Adeline (2022) Movie Script


[Native American-style
flute and drum music]

[uplifting string music]

Kay: Hey, Adeline, we made it.
[Adeline whinnies]
I know, sweetie, I know.
Imagine what you can do here.

John: Heavenly Father, we
thank you for the food
we are about to receive.
Watch over those who
need your guidance most
in their times of trouble.
In Jesus's name, Amen.
Terry: Amen.
Oh, you know what?
Somebody bought that old
farm out on State Route 47.
John: You're kidding.
Terry: Yeah.
John: How did you find out?
Terry: Milly.
John: Well, if anybody
would know--
Terry: You know what?
John, Milly is an
informed citizen.
John: Uh-huh.
You want everyone in
town to know something,
just tell Milly
it's a secret.
Terry: Be good to do
something nice for her.
John: Milly?
Terry: No, our new neighbor.
She drove all the way here with
just a horse for company.
So, I don't know, maybe
we do a little barbecue,
everybody brings
something over,
and do it at her new farm!
John: The whole town just
walk on over without
even a how-do-you-do?
Terry: It was just a thought.
I'll be back.
John: It's a good one.
Why don't I announce
it on Sunday?
Unless you think Milly could
spread the word faster.
[both chuckle]
Terry: So bad.
There you go, bud.
Milly also mentioned a new
support group in Columbus
for parents of
autistic children.
Might be nice to talk
to some people who know
what we're going through.
John: Going through?
Terry: It just might
help to talk.
I know it would help me.
John: Well, then,
you can go.
I need to be at church.
Terry: You are
always at church.
You just don't get a lot of
alone time, you know, to vent.
John: We've put him
through enough, dear.
Terry: I'm not ready
to give up hope.
John: Hope's good.
But the pain when it fails...
I can't watch your
hopes get crushed again.
This is the path
God has laid for us.
We have to walk--
Terry: I hate when
you preach at me.
John: Well, you
married a preacher.
[both laugh]
For better or for worse.
Terry: Okay, that's fair.
I just want what's
best for our son.
Same as you.
And maybe this will just
help us be better for him.
John: Where exactly did Milly
hear about this support group?
Terry: Facebook.
John: Okay, fine.
Look it up.
No promises, though.
Terry: Okay!
John: I love you, champ.
Good boy.
[night insects whirr]
[dogs bark in distance]
[lighter snicks]
[fire crackles]
[loud rustle]
[somber music]

Kay: Adeline!
Let's go make a new friend.
[uplifting string music]
[Adeline whinnies]
Matt: Come on, Jason!
Keep him under control, boy!
You got it.
Jason: Whoa!
Yankee, stop!
Trot, Yankee, come on.
Hey, come on, let's go!
Matt: You're the boss, son!
Jason: I can't hold on,
he's too wild!
[Yankee snorts]
Matt: Jason, are
you all right?
Jason: Come on, Yankee, why
you got to make this so hard?
[Yankee neighs]
Matt: Yankee ain't ready!
Jason: He sure is
stubborn, Pop.
But I'll break him!
Give it another go
after my morning chores.
Matt: Before you
do anything else,
you go clean up
that head of yours.
Jason: Oh, I'm definitely
going to break him now!
Matt: Go get cleaned up, boy.
[both chuckle]
Kay: That's a tough
son you have there.
Matt: Yeah, I'm
lucky to have him.
His mother died giving
birth, you know.
He should have died,
too, but wouldn't quit.
I like to think
that when she died,
she passed her
grit on to him.
Kay: I'm sure she did.
Matt: So, Ms. Miller, you're
in the market for another horse.
Kay: Yes, I am.
Mr. Henderson.
[both laugh]
Kay: Kay.
Matt: Matt.
Kay: So, I'd like
to buy one today.
And then maybe another
in a few weeks.
Matt: Oh.
Kay: Are these all Appaloosas?
Matt: No, but the
ones that are come
from Chuck Schroeder's stock.
Got registration papers
for all of them.
Kay: And that one?
[Matt laughs]
Matt: Oh yeah, he's exactly
what you're looking for.
No, Yankee ain't ready.
If you're looking for
a good, reliable horse,
I'd recommend
Charm over there.
Now, she comes from a long
line of show horses who have--
Kay: You beautiful
yellow thing!
Adeline seems to like you.
How much did you say
you wanted for him?

Susan: He's here.
[John inhales]
Susan: One minute,
everything's fine,
and then the next minute she's
lighting something on fire.
John: I know this
isn't the first time.
But fostering Bethany is
doing the Lord's work.
Jeff: We're just at
our wit's end, John.
That's the honest
to God truth.
John: I feel your
pain, and it's okay.
Jeff, it's okay
to be emotional.
These are very difficult
issues you're dealing with.
I don't know what the
Lord's plan is for her,
but I know he
does have a plan.
And I'm here for you, okay?
Susan: Reverend, I'm sorry.
We didn't ask you
over here for advice.
John: Oh.
Susan: She's really too
much for us to handle.
John: And you're
sure about this.
Jeff: We've talked
about it, John, a lot.
[both sniffle]
John: And then a lawyer
stood up and asked, Teacher,
what exactly do I have to
do to inherit eternal life?
Nothing like a lawyer to get
right to the point, huh?
[congregation laughs]
So Jesus asked, what
does the law say?
The lawyer gets it right:
Love the Lord, your God,
with all you've got.
Jesus says, yep.
But the lawyer raises
the obvious question:
okay, but, who is my neighbor?
The answer?
Every single human being,
friend or enemy,
that's your neighbor and mine.
Now, as most of you all know,
we have ourselves a new neighbor
here in York's Creek down at
the old Macon Farm, Kay Miller.
And my very smart and
beautiful wife thought
it would be a good idea to show
her that she's surrounded on
all sides by good neighbors.
Congregation: Amen!
John: Amen?
Congregation: Amen!
John: There we go.
So what do you say next Sunday
after church we all head on over
and throw Kay a little
potluck barbecue-- yeah?
Congregation: Yes!
John: All right.
Now, go in peace and
may God be with you.
Oh, Betty, Betty, wait.
Hey, can we count on you for
your famous potato salad?
Betty: All right.
John: Thank you.
Have a wonderful day.
[Congregation claps]
Woman: Bye, thank you!
John: Hi, thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Bye, thanks.
Betty: Lovely sermon, Pastor.
John: Thank you, Betty.
I'm serious about
that salad, now.
It won't be a welcome
party without it.
Milly: Such a
fine idea, Pastor.
Terry, you ought to
come down to the salon
so we can start planning.
For the life of me, I just
can't think of what to bring!
John: Oh, don't worry, Milly,
you'll think of something.
And if you don't, you can always
find a recipe on Facebook.
Take care, now.
Terry: You are so--
John: It's Milly, come on.
Terry: Come on.
John: It's Milly!
Terry: It's so
obvious, though!
John: No, it's not!
[rooster crows]

