Action Boys (2008) Movie Script

1980. Byung-gil joins family
as their younger son.
1988, year of the Seoul Olympics.
His dream, becoming a soccer player.
Later, he finds out Korea has never
won a gold Olympic medal in soccer.
He changes course to wrestling
for they have won many medals.
1990. He is recruited by a school
due to his amazing talent.
But upon seeing his coach's
crushed ears, he quits.
1991. He suffers for nearly a year
from nightmares where
his ears are totally crushed.
By chance, he sees Van Gogh's
self-portrait minus an ear.
The nightmares magically disappear.
He decides to become a painter.
Winter, 1996.
He enters Anyang Art High School
as an art major.
But girlfriend, Kanghee Choi,
is not accepted by the school.
Attending different schools
eventually leads to break-up.
However, Byung-gil doesn't mind.
Of the 50 art student majors,
he is the sole male.
Even his homeroom teacher
is a woman.
He thinks his fellow art majors
will all fall in love with him.
But the only one who loves him...
is his homeroom teacher.
1997. He is
the younger boyfriend of
the kindhearted Yonhwa Lee,
a high school senior.
1998. The kindhearted Yonhwa enters
Hongik University, a top art school.
And she dumps him.
But he doesn't mind.
With his genius talent,
he will easily get into Hongik
next year and be reunited with her.
1999. He is... rejected
by Hongik University.
Life is like... shit.
2000. Second attempt at Hongik.
As luck would have it...
Rejected again.
With his amazing talent,
he makes a living painting
movie billboards for theaters.
But shortly after,
theaters start using
lifelike prints instead.
2001. In search of
spiritual enlightenment,
he coops up at home watching videos
and teaches himself filmmaking.
His hero is now Stephen Chow.
His dream, to become
an actorldirector like his hero.
But he falls into despair when called
up for his mandatory military duty.
But he falls into despair when called
up for his mandatory military duty.
2004. He is discharged from the army.
For the next 3 months,
he watches 7 videos a day.
Then one day...
He goes to return a video when
the nosy part-time clerk
grabs his hand
and looks at him with pity.
Excuse me...
You don't have a job, right?
I know of a factory job
that offers room and board.
Her blunt words are like
a dagger thrust into his heart.
Byung-gil immediately
applies to stunt school.
No more an impotent daydreamer,
he is reborn a man of action.
Hello everyone!
I am Byung-gil Jung, age 25.
What sports can you do?
Give us a small demonstration.
On that day, he is accepted
on his big mouth alone.
He loses 30 lbs during the
6-month training course.
And finally starts looking like
a human being.
He is also presented with
the chance to make a film.
Seoul Action Stunt School, 2004
In 2004, at the 8th year audition,
36 guys made the cut.
But the vomit-inducing,
murderous training
has 17 of them dropping out
in less than a month.
A month before graduation.
Only 14 remain out of pure grit.
Of course,
there always some freaks.
The last group trip of
the last 14 survivors.
After this trip, they plan to shoot
a film to showcase the stunts
they've learned through risk
and grit for the past 6 months.
I look good, huh?
Stop shooting already!
Director Byung-gil JUNG
The director was Byung-gil.
Having penned the script himself,
he wrote himself as the hero.
As if he were Stephen Chow.
Stunt director Kyung-tae KIM
Stunt director Kyung-tae Kim.
A former member of the
707th Special Missions Battalion.
Those guys jump in and out of
North Korea as easy as pie.
Therefore, he just demonstrates.
You need to do it like this.
It didn't work
cause you overacted.
All the dangerous stunts
are for Gui-duck.
NG (No Good).
Let's try it again.
Let's go again.
Gui-duck KWON
Gui-duck, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Despite throwing himself like that,
Gui-duck never got hurt.
That is until... Fancying himself
the hero, Byung-gil hits him.
- Byung-gil, don't get so excited.
- Let's take a break, a little break.
You were nervous.
Too nervous.
Saying that he's taking a break,
Gui-duck leaves the room.
Looking at his retreating back,
for the first time,
Byung-gil resents Stephen Chow for
making him desire to play the hero.
Behind the Scenes Camera
Kyung-min KIM
Gui, are you really okay?
Despite losing a tooth, Gui-duck
worries about holding up the shoot.
Saying that he's fine, he asks
Kyung-min not to tell anyone.
Returning to set, Gui-duck breaks
a table as if nothing has happened.
At that moment, the only one
recalling his injury is Kyung-min.
Jin-seock KWAK
That's amazing under this light!
Former boxer Jin-seock's specialty
is his six-pack abs.
Let's take a look
at Byung-gil's abs.
They look quite different
in the film, don't they?
Six-Pack Abs Double
Jin-seock KWAK
Sung-il is
Byung-gil's stunt double.
With no prior sports training,
Sung-il worked hard to complete
the 6-month training course.
Sung-il SHIN, Sye-jin JEON
As a result, he plays the hero
in the film's highlight fight scene.
Sye-jin JEON
To writhe on the floor
like a frog...
That must be wh Sye-jin endured
those grueling 6 months since spring.
Is your phone on vibrate mode?!
Change it to ring mode!
Take the call...
Now, he raises HORSES
in Jeju Island.
Byung-gil's graduation project
"Standing on the Edge of a Sword"
It may be a film just for them
showcasing the stuntman
like no other.
But it is also a precious record
of their shared 6 months in 2004.
They take a break from shooting
to watch TV.
This TV show features their debut.
At the time, they were happy to see
themselves on TV and full of dreams.
Yet 4 years later, at present,
only 3 of them still work in stunts.
Jin-seock, Gui-duck, and Sung-il.
Hey! I'm supposed to be
in that scene. Where am I?
Crap! That's only my arm!
Were these 3
different from the start?
Let's start with Jin-seock
whose arm only made it on to TV.
This is his audition tape.
2004 Seoul Action School Auditions
Jin-seock KWAK
I used to be a hairdresser...
Well, you can't show that here.
Show us something physical
you can do.
As usual,
his secret weapon is his abs.
How does the saying go?
"Heroes are made by the era..."
That year, the boxing film "Crying Fist"
was being made so he got in.
Won-joong KIM
Stunt Director/Actor of LEGEND
What were the 8th year auditions like?
Oh, those guys!
They were...
They were real... Idiots.
I was betting everything
on this so...
At first...
I'd just charge through.
Have you done any sports?
Gui-duck KWON
No, I haven't. But I've done
some construction work.
Did you wear dress shoes
to this audition?
From the best shop in Daegu...
Aren't they uncomfortable?
Dress shoes and
jeans are a little...
It shows a lack of...
You seem ill prepared.
I thought today was about
seeing how I looked,
that sort of interview.
We don't care how you look.
Not right now.
My major...
I used be a car mechanic.
You know in movies and on TV,
where they flip cars dangerously?
Can you do that if asked?
Well... I...
I specialize in fixing cars
not breaking them.
So I'm not sure if I... can...
But if you're
talking about flipping...
If you want me to flip...
That day, he flipped his body
instead of a car.
But today, he is one of the best
car-flipping stuntmen in Korea.
That's all.
Wow! Thank you. Good job!
Please accept me for your school!
For my specialty,
I said I dance some...
And so I danced.
And even though I was terrible,
I'd do a split
and stretch... in jeans.
Those jeans were
really tight too.
But I did it.
Of course, they laughed.
They laughed but... I think they
chose me because I made them laugh.
When I got the call,
I made a big bow to them.
Well, a big bow to the phone.
First, we tend to look at how
sincere and humane they are.
Then we look
at their physical talent.
Sung-il SHIN
I'm from Pohang.
My name is Sung-il Shin.
You're a good looking guy.
Why did you apply?
Are you an actor who wants
to learn some stunts?
Or do you want to be a stuntman?
We'd like to be clear.
I'm here to become a stuntman.
His kicks were mediocre but...
Accepted on good looks alone!
How humane
their audition process is.
But there was a guy accepted
without even making a single kick.
Oh, that guy!
I have no clue now
why we picked him.
There was nothing
special about him.
His kicks were not that great
and he wasn't
really skilled either...
There was that one thing.
He had a unique way of thinking
and looking at things.
And... he had a scary look
in his eyes.
Hey, stop glaring at us...
It's spooky
you glaring like that.
I uh... just got
out of the army.
So I guess
I'm still in that mode.
Are there any sports you can do?
Can you show us?
I didn't do
a particular sport...
