Across The Line (2015) Movie Script

This kid's not Crosby.
Fletcher, well maybe.
As in Stevie Fletcher?
You're showing your age now.
Come on. Get real.
I feel like I'm the only one
who's being real at this point.
Have you seen the Slaughter
kid skate though?
We have a station hockey team.
You've seen me skate.
I can skate.
This kid plays hockey
like he's in the NBA.
He doesn't even see the ice!
Yeah, but he scores goals.
That's what you do in hockey.
He misses opportunities
with his teammates.
He showboats.
He floats sometimes.
If I were his coach, you know
what? I'd scratch the guy.
You were his coach?
Oh man. Come on.
Scratch the number one player?
Now you're just being cranky.
Look, the only reason anyone's
even pushing this kid
is because he's from a tough
neighbourhood, North Preston.
Yeah. First black Nova Scotian
to make it to the NHL.
Look, you gotta admit.
That's a Cinderella
story right there.
Yeah. It's a fairytale.
That's the right word.
A 9-year-old metro girl
has a new lease on life
thanks to surgery at the
Hospital for Sick Children.
Tracey Hooper was given...
Mattie! Carter! Breakfast!
You know they're
ripping us off, right?
I mean there is no way
that bill was $450.
I'm-I'm gonna talk to 'em.
Mm hmm.
Morning Mama.
Ah good morning baby.
Thank you.
Morning Dad.
The guys down at the
cement company keep asking
when you're gonna come
down to the office
and sign some of
your Junior A cards.
Whenever you want, Dad.
Now let's see if
he comes correct
over the next quote on cement.
Ah shit!
I got it.
How many inches in
five square feet?
Thank you, Carter.
See boy?
Come work for me.
Slaughter and Son.
Your brains, my skills?
We'll make a killing.
Yeah. I'm out.
Where you going?
Mattie, come here.
Who's that?
I don't know.
Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm.
Oh okay.
So this is what
you're pushing.
That guy give it to you?
Uh huh.
Yeah he just let me
hold it for a bit.
Well Christ, she sharp,
ain't it?
Yeah. I can't even lie.
It's pretty sweet.
For a pimp car.
Get in.
So that white man's promising
you the world, eh?
I haven't even signed
the contracts yet
and already he's got a
scout lined up to see me.
Yeah he's just drooling
about that money
he goin' make off ya, boy.
Yeah. You know what they say,
he's the best.
Yeah. Bullshitter.
But yeah, Mom and Dad,
they happy.
You know, Dad's
running around town
bragging about you and shit.
Hey. That's my boy.
You know, Mattie Slaughter.
Maybe he's got a right.
What? You got a new phone?
Uh business line.
Teddy! What's up?
What you saying?
Got ya.
What's up man? You good?
Yeah man. I'm good.
Listen to this.
Yeah! There we go. You good?
I'm good.
All right. Let's go.
Yo Holmes, to Bel Air.
This place never
gonna change, boy.
It's high school for you.
Mm. Mm mm.
Look at all that sweetness.
Oh you like that, huh?
Oh I love it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Jayme Crawley.
What are you dressed
like that for girl?
It's asshole repellent.
She got you.
Yo fuck you.
Oh you wish.
Are we still on for lunch today?
Will you get the work done?
I'll see you at lunch.
Man, that girl is
a super freak bro.
Choose that boy.
Man C, I gotta go.
All right. All right later.
You gonna pick me up
from the rink later?
Don't know. Mm. What you saying?
...special telescopes to see
things that human eyes can't.
For this picture, three
telescopes were used
and each picked up a
different type of light.
The guy at Tattoo Village
said he'd do us two for one.
I bet he did.
I'm not gonna get inked
by some rando dude.
My Dad would torch his shit.
X-rays have a lot of energy
so when we look at the
universe in x-ray light,
we see some of
the hottest gas
and the most
powerful explosions.
Infa-red light is given off
by much cooler objects
than the stars.
So what's X?
Come on Jayme. You know this.
We went over
this the other day.
I know. Just give me a second.
If I didn't need
math to graduate,
I'd be telling algebra
to kiss my ass!
