Accused at 17 (2009) Movie Script

Tot later.
Hey, did you get my message?
Yes, but tonight is that stupid
birthday Dinner with Trevor.
So cancel....
This is the party of the year.
And I have Dylan's older brother money
given to buy koko rum for you .
I will try to get out of
- Perfect.
See you for that.
So it makes it difficult?
- He wants to escape all morning.
Stay in your box.
Is this what I think it is?
Let me see.
They are perfect.
Bianca will find them beautiful.
Cool. You take them for me?
This set has to go home ...
I have until mid seven agreements
and I have to pick up the cake.
Bye, honey.
Hey, Dory. This was on the floor
in Mr. Hamilton's local.
48 percent. This gives the nice weather
I often skipped. with geometry
Hey, how are you? Viewing
if you want to cut you. wrists
Everyone goes to that party tonight.
- Cole does have ordered twelve barrels.
Thirteen even, I heard.
Are you still cling to that dinner
with your mother's friend?
He has strange things to send,
such as live lobsters from Maine.
I have a plan: Call your mother now on
and say that my cat is deceased
Fluffy. I'm depressed and my two
best friends to comfort me.
My mother confirms your story.
Fallyn, you do not have a cat.
- Not anymore, because he is just deceased.
Believe me, this will work.
Sarah and I have to get to class.
Call me.
- See you later, B.
Do it, it definitely works.
See you later.
- Day.
Those are nice, say.
- Yes, is not it?
He had them make for her.
- If he does what too much trouble?
No, I think it's sweet of him.
I hope she appreciates it.
Do not count on it. For teenagers
appreciation show a sign of weakness.
Did you want this?
Oh yes. As many images
of the glacier.
I do not have anything for a week
Anchorage walk colder sleepers.
Assembly Room, with Jacqui.
- Mom, it's me.
It's super nice of Trevor
what he has planned ...
but there is something intervened.
- What then?
I can not explain, I have to go.
Move it to tomorrow.
But make time to explain.
It is Fallyn.
She is very upset because ...
Okay there is a party.
She goes, Sarah and Chad as well. And ...
That does not mean that. You know how many
difficulty Trevor has done for you?
I know, but ...
- Chad's race went already
You do not protest again.
There are still sitting parties.
All right
A moment.
- I was wondering where you were going.
What is that?
Rum. With coconut flavor.
Do you like it for yourself?
Does not he beautiful view?
That looks delicious.
- Thank you.
Everything okay, Bianca? Your mother said
that you so love lobster.
Yes, no, this is great.
Oh, I forgot the butter.
Be right back.
Do not.
Normally do, right now.
I think it's time
Bianca that her gift is open.
Trevor has it for you
to design.
Honey, what's wrong?
Why are you giving me this?
You will find that poster in your room
so beautiful. And I thought I'd give ...
A poster that my father
in Hawaii has bought for me.
Yes, and you can take them
if you are going to study there next year.
It is a very thoughtful gift.
- Jacqui, it's okay.
I'm sorry. I did not
you had the poster there.
No, of course not. That can not,
because they never talk about him.
That's enough.
- Is not it true?
Other subject.
- What a surprise.
Where are you going?
- Me change for that party.
There is nothing in.
- Mom ...
I am so angry right now
I have no words for.
Why would you?
You've still got your sense.
I went to Trevor's
gone stupid dinner.
That's exactly expired
as I had hoped it to me.
Oh, sorry. So you wanted us
as a happy family to do?
That man does his utmost to you
to feel that he cares about you
He thinks all that gift since he
missed your birthday last month.
It meant a lot to him.
And what do starfish
to do with your father
You do not get it, Mom.
- Explain it to me than once.
That you are not well loved dad ...
So I did it, and I miss him.
I can not bond with him,
but that trip meant something to us.
You can not take from me.
- I did love your father ...
and I'm glad you something
could share with him.
Oh yes, you loved him so much
that he should not come back.
What you liked him very much.
You have to come here right away.
What's going on?
- I just had Chelsea on the line.
Chad has messed with Dory.
How long were they there?
45 minutes. They left no marks
when they came out.
But I was not
went to that stupid dinner.
My goodness. Bianca.
This is not your fault.
You should be able to trust your boyfriend.
- Especially after two years.
