AD Project (2006) Movie Script

- Hello?
- Go to the next junction.
There is a country road.
Take it to the railway.
That is the spot...
Continue walking
across the pedestrian bridge
in the valley.
If what you do is correct, you'll
see a small concrete construction.
- He will show up there.
- Who will?
Each gate has its own guardian.
Find out who he is.
Look him in the eye
and then run away.
That is the only way
to see the girl again.
We're almost there, love.
- It isn't by the sea.
- Not on the sea, near it.
There is the railway station near,
which is handy.
You can get around even if I'm gone.
I thought of everything.
Did you warn him we'd be earlier?
No... It is a lovely spot.
You'll see.
- I can't find it.
- Any problem?
Yes. We can't do it.
Get dressed.
What's wrong?
I can't find the video-camera.
Come back some other day.
- Come back when?
- I don't know now.
- Hi.
- Are you the actor?
You're here for the room to rent.
May we come in?
Sure. Sorry about the mess.
I was working.
I can't find my video-camera.
You're Luca, aren't you?
Hi. I'm Marco, and this is Gaia.
- You shouldn't have come.
- Pardon?
You shouldn't have come today.
Yes, but I have an audition nearby,
so I thought I'd pop over earlier.
I didn't empty out the room.
- Well... What is this room like?
- It's not great.
It's damp, very hot in the summer.
Come anyway.
I'll show you.
I am a porno website designer.
- Is that a problem?
- No.
Are you mad at me?
Marco, I have nothing
to say to you.
How could I know.
The ad said,
showbiz freelance rents room.
- How could I know this?
- You couldn't!
Right, I couldn't.
Anyway, it's just for a few days.
I'll find another place.
Why do you insist?
There is no problem.
Okay, no problem.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Breathe deeply...
Feel your legs disappearing...
Your chest, your shoulders...
Don't worry about anything.
Nothing can upset you.
Now we go deeper.
- 25.
- Don't go any deeper.
- Where are you?
- It's night.
- I am following Gianni.
- Why are you following him?
He is hiding something from me.
- You think he has a lover?
- Yes.
I thought he had another woman.
But he is going into a weird place.
- Can you describe it?
- It is an old pedestrian bridge.
There's nothing to worry about.
What you are seeing is not real.
I can't.
A strange force is suffocating me.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
- Gianni is going towards the tower.
- What tower?
Someone is waiting for him
in the dark.
Calm down. Tell me what you see.
It is horrible.
I want to leave,
but the figure won't let me.
Who is it?
The guardian. He protects
the place beyond the bridge.
There is a large light...
It is very bright.
I can't move.
Elena, tell me what you see
in that light.
I can't. They don't want me to.
Nobody is here. Nobody will know
what you say to me.
- They know.
- When did this happen?
- October 28th, 2002.
- Today is the 27th.
- You mean it will happen.
- No. It happened October 28th.
- When did it happen?
- Last night.
- It's late. The watchman is there.
- We must find out who he is.
- Only you can help me do it.
- Why me?
You... used to be a guardian.
They know who he is.
Nobody else.
Usually he is a local person.
- He doesn't know. He has no
conscience. - No conscience?
- He lives a double life.
- Can you detect it?
Who went in?
It should be them.
How did they find the entrance?
I don't know.
I only found their cars.
- Are they dead?
- That's weird.
Did you notice any new faces
- This one! Is he involved?
- No, he's not.
- You found your camera.
- This isn't mine.
I borrowed it.
Mine disappeared.
It must be somewhere.
Yesterday it was here.
Today it is not.
My video-camera disappeared.
Elena, if you don't mind,
I'd love to see you tomorrow.
- Is it so serious?
- No. You are an interesting case.
After the relaxation stage,
I used something
- called an extensive ladder.
- Is that dangerous?
No. During hypnosis,
I'll ask about your level.
You will answer a number
which will tell me
your trance depth.
Today we got to 40 which gives
- the impression of a fake reality.
- What's the limit?
Sometimes it can get up to 130
for a few seconds.
- Don't you eat?
- No...
I like rice. It's just that
I have an audition tomorrow
and I'm afraid to get pimples
on my face.
Cinema is great!
Do you know Julia Roberts?
- No, I don't.
- Aren't you in the movie business?
- Yes, but it's not that easy.
- It must be hard to be an actor.
People think it's not,
but it's very hard.
You have to know how to get
deep inside of yourself,
dig into your subconscious,
otherwise acting looks fake.
I'd love to be an actor,
- And what about you?
- I don't work.
Maybe... you could help me,
since you are free.
