Acharya (2022) Movie Script

Around 800 years ago, in Sidhavanam forest, an
ancient hamlet was home to a hundred families.
A river called Jeevadhara
flowed from the forest.
The sheer magic of the
place inspired many Yogis
and sages to roam here and
undertake severe penances.
These Yogis and Sages became beaconlights to the
families of the hamlet and preached Dharma every day.
And taught them how to make medicinal herbs from the local vegetation,
live life the Ayurveda way and become a great civilization.
For generations together
and no matter any calamity,
they exhorted them to never forsake this place and stand
eternal vigil to this place and shared a secret of the Universe.
One day, Sidhavanam hamlet came under
attack from a Devilish Tribe.
Thanks to the collective divine powers of the sages and the blessed
appearance of the Goddess Mother who stood like a protector,
the Devilish tribe was vanquished.
As the hamlet people got petrified to bear the
sight of Goddess annihilating the evil tribes...
...Goddess Mother created a momentary Solar Eclipse
to hide from plain sight all the destruction of evil.
After the eradication of evil,
the Goddess perhaps wanted
to forever stand by the hamlet
hence manifested Herself physically on a hill
thereby standing eternal vigil on Sidhavanam hamlet.
The people of hamlet built a temple for the
Goddess in gratitude to her benign blessings.
With water from Jeevandhara river and flora and fauna from Sidhavanam, the
hamlet people started offering oblations to the Holy Goddess in devotion.
With assurance that her foot protects
Sidhavanam, they named it as Padhaghattam.
For centuries, the temple's fame
spread wide and spawned a great city.
That is Dharmasthali.
Born out of Padaghattam, Dharmasthali became a lodestar for Padaghattam
itself and flourished for centuries with adherence to Dharma.
For few years now,
Dharmasthali sowed seeds of unholiness,
Thief... Thief.
And started proliferating evil deeds.
Sir... this paddy belongs to the Goddess...
And should go to feed the
Gurukul and the Orphanage.
Send all bags to Basava sir's house.
It became a sanctuary for crimes.
But Padaghattam remained pure like fire on the other bank
of the river and carried on life with principles of Dharma.
The mother who feeds entire universe, who
have eternal voice and who demolish illness.
The reason behind golry of padhaghattam and
we surrender our self to the mighty goddess.
Greetings! MLA Sir.
Greetings! Veda.
They are all researchers and
teachers at Ayurveda University.
They have come to meet
you and discuss something.
Please sit down.
- Sit down.
It is quite silly why Ayurveda Experts like
you live in seclusion at far-flung places.
Come into the real world and join hands with
us you will see miracles happen in your lives.
For centuries, our lives are intertwined
with Siddhavanam and Dharmasthali.
Not one soul will leave this place.
Do you really want to live in the Dharmasthali
Veda after seeing what's happening over there?
A mother's role is to instruct
and rectify childrens' mistakes,
not to abandon them.
If you come next week also and take the medicine
Everyone will tell ' you are a good girl '.
This temple is built by
Padaghattam themselves.
With this Ghattamma mother,
Dharma as the way,
selflessness as the goal
each day reminisce their selflessness.
It is our duty to remember
Padagattam people forever.
I think I have warned enough, mother...
Don't talk about the people of Padhaghattam
From his throught.
Either they fear me less... or
love them more. I don't understand.
Next time he says anything about them,
just beware that your heartbeat for them
and heart might just get separated... okay?
How should I tell?
Think again sir,
arresting him is not that easy.
As a police,
aren't you ashamed to speak like that?
You Better stay here.
Four officers came looking for you...
Greetings Sir...
In spite of being a Municipal chairmen,
it is unfortunate how brazenly
you are looting the temple town.
We are getting complaints...
Hey... do you know who you are talking to?
Yes, we do...
That's why we came with enough proofs.
It's a felony to leave Dharmasthali
without having the Goddess's Darshan...
Let's have the Darshan first...
and talk in leisure.
Did you ever try to find out what happened to
those officers who came exactly like you, before?
You came to this position means,
You might be intelligent...
By coming to Dharmastali,
How can you be so naive to nab
a person like Basava so easily...
Hail, Ghattamma...
Hail, Ghattamma...
I hope all of you told at home
that you are meeting God today.
Sorry sir... it's been a mistake.
Please sir.
Mutilate them and throw
them in the river Jeevadhara.
Ask Obulu to find out who is the
one who spoke openly about us.
Okay brother.
Greetings Basava brother...
How is the Gurukul?
- All good brother.
Are you all studying well?
- Yes, brother.
Inspite always studies...
Even if we wanted to have some fun,
your guys are not sending stuff.
Why students don't need all that.
If not now,
when then? Send them immediately...
Organise rallies that demand a MLA post for brother...
- Okay brother...
