Adanga Maru (2018) Movie Script

It's 12:01. You are late by a minute.
-I can't open as you wish.
Move away.
-The government trusts you.
Why this delay?
We've been waiting since dawn.
Hey, move away.
I can open
only, if I go inside.
Don't open the bar...
Don't shut the public...
Don't open the bar...
Whether to study or to take spirit?
What about them?
Don't care them.
You go ahead.
You wait.
Don't shut the public...
Whether to study or to take spirit?
You wait.
Paraman boss has come.
Don't shut the public...
You leave.
-He's the bar owner.
Don't shut the public...
Will you close the shop
and the bar immediately?
Or you want us to immolate?
Take it.
Immolate yourself and die.
You can't do anything,
no matter how many of you immolate.
Go and concentrate
on your studies.
Whether to study or to take spirit?
Boss, the count of college students
is increasing.
They'll be submissive
only if we hit them.
Shall I call our clan?
Whether to study or to take spirit?
Hey, our guys work for us
only for money.
Police also works for us
for money.
If we thrash,
it's unlawful.
If they thrash,
It's law and order.
Leave it.
Let's see.
Tell me, Paraman...
What sir,
again these college students?
I will look at that.
Today is Sunday.
The inauspicious time is
between 4.30 to 6pm.
But the phone rings
in the morning itself.
K4 police station.
The college students are creating
ruckus at Paraman's wine shop.
Check and convey the status
to me immediately.
Whether to study or to take spirit?
Greetings, Paraman...
Whether to study or to take spirit?
What is this?
A mob.
Wait, I will talk to them.
500 metres away is a must.
Listen, dear college students.
-are you following the law?
500 metres away is a must.
Wait for a second.
Are you following the law?
Wait, just for a second.
Be calm.
Dear students,
Sir, ask the Inspector to come.
We both are in the same attire.
Ask the person to come
who has stars in his attire.
Sir, the situation is getting worse.
The bar council members of
the bar are enraged.
Who are you talking about?
Sir, I'm talking about the drunkards.
The college students are
more furious than them.
I came here to buy a car
for my daughter.
SI Chandran has gone to the court.
Is there anyone
who can solve the problem?
Sir, a person is there.
A youth for the youth.
He will set things right
with his speech.
Ramdass, don't tense me.
The newly joined
"Crime branch Sub-Inspector, Subash".
Hey, it's only been four days
since he joined.
Will he solve the problem?
-definitely sir.
Okay, ask him to solve it.
500 metres away is a must.
Are you following the law?
(crowd shouting)
Whether to study or to take spirit?
Hey, give that.
Pour it.
Don't shut the public...
Whether to study or to take spirit?
Hey, give the torch.
Whether to study or to take spirit?
Don't shut the public...
Hey, throw that.
Whether to study or to take spirit?
All be quiet.
We'll find a better solution.
We stayed quiet till now.
As you didn't take any decision,
we are protesting.
If some problems get solved
only by protesting...
...then, we have to protest.
I don't deny.
But, you should protest
without any hindrance to the public.
That's why,
we're protesting on a Sunday.
What's your problem?
Sir, the wine shop next to our college
must be shifted somewhere else.
We can't bear the comments
of the drunkards when we pass by.
We've complained many times.
Nothing has happened.
We won't leave unless
we get a solution.
If you want us to self-immolate,
for taking a decision,
...then, we are ready
for that too.
Who said that?
It's me.
Did you?
You must not immolate yourself.
You have to set this bar
and shop on fire.
Very nice.
Sir has told you.
Disperse the crowd and clear out.
He is telling...
Go and look after your studies.
I told you to study
not to hit.
Hey, what are you guys doing?
-hey, where are you going?
(Crowd screaming and instructing)
Control room...
I wonder what to convey
to the inspector.
Hey, were you trained to be a policeman
or worked in a construction company?
What's this?
They've thrashed
the entire shop.
Did you go there to
protect the students?
If you had thrashed
at least four people...
...only their footwear
would've been left.
No one would've
dared to stay back.
We can't chase them away with a stick,
It's not the crowd who has come
for Rs.250, a quarter of booze and biryani, the politicians clan,
to run away.
They won't run, sir.
They protested on a holiday
to avoid hindrance to the public.
There may be a future IAS, IPS...
Even a prospective minister might be there
in that group.
What the students did was wrong.
They must have been left to immolate.
Self-immolation is against law.
That's why I stopped them.
Police flair is new to him.
So, he is not aware
of our preferences.
Everything will be right
if his attire dries a bit.
For all the praise,
this is what I get.
Sir, this is named beat.
We must stand here the whole day.
Protection for paraman's bar.
It's like punishment for us...
...and also consoling paraman.
They've come.
Come, the fuel boy...
Why is sir standing here?
Don't know dude.
Greetings, sir.
Sir, why are you here?
He is in duty here
as he saved you.
Sir, our college students
want to meet you.
Why? Are you going to thrash
any shop there?
Please, come sir.
You don't stand here, sir.
Our college is very near.
A small treat in the canteen, sir.
-come sir. Please.
Please come, sir.
Okay, you leave.
I'll come.
Sir, how long to stand
in this hot sun?
The students are inviting us.
We'll go and
enjoy the treat.
"Give and take respect,
be oblivious and bear,"
"It's a nice ballad
which graces him,"
"If you don't sing
along with us,"
"The jar and the pair,
and the gruel,"
"Using the tiffin box lid
as the snare drums,"
"If you don't dance
along with him,"
"He is the James Bond
who threatens with the pistol,"
"I'll strip off your skin,
if you do hooliganism."
"The self-luminous star, who stands
for Justice, honesty and integrity."
"I'll find out the crook
and break his leg."
"Move away, move away,
he is the police scamp."
"He'll shatter you,
better run away."
"If you speak abash,
with a strap knife."
"I'll pierce you with
a bullet on forehead."
"If you plan with sketches drawn,"
"I'll beat with hard stick
and take you to the courtroom."
"The don and forefathers of don,
will tremble when looking at him."
"The politicians panic at him,"
"He is a joyful person,
If get caught,we are compassed."
"The procurers will be gutted here."
"Give and take respect,
be oblivious and bear,"
"It's a nice ballad
which graces him,"
"If you don't sing
along with us,"
"The jar and the pair,
and the gruel,"
"Using the tiffin box lid
as the snare drums,"
"If you don't dance
along with him,"
"If any problem arise
for students,"
"I'll be there to support them."
"I'll break the hand and limbs,
if anyone tease the girls."
"I was also a student before
wearing the police attire."
"If all the students amass,
even the government may go in haste."
"Accept the police department
as your friend,"
"I'm your friend now."
"There is no end for this love."
"Salute him, hold him."
"Take a selfie as
we are one and the same."
"Give and take respect,
be oblivious and bear,"
"It's a nice ballad
which graces him,"
"If you don't sing
along with us,"
"The jar and the pair,
and the gruel,"
"Using the tiffin box lid
as the snare drums,"
"If you don't dance
along with him,"
He got the point.
What do you say now?
Wait. He is not letting him speak.
You are not letting me listen.
Let's see what he says.
Hey Subash,
You tell me which is right?
Four brilliants there and
two of you are here.
You decide which is good or bad
for the country.
Children are waiting
for their uncle.
My dear.
My dear.
How is it?
Anshu, dear.
What happened to you?
My music teacher told me
not to come to class.
I didn't go for three days.
-I didn't feel like going.
That's why.
You are my angel.
You say so.
But my teacher shouted
at me to get out.
I'm there for you.
We are going to
music class tomorrow.
We'll meet the teacher
and then sing.
Be careful.
Take it.
Dad, the aroma of ghee is nice.
We are in the same house
and belong to the same family.
But so much of diversity!
Are you and the children,
the same?
6 feet and 80kgs of weight!
Is he a child to you?
Yes, until he attains
the status of marriage...
...he is also a child
in this house.
Don't blabber, mom.
Is marriage a status?
Yes, brother
If we earn on our own
and buy a car, that's a status.