- Doing what?
- You could be a nude model for me.
Some videos, some photos...
If you are ashamed, I can put
a black stripe over your eyes.
- You must pay your debt off.
- Okay.
- Now?
- I need more time.
- Your time is up.
- You don't understand.
You don't know who
you're dealing with.
- Are you alright?
- Yes, fine.
I was thinking...
You know the fun park owner,
don't you?
- He is your uncle, cousin...
- My uncle.
Can you ask him for a loan?
I owe a friend some money.
Okay, I'll ask him tomorrow.
- Want to eat something?
- I have to go.
- I won't take long.
- Don't insist. I'm very busy,
- Are you coming back?
- Yes, I am.
It is so late!
What time shall I set the alarm?
You are mad at me, aren't you?
Gaia, please. I have an important
audition. I need to be calm!
I did nothing to you.
It's your own fault!
- What did I do?
- Nothing, you did nothing.
That guy's a poor devil.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
It seems to me you don't realize
what he's saying.
Please, Gaia.
Let's try not to argue today.
Shall we celebrate?
If you had believed in me,
if you had supported me,
we would've been in London and not
in this fucking hole in the wall.
You should believe in yourself,
I think of you far from me.
It makes no sense.
Why this sudden departure?
The more we think we are free,
the more controlled we are.
The more we think we can decide,
the more it's decided for us.
Everything you are seeing,
is not real. Breathe.
I can't.
A strange force suffocates me.
What's that?
- I don't know. Gianni's going
towards the tower. - What tower?
- Someone's waiting for him.
- Tell me what you're seeing.
It's horrible. I want to leave.
- But that figure won't let me.
- Who's that figure?
The guardian. He protects the place
beyond the bridge.
Do you want to know what's beyond
the bridge?
Do you want to know
what's beyond the bridge?
Here I am.
Come closer.
Come to me.
Look at me now.
How much?
- 38.9.
- It went up.
- Yes.
- You don't want to get some rest?
It'd be useless!
- That's the place.
- I know. I see it.
What do you see?
I see the tower. It's right there.
- Do you know the entrance?
- No. I know nothing.
I've always guarded it from outside.
I don't know anything.
Usually there's an access point:
Trees, a cave, a gate.
What about that old bridge?
It could be it.
- I'll go in.
- I'll come with you.
You can't.
Why? I've been guarding this place
for years and I can't go in?
There are two other
security measures:
High energy pressure outside,
and then there is the guardian.
If you can manage it,
so can I.
I didn't really, as you can see.
Someone broke in here easily.
- Something has been altered.
- It's impossible.
- We have to do something about it.
- What can we do?
We need to create a "time loop".
I can't think of you far from me.
It makes no sense.
Why then, this sudden departure?
We think we are free.
The more we feel free,
the more controlled we are.
The more we think we can decide...
The more we think we decide,
the more it's all decided.
Freedom does not exist
as we know it.
That's what makes the difference
between you and me.
But I shall leave forever
this land of sufferance.
Look up to the sky.
I will be there.
- No.
- Look up...
- No!
- I will be there!
- No.
- What's wrong?
Take the woman!
Are you frightened?
No, I just don't feel like...
Listen, get out.
You are ma...
- Marco.
- Macho!
- And she is fe...
- Female.
Take her. She has to feel the blood
running through your veins.
Take her. You must feel the blood
in the veins.
Is that clear?
You must feel her!
Words don't matter!
I'll try again.
I can't... I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
- I don't know what got into me.
- Alright.
I can come back tomorrow
and do it again.
Leave your number.
Elena, it's impossible!
What a surprise!
- So, did you talk to him?
- No, but I don't think he'll do it.
- Ask him for an advance.
- I just cashed my salary.
I need that money tonight.
- What sort of mess are you in?
- None. I just need the money.
- Elena, are you alright?
- Yes.
- Do you want to get me fired?
- Sorry. You've not part in it.
- I shouldn't have come.
- Who could you go to?
Don't start that again.
You don't come home to sleep,
but you come fishing for money!
There's no other girl. I behave
like this for other reasons.
Let me understand. Talk to me.
I want to keep you out of it.
I will explain once it's all over.
- When?
- Tonight.
- Tonight it'll be over.
- So you'll come home.
- Yes, let's eat together.
- Promise.
Call me.
- Hello?
- Have you got the money?
Why do you call me now?
You said tonight!
- I wanted you to get ready.
- For what?
To chop your girlfriend to pieces.
Aright, girls. You can go.
Come in.
- Did you think about it?
- About what?
- My proposal.
