Achayans (2017) Movie Script

- "Achayans.."
"Want to make them stop.."
"Want to make them stop.."
"Shake it. Shake your booty now.."
"Shake it.. Dirty.. Hey, curly!
Shake your booty now."
"Shake your booty now.
Shake it. Dirty.."
"Cut it. Shake your booty now..
Shake it. Dirty.."
"Cut it.
Shake your booty now."
TIMEIN: 00:02:58:36DURATION: 03:20TIMEOUT: 00:03:01:56
The Thottathil family is one among
the most renowned families
of Kochi.
The current head of
this family is Varkey Vavachan
the person who is
wearing his specs right now.
This is his wife,
Mrs. Eliyamma Vavachan.
How do I look?
Their main hobby is taking
photographs every week
wearing the same kind of clothes
and hanging it on the walls.
- Yes.
Who will serve our son breakfast
if you go to the church?
I will keep it on the table.
I can't move my neck.
TIMEIN: 00:03:58:96DURATION: 01:48TIMEOUT: 00:04:00:44
I can't move my neck.
He didn't do it purposefully.
Leave it.
The person lying on the bed
is the son they were talking about.
He wakes up when sunlight
hits his back and disturbs him.
It's morning again.
He is the only son who
was born to the couple
after a lot of prayers
and treatments.
Tony Thottathil.
He follows his daily routine
without fail.
He has breakfast
at 1.30 p.m. - Practice.
It doesn't matter if he's
brushed his teeth or not.
My poor baby.
He has lunch at sharp 4 p.m.
He goes to work at 6 p.m.
'Wear helmets for safety.'
As you can see, Tony has started
working with his colleagues.
TIMEIN: 00:04:57:08DURATION: 03:44TIMEOUT: 00:05:00:52
As you can see, Tony has started
working with his colleagues.
Shall we begin?
'Smoking and alcohol consumption
are injurious to health.'
It's just a few drinks.
Tony came back early blaming the
government for alcohol scarcity.
Now, the time is sharp 4 a.m.
I am here.
- Oh, no!
It's a ghost!
- What?
- What is it?
Is that you, Son?
I was about to scream!
I am sorry, Mom.
- Not now, Son.
I made a mistake.
I will not drink alcohol anymore.
I won't make this mistake again.
I am telling the truth, Mom.
Let it go, Son.
Did you have something?
I had eight pegs of alcohol.
- Jesus!
Not that. Did you have food?
- No, Mom.
I am hungry.
- Go.
Get him something to eat.
- Yes.
Come on, son. I will make 'Puttu'
and chicken fry. - Chicken..
TIMEIN: 00:05:58:36DURATION: 03:08TIMEOUT: 00:06:01:44
Come on, son. I will make 'Puttu'
and chicken fry. - Chicken..
Son. let me..
- Look at my dad!
- Show me your head.
I will swear upon your head.
- Oh, no.
No, Son.
- No..
You did the same
thing to me last week.
I couldn't remove
this collar after that.
'Last week'.
- Oh, Mother Mary..
'Last week'
- I won't drink again, Dad.
I swear on you.
Oh, Jesus.
Bite it.
Why are you wearing underwear
on your neck, Dad?
There is someone who has decided
to marry only Tony in her life.
That's Jessica, the only daughter
of the rich Pallikal George.
TIMEIN: 00:07:08:96DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 00:07:09:84
Take a look at this photograph.
He owns a cashew nut factory
in Kollam.
He is from a good family.
He is handsome as well.
I don't want him.
I want Tony.
You should rather commit suicide.
I won't kill myself.
I will kill you if you don't
get me married to him.
You can marry him.
Don't ask me for my liver
when his fails. - What is this?
Get lost.
- No need. I will give mine.
Do as you please.
- Why does one need two livers?
This person walking in slow motion
is Aby Thottathil.
He is the son of
Tony's eldest uncle.
Hey, he's coming here.
Aby Thottathil!
- Come on.
Come on.
- Hey.
Come here.
- Come.
Stop there. You shouldn't ask
for more trouble by going inside.
TIMEIN: 00:08:00:08DURATION: 02:76TIMEOUT: 00:08:02:84
He is the youth leader
of PC George's party.
A young Turk!
"Run around town, people
trying to get down.." - Hey.
Who is it?
How dare you burn our flag!
"Run around town,
people trying to get down.."
Who dares to fight us!
- Come here.
He is a smart guy.
He invites trouble.
Let's go.
- Stop there. Run.
Sir, they burnt our flag.
Come on.
Come to our lair.
TIMEIN: 00:09:02:20DURATION: 04:04TIMEOUT: 00:09:06:24
What is this?
Do you tear flags like little kids?
You shouldn't. Don't try to mess
with me.
You are way out of your league!
- Let's go.
Come on. We will always
get the support of the public.
"Hard to make it, break it down..
The music will just ooze."
This is Rafi.
He is Tony's and Aby's friend
who spoils them a lot.
We can even call him
their partner in crime.
"We're just cool. Watch us chop
it up and make it feel brutal!"
"Hard to make it, break it.."
Praise the Lord.
- Now and forever!
Marriage is the only
solution to cure
the addiction to alcohol
and gambling.
He will become responsible if he
gets married. - Laddu..
I want Laddu. - Dear..
- Tony will stop drinking.
Wait and watch.
- It's risky, Father.
Aren't they both dear to us,
George? Everything will be fine.
- Shouldn't we ask Roy?
It's necessary.
He is the elder one.
Let's fix the date later.
TIMEIN: 00:09:59:84DURATION: 01:56TIMEOUT: 00:10:01:40
Let's fix the date later.
Okay, Father. - Anyway,
everything's been decided. - Yes.
Where is it?
What are you looking for?
I had kept my bag here.
It has three bottles of wine
for the holy mass.
That is gone.
Mass wine!
I know how to control
Tony after marriage.
Do you really want to
bring this upon yourself?
"Without knowing"
"without dreaming"
"love drenched me like rain."
"When you rest on my chest"
TIMEIN: 00:10:56:56DURATION: 05:40TIMEOUT: 00:11:01:96
"When you rest on my chest"
"like a gentle breeze"
"I will caress you, dear."
"When your dreams bloom"
"the silent words gain voice."
"Without knowing"
"without dreaming"
"love drenched me like rain."
"When you rest on my heart.."
Kids should learn from Roy.
He made all these
with his hard work.
Do you know that?
Why is Roy still single?
Because he has brains.
- Shut up. - Okay.
the Holy Mass is at 10 a.m.
TIMEIN: 00:11:59:24DURATION: 02:32TIMEOUT: 00:12:01:56
the Holy Mass is at 10 a.m.
Come on time.
- Okay.
Has Roy called?
- There is no news of him.
Tony said his phone
is switched off.
Where is he?
Roy Abraham Mathew
aka Thottathil Roy.
The eldest son
of Thottathil Family.
Role model of his brothers.
It's not him.
Spirit of the forest!
There is no network.
TIMEIN: 00:13:02:36DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 00:13:03:20
It's me, Velu.
Everyone, get in. - Sir.
- Roy went into the forest.
He should not take it.
Come on, fast.
Hey, stop!
TIMEIN: 00:14:36:72DURATION: 02:52TIMEOUT: 00:14:39:24
Spirit of the forest!
Three generations old arrack
lies on the river bed
of Kallada.
- Great!
So this is why you
went to the forest!
You are great!
Don't cry, dear.
Where will we drink this?
- Everything is ready.
TIMEIN: 00:14:59:16DURATION: 02:96TIMEOUT: 00:15:02:12
Where will we drink this?
- Everything is ready.
Come on, dear.
What is this?
Why are we hunching?
Are you here?
I thought the boat sunk when
I saw the fire engines.
Such a waste. - Shut up!
- Is everyone all right?
Or the food will go waste.
- Nothing will go wasted.
They never miss a good treat.
They are my brothers.
- It's written on their faces.
Hey, is everything ready?
- Yes.
There is plenty of food.
- Food is on me.
Do we have wild meat?
No wild meat in the world
can satisfy you!
I have no interest in it!
Oh, God.
Sudharman is a great cook.
TIMEIN: 00:15:57:08DURATION: 03:44TIMEOUT: 00:16:00:52
Oh, God.
Sudharman is a great cook.
But now, he is in hiding.
A small case.
I cooked Biryani for a wedding
with 300 chickens.
A case for cooking Biryani?
- Why not?
I wanted 300 chickens.
I couldn't find a dealer.
So, I poisoned the chicken.
All 300 died.
I cooked awesome Biryani.
There were no problems.
But the bride's father died.
How come only he died?
A greedy hen had eaten more poison.
The bride's father
ate that chicken.
The hen was careless. At least, he
should've been more careful, right?
- Cheers.
Spirit of the forest!
Should we add water?
- Water! What are you saying?
This is elixir.
There is a scientific way
to drink it.
Watch me. Don't drink it
like how you usually do.
Drink like this.
TIMEIN: 00:17:02:40DURATION: 01:60TIMEOUT: 00:17:04:00
You can add some water.
Very little.
Who mixes water in arrack?
Water is necessary.
What do you do, Roy?
Have you heard of Marayur?
- I will.
Half of it belongs to the
government and rest to him.
He has farms there.
