Ace the Case (2016) Movie Script

(siren wails in distance)
(siren wails in distance)
Take her out,
come on.
I got it!
Hey, what a drive!
Miles, come on!
Throw it home!
Here she comes!
Catch it!
She's out!
Just because you struck out
your old man
doesn't mean you're gonna make
the All-Star team.
Dad, he's made it every year
since I can remember.
Yeah, but this year, he might be
a little too banged up!
(tires squeal)
I need to stop by the office.
No, it's your day off.
One hour.
Two, tops.
You can't go to the office
so sweaty.
You can't go home so creamy.
Daddy! (laughs)
Can I help you?
You need your floors done?
Maybe your neighbors do.
(softly) Go, go.
Come on, guys, spread out.
I'll Take the left.
Hey, kids, can you set
the table, please?
Dad's almost home.
Man: Police! Driver in the van,
come out with your hands up!
(siren wailing)
Stop it, Miles.
Kids, come on.
What are you gonna do,
call the cops on me?
(siren approaching)
(horn honks, crash)
Thank you so much for coming.
It means so much to me.
Next week, I'll have you
all for dinner, huh?
In the meantime if there's
anything you need,
anything at all,
just call.
Thank you.
(door closes)
I have to go lie down.
I'm gonna walk Charlie.
Right there.
Whoa, hey, thank you.
Appreciate it.
You're welcome.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Daddy, it's gorgeous.
All right, Benjamin! Yeah!
Franklin, baby, yeah!
No, no, my money!
My money, wait!
My money! Wait!
Don't leave me, wait!
Girl: Mom?
Come on.
Come, sweetie.
What's gonna happen now?
it's gonna be hard
for a while,
but... I'm gonna
take care of you.
Miles will be here.
We'll get through this.
And daddy will always be
with us.
I love you.
(crying, sniffles.)
She's sleepwalking again.
Come on, baby, this way.
Come on.
Spooks me out.
She can't help it.
Come on, sweetie.
This way.
There you go.
There you go.
What a freak.
Go to bed.
I can't, I'm gonna have
nightmares now.
Just try and sleep.
What's up?
I've been working on this guy
for nine hours.
Trust me, he ain't
giving it up.
Maybe it's your tie.
Let me take a crack at him.
I love it.
Would you mind
locking that up for me?
Yeah, good luck.
His name's Junior?
And who are you?
Detective Wheel.
But my friends
call me Dottie.
So, Junior,
what's it gonna be?
So, kids, can we go over this
one more time, please?
Miles... come on.
So, the Boston trip.
I'll be gone for two nights.
I'll have my cell.
We're going to Skype every night
at five o'clock,
see you've gotta be home.
Mom, I'm almost 18, come on.
You're 17.
In three months.
Which is why I'm trusting you.
Here is my itinerary.
And Rob is gonna check
on you guys.
Oh, not him.
He's my partner.
So be nice.
Can I sleep over it Jill's?
Mnh-mnh, no sleepovers.
You two have to stay here
and watch out for one another
and take good care
of Charlie.
He never walks her.
You're repulsive.
You want me to call
Ms. Newman?
She'll babysit you.
No, we'll be good.
I'm good.
Can I be excused, please?
Me too?
You are such
a little tattletale.
Hey, it's just two nights!
Don't let me regret it,
all right?
(sighs) I ought to have
my head examined.
(Junior sobbing)
Junior's confession.
It's a very sad story,
very moving.
It was definitely the tie.
Woman: I couldn't decide
if I wanted gold or silver,
so I just got both.
It's a tough decision.
(buzzer buzzes.)
Send them up.
It's daddy.
God you're lucky.
I hate my dad.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do, and he knows it.
Uh, Gunner? Honey?
Mei's dad's coming up!
It's exactly like I said,
so don't blow it.
All right, I'm coming!
Hey, look what I found.
I ran into Sawyer.
He said pitchers and catchers
start next week.
I'm not gonna play.
Sweetie, it's okay to play.
You used to love it.
Dad was always so proud
of watching you pitch.
Sorry. I just--
just don't feel like it.
Hey! Princess!
How was your trip?
Did you get me anything?
What? (laughs)
Oh hey, Gena.
How are you, Mr. Wong?
Gena's staying with me until
she gets her floors fixed.
Just a few days.
Oh, this is my boyfriend,
Nice to meet you.
He's staying to?
I got plenty of room.
(laughs) Oh, my God, Chanel!
What do you do?
I'm doing Gena's floors.
Happy birthday, baby.
It's not for another week.
Oh, they're so beautiful.
Gena, look!
Dinner? My treat.
Oh, I left my nice clothes
back at my apartment.
So just go in my closet.
Thanks, but... we just ate.
If you change your mind,
well be at Fadicci.
Come on, let's go, baby.
You should come.
Nice meeting you.
Gena: Next time.
(door opens, closes)
We didn't eat.
I'm starved.
I couldn't stomach it.
Do you have any idea how much
that Chanel jacket costs?
It's more than you
and I make in a year.
Who knows how much
those earrings were.
So he's rich.
No, I mean, she's likes
getting her hair done.
Next thing I know,
he buys her a salon.
(sighs) We could have
eaten nice.
