Adama (2015) Movie Script

One !
Two !
Three !
Go on, dive !
Adama, its your brother !
Samba !
Back on the road immediately.
yes master !
You saw his jump !
Hi, little brother !
Hello !
You ready for the ceremony !
Of course !
Let your eyes be purified !
Samba !
Back here now !
It is time for you
To be lead in an adult.
Come with us !
Spirit of the cliffs !
You who protect us
External threats !
You are the pure guide
And mislead the unclean !
Do not let them lose
Beyond the cliffs !
In the world of breaths !
There where
Everything is chaos and vanity !
Where there are
The Nassara !
Come with us !
Spirit of the cliffs !
Open the eyes of those
Who will become men !
Your sight is now purified !
Your sight is now purified !
Your sight is now purified !
Your sight is
(Seagull cry !)
(Seagull cry)
(Seagull cry)
We must clean off their heads, quicKly !
The ceremony is over !
Whats the matter ?
You stop the ceremony for a bird !
What you saw was not a bird !
It was ...
An omen !
A bad omen !
A bad omen ?
But of what ?
Beyond the cliffs !
The Nassara approach.
But what about Samba ?
The influence of the Nassara
is powerful !
I feel it around us.
I'm afriad your son is
one possessed !
What are you talking about ?
Bring me your son
At dawn !
He will stay with me starting tommorrow !
For how long ?
I need him at once !
Boubacar !
You have the possessed in your field
What did you do ?
You went beyond the cliffs ?
No, father!
Yes well
I hope that's the truth !
Tommorrow you will see Ogotemmli
You will stay there until further notice.
Keep quiet !
Or they will end your initiation.
You see how it is !
We can not talk to him.
But it is for your own good, Samba !
You have to do what he says.
- But
- No, Samba !
You have to stop going there
And you know it !
So, you're going ?
I do not have to give notice !
If I stay !
They will turn me into a disciple !
It is they who are possessed !
What is it ?
It's gold !
The Nassara gave it to me.
really ?
They need more warriors like me.
They have seen them.
I was not made for plowing.
I shall bring the glory.
They will see the village !
I am coming with you !
You're sure you're awake !
I think you dream already !
Come on !
You cannot come with me.
They don't take kids.
Ogotemmli said the Nassara are bad !
Ogotemmli is too old !
The Nassara are our brothers.
When you coming back ?
I'll be back for the harvest.
Tell it to father.
In the meantime I'll leave this here !
with that, it will be quiet !
Come on !
Come here!
Do not say anything to father before tommorrow !
Where is he ?
I do not know.
What's going on ?
I need to talk to the board !
quick !
where is Samba ?
it is ...
too late.
He wanted to be there before dawn.
Hey !
Where are you going ?
But I'll go play instead.
slowly, young man !
..... signs of change
I sensed it !
I called the board meeting !
what happened to you Boubacar ?
You did not bring us your son !
He left that night.
See for yourself !
Oh, gosh !
he sold his soul to the Nassara!
this is what I feared, Boubacar !
The child that I started yesterday
Is no longer the son that you think you knew.
He was plauged by evil.
we must catch up !
We need to send men
looking for him !
And take the risk of losing them too !
I will go myself !
Do not be irresponsible, Boubacar !
You have to take care of your family.
Samba said he would return for the harvest.
So you knew he was going !
Boubacar !
It is no longer possible to catch Samba
In the world of Breaths !
We have no other choice
But to believe the words of adama
Nobody has to go
Beyond the cliffs.
My son will never return
And you know it!
Adama !
Do not touch that !
It has already done enough harm !
I will go !
I will give the gold to Nassara !
I will bring Samba back !
Adama !
Come back here !
Look there !
Get him !
What is happening !
Adama !
What are you doing !
Leave him alone !
Your son
wants to go beyond the cliffs !
What ?
Adama, come back !
Adama !
Adama !
Come back, Adama !
Do not do this !
The Nassara have already taken your brother !
You do not know what you're doing !
The world is too dangerous !
Samba ?
Samba !
Samba... !
