Adauchi (1964) Movie Script

Participation in 1964 Arts Festival
Produced by
OKAWA Hiroshi
Screenplay by
Filming by
NAKAO Shunichiro
Music by
NAKAMURA Kinnosuke
TANBA Tetsuro MITA Yoshiko
Directed by
IMAI Tadashi
What's going on?
Yeah, horses don't need
fences when they run.
Hurry up! It'll be noon soon.
The matter of revenge
1. Enemy: Okuno Tatsunosuke
2. Avenger: Ezaki Shinpachi
3. Time: At noon on July 10th, 1722
4. Place: Kikyo field in castle town
This is an acknowledged
retribution. Nobody will lodge
a protest after the outcome.
Ogawa Kobei, Superintendent Officer
It's said the morning mist is
passing from Katsuraga hill.
I'm sure it'll be fine weather.
By the way, Ezaki...
Shinpachi isn't going to
have a sudden illness, is he?
We're very careful about that.
Please relax.
Well, I'm impressed with his attitude.
Then, I'll see you at noon
at the track by Kikyo field.
Then, I'm leaving.
We appreciate your visit.
We'll make sure
Tatsunosuke will play fair...
since I, Niwa Denbei, am his guardian.
Please remember this.
Well, I'm impressed with his attitude.
Then, I'll see you by at noon
at the track in Kikyo field.
I worried about rain last night
but it's good it's clear today.
I'm happy about it too.
I'd like many people to see come
and see the revenge today...
not just samurai but also farmers and
merchants, even from nearby villages too.
Both parties are samurai and the
fight will be settled by fortune.
I agree with you.
Is this fence crossed
according to instructions?
Is this done correctly?
Six shaku of bamboo divided into two.
The curving side is placed outside
and tied up double knotted.
It's all according to traditional instruction.
How about the space
between the materials?
Yes, it's 1 jo space.
If my memory serves me right...
Revenge followed by tradition won't
be recorded in the family record.
Is that correct?
That's right.
I expect many people
to gather here by noon.
Make sure the location is neatly kept.
I don't understand...
Today, they have to settle in front of
hundreds of thousands of people...
It began only from a little thing though...
Peace reigns over the land.
Look. This arrowhead isn't shiny.
Although it's a comfortable spring day,
they should be kept under tight control.
Although it isn't shiny now...
all we have to do is to use a
little powder and give it a wipe.
I think your comment
is a little thoughtless...
Oh, when did you start your new job?
A person without a title isn't
supposed to talk so big.
Sir Okuno...
Did you forget that today is a five-day?
In accordance with the rules...
all horse keepers must come to
the castle to take care of arms...
whether or not they have a title.
So I'd say those with no title here,
have a good attitude as horse keepers.
What is the rule for horse keepers!
Their core is missing if they
can't even shine an arrowhead!
I said all we have to do is use a
little powder and give it a wipe!
I think even your workers wouldn't be
able to give such good care to the arms...
Did you say something?
Yes, I wonder if the spears in Sojaban,
your houses, are crystal clear.
You! You, lower class samurai aren't
allowed to talk to me like that!
Let me go! Let me go!
To Sir Ezaki Shinpachi
From Okuno Magodayu
I'd like to show you how all the spears
owned by Okuno Magodayu of Sojaban...
messenger to the shogun with a
120 koku stipend, are shined well.
If you're a swordmaster with your heart...
in the right place befitting
a samurai, come alone.
I'll see you at noon today by
the riverside of Katsura River...
next to the track in Kikyo
field in the castle town.
Don't tell anyone as
this will be a fair fight.
Why did you take part in a duel?
You're strictly prohibited to fight with
anyone unless there's a good reason.
Don't you remember the family rule?
Because Okuno Magodayu sent
me a letter demanding a duel.
I saw the letter at home.
I don't think this situation happened
only because of the letter.
Shume, you stand in front.
We must avoid public eyes.
Take the back street
and go to the mansion.
I don't understand such a maneuver.
Well, it happened because
of a small quarrel...
Magota was short tempered
and started caring too much.
