Act of Faith (2014) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(rapid pen scratching)
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
And what he did back then
He's still able to do
What he's done for others
He can do for you too
What he did back then
He's still able to do
What he's done for others,
He can do for you too
I believe
I believe
I believe in you
I believe in you
You never change, I believe
I believe
Your promises are sure
I believe in you
I believe in you
I do believe
I believe
Lord, I believe in you
I believe in you
You're a miracle worker
I believe
I believe
I believe in you
I believe in you
Travis sing for me
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
I'm so glad to know
That Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
And what he did back then
He's still able to do
What he's done for others
He will do for you too
What he did back then
He's still able to do
What he's done for others,
He can do the same for you
I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe in you
I believe too
And I believe
I believe
To heal and fight,
deliver and free
And I believe
I believe
I believe you're the savior
I believe in you
I believe, yes I do
I believe
Believe in you
I believe in you
I will never stop believing
He's been faith
Never stop believing
Never let me down
Never stop believing
Never see righteous forsaken
Never stop believing
Sit back and pray
Never stop believing
Never stop
Never stop believing
Trust in
Never stop believing
Believe in him
(soft music)
- Yes, I'm here.
OK, it's paid?
Thank you.
Can I have a
confirmation number?
Thank you so much.
OK, you too.
(heavy sighing)
How am I gonna pay
all these bills?
God, God please make a way.
I've been trying to
do the right thing.
Please make a way for us.
(upbeat, cheerful music)
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Hotcake special.
- Come on now, Shartruce.
I've been coming here every
day since Carter was president.
How come I can't get
my four hotcakes?
- Why do we have to go through
this every single morning?
Now, we have been
through this before
and I gave you ample notice.
It was written on
the blackboard.
Now, as of the
15th of last month,
hot cake special only
comes with three hotcakes,
don't no more come with four.
It's the rules, baby.
- That ain't fair.
Y'all should have
never changed that.
It ain't right.
- Look honey, change
is apart of life.
Now we just live with it,
accept it and move on.
- Oh, I gonna move on.
Move on to IHOP if y'all don't
move on with this foolishness.
- You know what, Mr. Weathers,
I wouldn't blame you if you did.
See, I wouldn't eat none of the
crap come up out of this dump.
Now, catch that
tea with hotcakes.
(mischievous music)
- Don't spend it
all in one place
- Fo, fo, four, four,
four dollars Mr. Weathers?
I save your life and you leave
me a measly four dollars?
You cheap son of a--
- Girl, You can't be
cussing at the customers.
You know you--
- Girl please,
that's Mr. Weathers.
You know darn well
he'll be back here
bright and early, six
am, begging me for
an extra hot cake.
- That's true.
- He loves my smile.
- Girl, bye.
- Besides, don't nobody care
if I get fired from this dump.
- I do, I need my--
- Attention!
Unless I'm mistaken, did I
hear one of you daffodils
refer to my
establishment as a dump?
- No sir, we said that the
dumpling is the best, sir.
- I don't know, they're a
little dry for my taste, now.
- Shartruce!
- Report to my office
immediately, on the double!
The rest of you, as you were.
- Mmhm.
- If you get fired,
can I get your locker?
- Girl please, that old
man ain't firing me.
This place would fall
apart without Shartruce.
(upbeat music)
- Hey Jackie.
You just missed Mr. Brady.
You late again.
- I know, I know.
I was waiting up all night
for Patrick to get home.
He never came home,
he was working late.
- What?
You must be off your
rocker, are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just not gonna
worry about it.
- What you mean you're not
going to worry about it?
You have to worry about it.
You can't keep playing
stupid forever Jackie.
That man don't mean you no good.
He was working late.
- Let me tell you
something miss thing,
you need to mind
your own business.
I'm not jumping to any
conclusions because I trust him.
- OK.
Well, my grandmamma used to say,
"If it looks, smell and taste
"like a rat, it's
probably a rat."
- What the hell kinda stuff
y'all got going on in Louisiana?
You eat rat?
- Oh girl, you ain't
never ate nothing
if you ain't had no fried nutria
with some of my grandfather's
homemade mole shine, girl.
- You know what, you
need to get away from me.
Because you're just country
and ain't nothin nobody
could do with you.
- For serious, really Jackie.
You know, I grew up in
a home with a father
who was never there because
he was always working.
Started hanging out with guys
who didn't mean me no good.
You know how that goes.
- Well, whatever happened to you
ain't got nothing to do
with me and my family,
so you need to learn how to keep
your little nose in
your own Kool-Aid.
- Y'all got Kool-Aid?
- Ms. Beatrice.
- Can we make this
quick, Mr. Brady?
Because I need to be out
there collecting my tips.
- You know, the bible says,
"He that tilleth his land
shall be satisfied with bread,
"but he that followeth vanity
"shall be void of
all understanding."
- What the hell-eth do
that have to do with me?
I ain't tilling no more,
nothing else for
no $7.77 an hour.
Which is why I need
to be out there
collecting my tips and not in
here flabbergasting with you.
- You've been working
here since you were what?
18 years old, I remember the day
you walked in here
like it was yesterday.
But pretty soon it's coming
time for you to move on.
You got to get some
ambition about yourself.
I know this place ain't
exactly the Taj Mahal
or Roscoe's for that matter.
But me and Ms. Lilly
built this place
from the ground up and
it's all we ever wanted.
You should want
more for yourself.
- I do.
I got dreams.
What you trying
to say Mr. Brady?
- I ain't trying to say nothing.
But you walk around here
with your mouth poked out,
angry at everybody all day long.
Why, because you know
you could do better.
- I don't quite
understand the direction
this conversation is taking.
- Shartruce, you need
to start thinking
about the next
chapter in your life.
This ain't it.
I'm giving you your
two weeks notice.
- Mmhm.
Mmhm, just like that.
I knew the minute Ms. Lilly died
you was gonna stone
plumb lose your mind.
I wouldn't be surprised
if ain't up there
at that Magic City
tipping all our money
to them stripper girls, which
is why we can't get no raise,
because you out
there making it rain.
Look, I been here
longer than anybody else
and you know I deserve a raise.
But instead you just
gonna toss me out
like some old dirty rag.