- Agriculture!
Pepper and grass.
- Why?
Some cannabis plants
here and there.
Only for household purposes.
He makes great cocktails.
A chronic bachelor.
His biggest weakness is woman.
His favourite holiday spot
is Pattaya, Bangkok.
What does do there?
- Plucking weeds.
"Drink arrack to see
stars in the morning."
TIMEIN: 00:17:56:24DURATION: 05:60TIMEOUT: 00:18:01:84
"Drink arrack to see
stars in the morning."
"Drink, fight and sleep
when you get tired."
"Music will come to you."
"Chorus will come
to sing along."
"Drink and puke."
"Make your drink your friend."
"Drink it like water."
"And dance till your drop."
"Drink till
you lose consciousness."
"Drink arrack to see
stars in the morning."
"Drink, fight and sleep
when you get tired."
TIMEIN: 00:19:14:44DURATION: 05:84TIMEOUT: 00:19:20:28
"Tomorrow, the world
will be ruled by the ale."
"The day will come where
everyone becomes equal."
A full boat to there."
"Only half will come back."
"Mix the elixir in water."
"And fly to the paradise."
"To dance and be merry"
"make this clear liquid
your best friend."
Everyone's happy.
Thank you.
The groom is a drunkard,
isn't he?
TIMEIN: 00:20:00:16DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 00:20:01:60
It was her choice.
I couldn't oppose.
Uncle, is it time
for the bride to leave?
Yes, ask them to start.
Oh, Jesus!
It is time for the holy mass,
Where is the groom?
He hasn't come yet, Father.
- It's getting late, George.
Where's my son?
Sir, we looked for him everywhere.
He is nowhere to be seen.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
TIMEIN: 00:21:01:60DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 00:21:02:88
My God!
You answered my prayers.
I am happy.
I am happy.
What are you saying, George?
Even God doesn't approve
of this wedding.
My daughter is saved.
Thank you, God.
- Dear.
Praise the Lord.
- Daughter.
Oh, no!
Someone fell!
Who is that?
Who fell?
Who fell in the water?
Oh, no!
TIMEIN: 00:21:59:68DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 00:22:00:48
Oh, no!
It was this barrel.
Oh, Jesus! It's 11' o clock.
The wedding!
Oh, no. Tony!
Get up, Tony. - What's he saying?
The wedding!
Aby, get up.
- No! - It's his wedding today.
I will call Mr. PC.
Stop sleeping. Get up!
It's his wedding today.
Khan. My name is Khan.
- Tony! Tony, come!
Come, dear.
Mr. Roy, let him sleep.
Today is a Sunday.
It's his wedding today.
Really? He is sleeping as if his
funeral is going on!
Tony, get up.
Get up, sweetheart!
Leave them here.
Let us go and attend the wedding.
I bathed.
You can take a bath.
Fool, it is his wedding.
Do one thing.
Wake them and get them ready.
Let me leave early.
The Spirits of the forest have
betrayed us. - Tony!
He is hurrying as if he wants
to use the washroom!
Tony, wake up.
Today is your last day.
- What?
It's your wedding today.
TIMEIN: 00:22:59:16DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 00:23:00:44
It's your wedding today.
Everyone has left.
That's done.
Roy, where were you?
Where is Tony?
He fled.
- What?
He fled.
- What?
I chased him when I heard his car
at 1 a.m. yesterday. - God!
But in vain.
He fled.
They can't be trusted..
Roy, even you couldn't stop..
- Yes, that is my grief.
He should be..
Praise the Lord.
- Roy, where's.. - Fled.
I don't know. He fled.
How's Jessica?
- She is all fine.
I don't care about the money spent.
God saved her life.
Where is God?
- What?
I mean, Jessica..
Where is Jessica?
She is inside.
- Okay. - Poor girl.
Jessica, stop crying.
Think that you escaped from
a bigger danger.
Get lost!
TIMEIN: 00:24:05:96DURATION: 02:08TIMEOUT: 00:24:08:04
I loved him very much.
And yet,
he cheated me, Roy.
I will conduct your wedding.
They should be punished.
Shut your mouth.
- What is this?
Keep quiet.
- Roy.
He is a fraud.
Get lost, drunkard.
They won't reform.
They can't be changed.
I am not able to control my anger.
We should do something.
No need.
No, we should.
Tony and Jessica
should have a good life.
Yes. - We should retain
our family's reputation. - Yes.
What is the solution for that?
- Tell us, Father.
There is a solution for that.
What is it?
Let them come back
after two week's retreat.
Everything will be fine.
A retreat is being held at
Parepally Church.
Isn't that done yet?
TIMEIN: 00:24:58:84DURATION: 01:60TIMEOUT: 00:25:00:44
Isn't that done yet?
The wedding will be held after
they are back from the retreat.
Thank God!
- That's good, Father.
They are too spoilt
for their age.
- Yes.
You should look after them.
Okay. Did you hear him?
- You must also participate in it.
Okay. What?
- Yes.
I can't attend it now.
It is because I am busy
with some plans in Marayur.
Don't say anything.
You must go along with them.
But my agriculture..
- Roy.
They are your cousins.
- Yes.
You are responsible.
- Mom, but agriculture..
You must go, Uncle.
- Yes.
He's in a fix.
Get ready for the journey.
- Okay.
I will make the arrangements there.
Okay, Father.
- Okay.
I am happy, Father.
Please come.
You plan all the pranks together.
Take him along with you.
He might reform.
Why should I go?
You are correct.
He must be reformed. - Sure.
Tony, take him.
Let's reform him.
she is my only daughter.
Is it my fault, George?
'Parepally Retreat Centre.'
TIMEIN: 00:25:59:16DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:26:00:52
'Parepally Retreat Centre.'
"Oh, traveller from Zion"
"don't panic when you see
the hurdles.." - Stop there!
She killed the flow.
- Roy.
- Mother.
Come back as a changed man.
May God bless you!
The wedding is on the fourth.
We will start on the third.
No need.
- What? - What?
Don't come on the day
before the wedding.
I can't take the risk again.
What about the facial?
Oh, no!
Come directly to the church
on the fourth.
Praise the Lord.
I was about to tell them the same.
- Yes.
Please reform.
I will.
We must face the people
who mocked us. Okay? - Okay.
"Oh, traveller from Zion"
"don't panic when you see
the hurdles that come by."
"God Almighty is with you."
TIMEIN: 00:26:54:44DURATION: 06:04TIMEOUT: 00:27:00:48
"God Almighty is with you."
"A person who can control you
is present here also."
You mean, the God?
No, Father Jose Keerikkadan.
Is he related to Keerikkadan Jose?
Praise the Lord.
I am here to help them reform.
Praise the Lord.
You will reform.
So soon?
The drunkards who came before
you, sneaked alcohol in. - How?
Praise the Lord.
Father came to know of it.
They'll face the consequences now.
Never try to fool the father.
- Did you think I won't know
if you hide the bottle
inside the cupboard?
I will find it out
wherever you hide it.
The bottle is made of plastic.
Praise the Lord, Father.
- "Keerikkadan."
- Father, those four have come.
TIMEIN: 00:27:58:72DURATION: 01:52TIMEOUT: 00:28:00:24
- Father, those four have come.
Praise the Lord, Father.
Sounds like a group song
from 'Doordarshan'.
Look, Mr. Roy.
- Not Roy. I am Tony.
Do you know what I have to say,
Mr. Roy?
I am Rafi.
Mr. Roy, you must understand..
- I am Aby. Aby.
Hey, Aby.
- I am Roy.
My God!
People who come here
hardly remember their names.
At least, you guys remember that.
That is a good sign.
- Thank you.
It's not because I have the time
or the resources to reform you.
It's because the vicar general
- The vicar general?
No, you guys! He wants
me to do it myself.
What's that?
It's the phone vibrating.
Not tomorrow. The VSOP
is on the day after tomorrow.
- What? - Nice!
Do you want to join?
- Yes. - Sure.
Cheers! - Four people
will be accompanying me.
They are new here.
Father, I'm excited about VSOP.
TIMEIN: 00:28:57:76DURATION: 02:28TIMEOUT: 00:29:00:04
Father, I'm excited about VSOP.
Yes. VSOP stands for 'Valorous
Sebastian's Oblation Party'.
We'll go together.
- Damn.
I was not aware that you encourage
such talents here.
It's not a talent.
His hands are quivering
as he hasn't drunk.
So I handed him a mridangam.
What about the smaller one
near him?
He asked me if I could I buy him
a 'small'. So, I did.
"Don't cry.."
- He is a poor fellow!
He killed his mother and wife
and threw his father into the well.
There is a reformed person
amongst you.
Yes, Father. - There's one more.
Where is Sugathan?
He is a completely changed man.
Tell them.
Let the people know.
I had committed many mistakes.
TIMEIN: 00:29:58:64DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 00:30:01:24
I had committed many mistakes.
This priest has made
me who I am today.
Everybody, applaud!
Sugathan was a spoilt man.
Sugathan lead a bad life.
Come on, Sugathan. Tell them.
I used to drink
from morning to night.
I was an alcoholic.
I didn't commit any other sin.
No.. You are lying, Sugathan.
- He is innocent.
You have stolen when
you were drunk. - No, Father.
