Action (2019) Movie Script

Greetings to one and all
Wondering what I'm doing in this movie?
I've got nothing to
do with this movie
This story travels across London, Turkey,
Pakistan and many more countries
If people belonging to those nations speak
their tongue then our audience won't understand
toggle between it and the scene
That'd cause confusion in reading
all the people belonging
to different countries...
are made to speak Tamizh
So, all the characters in
the movie will speak Tamizh
Which is for our convenience
We believe it'll make
your viewing a pleasure
Also, we believe that
you'll like this movie
Thank you. Enjoy the show
- Hand this file over to the crime branch
- Yes, sir!
These two persons are the main
suspects in the Algornia murder case
Anybody giving information about
them will be rewarded 50,000 Lira
Announced by Istanbul police department
- Go search that side
- Ok
Come with us!
Get in the car
We have just got the girl
We will find him using her
Once I have him too,
I'll call you. Bye
Tell me...
Where is he?
You have got so many men
Ask them to go, find him!
You wretch!
I give you two options
Bring him here...
and I shall let you go or else...
you'll die along with him
All your valor will last
only until he reaches here
Once he is here, you
won't have any option
It'll be action all the way!
The way we planned and nabbed you...
Doesn't that give you
an idea of my powers?
If I can catch you then imagine
how long before I nab him?
You planned and nabbed me?
I walked into your trap to isolate you
It was all his plan!
Then ask him to come! Let's
me see what he's got
He travelled down 6000
kms to find out the truth
Don't you think he'll travel
half a kilometre to find you?
There he is
Tell me...
Whom do you work for?
Who's behind all this?
Refuse and you'll die!
Tell me!
Refuse and I'll die!
Say it and you'll die!
Then you die first!
'Few weeks ago'
- Greetings
- Greetings
Shenbagam, serve tea
'The house of the Chief Minister,
Tamizh Nadu'
Greetings madam
Mr. Selvandar. He'll be here soon
- Please be seated
- Greetings
Greetings. Why are
you waiting here?
I'm not here as
Sarvanan's friend, Deepak
I'm a business with an obligation
for the deputy chief minister
Whatever you are here
for, first come in
"Ocean...The ocean..."
Don't shake your legs, dear.
You're the deputy CM! Why are
you tying your son's shoe lace?
My home work, that he did, was full of
mistakes! And I got an earful from my teacher!
Hence, this punishment
Please don't embarrass me
Look what he's doing!
- Hi Deepak
- Hello
- Bye dear
- Bye, dad
Take your bag, your brat!
Dad has agreed to approve your
Solar project. He'll sign it today
Saravana, I was totally broke after
the loss I incurred in my business
I would've been a goner had the
situation remained the same
You've allotted me this 40 billion rupees
project for the sake of our friendship
I will never, ever forget this help
Deepak, my dad's the chief minister
Yet, I had never asked him any
favor nor did he do me any favor
This is the first time and
that too for your sake
Don't I know that? I even know the big players
in the market, who were pitching for this
Yet you are the
reason why I got this
All this sounds good
So, remember this help, work
hard and save my reputation
Come, let's go meet my dad
Look here, I'm signing
your documents
These are the last documents I'm
approving as a Chief minister
Why would you say that, uncle?
- Didn't he tell you?
- No
In upcoming elections, we'll win and I'll
announce Saravanan as the chief minister...
and I'm planning to
quit politics for good
How long do people like me block
the way and be an obstacle?
It's time the young people took charge
Here you go. The government
handovers this project to you
Stay true to God and execute
this project very well
- Deepak, your arrival has brought us good news
- What's that?
In the upcoming election, our 'Makkal
Sakthi Kazhagam' - MSK party...
and the 'India Desiya Murpokku' - IPD party
are forming alliance for the first time
And for the first election campaign
conference of this alliance...
national leader, Gupta ji is coming
down to our state on the 10th
Is it?
Yes, dad. Only 12 more days to go
We must make all the necessary
arrangements to make it grand
Let me bear the expenses for the conference
hall, dias and catering services
- Bribing us for approving the tender for you?
- Oh! Come on. I didn't mean that
Look here, Deepak...
One who dares to steals will
eventually end up being a beggar
One who feels begging
is an insult will steal
One who does both these
will accept bribes
So, just take care of the project that
government has approved you to do
The party people will take
care of the conference
Uncle...Uncle! Uncle!
I didn't mean that way
Politics and government
are two different things
Saravana, I have started a
new AC manufacturing unit
If you have no concerns...
at least let me provide ACs
for the conference hall
You may provide the ACs but before that
make sure you collect the amount for it
I'm Lieutenant General M J Rehman
Your son, Subash's chief
This is Diya
Colonel Subash's partner in the operation
he led. Come, let's go see Subash
What happened to my brother?
An operation was planned two days ago to
clear the terrorist campaign in border
The operation was successful
But while returning, Subash
got shot unexpectedly
Subash! Look at him, oh my God!
What happened, my dear?
He has been in comatose
since two days
- Nothing to worry
- Don't worry, dad
- Nothing will happen to him
- Dear brother-in-law!
Did I fly all the way down from
Turkey to see you in this condition?
Oh my dear brother-in-law!
Look at your condition!
You deserve this!
Did you think I'm here out
of the love I have for you?
I'm here to watch and enjoy as your
body will be carried in a coffin!
Dear sister, look at the affection
your husband has for Subash
Obvious, isn't it? After
all they are classmates
Dear brother-in-law, if I ever get
hold of the guy who shot you...
I'll idolize him! That's how
much I'm furious with you!
Imagine all the tough times you gave me
Dear sister, please! Don't marry him!
Look here! Don't create a ruckus in this
marriage after arriving at the last minute
Quiet dear sister-in-law! Dear sister,
please don't marry him and ruin your life!
He is a fool! He was my senior in
college, failed and became my classmate
Your sister ain't left
over food to get ruined!
She is like fresh food!
You call me a fool? I'm not the one who's
roaming in borders with a gun, like you!
I work in an embassy abroad,
in a posh office! Got it?
Dear sister, look at this teeth!
You still want to marry him?
It's not my teeth that she fell for
It's my skill she fell for.
Isn't it, baby?
Look! This marriage is
happening with her consent
You keep quiet. Go
ahead, tie the knot
I won't agree! I just won't agree!
Don't you tie the knot! You heard me!
Don't you tie the knot!
Subash, what's wrong with you?
There! I tied the knot
He just tied the knot! You...
After wedding the groom spends
the night with the bride
But you made me spend the
night at a dental hospital!
- Excuse me, the patient needs to rest
- Ok, doctor
Let the patient rest.
Please control him
- Dear brother-in-law!
- Nurse...
I'm going to meet the chief doctor.
Please get me the reports
Yes, doctor
Look what you did, dear
I prayed for you at our deity's
temple and got you this Kumkum
nothing will happen to you
I was impressed by you when I saw you going
crazy and tried to stop your sister's marriage
I fell for you right at that moment
But I couldn't confess
that to you in person
I get nervous every time I see you
I remember the first time I came to your room.
It was three months ago, on your birthday
I was confident that I'll
confess my love for you
But you were asleep
I didn't know what to do
So, out of love, I kissed you
I kissed you on that day saying
the three words - 'I love you'
You don't even know that
Today, again I'm going to kiss you saying
another three words - 'Get well soon'
And you won't even know this
Madam, please don't disturb the patient
Oh! Come on! Couldn't you've come two
seconds late? I just missed a kiss!
I agreed to play along with Subash because
he compelled me a lot. Really sorry
What kind of childish-ness is this?
An operation to clear terrorist
camp in Poonch. 45 terrorists...
and we pulled off the mission
with zero causalities
So, in two days I will be awarded
the gallantry award, Kirti chakra
Politics never allowed you guys to attend
when I won medals in school and college
Hence, I staged a drama
Not just that. Three days relief for you
from your political life. Hence, I lied
You pulled it off really well!
You almost gave us
all a heart attack
In a way it benefited me
Also, I found out what
everyone thinks of me
Like you lied, whatever
I said was also a lie!
- Su...
- Please no!
- Superb!
- Thanks dear, brother-in-law
Terrorists like Syed Ibrahim
Malik, who stay in Pakistan...
are the ones bringing bad
reputation to our nation
Malik is not just a global terrorist but
also a most wanted criminal by the Interpol
If they say, they want to send
Mallik out from Pakisthan an opposition leader, I warn you
that I'll start my fasting unto death
My question to the current government
is that are they supporting Malik?