Tell all the students...
- Okay.
All the four officers who came in search of
Basava are found dead in Jeevadhara...
Looks like there's no law
and order in Dharmasthali.
It's our Dharma to guard Padhaghattam...
Let's discharge our duty.
We have to live like this seeing
Basava's misrule...
Doesn't a Mother who rules the world
know what's bothering the world?
I can visualise a blazing red sword rending
the realms of darkness soon.
Hey Rajyalakshmi... Where is your inseparable
friend Devaghattamma? Not seen her for a while...
Did you hide her somewhere from me.?
Don't act smart... or I will
train my sights on you...
she also looking very attractive.
Nothing to think... What did I say?
Nothing less than a thousand.
Your business is going good.
Well... are you throwing it away for free?
Hey, Nagulu.
- Brother.
How are you?
How's the journey brother?
No one doubted.
Told them that we do carpentry work,
no one doubted.
Today one choir came who sing
songs on the Mother Goddess.
Shall we have a look?
If possible.
Lord of the Mountains, Benevolence
Personified, Protector of the Mountain Race!
When the Holy Consort awakes at night,
And wears a garland of jasmine flowers
reminiscing the Lord of the Himalayas.
When the darting Serpent around
Lord Siva's neck gets restless for union,
...the ashes smearing his body
fall from his body moving swiftly,
As the Lord himself gets consumed in call
for mating by His holy consort.
Amidst Her eyes burning like ember and
her casually disheveled hair,
...and the impetuous blob on Her forehead,
the moonlight has returned!
Sensing its Lord Shiva himself,
Goddess Parvati's blushes knew no bounds.
Even the Lord of the Universe has to stay
submissive at home,
...beg for small mercies from His wife,
No rules can be enforced
for matrimonial harmony,
...sometimes love-sick, sometimes boredom,
...mostly ending in conjugal bliss by the dawn.
And by morning, all's well between the Holy Couple.
It's a daily ritual of the world's holy
couple to spar and bury the hatchet,
It's been going on for ages like this,
to celebrate after a fight,
Giving a message from their family
fables about how to forge bonding.
If you get me married We both
will serve you different dishes daily.
If asked about marriage,
Never talks.
Must be new here...
we are your neighbours...
We couldn't spot a lady in the house.
So we tried to help you in
cooking with some curries.
Ah... mother... excellent mother...
We don't even entertain
thoughts about women...
Do you know anyone here around this area?
We will be right here in your midst...
It slipped..
Understood... you mean slip
of my tongue? You're so subtle.
Your baby?
Come..come... co...
What's your name?
- Umadevi...
Do not hesitate to ask
for any help just in case...
Come Uma...
Look... I heard about a
place called Padaghattam here.
But why am I not able to see
any dweller from that place so far?
They stopped coming to Dharmasthali
because of all the unholy stuff.
Some come once a week to give
Ayurvedic medicines, treat and then leave.
Unable to see what I do in Dharmasthali,
Someone jealous of us must have gone
to the officers and cried foul about us.
Whereas they got drown in Jeevadhara
and only brought more misery.
You can cure the sick in
the town with herbs that heal.
But don't you know that there's no cure for
anyone if Dharmasthali ceases to exist?
You'll face dire consequences if you commit
such evil deeds in Dharmasthali.
Every day you have to cross
Jeevadhara River from Padaghattam.
Do you buggers realise what happens if the boats
turn topsy-turvy? Won't even find bodies to cry on...
The sons of Goddess mother
that fondled them, Padagattam sons.
Their sins have come to
kicking the very heart of them.
I wonder what more calamities are to be savoured
by Holy Mother after all these sad developments.
Do the work..
Who are you?
What do you want?
Need two kgs of Stuff.
Which place?
Any place where we can sell our wares
is good enough to be called as our own.
Hey, Pack 2 kg stuff.
Came for a little " stuff".
Who's she?
Never seen her...
New joining.
Hey, show me your face.
Anyone who puts his legs on the
hearts of Paadhagatam people,
That leg has to be removed.
Can't say which leg though.
Your unrighteousness
have reached extreme limit.
Public will think that it's all because of
the Ghattamma Mother's fury.
Let them all think so.
I wonder what more calamities are to be savoured
by Holy Mother after all these sad developments.
Are you going to treat the folks
who kicked you in the temple?
How do we care whoever it is.
We give medical treatment
without prejudice to all.
Obulu has gone away somewhere,
nobody has a clue.
He only knows all about the
tally of the toddy liquor loads,
send our men to capture him wherever he is.
If I am behind you, it's because
I look up to when I am in need.
You know how crucial
Siddhavanam forests are to me.
Why is that file still pending?
Everyone knows what
happened in Jagadalpur forest,
Did you forget what Acharya's
troop did to your gang?
