Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992) Movie Script

They're off, ladies and gentlemen!
There they go!
Classic World War II aircraft!
The Axis Vs. The Allies!
The spitfire of Capt. Nigel Palmer Vs. The Messerschmitt
of Major Ernst Leichman!
And Japan's Jiro Horikoshi in the Zero
Vs. Our own Colonel "Chappy" Sinclair
in the P-51 Lightning!
Hey, I wouldn't have thought you had the power for a snap roll.
Stockman has goosed it up a bit and added a few other little goodies.
Still, no match for the spit, I'm afraid.
Her guns have been updated by Dassault
and her snout's been re-engined by Rolls-Royce.
Oh, really?
Well, don't look now, but her butt is about to be reamed by Lockheed.
You read and countered so soon.
Ha, looky here.
It looks like Tokyo is hot to trot.
It appears your shooter had a case of premature ejection.
Very unusual maneuver.
Don't you remember?
Zeros were famous for it over Midway
and P-51s used to counter with this move.
Whoo! Ha-ha!
Another spectacular victory for Colonel "Chappy" Sinclair.
There's Colonel Jiro Horikoshi acknowledging defeat.
Let's hear it for the red, white and blue!
And now the spitfire's
battle of Britain pilot Nigel Palmer
Vs. Germany's Ernst Leichman, flying the Messerschmitt 109!
Reenact the life and death
struggle above England in the 1940s.
They're begging for a spectacle, you bloody kraut!
Let's give them one.
All right, limey!
Mind your elbows, Mein Herr.
By the looks of this,
it could be a close one.
Hold onto your hats!
Those boys are gonna
give me a heart attack!
Ladies and gentlemen, I swear,
I didn't know they were gonna do that.
Chock up another kill for Major Ernst Leichman.
Tomorrow is our
last show of the season, ladies and gentlemen.
The Axis and the Allies fly again.
Really hope y'all can join us.
We still have a few tickets for tonight's end-of-season party.
Your chance to meet the Aces, so hurry.
Now don't committing Harakiri, Su.
You'll get me next time.
No, you are too pretty to die.
Excuse me.
Ramon Morales just crashed in the Gulf.
Is he all right?
He's dead, Chappy.
When, how?
I don't know.
All I know is a whole bunch
of suits just flew in from Houston.
General Simms wants you back on the base, now.
Su, you tell Stockman that there's been an accident.
I'll try and be back tonight.
I want more trucks, more jeeps,
and 50 more armed guards.
We move again so soon?
A small incident has transpired.
The DEA may become bothersome.
So, why take the risk?
We simply move higher up into the mountains.
Ask the mayor when we will finish
packaging this consignment.
He says, "Very quickly, perhaps two days."
But he pleads with you to release
his daughter.
Tell him unless he gets back to work quickly,
I will kill his daughter in front of him.
Up in the mountains, good workers are hard to find.
Maybe this time, we should take the loss.
They've seen the markings on the places.
No, these people have served
this land well, Juanito.
In five days' time, we shall bury them in it.
Flight Commander Findlay, report to Operations.
Coast Guard find the body too?
Most of it.
The medics are doing an autopsy.
His personal things are over here.
Do you know these people, Colonel?
I didn't catch your name.
Oh, I'm Warren Crawford.
That's his family.
Kid brothers, dad, sister.
She went to UCLA on
an athletic scholarship.
This picture was taken the day she graduated.
He's from a little village
in the Peruvian Mountains.
His father's the mayor.
He has an aunt living here in Brownsville,
but that's all in your files.
Anybody tell her?
She's been informed.
Uh, poor people, aren't they?
Very poor.
Had to work their butts off
to make something of themselves.
We think he was shot down by the Colombian Cocaine Cartels.
They had to get to one of us sooner or later.
We're out there tracking them all the time.
Morales was in competition with them.
They don't like that.
What the hell's that supposed to mean?!
Who are you?
I'm the Station Chief, DEA, Houston.
