Ad Astra (2019) Movie Script

I'm calm, stable
I slept well, 8.2 hours, no nightmares
I'm ready to go, ready to do my job
as well as I can
I focus on doing the important thing
I will only make the right decision
Not allowing myself to be distracted
I will not let my mind think of insignificant things
Don't rely on anyone or anything
I will not be incited to make a mistake
ppm rest 47
Hand it over
I always wanted to be an astronaut
For the future of humanity and all
At least that's what I always say to myself
I see myself from the outside
Smiling like it's okay
That show
But my eyes are on the way out
Always on the way out
Roy, check that the 93 Echo robot's
arm seems broken
Take the team there and check. Over.
Get off, go there
Roy look at that, that's an international
aerial antenna
It is a beautiful day
The perfect time to contact the neighbors there
At least it's comfortable out here
Space that I understand
Control, there is visual on Ark, over
Major affirmative, continue. Understand that
Move to the unit now
Dick, there's a power surge
at post C, did you get that?
Roy understands. Control,
there are lots of people there, over
That's what you usually say to me
I should feel something
It's life
I should feel something
This is a message from the space station.
Inability to cope with disasters, need help
We survive in building 91
- How are you. - Thank you for coming
the general's sudden notice
This is Lieutenant General Rivas
from the American special air force
Pak. Mayor. Ajudan general Vogel
- They flew in from Virginia last night just to
- meet you. Thank you
Your profile is really impressive
You're very with all the grading tests
Basic battles, space training
Excellent overall
The rumor is that your pulse never crossed 80
On all roads in space, roads in the sky, even with
fell recently. Is that true? So far, sir
- Very impressive. According to this,
- once married, no children
Yes, Sir
This is a dangerous business, as we know it
It's better not to involve others. Fair enough
We didn't bring you here to talk about your fall Roy
We have something very
a secret to show you
Please sit. Thank you. Yes sir
What you will see is Neptune's spectogram image
This is a cosmic beam of light
It was taken 11 days ago
It releases high energy particles which cause
catastrophic power surges throughout the world
And that almost killed you
The radiation is getting stronger
when it leads here, to the earth
Major, what can you tell us
about the protection of Lima?
The first human expedition to the solar system, sir
About 29 years ago, as you know
I met him first
He is my father, sir
The plane disappeared about 16 years
after the mission
No data was received,
the space mission was stopped after that
Yes there is
Tell me how you overcame your father's absence
My mother was clearly disturbed by that
But he
Commitment to his work,
I'm sure it's quite heavy for him too
We have something that might surprise you
We believe your father is still alive
Where exactly we don't know,
we sent a drone but clearly
That's a broad theory to reach
Is he still alive, sir?
We believe so
Roy's search seemed to be the result of some sort
Anti-matter reaction, even though the Lima project
funded by the military, and your father served
We are talking about a chain reaction that cannot be stopped here
With Anti-matter release control
Which ultimately threatens the existence of our entire solar system
All life will be destroyed
We want you to send a private message to Mars with a laser
We hope
That's project Five. Text message will be prepared, of course
You will go to mars
That's the last safe hub we have
Roy, we have to find out
What we face
Mars Underground is the only one not affected by this
We trust your personal request for your father
might make him respond
We can track that signal, find him
Thinking about how to stop this. What happened out there
big things unknown
And we are counting on you to help us find him
Are you with us?
Yes, Sir
First toward the moon, our long range rockets are placed there
All after that is a daily routine.
Because of the magnitude of this problem
Disguised stories have been made to avoid panic
You will be traveling commercially to the moon,
to maintain confidentiality
Colonel Pruitt will be your contact
Full secrecy must be maintained
Are you with us?