But I was told in the army that
I'm pretty good at soccer.
And um...
My childhood dream was to be
a soccer player by the way...
I know if I work hard,
I can be better than anyone.
My dream is to become
an action actorldirector
like Stephen Chow
so I must pass this audition.
We happened to run into
Byung-gil's army buddy
returning from
reserve forces training.
Sang-hyuk YOON
Byung-gil's army buddy
On one of my leaves, I met Byung-gil.
He said he made a film or something.
At first,
I didn't believe him.
There are lots of idiots in the army.
No matter how dumb or weird,
they all brag about how great
they were on the outside.
I thought he was one of them...
Then I saw his film...
Standing on something sword edge?
I give it
at least 4 out of 5 stars.
And I'm a real stingy critic.
But the thing is... His face...
His face was... It was all wrong.
As a director,
he's got talent, loads.
But that's it.
He's all talent and no looks.
Maybe in about 40 years,
when we're all old men,
when actor Dong-Kun Jang
gets old and
Byung-gil gets old,
it'll be the same.
Even Dong-Kun Jang,
when he's 70,
his good looks will sour.
Byung-gil's looks are
already sour and will stay so.
They'd finally be equal.
Maybe when he's 70,
Byung-gil can be
a character actor
like Jack Nicholson.
That's the most
we can hope for him.
He shouldn't act
while he's young...
Byung-gil chose the wrong path.
He needs to just direct...
If Sung-il
had played the lead...
I mean, his look is more
commercial than Byung-gil so...
If Byung-gil hadn't played the lead
in Standing on the Edge of a Sword...
Even I'd be a better...
I think it best if Byung-gil
continues to just direct.
Not just because of his looks...
Not because of that... I think
directing is a good fit for him.
Swayed by their earnest advice,
Byung-gil firmly vows to only
direct this documentary.
The film starts with Sye-jin after
Byung-gil sees a UCC of his by chance.
The UCC was for an idea Sye-jin had
for a TV variety comedy show.
But since live horses
can't be brought into the studio,
Sye-jin's idea was rejected.
Though that idea ended in failure,
he came to Seoul again soon after.
It was to meet
with another network.
I just need to sell myself right.
Since I'm weird enough...
What sort of audition is this?
Sell himself right?
Jae-seok Yu's Truth Game!
Which type are you?
Weird jobs? Experiences?
A Writer for "Truth Game"
- Where do you live?
- Now?
Oh, no. No shooting.
You're not shooting me, are you?
- Please turn it off.
- Stop shooting.
After the interview, he seems off.
He decides to call the writer again.
Hi, we just met.
You said to call
if I thought of anything else?
You mentioned voice imitations?
No, I can't do any but...
You know the martial arts actors
Bruce Lee and Jet Li?
I can mimic
their actions a little.
Do you think
you're going to make it?
I'm... laying down the groundwork
to make it, I guess.
A day after vowing to make it,
Sye-jin visits a fortune teller.
They say she's really,
really good.
I made an appointment 6 months ago
from Jeju. I just met from her.
Filming was not allowed.
But he secretly taped it. Let's hear.
Looking at your face...
I feel stifled.
You do many things.
But you need to stick to one.
That's my personality.
I can't stick to just one thing.
It's not your personality.
It's your fate.
A lion blocks
every path you take...
With its mouth wide open...
Go any further and
it'll snap your head off...
Then what can I do?
Carry a tiger on your back!
A tiger?
How am I supposed to do that?
You need to draw a tiger
on your back.
Then you'll defeat the lion.
The bigger the tiger, the better.
Set of TV Series HEA A few days later, Sye-jin goes to see
his friends who are working on a set.
Maybe in the morning? I'll buy some
when the store opens in the morning.
There are still a lot left!
Alright. Have as many
as you want.
I can't say anything
with the camera rolling.
Are you just going
to eat and leave?
I have debt. Debt!
While these guys have cars, houses,
everything, all I have is debt!
So I eat a little...
Still, I'm older.
They should respect that.
I may look younger but I'm the elder.
Won't even let me eat...
How much older are you?
One year!
The main filming of the night
is a car-chase scene by Gui-duck.
The car gets a flat tire.
The stuntmen grab a midnight snack
in the down time.
Jin-seock feeds Gui-duck a rice roll
as he busily fixes the car.
- Sye-jin is busy feeding himself eggs.
- So hungry...
I like boiled eggs better.
But these are baked.
Sung-il is busy throwing
his body around.
Damn it! I was just about to
give him my coat.
Damn... Those assholes...
Sung-il and Jin-seock go over
the moves for another scene.
But their timing is off today.
No, no, not like that!
Unable to sit by any longer,
stunt director Doo-hong Jung
goes and gives them a demo.
Wow! He's on a different level.
Sye-jin seemed
to have disappeared.
Ah, the way he sits there
seems telling of his gloomy life.
That scared me to death! Really!
How could I possibly
be asleep on set?
You looked like you were asleep.
I wasn't sleeping.
I was thinking!
What were you thinking?
How to pay off my debt perhaps?
How did he fall into debt anyway?
A pyramid scam maybe?
My friends back home,
they're most amazed about...
how I've never been involved
in a pyramid scam.
Even though I'm really gullible,
I didn't fall for that.
Don't you need money first
to get involved in a pyramid scam?
Maybe that's why.
Since you have none.
Right! Cause I have debt.
I'd have to pay that off first
before I could even...
Then sometimes,
being penniless is a good thing.
Of course! Do you know why?
I have terrible credit.
So no one asks me
to sign for a loan.
I couldn't get one
even if I wanted to.
A bank would never approve it!
Because of my bad credit!
So it's cool!
What do you think of Gui-duck
as a stuntman?
Stuntmen get hurt
all the time, right?
They get hurt and can't work
even if they want to.
Well, he never gets hurt!
So why doesn't he work more?
He's never injured.
Why isn't he available?
I don't get it.
Sye-jin has not been in Seoul
for the last 4 years.
So he doesn't seem to be feeling
Gui-duck's aura these days.
Gui-duck is extremely busy.
He does more car-stunt jobs than
any other stunt school member.
I joined up because
I really wanted to be on TV.
But it hasn't been easy.
I was too caught up
in the fantasy.
To do this, you really have to
risk your life.
If I were afraid to die,
if that thought
ever crossed my mind,
then I shouldn't be
doing this work.
I wouldn't be able to.
The movie "The Host"
I have a small fear of heights.
When I'm way up high,
honestly, my legs shake.
They really do.
But I have to do this.
It's not like
I can just come down.
Because frankly,
it'd be too embarrassing.
There's no going back now so...
I just squeeze my eyes shut
and jump.
Come this way and smash it there.
Right into there?
Isn't it dangerous
that you can't see out?
Yeah... it's hard.
I need to be able to see
in order to hit the right spot.
If I'm off by a little,
there'll be an accident.
It's not an easy situation.
But I'll do my best.
Jin-seock is busy scattering cement
to make the stunt look better.
Tension builds on the set.
Gui-duck doesn't look happy
as he gets out of the car.
Stunt director Doo-hong Jung's
face also hardens.
Apologetic, Gui-duck quickly begins
to set up for another take.
But there is no way to stop
the approaching dawn.
Ultimately, they have to wrap.
Gui-duck runs about busily
to clean up.
So does Jin-seock...
As well as Sung-il.
But Sye-jin is in deep slumber.
How did Sye-jin Jeon get in?
- Who?
- Sye-jin Jeon.
Sye-jin Jeon? Sye-jin Jeon?!
I went to Jeju and learned to ride
in order to become a stuntman.
You mean how to fall off horses
and stuff like that?
- Yes.
- You can do that stuff?
Falling down is
a way of life for us.
We ride up front, fall off back,
then get up good as new
to ride again.
Falling down...
is a piece of cake!
Lots of guys talk big like you.
But then they get to set and
end up leaving by ambulance.
I'm on a completely
different level.
I think he was smarter
than the others.
Oh, he was different.
In my case...
I don't get on the normal way.
I come over and hop on like this.
It's not like you can bring
a horse to the audition.
He knew it'd be impossible
to prove his skills right there.
After I hop on like this...
Then we ride like this
for a little!
Then I hop back and forth!
Then I run along side like this
and then jump back on.
I can do all that.
I wish for him to live quietly and
farm in the country somewhere.
And not get into any trouble.
And not do foolish...
foolish things.
Just to stay out of trouble.