It's challenging now to go to another
forest, before that fire is put out.
why don't you choose another business..
You guys roam around me like dogs
and try to advise me 'what to do, '
From one week, why Umadevi
is not coming for music classes.
We are only interested in learning the
education Why this music? We don't want it.
Please don't say that... she loves music.
If she practises hard,
she can reach the top.
Don't worry about what it costs...
send her from tomorrow
I will take care of the rest.
Attend the classes in the morning Umadevi.
Okay, Nilambari teacher.
Okay... bye.
Didn't find her Vedha!
Did you see our girl 'Ghattamma'
-No, sir.
Veda, No sign of her.
Did you see our girl
Devaghattamma anywhere son?
Sir, have you seen our
Padaghattam girl anywhere?
No sir.
Our girl Devaghattamma
hasn't returned to our place sir...
Did you see her?
No... but did you search in the Gurukul?
Went there also,
Heard that she left in evening it self.
Saw, no where.
Must've stopped for
some shelter in the rain.
No matter what,
She lights a lamp and chants mantras
herself for the Forest Goddess...
Come let's go.
Exactly, She fell in our trap
When it's raining.
Who will go first?
Hey... let me first get a taste of her...
then will decide by chits.
Mother Ghattamma...!
We named her after you.
Not a soul will rest until she returns.
Where did you hide her,
wherever she is send her
safely to "Padaghattam".
Can't find her here...
Seems to have escaped... Go fetch her.
Brother... We can't find her here.
Okay... you two go there...
And you come with me.
You are the one to light the lamp...
shouldn't put out the lamp like this.
Here she is...
I thought we are going to miss her today..
Who are you?
What business you have here?
I should be asking you that question.
What are you supposed to do?
What are you up to now?
Who the hell are you?
They call me Acharya...
even if I don't teach any lessons...
Perhaps, since I impart life lessons.
Either ignore what's going on here...
or die in our hands.
It will take a while before we leave...
it's already too late for you.
Do pooja and light a lamp as you do in
"Padhaghattam". By sitting there worship your goddess.
Don't worry... Go there.
She should be giving the shouts,
not giving sacred chants and doing worship.
Go and drag her.
Do it as rigorously as you would
do every day at Padaghattam.
The mother who feeds entire universe, who
have eternal voice and who demolish illness.
The reason behind golry of padhaghattam and
we surrender our self to the mighty goddess
daughter of forest, protector of greenery
and who destroys angry and agony.
Give us the strength and give us
the wisdom mother of consciousness.
Goddess of kindness who daily showering
by eternal river water as worship.
Give us will and wish
mother along with purity.
Siddha Gurukula University...
You ought to know more
about Siddha than me...
Siddha... Brother.
Siddha made enormous
sacrifices for this Dharmasthali.
...that's what every stone and shrub
in this valley tells you and knows it...
you folks have forgotten all of
that and turned cold-hearted...
Even Ghattamma has
become a silent witness to your doings.
But I am going to ensure every stone
resonates to the sacrifice made by Siddha,
if not, I will straighten them out.
Why don't you borrow
from someone for now...
Will buy it next month..okay?
What happened to your cheerful
face Umadevi? Quite unsual.
All I am asking dad is
to buy a flute for me...
Every time he says,next time...
All my friends have one... except me.
Hey, Flute!
So you too have one...
Can you play?
It's not mine... in memory of a friend's.
Really... then I don't want it.
It's okay... you're my friend too...
Play it... reminds Me of my friend
is it? Okay.
What have you thought
about Nilambari's marriage?
Unless you talk and come to a consensus,
she is going to wait perennially.
For the remaining life.
Uma... It's not like that... see.
Where did you find this Uma... Who gave it?
A friend next-door gave it.
Who are you?
How did you get this?
Who gave it to you? Please Tell me.
How do you know Siddha?
Siddha used to tell In this Dharmasthali,
dharma is there in very inch of it.
But that is not to be seen any where.
After Siddha left this place, Dharmasthali
came under the iron grip of Basava.
The scale of his wicked deeds erased all
the good Dharma preached by Padaghattam.
Tomorrow is the D-Day of the
Chariot Procession of Ghattamma.
A festival usually ushered
in by Padaghattam people.
But instead, it is going to be
inaugurated by that evil man.
I can't see how the Holy Goddess can
bear witness to this unholy spectacle.
To stop seeing that,
I just hope my heart stops beating.
Let's see how it unfolds tomorrow.
Hey, What are you doing?
Auspicious time running out...
Let's start the Procession...
It's felony to pull the chariot with blood-stained
hands, move on and let someone else take over...
Call Padaghattam people
who are well-trained in this...
Time's running out...
Padaghattam people please come...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
Hail Ghattamma...
There is something which got
scratched in the crowd...
I felt his eyes were snooping on me...