Even though it was his fault, we,
his relatives, should fight back!
I think this is the way
revenge is supposed to be.
What you said is right...
However, Shume...
Revenge was originally
carried out when the ...
head of a family suffers an unfortunate
death and couldn't name a successor.
I don't think now is a good time
to show you know the world.
Even though you don't give permission...
I'll submit the request for revenge
to the head of the clan tomorrow.
I don't want criticisms from Okuno's
brothers and people around.
Eventually the superintendent
officer will examine the case...
and what are you going to do if they
dispense punishment to the Okuno...
because Magota broke the
family rule regarding duels.
Then we can't talk about
revenge any longer.
I'm going to visit Ogawa Kobei,
the superintendent officer.
Wait until I come back
before you do anything...
including letting relatives
know about this.
Niwa, are you sure
everything you said is true?
Yes, I am.
Ezaki, how about you?
Does everything ring true?
Yes, it does.
I understand both parties,
the Okuno and the Ezaki.
In that case, I'll ask how Chief
Retainer Katagai Tanoma decides.
You two wait for me here.
Yes, that's right.
Okuno Magodayu of Sojaban...
and Shinpachi the groom
brother of Ezaki Jubei...
went insane and had a fatal fight.
And Okuno Magodayu
was slightly injured.
Both went insane?
Yes, that's right.
Insane means they became crazy people?
It means two crazy people had a fight?
Are you sure?
Niwa Denbei, the uncle
of Okuno Magodayu...
and Jubei, a brother of Ezaki Shinpachi...
happened to visit my house at
the same time and told me so.
Well, Niwa Denbei was also
repeatedly saying that...
if Okuno Magodayu passed away
he'd like Magodayu's brother...
to become head of the Okuno family.
How is Magodayu's injury?
There is no hope for recovery.
The crazy person finally
becomes normal before death.
By the way, on the other side, Ezaki
Shinpachi, he wasn't injured at all?
That's right.
His brother Jubei said he set
up a room as Shinpachi's jail...
and will never let him out.
It won't be enough punishment
for a crazy man with a sword.
I don't want him to be in my territory.
Then, should I immediately banish him to
remain three leagues out of the territory?
The pointless fatal fight will cost
the Okuno 120 koku stipend...
Okuno Jubei a half of his property...
40 koku stipend for lack of responsibility
in supervising his brother...
would be the right sentence.
But selling out 160 koku stipend is...
a painful loss because of
the tight budget these days.
Well, it's all right.
Giving a severe punishment
isn't the only solution.
We'll load the entire fault
on two crazy people.
Let Niwa Denbei and Ezaki Jubei wait.
I'll consider their requests.
They will have to wait until
I give the official sentences.
Brother, I'm not a madman.
I didn't go insane!
I understand what you'd like to say, but...
Sir, whatever the reason
is, I'm not insane.
Okuno Magodayu fought bravely too.
If we were both labeled as insane.
Not just me, but Okuno Magodayu
won't be able to go to heaven!
Our family history started from...
Wakishaku village in Omi and
Awaji, Sumoto, Banshu, Taso.
You must consider us as a
seven generation dynasty...
that has prospered together
with the Wakishaku family.
I won't be eligible to become head
of the family as I'm not the first son.
I don't care about the
family tree of the Ezaki!
It looks like a stage for entertainment.
People get together to observe and tease
those two people who will kill each other.
He asked for it, but poor Shinpachi...
Three months training in
the mountain temple...
and 100 days preaching
Buddha's teachings...
will give no blessings and mercy...
Well, I didn't know what to do as
he is insane and a murderer too.
Looking after this person
is more than I can handle.
I'm very sorry.
But the crazy person was contrary
to my expectations, very quiet.
More like a tamed cat!
Please continue to look after him.
Especially after his sister Mitsu's visit,
he has become more like a human being.
It's getting hotter. I brought
his summer clothes.
Actually it isn't necessary; Mitsu
brought a girl from town called Ritsu.
Well, well, it must have been
tiring for girls to come up here.
Come this way.
Have a seat there.
Where is Shinpachi?
He's been collecting firewood
in the mountains out back.
