Adam Joan (2017) Movie Script

Mother dear, O pray for me.
Whilst far from Heaven and Thee
I wander in a fragile bark.
0'er life's tempestuous sea.
O Virgin Mother.
From Thy throne,
So bright in bliss above.
Protect Thy child.
And cheer my path.
With Thy sweet smile of love.
Mother dear, remember me.
And never cease Thy care.
Till in Heaven eternally.
Thy love and bliss I share.
Mother dear, remember me.
And never cease Thy care.
Till in Heaven eternally.
Thy love and bliss I share.
And don't expect a grand
function like last time.
Tomorrow she will
turn 7 years old.
I told Unni, that we need not have these
celebrations from this year onwards.
But he won't listen!
What will she feel?
After celebrating it
grandly all these years,
when there is a sudden stop;
That's also true.
Kids, right?
They would feel bad.
What's the plan today?
Are you going home straight
or any other trips?
No. We just have to
go to Garden Centre.
Some shopping-
We haven't bought anything for tomorrow.
- Carry on then.
See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Ya. We're leaving.
Sorry Daisy.
What is this, Cyriac?
Still hung over from last night?
Oh! You came and bumped into
me and the blame is on me?
What is it, Unni?
Aren't you going home?
We are waiting for Ila and mom.
Where did they go?
Grand-mom's & granddaughter's
prayers are not over yet.
Aren't you ashamed, Cyriac?
To ask this in front of
the Church during lent?
Because of lent, tomorrow's function would
be strictly vegetarian & non-alcoholic.
That's awesome!
So, I won't be there tomorrow
I have better things to do!
Don't be upset, Cyriac.
We'll figure out a way.
What way?
I agreed to host tomorrow's function
because you promised me all these.
Don't forget that.
Rest you can tell her.
What is this, Aunty?
Looks like you were giving Christ
a tough time with your prayers.
I am getting older, son.
So I'll be thinking
about God all the more.
Hello birthday girl!
As usual, your song was amazing!
Thank you uncle!
Even I felt devotional.
Shall we leave then?
We have a lot of things to do.
- Shopping?
Ya. We haven't bought
anything for tomorrow
Get in.
There's an offer on liquor
at Sainsbury's now.
haven't you prepared a
list of the things to buy?
I can't roam around
too much over there.
That's all ready!
You just look straight and drive!
If not anything else, hasn't it
been around 12 years,
since I've started coming for
shopping with you in this country?
It's from France.
Hello! Who is this?
Your dad lnjasshery
Pothan's elder offspring!
Is that you?
Where are you calling from?
Didn't you understand that
seeing the number, you fool?
Yes. I did.
When did you reach there?
It's been two days.
Didn't I tell you,
about an international meet
of strawberry growers?
I came for that.
Where is mom?
I am here, dear.
Mom, I've been trying to
call him for so long!
It was switched off.
Bro, we were at the Church.
Since you don't believe
in God or the Church,
you wouldn't have remembered that today is
a Sunday and that we have to go to Church,
rig ht?
Or is it because you're still
hung over from last night?
Actually both, mom!
So ya. I'll stop wasting time
and tell you why I called.
Ya. Say it.
My job here is over.
So, I'm thinking if I should come
there as well, on the way back.
What say?
It's been long since
I saw you all.
Good that my son felt
so at least now.
Praise the Lord!
So I'll call in the evening
after booking the tickets.
Okay, bro.
Grandma, shouldn't we buy
coal for the barbecue?
That's rig ht!
That's over there.
This offer looks quite good.
- Hello!
Well, I was just..
Shall we go?
Thank you.
Grandma, I want to
go to the wash room.
She wants to go
to the wash room.
I'll take her.
Should I come, mom?
- No. You carry on.
Come, dear.
What happened to your brother?
To suddenly have a
desire to see everyone?
Well, he has come so close, right?
So he would have thought he'll
see everyone and leave.
If that's the case, fine.
What else can it be?
He wouldn't have forgotten what happened
and what he said long back, right?
As far as I know, he
doesn't have Alzheimer's.
And my brother always
stands by his word.
And he has proved that
through all these years.
Leave her!
My child!
Ya. Good morning.
Mr. Cyriac, what time
is the cremation?
We are still waiting
for her elder son.
Is that him?
Ya. That's him.
Unni, I'll sleep in
the living room.
That will be comfortable for me.
The heater in that room
is not working properly.
And, later in the night;
It will be much colder
than this, lchaya.
This is Mom's & lla's room.
Ila used to sing really well.
She was really active,
in the Church Choir.
what was it that happened here?
To do something like this,
who has so much
grudge against us?
I don't know, lchaya.
As far as I know, there's
no one like that.
Apart from some petty issues that
have happened in the office;
Me and Shwetha have never had any
such clashes with anyone here.
I have a slight headache.
Shall I go to sleep?
Good night.
(Prayers being chanted in the Church)
Why isn't this getting over?
It's taking so long!
This is why I don't come
for Christian weddings.
They will keep us waiting
to be bored to death.
But our weddings are
so much better!
Just go there, tie
the wedding chain,
wear the garlands, get the
girl and run three rounds.
But it gets over there, rig ht?
After that, it's all
vegetarian, right?
Kalan, Olan, Avial & Sam bar.
(Kerala Vegetarian dishes)
But is it like that here?
We will have a feast today!
This wait becomes meaningful
only when we think about that.
Oh! All of you are here?
You came alone?
Didn't your husbands & kids come?
Well Pothan, don't you
want any of that?
In our batch, you are the
only one left to get married!
Where does he have
time for all that?
He's making an Eden Garden
at the High Range, right?
New Generation Adam.
Only after his garden is fully
ready, he will get married.
But you should see his
younger brother Unni.
Before he turned 22,
he got married to a
classmate of his,
and is now settled in Europe.
But our man is still walking around
getting leech bites in that plantation.
Your world is between Fort
Kochi & Oberon Mall, right?
