Adagio (2023) Movie Script

It was winter, we were in Cesano
Holding a Glock
I knew if I didn't change
That was it
I don't check the clock
But I know the hours
Like Nas, I know that
Sleep is the cousin of death
Okay, yeah, oui merci, c'est pour mois,
You screw me you fall
I'm as hot as a crack spoon
It's not the first time
I show you how it's done
I won't stop
My foot's asleep on the gas
It's hard to be real
When people are envious
They try to sell us dreams
And give us hits
Fathers are always absent
Or in gambling debts
And you wonder why
Their sons got that look
Remember, in the city
The devil whispers and never yells
Truth is like coke It's not pure
Nothing's changed
Since I was innocent
Except they want me out
Because they're scared
There's a difference
Between you and me
You want a war
Because you know you're losing
You need attention
You're no rapper, you're a girl
I dug a grave for your career
It's me
The one without the invite
The one you're pointing at
The one who never played the game
It's me
With my bros on the dark road
Sound and gold apart, nothing will be left
It's me
Now try and stop me
Your stupid weapons do us no harm
If money is the root of all evil
You know that's why I can't trust you
Another bro risking his life
In the street
Hoping he won't have to fill the void
With his casket
If money is the root of all evil
Why do you spend it on nothing?
I don't even trust my family
I haven't been who I used to be
For years
Damn! The fact is that
They're fucking right
It's not easy being in the spotlight
Prayers are few and scarce
Problem is words are too many
Pause and stop
How's it going?
I can't do it.
That's normal, Dad.
It's hard for everyone.
I was never able to solve it.
You didn't like the pasta?
It was
It was too much. It's hot.
I'll get you an apple.
There's some ice cream in the freezer.
I have to go, Dad.
Why don't you watch some TV?
All right.
I'm going. Whatever you need, call me.
- Lock the door.
- Yeah.
Lock it!
It's me
The one without the invite
The one you're pointing at
The one who never played the game
It's me
With my bros on the dark road
"The last night of the world."
Come here.
Okay, let him in.
The Puppy's in.
All right.
- Yeah?
- Come put the basil in.
The secret lies in the basil.
You need to use a ton.
Is it any good?
I have no idea.
Let me check.
Do you like it?
I think I do.
You think you do?
No, it's
It's good.
Is it your girlfriend's name?
No. That's my mom's name.
How cute.
If you want, later, in there
I've got better stuff.
Later, I
Now I need to get a drink.
How sweet.
So, who wants my magic wand?
You fucking pervert.
- Is it boiling?
- Yes.
Put the pasta in. It's hot enough in here.
Go set the table.
- What are you watching on there?
- Nothing. It's just work.
- Ready in two. Call your brother.
- Matte'!
Lore', I could've done that too.
Go downstairs.
What the fuck?
You dickhead.
What's for dinner?
- Drain it.
- Yeah.
- What are you watching?
- Work stuff.
I ended up on that fucking thing!
Don't worry. It's ours.
Why didn't you tell me there were cameras?
What's the big deal?
The big deal is that
you can see me snorting.
And that I'm at this party,
with all these hustlers.
I don't give a fuck
about what you do! Understand?
Yeah, but I do.
- Your problem. Are you taking pictures?
- Yeah.
Good. Go back in and do your job.
We need to get him with kids and blow.
Yeah, but
And if he wants you
to go down on him, you do it.
Hey! You have no choice, remember?
Yeah, but it's worse for me this way.
Says you.
How is it?
Too much basil.
- Come on!
- That's the secret.
Quite the secret. It's all green.
It's good.
If you say so.
So, what are you working at?
It's a job.
Yeah. What kind of job?
- Matte'.
- I'll eat.
What a drag.
Excuse me.
- Did you go to the gym?
- Yes.
- They killed me.
- What did you do?
The Puppy is leaving. Is that okay?
No, it's not okay.
Let me talk to the prick.
Don't forget he has one of our phones.
I'll get it. You stay on the video.
He said he'll take care of it.
Voicemail service.
Fucking piece of shit.
- Guys, I have to go.
- Where to?
- I'll be back in a bit, with ice cream.
- A snow cone?
- Don't fuck around.
- Don't worry.
We'll do what we can.
It's Manuel.
Manuel, Daytona's son.
Hey, Manue'.
What's up? Something wrong with your dad?
No, something wrong with me.
Can I come up?
Yeah, sure.
- Good evening.
- Go on, take the elevator.
If the power goes off,
we'll have a good time.