(Seagull cry)
(Seagull cry)
Bring my brother back !
Take me instead !
Samba !
Samba !
(Boat Sirens)
(Boat sirens)
Sir !
have you seen my brother ?
He is a warrior of the Nassara !
(truck horn)
(truck horn)
Hey !
Where you going ?
I am looking for my brother !
He is with the Nassara !
What !
Are you crazy ?
Come here !
You come from the cliffs !
Are you not?
You know where I can find him ?
You look very young kid
I mean
Do you even know where you're going ?
I'm looking for the Nassara !
I have to talk to them !
Ah ah !
Yes !
I see !
What can you give me
If i tell you where they are !
That, for exemple !
That is gold, is not it ?
Haven't you come to buy here ?
(Seagull cry)
I'll gotta go, bye !
Hey !
No, no do not bird !
It is not good for you !
I was joking !
Listen to me !
do not go there !
Kid !
Watch out, kid !
(Boat Sirens)
Phew !
well !
what's wrong !
it is you, the beggar, who frightens the kid !
Come here, little one !
trust me !
Can we know what you want with him ?
What is this circus ?!
who are you ?!
You should present yourself to recruiting office !
Me !
Yes you,
You come with us.
But.... of course not !
I would serve you with nothing to watch
I am a poor beggar
without force !
Let me go !
I have nothing to do with your stories !
Let me go !
(Boat Mermaid)
What are you doing here !
I want to take nassara, their gold
for they release my brother.
Your brother !
He's a soldier !
A soldier !
This is the word of Nassara, to warrior.
He's a soldier.
Who ?
If he has committed !
so your gold will not change anything.
He gave his word to Nassara !
this is his honor is at stake !
You should go back where you came from !
Following !
Name !
Following !
Your name !
Your name !
Namaka Ke
K !
Sign there !
Ke soldier first class !
Here is your pay !
Following !
Your name !
Jangi Balo !
Sign there !
Your bonus !
Following !
Your name....
Your bonus !
Following !
Your name !
Hold on !
It does not take kids !
I am looking for my brother !
Following !
I have to see !
What is his name ?
Samba !
Samba N'ja !
you're too late !
They left yesterday.
Come on, now, leave
I have to see !
Look, I brought gold !
The gold means nothing
It doesn't matter !
You're brother is gone !
You do not understand !
He is in a boat there !
At sea !
Go back where you came from !
Following !
Your name !
T'jo !
Hiafa !
Take me !
Go home boy !
You have nothing to do here !
Let me up !
I need to talk to Nassara !
Calm down !
I go !
I go !
(Seagull cry)
(Boat mermaid)
Get ready for my signal !
Incoming !
Laborers down there !
Select the maneuver !
Aaaaah !
Ah !
Hey you !
What are you doing on board ?
Small boy !
What is the fuss !
A stow away, capitain !
Put him in solitary confinement !
Yes sir.
Leave him, Ciss !
we are taking care of it !
It's up to you !
ha ! ha ! ha !
ha ! ha ! ha !
he must think to swim !
As much as you folly !
But we'll see who laugh, over there !
when it's time to fight.
There will be no one !
what !
for you to say that !
You will be hidden behind me !
Stop being aarogant !
you don't even know how to use a gun !
You should talk,
You look like a spoiled fruit !
Ah ! ha ! ha !
D'jo !
You still remember the worlds breaths !
You're far from home, here, Adama !
I don't know what you call
the worlds breaths !
But, anyways, here !
This is the world of Nassara !
We will try to find your
brother when we arrive at the port !
But !
If he is already gone to the North !
You'll have to go home !
You see him again
when he returns.
The elders say we do not return alive !
Because we want to stay.
Life is much better here !
there is money !
And work !
If we fight as a hero !
If we help them win the war !
The Nassara
reward us.
Hey !
What are you doing ?
I don't want it !
Give it to the kid !
He is cold !
The Nassara do not keep their promises
The child himself!
felt it !
By itself, it is more
smarter than all of you !
You run right to the death !
And you do not see it.
You are possessed !
Shut up, you old fool !