I'll pick something up.
No thanks.
I'm sorry.
(door slams)
That's it.
we have a change of plans.
I wish you didn't have to go.
I know.
I wish I wasn't going, too,
but it's a really big job.
I wish I was older
and could work.
Ugh, why do you say that?
Because it's no fun
being a kid.
Oh, sweetie, come here.
Don't you know
you're the perfect age?
When can I wear makeup?
Baby, don't rush it.
You'll get there, I promise.
Just you wait.
Give me your money now.
I'll bash you in the face.
I will bash you in the face.
Gimme the money!
Excuse me, please.
Would you hold my rabbit?
this doesn't concern you, man.
Go on, get outta here.
See you in two days.
Promise me no fighting.
(scoffs) Come on.
All right.
I love you guys.
Love you.
Love you, too.
I'll call you later.
Have fun.
Have a goo trip.
Lock up every time.
We will.
(door closes)
(evil laugh)
You are now my slave,
and I am your master.
Remember that.
Am not.
You will call me master.
Master butt face.
You will make me
a grilled cheese sandwich.
Well, do you want it burned
or extremely burned?
Extremely burned, please.
(snaps fingers)
This is Mei, and this is where
she's gonna be tonight,
The Brighton on John Street
between William and Nassau.
(tires squeal, horn honks)
Watch it, you idiot!
Who are you calling
an idiot?!
(horn honks)
How do I look?
Wow. (chuckles)
You sure you can't come?
No, Gunner's at the apartment
doing the floors.
I gotta bring in some food.
Mm, too bad.
See ya.
(sighs softly)
Have fun.
(door opens, closes)
(rock music plays)
Yeah, he's studying hard.
Yeah, we ordered
a really big salad.
I'll tell him.
I love you, too.
Not you.
I'm talking to--
No, not you.
It's my annoying sister.
Mom says I can have
pizza every night, okay?
Nod if I can stay up late,
go for my record?
Wave me away if you're
taking idiot pills.
Shh! Go.
Pooping in your pants.
Hold your headset
if you have to wear diapers.
(mouths words)
Every single day?
Come on, guys,
I know you can do it, okay?
All right, I gotta go.
I'm starved.
How's it going?
It's going.
How'd life at the palace?
With the princess?
She left.
Oh, Yeah?
Mm-hmm, Friday night.
Her big night
at the Gemini Club.
Every Friday, right?
It's like clockwork.
(dance music playing)
Yeah, go to that-- uh--
no, got to that 50-cal
on top of the hill.
Grenade, watch out.
Ohh, you dead.
All right. Yep.
Get you another drink!
Ready for it!
Can I get you ladies a drink?
What are you drinking?
Vodka soda.
Can I get two vodka soda
down here?
I'm Peter.
Mei and Ping.
Which one are you?
I'm outta here.
I got the crazy babysitter.
Are you staying?
I hope so!
Guess I'm staying.
All right, text me.
Okay, mom.
Watch it, you.
All right,
go in that first tunnel.
No, take what's-his-face.
Yeah, you tow go--
no, if you two in there...
And I'm gonna go
in that back room.
you have to walk Charlie.
Oh! Nice, man.
Miles, Charlie.
(sighs) I'll do it.
Come on.
(Charlie whines)
Yo, switch, weapons, Y-Up.
Thank you.
There she is.
Oh, my gosh!
100-dollar bill?!
(tires squeal)
Come on.
Hey! Are you nuts?
Where the hell did you go?!
I-I just saw--
it's 2:00 in the morning.
There were these guys,
and they grabbed--
Shut up, okay?
Come on.
Yeah, get the dog.
Let's go.
I'm telling you,
they put a hood over this woman
and threw her into the van.
And then what?
They drove off.
And nobody saw it but you?
I don't know. Maybe.
We live in the middle
of New York City.
There's literally millions
of people here, but you're it?
We should call the cops.
You know what they'll see?
They'll see
a sleepwalking 9 year old
with her 17-year-old brother
and mother out of town.
They'll probably arrest
both of us.
You're almost 18,
and we have Charlie.
You didn't see anything, okay?
Go to bed.
Miles, I saw it!
Shut up and go to bed!
She was screaming!
And so am I!
Good night!
(grunts angrily)
(shuddering softly)
(echoing screams)
It's the woman
across the street.
I recognized her.
She's the one that they grabbed.
(Mei screaming)
Man: Shut up!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Did I say speak?!
(handcuffs clicking)
All right, I'm gonna take
your hood off, all right?
If you start screaming again,
I'm gonna blow your head off.
Nod you head,
tell me you understand.
Put the mask on, idiot!
Turn around.
Easy. Easy. Easy.
All right...
Would you slow down,
you idiot?!
All right... show time!
Come on, sweetheart.
All right, move your legs.
Here. Easy. Easy.
Easy does it. Easy does it.
Come here, shh, shh, shh,
nice and easy.
Hey, listen to me,
you gotta breathe, all right?
Right? We're almost there,
All right?
Easy, shh.
All right, come on.
Come on.
Come on!
All right, sit down.
Come on.
Put your mask on.
Where's your mask, dude?
Oh, oh,
is it in the van?
Okay, real smart, go get it.
