Aci ask (2009) Movie Script

''If Fuzuli says
there is loyalty in beauties
Don't be fooled, for the words of a
poet are surely lies'' -Fuzuli
What's the most you would do
for me?
l'm blind here!
What else should l do?
Would you leave everything behind
and elope with me, for example?
Only criminals elope...
Besides, where would we go?
Wherever we wish to.
We can commit a crime too...
We could pull off a robbery
on the way for example.
Wow, like Bonnie and Clyde, huh?
Why should we pull off a robbery?
We already have lots of money.
Then you don't need to work!
Why are you leaving then?
Don't go!
Just be mine!
- lf l'm all yours, then
what will be left for me? - l.
Then what will ''we'' be?
What do you think ''we'' will be?
''The shortest distance between
two hearts two arms reaching out...
...and barely touching with their
fingertips every now and again.
I run over to the stairs,
Waiting is time gaining body;
l'm too early l cannot find you,
As if something's being rehearsed,
Birds gather to migrate
I wish I loved you for that only.''
ls it because it's our last lesson that
you've picked such a sad poem, sir?
-Stop with the romanticism now. Speak up.
-There is a metaphor there, sir.
''two arms barely touching
with their fingertips.''
That's fine, it's a closed metaphor.
What else?
And there is also an allusion,
''l wish l had loved you for that only''
No there is no allusion there,
don't make things up.
Give an example for allusion.
l can't find one, sir. You give it
this time and l'll owe you one.
OK fine... Then sit tight now:
''If Fuzuli says
there is loyalty in beauties
Don't be fooled, for the words
of a poet are surely lies''
Come in.
Sir, l'm sorry, l'm late but...
Can l enter the lesson?
Metonymy... Actually she wants to enter
the classroom where the lesson... being conducted,
not the lesson itself. Come on in...
Come on.
Yonca. You are not
usually late for class?
l heard that you've resigned.
You've heard right.
-And that you are going to stop
teaching altogether. -lt had to be so.
My friends say, ''He has even given up
on going to lstanbul.'' What happened?
Goodness Yonca,
are you interrogating me?
Our Theatre Club has a play tonight.
l would be delighted if you could come.
ln the morning, we had a dress rehearsal
which lasted longer than expected...
...that's why l was so late.
l am in this play just for you.
Please come to the show...
Love like me
Love as much as me
Love like me
-My love.
Where are you?
l'm in the car, going to the airport.
l told you to stay but you're leaving.
Aye l'm not leaving you
l'm just trying to make a career move.
But that move is causing
you to lose the game Orhan...
...why don't we just end it.
-What are you doing?
Nothing... l'm still home.
Aye l love you so much.
Don't you forget that... OK?
You're going to miss your flight.
This river cascading through
the corner of my eye
Tells you such things from the deep, see
lf you go away one day, if you leave
While loving so happily,
death is too early
The forest of passionate love weeps
for love like this
Going to waste, it says
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
lf you go away, oh,
all the greens turn black
And one morning my heart too halts
The river bleeds and rots the leaves.
Pink flowers wear all black.
My lovesick head is buried in water,
All that's left behind
is a lock of my hair.
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
The draft syllabus you have prepared
is very comprehensive and...
...quite impressive in terms of
time management.
Mr. Orhan...
You must have complete confidence
in yourself since you believe...
...that such an intense program
could indeed prove to be productive.
lt has been a while
since l've seen a man cry.
Are you mad at me?
Can't you hear me?
''My Aye''
l could delete all that l've shot. l was
shooting an empty classroom anyhow.
Feigning ignorance...
-Excuse me?
-Not important... Are you hungry?
Come on now why did we come here?
This place is damned expensive.
Relax... Enjoy.
l have a lot of money.
How come you know
the silent alphabet?
-l mean deaf and dumb.
My father was deaf.
-He was?
He had a childhood disease.
He couldn't hear or talk.
He could only make weird sounds.
Like this, for example.
What does that mean?
''My daughter,
l love you very much.''
-Sounds awful.
-He is no longer alive...
Our fathers are actually alike...
Was yours also disabled?
You could call it that.
Mine didn't have a heart.
-Was he handsome?
-My father?
No. The guy your girlfriend
cheated on you with.
Can't a man cry for another reason?