After watching
Sye-jin's audition,
we became curious
about the others.
Yong-seong JOO
I've watched and imitated many films.
I'll show you what I do best.
Accepted due to one judge
being a huge Jackie Chan fan.
Kyung-min KIM
At my audition,
I did a little Tai Chi.
I don't think I did it very well.
But I did do a little
mind control exercise before.
'Today is my day. Don't be nervous.
I'm the best. I'm the best.'
So I wasn't nervous and
I think that really helped.
I am Kyung-min Kim,
born in 1980.
I've come from Daegu.
I'm here to learn stunts.
Accepted solely
on his good Tai Chi.
Is there any last thing
you'd like to say?
I really want to do it.
What is it that you want to do?
'I want to do it.'
What's that supposed to mean?
Ah! So you're
talking about stunts?
- Yes.
- You can be misunderstood, you know.
If you say it like that.
'I want to do it.'
What is it you want to do?
Moon-cheol KWON
I'm here because
I really want to do stunts.
Thank you.
Though the youngest,
he passed with the highest score.
After two ligament ruptures
and one surgery on his knee,
Moon-cheol has given up
his 4 year career as a stuntman
to chase after a new dream:
They transplanted those
from a dead person in the US.
Right now inside my knee,
there are ligaments of someone
I've never met from the US.
At my second surgery,
I joked to the doctor
to give me some of a black man.
So I'd be more flexible.
Ah-young KWON: Friend of Moon-cheol
Whenever I call him,
he's in the hospital.
So I often say
all the money you make
ends up going to the hospital.
And also that his parents
must be worried.
Sometimes, he hides his injuries
from them because he's sorry...
I think to make excuses
is to admit my limit.
In "Million Dollar Baby",
the heroine
who's a boxer says that
she's willing to risk everything
for the dream that only she can see.
For the dream that
only I can see...
Moon-cheol is giving it his all
in pursuit of a new dream.
What about
the unsuccessful auditions?
They didn't get
the chance to dream.
At the 8th year auditions,
what were the guys like overall?
They were all sorts and
they showed us all sorts of things.
They came from everywhere,
from all over.
So it was a lot of fun.
Personality was very important.
We looked at that first. Character.
We can't stand
the pretentious ones.
Rejected due
to pretentious expression.
I'm from the Marine Corps.
Judging from your ears and height,
you seem like a wrestler.
Have you wrestled before?
For how long?
Excuse me?
My ears are naturally
like this...
I don't want to be this way...
I don't know why
my girlfriend dumped me
a month before my discharge.
Rejected because he couldn't
understand the question.
Hold it.
I asked you your specialty.
Why did you take your shirt off?
I'm a bodybuilding major
at Yong-in University
so this is my specialty.
Rejected due to
that being his specialty.
Hello. I'm 31 and
I've trained
in Taekkyeon for 8 years.
I shall meditate now.
What? Meditate?
What's with the meditation?
Rejected due
to meditating for 5 min.
There was this Taekkyeon guy.
I don't think he did his best.
No sincerity.
So he was rejected.
There was also one
with strange ears.
He was really enthusiastic.
We should've accepted him.
I really regret that now.
I was in a car accident.
- Your ears too?
- No, I just injured my legs.
But I have to stay in the hospital
for a long time anyway so...
My ears always
shook my confidence.
So I had them done.
Can you see?
Do you think you were rejected
because of your ears?
I'm not lacking anywhere else,
in looks, acting ability, etc...
Then say a word to your ex
who left because of your ears.
Just wait until
my ears are fixed and...
Your ears!
There was this guy who did aerobics.
He worked hard but...
He was so pretentious.
Like I said, we don't
like the pretentious ones.
It was very hard
at the time... very...
But now,
I think it was for the best.
I did want to become
a famous action star.
But now I've become a famous
aerobic teacher in this area.
I even get presents
on Teacher's Day.
I feel like it's worthwhile work.
I'm happy... very.
A lot of useless guys
were accepted.
Now many of the rejected
applicants are working full swing
while most of our guys
are just loafing.
They don't work.
They're basically loafers.
At least,
there's Gui-duck who has thrown
himself into stunts for 4 years.
We go to visit a gym in Incheon where
today, Gui-duck makes his debut
as assistant stunt director.
A charismatic Gui-duck
at the center of set
controls the movements
of all the crew and actors.
We're very curious to know
what kind of movie this is.
The title is "Champion Mabbaki".
Grab Mabbaki's gaze first
...and then start, okay?
By the way, what do you think
of my girlfriend?
Put some clothes on!
I'm almost at second base...
Draw her some nipples please!
Jin-seock is busy pumping up for
yet another topless scene.
He got the role opposite Mabbaki
solely on his boxing skills.
Your next reaction is important.
He's just blocked you, right?
So be like 'damn it' and
looking for your next move...
Were you ever knocked out
as a boxer?
I take my punches standing.
So then, he's never
been knocked out?
The gateway to boxing success
with a 40 year history.
The 2004 MBC Contenders!
Jin-seock's Mom
At first,
they gave him a grand intro.
They said he was
a hairdresser and...
- Red corner, from the Winners Gym...
- Contender Jin-seock Kwak.
Jin! Seock! Kwak!
Contender Kwak is a hairdresser.
The news filmed him
slipping and falling...
Mom, I never fell.
You did!
I took all those punches standing.
I was never knocked out.
...the punch connects and...
- Can it be, a knock out?, Kwak pulls back and...
- Wow, he really did get hit standing!
And the bell.
The bell has saved him.
Jin-seock Kwak survives the round!
He called me and asked
"How was I, mom?"
Then he says, "Mom, buy lots of beef.
I need it for my bruises."
The result of getting pummeled
while standing: A TKO.
Then that's a knock out,
isn't it?
I am impressed with Kwak's
fighting spirit and indomitable will.
- He really took a lot of punches.
- Yes.
Most male hairdressers are known
to be quite feminine but...
I wore my hair up
for about 20 years.
But as soon as he got his license,
he cut my hair.
When I told my mom I was going
to be a hairdresser she said,
"You're not handsome enough."
Then who does she think
is handsome?
Sung-il is handsome and...
How about Gui-duck?
Gui-duck is also...
He's the short one, right?
He's a little short but...
Of course for a guy,
he's quite handsome enough.
Still, Gui-duck is definitely
better looking than Mr. Mabbaki.
Who do you think
will win this fight?
Who do you think?
Even at a glance,
you can tell I'd lose.
However, it's a different story
in the movie.
They treated us right on
"Miracle on 1st Street".
The film "Miracle on 1st Street"
As actors...
They treated us like actors.
Once the director yelled 'Cut,'
they'd bring a cup of water
for the mouthpiece straightaway.
Here, they just keep asking me
to shake my legs...
On set that afternoon,
an actor in the scene
has disappeared.
They try to ease their boredom
by eating choco-pies.
But the actor doesn't return.
One person!
Because of just one person,
nearly 100...
Almost 100 people
are waiting around.
A crew member sleeps in a weird pose
as if to show his displeasure.
At last, the actor reappears.
Jin-seock, usually so good tempered,
looks scary angry.
Fucking dickhead actor!
How do you work with the fucker?
How I became interested
in acting was...
I got hit by the hero and
was on the ground...
And I was lying there in pain.
I was supposed to be dead.
Inside, I was thinking,
'Shit, this hurts! '
And I happened to look up
at the actor standing over me.
I thought, 'He gets to say
a few lines and make money.'
I was fuckin' envious!
It looked so fuckin' easy.
I was cold, trembling and at the edge.
And he looked so comfortable.
I'm personally interested
in gag comedy.
I'm thinking of maybe coming up
with a comical character...
Hello, everyone!
Oh hello, Mr. COCKDEVIL!
Wait, wait! Don't shoot!
While they make up
this idiotic crap,
what is handsome Sung-il up to?
Sung-il is working
as Shin-yang Park's
stunt double
in the TV show Money War.
He seems more handsome
than the actor.
He gets into wardrobe
to get ready.
Doesn't he sort of look like
Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs?
We can't help but look forward
to his stuntwork.
But Shin-yang Park is as good
at stunts as he is at acting.
Consequently, the change
of wardrobe was for nothing.
All Sung-il did that day was...
...this one shot.
The day of wire stunts on "Mabbaki".
The actor wears an undershirt
to protect his skin.
One, two, three!
After the actor's simple wire stunt,
it is the stuntman's turn.
But there is no protective undershirt
prepared for him.