- No, I came to give you the mail.
I always forget to do it.
- That is Marco's T-shirt.
- It was hanging out and I liked it.
- I decided to take it.
- Did you ask Marco?
No, it was hanging out to dry.
It was dry... so I took it.
If you want,
I can take everything off.
- Yes?
- Hi, is Luca in?
I'm happy to see you again. What did
you do after middle school?
- High school.
- And then?
I worked with my uncle.
I'm now looking for something else.
I, instead,
went straight for this.
- I was one of the first.
- Luca, I'm in a hurry.
- Let's get to the point.
- How much do you need?
- It's too much.
- Give me what you can.
I'm willing to do
some odd jobs here.
Some jobs.
You'd be perfect for something.
You could model for
the gay window of my site.
Nobody wants to model
for the gay window here.
What should I do?
- Sway.
- Like that?
What's the best paid job
in this business?
A friend of mine does the best paid
job. He loves animals.
- Well, you should...
- Okay, I got it.
You won't get the amount you need.
You shouldn't go to usurers.
He's not a usurer.
Did I say he was a usurer?
- Who is he then?
- I don't know.
I didn't look for him.
He came to me.
Now move you hips
and take off your underpants.
How did he know you needed money?
I don't know.
What do you care?
It doesn't sound like this guy
wants money from you.
It sounds like blackmail.
- Is that it?
- No, put this on.
- Hello?
- Where are you?
I'm in the car.
I finished my audition.
- So, how did it go?
- I was waiting to come back.
I would've told you later.
I need to take a walk.
You want to take a walk alone.
Yes, I need some fresh air,
a nice walk.
Bye. See you next week.
We can go out together
if you come back home.
No... Give me ten minutes,
and I'll be there.
But if you want to take a walk
alone, no problem.
- Okay. I'm coming home now.
- It doesn't matter.
Really. I'm coming now
to pick you up.
We inform you that we found
your video-camera.
Please come pick it up
as soon as possible
at our AD enterprice offices.
Come alone and with a valid ID.
Doctor Della Fonte.
Best regards.
Maybe I found my video-camera.
I can't take your call now.
Please leave...
- Here is your video-camera.
- Thanks.
I would have been lost without it.
Don't you wonder why I had it,
and why I'm giving it back?
Someone gives you back
a stolen belonging,
and you only thank him?
You should be interested
on why I had it.
I'm not. Let's say you stole it,
or you know who did.
Or you have it even if you don't
know who stole it.
Investigating the matter
only creates complications
in reaching my goal, which is,
- getting my video-camera back.
- They destroyed you.
Those who stole your video-camera.
- Do you know them?
- Yes, I know them well.
They would have let you find
your videocamera at home
yesterday morning,
so you would not notice anything,
especially the tape
with the recording inside.
What recording?
The recording that
will be shot tonight.
Hold on a minute.
My camera gets stolen yesterday
to film something in a few hours,
- that you are delivering to me now.
- It sounds absurd, but it's true.
I don't know what to say.
You know many things.
Can you give me some advice?
You see, you and I...
know each other. We are friends,
but you can't remember.
I decided to operate before
they fixed things up.
I'm the only one on your side.
- Why? What side am I on?
- Good Lord...
Listen to me. Look at that tape
till the very end.
- Why?
- It'll help you remember.
Watch the tape till the end.
What're you doing?
- Nothing. I was waiting for you.
- I stopped at the bar.
- How did the audition go?
- What do you think?
- It was just an audition.
- Like the London one?
That was just an audition too.
My problem is,
I only do auditions!
- Shall we go out?
- Yes, let's go.
Would you kiss me?
You drank.
I want to make love.
We never do.
- But we're going out.
- So when do we do it?
- When we come back.
- You're always tired.
So, let's go.
That's him. We'll use him.
He looks out of his mind. Sure
he is right for the "time loop"!
At least he's a stranger
and he's not involved.
Follow him!
Sometimes I wonder why we do this.
What do we gain?
The world is divided into
two categories of people:
Those who think they are gaining
something and those who don't.
I'm sure someone is gaining here.
Otherwise, why the secrets?
Why don't they explain everything?
He saw us. Overtake him!
I can't take your call now.
Please leave a message.
- Professor.
- I frightened you. Sorry.
- My secretary isn't here.
- I'm a bit tense.
- Thank you for coming.
- My pleasure.
- I'll get some distraction.
- Are there problems?
I've been trying to get a hold
of Gianni... same old story.
- We can meet some other time.
- No, it's okay.
Here he comes.
What's he doing?
