Adhey Kangal (2017) Movie Script

Near Nagerkoil...
Hey, I'm driving!
(Song playing)
Don't be mean.
A kiss is all I asked.
No way.
Hey, please!
Just one kiss...
Like this.
I Promise.
- Fraudster
What do you call this?
That was just rehearsal.
- Really?
Hey, Rhino!
Why did you use
the room freshener?
Boss, Sadhana is here.
Taunting me, are you?
You always over use the perfume!
Thats Victoria Secret
Line's Perfume.
You bought it from the
local store, right?
Country attar packed
in a fancy way.
This your Victoria Secret?
What about you?
You use the local ingredients
and sell it as international cuisine.
Don't make fun of my recipe.
I have won awards.
I was given the best...
Enter... something like that.
That's Entrepreneur.
- Exactly.
Forget it...
Let me come to the point.
You are one among the top 25 upcoming
stars selected by a weekly magazine.
I wrote the article about you.
Let me read it out.
Chef Arun.
Age: 25
He lost his eyesight
at the age of 15.
That didn't stop this
self reliant man...
from mastering the
art of cooking.
Traditional Indian cuisines...
To Italian, Mexican cuisines...
Chef, the food is superb.
- Thank you.
Varun is one of the best
visually challenged chefs...
Stop... stop
I feel shy to hear my
own success story.
Will you please keep
the book and leave?
You are taunting me too much.
Thank you.
Don't mention.
Bake it.
Who is it?
Is the restaurant closed?
Sorry. The closing
time is 10:30 PM.
An elderly man on the platform
told that he was hungry.
He asked me if he can
have something to eat.
There is no other hotel nearby.
That's why...
Please wait.
Let me check.
Somehow I managed this
with the leftovers.
Take it.
Sorry for disturbing you...
I didn't know about your condition.
Nothing to sympathize.
This is my restaurant.
This is my job.
You can visit the elderly
man if you would like to.
He is nearby.
Hang on.
Let me close the restaurant.
He is here.
Take it.
Thank you very much.
I'll leave.
Shall I drop you somewhere?
I've a knowledge of every
nook and corner of this locality.
Your article by Sadhana
is very good, isn't it?
It requires a big heart
to appreciate you- Mom.
Get me chappathis.
Despite owning a restaurant
You are still eating mom's food.
I know where this
conversation will end.
Don't be boring.
Did the elderly man ask
for food, today as well?
But, how did you know
that it was me?
Your deodorant brand
is Nivea, right?
You are awesome.
I forgot
to pay the bill, yesterday.
How much was it?
- It's Okay.
If I get the money
The credit for the good
deeds will go to you.
No need.
How about getting
some credits today?
You told that the elderly
man didn't ask for food.
It's not a big deal to find
a hungry man in our city.
One moment.
I'm Deepa.
I work in a clothing store
in a shopping mall.
I'm Varun.
Cutting, baking, boiling
and frying things.
This is my profession.
Did you just extend your hand?
For an introduction?
I forget this all the time!
It's okay.
Let's start from the beginning.
Hi, I'm Varun.
Excuse me.
Have it.
- Thank you very much.
Shall we leave?
Here... With no control
Somehow, I am becoming you.
Without the eyes laying sight...
I am becoming like you.
The fiber of my life
shines colorfully.
While killing me with fondness...
Love is getting kindled...
Sight is going beyond the eyes.
(Are you) The flower of
inner sun, or my penance?
Is this love or enemity?
Hey, love has become my eyes...
And is withholding your beauty.
Your fragrance has become my way
And brings me closer to you.
A storm is galloping
like a horse...
And my heart has climbed
aboard and vanished.
Even robbery becomes just...
When my wish steals you away.
Where is your father?
Has he absconded?
He isn't picking my calls.
He can't run away from us.
If he doesn't meet us tomorrow
Things may turn ugly.
- Who's that, Deepa?
Someone I know.
Any problem, Deepa?
Are you the woman past desires,
The one ruling all my desires?
Are you the one to rope the
moon in your forehead?
You became the enchanted forest
in one single flower, my lady
Are you the one to pour
nectar on that day?
The thought of you approaches
me and burns my soul.
I lost my loneliness.
I lost myself in your thoughts.
You are my companion.
I like Varun a lot.
But he will tease if I tell him.
Which is why...
You are a friend who
knows him well.
He will not get a better
partner than you.
A storm is galloping
like a horse...
And my heart has climbed
aboard and vanished.
Even robbery becomes just...
When my wish steals you away.
Hey, love has become my eyes...
And is withholding your beauty.
Your fragrance has become my way
And brings me closer to you.
Siri, time?
Siri, call Deepa.
Hi, Deepa.
I'm waiting for you.
Where are you?
'Sadhana Calling'.
What happened?
Is something wrong?
I can help you only
if you tell me.
Please, Deepa.
Tell me. What's it?
My sister fell in
love with a guy.
His family is quite well off.
But, they still
accepted their wedding.
Since it was my sister's wish...
My father spent more
than he could afford
He got her married
in a grand way.
She is happy with her life.
But she forgot us.
The money we had borrowed
for the wedding...
led us...
into endless troubles.
To help my dad,
I started working.
Even after 2 years
We couldn't clear even
a chunk of the loan.
Dealing with the money-lenders
has become
a struggle of our daily life.
Some thugs came home...
and insulted us very badly.
They said... If you
can't repay the loan,
Ask your daughter to...
Unable to hear such
things, my dad...
In a haste...
He promised to clear the loan...
in 2 days.
I surely know that
it's not possible.
We leave the city.
My family should...
Don't be foolish, Deepa.
Even the man with a million rupees
on loan is sitting happily.
Please, Varun!
You could have asked me.
I just felt like
sharing it with you.
So, I did.
I have some savings.
I don't have immediate
expenses lined up.
I will lend it to you.
- Please.
Don't Varun.
You are the only friend
that I have left.
I don't want your name in
the moneylender's list.
Forget this issue.
Also ask your dad not to borrow
any money for your wedding.
Because I have no
demands from my side.
Don't get me wrong that I'm...
taking advantage
of your situation.
I was actually waiting
for you today...
To propose.
All these arrangements
were meant for that.
I'm visually challenged.
If that's the reason for your silence...
You can tell me frankly.
We can drop this right now.
And remain friends.
Other than that...
There can be no reason
for rejecting me.
I'm handsome...
I know it myself.
You did laugh, didn't you?
I didn't.
Don't you think that we have
reached here a bit early today?
Don't play around, Varun.
It's getting late.
It's not fair to
leave me halfway.
I'm going to be with you
throughout my life.
Okay, bye.
Won't you send me off with a kiss?
- Here?!
Say hello to my father-in-law!
Severe head injury.
But now he is alright.
Since he is under
heavy medications
It may take a few days for
him to gain consciousness.
Let him stay in the
hospital till then.
He will recover soon.