Dude, go get it!
All right.
Come here, come here.
Shh, don't scream, okay?
My dad will pay you
anything you want.
Yeah, we're counting on that,
Now listen, you gotta go,
this chain reaches over there.
We're gonna get you
some food in a second.
If you scream,
I'll tape your mouth shut, okay?
Nod. You understand me?
Oh, snoop girl.
(laughs) You're so nuts.
Is she there?
Let's call the cops.
And the FBI.
The Federal Bureau of Incense.
And Superman.
Joke all you want.
I saw it.
Yeah, just like you saw
the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus
and, what was it,
not too long ago,
you saw Harry Potter riding his
broomstick down Fifth Avenue.
I wish dad was here.
He'd believe me.
Coffee hot?
Is princess up?
She didn't come home
last night.
You sure?
Yeah, uh...
her bed's not slept in.
I'm worried.
Ah, maybe she got lucky.
She would have called me.
She'll show up.
Three more days
and we're out of here anyway.
I'm calling the salon.
Mei Wong Salon.
Hi, uh, is Mei there?
No, who is this?
This is Gena,
a friend of Mei's.
I'm staying with her.
Listen, she didn't show up
for work this morning
like she always does
on Saturdays.
It's our busiest day.
She didn't come home
last night either.
I'm worried.
Please give me a call
if she shows up?
Where is she?
I don't know.
What are you doing?
I'm calling her father.
Give it some time.
She'll show up.
This isn't like her.
(soft instrumental music plays)
(singing operatically off-key)
Mr. Wong? It's Gena.
Speak a little louder, please.
Because I could be in Shanghai
or Beijing
or right here a few miles
from Chinatown
doing what I do best--
Stupid message.
Either way, I'm waiting
to hear what you have to say.
(singing continues,
Gena speaking on machine)
It's important.
(phone beeps)
How about some breakfast?
Wong: Hello? Hello?
Man: Hey, rich guy,
we got your daughter.
Speak a little louder, please.
Uh, we have your daughter,
and we want the money.
Shh! Don't mention the money
until you threaten him.
Because I could be in Shanghai
or Beijing or right here
a few miles from Chinatown...
First you saw
you're gonna kill her.
Then you ask for the money.
Hey, we got your daughter,
and we're gonna kill her,
rich guy.
Wong: I'm waiting to hear
what you have to say. (beep)
He's waiting to hear
what we have to say.
I told you.
Today at 5:00 PM, I want you
to come to Coney Island
wearing an orange cap and bring
a million bucks in a knapsack.
Get on the Whirling Dervish
roller coaster.
Get on the third seat,
and you're gonna leave it there
as you exit.
If you bring cops
or if you don't bring the money,
we're gonna kill your daughter,
you understand me?!
Did he go for it?
(music continues)
(singing continues)
Ha! Ha!
You don't wanna celebrate?!
I'm hungry.
Hey. Don't do that.
Hey! Bagels?
All right, I want mine toasted
with cream cheese.
Got it.
And... walk Charlie
while you're at it.
I'm not your slave!
You are my slave!
You can walk her!
Hey, make sure I can see you.
You talk to daddy?
We're about to see
if he loves you or not, kid.
Of course he loves me!
He'll do anything for me!
You'll see!
Dottie, you get anything out
of that interview last night?
I think the good guys won.
Are you cops?
Yeah, you made us, kid.
What's up?
L-last night, over there,
I was walking my dog
o-on the street,
and there were these guys,
a-and they grabbed this girl,
a-and they pulled up a van,
and they drove off
because they're bad guys.
Real bad guys.
Did you report it?
W-who, me?
Did you tell your parents?
Well, my older brother.
He's like 18, 17...
George, call the squad,
see if there was a report
of a 10-30
with a van last night.
Hey, Terelli, this is
Officer Distence in Sector Nora.
Was there a report
of a 10-30 last night?
What time did this happen?
2:00, I think.
You were out
at 2:00 in the morning?
What were you doing out there?
I-I was walking my dog, Charlie.
She's a girl.
Your parents
know you were out?
My older brother.
Your brother kinda knew,
and your parents didn't know.
No report of a 10-30.
Nothing was reported.
Listen to me, young lads.
Don't be out at 2:00
in the morning by yourself
every again,
do you understand me?
Really, Dillon?
Hey, kid!
Hey, kid, kid, kid, kid!
Those beat cops
are a little tough, huh?
Well, you mind if I ask you
a couple questions?
So do you think
you would recognize
any of the bad guys
if you saw 'em?
How many were there?
I-I don't know.
What color was the van?
It happened fast.
You don't believe me, do you?
You know, I've been on this job
for a really long time.
I don't believe anybody.
But I tell you what.
If you remember anything
or if you see anything,
here's my card,
you give me a call, okay?
Hey, are you nuts?
Talking to cops?
I got the key, hold on.
What'd she say?
Hey, Olivia, what'd she say?
Didn't say anything, apparently.
Come on, you little furball.
(line ringing)
Hi, sweetie.
Hey, mom.
Hey, baby, what's going on?
(sniffles) Nothing.
Miles is walking Charlie.
Oh, good, um, listen,
I'm in a meeting,
but I'll call you back
in, like, 15 minutes.
