Acide (2023) Movie Script

When one goes down, we all go down!
When one goes down, we all go down!
Justice for our coworkers!
Justice for our coworkers!
Justice for Karin!
Justice for Karin!
For Karin!
Make him come out!
Get out!
Justice for Karin!
You can trust me.
Same old story!
Let me speak!
6 months!
6 months of your bullshit!
- This is counter-productive.
- Shut up!
Shut up!
What do we tell our coworkers?
What do we say?
You don't give a fuck!
Say it!
Say it.
We're not worth jack shit.
Get off me!
We're not budging.
But no violence!
Fucking bosses!
Where are they? Where are they?
Where are the riot cops?
Visors down.
Straight to target.
We won't budge!
Do it, Michal!
The process of acidification,
meaning the transformation of refuse,
both automotive and industrial,
into acid
has increased in streams...
Hello, Simone.
How are you?
Hello, Michal.
You're well? How was the drive?
- She's in her room?
- Still asleep.
- I'll manage.
- Fine.
I'll tell the judge.
You sneak into people's rooms.
She won't let you come again.
No more leaves.
How long do you have?
I have time.
It'll be fine.
Don't worry, Mrs. Besaad.
You know the routine.
I'll be quick. Almost done.
Stay put and they'll come for you.
Excuse me.
Take Karin Besaad to the operating room.
What is it?
Go easy on yourself.
You have your daughter, work.
Because I...
Look at that.
I'll be here.
If you want to stay longer in Arras,
we can wait.
No way. What are you saying?
I'd move back there if I could.
But I can't return to the factory.
I'm sorry.
Come on...
We've discussed this.
I'll move here.
It's better for us.
Three months is nothing.
After my probation,
I'll join you in Brussels.
You win.
It's time to go now, okay?
Step to the side.
It'll be fine.
I love you.
Love you.
End of leave: 18:30
Zoom in on him.
He's a maniac!
Look at his face.
Those eyes!
He looks possessed.
I bet he fucks her mom like that.
Really hardcore!
Get moving, we're waiting!
What are you doing?
Horse pics, sir.
I said no phones.
Come on, let's get moving!
Diss my dad, you're dead.
If it broke,
your mom will wipe a lot of asses.
- It's scratched.
- I'm so pissed.
Eat it! Eat!
Eat it!
Eat it! Eat it!
Selma, stop!
What's wrong?
You're totally crazy!
You okay?
We're experiencing
a record-breaking day.
For 20 departments, red alert:
unprecedented heat.
79 in Paris, 84 in Bordeaux,
75 in Toulouse
at 5 in the morning!
Another record.
Paris will reach 107 this afternoon.
Because of global warming,
extreme weather events
are more extreme...
...and last longer.
Heatwaves, droughts, deluges
are starting to last longer.
Why are you here?
Longer heatwaves
and increased flooding
are, according to Nature Magazine,
a phenomenon...
Why did they call you?
They call the person who pays.
It's normal.
It's bullshit.
Think about Selma?
Christian prefers we don't make waves.
But you can do the talking.
No, now that you're here.
Selma is going to apologize.
Where's the girl?
Seeing a doctor.
Call her tonight.
Lousy idea.
We'd like to settle this amiably.
You realize what you did, Selma?
What you risk?
Can you wait in the hallway?
May I speak frankly?
With her father's trial...
and the media circus...
Selma's here
as a favor to your brother.
Some parents have complained.
Until now, I've kept my word,
but try to understand.
We're grateful.
She's lucky to be at this school.
If ever those girls start up again,
call me immediately.
Never again.
Hear me?
We agreed boarding school was better.
You like horses, nature.
What if I say no?
I can't change schools now.
You wanted me out.
If you want to come home, just come.
With Easter vacation and long weekends,
it'll go by fast.
We'll have time to plan for next year.
Want to go to the lake?
Not in March!
We swim whenever we want.
I don't feel like it.
I'm seeing Dad.
It's not his weekend.
- Call him.
- It's fine.
Count to three.
One, two, three...
What is this crap?
Now I'm hungry!
How stupid.
You're nuts, you poor kid.
This helps you fall asleep?
- It does you good?
- It relaxes me.