Thanks, doctor.
At what age did your
son lose his eyesight?
When he was 15.
All of a sudden he
had a high fever.
It continued for 2 weeks.
He started losing
his vision slowly.
Doctors diagnosed him with...
Retinitis pigmentosa,
a degenerative eye disease.
But none of those
treatments helped.
We checked his eyes now
His retina is
responding to light.
The ophthalmologist will be
visiting tomorrow.
Let's see what he has to say.
Varun has light perception.
Surgery may help him
get his vision back.
- There's nothing to think about, doctor.
If Varun can get his sight back...
We will manage any expense.
Please go on and make necessary
arrangements. - Sure.
What's wrong with you?
I know what I'm doing.
The way my son saw
me before 10 years
The way he likes to see me.
That's exactly how I'm dressed up.
He will cry out asking
if this is what he got his vision back for!
You are jealous.
He wont even be able to identify you.
Shall I stick a mustache?
- Sir.
Please sit.
It's a hospital.
- Where is my mom?
She will be here.
- Who are you?
- Mom!
Where were you?
I have no clue.
What is happening?
You are in a hospital.
You met with an accident.
Varun, please don't strain.
Be calm.
You were hit by a car while
getting back from the restaurant.
How long have I been kept here?
It's been 3 weeks.
Stay calm.
You are alright now.
In fact there is a
Youve had an eye surgery.
You are going to get your sight back!
Your bandages will be
removed today.
Can you please be clear?
- Doctor is here.
What is he saying?
He has isnt able to
understand whats happening.
He is tensed.
Nothing to worry, Mr.Varun.
You are absolutely fine.
Just relax.
Open your eyes, slowly.
Varun, give it a try.
Are you able to see?
Can you see?
- Yes!
I was scared!
Let him take rest.
I'll come back later.
It's Sadhana.
Did anyone come to visit me?
who do you mean?
We are all here.
My friend.
Which friend?
Did anyone by the
name Deepa visit me?
No. No one like that had come.
Where is my phone?
Did she call me?
I need to talk to
her immediately.
I'll leave.
Sadhana, wait.
Where are you going?
He is asking about
someone called Deepa.
I asked for my phone.
I need to talk to
Deepa immediately.
I need to see her.
What is this?
Sadhana was the one
who took care of you.
You didn't even talk to her.
I will talk to her, later.
I need to talk to
Deepa now.
Will you give my phone?
What do you think you are doing?
We have been praying
for your recovery...
We have spent a lot
of money and waited.
You must be happy for
getting your vision back.
You are reciting someone random womans name!
- What did you say?
- You spent what?
Yes, we spent a lot of money.
So, what?
How much?
Why do you want to know?
Just tell me.
Apart from our savings,
we have borrowed some.
- Varun, stop!
Your eyes are very
sensitive to light now.
It will take some time to get
used to excessive light.
You will have to use spectacles.
- Okay, doctor.
'Calling Deepa'.
Think practically.
You say that she used to come
to the restaurant everyday.
But you don't know
what she looks like.
You neither have her
photo nor her address.
How do we search for her?
I promised to help her.
She must have pinned
her hopes on me.
Would she have any idea
about my accident?
She would have thought
that I had cheated her.
There is no wrong
from your side.
Don't think too much.
Excuse me. Do you remember the
girl who used to come with me?
Everyday I see lot of people.
Thank you.
Tell me if you see her.
No idea.
Is there any employee
named Deepa?
No one here.
Any news of a suicide
due to debts?
Deepa, say hello to my father-in-law.
Lets go.
Varun, look at me.
I have never seen you so down.
Please don't be like this.
You won't understand, Sadhana.
Forget it.
Don't say that!
I know you very well.
We have been friends for 7 years now.
I know how youd feel even
without you telling it to me.
And in the same way...
I hope you can understand
how I'm feeling.
Shall we lodge a
police complaint?
No, dad.
It will create more problems.
Damodharan, from Chetpet,
and his family, commits
suicide owing to mounting
pressure from debts.
Damodharan, his wife Pushpa, and
14-year-old son Aravindh...
committed suicide by consuming poison today.
The police are investigating the incident.
The locked house...
Look at me.
I don't like to see you being
upset because of me.
Getting back your
vision is a big thing.
You must be very happy.
Why are you upset like this
about this random girl?
I know, my fault.
Now, please smile for me.
I'm telling you again...
Sadhana is deeply
in love with you.
When you were hospitalised...
I know.
I will talk to her.
What I meant is...
More than the one we love...
The one whom we love...
The one who loves us...
No, no...
Its okay.
Leave it, mom.
I get the point.
Have a seat, Sadhana.
Will you like to have anything?
Dont suddenly flip into a
totally different person.
Be normal.
Only that suits you.
I have to tell you the truth.
Since you were coming,
I didnt even use room freshener.
Let me get to the point.
If you still love her,
I totally understand.
Don't take any decision just
because your parents are forcing you.
You dont have to tell me 'you like me'
just because someone is asking you to.
Will it be okay if
it comes from me?
It's not like I have to like
you with an effort now.
Ive always liked you.
But I never felt that
you could be the one for me.
But now that I think of
it, it all makes sense.
I like you, Sadhana.
A small word said in passing...
It is chilly, it is true, listen.
You added sweetness
to what you spoke.
My feminity is stunned.
Should I blush away?
Or climb up high to
touch the clouds?
Should I yearn even more
Or look for more words to speak?
With the wishes as a garland...
Shall I go around
you all day long?
A small word said in passing
It is chilly, it is true, listen
You added sweetness
to what you spoke
My masculinity is stunned.
Should I say slowly
Or increase the speed?
Should I leave after saying
or pause right there?
Should I pinch at the
love that was said
Or should I lose myself to the
love that was grabbed by my hands
I realize today
that there may be a
thousand changes to the sight.
I see myself through
your eyes conveying love.
I am seeing you with a pouring love...
that I have collected.
I am gently bringing to your ears
the words I collected slowly.
I put my hands out
to get a raindrop...
It remained just as a drizzle.
Today, you are a
downpour from up above...
that drenches all my heart.
A small word said in passing...
It is chilly, it is true, listen.
You added sweetness
to what you spoke.
My feminity is stunned.
Should I blush away?
Or climb up high to
touch the clouds?
Should I yearn even more
Or look for more words to speak?
With the wishes as a garland...
Shall I go around
you all day long?
I'll close the restaurant.
Mom wants you home; you leave.
Sorry, sir.
We are closed.
Someone named Varun...
I'm Varun.
And you are?
Your eyesight?
I had lost it earlier.
After a surgery now...
Sir, who are you?
Do you remember Deepa?
I'm her father.
Why did you let us down like that!
Sir, what do you mean?
Didn't Deepa come now?
Where is Deepa?
She told us happily that you
offered to help us with the money,
that all our problems
will go away...
She sounded so happy...
But you were seen no where.