Not in my book...
lf you promise not to bring up this
subject ever again, l will tell you.
OK. l promise.
Was he handsome?
l did not see,
his back was facing me.
-You caught them in a nasty position.
-lt was nasty alright, yes.
-What does it mean feigning ignorance?
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-What do you think?
-Wow! The Scottish way, huh?
-What? -You reply to a question
with a question.
Scotland is a dark place.
-When did you go?
-Never been...
But l think it is...
For example, take Glasgow.
What a hoarse sound it makes.
Dark l mean...
-To pretend as if you don't know
something that you know...-What?
Feigning ignorance...
-l had but he died...
My boyfriend... Traffic accident...
-Do you believe in fate?
-Every now and then...
Like for example when it is
-Can l take a photo of you?
-Whenever you want...
-Do you know how?
What's your name?
And yours is... Orhan...
Orhan Ataolu!
From the famous
Ataolu family of lzmir.
Seems you are the sole heir
of a substantial inheritance?
How do you know all of this?
When your sobs reached
all across the hallways...
...everyone at school was talking about
this. But no one else except me had...
...the courage to stick their heads
in to take a look at you.
-This is not called courage but audacity.
-Audacity is a part of my career.
-What do you do?
-l'm a photographer.
-What were you doing at school then?
-l'm a student at the same time.
Very boring.
Talking about boring,
do you enjoy watching films?
Films? Don't know.
My favorite film is Bitter Moon.
From Roman Polanski.
Ever heard of it? Bitter Moon...
Starts as a cheesy romance film
but then very weird stuff happens.
-Just how weird can things get in a film?
-What do you enjoy doing the most?
Reading poetry...
And you call me boring...
-OK. And making love.
Do you have to be this straightforward?
ln sex you need to be.
-Could we close this subject?
-OK. Which subject should we bring up?
-Diana Arbus...
-Who's that?
A woman photographer.
A super woman.
Yet she died very young.
-You mean like Fru.
-How come you know Fru?
l guess you've forgotten
that l'm a literature teacher?
''O, you the goldfish of the
swamp of my blood...''
...Let your drunkenness be pretty
You are drinking me.''
More wine?
-Let's drink but... Let's not get
a hangover? -What?
lt's like when you drink too much
at night, you wake up with this...
...keen headache the next morning. Like
when you are struck with the southwester.
-That's called a hangover.
You are boring. Really.
-Then why are you still sitting here?
-Because l'm not scared of you.
What does that mean now?
A man who has just been
cheated on cannot harm me.
-Don't be so sure. After all, we do live
in an Oriental country. -So?
So... The people of the East
do not believe in generalizations...
...because they die too soon.
-Now you didn't make sense there at all.
No... Because they die too soon
they don't let go of life too easily.
They own everything too early.
They have vocations early on.
They marry early on.
They have kids at an early age.
Let's get this straight from the start,
l'm not having children and stuff...
Why? You don't want to bring children
to such a world, is that it?
Not that, my rationale
is a bit more complicated.
-What's that?
How come?
l mean... l feel like l won't be living
long enough to have kids.
Wow! What an intense
comment you've made!
-You must definitely be into
arabesque music. -Of course.
What is your favorite song?
No harm l got used to missing you
They will burn you in my place...
Even God will not forgive you
Here it comes.
They will burn you in my place...
Even God...
Welcome dear...
How was your day?
ltjust was...
Mine was not bad...
Two things happened today...
First you could say that
l got the hang of reading...
Look! This is ''b,'' this is ''a''...
This way it is ''ba-ba''! Ba-Ba...
Not as hard as it looks...
And then there was a surprise today.
l got an invitation.
What invitation?
Well Fevziye tried to read
as much as she can...
She had said that she would leave
the letter on the table.
lnternational Association
of Photographers is...
...organizing a kind of seminar.
For 5 days.
They have invited me, too.
Guess where?
ln Glasgow.
What do you say?
Should l go make history
as a blind photographer?
l'm sure you won't be the first.
Orhan! Come on what's there?
Tell me.
Come on, tell me...
Over the sea is a ship passing by...
...and there is a liner right behind it.
Right here a little further from us
are two kids playing ball.
Their ball is red, one of the kids
is wearing a red coat...
...and the other one a blue coat.
The one with the red is a girl.