You cannot case evil spirits on us !
fool ?!
I am a fool ?
I'm more powerful than you.
Come on !
I do not fear the Nassara !
Because you can not take anything
Which I have already given up !
I know
All roads !
By the sea !
By the way !
By heaven !
And even one that passes through earth.
He's crazy that one !
He thinks he's a monk !
He knows all the roads !
What paths ?
Whatever !
He says things over the head like that !
It was quiet !
He's a fool!
Of all the provinces !
Of all the nations !
You are coming over to worship !
A gold and silver statue !
But, this statue !
With feet of clay.
And when it collaspe !
It will lead you all !
into the furance.
(Boat Mermaid)
I remember that it was not worth it !
Except those who have not forgotten !
They have not forgotten
The place where they come !
(Seagull cry)
(Seagull cry)
Land !
It's time, little one!
Here we are !
Look at It!
Looks mechanical !
They can not get hurt.
They fear nothing !
They have nothing to lose.
They are not like us !
Your brother is probably here !
Hey !
My friends !
How are you at home !
(Boat mermaid)
Soldiers !
line up !
Small one !
Stay behind me !
Why is this child on board ?
He stowed.
He left with the boat
Wait !
His brother is probably here !
We do not take orders from you.
Ah !
Put him in a cell.
No !
Please !
Help !
D'jo !
D'jo !
D'jo !
Ab'dou ! D'jo !
Don't go !
Samba !
Do not leave!
Samba !
Samba !
Hey !
Who are you !
We saw someone on board !
It's the same one, I think !
Hush !
Last time, he stole my
all my wrenches.
If I find him !
He will pay with hard time.
There he is !
I see them !
Quick! Faster! !
Over there !
And now !
What do we do ?
What are we going to do !
wait !
Hurry up !
Grab him before he jumps !
Crap !
Help me !
The bag !
The bag !
Hurry up ! Quick !
It's a big bag.
Here he is !
I have one !
Don't you dare come back !
Next time, I'll get you !
Hey, wait !
Hold on !
Do not move !
We're safe !
I know this place !
relax !
Well then !
What were you doing on that boat ?
I am looking for my brother !
I saw him at the port.
He was in a ...
An iron cart.
An iron sleigh ?
You sound silly.
So your looking for your brother !
You should be more careful !
And you!
What were you doing in the boat ?
I, uh !
I am as it were.
In the buisness.
Purchases! Sales!
Especailly sales !
Any kind really !
My father is worried !
Oh yeah !
You're lucky.
My brother, I don't know.
He shot himself !
And you brother is a sharpshooter ?
He's a soldier.
Yeah, theres soldiers in the area
This is not what is missing !
It happens every day.
And you know where they go ?
To Panama, and then to the front !
what you think ?
Hummmmmmm !
I like that noise !
What is in there ?
Nothing at all.
I see !
Well, that's not all !
But, i got to go !
I could've helped you go to Panama !
You might have been able to find your brother !
If you do not trust !
I will not force you.
Good bye !
I have to go to Panama !
That, i understand, buddy !
I would have really helped you, but ...
This is not a game !
We need to find ....
A cart of iron as you say !
And these days !
It's trading at a high price !
Me, personally, I have not the means
to pay for friends !
So !
Good luck !
Hold on !
I have gold !
Well, you see !
I can get you there !
Aaaaaaah !
What are you looking at ?
Come on, I'm kidding !
Hey, you want some ?
Knock Knock !
Knock Knock !
Come on out !
- Where are we ?
- At Panama !
Come on down !
And my friend !
Where is he ?
Wait, my gold !
Wait, my gold !
(End Mermaid)
ha ha ha !
Mom !
Ah, there you are !
I could not find you nowhere
But as soon as we made room, you come !
Come on !
Go get your father !
And your brother !
Next year !
You'll have to help the field !
Yes. father !
More questions don't behave
Like a child !
Yes, father !
You have to face your responsibilties !
Yes, father !
One day you will be the guardian of our traditions !
Yes, father!
You'll pass on our heritage !
Yes, father !
When you grow to be a man !