Like I have a choice
My father is a pioneer
He sacrificed himself for life
My father is the program
I was 16 when he left, 29 when he disappeared
That's father
Roy is a message from your father
I went to the Lima project
So I passed Jupiter
I know we have a lot of interest in the world
and we are grateful for that
But doing this here is huge
We will get an answer
Question number one when we find
life down there, we know we will
We are going to the edge of the heliosphere
Where life is suspected
We can study any star system
That has never been done before, and we sure are optimistic
A few minutes at home
We will see you again in the future
I'm proud of you son
Hello Roy
I'm here to go on this trip with you
Look at you. Colonel Pruitt, nice to meet you
We have met
That was a long time ago, I knew your father
We are close, he and I, start everything together
we went to Princeton together
He's a strict man. I know
I don't remember going home to see you running around
You always stay away
How do you feel?
Is this part of my psychological assessment?
No, not really, but yes
You will be constantly affected by your mental state
Emotional state
You have a direct connection to the subject
Colonel, for what it means, I think my father is dead
Yes, um, I doubt that a little
In outer space for 31 years
And I realized out there
Where aspirations can be
Used on something simple
I'm telling you it's Roy
Because we must consider the possibility
Your father might hide from us
Are you ready to go?
I am ready
So many times in my life I messed up
I speak when I should listen
I am loud
When I have to be soft
Fall down
Message, personal directory
Hi Eve, this is Roy
I went again, not surprised there
I just want to say
I make a promise to always be honest
But I do not
Look, I want to say
I do not want you to go
Cancel it
I betrayed our memory
Approval of psychological evaluation
It seems like I live my life
Resting pulse
Didn't sleep much last night, but it shouldn't matter
Okay, we have to rest
Are you planning to live there
Excuse me
I want it. Certainly
I'll find it
That approach
- Thank you
You will like this
Please prepare for landing
Everything we expect from space travel
Covered by T-shirt sales
Only the re-creation of what we run from earth
We are world eaters
If my father can see this now
He will flatten everything
The name of the Ethios rocket
Manned by military personnel
We really don't know our mission
We have to keep it that way.
the launch pad is on the other side
and it is very dangerous
So we have the help of the army to protect and escort us
Can I question the conversation you had with my father?
That's very uncomfortable
Thank you, we're fine
It's very difficult for you, kid
Dad is a hero
Space com try to contact
Give his whole life to the space program
That's for the best
Like the wild west out there
We will take you to your spaceship
We set up a war zone
There will always be a full moon
Get ready
Please take care of the situation and circumstances
What alpha do we get here?
Our Alfa seems to have an unknown rover approaching position
Possibly dangerous, I have several VIPs with me
Okay, we are moving closer to the plane, we have a guest here
Possible enemy
Starts again
Scrambling for resources
What am I doing here?
Whatever the three of you do
Roy, are you OK? I'm fine. Repeat
Roy, time to take care of it
Command, we standby to be picked up
Beyond the monster crater
From now on, change
Understood that major
Colonel Pruitt, we are heading ...
I messed up again
Why does it look so good?
Why can't he just let go?
My father can't either
Prepare for inspection before launch
That will put you at great risk
But you don't believe in your own space com
That's important
You have to go Roy, go
I'll ride with you if it's okay
We still like you major
Roy is Clifford's son, right? Oh wow
- How's that? The best in the galaxy.
- Welcome, sir
They are scientists and technicians
The captain contacted the controls
and asked Colonel Pruitt's condition
Sure, I'll do it now sir
Space com, can we get the status ...
He made peace with himself
Is that you and me
Major, the colonel performs an emergency operation
Duration 19 days 14 hours and 32 minutes
Give me a warning
Command, we will do the stabilizer
It gets emotional up here
If you want to take control
Captain, I have a small request
Back there
Hello space com
This is the latest update from the colonel
Pruitt Thomas, regarding status
from project five, space com
has detected a possible SOS signal
From the Lima project crew
The message can indicate
that commander H Clifford Mcbride
Deliberately disabling external communication
Because of certain circumstances
The command may have lost all control
If this is the case
Communication cannot be done through his son on Mars
Then all other efforts must be made,
to destroy the command
Tell the seeker
This message is very confidential
What happened to my father?