Search across Dharmasthali...
I need to look him up.
And find out what he is scanning for.
Open the Register.
What's your Name?
From which place you are?
Brother, No one found.
You did a good job... take this..
- Don't want money...
Why don't you take it?
It's a small job...
You helped me get back up again... Take it.
It's just a photo, isn't it?
But why are you showing behind and talking?
Brother-in-law, We have combed the
entire village... No trace of any doubt.
We scrutinised all the new
people in the town... But none so far.
Must be here... somewhere here...
What happened to the work
for which you came, Acharya...?
He is yet to visit this place...
I am waiting for him.
That's are our folks?
We are all meeting
tomorrow night at Jagityala.
- Know Sivudu right...
his mother's last wish that he gets married
to his sister-in-law...
He said he will be
delighted if you can make it.
We met like this, Very happy.
How are you, Bridegroom?
It's all for my mother, brother.
So, it's not about the girl is it? So,
should I tie the knot with her...
so you Can happily
take care of your mother?
Brother... ceremony is in the morning...
why don't you take some spirit?
Havoc! Havoc! Everywhere Havoc!
Havoc Wherever I go!
Havoc Havoc, all over!
My beauty drives people mad.
The swing in my plaits.
Drives up the traffic every minute.
Where can I hide my lissomness?
Very hard... Very hard...
Yes indeed, Mandakini.
Ignore the voyeurs...
It's hard, I know, Mandakini
I admire your belly button...
Every man wants to be my ladies' tailor
to measure my perfect body.
Right you are... even we
get some livelihood now.
Men want to be gynaceologists
so they can feel my body.
This is a bit exaggerated but
nevertheless lovely to hear, dear.
It's tough to get out of home
with my bounty of features.
Very hard..
Very hard..Very hard..Mandakini.
You've ignited an
incense stick of your beauty.
It's tough on you, Mandakini.
Ward off the evil eye,
with your elders' help.
Do you know how men ogle at me?
: That's another lie...
now you're feigning.
No, the men climb to our
terrace to watch me bathe.
Stop lying with your litany of lies.
: It's tough to remain veiled
with my body beautiful...
very tough.
Very hard... very hard Mandakini.
No more discussions!
Very hard..Mandakini.
Let the glamor parade begin!
You are right...
Obulu absconding from work
even the students in Gurukul
turned sincere...
Someone is here and up to something.
Rathore Sir... please come.
You have taken Dharmasthali in your grip...
but you are making small mistakes
and collecting loose change Basava...
Everyone is afraid of you...
But if you have to grow politically,
this is not enough Basava.
While I couldn't accomplish here when I
sent my brother Dharmasthali last time,
I am happy at least you have
achieved what you wished.
Now I want you to accomplish
my unfinished dreams.
I want the Siddhavanam forest
that you can see from here.
I have annexed other forests
by displacing the Adivasis there.
But in this forest where Padaghattam people are
worshipped as God by all the neighborhood, I am helpless.
I should make them commit errors and then get
them banished by the everyone who live here.
Sir, Suddenly she fell down.
Nurse ..
The ayurvedic medicine taken
by the children contained poison.
Can't say what will
happen until 24 hours pass.
Surprised how such experienced
Padaghattam people gave such a medicine...
Seems like a wilful mistake...
they knew everything.
How they did this on innocent children?
Instead... Picking innocent children now means
they will resort to more cruelties in future.
Let's break their bones and tell
them it is wrong to do like this...
Come..lets go
Let's go.
Hey come,
How many more childrens lives
will you take with this poison mix?
How can you even think of
harming young innocents like this?
Stop... What's all this?
It's the same medicine that
Padaghattam people give each time
but now they say it has become poison.
I am now a reformed man sir.
Until The Padhaghattam people are there,
Nothing will happen to the girl.
But woe betide if something
happens to Padhaghattam.
We bow to those people, no matter
how evil we are, With utmost devotion sir,
But now they have an existential threat..
Strangers have entered into the town.
They must have mixed
poison in Ayurvedic doses.
There is a bigger conspiracy
happening on Padhaghattam.
Let this night pass,
no harm shall come to him.
But if we overstay here tonight,
There's risk to all lives of Padaghattam.
If we all have to survive another day,
We have to leave this place, here and now.
What are you talking... leave Padaghattam?
For whatever reasons we
inhabited this place for generations,
It's time to move on from here,
if we all wish to survive.
We may not know why
we are living here for ages,
but, our leader Veda surely knows
why At-least for his sake, let's weigh
our thoughts and ...instead of rushing out.
We lived here for centuries...
But if we stay longer, I am afraid
the place will turn a graveyard.
Enough is enough..
We can safeguard our leader
Veda's life only if we flee this place.
It's all going as per the plan.
Next week we can start the work..
