Adhugo (2018) Movie Script

Hey, remember what I said.
How many times have I told you
not to cross the road?
But there are sweet potatoes
on the other side of the road.
I want to eat them, Daddy.
Shut up. Come back.
I will go.
Hey, pig. Can't you understand?
Are you a human being
who has to be told repeatedly? Come back.
I'll come back after eating two potatoes.
You should not go there. That's it.
But why, Daddy?
Once there was a piglet who didn't listen
to his parents and ran onto the road.
What happened to him?
See for yourself.
What's happening?
The tension is killing me.
span style="style.default1"The courier just rang the bell./span
-Does he have the box?
Raji came out.
The courier is scratching...
Tell him I'll kill him.
He's scratching his butt, not Raji's.
span style="style.default1""This card is not enough to apologize
for all the mistakes I've made./span
span style="style.default1"Please forgive me, Raji."/span
Please sign here, ma'am.
Take this.
What's happening? Tell me.
She took the box.
She went inside and closed the door.
Why did she do that?
People close doors after going inside
and open them before coming out.
Hey, Raji is coming here.
Hurry up!
Can you please hold this?
Who's this guy who got slapped
during the introduction?
Who is he, Daddy?
Abhishek. Abhishek Varma.
Mr. Abhishek Varma,
our company makes many essential goods.
Can you tell us which toothpaste you use?
Tulsi Krishna Toothpaste.
How about for soap?
Tulsi Krishna Soap.
And shaving foam?
Tulsi Krishna Shaving Foam.
Is Tulsi Krishna an Ayurvedic brand?
No. Tulsi Krishna is my roommate, sir.
If the company you're working for
is incurring losses in the first quarter,
which is the first three months,
and in the second and third quarters too,
what would you do as a manager
after the three quarters?
After three quarters, I won't do anything
but dance to the "Lungi Dance."
Mr. Abhishek Varma,
where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I'll be buying and selling
dozens of companies like yours.
And before you ask me, in ten years,
all the film companies
will be fighting each other
for the right to make my biopic.
In 15 years, I'll contest the elections,
become the Prime Minister,
and change
the financial situation of the country.
It's very clear that you're not interested
in the job we are offering.
You are right, sir.
Why did you come to the interview, then?
My girlfriend made me promise
that I will go to the interview.
What exactly do you want to do
with your life?
I want to hit it.
What? Who?
Not a person, sir.
I want to hit the jackpot.
If I don't, I'll quit everything
and just stay at home.
The jackpot?
A jackpot.
What happened?
Did they offer you a job?
-No, they didn't!
They think I'm overqualified for the job.
-Overqualified to be a trainee?
Abhi, did you say something stupid
during the interview?
No. They just asked me questions
and I answered them.
-That's it.
-What did they ask?
They asked me
what I wanted to do with my life.
I told them I want to hit a goal.
They asked what it is. I said, a jackpot.
A jackpot?
Abhi, how can I introduce you to my dad
if you don't have a job?
Tell him I'm on the same path to greatness
as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
Tell him I'm going to hit a goal.
-What goal?
-The jackpot.
span style="style.default1"Is he mad?/span
span style="style.default1"Is he good?/span
span style="style.default1"I don't really understand him/span
span style="style.default1"Is he fickle?/span
span style="style.default1"Is he crazy?/span
span style="style.default1"He annoys me and makes me mad/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, my God!/span
span style="style.default1"How do I?/span
span style="style.default1"How do I adjust to him?
Continue to be with him? Stay with him?/span
span style="style.default1"He keeps killing me/span
span style="style.default1"But he wouldn't hesitate
To give his life for me/span
span style="style.default1"He is a stupid boyfriend/span
span style="style.default1"Though he is difficult, I still like him/span
span style="style.default1"He is a stupid boyfriend/span
span style="style.default1"Though he is difficult, I still like him/span
span style="style.default1"He has no punctuality
He doesn't have any clarity/span
span style="style.default1"But his smile pulls me like gravity/span
span style="style.default1"He says one thing and does another/span
span style="style.default1"But I like how his love is so pure/span
span style="style.default1"The mistakes he commits give me a headache/span
span style="style.default1"It doesn't subside, no matter what I do/span
span style="style.default1"His mind may have a defect
But his heart is perfect/span
span style="style.default1"I'm addicted to him/span
span style="style.default1"He's a stupid boyfriend/span
span style="style.default1"Though he is difficult, I still like him/span
span style="style.default1"He's a stupid boyfriend/span
span style="style.default1"Though he is difficult, I still like him/span
span style="style.default1"If you eat sweets, you get fat/span
span style="style.default1"But we don't stop
We just keep eating sweets/span
span style="style.default1"Salt and spices affect your blood pressure/span
span style="style.default1"But we have it in all our meals/span
span style="style.default1"He is and the salt and the sweets/span
span style="style.default1"Though we say no, we want more of him/span
span style="style.default1"He is a lovely carrot and I'm a rabbit/span
span style="style.default1"There is only one reason/span
span style="style.default1"He's a stupid boyfriend/span
span style="style.default1"Though he is difficult, I still like him/span
span style="style.default1"He's a stupid boyfriend/span
span style="style.default1"Though he is difficult, I still like him/span
Who is this guy, Daddy?
He sounds like a crazy fellow.
He's not just crazy,
he's the craziest of them all.
That's why his girlfriend dumped him.
Don't look at him.
He has no sense of responsibility at all.
You did everything you could
to set him straight.
You spoke to your boss
and got an interview for him.
You know what happened next.
Is my boss not there yet?
He's not here yet. I'm waiting for him.
Abhi, he is very sensitive.
I'll pass this interview.
He is here, Raji.
-What is it, Rani?
-span style="style.default1"You left without saying goodbye./span
I have an interview with a boy.