You don't sound good.
Is everything okay?
I'm all right.
I'll call you back
as soon as I can.
Okay, one, you're grounded,
and, two, nobody believes
a 9 year old, especially you.
If you stare at the phone,
it won't ring.
I'm calling him again.
(dialing, line rings)
Wong: Because I could be
in Shanghai or Beijing--
I'm calling the cops.
Hey, hey, hey, stop,
stop, stop panicking.
She probably got drunk
last night with some guy.
Come on, let's take advantage,
being alone for once.
Come on.
(gasps, screams)
All right, sweetie,
I'll talk to you soon, okay?
I love you.
I love you, too, bye.
(buzzer buzzes)
Who is it?
Come on up.
Well, hello.
Hello, good sir.
Are you ready
to do battle?
I am very ready,
yes, yes, yes.
You want like an Oreo
or something?
What is this?
That is called deliciousness,
all right, my friend?
Taste it.
I think I'm good on that.
Why don't you smell it?
Doesn't that smell good, man?
It smells like...
cleaning products.
Yeah, it smells also
like a good time.
Dude, you're a lunatic.
Why don't you try some, man?
This is the good stuff.
Swiped it from my parents'
liquor cabinet.
Come on, dude, let's play.
Two, three, four, five.
One, two.
Gunner: Relax, the cops
won't do anything anyway.
But where is she?
I told you, probably hung over.
I'll be back in a few hours.
Gena: Please hurry up.
I'm panicked.
How'd it go?
Just hang onto the plan.
Just stay with the plan.
Right, I'm getting
in the elevator.
I'm gonna call you back.
Thank you.
I'm getting on the subway now.
I should be there
in half an hour.
Don't do anything
until I get there.
Do you hear me?
Think that was crazy?
You don't know
what I've been through.
Locked up, tied up.
They love to stare
and judging.
They don't know
what I've been through.
Do you?
Do you know what I'm saying?!
(mumbles indistinctly)
I'm crazy, you know?
'Cause I'm locked up like this.
That's why I'm crazy.
You owe me money.
Where's my money?!
Think Doug's my crazy?
Where is it?!
I'm talking to you.
Listening to me?
You ignoring me?
You know I'm crazy, right?
Where is it?!
Look at me when
I'm talking to you!
Where's my money?!
Why you tailing me, kid?
Why you tailing me?!
I wasn't!
Don't lie to me.
You're a long way
from Fulton Street.
You followed me from there.
Nobody know you're here
except me.
Wanna go down the alley?
I will cut you up.
And nobody will ever find you.
Why you tailing me?
Why are you tailing me?
Okay, I did! I was!
Uh... money.
Y-you dropped some money
on the street.
100-dollar bill
outside our building.
I wanted to give it you.
I kept thinking I would.
I almost stopped you
on the subway,
and then on the street,
but I didn't.
So you followed me.
Where is it?
You some kind of thief?
Get outta here. Go!
I don't wanna go.
Dude, why not?
I hate roller coasters.
Yeah, but you only have to
ride it the one time, one time.
You go, it was your idea, no?
Okay, fine, we'll flip a coin,
Heads you go, tails I stay.
Fair? okay?
Oh, man, it's tails.
I have to stay.
Damn you.
It's the coin, it's not--
(chuckles) not me.
(buzzer buzzes)
Come on up.
Rob's coming up.
Wake up.
Wake up!
Hello, gang.
I see my timing is impeccable.
Your reputation precedes you.
So does your food.
Played too many video games.
Yeah, that can do it.
Listen, I'm not the enemy here,
all right?
I'm here to give
your mom peace of mind.
I don't care what you do
as long as you don't
kill yourselves, okay?
You all right back there?
(weakly) Yeah.
Give him some ginger ale
when he comes out.
Your mom is Skyping
in a few minutes, right?
When she calls,
tell her I stopped by,
and everything is swell.
I remember the first time
my folks left me
to my own devices,
I almost burned the place down.
Don't do that.
Lock up.
Chow time.
More rat bait?
There are rats everywhere.
I'm sorry, princess.
How do you know that?
Know what?
I mean,
why are you doing this?
It's just about the money,
Just the money.
We're getting it now.
Where's the roller coaster?
Seen a guy with an orange hat?
Wait... wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey, hey!
(panicked grunting)
No, no, no!
D-don't! Hey! Hey!
children giggling)
So Rob came by?
Yep, he just left.
Hi, mom
Hi, sweetie,
everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
(distant vomiting)
What's that noise?
Charlie's whining.
Well, let's do this tomorrow.
I'm gonna go take care of it.
I love you both.
I love you, too.
(phone rings)
This is Olivia Hayden.
You gave me your card.
Oh, the kid from this morning.
What do you got?
You said to call
if I found out something.
the girl who was grabbed
lives in apartment 6-G
across from me.
How'd you figure that out?
I... was... investigating.
Well, all right.
I'm gonna be downtown
in about two hours.
I could snoop around.
Thank you for investigating.
Oh! Oh!
Hey, take her out.
You said you would.
I just said that to mom.
I gotta take care of Drew.
You wanna clean up in there?
Hurry up then.