I kept telling her we
should leave the city.
But she did not listen.
She was confident
that you would come back...
and asked me to wait.
How many days do
we give excuses?
The moneylenders
have kidnapped my daughter.
They are threatening
to kill my daughter
If we don't clear all our debts.
What do you mean?
I want my daughter back.
- Sir...
Please get up.
Don't cry.
We will rescue Deepa for sure.
They are very dangerous people.
If we go to the police...
They will not think twice
to kill my daughter.
Nothing of that
sort will happen.
Give me a day's time.
Have a seat.
How much do you owe them now?
Going to have your morning
coffee with Sadhana?
I have to invite my close friend.
I will be able to meet him
only if I go now. So...
He asked me to come in.
My daughter!
- Stop!
Don't hurt her.
Have you brought the money?
Who is that?!
Who is the that?!
He is someone I know.
Just give him the money.
They might hurt her.
Give it to him.
- How much have you brought?
How much?
- Its not cash.
It's jewellery.
Are you mocking me?
I asked for cash.
Are you trying to trap
me with the jewels?
Oldie, looks like you don't
want your daughter back alive!
Leave her!
Time out!
Collect her pieces and go!
The jewels are worth
more than the money they owe you!
Don't rush.
Let her go!
Take it and leave her!
Don't hurt my daughter!
Let her go!
Had you given the money,
you wouldve saved a life.
Trying to be a hero, are you?
Go to hell!
You moron,
I'll kill you!
If you even think of
going to the police...
You will be inviting
trouble for yourself.
What happened?
Where were you?
What happened?
Every last piece of gold jewellery
bought for the wedding is missing!
I called you N number of times.
Aunt told that you left
the house this morning with a bag.
All the jewels are missing.
And you turn up like this now!
What happened?
- Her again?
Why bring her up again?
What happened?
Deepa's dad met me yesterday.
He said Deepa was kidnapped
and asked for my help. So...
So, I took the
jewels to save her.
But everything went wrong.
They looted the jewels...
- What?!
I couldn't save Deepa either.
If you can't forget her.
If you are so attached to her.
Why am I even here?
Why is this wedding happening?
Sadhana, please.
I did ask you.
If you werent able to forget her,
I was ready to step away.
You kept nodding your head and
expressing interests in me,
and now you are after her.
You took the wedding chain
as well, didnt you?
Had you saved her, Would you tied
it around her neck and married her?
Mom, ask her to keep quiet.
Why should I stay quiet?
Sadhana, be calm.
Its not necessary anymore.
I will leave.
I'm not ready to
get mislead by him any further.
I'm sorry, aunt.
I don't want this wedding.
- Sadhana!
Mom, let's go.
'Who? What? When?'
'Swathi was hanging out
with her friends'.
'2 twilight thieves arrested.'
Is the article ready?
I want to take off for 10 days.
Leave for 10 days?
You people are hopeless!
If you think of going to the police...
You are inviting trouble for yourself!
I'm hungry.
Please help me.
Don't run!
Catch him!
Stop there.
Yesterday night, on the Kanyakumari-
Nagercoil highway...
a man was found dead after being hit
by an unidentified vehicle.
His age is presumed
to be about 50.
As we had asked Inspector
Arivazhagan of Kanyakumari...
A man who was walking on the
highway was hit by a vehicle
and died on the spot.
The man had no identity
card or phone on him.
So we were unable
to get his details.
Investigation is going on now.
Those who know any detail about him can
approach the Kanyakumari police station.
I'm going to Kanyakumari
for an urgent work.
I'll call once I'm done with it.
Inform dad.
Why are you going?
A man was found dead in the
Kanyakumari-Nagercoil highway.
Either we run
away from the city,
Or the whole family...
Why are you so worried after
coming to Kanyakumari?
Any problem?
You said wanted to visit
police station as well?
I'm going to meet my friend.
- I'm from Chennai.
2 days ago, a man was found dead
in a road accident in Kanyakumari.
How do you know him?
Then why do you want
to know about him?
Sir, I'm from the media.
You guys want news 24/7!
Why do you torture us for that?
There is a guy called Panju.
He is dealing with this case.
Go meet him.
Thank you, sir.
Give him the keys.
Don't drink and drive.
Got it?
- Okay, sir.
Sorry, sir.
- Bye.
He is a relative of the MLA.
Won't you enquire all
these things in advance?
I will be careful
Have you caught a single
proper case till now?
It doesn't make a
difference either way
It's my mistake to
have become a cop.
Dont go and drag another problematic case
just because I said this now.
Get a case that will bring
honours to the station and me.
Bring something that brings
cheers to me and the station.
Definitely, sir.
You will repent for all these.
I am waiting for you.
Who are you?
- I'm Varun.
I'm a program producer in Q TV.
You would have heard about the show.
Crime: Why? What? When?'
No, I haven't.
A very important thing.
Perumal, one strong tea.
Sir, tea.
- Sir.
A guy was found dead in a road accident in
Kanyakumari-Nagercoil highway recently...
I want some details
regarding that case.
Why do you want to know?
I'm working on a program about unsolved
death cases caused by road accidents.
Did anyone come in search of this man?
In some cases, people
come searching immediately.
At other times, they come a bit late.
But no one has come in
search of this man so far.
What about his body?
We are done with postmortem
and other formalities.
Won't you wait till someone
comes to identify the person?
There is neither a mortuary
big enough nor the
Government funds large
enough to do that.
If no one comes in search of the dead
person, we proceed with the formalities.
If anyone comes after that,
we will verify with a photo.
If we have any of their belongings,
we return them. That's it.
Perumal, add this to
my outstanding credit.
Your credit amount
is never settled.
Sir, won't you enquire
about the vehicle driver?
It's possible only with
camera surveillance.
If no one comes in
search of them
We will cross-check with other
police stations for 'person missing' cases.
Or else, we mark it as an unidentified
man dead in a hit-and-run incident,
and close the case.
This is the concept
of our program.
To find out who these unidentified
dead people in these accidents are,
and to find the culprit
behind these incidents.
You have come to
the right place.
You will get all the details that you need.
- Sir.
I'm sure you
are going to find it all here.
You are the hero of
our program. - Hey.
I'm already fed
up with this job.
Don't irritate me.
Get lost.
Have some patience.
Such road accidents
are very high in number.
Many cases get closed without
finding any details about the victim.
As you mentioned...
There is neither the time nor
the funds from the Government.
But there will be at least one
person bothered about the dead guy.
We have to find that person...
And make sure the
information reaches them.
This is the concept
of our program.
It has an emotional content.
Give it a thought.
Think about it.
It's my mistake to have had a
tea without getting you one.
Have a tea in my credit.
If this program becomes a hit,
your photo will become
viral on social media.
People will praise you
as the ideal cop.
After which promotion, salary hike
- Get lost.
Panju Sir!
Panju Sir!
How long will you be an underdog?
When will you rise to occasion?