What did he find out there?
Is he broken
Or he is always broken
My father
Mistakes were made by astronauts in the history of the program
American Air Force Academy
His doctor at MI He promised me one day I would
join him in his pursuit
He will come back for me
And I believe in him
First in Jupiter
First Saturn, and then
There is no
We are slowing down
We're slowing down. - Yes, sir
We have a distress signal from another plane, sir
This captain is a secret mission, we can't stop, our goal is mars
This is a distress signal, stopping is the protocol.
Any plane can answer that call,
This mission is for the captain's priority,
don't you understand what I mean?
Major, respectfully, I say we must stop
If you're just a passenger, I'm not sure
I understand your position
Of course you have the right to take over this plane
But you have to reveal yourself
Answer the distress signal
Command, the ship is registered as Wegen, yang
orbiting the toroid asteroid,
registered to conduct biomedical research
in comet 17 P homes. copy
Fester 9, we respond to
your distress signal, are you listening?
This distress signal is very new
They did not reply
Command, a forced entry permit is required
Requires a Stanford lieutenant to travel in space
to get to the plane, change it
Donald, what do you think, going out there?
Um, yes, no problem with me
He is afraid
Yes, I know, me
Oh, I can stretch my legs. That's the whole life and idea
SOS 264 on board
The aircraft is registered for bimedical and animal research
Sorry about that major
I will be with you
Your father is the reason
why many of us do what we do
He goes further than anyone
He is the best of us
This phase Savius is calling in your marabaho signal, you hear?
The plane did not respond, forced entry was needed
I now enter the mayday metric code
Major I detected five, what do you think?
Don't go far for now
This phase Savius responds to your marabah signal
You hear?
Calling from Eucalypt Pride
Thiscom Lieutenant Stanford
Captain Tanner has died
We are comfortable knowing the captain is not suffering
I have to say that, guess what
And he faces his creator face to face?
And enjoy being with God forever
Are you ready for your psychological evaluation
On the way to Mars
We answer distress signals and
ended in tragedy, we lost the captain
Are you alright during the process?
That's it, we work, do our work
It's finished
Here we are missing
Richard explained how it happened
It attacks
Because angry
I understand that anger
I've seen that anger at my father
I saw that anger at me
Because I'm angry
He goes
He left us
But when I ...
Seeing that anger, I pushed sideways
I put it, everything I ...
Everything I see is ... hurt
I see ... pain
I guess that made me run away from the relationship
Open myself, do not care about someone
And I do not know
How to get past that, I don't know how to avoid it
And that worries me
And I want to be that person
I want to be my father
Your psychological review has been approved
Major, you can carry out the landing sequence. copy
Base, we approach mars, over
So what is your status, Charlie?
Our captain is still trying
Major, can you start the pre-landing sequence
copy that
I will not report to space com
My designation
7 weeks since airs
Since that
Have you calmed down there?
Okay, you are ready to move
It's a kind of cosmic storm
Major. Yes. We are thankful you can come
We can take care of it from here. You are not allowed
Thank you
This is major Roy McBride
I communicate via secure transmission
in the communication center hub
I tried to contact Dr. Clifford McBride
This is Dr. Clifford McBride's son, Roy
Father, if you can hear me,
I'm trying to communicate with you
Basically I just want you to know that
They are aware of the disturbance
and cannot release responsibility
They want all the information about the business
that you made to neutralize this situation
They also try to tell you, they are willing to help
And provide rescue missions if possible
I hope you see this message
Finish and exit
We try again in the next round
They used me
Damn them
I don't know if I will find him
Or finally free from this
Father, I want to see you again
I remember how we used to watch black
and white films together
That is our favorite
I remember you taught me in mathematics
You planted me a strong work ethic
Work hard, play later
As you said
You should know that I chose
the career you would approve of
Dedicate my life in space exploration
I thank you for that
So I hope we can connect again
Your dear son Roy
Thank you, major, for all your help
We will return you to earth soon, thank you
Excuse me, you got a response from my father
Our major
because your relationship has made you unable
continue serving in this mission
- He answered, right?