Will have oath auspicious time fixed.
Okay sir.
All the five men who mixed poison in Ayurvedic
medicine surrendered at the police station.
While those men were confined
to the abandoned bungalow,
this fellow was fooling
around that place...
Maybe he is the one
orchestrating the whole thing.
Are you the culprit? You ungrateful wretch!
I thought you had more
sense than your brother-in-law.
How did you believe I can do all this?
The man who broke
both the limbs of Obulu...
the one who cut your wrist at the Fair
and the one who broke the bones of those who
mixed poison in medicines is all one person.
Who's that?
Who's that...?
There's a carpenter who
came to the Western Bazar...
They say he is so skilled
in his craft that his hand.
I think many have vouched for that, I mean
brother, can cut anybody like the saw he uses,
So many have seen that.
Next you are the one.
For 800 years, this dense Siddhavanam forest is enmeshed
with Padaghattam And you people want to abandon it?
The Goddess which
manifested to protect you,
the world of Dharmasthali
which you have created.
Isn't it a mistake to leave all that, Sir?
As someone just said, We doubt if the Goddess
meant to protect us is still residing here...
As for Dharmasthali... it's only a place...
but Dharma is long dead there.
Our bonding with Padaghattam,
Dharmasthali, and Jeevadhara is broken..
There's no river without water...
no Dharmasthali exists beyond your shadows
that's all past..
No doubt,
we once adorned Ghattamma like lamps.
Now we have become moths to the fire
of those very lamps... they are killing us.
This place Jeevadhara itself is a witness
to all the life that's proliferated here.
Even though I am not a life-giver, I vow
to protect you putting my life as a front.
Believe me,
Please return to Padaghattam... Go back.
If he says so,
it will happen... Let's all turn back.
You must be new to this place...
We have a monster there...
There's no end to his litany of evil deeds
which makes Ghattamma also a hapless bystander.
Think again,
There think of the devils...
they are coming... let's go.
They are coming for me.
I have come prepared for this.
What are you saying sir... Do you know what it is
to spar with him... You don't know who and whence
I think you don't know him
well... just come with us.
Come with us sir... Look,
they are trooping in.
Sir, we are all leaving this place.
You all leaving okay,
Someone by name Acharya came here.
Where is that fellow?
We will dissuade him and take him
alongwith us... Leave him alone sir.
To win a war,
we must only march one step forward...
But me to win this war,
I need each one of you to retreat one
step back... until you reach Padaghattam.
Did you see the dread in their eyes?
How can that wither away with these
morsels of courage you are injecting with?
It won't work... They won't go back.
Who are you?
Comrade Acharya.
You think you can escape
after clashing with me?
I intend to see you perish...
How dare you speak like this in
front of me... In my Dharmasthali.
What's your strength?
For twenty years or more,
when we roam in the jungle and
thrive in the midst of wild animals
on one hand and hundreds
of cops on the other hand,
And nothing harmed me,
What else do I have
except courage and strength.
Do you think it is an act of
bravado to inflict minor wounds.
On my hand with a knife
when no one else's looking.
I just wanted to announce myself...
but had I had my way, the dagger
would have cut deeper into your chest...
Why did you come here?
What do you want?
Return of past glory in Dharmasthali
and restoration of Dharma in Padaghattam.
Padaghattam should remain in existence.
Just because someone asks you a favour,
you think you can monopolise the
whole of Padaghattam just like that...
If you want to go from
Dharmasthali to Padaghattam,
you have to cross not
just Jeevadhara river.
But also surpass Acharya, understand?
How are you connected to Padaghattam?
If anything happens to Padaghattam
Why do you care?
Divine Forest on one side...
Holy Water body on the other side..
...Padaghattam in the middle.
Divine Forest on one side...
Holy Water body on the other side...
Padaghattam in the middle.
Each grain of sand...
Each grain of sand...
Contains Mother's infinite love.
Contains Mother's infinite love.
That guards you and me until we die...
Take this.
The Goddess's necklace is missing...
Hold this.
Not for this brother...
Before leaving Dharmasthali you realise
the hasty action and its consequences...
You can also learn Dharma
and leave after a few days.
Don't leave your grip.
Everybody's saying that you have chased
and beaten boys from other village.
I only ensured they feel
responsible for their actions.
It is just a petty theft... do
they deserve such punishment?
I wanted to make them know
what they did is not Dharma.
What if Dharmasthali becomes Adharmasthali (UNHOLY)
because of many and bigger mistakes repeating?
How will you react?
How can Dharmasthali become Adharmasthali?
I just wanted to test your strength.
That's why said so,
Nothing will harm Dharmasthali
as long you are here.
True... As long as Siddha lives,
nothing happens to Dharmasthali.
You can't even grow.
Take this.
- Sir.
Nothing, Siddha...