I'm going to pee.
Step aside.
Okay, Sir.
Inspector asked to come here.
Didn't you bring your gun?
I wonder how you will manage without it!
Go upstairs.
Hey, crow!
Perumal, one strong tea.
Make it two.
- Okay, Sir.
What's up, Sir?
Would you like to have
any fried snacks?
No tension!
I gave an idea to
change your image altogether.
Now it's upto you.
I'm scared of the risk involved.
Moreover, it's a TV program
What's the risk?
You are a cop
investigating a case.
As a TV channel, we will support you.
If everything falls in place
We will get the content.
And you
will get the respect and dignity from the
public, that is missing at the police station.
Only you have come here.
What about the rest of the crew?
Initially, I will read the case thoroughly.
I'll then deeply investigate it.
The crew will then arrive.
Perumal, make a note in
Sir's credit list.
Didn't the victim have any sort
of ID or visiting card on him?
Had it been there, you
wouldn't have had to come here.
This is a tourist spot.
Was the victim a tourist?
Was he on an official trip?
Or he was just trespassing?
Was it a death by accident?
Or did it he commit suicide?
I have no clue.
No local person was
able to identify him.
One thing is for sure.
You are real serious about this case now.
You seem to trust me.
I'll solve this
case just for that.
Take this.
Catch if he drinks app has
been installed in it.
If your husband
drinks alcohol in a local wine shop,
or anywhere else,
the app will send you a text.
There he is.
I'm coming to get you!
Reserve a special cell for me.
I'll be right back after
stabbing him!
Poor husband.
Can one man be the reason
for destroying another?
The curse of husbands
will not spare you.
Be careful.
- It's okay.
Is the inspector's phone ready?
It is ready.
- Give it.
Do you know the old
actor 'Bagavathar'?
- This is belongs his era.
Why is he still using it?
May be he has his
sentiments about it.
We can fix that then.
Ill fix wifi, bluetooth,
and all features in this.
Why would you do that!
So he can track all my
activities and be a pain?
Give me the phone.
Get the money from him.
If the phone conks off again,
take it to the museum.
Please don't bring it to my shop.
I'll pass the message
to the inspector.
Panju, if the victim
was an outsider,
He should have stayed
in a hotel or at a lodge.
Why dont we enquire there.
I now know why we seem
to set well together.
You speak my mind.
Well done.
Come on.
An enquiry.
- Yes, Sir.
Before 18th of September
Did this guy stay here?
No, Sir.
Are you sure? Or do you want
confirm with someone else?
I'm sure.
He is not our guest.
Panju, this is where I stay.
Please come.
Do you know him?
Take a closer look.
He was staying here.
I'm sure that he
didn't stay here.
How are you so sure?
I never forget any guests face.
I can even remember a guest
who stayed with us 10 years ago.
Do you know him?
Give the key for room number 205.
He is staying here.
Give the key.
We are investigating
trusting people like this!
He was staying here for a while.
What happened to him?
Don't bother about it.
Since when was he staying here?
They vacated last week.
THEY vacated?
How many people?
This guy, and another man with you.
What was the other mans age?
- Probably within 30.
Take the register and
look for the entry.
This one?
SIRI, call.
The phone number, address, and other
information from the lodge are fake.
The number is registered
on a fake companys name.
They have been using
it illegally.
The SIM had been
active till his death.
Now it's not in use.
What about the incoming
and outgoing call details?
Not too many calls.
But there are repeated
calls from a number.
The number that ends with 333.
I enquired about that as well.
That's also illegal.
Not in use.
Did you get information about
the other guy in the lodge?
We didn't get enough
details about him.
There is just one window
open for investigation now.
We have to find the
one who killed him in the accident.
Our program's main concept is to find
information about the unidentified dead people.
We can enquire about the rest later.
Looks like I often have to
remind you whos the cop.
I'm the deciding authority here.
But finding the vehicle involved in
the accident is also is a tough task
Come with me.
Based on the postmortem report,
the impact suggests that
it's clear that the vehicle
involved in the accident is a car.
There were shattered glass pieces all over.
That must be of the car's windshield.
If it was an outsider, he couldn't
have left the town without changing it.
The same applies to a local person as well.
What if it was a local person
And he has his car hidden without
changing the windshield?
Okay, you leave.
Investigate this case
in your pattern.
Or try a cookery show instead.
Don't ask for my help.
- Sir, chill
I was just giving an opinion.
You are the leader
of this case.
Forget about it.
Tell me about the next step.
Start the bike.
I don't know to ride a bike.
I have to do that as well?
Greetings, Sir.
I want all the details of windshield repairs
that have been done since the 18th.
Okay, Sir.
I'll check it.
Also I need the address
of nearby workshops.
Okay, Sir.
List of people who had
changed the wind shield.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, it was an accident.
A coconut fell from the tree
at full speed and shattered the glass.
Repair cost me 4000 rupees.
This car?
Did you replace a damaged windshield?
- Yes.
How did it get damaged?
Some kids broke it
while playing cricket on the streets.
- Welcome, Sir.
I want the details of those
who have changed windshields.
Here it is, Sir.
A car from Dindigul has been
here for a windshield change.
Let's enquire.
This is the number.
Siri, call
I'm dead serious in the middle of this,
You are always poking the phone
in my face saying Siri
Can't you even dial a number?
Sorry, Sir.
Im used to it.
Yes, a minor accident.
So I changed the windshield.
I had even filed an FIR to claim
Do you want the FIR number?
It's okay.
Not necessary.
Are we taking the right path?
Only some places are left.
Let's hope for the best.
Who is it?
Yes, thats me.
And you are?
We are coming from Kanyakumari
police station.
We want some details.
Is there a problem?
Shall we talk inside?
Okay, come in.
Who has kept this here?
- Don't change it's position
If you change it, he
will get hurt later.
And you are?
He has come with me.
Take your seat.
Tell me.
The car parked outside
Is it yours?
You have changed the
windshield of the car on the 19th.
How did it break?
Why do you want to know about that?
A small enquiry.
Tell me.
Some drunkards pelted stones on
it as Id parked it outside.
So I covered it
and parked inside later.
You seem to have changed
the glass in a hurry.
Small shards of broken glass
pieces are still there.
I'm a blind man.
How would I know such
details about the car?
Am I the one driving the car?
Who drives it?
My driver.
Until a couple of months ago.
After that?
He didn't maintain.
the car properly
Also, I didn't use it much.
So I had to relieve him from his job.
No one used the car after that.
I take an auto or
cab if necessary.
No one has used the car for 2 months now?
Anything else?
We will contact if
anything else needed.
I have some work now.
2 thugs came home
Your sight?
Greetings, Sir.
- You are Moorthy, right?
Sculptor Manoj's Driver?
I was working as his
driver 2 months ago.
Didn't you continue after that?
No, Sir.
Don't lie.
You have driven his car and got
it into an accident on the 18th.