One day,
come to my plantation
forjust one day!
Then you will say that the original
Eden Garden is nothing compared to it.
'Thou, planter of the Eden Garden'
'Thou art mine own youthful groom'
'From thy garden for my sake'
'Send Thy breeze, cool, refreshing'
'0, Thou just and true Bridegroom!'
'Lord am I Thy humble bride'
'Thou only refuge for me'
'Let Thy mercy rain on me'
'Thou, planter of the Eden Garden'
'Thou art mine own youthful groom'
'From thy garden for my sake'
'Send Thy breeze, cool, refreshing'
'0, Thou just and true Bridegroom!'
'Lord am I Thy humble bride'
'Thou only refuge for me'
'Let Thy mercy rain on me'
Excuse me!
Please move.
I'm Adam.
The bridegroom's...
As in, Jacob's classmate"
The choir was really nice.
I really liked it.
Thank you.
Do you have a card or something?
For us to contact, if some
programme comes up at our Church.
George, do you have our card with you?
Angel Symphflny-
For bookings, contact
George C Philip,
Amy Andrews.
That's me.
It's so expensive, man!
2000 Rupees for one shin?
That's the price
of 5 full bottles!
But it wasn't you
who paid, rig ht?
Even if you paid it, we
lost 5 full bottles, right?
5 full bottles
will have 62 pegs.
With your capacity, I would have gotten
to finish 3l4th's of it! You know that?
Let's go return this.
Come here.
Shucks! My 62 pegs!
Get in.
Oh God!
Don't step on my 9!
Can I step on your head instead?
Daddy, please!
- What is this?
Daddy, com e.
No! No! I am all right!
Didn't we park our car here?
Such a drunkard!
I feel jealous!
Here it is!
- Not that way.
This way!
- Oh! There?
listen to me.
Don't drive in this condition.
We'll take an auto rickshaw.
And we'll come back
tomorrow & take it.
What condition? I
am absolutely fine!
- Get into the car!
Get into the car!
Come. Let's go to the room
quickly & become like this.
Did you recognize
who that girl is?
That's the girl,
who sang the choir for
Jacob's wedding yesterday.
Daddy, slowdown!
Watch out!
Who is that behind me?
You're messing with me?
Should we go right behind him?
Daddy, slowly.
I know!
I know!
Daddy, please go slowly.
Watch out!
Careful, daddy!
Dude, this guy is
driving dangerously.
Daddy, slowly!
Slow! Slow!
I know!
I know!
The brake has failed.
While coming, this was straight.
There were no turns then.
I'll set it right now!
Who is that?
I think the battery is down.
Dude, where are you going?
Just a minute!
It will be all rig ht now.
all the cars behind
you are stuck.
If you could move this,
all of us could leave.
Please co-operate, brother.
You don't have to go and host
anyone's funeral, right?
You can go slowly.
Don't you drive?
Chem, come.
What's the matter?
- I'll tell you.
Get inside!
- What is this?
What is this?
- Get inside.
- What is he doing?
- Sit. I'll tell you.
Dude, you drive our car.
I'll drop you at the exit.
I don't understand what's happening here.
Are you kidnapping us?
Or is it goondaism?
Dear, dial 100.
Call the police!
Who are you?
Who are you to send me to the back
seat from my car's driving seat?
Tell me!
Daddy, please keep quiet.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Did you recognize me?
We met at the
Church yesterday.
Ya. I recognized you.
Where are you going?
Fort Kochi.
That's great.
We are also going there.
We are staying at Bristow
Lighthouse there.
So there's no problem.
I will drive you home.
There's no need for that.
Drop us at the exit.
We shall go.
With him in this condition,
rather than taking him on an auto
ride with a complete stranger,
isn't it better that
I drop you home?
If not anything else,
we have an acquaintance
of one day, right?
Dude, you follow this car.
I am here, right behind you.
What does your daddy do?
You know?
I am a sailor!
I used to be a sailor who sailed
ships through the great oceans,
without bothering about thunderous
storms and incessant rains.
And you sent me away from
my driving seat now!
You will regret it.
You must regret!
- Sir, you were a Captain?
You mean, like..
In Merchant Navy?
He's bluffing.
Until a few days back,
he used to run a workshop.
Now that's also shut.
And he's sitting at home
idle, without doing any job!
This house on the right side.
I will drive from here.
I'll hold you.
I am all right.
I am all right.
All right!
I know it was a lot
of trouble for you.
Good night.
Good night.
'This breeze came and
whispered in my ear'
'That you are mine;
Only mine, forever'
'Will you embrace my life,
while my breath fades away?'
'You are the music which my
silences have been searching for'
Am Y
before going back today,
I wanted to say
something to you.
Nothing else;
If it is okay for you,
I would like to marry you, Amy.
I know about your situation
and your problems.
If your answer is positive,
I know how to deal
with your Daddy.
Come fast!
They are about to take the body.
'For my eyes, you are the world'
'For my ears, you
are the symphony'
'Will you embrace my life,
while my breath fades away?'
'You are the music which my
silences have been searching for'
'Did your rosy lips
quiver, 0' lil' birdie?'
'Did your heartbeats rise?
Tell me softly'
'Who's that on the Red Lucky
Seed tree, my dear birdie?'
'Who got closer to you
whispering sweet nothings?'
'Did your rosy lips
quiver, 0' lil' birdie?'
'Did your heartbeats rise?
Tell me softly'
'Who's that on the Red Lucky
Seed tree, my dear birdie?'
'Who got closer to you
whispering sweet nothings?'
'As I slowly caress the shyness that
made you shut the doors to your eyes'
'From now on, you will
be with me forever'
'To give me light, 0' dear moonlight'
'Turning every little
sorrow into a smile'
'You are my better half'
'Turning every night into a day'
'You are the sunshine of truth'
'You are his soulmate'
'Like a colourful palm print'
'I will guard you without
batting an eyelid, my dear'
'In the depths of these blue eyes'
'I am melting in
them, unknowingly'
You fool!