If we get a degree next
to our name, that's a status.
All these belong to us.
In the name of marriage,
if we tie a nuptial thread...
...we belong to her.
Then, how you'll be a
child to a mother?
You have good taste.
Anitha is very much blessed.
Why? Aren't you blessed?
I gave you all my jewels.
You pledged that in the bank.
I gave...
You pledged...
So, you are blessed!
Don't tease him to the core.
He is pitiful.
Today, you're Anusha
and you're Vinusha.
(Music class)
-good morning, teacher.
This girl, actually...
Listen, better forget the thought of
rejoining her in class.
-what a rude girl!
When I asked why she didn't
come to music class...
...she replied rudely.
Oh no, teacher.
You've got it all wrong.
She wasn't the girl who
was rude to you.
Her sister, Anusha.
See there.
Oh, twins?
You aren't a rude girl
like your sister, are you?
No,no mam.
I'm a good girl.
Very good girl.
Bad boy, Chicha.
Don't tell grandpa,
-thank you.
Check who it is, brother.
Sir, it's a call from alcohol.
You turn down the call.
I'll speak later.
You've saved that as alcohol.
But it doesn't set right for you.
That is, everyone gets
addicted to alcohol.
But I've named the person
I'm addicted to, as "Alcohol".
Anitha, my fiancee.
Is it, sir?
Then stop aside.
We'll go after speaking.
She may call again.
Nothing like that, brother.
If I don't attend her call,
She won't disturb me,
until I call her back.
It's an understanding.
Okay, sir.
If I fail to attend
when my wife calls...
...she'll call back five times
to ask why I didn't attend?
What Subash?
In the meantime, while I was away at court,
You thrashed Paraman's bar, I believe?
If I hadn't gone, the students
might've thrashed him too, sir.
Come, sir.
What's the matter?
Sir, our brownie is missing.
-who is brownie?
It's a costly breed named 'Chow Chow', sir.
Okay, what should we do?
Our madam suspects that
someone might've kidnapped it.
Our lawyer has also given
a written complaint, sir.
Okay, we'll rove around and find
your pet.
You can go.
Not that sir, it's been a night
since the pet went missing.
We fear that it may get along
with other races outside.
Oh, is that so?
Your thought of racism
even for a pet is...
You are the true Indian.
You don't even need
an Aadhar card.
Thank you, sir.
You must be killed foremost.
Oh, god!
You leave.
Hi, sister.
-hi, Subash.
Anitha is getting ready.
She told that you both
are going out for dinner.
Yes, sister.
Please, sit.
Hi, dear.
(Titanic movie playing)
That painting scene?
Isn't it?
I have seen that four times.
Four times!
Usually, it won't take this long
for her to get ready.
Go and check.
Always into 'PubG'.
Why are you gazing at me?
Am I looking so pretty?
What is this?
You're wearing a similar dress like mine.
How would I know?
That you'd also wear
the same blue denim?
Please, change now.
Wait, I'll come.
Hey Subash,
Just once.
-we have to go for dinner.
Hey,wait. Everyone is at home.
-it's okay. Just once.
We've been in love
for this many years.
You behave naughty
whenever you get a chance.
Aren't you bored of that?
Know something,
After 15 years
of our marriage... birth to children, you'll
become a plumpy aunt.
Even then, if I don't get naughty,
when I get a chance,
Either I'm not in love with you...
...or I must be in an affair
with some one.
Being naughty is a must
for a good relationship.
"The eyes resort to dreams,"
"Queries within the soul".
"If you come along with me,"
"I'll rejoice that".
"The eyes resort to dreams,"
"Queries within the soul".
"If you come along with me,"
"I'll rejoice that".
"The eyes resort to dreams..."
"Queries within the soul..."
"To behold you,"
"Tell me your address".
"To accompany you,"
"Why do I need permission?"
"Boundless time
with you is enough,"
"We must live together till the end".
"Immense desires transpire
all the time,"
"I have to lean on your shoulders
without accountable time".
"Oh, Saayali... Oh, Saayali..."
"You caused an earthquake
within me".
"Oh, Saayali... Oh, Saayali..."
"You pitched me deep
with the roots".
"The eyes resort to dreams,"
"Queries within the soul,"
"If you come along with me,"
"I'll rejoice that".
"The eyes resort to dreams,"
"Queries within the soul,"
"If you come along with me,"
"I'll rejoice that".
"It's an abode which is surrounded
with deep love,"
"It's a nest where we live
as one soul,"
"It's an abode which is surrounded
with deep love,"
"It's a nest where we live
as one soul,"
"Like the drizzles which is
the glee of the sky".
"Ever the merriness flows
in our abode,"
"The love here has no deception,"
"The breeze here, also sings a lullaby,"
"There is no other need
for us to live,"
"We live with love to
attain the gaiety".
"Oh, Saayali... Oh, Saayali..."
"You caused an earthquake
within me".
"I'm your Saayali... I'm your Saayali..."
"You pitched me deep
with the roots".
Shall we marry?
Is this the way to propose?
I don't know to propose formally.
It's beautiful, Isn't it?
I'll decide later about
our marriage.
But this ring is nice,
I'll take it.
"The moment of your absence
is like a blaze,"
"Give me a notion
to be with you forever,"
"I become a waning moon,
when you go apart."
"Come, let's go for a joyful ride,
when the love is bound".
"Into my eyes, your persona
appears on violation,"
"Is it to defeat me?"
"The burden of your love
lies on my mirror like heart,"
"Is it to break my heart
like glass bits?"
"Why this delay?"
"Come with me to lead a life".
"We'll ally before the days pass".
"I'm your Saayali... I'm your Saayali..."
"You caused an earthquake
within me".
"I'm your Saayali... I'm your Saayali..."
"You pitched me deep
with the roots".
Just wait.
Stop your vehicle.
-stop your car.
Is that your vehicle?
Stop your vehicle.
You can go.
Thank you sir.
Give your license.
Where are you coming from?
Show me your license.
Sir, my house is nearby.
I have the RC book and license.
-stop your vehicle....
Stop the vehicle.
I forgot, sir.
Ask someone from
your house to get it.
Else you leave the
vehicle here and get it.
I was wondering
why the hands were itching.
Come on...
King of collections!
Come inside...
What are you looking at?
He thinks, he is Bruce Lee...
No need to scrutinise him.
Yes, sir.
My neighbourhood aunt also
admires me because I'm slim.
Hey, it's drunken driving.
Do you know
how much the fine is?
If it's for the government, Rs.3K sir.
-you are correct.
If it's for the department, Rs.500
He is good in logic.
See now.
Where is your helmet?
No helmet.
RC book?
That means?
Then, what do you have?
Not for myself,
It's for the station share.
I kept somewhere here...
-take it out.
Hey, where are you searching?
Wait, sir.
Take it out.
Here it is, sir.
I got half booze.
It's the left over.
Hey, how dare you drink
before a policeman?
Sir, the quantity doesn't matter
to you.
Whatever, the fine is the same.
Give me Rs.100 and take your bike.
Sir, is it the emergency help number
Don't you listen to me?
Take the lathi.
Take the license.
Take the license.
Stop the car...
What happened?
What, Subash?
Be careful.
Subash, listen to me.
Whatever happens, be calm.
He is the minister's son.
Not only to you,
it'll be a problem to all.
Listen to me.
Sir, he is not aware about you.
Don't mistake.
-who is he?
He is new to the job.
Do you know
the price of this car?
Sir, don't be angry. Please.
-your lifetime salary.
-that's the price of this car.
It happened by mistake, sir.
He's not listening to me,
and he's simply staring at me.
What? Hey!
Don't be angry, sir.
How dare you stare?
Sir, please.
To whom are you showing heroism?
-I'll tell him, sir.
Hey, what is his name?
What is your name?
-Subash, sir.
Tomorrow he must call and meet me.
-I'll tell him, sir.
You must come and meet me.
-i'll tell him, sir.
If not, you're done.
-please, sir.
