Adipurush (2023) Movie Script

This film is a screen version of
the greatest Indian epic Valmiki Ramayana.
While attempts have been made to ensure
it stays true to the original version,
it is possible that some elements,
characters, and events
may have been interpreted, modified,
or dramatized for the screen adaptation.
The filmmakers do not claim that this is
a scholarly or religiously authoritative
representation of the original text.
It is a work of worship, which utilizes
the epic as a source of inspiration.
Viewers are encouraged to gain
a comprehensive understanding of the story
by reading the original Valmiki Ramayana
and referring to reliable religious
and literary sources.
The film may contain some dramatizations,
or some fictional additions as well.
Such depictions should not be misconstrued
to be factually or historically accurate.
The filmmakers acknowledge the cultural
and religious importance of the text
and aim to approach the epic
with respect and sensitivity.
However, the individual interpretations of
the epic may vary,
and this film in no way intends to endorse
any one religious or philosophical view.
The makers do not intend in any manner to
belittle, disrespect, impair or disparage
the beliefs, feelings, sentiments,
and susceptibilities
of a person or persons, communities,
groups, or ethnicities.
India has a history filled with
notable accomplishments,
but the most remarkable chapter
in this history is the one
that tells the story of
The Righteous Shri Ram.
This story and the grandeur
of Shri Ram cannot be fully expressed
even in several eons.
Ram's greatness transcends
words and speech,
and yet he manifests
in the voices of all.
Each author portrayed Shri Ram's story
based on their own perception of Shri Ram.
He is Infinite, his story everlasting.
A story narrated by many
saints over the ages.
From eons we are told
We originate from Ram
We go back to Ram
There is no other love known to us
All our emotions are from Ram
The divine story of Ram and Sita
One incomplete without the other
Ram, Sita-Ram
Sita-Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Ram, Sita-Ram
Sita-Ram, Jai Shri Ram
My son, Bharat, should be crowned
as the king of Ayodhya.
And Raghav should be exiled for 14 years.
It's always been Raghukul's custom.
We'd rather die
than break a promise.
I gladly accept the exile.
A story narrated
By many saints over the ages
Who imbibes the name of Ram
Will recite Ramayana all his life
He brings in the auspicious
Taking away the inauspicious
He is Ram, son of Dasaratha
Ram, Sita-Ram
Sita-Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Ram, Sita-Ram
Sita-Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Ram, Sita-Ram
Sita-Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Ram, Sita-Ram
Sita-Ram, Jai Shri Ram
For those who are born,
death is certain
I cannot change destiny.
However, I can grant you any boon
other than immortality.
I know you are adamant.
Brahma, creator of the universe,
bestow this boon upon you.
Neither in the night nor in the day,
neither in the water nor in the air,
neither on the ground nor in the sky,
neither at the hands of Gods or demons
shall death ever befall you.
Something doesn't seem right, Shesh.
Why fear these clouds?
This is not a normal sky.
Something is
What is this?
The line of truth.
As long as we're within its bounds,
no evil can ever harm us.
But your brother is still out there.
They are nothing but moths.
And my brother is fire.
A moth cannot destroy fire,
only be consumed by it.
But where is he?
Matted hair, formidable
Sky clad, I am Shiva
Eternally pure, formless
Giver of bliss, I am Shiva
This is you or is it me
This is me or it is you
There is no distinction, I am Shiva
Each drop is pure
Each part aglow with light
He rules the holy Ganges
And the mountain too
His brightness dispels
The darkest night
Adorned with a crescent
Moon that shines so bright
In Him, the seas take root
He's where the heavens merge
Beyond time's boundaries
He's the ultimate verge
Every speck bears his imprint
Every corner he pervades
In every realm
Every direction, he prevails
He holds the wisdom of the world
Right at his fingertips
The mere mention of his name
And the gloom leaves
To this beacon of compassion
We bow with due respect
Even other deities humble
In his presence, they deflect
Echoes through all directions clear
Fierce as a conch
Your sound loud and sincere
The seed of all life is you
And the ultimate destroyer too
Oh kind and gentle Lord Shiva
There is no one like you
And when it comes to your devotees
There is no one like me too
This is you or is it me
This is me or it is you
There is no distinction, I am Shiva
Pardon me, Lord Shiva.