They visited him all the way from
Tatsuno. Please tell him to come back.
No, first tell Gosuke to serve tea.
No, wait! Ryonen!
It'll be more refreshing
and better for them...
to see him at the view point in Mt.
Kumomi than in a dark temple.
The girls must have left home early in
the morning and it's now lunch time.
Tell Gosuke so.
Well, I had a hard time to look
after such a trouble maker.
I'm terribly sorry.
Well, he is very calm these days.
How much can he glare in anger
on a mountain in the countryside?
Those who listen to him would only
be mountain monkeys and rabbits...
Nothing he can do even
though he struggles...
It is natural for people to eventually
give up in such an environment.
Shinpachi, you must feel happier
to be regarded as a crazy person.
You look dissatisfied. You're an
atrocious fiend killing a person!
You might be destined to be
executed, if you weren't a samurai.
You should become a monk to pray
for his soul as soon as possible.
Become a monk immediately.
The monk like you, chasing female
peasants or woodcutter's widows?
What are you talking about?
It's one of Buddha's
teachings to give mercy by...
looking after widows
missing bodily warmth.
However Shinpachi, I gave up trying
to make you become a monk today.
You should give up the sword on your
waist and run away to another territory.
Take her hand.
Being a samurai isn't the only
way to be a human being.
Pride and honor don't mean anything.
Heaven and hell are not in the other
world but in this world, in this world...
Look Mitsu, we should
leave the two alone.
The important prior consultation
should be done between two.
Chief priest, you don't have to go.
I'm not going to leave here.
The Okuno placed Shume as head
of the family with no problem.
If time passes by peacefully like now,
I think I'd be able to go back to town.
I think so too.
My father also said that...
people soon forget and his
punishment will be lifted in the future.
I should patiently wait.
Well, if you two think so, I
won't strongly recommend it.
However, I think now is the right
time if you make a big decision.
No one knows what may
happen tomorrow...
especially as the samurai
world isn't ordinary.
I don't know what might
happen in the future.
Look, look, look! Buy this!
Here is a reasonable watermelon,
very sweet! Buy this!
It's only 2 mon. 2 mon! Very fresh!
How about sweet dumplings?
Hey, sweet dumplings
here! Freshly made!
Please buy an umbrella!
Big one or small one, you
should buy one as it's hot today.
How about a cup of tea?
No, no! The best seats are
charged from the morning.
If you want to observe the
unprecedented revenge from this seat...
it'll cost you 16 mon.
It'll go up to 25 mon soon. Make a
decision to take this now, priest.
You won't be able to see such an
interesting event again in your life.
You layman!
No penny priest!
Damn! Devils!
Hey, get away! Give way!
Get out of my way!
Niwa, come and take a look
here before the revenge?
Yes, you're right.
Tatsunosuke is young. He
needs to be prepared for it first.
So I examined topographical features...
the angle of the sun and
the wind direction for him.
If it weren't Tatsunosuke
but Okuno Shume...
you wouldn't have had to
make such a preparation...
Indeed, if it was Shume, I wouldn't
have to worry about anything...
Excuse me.
Shume, your short temper and
rough act ruined my discretion...
However, I understand him...
It's not only because of
him to make him do so...
But that will be it after
inheriting the estate.
No one is willing to cause trouble.
I think Okuno Shume will fail
to defeat Ezaki Shinpachi.
No, even though he mastered
Shinkage Ichi School...
inheriting the estate is more important
than killing Shinpachi by the sword.
Shume might not look so but he's clever.
Magota, he must be
smiling between sobs.
He began the fight with Ezaki
Shinpachi with his pride as a samurai.
However, his brother Shume is
making his way in life instead.
We feel uncomfortable when the talk
stops in the middle of a conversation.
Please continue.
Then, I will break off
the conversation again.
I'm going to kill a crazy man...
at the temple on the mountain in
Harimadakai no Kitakochi very soon.
Don't worry.
I didn't say so because
I care about your chat.
I'm not going to avenge my brother
against the government's judge...
or official's measures.
Just because he was rude.