Maybe he saw us.
No, he's pissing.
Go on.
I have to go.
I need to know who else got in.
I'll count to three,
and you will relax.
One, two...
I want you to go above
the peaceful level you're in.
What level are you?
- 13.
- Okay.
Let's go deeper. I want you
to go back to that bridge.
Tell me what happened after
you saw the light.
Are you sure?
You went down too fast.
What level are you?
- 70.
- Stop now.
I can't. I'm getting out
of the bridge. It's night.
There's a full moon.
- Are you alone?
- No, someone's there.
- Who?
- A guy near a green car.
He's helping me.
- Do you know him?
- I saw him at work.
How do you feel?
Maybe you like this guy.
Yes, but it's not just that.
Something makes me lose control.
I only know that...
I want to make love.
You made love with this person
and you didn't tell Gianni.
No, I didn't.
You did. You just said it.
That's why you're jealous.
You're afraid Gianni could do
the same to you.
I didn't do it.
- I'm doing it now.
- No, you're not.
- It is just a memory.
- No, it's happening now.
It's not possible.
You're here with me now.
No... I'm making love.
If it's true, prove it!
These are his car keys.
Stop it.
You must come back no. Relax.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can. Level?
- 130.
- Come back. Level?
- 240.
- Elena, where are you?
I'm behind you.
Well, I'll see you next week.
Goodbye, then.
I found my video-camera.
- Hello?
- Hello. Is Gianni there?
He's not in.
Want to leave a message?
Yes. It could be important.
- Are you his girlfriend?
- Yes. What's the matter?
- I have a recorded tape.
- Yes, okay.
He's in a parking lot
full of trucks.
Okay, I'm coming.
I don't know what
this construction is.
It looks like a parking lot
for tanker trucks.
Yes, the one by the refinery.
Who shot this video?
I don't know. I found the tape
inside. I didn't do it.
Since I know Gianni
has money problems,
I thought he may have gotten
into trouble.
- Did he tell you something?
- No.
He needed some money.
That's all I know.
Did he mention another woman?
No, he didn't.
I'm sorry. We've just met,
and you've been very kind.
Thanks. I'm actually
a very kind person.
I have to go.
Gianni doesn't answer his mobile.
Maybe he's there.
At the truck parking lot?
Don't go there alone at night.
Watch out.
- Can I borrow your video-camera?
- Yes, if you'll give it back.
- What do you need it for?
- I need evidence.
I don't know what's true and what
isn't anymore.
Your glasses.
What's the purpose
of this sudden visit?
Someone entered the gate.
- I wanted to warn you.
- Read.
The temperature, weather forecast,
come on, read.
Amsterdam, -2.
Oslo, not in yet.
Budapest, not in yet.
Budapest, -1.
How can one write such things?
- What's the use of technology?
- Was it you who came in?
We must intervene, do something
about this "not in yet".
- I created the "time loop".
- That is not a good sign.
You think it's 10 degrees,
but it's actually 2.
What should somebody like you do?
Someone so tired and exhausted
by many years of service?
I will never be grateful enough
for what you did for me.
- I would've died without your help.
- Yes, you would have.
A taste?
Too late.
Only I am free to go in and out.
They know everything.
You did cause them a little hassle.
Now everything is back in order.
I didn't do anything.
There was an emergency.
The external guardian called me.
- The bald guy?
- Yes.
I bet you showed him the entrance.
You're telling me he let
those guys in?
- Hello?
- I know you don't have the money.
I'll give you another chance.
See you at the truck parking lot
in one hour.
- Hello?
- Did you decide to come back?
Yes, I'm walking.
I lost the car keys!
- You lost the car keys?
- Yes.
- Where are you?
- I don't know. In the country.
- How did you get there?
- I just ended up here. Who knows?
I was wondering if
I have to wait for you.
I'm walking. It's cold and I don't
know where I am.
I can't find my car keys...
and don't bust my balls!
Where is my phone...
What I just witnessed
presents me with
an inconceivable reality.
The patient seems
to have reached a zone
where physical reality,
space and time coincide.
The point is, where is the line
dividing what she imagines,
what she lived,
and what she still has to live?
- Hello?
- Where are you, Gianni?
- I'm getting on the freeway.
- I'll wait for you.
Yes. I'll see you later.
Sorry, I can't pay attention to you.
I promised a man I would watch
this tape very carefully.
This guy with the hood on,
I can't see his face.
I'll try to enlargen
with a digital zoom.
I'm happy to see you're finally
relaxed, Gaia.
I have to watch this tape because
it may be important for my future.