Her hair is blond.
Aren't there any seagulls?
While we are at it, let's go all the way
with shooting the bull.
There is yes... There is a seagull too.
Look right there!
l saw it yes...
Good for you!
The significance of
Asaf Halet elebi is right there...
Asaf Halet was an innovator. Yet,
he was distinguished from the rest... finding a way of being both Oriental
and innovative at the same time.
Let's look at this poem for example:
''lbrahim... Knock down the false icons
l have within, axe in your hand
Who replaced the broken icons
with new ones
The sun demolished my house of ice
Huge ice chunks fell down
lcons' necks were broken
Who lets the sun in my house
Buhtunnasir turned the beauties into
icons, wandering in the vineyards
l who has embraced timeless gardens
The beauties are left with me
Who broke my heart taking it
for an icon.''
Get out!
-You're late for class. Get out!
-Sir it's only been 5 minutes...
l said get out. Out!
l'm getting so excited but do you think
l'm acting a bit prematurely?
l mean...
When the doctor said there was hope,
l was overwhelmed...
Aren't you pleased, as well?
l am pleased Oya.
How could l not be?
-l mean...lf...
-Oya! Watch out!
Orhan please don't shout at me.
l mean, if l have the operation...
l mean if my eyes can see again...
Maybe everything
will be wonderful again.
Wouldn't it, Orhan?
Oya don't!
Don't. Stop!
Orhan... Please...
l've missed you so much...
Do you remember me?
You had kicked me out of class
You were late for class.
l know sir. That's why
l've come to apologize for that...
l'm actually an actress.
l act in TV shows and such;
you may have seen them.
Now we are preparing a new play
in a bar in Taksim.
lt is kind of like a cabaret.
We'll be performing there for a week.
l'd be glad if you could come over.
You kicked me out of class,
but that's not the real you.
You would never hurt anyone,
l know it.
What woe if l were to die in his name,
it is poisonous tongues that sear me.
Neither in the palace, nor the inn... the home of a brute,
my passionate love weeps.
What woe if l were to die in his name,
it is poisonous tongues that sear me.
Neither in the palace, nor the inn... the home of a brute,
my passionate love weeps
To whom that apologizes
with pure words
To whom that comes with a flower
and a dry stem,
There goes my wounded heart,
There it goes, hold it by its wings!
Ah that whose eyes do not see
Ah that whose longing does not subside
Ah that who does not give me gratitude
With your hand you
Why had you prepared the table?
So that when you came home you
would think that everything was fine.
Meaning that l would be left with
enough time to cut my wrists.
Then you cut your wrists calculating
my arrival time home, did you?
Why did you go into all this organization?
So that you'd notice me Orhan!
For you to notice me!
l cannot do more than this!
Get a grip already!
God damn it! What do you want
me to do, huh? What?
Tell me to leave!
Don't go Orhan!
Don't go!
Don't go!
Don't go! Don't go! Don't go!
Fevziye is here.
l'm out.
They have assigned me a class.
Something like a seminar.
l'll be back in a few hours.
Mr. Orhan.
Sorry to hear what happened.
What's happening like this, Mr. Orhan?
OK Fevziye, don't cry. l'll be in late.
You just go to bed when you want.
Don't cry, enough don't cry!
Excuse me.
Hello. l've just moved into
the apartment across.
l cannot set up the bathroom cupboard.
Could you please give me a hand?
Ok Fevziye, l'll look into it.
You go inside.
Orhan! Don't go. Don't go.
Don't leave me.
l can't do without you.
l can't live. l am not able to live.
Did he leave you? Huh?
What happened?
l said did your lover dump you?
He was not my lover.
lt sure looked like it.
l freaked out.
l loved you so much that...
...l was scared you would
choose yourself over me.
l missed you so much...
very... very much...
You've missed me, too, didn't you?
You missed me, too, say it,
come on, say it, say it.
l'm a married man now;
don't know if you are aware of that?
You could get divorced.
Everything would be as it was before,
just the way it used to be, huh?
We would never part again.
Till death...
You should have thought of that before
getting yourself screwed by that guy.
Forgive me.
What do l need to do for you
to forgive me?
Aha... Yes Mr. Selim...
l'm listening, yes listening...
l get it...
OK Doctor. All right...
l will talk with my husband
right away and...