You have stolen things.
- Yes, Father.
You have done it.
Tell me, Sugathan.
Yes, Father.
Friends, Sugathan was a thief.
- What? - A big thief.
Sugathan has decided not to steal
and has chosen a new life.
Sugathan, you have made
more mistakes. - No, Father.
No. - I understood that you had
coveted someone else's wife.
What? - I have understood.
Tell me, Sugathan. - Once I had.
What? - You desired
someone else's wife.
Sugathan desired another man's wife
and interfered in their personal
life. - What?
Sugathan won't repeat this.
- Yes.
This is his new life. - Father.
- Sugathan.. Tell me.
TIMEIN: 00:30:57:96DURATION: 05:08TIMEOUT: 00:31:03:04
This is his new life. - Father.
- Sugathan.. Tell me.
Sugathan has committed some other
mistakes. You have. Tell me.
- Sugathan, tell me what you did.
I killed someone!
- I killed someone, Father.
I killed someone!
- You are kidding!
I shall confess,
Use this microphone.
- Paul Azad was my close friend.
He didn't invite me
for his marriage.
I smashed the beer bottle while
we were drinking
and stabbed it in his stomach
to take revenge for that.
I stabbed him with this hand.
He died! I killed him!
The court let me go.
Do you know why? There was no
proof because it happened at night.
I spent a lot of money for it.
But I am a culprit in front
of my conscience, Father.
I killed my close friend.
- Sugathan, please don't cry.
Don't make me cry.
- Don't cry.
Sugathan, you regret it.
That's because you are good
at heart. I forgive you, Sugathan.
Sugathan is a good man.
TIMEIN: 00:32:00:24DURATION: 02:16TIMEOUT: 00:32:02:40
Don't cry, Sugathan.
- Sugathan is a good man.
I feel relieved.
You relieved me, Father.
'The video in which Sugathan
admitted that he killed someone'
'went viral on social media.'
'The court filed a case on its own'
'and asked the police to arrest
Sugathan.' - What? - Please, no.
'The police arrested Sugathan at
the retreat centre this evening.'
You rascal.
'Sugathan threatened Father
Jose Keerikkadan before he left.'
Dear friend, don't say anything
to him. He will trap us. - Yes..
Praise the Lord, Father..
- Yes..
He got more than what he asked for!
Think about Jesus and have it.
I didn't value alcohol when I had
it. What can I do?
That's not the proverb.
- I don't care. I want alcohol.
I want alcohol right now.
I am going to eat.
- Let the fruits come.
I am really hungry.
Don't you want to eat, Tony?
- A tonic?
What tonic?
- I said Tony, not tonic.
I am going to have rice porridge.
- Sit there.
Let them bring the fruits.
It's been a long time.
- When will you get the fruits?
TIMEIN: 00:32:59:68DURATION: 02:24TIMEOUT: 00:33:01:92
It's been a long time.
- When will you get the fruits?
I am not hungry but I can't stop
having porridge, Father.
How will I control
their food intake?
- Don't be scared.
Father is here.
- What?
- What!
Don't you want food, rebels?
We eat fruits at night.
- Okay.
I am allowing food from outside
because the vicar general
has sent you here and
you are bringing only fruits.
- Hey..
I have told you many times not
to spit here.
No, Father.
- Go to the backyard..
How dare he spit at
the place where I pee.
Did you read the Bible?
We will do it after having fruits.
- Okay.
Did you pray the rosary?
- We'll do it after having fruits.
Did you switch off the lights when
you came from your room?
We will do it when we
go back after having the fruits.
Did you just give birth or
something to eat so many fruits?
No, Father. We've been eating
fruits every day after we came here.
Actually, it is good.
A natural lifestyle
is always the best.
Did you eat something, Father?
No. I don't eat porridge like them
and fruits like you.
TIMEIN: 00:33:56:88DURATION: 03:92TIMEOUT: 00:34:00:80
No. I don't eat porridge like them
and fruits like you.
I follow a strict diet.
- Okay.
- Yes.
I'll keep the pork curry and
Paratha for you in the room.
I didn't get Tandoori Chicken.
- Okay.
I don't eat fruits and porridge.
I eat only pork and Paratha.
Stop there..
Are these fruits?
Oh, Jesus!
I am too hungry.
- Oh, my!
Oh, my! Our fruits..
- What is this?
Fruits! Careful! Slowly..
- Slowly.. - I have a doubt.
I have a small doubt.
What is that?
- Let me check it. - Okay.
You can have it after that.
- You can check everything.
Seriously, watermelon?
- Watermelon.
That's why it was so heavy.
- I'm done!
Did you wait so long for these
two watermelons?
Aren't these fruits?
I see. All of you will have
diarrhoea tomorrow.
Verger, porridge.
- Porridge? - Come..
Roy, I thought it'd be drinks and
food. But it is watermelon. - Yes.
I thought the same. - You can
have it. I don't want that.
You idiot, this isn't an
ordinary watermelon.
It's a speciality from Marayur.
- So what?
So your..
TIMEIN: 00:34:59:76DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 00:35:00:64
So your..
There is a flashback
for this watermelon.
"Mix it!"
"Go. Mix it.."
"Go. Mix it.."
White rum.
Gin, Tequila and Vodka.
"I rap so tight.."
Please go inside quickly, my dear.
"Go. Mix it.."
There are four pints
of alcohol in this fruit
which was inside
the refrigerator for three days.
That is, two full bottles.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
It's too good.
- It's really tasty, Roy.
TIMEIN: 00:35:59:36DURATION: 00:96TIMEOUT: 00:36:00:32
I can't walk. Let me walk.
Oh, Jesus.
It will help me to walk.
- Let me reach first.
Where are the steps?
- Oh, Jesus.
Stop there.
Take it.
- "We can be a good Samaritan.."
That's not what I meant to do.
"Jesus will always be with me.."
You didn't come for the holy mass.
- We were having fruits.
You stink! - Like you're
here because you drink Horlicks.
Get lost.
'The elixir for the liver.'
'My fingers have started to talk.'
What is it, dear?
This was a mistake.
- No.
I've never made a mistake
in mixing. - No.
That's right.
We are sinners.
We have made a mistake.
No. Everyone makes mistakes,
my dear.
Have you heard about
the first sin? - I have seen it.
TIMEIN: 00:37:00:60DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:37:01:96
I saw it five times
in Ajantha Theatre.
Once, Satan disguised himself as
a snake and gave them fruits
to make them commit the first sin.
- Really?
Here, we've become snakes
after having the fruits.
Both are the same.
I want to confess.
- By the by..
Who doesn't give in to temptation?
Yes. People will fall. People
should fall. They must fall.
- Oh, no. - They are falling down.
Oh, no.
- We are falling down.
Father Keerikkadan is down.
Get out.
- Oh, no.
Watch out.
- Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Hey.. Go.
Get lost, Bengali.
- Get lost.
Oh, no. He was a Keralite.
- Damn.
Fools! It's not a crime that
we broke a cup and saucer.
That was not a cup and a saucer.
It's the holy wine and Eucharist.
Thank God they didn't kill us.
At last, people who committed the
crime became sinners, didn't they?
What will we do now?
There's no point in living if our
family comes to know of it.
There are 12 days left
for the wedding.
TIMEIN: 00:37:59:44DURATION: 01:60TIMEOUT: 00:38:01:04
There are 12 days left
for the wedding.
What to do? - Aren't you healthy?
Can't you die?
You can die.
Roy. - Oh, no.
- Roy. - Yes.
God has gifted us 12 days where
nobody will search for us.
- Come.
How about we have some fun?
We shall!
For the next 12 days
we will have fun
like you never had before
What do you call it?
Extreme happiness.
We will pace towards it.
Hey, Paul. It's me.
Can you lend me your car
for a couple of days?
Extreme of happiness.
What will that be?
- But one condition.
What? - This will happen
only until New year.
We will put an end to it after
celebrating the new year. - Damn.
Damn. - We will go back home
as good sons
and celebrate Tony's wedding.
Do you agree?
TIMEIN: 00:38:57:60DURATION: 02:76TIMEOUT: 00:39:00:36
and celebrate Tony's wedding.
Do you agree?
- Yes.
"Give us imaginary wings
to fly like birds."
"Let the sky be a boundary
to immerse in ecstasy."
"I want to see the
angels in the cold night."
"I want to sing the melodious sweet
symphony flowing from their lips."
TIMEIN: 00:40:06:44DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 00:40:07:24
Give it to me.
Please give.
- Take this.
Drinks are here.
- One second.
Little bit of vodka.
- Vodka? - Nice.
And mix it.
Hey, no!
That's for me, man.
Cheers. - Cheers.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
- Nice.
You will be getting married
after this trip.
Do you've experience in anything
other than drinking?
Your driving skills..
- What do you mean?
- Thumba.
How do you feel about
rocket launch at Thumba?
What do you mean?
It means..
- What?
Tony doesn't know how to drive.
He doesn't know anything.
- Hey!
Is this how you should
talk to your elders?
Do you know how to drive?
I have steering balance.
TIMEIN: 00:40:58:64DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 00:41:00:64
I have steering balance.
What about you?
I have passed the driving test.
- Oh, God!
They have grown up.
- Yes. - Come here.