Ezaki Shinpachi isn't an
ordinary man, he's crazy.
Then, he is like a stray
dog baring his fangs.
Killing such a person won't
create any complaints in public!
How stupid of me to take
a while to realize this.
Thanks to that, Ezaki Shinpachi
has lived an extra 50 days.
Get out of this territory immediately!
This is money you'll need.
He isn't easy.
In case you happen to kill him, the
situation will become more complicated.
Please understand this, Shinpachi.
From here, no one can
go up here by horse.
He'll definitely leave his horse here.
When he sees you, he might ask you
how to get the temple or about me.
Then, tell the samurai to go
this main path. All right?
Then, run up the back street
to let me know he is here.
It's very steep but only
1 /3 of the main path.
Make sure to notify me. All right?
Did he sleep here last night?
Are you sure?
But Ryonen, he appeared from
his room with a sleepy face.
Actually, chief priest...
He sleeps in a different place every
night, living space, main hall, or stable.
Well, why did he
suddenly start doing so...
Ryonen, the samurai that came last
time was from the castle town...
He was...
Yes, he is a mounted guard called Koyama
Samon, if memory serves me right.
Yes, it's him.
Ever since he came here...
Shinpachi behaved like a
crazy man, becoming weird.
What is the matter?
I see, I thought he suddenly
started behaving strangely...
That's why! I see.
The Okuno placed Shume
as the head of the family...
and everything has gone well these days.
No one expected such a
disturbance to happen again...
However, Shume is, proud of his
sword skills and he has the ability.
Regarding his brother's death, people talk
about it and what their expectation was...
Whatever the reason
we don't want trouble...
samurai killing each other in this temple.
You must take Shinpachi home now.
I was wrong...
The sin of killing a person
doesn't easily disappear.
Leave here without seeing him.
He is like a real crazy man.
When I tell him to leave this temple...
he insists he doesn't want to
hide himself from his enemy...
and he won't budge an
inch, no matter what.
I've run out of patience with him.
This is for your sake, give
up on him completely.
And the relationship between
your family and his ended...
since he killed that man.
What do you want!?
We haven't finished talking yet. Get out!
I have something to say to her.
What did you say?
Chief priest...
Sanzaemon from Nishitani village
is here with offerings for Buddha.
Ritsu, who is my replacement
from the castletown...
a man adopted as your husband?
No, I'm not jealous of him or blaming you.
I care about your future and happiness.
You've changed a lot...
You look so different since I
came here with Michi last time.
It's natural since Okuno Shume
had his eye on my head.
Ritsu! Ritsu!
Let me go!
It's unreasonable...
What do you want to do to me!?
As you know, my house
has only my father and me.
My father is a good-natured man and
will listen to whatever I ask of him...
Actually, I've never been
a problem child for him.
If I ask him from the
bottom of my heart...
This will be the one wish in
my life, so he'll be listening...
Moreover, my house is very small
and only earns 40 bales of rice.
He won't say much in case he loses
the house in the next generation.
Leave this territory and
live somewhere far away...
Just the two of us...
I think he'll let us do that...
Absolutely not!
Even though our house only
earns 40 bales of rice...
it's been passed down from our ancestors.
Don't be a fool!
I'll have a reasonable man
adopted as a husband for you.
How will it be possible for me to
face the public without doing so?
I mean, what kind of excuse
can I have for the public?
Prepare the cushion for
the chief retainer's seat.
Yes, it's already done.
Around there is the row for the
army, and mounted guards next to it.
Please allow me to inform you
but I think mounted guards...
and other lower class
samurai are over there.
It doesn't matter if it's so.
Excuse me, but regarding pickles...
one slice for the avenger and
three slices for the other party.
Cut to three parts by sword.
That's just the information
from an unreliable source.
It's just a snack for tea but it
won't be enough for a slice.
4 slices, 4 slices for both parties.
Ashigara Sahei, 4 slices of pickles
for both parties, understood?
By the way Jinza, what time is it?
Yes, it's about an hour until the start.
Both families are well prepared?
Yes, they are.
That chain armor is heavy.
But it will protect you
from a slight sword thrust.