And what's with the heavy lunch box?
span style="style.default1"Because of today's festival,
I made all of your favorite dishes./span
I'll see you later this evening.
span style="style.default1"Bye./span
Okay, I'm coming.
I need to instruct the employees.
I'll be right back.
Yes, sir.
I've asked the Accounts Department
to give you two months' salary.
Is it my bonus?
You know our company policy.
We give people two months' salary
before firing them.
He has no intention to work.
I just forced him into it.
Three days ago, he was sick and starving.
He was on medication.
He must have been hungry.
He was on medication,
but for a hangover, not a fever.
Raji, there is nothing good about him.
Even your dad would agree with me.
It is important to gain positive energy.
And it is equally important to stay away
from negative energy.
They coexist like good and evil.
They are all around us.
There are three steps involved
in dealing with negative energy.
Realize its presence.
Identify its source.
Stay away from the source.
If you know that a person
is a source of negative energy,
stay away from that person.
Even just shaking their hand
is enough to shake up your entire life.
Let us meditate for some time.
span style="style.default1"-Om...
Bye, dude.
What kind of cake did you buy?
Dad, this is Abhishek.
Hello, sir.
One moment.
-Is this Mr. Benerjee Rao?
-I'm calling from Dr. Shankar's clinic.
The doctor asked me
to tell you the good news
as soon as we got the results.
span style="style.default1"Everything is under control./span
Thank you, sir.
The reports show
that everything is under control.
Dad. Abhishek.
Hello, sir.
-I'm calling from Dr. Shankar's clinic.
Are you I. Benerjee Rao
or L. Benerjee Rao?
L. Benerjee Rao.
I gave you the wrong results.
Your sugar level is 350.
Your kidney and liver functions
have fallen to 30%.
There are three 80% blockages
in your heart.
There is a small clot in your brain.
You are advised to get admitted
to the hospital immediately.
span style="style.default1"Even just shaking their hand
is enough to shake up your entire life./span
He bought a cake for you.
Come, let's slice it.
What did he do wrong?
Maybe. But what about
that incident with Snowy?
Feed him at one o'clock.
He drinks a lot of water,
so make sure that the bowl is always full.
I'll come and pick him up in a while.
Why do they call this Pedigree?
Because it's for dogs who have a degree.
It's Abhishek.
In one hour?
Guys, I have a meeting
with a venture capitalist.
I'll be back soon. Take care of Snowy.
Take this.
May God bless you!
May you prosper in your endeavors!
I asked why we should
invest in your project.
Dude, can we eat dog biscuits?
-I shouldn't, but you can.
-I'm a man and you're a dog.
Open the soda first.
Why is that dog staring at me like that?
He is wondering why you have
very little hair on your head.
What? Do I look like a bald fool to him?
From his expression, I think he's proud
that he has more hair than you.
Is that so? He feels good?
See, he agrees with me.
A disposable mobile phone?
Who will buy it?
It's a phone with 100 minutes'
worth of credits and costs just 25 rupees.
Everyone will buy it.
How will you make a mobile phone
worth 25 rupees?
He should not have more hair than I do.
That's right. Even I feel the same.
We will invest as much money as you want
if you can make it cost 25 rupees.
I'll need ten crores
just to make the prototype.
I don't have a lot of money, sir.
What are you doing?
What's this?
He felt proud about
having more hair than me.
We just killed his pride.
You were going to tell a piglet's story.
Why tell me about this freak, Daddy?
If you keep interrupting me,
I won't tell you the story.
No, Daddy. Please continue, Daddy.
Dude, have you booked the tickets
for the movie?
What are you doing?
Looking for a dog for Raji.
There. Just like Snowy.
Are you going to buy it?
It costs 20,000. Where's your money?
span style="style.default1"-I will sell my bike.
-How will you get around?/span
span style="style.default1"I'll use your bike!/span
Why did she slap you like that?
Did the dog inside the box
suffocate and die?
Where did you come from, little piggy?
Where did he come from, Daddy?
He came from Gannavaram.
Bunty, stop.
Bunty, stop.
Stop. Bunty, stop.
Bunty, don't go towards the road.
Bunty, don't go.
Sorry, sir. It looks like
your number plate is about to fall off.
If you run towards the road again,
I'll slap you.
-Hey, kid.
-Yes, sir?
Is that piglet yours?
Yes, sir. His name is Bunty.
Can you let me have him for a few days?
No, sir.
I'll give you a lot of money.
I just need him for four days.
-I won't give him to you. I won't.
-Hey, kid. Please.
-Stop, kid.
-I won't give him.
-What's happening, Chanti?
What happened, Chanti?
Who are you, sir? What do you want?
We want that piglet.
That's my son's pet, sir.
-He loves it very much.
-I won't give him.
-He must give it.
-Dear son.
-Chanti, stop!
Sir, please return Bunty to me.
Sir, please stop! Bunty!
Boss, you're very lucky.
-span style="style.default1"Why?/span
-We found the piglet, boss.
-span style="style.default1"Really?/span
A white piglet with three spots
on its belly, just like you said.
Dad, these guys sound scary. Who are they?
They're Shakti's goons.
Who's Shakti?
Boss, Mr. MRO is here.
What's the matter, Mr. MRO?
I heard you refused to sign the documents.
The land is next to the water.
Even if I sign the document,
the collector won't.
I'll take care of the collector.
Sign it first.
I won't.
If you sign it,
I'll give you the big briefcase.
If you don't,
you will have to take the small box.
What's inside the big briefcase?
And the little box?
There's no rush.
I'll tell you, but let's watch TV first.
span style="style.default1"Help!/span
span style="style.default1"Help!/span
Hey, Mr. MRO!
Look inside the small box.
Hey, what is this?