Are you a virgin?
Sort of..
Which is this place?
Let me ask google.
One minute. - Can I take a sip?
Kambam, Theni.
Kambam, Theni, Bodimettu,
Andipatti, Chakarapatti.
There is a driving school
somewhere here.
Saroja's driving school is here.
the holy lamp is lit.
This is a good family.
Let's leave.
Come here.
Two wicks mean
there are two drivers in there.
This is a symbol.
Why don't they change the bell?
Who is it? - It's me.
- Mr. Roy!
Come in.
One, two, three.
TIMEIN: 00:41:58:52DURATION: 01:72TIMEOUT: 00:42:00:24
Come in.
One, two, three.
Come in, mister.
- Mister!
It's not how they use
'mister' in Kerala.
It's got a good meaning here.
Come on.
This decent guy
can live anywhere.
Come on. - He's great.
- She is praying.
- Who is it?
Roy darling!
Come here.
Are you reading the Bhagavad Gita?
'Kissing on the face
and the lips induce'
- Lust?
Kama Sutra!
Oh, my!
Ma'am, there were two wicks
on the lamp outside.
We used to have 5-8 wicks
in a lamp.
Good old times!
It's gone now!
One, two, three, four.
Fours wicks.
TIMEIN: 00:42:58:92DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 00:43:00:32
Fours wicks.
One, two, three, four.
What a beautiful ritual!
The lamps are still lit because
of gentlemen like Roy.
My dear!
Is she all right?
Is she okay?
What can I say..
Do as you wish.
Go on.
- Tony.
- Get Roy's blessing.
TIMEIN: 00:43:58:92DURATION: 02:24TIMEOUT: 00:44:01:16
- Get Roy's blessing.
Leg. - Get it.
- All the best!
Get her blessing.
Touch her feet.
Do your best, dear.
He will, won't you?
Yes. - Is this his first time?
- Yes.
Dear, give him
the decorated bed!
God, my hands are shaking.
No, Tony.
The manhood..
My name is Tony.
TIMEIN: 00:44:58:40DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 00:45:00:24
My name is Tony.
Can I touch you?
Take a
deep breath.
What is your name?
What happened?
Oh, no!
Sorry, miss!
- Get lost! - Malayali!
Come on.
- What?
What is it?
Are you done?
Roy, give me the money.
- Don't go.
Here you go.
Get in the car.
What did you do?
- Come fast.
TIMEIN: 00:46:03:48DURATION: 01:60TIMEOUT: 00:46:05:08
Did you crush her?
Shut up!
what is going to happen now?
TIMEIN: 00:47:20:68DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:47:22:04
Hey, let's go.
- Come on.
No one is here.
Come on.
Shall we?
"Ecstasy of joy is overflowing
like honey"
TIMEIN: 00:47:56:16DURATION: 04:12TIMEOUT: 00:48:00:28
"Ecstasy of joy is overflowing
like honey"
"in your dreams."
"The paradise you search for"
"is the world around you."
"Come and drench in the
euphoria of the ecstasy."
"Colourful dreams are blooming
in our eyes."
"The colours are released
with the words and smiles."
"Give us imaginary wings
to fly like birds."
"Let the sky be a boundary
to get immersed in ecstasy."
TIMEIN: 00:49:41:44DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 00:49:42:64
One vodka shot.
And wine..
- Red wine. - One glass.
Here you go!
- What is this?
I was calling Jessica..
He calls Jessica
whenever he drinks.
Roy, take the phone.
TIMEIN: 00:50:14:88DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 00:50:15:68
What's it?
I am sorry.
Why are you staring?
Shall we dance?
Come on.
Dance with me.
- Leave me.
She hit him without realising
what they're capable of.
Catch her!
This area is under his control.
They will be killed.
- Move.
Stop it!
Let go!
Leave me!
TIMEIN: 00:50:59:32DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 00:51:00:12
Stay aside.
- Roy.
What is it?
Look. That is cruel.
Don't bother.
Leave me, rascal.
Mr. PC Thomas won't tolerate it.
How dare he hurt a lady.. - Stop.
- What is he up to?
Leave me!
Oh, no!
- So, that is done!
Hey, come. Let's go.
- Tony.
They are immature!
Show them our power.
Your moustache.
TIMEIN: 00:52:12:80DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 00:52:13:64
Get lost!
Let's go!
Come with me.
- My bike.
Let's go.
Come fast. - Shit!
Get in.
My bike.
That's burning. Buy another one.
Move. - Leave my hand.
You are fine.
Aren't you?
Mr. Roy, move.
We must rescue them.
- Why?
TIMEIN: 00:52:59:72DURATION: 01:88TIMEOUT: 00:53:01:60
We must rescue them.
- Why?
Poor girls!
Where the hell are they?
Girls, don't worry.
I am here for you.
Come on, boys.
I taught them to fight.
Get in.
- Hurry up! - Come.
Start the vehicle.
The alcohol we drank
went in vain.
Hello. - What?
- Nothing.
- Tony.
This is our last new year
before your wedding.
We'll ruin it if we take up
unnecessary responsibilities.
But how can we leave them alone?
- They had a problem. We solved it.
That should end there.
We needn't take the
responsibility.. - Excuse me.
Thank you for saving us
from them.
But you needn't act
as our protectors.
TIMEIN: 00:53:58:28DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 00:54:00:68
But you needn't act
as our protectors.
God asked me to rescue you,
and I obeyed.
Now, He asks me to drop you safely
at your destination.
I will drop you for sure.
You want to go Yercaud. Right?
- Yes. - I will.
No worries. Drop us
where we can find vehicles.
We will go on our own.
No. Why would you?
Aren't you going to Yercaud?
We are also on the way to Yercaud.
What a coincidence!
- Aby.
They are staying in the same hotel.
Prayaga is alone.
Accompany her.
Go on.
Her hair style is nice.
But.. Yercaud is very far.
Keep quiet.
I like her a lot.
- It's love at first sight.
I don't want to lose her. - Okay.
We can celebrate the new year
at Yercaud.
Of course!
- Isn't it a good idea?
8:45 a.m.'
TIMEIN: 00:54:59:24DURATION: 03:16TIMEOUT: 00:55:02:40
8:45 a.m.'
Welcome, ma'am.
Hey. We are Rita and Prayaga
from Kerala.
Yes, ma'am. Your room is ready.
- Okay.
Can you arrange a car tomorrow
at sharp 9 a.m.? - Yes.
To the railway station.
- Sure, ma'am.
Come, ma'am.
- Hello!
What is this? Do you know how long
my wife and I have been waiting?
Sorry, sir. Give me five minutes.
I will get your room ready.
TIMEIN: 00:56:00:08DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 00:56:00:88
Please come, ma'am.
It's just the two of us.
Why are they taking so much time?
Here's your key, ma'am.
- Thanks. - Welcome.
What about their rooms?
- They will manage it.
Excuse me.
Did you..
Did you get the room?
Your room number, please.
- Stop flirting!
It's 501.
Only one room is left, sir.
- Only one?
There's only one room.
- It's okay. - Okay.
Roy doesn't need a separate room.
A partition will do.
Stop it.
- Of course.
There's only one room left.
- That will do.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir. - Yes. - New Year's Eve
celebrations will start at 8 p.m.
It's complimentary.
Please come.
I will.
- Sure.
We can't miss it.
But you must force us to drink.
- Sure.
TIMEIN: 00:56:57:52DURATION: 03:52TIMEOUT: 00:57:01:04
But you must force us to drink.
- Sure.
"New year party!"
"Grab a glass to see the chief!"
"Let's go.
Rock the night!"
"Look at the work of
the love in the air!"
"We are like nightingales
singing melodiously at night."
"Let's sing together
for a bright tomorrow."
"That's the move of a mastermind."
"Go, live before
we're caught alive."
"So what? It'll pass the time."
"And do you believe?
It's a new year's eve!"
"Every time I see you shine, I must
say girl you look good right now!"
"Madness! The spirits die!"
"And do you believe?
It's a new year's eve!"
"Like the flowers that wilt..
Like the leaves that fall off.."
TIMEIN: 00:57:54:12DURATION: 06:40TIMEOUT: 00:58:00:52
"Like the flowers that wilt..
Like the leaves that fall off.."
"Days pass by
and a new dawn awakes."
"Let's forget every sorrow
and celebrate in joy."
"Let's forget every sorrow
and celebrate in joy."
"Let's roll from nine to five! Go,
live before we're caught alive!"
"So what?
It'll pass the time"
"And if you believe
on a new year's eve!"
"Every time I see you shine"
"I must say girl you
look good right now!"
"Madness! The spirits die!"
"And do you believe?
It's a new year's eve!"
"It's the new year party!"
TIMEIN: 00:58:59:60DURATION: 01:64TIMEOUT: 00:59:01:24
"It's the new year party!"
"Grab a glass to see the chief!"
"Let's go.
Rock the night!"
"Look at the work of
the love in the air!"
At the minister's hotel? Okay.
Connect to Mr. Karthik's landline.
- Okay, sir.
Hello. Police control room.
Tell me.
- Okay. - Yes.
Mr. Karthik's numbers
are switched off.
His landline
is unreachable.
Come on! Fast!
Get in.
Start the vehicle.