I'm working here for
the past 2 months.
It has been while since
I last saw Mr.Manoj.
Why would I drive his car?
Manoj said that you were fired because
of you didnt maintain the car properly.
I was his driver for 3 years.
If that was true, he couldve
fired me long ago.
My current employer verified with
him before giving me this job.
You can cross-check if needed.
If it wasn't you,
who wouldve driven the car?
I thought that he was
going to sell the car.
He didnt say anything when I
asked him.
One day, I saw a lady
driving his car.
I heard that she
was staying with him.
I presumed that that might
be the reason for firing me.
Do you know her?
No. I have not seen her
while I was working for him.
How did she look like?
She was young, fair, and stylish.
She was a young lady.
Would you able to identify her?
I cant be very sure.
We will enquire
again if required.
Give me your number.
You mustn't leave the town now.
Okay, Sir.
Yes, aunt.
How are you?
Im okay.
Tell me.
What's the matter?
Did Varun call you?
I have deleted his number.
Why would he call me?
Even if he calls,
I'm not ready to talk to him.
Don't get furious.
Even when he had was blind,
he was peaceful.
Now everything has
turned upside-down.
Why are you telling me this?
Varun left for Kanyakumari
all of a sudden.
He didn't share any
further details.
He has not been picking
my calls either.
I'm confused.
And worried.
So I called you.
Sorry, aunt. Don't
call me hereafter regarding him.
I'll get it repaired.
This Alphonse can fix all phones,
don't worry.
Okay. I'll leave.
- Did you get any information?
No call from the number you
mentioned got completed.
From Manoj's number?
Unless the call gets completed, I can't
find the number Manoj has been dialling.
I checked the date you mentioned.
After the 17th,
there are no incoming or outgoing
calls to and from the number.
But before the 17th, calls have been made
and received to and from a specific number.
I eve have it written down
Here it is.
A number that ends with 333.
Details of this number?
You said the the victim of the
accident got calls from a number?
Is it the same number?
Let me check.
It's the same number.
The number we got from the lodge,
Manoj's number, and this number.
There's some connection definitely.
Moorthy, how are you?
- I'm fine.
Did our car met with an accident?
Why do you ask?
The cops are torturing me, Sir.
They are accusing me
of that accident, that I drove the car.
What did you say?
That I am no longer working for you.
I told them that the lady
with you drives your car.
How did you...
Why did you blabber all that?
Don't you have any sense?
- Sir!
Manoj, tell us the
truth at least now.
Who was with you?
What actually happened?
Who is it?
The same cops who came yesterday.
Tell me what happened.
I did tell you that nothing happened.
Please leave.
If nothing had happened
there is no need for
you to get furious.
Manoj, open the door!
Open the door!
Where are you going?
You can't leave the place
without answering us.
I have no obligations to do so.
I'll tell what I have to
tell at the police station.
I'm a cop myself!
You can tell me. - Auto!
Why is he so adamant?
I don't know.
Start the bike.
Come on.
I'm dead!
Though I wasn't a super-cop,
I was at least called a mediocre one.
I might lose that even identity now,
because of you!
Keep going, Panju.
Will you drive recklessly
just because you are cop?
Can't you be careful?
Where is your helmet?
Let's go, Panju.
Sorry, man.
He went inside!
How do I always find one like this!
Inspector Arivazhagan?
Are you Inspector Arivazhagan?
Tell me.
Are you Inspector Arivazhagan?
Indeed I am.
Tell me.
Are you really
Inspector Arivazhagan?
Who is this at my
station, questioning me?
Hey, Panju!
- Come here!
Find out what this man wants.
Okay, Sir.
Did I really speak to the Inspector?
Why are you bugging us?
Tell me, is he really
Inspector Arivazhagan?
Yes, he is.
You came so furiously to
meet this very same Arivazhagan.
Manoj, please relax.
I can understand that you
are in some trouble.
Your car was involved
in the accident.
The person with you must
have driven the car.
Your intention of saving
her is not wrong.
But a life has been lost.
Don't get scared, Manoj.
We are not dealing this
case officially.
Only if you tell the truth,
we can save you and
your friend.
Just like this, a guy came to help.
The penalty I paid for
it is 20 lakh rupees.
To whom did you give?
Inspector Arivazhagan.
What do you mean?!
That who he said he was.
Last week, my girlfriend Ashwini and I
had gone for a drive.
Go away.
Just one kiss like this.
What do you call this then?
This was just a rehearsal.
she thought she saw someone
standing on the road
and she swerved the car
away in one quick movement.
What happened?
Where are you?
What happened?
What happened?
I killed a guy, Manoj.
Come, Ashwini.
Let's go.
I convinced her somehow and
got her home.
All this happened because
some idiot had placed a
scarecrow in the middle of the road.
I consoled her that
it was not her fault.
But she kept crying.
We couldn't sleep out of fear.
The calling ball rang at 5 AM.
Who is it, Ashwini?
At this time?
A policeman has come!
Inspector Arivazhagan.
Can I come in?
He got in and started threatening us.
The car being involved in the accident
Ashwini having driven it
The windshield of the car having broken
He seemed to know everything.
He threatened that
he had evidence for it all.
Ashwini and I
Ashwini immediately pleaded guilty.
Ashwini is an NRI, right?
Yes, Sir.
- Hit-and-run case.
If an FIR is filed,
she can't go back.
You must help us!
Please, Sir!
I ensure that a case is not filed.
But if any of his
relative create a problem,
we need to silence them.
That will cost you.
No, Manoj.
Sir, I killed him.
I accept my fault.
Keep quiet, Ashwini!
What should we do?
Where is Ashwini now?
She didn't like me
bribing the cop.
She felt guilty
and left the same day.
I don't know where she
went or what she is doing now.
I could not contact her either.
Seeing everything that is happening now,
I'm worried about her safety!
She should be safe, Manoj.
Is Ashwini's number?
How do you know it?
We will explain.
If we need to find Ashwini
We need some details about her.
Since when do you know Ashwini?
Recently Not too long ago
She came to see my sculptures.
We became friends.
You said Ashwini was an NRI?
From Singapore.
She has some ancestral
property near Nagercoil.
She had come to sell it.
Was she staying with you?
At first she was staying outside.
As we got closer
She came here and stayed with me.
I was happy every single
moment that I spent with her.
She loved me as well.
But everything turned
up-side-down in one night.
Maybe Ashwini has gone
back to Singapore.
Do you have that contact number?
Her E-mail ID, Facebook
ID, or something like that?
- Nothing?
So you had kept punching a
number no longer in use!
Do you have any photo of
you and her together?
No, I don't.
What will I do with the photos?
The few photos that we did take
are on her phone.
Any of your relatives or
friends who have seen Ashwini?
Have you seen any of her
friends or relatives?
Where is that ancestral
place that you mentioned?
I don't know.
- What?
What were you doing with her
without knowing anything?