...we will be expecting your good news
as soon as possible God willing.
Thanks... Bye...
Orhan! lt was Mr. Selim calling.
He just received news
from Switzerland.
There is a serious chance
for an operation... looks like it will happen, Orhan.
Don't be late tonight. OK, love?
l'll be making dessert for you.
Why don't you get some crme on your way
home get it from the deli at the corner.
You know that guy
with the high-pitched voice.
'Welcome Mr. Orhan.
How do you do Mr. Orhan?'
Chirping all the time.
That's the one.
And also if you get us some wine
we'll celebrate the operation.
That part of your tie is...
-Shall l guess what color it is? Green?
-No, red.
OK. l won't persist.
But l do know the color of the wine
you'll be getting us on your way home.
lt'll be pink. Rose...
Remember how we got hooked on
that before we got married?
l'll get whatever you want,
but don't exhaust yourself.
Let Fevziye take care of everything,
all right?
-OK. Thanks a lot.
-Don't mention it.
-We'll see each other
tomorrow then, right? -Right.
Could it be your turn to apologize now?
-You left me most inappropriately.
-Necessity does not need an apology.
Then l would like to know
what that necessity was.
Let's say family issues.
Sir, we really should not
involve family with this.
lt excites me more to think
of you as single.
Do you pick up these phrases you use
from those soap operas you act in?
No. l'm getting my inspiration
from you.
And l have always been inspired
by smart girls.
l could imagine since
they are so rare.
lt seems l'm the lucky one.
They always come my way.
-You are so daring!
-Not as much as you.
Don't worry. My audacity
will be enough for both of us.
Yet where audacity crosses over to
arrogance, then the heart will go blind.
Be careful!
lf one is cruel enough,
then you don't have to be careful.
Wow! My inspiration for you seems
to have reached over the top.
l used to hang out with a guy once.
The guy was mafia,
as you would call him.
He was real cruel.
l learned a lot from him.
l'll be waiting for you around 5
this evening by the gate.
l was very touched by your relationship
with your wife this morning.
We have put a lot of effort into that.
All those efforts
will go down the drain.
Don't worry about me
any more, Aye.
Would you like to come over tonight
and evaluate my efforts?
Do you think it's worth it?
Don't know. Come over
and decide for yourself.
Aye don't be absurd.
Hah here he is! He's home,
the handsomest of all husbands!
Come over here. Come.
What's up? What is the reason
for this outburst ofjoy?
l talked with Mr. Selim;
he has arranged everything.
We'll be leaving in a week.
We'll be staying there for 2 months...
...then the operation and the monkey
returns with her eyes opened.
Was the man really that definite?
Yes. lf you don't believe me,
then ask ule, she was here with me.
-Who's ule?
ule, here he is
my handsome husband.
He really is handsome.
Hi, l'm ule.
And l'm Orhan.
-Do you always hang out like this?
-How do you mean?
l mean standing up like this.
OK so l'm blind,
l don't know what l'm doing.
Why are you guys standing.
Why don't you sit.
ule is our neighbor right across,
we met tonight.
Well, l just knocked on your door and
let myself in. Was that inappropriate?
Actually l thought you would be home
but you weren't.
l thought you were supposed to
come home early...
-...and get some wine on the way.
-A lesson came up again.
Once we got tangled up in this night
school thing, we can't get away from it.
Don't be fooled by his way of putting me
off, he has a heart of gold.
ln any case, l see that the two of you
have hit it off real well with each other?
Great. This means from now on
l won't be worrying about nights.
And Oya will not be bored.
Stop stop. Don't go that far.
l may be blind but l'm not stupid.
Orhan restrain yourself,
with our guest here.
l should get going now.
No no you shouldn't bother.
Don't be offended,
this guy is not usually like this.
Really, something's
going on with him.
Thanks for the tea,
and have a good night you two.
You should have at least seen
the girl to the door, how rude.
Just let her go by herself the way
she came in.
ule. Good bye.
Come again tomorrow morning, OK?
Orhan you are scaring me.
Don't be scared, Oya!
Don't be scared, l'm here!
Let the sky darken and the book open.
Let the afflictions be scribed
on those minutes idly passing by.