Why have you covered your face,
Remove the veil.
Look at me.
Even if I do,
will I see my same old brother?
The very same brother
who once dethroned King Kuber,
simply because he mocked me?
I am still the same, Shurpanakha.
What a sight!
Such radiance
on such a handsome young man.
I gladly accept you as my husband.
I'm a married man.
Please forgive me.
Who is she?
Tell me who this woman is
who has deprived my sister
of her true love.
The wife of Raghav.
The most beautiful woman
in the universe.
She is
the perfect embodiment
of heavenly charm
and eternal beauty.
She is not meant to be in the jungle.
She is the missing piece in your life.
If anything is missing from Raavan's life,
that is Janaki.
Get her and complete yourself.
My revenge will be complete.
Something's bothering you.
Talk to me.
You are a princess, Janaki.
You belong to the palace.
Why roam around in these jungles with me?
There is still time.
Listen to me.
Go back to Ayodhya.
You do not have to worry
about such things with me.
Why should I go back to Ayodhya?
For me,
my Ayodhya is where
my Raghav is.
Your shadow may leave you alone,
but Janaki will never.
My physical form is but a shell
Within me you dwell
To be honest, without you
I find myself to be incomplete too
Glance into my eyes and you will see
Your love is more valuable
Than life to me
As your love pours down on me
A fragrant blessing blends
Into my soul eternally
With the colors you bring to my life
I cannot bear to be away from you
The love of my life
A golden deer!
Let's take it along
on our return to Ayodhya.
Such a beautiful golden deer
no one would have seen in Ayodhya.
Did you hear that?
Your brother calls for you.
He must be in danger.
Hear that?
Do you believe me now?
I am scared
You must go right now and help him.
But I cannot leave you here alone.
It isn't safe.
But your brother is in danger!
Come what may,
you must not cross this line.
Grant me some alms.
Spare some alms for a sage.
And the universe
will bless you.
Can't you spare some food for a sage?
Even some water will do.
I'll get you something.
Please accept these alms.
A sage has walked miles
to your doorstep,
and you can't even take two steps
to hand them over?
My husband isn't home yet.
And until he returns, I must not...
You dare question the character
of a sage?
Not at all, Baba.
I apologize.
I'm leaving.
Never forget,
if a sage leaves empty-handed
from a doorstep,
good fortune abandons that house.
And I was about to give my blessings
for your husband's longevity.
It would've been wise of you
to have accepted.
But as you wish
In the wake of impending doom
even one's intellect falters.
Please wait.
Who are you?
Brother, this is all my fault.
Had I not left her alone,
none of this would've happened.
I have broken your trust.
It's not your mistake, Shesh.
It is clearly a play of destiny.
I've carried some debt for a long time
I wasn't able to cremate our father.
But doing so for his friend Jatayu
might help reduce my debt.
You finally got your revenge.
And yet you do not seem
so happy about it,
Queen Mandodari.
Because you haven't bothered to think
of the mayhem it will lead us to.
The fact that my brother has brought
the most beautiful woman to marry
but you are unable to bear the same!
Am I right?
The days of Lanka's glory are nearing
their twilight.
So, rejoice while you still can.
The inevitable doom is here.
Get ready
We need an army to attack Raavan.
You are the prince of Ayodhya.
And she is the future queen.
All you need to do is say but one word
and our army will be here.
No, Shesh.
But why not, brother?
This is against my righteousness.
Today I am not a prince,
I am just a nomad,
and Janaki is my wife.
Not just Ayodhya's army,
I cannot claim privileges over even
a single grain of its sand for 14 years.
So is your righteousness more valuable
to you than my sister-in-law's life?
Janaki is my life.
But my righteousness
is more precious than my life.
An old woman roaming the jungle
in the dark of night.
Definitely a ruse.
Speak, woman!
Reveal yourself or be prepared to die!
I will not stop you, son.
If I am an illusion
it will do me no harm.
But if I turn out to be a human,
your hands will forever be stained
with the blood of an innocent.
No, please.
Why are you doing this, son?
It doesn't suit you to sit at my feet.
I belong to a lower caste,
and you
you look like a warrior
and possibly even a prince.
So please, don't.
Don't do this to me.
Our deeds define our character,
not our birth.