And thereby are they promoting
terrorism indirectly?
If they don't chase him away within a
week then we will stage a protest!
Stop! Who are you? Where
are you coming from?
- What's in your bag?
- Look! Over there!
- Please leave me! Leave me!
- Stop! Catch him!
- Leave me!
- Catch him!
Stop! Don't go there!
Who are you? What's going on?
- Greetings
- Greetings
How dare you blast bomb in our country?
Just because we let you live here...
don't think the Pakistan government will
be a mute spectator to your atrocities!
If we call off your security
for even a second...
the Indian government will hunt
you down and finish you off!
Duplicate rascal!
You squint eyes! Where is the real Malik?
You've known us for years. Can't you still
differentiate between him and myself?
- Forget that! Whatever you did has...
- Tahir!
Of late if anyone challenges me...
or raises their voice; it irks me a lot
You have finished off the opposition party
leader! It's has become a major issue
I carried out 17 blasts in
my country, for you guys
For my sake, can't I do
it once in your country?
You or your government
aren't guarding me for free!
You guys are just working for the
millions of money I pay you!
So mind your business,
that of a watchman!
Listen, Tahir!
Don't forget...
I am an NRI
Non Reliable Indian!
See you!
Dear brothers and sisters, I am
really happy to see you all here
Initially Malik used to respect us a lot
but now he shows no respect at all!
When will see his end?
- Soon
- When, sir?
Elections are about to happen in India
IPDP's leader, Indra Gupta ji...
is set to be the next prime minister
according to all the opinion polls
If he becomes the prime minister...
then no matter where Malik is, in
Pakistan or any corner of the world...
he won't spare him!
I promise you all...
that India's most wanted criminal...
Syed Ibrahim Malik will be arrested
and brought to India in 30 days time
If anyone will still try to
spread terrorism in my nation...
- then we will give them an apt reply!
- Ji, what a overwhelming response!
Are you watching it?
This is not very important
Our parties alliance conference in
Tamil Nadu is what matters the most
Don't worry. Our conference
will be a success
from the list of regions
you gave us...
Krishnagiri and Sri Perambudur
are the ones posing issues
I'll talk to Gupta ji and get it sorted.
You take care of the proceedings
- Ok ji. Hey! Don't cheat grandpa
- Careful!
Thanks a lot, dear
The political pressure had wiped off
your dad's and brother's peace of mind
All this happiness is because of your plan
Dear sister-in-law,
you know me so well
Yet, didn't you tell your sister
that I prefer tea over coffee?
Now, go! Get me a cup of tea
Why are you standing so far away? Expect
me to use a straw to drink the tea?
Come closer
Listen Ms.Pop-eye!
You didn't complete the
kiss the other day at hospital
Kiss me now
No, only after marriage
But will your husband allow it?
Just kidding
Stop showing off. Just one kiss.
Kiss me
- No, I won't
- Kiss?
I feel shy
Mr. Army man is trying to woo someone.
I must not let it happen!
Then why did you kiss me before that?
That day, you were sleeping
That was without my knowledge.
Now, kiss me when I'm awake
The kiss mark is still
fresh from that day
First find that kiss mark
Then I shall oblige to
whatever you ask of me
The kiss mark from three
months back is still fresh?
I overheard everything!
- Kiss? Kiss mark? What's going on?
- Well...
We were just enacting a movie
scene using Tik Tok app
You think you can trick me?
Which movie has these dialogues?
Don't you think while you blink!
Answer me, now!
Lion King
Lion King?
That's an English movie but
weren't you speaking Tamizh?
- Answer me! Tamizh imposition?
- Hold this
Answer me, now!
Invading others privacy is
so easy for you, isn't it?
Look here...
I've been noticing you. You don't
seem to have a limit on your tongue
Come again? You'll enjoy as my
body will be carried in a coffin?
You'll idolize the guy who shoots me?
Until you're here, make sure that
you don't show me your face again!
Get lost!
I've a doubt
What is it?
What's with a kiss mark that
doesn't fade away in three months?
I know you'll bash me for asking this
I won't ask
- Get lost!
- My bad, shouldn't have interfered
Baby, where are you?
Kiss mark is still fresh
even after three months?
Who do you think you are?
Why do you keep fighting with
my brother and avoid him?
I not fighting with him and avoiding him
I'm avoiding him to
avoid fighting with him
He has been bashing me up for 10 years now!
What does he think of me?
He is the youngest and
so he was pampered a lot
So, adjust and oblige
to anything he asks for
Just oblige to anything he asks for.
Now, get lost!
Ms. Pop-eye!
Even the vote ink fades
away in a week's time
And you say a kiss mark stays
fresh for three months?
- Stop bluffing
- It's true
Find it
Is it so?
In that case...
kiss me now and I'll check
if the kiss mark stays
No, I won't
Kiss me or else I'll kiss you
And I'll kiss you blindly,
anywhere I want. Kiss me
Feeling shy?
I'll close my eyes
Kiss me! Quick!
A kiss?
From me?
I'll count to three. Kiss
me or else I'll bite you!
Lusty fellow!
You are wilder than your sister!
Just oblige to anything he asks for
- I'll oblige!
- Two!
How was that dear, brother-in-law?
- You? Why did you kiss me?
- It was your sister's order
She said it but where
did your brains go?
Can you hear me now? You...
Varma ji is calling
RKS, cancel our conference meet
Why? What happened?
A report from the intelligence.
Seems like life threat on Gupta ji
If this meet doesn't take place then it'll
trigger a chaos amongst out party people
The media will roast us
Don't you worry. Tamizh
Nadu is a peaceful land
We will take care. Ok?
Please don't cancel the meeting
Since you have taken the
responsibility, I agree to it
Thank you! Thank you, ji!
Now, Mr. Jayaram Shukla, 2012
batch Dehradun regiment...
will receive the gallantry award
from the honourable minister
I never expected this. I'm so happy!
Hey Diya! Diya!
Did you get it?
Give it to me
For whom is this ring?
Wait for 10 minutes
Come on, it's not a surprise
We have been in the same
regiment for 3 years
Don't I know what's in your heart?
What's with all these
formalities to propose me?
Let me confess first...
She is on a separate love track
without realizing what's going on!
Looks like only tall, dark and
handsome get beautiful girls
Now I call...
Colonel Subash, 2013
batch, Ooty regiment...
to receive the gallantry
award, Kirti Chakra
Give me a kiss
Colonel Subash!
Colonel Subash!
Where is he?
Colonel Subash!
Where did he disappear?
Please come on the stage
Dear brother...
wipe off that lipstick!
"Oh my dear..."
"Oh my dear..."
"Hey my love..."
"Don't you push me away"
"Hey my love, don't push me away"
"I just can't live without you"
"Oh my dear, all I wish
for is a world of my own"
"And in that world of
mine all I need is you"
"Every poet has a love that inspires.
Similarly you are mine"
"They way you look at me is like
the sun shine falling on the moon"
"Like every God has fallen
in love with a Goddess..."
"Similarly I have fallen in
love with you, my Goddess"
"I was walking all alone and you
came along to hold my hands"
"Now my life is all
about you and only you"
"Hey my love, don't push me away"
"I just can't live without you"
"Hey my love, don't push me away"
"I just can't live without you"
"Oh my dear, all I wish
for is a world of my own"
"And in that world of
mine all I need is you"
"In my heart, I have etched your portrait"
"In my heart, I have etched your portrait"
"I am ready to tie the knot"
"You are my responsibility
hereafter, oh my love"
"So, I am ready to tie the knot"
"You are my responsibility
hereafter, oh my love"
"Whether you are around or not..."
"I love you, my love"
"Even if you forget me and go far away..."
"I will love you, oh my love"
"Hey my love, don't push me away"
"I just can't live without you"
"Hey my love, don't push me away"
"I just can't live without you"
"Oh my dear, all I wish
for is a world of my own"
"And in that world of
mine all I need is you"
"Oh my dear..."
"Oh my dear..."
"Oh my dear..."
"Oh my dear..."
Greetings brother!
Welcome. How are you Maruthumuthu?
- Sir, an important information
- What is it?
You friend, Deepak Mehta, has
escaped to abroad last night
What are you blabbing?
Why would he escape?
Using the government order you gave him,
he borrowed a 40 billion rupees loan
It seems he ran away
with that loaned amount
Please confirm it twice
before judging him
Sir, it's a confirmed information
Any problem?
Thanks for informing me, commissioner sir.