Okay. Here.
Hey. Um Mattie just...
we're just going
over some algebra.
Right. Are we gonna do this?
Dude. Relax.
Uh I'm sorry. I gotta go.
Are you still coming
to my home tonight?
Later gator.
Here. Don't lose this one.
I won't.
All the white ministers got
like three baby mammas
so I told my ma hey, I'm gonna
start going to a white church.
I'm serious.
Don't gotta dress up.
Don't gotta listen to
no T.D. Jakes wannabe
put your business on the street.
You in and out in like thirty
minutes and they feed you.
Feed you?
Yeah. You know them little
wafers and the juice?
All right.
What are you gonna do
about the music though?
I say we bring them some
up home music, you know?
Show 'em how we do.
You forget how to walk?
You were in my way.
Just leave it, man.
No, no, no, no.
You were in my fucking way.
Dwight, let's get
out of here man.
Who the fuck you talking to man?
Hey. I'm going
about my business
all of a sudden this
little fucking monkey
comes out of nowhere.
Hey. Say that shit again.
Todd, back up, man.
Say that shit again, huh?
You heard what I said.
I'm gonna fuck you up son.
I can say it again.
No, I'm gonna fuck you up.
Keep talking shit.
Miss Downey, you didn't
hear what this racist...
I do not care what he said.
My classroom now.
Both of you.
Ah come on.
Hey. Disperse.
Sit down.
That's my coat.
It's mine now.
What are you gonna do?
Come on. Come on. Take it.
Give me my friggin' coat.
Why don't you make
me white girl?
Lay off her, Trina.
Mind your business.
Just walk away.
That's my jacket.
Give her her coat back.
You think 'cause
your Dad's a cop
I won't mess you up too?
Take your shot.
You know what?
It stinks anyway.
Let's go.
Half breed.
So what's the problem?
If this is a race thing,
it ends right now.
This is stupid shit.
Smarten up, boys.
What are you,
Martin Luther King?
Please Miss Downey,
you can't do nothing.
Can I go?
Sit down, Dwight.
You have anything to say?
I'm done with this.
I don't have to
explain myself to you.
- Todd. Todd. I am talking to you.
- Don't you touch me.
Dwight, you can go.
Fuck forgetting it, mom.
I'm not gonna lie for you.
I'm not gonna do it.
What's up? Did you take...?
You don't want me to tell Dad
you're planning on leaving him.
That is the definition of a lie.
I'm gonna go.
Hey, hey. Hey.
What's wrong with your mom?
She's sketch, man.
You okay?
I know my dad's not perfect.
Listen to this.
It's brand new out
of Controller.
Yeah. Their shit is crazy.
I love this.
I'm gonna make it
my new ring tone.
Only for me.
All right.
This shit's real.
Ape called my parents.
I said the ape
called my parents.
The ape?
Miss Downey, dummy.
Hey Todd.
You're an idiot, Todd.
You talk such fucking nonsense.
I can't wait till you're in
our rearview mirror, man.
Let's go.
Hey. Wait a second, man.
We gotta talk about the marina.
Shit. Right. Um
yeah tonight. Okay?
Whoa. Hold on.
I gotta let my Dad know
by tomorrow, all right?
Or else they're gonna
hire someone...
You see this?
These guys are unbelievable.
Just-just leave it man.
No. Watch this.
Monkey, she don't want you.
What the fuck man?
Yeah what the fuck you
gonna do about it?
You want to do
something about it?
Let's just go.
- You got a problem man?
- Fuck you, man.
He's being an idiot, J.
Let's go.
You want to do
something about it?
You guys think you can
take whatever you want?
Fuck you, you piece of shit.
Yeah monkey!
Come on, come at me!
You're at that school to learn.
I can't believe you kids.
Mom, we were just
playing around.
Once again you got wrapped
up in Todd's shit.
How many times have
I gotta tell you?
You get in trouble,
you don't have some fancy ass
lawyer father who can fix it.
Don't get sucked in.
Okay. Hey.
Look, all he did was
throw an empty can
at the guy's stupid car.