You are like a mother to me.
And this is the way a son
always treats his mother.
Please eat away.
Brother, they're half-eaten.
I wouldn't do it.
Have some.
They are the sweetest ones.
I took bites from all the berries
to ensure I serve only
the sweetest ones.
You should also take some.
I have been waiting for you.
My guru rightly said
"He will not discriminate."
"He will treat everyone equally."
I was so assured of your arrival.
Our paths have crossed,
there is nothing more for me to live for.
I'll take your leave.
Across Pampa Lake,
on the mountain Rishyamukha,
there resides a monkey king, Sugriv.
You should go meet him.
He will help you in your quest.
Do you know what the most dangerous
weapons are in the universe?
and Brahmastra.
I was attacked with them,
all three of them
yet here I am, standing before
you without a single scratch.
Do you know why?
Because I am Raavan.
The one who is far beyond the reach
of pain and agony.
Alas! You broke this illusion of mine,
in here!
It aches right here.
For the first time,
I feel pain and agony.
My eyes cannot bear to see
you like this, starving to death.
Looking so forlorn and sad.
The future queen of Lanka
doesn't need to live like this.
She should be in my palace.
The walls of my golden castle
beg your presence.
They keep asking about you,
"Where is Janaki?"
"When will she grace
us with her presence?"
"When will Janaki come?"
What do I tell them?
When will my Janaki come?
Mind your words, Raavan!
Janaki belongs to Raghav.
And she will always be his.
That fool!
Who was fooled by just a deer?
Why ask me?
Why don't you ask Raghav himself
once he comes to take me back?
Take you back?
Open your eyes, Janaki.
Look around you.
You are not in Mithila,
where Raghav will come
with a procession to marry you.
This is Lanka!
This is Raavan's Lanka!
An unsurpassable ocean and my undefeatable
powers will keep you two apart.
Nothing enters here unless I allow it to.
He will crush your fragile ego.
He'll turn the ocean into a desert.
Just wait and watch.
Not here!
In your golden palace.
And take your trivial baubles with you.
There isn't enough gold in your Lanka
to even win a fraction of Janaki's love.
Bhole Bhole, bam bam Bhole.
Bhole Bhole, bam bam Bhole.
Bhole Bho...
I was calling out to the Almighty,
but instead, you two lost souls emerged
seemingly out of nowhere.
This is a forest of illusions
and enchantments.
You are not safe in this place.
Turn back!
And return from whence you came from!
Now go.
And what are you?
Illusionist or impostor?
Reveal your identity
or be prepared to face my wrath.
The trickeries of this world
are quite abundant
but they aren't a sage's cup of tea.
You claim to be a sage.
Do you mind if I test your wisdom?
I welcome it!
Here we go.
If ten laborers built a palace
in four months,
how much time will five laborers take?
No time at all.
The palace is already built.
A man hasn't slept for 20 days
and yet is healthy.
How so?
Because he only sleeps at night.
There's a parrot and its two chicks,
they're crossing a river.
As they reach the shore,
the youngest shouts,
We four have managed
to cross the river!
Now answer me this, sage.
There are only one parrot
and two chicks.
So the count should be three.
Why did the chick say that
there are four of them?
It's a chick, it can say anything.
Why this facade?
What was the need to do all of this?
Pardon me, Raghav.
I needed to ensure it was you
and not some impostor
who was pretending to be you.
And what's your judgment?
Am I an impostor?
How can I help?
I want to meet the monkey king Sugriv.
Welcome, Raghav.
Tell me
what can I do for you?
My wife has been abducted, Sugriv.
I came here to ask for your help.
You're a fresh, cool body of water
With you I flow, since times of yore
Since twinkling stars
First filled the sky
I've been bound to you, for evermore
Wherever your feet fall
My garden grows
Your love is more valuable
Than life to me
As your love pours down on me
A fragrant blessing blends into
My soul eternally
With the colors you bring to my life
I cannot bear to be away from you
The love of my life
Your eyes are so deep
I was bound to lose myself in them
Together we were meant to be
It was destiny
You are the bond
That keeps us together
You are the courtyard
My moon shines for
You are my first hope
You are my last desire
Your love is more valuable
Than life to me
As your love pours down on me
A fragrant blessing blends into
My soul eternally
With the colors you bring to my life
I cannot bear to be away from you
The love of my life
I need to speak with you.