They didn't get
an undershirt for me...
It's just basic common sense.
If you have stunts scheduled...
At least, prepare the basics.
Don't you think?
Ultimately, all wardrobe does is
tape a towel around him instead.
fabulous Mabbaki makeup job.
Gui-duck first demonstrates.
One, two, three!
The first attempt,
the height is too low.
Ready! One, two, three!
This time,
the actor is the problem.
You have to
lower yourself some more.
This action doesn't need to be big.
Just the throwing action needs
to be big. Then it'll be fine.
More problems, more injuries.
This time is fine. But before,
they let go and my head...
I blocked it with my fist
but I still hit my head.
My hand hurts too...
- Action!
- One, two, three!
Ultimately, it took over 30 takes
to get the wire stunt right.
- He's too short...
- He won't go over...
At times like this,
Gui-duck needs to step in.
Whoa, if you get your neck caught,
it'll be a disaster.
His grim expression tells us
how much pain he is in.
He comments on his injuries
after he is done shooting.
Stuntman Yeon-gyu YUN
I usually smile a lot.
Even when I get hurt.
Who'd like it if I got mad
for getting hurt?
After visiting the fortune teller
5 months ago,
Sye-jin started looking
for the right tattoo parlor.
his tattoo will be completed.
She did say the bigger the tiger
the better...
But does it need to be this big?
Actually, Sye-jin didn't mean for it
to get so big either.
In the beginning, his plan was to have
just the head of a tiger.
But the first tattooist
took his money and ran off
leaving only half a tiger head
on his back.
Sye-jin finds a second tattooist
to finish the tiger head.
This one states
frankly with regret
no energy can come
from a head alone.
Sye-jin decides to
let the tiger have a body.
But the second tattooist also
runs away with his money
leaving just a tiger head
on his back.
At present,
the third tattooist...
He insists,
in terms of composition,
Sye-jin needs a dragon with the tiger
for the picture to work.
In this manner,
what started as the head of a tiger
has expanded into a fight scene
between a tiger and a dragon.
It now covers
Sye-jin's entire back.
He has spent over $4500 on this.
So, like the fortune teller said,
has this tattoo been helpful?
"Can you pull your pants
down a bit?"
I say "Yes!"
And pull down my pants.
"This will hurt some but
I'll do my best so it doesn't."
And she even rubs it gently.
Then she says, "Are you okay?"
It's great.
They treat me different!
Monthly rentals are pricey these days.
Around $400-$500, I think.
A friend of mine
lives in a motel...
- Your friend lives in a motel?
- Yeah.
What world do you live in?
Don't you know
monthly rentals? Huh?
You pay per month for a room!
At this age, Sye-jin is sponging off
a friend living in a motel.
How did he come up
with $4500 anyway?
Try one out!
Why don't you wear hairpins?
A girl should wear hairpins.
And earrings...
Business isn't so great today.
So Sye-jin starts to dance
to gain people's favor.
- This results in...
- I don't see any.
...someone reporting him
to the police.
Did the other guys see any?
Wow, 8 policemen appeared
out of nowhere.
They snapped all these pictures.
They're like "You can't vend here.
We're confiscating this."
And they did. I stood there frozen.
"Yes, sir..."
Set of TV show
"Time between Dog and Wolf"
Today, Sung-il has a car stunt.
The stuntmen are
eating lunch on set.
Their table: A car hood.
Hey, you didn't look so hot
last time.
Like someone
who smoked some weed.
You were totally out of it.
When he got out of the car,
he wasn't wearing a helmet.
He was so nervous that
he forgot to tighten the strap.
So it was just sitting
on his head.
I mean... That's really dangerous.
It's so easy to injure your neck.
In an instant, you become this.
"Mom, feed me."
Clip of car stunt where
his helmet came off
Hey, his helmet came off!
Why wasn't his helmet strapped on?
Sung-il, why did
your helmet come off?
You forgot to strap it,
didn't you?
I told you to strap it in!
Everyone gets nervous
before a stunt.
Sure... there's lots of pressure.
But his mind's a total blank.
Please pan the camera.
He's sleeping
like nothing's going on.
But after he wakes up, he starts to
chain-smoke wordlessly as if nervous.
There's an ominous mood in the air.
An accident!
The roof of the car is crushed!
Stunt car roofs are specially made
not to cave in to protect stuntmen.
A crushed roof means Sung-il is hurt.
As soon as 'cut' is yelled,
all the stuntmen rush to Sung-il.
How badly is he hurt?
It is a long time before Sung-il is
barely able to get out of the car
once the seatbelt is cut.
he is not seriously hurt.
Yet, he looks apologetic
for worrying his colleagues.
He quietly leaves the set.
We visit the set of a short film
where stunt director Won-jung Kim
is helping out.
Uh... who hit me?
Hey, come and see your part.
This will be better
with some contact.
They're 10th and
11th year members.
So only Moon-cheol is 8th year?
Yes. He's a big shot to them.
So he's got
to show them something.
We had a reunion with Moon-cheol
who was making a special appearance
in the film at Kim's request.
What about singing?
- I'm preparing.
- What about auditions?
I'm going to make a recording.
A recording? A demo?
I'm going to make some demo tapes
and hand them to recording studios.
I've already taken
profile pictures.
Not only that, he has already given
studios a profile video of himself.
He made this video himself.
A stuntman needs to have
basic editing skills.
Before a shoot,
they shoot stimulations
and modify sequences
to perfect stunts.
Through this process,
stuntmen grow into stunt directors.
Four years ago, Gui-duck pointed
to himself on a TV show.
Who could predict 4 years later
Gui-duck would be the
stunt director of the same show?
Stuntman Cheol-woo LEE
What do you think of Gui-duck?
In terms of car stunts
he is now...
the best of our school.
He started stunts late
but already...
He's pretty much making his debut
as stunt director now.
Gui-duck has always received
orders through the walkie.
But today, he's giving them
through the walkie.
Please put a little more
speed on it, Jeong-wook.
Copy that.
Why did the Tiburon stop?
A problem has occurred.
They still have things to shoot
but the cars are unable to move.
Gui-duck and
the stuntmen's faces grow dark.
The Tiburon wasn't
supposed to stop.
It was supposed to keep going,
then swing around and stop.
It needed to go further
but since it just stopped...
It doesn't feel like an accident.
It just looks like it swiped it.
- Are you gonna use rollers?
- Huh?
Let's put rollers under
with a jack.
- That's the best idea.
- Shall we do that?
We're going to connect cables here
and pull. From the front...
When we pull,
it's got to thrust out.
There'll be rollers
under the wheels.
One push and
that car will move fine.
We have something
to attach to the car.
It's like a roller.
And when we pull...
It'll spin around.
We'd like to try...
What do you mean?
We'll put rollers on here!
Outfit square boards
with rollers.
So the car can move.
Then what? We can't shoot this.
- We're done, aren't we?
- No, we line the cars up
and pull them with cable.
We can get them crashing
and spinning.
Is that going to work right now?
What Gui-duck wants
to try is this.
Put rollers under
the Tiburon's back wheels.
Connect taxi to truck with cables.
Put Tiburon between taxi and truck.
Using the truck's power,
pull taxi forward crashing it
into the Tiburon.
Because of the rollers,
the impact will spin
the Tiburon's back around.
On TV, it'll look like
a speeding taxi
and a Tiburon actually crashing.
But the director can't understand
what they are saying.
Just make them seem
moving a little.
Then we can say they crashed there
and I'll use a different angle shot.
One, two, three!
This way, this way!
A little bit more!
Ultimately, filming wraps after
stuntmen pull the car by cable.
Unable to get the shot he wanted
Gui-duck consoles himself
with a cigarette.
He has to be satisfied with just
the stunt director credit.
However, he didn't even get that.
I corrected his name for him.
Wow! Very good!
After getting his profile out,
Moon-cheol got a call from
a cable broadcasting company.
Ah, right there!
How far does it go in the front?
This show had panelists try
and guess the jobs of the guests.
Moon-cheol was on the show as
the stunt double of Jeong-lin Jo.
A photo to commemorate the day.
we're reminded of Sye-jin
who didn't get called
for "Truth Game".
Sye-jin is headed back to Jeju
after 6 months of cruel Seoul life.
I'm going back
with an elaborate plan.
I think owning his business
is the best answer for Sye-jin.
I'm going to open my business
and sweep Jeju with it.