You go, sir.
-whom are you staring at?
The public is watching, sir.
How dare you stop with a barricade!
-Subash, listen to me.
You are not fit to
open even my car door.
How dare you stop my car?
Sir, forgive us.
You go, sir.
Tell him to be disciplined.
-I'll take care.
Sir, no problem will emerge.
-move the barricade away.
I'll clear it, sir.
You come.
Good night, sir.
Why should we retain these people alone?
Send them too, brother.
Tell everyone to go.
Tell them to go.
-thank you sir.
Send them.
Kabilan, tell everyone to go.
Okay sir..
-I'll send them.
Let's go.
-come fast...
What they have is not the
attitude of money or hooliganism.
It's their power!
They'll be in the ruling party.
We have to stand for
their protection.
If they get defeated in elections,
They'll complain saying there is
no guarantee for their lives.
Even then, we have to stand
for their protection.
As we always stand
for their protection,
They don't respect us.
"Obey the order"
Under these words,
No policeman can think
on his own...
...or even enrage.
Okay, I'll do one thing.
I'll give his phone number.
You give him two missed calls.
Tomorrow at 9 and 10 am.
Damn sure,
he won't answer the calls.
He'll sleep till 2pm,
after boozing all night.
We can tell him that
he didn't answer the calls.
If by any chance, he answers
and asks you to come somewhere,
Don't go alone.
I'll also come.
Thank you, sir.
-okay, Subash.
You go home.
Who is that?
Leave me.
Who is that?
Leave me.
Do you know
who my father is?
Why? Don't you know?
-hey leave me.
Who's that?
Hey leave me...
Hey! Come.
Chicha, phone...
Subash, I'm standing down
at your flat.
You mean, here!
I'll come now, sir.
Mom, see this.
Good morning, sir.
Is it your own flat, Subash?
No, sir. We are residing
for rent.
My parents are not interested
in the apartment culture.
So, we've built a new house
in OMR.
Next month is their wedding anniversary.
So, we planned to surprise them
on that day with house warming ceremony.
Good, a big commitment,
isn't it?
Nothing like that, sir.
It's a small sentiment.
What's the matter, sir?
You have come this far?
That's nothing, Subash.
Minister's son who had a brawl
with you yesterday,
Has been thrashed by someone.
They shouldn't react on you,
thinking you might've done that.
That's why I came to alert you.
But sir, his back has been tinkered very well.
He is the sensational news
in all the media.
Our good time, that hotel is
not under our station limits.
Else, our heads might've rolled.
What is in our control?
Yes, sir.
Even our wife is not under
our control.
I said about my wife, sir.
Shall we follow up this case, sir?
It's an unnecessary job
for us.
Correct, sir.
Someone has done our job.
At least we can find
and thank him.
Sir, now it's the time you mentioned.
Shall I give him a missed call?
I can understand.
You are happy inside.
have you reached the red building?
Sir,I'm going to the spot.
Kabilan, you come with me.
You stand at the gate.
Okay sir.
Who are you?
Are you the security?
Give that stick.
Sir, she was already dead
when I noticed.
Sir, I tested by keeping a thread
near her nose.
It didn't wave off.
She was dead.
Hey, why do you
do unnecessary things?
Then for what
are we here?
Why don't you do the
post mortem also?
This phone was lying
there in the bush.
Go around.
We found the phone of that girl.
But it's got a pattern lock..
Sir, I'll unlock that.
The finger print would be
visible in the light's reflection.
Subash, just check out if there
are any details about this girl.
Sure, sir.
Sir, it shows Mogappair.
-what, Subash?
Sir, I don't think it's a suicide.
Something is fishy.
Is this your intuition?
We can't decide whether
it's a murder or a suicide.
We don't have those rights.
Sir, then forensic, postmortem...
Did you inquire?
We found the phone of that girl.
Mogappair area, sir.
Already, we've attended four suicide
cases in this building, haven't we?
They've probably built this building
for people to jump off.
File the case,
mentioning it's a suicide...
...and complete the formalities.
Also, inform the girl's house.
Okay, sir.
Sir, how did he decide without
even stepping inside?
"Obey the order"
You take the body
to the hospital.
We will go to mogappair.
-okay, sir.
Subash, come let's go.
Go and inform them, Subash.
Go, Subash.
How can I, sir?
Subash, we have to face
hundreds of situations like this.
You'll get used to it.
Go and inform.
I'll be late.
Don't wait.
Yes, sir.
I'm Subash.
She is my daughter only, sir.
Is it for passport verification?
Please, come in.
Sir, he's thinking I've come
for passport verification.
To him...
how can I sir?
You must learn, Subash.
You would've to explain situations
more brutal than this.
Sorry, sir.
What's this?
An accident.
Come and identify
whether she is your daughter.
What are you saying, sir?
Which hospital, sir?
Not any hospital.
Royapettah mortuary.
Oh, no!
What happened, sir?
Sir, tell me and leave.
-come, let's go.
Oh, no!
Sir, at least you tell me.
-what happened?
Why are you crying?
Our daughter has met with an accident
and is at the mortuary.
Oh no, what accident?
What happened to my daughter?
What? Tell me.
At least, you tell me, brother.
What happened to my daughter?
I can understand your emotions.
The deceased is your friend.
I understand very well.
Hey, why don't you tell her?
The girls are emotional by nature.
But, you guys too?
Sub-Inspector has come.
Just a minute.
I'm telling you.
Please understand.
I'll speak.
First understand.
Sir, everyone is enraged.
The deceased parents are not
taking the corpse citing it's not suicide.
They are creating a ruckus.
I managed to my best, sir.
I told them you'll come
and we'll talk after that.
Just be calm.
Be calm.
See, only If you stay calm,
he'll answer you.
We are investigating.
Please, help the police.
There is no point in shouting.
You girls are educated.
Be patient.
Understand please.
We can answer only,
if you stay calm.
(Crowd arguing)
If you do as I say,
-sure, sir.
Sure, they'll investigate this case.
-okay, sir.
Sir, how clearly we had explained.
Again you have come here.
Sorry, sir.
We don't have clarity about parvati's death,
inspite of your explanations.
Whatever we say,
you're only trying to convince us.
Sir, I know Parvati very well.
I swear, there is no chance of her
committing suicide.
If we don't make this an
issue now, you...sorry.
The police will not
bother about it, sir.
That's why we informed
the media, sir.
Sir, what's this? Why aren't
you allowing us inside?
Sir, we're talking. Be patient.
-don't disturb, please wait.
Just listen to what I say.
Could you try...
Greetings, sir.
Don't you know
to end it there itself?
They didn't create any ruckus
or give interviews to any channels.
They're sitting in front of
the police station.
They've called all
the media channels.
It's time for the DC's
station visit.
What ruckus to create
more than this?
We've filed an FIR relating
to Parvati's case.
The post mortem report
would come only after this.
We have to investigate with that
and come to a conclusion.
We will inquire further
whether it's a murder or not.
-yes, sir.
Get that petition.
Deal this case seriously.
-okay, sir.
I told you, I'll inquire.
Look after the formalities.
You look after
Parvati's funeral.
This is my responsibility!
Sir, this is such a huge building.
Eight gates are there.
Only two securities.
How to keep a
track on the visitors?
I had a doubt on
that place when we saw it, sir.
I went to that place again,
on the same night.
"The treacheries which don't die,
Will do it chore per diem..! "
"Like the crow which eats
the leftover food,"
"If it continues, it'll destroy you..."
What Subash? The van is filled
with cigarette buds?
Sir, they call it 'Hotbox'.
They'll smoke weed as a gang
in a closed room or car.
The effect is more intense
when compared to plain weed.
This is also one of the habits
which ruin this generation.
"The law mustn't doze without
searching for the crime...!"
When I look at that place,
it still seems to be active, sir.
"Even if you're the last one left,
don't compromise to live."
"All the dogs and ghosts will wag their tails,
asking us for everything we have..."
Inspector sir said that already
four suicides had happened there.