- Shartruce, it's for your
own good, it's out of love.
- Oh, old man, if I had all my
rent and money for the month,
I'd clean walk out of
here on you right now.
- Huh?
- The customers don't like
the changes you've made
to the hotcake special.
Now tell on that.
- Father, forgive her, for she
know not what she's saying.
- Girl, can you believe
he actually fired me?
- No, he didn't?
Who the hell's gonna take over
my shifts when I need to study?
- Thanks for having so much
concern about your friend.
- Girl, I'm sorry.
It's just that I really
do need to study,
the MCATS is coming up.
So for real, what'd he say?
- I don't know, something
about tilling the earth
and I have no ambition.
- Well, girl, you've
been here since
the B2K posters
was up on the wall.
- I don't know what I'm-a do.
I know nothing else
but this place.
I'm the one picked out these
pictures, I picked out these.
- I know.
This is like home.
- Home.
(slow, sad music)
It was a cold and rainy
day when I left home.
My stepfather had
beaten me once again.
And my momma just laid on
the couch and watched, again.
I'd had enough.
So I just left.
I had no money.
Just stayed on the street
for two whole nights.
The things I saw.
The things I did.
Till the time I came
in here I was starving.
I told, I told them I
would work for free,
just for something to eat.
And Ms. Lilly, she gave me
a job right on the spot.
She took me in and
loved me like a mother.
Only mother I've ever
known and now she's gone
and he just gonna push me
out like I ain't nothing.
I know I talk about this
place really bad, but...
I don't have no one else,
I don't have nothing else,
I don't have no family.
You all are the
only family I got.
I don't know how to do nothing.
I ain't nobody, I
ain't got nobody.
- Shh, shh, you never
told me that story before.
- That ain't no kinda
story to be telling nobody.
- OK, OK, OK, OK,
it's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK, OK?
- You know, I just want to say
that I really
appreciate all you do.
But sometimes, you just
gotta take a chance
and enter that burning
building 'cause, woo.
OK, I'm gonna shut up and
go home and feed my cat.
I'm too old to be saying
these kinda things.
- Good seeing you Ms. Beatrice.
- Wow.
Now, if I knew they were hiring
beauty queens around here,
I would have came in
a whole lot sooner.
- You cannot possibly
think that was a good line.
- Hey, well it was worth a shot.
- Yes, definitely a miss.
- Oh, man, you're killing
my good work here, girl.
Well, I mean, but.
Alright, well tell me you
believe in second chances.
Can I start over?
- You don't get a second chance
to make a first impression.
And I'm taken.
But very flattered,
so thank you.
- Hey.
- Can I get you something else?
- Well, I mean, I'm a
little low on water.
- Water?
- Yeah, some water.
- OK, coming right up.
- Right.
(soft music)
- Well hello my love.
- Good evening, Jackie.
- So I decided--
- Baby, I'm beat, I'm gonna
turn in for the night, alright?
- OK, well, well sleep well.
(soft guitar music)
- Girl, you didn't
see the reunion?
That doggone Nene Leaks
is out of her mind.
Talking about oh
honey, she could read.
I mean read, read.
You gotta see it,
it's hysterical.
Wait a minute.
Um, let me call you right back.
A hotel key.
OK, maybe he had a
business meeting.
Something, I don't...
Why would you have a hotel key?
- And this for you.
Did you just roll
your eyes at me?
Woman you come up
in here every day.
You know the food ain't no good.
I don't cook it, I just
bring it out to you.
Rolling your eyes at me.
I get paid minimum wage and
it ain't for stank attitudes.
- Tru, be professional.
- Enjoy your slop.
- Good morning, Mr. Mills,
you are you feeling today?
- Oh, not bad, if I must say.
You know, when you get past a
certain age, everything hurts.
- Well, maybe I'll make
you some of my homemade
blackberry and yam syrup,
it's my grandma's recipe,
known to loosen the joints.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Bring it on, sweet pea, I'll
try anything at this point.
- Good, I'll get you some to go.
The hotcake special
and coffee, as usual?
- Do I have to say a word?
- No sir, coming right up.
I put mine in, the couple.
- Long night out
at the club, huh?
Somebody get it in huh?
- Next time take me with
you to the club, girl.
Ms. Beatrice love to
drop it like it's hot.
- Young lady, why
are you wearing
those sunglasses in my diner?
This ain't the beach.
The bible says, "The
word is a lamp unto
"my feet and a
light unto my path."
- [Shartruce] Jackie!
- Is that man
beating on you, huh?
- No sir, I fell
down the stairs.
I just had a little
too much wine.
- Yeah, and just happened
to land on his fist, huh?
- Now, I done told you to
stay out of my business.
- Choke it, girl, you
need to lower your check.
- Or what?
- Or what, I'll
give you another one
to match the one
you already got.
I'm from Decatur baby, what?
- Shartruce!
- I don't care
where you're from!
- You don't care where I'm from?
- No.
- Shartruce!
You see she's hurt,
look at her face.
- Sorry, I'm just saying.
It's gotta be a
hood switch up in me
that when you get disrespectful,
I just go gorilla
like (yelling).
(mischievous music)
- In 50 years of marriage,
I never once raised my hand
to my beautiful
Lilly, I never once.
Not once raised my hand to her.
Now, she done went upside
my head plenty times
with all types of foreign
objects and projectiles,
but it was all done in love.
See, the bible says that love
is patient and
kind, not violent.
- Well, I know some impatient,
unkind folk around the block
that'll set his mind right real
quick, fast and in a hurry.
Ain't nothing but a hoody
hoo away baby, what?
- OK, you know what.
Can everybody just please
stay out of my business?
(upbeat music)
(upbeat electronic music)
- I mean, who do
you think you are,
just walking up in my
kitchen like that, man?
- I am Mr. Leroy
Gregory Marshall III,
Fulton County health inspector.
- Oh.
- And just who are you?
- You must be looking
for Mr. Brady.
I heard he was hiding
behind the stove.
Order's up!
- Just trying to fix
this raggedy stove.
Six burners, two
of them working.
How can I help you, Mister,
would you like a
piece of apple pie?
- No sir.
I wouldn't eat a
thing in this dump.