[gate creaks open]
[horses whinny]
[horse whinnies]
Terry: Okay, come on, bud.
Let's go.
[knocks on door]
Kay: Can I help you?
John: Ms. Miller, I'm
Rev. John Sommers.
This is my wife Terry
and our son Adam.
My wife and I thought, well...
Terry: We thought you might
like a welcoming party.
Kay: All right.
Let's give it a go!
Please, please, come in.
I'm just getting
settled, but--
John: Sorry, Kay, I don't
think everyone's going to fit.
[car door slams]
Kay: Oh.
That's a lot of people.
John: We had to invite
everyone, you know.
Terry: We don't do
anything halfway.
John: No.
Kay: Absolutely.
Come on in.
John: Come on in!
Kay: This is such
a nice surprise.
Milly: Well, we had to welcome
our newest neighbor.
Kay: I definitely
feel welcomed.
Terry: Good.
Kay: Terry, who's that your
husband's talking to?
Terry: Oh, that is
Jeff and Susan Wilson.
Probably having trouble
with Bethany again.
Milly: Oh yeah.
Kay: Who's Bethany?
Milly: The town crazy.
Every town has one
and Bethany is ours.
Terry: That's enough, Milly.
Let's not drag Kay into drama
she doesn't have to worry about.
Kay: Oh my, I don't
think that we've met.
Milly: Oh, how rude of me!
Milly Soames.
I own the beauty parlor and
I would love to do something
with that hair, if you'd like.
Kay: Excuse me for a minute.
Terry: Sure.
Milly: I didn't offend
her, do you think?
I mean, her hair looks okay.
[door creaks open]
[Yankee neighs]
[Yankee neighs]
[clopping footsteps]
[pensive music]

[Bethany gasps]

Kay: So, you've met Adeline.
Bethany: I wasn't doing
anything wrong.
Kay: I know.
You wander off on
your own a lot?
Your parents must get
awfully worried about you.
Bethany: They're not
my real parents
and they couldn't
care less about me.
Kay: You don't need to use
that tone with me, Bethany.
Bethany: How do
you know my name?
Kay: A little bird told me.
Bethany: A little bird.
More like that cow,
Milly Soames.
Kay: And I don't
like name-calling.
Bethany: Who are you, anyways?
Kay: I'm Kay, this is my farm,
and these are my horses.
Bethany: What are
they, rescues?
Kay: No, kind of the
opposite, really.
Bethany: Right.
Yeah, I'm going to go.
[Adeline snorts]
Kay: Now, what makes you
think that your parents
don't care about you?
Bethany: Foster parents.
I heard them talking to the
Reverend the other day.
They don't want me.
Said I'm too much
for them to handle.
Kay: Maybe you just
Bethany: There's nothing
to misunderstand.
They don't want me.
Why should they?
None of the others did.

Susan: Bethany!
What on earth?
Milly: I knew we'd
find her in the barn.
All this hay must have
seemed like striking gold!
Susan: Bethany!

Milly: Rev. Sommers,
Rev. Sommers!
Bethany tried to
burn the barn down!
Kay: Look, you
need to shut up.
She did nothing of the sort.
Aren't any of you
going to go after her?
Jeff: If we did, she'd
just keep running.
Best we just let her be.
She'll be back after dark.
Milly: That's hardly
Jeff: I'm not going
to keep her on
24-hour surveillance, Milly.
Can you just mind your
own business for once?
John: Jeff, Jeff,
let's just calm down.
Jeff: I'm sorry, Reverend,
but the day I start taking
parenting advice
from Milly Soames...
John: Kay, what happened?
Kay: She just wanted to see
the horses, that's all.
We started talking and--
Susan: She talked to you?
She won't even talk
to her psychiatrist.
Kay: Psychiatrist.
John: Bethany has some
serious emotional
and psychological problems.
Jeff: She's a
pyromaniac, John.
She's been diagnosed.
Just call it what it is.
Kay: So you thought she was
trying to burn my barn down.
Susan: We love her.
We do, but we don't
know how to help her.
She can't control it.
Kay: How many families
has she been with?
John: Five, and some
of them were bad.
Really, really bad.
She's barely 15.
Kay: Well, what if I take her?
If that's all right with
you and okay with her,
maybe she can stay
with me for a while.
Susan: I'm sorry,
did you say move in?
Kay: Well, with
your permission.
And I could become her
temporary guardian.
You know, just for a little
bit and see how we do,
and go from there.
John: Kay, I don't
think you understand
the whole situation here.
Kay: Oh, I do understand
it perfectly.
She's not the first lost
soul I've come across.
I know how she feels.
John: I'm at a loss.
But, ask and ye shall
receive sayeth the Lord.
Jeff: Amen, Reverend.
Ms. Kay, I--
Susan: Oh.
Kay: Oh!
[John claps]
So, this is your room.
I'm sorry it's so small, but
you got to start somewhere.
It's a small house.
Bethany: It's fine.
Thanks, Ms. Miller.
Kay: Kay, call me Kay.
None of this Ms. Miller stuff.
If anything, we're roommates.
Maybe down the road, friends?
Who knows, got to
start somewhere.
Bethany: What's that?
Kay: Oh, that was given
for a special horse
I once knew by the
name of Old Mac.
It was given to
him when he was 50,
making him the oldest
living horse in America.
Bethany: Knew.
So, he died then?
Kay: Yeah, yeah,
some years ago.
Bethany: Oh.
Kay: Right.
So, uh, this is your room now,
and you're welcome to
decorate it any way
that you'd like.
I can take that plaque down
and you can paint the walls,
put up posters of...
whatever you girls
are into these days.
Bethany: Jason Momoa.
Kay: Jason...
okay, all right.
Chores, let's talk
about chores.
I hope you like it here.
I know you've been
through a lot.