If we meet the concerned officials,
we'll get some information.
"The deceit and bribe together,
Enact a drama everywhere...!"
"Only the truth is in your hands.
Be careful..."
I want to talk to you
regarding the suicide case...
... that happened at the
'Redd' building.
Are you new to this job?
Inquiring about old cases?
You should only do
what the seniors say.
I was inquiring sincerely,
Suddenly, they asked me to close
the case, mentioning it's suicide.
Before I could realise,
I was transferred.
"If you think swindling and pestering
are a single package and bend,"
Sir, just a minute.
"there is no solution ever..."
"If you fight with wrath,
this world will obey you."
Yes, tell me.
We are in the new house,
colours have to be chosen. Come soon.
I'm coming there.
"If you think of living
like stone and sand,"
"A situation will arise
to put you down."
You select from this.
Give me a minute.
Your room.
Oh, sorry.
You select the colour
for our room.
You know all this
better than me.
You select on your own.
Strictly, your choice.
You choose it.
This one...
Grey colour won't suit
the bedroom, dear.
Then, why are you asking me?
You could've just selected.
I have selected
aquamarine blue.
Bharati, get that shade card.
Use this colour there.
-okay madam...
This shade over there.
In the past five years,
six incidents have occurred.
I have marked the time
of the crime and the area.
Can you tell me the numbers
which were active in the building, then?
Numbers active five years ago
can't be tracked, sir.
It's possible
only for two years.
I'll track, sir.
Thank you.
Okay, sir.
What Subash?
How come this brutal?
Sir, in Parvati's case, upon
inquiry of her friends and family...
...there is no reason
for her to commit suicide.
But, in the reports, it is clearly
stated as suicide. I don't understand.
The truth is known only
to the deceased....
...and the doctor who has
conducted the post mortem.
You don't get emotional, Subash.
Sir, I have some work.
I will finish that and
come to the station.
Doctor, a formal inquiry about
the post mortem report of Parvati.
Sir, I'm a government servant too.
Everything has a procedure,
doesn't it?
Whatever it is, meet me
in the morning at the hospital.
Please, leave now.
What can we do for that?
What do you say?
What's the matter, sir?
It's something important.
Joint Commissioner Sarangan
has come.
It might be something important.
Sir, Subash.
New SI, Crime branch.
Good luck.
I'm leaving, Chandran.
Will it be so?
It won't be, sir.
That 'Redd' building suicide case...
-yes, sir.
I'm following that.
Get those files and come in.
Sure, sir.
Another team is taking this over.
I'll refer you another case.
Follow that, hereafter.
Sir, just two more days.
I'll finish the case by then.
The report has come stating
it's a suicide.
Do only what I say.
Neelakandan, Minister of Food,
is getting life threatening calls.
Inquire about that.
You go to his house,
first thing in the morning.
Sir, if you tell who's going to
follow this case...
...I'll pass on some
important leads to them.
Subash, I know you're studying for IPS.
After you pass the examination
and get a higher post than me...
... you order what I must do.
I'll do it, then.
Now, just do what I say.
You are just an SI
in this station.
Don't forget that.
Sir, look at how polished the
minister's house looks.
It was entirely built with the
nutrition scheme eggs.
All the accomplices sitting
there are goofs.
But, they'll act as if
they're smart.
Boss, how are you?
Why are you not seen
at the station?
Sir, for the past ten days, eggs are being
thrown on the minister's house.
Oh, no!
The whole house is stenchy.
But, he's not getting caught.
We asked you to come,
to find out who that is.
What, he left?
Tell me, Gopi.
According to the timing you gave me,
a single number...
...was active five times
at the 'Redd' building, sir.
I've messaged you the details
of that number.
Oh...Thank you.
You mean, 'Bar' Ganesan?
Abhijith here.
-might be...
Hello, I'm the Crime branch SI,
from Anna Nagar.
I want to talk to you regarding
the 'Redd' building murder case.
Come to the golf court.
Be here in thirty minutes.
-Tell me, boss.
If it happens at the minister's house?
The eggs were thrown on
the minister who distributes it.
Now, sir will come after
he's done with his phone call.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Abhijith asked me to come.
I'm Crime branch SI, Subash.
What's the matter?
I need to talk to you regarding
the 'Redd' building murder case.
Are you dealing that case?
We told the department to drop that case.
Then, why have you come?
Okay, okay.
I got it.
Do you want money?
A three-course meal, an own house,
marriage, sex, children...
... that's the happiness
of a normal person.
We are above all that.
See our happiness!
If she had agreed,
we wouldn't have touched her.
But, she wept and ran around.
That's interesting.
See the next one.
It'll be more interesting than
the previous one.
You seem to enjoy watching it.
Are you aroused?
Hey, you are making a mistake.
Do you know who we are?
Do you know
who our fathers are?
Hey, none of the rich guys
know who their fathers are?
You people always ask others
who your fathers are...
Do one thing. If you come out
of this case, give a complaint.
I'll find out.
Now, shut your trap and
come with me to the station.
What did you say?
If we come out,
we will...
What? If you come out?
Section 376 D and 302,
Non bailable...
Don't you understand?
For 20 years, I won't let you
out of prison.
What? 20 years in prison?
20 minutes.
Just for 20 minutes... try retaining us
in this lockup.
Hey, what have you done?
Why did you keep them in?
Sir, 'Redd' building Parvati case...
-I told you not to take up that case.
Sir, not only this case.
They are involved in many other
murder cases of girls.
I have the video evidence
to prove them as criminals.
Don't talk rubbish.
Are you the Inspector
of this station or is he?
I told him, sir.
But, he is...
On what basis,
did you arrest them?
Do you know the status
of their fathers in the society?
Show me that video proof.
Yes, sir.
Sir, passcode...
4455, brother.
Sir, it's auto deleting.
Sir, I saw it.
I said evidence.
Will the murderer have the
proof of crime on his phone?
Even when you are here,
my son is in the lock up.
A small mistake has happened.
I will take care.
Without having any respect
for a collector like me...
...he has taken my son
and kept him in the lock up.
And you remained as a spectator.
Shall I inform the Home Minister?
or do you want me to speak to the CM?
Clear this soon and
send the guys out.
Release them.
Sir, still I can prove it.
"It's an order"
Suspend him.
You are suspended.
You should've actually been
expelled from the job.
We said 20 minutes.
But, just 15 minutes brother.
That's what we are.
You think you can do anything
if you have evidence?
You are done.
You made this day
an unforgettable one in our life.
Hereafter, you won't forget each
and everyday in your life.
Abhijith, come.
Yes dad.
You don't say anything.
First, you go home.
Tomorrow is the
house warming ceremony.
Look into those chores.
Postpone this issue for now, sir.
Whatever it is,
we will check later.
Be relaxed, sir.
Sir, what happened?
Subash sir!
He fainted in shock.
Nothing else, madam.
Go away.
-sir, please.
Listen to me.
-sir, please.
Don't go there.
Please listen, Anitha.
Please understand.
Please, madam.
First, get the child to the hospital
and take care of her.
Hurry up.
Come in.
Where are you taking us?
One... Two...
-what's the suspense?
You closed my eyes too.
Oh, my!
Our house!
-a new house!
It looks superb.
Who are you guys?
Who are you?
Pull him over.
It's a fire accident.
For performing rituals
to Lord Ganesh...
...they've kept the gas and
kerosene nearby.
As it was at dawn, nobody
in the neighbourhood noticed.
Sir, my family didn't die in a fire accident,
like you conveyed to the media.
They were murdered.
I very well know
who those criminals are.
May be.
Sir, I can prove it.
Won't the murderer know
to destroy the evidence?
Haven't you read about the witnesses
committing suicide in such cases?
All these are one-day
news for dailies.
If it becomes an issue, a one-day
debate runs on television.
That's all.
The deceased becomes news
to the person who is alive.
Register the number '5555'.
It's good.
Isn't it?
There is a proverb.
"When the whole country runs,
we must also run amidst it."