I can not believe it.
- Hey, come here.
Do you know how you can forget that loser
Gun him with your father
in his you-know-what to shoot?
- Fallyn ...
This stuff stinks.
And if your parents smell it on us?
I'm ready, I think.
- It is important, Michael.
You only get one chance.
I spent a month working
to a solid presentation.
I'm worried about you, not
to the presentation. Turn around
Come on, you tie.
What's wrong with my tie?
- So.
You have to come with them in ingratiated.
It's all politics.
You give the impression that it leaves you cold.
- Because that is so.
Best. You can still call my father
a good word for you to do.
I do not need you. Fathers help
Hello, Mr. Werner.
- Hi, girls.
Hey, Dad. Can I borrow $ 50?
Where do you need that for?
She wants something fun with her friends
do, Dad. Give her the money, honey.
Put it down on the counter.
Thanks, Dad.
Hurry up or you'll miss your plane yet.
Yesterday he did not like about you.
- Guys say what they will be useful.
Tell me about it.
Along the way he even sent me
a text message that he loved me.
That hypocrite.
You need to let him know
that you know what kind of jerk he is.
He plays basketball now stuck with his cousin.
- Then leave a message.
Do not let it go over your side.
- Would I do that now?
Yes, put him in his place.
Hey, with Chad. I'll call you back.
You filthy liar. Did you really
that I would not find out?
If you thought I quietly
that slut left sewing, you are wrong.
Everyone will know, creep.
I can be a bitch.
Dory and you get what you deserve
- Rub it in him, girl.
He still dies of Dory's scary diseases.
- Damn.
Tell me about it.
That you were once friends
She used to be cool. Before they
dealt with all those college.
She is jealous of us.
That's why she wanted Chad.
How do you mean?
- You know how these girls are
If she can get what you have, feel
they are better than you. What she is not
But it is not only Bianca. Dory
feel superior to us all.
But as she makes three of us evil.
You know what we should do?
- What?
Dory a lesson.
- As sugar do in her tank?
That does not even work.
- Yes. Indeed.
Guys ... Forget the sugar.
I mean a real lesson.
I'm with you.
I also. -
Do you really think it comes off in time?
- Even if I have to stay up all night.
Sweet of you, I appreciate that. Now I
about you: How was the dinner?
Everything on a starfish seems
is reserved for Craig
I do not know, Ellen.
She takes Sorry to Craig
after his affair did not reversed.
You have the family disassembled.
I think they put me in a sense
also accuses his death.
You have not set that fire.
- But if I had forgiven him ...
he would not have lived there.
So they will not talk to me.
This morning she wanted to leave
without saying where.
See such things do not condone.
Sorry I just come over.
I no longer have your number so ...
Never mind. What is it?
There is a barbecue at Theta Chi.
In a remote cabin in Wells Canyon.
Theta Chi?
- The sexiest guys ever-corps.
And we are invited.
You should come, it'll be great.
Is Bianca going?
- No she does something with her mother.
Are you going now?
- Yes.
Free food, free beers, students.
Get changed, then we go.
I'm grounded because my rating
Hamilton's stupid math test.
Your parents are not here now?
- No.
What do you pay attention?
We are only a few hours away.
Come on. How often you will be invited
for a student party?
Be spontaneous, Dory. Toe.
- Okay, I dress a quick order.
Hurry up.
- I'm doing my makeup in the car.
Are we the only ones Northside?
- Hopefully not. I want witnesses.
This is so much I can not wait.
Their parties seem to be the end.
This is so much fun, I can not wait.
Their parties seem to be the end.
As long as I'm back at nine.
You do not make it later, huh?
- No. We will not stay long.
How far away is that party or not?
We're almost there.
- I told you 'remote'?
It is an old house or something
that is ideal for.
It's over this corner, I believe.
- Yes, it is right around the corner.
Wait, what is this place?
Is that Bianca? What is she doing here?
- Three guesses, Dory.
Get out.
- Get the fuck out of my car, Dory.
That do not need you.
What is this?
- Shut up. Blanca is now talking.
I've always been kind to you.
- So what?
So you go back to my boyfriend?
- He took the initiative.
That's a lie.
He said you were a virgin before him.
He'll have to teach you everything
I have teached some things to Chad
that even he did not know.
