Acts of Vengeance (2017) Movie Script

You know
what you want?
I'll be right back.
...Libel if it's true.
We've got to tell the client
we can't do this work.
We file this lawsuit,
i swear...
Thank you.
Have nice day.
He's sleeping
with Anita.
No way.
She's not even hot.
Like I care.
Come on, guys.
They traded this prick
for three draft picks,
none of them worth spit.
Sit up straight
and eat your food.
You never listen.
All you do is fool around.
You never take
anything seriously.
Sorry, dad.
Can I help you?
How about you just turn
your ass around
and get the fuck
out of here?
You just back up, there.
Do I look crazy to you?
Unhinged? Maybe I am.
But before you rush to
let's rewind a bit.
Which is why he's gonna choose
our firm to defend him
and not some cut-rate llp
with a radio commercial
and a catchy jingle.
Man: Women speak approximately
20,000 words a day.
Yeah, you know,
some not guilty.
I want to spend an extra
million or two on that,
all right?
Men, 17,000.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is not what I think.
This is what it is.
Another victim
of the systemic racism
in the police force.
Man: I spoke around
80,000 words a day. two favorite
letters: N-g.
Not guilty.
Words were my weapon
of choice.
But out of those 80,000 words
I spoke a day,
you know how many
are really important?
I love you.
Come here.
Three words total
out of 80,000.
I love you.
Not a good ratio.
Frank, you were supposed to
be here a half an hour ago.
The place is really
starting to fill up.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm heading down
to the garage right now.
Olivia wants
to talk to you.
Hi, daddy.
Hi, sweetheart.
You're coming, right?
I'm on my way.
'Cause I think you're gonna
love my performance.
Promise you'll be here?
I promise.
I love you.
Wait. Wait.
Uh, frank,
you got a minute?
Okay, you've got to sign
these too. We've got to
ship them out tonight.
Luckily there was a case
argued just recently
on the supreme court.
For three reasons
acquittals should have
full effect
under the double
jeopardy clause...
Olivia, you're next.
This is my daddy's
favorite song.
He and I always
sing it together.
Hi, it's sue.
Please leave a message.
Susan. Listen, I'm sorry.
Things just got away
from me at work.
Call me back, please.
I'm sorry.
Hi, it's sue.
Please leave a message.
Sue. Listen, uh...
Listen, I know
you're upset with me,
but please call me back.
It's getting late,
and I'm worried
about you guys, okay?
Mr. valera,
I'm detective lustiger.
Where are they?
Are they okay?
Where are they?
Mr. valera...
Mr. valera...
Mr. valera!
We're still waiting
for the forensic team.
Frank! Frank!
I can't let you contaminate
the crime scene.
My baby.
Th-that's my baby.
That's my baby!
Hold him back!
Let me go. Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Get him back!
Get him back!
The lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
He leads me beside
the still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in the paths
of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through
the valley of the shadow
of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me.
Chances are they'll
never catch the people
who killed them.
And even if
they do catch them,
some slick-tongued
defense attorney
will probably
get them off,
some slick-tongued
defense attorney
just like you.
I always kept my tongue quiet
while my daughter was alive,
but I never saw
what she saw in you.
She left her family,
friends behind,
she followed you
across the country,
put your needs
ahead of her own,
but as long as
my daughter was happy,
I was happy.
Now that
my daughter is dead,
and my granddaughter,
I'll tell you
what I think of you,
frank valera:
You're all talk.
You make your living
spinning words
into meanings
that are vague
and hazy and unclear,
all just to exonerate
the scum of the earth.
And from this moment on,
I do not ever
want to hear
your mealy-mouthed
voice again.
Am I understood.
I said,
I never want to hear
your voice again.
A nod will suffice.
Without a break in the case,
all the police could do
was talk.
Empty words to appease.
A familiar game.
Your wife's car was
expertly wiped down.
My wife and daughter,
Their killer still out there
roaming the street.
Maybe they knew
what they were doing.
And all anyone could do
was... talk.
And there wasn't any evidence
at the crime scene, right?
Found these tiny
gold fibers.
Gold fibers?
I-i don't think
my wife or Olivia
were wearing anything gold
that night, were they?
So then,
that's a lead, right?
Well, I talked to
a tailor downtown.
He said it was
a very common thread.
It's not much of a lead.
And there are still
no witnesses?
None have come forward,
but we're still looking.
That area is
a notorious stomping ground
for the oreversakonya.
What was that?
Russian mafia.
They have a stranglehold
in that area. It's hard
to get anyone to talk.
Would it have been
the Russian mafia
and not, like, robbery
or a carjacking
or something?
You guys never found
my wife's purse.
Pretty violent
for a purse-snatching,
don't you think, frank?
Or carjacking?
Why'd they leave
the car?
I don't know. Maybe something
went terribly wrong
and they had to flee,
i don't know.
We are exhausting
all leads.