Let me pass, do all the lights await me?
l see from afar
which permeates into me
Darkness lurking like the enemy
l was lost with no oxygen in the box
Luck didn't smile upon three aces
All my days pass by idly
in a virtual slumber,
Did we have gratuitous affairs
in the end
Many are eliminated but don't pity
They say they haven't seen
the light of day
ln the end everyone turns to wangle
once they're in the game.
My heart doesn't have eyes,
is mute and blind
Eyes are teary but they still see
No cure for anyone's affliction
The doctor thinks hard
but the matter is ancient.
My heart doesn't have eyes,
is mute and blind
Eyes are teary but they still see
No cure for anyone's affliction
The doctor thinks hard
but the matter is ancient.
These ramps l run on
are always endless
They weigh me down.
Crying as one, without a direction
End of the road even if
l can't run away one last time
This hatred that strikes down
on the heart so deeply
Cannot help love in any way
Every word l have penned down
in every case
Fought not to succumb
at the chilliest point of the battle
l set sail for the horizon
in your teardrops
l became the wind,
the soul marked the body
l escaped even if l couldn't run away.
l got lost in that great fairy tale
l couldn't find an excuse for the beloved
And it's the same scene wherever l turn
What is seen and heard are the same,
what else,
Oh only if the affliction were not
in vain endured
For your mystery is fake, too.
Why don't you calm down
and explain from the beginning?
There's no way to be calm, Aye.
The doctor spoke very clearly.
Oya will most probably die
during this operation.
Then why does she want
to have the operation?
Do you know what blindness
is like, huh?
Why hasn't she told you
about the gravity of the situation?
-Because she knows that
l would prevent it. -You still can.
l can't. The smart one has signed
all the necessary papers.
And she has warned the doctors
not to tell me anything about it...
Well Orhan, maybe
it isn't as bad as you think.
Aye, l talked with Dr. Selim.
The situation is more serious
than l thought!
A kind of suicide the doctor says.
The chance of her seeing again
is close to zero.
And most probably she will never
recover from that operating table.
Stop her then!
lf she is not going to see again,
l want her dead anyway.
She's calling.
She is so excited that we are going.
With your permission.
The handsomest of all teachers,
if your classes are through...
...l want to buy you dinner.
-Seda! Now listen to me well.
The situation with me is a mess.
A real mess.
Whatever the reason may be,
you should never call me again, get it?
What are you saying, Orhan?
You heard me. l said you will not call me.
lt's over. That's it!
What the hell are you saying, pal?
What do you think l am?
Look girl, you are really pretty, OK?
l desired you and slept with you a few
times. Do you want me to be clearer?
Orhan, now let me be clear
with you, too. lf you...
She asks if she should pack
my green pullover.
Apparently it's very cold over there.
ls it mine?
Well what's going to happen now?
l'll have the baby,
what do you think would happen?
-What Aye! What!
Don't, don't you dare tell me
to have an abortion!
Ok, Mr. llber...
l'll make a portfolio of the
photographs and send to you.
Tomorrow, alright.
Good day.
Hey! What in God's name
are you two doing in the dark?
Welcome dear.
Hey guys, l'm announcing today
as the day of super events!
Ok l'm calm. l'll start slowly.
First: lt was Mr. llber l was just
speaking with on the phone a minute ago...
...who wouldn't mean anything to you
but he is a very important curator.
-He has heard of the operation and
found out that l'm back, etc... -And?
And he is offering me
this great exhibition.
Wow! l'm so glad.
Wait. l'm going to detonate the real
bomb now. Are you both ready?
l'm pregnant.
God damn you! You animal!
-Calm down. Why don't you calm down.
-You are an animal! Animal!
-Leave the purse now!
You will listen to me!
-l'm listening. Calm down!
-Where have you been these last 2 months?
-l had to go abroad.
-Why did you go?
lt was a family matter Seda.
To hell with your family!
Your family is right here!
How could you ever do this? Huh?
How on earth could you sleep with me
and never call me again?
Are you an animal, Orhan? Huh?
What'll happen now?
Answer me what will happen?!
What will happen?!
All right let's have an abortion Seda.
You hit a huge rock this time,
Orhan Ataolu.
You don't know who l am.
You really don't. You broke my heart
and broke it bad.
l'll put you through so much pain,
just like they say in the soap operas...
...'You'll beg me to die'.