So get out there to look
when he comes to ask me. more
You're such a whore.
- What do you do? Hit me?
Go ahead. Just wait off.
- Save her, Bianca.
You're a bitch.
You are in the minority.
- Poor Dory.
That is a long walk.
Have fun.
What does she mean by 'long walk'?
- What do you think, Dory?
You were still my friends?
- We do not provide us with scum.
When you say the person, we
your life hell. Understood?
You can not leave me here.
- Please do not you agree on.
Listen, I'm sorry.
You should not have messed with Chad.
- Do not worry, Dory.
A few kilometers away is a bar.
As you may call your mommy fixed.
Come on.
So you're better than me?
You think you're better than me?
You and your friends.
- Get off me.
Where are your friends now?
- Get off me. Let go.
Fallyn, stop.
- Small bitch that you are.
Let me go.
- I hate you.
Stop it.
Oh, my God ...
Look at her eyes,
I think they ...
She has nothing. She pretends
Imagine not you so and come up.
- Stop.
She stopped breathing.
Arise. Dory, get up.
Arise. Dory, stand well on ...
What are you doing?
- I'll call an ambulance.
Have you lost your mind?
- Somebody help her.
We have to help her.
- You can not. It is too late.
Give me a minute, okay?
Let me think.
Want to jail?
Is that what you want?
Because that is what will happen
if you tell anyone, okay?
I did nothing.
Yes. You have driven us here.
You knew the plan.
You had also attended.
- We wanted to hurt her.
So the police will not think about.
Then we get both problems ...
It'll be fine.
Listen ...
Nobody knows we're here.
Dory has not told anyone
where she was going.
Bianca knows.
Leave her to me.
We can not tell anyone
what happened here, okay?
Help me move her.
We can not just its
leave here. Forward.
You take that side .
Come on. Quickly.
Hey, sweetheart. Bianca, sit down.
We need to talk..
I'm tired, it may be tomorrow?
- Please.
Are you hungry? Do you want some of this?
- No ...
What happened to your head?
- Nothing, I slipped on gravel.
We have to do something on.
- I've already done.
Where were you tonight?
Fallyn home again?
Only this morning.
Then we were at the mall.
And you slipped on gravel?
- Yes. I'm tired and have a headache.
I really need to talk to you
about last night.
I did not mean what I said. I'm sorry
if I have hurt. Trevor
I'll make my excuses in an email.
That's not the point,
I want to talk about your father
There are things
that you will now understand ...
Can not this another time?
- That you did not understand when you were 12.
Let your voicemail but take.
- Is it not important.
Let your voicemail but take.
- I can not, it's important.
I do not want to talk to you.
- Cver your post, I can explain.
You slept? With Dory
- I have not done.
I was terribly drunk.
You were not too drunk to her
telling me that I was still a virgin.
I do not know what to say
except that I'm sorry.
Since it is now too late for something.
Hey, I did not hear you come home.
Did you have fun with your girlfriends?
Yes, it was very nice.
Maybe I can even sleep
without snoring of your father.
Good night, honey.
- Okay, Mom. Trusts.
What was that? What's so secret?
Dory's mother called me this morning.
She did not come home last night.
Nothing to worry about.
Typical for Dory.
Did you tell her about ...
- The joke? Of course not
Why not?
- She was wrong nothing when we went.
They may be lost.
We have to tell someone.
We love it for us ...
She clings hiding
so everyone is worried.
She wants us to confess
then she can play the victim.
Yeah, she's already gone.
- Like when that guy's houseboat.
Yeah, she's already gone.
- Like when that guy's houseboat.
She'll be showing up again.
Until then, we keep our mouths shut.
Let's go.
She did not come home last night.
I've always been kind to you.
- So what?
Typical for Dory.
- You're such a bitch.
She was wrong nothing when we went.
- You can leave me hler Nlet.
She was wrong nothing when we went.
- You can not leave me here.
They may be lost.
- She'll be showing up again.
We should tell someone, Fallyn.
She has nothing against you, Trevor.
It's not personal.
She wants to itself even in an e-mail
apologize, she said.
She did.
It was a very nice mail.
I do not know what to do ...
with Bianca.
Within a year, they are studying,
4000 miles from here.
If I can not close that gap now
I may never get the chance.
