Adam's Testament (2017) Movie Script

Is this how it's going to be
Can't get no sleep
I wish I get away
She wants to play with me
She wants to make me play
Moving slower
Just act like you don't know
Everybody, that was Ax Steel,
give 'em a hell of a hand!
I'm looking for someone,
does this ring any bells?
Wait here.
- He's in the back.
- Now, was that so hard?
Doing your fellow man justice.
Have a nice day.
Hey, Adam.
It's been a while.
You can't do this,
you have no right.
Get off me.
I am the island you need
My shores are here
for you to sleep
My trees are
here to cover you
To protect you
from rain and sleet
I can be all kinds of things
For you to take
without the strings
I am the island you need
But there's a tremor in me
It's just underneath,
it's just underneath
I feel a tremor in me
I wanna release,
I wanna release
There is a tremor in me
It's just underneath,
it's just underneath
I feel a tremor in me
I wanna release,
I wanna release
A father has every right.
You can't arrest me, I
haven't broken any laws.
I'm not arresting you, I'm
temporarily restraining you.
On the contrary, you
have broken the law.
Not according to
the criminal code,
but according to the Book.
- What book?
- The Book!
You once studied and
cared about, you remember.
You think you're
so damn honorable.
What you're doin'
right now is illegal.
FATHER: What am I doing,
what about what you're doing?
- Look at yourself!
- What?
I'm free to do whatever I wanna
do whenever I wanna do it.
I've got my music, no
rules, no guidelines.
No future, no life.
That's a matter of
opinion, isn't it?
You live your life the way
you want to, let me live mine.
You're my one and only son
and you may not believe this,
but I love you.
I don't know what happened,
but what in God's
name possessed you
to turn your back on
everything you once loved?
I mean, you could
have had anything,
I mean, anything you wanted!
You mean what you wanted.
All I've ever wanted
was the best for you.
Can't you see that maybe
it's not what was best for me?
Or what I wanted, I'm sick
to death of being dictated
about what I'm supposed to do
and how I'm supposed to do it.
I make my own damn
decisions now.
Try spending one day,
one day in my shoes.
I don't wanna fight.
I just wanna help
you find your way.
And guide you the
best way I know how.
Look, Dad, I
just wanna go home.
Get some rest, I've been
up for like 24 hours.
You look like it.
Alright, come on.
You can get in
the front with me.
Get your hands off me.
You listen to me, I don't
want anything to do with you,
or your pathetic code of
ethics makin' out like you're
God's perfect little Christian.
You shut your mouth, don't
you remember your mother?
My mother?
What about an eye for an eye?
Just like your Good Book, right?
How dare you mock God's word.
This is your life!
I didn't choose this life!
God's will did.
Your book is a lie.
I raised you and this
is how you repay me?
I fed you, I cared for you!
I sacrificed my life for you!
You failed.
I still got it.
Hiya, Joe, what do ya know?
How's it goin', huh?
Been a long time.
Not long enough.
I thought I'd just pop in
and see how you were doin'.
Father knows best, huh?
You know, a father's
job is never done.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I agree, a father's
job is never done.
But we just keep sluggin',
don't we, preacher?
Stay away from my son.
Understand one thing, you'll
never get your claws on him.
Not as long as I'm alive.
I don't see any claws.
I'll tell you what I see.
I see a kid who's as
tired as I am of the Word.
Blessed is the man,
who does not walk in
counsel of the wicked.
Come on, come on,
enough with the cliches.
You see me wanderin' around
with cloven hooves and,
and pointy red ears and,
fire-red eyes?
Do ya, screamin' at people.
Bow down!
Before Lucifer!
And his vortex of evil!
Oh, well.
I kinda miss the old days.
Long gone, oh well.
This too shall pass,
and the way of the
wicked shall perish,
and the Lord shall
be a shield about me.
Who's gonna shield
you, fallen angel?
Who's gonna shield me?
I got news for you, Josepe,
this is the neutral zone.
This is my domain.
I've been here since time began.
is my playground.
Not yours.
Watch out.
Here it comes.
You gotta take it by surprise.
Watch out, here it
comes, watch out.
Here it comes.
You gotta take it by surprise.
- Good morning, dear.
- Morning.
You have my word, I
will come straight home.
Straight home.
Straight home.
Good morning!