Hey, Jumbo.
Cut it into two and fry it.
Mr. MRO and I will each have a piece.
You're going to fry my wife's ear
and eat it?
Why? Do you want me to stew it?
Guys, tell them to cut her
into small pieces and send her here.
-Mr. MRO is going to have lunch here.
I beg you. Please don't do it.
-Sign the document.
-I will...
Send our veterinary doctor there
and tell him to stitch her ear back.
Shakti sounds like a demon, Daddy.
What are his people doing in Amaravathi?
They are running away from Durgaah's men.
Who is Durgaah, Daddy?
span style="style.default1"A hooligan and smart/span
span style="style.default1"Completely insane/span
span style="style.default1"He will kill you
He will tear you/span
span style="style.default1"He will burn you
He will cut you into pieces/span
span style="style.default1"He will crush you under his feet
He will chop off your tongue/span
span style="style.default1"He will suck your bones dry
He will rip you apart/span
span style="style.default1"He is a vulture
He will feast on your blood/span
span style="style.default1"Durgaah!/span
span style="style.default1"Durgaah!/span
span style="style.default1"Durgaah!/span
span style="style.default1"Durgaah!/span
This guy sounds like
an even meaner demon, Daddy.
Why was there enmity
between Shakti and Durgaah?
Durgaah and Shakti used to be rivals
in the Hyderabad real estate business.
span style="style.default1"After the Telangana's creation,
Durgaah moved to Amaravathi./span
span style="style.default1"There, he used violence and stole
a thousand acres of land from the farmers./span
span style="style.default1"Shakti heard about this and planned to
steal the land from Durgaah./span
So, according to this plan,
Shakti's goons came to Amaravathi.
Not a single document remains, boss.
He burnt all the documents.
Only the two of you know the password.
span style="style.default1"He downloaded everything
about the document scans, addresses,/span
span style="style.default1"and signature samples onto a microchip
before deleting them from the computer./span
If someone produces the papers
for the 1,000 acres
and submits them to the government
by eleven o'clock the next day,
we will lose all the land.
Do you know how much 1,000 acres of land
is worth in the new capital city?
Who did you give the microchip to?
Boss, our driver saw the whole thing.
He told me to take him
to the Venkateswara Lodge,
and that somebody came from Hyderabad.
span style="style.default1"He met two guys. He gave them something./span
span style="style.default1"They gave him a bag./span
span style="style.default1"There was a lot of money in that bag./span
He said he would kill me if I told anyone.
Venkateswara Lodge?
Where are the people
who came from Hyderabad?
They had just checked out.
-There they are.
-Get them.
Get them.
Hey, look for them.
Get them. Hey!
Come on. Hurry up!
Come on!
-Hey, who are you? Get out of the way.
-Get out!
Turn right.
Jayabhaskar will cook it
and it will taste delicious.
Fool, a pig shouldn't eat its kind.
Let's go.
I'm going to cook your flesh
and eat you for three days.
I'll cut you into tiny pieces.
I'll marinate you with spices.
I'll fry you. I'll make a stew out of you.
What do you say, man?
Stay at the back.
Daddy, will they really eat Bunty?
They don't have time for that yet.
span style="style.default1"First, they needed to get away
from Durgaah's goons and flee Vijayawada./span
There they are.
-Let's go.
-Hey, let's go.
-Stop the vehicle.
What's a car registered in Hyderabad
doing in Vijayawada?
We came to the Durgaah Temple
to venerate the Goddess. Hail!
-Let's go.
-Hail the Goddess!
It will be better if we send the microchip
via courier. Where is it?
-Where is it?
-I put it inside a banana.
And where is the banana?
I think the piglet ate it.
You are an idiot!
How can we send a piglet?
Shakti told us to do it. We have to do it.
Send this piglet to Hyderabad.
If I don't get the documents
and submit them to Amaravathi in 24 hours,
I'll lose 1,000 acres of land.
Do you know how much that is worth
in the new capital city?
No, sir.
-What is it?
-A delivery for Shakti.
The name is Six Pack Shakti!
The microchip with the signature samples
will be here in a little while.
-Practice the signatures well.
-Okay, sir.
The courier is here, boss.
Open it.
You said it was a piglet.
How did it become a dog?
I swear, boss. We sent over a piglet.
It had three spots on its belly.
So how did it become a dog?
Okay, I got it.
It was because of a confusion
at the courier office.
The boxes got interchanged.
Not bad, son. You are following the story
without getting confused.
I want that piglet by tonight.
I want that microchip, no matter what.
Hi, sir. It's Abhishek.
-Oh, God!
-What is it? Who is on the phone?
It's him, the guy who has negative energy.
Give it to me.
Hi, ma'am. It's Abhishek. Where is Raji?
She went out. She left her phone at home.
She'll be back shortly.
Okay, ma'am. I'm going there.
What was he saying?
-He is coming here.
-Oh, God! Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
Drop me off at my sister's place
then go wherever you want to.
Dude, how will you convince Raji
that you sent a dog and not a pig?
Excuse me?
Is there a piglet in that box?
Yes, why?
It's ours. It was sent to you by mistake.
-Oh, so have our dog?
-Where is the dog?
-It ran away.
How can you say that so easily?
That dog cost me 20,000 rupees.
Give us that box.
Give us our dog and take your piglet.
Let go!
span style="style.default1"-Come closer, come closer/span
-Be careful.
span style="style.default1"Can you come closer?/span
span style="style.default1"Come closer, come closer/span
-span style="style.default1"Can you come closer?/span
span style="style.default1"Come closer, come closer/span
span style="style.default1"Come closer, come closer
Can you come closer?/span
-Let's go.
-Out of the way.
Come, let's move.
You copied the signatures well.
You have to copy 150 signatures
by tomorrow.