I think you better take a look at his auxiliary fuel tank.
Damn! I don't believe this.
Where's his flight recorder?
Who was with him?
I was, Colonel.
Just a routine interdiction mission.
Over Sector Seven, he said he had orders
from you to fly a classified pattern.
We would rendezvous one hour after break-off.
I never gave those orders.
I wouldn't know about that, Sir.
He broke off over the Yucatan.
I got his mayday 45 minutes later.
By the time I got there,
there was nothing but wreckage, Sir.
Gulfsat confirm this?
They were all flying for EV tests.
DEA intends to run a full investigation on this, Colonel.
We'll want to talk to you again, so...
the DEA isn't running any full investigations on my command!
And it's God damn well not gonna harass any of my senior officers!
Well, Sir, there's no way
Morales was operating alone,
not with a quarter of a billion worth of cocaine in his tank.
Maybe, maybe not, but this kind of scandal
makes headlines the Pentagon doesn't like
one damn bit!
The services prefer to clean their own houses, Mr. Crawford.
I'll launch my own little look-see into this matter.
Excuse me, Sir, but DEA does have
jurisdiction on this case.
You're on a military installation, son!
The only thing that has jurisdiction around here
is the star on my shoulder.
Take your people back to Houston,
and I'll see you get a full report.
You're late!
We're clear.
Gulfsat reports that DEA is tightening surveillance
on fighter aircraft in the entire area.
Your moment of madness could have placed
the entire operation in jeopardy.
I had no choice.
Morales was running scared.
He threatened to go to Colonel Sinclair.
Just as well I have a contingency plan, isn't it, Captain?
Give me the code numbers.
They have to touch down by 0500.
The Jackhammer Flight leaves for Lethridge at midnight.
We must begin loading immediately.
Use all available personnel.
But then his number came up
and he was gone with the draft
he's in the Army now
a-blowin' reveille
he's the boogie woogie
hip-hop boy of Company B.
Give me a blazing sun,
the occasional
cloud for cover,
and I'll shoot the ass off of any aircraft flying.
Well, maybe next year Arthur will send you up
against an F-16 or a Mirage.
Call it the battle of the generation gap.
Ach! Flying computers, Captain.
In our day, it used to be the man, not the machine.
Technology is no match for seasoning.
Damn shame you missed it, Chap.
Well, don't hold my youth against me.
By the time I was old enough to join up,
there was nothing but missiles and mach speed.
Very fine beer.
May have to import it for company cafeteria.
I was told you worked for an Aerospace Firm,
but I didn't fancy you were its caterer.
He's Chairman Of The Board.
What do you say we press a little flesh, gentlemen?
You know, mix and mingle.
Work the crowd.
You know, this little party could line us up
some real supporters for next year's show.
Well, count me out.
When I retire, I'm gonna buy myself
a little ranch and a big hammock.
I'm gonna sit around all day working on my tan.
10 will get you 20 that will last about a week.
When this batch is dry, use these people to help with the packaging.
Five kilos in each barrel, yes?
Come on, move it!
Finish loading and you're gone.
Nobody's gonna stop you at the gate.
You're Anna Morales.
Ramon's sister.
What the hell happened to you?
I need to find my brother.
Where is he?
Anna, I'm Chappy Sinclair, Ramon's friend.
There's something I need to tell you.
There's no time to talk.
I need to find my brother.
My whole village and family's in danger.
Ramon is dead.
He was shot down in the Gulf.
He was carrying cocaine in his tanks.
They told Ramon they'd kill us all
if he didn't help them.
Who, who told you that?
The German called Kleiss.
He's going to kill everyone in four days.
My family, everyone!
Slow down.
Slow down, slow down.
Now, how did you get here?
I escaped on the plane that brought the drugs here to your base.
Drugs are being brought here to this base?
Yes, they're unloading now.
They're in the barrels.
Kleiss called it the Jackhammer Flight to Lethridge.
Gimme the key.