Hey, listen.
Who's gonna look out
for you if I don't?
You're right, I don't know
what we'd do without ya.
Oh, well you'd
probably starve to death
deciding who's gonna cook.
I don't know who's more
stubborn, you or your father.
Yeah, well, I am
my father's son.
Yes, you are, and I'm the
lucky one who got you both.
I'm not gonna see you tonight,
have a safe trip, okay?
- Thanks, Mom.
- Love you.
He waits for a sign,
but that sign never comes.
So he spends his entire life
repenting with this feeling
that his god has forsaken him.
And maybe, just maybe,
if he really is a
good little Christian,
his god will forgive him for
whatever it is that he's done.
You wanna know what
the funniest part is?
The whole time, God probably
wasn't even listening.
He couldn't care less.
Let's get outta here.
WIFE: Hard day at work, dear?
JOE: Have you thought about
what we talked about last week?
Next year's just
around the corner.
I know, I just,
I don't know yet.
JOE: What's
there not to know?
What I wish I could do is
focus on my band, though.
Great, there's
always Juilliard.
ADAM: Oh, Dad, see you later.
Go ahead, run away from
your problems like always.
Yes, dear, whatever you
say, dear, don't wait up!
Don't even bother coming
back, I won't be here.
Not gonna deal with you later.
WIFE: Disgusting.
Bye bye!
I can see it in your eyes
No remorse and no surprise
Adam, wait.
Oh, no.
Oh, God, no.
No, no!
What a shame.
Family gets ripped apart.
All this gets is a broken
arm and a concussion.
I tell ya, if it was up to me,
he wouldn't even make
it to the hospital.
I got this.
Whatever you say.
'Atta boy.
A man was found dead in the
back of an ambulance earlier
this morning after
it went off a cliff
and burst into flames behind
this industrial facility here.
Now, police do not
suspect foul play,
but an investigation into
the crash is underway,
as the bodies of the
paramedics have not been found.
ANCHOR: Thank you,
Hal, now in the weather.
Looks like a nasty
storm is coming your...
- You've gotta slow down.
- Why, 'cause he says so?
WOMAN: No, because
you're gonna kill us.
ADAM: I'm not
afraid to do, are you?
Step away from the motorcycle,
and put your hands
where I can see 'em.
Kid, I said turn around,
and put your hands
where I can see 'em.
This should be good.
wanna go to jail?
Shut up.
You like to play games?
I got a game for ya.
It's called watch how fast your
girlfriend hits the pavement
- wanna play?
- Why not?
If you think Little Boy
Blue over here's gonna do
somethin' to you over a
little traffic violation,
you're dumber than he is.
I'll probably get a
commendation for takin' care
of a couple of
lowlifes like you.
- Please, God, stop.
- God?
God isn't gonna help you.
You need to accept the fact
that God doesn't love you.
Say goodnight, sweetie.
Please don't let him hurt me.
Alright, relax, man.
Just relax, I'm the one
you want, let her go.
Turn around,
get on your knees,
and put your hands
behind your head!
DISPATCH: All units
respond to a 4-17 in progress.
Officer Medavoy,
Unit 12, 10-4.
Looks like somebody
up there likes you.
Not likely.
I catch you on these streets
again, and it's game over.
Come on in.
ADAM: Who are you?
I'm Mr. Razport,
just call me Raz.
Uh-huh, where's Mr. Devane?
Oh, he, uh...
He couldn't make it, so
they sent me instead.
RAZ: Sit down.
Sounds pretty good.
You been playin' long?
Yeah, too long.
Much too long.
I have met the best.
And I have played with the best.
And I have bargained
with the best.
Yeah, it's a long story, kid.
I'll tell you all
about it sometime.
You play, right?
(CHUCKLES) Uh, yes.
Yes, I do.
Nowhere as good as you, though.
Hey, don't sell
yourself short so soon.
I see great potential in you.
You got somethin'.
You see, music, it's a...
It's like science.
Everything fits together
in perfect harmony.
Nothing random, no mistakes.
It's all about the
frequencies, vibrations.
All the great thinkers
understood this.
My personal favorite, Euclid.
Are you familiar with
the Golden Ratio, Adam?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, in trigonometry.
What are you, a math
teacher, too? (CHUCKLES)
I am many things.