Hey, idiot!
"Hey, idiot!"
You stupid fellow!
"You stupid fellow!"
It seems you've run away
with someone's piglet.
"It seems you've run away
with someone's piglet."
They want it back.
"They want it back."
If not, Shakti...
"If not, Shakti..."
The name is Six Pack Shakti!
Hey, relax!
If not, Shakti will gouge my eyes out
and feed them to you.
"If not, Shakti will gouge my eyes out
and feed them to you."
Don't cry.
span style="style.default1"Raji./span
span style="style.default1"Raji!/span
-span style="style.default1"Raji!/span
You better bring the piglet here
or else...
If something happens to Raji,
I'll throw this piglet under a truck.
Where are you?
-At Gowliguda Intersection.
-Stay there.
span style="style.default1"My guys will bring her there./span
Hand over the piglet to them.
If you try to act smart, she will...
Don't cry.
-Please put the call on video mode.
span style="style.default1"-Abhi.../span
span style="style.default1"You are so special to me/span
span style="style.default1"Your smile is special too/span
span style="style.default1"What am I without you?/span
span style="style.default1"Being with you is so special/span
span style="style.default1"Like a night with a full moon
Like a night full of stars/span
span style="style.default1"Like a courtyard filled with flowers
You are very special/span
span style="style.default1"Like an early morning light
Like a wonderful wakeup call/span
span style="style.default1"You are special/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"My Raji/span
span style="style.default1"Your beauty is really special/span
span style="style.default1"Your anger is also special/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"My Raji/span
span style="style.default1"I'm not suitable for you in any way/span
span style="style.default1"I'm not fit to be your toenail either/span
span style="style.default1"I can never forget you/span
span style="style.default1"I will never let you go
Not even in the lifetimes to come/span
span style="style.default1"Like a warm breath
Like a heart's first beat/span
span style="style.default1"Like some harmless mischief
You are special/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"My Raji/span
span style="style.default1"Your slim waist is so special/span
span style="style.default1"Your round eyes are so special/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"My Raji/span
span style="style.default1"Unknowingly, I have made a mistake/span
span style="style.default1"I have hurt you a lot/span
span style="style.default1"I apologize to you
And I punish myself for it/span
span style="style.default1"If you give me a chance, I'll mend my ways/span
span style="style.default1"Like a flashing firefly
Like the chime of a temple bell/span
span style="style.default1"Like the sound of the waves
You are special/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"Raji/span
span style="style.default1"My Raji/span
Drop the girl off and bring the piglet.
Are we going to let her go?
Nothing, boss.
I've just fallen in love with the girl.
I want to take her out for tea
and later take her to a disco.
You will go to a disco with her?
Yes, boss.
Why did you kill the poor guy?
What was so wrong about what he said?
Can you imagine how the two of you
would have looked in a disco?
Take her away.
Mister, any news on Chanti?
None so far. He ran after that car.
We don't know what happened to him.
Kid, we have reached Hyderabad.
-Why is it making noise?
-Just open the box and check.
Hey, a baby pig! It's so cute.
Why are you making noise?
Hey, a piglet! It's so cute.
Your baby?
Does your cheek hurt?
Maybe it's hungry.
-What should we give it?
-Will it drink milk?
Idiot! Have you seen pigs drink milk?
No, they drink alcohol like you
when they are hungry. Idiot!
span style="style.default1"Take the phone, don't sleep.../span
His name is Gutka Gangaraju.
He controls the illegal tobacco trade
in the city.
He is a hot-headed man.
You stupid man!
-Please help me, sir.
-Where is Pandu?
-What will I get with one rupee, sir?
Oh, no!
I told you not to chew tobacco, sir.
The several murder cases against him
have forced him to control his temper.
I don't care if you're Gutka Gangaraju
or Matka Mangaraju.
I'll slap you with my slipper.
Why are you chewing like a goat?
You bald goat.
Why are you staring with those eyes?
Are you a bald owl?
I'll gouge your eyes out.
Why are you staring like...
You think you're superior just because
you have a few punks by your side?
You're mad, stupid, useless,
and an ass, baldy!
You're like a cross-bred buffalo,
you useless piece of crap.
You're like an ox. You're a bald ox.
Sir, you didn't get angry
for two minutes today.
Two minutes? Really?
Yes, sir!
That's thirty seconds more than yesterday.
What do you say, guys?
-Good job.
-You're great, boss.
You're fantastic, boss.
Every time you get angry,
just let me insult you.
Your tolerance will increase,
and you will become more composed.
Fine, stay with me
and help me become more composed.
Okay, sir.
Gangaraju's biggest enemy
is not his temper.
It's this guy, Sharjah Shankar.
His primary business is supplying girls
to Sheikhs in Arab countries.
-Hello, sir.
-span style="style.default1"What's happening, Shankar?/span
span style="style.default1"You've taken a lot of money,
but haven't sent me a girl yet./span
There's been a problem
with the police at the airport.
span style="style.default1"If you keep giving me excuses,
I'll chop you up and bury you in Qatar./span
span style="style.default1"I'm coming to Hyderabad./span
span style="style.default1"If you don't find me a girl,/span
span style="style.default1"I'll get you married to a camel./span
Guys, do something.
This guy will do what he says.
Find a girl. How can I marry a camel?
He thinks he is brave,
but he's very scared of his wife.
-What is it, dear?
There is a small get-together
at my school tomorrow.
-Who will be there?
-Just you, me, and the principal.
Subbulu, didn't I tell you
not to call me when I'm at home?
I'm not Subbulu.
I'm your wife, you filthy idiot.
Subbulu! I thought
it was my wife calling me.
It's still your wife.
-You want Subbulu?
-Please don't hit me.
Did you go to a movie with her?