TIMEIN: 01:00:12:60DURATION: 01:56TIMEOUT: 01:00:14:16
Karthik is praying inside.
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
Four men and two women, sir.
Any relationship between them?
- No, sir.
How much time will it take from
here to there? - Half an hour, sir.
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
TIMEIN: 01:00:57:72DURATION: 03:64TIMEOUT: 01:01:01:36
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
Sir, they are Keralites. They
booked the room yesterday morning.
Sir, there explanations are very
Move aside. - Yes.
- Sir.
TIMEIN: 01:02:17:72DURATION: 03:40TIMEOUT: 01:02:21:12
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
TIMEIN: 01:03:25:96DURATION: 03:64TIMEOUT: 01:03:29:60
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
TIMEIN: 01:04:03:80DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 01:04:05:84
No. Sit here. Don't get down.
I will go and take a look.
- Okay.
- Hey, Aravindan.
How did you come here?
Dear, where is Reetha?
- Dad.
- Why is she crying, Malini?
What happened to Reetha?
What happened?
- Come with me. Come.
Aravindan, what happened
to my daughter?
Come on.
TIMEIN: 01:05:05:52DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 01:05:06:96
W-What happened to my daughter?
How did she come here?
tell me what happened to her.
Did you fall down?
Hey, s-she said she would come and
take her m-mom for dialysis.
- Why is she..
Why is she lying like a corpse?
Can't she hear me?
- Hey.. - Dear.
- Why are you silent?
- Reetha.
Hey, move aside.
Mom is..
- Fernandez.
Mom.. Your mom is in the car.
Aravindan, she shouldn't see her..
She won't be able to bear it.
Move aside. - Fernandez.
I don't understand why she
travelled this far to come here.
- Dear.
Why did you come here?
Tell me,
how did you guys come this far?
TIMEIN: 01:05:58:56DURATION: 02:48TIMEOUT: 01:06:01:04
Tell me,
how did you guys come this far?
Tell me why you came here.
Come, dear.
- Aravindan.
Tell me.
How did you come here?
Why did you come here?
Tell me what happened to her?
Nothing happened..
She is getting ready to come
with us.
She asked you to wait in the car.
Come on.
It's so hot.
Sit inside. - Okay.
- Get in.
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
"Oh, Lord Shiva.."
Aravindan, Aleena's dialysis
can't be postponed.
I will take her..
Wait a minute.
Sir, I am Reetha's father.
Please come in. Come on.
- Come in.
Come on. Sit down.
Sir, I am Fernandez.
I am a retired naval officer.
I don't know how she came here,
TIMEIN: 01:07:00:52DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 01:07:01:72
I don't know what happened.
There will be many legal
formalities, right?
I need to take her
corpse to Kerala.
I will.. I will go early, sir.
- Okay.
I need to take my w-wife
for her dialysis, sir.
I-I just had o-one daughter, sir.
I want a printout of the details
of all the guests.
Nobody should go anywhere without
the permission of the police.
TIMEIN: 01:08:00:44DURATION: 03:20TIMEOUT: 01:08:03:64
Rafi, what happened? - The place
is surrounded by the police, Roy.
this is a minister's hotel.
I don't think we can get out
of here, Roy.
We are trapped.
Damn. - Roy.
- Yes.
Why don't we disclose everything?
We will be in prison
if we do that.
What can we do..
- Tony.
You should tell the police
what I tell you.
We need to leave from here.
Isn't his wedding
in four days?
It should happen.
- Sir.
I want the full footage of the CCTV
camera. Don't miss anything.
- What?
The CCTV camera on the fifth floor
where Reetha and Prayaga stayed
had been obstructed after 2 a.m.
Someone has masked it purposefully.
TIMEIN: 01:09:03:96DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 01:09:04:76
Sir, it's here.
It seems like a planned attempt.
"Oh, Lord Shiva!"
"Oh, Lord Shiva!"
Roy, Tony, Aby, Rafi.
TIMEIN: 01:10:00:96DURATION: 01:12TIMEOUT: 01:10:02:08
Happy new year, guys!
Oh, I guess
it's not a happy new year.
Sit down.
"Lord Shiva.."
Sir, we slept at around 1 a.m.,
We came to know
about it in the morning.
We woke up hearing the commotion.
Sir, we were hung-over after the
New Year's Eve celebrations. - Hey!
You started talking even before I
asked you any questions. Okay.
Excuse me.
She was drunk.
So, she might have slipped and that
would have caused the fall.
TIMEIN: 01:10:56:68DURATION: 03:36TIMEOUT: 01:11:00:04
So, she might have slipped and that
would have caused the fall.
It's murder.
What happened to your hand, Roy?
Your hand.
- What?
This.. I cut myself when a bottle
broke during the party.
A bottle? - Yes. - You should be
careful since you got cut by glass.
You should be administered
a TT injection.
Also, your body language would make
any policeman dubious.
So, even I am dubious.
And so, there is a small change in
your programme.
You are not allowed to leave this
place without my permission.
Advocate, suggest me an idea
to get out this mess.
The police are here as well!
Let me make something very clear.
You'd also
end up in trouble if I do.
Listen. I have an idea.
TIMEIN: 01:11:58:44DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 01:12:00:44
Listen. I have an idea.
What if I run away from this place?
They'll catch you
if you try to run away.
The commissioner is dangerous.
He has solved every single case
which he's investigated.
It's just a matter of ten days.
He will file the final report
in that period of time.
He will adopt
any method to solve the case.
Method? Stop praising him
and help me get out of this mess.
Devise a clever plan
to escape from that place.
How on earth can I! Whatever.
Hang up the call.
Useless advocate!
Oh, God! The cops are everywhere!
- Did they make reservations
or did they just check in? - They'd
made a reservation for one room.
What? Yes.
- Sir.
Hey. - What?
- Jeez!
- What?
The policeman.
- Me?
- Nothing. - What?
Are you a Malayali?
- What if I am?
Could you come to my room?
- Pig! I'm not that kind of a guy!
Find someone else!
- That's not what I meant.
- I want to show you something.
TIMEIN: 01:12:58:28DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 01:13:00:08
- I want to show you something.
I will show it now.
Please come.
I'll show it.
I hope he sees her.
Stand up.
Look who is here.
Please come.
Please sit.. - Stop pretending
to be nice and tell me what it is.
Would you like tea or coffee?
- Tell me what it is!
Oh, God!
- Help me, sir!
I lied to my wife that I was going
on a business tour!
Please forgive me, sir.
Oh, God!
If she comes to know of this,
she'll hire goons to thrash me!
I don't have anything, sir!
My wife wears
the pants in our family!
Take her with you if you want to.
She'll take good care of you!
Sir. - Hey!
You swine! Stand up.
TIMEIN: 01:13:57:96DURATION: 02:12TIMEOUT: 01:14:00:08
Sir. - Hey!
You swine! Stand up.
- Move.
What? - You may go after giving
your number. - Okay, sir.
is the prime witness in the case.
Prayaga isn't in the right state of
mind for us to question her.
We want her to be with us for
two days till the formalities
of the case are completed.
- Hey! No!
Sorry, sir. - No. - I'll make
sure that she is safe.
We shall complete
the formalities soon
and I'll bring her to you.
- Yes.
The four of them are lying.
It's a well-planned story.
They go on a journey
meet two women
start travelling with them and one
of them gets murdered..
Sir, there is a story
that connects all of them.
We need to find what it is
and for that, all of them
should be in our custody.
But they shouldn't feel like
they are in police custody.
To be honest,
Roy, I'm a half Malayali.
My mother, Savithri, is from
Palakkad. She is a Brahmin.
TIMEIN: 01:14:57:84DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 01:15:00:24
My mother, Savithri, is from
Palakkad. She is a Brahmin.
My father, Venkata Raman,
is a Tamil Brahmin.
I've come to Cochin
to see the biennale.
I like Kerala a lot.
Especially the tapioca, fish curry
and fried covey that you prepare.
It's anchovy.
- Yes. Anchovy.
It's crunchy.
And of course, the evergreen
Jagathi Sreekumar.
But the two of them
don't match, sir.
When I'm under
the strain of the case
I watch his scenes.
Is the case a joke to you as well?
The case isn't a joke.
Damn serious.
Sir, where are we going?
To a new place.
A place that you've
never seen before.
Must be prison!
"Oh, milk-woman!
Give me some milk."
"Come to me. Did you hear
the song I was singing for you?"
"Hey, shy girl!"
TIMEIN: 01:15:59:76DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 01:16:02:32
"Hey, shy girl!"
Is this an open prison?
- Hello.
This isn't a prison
but a farmhouse.
My favourite place.
Come. I'll show you around.
Look. It's the perfect place
for a hideout.
Few rare breeds of cows.
Pesticide-free vegetables and
fruits. Farming..
Just a hobby. - Look how calm he is
when we have our back to the wall!
Did you say something, Rafi?
I was saying it's a nice place.
Hey, where is Nalini?
At the bungalow, sir.
- Bring Nalini. - Nalini! - Okay.
Nalini might be his wife.
Just tell Nalini if you need
anything and it will be done. Come.
I am going to rock today!
- Greetings, sir.
Nalini, come..
- Jeez! Is he Nalini?
Yes. Nalinikanthan.