I'll take care of it
We shall discuss it
once this meeting is over
Ok, sir
- Sengunram, call up Deepak
- Ok, sir
Dear sister...
- What a grand arrangement
- Indeed!
Let this vigour and strength be in
tact until the election is here
I found it
- Sir, the CM is here
- Is it?
- Take care of things over here
- Ok
Make it fast. Our leader is here
Long live our leader! Long live Gupta ji!
Deepak sir's mobile is switched off
- Keep trying to reach him. Don't stop
- Ok, sir
Greetings to all my dear bloods here
Usually politics is...
known for making money using power
Then use the same money to buy off
people to again grab the power
Breaking that myth and uprooting
the greed of money...
and dedicated my life for servicing
That's the best work of my life
If I step away from the
power in the future...
then I'll be only in a position to move to a
rented house from the government provided one
I welcome my son, Saravana
to follow my path
I welcome him, with all your support, to
the party and to undertake the government
Long live RKS! Long Live RKS!
Congrats dear sister!
All the best
Greetings to one and all
I consider the party and
all my party men above me
Today I've become the leader because of
the lessons on hard work my father taught me
Until my last breath...
I promise that I'll stay true
to this post and position!
This alliance is not for
political benefits!
This is an alliance to bring a
positive change for the downtrodden!
Meera, Subash is calling you
Check your message
- Dear...
- Yes dad?
Awesome speech by your brother
What happened?
I forgot my phone in the car.
Let me go, get it
I'm not just the leader
but the people's servant
Make it fast!
Our sir has already started his speech!
He is just going to blow everyone's mind
Ma'am why are you here?
- I forgot my phone in the car
- Wait, I'll go get it
Give me the keys. I know you all are
eager to his my brother-in-law's speech
Ok ma'am
- Come on, guys. Let's go
- People just won't let me romance in peace!
We'll ensure justice is served and
everyone person's rights are respected
Where's Meera?
Went to the parking lot
- Where are you off to?
- Make a call
Sorry madam
Can't even mind his step!
Why so late?
Police everywhere! Had
to sneak in carefully
Fine, give me the phone
Who's calling to this number?
Sorry, man! On my way I dashed a woman
- I think our phones got exchanged
- How can be so cool about it?
It has the number to the phone
that will blast the bomb on the stage
We cannot blast the bomb without that phone!
Go, get it before he completes his speech!
TN P 997...
Kumar, this is that woman!
You! Give me my phone!
Dude, the police is here
What are you guys doing here?
We are here for the catering service
- Don't wait here! Move!
- Ok, sir
Make it fast! Move!
At once, sir
What happened? Where did she go?
She kicked me down and ran away!
You go this side
and look for her!
What is it? What happened?
What are you trying to say?
I now request Mr. Gupta
ji to address the people
Greeting, Tamizh Nadu
Honorable Shri. KRK...
- Where did she go?
- I don't know
Tell me
Where are you? Dad's asking about you.
Come here at once
Is Meera there?
Madam, she has our phone.
Don't let her escape!
During our tenure in the government, every
state will be given equal importance
We will also act on the
Cauvery issue immediately
Like RKS ji said, we shall also look
into the medical entrance exam issue
Hello. Saravana!
Where are you?
Forget about me. You better
get away from the dias!
There are rumours about
you making rounds here!
We'll deal that later. You
first leave from there!
What do you mean?
And with your help, we
shall achieve all this
It's for your good! You
better leave that place! Now!
Subash! Check what happened to Mr. Gupta!
He trusted us and came here.
Ensure nothing happens to him
It's our duty to ensure his safety!
Please, check on him!
Gupta ji!
Gupta ji!
Dear brother!
Gupta ji!
Gupta ji!
Sources say that the bomb blast that took
place wasn't carried out by terrorists...
and in fact some politicians
are said to be behind it
Please tell us! What's
our minister's condition?
yes it's confirmed
I just got the report. He died on the spot
No! It was a bomb made up of
dangerous chemical combinations
It was secretly fixed inside the
AC and the blasted using a remote
Ok, I'll do it
Entire country is in chaos!
A high command order has been
passed to shift the body to Delhi
- Our leader...
- Shut up!
- That too in our state, he was...
- I said, shut up!
Go to the airport and arrange
a private jet at once!
Understand? Please! Take him out!
Ensure all the arrangements are
done in the party office at Delhi
- Come on, brother. Let's go out
- But why? What's our fault?
- Sir, it's better you leave
- What happened?
The situation is just not good. Just leave.
I'll talk to you later! Please!
Dude, what's happening?
Subash, things have gone awry
I just want to ensure your safety
Please leave!
Is my safety more important
than the issue going on here?
Tell me, what happened to my party people?
Only 10 people died in bomb blast
But more than 15 have
died in the stampede!
- Where are all those people?
- Same hospital, different block
- Sir, we'll handle it
- Get lost!
- Sir!
- Dear brother!
Yes, sister-in-law?
Meera isn't home yet
Her phone is out of reach. Is she with you?
No, she isn't with me
She might have lost her way
amidst that crowd. I shall wait
The identities of the deceased are still unknown.
I've ordered the officers to identify it
- Look at this! Look what happened!
- Please! Move! Move!
Dear brother...
How did this happen? Oh my God!
How did this happen?
They found her lying
dead in the backstage
She had went to the parking lot to get
her phone but got killed in the stampede
She died from choking and suffocation
according to the autopsy report
To hell with your party and it's flag!
KRK down! Down!
RKS party down! Down!
What's going on, dear?
I have no idea, dad
We've requested two more battalion forces
to bring the situation under control
Until then you and your family
stay in one room for your safety
First, tell us what's going on?
No one has the guts to tell it to your face
Watch it for yourself
Riots everywhere in Tamizh Nadu following
Mr. Gupta's death in the bomb blast
Deputy CM, Sarvanan could be the mind
behind this according to sources
Could be? It's the fact!
Deepak Mehta and Saravana
are thick friends
They approved Deepak Mehta a loan of 40 billion
and in return he carried out the bomb blast
If Deepak hadn't absconded to abroad...
they would've closed the case saying
it is the plot by our enemies
How would killing the
leader benefit deputy CM?
Sympathy votes. His dad just made
him the leader of the party...
and this is Saravana's trick
to win his first election!
In fact when the bomb blast took place,
Saravnan got a call and stepped away
I got the information that call was
from the absconding Deepak Mehta
The case must be handled
to CBI to bring the truth
I'm innocent
I have proof
Forget about me. You better
get away from the dias!
There are rumours about
you making rounds here!
We'll deal that later. You
first leave from there!
arrange a press meet
at our home, at once!
Dear, our house bride to be
is lying dead down there...
is the press meet necessary at this point?
Never put hold on
putting out the fire!
Yes, sir. I'm at the CM's house
I'll collect the news and reach
our brother had ordered for the press meet.
He went into his room...
The press is here but he locked himself
in the room and isn't answering the door
I'm worried!
- Dear, please open the door
- Sir, please open the door
- Dear, what are you doing in there?
- Sir, please open
What happened?
He is not opening the door
- Dear brother! Brother!
- Dear, please!
Dear brother!
Oh dear brother!
A little while ago, deputy
CM Saravanan committed
suicide by hanging
himself in his house
It is doubted that Mr.Saravanan
has a hand in Gupta ji's murder
In this situation, Saravanan's
death confirms his involvement
The crowd surrounding the chief minister's
house is getting uncontrollable
Following his, all the MSK party offices all
over Tamizh Nadu is slowly closing down
As my elder son, you must be carrying
out my final rites after my death...
but look at my plight that I now
have to carry out your final rites
Subash, the mob is furious at
your family and going crazy
Begin the proceedings
A small request
Use the back gate and not the front one
Bharathwaj! What do you mean by that?
All there is a riot going
outside your house
Hence, sir...
Is my son a thief, a
terrorist or an orphan?
- Why must we use the back gate?
- Sir, please understand
1000s are waiting outside with weapons, thinking
your son was also involved in the blast
The situation is not our favor.
Too much of hatred out there
To hell with it! I have faced
worse in my experience!
Kumaresa, call up the
capital, Delhi! Now!
The one who is suppose
is lead is gone forever!
The one suppose to run the government
is been taken away like an orphan!
See you dear, brother-in-law
Subash, our brother's wife hasn't
ate anything since two days
She isn't talking to anybody
I'm worried
Please, go check on her
My husband is honest and genuine
He is an innocent who never thinks
ill of or evil towards anyone
But did you notice how everyone
is being talking so cruel about him?