Sounds like someone chewing gum.
This is so annoying.
Not at all. It's a big thing.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- It's ASMR.
- Oh, okay.
It lowers your pulse rate.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
If it helps you sleep,
I'll do a video too.
What an ass.
What? What am I?
You don't play along.
I heard you.
This match sucks.
No more lotion?
On the table.
It's right behind you.
Don't move to Belgium.
It's a 2-hour train ride.
You'll come whenever you want.
Change of scenery.
When I lost everything
after the factory,
everyone dumped me.
Even you two.
Only Karin was there for me.
Now she needs me.
I'll be there for her.
How's boarding school?
Did the girls calm down?
Did they stop bullying you?
Yeah, they're actually cool.
- I'm doing better with Parmentier.
- What's Parmentier?
My horse.
You have a horse now?
How bourgeois!
Just kidding, Your Ladyship.
...while the pH of the rain
in Latin America plummets.
Rain 1,000 times more acidic
was detected
off the Columbian coast.
Unable to protect themselves,
animals are the first victims
reported by authorities.
According the INRS,
the rain is corrosive for the skin,
the eyes and the respiratory tract.
Caused by the hyper-concentration
of atmospheric pollutants,
the rain is, scientists say,
an irreversible phenomenon
now heading
for the northern hemisphere.
According to the UN,
global warming's 200 million victims
will increase
by hundreds of millions
over the next decade.
By 2030,
1.5 billion people
will lack water...
I was listening!
Enough of that crap.
Every day a new apocalypse.
Same talking heads.
Easier to sell
than a redundancy plan.
What's the connection?
The planet's not your thing.
But don't say it's not important.
It concerns me more than you.
Okay then.
Here, go have nightmares.
At least you have
your relaxation stuff.
Dad, stay!
I'll watch it on my phone.
Finish watching the game.
I'm tired.
Don't spend hours online.
- Night, honey.
- Goodnight.
We'll do the same.
Forget anything?
If it gets worse, be careful.
Why careful?
There's nothing in France.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
She's driving away.
Hey, Marianne!
How are you, Martine?
Hello, everyone!
I'm really sorry.
I smell like a wet dog.
In America it's like bleach.
I prefer dog.
You're in top form, Bernard.
Can you take over?
See you later, everyone.
Goodbye, Elise.
Mr. Kleber?
Department 33?
La Gironde, Bordeaux.
Dammit, Selma!
Hey, it's Mom.
I haven't heard from you...
If you're awake,
can you text me
that it's going well there?
I think about you and I love you.
Change of plans. Listen up, please.
Dejon, Revault, Maillard, Bertinotti.
You don't ride today.
What about us?
I guess your parents don't care.
Very funny.
If I said your name, you have class.
Everyone else, come.
Phones in the box.
Come on, everyone, get moving.
They behave more or less
like humans.
Slight damage from acid rain
Near me, too.
I have to get Selma.
We better inspect
the whole building.
Look at this.
It's all over the roof.
What? I'm at work.
I know.
Listen, I'm worried about Selma.
I'm seeing all sorts of stuff
on social media.
Can you come by
and we'll pick her up?
We can't take her home
because of rain.
What about your car?
No, some bitch plowed into me.
It's tough for me right now.
The one time I need a favor.
I told you I'm at work!
I can't just leave.
I'm on probation, I can't fuck up.
All right, thanks...
Call your big shot brother.
Bosses can leave work
without getting busted.
I'll manage.
Come on, it's gonna rain again!
- We're leaving.
- Coming.
Come on!
What's wrong? Move!
Selma, don't lag behind!
What's going on?
We can't wait for you any longer.
Selma? Get off.
- What do we do?
- Coming, two minutes!
I'll take them to the other side
and come back for you.
I trust you not to wander off.
Everyone, get in position!
Get moving.
Faster, no lagging behind!
You take all my weekends.
She chose to see me.
She's old enough to decide.
Yeah, you let her spend all day
texting and eating junk.
She almost got expelled.
You don't care why?
Boarding school was a bad idea.
See? I'm not alone.
Don't thank me.
Pull up there.
Be right back.
The city of Lille
and its surroundings
are on lockdown.