Nilambari's mischief is driving me mad...
Why do you say that sir? Isn't she
the most talented music artiste here?
She knows a lot more than music...
You are out of tune, Paparao.
Nothing wrong,
when I am going mad already, Nilambari.
You like me that much, Papi.
- Yes.
Music can heal any disease, cure any pain.
If your music heals even one of them,
You win my heart.
What are you doing?
Don't dare come here again...
I will break your legs.
But her mischievous ways are
bringing new headaches every day.
She's a good girl... Intelligent...
Don't be harsh on her.
Why don't you temper her down,
since you're both in the same class.
Rest assured sir, I will... Let me start with some Yoga
and Meditation in the morning... things will be smooth.
Uncle told me that you teach
well and asked me to be alert...
But you have been teaching
everybody except me..
Please come teach something, Siddha.
You are so well-versed in everything...
What can I teach you?
I mean... you know everything...
what more can you learn from me.
Come, teach me a nice grip...
OK then... we will be at the cow ranch...
take your time and teach how to get good grips
in a couple of days... don't teach in one go.
Neelambari Neelambari, the nonpareil!
The perfect beauty,
lady queen of Her Master.
Salute you, the sibling of moon,
I'm coming to you..Neelambari.
Stop murmuring sacred chants like a priest,
I've no time to waste!
I know nothing lovely lady
Feeling helpless with your gaiety!
Take me through a
guided tour of your riches,
Neelambari Neelambari, the nonpareil!
Neelambari, Neelambari, the teasing beauty!
I'm still basking in the glory
of dreams about chasing you...
You're still learning,
dear student, train harder.
Stop not till you reach your goal.
Never, not till my last breath, my dear.
You're the raison d'etre of my existence,
my darling.
Now and forever with you, life after life.
Neelambari Neelambari, the nonpareil!
Neelambari, Neelambari, the teasing beauty!
He is younger brother of
big business man Rathore...
Please sit.
- Sit.
He came here to discuss
a business proposal.
I asked him to meet here as everybody
looks up to Padaghattam here..
Tell me..
Dharmasthali is a famous town
but all name and fame comes because it is a
temple town. We can scale it to the next level.
Cause it's a temple town.
You get some livelihood
Because of the pilgrims
it's the only source of income.
Make it as an Industrial town so that it
depends less on earnings from temple tourism.
All of your lives will get transformed...
Everybody is happy here.
We don't really need that big change.
Don't think small..
Lives will get held.
You can only grow in life by
the scale of your ambition and aspiration.
Who will grow...?
You can go elsewhere if you
want to grow more and more.
You are all small-time
tribals living in forestlands...
What do you know?
Dharma... Whatever Padaghattam says
according to Dharma is the gospel.
You are young and must
be having some temptations...
How can you listen to these
closed-mindset fellows?
Divine forest on one side...
Holy Water on the other side...
Padaghattam in between...
Each grain of sand...
Contains Mother's infinite love..
That guards you and me until we die...
Our lives remain protected as long as we swear
by Padaghattam, blessed by the Divine Goddess.
If you understood,
You can leave.
You must be here with some aspirations.
Even I have some aspirations.
From many years.
Staying here and chanting only Dharma..
I'm like a cannabis
plant in a basil garden.
If you join hands with me,
we can uproot all the basil plants.
What do you want?
- Dharmasthali...
I want to become the Lord of Dharmasthali...
where the powerful mother goddess is.
Everything here should be in my control.
With our support,
You can achieve whatever you want.
Let us make small beginnings..
Stop there, wait.
I did expect a turn of events at
Dharmasthali but not this kind.
Happy at least our people survived.
In a town like that,
Who has dare to do it?
In temple premises
We have tried to explain things easily...
Some get it,
some don't... Those who didn't get it,
we are obliged to straighten them out...
Here everyone are gentle,
Always do Pooja and perform rituals,
You might think that, We rely on
the deity whenever difficulties arise.
You may be mistaken.
We charge ahead to take things in control like
possessed men under the Goddess's influence.
I hope you and your people now realize how
difficult it is to confront the divinity within us.
Good... good..
What brings you here Sir?
Need to discuss an important matter.
Here's Divine Prasad...
Nilambari and Siddha love each other.
I've learnt of this recently...
Inspite being born in Padhaghattam,
Siddha is a gem of a boy...
Since you raised him up,
wanted to discuss about
their marriage with you.
Even though Padhaghattam raised him,
his biological parents are some other...
Very long ago they
deserted him in Siddhavanam,
They may return any day
and take him back...
Better not to pin hopes on him...
Please convince Nilambari
about this complication.
Due to the presence of a temple in this village, Everyone
sat on the couch trying to make no small mistake.
People here,
have to change as normal people.
When there's no temple here,
only town will remember.
Bring down the temple, is it?