When I hear all this...
is pushing me to end my life
Please dear, sister-in-law
Whoever killed me dad, we must
not spare their life uncle
They must shed tears like the
way we are shedding now!
- Tell me
- Subash...
Remember the vehicle number Meera scribbled
in her hand before she was killed?
We found it and also found
where it was bought
Come here, at once
You must punish them
Two days ago, a woman and two men
came here and bought the van
All the documents they submitted is bogus
None of the CCTV works in this shop
But we have a small footage
from the CCTV at the exit
But we aren't able to
trace anyone using that
Sir, please pause it
Rewind a little bit
Zoom in
This tattoo seems familiar to me
this lady was at my home
when my brother died!
Who could she be?
On that day, apart from your
relatives and the party people...
the only strangers at your home were
the journalists from the press media
Every one from press media has signed
the register while security check
Look carefully! That's her
She has entered the house...
but she is missing from the spot where other
journalists were waiting for my brother
All the press people dispersed after
the news of my brother's death
She pops out of the blue and
joins the exiting press people
She came in with everyone
And left along with them
She went missing for
15 minutes in between
Exactly when my brother died
Gupta ji, Meera and
my elder brother...
the only common factor in
these three deaths is her!
She came in posing as the photographer
along with Kalai Murasu reporter Malathi
Catch hold of Malathi
and we can get to her!
We inquired at the
Kalai Murasu office...
reporter Malathi, whom you talk of,
hasn't turned up to office since two days
Is it? Why?
No idea, sir
She left saying that she'll submit the report
about your brother's death and be back
But she only
returned as a corpse
She was on her scooter and a truck ran her
over. They delivered her to us like a package
Did I raise her with so much
love, only to lose her?
Does your daughter have any friend
with a tattoo on their neck?
The girl with tattoo on her neck?
She met her only two days ago.
Very kind girl
The day your brother died, she
accompanied my daughter as photographer
But she didn't turn up
after my daughter died
Sir, can I get your daughter's
diary or cell phone
Malathi didn't have the
habit of writing diary
The police returned it to us and told
us that it broke during the accident
Our last hope in this case...
is this phone
She's too clever
She has formatted the phone already
There is no information in it
I guessed it
There must be back up in Google drive. Try
retrieving the data using the email id
Yes! We have back
up of all the files
Copy that
She is always a step ahead of us
She is hacking the data from a
different location and deleting it
The last saved files are
the ones deleted first
We cannot find her now
We can!
Trace the user's location
who deleted this data
Mexico! She is there!
Sri Lanka!
It's showing five
different locations
She is brilliant!
She is using proxy
server to confuse us
Out of these five location
only one is her true location
But we can't find
out which one is it
But how?
In the security CCTV footage,
while she was signing the register...
I noted her mobile phone
It had two time zones. The difference
between the one and the IST was 4.5 hours
Out of these five locations...
the only time zone with a difference
of 4.5 hours is London
If we check the list of
passengers who flew to...
London on the same day
as my brother died...
and we'll find her
Sir, she has travelled to London in
British Airways on the date you mentioned
All the details are here in this file
Her name is Kaira
She is a professional killer
Most wanted criminal by the Interpol
As far as we know, she
is based out of London
But no one knows about her
target and her whereabouts
I'll go in search of her
The only evidence we
have to reach her...
is the fake passport that she used
I'm sure the address in it is also fake
How will you trace with that?
I have no option
The one getting chased has many directions
to run but the one chasing has only one!
"Oh my Superhero, come to me"
"Hey Superhero!"
"I leave no job incomplete! I finish
what I start! I am like the..."
"Fire! Fire!"
"I'm invincible! I'm unstoppable!
I breathe..."
"Fire! Fire!"
"You can near me but never catch me!
I'm the most dangerous venom"
"I need no weapon to kill you!
Blink and you're dead now!"
"Killer! Killer! I got
killer eyes like the moon"
"My looks are drug and
my breathe; fire!"
"Killer! Killer! I got
killer eyes like the moon"
"My looks are drug and
my breathe; fire!"
"Fire! Fire!"
"Fire! Fire!"
"Fire! Fire!"
"Fire! Fire!"
"Hey Superhero!"
"Hey Superhero!"
"Hey fighter!"
"You are my target"
"She's a new kind of drug
that will never wear off"
"Time to break the
hurdles and step out"
"Don't you fall for
her beautiful smile"
"Because she's fire and
you'll be burnt to ashes"
"Fire! Fire! Don't mess with the tiger"
"Finger on the trigger!
Trigger! Trigger!"
"My Gucci bag got that AK47"
"I'll point it on your forehead and..."
"Killer! Killer! I got
killer eyes like the moon"
"My looks are drug and
my breathe; fire!"
"Killer! Killer! I got
killer eyes like the moon"
"My looks are drug and
my breathe; fire!"
"I'm the devil calling
you out, to destroy you"
"So come out!"
"I'm the beauty that'll
make you fall for my smile"
"So come out!"
"Hey Superhero!"
"Hey Superhero!"
"Hey fighter!"
"You are my target"
"Hey Superhero!"
"Hey Superhero!"
"Hey fighter!"
"You are my target"
You have right at your destination
Who erected a pole at my doorstep?
Oh! It's a human
What do you want?
Well, Kaira?
1812, 79, Crown street
- Correct
- You got the address is correct
But the girl you're looking
for isn't here. Now, leave
Are you a Tamizhan?
Why? Do I look like Brad Pitt?
I'm a hardcore Chennaite from
the hardcore area, Pulianthope!
What's the matter?
- This is the address I was given
- Don't ogle at her. That's a granny
Grandpa, close the door!
Please help me find that girl
I swear I don't the girl you're looking for
But four persons came in
search of her before you
Then I hear that all four died
under mysterious circumstances
You look very innocent...
So run for your life and head back home
- You can reach just by taking two steps
- Brother, you say you're a Tamizhan...
Won't you help a fellow Tamizhan?
Doesn't mean I'll quit my current
job and join you in searching her
I'll buy you a coffee
on your way back...
drink it, pay the
bill and go home!
Don't walk in to my bedroom.
Come on!
- Let me introduce myself. I'm Subash
- I know
You're ranked as a Colonel
officer in Indian army
2013 batch, Ooty regiment
Your phone number is 9444131157
You've a bank account in
Canara bank, Dehradun
Your native is Pazhani and
your father is Tamizh Nadu CM
Enough or you want more details?
How did you find it?
Digging out information about
strangers; that's my profession
I'm a professional hacker
- Unbelievable
- Why?
Don't I look like an hacker?
You look like a real estate broker!
This sarcasm is what stops me
from helping fellow Tamizhans
The doorbell that you
rang at my doorstep...
is a finger print scanner
I collected all your details
using your fingerprint
Do you get it now?
When you're so skilled, why can't you help
me find the whereabouts of that girl?
It's not as easy as it sounds!
In order to find any detail in
net, you need some information
Got it?
Next flight to India is at 6 'O clock.
Hope you're leaving
The old couple living
right opposite to you
They are my house owner
What's the matter?
I need their phone number
What do they have go to do this?
When I rang your doorbell, they opened
their door before you opened yours
Poor elder citizens. If they were
Indians they'd be watching TV serial
They being from here they might
have been eager for some gossip
I saw the same exact tattoo in their
home which that girl had in her neck
Those who died in pursuit of Kaira...
I guess that couple must have
some link to their deaths
What should I do?
Get me the details of
their incoming calls...
and outgoing calls made
in last half an hour
It's a walk in the park
But it'll cost you a bit
Don't give me that look!
Pay me and I shall open my laptop
Or else, forget it
I'll pay you.
Do it
Mr. Military, only one outgoing
call made in last half an hour
I have messaged you the number
A message that Rs. 50,000 has been
withdrawn from my account. Who did it?
- That's none other than me
- You did it?
Is only 'Action King' Arjun
allowed to hack your account?
I just took my fee in advance
I have sent you her number.
Dude! I'm getting a
call from her number
Hand the phone to the guy next to you
Why won't you talk to me?
Stupid! Just give it to him
Brainless! Loser! Do what I say
She has something to tell you.
Here, talk
- Hello Kaira
- What's up?
Are you here in London, to avenge
the death of your family members?
With all your connections in
politics and with police...
I still managed to kill your family members
with ease and that too in your city
This is my hood!
Just imagine how easy it is
for me to finish you off
Quit showing off your
heroism and go back!
Where is Deepak Mehta?