Are you familiar
with the expression,
the teacher arrives when the
student is ready to learn?
It's a little bit
too deep for me, man.
I just wanna jam.
Oh, I get it.
To be young and free, right?
Nothing else matters.
Music can set you free, Adam.
Can I let you in
on a little secret?
Knowledge is power, my friend.
You can have anything you
want in this Universe,
you just have to take it.
I've gotta go.
Who's that guy?
Let's go.
Hey, Suzie.
Hey, what did you say?
Bless you, brother.
Hey, maybe you can help me.
Ah, forget it.
MAN: The boy you
seek is not far away.
And how would you know that?
I'd like to speak to
Special Agent Mills, please.
WOMAN: Please hold.
Listen, Frank, I
need a little intel.
FRANK: Whatever you
need, buddy, just ask.
Remember that unsolved
case back about 20 years ago
where they found all
those crazy symbols
and ancient writing on the wall?
FRANK: Oh, that cult
ritual killing case?
Yeah, yeah, that's the one.
FRANK: Sick, the
victims had their eyes
and hearts ripped
out, what about it?
What language was the writing?
FRANK: Oh, man, I don't know.
I had to bring in
experts to decipher it.
Actually, Aramaic I think.
I can check it out
for you, if you want.
Everything okay? Somethin'
I should know about?
Nah, nah, everything's
fine, Frank.
Just a lead I'm following.
Oh, that's great.
Is that one of yours?
Uh, yeah, yeah, it's not
quite finished yet, though.
Haven't figured out the bridge.
We both want the
very best for you.
- I would do anything for you.
- Come on, Dad.
What's with the
sermon? (CHUCKLES)
Sorry, I do mean it, though.
JOE: Yeah.
It means a lot.
Do you hear that playin'
Yeah, I can hear
that playin'
Well, it's Gabriel playin'
Singin' brothers
Will you be ready
when I blow my horn
You don't really believe
that stuff, do you?
You once did.
What did you say?
I once did.
You two sounded good,
it's got a lotta soul.
You should get together,
start a band, make some money,
instead of just
wastin' away out here.
Why bother?
You really think anybody
would care or notice?
All I see are God's precious
gifts being wasted every day.
You're blind, aren't you?
My eyes are open
just the same.
What do you see?
I see anger.
Loss and pain.
I see someone who's lost
their way but is searching
for something, anything,
meaning, purpose.
You wanna know what I see?
I see a loser, a
bum, a has-been.
You sit there on the street
corner preaching to me
about life, but do you wanna
know what life really is?
- False prophets.
- Yes.
Yes, what you speak
of is part of a truth,
but not the truth, but a truth.
One that particularly
doesn't serve or concern you
at this time, but there are
three sides to everything.
All things.
It's a matter of perspective.
There is love.
There is forgiveness.
And there is choice.
No, there's only
one side that I see.
One choice, that's survival.
You either take or be taken.
God isn't going to save us.
If he could...
He would have done it already.
Beware of false prophets
who come to you in
sheep's clothing.
But inwardly, are
ravenous wolves.
Hold it right there!
I need you two
to come with us.
I'll take care of this
Sorry for the trouble, ma'am.
They won't be
botherin' you again.
Excuse me.
Yes, hello.
Do you happen to know where
I can find an Adam Gable?
How do you know Adam?
Well, it's my
business to know.
I caught his act
the other night.
It was wonderful.
You look familiar.
- Were you there?
- I work there, so what?
Well, I'm a music producer.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
I love his sound.
It's exactly what the kids
are buying these days.
- Well, I'll let him know.
- Thank you.
Would you like a ride?
Awful weather, isn't it?
No, it's okay,
I'll walk from here.
Watch out, here it comes
It's gonna take
you by surprise
It's gonna find
you in the night
You better run for your life
You're lost but you
think you're free
A playground in your mind
All your sins
will be revealed
You cry but
you're out of time
"We will rise again."
"We," what the hell
does that mean?
Hello, this is
Special Agent Mills.
Can I can Archives, please?
Now you can play with the...
This is Archives,
Brad speaking.
Yeah, hi, Brad, this
is Special Agent Mills.
Just wondered if you could
help me with a case file.
It's number 4378
bravo charlie delta.
Please hold, Detective.
Ah, here it is.
Oh, I'm sorry, I don't seem
to have access to those files.