And besides, shutting you down
is going to be the
sweetest thing ever.
- Mr. Marshall, I
made all the changes
you asked for last
time you were here.
- The eggs were
stored two inches
below where they
should have be stored.
And two inches in my book is
as big as a football field.
- Hey, speaking of football,
you like the Falcons?
- Are you trying to
bribe a county official?
- Oh no, no, no sir.
It's just that I had an extra
ticket to the Falcon's game
on the 50 and I thought maybe--
- Because if you were,
I was getting ready to
say you were a smart man.
- Mr. Marshall,
what do you want?
- 10,000 dollars.
Or I'll shut you down faster
than you can butter a biscuit.
- 10,000 dollars?
- The Marshall family don't
have a history in
stuttering, sir.
- Yeah, well the Brady family
don't have a history
in backing down.
- As you wish.
Let me see can I find some
additional violations
around here.
- Oh, no, no, no Mr. Marshall.
You don't have to
go through all that.
Let's talk this over like
reasonable businessmen.
Let's have a cup of coffee, huh?
- I thought you'd see it my way.
Can you make that a
plastic cup please?
- Oh, we're gonna fix you
up real good, real good.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Oh no you ain't.
What in the H-E
double L hockey sticks
are you doing sitting
up in here, OK?
- My feet hurt, my
corns was throbbing
and so was my bunions and
I'm sorry if it stank.
- OK, well you gonna
be sorry if Mr. Brady
catches you sitting back here
on his time relaxing, OK?
He gonna give you the
Sermon on the Mount
and the Ten Commandments.
You got customers out there.
- Look, they ain't tipping
so I ain't trippin'.
- Well, you do look
awfully cute today.
- Not if we was on
a remote island,
you was last fool on it
and I was out of batteries.
- That's how you're
gonna play it, bro?
I mean why, because
I ain't ballin?
I ain't making it rain in
the clubs or something?
- Now, how would that help me?
Do I look like I would be up
in the clubs or something?
- I'm just trying to say
I work an honest job,
making an honest living,
what's wrong with that?
- Ain't nothing wrong with that.
Look here, how am I
supposed to meet somebody
that's gonna take
me out of here,
if I'm wasting my time with
somebody stuck in here.
You stuck in here, I
wanna be outta here.
In here, outta here.
Do that make sense
to you, a little bit?
- Think so.
- Go on somewhere, go on,
go on, figure it out, go on.
(mischievous music)
- Excuse me, girl,
where you been?
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
He's here.
- TR, he finally came through!
- And why the hell
would TR be up in here?
- Well, he gotta
eat too, something.
- No, Patrick,
Jackie's man is here.
It's about to go down, let's go.
- Oh girl.
- Let's go.
- Wait a minute let
me get the chitlins.
- Oh, you stupid.
- It's gonna be a show.
- OK.
- I don't know.
- Hey.
Traffic was crazy on 85, it
took me hours to get here.
- Patrick, what do you want?
I'm trying to work.
- Yeah, what you want?
Cause I got it
for you man, what?
- Baby--
- Can you please stop?
You're embarrassing me.
- He, you mean--
- You, thank you.
- Baby listen, I promise.
I am sorry OK, it will
never happen again.
- Yeah, better not happen.
Because I got some homies
that'll get you touched.
Real quick partner.
What, partner, what partner?
- Stop.
- Out of my way, just sayin.
- Can we please talk about
this when I get home, Patrick?
I want to believe
you, I really do.
- Look, don't
believe what I say.
Believe what I do, OK?
I'm gonna make this
right, you'll see.
- No, no, baby, now don't
fall for that, alright?
Nope, don't do it.
I heard enough of
this foolishness.
Come on, get these
orders out, pick up!
- Um, OK, we...
We'll talk about it when
I get home, alright?
- OK.
- Alright honey.
- I'll be waiting.
- Honey?
Child, if your brain was in a
pigeon it would fly backwards.
- My grandmamma told me
that love was blinder
than Ray Charles and
deafer than Helen Keller.
That was a wise woman.
- Child, why you always
quoting your grandmamma?
She ate rodents for a living.
I mean, how wise could she be?
- Alright.
You gonna stop
talking about my nana
or I'm gonna have to
go gorilla on you.
- Back up off it baby.
What, you don't see him?
- Listen, if either
one of you had a man,
then you would know what
it took to keep one,
until then, shut up cause
you're just jealous.
- Oh yeah, you know,
I wish I had me a man
that made me come to
work looking like I just
fought five rounds
with Floyd Mayweather.
- Now this is the last
time I'm gonna tell you
to stay out my business.
- Or what Jackie,
what you gonna do?
- Oh you don't know.
- You wanna fight me, but you
ain't gonna fight him, huh?
- OK y'all.
Why y'all always
trying to fight?
Jackie, we just care
about you, that's it.
- No, you only care
about yourself.
Now leave me alone.
He's a good man and you don't
know anything about him.
- Jackie, he's so
good, could you ask him
to let me get one of
them black eyes too?
(upbeat electronic music)
Mr. White!
- Hey!
- Detective, welcome
back, long time no see.
- Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry it's been so long.
We had a month long sting
operation over Mechanicsville.
But you know I'm usually
on time every Friday.
- I can usually set my clock
by you, 3:15 on the dot.
So did you get your man?
- Take a look.
- Oh, front page no less.
15 arrested, led by
Detective Robert White.
Honey, you are something
special at what you do, huh?
- No, no, we just
gotta clean up the city
and make a safe place to
raise our families again,
no matter what it takes.
- Well, I've always been
partial to Law & Order.
Bum, bum.
You know I'm on probation.
Shouldn't have said.
- Probably something I
don't need to know about.
- How about I get your usual?
- Yes ma'am.
- Yes, sir.
- Well, let's see now.
If I don't pay the meat
supplier for two months,
maybe I can raise
the money that way.
No, that's not gonna work.
I'm already behind two
months with him, I--
(phone ringing)
King James Diner?
Hey, hello Dr. Patterson, Larry.
You got the results
back from the lab, huh?
No, I don't have time to
come down there Larry,
I'm too busy right now here.
Give it to me straight,
over the phone, right now.