To reiterate:
the pH readings from Normandy
are worrisome, not alarming,
but we fear the situation
will worsen.
Chemical risk assessments,
our main concern,
are underway all over France.
As a precaution,
inhabitants of Hauts-de-France
should stay in lockdown.
Do not use your cars.
Traffic is obstructed everywhere.
According to the Health Department,
in case of exposure to "acid" rain,
you must act immediately.
Remove all contaminated clothing
and contact Emergency Services.
Tap water, as a precaution,
is considered unpotable
until further notice...
- Drive.
- Where's Selma?
Follow that car.
- That Jaguar.
- Where is she?
Just follow it!
I found the address of the stable.
- Is it far?
- 10 minutes.
Why did they take them riding?
- You said it's nothing.
- Selma told you that?
What the hell is this?
She must be there!
What are you doing?
Everyone listen!
The roads are all blocked!
Go back to your cars!
You okay?
It's gonna pour. Drive!
Hold on tight.
- Faster!
- Hang on!
There's no road!
Shit! We're stuck!
That way!
- Is it far?
- Half a mile.
Half a mile!
I'll look for her!
You're okay?
- Where's everyone?
- No idea!
Stay right here.
- Where are you?
- With Selma!
- Where are we?
- Big hangar!
The big hangar!
Which one is it?
Hurry, we won't make it!
- What?
- Where are you?
I see you! Back up! Elise!
Wait, press against me.
- Mom!
- Press tight.
Get in!
- You're okay, Selma?
- Yes!
You're okay?
Start the car! Hold on!
That guy!
He's tailgating me!
Road block!
Go left.
Back up!
We can't go forward!
Move your fucking car!
Try going right!
Lock the doors!
Lock it!
Lock it!
Don't open!
Back off!
Back up!
Are you okay?
Drive! Get out!
Hold on tight!
Get out of here!
And block it.
Hand me the strap.
Don't get it wet.
Take it from underneath
and wedge it in.
There. Closer, yeah!
Got it?
Your detour is a disaster!
We had no choice.
We went where we could.
I'm sorry.
Where are you now?
in a supermarket parking lot.
30 miles north of Arras.
Get away from there, you hear?
I can't move. The roads are blocked.
Head east.
Where in the east?
Philippe, take the cash register.
Where in the east?
Gauthier's wine cellar.
Between Metz and Forbach.
I'll send the address.
We should drive to Metz?
The clouds are heading north.
There's nothing east.
200 miles. Hurry!
- Brice...
- Fine rain is less dangerous.
If you can't drive, tell me...
Brice, listen.
But I need to know!
Listen to me!
I'm with Michal.
Why is he there?
My car's busted. He's driving.
For Selma I'd have come!
Should I leave him in the rain?
So what now?
I try my best for you!
He's with us. Deal with it.
Wanna be a dick?
We'll go somewhere else!
Go inside. Touch nothing.
Don't touch the car.
Let's sponge it up.
- So?
- I don't know.
Or you won't tell me?
Dad, it's Uncle Brice.
200 miles to Metz.
Can your car make it?
Elise said it's damaged.
It could make it.
No maybes. Tell me yes or no.
If it's no, we'll meet midway.
Yes, yes... I think we can make it.
If Dad can't come, count me out.
I know.
You've reached Karin Besaad.
Leave a...
Let's go now.
In 1,500 feet
take the exit to Namur.
That won't get us closer.
Kick hard!
Big kicks, not small ones! Go on!
Yeah, good!
- Help me!
- Kick.
Listen to me! Listen!
Relax, listen.
Kick only this door.
Go on, Selma!
Selma, honey?
Are you okay?
We can't stay here.
I'm thirsty.
We'll look for water.
Why are we in Belgium?
Don't worry, just a detour.
Careful where you walk.
Anyone here?
Anyone here?
A little cat.
- Don't touch it.
- He's nice.
You don't know where he's been.
Where are you?
I don't know, we fled the rain.
It's chaos.
We crossed the border.
You really must miss me.
I'll get them to safety and come.
Nothing can happen to me here.
Take no risks.
I want to be with you.
When will you... able...
- I can't hear you.
- Can't see you.
- Hear me?
- Karin!
You found water?
It's not tap water?