You see, our system was
hacked last week by a very
internet crime ring.
The whole thing is
under investigation.
What are you talkin' about?
Why haven't I heard about this?
Well, gee, I don't know.
Maybe it's above your pay scale.
How do you know my name?
Hey, Brad.
- Operator.
- Yeah, I've lost Archives.
I hate nosy detectives.
Torch the place!
Take care of our
friend Mr. Mills.
- Hello.
- Hiya, Joe.
Ah, cute, Frank.
Very cute.
I'm gonna find and save our boy.
My love.
I promise.
Good to see ya, Joe.
Good to see you, too,
Frank, it's been too long.
Listen, I need to
talk to you about Adam.
What're you talkin' about?
You remember that case
you were asking me about?
It was part of a ring
of underground clubs
where people kept disappearing.
And we kept gettin' nowhere
because the feds were
breathing down our backs as
soon as we had a solid lead.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
You won't believe this, but
we think that the same guy
who was running these
place 20 years ago is back.
Are you serious?
It gets worse, Joe.
We've got pictures
of Adam at the scene
with some of these guys.
We have had guys deep
cover on this for months.
Can't be Adam.
I've got a file two-inches-thick
that I managed to pull.
So, if you want me to
help you find Adam,
we gotta do it now.
- Can you meet me in two hours?
- Yes, of course.
- We've gotta find Adam.
- We will.
Just sit tight and wait for me.
Oh, by the way.
I translated those
words you sent.
I couldn't make
head or tails of it.
It don't make much sense to
me, it just keeps repeating
awake or rise up or something.
The strange thing is,
it's the same word,
but in three
different languages.
Joe, you gonna be there?
Yeah, Frank, I'll be there.
Listen, I owe you.
You'd do the same
thing for me, brother.
Two hours.
JOE: Father Callaghan.
I didn't know you were
still in this church.
Well, how would you know,
you never enter the premises.
Joseph, it's good to see you.
It's good to see you, too,
Father, it's been a long time.
- I miss our talks.
- As do I.
How have you been, how is Adam?
I guess there's no point
of lying to a priest.
It's not good.
To be perfectly honest I don't
think I'll ever get him back.
Oh, Joseph, you're his
father, he needs you.
He's lost his way, he
won't even listen to me.
I fear for his soul.
You know, ever since
Katherine, you know.
He blames everyone around
him, he even blames God.
He must be in terrible pain to
be considering those thoughts.
I'm so sorry, Joseph, I
know it must be hard on you.
Well, I can accept
him being angry with me
and somehow blaming
me for everything,
but to turn on his faith,
the one sacred thing that we
both taught him to hold onto.
Father, I just don't know.
Joseph, a man's faith is
tested many times in his life.
Believe me, I know, it
comes with the territory.
The question is, do
we accept the lies
that are sometimes
whispered in our ears?
Or, do we go deep inside
our hearts and listen to
the stillness, the inner-gifts
that God provides us?
You know God is always
knocking, Joseph.
There's a lot I
haven't shared with you.
Do not believe
the evil one's ways.
Do not believe what you
see or hear, look inside.
Let us pray.
Heavenly Father, protect Joseph
and his lost child, Adam,
from the dark
forces that abound.
Be their rear guard
as they embark
into the valley of darkness.
For greater is he
that is within,
than he that is in the world.
Satan, you and your minions
do not have authority over
our lives, for we belong to
the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
JOE: Amen.
- Take care, Joseph.
- Thank you, Father.
We'll see.
Oh, gentlest heart of Jesus.
Ever present in the
blessed sacrament.
Ever consumed with
burning love for the poor,
captured souls in purgatory,
have mercy on them.
Be gentle in your judgements,
and let some drops
of your precious blood fall
upon the devouring flames.
Oh, merciful savior, send
your angels to conduct them to
someplace with refreshment,
light and peace.
You know, I can still hear
you praying in your mind.
Ya little leech.
I remember when you were a
little boy, praying and praying.
Spouting Biblical nonsense
night after night,
hoping that someone
was listening.
Do you know who was
listening, Father?
Was listening.
When you woke up in the
middle of the night,
and you felt the chill go
up and down your spine,
and your hair stood
up on your arms,
and you heard that
ringing in your ears.
That was me.
I'm sorry.
Did I interrupt you?