I see.
I see.
(slow piano music)
No, I'm a big boy,
I can, I understand.
OK, OK, well I'll
definitely come in
and we can discuss my options.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll call the nurse.
And thanks again, Larry.
Thanks old buddy.
It's a tough one baby.
It's a tough one, Lil.
(soft music)
- Somebody's here awful early.
What's up with that?
- Trying to get a
jump on the day.
Get this job search started
'fore this place get busy.
- Child please, you know
you ain't going nowhere.
Job search, are you serious?
- I guess I am.
- Come on.
- Mr. Brady told me.
- No, no, no, no, no.
The minute you start to leave,
he gonna ask you to come
right back, you know that.
Don't even play.
- He said I had no ambitions.
Mann Mann, you think I
don't have no ambitions?
- Well, I think he's being a
little bit more over ambitious
if he think that this place is
gonna this diner without you.
- Yeah, I guess that's
the problem huh?
When I first got here it was
cause Miss Lilly took me in
and I had nowhere else to go.
Then I just started
to feel obligated.
Like they, they
really did need me.
Now I just feel guilty and lost.
And mad.
And angry.
- Well, Miss Lilly was
a wonderful person.
She was like a mother to me.
And lord knows that, you know,
in my entire existence
living on this earth,
I never taste a better
piece of pecan pie.
- Why you talking
about some damn pie
and I'm sitting here trying
to tell you I got problems.
Serious problem, I
don't have no talent.
I don't have no writing skills.
I can't spell for nothing.
I can't file, I don't even know
how to work this computer thing,
I can't dance, I couldn't even
be a stripper if I wanted to.
- Oh, you could be a stripper
now, you got the body.
- Yeah, got the big
boobies huh, you like that?
Why don't you get outta
my face with that mess?
- Well, you're right.
Because I did see you dance
and you have no rhythm.
You've kinda got a little
Miley Cyrus going on.
- I'm being serious
here, Mann Mann.
- I'm being serious too.
Your twerking ain't working.
- I hate you.
- I mean, my only real
love in life is cooking.
That's it.
Before my daddy died, I
remember, I was a little boy.
He used to take
me in the kitchen,
teach me how to mix ingredients,
put a little this and
that, stir this up,
little dash of that in there.
Taught me how to cook with love.
Never forget that.
(slow piano music)
Never felt closer
to anyone else.
That was our time
in the kitchen.
- Do you think I give a damn
about you and your daddy?
You sitting here going
round and round memory lane
and I got issues here.
- I mean, maybe
that's your issue.
I mean, what's in your
heart, what do you love?
- Whatever.
(soft piano music)
- Yeah, whatever.
I'm gonna get this
bacon started, alright?
Put that down.
- Good morning Mr. Weathers,
usual, hotcake special?
- Yeah beautiful.
But you know what
I was thinking?
Since Mr. Brady ain't here yet,
I was wondering if
it might be possible
that you could slip one extra
hotcake on that
plate this morning?
- You're so cute.
Well yes, if Mr.
Brady isn't here.
And it could be possible
if the tip is right.
- You never know unless you try.
- You know what, you're
absolutely right Mr. Weathers.
You never do know
unless you try, huh?
One hotcake special coming up
sir, with an extra hotcake.
- Thank you beautiful.
- Yes, yes I understand.
The line of credit is maxed out.
But Charlie, can you make an
exception just this one time?
Charlie, I've been at
this bank over 30 years.
Man, I don't wanna hear
nothing about no credit crunch.
You over here all the time
crunching on free food.
Hook an old man up.
The board?
I ain't got time to
hear about no board.
Lord, move on behalf
of the saints cause
the devil is working.
- The real sin is trying
to pass this place off
as a legitimate establishment.
- What's, what's all this?
- Those are the
forms that I need
in order to start the
process of shutting you down.
That should ruin your appetite.
- [Mr. Brady] You can't do this.
I'll call my lawyer.
- Yeah, and in maybe six
months, you may get some relief.
But maybe not.
But by that time, Mr.
Brady, you'll be finished.
Ain't nobody gonna eat
here after they know
that you've been shut down
for health violations.
The internet is very
powerful nowadays
and my pen is the law my friend.
- Mr. Marshall, let me
fix you a cup of coffee.
Let's talk this over.
This diner is a fixture in
this community, a landmark.
We've been here over 25 years.
- Save that sentimental
garbage for someone who cares.
Where's the money?
- I don't have it yet.
- No, well that's too bad.
That's too bad.
- Mr. Marshall, I built this
place with my bare hands.
- All good things come
to an end, Mr. Brady
and I use the term
good thing very loosely
in reference to this place.
- Just give me a
couple more days.
- I give you three days.
But 10% is gonna
be your interest.
- You can't do this.
No weapon formed against
me shall prosper.
- Three days sir,
I'll be here Friday.
- Get out.
(slow orchestral music)
(soft piano music)
Ms. Brady, how's your steak?
- Just like I like it.
- Always was your favorite.
- You know I would
come down from heaven
for a plate of your world
famous steak and eggs.
- Lilly, I miss you so much.
- Why do you miss me, Brady?
- We just didn't
have enough time.
- Child please, I
haven't gone anywhere.
There's so much you
don't understand.
So much I have to share with
you when the time comes.
- Lilly, I'm tired.
Bone tired.
- Rejoicing in hope.
Be patient in tribulation.
Be constant in prayer.
- Romans 12:12?
- OK, OK.
Act like you know that word.
(soft piano music)
- Um, Mr. Brady, now, I'm sorry,
but I overheard everything
that crook just said
and he ain't getting
away with this.
- There's nothing I can
do, my hands are tied.
- Uh uh, uh uh,
now I know we don't
always get along on everything
but I have never seen you
compromise your integrity.
And I've never seen you
back down from a fight.
Now, we gonna handle this.
- Shartruce, I'm tired.
He gonna shut us down if I
don't give him 10,000 dollars.
Maybe it's for the best, shucks,
I'm too old for all
this stress anyway.
- Stress?
This is your dream.
This is Miss Lilly's dream.
- It's over, I'm sorry.
- Since when did the
great Frank Brady
just start rolling
over for any man?
You disgust me.