Deepak might have betrayed you
But I won't betray him
If I can find your number...
- Then don't you think I can find you?
- You mean call tracking?
How will you trace me if you I
break this SIM and throw it away
Even if you search nook and corner
of London for the next 10 years...
you won't be able to catch me
You may fear me and throw
away the SIM to escape
But I've no fear
That's my number
I'll be waiting for
you at the Trafalgar Square,
tomorrow morning.
I'll be in a red tee
I have only my will
power and nothing else
You show off that this is your hood...
Then I dare you to come
We'll see
What did she tell you?
She said she'll kill anyone and
everyone who is on my team
Hey! I'm the only one
here, in your team
She wants to kill me for
hacking a granny's phone?
I don't care how but it's
your duty to safe guard me!
- There is only one way I can do that
- What's that?
- I'll think of an idea and tell tomorrow
- So you're here without any idea?
There's no one, who will save
me if I get bashed up in India!
Here you are, pushing me
into trouble here in London!
Here, take it
Here you go. You! Here
Take it
Look, I remember all your faces
Wear it and roam around in this very place.
If you leave,
I'll find you and bash you up!
Here, take it!
Take it!
I said 'Only for men' yet
why are you snatching it?
Get lost!
Excuse me Subash!
I distributed all the tee shirts
I thought only our people are desperate
for freebies but these guys are worse!
They are swarming
in for freebie!
Forget them.
Take out the two tee shirts that
you've flicked and distribute them too!
How did he find out?
He is so tall that he can
see me from anywhere!
Here are the ones I flicked.
What should I do with them?
- Distribute them and wait. I'll tell you
- Here! Take it and get lost!
Red tee shirt
Chief, there are many here in red tee
but no signs of him
He must be there
Put all your men in a conference
call, I'll track him
Then I'll connect with you and guide you
Yes, chief! Move it! Move it!
Ok! Copied!
- As expected, she didn't turn up
- And so what should I do?
There are 100s of them
using cell phones here
Can you find who all are
in conference call here?
Listen! My name is Jack!
I'm an expert in cracking
the toughest of servers...
and that earned me the
nick name Crackjack!
So, don't you doubt my skills!
Watch me crack this for
you in two minutes!
To your right
200 metres
Guys, right!
Hello, Subash...
There are four conference
call active in this locality
One of those is from the
same service provider...
and ten of them are attending
it from the same spot
- Looks like some company call
- Next
Dude, a girl is talking to
three men at the same time
Where is she?
Right next to me but
she's of no use to you
- She might be of some use to me
- How?
Because she available
for all not just one
Do you have any sense?
Not the time!
Don't always think
only about yourself
Spare a thought for me too
You're issue is that you're
not able to find one girl
Where as my issue is that I'm
not even able to find one girl
You're nearing him
To your right
- Just 70 metres
- Got it!
What's the status?
Hold on for a second
Two guys are talking
very seriously on a call
The numbers too
seem to be familiar
You! Whom are you talking to?
You! I'm going to slap you now!
- Stop kidding!
- I'm sorry
You're nearing him
40 metres
A girls just caught my attention and I
lost track. Why are you getting furious?
Look, six of them are in a conference call
Five of them are here but one
of them is a little away
That's her!
Find out her location
Watch me! I'll get you
that in two minutes
Just 20 metres. Go straight
What happened?
10 seconds. You're nearing her
How long is it going to take?
You can shout at me and I'll
speed up but Google won't!
Hold on for two more seconds
Yes! I found it!
200 metres from
here, on the right
In Victoria hall
- She is there. Got it?
- Thanks Jack
Where is he headed?
Hey Subash!
Uh-oh! He left his phone here but why?
Chief, where is he?
3 metres
To your left
Target found
Yes, what's up?
Why are you hacking this number?
Rascal! That's my profession
Guys! Bash him
Why are you guys hitting me?
- Not my face, please! I'm still single
- Yes, chief?
Idiots! You found the wrong guy
He is here
Make it fast!
Guys, let's go!
You guys just turned a
hacker into a joker!
Mr. Subash...
well done!
That was an awesome way to thank me for
being a help to you for past two days!
Chief, catch!
He cannot save you
So don't try to save him
Now, tell me
Where is Deepak?
Torture me as much you
want but I won't tell
- I have some ethics
- Ethics?
You're a contracted killer! What
ethics are you speaking about?
You've a message from your bank
Without realizing that you'll
be dead in sometime...
someone has transferred you
0.5 million USD to kill a target
That target is none other than you!
The have a very huge network
If not me they will still finish
you off using somebody else
Go back! That's your only chance to live
I will definitely go...
but in pursuit of Deepak
How'd you reach him without
me telling you his location?
You don't have to tell me
Your phone already did!
Who is it?
Who are you?
Subash! Help me!
Subash! Save me!
Save your ethics
I'll give you his location!
Please, save me!
Stomp her to death
Only then they'll believe
that she died in the stampede
What do I want?
One plate Baklava and two
plates of cat Biriyani
Keep it ready. I just have to get rid
of someone. I'll do it and be back
- Ok?
- What's up dear brother-in-law?
- You didn't have to come
- I'm not here to receive you
- I'm here to send you back
- What do you mean?
Already this issue took Meera and
your elder brother away from us
And here you are to take revenge. What
if something happens to you? Leave!
- Listen to me...
- Subash
- Hi Subash
- What is she doing here?
She refused a promotion, requested a foreign
affairs posting and moved to Turkey
Wonder why she did that
But I know
Come on, nothing of that sort
I needed a break
He was about to say something
Well, dear brother-in-law...
When people have a heart break
they move away for a break...
so that their heart break heals, they get ready
for next heart break and thus the break...
- Actually what's your plan
- I'll tell you
Is he here to romance or relax?
Dear brother-in-law!
Diya, the account from which Kaira
received the money for murdering me...
is from a bank here in Istanbul
- Guess, whose account is that
- Whose?
- Deepak Mehta's account
- What?
We must find his address
using that account number
In Turkey, even if you have one's
address still it'd be hard to find them
And you think you guys can find
him using his account details?
No chance!
You better have a leisure
tour and go back home
One more time you say
something negative...
things will be easy if we
take our government's help
In this situation, I can't trust anybody
I tried ing the bank data
to get his account details
But I couldn't
They've installed very strong
firewalls in their system
Password is dynamic which
keeps changing at intervals
Very tight security system
I couldn't break them
I'm so proud that I have an account
in such a highly secured bank
Have some coffee
Haven't I warned you from
saying anything negative?
Did I sound negative now?
Wasn't I speaking
positive about the bank?
You think army man has the rights to beat
up a family man? You'll rot in hell!
The bank's blue print
Blue print helps in building a house
but how in find the address?
Why are you giving me that look?
Did I say something wrong?
The customer details are encrypted
in the bank's main server
It can only be copied
from the server room
According to the blue print, enter the
bank and on the left you've a basement
Isn't that the server room?
I had been to that bank.
It's highly secured bank
Especially, the server room
The security officer possesses the
access card to the server room
It cannot be entered
without the access card
You can chop that guy's hand without
his knowledge but can't steal his card
His lunch time is 1 - 1:30
He goes to his routine restaurant
Is his lunch time fixed one?
I confirmed it
So, the half an hour lunch time
of that security officer...
is when we can sneak
into the server room?
The catch here is that...
the account that you want to access from
server room must be active to be copied
Or else nothing can be done
Then, let's do one thing. Let
directly call Deepak Mehta..
and request him to keep his account active for
half an hour, so we can collect his details
Oh come on! Hear out yourself!
Sounds like the rumour that Indian
2000 rupee bill has a chip in it!
Subash, he only has
complaints about our ideas
Why don't you give an idea?
I'm good at flapping my
gums and not giving ideas
Get that?
Now, that's an idea!
The bank manager has a special
password to unlock all the accounts
You must engage the
manager and somehow talk
him into opening
Deepak Mehta's account
- I'll take care of the rest
- And?
If things go awry and we get busted...
We can't escape like we do in India by
saying "It wasn't me, it was my admin"
This is Istanbul! We'll be doomed!
Idea, my foot! I'm your sister's husband
not your boxing sand bag!
- Uh-oh! Again him!
- My sister told me...
"Be confident, my husband is there for you.
He'll take care of everything "
But here? That's not the case
Did she really say that?
Baby, you really have so
much confidence in me?
I won't give up
Now that my wife has said it...
there is no going back!
- I will deal the bank manager!
- Come on
Let's chew some mint and
work on that blueprint!