You fool!
I sent you a ticket to
come for my wedding;
And you got drunk at the airport
lounger & slept off there?
Sorry, bro!
I've been waiting here like
this to compensate for that.
Both of you put your
luggage into this car.
Let's go!
AScottish Cattle House
in the 16th Century.
Now, a Honeymoon cottage.
For the next one week, it
belongs to Mr.& Mrs. Pothan.
There's a room inside.
Excuse me!
All blue for 100.
Ya Amy!
We are..
We are outside.
What happened?
What is it, Amy?
What happened?
I'll tell you.
Close the door.
Didn't you tell me that day,
that for many years, we just
need ourselves between us?
And that we don't need
any commitments?
But, I don't think that
would be possible now.
I am pregnant.
We just..
we are going back to
Kerala next week, right?
So for the time being,
don't tell this to
anyone here now.
Seeing me being all
weak and fragile,
I was forced to do
this pregnancy test,
by mom & Shwetha!
did they know this?
How wouldn't they?
Shut up, dude.
I'm going...
when you go back to Kerala,
go to Bharananganam Church,
and get a song Qurbana done
in her name without fail.
That's an offering I made.
Oh! Okay.
We'll go together and do it.
But how will she come back to
Kerala with you in this stage?
She can't travel now.
Don't you know that?
We haven't even decided whether
we need this now or not.
It hasn't even been six
months since the wedding.
Why? ls there some
law like that?
That she can't be pregnant
before six months?
Mom, it's not like that.
We aren't prepared yet.
Why should you be prepared?
She will be!
What I'm saying
- Child,
don't make me talk further.
People here are still
taking lent and praying
even though it's been 5 years since
their wedding. That's when you..
Anyway, each one is selfish
about their own life.
Do whatever you want to.
Mom, I was just
saying an opinion.
You are the one who takes the
final decision in these matters.
This is about your life.
So you both should
decide about it.
Isn't that so?
Then, we have decided.
In this matter, your
wish is our command.
Are you sure?
I'm sure!
Then my son should agree
to one more thing.
Let's have the delivery over here.
Well, l..
Listen to me.
Let me complete.
Amy cannot travel in a flight
for the next 3-4 months.
After that, it's just
a matter of few days.
If it is here,
all of us are here.
And even in the hospitals, she
would get much better care here.
You can also stay here, right?
That won't be possible, mom!
Already, that Pappi has made
a mess out of things there.
If I don't reach there
at least by next week,
the workers will go on strike.
The condition is that bad.
she has to stay here for
four months, right?
There's no other option, right?
The rest,
we can decide then.
Hey! We have just started
living our life;
I just meant that we
needn't have this already.
It's okay.
Everyone is really happy.
I'm not spoiling that.
'You showered as the snowfall of love in
my heart, and I couldn't have enough of it'
'You wrote dreams of Eden with a
rainbow, allover my heart'
'You have given me this beautiful
sunshine every morning'
'You should come and embrace me,
for me to fall asleep in the night'
'Are you joining me like a shadow
on my path, with your words?'
'I can't do without
you, my dear moonlight'
'This breeze has the
fragrance of your love'
'These nights have your
passionate persona'
'Will you embrace my life,
while my breath fades away?'
'You are the music which my
silences have been searching for'
'Did your rosy lips
quiver, 0' lil' birdie?'
Son, when are you going there?
Will you bring the child & mother here
after the delivery, for us to see?
Of course!
It will be a girl.
Wait & watch!
Nirmala ma'am had
prayed for that a lot.
So this time, it will
definitely happen.
'Did your heartbeats rise?
Tell me softly'
'Who's that on the Red Lucky
Seed tree, my dear birdie?'
'Who got closer to you
whispering sweet nothings?'
What is it?
When is your flight tomorrow?
Did you forget?
I will board the
flight tomorrow night.
Can you pre-pone the journey
to today, on the same flight?
What happened?
Amy was admitted to the
hospital some time back.
There are some complications.
you should..
- Dear!
My ticket should be
ready for tomorrow
I want to leave tomorrow.
Didn't you hear me?
I'll do that.
But son,
if you're leaving tomorrow,
what about the baby?
Have you thought about it?
I haven't thought about it.
It was you all, who were in a hurry to make
her deliver the baby and raise her, right?
So you can decide what to do.
What is it?
Nothing, lchaya.
What is it, Shwetha?
What's the matter?
Didn't you say yesterday,
that you haven't taken any
decision about the child?
Forgive me if what
I'm asking is wrong.
If that's the case,
shall we raise her?
As our daughter?
Think about it really well and
give us an answer after that.
It's not a decision that you
can take quickly, right?
I didn't have to think too much,
to give her to them.
The day after reaching Kerala,
I called Unni and
gave my consent.
In my state of mind back then,
that baby was an
uninvited guest,
who came by taking
away my Amy's life.
But today,
thinking about that
great sin I committed,
I have been repenting
every single day, Cyriac.
Maybe it's because I have
that guilt within me;
lam not even able to ask
what happened to my child,
confidently to anyone here.
But I want to know,
at least whether she
is dead or alive.
we are thinking of going
back on duty from today.
We can't take leave
for too many days.
And it will be a change from
this atmosphere as well.
That's good.
what are your plans?
I mean, your return?
I haven't decided about that.
leaving you in such a situation.
Let's wait.
There is time.
Tell him!
How can I be more obvious?
Don't get up.
I'll see.
Mr. & Mrs. Pothan?
Please be seated.
We understand this is a
very tough time for you.
But we would appreciate if you would
answer a few questions for us.
Please go ahead.
Mrs. Pothan,
we would like you to go through
this list and tell us,
if your daughter had some friend or
acquaintance that we are yet to know about.
What about the van?
Excuse me?
The van
In which they took her!
Have you found it?
And you are?
That's Adam.
My brother.
Mr. Adam, this is a police
investigation in progress.