You stay right here.
I'll be back as fast as I can.
You keep this door locked.
You don't open this door for anyone.
Hold it!
Hold it!
Hold it! Stop right there!
Let me see your orders.
What are you bringing in?
Hydraulic fluid, Sir. A milk run.
Next stop, San Diego.
This plane ain't stopping nowhere until I see what's in those barrels.
Get me a crowbar.
Yes, Sir.
Don't just stand there.
Get another crowbar and open up the rest of those barrels.
What's going on here, Colonel?
I think there's drugs in this plane, Sir.
The DEA was right.
Morales wasn't just a lone eagle.
Off-load the rest of this cargo and have it checked.
Where are you getting your information, Colonel?
Morales' sister.
She's in his quarters.
She'll lay the whole thing out for you.
It's all right, Anna.
It's Chappy Sinclair.
She's gone.
Why don't you take a little water with your booze,
But she was here, General, I swear.
This base is going to close in three weeks.
My base for 12 years.
My men, my planes,
my equipment transferred to
other commands all over this country.
I want to go out with honor, Colonel.
I don't want a trumped-up scandal
and I don't want
gossip and talk!
Have you got that?!
Yes, General, I've got that.
How do I know
that you're not running a line of bullshit
just to save your own ass, Colonel?
You don't, until I find the girl.
This guy Kleiss she talked about.
Does he mean anything to you?
Gustav Kleiss has been on the feds' books for years,
dealing arms, heroin, chemical weapons in the Middle East.
He uses the money
to finance hate groups all over the world.
Did he get any information from Peru?
That's not such an easy thing to do, Colonel.
You know how much corruption there is down there?
These are poor countries
surviving on narco-bucks.
They don't want to hear from DEA.
What about this Jackhammer?
I'll tell you what.
You get her to pinpoint
the location of Kleiss and I'll see what I can do.
Well, she's got an aunt in Brownsville.
Maybe she's there.
Now, that's a rough neighborhood.
You watch your ass, Colonel.
Always do.
Want some action?
Aw, come on.
Excuse me, this 315?
Lotto game was last night, brother.
Mrs. Del Prado?
I'm Colonel Sinclair.
Please, please, I must speak with Anna.
Wait! Anna!
I just wanna talk to you!
Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey!
I'm getting too old for this shit!
Hey, don't...
what kind of shit you looking for, lady... blow?
Put it down, now.
See, these homeboys don't dig any
piece carrying by nonmembers.
Now, baby, you wanna leave it to brother,
or you wanna stick around here?
Leave, thanks.
Hey, maybe you should just say no.
I owe you one.
You better start trusting me.
How can I?
A soldier came to arrest me after you left Ramon's.
A soldier?
Did you see his face?
Just his gun.
Ran out the back and I came here.
My aunt has money for me to return.
There's nothing you can do alone.
I've been to the DEA and they're willing to help.
I need for you to point out the exact location of Kleiss' setup.
It has to be accurate.
Do you think you can do that?
I think so.
But I'll need a little time.
All right, I've gotta go fly.
It's something I have to do.
I'll be back soon.
Look, everything is going to be okay.
But no more running out, all right?
No more running out.
Hey, boy...
$50, you keep an eye on the girl.
Put that shit back in the van.
I'm paying a house call today.
Cover my ass, comprende?
Thank you, Jesus.
All right, you can bring them down now.
Chappy's here.
Let me know if the old lady comes back.
Uh! Oof!
Now get your ass in the bedroom!
I told you to stay outside.
You can't do this.
Watch me.
I'm afraid I never miss twice, Colonel.
Oh, my God!
Tower, this is Chappy.
Clear the runway.
I got a problem.
Oh, man! Thank God you're all right.
Somebody must have fooled around with the ammo.
I'm damn grateful you're such a lousy shot.
Who in the hell could've made a mistake like that?!
That was no mistake, Arthur.
There's some deep shit
going down here, and if they tried for me,
they're damn sure gonna try for Anna.