Created to laugh
Why those tears in your eyes
Created to laugh
Why those tears in your eyes
Created to love
Why all those empty hearts
Created to love
Why all those empty hearts
lf you don't know how to love,
Don't look into my eyes.
lf you don't know how to love,
Don't look into my eyes.
lf you want to be happy,
Believe my words, believe.
lf you want to be happy,
Believe my words, believe.
No no don't say
that truth called love is a lie
No no don't say
that truth called love is a lie
Loving is bitter, truth is bitter
They resemble each other.
Loving is bitter, truth is bitter
They resemble each other.
-Talk to you later.
-OK bye.
Would you come over a bit?
-Yes sir?
-ls Seda absent?
No sir. Remember that day you were
arguing loudly at the schoolyard...
...l haven't seen her since then.
lf you see Seda tell her to call me.
l've been pondering an issue
for a long while.
l was at a crossroads in my life.
l had to make a decision.
Would l live my own life...
...or would we live our life together?
l had to make a choice.
And l chose us.
Us. You and me.
l mean the two of us.
Now you'll say was there another
possibility? Of course not.
Yet even the mere thought
of the possibility...
...of another possibility is killing me.
Because l'm afraid of myself.
l'm afraid of
not being able to stop myself.
l have to save you from myself,
you understand?
And l, my dear,
have found a way to do that;
To imprison myself in you.
To be one with you.
Never to part again.
Never to give each other
another chance than ourselves.
Because right now,
l believe with all my being that we don't
have another chance than ourselves.
l won't lie to you:
l thought about this.
Whether there is another ''us''
than ''we''...
But there isn't.
l swear there isn't.
ln fact, sometimes...
...l don't want you to think
l'm exaggerating...
...l think that l've come to this life
just to love you.
No l don't think that, l believe in it.
lf l didn't know that
you were such a sweet talker...
...l would believe you, you know?
You despicable liar!
lf l were to lie, l could have found much
fancier words, you know.
l know yes...
OK. lf you know that...
...then l am asking you
the biggest question.
How far can you go with me?
Can you go to the very end
for example?
To the absolute end?
l had been waiting for such a long time
for you to ask this question.
l love you. Marry me!
You are serious.
Serious as fate.
So what will happen to this girl now?
Just like you said.
l'm divorcing her.
You are serious.
You may not be aware of it,
but loving you is a serious task.
How's this?
You really love exaggerating.
Wrong, l don't love exaggerating,
l exaggerate loving.
'You may forget about your past
but what if...
...your past doesn't forget about you.'
How about that!
Well Orhan you are not aware but
his exhibition is a huge thing for me.
Mr. llber only organizes 2 photography
exhibitions a year and...
...during the last 4 years he has
not organized a single exhibition..
...featuring a local photographer. -Anyway
you are no longer considered local either.
-Why? -Did your memory shut down
while your eyes opened?
Aren't we leaving?
Yes we are leaving...
...for Glasgow!
To the heart of darkness.
Heart of Darkness?
Why don't you name the exhibition that!
Why not?
Heart of Darkness...
Darkness of the Heart...
Heart of Darkness...
OK, OK, l'm on my way.
-Who was that?
-A student of mine...
...wants to see me urgently.
Her lover has dumped her
or something?
Orhan, l want to ask you something.
When will you give up having...
...this elementary school teacher
relationship with your students?
When l'm dead!
Shhh... What are you doing?
l'm bored!
Come on, take me to
our new house. Come on.
Really. lt's so beautiful here.
ls this place ours now?
Yes, ours.
-Did you like it?
-Liked it a lot.
-l want to ask you something.
Will you tell me who really did
what to you? Huh?
Aha! l was wondering
when you guys would ask me that.
'You guys'?
Yes, Oya has not asked me
anything yet.
l think she is afraid that
she might not like the answer.
You are braver.
Come on now! Are you putting
Oya and me in the same basket now?
Darling, Oya is only a used portion
of my life.
Hopefully when you get divorced
there won't be any used parts.
lf l liked used stuff,
l would build myself a museum.
Oh my God, here we go again
with word games.
When are you going to get divorced?
You told me that you had signed
a bunch of papers and stuff...
Darling... Please have some patience.
Look, the girl is pregnant.