I want you in my life.
But Bianca comes in first place.
I love you, but I need time
to solve this.
It's all right. I see.
You know how much I care
to you and Bianca.
Take as much time as you need.
I will be patient.
I listen ... I'm going now,
but you can call me.
Goodbye, Bianca..
What was that about,
did you split up?
Surely not because of me?
It was my decision.
- Oh no? I put this is right.
He did not receive my email?
- Let him go.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm pretty messed up for you.
Is it?
- Yes.
I just discovered
where was that party.
It does not matter anymore.
It'll be okay.
How do you know?
- They can not prove anything.
The police are looking for her locker.
Let's tell them.
Do not be stupid. We get all three
the debt has happened to her.
We can proceed in the cell.
- Exactly.
I drove there yesterday.
To see if she was hurt or something.
That was not so.
- That's good news. See?
She's probably hitched
with some guy or something.
She'll be above water.
Let's stick to the plan.
We have not seen her right?
Good morning, all. Sit down.
Had a nice weekend?
I have checked your keys. Later
we take together the answers.
And that is Alaska's gift to us.
You're a genius Jacqui. If I
Emmys would issue you got six.
Go getaway to Palm Springs
for a romantic weekend.
That is difficult. Trevor and I have
a break for Bianca.
But she does still distant.
Just when you think: Worse can not.
- Believe me, it can always be worse.
Pregnant with a 28-year-old
heroin addict ...
all day Bob Marley draws
on beer cans on Venice Beach.
As the youngest daughter of my brother.
- How awful.
But it cheers you anyway?
Oddly enough though.
- You see? I know what I'm saying.
Which kid are we talking?
- Are you starving? His name is Chad.
With whom she rummaged that night?
- The same.
But no one says even 'scratching'.
- What do they do?
I think they say 'decorate'
'Score', 'win', 'mess'.
You know we eat? An hour
- They say still "scratching".
Give me a break. We have
six people talked ...
that you and Dory inside have
go down. Do not deny it.
Okay, so you were together
in that bathroom. Only.
And when?
- Come on, we are not the morality police.
All you prepared crack in a
toys oven. If it is true.
You were to scratch?
Have you messed?
Well, now we're getting somewhere. And when?
- They went back and I went home.
I have not spoken to her.
- Not Saturday
We were not a couple.
It was just a mistake.
That gave her to feel good.
Where were you Saturday night?
I have the afternoon played basketball,
ate pizza and went home.
Can your parents confirm that?
- No.
I live with my father.
He was with his girlfriend.
But you do not seem like a type
on Saturday night stay at home alone.
That's what I did.
Not really at home.
I sat for a while in my car.
What did you do in your car?
- Just chill
I've had enough. Hold on,
otherwise go to the police station.
What I was getting stoned.
So that I could handle my girlfriend
to speak to. She was furious.
How did you know?
- She had me scolded by voicemail.
Chad, did you voicemail
accidentally saved?
I called your cell phone.
- I know that. So what?
Hey, Gilson. I'll call you right back?
The last time I saw Dory
Friday was at school.
Where were you Saturday?
Saturday? I am away from
my girlfriend Fallyn been home ...
went to the mall
and I walked around on my own.
Everyone is now only
on Saturday night.
Did you buy something?
- No, I just walked around.
A cup of coffee or pack of gum?
A receipt showing that you were there?
I was there.
But I did not buy anything.
How did you get that scratch?
I bumped me
when I got into my car.
Bianca, you find Dory nice?
- Yes. I mean, she's not so bad.
We can get along fine.
Prima? Yes?
So you were not mad at her
when she creep around with your boyfriend?
Gore liar. Did you really
that I would not find out?
If you thought I quietly
that slut left sewing, you are wrong.
Everyone will know, creep.
I can be a bitch.
Dory and you get what you deserve.
"You deserved.
That sounds like a threat.
That was not it.
- Enough. No more questions.
Ms. Maller a classmate
your daughter is missing.
Do you understand that?
A girl is missing.
If she has any idea where she is,
I know that.
That has not.
I will just exhaust?
I see you, girl.
Bianca, what the hell
Why did you lie about Saturday night?
- I did not lie.
You told me that Sarah and Fallyn
there were at the mall.
I never said, Mom. I'm
only gone, that's the truth.