I need a car.
Who's Anna?
I'll let you know later.
We go with you.
If it's serious deep shit,
maybe you need some help.
Chappy Sinclair is unhurt.
Let's go.
Let's hear it for a great piece of flying.
Ooh, take us for a ride, man.
Wife say travel in America very dangerous.
He tried to take her out,
and I don't mean for dinner.
Where's Anna?
Yo, baby, come on in.
Coast is clear.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
You know him?
Oh, yeah, he's a heavy homeboy from the 'hood.
My ass ain't gonna be worth shit.
Nobody's ass is gonna be worth anything if we don't find her a safe place.
You can take her back to my place.
We could stay with her.
What are you gonna do with him?
I'm gonna get some of my brothers to help me dump his ass.
He can't hang here, brother.
The police are gonna be happy that he ain't breathing,
but his homeboys are gonna come looking for me.
You know, like, inquiring minds wanna know?
All right.
How about your aunt?
She's gone to stay with friends for a few days.
Did you manage to finish that map?
Yes, I did.
All right.
Here it is.
We've got enough time to get to
the DEA office before they close.
Come on, let's go.
No help.
Peruvian justice people say there's nothing
in the area except coffee growers, that's confirmed.
Oh, no, Kleiss' setup is camouflaged.
You have to come in low with a plane.
Esquitos Air Base is in the same grid.
They'd know if anything was going on without visual confirmation.
I have to take their word for it.
That's bullshit!
I don't make the policy!
DEA will get Kleiss.
It may take a while,
but we will bring the bastard in.
A while?
That's a whole lot of comfort for those people who are gonna die
in a couple days.
People die in the drug war all the time, Chappy!
There's nothing more that can be done right now!
Don't you read the papers, Sinclair?
Peru's big on territorial sovereignty.
No surveillance, no interdiction,
no nothing without their permission.
An F-16 can go so fast, they can aim for Bogot
and end up over Lima faster than you can say,
"My God, I'm in the wrong airspace."
And get back out just as fast.
I don't believe I'm hearing this.
Come here, Chappy.
This is my whole life here on the wall.
Take a good look.
Korea, 'Nam, the Philippines.
You're asking me to put it on the line by authorizing
a Low-Level Reconnaissance Mission?
I wouldn't involve you, Sir.
You bet your ass you're not gonna involve me!
You're grounded, Sinclair.
This Morales affair has screwed all of us.
Whatever your involvement is,
bury it along with him.
I tried everything, Anna.
It's important you understand that.
You're everything Ramon said you were.
But I've depending on you too much.
Now I have to do something myself.
Like what?
A few men escaped to another village.
Maybe we can mount some kind of attack.
With just a few guys?
I have to try.
My family's lives are at stake.
You have to understand that.
I'll take you with me
if you just send me
love letters
till I return...
hardly the proper attendance for a wake,
Chappy, Old Chap.
May we join you?
Be my guest.
Chappy, just come to say goodbye.
Not before I buy you all a drink.
Where you all going?
Well, Su has a business to run.
I have grandchildren to terrorize.
I'm sure Leichman here has Nazi Hunters to evade.
Bottom line is,
there's not a lot of call for arthritic pilots.
At least we were all pilots.
Before they bastardized the bloody word.
Mm, all due respect to the deceased, of course.
The only thing that was bastardized
was the way that this kid went down
and the way they're handling this damn thing!
He was a good pilot.
Oh, sure, he was, Chappy.
I don't mean any offense,
but you have to admit that the kids today
do it all with terminals and monitors and what have you.
Now, as Ernst is so fond of saying,
it used to be about the man...
Not the machine!
Not the machine!
Damn right.
How would you like to prove that theory?
I would.
What makes you so Randy
to go after this Kraut?
All Krauts weren't Nazis, you know.
But this Kleiss was the worst kind.
He even killed his brother
for refusing to shoot down enemy
pilots parachuting to safety.