- Shartruce, I have cancer.
In my prostate, the biopsy
report came back positive.
(soft music)
I'm dying.
- No, no, no, no.
- Go on back to work.
- What does that mean?
- You have magic in that syrup.
I haven't felt
this good in years.
Would you mind if
I get some more?
- Yes you can Mr. Mills.
You know what, I'll even
pour you out a couple of jars
for free to take home
with you, what you think?
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
I could really
use one right now.
- You got one.
- Oh, I need to talk to you.
- What?
- It's gonna be quick.
- OK, hurry up, I gotta go.
- OK, I was wondering if um,
if I could take over a
couple of your shifts.
I need to make some extra money.
- Shifts?
Girl, I need my shifts.
- No, I know, but if
you ever need to swap,
I'm wondering if I can help out
because I'm having a hard time
making ends meet this month.
- Right.
You do have to take
care of little man.
OK, I'll tell you what,
I'm supposed to do
a double shift today, so
you can have my night shift
and I can go home
and surprise Patrick.
Maybe stop off and get
some Victoria Secret,
a little something nice, OK?
- I guess.
- And I'm sorry for being
mean to you earlier.
- Oh no, don't worry about it.
Sisters wouldn't be sisters
without a little fight
every once in a while.
- Yeah, you're right.
Love you.
- I love you too.
- Alright, girl, I gotta
go, my money is calling.
I'm coming.
- Thank you.
- [Jackie] Welcome.
- Thank you.
(soft guitar music)
A turkey melt with
bacon and french fries.
Here you go, Ms. Beatrice,
can I get you anything else?
- Can I get some ketchup baby?
- Sure, I'll be right back.
No tip at all.
Are you serious?
It was like six
people at this table.
- That is just trifling.
I mean, I can't tip you either.
But once Obama send that
check at the top of the month,
I got you girl.
- You are crazy, Ms. Beatrice.
I'll be back with your ketchup.
- Speaking of
ketchup, I sure would
like to ketchup with
that right there.
- Uh huh, you better stop.
- Mm, Lord have mercy.
- You need to tie your shoes up
before you come
out on this floor.
- First of all, I want to
thank each and every one of you
for all your years of service.
I couldn't have made it
this far without any of you.
- Oh man.
We about to get a raise Mr.
Brady, is that what I hear?
- Just shut up and
let the man speak.
- I'm trying to let him speak.
But you know, closed
mouth don't get fed.
You know, I'm trying to
get a raise, you know.
You don't know if you don't ask.
- I'm asking you to stay quiet.
- Unfortunately, at
the end of the month
I'm going to have
to close the diner.
- What?
- No, I need this job.
- Forces beyond my
control, I'm sorry.
- Are you serious?
I mean, I just I got the
kitchen mastered Mr. Brady.
I'm gonna have to learn
a whole new kitchen now.
Man, I mean, come on, I
got the oven working right.
I got it mastered.
Got the brisket
coming out just right,
tender like everybody like it.
I mean, they're ordering the
brisket now, will you tell him?
(loud clattering)
Thought she liked my brisket,
that's terrible right there.
(soft piano music)
- Excuse me miss.
You think I can get
some more lemonade?
I've been sitting down for like
10 minutes waiting, empty glass.
- Don't you see me out here
smoking my Trippy Stix?
I am on a break.
I ain't chiefed in three weeks,
here you come, I'm
sitting out here burning.
(garbled muttering)
What the heck does that mean?
You still smacking some of
that food you got left over?
I have been working all day
long, what you been doing?
Sitting at my
counter bothering me.
If you want good service, take
your butt to the Red Lobster.
This is a dive, a
dump, day old food.
- Man--
- Maybe you don't need
no glass of lemonade.
Maybe what you need is a tall
glass of run around the block.
All you gonna do is
catch the diabetes.
Then what you gonna do?
You ain't go no insurance.
Gonna be sitting around
making the sweet taxpayers
of the gorgeous state of Georgia
pay for your doctor bills.
Go on, get outta my face.
Go on right now with
your chubby skins.
- Can I get a hit?
- No, you can't get no hit.
All you gonna do is
get hungry again.
Can I get a hit, you greedy.
(soft music)
Miss Lilly?
- Now I know I taught
you better than that.
Treat others?
- As you would want
them to treat you.
I'm sorry ma'am.
I know, I...
I just been so angry
since you left.
It's just like
everything has changed.
Nothing is the same.
- Why do you speak of change
as if it's a bad thing?
- Because I just
miss you so much.
- You're not without me.
- Sure feels like
I'm without you.
- Things are not
always as they seem.
Remember that and
open up your heart.
The bible tells us that love,
it never fails.
It never fails.
- I never got a chance
to tell you how I felt.
I just want to say
to you thank you.
- I ain't dead yet, child,
come on let's get back to work.
The customers are complaining.
- Yes, we made it home girl.
Everything worked out
perfectly, you got more hours
at the diner, I get to spend
more time with Patrick.
I even splurged on a
little outfit, you know,
get it poppin in the room.
Yes girl, I just got home,
so I will call you later.
OK, bye.
(dramatic music)
- Honey.
I wasn't expecting you.
Jack, what are you doing here?
Listen, let me explain.
Why are you here?
Jackie listen, calm down.
Just let me explain
it to you, OK?
It's not what it looks like, OK?
- No, no, no, sweetheart.
You stay right where you are.
I'm leaving.
- Don't...
Jackie let's talk about
it at least, alright?
- You finally found what you
were looking for,
I'm happy for you.
- Jackie?
I told you this was a bad idea.
- It was your idea.
- [Patrick] Jackie!
- You said you were separated.
Is everything out
of your mouth a lie?
- Alright now, when you find
yourself in the hospital
with your leg chopped
off because you done
caught a supersize
case of diabetes,
I ain't coming to visit you.
- Man, come--
- What you trying to,
you feeling froggy,
then you better drop, what?
- Hey, hey.
- Come on, I got you.
- Hey lady.
- What, what?
Oops, aw.
I really am, I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I am a work in progress.
God is truly not
finished with me yet.
I going to go get you a
free cup of lemonade, OK?
OK, I'm sorry.