Jason: Hey, watch your
head there, girl.
[Adeline whinnies]
Kay: Hey, Jason!
Jason: Oh, hey!
Kay: Thanks for all
your help today.
Jason: Oh, it's nothing.
Kay: You want to take a break?
Jason: Sure, thanks.
Kay: Have a seat.
Jason: Yeah.
Kay: It's nice of your dad
to let me have you for
a couple of days
and help out here.
Jason: Hey, give that back
to me, you silly horse!
Kay: Silly horse is right!
[Kay laughs]
Oh, she sure is
sassy, isn't she?
Jason: Is that
why you got her?
Kay: Well, not exactly.
Although she is a character.
Jason: Don't you just love
being center of attention?
Kay: This horse was given to
me by a dear friend of mine
a long time ago.
Adeline is a very special
horse with many gifts.
Jason: She sure is.
She's gorgeous.
Kay: Aren't you, Adeline?
Huh, aren't you?
I don't know what
I'd do without her.
Matt: Yankee, the
most stubborn,
ornery horse I have ever seen,
is suddenly as gentle
as an angel.
And, mind you, this is
five minutes after
he cracked Jason's head open.
And he's bound to her like
she's some queen or something.
I've never seen
anything like it.
John: I've seen some circus
horses do that once.
It's a neat trick.
Matt: Yeah, but a
horse like Yankee?
She up and bought
him, then and there.
John: You try and
talk her out of it?
Matt: Yeah, but she said she
knew what she was doing.
John: Just think with
Bethany, knows her
five minutes then, bam.
Not quite sure what to
make of this woman, Matt.
Matt: Oh, come on,
John, she's nice.
John: Hey, you remember
Mr. Macon's horse, Samson?
Matt: How could I forget?
Stud for the ages,
fast as the wind.
John: Ever tell you I snuck
out and took him out
for a ride once?
Matt: What?
No, you did not.
John: Rode him about 50 yards
before he bucked me off.
I rolled away, but he just
turned and charged me
like a bull.
Never forget that.
[Matt laughs]
Matt: Sorry.
I guess I never told you!
I got grounded for it.
John: What!
You had to know it was me.
Matt: Of course I did!
Nobody else was that reckless,
and it wasn't me
causing trouble.
John: Why didn't
you tell anyone?
Matt: Always back your
best friend's play.
John: Amen to that.
Matt: Amen to that.
Why don't you say a prayer
for the fish now.
Woman: So sudden.
People tried to warn her.
Poor thing.
That farm's going to
be ashes in a month.
Milly: Well, I for one, think
there's something just
not right about that woman.
Woman: She seemed nice to me.
Milly: So did your ex.
All I'm saying is if
something's too good to be
true, it probably is.
Woman: Ooh, yes, Milly.
Terry: Well, now, you
all need to ease up.
That poor girl has got a
history of abuse and neglect,
and I think it was very
nice of Kay to take her in.
Milly: She's got a history of
setting things on fire
and watching them burn.
If that's not
basket-case material,
I don't know what--
[door bells jingle]
Kay: Excuse me, ladies, am
I interrupting something?
Terry: Not at all.
Kay, would you
like to join us?
Kay: Actually, I was hoping
to have a quick word.
Do you mind?
Terry: Of course.
Baby, mommy is going
to go outside
with the nice
horse lady, okay?
Kay: Again, ladies,
my apologies.
[door bells jingle]
Milly: What do you
think that's about?
Kay: Sorry about
interrupting the--
Terry: Gossip circle?
[both laugh]
It's okay.
Kay: I actually wanted to
invite you and Adam out to
the farm as a thank you for
that wonderful welcome party.
Terry: Oh.
Kay: I thought maybe Adam
might like a ride on Adeline.
Terry: Oh, umm, uh, that's...
it's very nice of you.
I'm not sure it's
a great idea.
Kay: Well, Adam will be
perfectly safe, I promise.
Terry: Well...
well, it sounds wonderful.
I'll speak to John about it.
Thank you!
Thanks, very much.
Kay: Sure.
We'll see you soon.
Terry: Okay.
[Terry sighs]
John: All right, I will
see you all on Sunday.
Meeting adjourned.
Matt: Hey, John.
John: What's up, buddy?
Matt: Guess what?
Our new neighbor is coming over
tomorrow to buy another horse.
John: Another one?
Matt: I know!
She's the talk of the town.
John: Maybe that's her goal.
Matt: What do you mean?
John: She seems to enjoy it,
surprising people,
acting unusual.
It's strange.
Matt: Strange how
nice she is, you mean?
John: No, no, no.
It's got nothing
with being nice.
Something about her, it just
doesn't sit right with me.
I can't put my
finger on it, but--
Matt: But?
John: I'm starting to think
we might have thrown that
welcome party a
little too quick.
[pensive music]

[lighter snicks]

[lighter snicks]

[lighter snicks]

[lighter snicks]
[Adeline wickers]

Bethany: I'm sorry.
I don't want to be like
this, I'm so sorry!
[hitching sobs]

Kay: How are the horses?
Bethany: I'll go pack.
Kay: Now, why
would you do that?
What were you
doing in the barn?
Bethany: I was going
to set it on fire.
But Adeline,
she stopped me.
Kay: How?
Bethany: She just
looked at me...
with that weird blue eye.
It was like she was
looking right through me.
It felt like I just woke up.
It's hard to explain,
but nobody's ever
looked at me like that.
And just like that, I didn't
want the fire anymore.
I know it sounds
crazy, but it's true.
She really did look at me.
Kay: I believe you, Bethany.
Bethany: You do?
Kay: Adeline's a
very special horse.
Bethany: So, is this
going to last?
Am I cured?
Kay: I don't know.
Everyone's different.
But the more you're around
Adeline, the more--
Bethany: So I still
might be crazy.
Kay: Bethany, don't--
Bethany: No, it's fine.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I'll go pack.
Kay: You will do nothing
of the sort, young lady.
You're not going anywhere.
If you think I'm going
to chuck you out after
your first mistake, then
maybe you are crazy.
Bethany: I was going
to burn your barn down!
Kay: You were, but
you chose not to.
And that choice
is very important.
Bethany: It was Adeline,
she stopped me.
Kay: Adeline knew what
you were about to do.
She needs you to let it go.
Bethany: I don't understand.
Kay: You will.