It's a ancient temple...
The rains are also pouring heavily,
It is natural for such temples
and schools to collapse,
What Siddha! You are
always doting on others' kids...
When will you marry so we
can start playing with your kids?
Aadanna! The priest's daughter and I...
Siddha... the folks from the city
are razing the temple to the ground.
For stopping them They did this,
- Ghattamma's Temple.
Ghattamma's Temple.
Veda... take care of Aadanna.
We'll finish him fist before the temple...
Bring down the temple before dawn...
If siddha come to stop you.
With that temple he too should be grounded.
Hey... break the temple doors open!
Who are you? Where am I?
You are safe with your people.
You are our leader Sankaranna's son.
Leave the place with son and troop...
Tell, Shankaranna.
make sure he's also a part of the movement.
Red salute!
Red salute!
Being an infant roaming in
this forest would be dangerous,
So, Acharya left you to grow in
Padhaghattam near Siddavanam forest.
Even if you didn't see him,
he always enquired about your well-being
and admired the way you came
up in life as if you were his own child.
After all these years of
staying happy and safe,
he was not sure how to
cross paths with you again.
He is indeed your Guardian Angel,
and has come into your life at the right
moment again when you were in danger.
As per Sankaranna's wishes,
we were waiting for an opportune moment
to welcome you into our movement.
Want to fill inspiration of the movement.
It runs deep in your veins, before coming
here. The spirit of fighting injustice.
The day has come when you join
the Movement as per Shankara's wish.
So, welcome you comrade to our troop.
He is captured at point blank,
We can't save him now
or we will all be caught.
All your troop must be here somewhere. Tell
them to show up... Tell them to show up.
Guns down.
As new commer in the troop,
you must know some things.
Many will lose their lives in the struggle.
Being sensitive and acting on
impulse is not our trait, Comrade.
It's not's my Dharma to protect those
in danger by throwing all our mite in, Comrade.
He is a born warrior, fierce like Red Mars.
Now smeared in vermillion
borne out of blood.
Roaming in the trails of forest.
Keeping vigil at night and day like
a World Protector!
No family bonds here,
guns the only company.
Exiled to forest to uplift the downtrodden
and protect them forever.
Piercing the sky like a shooting star,
Lurking in the middle of
planet like a volcano of fire like.
Marching in unison, matching step by step, is now the rally of the masses for
a mass revolution.
A.. Amma
Aa... Acharya.
We should all be prepared to sacrifice our lives or take lives,
in this fight to re-establish an egalitarian society... Comrades.
Red Salute!
- Red Salute!
Greetings, Brother.
Everything is finished.
Dense forest has been cut down
And made us suffer from diseases.
Came to know that some precious
minerals are there. So, started digging.
So many people died because
land and water became poisonous.
We did our best to stop them but
they killed many of us brutally sir.
They even dragged our boys inside
to forcibly make them slog at work sir.
Aa... Acharya.
Where are you running.
- Yes.
Acharya's troop is roaming
in our midst... Be careful...
Where are the Security Personnel?
Oh... here they are.
You go and send that load.
Need a break... Can you get me some tea?
Enough of all your banter after reaching late... Still
haven't come to senses after yesterday's high is it?
Hey, Why are you babbling like that.
Acharya sir...
Ssss..Sorry... Prasad sir.
What is this mindless
killing when I am talking?
Arrey... I am pissed off because
he said I am inebriated... Ram sir.
I will talk to him... wait.
Please talk... Please talk.
- I will.
Hey, why did he stab.
He seems to have killed your man in a
rush of unmedicated blood pressure...
Why are jetting in between?
What Ram Sir... Why are
you killing people for talking?
Why is he pouncing on me?
Control yourself please...
Whatever happened, happened... Leave it. We need to
get back to work and discharge our duty... Jai Hind.
Come, sir.
Hey, what are you looking at, hold him.
Rajendra, hey... hey.
Hey, Why are you fretting
over... He must've gone by now...
Load him in truck and sendoff.
Good riddance... Hey.
Prasad sir, wait.
What is this, Prasad Sir...
Why such haste...
Again you killed.
I can't stand those menacing
looks Ram Sir... I will again...
Prasad sir, come aside
Let me talk.
Why so much rashness Ram sir.
What else can I do Prasad
sir... he is just jostling me.
Are why don't you just
talk instead of stabbing
Prasad sir, again...
I didn't do it intentionally...
he hurled himself onto me and got stabbed.
You should have taken B.P Tablets.
Sorry sir... Sorry..
Get back to work.
What's happening here...
Are they the Security personnel?
We were about to assume duty when the Naxal's
intercepted and took out uniforms sir...
I think it's Acharya's troop sir.
Ye, come and Watch the play
between a tiger and a leopard.