And then he had the gall to steal
his dead brother's Medal Of Honor.
Well, why not?
Can't have you Yanks and Jerrys
duking it out all over the Peruvian Jungles
without a representative of queen and country.
I would be honored.
To Ramon.
These planes are priceless antiques.
They are not battle gear!
Pound for pound, flown by the right men, they're lethal.
Hell, you modified them.
You know what they can do.
What about Air-To-Ground Ordnance?
These laser units.
How do you think you're gonna get...
I have a card at the base.
I can get us outfitted in a day.
Anna leaves 12 hours earlier
and hooks up with the local resistance.
There's a real comfort.
All they've got to do is line up the lasers
with the targets and leave the rest to us.
If they can get in there undetected, a 2-year-old
can operate the unit.
And what if they don't?
Well, then we abort.
Either way, I'll have these fighters back in this hangar
by Sunday morning.
Yeah, in how many pieces?
Damn, Arthur!
Men like you helped to build this country,
and men like me helped to defend it.
I'm willing to risk my career
and my life for what I believe in.
Come on, Arthur, take a risk.
Cocaine is killing
our country, man.
Wouldn't you like to have
a nice story to tell your grandchildren?
Something more than beating out other Wildcatters
or Finagling the Bond Market?
Wouldn't you?
I'm taking polaroids.
Not a scratch on those paint jobs.
Are you clear on that, Chap?
I'm clear, I'm clear.
So, how we gonna pull this off?
If you mean "We" as in you and me,
then you got the wrong definition of the word.
Aw, come on, Chappy.
Excuse me.
Start contacting your people.
How long to prepare, Chappy?
Airborne, 36 hours.
Let's go, guys.
I can't even tell if these systems are compatible, Chap.
The units were designed for jets traveling at Mach 1.
Well, we're about to find out.
Commencing approach.
You have to hold the unit really steady
all the way through target termination.
She's all yours.
Gonna need some seeker heads.
Fins too. Couple of other things.
Anna has the list.
You have a list?
When do you want this stuff?
Tonight will be fine.
Look, you want miracles, why don't you call the Pope?
Sats, compliments of Warren Crawford.
Okay, Anna, let's take a real good look at this village.
Okay, the guns are concealed
here and here.
There are more guns hidden in the bushes and on the water tower here.
The village is very close by.
That's a bit tight,
but with Anna and her men in place to direct the lasers,
we should be able to knock out the artillery
without doing any harm to the villagers.
With Bedlam going on there and Kleiss' pistols concentrating on us,
Anna should be able to get the villagers out of that factory.
Then, on the second time around...
We bomb that dope.
We each line up on one target, right?
Piece of cake, old boy.
Piece of cake?
I don't wanna hear any more of this.
Let's get our gear stowed, Anna.
If we're gonna go, I wanna be out of here early.
Oh, by the way,
I'm gonna put a Super-Booster in the P-38.
Strike Leader
could always use a little extra power.
Much obliged.
All right,
we divide into pairs, Strike and Wingman.
We cover each other's ass.
Who wants to team with who, Leichman?
Well, Nigel chose me last time,
so it would be impolite not to
return the favor.
Su, that leaves you and me.
We've been tangoing pretty good together.
Regret to say...
I cannot go with you
on mission.
Why, Su?
What's wrong?
I have deceived you.
I'm not Famous Ace.
That was my brother.
He died 40 years ago.
I served, but only at the end of war.
Never in combat.
Always in his shadow.
I would jeopardize your safety.
Forgive me.
I'm very dishonorable man.
You're not dishonorable.
You told the truth.
That's a damn hard thing to do.
Thank you.
Bloody hell...
I was just getting fond of the idea.
God damn it, Chappy!
Don't you think we can pull this off?
Just the three of us.
I told 'em these were defective.
Said I had to hand carry them back to
the manufacturer to work the...
bugs out.
'Evening, Sir.
I might as well walk there.
It'd be safer than flying this crate.