Adam, open your eyes.
[Terry gasps]
Terry: I so appreciate you
inviting us out like this.
Adam has never been around
horses and he's not big
on new situations, but he
seems to like Adeline.
Kay: I thought he might.
[Terry chuckles]
Terry: Bethany seems
to be adjusting well.
Kay: She's a brave girl.
Terry: And how are
you adjusting having
a teenager under your roof?
Kay: Oh, it's not much
different than wrangling
an ornery horse, really.
[both laugh]

Bethany: Come to get
a look at the freak?
Jason: Huh?
Bethany: Well, you can leave,
I'm not planning on setting
anything on fire anytime soon.
You're wasting your time.
Jason: I'm sorry, I have no
idea what you're talking about.
Bethany: Don't make fun of me.
Jason: I'm not.
I just really like horses.
I'm home-schooled, I just
help out at the farm.
Just taking a break.
Bethany: Oh, sorry.
Jason: It's okay.
People make fun
of you a lot, huh?
Bethany: Since the day I
was born, it feels like.
The crazy girl.
Jason: Hmm.
Some people.
Why do they think
you're crazy?
Bethany: Because I am.
Jason: You don't seem crazy.
So, Yankee is your horse?
Bethany: Mm-hmm.
Well, sort of.
Jason: He sure is beautiful.
I wish I had my own horse.
Bethany: Kay picked
up two last week
and bought one yesterday
as an adoption present.
If you tease me about being
adopted, I swear I'll hit you.
Jason: Whoa, relax.
We just met.
Why would I make fun of you?
I'm Jason.
Bethany: I'm Bethany.
Jason: Nice to meet you.
If you can tame Yankee, you
must be pretty special.
Terry: And Bethany's problem?
Kay: Is that you asking, or
Milly and the gossip circle?
Terry: Oh, no, I'm just
concerned about your safety.
Kay: Well, thank you.
I mean, everything
is going just fine.
Terry: You got her seeing
a new psychiatrist?
Kay: Oh, Bethany doesn't
need a knew psychiatrist.
She's seeing Adeline.
Terry: Your horse?
Kay: Mm-hmm.
Adeline's a medicine horse.
Terry: Would you look at that.
I've never seen him do
anything like that,
not in eight years.
He's-- hey, buddy.
He's so calm.
Kay: He and Adeline are
sharing space right now.
[Terry laughs]
Terry: Hey, baby!
Do you like her?
Thank you.
Thank you.

Don't look at me
like that, John!
I know, I know how it sounds.
But it's not the first time
Adeline's done this.
John: Healed?
What in Heaven's name
are you saying?
Terry: Don't get upset.
I can't explain
it any more--
John: Okay, okay, I'll
explain it for you.
Adam's never been on a horse
before and for some reason
it calmed him down.
But healed?
We have no idea what
Kay's background is.
For all we know, she's
like some sort of--
Terry: Okay, what are
you talking about?
She didn't cast
a spell on him,
she just let him
ride her horse.
After all this time,
all the doctors,
if there's finally something
that might help our son
can't we just at
least explore it or--
John: Terry, you're
getting taken in.
He's not healed, you just
want to believe he is.
Terry: Open your eyes,
look at him.
John: You look at him.
That is our son.
That is how he is.
The Lord is sovereign and
this was his decision,
and no amount of hoping or
praying or magic horses
is going to change that.
Terry: That's not
what's going on.
John: We can't subject
Adam to anything else.
Terry, can you
trust me on this?
Terry: Yeah.
[Terry sighs]

[voices murmur]
Kay: Hello, John,
everything all right?
John: What is
going on in here?
Kay: Why don't we go
outside and talk?
John: How can you prey
on these people?
Kay: John, I don't know
what you're talking about.
John: Medicine horses?
They're animals.
Kay: You know, the Navajo
consider the horse as a gift
from the Great Spirit,
a means of healing.
They don't even call
them medicine horses,
they just say horse.
Lee-gee is their word.
John: Fascinating.
Kay: How's Adam?
John, you misunderstand me.
John: I don't know
what you're after...
but I'm going to find out.

Tim: You're telling me she
calls them magic horses.
John: Of course not, Tim, she
calls them medicine horses.
That's not the point.
She's lying to these people.
Tim: John, as far as I
can tell she lets kids
ride her horses.
That's not a crime.
In fact, I think
it's kind of sweet.
John: She tells the parents
that the horses
are healing their kids.
I mean, if she's taking
money from them, too,
that's fraud, isn't it?
Tim: All right, I'll
pay her a visit.
But so help me, if I find out
she's just a nice lady
letting children ride her
horses, you need to drop it.
You hear me?
John: Okay.
Tim: Doesn't look good,
having the local Pastor
start a witch hunt.
John: Just check it out, okay?
[Tim grunts]
That knee, huh?
Tim: Yeah.
[Adam grunts]
Terry: Adam, Adam, shh!
Hey, hey!
Baby, it's okay, it's okay,
we're almost there, okay?
Just a few more minutes.
Mama's going to make
it better, okay?
Almost there.
[voices murmur]
Kay: Okay, she's finished.
[voices murmur]
Terry: Hi!
Kay: Hey!
Hey, there, Adam.
How are you, champ?
[Kay chuckles]
I'm glad you're back.
There's a bit of a wait,
but if you don't mind?
Terry: No, no, no,
we don't mind at all.
Do we, Adam, huh?
Okay, we're just
going to go sit.
Mother: Busy today.
Terry: Boy, you're telling me.
You guys from around here?
Mother: Memphis, actually.
Terry: Tennessee?
Father: You know another one?
Terry: It's quite a ways.
Mother: We would have driven
further if we had to.
You know, after we read
Dr. Miller's study on
the effectiveness of
equine therapy,
we knew we had
to bring Lacey.
Father: M-S.
Mother: Mmm.
Terry: I'm sorry, did you
say Dr. Miller?
Mother: That's right,
Doctor of Psychology,
PhD in Holistic Medicine.
You didn't know?
Terry: It never came up.
Mother: I'm not going to lie,
we were a little skeptical.
Over 30 specialists, you know?
Terry: I do know.
Still, to come
all this way is--
Father: Oh, that's nothing.
That family over there,
they came from Beijing.
Jason: Isn't that
the preacher's wife?
Bethany: Yeah, her
son's got autism.
Jason: Man, couldn't
imagine that.
Being normal inside,
really smart actually,
but stuck in your
own little world.
Bethany: He doesn't talk.
At all.
Makes my problem seem
pretty stupid, huh?
Jason: Hey, now, go easy.
You don't get to
choose the bad things
that have happened to us.
No sense comparing.
Me, I never knew my mom.
Some people got
it worse, sure.
But I still miss her
and it still hurts.
I don't got to apologize.
My dad says my mom
really liked horses.
Maybe that's why
I like them too.
[church bell tolls]
John: 2 Corinthians 11:14...
Even Satan himself masquerades
as an Angel of Light.
Did you hear that?
Just because it looks good
doesn't mean it is good.
We got to be careful, family.
We got to stay close to the
Truth or we may find
ourselves conned by our
own wishful thinking.