Thank you!
Why didn't you go
to your father with this?
He wouldn't understand.
And if he did, he would've killed me.
Rightly so.
Getting involved like that.
Who's the guy in the pictures?
Did you recognize him?
No. How should I know?
He must be a hotshot.
What should I do?
Should I go back?
I can call him back.
What can they do to me?
Let's get this straight, Manue'.
You're in deep shit.
You know a lot of things
you shouldn't know.
But most of all, you have this.
- I'm in deep shit.
- Yes.
Very deep shit.
But you did one thing right.
I did?
You came to me.
Trace the Puppy's phone
with the IMSI-Catcher and take me to him.
Okay, I have him.
Tell me when you're in.
There's CCTV.
I'll take the long way around.
Excuse me, I'm Manuel,
the son of Mario Coretti, Daytona.
Why did you come here?
Polniuman told me to come to you.
- Polniuman told you to come here?
- Yeah.
I'm in trouble.
Get out of here.
I can't help you. Go home.
I can't go home.
Polniuman said they'll be looking for me.
That's why
You need to leave.
Do you want it cold from the fridge?
Daytona, Polniuman
I hoped I'd never hear those names again.
I swear, Silvia.
I don't know why he came here.
I swear.
Those guys are dead to me.
We had a deal.
You have to stay on this side.
- It was just for a minute...
- Don't make things harder, Romeo.
Don't you get that I'm heartbroken too?
When I opened the door,
I nearly had a fit.
I thought he was Lollo.
I wouldn't have let you back if I didn't.
But you have to stay here.
When I see you, my heart breaks too.
Do you get it?
I'm in.
Go upstairs.
You're close.
Target locked.
Please, take a seat.
I was waiting for you.
Show me your hands.
Don't worry, I'm alone.
Where's the kid?
No need to worry about him.
That's not your call.
Tell me where he is before I get angry.
He's just a kid.
He has no idea, the mess you put him in.
Who are you trying to screw?
Someone with money?
A politician?
None of your fucking business.
Are you insane?
You don't know shit, okay?
I have to reach for my pocket.
Don't move.
I have to. I have something for you.
Don't worry.
I won't talk.
How much do they pay you?
Eighty? A hundred?
Give me 20%,
and I'll send him back to finish the job.
Are you blackmailing me? Me?
Holy fuck!
I came here to get a phone,
but I might have to shoot you in the face.
What the fuck? Are you blind?
It depends.
You're blind, and you fuck around with me?
Don't be a prick. I just want to help.
You're being a prick!
I'm starting to get pissed.
You don't want to do this.
On your knees! Hands over your head.
You sure you're alone?
This is not the way to fix it.
Shut up.
It's no way to fix it.
You'll never find the kid
if you don't work it out with me.
- He knows everything.
- Shut up.
Where the fuck are you, blind man?
Goddamn it, you son of a bitch!
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Now we'll have to negotiate.
Got the Puppy?
Are you fucking kidding me?
We're coming.
Hey, no! I'll lose reception.
I don't know if what we have is enough!
- Polniuman said that
- You're pissing me off!
What are you doing here? Huh?
I said you have to leave.
You have to leave. Got it?
Polniuman told me you would kick me out.
And that I had to stay here anyway.
What the fuck happened?
How are you?
It's nothing. It went in and out.
Now what?
Clean up.
Blood, shells, prints, all of it.
How many did you fire?
- Seven.
- Where?
They must've called the cops.
We have 15 minutes.
Seriously? What about him?
- He's with the Magliana Gang.
- Really?
He isn't worth shit now.
The kid knows who you are.
He knows.
I told your boss.
I can't see, but he can't hear.
Shut up.
We'll fix everything, boss.
We're good people, after all.
- He has to tell us where the kid is.
- I tried.
We'll find him.
Hey, boss.
You'll never find the kid.
Blind man?
Take a deep breath.
Fuck you.
We keep going and get it done.
Vasco, you're underestimating this.
If I were, he'd still be alive.
To all units
I didn't want one of them
to have me by the balls.
I'm just saying that...
gunshots from an apartment
in Via Casilina Vecchia, 90.
Stay alert. Given
It took them an hour to get there.
Don't fucking worry.
I do worry.
on board. Do you copy?
Mission Casilina, I'm about to get there.
Copy. Keep us posted.
Yeah, I'm on-site.
I'll let you know as soon as I can.
Mission Casilina
Hey, Big Pea. What are you doing?
I'll circle round
the Casilina-Mandrione area
Is your backpack ready?