If you know anything about that girl,
you have to say.
Otherwise I can not help you.
- I do not need your help, Mom.
I do not know where she is.
I did not do anything to her.
But of course you do not believe me. Again
- Hold on a moment, Bianca.
I can be candid
but that does not matter.
That message does not prove anything.
I threatened her, said the detective.
- He wants to make just scared.
Nothing connects us with her
or that place.
Do you simply plan,
then blows it by itself.
Do not you know how it is with her?
No, she can not care me.
I'm worried about us.
To you, me and Sarah.
You would also need to do.
I do not want you. Snotlap
- No, this is what I found in my car.
Did you find anything else?
- No.
I got it.
What happened to Bianca?
- Nothing. She is fine.
Okay, see you later.
I'm so sorry.
I'll tell you how it is.
- Do not.
Look there. What is that?
I just called to say ....
I do not really know.
Is everything all right?
Actually, no.
I miss you. Very much.
I miss you too.
Jacqui, what's wrong with you?
I almost had you called last night.
Something strange happened with Bianca.
Wait a minute.
Here comes a spokesperson
the police:
The victim is found
the 17-year-old Dory Holland.
She was a few days deceased.
We assume a murder.
If you have any information about this case ...
is to be included please contact
with polltie of Westlake Village.
What is it, Jacqui?
Dory is dead.
I just heard on the news.
She is found in Wells Canyon.
How did it happen?
Not yet, they say
but they think she was murdered.
Bianca, what's happening?
Do you know something about this?
- I can not. The
Honey, you have to.
That detective will come back.
You do not just make.
Tell me. Please.
It's my fault.
Fallyn, Sarah and I
left her there.
Why then?
As punishment because she had slept with
Chad. But this was not my intention.
A hiker from Culver City
found the body and called the police.
Dory Holland was last seen
at her home on Saturday morning.
The police account
with a crime.
With Sarah. They found her.
I know it. I watch the news.
- What do we do now?
Are you sure she was unharmed
when you left there?
You gave her only a push?
- After she hit me. Hence the cut.
She scribbled on and nothing was wrong.
We must take this to the police.
- No. Then they think it was me.
Sarah and Fallyn can vouch for you.
- But I would mention.
Whatever you have promised,
that girl is just dead.
This changes everything.
-. If that does not work
Look, Bianca. If the police
find evidence that you were there ..
becomes much worse for you
because you have not said it.
You have to tell them everything.
You were not allowed to leave Dory.
But you did not kill her.
What will you do?
What is Fallyn's number?
I call her mom.
We ask them to come along.
No, let me first talk with Fallyn.
I'll call her right away.
Good, but I call her mother
once you're done.
I have to tell my mother.
She wants to come and talk to your parents.
Why did you tell her?
Bianca, we had a pact.
I know it.
I had no choice, right? I'm sorry.
Fallyn ...
- When do they come?
Tonight. She'll call your mom in a couples of minutes
- Fine.
Stupid bitch.
I have to tell you something,
and I need your help.
I can not tell dad
Only you.
Of course, darling. You know
that you can lose everything to me
You know that Dory was gone?
- Yes.
They found her.
She's dead.
My goodness. What horrible.
That's not the worst.
Claire, you have restored the house again?
- Yes. Let's sit down.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Sarah's parents could not come?
No. I know that you wanted,
but they already had plans tonight.
I was gutted when Claire told
she was found dead.
The police seem to think
to a crime.
Bianca and I find that the girls
the police should tell what they know.
I do not understand it at all.
They should explain
why they took Dory ...
but she was unharmed
when she last saw her.
Are you talking about Fallyn and Sarah?
- Yes.
Last Saturday?
- Yes.
Did not you tell them?
- Fallyn and Sarah were here all day.
I've ordered pizza
and we watched DVDs.
That's a lie.
- Excuse me?
Let your mother lie for you?
You were there, it was your idea.
The Dory paid up because Chad.
Why would I want that?
He is not even my boyfriend.
Mom, you have to believe me.
Have you seen them here Saturday?
- I was out of town.
Why do not you ask him? I told you
they were with me all day.
You're lying.
You want all the blame blame it on me.
Do you have brought up your daughter?
- Sorry?
To offend us in our own home
- You can find me some.