She has just asked me for some time,
a month, that's all.
Look at me. Look at me.
After this exhibition starts,
we'll be fine.
All right?
Then l'm going back to the beginning.
Who messed you up like this?
And don't lie to me about a leftist
...a rightist student,
or an angry student...
l want the truth.
What's going on here?
What's going on? Orhan...
Let go...
Let her go! What have you got with her?
Let go!
Are you crazy, what's going on?!
...the baby is dead.
Sir... What's up?
You still haven't found Seda yet?
You shouldn't have had
such a big fight, sir...
Once women have their pride
wounded...'s not so easy for them to pull
themselves together.
Let's move this over there a little.
Good... Doesn't look bad...
Doesn't look bad?
ls that all? Doesn't look bad...
ule said she was coming as well
but she's late.
She has a meeting. We ran into each other
in the morning. She is not coming.
She never mentioned it to me.
But it is so!
No offense.
Things didn't go too well at school
today. l'm very upset.
lt's OK.
-You know, today for the first time
l felt it. -Felt what?
l feel that it is a girl
and l will name her Aye.
Don't you agree that 'Aye'
is a beautiful name?
Yes Aye is a beautiful name.
My, will this love of yours never end?
This one has his mind on his daughter.
We'll name her Aye. How is it going?
How was your meeting?
lt went well.
Haven't you told her?
That you want a divorce.
Not yet.
You're going to let go of me because
l've lost the baby aren't you?
-Aye, lt's not like that.
-Then what's it like?
You are searching for a name
for your unborn child, you prick!
What kind of a man are you?
Don't you have any mercy?
l have much more than you've got!
What is it?
ule, l have to go somewhere,
would you care to join me?
All right, l would...
Actually l had no intention
to talk to you.
l mean l never wanted a little lie
to come this far...
...but believe me, l was obliged to.
l have slept with your husband.
A few times...
Just because l felt like it.
Please don't get upset because of
my frankness, but l have to.
l'm sure you would agree that
your husband is very handsome.
And if only you'd see the airs
he puts on at school.
lt started as some sort of
a desire, but...
Then l fell in love with Orhan.
Then Orhan disappeared.
Without a word to me.
For a whole two months.
Two months!
You can imagine how much l suffered.
And l wanted vengeance.
l lied to him.
l told him l was pregnant.
l even made a scene
in front of the school.
Then he took off.
The next day as l was alone at home,
3 men forced themselves in...
...and beat me up.
A lot...
They beat me up bad.
So much so that l could only get out of
the hospital this morning.
l had to share this with you.
Because l'm scared.
Please forgive me.
And please don't let Orhan know
about this conversation. Please.
Or he would have me killed.
l have set the table for you guys.
Ok l didn't cook the dishes myself,
ordered take over, but so be it. Come on.
What is with you,
why don't you come over?
You said you were to see a friend,
did you see Count Dracula instead?
l'm raising my glass to the two most
beautiful women in the world.
l'm so glad you are in my life.
-Why didn't you tell me like this? -You
didn't even give me the chance to explain.
You attacked me in the middle of the
street. Won't she believe all this?
You shouldn't take lightly
what a woman in love is capable of.
lf a married man tries to seduce
a single woman...
...he should be prepared
to pay the price.
Look at this acting!
lt stinks!
And these people earn their living
from this. They have no shame.
Look, look at that guy.
Potato face.
lf the handsome ones like
you don't get into acting...
...the job is left for them.
...come on, say it.
Say what?
lf you don't, then l will...
We are going ule.
Where to?
To Glasgow.
lt's right here, once the exhibition
is over, we leave.
Would you leave everything behind
and elope with me, for example?
Only criminals elope...
Besides, where would we go?
Wherever we wish to.
We can commit a crime too.
We could pull off a robbery
on the way for example.
Wow, like Bonnie and Clyde, huh?
Why should we pull off a robbery?
We already have lots of money.
Then you don't need to work!
Why are you leaving then?
Don't go! Just be mine!
lf l'm all yours,
then what will be left for me? - l.
Then what will ''we'' be?
What do you think ''we'' will be?
Shall we move it this way?
No, no, let's take it that way,
it'll be better.
How is it?
ls there anything missing?
When you're with me, everything
is complete. You and Aye.
You know how pregnant women say...