Why can't you go with me?
It's not a family film.
You dirty rascal.
You think I'm ugly, don't you?
-Your friend praised me when he came here.
-What did he say?
That I was shining brightly
like a freshly washed dish.
My friend Subhramanyam?
Yes, you rascal.
Why do you believe him?
He is a scrap dealer.
What kind of dealer are you, you rascal?
We've managed to shut down
all forms of gambling in this town.
But thugs keep finding new ways to gamble.
The latest fad is animal racing,
races where the participants are animals.
Gangaraju and Shankar
gamble with really high stakes,
and bring a sort of glamor to the races.
A white cat with black ears
will win this race.
Yes, Daamu.
A white cat with black ears, boss.
-Where is this priest?
-There he is.
I've told Gangaraju
that it's a white cat with black ears.
Shankar is bound to find out.
Sell it to him for 50 and pay me 20.
Okay, sir.
-Thanks, dude.
-Bye, man.
Boss, I found the cat.
Get in.
Good job on finding the cat, Suri.
Take it, boss.
Yes, boss?
How did he manage
to get a white cat with black ears?
Did anyone leak the information?
His priest must have told him
the same thing.
Priests can change,
but the scriptures can't.
Did his priest tell him that
or was it from our priest?
The cat race has started.
The cats are running with a lot of energy.
Shankar's cat is leading.
Gangaraju's cat is behind it.
Other cats are trying to catch up.
Gangaraju's cat is probably
good at catching rats.
That must be why Gangaraju's cat
has overtaken Shankar's cat.
-Shankar's cat is giving a good fight.
-Come on!
But Gangaraju's cat is racing ahead
with so much confidence.
Finally, we're at the finish line, and...
Gangaraju's cat wins!
Boss, there's ink on the cat ears.
Suri has cheated us.
-Suri, you cheat! How dare you cheat me!
Hey, get him and kill him.
Finish him.
The next race is at 5:00 p.m.
on the third Sunday of next month.
The piglet should not be more
than six kilos in weight
and 12 inches in height.
-I'll take care of you in the next race.
-Give the betting amount
-within the next 24 hours.
-Get lost.
As said in the unconfirmed information,
the race is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. today.
It will take place somewhere in the city.
An angle adjacent to the other angle.
An angle opposite the other angle.
Black spots.
A triangle made by three spots.
A white piglet with three spots
in a triangular formation on its belly
will win the race.
Boss, why did you kill the priest?
I don't want him to leak the information.
Mr. Shankar, a white piglet
with three black spots on its belly.
span style="style.default1"Believing in the priest's
bogus prediction,/span
span style="style.default1"Shankar and Gangaraju's goons
started searching for such a piglet/span
span style="style.default1"in the pig farms of the two states./span
-We want a white piglet.
-Check the pigs out.
It should have three black spots
on its belly.
We don't have one like that.
-If you see something like that, call me.
We only have one clue in this case.
The key master, Kumar,
is in charge of the prize money.
The prize money is kept in a locker
in one of the city's banks.
span style="style.default1"He has the locker's key./span
span style="style.default1"He will give the key to the winner./span
He left Bombay last night
and landed in Hyderabad.
If we manage to capture him,
we can stop the race.
Mr. S.N. Reddy.
The race should not take place.
span style="style.default1"Boss, the piglet
is at Gowliguda Intersection./span
Abbulu. Mastan.
-Daamu. Abbulu.
-Yes, boss?
-We found the piglet.
-Where, boss?
At Gowliguda Intersection. Where's Abbulu?
He's gone to the store to buy some sugar.
Where is Narsingh?
He's gone to the tailor
to get his wife's skirt fixed.
What kind of goons are you?
I'll kill you all.
Gangaraju, how many times have I told you
not to get angry?
You stupid baldy.
I'll break your head open like a pumpkin.
I'll break your legs and burn them.
Bloody donkey, bear, rhinoceros,
hippopotamus, you dog with rabies...
-If I kick you, you'll puke out...
-Yadagiri, where are you?
-The piglet is at Gowliguda Intersection.
Drink, piggy.
-Drink some milk. Drink, piggy.
-Hey, who are these guys?
Hey, stop!
They look like Shankar's goons.
Some other guys took the piglet.
There it is.
Hey, there!
Hey, stop.
Hey, stop.
Catch it.
Don't spit on me, boss.
My wife has a hard time
washing out the stains.
What did you say? Where is my gun?
Gangaraju, I told you not to get angry.
You fool. I'll fix you. Wait.
It's swollen. Just stop.
Catch it!
Hey, catch it.
Let's go. Run.
Who is beating up our guys?
Looks like he is a friend of the guy
who ran away with the piglet.
Hey, stop.
-Let go of Raji.
-Give us the piglet.
Set Raji free first.
I'm warning you, give us the piglet.
-Boss. Yes, boss.
-Are they Shakti's men?
Last warning. Hand over the piglet.
And I'm warning you. Let go of Raji.
-Who's that guy with the piglet?
-We don't know, boss.
-And the girl?
-It looks like she's his girl.
They are trying
to exchange the piglet for the girl.
Let go of Raji.
Why are we even discussing this?
Catch him.
Hey, stop.
And who are you?
Did everyone run away
after seeing the cops, Daddy?
They ran away.
But in order to make Abhishek
bring the piglet,
span style="style.default1"Gangaraju kidnapped his friend Tulsi./span
span style="style.default1"With the same plan in mind,
Shankar kidnapped Raji./span
Hey, move.
Let me go!
Are you mad? You could have died.
Abhi, if you don't bring the piglet here,
these guys will kill me.
Who are they?
Wait, Raji is calling.