If something happens to me in there...
then like now, please ask your family
to keep taking care of your sister
To hell with the confidence she has on me!
I pity my plight!
What happened?
Are you ok?
Ouch! I'm on my way
Excuse me, sir
Rajesh Malhothra?
Are you a North Indian?
Yes. I also worked in Tamizh Nadu
for 10 years doing some crap jobs
Of course, that's were
you all your crap jobs!
So, I need a small help from you
Can you confirm if there has been
a transfer to my account?
You could have checked it online
But the internet data
isn't sufficient enough
The download limit gets over
before a full movie is downloaded
Yesterday I tried downloading a movie
titled "My aunt and the plumber"
The aunt meets the plumber, the start
talking and they slowly move to bedroom...
and done! It keeps buffering.
Keeps going round and round
Ok. Ok, tell me your account number
ask him to do it fast
- Don't you order me!
- When did I order you?
Not you, sir. You focus
on the account details
No amount has been credited in
your account in recent times
Sir, please confirm! They guy who
promised me to transfer is from Madurai!
So what?
People from Madurai never lie!
You fool!
Not the time to talk patriotism! Try
making him access Deepak's account
Sir, if you don't mind, I'll tell you that
guy's account number.
Can you check his account?
How can I access someone's account
without their permission?
If David Bekcham questioned himself 'How?'
then he wouldn't have wooed Victoria!
Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't have
acted in Noodles advertisement?
- And Trump wouldn't have been wrestled in WWE
- Trump?
He is a good wrestler!
Recently, his videos...
- Give that guy's account number
- "79543299"
Got access to his account
No money has been transferred
from this account
Don't allow him to close
that account window
Keep him engaged for ten minutes so
that he doesn't log out, you fool!
Whom are you calling a fool?
- What?
- I'm the fool, sir! I'm the fool!
I'm a fool to believe that
he will pay me on time!
Subash, how long will it take?
Ten minutes Diya
Ok, cool
This is a high value account. This
account holder is a big shot
Was it really him, who
cheated you by not paying?
Those who promise to
pay are the one...
Why are you unnecessarily
talking about politics?
How do I engage him for 10
minutes without talking?
Talking isn't as easy as hacking!
Do something!
Subash...make it fast
What happened?
I think he has realized that
his access card is missing
He is one his way to the bank.
Diya, I just got access to his account
Just now I started copying. Hold
him somehow, for few minutes
Impossible? Then I'm leaving!
I'll kill you!
Only 30% completed
Somehow keep him engaged
And how do you think I'll do it?
- Sir! You were born on the 10th, right?
- No
I knew it! You couldn't have been
born on the 10th. Show me your palm
Diya, do something!
Sure! Will try
You prefer dark and dusky women
over fair and bright women
- Correct?
- Yes! How did you know?
That's the psychology of flirts!
Your palm tells me that
your wife will always be a loner
Which is why you
are working here!
Hey, who are you? Stop!
- Hey, stop!
- Check him now
- Check him!
- What are you doing? Leave me
How much more to go?
I'm a security officer in the bank!
- What is this?
- I don't how it came to my pocket
- According to palm reading, your stars...
- Leave my hand!
- Here, take this money
- No, we don't want your money!
Leave me! Leave me!
I'm in a hurry
So, as per as astrology the
Jupiter and the Venus...
Enough! Leave my hands!
How much should he pay you?
- 400 dollars
- I'll pay you!
Oh my God!
What happened, sir?
Someone hacked the password I
had and accessed this account
Someone is transferring the money
from this account to another!
Superb sir! Ask him to
transfer my 400 dollars too?
Get lost!
You idiot!
Get lost you monkey!
- What's happening there? Idiot!
- I don't know, sir. Let's check
I lost my access card
- Let's go
- He is trapped!
- Just move
- Where are you taking me?
It's over!
He must be caught red handed
You have no idea about
this country's police
There is a very sever punishment...
where they will bend the
culprit and bump with a stick!
It'll take days to recover from that
Oh? Walk slower and
let's get caught!
Where are you going?
I'm hungry. I'm going to grab a bite
Got it. You got him trapped in server room
Now you got no money, so you'll
eat here and get me trapped!
So, tell me. Are you alone in
this or do you have a team?
Whoa! Brother-in-law!
Did you decode it?
70% decoded
I was panicking that you're trapped and
what are you doing here on the laptop?
So, you already knew he was here?
Wasn't that the plan?
Don't show off that you pulled of a
small part without my knowledge!
Now hear me out. Let me tell
you the important part!
Someone stole 40 billion rupees
from Deepak Mehta's account!
I know
- You know?
- It was me
- You?
- Of course!
You thought I took such a huge
risk for just an address?
Pay 50 Lira and you can
easily get anyone's address
40 billion rupees!
Money that belongs to our nation!
My dad approved it and he
thinks he'll abscond with it?
Do you expect me to
be a mute spectator?
Deepak Mehta's account...
and from his proxy accounts, including
the interest for that 40 billion...
I transferred the amount to the
bank that loaned him that money
So, I am the fool here. Isn't it?
You always have been one!
Also, we have his location
Uh-oh! Algornia?
I thought I'll only lose my job
I'll lose my life too
It's a locality completely
controlled by the mafia
Yes! No army or police can
break in to that area
Mafia rules over that place
If we still want to go there, then
someone must invite us from there
Diya, do you know someone in that place?
She is new here and you ask her?
I've been here for the past four years.
Won't you ask me?
Not even in my wildest dreams I thought
you'll have contact with anyone in Mafia
I have no contacts with the mafia
but I have contact called Sofia
Who's that?
My girlfriend
She lives there
Oh God!
Is it painful?
Not bad
Near him and he'll hit me
Let me sit here
Dear brother-in-law...
calm down and put yourself in my shoes
11 months in a year, your
sister stays with your family
You guys have a population of 1.2 billion in
a climate that's as hot as 105 degrees...
I live in -2 degree,
won't I need a...
- Justifying yourself?
- It's not like what you think!
I'm a pure soul. I just talk
to her and nothing else
I haven't even got a
glimpse of her yet
We only talk over phone
Tomorrow's her birthday
She has invited me
I shall take you along
Can't wait till tomorrow.
We must go today!
By now he'd have become alert knowing
that money has vanished from his account
We must catch him before
he takes the next step
- Let's go
- Forget about catching him...
Don't tell your sister
about me catching Sofia!
Your sister is not like you.
You hit me then and there
She'll beat me nice and slow
Think of my wife and my hand shivers,
my leg trembles and I panic!
Yet, I won't give up!
See that grand structure? That's the
entrance to this mafia locality
The security will be on a
whole different level here!
Like a the Rose with thorns all
around it's stem; my Sofia lives here
Worst simile ever!
Not good? How about "A
gold fish in the sewage"
- Shut up!
- Thank you
Hey, I want to meet Sofia
Someone's here to meet
Sofia, check with her
Name is Sofia
Why do you always carry yourself
like you are about to fight?
Lower your shoulders!
Relax your chest!
Have a humble body language or else
only our bodies will leave from here
Got it?
He is my man.
Please send him in
That voice is what I fell for
You got 10 minutes. Now, go
They have only allotted 10 minutes. We
can only walk in from here. Come on
Where does Sofia live?
Dear brother-in-law...
I'll talk to Sofia and get your work
done in a smooth manner. Have patience
- Sophie!
- Yes please
- Hello
- Sofia?
No. I am her maid
If the maid is so beautiful...
then imagine about the lady of this house!
What do you say?
Dear brother-in-law?
Dear brother-in-law?
Near or away; he's
always a trouble!
Left, Subash.
The map says so
Where is Sofia?
Wait. She'll come
Today's my lucky day! Lucky day!
Yes, darling. I'm your Sofia
- Darling
- To hell with you!
Thank God he didn't see this
I better escaped from her!
Run! Run!
The second house on the left
- You wait here
- Ok
Get her!
Open it!
Don't let them escape
Hold it
All set?
Go! Go!
Go fast!
Go! Go! Go fast!
Why did you ask me to
come to her house?
Why have the police
rounded up my house?
Check with the Kimlik card
What is he up to?
First; you robbed the bank!
Now; a murder?
Help me oh God! I'm scared!
Got it
Our guess was wrong.
He isn't a criminal
He's the Istanbul city commissioner
What's going on here?
Explain it to me!
He played blind and...
murdered Deepak
He framed me for that murder...
and tried nabbing me
Why must he murder Deepak?