- Wait a minute,
wait, wait a minute.
Was that an apology that
just came out your mouth?
I mean, come on.
I've known you a long time,
I never seen you apologize
to anybody for anything.
You feeling alright?
- Get off of me.
- You been drinking some of
Melissa's little famous syrup,
let me smell your breath.
- Go away fool,
go away, go away.
I'll be right back, I
got important customers.
- Whatever.
That woman right there
is a true piece of work.
But you know what, I'm
just the guy for the job.
- Look lover boy, you ain't
got a shot on this earth.
So why don't you mosey
on back in the kitchen
and get the job
done on my omelet.
My sugar's low, I'm
tweaking and I'm shaking.
- OK, alright.
- Trip.
- I'll drop dead up in here.
(mischievous music)
(soft piano music)
- Oh Lilly, everything
was so simple back then.
Baby, I can't wait to
dance with you again.
(traffic rushing)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I know you not
leaving for work.
- No.
- You OK?
- No, I'm not OK.
- I don't have to be at the
station for another hour.
Want to walk and talk?
- No, it's just not a
good time, my man, he's--
- Hey, hey, look.
How about you talk
and I'll listen.
And look, I promise you
I'm not going to say
anything lame, won't crack
any jokes or pickup lines.
Come on.
- OK.
(soft, emotional music)
- [Shartruce] Just for you.
- I know I said I
loved the hashbrowns,
but Lord, you sure
piled them on.
- Well, anything for the
man in blue who has promised
to protect and serve this
community with a smile.
- OK, come on, what's the catch?
You ain't never this nice.
You do something to mess
with your probation?
- Mmhm, not that I can think of.
I mean, I was out
there smoking some...
- Child please, they need to
put this thing under the jail.
She is a ticking time bomb, a
real threat to the community.
Oh lord, I'm sorry.
Let me go, I don't know why
I'm saying these things.
My sugar gets slow and
I just get to snitching.
- You wanna get to snitching,
why don't you snitch on
the weed and the bong
you got in that
little bitty purse.
It's a little bitty bong,
but it's a bong in there,
snitch on that.
- No habla ingles.
(mischievous music)
- You don't mind if I sit
down, can I talk to you?
- You OK, what's wrong?
- Well, I'm OK,
it's not about me.
It's about my boss,
you know Mr. Brady,
the man who owns this place.
- What?
- It's nothing, I
was just teasing.
You enjoy those hashbrowns,
you hear me detective.
Thank you, I'll
see you next time.
- Shartruce?
(muttering drowned out by music)
- Go check on that juice box.
What are you doing?
Jermaine, is this my--
- He's OK.
- Baby, are you OK?
- I got evicted.
We didn't have
anywhere else to go.
- No, no, no, you didn't
have anywhere else to go?
- We're OK.
- No, you're not OK.
I had no idea it had
gotten like this.
This is bad Melissa.
- Thank you so
much for listening.
- Hey, any time.
Look um, I gotta get back.
So why don't you let me
come back and meet you
when you get off,
take you to your car.
- No, it's OK, you've
already done enough.
I appreciate it.
- Can I call you sometime?
- No.
- Alright.
You're OK, it's no
pressure, alright?
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
- OK.
- Then the next day,
then the day after that,
and then the day after
that, all through the week,
won't end until you
take me serious.
A woman like you shouldn't
be taken for granted.
Why don't you let me show you
how you need to be treated?
- Alright.
I gotta go, I have
to get to work.
- Gotta get to work.
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Alright, I'll see you later.
- I will definitely
see you later.
- Bye.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Look, I'm in
serious trouble, Tru.
- OK, well we all in trouble,
seem to be following
us around lately.
- This is really serious.
- OK, what's going on?
You got evicted.
- I used to be an addict.
- What?
- Got a lot of problems.
I been sober for two years.
- Oh my god.
- But I did some really
terrible, terrible things.
I um...
I left Jermaine home
alone for two days
while I was high and strung out.
- Oh baby.
- My momma called
social services
and they took him away.
That was my breaking point.
It took me a year and
a half to get him back.
I did everything that the judges
and the social workers
asked me to do.
I got this job.
I cleaned up you know?
I'm in school.
(soft guitar music)
I just love him so much, Tru.
- I know baby.
- I can't...
- You are a good mother.
- I can't hurt him again.
- You won't.
- If the social worker finds
out that I got evicted, I--
- Look, look, look, look,
now I ain't got much.
I mean I ain't
baller, baller Jackie,
but what I do have is yours.
Will you be my roommate?
Just till you get on your feet.
- Hey ladies.
- Where did you come from?
- Just got here and I
got some cheesecake.
What's up with the long faces?
- Nothing, we gonna be alright.
- Well, I'm not.
Two words.
Man whore.
- Eh, Patrick?
- In my bed.
- Hell no, with what?
- Another woman.
- A dog?
- Whore.
- Ew, I'll be damned.
That mother, I'll
go get the plates.
- Get the plates.
- What'd you do?
- I left.
- Oh heck, they
still over there?
- Still over there.
- Let me go get the knife.
- No, don't, don't.
- Please don't.
(slow music with a strong beat)
- See, that's what I'm saying,
we can't let Brady
go out like this.
Now, you in?
- Yeah, I can't deal
with another 10 years
breaking an oven in, trying to
get my brisket to
taste just right.
- Would you shut up
about that damn brisket?
You in?
- I'm in, I need this job.
- I don't even care no more,
at this point, yeah I'm in.
- My girl, alright then.
'Cause momma got a plan.
(soft music with a strong beat)
- Truce, OK baby,
it's game time.
- Don't baby me, now I
got your baby right here
with a right hook on it.
- Come on, ain't nobody
got time for that.
- Why you got the
wrong shirt on?
Go put your shirt back on.
- OK, OK.
- I got the four bars,
let make this happen.
Go on.
Breaker, breaker, Operation
Hashbrown has begun.
I repeat, Operation
Hashbrown is going down.
- Set, bring the milk.
- Copy.
(mischievous music)
- Just gonna help
yourself, right?
Hope you like it.
You can have all the
cake you want to, sir.
You just remember
that, I'm just a cook.
Didn't do anything
wrong around here.