Some will buy
his stuff out of pity.
He definitely needs to use that.
He needs to use
how pathetic he seems.
My goal in life was
to just work till I was 35.
He says he'll be back in 6 months
driving a Mercedes Benz.
What do you think of that?
- Maybe sleeping on a park bench...
- A park bench maybe, not a Benz.
He'll probably drag a bench here
and use it to sleep outside.
Touring the entire country...
Remember I told you?
Riding and bringing horses.
To people who've never seen horses.
So they can ride them.
I'd take pictures for them.
Feeding horses.
Cleaning up horse dung.
Feeding horses at a racetrack
and putting his life on 'reset'...
I'm not coming back
to Seoul if I can.
I've got to settle down now.
If I can...
I'm 30 now.
It's time to wake up.
Sye-jin, who said
he'd make it in one leap
is leaving Seoul with only
a tattoo on his poor back.
Four years ago,
he did 6 months of stunt school.
Four years later,
his time in Seoul is also 6 months.
He has personally experienced
that people don't really change.
Damn it. Where is it?
You don't have ID?
- Man...
- Did you bring it?
I know I did!
He couldn't find his driver's
license so he left the next day.
Sung-il's Room
Strangely enough,
after Sye-jin returned to Jeju
Sung-il, Jin-seock, and Gui-duck
found no work for a while.
Some weeks pass by.
The first set in so many weeks.
An actor greatly immersed
in the role!
And this was the result.
When it slammed against my head,
I thought, 'Damn, I'm screwed.'
Not cause it hurt
but we had to shoot.
Why did everyone gather around?
It really put me in an awkward spot.
Still it was lucky I was
the one hurt and not the actor.
When an actor gets hurt,
the shoot gets delayed more.
They might have to go to the hospital
and sometimes we have to wrap.
That's a disaster.
That's when you're screwed.
Still it's an injury to the head.
Isn't that dangerous?
Not really.
Just need to wipe off the blood.
Wipe it off and
I can go right away.
Compared to before,
I almost died before.
That time, I could've stopped in
on God for a visit.
I fell once while doing
I was doing that
from 3 stories up.
I let go of the safety rope
by mistake
and so it became a free fall.
Slam! Slam! Slam!
I was like this for 6 months.
It was like a sitcom.
My mom had to feed me.
I saw the light after that.
Compared to that,
today is nothing.
When he got hurt,
he didn't tell me right away.
I went to the hospital and
he was in a cast and lying like this.
Seeing him like that,
I couldn't say a single word.
Unlike other professions, we get
a lot of visitors in the hospital.
Because we've all been there.
It was nice for everyone to visit.
But the problem was
some were limping
and others had stitches here.
My mom was worried enough
about me as is.
But then she saw all my visitors
were also injured.
She was like, 'Oh dear... '
She didn't have time
to care for her own son...
I'd be lying there and
someone would come...
I'd be like,
"Dude, did you get hurt too?"
Mom would always say
she couldn't bear to watch me box.
But I think that's a lie.
When she saw me
fight and die by sword
in the TV series
immortal General Lee,
she was like,
"Look! You're dying there!"
My mom, dad, and brother would
clap and yell, "You're dying!"
I asked her, "How can you be so happy
and clap while your son is dying?"
- I guess she thought it was cool.
- Why were you so happy about that?
Because just the fact
he was on TV...
Jin-seock's niece
also watches him...
She always cries
"Uncle, don't die..."
Uncle, don't die...
Don't die...
Uncle mustn't die, right?
Daddy, is Uncle going to die?
No, of course not.
It's just a movie.
- Huh?
- He's not dying.
He's not dying so don't worry.
Jin-seock's Niece, Jin-seock's Cousin
When we watch a movie or TV,
usually we can't find him.
It goes by too quick.
Amazingly, So-yeon can find him.
And she always cries when he dies.
So-yeon, do you have anything
you want to say to your uncle?
Say it to the camera...
To your uncle.
Uncle, don't get hurt. Don't die.
I love you!
You don't always get hurt
from doing dangerous stuff.
You can get hurt anywhere.
You can get hurt walking
down a street. Or hiking.
I don't worry too much
about him getting hurt.
If he enjoys doing what he does,
I say do it as long as you're happy.
That's fine with me.
Have you seen any of
Jin-seock's films at the theater?
I have seen "The City of Violence".
The Set of the Film
"The City of Violence"
It went by so fast.
At first,
it was hard to find him
when he didn't tell us
where to look.
I couldn't find him.
"The City of Violence"
was a real tough one.
For Jin-seock too...
It was autumn, I think.
But it was
particularly cold that day.
We had to go in and out of the
frigid creek over and over again.
Jin-seock KWAK
Shooting was extremely tough.
All the stuntmen
involved in the film
gave it their all without
holding anything back.
Stunt director Doo-hong Jung
didn't hold back despite the danger.
Neither did stunt director
Chan-hyung Jeon.
It is true that many stuntmen
got hurt while shooting that film.
Even director Jung got hurt.
That's why for me,
that film is unforgettable.
Gui-duck KWON
Sung-il SHIN
All the members of the stunt school
worked on "The City of Violence".
Jin-Seock KWAK
And it was the first film
the school co-produced.
Maybe for that reason, the stuntmen
threw themselves into this film
with a greater sense of duty.
Even director Jung charged on
shooting through injury
with an ice pack to his face.
Gui-duck was the stunt double
for director Seung-wan Ryu.
He also choreographed
some action sequences.
Gui-duck KWON
Sung-il and Jin-seock worked hard
here and there but...
Like Jin-seock's mom said,
they are not easy to find.
Sung-il SHIN
Jin-Seock KWAK
The tatami sequence,
the highlight of the film.
It is said to be
the coolest scene in the film.
Behind the brilliant action
we can guess the many broken bones
and ligaments of the stuntmen.
Their repeated movements and
pain of injury
are rewarded
with audience applause
and their efforts transformed
into pure action.
One, two, three!
There is someone who craved
such hardship but couldn't get it.
He is Yong-seong, who impersonated
Jackie Chan at his audition.
He is preparing to take
the teacher exam.
I go to the library first thing
and study all day long.
It's like torture.
Absolute torture.
If you think about it,
it's hard work.
No sleep.
Going back and forth to set.
Jin-seock and Gui-duck...
They seem to think
it's this or death.
I'm jealous.
Is Moon-cheol's singing career
going well?
my mom and dad said to me
"Be a teacher, be a teacher!"
"That's a useless way of life.
A life of a bum. Don't do it."
But I... I want a dream.
I want to go for my dream.
But if I say that, they reply
no one does
what they want in life.
Public service.
It's safe and good.
It's just like in the army.
The safe jobs are the best!
In high school, what do you know
of drinking or girls?
Now that I do know,
it's hard to do without.
Does Gui-duck have a girlfriend?
Jin-seock doesn't have one,
That's right. When you do stunts,
you have no time to meet girls.
Assistant Director: Jeanne LEE
It's autumn.
Don't you feel lonely...
...or miss a girlfriend?
A girlfriend?
Of course I do.
But this job makes it very hard
to keep a girlfriend.
Do you want me to fix you up
with someone?
A fix-up?
Even if we're fixed up
with someone,
it usually doesn't work out.
We go away a lot and...
Excuse me.
Yes, director.
I was fixed up once
a long time ago...
But if I get called
while on a date...
I'd have to go even
in the middle of a date.
Is he hurt bad?
I should get there around 5.
I'll call again
once I reach llsan.
What happened?
One of my colleagues got hurt
while doing a car stunt.
Then you're going to
do it instead? That car stunt?
Yes. It seems like it.
I need to go right away.
Shall we talk in the car?
I'm thinking this question
should've already been asked.
What made you become a stuntman?
Any particular event, episode,
or fundamental moment?
- Let's talk across the street.
- Okay.
Oh my God!
Are you okay, Gui-duck?
Did you see that?
Are you really okay?
I don't get hurt easily!
I think it was 5 years ago...
The same thing happened.
I had an accident in Daegu.
I just got up
like nothing happened.
He said that he became a stuntman
due to this knack of not getting hurt.
How did you get into car stunts?
Oh God!
Is that guy okay?
Shouldn't we go and check?
You saw that, right?
The exact same thing
happened before.
I was perfectly fine
that time too.
So I thought,
this is also a talent.
That's how I ended up
in car stunts.
Sung-il was going to China to work on
"The Good, The Bad, And The Weird".