You will understand !
Yes, father !
(Ugh !)
And you will all be swallowed by flames
Except those who have not forgotten !
Who will remember the place
Where are they from !
But, this statue !
With feet of clay !
And when it collaspe !
It will lead them all !
In the furnace.
Of all the provinces !
of all nations !
Men converge
To come and worship the gold.
All roads !
Whoever passes through the earth
Go guys !
Go ahead ladies !
You are welcome at the Albatross !
Moujika thank you !
Hey no, no, no !
You two do not enter !
I know it is you who are
Come on, be nice !
Let us party !
Get out, I tell you !
I've seen you enough !
Let them out of here !
But hey, you're a cop or what ?
Go, go, forgive me !
you haven't already paid !
Come on, I have what it takes, look !
You stole from whom ?
Ah, now !
I won it !
I honestly earned it !
You stole from me!
But, it is okay !
whatever! You wanted to go up to the North
Now, you are here !
You think it was a free ride ?
There was transport
A price ...
Hey, stop, you crazy or what ?
Enough, now, leave him alone!
Give me my gold!
Hey, help me instead of berate me!
Can't you see him
Ah ! Ah !
Relax, my boy !
Come on !
You are very lucky !
Well, I helped and
he will cry, now !
That was gold for my brother !
Your brother ?
Come with me !
What is his name ?
Samba N'ja
Hey !
You saw my brother !
All I've seen is a shower of flames
Forget your brother !
Where is he ?
Where you've seen ?
Leave him !
He returned to Verdun !
He is still in shock !
Verdun !
I have to go !
- Tell me how?
- You are not going anywhere!
We will notify the corporal
He will return you home!
Hey, wait, kid!
Hold on !
I'm sorry for my brother
He is not here !
Thank you !
Where are you going
You know where Verdun?
Verdun, yeah !
But it is the front!
You can take me!
What !
so, that it ?
Not only do you want to die
But, you want it to be me who will kill you!
No way.
I have to go !
And why ?
What compels you to go there ?
My brother's there !
- I must find him!
- You will not find him there.
This is war, Don't you understand ?
All I can do !
It is accompany you to the station
where trains depart !
Wait for me outside, I'll be back !
Now by chance friend
You would not have a room ?
So ?
You do not answer !
you would not have a room ?
No sorry !
Hello guys !
Hi Elsa, okay !
You got a boyfriend ?
He is cute and cuddly !
Where are you going ?
Never mind !
Oh !
I'm talking to you !
Hey !
Leave us alone!
Wait, but this is for you, Elsa!
We do not want you to be unwelcome !
Let go of me !
But let me go !
Then you give it to me, the gold !
Darkie !
- You want to fight ?
- Hey !
Come on, get lost!
Hey, Maximin!
You let your sister go out with a monkey ?
clear out !
We will meet each other again !
Later !
Losers !
Well, well, looks like I came just in time !
Is that what you bought with money!
what !
You were glad that
I was here five minutes ago!
What were going to do anything with that ?
Waste them ?
OK, let's go !
Thank you !
Where are you going ?
To the trains!
I have to go to Verdun.
My brother's there !
Yeah, and you think you can
take the train like that !
You are not well, The you two of you !
Yeah, we'll manage without you !
I bet it's not even in there !
Come on, it's this way !
You have convinced me, follow me !
Ha, ha, ha !
Hey, do not laugh, you're a drag !
You, you're really boring !
But I also, I love you !
Good !
There you go !
I think we did everything we could !
So, uh! !
There !
Go ahead !
And !
Good luck !
Hey !
What are you doing there, Elsa !
Do not luck !
Shut up, Max
You gonna give us away !
It's not a good idea !
Ouch !
Oh my god !
Um, um, we're not here for that !
Come on guys !
It's not over guys !
We just finished, it was over !
No, no, no !
On the platform 2, there is still a train to load
Psss !
This way,
On the other side, there are fewer people
There, he goes !
Come on, faster !
It is active, guys, we are active !
(Train Hiss)
Out Out !
Get off !
Hold on !
- He'll see you!