Forgive me if I have placed you
in a difficult situation
No, not at all.
It would be my pleasure
to be of service.
But then,
I've no army,
no kingdom.
My elder brother Vali took
away everything I had.
Then why not claim your rights back?
Fight for it.
He is as shrewd as he is strong.
I could match his strength on
the battlefield
but not his cunning.
But with the truth on my side,
I can definitely beat Vali.
And you are the truth, Raghav.
So, get ready, Sugriv.
You shall challenge him to
a duel tomorrow.
Come out!
Come out!
Face me, you coward!
Sugriv is weak.
We may have made a mistake.
We should have gone to Vali.
He is strong,
and the one with an army.
Why are we supporting Sugriv?
Forgive the intrusion, but it's forbidden
to use a weapon in a combat duel.
It matters not how strong
the evil appears.
Truth always wins in the end.
A king protects his people,
and that's his dharma.
That makes Surgiv the rightful king.
It will take a while to reach Lanka
with this army.
What if we send a small group ahead?
I will accompany Angad
along with Bajrang.
We will ask Janaki to stay strong
and inform her about your plans.
I agree with Jamavant.
As you wish, Raghav.
Show this to her when you find her.
She will recognize it
and trust you to be my messenger.
Must you be so formal outside of court,
Brother, you should let Janaki go.
If a suggestion is correct,
it doesn't matter who said it.
You already have everything
this world has to offer,
but you remain a Rakshasa.
Make Lakshmi your consort
and you will become Narayan.
As long as Raghav is alive,
you don't stand a chance
of winning her heart.
Nothing is impossible for Raavan!
Even the god of death is afraid of him.
It's not about doing the impossible.
This act would be a blight
on his entire legacy.
The winner writes the legacy,
never the loser.
And once Raavan has decided
to do something,
the chains of morality can't restrain him.
I believe Raghav has magical powers.
One ten-headed Raavan is more powerful
than ten Raghavs combined!
I won't let her go.
Then you are inviting death upon yourself,
my brother.
I can see no other outcome.
It seems this is where our journey ends.
We can't cross the ocean.
No, no!
Don't you dare look at me like that!
How am I supposed to cross
the infinite ocean?
As infinite as your potential, Bajrang.
Or have you forgotten who you truly are?
A mere monkey, what else?
A monkey,
who in his childhood once swallowed
the sun because he was hungry.
A monkey who has been endowed
with the power of three worlds.
A monkey with the power of lightning
and the radiance of fire!
A monkey who possesses the force
of a storm.
A monkey with the power of lightning
and the glide of an eagle.
And here you are afraid
of crossing the sea?
Bajrang, realize your powers.
Only you alone can do it.
No one else but you, my friend.
Now jump, Bajrang!
Wherever Raghav is,
there lies victory.
Who are you?
I am Raghav's messenger, Bajrang.
I have come to bring a message,
an important one.
Raghav is on his way to rescue you.
How is he doing?
Not so good
without you by his side.
Please wipe away those tears.
I cannot tell Raghav
that his Janaki was in tears.
He won't like that.
You, there!
How did you manage to get in?
This isn't a playground,
that you can drop in for a stroll.
Did you think you would be able
to escape my wrath?
Do you even know who I am?
Now, prepare yourself,
and get ready to bid adieu
to this world!
I won't.
But someone definitely will.
Don't you have better things to do
than to catch a monkey?
This one speaks.
He was caught chatting with Janaki
in Ashok Vatika.
Raghav must have sent him
to spy on us.
And in Lanka the punishment for spying
is death.
What say you, Father?
At least ask him his name, Indrajit.
I am Bajrang.
A messenger of Ayodhya's
future king, Raghav.
He doesn't live in Ayodhya anymore.
Instead, he roams the jungle.
So, what kind of king does
that make him?
Tell me.
A king of vagabonds?
He's a messenger and not a spy.
And here in Lanka,
we never kill a messenger.
We can keep him in a cage.
Lanka needs a monkey that speaks
in its collection.
Father, what are you thinking?
Just say the word.
Imagine what a monkey looks like
without its tail.
Does it hurt?
It gets worse with each passing moment.