We will let you know as soon as we
know the whereabouts of your girl.
Is that a no, Ma'am?
Ichaya, please.
I'm sorry.
Why are you getting
scared, Unni?
It's been so many days
since the incident,
and they are still enquiring about
a 7 year old girl's friends!
You still haven't
answered my question!
Mr. & Mrs. Pothan,
we're fairly within our rights
to have you summoned down
to the police station for this.
Thought we'd play
the good Samaritan.
But obviously,
this isn't working out well.
10 AM tomorrow, at the
North Park Police Station;
And this time, for your sake;
I hope you do not have company.
The way you behaved to
them was totally wrong.
It's us, who are going to
suffer because of this!
Didn't you hear their questions?
They are asking about her friends..
- That's just your imagination.
The police here doesn't follow
our country's police system.
Understand that first.
And, they came here to see us.
Leave alone giving
your opinions there;
Even your presence shouldn't
have been there in this room!
To be frank,
your presence here,
is giving us tension &
pressure more than relief.
Your looks and expressions at times are
like we did all this deliberately!
I haven't thought like that
even in my dreams, Unni.
if you have ever felt like
that from my side;
I'm sorry.
I will give you the details of my
open itinerary back to Kerala.
Book my return ticket,
on the closest available date.
I will go back.
Where are you?
I am outside.
Shwetha felt slightly dizzy.
So we are going to the doctor.
What happened?
Nothing to worry, lchaya.
The BP might have shot up.
And ya.
Your ticket is confirmed
for tomorrow.
It's inside the table
drawer in my room.
We might be late to get back.
So you can have
dinner & go to sleep.
I won't go to sleep.
Call me as soon as
you see the doctor;
You didn't sleep yet?
Why didn't you call me?
Well, there was no problem.
That just went up.
Are you okay now?
Then, why don't you go to sleep?
You saw the ticket, rig ht?
The flight is from Glasgow
at 10 AM tomorrow
You have to leave
at least by 6 AM.
Good night.
I am not leaving tomorrow, Unni.
I want to know;
What happened to Ila.
Our mom;
Who killed her and for what?
Not just you,
all of us want to know that.
And I told you, rig ht?
The police force here
is very intelligent.
I believe that,
they would be able to find the
answers as soon as possible.
So be it.
Very good.
For my peace of mind;
Until they discover at
least some of the answers;
I have decided to stay
back here in this city.
like my presence for you;
To live in this house which
has memories of mom and Ila,
is suffocating for me as well.
from tomorrow,
lam thinking of
shifting somewhere else.
What are you saying?
Didn't you understand
that yet, Unni?
He is talking with some
hidden thoughts in his mind.
I am not the one who's talking & behaving
with hidden thoughts in mind, Shwetha.
It's you and him, right?
Or else,
Royal Edinburgh Hospital's
CT Scan report,
wouldn't be tucked
under my air ticket,
to inform me that
you are pregnant.
in this situation,
we were reluctant to tell you.
That's why..
Until she died,
our mom hadn't known this;
there's no change in my decision that
I'm not going to leave Scotland soon.
in my decision that I'm
shifting from here tomorrow
I have always felt that,
it's not the beauty of England
& Ireland which are close by,
which this land has.
A kind of mystic beauty.
No wonderJK Rowling stayed here
and wrote the Harry Potter series.
Do you know the history of
the child missing cases
that have been reported here?
I don't know precisely.
number of cases comparatively,
aren't any less.
It's because you were adamant.
It was really difficult
to get this place.
Come in.
Don't you want to
go out from here?
This is for that.
And ya.
When I thought about it, I
think your route is correct.
First, we should know the history
of the child missing cases,
that have been reported here.
How do we do that?
There's a way.
We have to contact the CPRC.
Child Protection
Research Centre.
They will have the
full database.
Georgechayan, who
comes to our Church;
I've heard that his eldest son
is a research scholar at CPRC.
I don't know him directly.
He is a Protestant.
So, he doesn't come
to our Church.
From 2012 till now,
in total, around 87 cases have
been reported in Scotland.
38 of them were from Edinburgh.
I'm talking of children
aged between 3 and 12.
And in that, 70% are girls.
What was the conclusion
of all these cases?
Don't be worried hearing
about the conclusions.
There is..
There is no conclusion
for around 46 cases.
Those children,
are still known as
the missing kids.
There are several
motives for such cases.
Organ trafficking,
in house abuses,
even Devil Satanic worshippers kidnap
children for their rituals here.
Each motive will have a
different approach.
For example,
if the child is kidnapped
for organ trafficking;
Within 5-10 days,
the child's body would be
abandoned at some remote place.
In cases of paedophilia,
that means, if the child was
kidnapped for sexual exploitation;
The chances for such groups to abandon
the child either dead or alive,
are very less.
The case of these Black Mass people,
or Satan Devil Worshippers
is also similar.
In the past 11 years,
only 3 such cases
have been reported.
And all three were
girls below 10 years of age.
That too, Jewish girls.
In the Bible, it is said that Jews
are the God's favourite people.
Their intention might be to harass
them to appease the Satan.
What else can it be called!
Since there is this
criteria about Jews,
that possibility;
That possibility alone,
can be ruled out at this stage.
This is the sixth day since
the incident happened, right?
In the current stage,
we cannot even take a guess.
I explained all this in detail because
none of you are the child's parent.
Or else, I don't explain
so much in detail usually.
The things Jason told us,
are just possibilities.
We just have to
see them as that.
Aren't we being led by
precise possibilities,
in this stage, Cyriac?
I am sure of one thing now.
However efficient the police
force here is supposed to be,
they are never going to find
the people behind this crime.
Because they are
searching everywhere,
except the right place.
That means?
Does the police here know,
that Ila is not Unni and
Shwetha's daughter?
what does that have
to do with this case?
Some time back,
didn't Jason say,
that we can rule out the possibility that
the child might be with Devil worshippers?
they want Jewish girls
below 10 years of age?