And no crazy stuff, okay?
No kidnappings.
No cop talk.
Just-- you understand? Okay?
Come on, Charlie.
Come on, let's go, Charlie.
Oh, Mr., uh...
She still didn't show.
(buzzer buzzes)
Ah, the Surgeon.
(line rings)
I swear to God,
if they harm one hair
on my little girl,
I'll rip their lips off
(phone buzzes)
and stuff them down
their throat.
I'll do worse, Shan.
(line rings)
(phone buzzes)
Shouldn't we call the cops?
Who are you?
I'm Gena, a friend of Mei's.
And you?
I'm Gunner.
I'm with-- with her.
Last night, where were you?
Uh, we were here
waiting for Mei.
What do you mean waiting?
You were expecting her?
No, no, she--
she went out.
We, uh-- we came back.
We went to bed.
Then she wasn't here.
What time did you
go to sleep?
Around midnight.
I got up around 8:30.
I saw the bed wasn't slept in.
That's when I called
the salon.
And you?
I woke up at 9:30.
Why are you asking us?
Because every one is a suspect
until I stop suspecting.
(dial tone)
Let's check the car.
Good idea.
Don't go anywhere.
Don't call the cops.
As a matter of fact,
don't take a breath
until I come back.
And here,
take care of my little girl.
Oh, my God.
(line rings)
(phone ringing)
That guy scares
the hell out of me.
Don't call the cops?
Don't breathe?
And what is with the rabbit?
Answer your phone, you idiot.
Gunner, what are you doing?
Wh-- who are you waving at?
I'll be right back.
What? You heard him!
I'll be right back.
Gunner, where are you going?
She walked up around 2:00,
parked the car,
and she then walked up
the ramp.
And no one was with her?
And no one came up to her.
Not that I see, no.
Don't talk about this
to anybody, comprende?
Oh, si, si, comprende.
Thanks a lot.
I don't say nothing.
Get out now! Get out!
He didn't show!
All I did was go round
and round.
He's here. He's here.
Get in the van now.
What do we do now?
What are you doing?
Get-- get--
Shh! Shh!
What do you want me to do?
I-- I know you said don't leave,
but my friend,
I'm borrowing his sander,
he just came by--
Who are you?
Who are you?
He just asked you
a question.
He's my friend Stefano!
He's my friend Stefano.
I work with him!
Open the van.
No tools.
You guys work very clean.
He has my tools.
Yeah, I've got--
I'll-- I'll just go back
No, you're not.
You're coming with us.
Okay, okay!
Hey, why don't you go
in the back?
'Cause I got company.
And stop with
the Peeping Tom bit.
It's embarrassing.
(knock on door)
Hey, what's up?
Hey, what's up?
Come on in.
How's it going?
Nice place.
This is my little sister.
But she was just leaving.
Aw, she's so cute.
Your diapers are
in the bathroom, Miles!
Yeah, she's real cute.
Detective Dottie Wheel,
15th Squad.
You mind if I come in?
That's a serious rabbit.
Gimme your phone.
I said gimme your phone,
I don't know nothing.
Look, Pedro,
I'm a New York City detective,
and I'm detecting that you're
lying to me like a wrinkled rug.
Look at me.
If you don't
wanna go downtown,
you tell me what you know
about the girl.
I can't.
Why? Why is that?
Two guys, they come to me,
They say not to say nothing.
You got kids, don't you?
They're gonna be
very disappointed
if they don't see you
for a long time.
Okay, I talk to you.
I tell you.
What you want to know?
All right, did we do it?
We're screwed.
What do you mean?
Where is the money?
We are screwed!
How? Why?
There's no money!
He didn't show up!
And I blew my lunch
on the roller coaster!
What are you talking about?
Guess where he was.
At her apartment with Gunner.
No, no, no, no.
He didn't see you, right?
Did he see the van, too?
And he had a scary monster
who nearly choked me to death.
You-- you're--
you're an idiot!!
Excuse me, miss, we're closed.
Detective Dottie Wheel.
I need to see your security
footage from last night.
Can I take a leak?
Female voice:
You have eight old messages.
Wednesday, 10:17 AM.
Today at 5:00 PM, I want you
to come to Coney Island
wearing an orange cap,
and bring a million bucks
in a knapsack, okay?
Get on the Whirling Dervish
roller coaster.
Get on the third seat,
and you're gonna leave it
there as you exit.
If you bring cops or if
you don't bring the money,
we're gonna kill your daughter,
you understand me?!
It's an old message.
I'll kill them all!
Guess what, princess?
Your daddy didn't show up!
He didn't show up!
I guess he doesn't love you
that much, does he?
No, that's not true!
He does!
He doesn't care if we kill you
or we don't kill you!
Suck on that for a while.
(door slides closed)
Oh, my God.
She's sleepwalking.
It's okay.
For real?
Hey, come on, baby sister.
Let's go back to bed.
Oh, my God, she scared me.
That totally creeped me out.
Come on.
Go to sleep, Liv.
What was that?
I don't know,
but whatever that was,
I'm so spooked right now.
Let's get out of here.
(softly) Stay asleep.
Hey, hey, wh--
It's late.
You're not scared, are you?
She's harmless.
