Acrimonious (2014) Movie Script

Dear Devia,
I miss you.
I'm sorry I haven't contacted you after...
what happened.
I'm not scared,
It's more than fear.
moaning/crying sounds
There's a second element at play.
moaning/crying sounds
I keep trying to reel you back, but
something bigger than fear keeps cutting my strings.
I've decided to stand up to fear.
Like a steel cable.
Remember when I took you to the fair?
You wanted that red balloon.
You were a beautiful love song
and I just had to put the needle to the record.
But, I couldn't hold on to that red balloon.
So we watched it float away together.
It drifted in the autumn air until it was
just a speck.
And then,
It was nothing at all.
I can't remember being that... happy.
I like to think it's still up there.
Eventually it will run out of hot air
And sink back down into my arms.
But I know that.
Will take time.
I cannot ask you to forgive me for what I did.
But I'd like to ask you to move on.
I wish you could know how hard
I've been trying to try again.
I've got the air back in my lungs,
but I still can't breathe without you.
I hope this letter finds you better than I've been
the last few months.
and I'd really like to hear your song again sometime.
Sincerely, Fetter.
Can't you take a damn hint?
There is NOTHING you can do
to make me love you again.
So just stop.
I guess nobody bothered to relay you the message.
Then again, you're so DISGUSTING,
Why should they?
I left the world of the living.
moaning / crying
What you did to me.
I couldn't go on living in the
same world as you.
The thought of breathing
The same air as you is NAUSEATING Fetter.
You single-handedly ruined
the joy of life for me!
Your pathetic efforts just sicken me.
Where I am now is infinitely better.
I have suitors who will go at
any length to please me.
They will do my bidding.
If you don't leave me alone,
they will haunt you every moment of every day.
So there you go.
I have given you fair warning.
The most I can do is bid you
a cold farewell.