To tell you honestly
I actually feel
a little bad for you.
The cloth is from Lanka.
The oil is from Lanka.
The fire is also from Lanka.
And what will burn down
will also be Lanka.
Please come with me.
Raghav had broken the Shivdhanush
to marry me.
Now he must break Raavan's arrogance.
Raavan dared to take me away
from our doorstep.
Now Janaki will only return
when Raghav comes for her.
I know he will.
I am waiting for him.
Break boulders,
tear down mountains,
fill up the ocean,
and build me a bridge to Lanka.
I'm afraid even if we use all the rocks
in the world
we will never have enough to build
the bridge we need.
We have to build a bridge.
If not with rocks,
then with our prayers.
Oh, Sea God,
I, Raghav, son of Dashrath, implore you
to make way for my army.
What happened, Bajrang?
Just a lesson that laying hands
on our women
would lead to their destruction.
Alive and well.
I am forever indebted, Bajrang.
My lord.
She awaits you.
Before Raavan does anything untoward.
You must reach Lanka.
Sea God,
you know that
I am going to fight for justice.
Please, make way for me.
I, Raghav, from the Ikshavaku clan
am forced to let this Brahmastra
pierce your heart.
Mercy, Raghav! Mercy!
I am the Sea.
One can't measure my depth
nor go across me.
Such is the nature of my being.
Such is your nature,
that you cannot be crossed
but such is my determination that
I must cross the great,
wide sea and reach Lanka.
It is said that so pious is your name
that people's worries dissolve.
Therefore, I request your army
to throw stones into the sea
while taking your name,
and I promise
I won't let those stones sink.
Wherever Raghav is,
there lies victory.
Wherever Raghav is
- There lies victory!
- There lies victory!
Wherever Raghav is
- There lies victory!
- There lies victory!
Now even if the earth breaks open
or the sky falls upon us,
nothing can stop the hands of justice
from strangling evil.
My brave monkey brethren,
No one has the gall to hinder
your path now.
No one would even dare!
The very mountains
of the Earth would tremble
the second we set foot on their land.
Arrows of arrogance cannot
pierce your mighty chests.
For you are fearless warriors with
burning fire flowing through your veins
you are my true fearless warriors.
I am coming for you.
I am coming to crush every one
of your ten heads!
I am coming to get my Janaki back!
I am coming
to do justice once and for all.
I understand this is treason, my lord.
I am going against my brother.
But if it helps me protect
my motherland.
Even if I have to betray my brother.
So be it.
I am aware that history will perhaps
remember me as a traitor.
That I might not get the respect
I deserve after I am gone.
But I cannot just do nothing
and watch Lanka getting destroyed.
What Lankesh is doing
is not right, Raghav.
So, I have decided to go against him
and join your ranks.
And what do you expect in return?
I ask for a promise, Raghav.
That you wouldn't punish the people
of Lanka for Lankesh's misdeeds.
They are innocent.
I ask you to spare them from this war.
Haven't you been in a war before?
The citizens have to face the consequences
of the actions of their king.
It's Raavan who is the wrongdoer,
not the people of Lanka.
You have my word.
No innocent lives will be lost
in this war.
And I expect nothing in return, Vibhishan.
It's up to you to take
your brother's side or not.
You are not compelled to join me.
You can choose to remain neutral.
In the war of good and evil,
choosing to remain neutral
is equivalent to sinning.
I am with you, Raghav.
Please accept my allegiance.
Welcome, my friend.
Consider this as a token
of my acceptance.
Once I defeat Raavan
you shall be crowned as king of Lanka.
Why would you do that?
You don't have a kingdom yourself.
Who in their right mind
would let such a chance go?
I don't understand this.
Why would you not want to be the king?
I'm fighting to get Janaki back
and to put an end to Raavan's injustice.
Lanka must remain in the stewardship
of its people.
The greed for another kingdom
and to secure a place in heaven
is never sated.
So how come Raghav,
a mere human,
is so ready to sacrifice Lanka's crown
for a stranger like you?
Are you even listening?
That day the whole kingdom of Ayodhya
was at the height of rejoicing
like a sky full of stars.
The crowned prince of Ayodhya,
the eldest son of King Dashrath,
Raghav would be crowned
on that fateful day.