Cars are like religion
to those people.
Cadillacs next to
plywood shacks.
Those guys,
they just love nothing
better than a fight.
That's it.
You just need to
stay away from them.
He was just defending himself.
He can't help it if those boys
from Preston act like savages.
And before you start,
me speaking the truth
doesn't make me racist.
Whoa, hey Mom.
Todd was the one who started it.
And those black boys don't know
how to turn the other cheek?
Well maybe the white boys
shouldn't start fights
they can't finish.
Of course you'd feel that way.
You're good.
Clean yourself up.
I gotta go to work.
Dinner's in the oven, love.
Thanks mom.
Hey, come here.
I'm sorry.
Your mom's a bitch.
Hey. Look, she's just upset.
She said some things...
She keeps talking this bullshit.
Okay. So what do
you want me to do?
You want me to tell my mom
what she can and cannot say
in her own house?
That should go over well.
I want you to stand up.
It's a good thing
I'm not pregnant.
No. Jay... Jayme. Jayme, wait.
Your son is a star.
Mr. Jacobsen says I could
be the next Crosby.
Crosby, huh?
Don't you get a big head.
Ain't nobody putting your
ugly mug on a cereal box.
Thank you.
Endorsements will come.
That's a-that's a
whole other game.
A lifetime ago I was Mattie.
Well, maybe didn't have
those hands but, uh,
I know talent when I see it.
Mr. and Mrs. Slaughter,
there are a lot of living
rooms across this country
I could be seated in right now.
I've chosen to be here.
It's been a long time since
I've seen a kid skate
with the kind of speed,
power Mattie has.
Hurray today.
Man, whose ride is that?
Carter, this is Mr. Jacobsen,
the sports agent.
He flew in to see your brother.
So that's your ride.
Well it's a rental.
My bro sick on the ice,
ain't he?
Well that's why we're here.
Mm hmm.
So, uh, when I look at a
player I look for character.
Ah. The milk's spoiled.
The fridge is fucked up.
Carter, just listen to
what the man has to say.
That's Mattie's thing.
Look, it's nice to meet you boy
but let's just make
this paper, all right?
Look. He shoots.
Boom! Mattie scores.
Well let's, uh, let's hope he
brings that enthusiasm
to the stands, huh?
I've already said this to Mattie
so I'll say it again here.
I know this work you've
put in has not been easy.
I know that's right.
My job now?
To place Matthew with a family,
the best NHL franchise
that will allow
all that hard work he's put in
over the last ten plus years,
the work you've done,
to pay off.
You want Mattie in the big city?
Some of these small towns here,
the other team's fans
throwing bananas on the ice
while he's playing.
I hear you,
but none of that will matter
when Mattie goes first round.
The press says top twenty.
It's the press.
Your son could be the
future of hockey.
I want to make sure
that happens for him,
for this family.
What do you say?
His life.
Mm hmm.
Well Mattie?
Uh yeah.
We're gonna do amazing
things together.
Thank you.
John, we'll...
we'll talk later.
Sit down. Eat some dinner.
I know you got some questions
about what's been going on
between me and your mother.
She just needs some time,
that's all.
She's not coming back, Dad.
You expecting someone?
Mattie Slaughter.
Hi Mr. Crawley.
Can I help you?
Shit. Sorry.
I totally forgot he's supposed
to be tutoring me right now.
Uh is this a bad time?
Yeah actually I prefer...
No. No. It's fine.
You want to see me in
that cap and gown, right?
I gotta do this math thing.
Yeah. Well I gotta
go get ready so...
We'll be fine.
All right. We'll see you later.
Goodbye Mr. Crawley.
See ya.
Quit it.
You're making me nervous.
All right. Done.
You got it.
All right. Let's celebrate.
Go to the basement
and celebrate!
My Dad's kind of
weird about that.
Does your, uh,
does your Dad play?
He has it in his mind that I'm
gonna be the next Sheila E.
Clive Davis, maybe.
What about Sharon Osbourne?
Definitely Clive.
You like this?
Yeah. Yeah, it's cool.
It's fucking real.
Yeah. I'm not feeling it.