[Terry laughs]
Terry: He loves her!
Tim: All right,
that's about it.
Mother: Thank you.
Tim: Been a real pleasure
spending the afternoon with
you and your horses, Ms. Kay.
I'll tell the
Reverend he can relax.
Kay: Thank you, Sheriff.
You're welcome any time.
Tim: Thanks.
Kay: I hope your knee
is feeling better.
Tim: Oh, it's--

How did you know about that?
Terry: Everything all right?
I truly cannot believe it.
[Terry sighs]
He was diagnosed
at two and a half.
And he would have these
episodes where he would
just scream, like for hours.
We tried everything.
Behavioral therapy
and medication and...
he's just always been...
I mean, you've seen him.
John figured it's just
how God meant him to be.
And honestly, I
couldn't argue.
But now, just...
Kay, I...
I had to sneak Adam
over here today.
John doesn't want us here.
Kay: I know.
He made that very clear when
he stopped by the other day.
Terry: He was here?
Kay: I tried talking to him.
It was John who asked
Sheriff Dooley to come over
and check things out.
Terry: Oh my goodness,
I'm, I am so sorry.
I'm, I'm-- John was
not always like this.
He wasn't.
But when Adam was
diagnosed he just...
I don't know, he changed.
And he says he's
fine, but he's...
now we actually have
something that's working
and he's, he's just--
Kay: Fearful.
Terry: Well, I was
going to say stubborn.
Kay: Oh, that too.
It's human nature.
Terry: I just wish he could
see what's happening here.
Maybe some medical
explanation or...
Kay: I think I can
help with that.
Terry: Really?
Kay: Really.
But it's getting late, so
why don't you and Adam stay
for dinner and we can talk?
Terry: Is it, is it
dinner time already?
How long have we been here?
Thank you so much for the
offer, but we really,
we should probably
get going, okay?
You ready to go, buddy, huh?
You ready?
Thank you so much.
Adam: More.
[Terry gasps]
Terry: Did you hear that?
Did you hear him?
He said, he said more.
You said more!
Oh my gosh, baby!
You said more.
He's never done that before!
That was the most beautiful
sound I've ever heard.
You know what?
We will give you
a little more.
We will wait a minute.

Goodness, you are
getting so heavy.
Ooh, there we go.
My little limp noodle.
There we are.
John, listen, our
son spoke today.
Okay, he was sitting on
Adeline and they went
to take him down,
and he said more.
He said more, John!
John: That's impossible.
Terry: No, it's
true, I was there!
John: No, I don't know
what you think you heard.
Terry: I heard our son's
voice is what I heard!
John: Adam can't talk.
Terry: Why don't
you believe me?
John: Adam can't talk!
Terry, she's a fraud.
It's all just a big act.
I'm sure it was convincing,
and I don't blame you,
but you need to
open your eyes.
Sheriff Dooley is
going to expose her--
Terry: Oh, Sheriff Dooley?
John: Yeah.
Terry: He was
there today, John.
He was there!
He thanked her for a wonderful
day with the horses.
You are the only one
who thinks that
there is something
wrong there!
John: I can see
you're too far gone.
I'm going to look
after Adam from now on.
Terry: Stop it.
John: I'm going to take him
to all his appointments
with Dr. Anders, take care
of his daily needs--
Terry: John, are you not
seeing what's going on?
John: I'm the only one
who sees what's going on,
and I'm doing what's
best for Adam.
Terry: No, I will
not let you do this.
I won't, you can't.
She's helping him!
John: No!
I'm helping him.
Terry: John, you don't--
[hitching sobs]
Tim: Gentlemen, Dr. Kay never
asked anyone for money.
They just donated, okay?
So as far as I can tell,
that's not against the law.
In fact, she's so broke she
can barely keep the lights on.
And everyone says
the same thing...
Dr. Kay and her horses are
saving my child's life.
Dr. Kay and her horses
are performing miracles.
We have prayed for someone
like Dr. Kay and her horses
since the day our
daughter was born.
Matt: Told you, John.
She's just a nice woman.
Tim: Yeah, there's just
one kind of odd thing.
There is no record of a
Dr. Kay Miller anywhere
in the state of New Mexico.
There is no record of a
Dr. Kay Miller anywhere
in the entire United States, not
so much as a birth certificate,
a passport, or a
driver's license.
So, what?
So maybe he's lying about
the whole doctor thing.
Maybe she's lying about who
she is or where she's from.
But running away from your
past does not necessarily
make you a criminal.
So, gentlemen, other than not
being able to prove that this
woman even exists, as far as I
can tell she's about as close
to being a saint as
anyone I've ever met.
[Matt chuckles]
Matt: You see?
Luke: Hey, Zippo!
Can I borrow a light?
Hey, I said, can
I borrow a light?
[sycophant laughs]
You deaf, Zippo?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Boy: Man, forget it.
Luke: What?
You afraid of getting burned?
Boy: No, just don't want
to miss the movie.
Luke: Shut up, this is
better than a movie.
Hey, can I borrow a light?
Jason: Hey, sorry
for running late.
My dad should be
along shortly.
Luke: Hey, man, you
know your girlfriend
is freaking crazy, right?
Doesn't she live with the
weird voodoo horse lady?
Bethany: Jason, don't.
It's not worth it.
Jason: Yeah?
But you are.
Boy: Come on, let's go.
[thugs chuckle]
Luke: You got a
problem with me, boy?
Jason: No, not as
long as you apologize.
Boy: Ooh.
Luke: And what if I
don't want to, hero?
Jason: Maybe I'll
talk you into it.
Luke: You don't look like
you're much of a talker.
Boy: Get him, Luke.
Boy: Man, we're going
to miss the movie.
Luke: Relax!
He's as crazy as his
little girlfriend!
Jason: Well, you know,
that's the funny thing
about crazy people.
You never really know
what they're capable of.
Luke: Come on, you all.
[both grunt]
Boy: Oh!
Lost that bet!
Jason: Now, apologize.
[Jason stomps]
Luke: I'm sorry!
Just having some fun, man.
Milly: What are
you all doing here!
Boy: Let's go, let's go.
Milly: You want to tell me
how that boy got that gusher?
Jason: Just a little
discussion about manners,
Ms. Soames.
[Milly scoffs]
Milly: Oh, okay.
John: Family, you
must remember--
[Books thump]
Remember that the Devil,
the Devil is cunning.
[Books thump]
[Adam grunts]
John: Adam!
Adam, no!
[Adam grunts]
Come on.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
Come here.
You can't be doing that, you
can't be ripping up the Bible.
[Adam whines]
No, no, no, no, no.
[Adam whines]
All right?
[Adam whines]
Oh, Dear Lord.
Terry: I don't judge
anyone from their past.
Lord knows I've had
my own indiscretions.
So if that's what it is, I
won't think any less of you--
Kay: Terry.
Terry: Yes?
Kay: You worry too much.
[Terry laughs]
Terry: Yeah.
Kay: The reason that Sheriff
Dooley couldn't find my name
in any records is because
my name isn't Kay.
It's Michelle.
Michelle Miller.
Terry: Well, Michelle
is a lovely name.
Kay: It is.
It's just not quite right.
Not for me, and not
for a long time.
You see, when I was in
college, I got sick.
Really sick.
I was ready to die.
Picked out my spot under a
little tree and everything.
Sat down and
waited to pass on.
Except I didn't.
Because that's when I met Jack
Redfeather and a truly great
medicine horse, Old Mac.