My daughter,
is half-Jewish, Cyriac.
Because her mother was a Jew.
If me, Unni or Shwetha,
don't share this information
to the investigation team;
they would also ignore this
possibility like Jason.
To know what happened
to my daughter,
and who killed my mother,
Is it my need alone now, Cyriac?
- lchaya,
Some time back, I got a
call from Scotland Police.
Saying that they found
the car that took Ila in,
in an abandoned state at
a place called Carley.
Where is this place?
It's a county.
Two hours drive from here.
We are on the way there.
If you want to come,
I'll text the post code now.
Ya. Send the post code.
I'll start rig ht away.
You get into the car,
and be with her.
What did they say?
Well, they just shared a
wild guess of theirs.
Beyond these woods,
there is a marshy area.
Since the car was
abandoned here,
they have a doubt.
Police, right?
Anyway, they are going
to search that area.
To see if they can get the body?
Don't take it in that sense.
Didn't I tell you?
Awild guess! That's all!
Over here!
I can't stay here anymore.
I'm leaving.
Tell Unni.
If anything com es up,
just call me.
The blood stains
found on the cloth,
are B Positive.
That means,
lla's same blood group.
if you hear anything terrible,
you should be prepared
to accept it.
What the..
What's your problem, man?
What do you think you're doing?
The little girl,
at the bar!
I thought"
Do you..
Do you knowlla?
Ila? Who's that?
I have a friend.
Her name is Sandhya.
Just go home, man!
I'm sorry.
I thought I saw someone else.
C'! flag';?
They stopped searching.
They couldn't find anything
as they suspected.
They concluded that it
was done deliberately,
to misguide the investigation.
What I mean to say is,
don't lose hope.
Mum my,
why does Sandhya
always sleep so much?
I was feeling restless at home.
Didn't I tell you that my
mom has come from Kerala?
What happened?
Did mom & Neethu
have a fight again?
No. It's not that.
This is about our issue.
After coming here and hearing about the
tragedy that happened in your family,
mom was really adamant,
to meet Unni &
Shwetha immediately;
And to join them in their grief.
Since I know that my mom doesn't
know what to talk to whom;
I didn't encourage that.
But when she kept forcing me,
yesterday evening, I
had to take mom there.
It was from there,
that this restlessness
of mine began.
Who knows what fate the Lord has
decided for each one of us.
But this was way too cruel.
Keep praying hard to
God, my children.
Wait & watch, dear.
The b@$!,6',6'@s who did this
will never live happily.
The Lord will send a rain of
fire to shower upon their body.
Rain of fire!
Shwetha, I've brought food.
Have it, okay?
Unni, you must compel
her to eat food, okay?
When are you leaving, Daisy?
No. Day after.
Are you going to Kerala?
Just for a week.
That too, me alone.
Afamily function.
I tried my best to tell
them that I'm not coming.
But my parents didn't
allow me to stay back.
Who is this girl, Cyriac?
She works with Shwetha, aunty.
She stays close by.
I am his mother.
Where are you in Kerala?
You might not know if I say it.
It's a place called
Pennakkara, towards the South.
Why wouldn't I know Pennakkara?
My mother's house is
over there, dear.
Have you heard about that place?
I have stayed there so many
times during my childhood.
You're from which
family over there?
I know almost all the
houses over there.
Which family?
My house name is Kaliyanthala.
Kaliyanthala means..
Kaliyanthala East or West?
That means..
The ones who feed
the Black Father?
- No.
We don't feed any Black
or White Fathers.
Shwetha, bye.
Mom, do you want a drink?
There's some good
beef fry as well.
stop all this, call the kids and
Neethu and come sit here to pray.
Didn't you see the mishaps
happening in certain families?
That reminds me,
I heard you provoking that
Daisy by saying something.
Asking about some Black
Father or White Father.
What was it?
Oh! That?
Son, she is from
Kaliyanthala East.
The ones who feed
the Black Father.
That means?
Well, they are actually a
well-known Christian family.
For outsiders,
they seem like people who follow the
path of the Messiah and the Church.
They come to the Church
every week without fail.
They will participate in everything.
And they donate whatever the Church
or the clergy need, in plenty.
But without anyone
else's knowledge,
some secret things are performed
in their families, apparently.
Some rituals which go against the
Church and its laws.
Some deity worships.
These are all stories I've
heard from my elders.
Kaliyanthala East,
New Cherppafiu,
There are some such families.
our people don't marry girls from these
houses and bring them to our family;
And vice versa.
It was from these myths
that my mom told me,
that doubts came up in my mind;
And I became restless.
So to find out the authenticity
of these tales told by mom,
I searched the internet.
Even though I didn't get a
lot of detailed information,
I found some indications
here and there.
These allegations are about some
40 families scattered between,
Thevalakkara, Udayamperoor
& Kunnamkulam.
Even though they claim to be
people of the God publicly,
they prepare feasts for
some dark power secretly
with alcohol, women
& gold, apparently.
The name of that ritual that
is said amongst themselves,
is 'Feeding the Black Father'.
My thoughts went in a
different direction.
What mom told me,
and what you witnessed
at the pub on that day,
and what Jason told us at CPRC;
If we add all this together;
I suspect whether Daisy is a link to Ila.
To suspect that, I have
another solid reason.
Just before Ila was kidnapped,
an incident that happened
in front of the Church.
'At Garden Centre'
Couldn't that be the full form of
the text that Daisy was typing?
That means,
the hypermarket that Unni &
family went to, from the Church.
The place where the
incident occurred.
these are just my speculations.
If you have such a doubt,
shouldn't we clear it, Cyriac?
But how?
She is all set to leave
to Kerala tomorrow
Okay then.
Should I wait till you check in?
No. You have duty, right?
Carry on, Philip.
Okay then. Take care.
- Bye.
What is it, Cyriac?
What happened?
What do I say
Looks like he is on strike!
I was trying to solve it.
Dude, try starting the car.
I can't do it again!