Put your brother on.
- HQ to Casilino.
- Go on.
I'd like to report...
Hey, Matte'. I'm running late.
A movie is fine,
but not the shit you usually watch.
Lollo needs to sleep.
We're leaving at 9:30 tomorrow.
All right. Okay.
I love you.
Hide the wound.
Good evening.
License and registration, please.
Did you hear? License and registration.
- I heard you. Can you see?
- Beg your pardon?
Can't you recognize your boss?
- Sorry, sir
- Fuck sorry.
Since when do you approach passenger side?
The car was...
If some asshole doesn't give you his ID,
what do you do? Nothing?
At your command.
What did the Carabinieri do?
They found some baggies on me.
Some? How many?
What do you think?
A few. Enough to get busted.
Look me in the eyes when we talk.
They offered me a deal.
They'd let it go if I went to that party.
To a party?
Yeah, and a weird one.
There was a guy dressed like a woman.
There was food, drinks.
And blow.
There were a few guys like me.
Fuck. It's the 20th blackout today.
Look, it's all burning up.
What did you have to do at the party?
Nothing, really.
They gave me a phone.
I had to take pictures, see who was there.
Then I had to tell them about it.
But there was a camera in there.
I shat myself when I saw it, so I left.
Now they're looking for me.
Why did Polniuman send you here?
- Is your dad involved?
- No, he has nothing to do with it.
He doesn't know anything,
and that's how it has to be.
I went straight to Polniuman.
He told me to
He said he'd take care of it.
And he sent me here, to you.
He said you're the right person.
The one who could help me.
I'm the right person?
That's what he said?
So, will you help me?
Stay here.
Hey! If you make any noise,
I'll come up and throw you over, okay?
Put this stuff back.
Polniuman wouldn't have sent me here
if there wasn't any danger, right?
I don't know.
I can patch you up.
If it starts bleeding,
you have to go to the hospital.
I can't do internal stitches here.
Just be quick.
I'm doing what I can.
Try not to move.
I don't know how long it'll hold.
Did you see how he was shaking?
Hey, look who's here!
The little sparrow.
What are you doing here at this hour?
- I missed you.
- I know that.
Anyway, while you were here jerking off,
we got those four.
Tell your boss.
Actually, you know what?
- I'll tell him.
- Call him.
No, leave him alone.
He's with his kids, for once.
Anyway, guys
Bye, little sparrow!
You're late.
We do what we can.
Where's the video?
It's not ready yet.
Electricity coming and going,
voltage drops
We're cleaning it up.
You can see everything clearly.
Can you see him clearly?
All of it? The blow, the kids?
All of it.
I want to reassure our clients.
- You can.
- I need it in two hours tops.
Tomorrow morning. Prepare the money.
The kid's father belongs to the gang too.
He was the boss of the one you killed.
With a rap sheet this tall.
You didn't bother to check, huh?
Chill out, Massime'.
Fuck that, Vasco!
They're gonna kill us, and I should chill?
What the fuck are you afraid of?
They're dead men walking.
We just resuscitated them.
I have a two-month-old son at home.
I'm not doing time for shit money.
I have two kids
and a lawyer who's eating me alive.
Without that shit money, I'll lose them.
Vasco, you told the broker
a load of bullshit.
We don't even know
if we'll see that money.
Bullshit? You can see him snorting,
dressed like a woman.
It's more than enough.
Say the video gets out.
There's a kid who knows who we are.
That we paid a visit to the blind man.
We call the broker
and tell him we had a technical issue.
Let's put an end to this.
Are you giving back
the 50,000 down payment?
It's bullshit, Bru'.
We'd still have the problem with the kid.
There are no other issues.
We find the fucking kid,
and it'll be fine.
We find him, then what?
Let's find him first.
Listen, I can't take Lollo to summer camp.
You have to take him.
Fuck, Dad.
I know, I'm sorry. It's work shit.
- What time is it?
- It's 5:30.
Why are you telling me now?
Because I'm going out.
- When do I have to take him?
- At ten.
I've got four more hours.
I'll set the alarm for nine.
I'll leave some money on the table. Okay?
I'm sorry, Matte'.
- Good morning.
- Do you have a smart friend?
- Why?
- Do you have one or not?
He has to go to your dad.
I need to talk to him.
Don't you know he's not right in the head?
If I didn't,
I'd have already shot him in the head.
My son died because of your dad.
And I spent 12 years in prison,
because of him.
- Did Polniuman know?