Why are you doing this?
To see if we can drink it.
Want to risk it?
Aren't I right?
He's not a guinea pig.
Come here... stop.
What's in the fridge?
Pastries, champagne.
I found this.
Can I drink some?
I'm good.
Stand up, show me.
Not bad, huh?
- Are you done eating?
- Help yourself.
You okay?
It makes you even thirstier.
Up to you.
Talk to Uncle Brice?
He made it to Metz.
But he can't pick us up tonight.
- Too risky.
- He's abandoning us.
No, he's coming for us
tomorrow morning.
He'll drive back and forth just for us?
What if he can't?
We'll manage alone.
We can't go by foot.
We can count on him, don't worry.
What if the storm heads east?
Then what do we do?
Brice's friends will find us a place.
He has lots of cool rich friends
who can help us.
We're lucky to have him.
It's harder for those
without cool rich friends.
Same old bullshit.
Brice can't help.
- Do you help me?
- Stop.
What do you do to help?
- What do I do?
- Yeah!
Stop it.
Where am I now?
Where am I? Aren't I with you?
Only Brice can get us out of here.
Don't be a pain!
Only Brice can help us?
So why did you call me?
Why did you call me? Answer!
How have you helped
these past two years?
That's why you hate him.
- Stop.
- Now you can't ruin things.
It's been a while.
Here, kitty, kitty.
Come here.
Give me your hand.
Where's Mom?
On the phone with Brice.
Hurry up.
Fast, we have no time.
What did you say? I can't hear.
How far does the roadblock go?
We passed by Chimay, near the border.
We're heading toward... Genetan.
What if we take the bridge?
Nothing on the other side?
Can you go around it?
Don't overload the bridge!
Not all at once!
Stop pushing, Sir!
Take my hand!
Shut them off!
Block the bridge!
- Mom!
- Breathe.
Move it, lady!
Keep moving!
Don't push my daughter!
She fell in!
Stay here! We'll find her!
She fell in!
Move! Move!
Mom, come!
Please come!
Let go of me! Let go!
- Stop!
- Let me go!
We can't do anything.
We can't do anything.
It can't be! Mom!
Yellow bracelets
to the side of the building.
I repeat: yellow bracelets...
- Karin!
- Michal?
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
I'm with Selma.
Elise is dead.
I couldn't do a thing.
What happened?
Tell me. What happened?
I can't tell you now.
- What's that noise?
- Hang up.
What's going on?
They're evacuating us
to another hospital.
What do you mean?
I can't hear you.
Put that away.
What hospital?
Anvers Hospital.
Stay there. I'm coming, okay?
I love you.
I love you.
This is Brice Mazany.
For all orders, leave your number.
Don't stand there.
Which convoy to Anvers?
- None.
- So how do I get there?
Fernelmont station, near Namur.
How many red bracelets?
Thanks a lot.
Hurry! It's leaving.
Come, it's our turn.
What are you doing?
We're taking another convoy.
No. Where are we going?
To Anvers. To get Karin.
No, to Metz like Mom said,
to Uncle Brice.
He's not answering.
I tried calling several times.
- Try again.
- I just called.
Straight to voicemail.
We can't wait for him.
You have to trust me now.
We're together, you and me.
Come on.
Try to get some sleep.
Get everyone out!
Roadblock. We can't go forward.
You'll have to go by foot.
The road's blocked!
Keep moving!
Move! Move!
Fernelmont shelter
in 2 miles!
Almost there. Trust us.
Keep moving!
Hurry up!
This way, hurry!
This way!
They can't shelter us all!
Bastards want to tire us out!
With us dead,
they'll have more room!
Come. Be strong!
Let's hurry... be strong!
Get up!
- Let go of me!
- Get up!
Hurry up!
Selma, you have to hurry! Let's go!
Where is everyone?
Anyone here?
Anyone here?
Go down!
Stick by me, stay here.
You okay?
Are you okay?
No more battery.
You're bleeding.
It's nothing.
Gotta keep moving.
Stop, you won't make it.
Anyone home?
We'll look farther on.
What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- On the bridge.
You shouldn't have let her go.
Gotta keep moving.
We need to find food.
What's wrong?
I'm fine...
I'm fine.