Christ, it doesn't even have a hood.
Su will have you checked out soon.
If there were any other options, I'd take them.
If I had a suicide pill, I'd take it.
Sir, you can't go in there!
That's all right, Sergeant.
Thank you.
I followed Ames.
He and Sinclair got something going on with those antique fighters.
Those old shit buckets?
They can't be that stupid.
Wings are loaded with ordnance.
They're not planning a charity ball.
Where the hell are they getting the stuff?
Ames, he's stripping our storerooms
of everything that isn't nailed down!
I'll fix that bastard.
Get the chief of security in here.
We'll change our plans.
Take our plane down first thing,
turn around and transfer immediately.
Contact our people at the other bases.
Tell them to be prepared for accelerated delivery.
Yo-ho-ho, ha-ha!
Santa claus is here.
Santa went straight to the ghetto.
Check this out, man.
I got enough stuff in here to outfit a whole army.
What is all this?
Well, I took a little green out of the homeboy's sock, right?
So Anna's dudes got something to kick a little ass with.
Ha, check that out, brother.
So, am I in now, or what?
We already discussed this.
No, no, we ain't "Discussed" nothing.
All right, if shit hits the fan, I'll be there.
You could get killed in that place, boy.
Hey, I can get killed
in my own neighborhood, man.
There ain't nothing new to that.
Look, your personality just doesn't fit my team profile.
So forget it.
Captain, I'll need to see inside the vehicle.
Fourth of July?
Good luck.
Thanks, Chappy.
Guess we finally understand each other, don't we?
Yes, we do.
watch your ass.
I always do.
Ames was gonna check my laser control.
Now, where the hell is he?
We don't have our full complement of missiles yet, you know.
It's ames on the phone.
He's in trouble.
I better get to a radio
and call him back.
We'll never make it with three aircraft and half the ordnance untested.
Suggest we leave.
We a half hour behind schedule.
are you sure?
I'm sure, but decision is yours.
Perhaps your lives will depend on me.
We would be honored.
So, where are your people?
They'll be here.
My legs, my legs!
I can't feel my legs!
They're dead!
What do you think you're doing?
What am I doing?
Yo, baby, that was my best Eddie Murphy imitation.
Hey, how you doing?
It's showtime, so let's get busy.
He goes back with you.
Oh, wait, baby!
We a team now, huh?
We like Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.
I mean, we like Milli and Vanilli.
We like Michael Jackson and the elephant man's bones.
Yo, are they still together?
No they're not together, and neither are we.
You're history.
Ho, ho, let's talk history, baby.
Now, if I do recall, I saved your butt,
And I am trying to save yours.
Ho, ho, well, don't go dissin' me, baby.
My butt is covered.
The rest of your posse be happy to have me along.
By the way, where are they?
Behind you.
Homeboys around here got some badass disguises.
What's happenin'?
Uh, Usted dig rap?
You know, like,
my name is tee vee
and I'm here to say that I am
a rapping brother and I'm here to stay.
Let's see, uh, you got MTV around here?
You got an opinion on 2 Live Crew?
Guess not.
Where's your posse going off to?
Back to their homes.
Hey, can I get a rewind on that?
Kleiss' security has been increased.
They say we don't have a chance.
Well, I make it a point to never argue with the locals.
I have got to roll.
Make that "We."
The party's over.
Look, you're crazy if you think you're going in there alone.
It's much too dangerous.
That'll do it.
We've got three hours till refuel.
Take it easy.
Gets uglier from there on in.
You're pulling out?
As soon as you're airborne.
Cause for celebration by the local people, I'm sure.
Oh, yes, they'll be having a special mass.
It will be most uplifting.
Make sure everything is ready to go.
A little overkill, don't you think?
Never hurt Stallone.
Not so fast.
Maybe I better follow you.
The deposits have been made, just as we agreed.
This final shipment should be worth another 50 million,
perhaps more.
Disbursed to bases all over the country,
along with the Lethridge Surplus.