Have you both gone out
somewhere together?
Sometimes we used to
go for a night drive.
Mostly we like solitude.
Hmmm Enjoyment in solitude
Please think about it
Haven't you gone out
anywhere together?
On my birthday
We went to a temple and
had lunch outside.
Which restaurant?
Beach Walk.
- When is your birthday?
September 12th.
Okay, Manoj.
We will try to find Ashwini.
You don't get scared.
Thank you.
Don't go to the
police station again.
You may end up in
an even bigger trouble.
Not all cops will be honest like me.
Got it?
If 333 number is Ashwinis
The victim is related to Ashwini.
But, Ashwini...
has not shared that detail with Manoj.
So, our next target is
Go to September 12th.
Lunch time.
That camera.
Play this cameras footage.
Play the other one.
- Done?
No, Sir. I'll take care.
- Panju.
They will leave now.
I assure you.
- Sir.
Please wait. We are checking, right?
- What is this?
What is this?
Nothing, Sir.
Why are they hitting the waiter?
It's nothing serious..
- Hey
I want the answer.
- Sir
He had been taking photos of the
women coming to the restaurant
A customer noticed it.
He was caught.
When everyone started
hitting him, he escaped.
If we report it to the police,
our restaurant will get a bad name
So we handled the
situation and let it go.
Where is he now?
Is nobody there in the neighbouring house?
No idea, Sir.
The guy who was working at
Beach Walk restaurant.
His name is Dinesh.
It's him.
He was working in some hotel.
- Where is he?
I don't know, Sir.
He should be somewhere around.
(boys chattering)
Sorry, Sir.
Please throw the ball.
I just said sorry.
Throw the ball, Sir.
Oh, here you are!
Met him?
They came searching for you.
Hey, stop!
This fellow...
Hello, Sir.
- Where are you?
I am chasing an accused
in high speed, Sir!
I'll talk later.
I cant even catch
such a slow-runner!
Will you keep breaking rules
just because you are a cop?
You are always interfering
a responsible cop on duty!
Get lost!
Leave me!
I said leave me!
Why are you after me?
What do you want?
Sir, leave me!
Leave me, Sir!
What wrong did I do?
- Got it?
There's nothing in it.
Please give it.
Stay quiet.
Unlock it.
- Leave me!
Give me the phone!
- Hey
Unlock it!
- Stay quiet!
Leave me!
- Panju
When is Manoj's birthday?
- September 12th.
He keeps annoying!
Don't move!
Won't you leave?
Stay quiet!
What are you doing here?
How did you come here?
Are you still after her?
I wonder why I came running for you!
Your mom is worried about you, wondering
where you are, what you are doing
And here you are, roaming
behind your lover.
Don't talk nonsense without
knowing about the situation!
This is Ashwini.
Are you trying to act wise
by changing her name?
I know that it's Deepa.
I can never forget that face.
You were all intimate with
her at the restaurant!
If you knew Deepa all along
Why didn't you mention it
when I was searching for her?
Yes, its my mistake.
Big mistake!
I should have found he,
gotten her married to you,
and blessed you both.
It's my mistake.
Please forgive me.
You will never change.
You will go completely
mad roaming behind her!
Please don't blabber without
knowing the situation.
There's nothing complex to understand.
Please, Sadhana!
I'm already terribly confused.
You are actually very clear.
Only I am confused
and running behind you repeatedly
What's happening here?
I have seen many fraudsters.
But you have tricked a cop
for your own selfish, personal reasons.
- You easily decided that
a person like me will
be a constable forever,
that you can take
full advantage of me!
Cant blame you.
My face is made to look like that!
Had I not known the
truth even now,
I would be roaming with you dreaming
of becoming a TV celebrity.
Mister - You almost got
me fired from my job!
We couldn't have made such
a progress in this case without you!
You would have gotten nowhere
had I not come.
Panju, the case has made
a big progress.
Our work starts only now!
Our work?
I won't even have you on
my Facebook friend list.
We started this case to find
the details of the dead man.
But this case has
reached new heights now.
If we are able to nab her,
You will be in the limelight.
She is really a journalist.
If we solve this case perfectly,
The cover page of her magazine
Vikatan will bear your photo.
This face?
Cover page?
Why is he sobbing like this?
How many shocks in the
truth can he bear to hear in a day?
He will be normal in a while.
You left him to sob alone?
- What do you want me to do?
He is crying by himself.
You should be the one to console him.
- Not again!
So, she has been selectively
cheating blind men.
They have to be blind
They must believe her stories.
Must be ready to give
the money she asks.
She targets those people.
in the name of love
And made a clean sweep.
If my instincts are right,
even now
she should be cheating someone
Call Priya.
Where are you?
You, are one sneaky lady.
A small, loveable vampire.
You are a feisty flood, in a
body that is opaque like glass.
You, are one sneaky lady.
A small, loveable vampire
You are a brilliant player,
who plays very casually.
Oh, you Smart, sneaky girl!
Oh, you Smart, sneaky girl!
Oh, you Smart, sneaky girl!
Based on what you said
After cheating me as Deepa
She didn't take much time
to meet you as Ashwini.
She has met you even when
I was still at the hospital.
So, she mightve chosen Manoj
as the next target after you much earlier.
So we must find out the way
she finds these blind people.
Apart from Manoj and I being blind
What is common between us?
A blind man is cooking
That made people to
come to my restaurant.
That gave me publicity.
That helped my business as well.
Yes. I have even written
about him.
Has there been any newspaper
article or TV news about you?
I'm not all that famous.
I'm just a simple man.
She will not come after
a simple man. - Exactly!
You are successful
in your field.
You must have gotten
some recognition.
You must have been received some awards.
Or any ceremonies that you have
presided over as a chief guest
Something like of that sort?
You could have spared the biscuit.
Looks like Vijay Awards memento.
What is it Varun?
Tamilnadu Entrepreneur's
Association for the Specially Abled.
Didnt they give you an award last year?
This is the chronological list of awardees
with the criteria.
Check if it has their
contact details.
Exclude other disabled persons, now
Only blind members
Details of award winners
and those without an award
The members of this list
must be her target.
These are the ones who got cheated, and
ones who are about to get cheated.
This is the list.
So the job is simple.
All we need to do is to
contact them, and ask them,
if a girl cheated
If we ask them if theyve
been cheated by a girl
our progress will end there,
since half the people would have
no idea that theyve been cheated,
and even if they know, they
will not acknowledge it.
Keeping aside all of that
Assuming that she is cheating
someone on the list right now
The moment we contact
him, she will abscond.
And after that, we can never find her.
So, she should not know
that we are after her.
But we have to nab her.
How is that possible?
These guys are in various towns and cities.
How can we go everywhere?
There is a way.
Our student reporters
are present everywhere.
This is a small assignment for them.
Will it work out?
I'm calling from the Trichy womens prison.
Where is she?