"If you wish to run alone,
you will vanish."
Thanks for the car.
My pleasure.
How are you?
You must kill a person
only once.
Chill, dude.
If you'd done what had been ordered to you
nothing might've happened.
I like the colour.
Is it so?
On time.
As always.
Come and meet me with
a proper apology letter.
I'll give you the posting
in the same station.
But, you must work without
disturbing anyone.
Collector sir, am I right?
What do you say?
Hey, Bhuvan.
Tell him, why he and the
child were left alive.
We would've also burnt
you in the same house.
But, you must regret living
for losing the whole family...
...and refrain from dying for the child
and go through agony everyday.
The one who is growing up at
your house is another Parvati.
You must understand that.
Get lost.
Actress Pushpa is coming to file
a complaint on sexual harassment.
The entire media has assembled here.
Hi, Anusha.
Anu, sit.
You be here.
Okay, Chicha.
If you had obeyed my order... wouldn't have to
stand before me.
If you go with this black mark,
you can never be an IPS.
Do you know that?
But, your agony must not happen
even for your enemy.
My enemy must feel my agony.
I asked you for
an apology letter.
But, you're giving me a
resignation letter.
Have you gone mad?
I was mad.
"Obey the order"
"Obey the order"
Listening to that constantly,
I went mad.
Now, I'm clear.
After resigning, what will you do
without the power of the police?
I'm going to do my job.
The job which I couldn't do
with the police attire on...
...will now be done without
the police attire.
For that, I don't need the power
of the police.
It's enough if I have the
intelligence of the police.
Chandran, what's he talking about?
Subash, listen to us.
Now, I'm not a policeman
to listen to you.
You are a public servant.
You get salary from me
for your work.
Now, you must do what I say.
Don't you understand?
I'm saying, "Obey the order".
"Obey the order"
and sit.
Hey, sit.
I thought the police station
was a sacred place.
Because of people like you,
it has lost its sanctity.
Still, the people have
faith on it.
"Justice stays long,
But god strikes at last."... something people still believe.
I must lynch.
Those four criminals
must be lynched.
I won't lynch them.
They'll be lynched by
their own fathers...
...who brought them up
to be rogues.
Are you dubious about
how I would do this?
Shall I show you a sample?
In five seconds, that collector
will come in search of you.
He'll say his son is missing.
Will you believe me then?
Good luck.
Hey, my son is missing.
Sir, Bhuvan hasn't come here.
Where is my son?
I got a message that
he is here.
I don't know.
The message conveys
he is with you.
Hey, my son.
It's the car parking
of this building.
What are you saying?
Oh, no...
Oh, no...
Oh, god!
My son!
He's burning.
Open the door.
Save him.
-open the door.
Go away.
-save my son.
Save him.
Go away, sir.
Save him.
-sir, you come here.
Sir, don't...
Sir, don't...
Sir, come.
Sir, don't go.
Sir, come.
Come, sir.
Sir, don't.
Go away.
-my son.
Go away, sir.
Sir, come.
Oh no...
Listen to me, sir.
Please, come.
-drench the fire.
Drench the fire.
Get the water.
-come, sir.
Look at him.
He is going.
He is going.
Catch him.
Do something.
Five of you are the best officers
of our department.
Do you know why
I've assigned this case to you people?
The one we're searching for,
was in our department.
He knows our department very well.
He is not an ordinary person.
After all, a Sub-Inspector...
...hit my son, arrested him
and at last killed him.
My only son...
He is no more.
Sarangan, why haven't you
arrested him yet?
We are yet to know about
his whereabouts.
But he knows very well
how the police will search for him.
For business and to
reach this level...
...we have done
many evil things.
That's business.
It was just for money.
But, now someone has
threatened the lives of our sons.
I can understand your emotions.
We're doing this only for you people.
He wouldn't have thought
that you'd burn his entire family.
We shouldn't have
underestimated him.
Is he a bigwig...?
That's the mistake I did.
I left him, thinking he's outbursting
as his whole family has been wiped off.
Untraceable calls to media.
Auto delete messages.
Signal jammers.
Ethylene gas in the fire extinguisher.
The silane gas has been
filled in a manner...
...that would trigger fire
on opening the door.
He is not an ordinary
policeman, like you think.
He's done many crash courses like
hacking technology,
Investigation and Intelligence management,
Forensic science, and he's well versed
in all intellectual courses.
And most importantly,
everything has been done perfectly...
...with precision in time.
He even told me that he'd make
the fathers kill their own sons.
So, you want us to hide?
I'm telling you to be careful.
We are in search of him.
If he comes in search of us,
Then who are we all?
Listen to what he says.
Don't create any issue
by doing something on your own.
Without any evidence
against Subash,
We can't do anything.
If we take action beyond that,
The media would hype the news
of the family accident...
...saying there's something fishy about it
and the police are hiding it.
I think you're right.
Even my lawyer said the same.
Don't be in a hurry.
First, ask these guys to
give separate complaints...
...stating life threats from Subash,
to the Commissioner's office.
I'll take care of the rest.
Sir, I checked his old flat
and the new house.
I couldn't get any details.
Sir, we're tracing down his ID,
credit card and bank details.
Security has been tightened,
so that he won't leave the city.
There is no chance of him
going out of the city.
Because, he's targeting certain people
within the city.
By protecting them,
We must trap Subash.
Welcome, sir.
MD is waiting for you.
Please come.
-yeah, bye.
Hi, Subash.
Hi, Anusha.
Please, come.
My wife, Sandhya.
Take them in.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Is whatever I asked for, ready?
Subash, if the solution
to murder is murder...'s like you consuming poison
and expecting them to die.
This has the details of the game
I spoke about.
Be ready.
Shall we proceed legally, once?
At least, for the sake of the child,
you can change your decision.
I took this decision only
for the sake of that child.
Whenever I see her,
I think of the other child.
I'm in angst because
I've still left them alive.
I must be in Chennai
by tonight.
They'll stay here for a few days.
Take care.
In this world, everyone is affected
by someone for some reason.
If everyone decides
to take revenge...
...this world will turn
into a graveyard.
Do you think I'm doing this to
take revenge?
If it was so, I would've gathered all my
...and lynched them, the day I saw them.
It's not that!
I joined the department to
punish the offenders.
But, they're supporting the offenders.
Then, how would the criminals be afraid?
They'll be afraid, only when
the worst punishment is given.
They must know, if at fault,
they'll be sheared.
That fear must be created!
The day a woman can walk freely
on the roads at night... the day of our independence,
is what we have studied, isn't it?
Today, women are afraid of
walking on roads even at day.
Why to say all this?
Is there any assurance that
it won't happen to you?
Do you know what he told me
that day about our child?
You must have the fear that
another Parvati is...
...growing up at your house.
Now tell me. What should
we do to them?
Tell me, what should
we do to them?
Kill them, Subash.
Kill them all.
With pleasure.
"See the gloom of the night,"
"It strives to blow you down,"
"Every moment goes on
searching for a solution."
"It's the clan, knitting the
net of unrighteousness."
"I'm wandering in search of them."
"The eyes of an eagle in the
hunt for a corpse,"
"Even if that chases me,
"I won't let this pass."
"The killing fields,"
"Makes to wander, "
"A battle field,"
"Will respond,"
"Will be cleared soon,"
"The evidence is not a phantom,"
"There are no hindrances,"
"The evidence is not a phantom,"
"There are no hindrances,"
"The illusions get splintered,"
"The solutions aren't so far,"
"Refuse to submit,"
"Break the unrighteousness,"
"There is nothing to question.
Go beyond limits and surge up,"
"Refuse to submit,"
"Break the unrighteousness,"
"There is nothing to question.
Go beyond limits and surge up."
We miss you, Bhuvan.
Can we believe Sarangan?
Or else, shall we send our men
to search for him?
Definitely, we have to do something.
Let's hire some professionals.
Sarangan is more sincere to us
than to the department.
Leave it.
If we do something from our side...
...our reputation will be spoilt.
Tell me, Mr.Alex.