He is a Malayali.
Though you gave me a hint, I didn't
expect that you'd bring four men.
Prepare delicious
Kerala food for them. - Sure.
He is a great cook. - I see.
- Nalini's Sambar is delicious!
TIMEIN: 01:16:59:32DURATION: 03:48TIMEOUT: 01:17:02:80
He is a great cook. - I see.
- Nalini's Sambar is delicious!
That reminds me of something.
Shall I crack a joke?
Do you know the difference between
Sambar and Rasam? - No.
Rasam has rasa.
But Sambar doesn't have samba.
Are you done? - That was hilarious!
- Such a bad joke.
Nalini. - Yes. - God!
- Take their luggage
and show them their rooms.
- Sure.
I have some work to do. - Okay.
I shall come at night. - Sir.
Nalini. - Yes.
- Ready a room.
Okay, sir,
- One more guest will be here.
Come on.
- Is this a huge hill or what!
Call it a Herculean hill
and me, Hercules.
Consider the lady
over there as Atalanta.
She is my assistant, Val..
- Valsa!
Vaduthala Valsa!
- Mr. Roy!
Why are you here?
It's been so long since we met.
I'm glad
that you still remember me.
How can I forget you!
I can guess
how they know each other.
TIMEIN: 01:17:59:64DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 01:18:01:48
I can guess
how they know each other.
When did you come here?
That trade
wasn't ideal for me and so
I retired voluntarily.
- Good.
Were you working for someone
or an entrepreneur yourself?
Anyway, I never
entertained morons like you. Move!
Won't you be here for a while?
- Yes.
I've some work at the farm.
See you.
She is really sincere
about her work!
What? - Yeah, right.
That's obvious.
TIMEIN: 01:19:13:80DURATION: 02:68TIMEOUT: 01:19:16:48
Listen. - Yes. - Keep a distance
from him though you know him.
- They are wicked.
When I quit something,
I quit for good.
What if I request you?
- I'll consider the request.
We got the post-mortem report, sir.
It might have
been an attempted rape.
A tussle has happened, sir.
There are marks on her neck.
As per the post-mortem report,
the death occurred
between 3 a.m. and 3:30 a.m.
- Yes, sir. Exactly.
TIMEIN: 01:20:00:56DURATION: 01:24TIMEOUT: 01:20:01:80
Can I say something, sir?
Aren't we going to the farmhouse?
- Yes.
Let's go to 'Lakshmi Vilasam',
the cafe and eat 'Upma'.
It is delicious.
Let's go.
- I'll have a Vada too.
"I'm going to eat 'Upma' and Vada."
This is the happiest new year
of my life.
How I wish
this night never ended!
What if it lasted
till the end of our lives?
What a philosophy!
You are drunk.
Go and take a shower.
- Reetha, do what I said.
- Go and take a bath.
Come on.
TIMEIN: 01:21:05:96DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 01:21:06:80
I need another drink.
I'll be back.
- Reetha!
No, you are already drunk.
Only one peg.
My last peg.
Go and take a bath.
Reetha, no!
Open the door, Reetha.
At what time did she go out?
Around 1 a.m., sir.
- Okay.
So, the incident happened
between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.
Sorry, Prayaga.
It's a rape attempt.
TIMEIN: 01:22:17:56DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 01:22:18:76
A tussle has happened, sir.
There are strangulation marks
on her neck.
Around 1 a.m., sir.
Do you doubt anyone among the four?
"Lord Shiva.."
"Lord Shiva.."
I always get a positive energy
when I am here.
There is no better place
to reveal the secrets
you are hiding.
We are not hiding anything.
What we said is true.
TIMEIN: 01:23:02:92DURATION: 03:20TIMEOUT: 01:23:06:12
Your wrist got cut
during the party, right?
Yes, sir.
What you said was a lie.
According to your testimony,
you went to bed at 1:30 a.m.
But according to the report
from the cyber cell
you had made a phone call
to 9-8-4-9-2-1-1-1-3-2
from 2 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.
You were talking to Jessica.
So, what Roy said was a lie.
What you said was a lie too.
Of course, unless you sleep-talk.
Come on, Rafi.
TIMEIN: 01:24:01:60DURATION: 04:36TIMEOUT: 01:24:05:96
You said that you were hung-over
and slept before 1:30 a.m.
But, we have proof
that you went to the bar
at 1:45 a.m.
That means, what you said is a lie.
You should tell us what happened.
Because on the New Year's Eve
you went to Reetha's
and Prayaga's room.
TIMEIN: 01:24:59:04DURATION: 03:40TIMEOUT: 01:25:02:44
you went to Reetha's
and Prayaga's room.
Sir, I..
- Don't lie.
We've witnesses who saw you talking
to Reetha, in front of their room.
Reetha, no!
Open the door, Reetha.
What is it?
It's nothing.
I want a peg.
I'll get you one.
I've fixed your drink.
Let's raise a toast.
TIMEIN: 01:26:04:28DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 01:26:05:08
I have something to say.
Love, isn't it?
How do you know?
What else can it be?
Whenever a girl acts friendly
you fall in love with her!
That is not love.
It's lust.
Please don't misunderstand me.
I am not that kind of man.
Besides that,
I have feelings for Prayaga
and not you.
You must help us, please.
- Aby.
No one loves anyone in this world.
We all love only ourselves.
Selfish moron.
- Do you have to preach tonight?
I will listen to you tomorrow.
- Get lost.
TIMEIN: 01:26:59:04DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 01:27:01:08
I will listen to you tomorrow.
- Get lost.
Who knows who all
will be there tomorrow?
Are you sure you will be here?
I won't be here.
You are drunk.
Go and sleep.
Get lost.
One last night to stay awake.
Last sleepless night.
The last night.
Are you saying
that this is a suicide?
I felt so.
But, Aby
we don't think so.
If you investigate
suicide cases diligently
they might become murders.
Some politicians manipulate
like you.
TIMEIN: 01:28:01:76DURATION: 03:00TIMEOUT: 01:28:04:76
"Lord Shiva.."
"Lord Shiva.."
"Lord Shiva.."
"Lord Shiva.."
There it is.
There is no cut on your wrist
after the new year party.
Then when did you get hurt?
I thought it happened
during the party.
You now realise that it didn't
happen during the party.
You can remember it if you try.
I was so drunk that night.
So, I am not able to recall
what happened that night.
Shall I show you something
that might help you remember?
TIMEIN: 01:29:13:48DURATION: 01:24TIMEOUT: 01:29:14:72
You forgot when you got hurt.
But you remembered to dress it.
What kind of forgetfulness is this?
Do you have to get shocked
when a phone rings?
Attend the call.
No, it's okay.
- Attend it.
Hello, Aunt.
Roy, I am at the retreat centre.
Are you not here?
We left that place.
We are at a retreat centre
in Tamil Nadu.
In Tamil Nadu?
- Yes, Aunt.
This is a better place.
The father who runs this place
is my acquaintance.
Are you in trouble?
No, Aunt.
TIMEIN: 01:29:59:64DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 01:30:00:44
No, Aunt.
I'll bring them
and reach there for the wedding.
- Where is Tony? - I..
Greetings to you.
- Excuse me? Oh, yes.
I am Father Gilbert.
- I am Eliyamma, Tony's mother.
I am the priest
who runs this retreat.
Praise the Lord.
For now and forever.
The four of them
are doing their prayers now.
All what's remaining
is a confession.
Everything will be fine after that.
Come with me, Roy.
How much will you give me
if I save you from this case?
How much will you give me
if I save you from this case?
There's no time to think,
I need a quick answer.
I.. Eight..
Fifty Lakhs.
Are you sure?
- Sir.
TIMEIN: 01:30:59:24DURATION: 01:96TIMEOUT: 01:31:01:20
Are you sure?
- Sir.
I can be sure of something
since you are
ready to spend a huge sum of money.
One among you
has committed this murder.
Thank you.
Room number? - How dare you ask
me my room number..
Hey. - asshole!
- What are you..
Take your hands off me!
- Excuse me? - What the..
Bastard! - Get here!
- Excuse me? - Don't..
Hey, stop it! - I'll shoot you!
- Don't.. - You fucker!
She's a martial artist!
- Fuck off!
How dare she?
- Don't you dare mess with me!
Reetha, I'll.. - I will kill you!
Get lost, you moron!
This is a new twist to the story.
Can you recognise them, Rafi?
Yes. I can recognise them
even if it's dark.
Would we have to
wait until it's dark?
I mean I can recognise anytime.
- That's what he meant, sir.
TIMEIN: 01:32:04:80DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 01:32:05:64
That's them, sir.
Come on.
- Sir.
Sir, the room was taken
in the names of Muthu and Mari.
The address is at Tirunelveli.
They left at 5'o clock
without vacating the room
before the
police arrived.
Sir, we have got information from
the Tirunelveli police station.
The address given there is fake.
They are our way out
from this mess.
We'll be able to escape
if we find them.
Roy, how are we going to escape?
They don't look like decent men.
Let's leave by the time
the police question them.
TIMEIN: 01:32:57:52DURATION: 03:04TIMEOUT: 01:33:00:56
Let's leave by the time
the police question them.
Tony's wedding should take place.
We can take care of the rest later.