This is more your speed, huh?
Who's this?
Uh Henry Green.
Your Dad is gonna kill me,
No. Fraser will never know.
Besides, my Dad likes you.
That Slaughter boy's really
going places, Jayme.
Why can't you bring
home someone like him?
So what?
Your Dad doesn't like John?
You know, just with everything
he's been through with my mom,
he just, he thinks it'd be
easier for me with a black guy.
Not like I haven't
heard black people say
some pretty stupid shit.
Oh come on. Don't even go there.
It was one time
and he was drunk.
Oh. He was drunk all right.
Miss Crawley, can I ask
you a little question?
Your man, he got
a big black dick?
Can you handle it?
I mean the guy is fucking nuts.
Yeah. Well you're just lucky
he didn't whip it out.
My mom just went off.
She was so ready to
get me a new tutor.
You got caught.
What do you mean?
Caught you staring at me.
So what? Is that some
sort of a crime?
You're funny.
What do you want, Mattie?
I see how you look at me.
Something's really
gotten into you tonight.
What are you afraid of?
Is it John?
Yeah right.
Or me?
You are talking a lot
of nonsense girl.
Don't think you can handle it?
Handle you?
Are you serious?
Stop. Stop.
Are you okay?
Um... you should...
yeah you should um...
I'm with John.
Yeah. Yeah, I know that.
Each student in this school
is entitled to an environment
governed by respect,
dignity and civility.
Yesterday, a small group of
students violated this code.
Students who behave
this way have no right
to be part of our community.
Anyone who witnessed
yesterday's violence,
please talk to me or to
one of your teachers.
Hey man.
What's up?
Last night was crazy.
You good?
Yeah. Tell ya about it later.
Yo, if this white boy gets
in my face one more time,
I'm gonna fucking finish him.
Just leave it alone.
All right?
See ya later.
Angelique didn't love Claude.
She couldn't.
Well why is that Trina?
Her white master's raping her
and she still falls in
love with a white man?
What... doesn't make sense to me.
If it's white it's all right,
huh Jayme?
Trina, in Montreal 1743,
we're looking at a world
where the rich are at the top
and poor whites and poor
blacks are at the bottom.
There were even white slaves.
There wasn't no white slaves.
Actually there were, Trina.
See, that's what makes
Angelique and Claude special.
Although a lot of scholars
like to believe Angelique
and Claude were
using one another,
I like to think Angelique
fell in love with Claude
and set the great fire of 1743
as a cover to escape with him.
The more romantic version,
Angelique and Claude
stand as a unique example
of two individuals refusing to
allow the racial attitudes
of the time to dictate their
relationship with one another.
Let's look at Angelique's trial.
Sorry about last night.
All right. Um you're sure?
You're not pregnant.
Ah. So how do you feel?
Relief? I mean what else?
Would it have been so bad?
For real?
What would we do with
a kid in Toronto?
Well, we could stay here.
Maybe? I don't know.
Look, my mom has a friend with
an apartment on Fairbanks
and she'd give me a good deal.
You really thought a lot about
this the past couple of days.
Come here.
It's not like staying here
would be the end of the world.
Look. We have a plan.
- Toronto.
- Right.
Hanging at the
Velvet Underground,
Mars for breakfast at 2 am,
Sneaky Dee's for brunch.
Yeah. It's just I think...
Watch this now.
His skill. Unreal.
Oh yeah.
There you go. That my friend...
Coach, what's going on?
It's my ice time.
Scout for the Canadians wants
to see the Slaughter kid skate.
My Dad paid for it.
Is the scout staying
for the game?
Just here for dark meat there.
They all think they
can play hockey now.
Skoo! Baby bro!
What's up C?
Yo. What up? Trunk.
Thanks for picking me up.
So how'd it go?
Good. Good, I think.
Okay. All right.
We getting out of here?
Yeah. Not just now.
I'm waiting for somebody
to meet me here.
There's my man right there.
What's going on?
Oh ah...
I just gotta drop these girls
off to a job real quick.
You good?
Come on. Be back.
Teddy, yo.
Hey. Good to see you man.