You don't need to keep
coming down here, frank.
I'll call you if anything
comes up.
I'll call you even
if something doesn't,
just to keep you informed.
Detective lustiger,
will you please stop
texting, sir?
Can I see the file
on the case?
Chief wants a word
with you, bill.
Tell him I'll be right there.
It's confidential.
It's police business.
It is my wife
and my daughter.
Frank, I am trying to find out
who did this and to
bring them into justice.
Well, try harder.
Goddamn it!
You have any idea how often
a violent crime is committed
in this country?
No, I...
Every 25.3 seconds,
That means for the 25.3 minutes
you sat here,
60 violent crimes
have been committed.
You okay?
Am I okay?
I'll never be okay.
Mr. valera.
We never give up.
Man: Kill him!
Man 2: Tackle him!
Come on! Come on!
It became clear to me
that justice
would never be served.
I made my family
a promise,
but my words were as empty
as everyone else's.
I was the guilty one.
Get him! Get him!
Get him! Get him!
I'd found
my form of penance.
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What are you doing?
My associates suggested
I take some time off.
"Mental-health days,"
they called it.
Although I know
it was really because
they didn't want me
around anymore.
the feeling was mutual.
I need time.
Defending suspected criminals
was something
I'd lost my taste for.
Break it up! Stop!
I suppose you're wondering,
what is a nice guy like me
doing in a place like this?
Something like that,
I promised I'd meet them
at my daughter's talent show
the night they were killed.
I should've been there
for them.
The last message
i ever got from my wife was
a text of a video she took
of a performance I missed.
Gave them my word,
then I broke it.
It's killing me.
Frank, you can't blame yourself
for what happened.
Oh, believe me, I can.
What about you?
You're not in
a police uniform,
which means you're not here
to bust the fights up.
You follow me here?
This job, frank...
It's a fucking
war zone out there.
The way people feel
about cops,
sometimes I just gotta
blow off a little steam,
you know?
Of course, if the department
knew that I sometimes
mixed it up
in the underground
fight circuit, well,
wouldn't be too good
for my career
in law enforcement.
You know, I, uh,
was sorry to hear that, um,
they're going to
re-prioritize your case.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Your case has been
from active to cold.
I thought you knew.
Frank, it's been
a long time.
We've got no fresh leads.
I mean, it's hard.
The case is dead?
No, it's not dead,
it's just... cold.
Those are fucking semantics,
and you know it.
This is a way of
twisting words around.
Believe me,
i know about it.
I've made a lot of money
doing that.
Look, I'll stay on top
of lustiger.
You know, try and keep it
in his mind.
Talk is cheap, huh?
Hey, mister.
You looking for...
Company tonight?
I can make you feel good
if you want.
You could do anything.
Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
What are you doing
out here?
You're too young
to be here.
How old are you?
Answer me.
How old are you?
Get your ass
over here.
I'm sorry, buddy.
She thought you were
somebody else.
Let's go.
Please, sir. This girl
is someone's daughter.
If could have been
listening more closely,
if I would have been
listening at all,
I probably
would have heard it.
Finding the book
was a sign.
I had been punishing myself
for their deaths,
but I wasn't the one
who killed them.
I had been punishing
the wrong person.
Meditations was written
nearly 2,000 years ago
and became the basis
for stoicism,
which believed
that the best indication
of an individual's
was not what he said
but rather what he did.
Stoics would take
a vow of silence
in order to focus on
a specific task.
It is why I took my own vow
not to be broken
until I avenged my wife
and daughter's murders.
Within days
after I stopped talking,
my sense of hearing
had drastically improved.
You see?
Good things do happen
when you shut the fuck up
for a minute or two.
Hey! Hey.
Nice ride, my man.
But unfortunately
you're in our territory,
so how about you just give me
your wallet and car keys,
and we'll call it even.
Could these be the men
who killed them?
A carjacking
gone terribly wrong.
Come on!
Fucking dumb
piece of shit!
I wanted to search his face
for the slightest hint
of recognition.
He had no idea
who they were.
Are you okay?
My name is Alma.
I'm an E.R. nurse
over at mercy.
I volunteer at the local
homeless shelter.
A-and you are?
Are you okay?
Do you understand me?
C-can you hear me?
Do you remember anything
about yesterday?
About how you got here?
I was coming home
from the hospital,
and I found you
lying in the road.
So I helped you
over here.
You were really
out of it,
and that's when I discovered
you'd been shot.
Let me check it out. Okay?
You're lucky.
The bullet
only grazed you,
so the wound was
pretty easy to dress.
Why would Susan roll down
her window in the rain?
You left this
at my house.
Your address is on
your driver's license.
Plus, I have to
re-check your wound.
You were very lucky.
You don't have me fooled,
you know.
I know you can talk.
Last night,
after I bandaged you up,
you talked in your sleep.