And then
You had promised me two wishes,
your highness.
I have come to claim them.
First, my son Bharat is to be made king
of Ayodhya.
And second, send Raghav
into exile for 14 years.
It's always been Raghukul's custom
We'd rather die
than break a promise.
I gladly accept the exile.
will be ruled by Bharat.
If in order to keep a promise made
by his father,
he can give him the throne
and agree to live a nomad's life,
imagine the lengths he would go to
in order to keep his own.
I have come empty-handed today.
Without any of the worldly things.
You don't want them,
so I didn't get anything.
In fact, I have come
without my royal guards
and my weaponry.
I came here with but one thing,
my heart.
I offer you my heart as a gift, Janaki.
Please accept it and come with me.
Please accept my love.
What kind of gift is that, Raavan?
Gifts are meant to last.
Why would you offer something that
would stop working
as soon as Raghav impales it
with an arrow?
Now let's not argue over who Raghav is,
or I'll be forced to remind you that
a mere messenger of his was able
to wreak such havoc.
Just imagine,
what will happen to your kingdom,
once Raghav gets here.
Words can't persuade you then.
You won't change your mind?!
You've only seen my good side,
but now, you'll witness the bad!
No one will mourn over his dead body
save for vultures!
I will crush his heart with my feet
and do the tandava.
In the fierce fire burning on his
formidable forehead,
Lord Shiva had burnt Kamadeva to ashes.
Just like this.
Please listen to me, Janaki!
I am ready to be your slave,
Please say yes to my love.
I knew she would not say yes.
She is stubborn.
You are the one who is so stubborn.
Why were you shouting so loudly?
Why wouldn't I?
She won't give in.
She was the princess of Mithila, Raavan.
You can't tempt her with being a queen.
A fish doesn't die by drowning.
Then what's her weakness?
There must be something.
Forget her weakness.
Think of her strength first.
Target her strength.
Destroy her confidence with Raghav.
And her fortress will shatter like glass.
Our only hope is you
Our only support is you
In times of trouble
We always seek you
From your power
We gather our strength
You keep us blessed
Your name is over
And above all mantras
Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram, Raja Ram!
Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram, Raja Ram!
Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram, Raja Ram!
Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram, Raja Ram!
Hail, Lankesh.
We may have underestimated
those two humans and their monkeys.
There is a rumor that Raghav
possesses a magical quiver
that never runs out of arrows.
They've managed to build a bridge
over the sea
and are headed toward Lanka
as we speak.
Prey has fallen right into the trap.
Time to chew it.
There are thousands of monkeys
in their army.
A few can fly as well.
And one spy in their midst.
A spy of Raavan.
You are second to none
when it comes to brains and brawn.
Simply standing next to one such as you
is enough to make me feel victorious.
I've been thinking.
What should our next plan of action be?
Should we assault Lanka first,
or should we wait for them to attack?
Are there any more monkey warriors
who can fly like Bajrang?
Yes, there are.
Angad, Sugriv, and
So there are three flying monkeys
in total.
What are you doing, Raghav?
Unhand me!
I have sworn allegiance to you!
The real Vibhishan knows
that Jamavant is not a monkey.
He is a bear.
Reveal yourself.
It's all too easy to kill an enemy
but not the enmity within him.
The only way to do so
is through forgiveness.
Let's give it a try,
and turn a foe into a friend.
Where is Vibhishan?
What do you want?
I am Shuka,
a spy
of Lankesh.
I had come to gather intelligence.
And what did you find?
please give our guest a complete tour
of our camp.
Have him meet our monkey warriors.
Show him our arsenal, too.
Once he's seen every corner of our camp,
return him safely to the palace.
You wanted the inside
information, right?
Your spy will give you that.
But what I am going
to tell you is far more critical.
Your ten heads should pay attention.
Listen carefully,
for I won't repeat myself.
Before dawn breaks tomorrow,
you must return Janaki to us.
Say, "Hail Shri Ram,"
and save your life.
Or else, your palace
had better prepare for your funeral.
This is not an illusion!
Start mourning for him. He is gone.
Now just wrap up and leave Lanka!
We are done with your monkey show.
By morning,
the shores better be empty
Unless you wish to experience
You just saw what one snake
of mine did to your Sheshnaag.