-span style="style.default1"Raji./span
Who are all these people?
span style="style.default1"If you don't bring the piglet here,/span
your girl will be dressed up
and shipped off to Sharjah Sheikh.
span style="style.default1"And she will get married there./span
And then there will be consummation.
If something happens to Raji, I'll...
-Suri, where are you?
What happened?
-Do you know where Shakti is?
-Yes, hop on.
Let's go.
Shakti's den is there. Upstairs.
That way.
We've selected this dress for her wedding,
and this dress for her first night.
-How do they look?
-There is no dress. It's just a hanger!
Who wears a dress
on the first night, you fool?
She refuses to try this on.
If she continues to be difficult,
my boys will have to do it for her.
Guys, remove her clothes!
What is this, dude?
span style="style.default1"Let's go to Shankar's den./span
Let's go.
Ma'am, please give me two sweet potatoes.
What do you do with these plates?
I earn ten rupees for a kilo of them. Eat!
Bunty likes sweet potatoes a lot.
Do you think Bunty is still alive?
Where is the microchip?
Where is the microchip?
We don't know, boss.
Mister, how do I find the address
of a vehicle with this plate?
Go and ask that traffic constable.
Thanks, mister.
-Oh, no!
Get up.
Boss, this doesn't look like a birthmark.
It's a tattoo.
Look at how the color comes off.
Who tattooed a piglet?
Who did it, Daddy?
Chintu and Pardhu. Two tattoo artists.
span style="style.default1"They're the fake priest's men./span
-How does the priest get those ideas?
You messed up the cat's ears last time.
Suri got caught.
The two piglets exchanged places
during the chase in Gowliguda.
Since the tattooed piglet is dead,
the real one is still alive.
You got the point.
Chanti, it fell into the drain.
We can't get it back.
Do you at least remember
the number on the plate?
What do we do now?
That number plate is mine, sir.
Anything I find inside the drain is mine.
Please give it to me.
Didn't you hear me?
Anything I find in the drain is mine.
I won't be able to find Bunty without it.
Okay, give me 1,000 rupees
and this will be yours.
I don't have that much money, sir.
Then get lost.
Give me the number plate, sir.
-Leave me alone.
-Please, give it.
-Please give it to me.
-Leave me alone.
You're trying to steal my stuff?
In my drain?
Sir, please.
Let's go.
What idiot would open the cover?
Gangaraju and Shankar
are fighting over the same piglet.
Do they know about the microchip or not?
-Call them in for a meeting.
-Okay, boss.
If this is the fake piglet,
where is the original one?
-Take this.
Sir, I need to find the address
of the vehicle with this plate.
Go to the RTA office over there
and ask them.
Thanks, sir.
-Where are you going?
Hey, move.
This is Shankar's den.
-Come on.
-I'm leaving.
-If they see me, they'll kill me.
-Please help me, dude. Hey!
Hey, a white piglet.
Where did you come from?
We want a white piglet
with three spots on its belly.
Why did you want us
to meet you so urgently?
All this time, we have been doing
our businesses
without fighting each other.
But now, there is a problem.
What is it?
A piglet.
I want a piglet.
Not just any piglet,
but a piglet
with three spots on its belly.
I found the piglet you asked for, sir.
-Does it have three spots on its belly?
-Yes, sir.
I know you guys
are fighting over a piglet like that.
I don't care about the piglet.
But there is something in its belly
that's worth a lot of money.
You guys can do
whatever you want with the piglet.
But what's in its belly is mine.
-I want her...
span style="style.default1"-Take the phone, don't sleep.../span
-We found the piglet, boss.
Okay, I'll take care of it.
Why fight each other?
You will be the first person to know
if I find the piglet.
See you.
-The piglet has been located.
-I'll take care of it. Hang up.
As soon as I find the piglet,
I'll bring it to you.
See you.
Here, sir. Take it.
Hey, why is it screaming?
Tie this string around its mouth
and put it in this bag.
-Tie the string around its mouth.
Tie it quickly.
Hold it properly.
-Hey, catch it.
-Catch it.
That way.
Just wait. I'll teach you a lesson.
What happened?
It came from that hole,
kissed me, and left.
I'm Pandu. Hi, little piglet. Come to me.
You're a good boy, aren't you?
Come on.
Come on, little guy. Come on.
Why are you so quiet?
It's nothing. I saw a piglet by the road.
It was screaming.
It sounded just like Bunty.
Where do you want to go in Borabanda?
Take us to this address.
Can you tell me where this address is?
-Do you know the Borabanda Post Office?
-It's the lane next to it.
-Thanks, sir.
Sir, we found him.
The key master, Kumar, has been found.
Are you sure?
Hey! Damn.
Hey, thief!
My suitcase!
Abbulu, where is the piglet?
You're a lucky man, boss.
We had lost it, but we found it again.
We have until 5:00 p.m.
to get to the race.
There's something worth a lot of money
in its belly. We have to get it out.
That's easy, boss.
We can take it out the front or the back.
-When I was a kid,
I swallowed a bottle cap.
They gave me castor oil to get it out.
The bottle cap just flew out of me.
What are you waiting for?
Make the piglet drink castor oil.
You useless fellow.
I'm going to kill you tonight.
Why? What have I done?
You didn't attend
the parent-teacher meeting.
What kind of father are you?
What happened?
They are kicking your son out of school.
-Ask your son.
Your stupid dad is on the phone.
Talk to him.
-Hello, Dad.
-What happened?
My English teacher reported me
to the principal.
She gave me zeroes in all my exams.
They look like eggs.
Why? Does she think she is a chicken?
I asked her the same question, Dad.
My science teacher asked me
what soda we use to wash clothes.
What did you say?
Washing soda.
That's correct.
He asked what soda is used for cooking.
What did you say?
I said baking soda.
He asked me what happens
when soda is mixed with water.