Since he'd be there for a while,
the guys had
a small farewell party.
If I'm lucky, I'll make over
10 grand this month.
I don't do this for the money.
Even when I was hurt...
I ripped my cast off
and went to work.
When you hear Gui-duck talk...
Someone who doesn't know better
might think he's cool
but to me...
This guy is just dumb!
- Look how dumb!
- What I'm saying is...
Look here... And here...
Ultimately, the star
of the night was Gui-duck.
My mom and dad got divorced.
Over some terrible things.
So I really fuckin' hated my dad.
Even back then.
I was afraid of him.
And I hated him. I was like that.
"Gui-duck, who do you want
to live with? Mom or dad?"
I felt like if I went with mom,
I wouldn't even be able
to graduate school properly.
In any case,
dad was financially better off.
Cause he could work
and make money.
Even in first grade,
I was thinking that.
The first grade.
I was filled to here with
wanting to live with mom.
But thinking of that, I said
"I'll go with dad."
Every kid says easily,
"Mom, give me a quarter."
But not me.
Not with what happened to me.
One day, my stepmom just left,
taking her kids.
I was playing in the playground.
I could see her going with
her kids carrying big bags.
I ran hard to catch up.
I caught up with her and
I can only remember
saying one thing,
the one thing I said to her,
"Mom, give me a quarter."
That's all I said to her.
But she said
she didn't even have that.
One or two years later,
mom and dad got back together.
The fact that I can work hard
and get paid for my work...
I couldn't be happier!
He's never said that in
all the times we've talked.
At the smallest thing, it's been
"Fuck! This is crap! I'm gonna quit!"
That's what he always says.
That's what I always say. My words.
He's imitating me right now.
What I always say is...
"Gui-duck. I'm having
the best time right now."
This is how Jin-seock stopped
Gui-duck's monologue.
But a phone call stops Jin-seock.
It is Kyung-tae,
stunt director of
Standing on the "Edge of a Sword".
He is now a guard at
Incheon International Airport.
He makes plans to see Sung-il nearby
the airport on the day he leaves.
Next year, I'll try boxing
in the Contender
or what is it...
the amateur games.
Next month, my baby will be born.
I'll buy a camera to take pretty
baby pictures and make albums.
It's just a prenatal name...
Zanga. I call the baby, Zanga.
See you later! Bye!
The interview was conducted
on his way to work
because he didn't have time.
He looked very happy
talking about the baby.
Two hours after Kyung-tae's
short interview,
Sung-il arrived.
Let's check one more time!
First to Shanghai, then onto a bus...
I'm really worried for you.
Don't worry!
He's not a child!
I'm sure Jin-seock and Gui-duck are
betting I'll become a missing child.
Sung-il has a terrible
sense of direction.
He has to transfer flights once
and then take a bus for 2 hours.
His destination
is nearby the Silk Road.
Will he make it?
That night... The moonlight
was particularly gloomy.
Shit! He's finally become
an international missing child!
He says he's alone in Shanghai!
"So things are going bad."
"I think I missed the transfer
while playing Nintendo."
He says they're in a bad mood
because he didn't show up.
They must've gotten the news
that Sung-il's alone in Shanghai.
I mean...
How can he so be predictably lost
even in a foreign country?
We can't do anything about it.
That's who he is.
they're in a foul mood.
Even Sye-jin didn't make
this kind of trouble.
At Jin-seock's words,
Byung-gil is reminded of Sye-jin.
Thus he goes to see him
in a few days.
Seogwipo Port in Jeju
Approx 6 AM
Sye-jin returned to Jeju
with a firm resolution.
Picturing him working hard
at his resolution,
Byung-gil heads to
where Sye-jin lives.
What is he doing this early?
I'm making them calloused...
I had them bandaged.
I kept hitting
even when they bled.
He answered that
he was training
to become a K-1 fighter
like Seong-hoon Choo.
I used to do a little boxing.
I know I may look like this
and have tiny shoulders,
but there's nothing I haven't done!
Jin-seock is an okay boxer.
But he's missing something.
Sye-jin didn't seem cut out
for the brutal life of Seoul.
But living in isolation
on an island,
he seems to have lost
a sense of reality.
A colleague of Ranch:
Kyung-dae MOON
What do you think of his tattoo?
He's out of mind.
You have to rule with your glare!
Like this and this! Right?
His shoulders are my size!
At night, he watches K-1 bouts
and learns how to fight.
I fully comprehend now the saying
that TV ruins the child.
Don't they say that human beings
are always learning?
The inconsistency between
dream and ability.
It's painful to watch.
Why is his life going this way?
I was really lucky as a kid.
I'd raked in the money at poker.
One day,
I went to find wild orchids.
It had rained the day before.
I found a hole
big enough to go into.
I lit a torch and went in.
On the floor,
there were bones. Bones!
Bones and broken dishes.
I thought, 'These are remains.
I've struck it rich.'
I called MBC broadcasting station
and told them I've found remains.
The next day, the borough head
comes and talks to my dad.
I thought he was praising me
to my dad.
Suddenly, my dad comes after me with
a stick, you know, from a coolie rack.
He starts cursing me out,
"You brat!
Going into someone's tomb!"
"What for?
What were you doing there?"
I realized then
it was someone's tomb.
Since then, nothing's
worked out for me.
Colleague of Ranch: Jeong-je WOO
You've known Sye-jin for a long time.
What do you think he'd be best at?
I think farming
would be best for him.
What else can he...
He's got no perseverance!
He gets bored easily.
Just tell him
he should farm with his dad.
Stop with this nonsense!
If he farms,
what would he farm best?
I don't think there is anything.
The only thing Sye-jin can do is
to help his dad and learn from him.
I wish for him to settle down.
No more wandering.
Farm? That'd be embarrassing.
People would look down on me.
They'd say I'm farming cause
I can't do anything else.
There's nothing to do
except for horse riding.
I'm starting to get famous here.
It'll be amazing.
Soon guides will say
'For horses, go to Sye-jin Jeon.
He'll give you an incredible ride.'
Even beginners will get to gallop.
He's even pitiful riding a horse.
After hurting his back
from the fall,
he didn't work the ranch that day.
Instead, he went to see another
dream of his, a horse-circus.
I really want to do this now...
But since I can't...
I'd be real good at it.
I really wish I could...
So I try to watch
as much as I can.
The more I watch, the faster
I'll catch up later so...
I'll use it someday...
The next morning.
As if to prove
that his back is fine,
he takes his shirt off
upon getting up.
He looks cool
as if in a yakuza movie.
Damn, I dropped my phone.
Damn! Ouch!
Ah, the cover!
The cover fell off!
Dammit! My fuckin' life!
When on earth will we see the power
of the tattoo on his miserable life?
He must be feeling better.
Sye-jin starts to dance.
He drops by a dance hall now and then
to further another dream, dancing.
Embarrassed by his fall yesterday,
he asks us to re-shoot.
Oh dear. I thought he was
going to fall off again.
Still... This may fit him
better than farming.
Nice and toasty.
It's like a stove!
An ondol room!
Good job! Go! Run!
I still think... there's at least
15 new jobs waiting for me.
Jobs that I would never expect.
As long as he has passion
and interest for his dreams,
the day will certainly come
when he finds his true dream.
We're flying to China
to film Sung-il.
Our budget barely allowed for
a very humble itinerary
so we traveled with a group
and mainly used trains and buses.
Byung-gil and the camera crew
take a train to the location, Urumqi.
After a 14-hour journey,
they arrive at Urumqi the next morning.
From this point, they are on their own
having departed the travel group.
No more hotel breakfast included,
of course.
They fill their stomachs
with some street food.
we'll eat in a hotel, right?
They arrive
nearby Sung-il's hotel.
But it's not easy
to find which hotel.
The language barrier
is a big problem.
At last, they get to Sung-il's
hotel after getting lost and
asking for directions
countless times.
5 hours of flying, 14 hours
on a train, 4 hours by car,
and finally,
an hour of walking.
It has been 2 days
since leaving Seoul.
Should we ask once?
I'll go ask.
Though Sung-il is staying there,
he is presently on set.
They find a place nearby to stay.
As soon as they unpack,
the producer is on the phone
to get cooperation.
Producer Yong-hee LEE
We all know how it is...
How much are we allowed
to shoot?
His expression doesn't look good.
They said no but... Why don't we
just go ahead and shoot?
With no permission, they head to set.