- What do you think?
Why did he send me to you, then?
I'd like to know that too.
Maybe it's better
- It's better if I go.
- What? No, you stay here.
I'm sorry.
Call your friend.
Hey! Do you want me to help you or not?
You sure he's smart?
What do I have to do?
- Who are you?
- Dayto', it's Paolo!
- Paolo?
- Manuel's friend.
Remember me? The one with the star.
- Paolo!
- Yeah.
Dayto', you have to come with me.
- With you?
- Yeah, for Manuel.
- Manuel?
- Yeah.
Get dressed. I'll explain.
- So...
- The lock.
Yeah, we'll lock it on our way out.
It's cool here.
Your son showed up at my place last night.
He said he's in trouble with the cops.
You know nothing about this, right?
They found drugs on him,
so he accepted a job
in exchange for freedom.
Then he shat himself and left.
Now they're looking for him.
- That's what he said.
- A-nine.
He's not really my son, Giuse'.
He's adopted.
He's different. He's not like me.
I was never able to love him.
What number do you have?
Look at me.
It's Cammello.
Your son came to my house.
Polniuman sent him.
Polniuman was killed. What are you doing?
What's going on?
- Polniuman?
- Yeah.
He's blind now, you know?
Or was that Pino Manibucate?
No, it's Polniuman.
You're Cammello.
Sorry, I didn't recognize you.
Getting old sucks. Gets worse every day.
How are you holding up?
My fucking business.
I'm practically a beggar.
I'm sorry for Lollo.
I never even paid you a visit.
With this damn crazy head
it's hard.
It comes and goes, you know?
Wait ten minutes before you leave.
Down there are the doctors' offices.
At the end there's a door.
Beyond that, there are stairs. Got it?
- Offices, door, stairs.
- Right.
Maybe someone followed you, no?
Just do as I said, Dayto'.
Bye, Camme'.
I hate you, Dayto'.
I hate you.
With all my heart.
I hate you!
I did 12 years because of you.
Thinking about my son the whole time.
I don't give a fuck
if your head doesn't work.
I went crazy every minute.
Every minute.
Every minute.
This is my pain.
I have your son.
If you're trying to fuck me,
I'll kill him and you too.
Sit down. I'll do it.
I saw the kid.
He was going down the stairs.
You were right.
He looks like Lollo.
You're an asshole, Rome'.
It was all him.
I sent him away.
He broke the door.
Yes, I should've known.
Even if you did, what's the difference?
What's the difference?
You come back.
They come back.
It all comes back.
- Hey, Nina.
- Hey, Ma'.
Did someone come looking for me?
Will you do me a favor?
It's dead. Can you charge it?
What did you find?
A gym, friends' names.
Also the one who took Daytona
to the hospital earlier, but
- Any girls, girlfriends?
- No, nothing.
There were two recurring names
in Daytona's rap sheet.
One was
Giuseppe Cavallari, AKA Pino Manibucate,
who died a year ago.
And Romeo Baretta, AKA Cammello.
He did ten years,
plus two in a criminal asylum.
An animal. He was released
a month ago for medical issues.
He has cancer.
Hey, Bru', go on.
The old man's coming back.
- I'll clean up and we can go.
- Wait.
Okay, I'm coming.
He didn't stop at the entrance.
I'll go with Bruno.
And me?
Stay here, in case the kid comes.
We'll see if the old man leads us to him.
The car is down below if you need it.
Sixty feet on the left.
One, two, three
Eighty feet from the cross, on the right.
I see you.
- Morning, Dayto'.
- 125 divided by 15
It's 15.
Dayto', what are all those numbers for?
You have to keep your head fit.
It's my illness.
It works, huh?
It costs me nothing.
Get the network back!
Give me the money. I was winning!
Hey, Dayto'.
- Five times 50
- This is how it works now.
- It's 250.
- These are tough times, Dayto'.
- The government is cutting pensions too.
- Not by half.
Dayto', I'm still giving you half
because it's you, okay?
These guys aren't getting anything.
You should be happy.
Seven times eight?
Where the fuck is he going?
Do you want to die?
Get out of the way.
Do you want to get killed?
Get out of there! Good.
My God, look at the state of him.
Where is he?
Move, and I'll cut your throat.
Put your hands on the wheel.
You have to let it go.
Manuel, me.
All of it.
Nothing ever happened.
All right. But we only want
to talk to the kid.
- To avoid him messing up.
- Bullshit!
- Do you know who I am?
- Yes.