Why does he want to mix soda
into everything? Is he a drunkard?
I asked him that too, Dad.
It's been half an hour
since we made it drink castor oil.
-Why isn't anything happening?
-His intestines must be stiff.
Just wait until they loosen up,
then there will be a flood.
-I'll kill you.
-Hey, Gangaraju.
Why are you getting angry again?
I've told you many times not to get angry.
I'll punch you in the stomach.
I'll pull out your intestines.
Take that piglet to a veterinary hospital
and have it checked.
Have it checked.
I'm taking Raji and walking out of here.
If you try to stop me,
I'll knock you down one by one.
We won't fight you one by one.
We will fight together.
What will you do, then?
What will you do?
I'm thinking.
-Finish him.
Catch him.
-Hey, come down!
-Catch him!
Damn! We didn't make money out of Shankar.
Don't worry.
There is always a next time.
-Aren't those guys Gangaraju's goons?
That looks like our piglet, man.
Show me.
You heard that, moron?
They will kick your son out of school.
span style="style.default1"-Starting tomorrow, take him with you./span
-I have another call.
Yes, Daamu.
They've taken the piglet
to a veterinary hospital.
Which veterinary hospital?
The microchip is stuck in his intestines.
Getting it out will take some time.
How long will it take?
Go back.
Shankar shot at us
and ran away with the piglet.
This is the place.
That's the guy who took Bunty.
Hey, stop!
Stop, man.
How could we miss him?
We have to put Gangaraju and Shankar
in prison to stop the race from happening.
Search it.
Search it.
Close the door.
Come on, open the door.
Hey, come down.
-Come down.
-Come down.
Break the door.
-Come down.
Where is the fresh item?
Hey, beat them up.
-Sir, please.
Sir, no...
Sir, please stop it, sir.
Your girl is over there.
span style="style.default1"A dessert from Afghanistan
My untrustworthy sweetheart/span
span style="style.default1"I'm smitten by your love/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, yes!/span
span style="style.default1"Will you love me at gunpoint?/span
span style="style.default1"At least show me your face/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, yes!/span
span style="style.default1"A dessert from Afghanistan
My untrustworthy sweetheart/span
span style="style.default1"I'm smitten by your love/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, yes!/span
Come to me!
I'm dead.
-Help the sheikh get up.
-Get him up.
-Get up.
-Sheikh, when did you arrive?
Boss, the police.
-Everybody, run!
-Boss, the police.
Hurry up. Get the carpet,
get the mattress.
Hurry up!
Come on.
Oh, no! Let's run.
Stay here.
Come, Abhi.
Get up.
It's Shakti.
Where are you guys?
My God! He is going to kill the piglet.
Abhi, he is going to kill it.
Abhi, he is going to kill it.
Give me the piglet.
Give it.
-Give it to me.
-Hold it. Let's go.
Let's get out here. Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Mister, stop. Please.
Bunty is mine. Mister!
-Bunty is mine.
-Hey, who are you?
-Give him to me. He is mine.
-Who are you?
Please, sir. Give him to me.
-Bunty is mine. Please, mister.
-Hey, leave me alone.
-Get it!
Sir, please sir, give him to me.
Please give him to me, mister.
It went in there, dude.
Mister, please.
-Hey, catch the piglet.
Bunty. Please, sir. Leave him, sir.
Please, mister. Let me go. Bunty!
Mister, please.
No, sir. Please, sir.
No, sir!
-Mister... Bunty!
-Catch it!
Please stop it, sir.
-Where is the piglet?
Hey, let go of my leg.
-Let go!
Hey, careful.
Please, mister.
-Look there.
Hit him.
No, boss.
Freeze. Police.
Chanti, get up.
That's my Bunty.
That's my Bunty.
span style="style.default1"Durgaah!/span
span style="style.default1"He's there!/span
span style="style.default1"Durgaah!/span
span style="style.default1"He's there!/span
Where is the piglet?
I knew we would find this piglet.
Boss, take this and forgive me
for my errors in the past.
Okay, Suri.
Tell me where the piglet is.
Tell me or she will die.
Where is Suri?
Mr. Durgaah, my name is Sharjah Shankar.
What you and Shakti are looking for
is in the belly of the piglet
that is with me.
Give me the correct price
and it will be yours.
span style="style.default1"If you want to talk about it,
come to this address./span
Boss, shall we get the doctor
to take the chip out of the piglet?
No. There's only half an hour left
before the race.
We'll take care of it later.
Doctor, give me the steroid injections.
Now, you will run the race like Superman.
We have new information, sir.
That bank locker key
has a GPS chip inside it.
People from the bank
are trying to locate it,
but the key is at an untraceable location.
We've located it.
To get a piglet with birthmarks,
one has to be lucky.
-What do you say, man?
-Yes, boss.
You are indeed lucky.
He doesn't have the piglet,
which means he is unlucky, right?
I'll kill you.
Hey, Gangaraju. Why are you angry again?
How many times do I have to tell you?
-You stupid goon!
-Boss, don't worry.
Luck will certainly be in your favor.
Our piglet is going the win the race.
The piglet race has started.
All the fat piglets have started running.
The piglets are rushing forward
with a lot of strength and speed.
The piglets are hurrying ahead
to jump over the fence.
They jumped over it
and are moving forward.
And the piglets...
Drink, Chanti.
-Bye, man. Thanks.
-Okay, call me later.
Mister, what did you do to Bunty?
-What did you do to him?
-Hey, leave me alone.
-I beg you, please tell me.
-Go away.
-Get lost.
-Mister, please tell me.
Now the piglets need to cross the pool.
They have easily crossed the pool
and are speeding ahead.
Shankar's piglet is racing ahead.
Gangaraju's piglet is struggling
to catch up.
The other piglets are struggling
in the race.