"The girl who couldn't write the
NEET exam consumed poison and died" the news
we have printed, sir.
-but, unfortunately that girl is alive, sir.
If this news spreads out,
it'll be a black mark for our magazine.
Reputation is important to us.
Better, make the news come true.
Kill that girl.
Okay, sir.
Sir, I'm Gopi speaking
from Cyber crime.
Tell me.
Actually, Subash's debit card
has been swiped in Bangalore.
He's definitely in Bangalore, sir.
Subash is in Bangalore.
Are you sure, sir?
I've forwarded all the details.
You start immediately to Bangalore.
Okay, sir.
Let's move.
Hey, Deepak.
Hey... No.
Please, stop it.
Hey... No.
Please, stop it.
Stop it right now.
Please, stop it.
Hey... don't do that.
Please, stop it.
Please... Please...
It's paining.
Hey, please.
Stop it.
Stop it right now.
I can't bear this.
Stop it.
Stop it right now.
Hey, stop it.
You've only one choice.
In an hour, your friend Christy
must be here.
I don't know how you will
ask him to come here.
But, he must come.
No chance!
His father won't allow him
to go out of the house.
Then, you are of no
use to me.
If I take the car in reverse,
your body will split into halves.
He'll come to see that,
won't he?
Please, no...
No... No...
I'll try.
I'll try.
I'll try.
Hey Deepak, where are you?
Are you okay?
I created a scene on my own.
And settled alone at a place.
And I just don't trust this police.
Still, they underestimate Subash.
It's not safe for you also
to be at home.
Just come here, man.
It's our place!
But, don't discuss with anyone.
Just follow the location.
Sir, there.
Oh, no.
Go and search.
Even if you kill me,
You can't make
my son come here.
If I speak, my son will come,
is it?
Don't be stupid, I say.
Tell me, how much money
you want?
Let's finish this.
Once... and for all...
How much will you give?
Two crores.
That's all?
Five crores.
So, the cost of a life
is five crores.
We just followed their commands.
We are not aware of anything.
Forgive us, sir.
Do you have five crores?
You don't have it, right?
Yes, dad?
Christy, start immediately
with five crores.
I'll share the location with you.
Why at this time, dad?
What happened?
Do what I say.
I just want to finish all this.
And don't inform anybody.
Come, soon.
-okay, dad.
If you speak to him,
you think he'll turn up?
I didn't speak.
It was you,
who did the talking.
Yes, dad?
Christy, start immediately
with five crores.
I'll share the location with you.
Why at this time, dad?
What happened?
Do what I say.
-I just want to finish all this.
And don't inform anybody.
Come, soon.
-okay, dad.
Your son has left.
Five crores.
If you had asked me earlier,
I would've thrown it at you.
Why do you do this drama?
I know, everything has a
price in this world.
Dad, where are you?
-what happened?
This is a trap.
Go away.
Christy go away.
Christy, why did you come?
Who did this to you?
Subash is here,
you go.
What are you saying, dad?
-go away... go man...
What you said is right.
Everything has a price.
Your son's life costs
five crores and five hundred rupees.
You take the money.
I'll take your son's life.
I'll kill you man...
Get up.
Leave my son!
What happened, Deepak!
Hey, the money has been given.
You must not shout.
Hey, I'll kill you.
Leave him alone, man
Leave him alone.
Leave him.
Muthu, I've shared the location.
Go there immediately.
Something is not right.
Inspector, Subash has taken away
my son and Deepak.
Come soon.
Hurry up.
-come soon.
Come soon.
-is anyone there?
What happened?
AbhijIth is safe...yeah.
If he isn't
caught immediately,
You'll lose your son like me.
Madam, does this person stay here?
By now, he would've
reached the airport.
Sir, we found the place
where Subash stayed.
For the past two days,
he has stayed here.
It's confirmed.
He travelled by road.
But now, Subash has boarded
the Bangalore to Chennai flight, sir.
Within an hour, he will reach
Chennai airport.
Tell me sir.
In an hour,
Subash will be at the airport.
Arrest him unofficially.
Sir, I'll take care.
-don't miss him.
Okay, sir.
Without creating any fuss,
get into the vehicle I point at.
Hey, drop the gun...
Two days back, at the premises
of the Joint Commissioner of Police,
Bhuvan, the son of collector Gnanasekar
died in a fire accident.
A person was arrested by
the police today... a suspect of planning
the entire accident.
The arrest at the airport created
chaos among the passengers.
For Sun News...
Mugilan and Akshaya.
A simple job.
Can't you do that properly?
We planned it perfectly, sir.
But, before the public...
-come on...
Switch on the recorder.
He has killed my son.
They are talking to him lethargically.
You know how the
police treatment will be, don't you?
Better tell us the truth.
I don't understand.
Where is Christy and Deepak?
If you ask me,
How would I know?
See, how smart he's acting!
No one will answer,
if asked in this way.
You've kidnapped
both of them on the same day.
You've burnt five people.
You shared the location
and escaped from there.
And you framed
the police for that act.
Tell me that I started a
new political party,
I'm contesting elections
as an independent.
I spoilt the country by asking the politicians
to accept bribes, include all this too.
I'm tired of listening to this.
We know very well that
you have done this.
Tell us the truth.
Is there any evidence?
What's the proof?
Have you come here
qualified or...?
Sir, when I arrested those guys,
I couldn't do anything as there
was no evidence.
Then, my family died in a fire accident.
So, I resigned my police job and
went to Bangalore... search of another job
and returned to Chennai.
Sir arrested me at the airport
amid high drama.
That's it.
I don't know anything else.
Hey, I'll bang you to death.
I will...
He is lying.
He's playing some game.
What's happening here?
Bang him to death.
What's the use of killing him?
My priority is to know
about Christy and Deepak.
I'll plan how to
kill him after that.
Sir, here is the proof of
Subash's presence in... IT company in Bangalore and
the toll gate footage of his travel.
Am I mad?
He took away both of them
in my presence.
Where have you
kept them both?
Two people close to you
are missing,
So you're trying to frame me
as the abductor.
Are they alive or dead?
As I promised to you,
I won't kill anyone.
So, they're alive.
I don't know, sir.
Listen, you are all alone.
That too under my custody.
You can't do anything.
I'm alone only.
But I'm one among the public.
You have the entire police force.
Do whatever you can.
The fathers want
to speak to him personally.
Where is my son?
Where have you kept him?
He is alive, isn't he?
If anything happens to my son!
What is this, sir?
Are you selling tickets outside?
One by one, they're inquiring the same.
It's a torture!
Cameras are placed here and there...
JC sir,
ask them to switch off the cameras.
I need to speak to him.
He is telling you, isn't he?
I'll kill you right here
at this very moment.
A person can be killed
only once, sir.
I died long ago.
But, if I'm even slightly touched,
the two boys would be dead.
If you do what I say,
you'll get back your sons.
He should inform the media that
Bhuvan's death was a fire accident...
...just like how he informed
about my family.
Bloody, you're asking me
to speak to the media?
How dare you order me?
I think he isn't concerned
about your son.
I won't speak.
what'll you do?
What'll you do?
JC sir, I have two ants
in my hand.
If asked whether they are alive
or dead, what'll you say?
If you say they're dead,
I'll show them alive.
If you say, they are alive...
...I'll kill them and
show it to you.
So, we both are in not in
a position to question and to respond.
He is crossing his limits.
You are crossing your limits,
You know who those
ants are, don't you?
Sarangan sir,
it's my son's life.
So, let me handle it.
What else?
Hey, Muthukaruppan.
Your name is Muthukaruppan,
Get me two packs
of Chicken biryani.
It's been a long time
since I ate well.
Don't I need to remember
where the guys are?
I guess, both of them aren't
concerned about your sons.
Sarangan, please.
Hey, don't poison the food.
The ants would die.
Also, I want a television
with a big screen.
I must watch JC's interview.
Yeah, yes...
The car fire accident that
happened at this building...
...where the collector's son,
Bhuvan died, requires clarification.