That's what even I don't understand
I thought once I catch hold of
Deepak everything will be over
Deepak is just another bait
Catch him and we can find
out who's behind all this
He is a cop
How can we catch him?
We must make him find us
Diya, whom you're looking
for, is in Argub market
Tell me...
Whom do you work for?
Who's behind all this?
Refuse and you'll die!
Tell me!
Refuse and I'll die!
Say it and you'll die!
Then you die first!
I'll tell you! I'll tell you!
Ok! I'll tell!
Tell me.
Syed Ibrahim Malik
Bomb blast in Mumbai! 247 feared dead!
Under world don, Syed Ibrahim
Malik behind the blasts
Syed Ibrahim Malik absconds to Dubai
Syed Ibrahim Malik behind
Hyderabad bomb blast too
60 feared dead in Kovai bomb blast.
Malik, the man behind the blast
Malik escapes to Pakistan from Dubai
Pakistan government denies the fact
that Malik is hiding in their country
UN accepts India's plea and declares
Syed Ibrahim Malik as an Global terrorist
Malik's hideout in Pakistan exposed!
Terror that haunts India - Syed Ibrahim Malik!
India's most wanted terrorist
Syed Ibrahim Malik!
The search is still on!
I just can't believe this. How
come Malik is involved in this?
It's only now I got a
clear idea about this
Gupta ji was set to win the upcoming
election and become the prime minister
Malik knew that he'd be
danger if Gupta ji wins
If he'd finished of Gupta ji in North India,
automatically the fingers would point at him
To avoid getting blamed,
the place he chose was...
Tamizh Nadu!
The political meet in Tamizh
Nadu worked in his favor
Deepak who was desperately in need of
money and professional killer, Kiara...
He used both of them and
finished off Gupta ji
He framed my brother by spreading rumour
that he did all this to win the election
Then he murdered my brother so
that people believed that rumour
Let's say what you're saying
is true but we need proof!
Both, Kiara and Deepak are no more
Malik? Isn't he still alive?
- What do you mean?
- I'll bring Malik to justice!
Are you kidding me? We don't
even know his whereabouts
Only we believe that
Pakistan government still denies it
They even denied the fact
that Bin Laden was there
Wasn't he attacked and executed?
Come on, Subash! That was America!
There's difference between
their and our force
I realize that hence I'm not
going there as Colonel Subash!
I'm heading to Pakistan
just as an individual
Our agent has been spying for 10 years there.
He hasn't even got a glimpse of Malik!
Police, CB CID, CBI...
RAW, military, intelligence, customs etc.
There are millions of officers
in hundreds of department
He is just one person!
Yet "can't get a glimpse of him",
"can't catch him", "can't nab him"...
all we keep saying is "can't",
I can't take it anymore!
Forget Gupta ji and my brother
247 people in Mumbai blast and
120 people in Hyderabad blast!
In 26 years more than 7000
people killed over 17 attacks!
What are we going
to answer to that?
Stop talking like crazy!
Go in search of him and...
I'll die?
I'm ok with that!
A sad ending is better
than an endless sadness
I can understand your emotion
But officially I
cannot be of any help
It's ok, sir. I can manage
- I'll start at once
- You're leaving?
How will you go? You're
a wanted criminal here
Legally, you can't cross
the Istanbul border
The only way is by road through Syria, Iran,
Iraq and Afghanistan and that too illegally
Yes, that's what
we are trying for
If you're taking that route, then
I can help you but unofficially
Once you reach Pakistan,
contact our agent, Imran
But one condition...
This is an international issue
involving two nations
If you're caught or trapped
during this mission of yours...
I know, you will
have to let go of me
Thank you
I'll join you
No. I'll take care of this
This is my personal problem
Which is why I said,
I'll join you
Look, she is saying it
because she means it
Take her along. How
long can you stay alone?
Don't you need a companion?
"Smile at me or stare at me or
even if you think about me..."
"Even if you set me ablaze..."
"Love me or even if you
make me fall for you..."
"Hug me or even if you finish me off..."
"You drive me crazy"
"Your the only one I see all around me"
"No words of yours will ever hurt me"
"I am stuck in your love web"
"I'm stranded unable to confess my love"
"This silence is wearing us off"
"Smile at me or stare at me or
even if you think about me..."
"Even if you set me ablaze..."
"Let me bring out the love
that is dead inside you"
"Also let me shower
my love on you"
"I will love you forever"
"I am waiting high and dry, for you"
"When you walk away in
silence, it kills me"
"Realizing there's no love for me, I
continue to be a good friend to you"
"Wish the time freezes when
I rest of your shoulder"
"Wish I could hug you and
never let go forever"
"Wish the time freezes when
I rest of your shoulder"
"Wish I could hug you and
never let go forever"
"My day starts with thoughts about you"
"We are already lovers in my dream"
"I find myself lost in your eyes"
"My untold love for
you kills me everyday"
"Oh Love! Where are off to,
leaving me high and dry?"
"Please don't kill me with
that killer looks of yours"
"Wish the time freezes when
I rest of your shoulder"
"Wish I could hug you and
never let go forever"
"Smile at me or stare at me or
even if you think about me..."
"Even if you set me ablaze..."
"Love me or even if you
make me fall for you..."
"Hug me or even if you finish me off..."
Excuse me, is this the
way to Nawaz Khan road?
No, that way
This way
Here to meet Mr. Imran
He is there, inside
Someone's here to meet you
Please go inside
My niece is get married in Delhi
Here to get her wedding
dress stitched
Collect it from this
place after two days
You want to abduct Malik to India
without anybody's knowledge?
No chance at all!
Do you think this is as
easy as a food take away?
Malik is under ISIS control
No one can bypass
them and near him!
It's been 10 years since I'm
here as an undercover cop
The assignment Rehman sir gave me was to
find just one evidence that he is here
Apart from stitching clothes I could
achieve nothing in all these years
In fact, I couldn't even
manage to get a glimpse of him
15 years ago...
RAW team caught him was
the last heard news
Then they said that it wasn't
him but his body double...
tossing that news into the garbage!
That's when he escaped and came here
This government takes money from him...
and has provided him a palace with
all facilities and military security
They treat him like a king!
Can I see his house?
Why are they decorating the house?
Any occasion?
I heard that his daughter is
getting married in three days
Won't he step out for it?
The news is that the wedding will take place
in his house itself, for security reasons
Hey! What are you doing over there?
- Get out of here!
- Nothing
- Our car broke.
- Move! Leave!
We'll leave now
Let's go
That's Tahir Iqbal
Pakistan military general
He takes care of Malik's
complete security
He has three layers of
security in Malik's house
First layer has Pakistan Police
In the second gate...
Trained commandos from
Pakistan military
And personal security
in the inner circle
He has a clear sketch
for Malik's protection
He isn't your ordinary normal officer
He's an expert in SWAT and is also
the brain behind half of ISIS attacks
A specialist is brain washing youngsters
and turning them into terrorist
To bypass him and nab Malik is a tough task
It's all belongs to
my grand daughter
Tahir, day after tomorrow is
my grand daughter's wedding...
and you're still on duty?
Join the proceedings tomorrow
morning, along with your family
Check out this pearl necklace
You must postpone your
daughter's wedding
Is it because of the Indian agent who
has crossed borders and reached here?
You want me to be scared of him?
How do you kno...
I found out about it even
before the news reached you
His name is Colonel Subash
Seed training, 19th battalion.
Madras regiment
That's his photo.
Get him!
I will!
Until this issue is resolved, you
better move to the safe house
Whole India is scared of me, Tahir!
And you want me to be scared
of an Indian, after all?
Look, your safety is my responsibility
So listen to me. You better
move to the military safe house
You think you are
responsible for my safety?
I have stood against a thousand
of them, all by myself!
But never expected
anyone's help or support!
It's my daughter's wedding
and I'm in a good mood!
Don't you spoil it or else you'll be dead!
The blueprint of his
house that you asked for
The best time to abduct him...
is that wedding
No chance!
Only very limited guests are invited
No one can enter without an invite
Even if you enter there will be police,
military and personal security
You can't go past them and reach him
We can shoot him from a distance
and then get ourselves killed
Even that's tough. Abducting him...
is impossible
It's possible
There's a way
'Ministry of Home affairs, New Delhi'
Who gave you the permission
to approve this mission?
Subash is risking his life and
carrying out the mission on his own
All he expects from is
only a small favour
Mr. Rehman, with tension running
high between two nations...
if our officer gets
trapped there...
then using that UN
will support Pakistan
I'm not ready to risk the
goodwill of our country!