We've been doing this
for an hour now.
Call someone who knows
how to do this, Cyriac.
Dude, that.
Philip, is there water in your car?
I'm really thirsty.
Ya. I'll go get it.
I'll get the water.
Try starting the car
for him if you can.
It's taking so long!
It's on the drivers' door pad.
- Okay.
Shall I start it?
Just a minute.
Just try once.
It became okay when the
right person did it.
How did you do that?
Thanks Philip.
You carry on then.
Or you'll miss your duty.
That's true.
I'm already late.
Okay then. Bye.
- Bye.
That mobile phone jammer
will be effective,
only within a 30 metre
radius of the car.
So before he reaches the office;
We have to execute our plan.
Yo u g o fast.
I'll take care of the rest.
If you go straight on this road,
there will be an exit to B-road;
It's a longer route.
But there are no speed cameras.
- Hello Daisy!
It's me, Cyriac.
Oh! Cyriac!
I've been trying to
call you for some time.
But it wasn't connecting - Oh sorry
lam at the airport, about
to leave to Kerala.
Sometime back, I was at the security check.
Maybe that's why the call didn't connect.
What is it, Cyriac?
there's nothing to worry.
Near the round about
at Cooper road,
Philip had an accident.
He crashed into a
Polish guy's car.
Luckily, me and Adam
were passing that way.
Now he is being taken to the
hospital in an ambulance.
Don't worry.
lam following them.
I saw an airport entry pass that was taken
half an hour back, in Philip's car.
That's how we understood that he was
on the way back after dropping you.
So, when we couldn't get
through to you on the phone,
I sent Adam to the airport.
What do I..
What should I do now, Cyriac?
Where should I come?
If it is a journey
that can be avoided,
cancel it and go outside the
airport as soon as possible.
By then, Adam would reach there.
I'll call him and tell him
the rest of the details.
Daisy, come!
Get in fast!
We know yours and your entire
family's complete history, Daisy.
Sol suggest let's
cut to the chase.
I told you!
I don't know anything
about lla's kidnapping!
Someone has misled you.
Do you think we would
bring you here,
based on just
guesses and doubts?
you can either answer
our questions;
Or not.
That's up to you.
But that will be only till 10 AM Indian
Standard Time, tomorrow morning.
By then,
your dear ones would know that
you haven't reached Kerala;
And that you're missing.
And you will never,
see Philip and your
kids after that.
That's for sure.
The frustration that I have been
experiencing for the past seven years;
I will fulfil that, whatever
the consequences may be.
Don't consider what he said
as just a threat, Daisy.
He is on fire.
say whatever you know.
Like he said,
until 10 AM tomorrow morning,
we won't come here.
Within that, if you
have a change of heart,
Just press that switch.
Between people who
work together,
ego and other such
conflicts are common.
But, between me and Shwetha;
Nothing of that son
has ever happened.
She was like my own
younger sister.
In qualifications,
and academic brilliance,
I was nowhere near Shwetha.
When it came to achievements;
The opposite would
happen always.
And as we close in on the last
few sessions of this semester;
It's time to announce the scholarship
stipend awardee for the next two.
Based on the overall performance
of the current academic year,
once again ladies;
It's Miss Daisy Philip Kuruvilla.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Cong rats.
I know;
Based on the performance;
You are the one who
deserves this.
It's pointless to think
about all that, Daisy.
But to be honest,
I had really wished
for this stipend.
Not because of anything else;
Unni has lost his job.
You know rig ht?
So in this situation,
this would have been a
huge relief for us.
You are really fortunate, Daisy.
Whatever you wish
for, is coming true.
Do you..
Do you want that fortune?
Once you get that,
you will also have
only benefits.
Whatever you wish
for, will happen.
Do you want it?
What are you saying, Daisy?
If you promise me that you
won't tell anyone else;
I will take you to a place.
Com e.
Shall we go back?
I don't feel good.
Why are you scared?
This is just like going
to our usual Church. Come!
Com e.
We have to change.
Now you look like one of us.
Open wide the gates of hell,
and come forth from the Abyss.
To greet us as your
siblings and friends.
What the hell is this, Daisy?
Stop mocking me;
And ask what you want.
You're not begging or requesting;
Ask him,
And he will give it to you!
Come forth and answer
to your names;
By manifesting our desires..
Now pray to Him!
And ask him for your needs!
Isn't that Professor Edward?
He is our High Priest.
Most of the people gathered here are people
who enjoy a high profile in society.
Just that no one else
would know about it.
So you're saying that,
I'll get whatever I
ask over here, right?
I want a baby.
A baby whom I will
give birth to.
You will get it.
Since she was sure that it
will never be possible,
and because of her interest to
prove our beliefs to be wrong;
Shwetha asked for
it on that day.
But during the journey
back from there,
she got really angry at me.
She warned me not to call
her for such crazy stuff.
I kept going for the
worship without fail.
But even though Professor
Edward forced me several times;
I didn't have the courage
to call Shwetha again.
And then,
after 5-6 months;
Shocking me,
Shwetha fell unconscious
at the University Library;
And later realized
that she was pregnant.
That was a ray of hope for me.
Saying that she should go there and thank
them directly for the gift she received,
or else, it will
be a big problem;
I compelled her and
took her there again.
Hearing the news,
Professor Edward;
Put forth a strange
condition to Shwetha.
That she should surrender the child
to them, as soon as she is born.
And when they said that the child should
be baptized according to their beliefs,
naturally, Shwetha
could n't accept that.
She said that it is impossible.
Saying that the punishment would
be severe if she disobeys them,
he threatened her.
Seeing that things
were getting worse,
I talked to the
Professor directly.
But even then, the things he said;
Weren't pleasant at all.
What is it, Daisy?
What did he tell you?
I'll tell you.
Get in.
I came here today just
because you compelled me to.
These people cannot create
anything in this world, Daisy.
They can only destroy.
Understand that first.