Wait a minute ... Calm down.
Blanca, start again at the beginning.
No. I want to have our house.
How dare you speak against us?
Claire ...
- Immediately.
Out. You know where the door is.
How can you listen to?
- I try to follow what is going on.
Bianca wants to drag us into its trap.
- You do not get to kick.
You always solves everything fine on. You knew
as well as how to deal with the FDA in DC.
Fallyn, honey ... Why Bianca
you want to give problems?
You're one of her best friends.
- Let mommy doing this over with.
You have to tell me the truth.
- Mom, she was there and Sarah too.
If you do only was
and do not dare to say ...
I was not alone. That you let
convince ... They are the ones who lie.
What will you do?
- Call Sarah.
Hey, where are you?
- Home.
Fallyn's mother has called you
you not to come?
How do you mean?
Did you think they would lie
about where were you Saturday?
I give my mother the phone. Say
her what really happened with Dory.
I can not.
- Why not?
I do not know.
I watched a DVD at night do Fallyn.
I have no idea what you're talking.
I am suspected of murder. You must
my mother tell the truth.
That's the truth. I was not there.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
They also lie al
Mama, I swear on my life
they were there.
I thank you
so late could call.
No point. You have the address? Beautiful.
- I'll see you tomorrow. See you.
That was the lawyer Trevor
recommended. Tomorrow morning half past nine.
Do not bother if you do not believe me.
- Bianca, I want to believe you.
But you do not. Do you?
I wish Dad was still there.
This has nothing to do with your father.
It's about you and me.
Since his death, there is
like a wall between us.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I just wanted
that you would forgive him.
As if something had happened .
As if the affair has never happened.
It has happened.
And it was not the first time.
He had had an affair
just when you were born.
Why did not you tell me that?
I wanted you to love him
as the father he was ...
and would not hate him
for his mistakes as a husband.
He loved you more
than anything in the world.
And I also.
You know I did not do this.
Dory bring to the ravine
was mean and stupid ...
and my biggest mistake ever,
but ...
I'm not a murderer.
I know that.
I believe you.
No more corn chips. Is it
so hard to fill a vending machine
A moment. Yes ...
And that was Saturday afternoon?
Yes, I thought you should know.
- Thank you.
That was one Steve Hopkins.
His pumping station is about 5 kilometers
the place where Dory is found.
Saturday afternoon and asked a girl
in a silver Prius drove .
for the key to the toilets,
and they had a cut on her forehead.
I know a girl with such a car ...
- You're kidding.
Call out our favorite judge?
I have a search warrant.
Would you let us in?
Where does this come from?
- What is that?
I think that Bianca knows.
It was lying on her back.
I've never seen it.
- Are you serious
It corresponds to the pin
Dory who wore that day.
She has not been in my car.
- You sure one?
Or someone has him down there.
- It must be.
Bianca Maller, you're under arrest
for killing Dory Holland.
Is that really necessary?
- Yes we can, Ms. Maller.
You can come to the office.
You have the right to remain silent ...
I will be behind you to drive.
Dory had slept with your friend,
so wanted to teach her a lesson.
Come on, you know the difference
between a question and an accusation.
One of them has a question mark.
What else but.
Which hit you in her skull?
Enough. My client has already declared
she was not.
More we can not say.
- Oh, no? This is what we are going to say.
We have a motive
Dory's hairpin in Bianca's car ...
and tomorrow we may also
DNA and forensic evidence.
What do you think about it is
after that downpour?
Do not forget the witness
who saw her Saturday afternoon.
Are you Bianca sue or not?
- No. Because that would be premature.
But we hold her
to the trace evidence is completed.
Can they do that?
- Yes, that's allowed.
Should I stay here?
You come in provisional detention.
I come back in the morning along.
Do not worry.
I'll come tomorrow. Everything will be fine.
Premeditated murder?
- Since they seem to be out.
And incredible guarantee?
- About 72 hours we will know more.
Let's tell them
about the other girls.
They had an alibi, you say?
- If you want to believe Claire Werner.
And no motive as far as you know?
- No.
I would rather see the indictment
and proof by taking.
I'll call you later today.
- Thank you.
It's good.
When she was little, we walked once
Evening on the beach in San Diego.
She was only six.
Choir To Fish roe shots there.