I could listen
to that all day.
He say how much it was?
Your new friend?
No. Just said welcome
to the family.
Came with the
contracts of course.
Nothing in life is free.
Hi Mom.
Holy! New fridge?
Woo. Ain't it beautiful?
Hey, hey and it comes
with its own ice maker.
Try it. Try it.
And it came with those.
How'd you get home?
C picked me up.
I gotta fucking pee.
Don't say anything.
Ma, can she use the bathroom?
It's to the right.
Down the hall.
And Monica, hurry up.
Lord have mercy.
What is wrong with you? Hmm?
I mean do you have
an ounce of respect?
Do you?
I ain't doing nothing.
Boy, don't you act
like I'm stupid.
That girl is a child!
Velma, pack up his things.
It's enough of this.
Come on, dad.
When your mother's done
you're gonna get out this
house and you don't come back.
Do you hear me? i
I ain't do nothing.
Then you're gonna
lie to my face?
This is our home.
You don't bring this
shit in our home.
And you, you know better.
Things are happening for ya.
Don't get caught up in
your brother's shit.
Dad, I needed a ride home.
He was just doing me a favour.
Carter can't help you.
It's not even his own car,
it's some pimp's car.
Next time you need a drive,
call me.
I can get ya a drive.
Finally something
good happening,
something good for
everybody and look at ya.
What am I doing?
Hmm Dad?
All I'm trying to
be is my own man.
Ain't that what you tell us?
- Be your own man huh?
- Yeah.
That's what you was doing
when you got caught
selling dope, right?
And where did that get ya?
And now you got these girls
selling their asses for ya.
You think that's a man?
That's nothing.
That's nothing?
And how that different from
what you do with Mattie, hmm?
How many people you promising
jerseys, tickets, cards?
Come on pops.
You couldn't even buy
your family a fridge.
You had to let the white
man do that shit for ya.
Stop it! Stop it!
Dear lord god. Stop this. Jesus.
Oh you think you
got it in ya boy?
Come on!
Carter, back off man.
Back off!
Let go of him.
Let go.
I'm always the villain, right?
It seems to be the only
part you want to play.
Lord knows we tried, boy.
But you think you're too
good for a real job,
to earn a proper living.
What do you think this is, hmm?
I made this in a week.
You make this in a month.
Where's my son?
Carter! Carter!
Don't leave like this, man.
No. All he cares about
is his golden goose.
Well guess what Mattie?
You're my baby brother
and I want nothing
but the best for ya.
You don't need
this shit, Carter.
All this shit with Teddy and
the girls, this ain't you.
Look, you want a new car,
I'll buy you one.
First cheque I get, I swear.
It's family over
everything, right?
Ain't that what we always say?
All right.
So come with me.
Come on.
I'll drop the girls off
and we'll go for a ride.
Me and you and we'll talk.
All right.
Is there a problem, Officer?
Licence, ownership and,
uh, proof of insurance.
There's my licence right here.
This is my friend's car so
everything's probably in here.
Keep your hands
where I can see 'em.
Everybody out of the car.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm serious.
What the hell?
Out of the car.
Don't look at me like that.
Get out of the car.
You don't have to be afraid.
Who did this to you?
She don't have to
tell you nothing.
Oh just shut up.
Hey, what am I shutting up for?
You should listen to your boy.
Your boy had no reason
for pulling me over.
Oh yeah?
Mm hmm.
You're the winner, huh?
You're the one who likes
smacking little girls, huh?
- Hey. What the hell?
- Is that what you like, punk?
- He didn't do nothing.
- Turn around.
Turn around.
For what?
You heard me.
Turn around, Mr. NHL.
Yeah, I know who you are.
C, you all right?
Put your hands behind your head.
I ain't do nothing.
Are you still talking?
You need to cool off, son.
Am I being arrested?
Am I being arrested?
I said you need
to cool off, son.
You can't do this.
We can do whatever we want.
So what's going on boy?
Out for a little Sunday drive?
I'm gonna make some tea.
you can't afford to make
mistakes like this.
Dad, it could have
all been done.