Their fitness levels are low
due to their lack of exercise.
-I beg you.
-Mister, please take this money.
-What did you do to Bunty?
-Where's Bunty?
-I'll die if I don't find Bunty.
-Please, sir.
Shankar's piglet proves to be
a tough competitor.
It's making everyone anxious.
Everyone is placing high bets
on the piglets.
They even crossed the holes
and are speeding ahead.
-Please tell me what you did to Bunty.
-Please take this money.
Hey, stop.
Shankar's piglet is racing ahead.
Gangaraju's piglet is struggling
to catch up.
The other piglets are running behind
Shankar and Gangaraju's piglets.
Everyone is excited about this race.
Everyone is tense.
Shankar's piglet is moving very fast
towards the finish line.
This is a trial by fire.
Shankar's piglet has jumped
through the fire.
Gangaraju's piglet and the other piglets
have jumped through the fire.
Shankar's piglet is about to win the race.
And Shankar's piglet wins!
-Shankar's piglet wins.
-Boss, you are indeed lucky.
Yes. Do you think an animal race is
as easy as chewing tobacco?
Stop competing with me and sell
your tobacco at a discount.
Hey, what did you say?
Gangaraju, you stupid fellow.
I said to control your anger. Stupid!
How many times do I have to tell you
the same thing, you brainless fool?
-I will kill...
-Gangaraju has started firing at everyone.
There is madness everywhere.
Everybody is running around.
People are running faster
than the animals in the race.
I think the microchip
is still inside the piglet.
Take care of those guys.
Everybody is running.
Come here.
Come, piggy.
Come to me.
Come on.
Come, piggy.
Come here.
Piggy. No, piggy.
The piglets are running all over the place
and so are the humans.
There's confusion everywhere.
span style="style.default1"Did I give him
too many steroid injections?/span
Hit him.
It's raining bullets in here.
Bunty, open your eyes.
Bunty, open your eyes.
This looks like a war.
There's Shankar's gang on one side
and there's Gangaraju's on the other.
Nobody knows who's firing at whom.
Hey, leave me alone.
Let me go.
Give me the chip.
Idiot, should we beat you up or thank you?
Oh, no.
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
Daddy, why are the end credits
appearing too soon?
What happened to Shakti
and all the other characters?
span style="style.default1"Shakti tried to escape
during the chaos, but.../span
So, you will fry my wife's ear and eat it?
From now on you will be known,
not as Six Pack Shakti,
but as No Ear Shakti.
span style="style.default1"The love story that became
a breakup story because of a dog,/span
span style="style.default1"the story that had
a piglet in it for a while,/span
span style="style.default1"became a love story again
because of another dog./span
span style="style.default1"Though Benerjee
kept looking for positive energy,/span
span style="style.default1"negative energy
continued to follow the poor man./span
Hello, Mr. Benerjee.
Hello, Mr. Ramesh. How are you?
-I'm good. Yes.
-Everyone is good?
span style="style.default1"The Sheikh who traveled with fruits
mattresses, pillows, and flowers/span
span style="style.default1"continued to look for
fresh items in Hyderabad./span
Run! Run away!
-Sheikh, shake me up.
span style="style.default1"After Sharjah Shankar's death,/span
span style="style.default1"his wife married the scrap dealer,
You know, you look pretty,
like a metal plate
full of holes and dents.
span style="style.default1"After Gangaraju's death, his gang members
elected Daamu as their boss./span
span style="style.default1"The gang members started wearing
new clothes, but Daamu also.../span
span style="style.default1"The farmers who lost their lands
to Durgaah got their lands back./span
span style="style.default1"They donated the lands/span
span style="style.default1"to the new capital city
and settled in comfortably./span
Did our hero settle down
with the money in the locker, Daddy?
How much money
do you think there is in the locker?
Maybe 100 million.
What will you do with the money?
Move the auto-rickshaw.
You were riding
with the Chief Minister's convoy?
We got him 1,000 acres of land
for the new capital city.
-It's the least they can do.
-I'm serious.
-What will you do with the money?
-Give your dad the dowry
so that I can marry you.
-Sir, please stop.
-Sir, stop!
Sir, please stop! Sir!
What happened to the piglet, Daddy?
Take these. One for you and one for Bunty.
Take them.
Hey, girl! Stop! What is this?
Hey, stop.
Bunty, stop.
Look at you. I'll hit you on the head.
So, Bunty went home.
And the story ends there.
Hey, fat guy, send that little guy over
to drink some milk.
Go and drink some milk.
I see. So, it was your story, Daddy.
So you had this grand adventure
when you were a kid.
Yes, and that adventure made me sensible.
Now, will you run onto the road again?
No. Never. I never will.
Go and drink your milk like a good pig.
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"There it is/span
span style="style.default1"There it is/span
span style="style.default1"There it is/span
span style="style.default1"There it is
That's the highway/span
span style="style.default1"There it is
That's your destination/span
span style="style.default1"That's your parody
That's your comedy/span
span style="style.default1"That's your tragedy
There it is/span
span style="style.default1"That's your agony
That's your harmony/span
span style="style.default1"That's your symphony
There it is/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"When you join hands, it's friendship/span
span style="style.default1"When your eyes meet, it's love/span
span style="style.default1"Fill your heart with happiness/span
span style="style.default1"Celebrate life as if it's a festival/span
span style="style.default1"That's daylight/span
span style="style.default1"That's darkness/span
span style="style.default1"Choose what you want/span
span style="style.default1"There it is/span
span style="style.default1"That's fear
That's courage/span
span style="style.default1"Pick what you like and make it better/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Make the challenges your choice
Embrace victory/span
span style="style.default1"Write your destiny the way you want/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"Oh, way to go!/span
span style="style.default1"There it is/span