She picked them up from the beach
and threw them into the sea to save them
That does not surprise me. Total
- She always had a good character
Therefore I know she is innocent.
I can not imagine that her
friends so let her down
From Fallyn I can believe it.
That whole family is just weird.
What about that other girl?
She said the same thing to Bianca ....
but she was always already
says everything Fallyn.
Might help her parents.
I'll take him.
Rita, hello. With Jacqui Maller.
You got a minute to talk?
It's Bianca's mother.
Jacqui, I have spoken Claire.
But you should not call.
I want you, Sarah or Werners
cause you any trouble.
Bianca is held today ...
Do not take more contact
with me or my daughter. Day, Jacqui.
She hung up.
Stay away from Jacqui and Bianca.
I do not want gets you involved.
I need one of those girls where
get them to tell me the truth
Sarah. I need to ask you something.
I have to ask you.
Bianca is arrested. They have
Dory's hairpin in her car.
Do you know anything?
- Leave me alone.
You're her friend.
Want Bianca the rest of her life ...
Please ...
What was that about?
- Did you put that pin in her car?
I told you I'd take care.
Our friend to frame? -
If they had told us about their
so they had discovered the truth.
She decided to self
no longer keep her mouth shut.
But we were just at.
- Would you rather been in prison now?
Then you can thank me.
They accuse me of murder?
- The results of the DNA test is inside.
Dory had your blood on her hand.
- I told you she had beaten me.
According to Clinton they have 48 hours
to you to complain.
He asks the judge you on bail
release. Trevor helped me with this.
He wants to do that?
You have a good team behind you.
You deserve to be happy, Mom.
I always ruining your life. Sorry.
You have not ruined my life.
You are my life..
I'm doing everything I can
to get you out of here, okay?
Sarah, please. Help
You are Bianca's only hope.
Call me at 555-2342. Jacqui.
Ms. Maller. With Sarah.
I got your note.
Fallyn has that pin
laid in Bianca's car.
We are Dory Wells Canyon
driven. She and Fallyn quarreled.
We have consulted and body
hidden in the bushes.
Bianca had nothing to do with it.
- My goodness.
Fallyn calling my cell phone.
- You better not record.
Sarah, you should go to the police.
- I can not.
The charge is murder. You can Bianca
not have to pay.
She can go to jail for years.
- But I can also go in the cell.
Fallyn responsible
for Dory's death, not you.
I drove her there
and not intervene.
You were only mistake that you work through Fallyn
had run over to hide it.
Damn, Sarah. Out of the way.
Come on.
Sarah, it's never too late
to do what is right.
Dory's not coming back, but you
can make a difference by talking.
For Bianca, the parents of Dory ...
Sarah, please.
Okay, I will talk with the police.
- Thank you. Thank you very much
I will come to the office?
- No.
My mother is there in a few hours.
I want to first tell her.
Can you be here at half past six?
She will be so mind.
- Sarah, your mother loves you.
It will hurt, but they do not hold
that you walk around with such a horrible secret.
I know that.
- I'll be there at half past six. Until then.
It's very brave of you.
- Thank you. Until then.
How did you get in?
- The front door.
You do not shut off in your hurry
to commit that important call.
You do not shut off in your hurry
to commit that important call.
I thought so.
- Get out of my house.
What did you tell her, Sarah?
You stay here until you answer.
- No, do not touch me.
What did you tell Bianca's mother?
Answer me, Sarah.
Fallyn, please.
Do not touch.
Anybody home?.
You name it.
My daughters friend is unconscious.
An asthma attack, I think.
She is no more
Sarah is dead and it's your fault.
I told you to stay away from her
but no, you continued to harass her.
For you it is only a means
to your own daughter to get free.
That's not true.
- What are you for inhuman?
Rita, I did not ... I ...
I'm sorry.
She is no more. Sarah is dead.
You continued to harass her.
Leave me alone, okay?
- Please ...
For you it is only a means
to your own daughter to get free.
You should go to the police.
- I can not.
What are you for inhuman?
- She will be so mind.
I'm sorry.
I do not understand what happened.
- She sounded normal, you said.
Yes, but then it seemed
if the call was disconnected.
When she no longer recorded,
I began to worry.
So when you got the phone was
beside her on the ground?