No questions will ever be asked.
And you are a very rich man.
Don't you want to drink to that?
I'll drink to paying back those bastards at the Pentagon.
I gave them 27 years, God damn it, and they closed me down.
We're getting close to the village.
Let's go.
We don't have much time.
Hold this.
Stay here.
We're getting close.
Panther one?
This is Strike Leader.
Do you copy?
This is Strike Leader.
panther one, this is Strike Leader.
Do you copy? Over.
Maybe we're still out of range.
We're only a half hour from the target.
I'll keep trying.
It's dangerous to break radio silence repeatedly
at this point, isn't it, Chappy?
We've got no choice.
We're flying blind without the ground unit.
Panther one, this is Strike Leader. Come in.
Yo, man, watch the threads.
This is a laser interlock unit from my base.
Sector Five has just picked up
the transmission of four aircraft
headed this way.
Call Esquitos Air Base.
I'm getting airborne!
Get him out of here.
10 o'clock and closing.
Aircraft in path, identify.
Shoot them down!
What do I pay you for?!
That is Kleiss.
He's pretty good at buying off pilots.
Split up fast and pull them
in close where we have the advantage.
Bank out of there, Nigel.
He's gonna get your ass.
Hardly, old boy.
Remember, the man, not the machine?
Ah! Mayday, Chappy!
Mayday, Chappy!
Hang on, Nigel, hang on.
What the bloody hell
does it look like I'm doing?!
Well done, Old Chap.
Am I glad to see you.
I got tired of hanging around here all by myself.
I should just leave you here, you know that?
I hope these things still work.
Looks like your posse had a change of heart.
deploy your foil
and get out of there.
I'm going to the airport.
You get things moving here!
Yo, Strike Leader, this is Panther One.
We're loose, we got the juice,
and we're ready to blow the shit out of this goose.
Tee Vee, is that you?
None other, baby.
I flew in for the surprise party, baggage class.
Where are you?
We're up at the bell tower in the church.
You should stop by.
We got a beautiful view.
What about the lasers?
Anna's setting them up as we speak.
You better jam, man.
Kleiss is pumping some major drugs into
the belly of a big bird on the runway.
We'll line up on the artillery.
We're 20 Miles out and closing.
Come on, baby.
Get some big dudes on that sucker.
This ain't "Pee-Wee's Playhouse."
Leichman, Panther One is in position.
Can you hold out while me and Palmer go in for target?
I'm good.
Horikoshi, what about you?
Never better.
Ernst, are you all right?
Yeah, he got the message.
So much for your damned air cover!
Get those engines started now!
Get those things moving!
Lock them in now.
Check. You hear the man?
Palmer, take the northwest gun.
Fire when you get a lock.
The bloody tracking unit isn't working!
We better switch positions.
Get down here.
Palmer's laser malfunctioned.
Afraid mine is too.
Doesn't even light up.
Su, do you read me?
I'm on my way.
Get airborne, now!
Where the hell am I gonna go?!
El Salvador.
I have friends there.
You may lose the flags and the military bands
when you retire, but you won't lose the money.
I need gunners!
You! Here!
Hold the northwest position
and line up on southwest, you got it?
We got it!
Palmer, you okay?
As I said, technology is no match for seasoning.
We're going back down.
Smug bastard.
So much for seasoning.
Only one bogey left.
And it looks like we lost Palmer.
Damn it!
We're all lined up.
We're coming in.
Yeah! Whoo!
Line up the southeast end for Su.
I'm saving my missiles for the factory.
Tell Anna to get her people out of there and into the church.
Do you copy?
We copy, Chappy!
We're lining up now!
You suckers!
Anna's people are doing good.
But the trucks are starting to split.
I think they got Kleiss' equipment on them.
That's my call.
All right, the big bird has taken off.
I would be honored.
Okay, Anna's getting her people into the church.
Oh, it's perfect.
When the church blows, the Americans will be blamed.