Old Mac was the first
horse that showed me
how horses could be
the medicine I needed.
It was just a matter of time
before I was using horses
to help others heal.
And then Adeline came along.
She was the most gifted
horse I'd ever seen.
I guess this is my way
of paying it forward.
Terry: Why don't you tell
more people this story?
Kay: Because it's
kind of personal.
And it isn't about me.
Terry: But it could help
people like John who need
to open their eyes and--
Kay: The only person who can
open John's eyes is John.
Terry: So where does the
name Kay come from, then?
Kay: The tree that I chose to
die under was a willow tree.
And in Jack's language, Navajo,
the name of that tree is--
Terry: Kay.
I have to show John, I do.
Is there any way that
you could get those
medical records, please?
Kay: I'll make you a copy.
[thunder rumbles]

[thunder rumbles]
[door slams]
Terry: She had leukemia, John.
John: Slow down,
slow down, slow down.
Who's got leukemia?
Terry: Kay did, but
she doesn't anymore.
Look, these are
hospital records.
Okay, doctor's
notes and charts,
and she's got a ton
of get well cards.
She was dying and a
medicine horse named
Old Mac healed her.
John: Terry, you
need to stop this.
Terry: Read it!
John: You look like a
crazy person right now.
Terry: This is
legitimate medicine.
Okay, and it's not just Kay.
I did my research.
It is practiced
all over the world,
there have been studies.
I want to take Adam
to see Kay's horses.
John: He's not going to heal.
Terry: How can you say
that if you won't even try?
John: Because I know what
happens when you try-- nothing!
Terry: Oh my gosh,
open your eyes!
John: Terry, you
need to stop--
Terry: Why can't God
work through horses?
Maybe that's part
of his plan.
John: It wouldn't be the
first random recovery
that's ever happened.
And you can't prove
it was the horse!
And how hard is it, really,
to forge hospital records?
Terry: Oh my-- you are a
stubborn mule of a man!
John: I'm stubborn?
Which one of us has never
been able to accept
Adam the way he is?
Who is always wishing for
something different instead of
being content with God's
decision to afflict our son?
Terry: What happened to you?
John: I came to my senses.
[thunder rumbles]
Terry: No, you broke.
You used to say that God
is good, that God is love,
that He hears us.
And then Adam was born and
we prayed and we trusted
and we tried, and
we never gave up.
And then...
one day, you did.
You hate him, don't you?
John: Of course not.
I love him.
Terry: Well, then
you must hate me.
Is that it?
Is it because I gave
you an autistic son?
Or is it because I
found a way to hope
when you weren't
strong enough to?
John: I don't hate you.
Terry: Well, then, why won't
you let me help our son?
John: Because I refuse to
stand here and beg for
a miracle when the whole
reason we're in this situation
is because of Him.
You want to talk
about magic horses?
Well, why couldn't God just
get it right the first time?
Maybe just, maybe he was
drunk that day, I don't--
[Adam groans]
[tornado siren wails]
We need to get
to the basement.
Adam, come on.
Terry: Come on!
[tornado siren wails]
John: It's all right,
it's going to be okay.
Reporter: This storm
is unlike any other.
Yes, this area is prone to
tornadoes and heavy systems,
but we have never seen
anything like this,
in November of all months.
We encourage everyone
to take cover.
Find a basement, find a
place you can be safe--
Matt: Jason.
Reporter: --from
this storm, now.
Matt: Please, God.
[emergency broadcast tones]
[distant thunder rumbles]
Kay: You, just light-- yep.
Bethany: Hey, Cirrey!
Come here, girl.
[clicks tongue]
Come on, Cirrey, let's go.
Kay: You're the parents?
Nice to meet you.
[ominous music]
[Adeline wickers]
[thunder crashes]
[wind howls]
[thunder cracks]
Jason: Tornado!
Take cover, let's go, come on!
- Get against the wall!
- Go!
Jason: Run, Maggie!
Kay: Hurry, hurry, everyone!
Jason: Hey, get up to the
wall, get up to the wall!
Kay: Get behind
the stalls, go.
Come on!
This is a strong barn.
- We can't outrun a tornado!
[horse whinnies]
Kay: No, Bethany!
Bethany, come here, come here!
Come on!
[babble of voices]
Jason: Here it comes!
[woman screams]
[horses whinny]
Kay: Oh, oh...
[hitching breaths]
Are you all right?
Bethany: Okay.
Kay: Oh, oh...
[soft sobs]
- Are you all right?
- Are you okay?
- We'll be okay.

Kay: How is Adeline?
Dr. Gibbs: Ms. Miller?
I'm Dr. Gibbs, this
is Dr. Shaffer.
Kay: Call me Kay.
How is she?
Dr. Gibbs: She's stable,
but she shattered
one of her metatarsal
bones below the hock.
It's my duty to
advise you--
Kay: No.
Dr. Gibbs: Ms. Miller,
please understand--
Kay: I understand perfectly.
It's not an option.
Matt: Jason!
Jason: Dad!
[sob laughs]
Matt: Oh gosh, surviving
that tornado...
it's your mother's grit again.
Jason: I thought
you were gone.
Matt: Never.
Terry: Angela is okay,
just a few stitches.
Everybody else is
pretty banged up,
but they're all right.
How is Adeline?
Kay: She has a shattered leg.
Just below the hock.
And Dr. Gibbs here was just
about to tell me that
we should put her down.
Bethany: What?
No, can't you fix her?
Dr. Gibbs: We can set the
bones and we can cast the leg
but it'll take months to heal,
during which time her other
leg will have to carry
her entire weight
which is half a ton.
It'll break, too.
Bethany: You're not
killing our horse.
Dr. Gibbs: We shouldn't
prolong Adeline's suffering.
Now, every horse
is special, but--
Bethany: No, not like Adeline!
She saved our lives.
Jason: It's true.
The tornado came right through
the barn and Adeline
just pushed all thirteen
of us against the wall
and stood there.
Dr. Shaffer: She didn't run?
Terry: Is that true?
Dr. Gibbs: Look, I can tell
that you've all been through
a lot and I'll leave
you to discuss it,
but I must tell you again
there's nothing we can do.
I truly am sorry.
Dr. Shaffer: My deepest
[sad string music]

Matt: I'm so sorry, Kay.
I know how much
Adeline means to you.
Kay: Matt...
if Adeline dies...
the healing stops.