They thought begging would work.
But begging didn't work here.
Hey, what happened there?
- A scratch.
We got a glimpse of the set that
we were curious about
from the scar
on Sung-il's forehead.
His wardrobe and makeup made us
more curious about the set.
How come your makeup is so quick?
Because I'm not important.
Who cares? Sung-il is still
a star in our documentary.
They remain here alone after
everyone has left for location.
To go through so much
to be so close.
Lamenting their pitiful situation,
they are unable to leave.
Did the heat of the desert
dry up even their brains?
Suddenly, they decide to go for it.
Come what may...
This is the set of
"The Good, The Bad, And The Weird".
It's not open
to the public so...
we are secretly
giving you a glimpse.
- Excuse me? Who are you guys?
- Yes?
- We're the stunt school team.
- Oh, I see.
We are just shooting,
for ourselves.
Oh, you are?
Okay, okay, our crew.
Our staff!
Oh, they thought
we were a problem?
Yes. They ask us
to control the press.
Yes, of course...
So they wanted to make sure...
Although producer Lee smiles
and talks with them nonchalantly,
he is completely
petrified right now.
I don't think you can shoot.
With heavy heart, Sung-il
tells them they can't shoot.
As an apology,
he wants to buy them dinner.
Though still
working on his singing,
because the film needs many stuntmen
Moon-cheol is also here.
They are all glad to
see him there.
The next day, a middle-aged man
approaches them at the hotel.
I uh... You know him...
I was going to give it myself but...
Ah... You want us to give this
to the actor Byung-hun Lee
filming here, yes?
You know people
but I don't know anyone.
How did you know
Lee is staying here?
This is the best hotel in Dunhuang.
And you figured
he'd stay at the best.
Byung-gil, what...
Give it to him later?
Yes, well...
We'll take whatever we can.
We might get
to meet Byung-hun Lee.
Yeah, you're right! Should we?
The Korean wave
seems powerful indeed.
It can turn a middle-aged man
into a shy little boy.
To say thanks, he bought them lunch at
the best restaurant in the hotel.
The amazing food paralyzed even
their worries about their shoot.
As the taste fades,
they become desperate
with worry about their shoot.
In such a state, they wait.
Five hours later...
The stunt team must be back for
sitting out front is Joong-hyun Ji,
the stunt director of
"The Good, The Bad, And The Weird".
He also choreographed
the hammer scene in "Oldboy".
Stunt Director Joong-hyun JI
Producer Lee goes to ask him if
the production team is back.
He seems sure
of gaining permission
through the pretext
of the fan letter.
He says the production team
is probably back.
This is for Byung-hun Lee.
But the fan didn't know
his address.
I told him I'd give it to him.
So we just need to give this
to Byung-hun Lee, right?
Yes, so I'll just...
I'm sorry but
I have a meeting now so...
Have a safe trip back to Korea.
He wasn't even able to
broach the subject. He looks sad.
If someone was
funding our film then
we would've come
comfortably by plane.
But since we have no money,
we had to fly 5 hours
and ride on a night train
for 14...
For 3 days here,
we couldn't shoot a thing.
All we did was
hand over a fan letter.
I don't know why we are here.
It seems like we went through
all this to hand over a letter.
Have a safe trip back...
I'm sorry
you weren't able to shoot...
It's okay!
The day they left China,
Jin-seock left Korea
for China to work on
"The Good, The Bad, And The Weird".
Even Gui-duck wasn't in Korea.
He was in Russia on a shoot.
Returning to Korea,
Byung-gil had no one to shoot.
He was suffering
through boredom when...
A phone call from Kyung-min.
He wants Byung-gil to come see him
in a musical that he is starring in.
He knew Kyung-min had been preparing
for the JUMP audition for months.
So he thought, "He finally did it!
Kyung-min wasn't nervous this time!"
At the theater, Byung-gil
could feel a mysterious force.
That force was pouring out
of the poster!
Why on earth did Kyung-min
become a power ranger?
You know the martial arts
performance JUMP, right?
I believed the saying,
"Sweat never lies."
And I kept trying...
But I kept failing.
So I thought, "Wow...
Sweat does lie sometimes."
I quit drinking.
I didn't meet girls.
I tried like crazy...
Then how did you meet
your present girlfriend?
Musical for Children Power Ranger
I went to an audition
for a musical called Power Ranger.
It was dubbed by radio actors.
We wear the masks
and do the action.
The radio actress
who dubs my part...
...became my girlfriend.
Good to see you all!
So as we worked together...
...we hit it off.
I gained a girlfriend
and the money's good too.
So I thought,
"Ah, sweat doesn't lie."
I was happy then.
Please say something to your
girlfriend on the camera.
- To my girlfriend?
- Yes. To her.
To camera.
Soo-yeon... I love you.
Kyung-min. I love you too.
In fact,
that radio actress... is me.
A few days later,
good news surprises us.
We got a package
from Sung-il in China.
Director Ji heard of our
miserable story in China.
Stunt Director Joong-hyun Ji
With his help, Sung-il shot some
practice footage of the stuntman.
You're about to fall from a horse.
How do you feel?
I'm sleepy. Real sleepy.
In my dream last night,
I'm the only who survives.
Which means the other
4 guys here are dead.
- And you alive alone?
- Yeah. The situation is similar.
Cheol-woo, be careful today.
Like Jin-seock said,
Cheol-woo looks
like he needs to be careful.
Cheol-woo's frightening
stunt practice brings to mind
legendary stuntman Yakima Kanutt Jr.
In the chariot scene of Ben Hur.
And the videotape also ends.
We went to visit Kyung-tae when
we heard his baby was coming.
Night Delivery
Relax! Relax your legs!
Please relax!
Kyung-tae was the first to get
married among the 8th year members
and this is the moment
he becomes the first father.
He didn't forget
to bring the camera
he bought months ago
for this moment.
As if in wonder, he is unable
to look away from his daughter.
As the head of a family, he renews
his resolution to provide for them.
In an unexpected turn, all the
stuntmen return home from China.
As sudden as their return,
some abrupt news...
It is the death of
stunt director Joong-hyun Ji.
They begin to move his casket
in absolute silence.
Gui-duck looks somber.
Sung-il was especially close
to director Ji.
He gets on the bus,
lips tightly shut.
Like the lives of stuntmen
outside the spotlight,
the funeral was a quiet affair
within the league of stuntmen.
The life of a stuntman
has no face.
Though director Ji had worked on
countless films for over 10 years,
it is hard to spot him
in his films.
Only a TV interview he did
before his death
captures his image fully.
Though they are in films,
they bear the fate
of being unrecognized.
Today, we will meet someone
who has such a job.
Usually it's only my back
or I double for actors
so you don't see my face.
Even if I can't act well
with my face,
I just need to express it well
through my body.
I strongly felt if I didn't do stunts
then, I'd greatly regret it later.
- Do you know "A Bittersweet Life"?
- Ah, yes!
"A Bittersweet Life"
The person hanging on top is me.
I hang a bit
and slam into that can.
I still have a bad back.
In the last part of "Public Enemy",
Public Enemy
I break a window
and go flying out.
I do a full turn,
then twist my body
before landing on top of the car.
I hurt my back doing that scene.
That was probably
my scariest moment.
Even though I knew
what I was doing.
Try and find him in the films
he's mentioned.
- They won't be able to.
- No?
In any case, don't get hurt...
Like he said,
We will no longer be able
to find him in movies.
Director Joong-hyun Ji started his
stunt career at the young age of 22.
At 26, he became
the youngest stunt director.
He said he started stunts because
he felt he'd regret it if he didn't.
His life came to an end
at the tender age of 33.
A few weeks after
the death of director Joong-hyun Ji
Sung-il and Jin-seock
quit stuntwork.
Byung-gil was also
no longer able to shoot.
Days later, late at night...
We got a call from Gui-duck
to go drinking.
When we arrived,
he was already very drunk.
Do you think stuntmen
don't feel pain?
That only actors hurt?
That's not true.
We hurt too when we get hit.
Slap us in the face...
Kick us in the shin...
And we hurt too.
We hurt.
We just don't express it.
But it still hurts.
I hated my father.
I hated what he was.
He... before...
he hit me many times.
He hit me when I was wrong...
He and I got into a huge fight.
I never called him. Never.
It was a real important film
for me.
You understand?
Got it, Gui-duck?
The phone rang
and rang and rang.
But I never picked up.