I have many more
from where he came from.
your monkeys are wild and dumb,
but you are a smart one, aren't you?
So before the dawn breaks tomorrow
He can still be saved.
There is only one way to stop the effect
of Indrajit's venom.
I've never tried it but
I have heard about its effectiveness.
The path to get there is fraught with...
Tell me the name
and where to acquire it.
On the mountain Dronagiri.
To reach it and return
it would take days.
It's not possible.
Yes, it is.
It can be done.
But how will I recognize Sanjeevani?
Sanjeevani is neither a fruit
nor a leaf nor a flower.
It neither turns green
during springtime
nor does it dry up during the fall.
It is neither fragrant
nor does it have a stench.
It is neither as soft as a lotus,
nor thorny as the cactus.
Sanjeevani is Sanjeevani.
That's the only way to describe it.
Today one is hurt,
tomorrow there may be more.
We need to keep Sanjeevani handy.
We need to be prepared.
Hail, Lankesh.
Sorry to interrupt your massage.
Shesh is still alive.
Indrajit's venom has only one cure.
And no one is aware of it.
I will not spare you for this betrayal.
I will not stop till I drain the blood
from your body down to the last drop,
else I will not claim
to be Vishrawa's son.
You have betrayed Lanka.
Lankesh never steps on
the battlefield first.
He will strategically send
his two best warriors before him.
Indrajit and
Indrajit is a master of illusions.
But every poison has a cure,
just like every enemy has a weakness.
And Indrajit's weakness lies
in the golden lake.
He takes a holy bath in the lake
before every fight.
This is his war ritual.
And once he comes out of it,
he is impossible to beat.
But for as long as he is in the water,
he is without any powers.
Then that's what we will do.
We will kill him in the water.
Lankesh's second warrior is Kumbhkaran.
It has been said time and again
that his strength is so mighty
that it can stop
the Earth from rotating.
But he is in deep slumber now
and won't wake up
for the next six months.
Tomorrow is an auspicious day,
and Lankesh will worship Lord Shiva
in the Shiva Temple.
He won't take a break
until the whole ritual is completed.
We will attack Lanka from
three directions at the same time.
The first is Sugriv.
You will be responsible
for assaulting the northern wall
with a battalion.
go with Vibhishan and Angad.
Cross the port entrance
to reach the golden lake.
You will kill Indrajit
as we have planned.
And I, along with Bajrang, will infiltrate
the enemy camp from inside.
If ever any one of you needs help,
I will be there.
But how will you manage to get
from one place to the next quickly?
That responsibility rests on my shoulders.
Let's get ready.
The reason for which
we went through dense jungles,
scaled mountains, and crossed the sea
The time has come to fulfill that vow!
Our enemy's army may outnumber us,
but we more than
make up for it in courage!
We fight for the truth.
This fight won't be easy.
You might lose faith,
you might want to drop your weapon,
and you might feel like giving up.
But before you decide to surrender,
think once about how will you face
any woman.
How did you lose to evil
and come back alive?
The truth might suffer
but will never fail.
Har Har Mahadev!
Har Har Mahadev!
This fight was mine.
But one by one,
you became a part of it.
For that, I'm grateful.
But today
do not fight for me!
Fight for yourself.
Fight for the future
where mothers will raise their children
with tales of your bravery.
Fight for the day
when the unrighteous
will tremble with fear
before laying hands on any woman.
Fight for that glory,
where people will bow down with respect
when they hear your name.
Do not just fight for me!
Instead, fight for all of us!
Fight for our righteousness!
Will you fight?
- We will fight!
- We will fight!
Then march on
and pierce the enemy's hearts
with the saffron victory flag!
- Wherever Raghav is.
- There lies victory.
- Wherever Raghav is.
- There lies victory.
- Wherever Raghav is.
- There lies victory.
- Wherever Raghav is.
- There lies victory.
- Wherever Raghav is.
- There lies victory.
I know your blessings are with me,
and that ensures my win.
But if I lose today
I am coming to you.
Brahma, creator of the universe
bestow this boon upon you.
Neither in the night nor in the day,
neither in the water nor in the air,
neither on the ground
nor in the sky.
Neither at the hands of Gods
nor demons
shall death ever befall on you.