Just like that it could
have all been over.
Just keep your focus, son.
Mr. Jacobsen.
Just call me Len.
Listen, I got a phone
call this morning
from your coach.
He seems to think that you're
hanging out with pimps,
you're involved in
prostituting underage girls.
That's a lie.
Coach has never
been in my corner.
You know this. I'm averaging
eight minutes per game
and yet I'm number
one in total points.
Hold on.
No. You know what this is about.
Look, I got your coach's number.
We don't need to
talk about that.
Matthew, I spent time with you.
I know what he's
saying is bullshit...
you gotta be the guy
on the Wheaties box,
you know what I mean?
You gotta keep your nose clean.
People are watching you.
You want to be in the show?
That's your dream, right?
Don't let anyone
ruin that for you.
All right.
Can't do the marina thing dude.
I'm going to Toronto.
Oh come on, man.
Why even bother?
What are you gonna do?
Just be her little
lapdog the whole time?
Look. Jayme and I had
this thing planned, man.
She wants me to go to
Toronto so that's what...
Who gives a shit
what Jayme wants?
Dude, ever since you
started dating that girl,
it's like you're her
fucking slave or something.
Shouldn't she be the one
changing her plans for you?
Whatever man.
Stop letting that girl
run your life, you know?
Are you okay?
Now you want to talk to me?
Wait. What did I do?
You did nothing.
Hey Jayme. We gotta talk.
I gotta get to class.
No. Look I need to
talk to you now.
I'm-I'm not going to Toronto.
Fine. Whatever.
Whoa, hey. Just-just come here.
Just think about it.
We'll be long distance.
You'll be home at
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Don't worry about it.
We'll be...
I get it now.
God, no wonder you
were so bummed out
it was an almost baby.
You never wanted
to go to Toronto.
That was just bullshit.
No. That is not true.
Look, you...
you're gonna go to school and
you're gonna pursue your thing
but what's in Toronto
for me besides you?
This is my home, Jayme.
My family, my friends.
No. What I'm hearing is you
never really wanted to go.
You know what?
I'm leaving.
Whoa. What does that mean?
I'm done.
We're done.
Jayme! Jayme!
If Dwight thinks I got him
yesterday, you just wait.
I'm gonna fuck that nigger up.
Jesus Christ Todd.
What crawled up your ass?
I'm just thinking about when
you started talking that shit.
No, you're always talking about
black people taking
things from you.
Well taking what?
Your family's rich.
You're going to university.
You're the Captain of
your Junior A team.
What exactly are they taking?
Are you guys listening
to this nigger fucker?
What are you talking...?
Say that word again.
What word?
Nigger, nigger, nigger, niggah.
Aw shit. Dude!
Holy shit!
John, man. Come on.
I'm joking.
Come on man.
Jayme, what's wrong?
Not now.
Wait. Hold up.
What do you want
from me, Mattie?
Look, I don't just make
out with random girls.
Forget about it, okay?
It's really nothing.
- Mattie!
- Oh it's nothing?
Hey. Let's get something
to eat brah.
I was thinking of...
Not now.
Hey, what's...
what the fuck?
Yo Mattie. Come on, let's go.
Hey Dwight, don't get involved.
You do you, all right?
Stop. Stop.
Renee. Renee, get off her.
Don't touch me!
Return to your classes, everyone.
The school is on lockdown.
The police have been called.
The police are on their way.
- The school is on lockdown.
- John!
Attention everyone.
Return to your classes now.
Fucking bitch!
You okay?
Todd hits like a bitch.
How you feeling?
I give up.
I guess I should just start
listening to Chris Brown
and learn how to twerk.
I'm not seeing it.
Get into that box everyone
wants to put me in.
Ow. Easy.
There's no box for you.
You're an original.
I'm just tired of everyone
putting their bullshit on me.
Being punk was supposed to be my
freedom from all of this shit.
It's the first time people
weren't looking at me,
trying to figure out if I was
white or black or Lebanese.
Too busy...
her hair is fucked up.
Why is she in those rags?
That girl's a freak.
You know what?
I was totally okay with that.