- Erode.
So she has been is caught in our radar!
Her name is neither
Deepa nor Ashwini.
It is Vasundhara.
Her native is Trichy.
She worked in a jewellery shop there.
She duplicated the jewels
that don't sell
And stole the original.
She was caught red-handed one day.
From the May of 2013 to
the November of 2013,
she was imprisoned at Trichy Jail.
Her father is no more.
Her mother passed away
when she was in prison.
Any relatives?
One maternal uncle, Ravi.
Do you want to see who that is?
So it's a well-planned
and executed ordeal.
But the mastermind behind all of this is
I am not able to, Vikram.
You know that my
parents are no more.
My brother is all I have.
Why does he have all these problems!
You could have told me in advance.
Never-ending problems
Hospital atmosphere
Smell of medicines
Amidst all of this, the
happiness that I have left
is when I'm away from all these.
and spend some time with you.
Do you want to me to
cry that time also?
What do doctors have to say?
Before the tumor grows further,
a liver transplant has to be done.
There is no enough time to
wait for a suitable donor.
The only option left is
to arrange for an organ
illegally through an agent.
It's very expensive.
I have lost hope fully!
My brother
Don't say that now
I'm here to help you.
I'll be there for you.
I'm expecting a payment this week.
Give me 2 to 3 days.
I'll somehow arrange for the money.
No, Vikram.
- Don't talk like an idiot.
This is your brother's life.
That's the priority now.
You proceed with arrangements
for the transplant.
We will take care of the rest later.
Thank you so much.
A boat load of lies, in those
big beautiful eyes of yours.
You girl, are an anaconda in the
disguise of an innocent child.
What's the next plan?
Are we going by bus or by train?
Go fast.
Are you sure it's Vikram?
Yes, I'm tracking the
number you gave.
It's displaying that he is
just in the car in front of yours.
Varun, what are you doing?
- Leave me!
I'll kill her!
- Hey!
Don't do anything silly.
Don't move.
Everything will go in
vain if you go there now.
We can't prove anything with
what we have found out so far.
Have some patience.
She has a new scapegoat.
All we have to do is to
catch her red-handed.
At least we have to
know what they are talking
Or do you want to sit here
and issue parking tickets?
Let's do that also.
Give me the Bluetooth earpiece.
- I'll tell you, give it to me.
Wait here.
Juice will do?
- Yes, Sadhana.
Don't talk.
Stay on line.
Had you not been here,
I would have helpless.
How will I ever repay you Vikram?
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Hey.
Why are you so formal?
I'll get the money tomorrow.
You focus on the arrangements.
Are you done with the
hospital arrangements?
I came here after paying
the advance amount.
My brother's friends are
with him at the hospital.
He is repeatedly
asking to meet you.
Once the transplantation is done,
I will be the first
person to meet him.
She is cooking a
story to rob him.
Are you crying?
Thanks for being there, Vikram.
Be strong.
I'll be there for you.
Your company is all I need.
Everything will go smoothly.
Who is this woman?!
Even I want to fall in love with her!
I'll pay.
What's your lover
Vasundhara saying?
Start, start
Go closer!
Follow them.
You, moron!
We have to take the
other route now.
Move... - Idiot. - We lost them!
Panju, call Alphonse.
I'm not able to reach him.
Bye. - Bye.
Who is it? - It's me.
Why did you come here?
Did anyone see you?
I took the backside stairs.
None saw me.
An important matter. So
Whatever it is, you should
have just called me.
Varun is here.
In Erode. - Varun?
The chef from Chennai.
So what?
He might have come for
some official work.
He has come searching for you.
They have seen you at
the hotel with Vikram.
I heard the girl with him
address you as Vasundhara.
Then they followed you in a car.
I diverted them.
I think they know everything.
They come targeting us.
We shouldn't take further risks.
Drop Vikram.
Let's go.
Listen to me. Let's leave
this right here and go.
This won't work
anymore, Vasundhara.
You always talk negatively!
Aren't you ashamed?
People will keep
chasing us if we run.
They will stop only if we
make them run instead.
Tomorrow, by this time, we
have the money in hand.
Nothing should stop that.
You are the reason
for all these!
We can't get any
money from Varun.
All his money
has been spent on
his eye surgery.
Everything has messed up.
we have to leave
empty-handed now!
Forget it.
We can't expect all our
attempts to be successful.
One or two might go
out of our hands.
Whats next?
I'll tell you.
And listen
Give us our share.
What are you saying, uncle?
We won't get any money.
And you are talking
about a share!
From spying on Varun and
drafting a plan for you,
there has been no
mistake from our side.
If the plan messes up
in the last minute
We can't help that. - Hey
You will get your share if
the plan go as anticipated.
Or else
The loss is for everyone.
If youd properly given
our share earlier,
why would I demand now?
You always take the major share.
What we get is just
the leftovers.
If we don't get even that now,
should we beg?
I'm the one who gets
directly involved.
I'm the one who takes
the maximum risk.
You and him
You will not get
caught for sure.
If I get caught
I'm done.
Don't cry like a kid.
Go and see what
needs to be done.
If Vasundhara gets to know,
we will get into trouble.
The chances of her
knowing are very low.
She is with Manoj now.
She will not search for us.
This is the only
opportunity we will get.
If we continue like this
She will treat us
like dogs forever.
We can't gain anything
from being like that.
Don't think too much.
I have planned everything.
Talk your girl, Divya.
She has to come.
She must not disclose
these details to anyone.
Got it?
Where were you?
You weren't in Kanyakumari
for the past 2 days
Since we had no work here,
we had gone to Kerala.
What is your Manoj saying?
You left me alone with him,
and went on a vacation?
You said that if we lure
Manoj with money and wealth,
we can easily trap him.
He is least bothered about it.
He is sticking to me
like a leech and torturing me.
What sort of background
work have you done?
He is in love with me.
You have easily dealt
many men before this.
This guy doesn't
even stand a chance.
You are being a bit restless.
Fetch me some water.
Deal with him with
some patience.
If it doesn't work out
well change the plan.
Get me my handbag from
the backseat, please.
There is a pen inside.
This one? - Open the cap.
Vasundhara! - I can sense that
you both involved in something.
What's it?
Vasundhara - Tell
me, what is it?
It will not take any time for me
to poke this into your throat!
Ravi drafted the plan.
We went to Chennai
to meet Varun
Ravi sold all the jewels
we looted from Varun.
has all the money.
I'm very sorry.
If uncle has taken such a step
I'm the one to be blamed.
I thought that if you
had too much money,
you will spend it all on alcohol
and other such nonsense.
I have saved a share
separately for you.
I did for a good reason.
But it has gone wrong.
Let Manoj's deal get finished.
I'll give your fair share.
Only if we are united,
we can cheat others.
If we cheat amongst ourselves,
we will not prosper.
Got it?
Don't share this with uncle.
I'll draft a plan for
Manoj and let you know.