And if you can talk
in your sleep,
you can talk
when you are awake.
You kept saying
two names
over and over:
Sue and Olivia.
Your wife and daughter?
I am so sorry.
Was their killer
ever caught?
I know that area
very well.
I drive through it
on my way to work.
Let me know
if you need any help.
A transportation security dog.
Trained to sniff out
the smallest of scents
in the most densely
populated areas
with military precision.
I wonder if my new friend
could fill in some blanks.
The homeless encampment
I had found--
if anyone was there
that night,
they would have been
the perfect witness.
Maybe even
the perfect killer.
No fever.
You are going to be
okay, honey.
The doctor will come soon.
Thank you very much.
You have something for me?
I told you it was done.
Nobody is done.
Not until I say so.
I'll be seeing you soon.
Yeah, I know this spot.
It's Mr. shivers' place.
Sometimes on my way home
from the night shift,
I see him around here,
always smoking.
But I've never
interacted with him.
i never saw his face.
So I wouldn't be able
to I.D. Him for you.
I'm sorry.
But I heard
he works sometimes
at the local diner
as a fry cook.
We don't know
his real name.
People at the shelter
call him Mr. shivers
because he gives them
the creeps.
They say he has this
really violent attitude.
Thanks, frank.
You and I need to talk.
Where are my drugs?
I don't want to
do this anymore.
You will do
as I tell you,
Shut up!
Those guys...
They came into the E.R.
About a year ago...
Forcing me
to pay protection.
Have me steal drugs
for them.
From the hospital,
you know.
Oxy, codeine, fentanyl.
But the other day
i told them I was done.
They're gonna kill me
for this, frank.
What am I going to do?
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Nobody ever accused me
of being able to cook.
But I figured
that one breakfast
was the least I could do
to thank you.
You know, I've been
thinking about
the guy you are
looking for,
Mr. shivers.
Like I said,
I've never worked with him
directly at
the shelter, but...
But he had this cough,
a hacking cough
you'd recognize anywhere.
Do I still look crazy to you?
Like a maniac?
All of the above?
You're probably right.
But at least now,
you understand why.
He recognized them.
There was no death
in this man's eyes.
He wasn't the killer.
I saw what happened
that night.
It was a cop.
I was there.
I saw the whole thing.
Mommy! Mommy!
Mr. shivers: He killed them
in the warehouse.
What could I do? Huh?
I've got enough trouble
I don't need no more
trouble with cops.
The purse...
Got left behind.
I took the money from it,
and I got rid of it.
I needed the money, man.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
Open that door!
Come on!
Open this door now!
Open this door
right now!
I just want to see my son.
Take me to see my son.
Get your hands off me!
Hey! I didn't do nothing,
goddamn it!
What'd I tell you?
Why don't you just
let me go, man?
Cuff him!
Calm down!
You need some help?
Man: Fuck you!
Calm down!
Policeman 2:
Keep moving!
I wanted to narrow
my pool of suspects
by finding out
which officers were on duty
the night shivers
witnessed the killings.
And of those officers,
which one had been assigned
to patrol that
particular district.
I was surprised to discover
a familiar face.
Could it really be him?
Show him what you got!
Woman: Hit him!
I followed Payton for
seven whole days and nights.
I chased him
as my demons
were chasing me.
I even alternated
between cars,
as to not arouse suspicion.
Night after night,
day after day.
All the while wondering,
if this man truly was the one
who had killed
my wife and daughter,
then why?
So I kept watching...
Trying to find an answer...
A sign...
Or maybe a mistake.
Found these tiny
gold fibers.
Gold fibers?
Yes, officer?
Can you please pull over
on the next road?
Olivia's voice:
Frank: The case is dead?
Strode: It's not dead,
it's just cold.
This is a way of twisting
words around.
I made a lot of money
doing that.
Now you know why
i did it, frank.
Some creep you put
back on the streets...
Killed my little girl.
Twelve years old, frank.
Murdered by a guy
who should have been
behind bars.
This is where
they died.
Your wife was
a fighter, frank.
But your little girl...
Well, she was
crying for her daddy
to come and save her.
But you didn't.
Where were you, frank?
Where were you?
I wanted nothing more
than to kill
the human monster
before me
but that would make me
no better than him.
Because the greatest stoic
of them all has said,
"the best revenge
is to be unlike your enemy."
What do you think
about the verdict?
The evidence against officer
strode was overwhelming.
The department is very happy
with the verdict.
There is nothing worse
than a bad cop.
Man: Detective, were there
other cops involved?
Lustiger: No, there's no
evidence supporting that.
Justice had been served.
I had tried
to make things right.
But I knew that nothing I did
would ever bring them back.
And I could never go
into the past
to be there for them,
like I promised.
If I could,
I would tell my daughter
that she was right--
I loved her performance.
And I would tell them both
the words
that still matter
the most,
among the thousands
we speak every day--
I love you.