She's a 9-year-old girl.
W-we gotta go.
See ya!
Okay, bye.
The accent on the message,
you make it out.
It is from Dominican Republic.
Came stateside
when he was a teenager.
Been living in East New York
for five, six years, I'd say.
You got all that
from the recording?
I also heard
someone breathing.
He's not alone.
(chuckles softly)
You're trouble.
(dance music playing)
If he tries to run, shoot him.
Hey, Peter!
Hey, man!
Who are you?
Great to see you, man!
Hey. Were you with
this girl last night?
What's it to you?
Huh! Hah!
(coughs) Wait,
what're you doing, man?
(Peter coughing)
What're you doing, man?
Hold on--
Shove over.
I had a couple of drinks
with her, and then she left.
I was staying with another girl
last night, for Christ's sake.
Prove it.
I-- I'll call her.
I'll call her. I'll call her.
(line rings)
Woman: Hello?
Hey, Gillian, i-it's Peter.
Hey, Peter,
I missed you this morning.
Ye-- yes?
Hi, this is Peter's uncle.
Oh, hi.
He's embarrassed.
He lost his wallet last night.
Did he by any chance leave it
on your nightstand?
Um, actually, he did.
Oh. Oh, okay.
What time was that?
No, no--
All right, get outta here.
Let's get in the car,
come on.
I think he went that way.
Hey, Stevie, it's Dottie.
Yeah, you still wearing
a thong?
I know, mine's leather
to match my chaps.
Listen, I need you to run
a plate for me.
Edward, Paul, Frank, 1599.
Stolen, when?
Uh-huh, okay.
Great, thanks.
I owe ya.
Oh, little girl,
what scared you so much?
Hey, kid, guess what?
I saw the surveillance video,
and you're right.
I think I saw the girl, and I
definitely saw you running home.
So I'm convinced, and it takes
a lot to convince me.
So where you going?
To get something to eat.
Fabulous, I'm starving.
You like Italian?
'Cause my favorite spot's
right around here.
Come on.
I-- I can't.
Why's that?
See... my mom says...
I'm not allowed to get
in the car with...
And she's right,
so let's walk
'cause, I mean, parking's gonna
be impossible anyway.
Okay? Come on.
Well, can I see your badge?
You are good.
Let just call my brother Miles
and tell him that I'm going.
(line rings)
You know, you don't look
like a detective.
What does a detective look like?
Like a man.
Well, I hate that look.
Just 'cause you're running
after bad guys
doesn't mean
you can't wear heels.
Hey, what do you want?
Here, let me talk to him.
Miles? Hi, this is
Detective Dottie Wheel, NYPD.
Got a pen?
Okay, I want you to take down
my shield number right here.
What? okay, wait.
Hold on.
It's 2411, right?
Okay, got it.
Yeah, I'm with your sister.
I'm gonna take her out
to lunch.
Really? Why?
No bog deal, we'll be back
in a flash, okay?
Wh-- o-- okay.
All right.
Olivia, what are you doing?
Let's go.
Let's go.
What are you doing here, man?
Took me all night to get here.
What happened?
I was kidnapped by Mei's father
and that thug.
Oh, no.
All right.
What're we gonna do now, man?
Ow! What, man?!
He never got the ransom!
You were talking to
an answering machine!
And you!
You show back up
at the apartment,
back to the scene
of the crime!
I should have my head examined
dealing with you two idiots!
I don't know about this anymore,
We-- we gotta let that girl go.
We've gotta let her go.
No, they're still
gonna go after us.
Better we get the money
and go our separate ways.
I don't know about that
anymore, man.
I really don't know, dude.
I'm 50/60 either way.
Just because you screwed up
doesn't mean
the plan won't work.
I should have made the call.
They know your voice.
And mine.
He's gotta do it now.
Well... if we do it,
we gotta make it
someplace public, right?
Somewhere really crowded.
(ship's horn blows)
Staten Island Ferry.
So, I um, I saw your little dog
on the surveillance video.
It's really cute.
What kind is it?
A long-haired mini dachshund.
You know,
I thought that might be it.
They're not very social,
are they?
They don't like other dogs
too much.
She doesn't like any other dogs
no matter how small.
Her name's Charlie.
Charlie, oh, I like that.
Charlie looked, uh,
pretty scared running away.
And actually, so did you.
I was... terrified.
They put a hood
over the woman.
Well, that is really scary.
And this, uh--
the guy that put
the hood over her?
was he a white guy
or a black guy,
Asian guy or in between?
Not a black guy.
Maybe white?
Maybe not?
Tall guy or small guy,
in between?
A small guy.
And how about, uh--
did he have any
distinguishing features,
like a beard
or a hat or an umbrella or...
Dark hat, like a bowl.
Thanks, Giuseppe.
Buon appetito,
So if you saw him again,
you think
you could identify him?
How is it?
Really good.
Can I have one?
Don't tell anyone I am eating
this 'cause I'm on a diet.
So what's our next move?
We wait, Shan.
(phone rings)
Hey, rich guy.
Are you sure I'm not talking to
an answering machine this time?
What do you want?
Hey, relax, papi, okay?
I want you to go to
the Staten Island Ferry today
at 4:00 all right?