You were saying something
about Biblical nonsense.
Go on.
Oh, Lucifer.
Let's not pretend that you're
an angel within God's grace,
when we all know that
you live in the shadows.
Tell the father how the
high-frequency sound one hears
is in fact the presence
of light and protection
within the darkness you create.
For where there is darkness,
there is also light.
Do you not remember
the truth, my brother?
I never understood
why he liked you best.
You with your self-righteous
know-it-all attitude.
You never let me have any fun!
I wanna have fun with these
neanderthal boneheads.
Look at him, a priest, a
priest dressed in cloth.
Like a little girl.
I want him!
I want him and the
guy buried outside!
Judge not and you
shall not be judged.
Condemn not and you
shall not be condemned.
For in the same way you judge
others, you will be judged.
And with the same
measure you use,
it will be measured back to you!
You hypocrite!
You hypocrite!
First take the plank out of
your eye and you can clearly see
to remove the speck from your
brother's eye, bla, bla, bla.
Where have you been for
the last 1,983 years?
Don't you know I've
already been judged,
by the puppet
master you call God!
What do you care about
these parasites anyway?
Lest you forget,
my cast-down brother,
that you only have dominion
over the recipients
of the number of the beast.
And can only take those
containing the mark of the beast
who worship your image.
The priest has repented and
is absolved of his sins,
and is once again, unlike
you, in God's grace.
But it isn't too late
for you, Lucifer.
Ask him for forgiveness.
I am not your brother.
How dare you talk
to me that way.
This war isn't over.
I may have lost the battle,
but my book has
yet to be written!
I'll be back.
I'll take what's mine. (LAUGHS)
FRANK: This is
Mills, leave a message.
WOMAN: The mailbox is full.
Thanks for the drink.
My name is Joe.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Catherine.
Oh, it's such a beautiful name.
I'd listen to
her, if I were you.
You're weak, Joseph.
You've always been weak.
You pretend to be a man of God.
Who are you kidding?
Do you know why God
took your wife away?
Because you couldn't
protect her because
you're weak.
You've always been weak.
Your son is weak.
Like father...
Like son.
I pray for the innocent
who have died for nothing,
and have succumbed to the
seven deadly sins of man.
Wrath, greed, sloth, pride,
lust, envy and gluttony.
Let it all burn to the ground!
No, no.
Now to you, Joseph Gable.
You self-righteous
failure of a human being.
You had a choice.
Your wife and son counted
on you and you failed.
You failed as husband,
you failed as a father.
You have no one to
blame but yourself.
And I'm gonna end this right
here, right now, tonight.
Father, forgive
me, I have failed.
I do not deserve to
go on any longer.
Don't be afraid.
God has sent me in
your moment of need,
to be your guiding light.
Your son is lost,
but your faith can
change that, my brother.
- How will this happen?
- Not by might, nor by power.
"But by my strength,"
says the Lord.
He will help your son
through Jesus Christ
who strengthens you.
Adam is very important to God.
He's been blinded by
Lucifer's darkness,
but I assure you, Joseph,
that tonight, he
will be found by you.
Because with God, all
things are possible.
I am the servant of the Lord.
Let this happen
to me as you say.
The battle has begun.
His eyes.
- Why are his eyes...
- Joseph, be still.
We're entering the den of evil.
You're gonna see things
that you don't understand.
But you don't have to be afraid.
Not by your strength,
but by God's might.
Remember, Joseph, the eyes
are the windows to our soul.
This way, follow me.
ANGEL: Stay close.
Follow me.
Adam's at the other
end of the club.
Go to the men's washroom,
you'll be greeted.
Good luck and godspeed.
This brave new law of
cause and affectation
One world dreams and
another one pays the price
Now, what brings a
Out of my way, Samyaza.
Michael, you remember my name.
I am surprised.
But I am no longer the watcher
for the one you call Lord.
I convinced several other
Gregory brothers and sisters
to stay with me a long time ago.
And now we have
legions who join me.
Have some fun for once.
Oh, you're so serious, Michael.
How about you, Adam and Joseph
join together, have a talk?
You seem to have forgotten
that you were banished
for your disobedience.
You and the other
Gregory have done enough.
Begetting the felum, teaching
the humans dark arts.
Especially your brother,
Azazel, who taught them the
secrets of war, which brought
down the wrath of God on them.
