'll drive you
to the police station myself.
I... I'm sorry for... for waking you
and just bringing all this shit
to your door.
You're all right.
Sure, wasn't asleep anyway.
I potter around at night
with the radio on.
This bombing, awful business.
Do you take sugar?
Uh, s... sorry?
- In your tea. Do you take sugar?
- Uh, no. No, thank you.
- [man 1 on radio] about town
- [Ms. Daly] Right. What did he say?
- [man 2] Mm, that was a close call.
- [man 1] Doesn't bear thinking about.
Uh, now, we haven't seen
any arrests made yet.
However, there's been quite the buzz
on social media
regarding the whole situation.
Uh, you'll remember earlier on,
the police put out a call
for help from the public
Milk and no sugar.
that seems to have really rallied
the whole country together.
It seems as if the Internet may have done
what the police could not do
and named the suspect.
[man 1] Right. If you've been anywhere
on social media in the past few hours
- Hm. I'll just leave the teabag in.
- you will know the name Harri Bhavsar.
[man 2] It's trending all over.
Harri Bhavsar, yes.
Uh, a young man,
only in his 20s. Uh, he's the...
[man 1] The video footage of Mr. Bhavsar
at the scene of the crime this morning,
clear as day.
Uh, we've seen an endless number
of sightings
[breathing shakily]
- [gasping]
- [radio continues quietly]
[man 1] Um, so
[ominous music]
[man 1] He is the terrorist.
Wha... A calculated murderer.
- [Ms. Daly] No sugar, it's the blue one.
- [Harri] Thanks.
So, uh, these men you said were after you,
how many were there?
Two. I think.
And they had weapons, you say?
Yeah. Bats, hammers.
I... I don't know what else.
And do you think they're still
following you, like, close by?
I don't know.
Ms. Daly, maybe... Let's just forget
the tea, and let's just... let's just go.
No, no. You stay where you are.
- You'll be hungry, so.
- No, no...
I'll get you some biscuits.
Don't you move a muscle now.
I'll get you biscuits.
Yes. I'll get some biscuits.
[door opens]
Are you feeling any warmer?
[Harri] A little.
Uh, good to go, actually.
So, your parents,
they've, uh, gone on holiday?
Oh, that's nice. Must be nice
to skip, you know, gray old England.
Have they gone back home?
What country are you from, Harri?
Ms. Daly, I think, um
I think it's time we just got going.
But you're wet.
To the police station?
Why are you so wet?
Uh... I fell in the pool. Uh
Look, I want to go now, okay?
[breathing shakily] Harri
I know what's going on.
[sighs] Heard your name on the radio.
Ms. Daly, whatever you've heard
- It's not true, okay?
- Oh, Harri, stop the lying.
I... I'm not... I'm not lying.
- Oh, stop the lying.
- It's... The radio is wrong. Okay?
Harri, will you listen to yourself?
[gasps] What happened to you?
You were such a lovely boy.
[sobs] You'll break your mammy's heart.
Oh my God.
Is that why they left?
- Are they in on it too?
- What? No. Look, no...
- Ms. Da...
- Don't you come near me!
Don't you come near me.
Just calm down. Okay?
Listen to me.
I didn't survive
what I went through in Belfast
to come here and be taken advantage of
and lied to by you.
- [sobs]
- Ms. Daly, look, you know me. Okay?
I don't know you. I...
[gasps] I don't know who you are.
You'll go where I tell you.
You'll move when I tell you. All right?
- [Harri] Just put it down...
- Don't!
- Okay. Okay.
- Fff...
Get back.
Okay. I'll go. All right...
- [Ms. Daly] It's him! Please!
- Oh shit!
- [yelps]
- Oh, but don't hurt him!
Don't hurt him! No! Just...
Just stop! Stop! Please!
Just leave me alone, okay? I'm not...
- I'm not...
- [man 2] You fuckin' rat!
Thought you could get a-fucking-way.
- Eh?
- [groans]
[roars] Fuck you!
Oh fuck! Fuck off!
[Ms. Daly whimpers]
No, no!
You think you can get away
with what you've fucking done?
You fucking little bastard!
You think you can get away
with what you done?
You dirty fucking Paki.
You dirty fucking Paki!
I fucking hate you. I fucking hate...
[intense, mournful music]
[soundtrack plays over dialogue]
[breathing unsteadily]
Ah, fu...
[breathing noisily]
- Oh, come on, come on, come on.
- [rattling]
- [clattering]
- Ah, fuck.
[keys jingle]
- [engine starts]
- [sighs]
[sounds muffled]
- [blow lands]
- [yelps]
[man] No, no, no!