You're clear.
We're gonna get a line on the factory right now.
Tell me when you're set.
Get this truck out of here and move the other one in!
Okay, we got a lock.
Oh, ho!
Air force, baby!
When it absolutely,
positively has to be!
Blow the church.
Take the men up into the mountains!
Mayday! Mayday!
Kleiss is pulling in two choppers' worth of backup.
We're history.
Let's get out of here.
Strike Leader, this is Warren Crawford.
Do you copy?
Warren, are those choppers yours?
DEA's finest.
Eta, five minutes.
Panther One, those choppers are friendly.
Stay put until the DEA can give you help.
We copy that, baby.
Damn, I knew this
was too easy.
Tee Vee, come back!
Tee Vee, you okay?
Nice hat.
One more pass.
You take care of it.
I'm worried about Su.
Get him out of here!
Knock that bastard out of the sky!
Hold your fire!
Hold it!
Chappy, Kleiss is airborne.
Repeat, Kleiss has escaped.
What's he flying?
It's the weirdest damn jet I've ever seen.
Guns all over the wings.
Which direction?
Jackhammer, this is Warp Seven.
Come on up.
The skies are clear.
Not quite.
Two fighters remain.
They're flying shit buckets.
Let 'em take their best shots.
Su, come in, this is Chappy.
Su, pull out!
Oh, shit!
Good God!
It survived.
Messerschmitt 263.
The plane that was going to win the war for Germany.
Don't take him on alone.
Chappy, I didn't fly all this way to run.
Break it off, Leichman.
I'm 10 seconds out.
Is that you, Ernst?
You've disgraced our family's name, and you disgraced our country.
Ha, one last chance for you
to do something for the fatherland.
You've got that just exactly right.
Leichman, bail out!
Hardly the Aryan ideal,
are you?
I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to grab my Swastika
and get a lobotomy.
You only have seconds to live.
I smell the kill.
What you smell is in your pants.
Take a whiff of this.
Kiss my ass!
Bastard never dies.
Warren, this is Strike Leader.
Kleiss has failed.
We spot him.
Dispatching a unit now.
I'm coming in.
Don't seem to recall your name.
Like my brother Ramon.
But more intelligent, perhaps?
What do you want for the jeep?
Six figures, seven?
I don't even talk about a full tank of gas.
Very sensible.
I have a lot of friends here, and there are
no extradition treaties with the U.S.
You know what movie they're showing on the way home?
You all right?
I'm gonna make it.
I know you will.
Confounded Palmer
is going to haunt me till I'm an Octogenarian.
You mean, you found the wreckage?
Not the wreckage, Palmer!
The Devil's alive!
I think this calls for a celebration, Chappy!
Yeah, I know just the place for it.
Hey, what's with the stetson?
"Well, let me tell ya, pardner..."
I'm switching from urban to suburban.
Kind of like you, brother.
Well, put these steaks on.
All righty.
And don't burn them like you did those chops.
Those aren't burned, they're...
Aw, shut up.
...Extremely well done.
So, where's dad and the boys?
They wanted to be here more than anything to thank you,
but they knew you'd understand.
We'll never forget all you've done for us.
Well, the DEA,
they wanted sole credit for the bust
and I wanted all of Kleiss' cash to go to the villagers.
So, we made a compromise.
They did it my way.
I have something that I think belongs to you.
Welcome home.
Thank you, Anna.
Well, you know, I didn't come out so bad either.
The Air Force gave me a nice little fleet
of mothballed F-86s to keep my mouth shut.
Leichman and Palmer are gonna
fly 'em for me next year.
Uh, well...
If we can work out the percentages.
What about a guest shot from you next season, Chappy?
Now that you got your own plane.
What are you gonna call her?
Son of a bitch.
That's not much of a name.
You know, I think I'm gonna call her
Shadow Warrior, named after Su.
Yep, better get 'em while they're hot.
You cook?
I'll fly the plane.
How about that?