Apart from the fact that there
are some complications,
the doctors who treat us have never
said that we won't have kids.
Then how can they claim,
that I became pregnant now because
I came here 5 months back?
Don't you see it?
It's a trap!
Shwetha, even I
agree to all this.
But isn't it better if we
handle it more diplomatically?
Anyway, when I talked
to the Professor,
he gave me an option.
You can raise your own
child as you please.
They won't interfere in that.
They would take Ila instead.
For what?
For a ritual that is supposed to be
performed on a special day that's coming,
they need a Jew girl
below 10 years of age.
Apparently, in a casual conversation some
time, I had mentioned to the Professor;
That Ila is half Jewish.
What all are you saying, Daisy?
maybe they need Ila
for very few days.
After that, we would
get her back.
The Professor has
promised me that.
You don't have to do
anything here, Shwetha.
For the time being, act as if you
don't know anything about this.
You don't have to go.
I will talk to him.
Even after I said so much,
Shwetha didn't agree.
They didn't need Shwetha's
consent to take Ila.
After seeing that incident
happen in front of her,
she got really scared.
She got scared that if
she says this to anyone,
lla's life and the child in
her womb will be in danger;
And that's why she didn't
say anything to anyone yet.
That means..
Shwetha is still expecting,
that she would get
Ila back alive.
What about you, Daisy?
Daisy, rig ht now,
at this moment,
is my daughter dead or alive?
I don't know, Adam!
I swear!
I don't know.
Which is that special day,
What are they going to
do to Ila on that day,
I don't know anything!
As far as I know,
there are around 12
Satan worship centers,
in all of Scotland.
Only the Priests of those places
would participate in such functions.
Only they would know
the details about it.
Why did the Professor say that they
wanted Shwetha's soon-to-be-born child?
He was lying.
Ila was their target
from the very beginning.
Professor forced me several times
to bring Shwetha for the worship,
to get Ila.
Didn't you understand
the reason for that?
For them, Ila is the most
safest victim they can get.
Instead if they kidnap
another Jewish girl,
based on the previous history,
the police investigation would
naturally lead to them.
In this case, Shwetha
would never say anything
about lla's Jewish background
to the police, out of fear.
Giving some other reason, she wouldn't
let Unni say anything either.
Anyway, let's not wait any longer.
Let's inform this to the Police.
They will take care of the rest.
We will inform.
But before that,
I want to meet someone.
I have to meet.
Didn't you leave?
I called you so many times!
Why didn't you
pick up the phone?
Daisy, why are you looking sick?
What happened to Ila?
Say something! Please!
I never thought,
all this would happen.
I'll confess everything,
wherever you want me to.
I'm sorry!
So don't you want
your child, Shwetha?
Your own child whom you're
going to give birth to?
If you are involved in such a
crime directly or indirectly,
do you know what punishment
you would be getting here?
The law of this land wouldn't
even give you
the consideration that you
are pregnant, Shwetha.
Should yours & Unni's child,
be born in some jail here?
And about lla..
I will go as far as
I can go, alone.
I will do whatever I can!
Even after that, if I'm
not able to save her;
Be sure about one thing.
At least one second before her,
I will be dead!
For the grave sin of
abandoning her once;
This is the only way I can
make an atonement to my child.
'In the pain of candles burning
and exfoliating within'
'On a day when even the days are filled
with darkness, on the city roads'
'Am I flowing through
this way, as a shadow?'
'Where did you disappear, sending
me to the depths of sorrow?'
'You came to me like a
shooting star, that day'
'I forgot to caress you slowly'
'Today, when you are in pain at
some faraway corner'
'I will come beside you'
'And give you wings to fly'
'lfl can float back some day
on a wave in the river of time'
'If I can enjoy those past moments
again, like I should have'
'What do I give in return?'
'Will you come beside me, again?'
'You came to me like a
shooting star, that day'
'I forgot to caress you slowly'
'Today, when you are in pain at
some faraway corner'
'I will come beside you'
'And give you wings to fly'
'Even though we are apart, she is
somewhere away, being my only resort'
'To caress me on my wounds'
'Her sweet voice is a memory that I
cherish every moment, every day'
'Whenever I become weak'
'You came to me like a
shooting star, that day'
'I forgot to caress you slowly'
'Today, when you are in pain at
some faraway corner'
'I will come beside you'
'And give you wings to fly'
You know who I am.
And you know what this is about.
Now drive!
I do not recollect having
asked you to stop, Edward!
You're not going to
pull that trigger.
I can see that on your face.
Two choices.
Either you get out of my car,
or I leave it with
you and walk home!
Look at this.
12 people in total,
including the Professor.
May be these are,
the priests of those 12 worship
centers Daisy told us about.
This man..
This is the man,
whom I saw at the
pub on that day.
It's not like him to
miss a prayer meeting.
Do you want to try calling him?
I just did!
Says it's switched off.
What do we do now?
I guess we'd just leave.
Who was it?
I don't know.
It's dangerous to keep the
Professor in our custody for long.
If his people know
that he is missing;
That would affect lla's life.
Letting him go,
is even more dangerous, right?
Tell us who this is.
And you walk free.
This guy-
We need a name.
I know who he is.
I know he is one of them.
But I'm not going to tell you.
CY flag!
He won't say.
Why would you tell us
anything, Edward Williams?
Disciple of Darkness!
The name is Lucifer!
And for Him,
I remain silent,
till death!
Drink, Edward?
I owe you one.
For all that you've done.
What are you going to do?
Shouldn't he be taken
back to his house?
How can we do that?
Won't he say all
this to his people?
He won't!
CY flag!
You needn't come.
I will go alone.
This is a journey of someone
who has nothing to lose.
You are not like that.
Be careful.
- Well,
if you stay there for too long,
someone might find it
suspicious, right?
No one has any suspicion yet.
Accidental death.
That's the finding.
For at least 4-5 days,
it will remain so.
Any one of those 11 men;
Should definitely
come here, Cyriac.