I know what must be done
once we are out of here.
Let me first meet Valsa.
- Excuse me?
- Valsa?
There he goes to meet Valsa!
Right when we are in trouble!
Mr. Roy, I am a poor soul
who doesn't want
to hurt anybody.
That's Valsa?
- That's why
I co-operated to others' needs.
Poor girl!
- Don't make me lose control.
I am not here for that.
- Then?
I need you to phone Sembakakka.
- What for?
Just call her.
- Sembakakka? Who is that?
"The water is so cold."
"The water is so cold."
"The breeze is cold too."
Ma'am, you have a phone call.
- Who is it?
It's Valsa from Kerala.
TIMEIN: 01:33:59:48DURATION: 02:12TIMEOUT: 01:34:01:60
It's Valsa from Kerala.
She has taken voluntary retirement.
My dear? How are you, dear?
- I'm good.
Roy is with me.
I'll put him on the line. - Roy?
Yes. Our old client.
Greetings, sir. - I have sent you
a photograph on WhatsApp.
Let me know if you recognise him.
I want to know who he is.
- Okay.
Kanakam. - Yes.
- Turn on the Wi-Fi.
We get free Wi-Fi there.
That's the advantage of that place.
She knows everyone in that place.
That's how it is there.
Hello, beautiful.
Did you call us?
- Come.
Let's take a selfie?
- Sure.
This one is fine, right?
- Yes.
You are intelligent, Roy.
We must get them
here at the earliest.
TIMEIN: 01:34:58:72DURATION: 02:32TIMEOUT: 01:35:01:04
We must get them
here at the earliest.
Tony and I will get them here.
- We'll come too.
No. Manage the things here.
Get lost!
- Oh, God!
Beat him up!
TIMEIN: 01:36:45:56DURATION: 02:68TIMEOUT: 01:36:48:24
Here are the culprits
you are looking for.
Iqbal and his friends
had almost reached the border.
It's me who called them back.
I was sure that you would
only return with them.
Though you aren't a hero to me
TIMEIN: 01:36:58:52DURATION: 01:64TIMEOUT: 01:37:00:16
Though you aren't a hero to me
you are their hero.
They are the criminals
wanted by the police.
But they aren't the culprits
in Reetha's murder case.
The victim in their case
is different.
Isn't that him?
This is Lakshmana.
The managing director
of Sridevi Group of Companies.
The girl who had accompanied him
at the hotel that day
was a friend of Muthu and Mari.
Their plan was to blackmail them.
There is only one room.
- That's okay. - Okay.
TIMEIN: 01:38:10:84DURATION: 04:08TIMEOUT: 01:38:14:92
"Oh, my dear, hug me."
- No.
- Oh, God!
How is it?
Do you like it?
Produce them before the magistrate.
- Sir.
We've been frustrated
for the last few days.
Can you show us the video clip
for some fun?
No, dear. You won't bear it.
- Is it? Okay.
There's no way to escape, Roy.
TIMEIN: 01:39:02:20DURATION: 02:08TIMEOUT: 01:39:04:28
Sir, the case is
getting complicated.
Sir, I doubt Aby.
You may doubt whomever you want to.
But we need evidence.
- Sir.
Shall we go to Kerala?
- Sure, sir.
Stop the car!
Follow it. Come on!
You bloody!
TIMEIN: 01:40:00:52DURATION: 01:64TIMEOUT: 01:40:02:16
Arrest her!
- How dare you?
Give it here!
Sir, it was on July 21st.
I remember it well.
I want a copy of that F.I.R.
The case was not charged, sir.
Under the influence of alcohol,
she hit a police officer on duty.
You offered bribe
and closed the case.
Isn't it wrong, Mr. Fernandez?
It is wrong from the point of view
of a naval officer.
But I did something that any father
would do, to save his daughter.
Though you settled the case
it remains a criminal offence.
Sir, please don't label my daughter
as a criminal on the basis
of a mistake she made.
Things will be easier for you now.
To hell with your bloody police
TIMEIN: 01:40:58:92DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 01:41:00:96
To hell with your bloody police
Mind your words, Mr. Fernandez!
Sir, please.
My wife is inside and she is sick.
It's her, sir.
Excuse me for a minute.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
This is her only way to express
her anger and grief.
She will throw things.
She hasn't spoken a word
after our daughter's death.
She can only move a hand.
I am sorry.
- It's okay.
You are bound to do your duty.
I understand that.
You can continue
with your questions.
We got it from Reetha.
TIMEIN: 01:42:01:44DURATION: 02:80TIMEOUT: 01:42:04:24
Sir, this is my pistol.
It is a licensed one.
We have verified it.
What problems did she have
to carry a pistol?
Sir, I don't know.
I don't know anything.
I didn't even know
that she had taken it from me.
I want to check Reetha's room.
Sure, sir. Please come.
- Please.
To us, both were our daughters.
Our daughter was engaged.
But now, it's been cancelled.
We don't care about it, sir.
We just want our daughter
to be happy like before.
Don't worry.
In a day or two,
Prayaga will be back.
When was the engagement?
Where is Vinu's house?
TIMEIN: 01:43:00:04DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 01:43:00:88
The wedding is on
the day after tomorrow.
We should at least leave from here
by tomorrow.
We can't!
I am destined to be mocked
by family and society once again.
It's Jessica.
Attend the call.
What do I say?
- Answer it.
- Hello.
Tony, father had visited
the retreat centre yesterday.
Good. He needs to be reformed.
He came to know about
all the mischiefs happened there.
Tony, I have reached a threshold.
I can't take it anymore.
Yesterday.. Do you know
what happened here yesterday?
TIMEIN: 01:43:57:96DURATION: 02:76TIMEOUT: 01:44:00:72
Yesterday.. Do you know
what happened here yesterday?
Your father's friend
and his family is here.
Please serve them coffee.
Daughter, he is Joy from America.
She loves America.
- Oh, is it?
Am I right, dear?
Have it.
Mr. Trump is a good guy, isn't he?
I don't think that he will reform.
If it gets cancelled again
the guy who came today,
will marry you.
That is not possible, Dad.
- It is!
I am not ready
to get embarrassed again.
I value my dignity the most.
If you oppose me..
Tony, I swear upon God
if I have to marry someone else
I will not stay alive.
- No, Jessica..
TIMEIN: 01:44:58:12DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 01:45:00:52
I will not stay alive.
- No, Jessica..
Jessica listen to me.
Listen to me.
Jessica.. Hello..
Tony. Dear.
- Yes.
She is innocent.
She is a poor girl.
Why did she love me?
I don't understand.
Dear. - Yes.
- I can't do without her.
Dude, I want her.
TIMEIN: 01:46:08:04DURATION: 01:12TIMEOUT: 01:46:09:16
This wedding won't be cancelled.
You will go even if I am not there.
What do you want to say, Roy?
The truth or lie?
I will say only the truth.
Our testimonies were created.
It was me who made them say that.
TIMEIN: 01:46:58:16DURATION: 02:20TIMEOUT: 01:47:00:36
It was me who made them say that.
My intention was not to be caught
until Tony's wedding.
What happened on the night
when Aby and Reetha met
was totally different.
Please don't misunderstand me.
I am not that kind of a man.
Moreover I love Prayaga
and not you.
Reetha, please help me.
Don't touch me!
How dare you hit me?
Hey.. Bastard!
I will kill you.
You.. - Leave me.
- Stop it.
Leave him, Rita.
Leave me. - No, Aby.
- Get lost. - No, Aby.
Dude, she hit me. She is mad.
Get lost!
- Listen to me.
Stop it. Aby, leave. - Dude..
- Get lost. - Leave, I say.
Excuse me. Stop there.
Why did you hit him?
TIMEIN: 01:47:59:84DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 01:48:00:64
Why did you hit him?
That's my wish.
Who the hell are you to ask that?
All men are the same.
Stop it! Mind your words.
Get lost.
- You.. - You..
Leave me.
I was drunk and I didn't know
that she had fallen down.
We realised the truth
only in the morning.
I'm the one who killed Reetha, sir.
They are innocent.
Please release them.
Tony's wedding is on the day
after tomorrow.
That must happen at any cost, sir.
Nice. Good.
TIMEIN: 01:48:58:24DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 01:49:00:08
Nice. Good.
The story framed by you
for Tony's wedding to happen
is a good one.
Are you planning to do
a self-sacrifice?
It's not a story. It's the truth.
- That's not the truth, Roy.
Police is very near to the truth.
We need some time to get
the solid evidence.
Believe me, sir. I am ready
to accept the crime in court.
Don't waste my time.
Sir, you are spoiling my
brother's life. Keep that in mind.
Are you threatening me?
If a convict confesses the crime,
the court will accept that.
You have no right
to keep us in custody.
Don't teach me what I should do.
This isn't the place
to show your heroism.
I am the hero here.
Nafeesa, I will bring
Uthappam and Rasgulla today.
TIMEIN: 01:49:59:92DURATION: 03:60TIMEOUT: 01:50:03:52
Nafeesa, I will bring
Uthappam and Rasgulla today.
We found the culprit. - What?
We caught the culprit.
What is he saying?
We received the forensic report.
The blood sample we found from the
terrace is matching to Roy's blood.
I never expected this twist.