...'l'm feeling that it's a girl,
or l'm feeling it's a boy'...
Hard to believe yet l feel it too,
you know?
My beautiful daughter...
Loyalty, darling. l'm loyal to this
love for the both of us.
Are you crazy?!
What have you done!
Why did you shoot the girl?
You killed my baby... l killed yours.
Get out. Get out!
lf you ever come near us again
l will kill you. Kill you!!!
-Did you ever want to die?
When they shot Aye.
l want to die now.
lf you still want to,
shall we die together?
You want to die together?
Sounds real romantic.
-Not right?
-lt was a bit meaningless.
Do you think it was a woman
who shot me?
Where does this come from?
l don't know.
l've always wanted my death
to be rather artistic.
Don't you think it's kind of cool for
a woman to kill another woman?
How weird life is, Orhan.
lf an outsider were to look at all this
stuff that we've been going through...
They would think that all of this was
somehow all interconnected...
One of us did something then because of
that, something else happened...
...and because of that something else,
another thing happened...
lt's this goddamned conspiracy-minded
Oriental mentality, that's all...
You must really have changed
since you started to damn the Orient.
Wrong! The Orient has changed.
Do you think l should still open up
the exhibition in spite of everything?
ln spite of everything?
lt depends on
what this everything actually is.
Don't start with your word games again.
OK then get up
and let's go open it up.
-Really. Come on. Get up. Come.
Always wrote your name
in my songs
My love,
everyone will know your crime
Everyone will hear
what you have done to me
Even my God...
...will not forgive you.
The ''Heart of Darkness'' photography exhibition
has been postponed for a month.
A month? How long
have l been in the hospital?
Let me see... One... two...
-28 days.
-28 days. -You mean that l have to
open up the exhibition in 2 days?
OK. How could you hold
such a location for so long?
Oya, come on.
My name is Orhan Ataolu.
I'm filthy rich.
Welcome... Thank you...
What do you think?
Shall we go on?
Didn't l tell you to never cross
my path again?
-I just want to talk.
-What do you want to talk about?
-Our relationship.
-What relationship are you talking about?
-Our relationship ended the day you
cheated on me. -You cheated on me too.
-OK then we are even.
-No, we aren't. You're still ahead.
-What the hell are you talking about?
-Much as l know how you love allusions...
...l no longer feel like doing anything
for you. -Then stop alluding.
-You cheated on me with Seda.
-l was trying to forgive you.
-You told me that you had forgiven.
-l couldn't.
-You killed my child.
-And you killed mine.
How can you be so cruel?
Wrong. Even seeing you like this
stirs a feeling of mercy in me...
...and that disturbs me.
lt's not so great to pity the woman l once
wanted to be my wife, believe me.
-If l were you, l would pity myself.
-If you were me, you would hate yourself.
I'm trying but l can't.
Don't try anymore.
You cheated on me, and l on you.
Over and done with. That's all.
You're still young, go and
find somebody else to cheat on.
God damn you! God damn you!
Do you think
l didn't want to forgive you, huh?
Didn't l want to choose you?
Il did, l tried but l couldn't.
Just doesn't work.
After all, this is an Oriental mindset,
doesn't work any other way.
Then you must be sure that
you deserve a death which suits you right.
Like all Orientals.
I cannot disappoint the whole of
the Orient, Orhan.
Look over here!
Somebody call an ambulance.
They've done something to ule!
Call an ambulance!
Do you know
l had bought this knife for her?
For Aye?
For how long have you known?
-Long enough.
-Why didn't you say anything?
I'm loyal to this love
for the both of us darling.
Why had you bought this knife for her?
When we were young, we needed that
for building tents and stuff.
I know you need such things.
In fact, once...
Oh please let's not talk about the past,
l'm so tired.
Now, we are connecting live to
our crime scene reporter, Selin.
The 24 year-old actress Seda Uygun
who was reported...
...missing yesterday was found dead
this evening in Sariyer.
Seda Uygun who was shot dead with a gun
is said to be the victim of a love crime.
And we're back to the studio.
I did not do this.
l swear l did not do this.
I know you didn't.
I cannot expect everything
from you anyway.
ln relationships both parties
have to make sacrifices.
There is no 'You and l'.
There is 'We'.
After all...
...aren't we Oriental?