Because we were shooting.
Later I checked my phone...
There were over 30 missed calls.
My father had passed away...
I knew I had to go... Go...
I mean, I knew I had to...
But part of me didn't
want to give up that film.
I was being greedy...
Plain selfish.
So I finished. Right up to the end.
Even after I heard he died.
I drove that bus and finished
all the accident scenes.
Then the shoot was wrapped.
I went to my father then.
My father...
had really passed away.
At that moment...
how do I say...
I went completely nuts...
Why... Why it ended like that.
I thought I'd really go crazy...
His story started off with
the plight of the stuntman.
But it ended with
the death of his father.
The job of the stuntman is
closer to death than any other.
We recall what he had once said.
If I were afraid to die,
if that thought ever crossed my mind,
then I shouldn't be doing this work.
I wouldn't be able to.
Three Months Later
Byung-gil is asked to give a speech
about filmmaking to high school girls
who have finished
taking the college entrance exam.
He asks his 8th year school friends
to help him out because he thinks
an exhibition of
their live on-set experiences
would be better than a short speech
delivered from himself.
Gui-duck couldn't make it
because he was on a shoot.
Sye-jin had called
out of the blue.
Once he hears, 'high school girls,'
he springs to Seoul.
Sung-il falls down
from the ceiling.
A surprised Jin-seock
walks out to see.
He is shot and
their last stunts begin.
Then followed by
historical period action.
Due to a short prep time,
they make some mistakes.
Unlike the pressures of a set
with NGs and re-takes,
they are pumped up by the
generous cheers of the students.
The live performance is
followed by this stunt video.
Once again,
the guy with the cut arm and
vibrating phone... Sye-jin Jeon!
Next to him, Sung-il.
You know that
car flip before...
You all said, "Cool!" when he got
out of the car. That's him!
And next is Jin-Seock.
You saw his abs when
he was jump roping, right?
This man acted in Legend too...
Stunt director Won-Jung Kim!
So cool! So cool!
Oh, you want to see
his abs again?
One student asks Jin-seock
to flash his abs again.
I'll just take this off, okay?
Don't be an asshole!
Take it off!
Then I'll show my tattoo!
Jin-seock stayed clothed
till the end.
Let's talk after you graduate!
Dance! Dance!
Now it was producer Lee's turn.
Who have you doubled for?
Ms. Moon-hee Nah.
Shin-yang Park.
Oh, Shin-yang Park!
Perhaps in the famous, "Money War"?
Are you why the series
did so well?
Of course!
There are some actors who get so
into character they really hit you.
Who? Who?
The one I hate the most... called Mr. K...
Tell them! Go ahead!
Sang-woo KWON!
No, no. To me, he's just K!
Has anyone been to Jeju?
I do a horse-circus there.
HORSE-CIRCUS?! Another lie.
Still, he's not too bad!
Sung-il does
a wire stunt beautifully.
Okay! Applause!
One, two, three!
They give a student a chance
to experience a wire stunt.
And you'll land just like this.
Okay? One, two, three!
And land!
Was that a bow of thanks?
A big bow, huh?
- Did you have fun?
- Yes!
Please remember,
when you watch movies and TV,
of course the stars
are handsome and beautiful.
But behind them are people
working so hard
to make TV and films better.
Please look out for them
and encourage them.
Let's say goodbye now
with one last applause!
Thank you!
The lecture
by the stuntmen is over.
The students swarm around them
as if they were big celebrities.
Director Won-joong Kim signs
autographs for them non-stop.
Sung-il and Jin-seock are busy
taking pictures with them.
Wait! Wait!
You wait!
I'm standing next to him!
Just wait!
Take our picture!
You! You like me!
I like you!
What is this? You like me!
Who is the most unforgettable
among them?
- Horse!
- Right. Horse! Sye-jin Jeon?
Sye-jin is so excited
he shows off his secret weapon.
Sweat never lies.
So finally, he succeeds
in getting his photo taken.
But no student wants
to take a photo with him.
You guys are awesome!
Please don't get hurt!
Show it to us again!
It was the best!
What do you think
of their response?
I was quite surprised.
- Your face is red...
- Really?
It was amazing!
I was afraid they'd get hurt.
Who was the most impressive?
The one who
looks like Jong-hyuk Oh!
- Why?
- He's cute!
He was so cool
when he spun around.
It seems so flashy
from the outside
but I didn't know people were
working so hard behind the scenes.
I'll have to look more closely now
when I watch movies.
They were stars for the first time
on a stage they created themselves.
Though bashful,
they seemed to like it.
Their smiles
never left their faces.
Sung-il opened the bar that the late
Joong-hyun Ji had always wanted.
He used the money he had saved
from doing stunts for 4 years.
It is located
nearby Hongik University.
Jin-seock is helping
Sung-il out today.
You shouldn't pour soy sauce like that.
They should be dipped into the sauce.
Oops! Crap!
I already did it so...
Who is this going to?
Burned dumplings can be refilled.
He poured the soy sauce
by accident.
I cannot live like this!
Stage Actress Seol-ha CHANG
I was in a play that required
some action sequences.
I met him then
and we became friends.
We've been friends
for a long time.
What fits him better,
stuntman or bar owner?
He's a good stuntman...
But he got hurt all the time
so I prefer him as a bar owner.
Sung-il's "Just Friend"
I love every stunt that he's done...
Actually, a lot of pretty girls
hang out in this area.
So I am worried.
One time, he got hurt really bad.
It upset me very much.
He still has that scar even now.
The scar under his star tattoo,
Yes. He says
he got it for the bar...
But it's to hide the scar.
Don't look at other pretty girls
and call me more often!
Oh my goodness!
I'm tearing up...
He has to succeed...
All that pain he took, for 4 years?
He even cracked his head...
He will succeed. Definitely!
He will. No doubt.
The next day.
Jin-seock cranks up the volume of
his MP3 player in the solemn ossuary.
This song is for loved ones
who've already gone...
Did he like that sort?
Drunken Tiger?
Yes. And he looks
like them too, right?
I keep thinking of him...
Whenever I listen to this song...
For a time, I kept listening to it.
I wanted to hear it with him today.
The night of December 25th,
we met Jin-seock at the airport.
He was going backpacking.
With no destination, no itinerary.
Don't skip meals.
Don't worry. I can handle it.
Safe trip. Don't get hurt!
In a foreign country.
It's not like I'm going to stunt!
Why would I get hurt?
Still... good for you man!
I envy you for traveling abroad.
I felt suffocated...
I'm just leaving,
with no thought...
Why the 25th?
I didn't even realize...
I've never really celebrated
Christmas for the past 27 years.
I don't even pay attention.
I just booked an available flight
and it just happened to be today.
I got here and saw the tree.
Still... It's Christmas...
Have a great trip!
GO! Jin-seock KWAK!
- Hello?
- Jin-seock?
- Byung-gil!
- So... how's the trip going?
Great! Don't worry!
I got a girlfriend now!
You mean the one
in the photo you sent?
Is she the right one
or the left one?
Of course, the left one!
Winona Ryder!
Well... she looks more
Renee Zellweger
than Winona Ryder...
The chubby cheeks.
Renee Zellweger...
She's not that chubby...
She's skinnier than me!
Surely you're not talking about
the girl on your left?
Yeah! My left, my left!
Of course, it's the left one.
I was just kidding.
Anyway how is Sung-il's bar going?
Actually I don't know either.
It's been awhile
since we've talked.
I should call him after you.
Yeah, you should!
Alright, Jin-seock.
Come back safely!
- Byung-gil.
- Yeah.
I'm busy now
so I'll call you later.
Too many customers. Sorry.
Okay. Later!
In 2004, a total of 36 guys passed the
8th year audition of the stunt school.
When this documentary began,
only three were left.
At present,
with shooting complete,
only Gui-duck remains in stuntwork.
However, we don't think
the other guys who chose
other paths gave up
on their dreams.
They are chasing different dreams,
ones of their own choosing.
With different dreams,
they will now make differing stories.
But their hearts
will be the same as 2004
when they first began stunts.
They are all
Dedicated to the late director Joong-hyun Ji
who taught us how to stunt
- Byung-gil!
- Hey, Gui-duck. Where are you?
Um, I on set. I'm shooting now.
Gui-duck, are you ready?
Yes. I am ready.
Sorry, Byung-gil. I'll call you
after I flip this car.
- Okay. Be careful!
- Sure.
Roll camera!