I cannot afford this
being a dead end.
the information from that
book has been decoded.
An ancient language called
'Enochian' is used in it.
It is said to be as
old as our Sanskrit.
The contents of that book would
not be of any relief to us.
Especially, the parts
about Human Sacrificing.
Christian Missionaries,
Girls who were born
in the Jewish race;
They are the ones usually
chosen to be sacrificed.
This ritual must be conducted
at least once in 3 years.
They have some special
days for that as well.
According to their belief,
on any day which is remembered for
Satan's failure against God;
They can do this
ritual to please him.
40th Friday,
Good Friday,
Or any such day.
the previous Friday,
was 40th Friday.
Let's believe that nothing unfortunate
would have happened on that day.
But Adam..
Day after tomorrow
is Maundy Thursday.
And the next day is Good Friday.
On Sunday, Easter.
We are on the edge.
I will break into Professor
Edward's house once more today.
I would definitely find something from
there that would lead us fon/vard.
Someone's name;
Contact details;
Or something like that.
do you have to do it today?
Isn't it risky?
What should I be
scared of now, Cyriac?
Like you said,
we are already on the edge.
So have you been to Jaffna?
Sri Lanka.
Your dad's home.
Yes. Once.
To see my granny; But
she died soon after.
Who is this?
I think a Sri Lankan Tamilian,
would understand a
little bit of Malayalam.
What do you want?
What we both want now,
is the same thing, Nathen.
Our daughters.
You don't know me!
If something happens
to my child,
I will go to any extent.
If something happens
to his own daughter,
any father;
Can go to any extent.
I never thought,
I would be able to kill someone.
Professor Edward died, right?
Let's meet &talk.
Will you bring her too?
You know better than that!
Your place.
In two hours.
Is she alive?
is my daughter alive,
or not?
She's alive!
She is alive!
I need to hear it from you, Nathen.
She is alive.
For just two more days.
No one can save
your child, Adam.
Day after tomorrow
is Good Friday.
On that day, she will be
killed at the Altar of Satan.
This ritual is going to
happen after four years.
She will be brought
out only on that day.
You can't, Adam.
You can't do anything.
Are you going, Nathen?
For that ritual?
I am one among the
12 chief priests.
I must go!
I'm sorry, Julia.
No mother should go through
what you will, from today.
Tell me where my daughter is;
You're not leaving
my house othen/vise.
Take a good look, Nathen.
Do you see fear on my face?
I haven't given her any
promise that I would go back.
Before coming here,
in the cellar that
she's held captive in;
I lit a bulb.
I bought a microwave oven,
and a refrigerator.
Inside the fridge,
I stocked chicken pie, sandwiches
and milkshakes that she likes.
I bought story books and drawing
books that she asked for.
But on the third day from today,
the food that I've
stocked will be over.
The battery to which the bulb, fridge and
oven are connected, would drain out.
So, if I don't go
back within 3 days;
The last thing you're
daughter is going to see;
Will be darkness.
My child..
What can I do?
I am helpless!
I'm just...
one among the twelve.
One among the twelve.
You should take me to the place where
the ritual is going to happen, Nathen.
I want you to take me there.
I don't know what's
going to happen.
Doctor Steve is the person
who has replaced Edward now.
He is the High Priest now.
But he is not like Edward.
He will definitely sense
something is wrong.
Whatever you told them about me,
have they believed it?
I don't know.
You are my friend.
A priest who has come from Goa.
I told them that you've
come here from India,
hearing about this day.
He asked me to bring you.
But before he said that,
there was silence.
And Steve's silence,
is never good.
My wife's fate!
Me and her daughter
on the same day;
If something happens
to my child,
neither of us will
stay alive, Adam.
Neither of us!
Wait for me for one more day.
And if I don't come back,
take her back safely,
to this post code.
Taking another child's life,
cannot replace my daughter.
he is Mr. George Augustine.
My friend.
I've spoken to you about him.
It's a privilege, Mr. George!
Suppose it's His will that you
bear witness to this evening.
Get him a robe, Nathen.
It's time to start proceedings.
fellow disciples,
Tonight we gather to
pledge our faith,
in blood!
Tonight, we gather
to forge our belief,
in flesh!
Tonight, we gather
to show gratitude,
with life!
Bring her!
Mr. George,
would you be so kind as to
help her on to the altar?
Now place your palm on mine.
And swear allegiance
to His blood,
with a drop of your own.
Either side of this knife,
bear the same blood.
Isn't that the truth?
Mr. Adam Joan!
Sorry, Steve.
He has my daughter.
I didn't have a choice.
I know.
tell me where you have
kept the little girl.
And I promise you,
this one dies a quick death.
Remain silent,
and she bleeds till dawn.
That's where she is.
she's not here.
Are you sure?
There's no one in the house.
He's listening.
By dawn,
if my friend and
his little girl,
are not back home safe;
I promise you
The next time you see Lucia,
you will be dressed in black!
you should come back;
With her!
Sorry Nathen.
We cannot wait any longer.
It's time to start the prayers.
No, Steve!
My daughter!
You have to do something!
Please, Steve!
I said, no deaths before
the holy sacrifice.
Go save your daughter!
And if you can,
my daughter too.
Don't die on me, Adam.
Not yet.
I want you to watch
me cut her open.
You should have known
I'd come for her.
I am her father!
Hi Ila!
How are you?
- I'm fine, uncle.
Did you keep those
flowers there?
Yes uncle.
Smart girl!
Do you know who that is, dear?
I know!
My father's brother.
Elder brother.
Come, dear.
Let her grow up.
As mine and Unni's daughter.
In the future,
at an age when she can
understand everything;
I will tell her myself.
About her own father and mother who
sacrificed their lives for her.
For the sin that you left
her and went away once;
Even after you paid penance
with your own life;
Your daughter,
isn't recognizing you, Adam!
In the future,
she might discover the truth.
On that day,
with much more
beautiful flowers,
she will come here to see
her father & mother.