Want you to wear
an orange cap and bring
a million bucks in a knapsack.
You're gonna leave that knapsack
under your seat, okay?
And then you're gonna get off
the ferry, you understand me?
Once we get the money,
you get your daughter back,
simple as that.
If you cops
or if try anything funny,
she's bye-bye,
you understand me?
Okay, it's 12:30.
We have three
and half hours to--
We got the money.
Now what's the plan?
(door opens, closes)
Hey, where have you been?
I almost called the cops.
I got ravioli
and an incredible salad
and the special,
soft-shell crab.
I got tired of waiting for you.
I ordered Chinese food.
Too bad.
Olivia, you can't
just disappear like that.
Yeah, well, the neighbor did,
and I'm the only one who saw it.
So there.
Oh, and the dessert
is from another planet.
You are never leaving
this house again.
okay? You hear me?
And I'm eating your cake.
It's upside-down.
We're gonna give your dad
one last chance,
all right, princess?
He'll pay whatever you want.
Please, I'm cold.
You don't have to do this.
Yeah, well...
how do I look?
Like a tourist.
You got the bag?
Right inside.
Yo, she's fine, all right?
I don't wanna drive the van.
I'll take my car, it's out back.
Very smart.
You gotta call me once you get
the money, all right?
Let's not screw this up.
It's her last chance.
All right!
Okay, fists together.
Go. Go.
You should...
(horn blows)
(Lindsey Cohen's
"Unhappy Ending" plays)
Dissecting every moment
I'm more invested now
then you were then
You hate confrontation
it's a fact of life
Slowly you frayed my thread
'Cause you didn't want
to say good-bye
I'd thought I'd move on
But distance
makes me sensitive
Blame it
on a misunderstanding
to my unhappy ending
Blame it
on a misunderstanding
to my unhappy ending
Help me understand
what happened
Lying won't suffice
While you pretend
not to see me
Why can't you
look me in the eye?
While you pretend
not to see me
The distance
makes me sensitive
Blame it
on a misunderstanding
to my unhappy ending
Blame it
on a misunderstanding
to my unhappy ending
Oh, oh, oh
Things get muddled
looking back
I see the boy
I wish I had
Sometimes I think
I might miss you
Then I remember
you were full of crap
Sometimes I think
how I kissed you
The distance
makes me sensitive
Blame it
on a misunderstanding
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
to my unhappy ending
Blame it
on a misunder...
Blame it
on a misunderstanding
Ohh, oh, oh, oh, ohh
to my unhappy ending
(sings operatically)
You're the smartest,
the cutest,
the most amazing criminal
on the face of the Earth.
Ha! I love you,
I love you, I love you.
(phone rings)
Yeah! Yeah, baby!
Did you get it, buddy?
Every last cent.
You did good, buddy!
You kidding me?
(cheers and laughs)
Oh, no!
Not him!
(tires squeal)
The scary monster.
What am I gonna do?
Be careful, Shan,
I heard a gunshot.
I know.
Ta-- talk to me, buddy.
Did he shoot himself?
Is he dead?
He looks dead,
dead and stupid.
No one's home.
(siren wailing in distance)
Grab the Money.
Let's get outta here.
(siren wailing)
Oh, boy.
Your daddy... (laughs)
Your daddy
just killed my partner.
Do you understand
what that means, princess?
It's like he wants you dead.
And I can't help you,
do you understand?
I can't help you.
Do you understand that?
Oh, God.
Oh-- oh, God.
Let me guess, Shan.
He's Italian, late 20s,
lives in Bed-Stuy,
no more than three bucks
in that wallet.
How'd you know all that?
Contemporary culture.
He's got three business cards.
Let's hit 'em all.
Hey, can you walk Charlie?
How am I supposed to do that?
I can't leave, remember?
You're such a pain.
Sometimes I wish
you'd just disappear.
Can I help you?
We're looking for a friend.
Stefano Delmondo?
I've nobody here
by that name.
Hey, you can't go up there!
Sure, he can.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
(horn honking)
All right, let's go.
All right, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
All right, let's go.
(horn honks)
Hey, Dottie, how are you?
Hey, how are ya?
Four goals
in the third period.
Awesome, right?
Can we get Dottie
her usual, please?
Great game, great game.
Hey, this is Olivia,
um, I just saw a guy who looks
just like the kidnapper
pull up across the street.
To the Rangers.
To the Rangers.
This is the year.
This is the year.
Call me back.
"If you don't act,
no one will."
(horn honking)
I'll be right back.
You crazy coming here
with the van?!
Stefano, he's--
What happened?
He called me,
he told me he had the money,
and suddenly... bam.
Wh-- what are you
talking about, bam?
Over the phone,
I heard these guys talking,
I guess, and...
I-- I think Stefano's dead,
What are we gonna do, Gunner?
What are we gonna do?
You know what we have to do.
I'm not doing that.
You know what we have to do!
You got me into this mess!
What are we gonna do?!
(grunts angrily)
You got me into this mess.
I knew
you would screw it up!
We'll talk about it
on the way.
All right, get in, get in.
You think they got
Stefano's wallet?
I don't know.
We gotta act fast.
And do what?
You know.