John: The Book of Jonah
Chapter one, verse 12...
And He said unto them, take
me up and cast me forth
into the sea; so shall
the sea be calm unto you.
For I know that, for my sake,
this great tempest is upon you.
Family, we may find
it hard to accept,
but God does not
make mistakes.
And His judgments,
while harsh, are just.
Only one farm was
hit by that tornado.
[grumbling voices]
Milly: No.
- No.
- No.
- That is so wrong.
John: I take no pleasure
in telling you this.
- You're out of line, John.
John: You cannot think
this was a coincidence.
- Tell the truth.

Kay: You okay?
[harnesses jingle]
Bethany: What are
they doing here?
Eli: Ms. Miller,
I'm Eli Hershberger.
I own Hershberger Lumber.
Kay: Please, call me Kay.
Eli: Ma'am.
Kay: But what--
Eli: We heard about what
happened and about the work
that you do here, and we
figured that you might
need some help rebuilding.
And we have come
to offer a hand.
Kay: But how did you find out?
Eli: We come into town
from time to time
to get supplies, and...
are you familiar
with Milly Soames?
[all chuckle]
All right, then.
We'll be back soon with others
to help you raise a barn.
[Kay laughs in delight]

John: Hey, about
time you showed up.
I already caught
most of the fish.
I'm joking, geez.
Matt: You need to stop this.
She lost two horses and
nearly her entire barn.
Why can't you just
leave her alone?
John: Matt, she's a fraud.
Matt: She ain't done
nothing wrong!
She is a good woman!
She is a good woman,
and she needs the town's
support right now.
She needs your
support, neighbor.
John: I'm supporting this
town and its people.
What happened to always backing
your best friend's play?
Matt: This time...
you ought to back mine.
[birds sing]
Dr. Shaffer: Hey, Dr. Gibbs?
Dr. Gibbs: Joe, was is it?
Dr. Shaffer: Hey, I've been
looking at Adeline's case,
can I just show you something?
Okay, so...
I know we're
dealing with, right,
a horse with a broken--
so I'm thinking if we put
two pins here--
To oversimplify what's
clearly going to be an
incredibly difficult surgery,
Adeline needs to be able
to walk within the first hour.
Which may rebreak her
leg or break the other.
I need to emphasize the amount
of risk that we're taking,
because this is, this
procedure has never been done.
Kay: But do you
think it will work?
Dr. Shaffer: I wouldn't
be here if I didn't.
Kay: And you'll be her
doctor the entire time?
Dr. Shaffer: Every second.

Kay: Do it.
But just promise me, if she's
suffering you'll tell me.
Dr. Shaffer: Immediately.
Kay: How much is
this going to cost?
Dr. Shaffer: Hard to say.
But I've already spoken with
Dr. Gibbs and we're both
willing to donate our time.
We could probably get
it down to $10,000.
Kay: That's awfully
generous of you,
but we don't have
that kind of money.
I wouldn't even know
how to raise it.
Terry: We'll figure
something out, Kay.
Kay: Come on, Terry, who's
going to give us $10,000?
And then there's the
recovery cost, right?

Jason: You okay?
Bethany: I'm worried.

Jason: Hey, girl.
Don't worry.
We're going to
figure this out.
I know you miss Yankee.
He was a great friend.
He's looking over
us right now.

[lighter snicks]
The fact is you
saved us, Adeline.
We need you.
all of the others.

I need you.
You have so much more
good to do in this world,
so many more to heal.
Don't let go.
Let the doctors help you.
It's our turn to
help you now.

Can you feel it?
Can you feel us
praying for you?
Hang in there, girl.
We're here for you.

[lighter snicks]
She's going to be okay.
Bethany: What if she's not?
Jason: Adeline
needs us right now.
Jason: We're alive
right now, aren't we?
We could be dead!
Bethany: I know, you're right.
Jason: What are you going to
do after this is all over?
Bethany: I mean, stay here?
With Kay?
Jason: Yeah, I guess.
Bethany: It depends.
Will you help me
with the chores?
Jason: If I can
keep the lighter.
Bethany: I wasn't even going
to do anything with it.
Jason: Mm-hmm!
Bethany: Hey!

John: Hey, morning,
Tom, Mark.
How are them Buckeyes
doing this year?
Mark: Morning, Reverend.
Tom, have you heard?
Tom: I haven't been
keeping track, I'm sorry.
John: It's all right.
You guys have a good day.
Come on, buddy, let's go.
[diners whisper]
Morning, Fran.
Fran: The usual, Reverend?
John: Just a cup of
coffee today, thanks.
Fran: You want it to go?
John: Uh...
yeah, that'd be great.
I do need to get
back to the church.
Fran: You got it.
There you are.
John: Thanks very much.
Fran: Thank you.
John: You have a good one.
Fran: You too.
John: Come on, bud.