Call him back at once!
Or else I'll give a statement 'Without
our knowledge he trespassed the border'
And I'll have to give his complete
details to the Pakistan embassy
please do not make any
such hasty decision
According to the information
gathered by Subash...
Malik alone is not behind
Mr. Gupta's murder
There is also a VVIP from
India involved in it
In order to prove it, we must
to bring down Malik here
Who is that?
Let me talk to the high command
- Until then ask him to hold the mission
- Yes, sir
Do not start the mission until we have
a green signal from the high command
I have already started the mission
Subash! Subash!
"He is here for revenge
but not with an army."
"But you are covered up by army like smoke"
"But when the smoke clears..."
and the gates open he will
pounce on you like a wild cat!"
"A fierce wild cat on the hunt!
So beware you foes!"
"So, step up leader! Who wanna die?"
"You can try! But give me a fight!
I'm taking your life!"
"You better be there right
at the end of the night"
"Or I'll be taking a shot
and shooing your loved one!"
"Because I'm a psycho
and I might blow!"
"I will blow your mind! Thank you
to all those who provoked me"
"I'm now going to put a bullet
through all their brains"
"An eye for eye! That's
what I believe in!"
"So, beware! Mess with me
and your death awaits you!"
"There is no way I'm showing mercy!"
Malik knows that you are here
Police are the on the hunt
for you based on his orders
Situation is getting more complicated
Our chances to succeed...
are slowly diminishing
Even a small mistake tomorrow...
will cost us our life
I'm not ready to involve you in this
This is my personal problem
I'll take care of it
You leave
It's ok
Let's face it together
Whatever happens hereafter...
I'm not leaving you
Ok, I'll take care.
- Bye
- Bye
Who are...
- Sir
- Subash...
high command has given
the green signal
Thank you, sir
Be careful! It's not Malik arrest
that you're responsible for...
but also the honor of our nation!
Even a small slip...
will have severe reaction
All the best, my boy
It's time for action!
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh love, it's time to unite"
"Time to embark on a journey
of happiness in life"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Come on my baby,
we make an awesome couple"
"Let's celebrate our love and
thank everyone for joining us"
"Come on my baby, we
make an awesome couple"
"Let's celebrate our love and
thank everyone for joining us"
"Welcome to the queen's palace,
let's celebrate in her name"
"Welcome to the queen's palace,
let's celebrate in her name"
"Apple of my eyes,
oh my shining star"
"Apple of my eyes,
oh my shining star"
"When I see you as the rituals proceed..."
"I forget all the wait and
it makes my heart light"
"As you hold on to my hands..."
"you make me feel like
a man, your husband"
"You are my everything,
You are my life"
"Walk into my life...
Walk into my life"
"Your love is all I need, nothing else"
"So, thank you for your love"
"I don't need anything else"
"Oh love, it's time to unite"
"Come on my baby, we
make an awesome couple"
"Let's celebrate our love and
thank everyone for joining us"
"Come on my baby, we
make an awesome couple"
"Let's celebrate our love and
thank everyone for joining us"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
"Oh Lord! Oh dear Lord!"
What's with the smoke?
What happened?
Some fire accident in the catering area
- First, go check what's happening! Go!
- Yes sir!
I doubt if it's the same Indian agent,
who is behind this fire accident
- You better...
- Hey! I'll take care of myself!
Shut up! If you had obeyed me
earlier this wouldn't have happened
Higher level officials are pressurizing
me to move you to the safe house!
Be ready!
- I'll kill him!
- I'll take care of it. First, your safety
He must have set some
trap at the main entrance
You exit through the rear gate
Take the Shah Alami market
He is escaping with my vehicle!
Catch him!
You Indian! Stop! I'll kill you!
Come on
Malik sir is in the vehicle!
Your safety lies in being
quite and obeying me
Don't shoot.
You are mistaken
I'm the body double
The original Malik is downstairs
If you doubt it, I'll
ask him to come upstairs
What are you doing downstairs?
An important matter.
Come to my room! Now!
You just panicked and exposed yourself !
You're the original
They way you ordered him to come
to your room made it obvious!
I am scared!
Move, where?
Tahir will be here in two minutes
to escort me to the safe house
If you want to be alive,
then you better run away!
Ask your body double to go with Tahir
Do it!
- Hello
- Go with Tahir
- Sir?
- Just obey my order!
Now, move!
You may proceed
What happened to him?
Medical Visa
Taking him for a kidney transplant surgery.
It's written in it
Don't we have better treatments here?
Why go to India?
AB negative donor are
only available there
What's the matter?
This is his medical report
Looks fishy.
Can you please check it once
Calling from Pakistan immigration
This is an inquiry on patient
Mr. Zahir Rehman...
Yes, he's our patient
Tomorrow he has a surgery.
What's the matter?
- Nothing ma'am, just a routine checkup
- Ok
Allow them
Thank you
- How is he doing?
- Don't worry. Malik is fine
Happy journey
No tension. The doctor's treating him.
He will be fine
Malik is fine. Nothing to worry.
He'll be back to his sense in sometime
Dear passengers, the
boarding is completed
The flight is ready to take off
Please fasten your seat belts
Please switch off your mobiles
phones or put it in flight mode
Malik...are you ok?
FA908 enter runway 25
Roger! Entering
He diverted our attention by tricking us to
believe that he's kidnapping the duplicate!
And he abducted Malik in another way
He made a fool out of us by
just setting four tents on fire
But how far can he run away from me?
Tighten the security
in all the check posts
- Close all possible ways!
- Yes, sir
Is there any flight starting to India now?
In 10 minutes a flight
will take off to Delhi
Yes! Fax Subash's photo
to the airport security!
Ask them check and detain any
passenger who resembles him
Don't waste the time! Do it fast!
FA908, enter runway 25 and line
up after the departing flight
- And be ready for immediate take off
- Roger. Copied
FA908 get ready, you're 2nd in the line up
There's a passenger in
seat 16L in flight to Delhi...
who matches the
resemblance mentioned
Then call the ATC and ask them to
stop the Delhi flight, immediately!
Yes sir!
Call up the ATC and ask them to
stop the Delhi flight at once!
Roger. Waiting
FA908 do you copy?
FA908 enter runway and
line up for runway 25
You're clear for take off
Roger. Clear for take off
Stop the Delhi flight.
There is a terrorist in it!
Call up ATC and tell them
to stop the Delhi flight
- Unable to connect to ATC
- Call someone's mobile in ATC
But no mobiles are allowed inside ATC
Sir, no mobiles are allowed inside ATC
Then run and go tell them in person.
I'm coming there
After take off, turn right heading
240 degrees to avoid whether
- Climb 8000 feet
- Roger. Climbing 8000 feet
Move! Make way! I said, move!
FA908 runway clear. Get ready for take off
Roger! Ready to take off
- Please stop the Delhi flight immediately!
- What's wrong?
Security threat! Do it!
FA908, reject take off! Immediately!
Roger, rejecting take off!
Threat in your flight!
Come back to the base!
Security threat!
Rejecting take off!
Dear passengers, Fly Asia
regrets inconvenience caused
The flight has been stopped
due to security reasons
Please bear with us.
Thank you
Boarding pass
- What's your name?
- Rashid
Where are you from?
Your suspect was correct!
Three members with the
same name have boarded...
the Nepal flight with
a medical passenger
Any chance you can recall that flight?
Highly impossible, sir.
The flight has already taken off
By the time we complete the
necessary formalities,
the flight will cross our border
Dear passengers, we flying over the
beautiful Himalayan valley of Nepal
Now, we are entering into Nepal
Sir, call for you
- Hello.
- Sir, our mission's successful!
- Congrats!
- You've done it, sir!
Awesome, uncle! It was so thrilling
for me to hear your story
I wonder how thrilling
it'd have been for you
Then what happened?
Then, we handed him over to
our nation's army, at Nepal
Well done, Subash
Then he confessed to all
crime during interrogation
Everyone who helped him were also arrested
Varma, who got Gupta ji murdered in
the greed of Prime Minister post...
was also arrested by the police
What punishment sentence did Malik get?
Malik is a dangerous criminal, isn't it?
He tried to escape while
being taken to prison
Can the police let go of him so easy?
They shot him down!
Awesome uncle!
Like grandpa always says 'Bad things
will always happen to bad people'
We request honorable President to honor
late Mr. RKS by unveiling his portrait
Let me down
No! Please!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!