I wanted to meet you all for that.
It's a confirmed fire accident.
The forensic report proves that.
Oil has leaked through
the exhaust pipe.
Octane petrol was used.
That's why, we couldn't control the
situation when the car caught fire.
Excuse me, sir.
May I know why Subash is
under police custody?
You are?
-I'm Subash's lawyer.
You have arrested him
at the airport at gun point.
Under what case has he been arrested?
Which section?
FIR details?
Even if not for the media,
You ought to answer me.
We suspect him of
kidnapping two people.
Interrogation is going on.
Is this the interrogation?
Is he alive or not?
I want to see him.
He'll be produced at court, tomorrow.
Whatever it is, you can
meet him there.
My friend is a lawyer.
She's headstrong.
-yes, sir.
Media has become aware.
We have to handle this
case carefully, hereafter.
Produce him at court tomorrow
and get permission to interrogate...
...under our custody
for a week.
Okay, sir.
Let me see how this
bloody fellow escapes.
Tell me now.
Where is my son?
Where is my son Deepak?
Whose son should be found out first?
My son,
My son, Deepak.
Don't fight.
I'll give you both, a number.
Whoever gets the line first,
is the winner.
You've given only nine numbers.
At least, find out the rest.
Deepak, dad here.
What? Dad!
Hey, I've been searching for you
all these days.
You orphaned me when I was
five years old, didn't you?
Shit. Wrong number.
Hello, ask me directly for an escort.
Who's Christy?
Christy, dad here.
Hey, is it you?
Hey, where is my son, Deepak?
-Christy, it's
He is the winner.
Christy, first.
Christy, it's dad speaking. Believe me.
-give it to me.
Hey, Christy.
Christy, don't panic.
Uncle, I thought it was Subash.
Tell me, where you are?
Tell me, where you are?
-I don't know where I am.
Give the phone to him.
Dad, I'm afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Where are you?
Ask him to follow only
what I say.
Follow only what I say.
It's very gloomy here, dad.
Ask him to clap twice.
Clap twice.
Dad, the lights are on now.
Ask him whether Deepak is there?
A red colour bag would be there.
Ask him to take that and
do what I say.
If he tries to do
anything smart,
He will be dead the
next moment.
Is there a red colour bag?
Yes, dad.
Go out with that.
The door has a number lock, dad.
Number lock?
That is '4455'
The door opened, dad.
Where are you?
Somewhere near the airport, dad.
Ask him to go to the airport
My fiancee Anitha
will come there.
Don't hang up,
until I ask you.
You go to the airport immediately.
Muthu, you be here.
Check all the departing flights
from now.
Check the IDs also to find out
the destination of the tickets...
...booked in the name of Anitha.
Christy, have you entered
the airport?
Where are you?
I'm near gate 3, dad.
Ask him to go to gate 1.
I have come near gate 1, dad.
What next? Tell us.
There is an ID card and a flight ticket
for him on the side of the bag.
Ask him to show that to
security and enter through gate 1.
I have come inside, dad.
What should be done now?
Ask him to wait at the
check-in counter for Anitha.
Ask him to hand over
the bag to her and leave.
Have you come inside?
Yes, dad.
Check whether anyone
is following you.
No, dad.
The police and public are
near you, aren't they?
They are dad.
So, you're safe!
You stay there.
Within ten minutes, our guys will
be there.
Okay, dad.
You are making a mistake.
With my help, you made
my son...
...wander like a dog.
I'm not going to leave you.
Listen to me.
-hey, stop it.
Why should I listen to you, hereafter?
My son is safe at the airport.
Dad, whatever happens...
Don't leave him.
Kill him there.
What's that sound?
What's that beep sound?
Christy, what are you doing?
Talk to me, man.
Christy, what's happening?
Hey, Christy...
Drop the gun...
Drop the gun...
I said put the gun down...
Drop the gun...
-what happened?
What happened?
Hey, Christy!
Talk to me, man.
Hey, Christy.
Hey, Christy.
Flash news...
Gun shooting at Chennai airport.
One dead.
They killed him...
A young man, entered the
domestic terminal of the airport with a gun.
I already told you
to listen to me.
Now see, you've killed
your own son.
Hey, get me the water.
Hey, get me the water.
Even after the warning
of the CISF soldiers...
...without obliging, he fired the gun.
As a defensive step,
he was shot dead.
You saw that?
This is also Subash's plan.
I can't keep quiet
even after this.
He is under police custody.
How could've he done that?
Why did Christy go to the
airport with a gun?
You don't get it.
He is not a fool to
go to the airport with a gun.
My lord, SI Subash has dealt
an unrelated case in which...
...he had arrested four guys
and locked them up.
In fact, he even threatened
to kill them.
We suspect that he kidnapped
two of them and killed one.
We still aren't aware of the other
person's whereabouts.
Until we get back Deepak alive,
grant us permission... interrogate him under
police custody, for a week.
This is my sincere request, my lord.
Lord, everything is dubious
for the public prosecutor.
They've fixed in their minds that
Bhuvan was killed by Subash.
They arrested Subash in the airport
like a terrorist.
But, after an hour,
Joint Commissioner Sarangan sir...
...informs the media that
it was an accident.
Then, they claim he kidnapped
two other people.
One of them was caught at
the airport with a gun.
So, the CISF soldiers shot him dead.
That was yesterday's breaking news.
Now, they're asking for police custody
again for the sake of another person.
It's clear that the police department
has other motives.
So, I request you not to
grant police custody.
My Lord, here are the flight ticket and video footage
evidences of Subash's trip to Bangalore and Chennai.
I want the right evidence for everything.
No proof is given on your favour.
First, search for the guy
who went missing.
That's your duty.
Then, to interrogate him,
not a week...
...I'll give you just one day.
You shouldn't hit him.
Okay, madam.
You think I'll leave you,
if the judge orders not to hit?
Even if I kill you,
I know how to handle it.
I'll give you an hour.
If possible,
save the other guy.
Sir...sir...Deepak's video.
Sir, we're unable to track this.
Wonder what Cyber crime experts
you all are!
Who'll find out then,
if you aren't able to do?
This programme seems to be
very complicated, sir.
We can source some
illegal hackers and try it.
Legal or illegal,
I just want it.
Just do it I say.
Welcome sir, look at
what he is doing.
Look at him.
Sir, hackers.
-oh, okay.
Just take them there.
In our country, rape has
become a daily news.
Everyone updates their status
on social media that the law...
...must be stringent against rape.
Saying, we would kill
the criminals if we get them...
...and we would
hang them in public,
Is just what we keep saying.
Those who said that are being given
a chance now.
One of the criminals, who raped and
murdered many girls is in front of you now.
Listen to his confession.
Christy, myself,
Bhuvan and Abhijith...
We have raped and
killed many girls.
Recently, we murdered Parvati also.
It'll be over if we trace
this IP address.
If you are ready to punish him,
click the link below.
No one can track
or read your IP address.
I've sent you the link of a game.
Check immediately.
-share it with everyone.
You would've got the
link of a game.
Play that game.
We can punish the culprit
who killed our daughter, on our own.
We've got the chance
to punish a rapist.
I have sent you the
link of a game.
Download and play
that immediately.
Please share this
on all social media.
Oh, no!
-what happened?
The link has started
to spread to all.
I don't think these people
can do this.
JC, I don't mind spending
even crores of money,
I can get somebody from
abroad to do this.
Don't you have common sense, sir?
Excuse me?
Do you know what gas is
set beside your son?
Hydrofluorosilicic acid
with potassium lye.
By the time, you call the
international hacker and explain...
...your son's body will melt
due to the gas flow.
They've set this game
in such a way that...
...the gas would leak while
we play and he'd die.
He has raped and
killed many girls.
When given a chance of killing him
online, why should I deny it?
Oh, god! The public has started
playing the game.
The gas flow has started.
If you can't find the location,
At least, block the website.
Sir, the IP address is changing
every twenty seconds.