Use this towel to wipe off.
You've improved remarkably.
Young people learn rapidly.
This Kuni is a swift horse.
Still too fast for you to handle.
Oh, not this one.
My brother asked the horse dealer for...
too much of a discount and
he only got a fake article.
This isn't mine, but Magodayu's horse.
But it's miserable we both
can't even have a horse.
I don't want to be reborn as second
or third son in samurai house again!
By the way, it's about time for swimming.
I'll teach you the secrets
of Kankai School this year.
Yes, please!
Who killed Magodayu, heir to the Okuno?
Okuno Shinpachi.
Next heir, his brother Okuno
Shume was killed by?
Answer! Who killed next
heir, Okuno Shume!
Brother! I understand your
regret that Magota was killed.
But everything is over. I don't
understand what you're doing.
A crazy man killed our brother.
Because of it, his 120 koku stipend...
Don't worry about the
rumor spread in town!
I can't do that!
Because I'm regarded as a swordmaster.
And I'm not going to avenge
Magota from the first place.
I'm only going to send a crazy
man to the other world in secret.
Well, by horse...
Left his horse and changed his
straw sandals by my house.
Prepare yourself.
Are you ready?
The crazy man killed again!?
Okuno Shume, said to be the best
Shinkage swordmaster in this town.
He was killed easily...
If it's true, how incredible
theis crazy man is!
What did Okuno come to say?
Even though Niwa Denbei
is a man of the world...
he won't be able to say Okuno Shume
has gone insane so that Tatsunosuke...
his brother would get
to inherit the Okuno.
He said the Okuno can't do
anything in the current situation...
so he'd like to ask your permission
for immediate vengeance.
Well, I guess I must give permission.
It will be a magnificent
revenge when achieved.
The house of Sojaban
with 120 koku stipend...
had two people successively
killed by a person with no title.
The house is in danger.
If the rumor spreads to
other feudal domains...
what are we going to do about it?
What truly happened between
Magodayu and Shinpachi...
wasn't investigated in detail
and they were given...
their punishment in secret, as you
pretend nothing had happened!
What are you thinking about your
duty as the superintendent officer!
We as a feudal clan...
have sensed your difficult situation and...
accepted your report pretending
nothing serious happened!
Although this mismanagement
happened, right, Ezaki?
This mismanagement...
occurred by the misjudgment
of the feudal clan.
Some people said so.
I'm terribly sorry.
It was nothing to do with the
judgment of the feudal clan...
but Okuno Shume made his own decision.
It's too late to say so! Nothing
we can do about it now!
You are obligated to the feudal clan.
I don't mean to talk back to
you, superintendent officer...
The clan officially accepted the petition
for revenge submitted by the Okuno.
It means wherever Shinpachi is, the
Okuno will find him and chop his head off!
He is destined to die.
You should worry about the future
of the house rather than his life.
It's the right way of thinking followed
by the way of samurai, don't you agree?
Now is the time to do so, don't you think?
Jinza, are we required to send
a messenger to both parties?
I myself went to see them early
this morning and confirmed.
There's no way they'll be late.
However, if you wish, I'll send...
No, it's all right.
Look Jinza...
He is still young but Tatsunosuke is
going to stand here with a lion's heart.
On the other hand, Ezaki Shinpachi
won't hesitate to come here...
and confront him with
absolute determination.
Both spirits are incredible.
As you said.
Brother, why?
Why do I have to be killed by
Tatsunosuke without fighting back?
We are both samurai, I don't get it!
Our mother...
She has a request.
Does she?
At least, in your last
moment, work for the house.
As an honorable samurai.
Honorable samurai?
Brother! I...
I was challenged by Okuno
Magodayu and faced him.
To Shume, I had a fair fight!
Being unfair, unlike a samurai...
are you saying Tatsunosuke
should just kill me!
Chief priest!
Atone for your own sins by yourself.
Don't give trouble to other people then.
Ryonen, meal time, meal!
Chief priest.
It is trouble to give consultation
about which there is nothing I can do.
Escape from here.
It looks small but Japan is a wide country.