But now I realize I was
only kidding myself.
Yeah well I think
you're perfect.
Jayme broke up with you, right?
Why are we even
bothering with this shit?
I just want to make
sure she's okay.
She's okay all right.
Man, that was crazy.
Sweet fuck!
It ain't over.
Just... Mattie Slaughter.
I don't know.
It's kind of weird, right?
Yeah it's weird.
But awesome.
You thinking about John?
Um, I broke it off but yeah.
You gonna tell him about us?
Oh there's an us now, is there?
You gonna move to
Toronto with me, huh?
Or are you going off to
be some big hockey star?
Who knows?
Or maybe I get
drafted by Toronto.
Oh you boys and your maybes.
You know, Toronto isn't the
only place of punk man.
I just gotta get the
hell out of dodge.
I can't deal with this
race shit anymore.
Don't kid yourself, Jayme.
I mean stereotypes,
they're comfortable.
I mean, look it...
black people, they go
to Tyler Perry movies.
They-they play basketball and,
I don't know,
listen to Young Thug.
White people like Meryl Streep,
tennis and Taylor Swift.
You keep that balance,
then all is right in the world.
You know what I mean?
You just gotta treat
it like noise.
I mean look at me for example.
Everyone I know, my coaches,
teammates, scouts, agents,
everyone, they're all white.
I mean when I look
up in those stands,
I see all white faces.
They look at me like
I'm some sort of alien.
If you let that get in here,
then they win.
And I'm not letting that happen.
Neither should you.
Shit. You gotta go.
If my dad catches you here,
he will arrest you.
I'm not kidding.
All right.
Thanks for the Jujubes.
Yeah. Anytime.
Guess I'll see you tomorrow?
That slut!
Look it.
How long has she been
playing you man?
I told you about her.
She's wild just like
the rest of them.
Holy fuck!
Just drive.
Hey what's up man?
- You fucking my girlfriend, huh?
- Get off me, man.
Huh? Fuck you man.
Stay on him, man.
Fucking throw some shit,
you fucking pussy.
Fuck you man.
Come here. Come on. Bitch.
You ain't shit!
Fuck you!
Todd, stop.
John. John, let's go man.
John! Let's get the
fuck out of here!
Fuck you!
Bitch. Fuck you!
Dwight, stop!
The NHL doesn't need
players like this kid.
Yeah, but Slaughter wouldn't
be the first prospect
that needs managing.
You know that.
Mattie Slaughter's true colours
are clear from this incident.
Ah come on.
As far as I'm concerned,
he's got no place in our game.
If he wants to
play hockey, fine.
There's always the KHL.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
You're awake.
This is new.
What happened?
You've been out since the fight.
Look, if I don't go get your
Mom she's gonna strangle me.
John. What about John?
Is he okay?
I don't know.
His mom won't let me see him.
The papers are
saying you did it.
Jayme, you know I
would never do that.
I'll go get your mom.
Hey boy.
So how you doin'?
I'm okay.
Just sore.
I just wanna go home.
I tell you boy when I find them,
it's gonna be a problem,
you hear me?
Carter, you
stop it.
No. You're
my brother
and no one's gonna make no punk of you.
You hear me?
You're still on
the same bullshit?
Oh my baby, my baby, my baby.
Hi mom.
Hey Carter.
Oh we were so worried honey.
Sweet Jesus. Thank god.
You look good, son.
You need anything, huh?
No mama.
- Can we get you anything?
- I'm fine, mom.
The doctor should be in soon.
And it was perhaps
man's devotion to humans
The poor ladies who now sat on
the beach were flushing...
Look, I don't remember much.
I just remember looking down
and seeing John lying
there on the ground.
Dwight already told the police
that you weren't involved.
Okay. He already
took responsibility
for his part in this mess.
It's not that simple.
Your son was involved
in the fight.
Yeah but our son
didn't do anything.
They attacked him.
Are you gonna charge
that other boy
with assaulting my son?
Mr. Slaughter, that other boy,
he may not live.
So you're gonna charge my son?
Maybe you should
talk to a lawyer.
Miss Downey?