Then you should know
we can handle our shit.
But if you step on our toes
Everyone's on their fucking own!
It's best for everyone. You got it?
I got it, okay.
- Bru', pull over.
- I don't think so.
Keep driving.
See your cousins down there?
Slow down.
- What the fuck...
- Shut up!
I want to trust you.
Don't make me regret it,
or you'll regret it more.
I'm going to kill you.
What now?
We can't do anything here. Let's go. Go.
It's for you.
Hi, Dad.
My name is Mario.
Listen to me, Manue'.
I had already left home at your age.
What I needed to do with you, I did.
Your time has come.
It looks like you found a way to get by.
Dad, it's not me who needs you.
Then we're even.
You don't know what you're saying, Dad.
It comes and goes. You know that.
You're Manuel. I'm Daytona.
Luciana died six years ago, on 10th May.
It's working.
Go get your things.
They're looking for me. At home...
No one's looking for you anymore.
I took care of it this time. Bye, Manue'.
Lock the door when you're done.
Don't forget.
- Hi, Manue'.
- Hey!
- Got any stuff at home?
- No.
- Maybe a joint or two. Why?
- There's unusual activity.
What activity?
Strangers in the building.
I'm paranoid, but it's better to be safe.
I threw everything out.
I hope it wasn't a fucking mistake.
He's wanted for murder,
16 to 20 years old.
Thin, very short hair,
approximately five foot five.
We also have three numbers
from his scooter plate.
Nine-six-one. Repeat. Nine-six-one.
They got him at the blind guy's place.
If they find him, we're done.
We'll find him first. Fuck.
Don't say shit to Massimo.
There he is.
They're at my place.
The Carabinieri.
How do you know?
Dad always locks the door.
It's an obsession.
The door was closed, but not locked.
I don't know where to go.
I told you to stay here.
I was careful. No one followed me.
Careful, huh?
You parked your moped down below.
Why did you go to your place?
- My dad.
- Your dad what?
He told me he took care of it, but
Took care of what?
- I knew your dad was involved.
- No. Not at all.
- Maybe I should warn him.
- Turn it off.
- Why?
- Because I said so!
Turn it off. Move the moped.
Come on! Move!
Let's get out of here, quick.
What about the scooter?
Mopeds have plates.
Don't you think they know yours?
I'll leave it here.
Are you telling me the truth?
You, selling cocaine?
- With that face?
- Why? What's wrong with it?
You look like you'd shit yourself
just for rigging the moped.
Tell me the truth.
What did you do?
Why are they looking for you?
I told you.
Cut the bullshit!
Don't fucking lie!
It's so fucking hot!
It's not normal.
You want to know the truth?
They caught me sucking off a guy.
For money.
What was the money for?
Same as everyone else.
Maybe take a girl out for dinner.
Buy something nice.
Something I like.
I only did it to live better.
Give me that.
I can't hear anything.
Just a sec.
- Huh?
- Just a sec.
Can you hear it?
Can you?
They said that
they'd tell everyone
if I didn't do what they said.
The idea that Dad would find out
That he'd know,
and the others too, I mean
You know what the worst thing is?
The stuff you listen to
with those headphones.
You have to leave, Manue'.
Know anybody outside Rome,
where they can't get to you?
No. I mean, I don't know.
Well, think about it.
You can't stay here anymore.
Six times seven, 42.
Divided by two, times four
Cut the crap, idiot.
My head.
My head comes and goes.
Please, don't hurt me.
I don't even know who the fuck you are.
Enough of your shit!
This thing about your head,
go tell it to your friends.
Keep going, and I'll beat you to a pulp.
I don't know where he is.
Your blind friend died
because he wanted to be an ass.
Don't be an ass,
or you'll end up dead too.
Seven times eight, 56.
Enough with this shit!
- Shitty old man!
- So you don't give a fuck if you die.
How about living covered with shit?
Want to know how we got your son?
Do you recognize him? Huh?
See what's he doing?
Look! Look what your son's doing!
It'll end up on the free press.
"Daytona's son is a hustler."
Everyone will know
it's not true you're head's messed up.
The father is a rat
and the son is a hustler.
Think about it.
Think carefully, because
when a son does something like that
it's because his father's a shit.
Who doesn't listen,
who doesn't even see his son.
He doesn't give a fuck about his son.
So, Dayto'
If you don't give a fuck
tell us where he is.
Is he with one of your buddies?
Come on, Dayto'.
Do what you've always done.
Don't give a fuck.
And save your ass.