One person can hide himself anywhere.
You don't know the samurai's code.
The petition of revenge has already
been accepted by the feudal clan.
Wherever I may escape to...
each feudal clan will
regard me as a criminal.
It's not so easy.
So again you wait for him
to come and kill you?
Then, it won't be just one or two people.
I've been praying over these two
tablets morning and night for your sake.
However, a survivor is in a state of
spiritual darkness rather than a dead man.
I'll pray for the one who survives
and is in a state of spiritual darkness.
It's the only thing I can do.
Ezaki Jubei's brother Shinpachi.
I'll examine the case in which he killed
Okuno Magodayu and his brother Shume.
His brother Jubei's
judgment was all at fault.
So Okuno Jubei may be locked
up securely in the castle...
for the purpose of strict
investigation of the case.
Ezaki, come here.
Executives are so angry.
And our lord knows about it.
We can't leave it any longer.
If you can't pursue him...
the feudal clan will send people
to lock Shinpachi up in prison.
When we find out his
body has become weak...
we'll let Okuno Tatsunosuke
avenge his brothers.
The executives have already
decided to do so privately.
However, if it happens it'll
fatally disgrace the Ezaki.
Go now to Kanno temple in Kitakoji.
Has Nishida Ritsu set up a marriage
with someone in the castletown?
I heard Muroi's second son
in charge of the stock room...
will be her husband in the future.
However, this is only
a rumor, understand?
Here, here, thank you very much.
The chief priest kindly
prepared these for us.
It's little early but shall we start?
Sake... He is considerate.
That's because he is such a worldly priest.
By the way, Shinpachi...
What are you going to do?
I told you earlier all about
what the feudal clan wants.
It's only up to you.
I think there are two choices.
Which ever you choose,
it'll be your decision.
Decide to be killed by Tatsunosuke...
Or secretly leave here and
live as long as possible.
You happened to be born
my younger brother.
Because of that, you haven't
been treated very well.
I've been caring about you and
wanting to do something for you.
After all I'm here.
At least, you shouldn't care about the
house or what other people want.
Do what you want to do, by your own will.
I'm coming in.
What do you want?
If you want more sake,
Ryonen will serve you.
What happened?
Thank you very much for
looking after me for so long.
Early tomorrow morning...
I'm going home with my
brother to the castletown.
I see.
Drink this.
Well, the trouble maker
finally leaves home.
I'll be able to relax then.
But I wanted you to spend at
least a whole summer here.
Very cool.
You never feel the hot summer when
you have a nap in the main hall.
Look, I should start packing up.
Ryonen, do you know this song?
Well, it's natural you wouldn't.
It's a song for a riding samurai.
My grandfather, no, even older...
ancestors sang this when they
rode horses or went to battle.
You sound in good sprits.
I should clean dirt mixed with mice
droppings in this falling temple.
What did you say! You
never appreciate anything!
Shinpachi, he already
decided a few days ago.
Well, don't get me wrong.
Shinpachi placed...
the mortuary tablets of Okuno Magodayu
and Shume where no one goes.
In front of those he was quietly
preparing to... to do this.
If he escapes to another
domain, the Ezaki will lose 'face'.
If he confronts enemies here, he
won't be able to defend himself.
He decided to be prepared to do
so, as he can't avoid losing his life.
Although suddenly you came to see him.
I don't know what you said to him...
but he seems to have
decided once more...
to be voluntarily killed by Tatsunosuke.
Anyway, he wishes a peaceful death...
The intention and your
situation should be considered.
But it must be something very serious
when it comes to be prepared for death.
I beg you...
Please give Shinpachi a peaceful
last moment as he wishes.
No, whatever you say, I can't do it!
The way this coming revenge...
But it's...
No, according to the notice
board this morning...
it is just a brutal beating
to death by a mob!
Brutal beating to death!
Koyama, you go a bit too far!
If it's not s brutal beating to
death, it's a sneak attack!
The reason Shinpachi has
come back to the town...
by himself was that he agreed
to be killed by Tatsunosuke.
Sir Shirai, the majority of people say
this elaborate revenge isn't acceptable.