Milly: Yoohoo!
Morning, Rev. Sommers!
John: Morning, Milly.
Is it just me, or is
everyone acting truly
strange this morning?
Milly: You haven't seen this
morning's paper, have you?
Front page, check it out.
John: Reverend's wife raises
money for hero horse
Sweet Adeline of
Serendipity Stables...
saved the lives of
thirteen people...
groundbreaking surgery--
Terry Sommers,
wife of York Creek's Rev. John
Sommers calls on the community
to donate what they can to
save a special healing horse
that has saved so many oth--
Seriously, Milly?
Was anybody going to tell me?
Thanks for the information.
Milly: Any time.
John: Yeah.
Milly: I already donated
a few bucks myself.
It's going viral
on Facebook!
[doorbell dings]
Kay: Bethany, can you
get that, please?
Dan: Oh, afternoon, Bethany.
I got some mail for you.
Bethany: You okay?
Dan: Yeah, just not used
to that kind of workout.
Kay: Hey, Dan.
Dan: Oh, hey, Kay.
Kay: Sorry, you must not
have seen the new mailbox.
Dan: Oh, I saw it.
It's just that for what
you got you're going
to need about 12 of those.
And this is just half of it.
Kay: Dear Ms. Kay, I read
how your remarkable horse
saved all those people.
It's not much, but here's
$20 for the surgery.
Good luck, Zeke.
Bethany: Your horse sounds
very nice and I want
her to feel better.
I'm sorry I can only
give $3, but it's all
the allowance I get.
I hope she gets well so
she can help more kids.
Tommy, P.S. I'm five.
[Dan clears his throat]
Dan: I'm sorry, this
is just so sweet.
Kay: Can I get you another
cup of coffee, Dan?
Dan: Yeah, that'd
be wonderful.
You know, if you stack
the donations to one side
I could tally
them up for you.
Kay: Well, don't you
have more stops to make?
Dan: I do, but they can wait.
Bethany: You know, a lot of
these are from people
right here in town.
Dan: Of course they are.
York's Creek is a
big, happy family.
We look after one another.
Isn't that the way the
good Lord wanted it?
Kay: It sure is.
Bethany: Mom, I--
Kay: Yes, darling?
[Bethany laughs]
Bethany: I think we need
to call Adeline's doctors.
Kay: I think we should, too.

Dr. Shaffer: Hey,
how's everyone doing?
We're, we're ready.
And I just wanted to say again
how deeply touched I am
by your guys's trust, and how
inspired I am by your courage.
Kay: Thank you, doctor.
You're a God send.
Dr. Shaffer: Pray for
me anyway, all right?
Oh, I'm sorry, this is my
sister, this is Holly.
She's been spending some
time with Adeline and,
if it's all right with you,
she'd like to sit
with you during
the procedure?
Kay: Of course.
It's nice to meet you, Holly.
This is my daughter, Bethany.
Bethany: Hi.
Holly: Hey.
Dr. Shaffer: All right,
well, I should get in there.
You all stay strong, okay?
Terry: Well, I think
this is the part where
we all start praying.
Kay: Amen.

John: Please turn in your
Bibles to Ezekiel chap--
I'm sorry, please turn in your
Bibles to Ezekiel chapter six.
Terry: Brush all her hair
back and you can make
a little unicorn.
Assistant: Hey, guys,
they're ready for you.
Terry: Okay, let's go.
Come on, buddy, going
to go see Adeline, okay?

Kay: Hey, you.
Oh, there you go,
there you go.
There you go.
Let's go, let's go.
Good girl, you were sick.
I guess the surgery
went well.
Dr. Shaffer: Honestly,
it was flawless.
She was up in
less than an hour.
I've honestly never
seen anything like it.
Kay: I don't know how we can
thank you enough, doctor.
Dr. Shaffer: Call me Joe.
And you can thank me after
she's fully recovered.
But something tells me that
you're going to break
some more records, huh?
Terry: Well, this calls
for a celebration.
We have to have the
whole town come out.
Kay: Oh, Terry, no,
that's not necessary!
Terry: Piddly-posh,
it is happening!
Joe, you're invited, Holly,
you're invited, Jason.
Everybody's coming.
Dr. Shaffer: As long as I don't
have to give a speech.
Kay: Or me!
Hi, Adeline.
Hi, Adeline.

John: Okay, talk.
Clearly, you're trying
to say something.

I'm trying to do
what's right here.
That's all I've
ever tried to do.

My son is a prisoner
in his own body.
And that happened
on your watch.
And now I'm supposed to believe
that some voodoo horse
is going to heal him?
When nothing else has worked?
[deep inhale]
I don't understand.
I never have.
We gave you our
lives, everything.
And you gave us Adam.

And you gave us Adam!
Oh God, every good
and perfect gift.
Oh God, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Worker: Hey!
[distant banging]
Susan: Well, they say
it takes a village.
Kay: It sure does.
Susan: To think what this
town would be like without
you and your horses.
Kay: Thank you.
That means a lot.
Susan: I mean it.
If we had lost Bethany and
those that were with her,
I can't imagine.
You have done
so much for us.
Kay: It's been
good for me, too.
And Adeline.
Susan: I've got
to go find Jeff.
I'll see you in there.

[guests chatter]
[Milly laughs]
Milly: I know!
Kay: And I don't even know how
you pulled this off, Terry.
Terry: It's not that hard.
You tell the right person and
it spreads like wildfire.
Milly: I know, it's
so wild, right?
[guests chatter]
[John sighs]
[John sighs again]
[voices hush]
Kay: I'm so glad you
could join us, John.
John: Thank you, Kay.
Would you mind
saying a few words?
John: Um, that would
be great, thank you.
Kay: Hey, everyone,
gather around.
[guests murmur]
[John sighs]
John: Some of you may recall
that I said that God
does not make mistakes.
I thought I knew
what that meant.
I didn't.
Not until this very day.
Look at this.
Look what can happen when
people decide to see the good
in each other, the good that
God put into the world.
These horses, lee-gee.
I know I have said and done
many things in the past weeks
that I now see were, at best,
misguided and, at worst,
a betrayal.
Of you, of my calling...
of my family.
I hope you can find it in
your hearts to forgive me.
And believe me when I tell
you that God works
in mysterious ways,
higher ways.
He still does miracles.
They don't always look
like what we expect.
But if we open our eyes,
we open our hearts...
they're all around us.
Enjoy the party, and
God bless you all.
Come here for a
second, come here.
Terry: Thank you.
What, what happened?
John: Listen, listen,
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Terry: You don't have-- no,
you don't have to apologize.
You're here, that's
all that matters.
John: I love you.
Terry: I love you.
I missed you so much!

Terry: Okay, buddy.
You ready for this?
Come on, let's go!

Kay: Are we ready?
Terry: Oh man, I can't
believe it's here already.
I am so ready for this.
Kay: How about you, John?
[John sighs heavily]
John: Yeah, I'm ready.
Kay: Well, I'm glad
you're the first.
It's right.
[John chuckles]
Kay: Come on.
Terry: Oh my goodness,
you look great!
Oh man.
Oh, I have missed seeing
you, sweet Adeline.
Yeah, what do
you think, buddy?
He wants to touch her.
John: You want to touch her?
Go ahead, pet her neck, go on.
Terry: Should we
take her for a ride?
Let's do it.
John: Yeah?
Terry: Yeah.
John: You want to go up?
One, two, three.
Terry: Oh man, thanks, Daddy.
[Terry laughs]
Kay: Why don't we go
have some coffee?
Terry: Okay.
You good?
John: Yeah.
-Terry: Love you.
-John: Love you, too.

Adam: Adeline.