Got it.
We found the real culprit.
Where are the villains?
Are you sitting and enjoying here?
It's all over.
They found the real culprit.
He asked all of you
to go and watch the movie.
Let's go and watch the movie.
He shows the movie
once he finds the culprit.
Sir. - Is everyone here?
- Yes, sir.
Inform me when it's time
for the interval.
Have a seat.
Finally Roy accepted it.
Your story is the right one.
The blood we found at the terrace
is yours according to the report.
TIMEIN: 01:50:57:28DURATION: 04:48TIMEOUT: 01:51:01:76
The blood we found at the terrace
is yours according to the report.
But I am sure that Roy is innocent.
- Sir.
You took the first aid,
after the crime happened
which you said
that you have done.
This is enough to prove
that you are not guilty.
You took the first aid at
the reception at around 1:45 a.m.
But according to the post-mortem
report the death happened
between 3:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m.
I can say that the culprit
in this case is Tony.
It's not me. I don't know anything.
- Sit down!
TIMEIN: 01:51:59:96DURATION: 03:08TIMEOUT: 01:52:03:04
It's not me. I don't know anything.
- Sit down!
This happened at 3:05 a.m.
Now I will show you,
what happened at 3:30 a.m.
At the time of the incident
Tony was with Reetha.
No, I didn't kill anyone.
TIMEIN: 01:52:59:24DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 01:53:00:68
No, I didn't kill anyone.
Roy, I didn't kill anyone.
- Tony. - Aby. Tony
You will do anything
when you are drunk.
The proof for that is
you had broken the spine
of a prostitute named Geetha
at Theni when you were drunk.
- No.
Knowingly or unknowingly
you have taken a life.
Tomorrow, you are not going
to the wedding hall
but to the jail.
Oh, God.
Hey. - No!
Brother, it's my wedding tomorrow.
- Tony, please.
Listen to me.
Hey. Don't worry.
Nothing wrong will happen.
Don't be tensed.
- I am with you.
- Please.
She won't be able to handle it.
Why are you standing here?
Didn't you get Tony on phone?
What did he tell you?
TIMEIN: 01:54:04:48DURATION: 03:36TIMEOUT: 01:54:07:84
I won't be able to act like a clown
in front of everyone again.
I know, what I should do.
- Jesicca.
You cannot stay here anymore.
Why are you staring like this?
A vehicle will come here
to take you.
Sir. - Hey, Nalini. You looked
better in the other dress.
TIMEIN: 01:54:58:76DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 01:55:01:48
Sir. - Hey, Nalini. You looked
better in the other dress.
Carry on.
- Okay, sir.
Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
Make the arrangements to take
Prayaga to Kerala.- Okay, sir.
Sir, I didn't do anything wrong.
Reetha had fallen down
accidently when
he was talking to
Jessica, over the phone.
It's true that he followed her.
Other than that,
he doesn't know anything else.
Sir. Something wrong is
happening here.
We had just met Reetha and Prayaga
there on that day.
I don't know her.
Then why should I kill her?
Sir, there were some
problems during their trip.
We don't know anything about it.
Tony, there is nothing suspicious
in their trip together.
I will tell you,
why they planned that trip.
You will belong to Vinu
after 18 days.
After that, we might not
meet again.
Sooner or later,
you will also get married.
Yes, let's go for a trip.
A holiday trip to cherish
for a lifetime.
Let's go and enjoy for a week
TIMEIN: 01:55:58:60DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 01:56:00:60
Let's go and enjoy for a week
and return after
celebrating the new year.
Reetha and Prayaga joined you
in that trip.
You know the stories from
there until the New Year's Eve.
Something happened there
after the party
which you are not aware.
My investigation was about that.
First, go and take a shower.
- Go and take a bath.
I like to oppose
everyone in this world
except you.
I will listen to you.
I will only listen to you.
Reetha go and take a shower.
TIMEIN: 01:57:35:48DURATION: 00:92TIMEOUT: 01:57:36:40
Happy New Year, my dear.
This year is ours.
The year which will unite us.
TIMEIN: 01:57:58:36DURATION: 02:92TIMEOUT: 01:58:01:28
The year which will unite us.
Get lost.
Who was it?
He doesn't know
how to talk to people.
Hey, what did he tell you?
You don't need him.
- Reetha.
You don't need him.
Hey, Reetha.
Open the door.
I need a peg.
I have feelings for Prayaga
and not you.
Please help me.
- Don't touch me!
TIMEIN: 01:58:59:24DURATION: 02:24TIMEOUT: 01:59:01:48
Please help me.
- Don't touch me!
Hey leave him.
Why did you thrash him?
That's my wish.
Who the hell are you to ask that?
Reetha didn't die
because of that fall.
Vinu is upset.
Tell him that you were kidding.
TIMEIN: 01:59:59:56DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 02:00:01:24
Tell him that you were kidding.
No. I am serious.
What are you serious about?
About us not going back?
Or that you won't let us
get married?
What happened to you, Reetha?
Shall we leave tomorrow?
For the next trip.
I have arranged everything.
Are you mad?
You have been behaving strangely
throughout this trip.
There's a limit to everything.
We will go.
We will.
I am not crazy.
I am going back right now.
You are so drunk and..
Will you go?
Will you leave me and go?
I will!
TIMEIN: 02:01:16:20DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 02:01:18:20
Do you remember where you met me
for the first time?
It's time. Come.
- Where is the key?
Lock it.
We moved in next door.
Come out.
- No.
I am locked inside.
God! Are you not well?
- What?
Oh, no! Don't cry.
TIMEIN: 02:02:06:08DURATION: 03:72TIMEOUT: 02:02:09:80
You touched my heart that day.
We have been together
ever since then.
We have been together
in thick and thin.
Didn't I share everything
that I got with you?
I was in pain when you were hurt.
- Here..
- No!
I became a rebellious child
for you.
TIMEIN: 02:03:03:72DURATION: 01:76TIMEOUT: 02:03:05:48
I don't know what my likes are.
The colour you like,
the school you like
the places you like to go.
Everything was your choice.
I have never gone anywhere
without you.
And now.. If you go with Vinu
all of a sudden..
What will I do?
Without you, I am nothing.
I am serious.
I can't part with you.
We are not parting ways.
Marriage is an inevitable thing
in our lives.
Why are you being indifferent
for that?
This is not love but madness!
Yes. I am mad.
I am crazy!
I shouldn't have loved you so much.
Now you want a new life!
TIMEIN: 02:04:00:44DURATION: 02:76TIMEOUT: 02:04:03:20
There is no place
for my madness in that.
So I must cease to exist.
I must die.
I would even die for you.
Reetha, no!
I'm even scared to die without you.
Let's die together.
The emptiness of losing a friend
who was with her
like a shadow for around 16 years.
Her inner feelings surfaced
when she got drunk.
An extreme case of possessiveness.
TIMEIN: 02:04:59:84DURATION: 02:16TIMEOUT: 02:05:02:00
An extreme case of possessiveness.
A Borderline Personality Disorder.
I was sure that this wasn't a case
of suicide from the very beginning.
July 21.
The day of Prayaga's engagement.
That was the first time
Reetha drove alone
and went on a trip.
She became violent
when she hit a policeman.
She is gone. She left me.
I have no one now.
That information
was the turning point in this case.
The rest was the final play
to make her confess.
I'll say that Tony is the culprit.
You are not going
to the wedding hall tomorrow.
You'll be going to the jail.
TIMEIN: 02:06:00:60DURATION: 03:52TIMEOUT: 02:06:04:12
Sir, I want to talk to you.
Reetha, no!
I'm even scared to die without you.
Let's die together.
My Jessy.
Give me a kiss.
What happened?
Are you fine?
What happened, Reetha?
Wait! Reetha!
Wait up!
Hey! Reetha!
- Tony!
Who is that?
Who is with you?
- Who is Reetha?
Which Reetha?
- Tell me
TIMEIN: 02:06:59:60DURATION: 00:92TIMEOUT: 02:07:00:52
Which Reetha?
- Tell me
or I will come to the retreat
with my parents.
Tell me! - Jessy!
It's not what you think!
Let's go?
TIMEIN: 02:08:03:36DURATION: 03:48TIMEOUT: 02:08:06:84
Let's go to a place
where no one would separate us?
Come. Let's go.
I am afraid to leave you here.
No! Leave me!
TIMEIN: 02:09:23:40DURATION: 01:32TIMEOUT: 02:09:24:72
Your vehicle is ready.
The church is an hour from here.
There is three hours left
for the wedding.
So all the best!
Wish you a happy married life!
- Thank you, sir. - Take care!
TIMEIN: 02:09:59:80DURATION: 00:88TIMEOUT: 02:10:00:68
Hey! - Mr. Karthik.
- Hey, start the car.
That girl.. I mean Prayaga..
Let's see.
Didn't I tell you?
One doesn't become a culprit
just because they are guilty.
My conscience tells me
what's right.
That will be my final report.
That's how it's supposed to be.
A poetic justice..
- "Lord Shiva.."
"Lord Shiva.."
Reetha, I am sorry.
TIMEIN: 02:12:00:64DURATION: 05:12TIMEOUT: 02:12:05:76
"Want to make this stop.."
"Want to make this stop.."