Help us!
Open your door!
Let us inside! Help!
Are you okay?
- What's this water?
- Bottled.
You sure?
You had some?
We should treat your face.
William, turn off the light.
- Where are you going?
- The bathroom, honey.
Be right back.
Careful with the cable.
What's your name?
Want to play?
- I'll be back.
- Thanks.
What are you doing?
Sorry, my phone died.
Try, but it doesn't work well.
My husband's messages take hours.
How long to Anvers?
60 miles, not including detours.
Better to try Lige.
We're expected in Anvers.
What's your shoe size?
I wanted to say...
We won't bother you long.
I don't want any trouble.
You won't have any.
What are you doing?
- What did you touch?
- Nothing.
What did you push?
I didn't touch a thing!
What's wrong?
No idea.
Get out of here.
Get out now.
Didn't you hear? I said to leave.
It's too dangerous upstairs.
You think I have a choice?
Open the basement door.
Go ahead.
To the right.
- Here?
- Closer.
Thank you.
I'll move down here with my son.
Need anything else?
No thanks.
I have a garage,
if you want to stay the night.
I don't know, we'll see.
For water and food...
I must keep
as much as possible for us.
I'm sorry, I really don't have much.
All right.
Got any neighbors left?
I don't know. I doubt it.
I'll be back, honey.
What are you doing?
Don't distract him.
It's not long. He mustn't move.
What's the machine for?
It does the work of his kidney.
Until he gets a new one.
Where are you from?
Not far from Arras.
William said your mother
was with your uncle.
Did you speak to her?
It may be too dangerous for you
to leave tomorrow.
Give us a sec?
You feeling okay, honey?
I feel nauseous.
You'll get better quick, I promise.
Sweetheart? I hope you're okay.
I'm doing fine.
We waited 5 hours in a tunnel.
We just pulled out.
Tomorrow we'll be
at the Anvers University Hospital.
I hope...
This bad connection is painful.
I know we'll be together soon.
Whatever happens.
I love you.
What are you doing?
We'll sleep here.
I got us food for tonight.
Deborah says
we can spend a few days.
News to me.
People who don't share food...
No need.
You won't stay?
We're going to Anvers, for Karin.
By foot? In the rain?
This is bullshit.
She needs us.
She doesn't need me.
I won't go.
You stay with me.
Try Uncle Brice again.
I told you,
I can't get hold of him.
How convenient.
It's nothing.
Will it rain?
Don't worry, it's almost over.
- We don't get ravioli?
- It's not ours.
What's wrong?
We had to watch you eating?
I did what I had to for my daughter.
Sorry to offend.
Stop, Dad.
Your mom wouldn't give us food.
I did what I had to.
You have good excuses
for everything.
Finish your plate.
We must rest up
before hitting the road.
You should do the same.
Your house is in ruins.
Like your neighbor's.
Stop making a stink over ravioli.
Are we in danger, Mom?
Are we, Selma?
Come, William.
Put it down there.
Need any help?
No more bellyache?
Is it true about the house?
He is a stupid man.
He's totally clueless.
But he's leaving soon.
Selma too?
Open up!
You have to get out!
Get out!
You have to get out!
Step back!
Let me go!
- Selma!
- Let go!
William and Deborah!
- Stop!
- Let go!
- Stop!
- Get in.
Lie down!
- We can't leave them!
- Get down!
Get away from the window!
I can't see shit!
- Fuck!
- What?
I don't know.
Don't break down!
Why is it stopping?
Shut up!
It started up.
- Where are we going?
- Quiet.
- What are we doing?
- Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut your mouth!
You hear me, shut up!
Shut up.
Don't you see what's going on?
Keep quiet now!
Where are you?
Shit... goddammit!
Selma! Don't move!
Stay put!
I'm coming!
Here I am...
Get on my shoulders.
Hold on tight.
Hold on tight.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Help me!
I need an interpreter to announce...
some bad news.
French? Let me check.
Sorry, I have no one.
Try speaking slowly.
That won't work.
Use small words.
What is it?
You okay?
You got in touch with her?
Not yet.
They can't reach the hospital.
I'll go ask again.
Can you stay with me?
I'm sorry, I'm very tired.