Let's go to the hospital
and then leave.
In the route from
Kanyakumari to Nagercoil,
these 3 trees
are our mark.
You wait here.
I'll give a missed call
while I come close
You set a scarecrow looking like a
human in the middle of the road.
I'll hit the scarecrow,
and act as though Id hit a man.
Then you have to lie on the road
like a dead man.
Definitely he will get scared.
He will try to run
away from the spot.
Then you clear the spot,
and leave the place.
The plan is perfect.
Hey, please
Ashwini, what happened?!
What happened? Tell me!
What happened?
Where are you?
Ashwini, where are you?
Ashwini, what happened?
He's dead, Manoj.
Come, Ashwini.
Let's go.
Let's not stay here.
Who is it, Ashwini?
Inspector Arivazhagan.
Can I come in?
Sir, I killed him.
I accept my doing.
Do you know how many years of
jail for a hit-and-run case?
Keep quiet, Ashwini.
What should I do?
I'll tell you.
I'll miss you, Manoj.
Be careful.
I'll be awaiting your call.
Call me soon.
A beautiful plotter One who
cannot be controlled whatsoever.
You are a small secret That hits away
with ease the balls life throws at you.
A beautiful plotter One who
cannot be controlled whatsoever.
A chameleon in the disguise
of a cute barbie doll.
Ravi is nowhere to be seen.
His phone is not reachable.
Did he inform you?
Did he call you?
Get me my bag from the backseat.
Get it.
Oh, you . Smart, sneaky girl!
Oh, you . Smart, sneaky girl!
Oh, you . Smart, sneaky girl!
He will not return.
Varun knows everything.
If hed come here to catch me,
even after seeing me,
why didn't he come to me?
Why should he follow me?
That simple means, he has no
concrete evidence so far.
He wont get any evidence
hereafter as well.
The important thing is
that he should not reach
Vikram at any point.
Vikram. - Priya.
I guess you can sense
that I'm not fine.
Priya, don't worry.
I am not able to
My mind is not at peace.
Tomorrow, everything
should go well.
The organ dealer
should properly
arrange everything.
The transplant for my
brother should go well.
With all these things
running in my mind,
I'm not able to stay normal.
I don't think I can
stay alone here.
If you are with me,
I'll feel better.
Ive been feeling the same
way since I dropped you.
I shouldn't have left you alone.
Ill come there right away.
I'll be with you till
everything ends well.
Thanks, Vikram.
- Hey!
Where had you gone?
- My phone fell into the water
Can't you pick the phone?
Don't shout without knowing what happened.
- What happened?
Did someone die?
- Worse than that! - What?
I'm using the phone that
fell into a commode.
- Look how he is responding
He is screaming at me.
- Ignore him.
Did you trace their location?
- Shall we leave?
AKG service apartment
is Vikram's location.
Vasundhara's phone shows
the same location.
They must be together.
Let's go.
- Sir.
You seem to be very clear
about what you need.
I'm the confused one
running after you repeatedly.
She has swept his account clean.
Thank you.
She did see us, right?
She must have cracked our plan!
Everythings gone!
Don't unnecessarily get tensed.
We have to catch her now.
That is important.
- Why are you stopping the car?
Who are you? - Quick.
- Sadhana, go.
I'm a cop.
We are in a hurry chasing an accused!
I'm a cop.
- This person is seriously injured!
It's an important case.
At least tell us where
the hospital is.
It's within a kilometer.
Go! Go! Go!
Go fast!
Is everything okay, Alphonse?
Yes. But you keep following them properly.
Madam, speed up.
What's happening there?
You keep tracking.
He is taking a left.
Where are you going?
Go straight!
We have almost reached the hospital.
Okay, go.
Take a left.
- Shut up.
We are caught up in some issue.
I'll call you again. Hang up.
Is your phone in
within the network range, Vikram?
Not sure.
Ill have to check.
After Vikram withdraws
money from the bank,
take the Perundurai route.
After reaching the outskirts,
Take off of the highway and
drive the car into a deserted area.
I'll scream and pretend to be panicking.
Vikram will get tensed.
Hit him then,
and push him off the car.
We leave with the money
like it is a kidnap drama.
We both will escape.
Where are you going?
- What happened?
Not sure.
He is taking the wrong route.
Where are you going?
Go back to the main road.
Im telling you to turn back!
Why are you taking
the wrong route?
Not this hospital.
Please go straight.
- Are you kidding me?!
Please go straight.
- Don't you want to save him?
Get down!
Get down!
Varun, get down.
Sadhana, open the door.
Go straight.
Who are you guys?!
Go straight.
Pick up the phone!
Get in, fast!
Let's go!
Call Alphonse and
find out where she is.
What happened?
Drive to a hospital!
Stop the car!
- Do as I say!
Take Panju to the hospital.
And you?
I have to catch her.
- Are you mad?
You go.
Sadhana, go!
Vikram, he
Turn the car back!
This is Varun.
- How many times do I call you!
Where are they? - I'm not able to
track either of their numbers.
Both numbers are switched off.
- Okay.
Track my number.
- Your number?
Your number?
Why are you talking nonsense?
I said 'track my number.
Did you?
On Perundurai road
It is showing some
location off the main road
You are moving in the right direction.
Priya, what happened?
- Why has he stopped the car?
I don't know.
- Where are we?
I've have no clue.
- Priya!
- Leave me!
Leave me!
- Leave her!
Priya, where are you?
Priya, are you there?
Hey, leave her!
Give that.
Leave her!
Take all the
money you need.
Please let her go!
You, are one sneaky lady.
A small, loveable vampire.
You are a feisty flood, in a
body that is opaque like glass.
You, are one sneaky lady.
A small, loveable vampire.
You are a brilliant player,
who plays very casually.
Oh, you Smart, sneaky girl!
Oh, you Smart, sneaky girl!
Oh, you Smart, sneaky girl!
Leave that.
Do you love her very much?
It is said 'Love is blind.
She looted us all, taking
advantage of that.
Don't get fooled by such women.
Tie it properly
What are you doing?
By deceiving visually
challenged people with love,
Vasundhara, who has been charged
with financial forgery
is being investigated
by the police.
We chased Vasundhara for many
days regarding this case.
We are collecting the details of
the money lost by the victims.
What a man!
Thank you very much.
Your news has taken over
every news channel.
You are the pride
of our district!
Thank you.
- Congrats, constable sir.
Thank you, Sir.
Super, dude!
One cop like you in a town is enough
to stop fraudsters.
Thank you.
- You are great!
Is it your felicitation ceremony or mine?
You have achieved a great thing.
Youve got all the accolades
that I should have
for my service for 37
years of service today!
I just did my job.
People giving the praise
The photos of the victims have been
recovered from Vasundhara's phone.
Is that you?
That is definitely you!
Why would you take a picture
that close to her!
She is already jailed.
Your anger still not subsided?!