Whoever logs in, the website reflects
that IP address as its own.
By giving technical excuses,
you're telling me you can't find him?
Sir, he has done this with
the same technology.
In this technological world,
an expert can do whatever he wants.
It's not possible for him
to do this alone.
It's possible only
if someone helps.
I know how to make him
You know all his plans.
Tell me where Deepak is.
I don't know.
-okay, sir.
I'll tell, Please.
Don't hit him.
Please sir.
Sir, please.
Your life is more important to me...
...than someone's death.
I'm sorry.
Anitha, listen to me.
As soon as you know the
whereabouts of Deepak, inform me.
Okay, sir.
I'll tell you what should be
done to her.
Nobody can play this game if we
disconnect the entire city's internet, am I right?
It's programmed in such a way,
if the current login strength is interrupted...
...the entire gas would release.
At least, find out
who is helping him.
That's what I'm trying, sir.
I will find him.
It's a great place.
Is this the building?
If we shout, nobody can hear us.
-come... come...
How many more floors.
-which side?
This side or that?
Which side?
Did you notice how
his blood pressure is rising?
You've brought him
to the 6th floor.
You should've finished him
on the ground floor.
Hey, go and search on that side.
-okay, sir.
I'm asking you, which side?
Tell me.
Hey, Deepak.
Hey, open the door.
Hey, open it.
Open it.
See, what I'll do now.
This is a crime.
I'm not going to play this.
Will you say this
if it happened to your sister?
Why are you prying into that, brother?
-shut your trap and go.
They should be punished in public,
like in Iran and Iraq.
Sir, by any chance,
if we get a 10 second gap,
That is, if there are no players
for ten seconds...
...I can track where the IP address
is active.
This is our only way, sir.
Hey, glutton...
Instead of talking, do something.
Wait, I'll save you somehow, sir.
I'm searching for an object.
Search for a big object.
-wait, sir.
I got it, sir.
-you got it!
Wait, sir.
Take it and open.
Please, do something to open it.
Do something and open it.
Hey, Ramdass.
I'm coming...
If I come out,
I'll thrash you.
Sir, am I cleaning my ears?
I'm trying to open the door.
-wait, I'll get some policemen, sir.
-don't worry, we'll get him.
Sir, shall I talk to Subash?
Okay, sir.
What you're doing is
not right, Subash.
Aren't you anguished of
doing such a brutal murder?
I feel anguished, sir.
I challenged that those four guys
would be killed by their fathers.
Criminals who rape innocent girls,
And take videos of them and enjoy...
...couldn't be killed by me.
That's why I'm anguished.
Whatever you plan,
at the end of the day... are under my custody.
Don't forget that.
I'm under your custody only.
I'm safe under your custody.
Anitha is also safe.
But, do you know whether your
daughter is safe at your house?
Hey, what do you mean?
A teenage girl...I heard that
some video has come...
Your daughter is precious to you,
But, other girls are crap to you.
Hey, what did you do to her?
What can I do?
I'm under your custody.
But, if you don't go to
your house in ten minutes... can't see your daughter.
Hey, what did you do?
What did you do?
Just ten minutes!
Yes, I got the address, sir.
Give me the address.
Give me the address.
Building no.11,
near Siruseri, OMR.
-I'm coming, wait.
Where is Appu?
-what happened?
-what happened?
-tell me what happened?
Why are you tensed?
Appu, where is your phone?
-it's here, dad.
Then, why didn't you
attend the call?
Your phone is not reachable.
-I didn't receive any call.
Any problem?
Oh, my god!
This game is a crime.
Do you want to be a
part of this killing?
Do you know?
I know what I'm doing.
Dad, if I was in the video instead of
that girl, would you break the laptop?
Just one honest answer, daddy.
Hey Appu, wait...
Tell me what happened?
We have decoded your encryption.
Can't we login for ten seconds
by breaching the security walls?
When you had planned it
brilliantly... shouldn't have given
that ten second loophole.
Operation success.
But, patient dead.
-what happened?
He has hacked all the
systems here, sir.
Sir, tell them to not
go near that spot.
Tell them to not
go near the glass box.
Sir, save me.
Hey, come here and
save my son.
Sir, no.
Don't hit the box.
He killed!
He killed!
He has killed all,
as he said.
I'm the only one left.
He'll kill me too.
Just do something.
Being under police custody,
he is killing everyone.
You couldn't do anything.
I know what to do with him.
Clear his case and let him out.
I'll take over.
I'm not working for you,
to listen to whatever you say.
You don't order me.
Hello, Commissioner sir.
You'll never change.
You have to arrest only
if there is evidence.
Nowadays, you arrest a person
and then look out for evidence.
Leave now.
Simply, wasting the court's time.
JC sir.
-give the phone to Subash.
Tell me.
Don't think that you've escaped
without any evidence.
It's safe for you to remain
under custody.
The case has been closed, just to
get you out and end your life.
They've planned to lynch you
at court itself.
I suggest, just be careful.
I appreciate your thought
of helping me, sir.
You go.
I'll take care.
You're no more!
Even god can't save you.
God won't save me,
But, he will.
Don't you understand?
The rape videos taken by your son and
his friends have been uploaded in the name of 'Redd leaks'...
... safely on the automatic scheduler.
If I don't stop that in an hour,
It'll reach all the media.
The image you built in
the society will tarnish.
Dad, he is lying.
Absolutely no chance of him
having those videos.
Hey, can't I do this
when I could do other things?
Your dead friend, Deepak...right?
I recovered all the videos from
his phone and it's safe in my mail.
Give me your phone,
I'll show you.
Are you afraid?
There's no time.
I must manually overwrite
to stop that.
You were under police custody
all these days.
I asked them to
take you out.
But, now you're saying that the video
will spread in an hour.
It's not possible,
unless you activate it.
I was under custody all these days.
You took me out, gave your phone
and made me activate it.
Dad, we will lynch him here.
Hey, matured people
are speaking.
Don't get tensed.
We don't want those videos.
We know how to deal with it.
But, you can't go alive
from here.
Hey, Sanjay!
Great friendship!
Abhijith, get the car.
What is this?
What are you doing, Sanjay?
My business empire.
Fifty years of reputation.
I won't allow a five minute
video to spoil that.
I'll kill him there
after I get the video.
Till then, don't do anything.
Mark my words.
Flash news.
In the name of 'Redd leaks',
Shocking videos associated with,
'Redd' group are to be released....
...on the internet and media.
-hey, fast, stop it.
Don't worry.
Hey, open it.
I won't kill your son.
A countdown has also been
given by that unknown person... release the videos.
Where are you?
Hey, where are you going?
Where is Abijith?
Dad, don't leave it.
Hold, dad.
Dad, don't leave it.
Dad, hold.
Hold on, Abhijith.
You said that it took fifty years
to build this reputation, isn't it?
But, to save all that,
you're just left with two minutes.
Your son or your
reputation in the society,
You decide.
Stop that.
That's not my job.
Stop it yourself.
This button... Come.
Dad... dad...
Dad... dad...
No, dad...
Don't leave it, dad.
No, dad...
Hold on, Abhijith.
Hold on, Abhijith.
my feet.
I can't, dad.
I can't.
Don't leave it, dad.
Hey Abhijith, come on.
Finally, I gave you a chance
to be a good father.
You missed this one too.
But, there's something
I like about you.
You never thought about anything
when you brought your son up.
Even now you weren't
hesitant to kill him.
The prime suspects,
in the kidnapping case...
...have been murdered mysteriously.
The Anna Nagar police are
intensely interrogating.
It's Suresh reporting for 'News 10' channel
with cameraman Bharathi.
Cover it...
Just a minute, sir.
Sir, a complaint was filed on them
just three days ago.
But, someone has already
lynched them.
Sir, you have attended four cases
after you have been placed here.
In that, two of the accused related
to the cases went missing.
It's written as,
"The law will take its own course".
But, only a series of murders
are happening.
Will you arrest them or not, sir?
Sir, why aren't you replying?
"The law will take its own course".