Regarding the matter...
Jubei, Shinpachi's brother,
repeatedly requested this to me.
But we can't change it anymore as it's
already been decided in the meeting.
People start rumors but we shouldn't
care which ones abide by authority.
And even though Shinpachi is prepared...
when he faces death, we never
know what he is going to do.
Yes, as you said.
The Chief retainer has arrived!
There are many more
people than expected.
Did you prepare alright?
Yes, all we have to do is to
wait for both parties arrival.
Is this the seat here for the enemy
and that over there for the avenger?
That's right.
Chain armor and all other
protection prepared?
Checked well about rivets
and straps of straw sandals?
Lucky charm from
Nagusa Hachiman shrine.
Late last night...
Nishida Ritsu quietly visited and
asked me to give this to you.
When I give a sign you must give
a call to become a supporter...
just before Shinpachi takes his sword out.
Regarding this revenge...
we don't know what he might
to do when he is in danger...
even though Shinpachi knows
what he is supposed to do.
As we talked previously...
Tatsunosuke will never have direct
sword contact with Shinpachi.
Do you understand, Tatsunosuke?
Six supporters keep formation,
surrounding Shinpachi and attack him.
When he is badly injured, then
Tatsunosuke comes out to strike.
When Shinpachi falls to the ground...
you quickly give another strike
to his throat or his heart.
All of you, and Tatsunosuke, don't forget
these movements, tactics, and care.
So we go now.
I ask my ancestors for forgiveness.
Bizen Kanemitsu has been
succeeded by each generation.
I must ruin it like this.
However, after my death a
sharpener will fix it again.
As a samurai...
Brother, it's about the time.
Here they come!
Hey, they're here!
Hey, look! That devil look!
Killed two people, two!
I thought he wasn't an ordinary
man; he's just as I thought!
That's right, quickly die!
Avenger: Okuno Tatsunosuke.
Enemy: Ezaki Shinpachi.
The purpose of this revenge is...
to avenge Okuno Tatsunosuke's
brothers, Magodayu and Shume...
who were both killed by
the enemy, Ezaki Shinpachi.
I remind you that this revenge is...
written on an Edo
governmental official note.
The result will not be subject
to objections by anyone.
I, Katakai Tanomo, officially
present and observe this revenge.
Be prepared and do
your best, both of you.
I'm here to support this
revenge, Fujimaki Seibei.
Same here, Satomura Buei.
Same here, Ogasawara Keiichiro.
Same here, Yamaguchi Tetsunoshin.
Same here, Yamaguchi Kinpei.
Same here, Sakakibara Tetsuma.
Supporters aren't needed here, no need!
Supporters aren't necessary!
Supporters aren't needed!
Someone, someone, Kobe!
Bring someone with ability!
Kobe, someone!
Mounted guards! Lower
class samurais! Stand in!
This is an order! Go!
An order! Go!
Get out! Get out of my way!
Finish him, Tatsunosuke!
Finish him off!
I heard Ezaki Jubei was given
an extra 20 koku stipend.
Executives, they were about to die.
But thanks for Sir Ezaki.
It was a brilliant revenge indeed.
Foot Soldier Sahei...
Extinguish the fire and wrap
up as soon as possible.
Oh, Sir Shiraki...
You're here at the right time.
Please accept the wishes
of all us foot soldiers.
We want more... more sake.
We had to do an awful job
and witnessed scenes more...
terrible than we could take today.
Only lots of sake can cure us.
Sir Shiraki, more sake please.
Well, well, please don't
give me a hard time.
Quickly tidy up here, all right?
Foot Soldier Sakai?
What do you want?
I heard Ezaki Shinpachi's body
would return after the evening.
Yes, only one body is left here.
Please take it fast! Quickly!
About a half hour ago,
Ezaki Jubei came here.
But he was only sitting by the body...
Killing his own brother
brought him an extra stipend!
No wonder he couldn't
move with happiness!
What did you say?
I can't see because of
darkness. Whereabouts?
At the central two pine trees!
Sir Ezaki?
Sir Ezaki?
Sir Ezaki!