- No, no! No, you fuckin' stop!
- [yelps]
You go when I fuckin' say you go.
Do you get that, Harri? Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Fuckin' 'ell, Harri.
Absolutely fucked it.
[poignant ambient music]
You tired, are ya? You tired?
Are ya fuckin' tired? Yeah?
Hey! You tired?
[Harri spluttering]
What's that? What's that?
Hey! You fucking looking...
Don't stare at me, lad!
Don't you fuckin' stare at me.
Who the fuck... No!
Don't you fuckin' go anywhere, you.
Hey, I will break your fucking face,
do you get that?
Got that? I'll fuckin' choke ya
[soundtrack covers dialogue]
[man] Eh?
This is for Jack.
This is for all those innocent
fuckin' people that you butchered.
- Don't you fuckin' look away.
- I... I...
Be sure to say sorry.
Will you say sorry? Will you say sorry?
- Say sorry. Say fucking sorry!
- I didn't fucking do it!
You killed fucking Jack,
though, didn't you?
[sobbing] I didn't
[soundtrack covers audio]
[music fades]
[car engine idling]
Why you runnin', Harri?
Nowhere to go, lad.
[Harri] Please...
Please, just let... Please...
[loud creaking]
[man] Look at you. Pathetic.
[creaking continues]
Got you now, you little fuckin' prick.
[man wheezing]
I don't want to die.
No, no, don't... don't go.
Don't go, please, please.
Please don't go. Please don't.
- [sighs]
- Please!
[man chokes]
[screaming] Help!
[engine idling]
[opens door]
[closes door]
[breathing shakily]
[Chloe] Harri, hey, um
Uh, I... I've been trying to call you
all night, but I can't get through.
I'm... I'm really sorry about earlier.
The things they're saying about you...
You're right. It's gone way too far,
and it's all bullshit. It's all lies.
And I don't know why
I acted that way, and it's...
It was fucked up, and I'm so sorry.
I'm really, really, really worried
about you, Harri. Please...
Please just...
Just... just call me back, please.
Oh, fuck, what?
What the fuck... What the f...
[sinister music]
[horn beeping]
[horn blares]
[horn continues blaring]
[music thumping from car speakers]
[soft ambient music]
Thank you, John. Well, this morning police
apprehended and took into custody
a 28-year-old man who is believed
to be responsible for the London bombing
which took place yesterday morning.
Paul Lock has been described
by those who knew him
as "harmless" and "a kind, gentle soul."
With his motive for the attack
still unclear,
speakers in the wider London community
are now asking
what could have pushed this man's
mental state to do such a terrible thing?
[man 1] That was David Lister
reporting live from central London.
So, can you tell us more about Paul Lock?
[man 2] Well, we've seen a statement
from one of his schoolteachers
who referred to him
as "quiet and reserved."
They said they couldn't ever imagine
Paul acting like this.
It's just so far
from the realm of possibility.
And that follows on from several
other accounts by people who knew him.
[man 1] Mm, these stories about, uh,
Lock's manifesto,
which was unearthed hours ago,
has shown a different side to him.
The 30-page document was filled
with hate speech, threats,
and calls for action and justice
for a multitude of, as he claims,
"sins" the United Kingdom
is apparently guilty of.
[siren wailing]
We've no doubt seen a rise
in far-right ideology across Birmingham
[man 3] This is for all those innocent
fuckin' people that you butchered.
Don't fuckin' look away!
Thank you, Harri, for having me here today
and speaking to me about this.
I know it must be
really difficult for you.
And it was only about a week ago today
that you were here in... in this house
and experiencing something that most of us
out there just couldn't imagine.
Many of our listeners will no doubt have
heard about that day
you traveled home from London
to look after your family pet.
Yo... your parents had left,
and you were here alone
when people started accusing you online
of being behind the London bombings.
We can only guess how scared
you might have been in those moments, but
only you know what it was like
when those two vigilantes
arrived outside your front door,
fueled by the witch hunt.
[crow caws]
They were convinced of a lie,
as so many people were.
It's all [sighs]
Just... too much to bear thinking about.
And, uh, obviously,
you've been through a lot,
and yet
Now that your name has been cleared
and the terrorist
has been taken off the streets,
a lot of people will have
forgotten your story.
- [rhythmic phone vibrations]
- Harri
A lot of people will have assumed
that your life has gone back to normal.
[vibrations continue]
So, to start,
I want to know how you feel about that.
[vibrations continue]
[vibrations getting louder]
[somber, poignant music]
[ominous music]