No, no, no, we--
we-- we just--
we just have to let her go.
And deal with dead eyes?
No thanks.
This isn't funny.
What was that?
(buzzer buzzes)
Come on up, Rob.
And then when he put 'em up,
he was like so sincere,
watching, watching, watching,
then he goes home at night.
He has no idea
he looks like a raccoon.
(knock on door)
How's it going?
Where's Olivia?
Damn it.
(line rings)
Hey, this is Olivia.
Leave a message at the beep.
Okay, kid, this is-- this is me.
Call me when you can.
What are you doing?
Your mom's gonna kill us both.
Listen, I think I can find her
with the GPS in her phone.
Oh, I knew that.
(line rings)
Man: Revane.
Yeah, Dottie here.
Listen, I need you to ping
this number right away.
That's not it.
So where is she?
Where did it ping?
Where the hell in Brooklyn?
Where we going?
It's Bushwick.
(metal clangs)
(horns honking)
Maybe it wasn't a gunshot.
Maybe it was tire blowing
or something.
Then where is he?
The hospital.
I don't know.
Oh, come on.
Come on, Gunner.
You know what we have to do.
If we don't do it,
we're both dead.
I'm not doing it, Gunner.
I'm not--
We'll do it together.
(sobbing) Please!
Don't do this!
Hey, hey, stop!
Please let me go!
Who are you?
(whispers) Shh.
I'm your neighbor Olivia.
There's no way.
You should get a key.
Go, go get help.
Who you talking to?
I heard voices!
I was praying.
Oh, my God, Gunner.
You shou pray.
All right, Mei...
I'm gonna give your daddy
one last chance.
I'll be back in two hours.
Your prayers are answered.
If not...
Do you have a phone?
Yes, I'm calling the cops.
Do you know where we are?
Are you kidding me?
There's no reception here.
I'm gonna go.
Hey, be careful.
So it's you.
Bad luck, kid.
Come here.
Gimme your hands!
Stay still!
Gunner, stop,
please, let her go.
Gunner, please!
Start praying
for the both of you.
Gunner, let her go!
She's just a kid!
A kid who should have
minded her own business!
How'd you get here?!
How'd you get here?!
Gunner, stop!
How did you get here?!
Gunner, stop!
The van!
I didn't mean to come here!
I just hid!
Who knows you're here?
I doubt that.
You don't know everybody,
and everybody don't know you.
Oh, Gunner, please no!
I have to end it.
Looks like there's no other way
I have to end it.
Wait! Wait! Just let her go!
She's just a kid!
I have to end it.
No, please! Gunner!
Please, I beg you!
Stop! Stop!
No, I beg you, please!
Double freeze.
Who's side are you on?
The good guys.
You shoot me,
and they're toast.
He doused us with gasoline.
Looks a Mexican standoff.
Maybe not.
Hah! Yah!
Oh, my God, daddy!
You okay?
You're playing baseball again!
I'm so sorry
I didn't believe you.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Come on,
let's get out of here.
Hey, kid, I've got another
project I need some help with.
You think you could
help me?
I've got school, silly.
More time after school.
Sounds good.
Hurry up, kids, come on.
Your mom's gonna be home
any minute.
Oh, my God.
What a disaster.
First there was a delay.
Then there was some kind
of a mechanical problem.
We sat there for hours.
It was horrible.
This place is a mess.
You guys have attempted
to clean up a little bit.
You had the whole weekend.
Listen, I'm just really tired.
I think we should just order in.
I'm gonna go change.
Did you guys fight?
Nah, not-- not really.
(both laugh)
(knock on door)
Who's that?
It's nobody.
Mr. Shan says...
(speaks Chinese)
Nice rabbit.
"Thanks, kid, Shan."
(laughs) Oh, my gosh.
I want half.
You heard me, I want half.
I deserve it.
No way.
Hey, you'd be a crispy critter
if wasn't for me, okay?
It's mine.
I was the one
who figured it out.
You didn't figure anything,
and you broke your promise.
I jumped in the van.
You didn't.
We took the subway.
We ended up in the same place.
I found Mei.
I found you all chained up,
and who rescued you?
Dottie did.
Dottie didn't do diddly!
Hey, where you going?
Get back here.
I'm following my
Own map of madness
Every moment comes
once in a lifetime
Within the madness
May be some genius
If I own it
like I'm some Einstein
Where am I going
with this, you ask
With rumors that don't
add up to the facts
The message is clear
Like the sky-y-y
Aim high, high, high, high
Let's stuff our fears
down till the night
Aim high, high, high, high
Celebrate our awesome lives
You and I
Aim high, high, high, high
High, high, high
High, high, high, high
Aim high, high, high
Can't beat the flames back
Ready to soar
And epically burning
within you
Get up and dance
Four on the floor
Update your status
to 'feel good'
Where are we going?
We're full speed ahead
We're young and
on fire, on fire, on fire
Aim high, high, high, high
Let's stuff our fears
down till the night
Aim high, high, high, high
Celebrate our awesome lives
Aim high, high, high, high
Let's stuff our fears
down till the night
Aim high, high, high, high
Celebrate our awesome lives
High, high, high, high
High, high, high, high
High, high, high, high