- Major, we will tell you the details
as soon as possible
Office there. I know
Could you please follow that person
to do a psychological evaluation
Yes. How do you feel in this situation?
Thank you, I'll be right back to earth
I am satisfied to go home
You have failed your psychological evaluation
You will be returned to your comfortable room
He contacted you on space com
Providing contacts is a priority.
Permission to get communication to General Stroud
255 BP priority code
Your priority code is no longer valid
Please contact the regional representative if this is a mistake
Will you return to earth now?
I can help
I was born here
I will respect my privacy now
You're here because of that
That is a secret
The plane that you came for
They want me to prepare it for deep space travel
Your new mission has been prepared, you know that?
First the mission to find and destroy
I am responsible
For more than 1100 people here on this plane
I want to know
Are you that person?
I do not know what that is
I know who you are
I'm Clifford McBride's son
Then we are both victims of the Lima project
My parents left for the expedition
You and I share a big loss
Please just tell me
The plane will leave in 5 hours
That's all I know
I believe your father is still alive
They never tell you what happened there
This is Clifford McBride reporting from the Lima project
They decided to return to earth
But I do not allow it
I have to report to the team
I was forced to react with the rebellion
I turned off a life support system station
Without it I would be in trouble
We will not be back
We will get you the data
We will find life
I forever traveled
Space com, we have never been allowed to close ourselves
They make us heroes
To protect themselves
Your father
The monster threatens us all
You give me that bullshit?
I can take you to the lobby
But after that, you are alone
I have to go back here
Good luck
Farther away from the sun
Pulled by the same black hole
Mission, this is Major Roy McBride
Continue to oppose the direction of the mission
I didn't do it with malicious intent
But because of my action, I'm sorry to tell you
All crew members are now dead
The flight record will tell the story
History must decide
We must destroy it
And leave this project entirely
Roy ?!
I'm on my way there
72 plus 99
Activation code received
Its position shifted from the program coordinates
All my life I was afraid to face it
Even now I'm scared
That is the fact
Son experiences the same thing as father
Five, activate the sapien project
United States troops
Call Dr. Clifford McBride, over
Five, you hear, over?
Can't land
Roy is that you?
You are careless
Hi daddy
Are you alone? Yes
I always knew that was you
You come here
Try to stop this spike
What happened?
I ask Roy, you
Trying to run away
That's why I'm here, you will stop me
It's just the two of us at home
Home? / Yes
This is home
This is a one-way trip, my son
There was never anything there just you and your mother
All small ideas
For 30 years I've breathed this air
And during this difficult time
I never once thought of home
I know daddy
I know this is not your mother's will
Or from you
But I like my destiny
So I left my son
I have important work to do
I have to find my way
You come so far, son
Take a trip here
Makes me think what we can achieve here
That's what we are looking for
The crew studies all the data
Why continue?
Why keep trying?
You can't just look at details
Not like before
Earth is beautiful
Incredible, full of oddities and wonders
There is no
And love for hate
And light with dark
You can always see what's there
And skip what's right in front of you
Commander, this is major Roy McBride
We are in the Lima project
I destroyed this station
In an effort to go home using this as my main driver
Who knows, I might not be safe
I've prepared enough data for Lima
The Purpose of the Earth
As far as 714 billion miles
I look forward to the day when I return
T minus 27 ...
I'm stable, calm down
I slept enough, there were no nightmares
I'm active, involved
I am aware of my surroundings
That's all in my minispher
I focus on this situation
I'm not sure about the future
But I'm not worried
I will rely on those close to me
And I will share your burden
And you share mine
"I will live"
"And love"