- Ironically, it's
quite delicious.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Enjoy yourself.
- Would you like a glass of
ice cold milk with that, sir?
- Sounds like a good
idea, get your boss.
- One boss man coming
up, he'll be right out.
- Breaker one nine,
hummingbird in place.
Operation Hashbrown
now commencing.
I repeat, Operation
Hashbrown now commencing.
- Let's get this bastard.
- Ms. Beatrice, would
you stop cursing?
You know we supposed to
follow some kind of protocol.
Be a lady sometime.
- Child, I been
doing sneaky stuff
since your momma was
in cloth diapers.
You don't tell me how to handle
my business, I'll
tell you where to go.
- Hey, hey turn that
off, turn that off.
All you gotta do is
look out for Mr. Brady.
- OK, but I want
in on the action.
- Anything else I can
get for you Mr. Marshall?
- Nope, that'll be it.
I think I've took enough
of a risk with my stomach
for a day in this dump.
Where's Mr. Brady?
- He's coming.
Let me get you a free sample
of our homemade fudge.
- Oh, me too, please!
- Sit your big ass
down before I drop you
like my breasts without a bra.
- I ain't coming here no more,
man, y'all got issues, damn.
- I need to see Mr.
Brady right now.
- I know you do Mr. Marshall.
But what you need to do
is tate some of this,
so good it make you
wanna slap your momma.
Taste one.
- I think I do have a bit
of a sweet tooth today.
- Let me get you a napkin.
Hashbrown is getting
antsy, I repeat,
hashbrown is getting
antsy, let's move people.
- Who is it?
- Mr. Brady, there's
an emergency.
- Well, whatever it
is, it'll have to wait.
I'm dealing with something
very important here.
Please come back later.
- Mann Mann has just
set the kitchen on fire.
- What?
- The omelet is about
to leave the pan.
(music drowns out muttering)
- Mann Mann, what are you doing?
I don't smell no fire in here.
- Oh, you don't smell it
sir because I extinguished
the fire before it
really got started.
I'm a highly skilled,
trained individual.
That's what they teach
you at fire prevention,
cook school 101.
- Give me that.
You don't know
what you're doing.
And the rest of you,
get back to your posts.
We've got food to serve out
there, come on, get moving.
(mischievous music)
- The omelet is going
back in the pan,
I repeat the omelet is
going back in the pan.
- OK, going dark.
- I wouldn't mind
going dark too.
- Let me get that
for you Mr. Marshall.
You made a mess,
you made a mess.
- Now that's what
I call service.
You may have a future
in this business.
- Why thank you.
- [Mann Mann] Omelet's up.
- Game over buddy.
Brady's in his
office, I got tables.
- On second thought, maybe
you belong in this hell hole.
- Whatever.
(heavy sighing)
- It's OK baby, it's OK.
- Now, I got this.
- It's OK, I will
wash every pot.
- I'll do it, I'll do it.
- Brady, it's OK, you
have enough to do.
Go, go ahead, go.
- Baby, we should be able
to afford a new dishwasher,
but maybe next week, but I
just couldn't bring myself
to take that loan, I
knew it was dirty money.
But God commanded me
to walk out of there.
- I will wash every dish in
this place and scrub the floors
before I allow you to
compromise yourself.
You listen to me, Frank Brady.
- Don't I always?
- You are a man of integrity.
A man of God.
The righteousness of God.
You are the above
and not the beneath.
Whatsoever you desire,
God will do for you.
And don't nobody
love you like I do.
Go and sin no more.
- Oh hush.
- [Mr. Marshall] Good
afternoon, Brady.
- Good afternoon sir.
- I just had a blast interacting
with your uneducated,
rude, inefficient staff.
But that's a whole nother story.
- Marshall, those
kids work hard.
And I won't let you or anyone
else speak poorly of them.
The bible says on
the day of judgment
every man will give
full accounting
for every careless
word they say.
- Well, mister bible thumper,
I hope you know
the event in your
good book called judgment day.
Because that will be today.
Where's the money?
I knew you would see it my way.
You see, underneath all
of that flashy words
and moralistic finger
wagging, one thing remains
and that's self preservation.
- You know you put me
in a terrible position.
This place was my dream.
Mine and my wife's.
But somehow I realized that
I was holding onto this place
as if it were the only thing
that connected me to her,
the only thread that tied
us together in so many ways.
But after much
prayer and thought,
I realized that my wife and I
are still together in our hearts
and no building, no physical
thing, no amount of money
can be responsible
for that connection.
- What's your point?
I mean, I got
other appointments.
- The point is, I've
decided not to give you
the 10,000 dollars to
keep this place open.
You do whatever you got to do.
But God will give me the
strength and the tools
to deal with whatever comes.
- Don't be no fool,
pay the money.
If you don't, I swear
you'll regret it.
- I'd rather regret it and
not compromise my values huh?
To fail in life is one thing,
but to fail and
compromise your values,
that's the worst kind of failure
in my book that you can imagine.
- OK.
Then have it your way.
Make your bed and lay in it.
I will submit a laundry list
of health code violations
that will turn this dump into
a crack house
before you know it.
- Mr. Marshall, would you
like a cup of coffee to go,
on your way out, hm?
- You know what, you people
are all the same, hypocrites.
You're gonna regret the day
that you crossed
me, you old fool.
- Mmhm, fool, who's the
fool now, fancy drawers.
I got it all on tape boss.
- Shartruce, what are you doing?
- I am exercising my
first amendment right
to record a public
official doing dirty deeds.
- Oh, that ain't gonna hold up.
- Oh yeah?
Maybe, maybe not.
Got it up, got it up,
go down, around, around,
oh, now it's gone,
woo hoo, bye boo boo.
- I'm gonna get you.
- Oh, no you don't.
No you, you quit chasing
me you old pervert.
- Give me that.
- Oh, what is wrong with
you, you old evil man.
What, you stuck
in the double Os?
Honey, I already
downloaded it on cloud,
backed it up on
Facebook, Tweeted it,
Instagrammed it, fed it to feed
and send to the
federal government.
And just for good measure,
I texted it to my
favorite customer
who gets here everyday
at 3:15 pm on the dot,
the one and only
Detective White.