I remember, the
Book of Genesis.
Well, well.
If it isn't the
His swine servant,
sinner Joseph.
And my brother Sam. (CHUCKLES)
Let's make a deal.
Shall we?
Now, we get Joseph,
and Adam.
We've endured 70
generations of banishment.
Now we're back.
I think it's fair,
don't you think?
The Lord said unto
you that you shall be
led off to the abyss of fire
and to the torment and the
prison in which all of you
shall be confined forever.
And whosoever shall be
condemned and destroyed will,
from thenceforth, be bound
together with you until the end
of all generations.
Welcome, boys!
I am impressed.
I must admit, I will
miss Azazel and Samyaza.
Tossing them into the
depths of the desert
for seven generations.
It's a little harsh,
don't you think?
You need to control that
temper of yours, Michael.
Adam, what are you doing here?
You're not one of them.
This is my family now, Joe.
See, you're a liar and
I don't care about you.
They understand me far
more than you ever will.
I'm finally free.
My eyes have been opened.
They're all here to
deceive you from the truth.
Don't you remember your
mother, the love, the family,
our bond to God and scripture?
God is faithful who will
allow you to be tempted
beyond what you can handle.
The same power that
rose Jesus from the dead
is at work in you, Adam.
You can tread on
serpents and scorpions,
and over all the
power of the enemy,
and nothing shall by
any means hurt you.
(SIGHS) Enough with
the ancient rhetoric.
Joseph and Adam Gable, in
case you have not noticed,
belong to moi.
Lest you forget,
they are sinners,
and I hold the key
to their souls.
By the time I'm through with
you tonight, Michael, you
will wish that you never came
That's where you're
wrong, Lucifer.
Lest you forget, no
one belongs to you.
God wants them to have a choice,
and I'm here to make
sure that they do.
I didn't get an invitation.
Nor did I.
Looks like the real deal.
What is this?
A United Nations intervention?
All this because of the Gable
boys and Adam's little...
Let's make an example
of her. (CHUCKLES)
Shall we?
And there was war in
Heaven, Michael and his angels
fought against the dragon and
the dragon fought his angels.
Do you remember, fallen one?
Unto you, child, I say,
come into the light.
Our Father, who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Don't stay here!
What're you doing?
Move, you idiots!
They will suffer.
As I have suffered.
Adam, Katia, do you remember
anything from the nightclub?
Yeah, of course.
You came in bursting
with your cop buddy here,
took me and Kat out, we
were having a great time.
Yeah, this is illegal,
I'm calling the cops.
You could tell
'em all about it,
'cause that's where we
heading, the police station.
They know not what
they saw tonight.
They're still under the
influence of the evil one.
I have faith in you, Joseph.
We must allow free
will to take place
for Adam's transformation.
Only the devil himself can
enter where we're going.
He has the power to
manipulate and influence, but,
he must not interfere
with free will.
Or he himself will
cease to exist.
KATIA: I'm so sorry, Mom.
Thank God you're alive.
We gotta move.
Like a pussy cat,
you wanna give in
Excuse me, sir.
I'm not gonna
be around forever.
And I can't keep
bailing you out!
So, I should just
handle all my problems
the same way you do, then?
Through a bottle?
Why do you think
I drink so much, hm?
Think I like the taste?
I don't know where you
are, what you're doing.
Or if you're even alive!
Adam, son, your mother is dead.
My wife is dead!
But what can we do?
We just have to accept it
and move on with our lives,
and deal with it as a family!
You know that's what she
would have wanted from us.
Son, you need to pray.
Now more than ever.
Pray to what?
Pray to who, someone I'm
not even sure exists?
Or someone who
doesn't answer me?
You tell me something, Dad.
What did prayers get Mom?
God took her away from us,
he took her away from me.
Why did he have to do that?
You know, I spent
my entire life,
trying to be the
best that I could be.
Love with all my heart
and where did it get me?
Where did it get Mom?
There never lived a warmer,
kinder, more caring
person than her.
She spent her entire life
thinking about other people.
You sit there and you expect
me to believe in something
that allows that to happen.
Adam, I've done a lot
of bad things in my life,
I'm not proud of.
I'm not a perfect
father or a perfect man.
"Let he who is without
sin cast the first stone."