Six times 42, 126.
Six times 21, 126.
Seven times 18, 126.
Nine times 14...
- What the fuck did you do? What the fuck!
- Shut up, Massime'.
Hey! Get your hands off me!
- You killed two. That's 30 years!
- Stop!
It wasn't supposed to go like this.
We'll leave you out of it.
You have my word. Okay?
You had no part in it! It was me.
Just take care of him.
Me and Bruno will take care of the kid.
We'll fix it. Look at me!
We'll fix it.
Get all the money we have
and bring it to the broker. Got it?
We'll fix it.
Just tell me the name
of the other gang member.
The one who's dying.
We'll take care of it.
Romeo Baretta.
AKA Cammello.
We're going right towards it.
- Towards what?
- The fire.
It's like the end of the world.
How did it happen?
Your son.
Something gone wrong.
He died, I ended up in prison.
Is it really my father's fault?
Your father told us to go there.
It was an easy job. Once we got there
it was full of cops.
It's your father's fault.
I should've left my son at home.
So it's my fault too.
- How did it happ...
- You'll get there faster on foot.
There's a staircase up ahead.
Then there's the subway.
Take it and go to the station.
So, is there someone outside Rome
where you can go?
Yes, there's
There's a guy I met at the gym.
They just moved to Bologna.
Bologna is fine. Do you have money?
- Yeah, 20 euros or so.
- Wait.
- Yeah.
- Just a sec.
- Put it in your pocket.
- Thanks.
Hey, Manue'!
- Hey, Dad.
- Where are you?
I'm picking up the pest from summer camp.
- Is everything okay, Matte'?
- Depends on your point of view.
Thanks, Matte'.
Okay. Bye.
Good evening.
We're looking for Mr. Baretta.
He's not here.
We're actually looking for a kid.
A homicide suspect. Manuel Coretti.
Son of a repeat offender known as Daytona.
There's no kid here.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
We believe he's in contact
with your husband.
This heat is unbearable.
Can I have a glass of water, ma'am?
It's all there?
What the fuck did you do with that kid?
I sent him away.
Cut the bullshit.
I left him near Tiburtina station.
He had to take a train. What's wrong?
The Carabinieri were here.
What the fuck are you doing, Rome'?
- The Carabinieri?
- Yes! You had to stay in here!
- Wait.
- Leave me alone!
Wait, calm down.
What did they want to know?
About you and the kid.
He's wanted for homicide.
- What did you tell them?
- That I didn't know anything.
- And them?
- They stayed a bit.
Asked for some water and left.
Why are you doing this to me? Huh?
Why are you doing this, Rome'?
I didn't know anything either, Si'.
He had to leave, and I helped him.
Go, go, go!
Si', we have to get out of here. Hey!
We have to leave, okay?
I swear, I didn't do anything.
I only wanted to die in peace,
by your side.
We have to go now.
Look at me.
It just happened, okay?
We need to leave now.
Right away, okay?
Marshall, what did the kid do?
There he is! Look at 29.
- Is there a closer angle?
- Yeah, wait.
There you go.
That's not him.
I'm sorry, Si'.
About everything.
You have to get out now.
Get out.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Go to your sister. I'll call you.
I told you to get the fuck out!
Come on! Move!
Don't ever come looking for me.
First half an hour, then an hour late.
And now it's been canceled?
I'm sorry, but the fire,
the power failures
- Ask for a refund.
- What? I want to go to Bologna!
Find another train.
It's been three hours...
When does it leave?
There's a high-speed train in an hour,
but I can't guarantee it'll leave.
There's an intercity in 20 minutes.
It should be here by now,
but it's delayed.
Give it a try. Platform 16.
Go on!
- I have a question.
- Yes
- Carabinieri! Excuse me!
- Sorry!
Hey, there's a line!
- We're Carabinieri!
- There was a guy here a while ago.
With headphones and a green shirt.
Carabinieri! Freeze!
Did they tell you why we're here?
I'm hungry and thirsty.
Yeah, me too.
stating that he's resigning
for personal reasons.
The nature of his resignation
has yet to be clarified.
The minister himself
put an end to the rumors,
announcing his resignation
here at Chigi Palace half an hour ago.
There are rumors regarding
compromising photos and videos.
We are still waiting for confirmation
of the existence
Are you done?
Yeah, sorry.
- Do they sound good?
- They're great.
I guess they're expensive.
Yeah. Quite a bit.
Coretti, we have to go back in.
Here. They're yours.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
They won't let me keep them.