Finally, smiles return to our lives,
Catching like wildfire,
with drumbeats of happiness.
Festivities return to
the pitch dark forest!
Even the winds are whirling
to the dance of mother earth,
Bright moonshine is piercing the
nightfall of Cimmerian darkness.
Come let's partake in
this feast of festivities,
Bravo! Bravo! Let's go gaga!
Let's party the whole night,
no holds barred!
Bravo! Bravo! Let's go gaga!
Let's party the whole night,
no holds barred!
Cuckoo, please don't wake
us with your wake-up call.
We're lost in the count of days and nights.
Let's dance and drink to our merry,
Even a skyfall can't ruin our party tonite,
We've got the world in our
palm and nothing to worry,
Let's spin the top,
now that we've got the world in our hands.
Bravo! Bravo! Let's go gaga!
Let's party the whole night,
no holds barred!
Bravo! Bravo! Let's go gaga!
Let's party the whole night,
no holds barred!
Every flora and fauna, now our friends.
Each mound, each turn, now our allies.
This forest showered its
benevolence like a mother.
And nurtured us to become powerful weapons.
The lives of everyone
in the forest are dear to it.
We've got to defend everybody now,
and keep their woes away.
Bravo! Bravo! Let's go gaga!
Let's party the whole night,
no holds barred!
Bravo! Bravo! Let's go gaga!
Let's party the whole night,
no holds barred!
The Naxal's have come to our mine in Jagadalpur forest,
killed our people and abducted the Adivasi kids.
They also said they will eliminate everyone who
sets his foot upon this or any other forest.
Before this warning becomes public information, we
need to annihilate all of them in the forest itself.
I need that forest at any cost, Khilla.
Not like that keep it like this way.
That's it.
I am expecting a retaliatory response from them
after the cessation of mining activities...
Have to be careful Acharya.
Yesterday, the kids you brought
back were playing with a map.
After this forest,
They are going to start mining in
Paddhaghattam which is in Siddhavanam forest,
I have seen a lot of damage being
done in this forest due to mining.
I can't stand the very thought of collateral
damage that will be wreaked on my Padaghattam
and wanted to repay my debt to them.
I am very much indebted to
Paddaghattam and the people over their.
Your tireless efforts to rescue those
in distress is my main inspiration...
I want to go back and stand like a pillar
of strength to my land and people, Acharya.
I have seen you as a toddler...
Now I see a fully-matured real Comrade...
Okay, Start immediately...
Surya... Please escort him all
the way till he crosses the forest.
Depart, Comrade.!
Red Salute!
- Red Salute!
Acharya and his troop are
currently in Kotha Paaka...
They wouldn't have crossed
more than 15 kms by now.
So they would be
still be in this vicinity...
they may cross us anytime now...
Let's not spare anybody and finish them all We
have to wrest control of the forest back to us...
And if you happen to spot Acharya,
remember to shoot him in the
head right away... Understood?
- Inform this to Acharya immediately.
Do we wait till they come?
Let's finish as many as we
can and weaken the enemy.
Siddha... Siddha..
Bose, call the doctor from near by village.
Righteousness is to stand for help.
Courage is to walk with righteousness.
Red Salute!
- Red Salute!
I can't forget, Padaghattam has to remain
intact as per the last wish of Siddha...
If the precious Minerals in
Siddhavanam been extracted.
Biodiversity in the area is threatened,
This truth is known by only the
Paddaghatam leaders of all generations.
For that we stay here and protect the
forest. That's the only known Dharma by us.
Forsake not our duty to protect,
even when life's in peril.
Whatever we have mined so far is nothing compared to the
plunder of deposits that awaits us here in this forest Basava.
The mineral wealth here is invaluable...
Unbeknownst to them, they are
using it like an Ayurvedic Sanctuary.
It's a shame now a few hundred of nameless
people coming between me and that forest.
What if we kill those hundred people...
The people of Padaghattam will celebrate the goddess
incarnated day as a festival which comes once in 12 years...
another three days to
go for the festivities...
If we ensure nobody steps out of
their homes on that day in Dharmasthala.
We can catch all of them(PADHAGHATTAM
PEOPLE) and slaughter them like goats.
My men will get into the act
of killing all the surreptitiously.
But we have to stop Acharya
from turning into a savior.
The person who hides in the forest, if he Moves
midst of society, why will the police leave him.
This is Jeevandhara responsible for the flourishing
of the ecosystem in the forest of Sidhavanam.
Let's conserve water
as preciously as we can...
And pray to Ghattamma to give
us the strength to follow Dharma.
Let's propitiate her
and seek her blessings.
Come, let's go.
They are hundred of
them... Everybody in Pooja.
Before they realise what's happening,
we have to finish all of them.
Do not spare even the women and the kids,
Hundred of them, right?
Need to severe their heads.