Do you know what Jesus meant,
in John chapter
eight, verse seven?
He meant we're all sinners
and we're all human.
Your book.
It's our book.
Written for every
man, woman and child.
Passed on from
generation to generation,
so that mankind can
better themselves.
You believe in
whatever books you want.
Just don't expect
me to, I'm finished.
Keep goin', Joe, I think
you're startin' to win him over.
You stay away from my son!
Remember that night when
you took out your wrath
on the poor, benighted,
innocent drunken driver?
Didn't it feel good
getting revenge?
At least think of your
beloved wife Katherine.
Don't you want to see her again?
I got news for you.
She's not the little
angel you thought she was.
- You lying son of a...
- Oh, can't we all get along?
Can't we all be one
big, happy family?
Adam Gable, the
Lord is thy shepherd,
thy power and thy light.
Blessed is the man who bears
witness to the Nazarene.
Almighty God, anoint this
lost child and guide him
through the valley of saints
through his darkest hour.
And let him again embrace
the light of your presence.
You remember
your Latin, Joseph?
Here's some for you.
You hear that, Joe?
He's singin' my song!
Oh, my god.
Deliver us from evil.
Deliver me.
You monster, you did
this, you monster!
What's going on,
what's the matter?
- Help!
- I say.
Is there a doctor in the house?
I need some help in here!
- It's too late.
- What?
Too late for me.
Don't believe his lies.
Whose lies, what're
you talking about?
We're gonna get you
outta here, please!
Please, I need
some help in here!
Don't let your mother down.
Don't let me down.
I'm sorry for
everything, I was just,
I was just trying to
get back at you, at God,
at everyone around me.
It wasn't right
and it wasn't fair.
Please, Dad.
I'm sorry.
Start living, stand
up for yourself.
Stop running.
You have a lot of love.
I love you.
And I always will.
Finally finished it, Dad.
I found my bridge.
God rest your soul.
LUCIFER: Hey, kid.
LUCIFER: You got a minute?
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
I knew your father, you
could say we had a few run-ins.
I like your sound.
Maybe we could do some business,
give me a call sometime.
- You sure I don't know you?
- Nah.
I just got one of those faces.
Yeah, well uh,
I'll keep it in mind.
LUCIFER: All I ask.
I wanna thank you.
Thank me?
I must admit, that's the
first time anybody's ever
thanked me.
I'm more powerful now
than when I was alive.
You have no idea
what real power is.
You worthless little
annoying insect.
Careful who you're
callin' an insect.
What're you doing here?
This isn't your battle.
You are not
I believe this belongs to you?
I wondered where
I dropped this.
You think you have won?
This war is far from over!
All these miserable
Why does God allow
this to happen?
If God be for you, then
who can be against you?
The prince of lies speaks
the truth about one thing.
This war is far from over.
But he's already lost.
He just doesn't know it yet.
JOE: And you are
not alone, my son.
When will my
children ever learn?
There once walked a man by
the name of Joseph Gable
Who made a special deal
With the one they
call The Stranger
And he left his home with
some scotch on the table
A man of faith, a man of law
Lost his son to the
one they call the devil
God isn't gonna save you, said
the music man who is blind
Goes by the name
of Adam Gable
Whose lies he
thinks is right
He lost his way,
he lost his sight
To the voices in his mind
His story of the
fallen man, he runs
But cannot hide
It is written
For what shall
it profit a man
If he shall gain
the whole world
And lose his own soul,
lose his own soul
For the eyes are the windows
To our soul
The boy you are
seeking is not far away
Said the angel in disguise
Looking straight
into my eyes
Man's faith is
tested many times
Thine is the kingdom and
the power and the glory
Forever and ever
The prince of lies
may speak the truth
About just one thing
This war is far from over
Come a time he'll
feel God's sting
That he's already lost
and yes, there is a cost
He does not know it
yet and the truth beset
On his tortured blackened
soul, there is no rest
It is written
For what shall
it profit a man
If he shall gain
the whole world
And lose his own soul,
lose his own soul
For the eyes are the windows
To our soul
When will my
children ever learn
Says the lord in
a flash of light
Protect us from the
dark forces that abound
So we can see the
testament of our plight
Our journey can be found
by the blood of the one
Who's crowned our king, amen
For the eyes are the windows
To our soul
For the eyes are the windows
To our soul