He lay on the floor in the kitchen.
As if she had dropped. "M
Maybe she was scared of something.
- From someone or something.
She did say that Fallyn
phoned her mobile phone.
Maybe Fallyn decided to go along.
Do you think they would do? Her something
How did you Sarah spoken? Late
- Around half past four.
And you came in at a quarter past four?
Fallyn's tennis is
half of four to five hours.
You can ask them o was present.
- Shall I ask the tennis coach?
No, Chad. He is the assistant
coach Dennison.
Chad, can I talk to you?
- Yeah, right. How is Bianca?
It could be better.
Sarah's death hit hard.
It's crazy.
First Dory and now Sarah
Bianca said you after school
Dennison coach assists.
Yes, on Mondays and Thursdays. Why
Is Fallyn yesterday afternoon train come?
- No. The coach was quite envious.
Oh yeah?
- But at school she was wearing tennis clothes..
They will have changed their minds.
- Thank you. I wanted to know.
Tell Blanca I'm sorry.
Michael, hello. With Jacqui Maller.
I need to talk urgently.
Can I meet you somewhere?
I need to finish something tonight.
- It is very important. Please.
Sorry, I can not.
It does not take long.
But I really need to tell you this
It's about Fallyn. It's serious.
Okay, Fallyn and Claire are to
Claire's father in Newport Beach.
Come here.
But I have very little time.
Ten minutes is enough.
- I'll see then.
She is in juvenile detention.
Your lawyer expects
they accuse her murder?
I'm very sorry.
You're a reasonable man,
So please listen to me.
I found Sarah yesterday.
She was in the backyard.
I did not know.
Before that I had her on the line
and she told me everything.
You and Claire must know what they said.
What are you doing here?
- I asked her in, Claire.
Good thing my dad had to go.
Otherwise we would have missed all this.
Mom, what's this?
- Nothing.
Jacqui has something to tell us.
- I want them to leave
I talked to Sarah just before her death.
Fallyn, she confessed to everything.
You have Dory
brought to Wells Canyon.
They did not say
because that has not happened.
Dory threw a stone and hit you.
You gave her a move and jumped her
You hit her
with a stone on her head.
That's not true.
- Why do you hear this?
Yesterday Sarah wanted the whole story
to tell to the police.
And then something happened. So I went
to her house and found her dead.
You were with that asthma attack, huh?
- That's crazy.
That's it. I let my daughter
no longer harass.
We let her do what she want to say.
Where were you yesterday about half past four?
I was ...
I have tennis drop
in order to go to the library.
Otherwise you'll never miss a tennis lesson.
- I had to learn for chemistry.
Has anyone seen it?
- No, there was none.
I've had it
with this nonsensical conversation.
Get Out
The librarian?
- That was not.
Ask what they are in Sarah's backyard
did instead of questioning me.
They can be killed Sarah.
How did you know Sarah died
in the backyard ?
I did not say that.
Only someone who was there would know.
I have Sarah's mom.
- Is that so?
I do not believe you.
All right.
- What are you doing?
I'll call Sarah's mother.
- That you play along this ...
If Fallyn telling the truth,
are we so behind.
Rita, yes. Hey, Michael Werner.
- This is crazy, right?
What is going on?
- Nothing. Nothing.
Claire, what you know about this?
Are you helping to cover this up?
Listen to yourself.You let that woman brainwashing
They put you on to your wife and daughter.
Most men would
stand up for their families.
You know what men are like you?
- No, but I know what you are.
Think what you want about me,
but we are going to do what is right.
What is correct? Your family in the accident
deposit, you mean. You call that correct?
What is detective on this case?
- There's two. Reeder and Gilson.
The number for non-urgent cases
the police in Westlake Village.
Do not.
- Sweetheart ..
I do not do this, Dad.
Put the gun away.
- You would let them lock me up.
My own father.
I love you, but can not.
I can not let this continue.
Give me that gun.
It came by Dory.
It's Dory's fault.
Sarah was going to confess.
I did not want the cell.
Help me, Daddy
The police of Westlake Village.
- Can I Reeder detective?
East west, home is best.
Good to be back?
Welcome home.
- Thank you.
Hey, you hungry?
- I'm starving.
How about a nice greasy burger?
- Please.
Hold this,
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.