Can we all give him
around of applause.
This is mine, give it back.
- I can explain.
- I need you to
come with me, sir.
- Oh, I need to call my lawyer.
- [Shartruce] Need
to call Jesus.
- Can you imagine that?
Outsmarted by a bunch of dumb,
uneducated, inefficient people.
Hey, free biscuits and
gravy for everybody.
- Uh uh, man, you got a lot
of nerve coming up in here.
You need to turn right
on around and go.
- This is actually
none of your business,
so I suggest you back up, OK?
- Boy, you ain't hearing me,
she don't wanna talk to you.
- And I done already told
you, you need to back up.
- Oh, you know what, you right.
The old me would have
been back out here
with some hot grits that
would make Al Green scream.
- OK.
- But I'm gonna let it ride.
I can't go around here fighting
the world my entire life.
I got to learn to
let go and let die.
- That's good.
- [Shartruce] Go on.
- Congratulations.
- It's cool, let's hear
what he has to say.
- Honey, can we talk outside?
- No.
Whatever you got to say to me,
this is my family, you can say
it in front of all of them.
- OK, um, honey I'm sorry.
I made a mistake Jackie.
Let me make it right, come home.
- Patrick, I love you so much.
- Really?
Wait a minute.
- Patrick, I love you so much.
But I realize I love me more.
God loves me more
and I deserve better.
- I made a mistake
Jackie, it was a mistake.
- One mistake, one
mistake too many.
You don't love me.
You don't care about
anybody but yourself.
You love the moment.
And I'm looking for somebody
who loves more than himself.
- More than himself, huh?
You know, when I met you?
You was at the bus stop OK?
You were broke and
you were alone.
And if you let me walk
out that door, guess what?
You'll be right back
where you started.
- You can believe that if
it makes you sleep better,
but me, I know the truth.
I know that I held you
down like a real woman
and it was you who didn't
appreciate what you had
and now it's gone,
so be gone Patrick.
- Jackie, you ain't
going nowhere.
- Hey.
(dramatic music)
Think you might want to take
your hands off of her playboy.
- Who's uh, who's the beefcake?
- You're a little
funny man, huh?
That ain't important.
But you put your
hands on her again,
you're gonna see
exactly who I am.
- Oh yeah.
- Watch your step.
- Really Jackie?
- Something wrong
with your hearing?
- Wow, um.
This ain't over partner.
Know that.
- Hey, don't forget these.
- That's a good throw.
Mister uh, beefcake, if you
ever need a job, a real job,
have your lady get in
contact with me, alright?
- That's right.
I'm good man, I'm
at the fire station
downtown from nine to five.
Why don't you come down
there if you want to see me?
- My hero.
- What's up?
- Let me get some of
them biscuits over here.
- Some or one?
- Let me get one.
(music drowns out chatter)
- Thank god you're still here.
- Oh hey, Mr. Mills.
Is everything OK?
- Absolutely.
Listen, I hope you don't mind,
but I'm not sure
that I ever told you
that I retired from a holistic
food manufacturing business.
- [Melissa] Uh uh.
- Well, I still have some
friends in the field of course.
Don't get upset.
I took the liberty
of sending them those
extra bottles of
syrup you gave me.
- Oh, OK.
- Well, they sort of made you
an offer to license the recipe.
- Whatever Mr. Mills.
- I'm serious.
- What is this?
I get a royalty on
every bottle sold
and a 200,000 dollar advance?
- I think I can
negotiate that up to 250.
That's the best we can do.
- Is this real?
- I'm sorry, I tried to
get you as much as I could.
- No.
Thank you so much Mr.
Mills, thank you so much.
God is so good.
God is so good, you
all, look at this.
- Oh you--
- [Melissa] What's
wrong with you?
- It's a quarter of
a million dollars.
- Dear lord.
- You know, I make jam.
It ain't jelly but...
- I'll do what I can.
- Lord have mercy.
- Shartruce!
- Hey.
- Can I walk you to your car?
- Yeah, it's right here.
- I was hoping to catch
you before you went home.
- I didn't do it.
- No, this time you did do it.
Mr. Brady told me
how you orchestrated
this whole Operation Hashbrown.
- He told you that?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well did you arrest
that no good so and so?
- Well, we turned
everything over to the FBI,
Inspector General's office.
No worries, he'll get
what's coming to him.
That guy's been pulling
that racket for years.
But actually, I was thinking.
It seems to me like
you've kinda got a knack
for this whole law
enforcement thing.
So how about you come
intern at my unit's office?
I can help you get financial aid
down at the community college,
we'll get you enrolled in
the criminal justice program.
Now Mr. Brady says
he can cover any gaps
in the financial aid for
you, what do you think?
- You know I'm on
probation, right?
- Yeah, I checked your record.
It's a misdemeanor.
Get it expunged, no
biggie, I know some people.
- OK.
Me, law enforcement, me?
- Well, you certainly know
how to think like a criminal
and I got a feeling
you're a natural.
Plus, you'd be doing some
good for your community.
Come on, what do you say?
- You never know unless
you take a chance.
- That's right.
- You're sure now?
- Absolutely.
- No going back?
- No sir.
- Thank you detective.
(bright music)
- Thank you, thank
you, thank you.
For everything that
you've done for me.
Remember, luck always
favors the just.
I love you so much dad.
(slow, emotional music)
Jesus is the same,
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jesus is the same
Yesterday, today
and forevermore
Yeah, yeah
- You guys did a great job.
I'm so proud of you.
Really, I am.
Next time, just the same.
And I'll recommend
that promotion.
on your baby, Joe.
What he's done for others,
He can do for you too
What he did back then
He's still able to do
What he's done for others
He can do for you too
- Hey baby.
(music drowns out dialogue)
- Hi baby.
- Look at you.
- Dream come true.
Your promises are sure
I believe in you
I believe in you
I do believe
I believe
No, no
He will do for you too
What he did back then,
He's still able to do
What he's done for others
He can do the same for you
I believe
I believe
Yeah, I believe
I believe in you
And I believe
I believe
To heal and fight,
deliver and free
And I believe
I believe
I believe in you
I believe, yes I do
I believe
Believe in you
I believe in you