Miss Downey?
I want to talk to you
about what happened.
I was a student at Cole
Harbour High in '89
when the first race
riot took place.
It was brutal.
And the other day,
we had such a sickening reminder
that nothing's really
seemed to change.
Still North Preston
and Eastern Passage.
Poor black and poor white
fighting for scraps
from the big table.
You guys really think there's
nothing worth talking about?
What's it gonna change?
The cops went right for us.
They weren't even looking
at the white kids.
We're always the target.
You're not a victim.
Slavery happened.
Get over it.
You know what? I'll show you
how to get over it at lunch.
Okay. Let's take a breath. Okay.
Will you just shut up!
Just shut up.
You're all so caught up in
skin colour and for what?
He's black, she's white.
I don't gotta look any further?
Is that it?
Race is everything?
I mean who decided that?
Look at where it's gotten us.
We need to change the rules and
start thinking for ourselves
'cause if we keep down this road
we are gonna be so fucked!
Says the half-breed.
The sky seemed to darken.
The white crests of
the waves died away
to leave a creeping
wrinkled skin of water.
The wind dropped.
The sea birds fell silent.
What came next was a strange
heaping up of the water
into a mound which grew
and grew and became...
Get out!
Miss Doucet, I just
came to check on...
You're not welcome here.
Do you understand?
But I didn't do anything, okay?
Those boys from Preston,
they were gonna
fuck him up, okay?
The doctor says his short-term
memory may be all messed up.
He may have to use a cane
for the rest of his life
and you left him there.
You know, that in there?
I don't blame anybody but you.
But he's my best friend.
And that makes me sick.
It makes me sick to
think what I did
that my beautiful boy would want
someone like you as a friend.
Okay Miss Doucet. Come on.
Don't come back here.
Fuck you.
So how come I ain't
heard from you?
Ah. So you're dropping me?
I'm proud of you.
It's family over everything,
right boy?
Man, don't you see how you're
damaging this family? Huh?
Man, look at pop.
All he wants is the
best for you, man.
And you still act
like you don't care.
No. You're acting like I
got a billion choices.
I ain't you, Mattie.
I gotta get a trade
so I can kill myself
for them white people
just so I can get by? Huh?
Man, I don't think you
realize how everything you do
sticks with us, man.
You mean you?
I can't have you in
my life anymore, C.
You want to be a pimp,
go ahead, be a pimp.
I don't want nothing
to do with it.
Why is that? Huh?
'Cause I'm not gonna
kiss Mr. NHL's ass
like pops and everybody up home?
Guess you gotta get that, right?
All right.
Be like that.
Fuck you man.
Yo fuck you!
Yeah fuck this!
Hey Len.
How you feeling?
Good. Good.
You know, I won't be able to
play for a couple weeks but...
Yeah. I was, uh, I was
talking to your dad so...
Hey, we hear anything
back from that scout yet?
Well that's what I
wanted to talk about.
Not gonna happen.
Okay. Okay cool.
There's other teams
though, right?
Um, that's the thing, Mattie.
Nobody wants you.
Well... I don't understand.
Swarming that kid in Preston?
All over social media.
It's a mess.
Yeah, but I didn't do anything.
You were there.
No team wants to be
tied to a player
involved in a mess like this.
You do realize.
You have a criminal record,
you can't cross the border.
You know that, right?
Yeah but I didn't do anything.
I mean, I was jumped too.
No one cares about that shit?
I'm sorry.
Like you said,
it's different for me, right?
don't worry about the fridge.
How'd you know I was here?
I called your house.
Mom said you were here.
It's cold.
Oh yeah.
Skating with an NHL star?
I'll be dining out on
this story for years.
Yeah well you need
to slow your roll.
Apparently I'm damaged goods
now because of the fight.
My agent said no NHL
team will take me.
So no lesson?
Everything isn't a
fucking joke, Jayme.
I did everything right!
I worked twice as hard.
I was twice as good.
I did two hundred percent
and still they get to
take my dream from me?
You done now?
Get your skates on.
Get out of your head.
Come skate.
Dream's still here.
Just gotta take it.