- Sir
- Excuse me !
- What are you doing here !
I think I got a bit lost !
Looking station !
- It's this way !
- You have nothing to do there!
- I'll walk you to the exit!
- Yes, you are very kind!
That's it, it's time!
This is crazy !
- Hey, you!
- Run , Adama
Run, buddy !
Go ahead !
Drop us !
Good luck, Adama !
Take care of yourself !
(Train hiss)
Nurses !
There are at least ten !
This way !
Come help me !
Over here quick !
Can I help you !
I'm looking for a soldier ...
A soldier !
Samba N'ja !
31st battailon !
There is no one of that name here!
They take more and more young!
Nurse !
Nurse !
Look !
I'm sorry, that's all I have !
Nurse !
So !
You managed to get here !
You're worse than a small moth! !
D'jo !
Ha ha ha !
Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
What happened to you ?
I thought we were going to fight!
But I have not even seen the enemy!
You're going to heal !
You know they say!
We were going to heal !
But I do not know.
You saw my brother there !
I saw him !
I have to go !
I have to go, D'jo !
I know !
Take my gear !
Thank you, D'jo !
If you hear the gas !
Close your eyes !
Do not breathe !
And run !
Go, go, go!
The truck must reach the North trench
We must evacuate immediately!
Come on, get off, get off!
Over here, you!
What are you doing ?
You come down or stay up there !
Come on guys !
Taking out the porting feet !
Eh !
Come here you !
Come on guys !
Here you will not succeed
I have what you need !
But, your just a kid !
You are what rgiment !
31st !
It is not possible !
The 31st is lost in no man's land !
This is the furnace, there !
We do not even know
If they are still alive !
Food rations are there.
Do not move kid !
Sergeant !
It seems that we have a
survivor of 31st battailon !
Hey what are you doing !
Stop !
You'll get targeted by a shooter !
Stop !
Come here, boy !
Ab'dou !
Ab'dou !
It's you !
Hey !
Adama !
How are you
And the family ?
Now forget !
Come on !
We must sing now !
Come on !
Sing !
Ab'dou !
My brother, Samba, remember !
Ab'dou !
Samba !
Yes !
I saw him !
He was .....
In the world of breaths !
I beg you, Ab'dou,
tell me where he is ?
You know that run right in front of you!
Do you even know what you'll find !
The blasts will burn your eyes !
You do not want to see this through !
yes !
I will find Samba !
- Tell me where he is !
- You can not save him.
Your brother was a man possessed !
Just like any other.
Just another soldier !
You lie !
the Nassara have cheated !
But I !
He will listen to me !
Come on, follow it, your bird of misfortune !
Come on, follow it !
What can it do to me !
At the end !
Let me resume !
Wanting to help people.
They put me in the boat !
While I am seasick.
They make me walk in the snow !
I have cold feet !
It's finished ! Completed!
(Seagull cry)
fool !
Come back here, fight me !
Ah, but that is not possible !
They want to fly !
They do not even know !
Hey !
Come back here you !
Ab'dou !
Ab'dou, they are there !
Ab'dou !
Brother !
What are you doing here ?
You're a scout !
Where are the reinforcememnts !
Oh !
What are you doing ?
Stay down !
Come on !
That's out !
What are you doing here ?
Did father Send you ?
Nobody sent me !
I am alone !
My gold !
What have you done ?
You've lost everything !
We must flee !
Right now !
Shut up !
What don't have the right to escape !
They will destory everything !
Stop saying that !
Polling will happen.
This is where luck is over !
Samba !
come on we're leaving !
Stop it right now !
Polling will happen !
Hey, you're wrong, stop it !
We must flee !
DOWN...... !
In position !
Stay at your posts !
Samba !
I beg you !
Let us flee !
Put on your gas masks !
Possessed !
Let your eyes be purified !
open your eyes !
You see !
Adama !
I know !
All the roads !
By the sea !
By the way !
By heaven !
And even,
Whoever passes
Through the earth !
Yes !
Come !
Ha !
Ab'dou thank you!
Ha Ha Ha !
This is the harvest !