Adithya Varma (2019) Movie Script

'The meaning of this verse'
'Sages, seers, angels'
'Living things under the sea'
'All of them will change according to passage of time'
'No one can change the sky, right?'
'That being the case'
'Why are we as human beings so stubborn in our opinions?'
'If what we wish doesn't happen'
'If whatever happens isn't what you had in mind'
'Why do you worry?'
'I keep repeating this to Adithya'
'He's like that from childhood'
He used to wear an ordinary toy watch
By the time I could make him switch over to a brand like Titan
I really lost my patience
If he gets a new watch
...he won't part with the old watch to anyone nor will he trash it
Even now he has all his old watches nailed on his wall on display in his room
Including that toy watch!
If he likes something that's it, 1-track mind!
Very surprising
To have that kind of quality at so young an age
Of course
Listen to this
He wanted a vehicle to commute to college
I told him to take one of the cars parked in our garage
He insisted on a bike
His father referred Sharma who works in a Harley-Davidson
Or our friend Rashid working in a BMW showroom
Asked him to book the latest motor bike
Adithya was very particular he wanted only a Bullet
That too, he wanted only his grandpa's Bullet
He was more stubborn than a mule and he got his way, imagine!
'So sweet!'
'80 days since he left home, pa'
We are living happily without giving him a second thought
Even if it is 800 days I don't care
Is his love story so immortal?
What has happened now?
Not 80 days, da
82 days since I asked him to get out of the house
Bear this in mind
If you delve too deeply in any subject in life'll be left with only a zero
Your brother is now very close to that zero
Murthy, start the bike
Hey idiot! That's my nighty
"Baby, I'm preying on you tonight"
"Hunt you down eat you alive"
"Just like animals, animals like animals-mals"
"Maybe you think that you can hide"
"I can smell your scent for miles"
"Just like animals, animals like animals-mals"
"Baby I'm-"
"So what you trying to do to me"
"It's like we can't stop, we're enemies"
"But we get along when I'm inside you, eh"
"You're like a drug that's killing me"
"I cut you out entirely"
"But I get so high when I'm inside you"
"Yeah, you can start over you can run free"
"You can find other fish in the sea"
- 1 sec - Hey! Not on top
Just strip from waist down
1 sec...1 sec
I'll help you
Hey wait I'll take it off
- I'll undo it - What's your tearing hurry?
Darn this knot!
Don't snip it off...hey don't!
'Are you there?'
- 'Open the door' - Oh gawd!
My fianc! I think he's at the door
Why is he singing some random song?
Aiyo! Is that important?
- Please go - 'Darling!'
2 minutes We'll be done
- 'Darling, open the door' - Listen
I don't want to spoil this mood
But for the 1st time he and I will be meeting alone
Please go now
It's okay, baby 1st time for us too
He will wait You don't worry
Please leave!
I said 'leave me'
- Leave me, huh? - GO
Do it!
What Take it off
Did I offer myself? You called me
You give me a hard on and then ditch, what the hell!
Will you strip or-
"Baby, I'm preying on you tonight"
"Hunt you down eat you alive"
"Just like animals, animals like animals-mals"
- Hi Lekha - 'Hello, sir'
Didn't you say you missed my seminar?
Want to come? I'll give the address?
'Shall I come to the seminar hall, sir?'
Hey! Come to my flat, okay?
- Hi da - 'Hey Parthi'
- Open your mouth - 'When I came to your clinic'
Remember a girl was raving about my looks and wondering who I was
Deepthi our family friend Why do you ask?
If I call her will she come to my flat?
Flat...I swear!
Hey machan, bad idea Listen to me
Please don't invite trouble
Nothing to worry
Will she come or not?
She already has a boyfriend They are getting married next year
Please understand
Oh! Next year?
'Then will she come now?'
- Hey - Hey!
Yes or no?
Dai! Medical psycho!
Why are you so cheap, getting bad to worse?
'She won't come, da'
'1st wind up all this and try to forget Meer-'
'What do you want?'
Hey, what is this?
- Did you pee on my seat? - Diaper overflowed
Disgusting! Don't you know when you get the urge to pee?
Messed up fellow!
'Hey, look at his pant'
- Yuck! - Peed in his pants
Hey Meera, what are you eating?
Idiot, open your mouth
What are you eating?
Is it chicken? Spit it out...out
Who gave you chicken?
Sir, dogs eat chicken you know
Maheshwari, haven't I told you not to call her a 'dog'
- Sorry, sir - Has Meera given you any work?
I'm the one who cleans her poop
- 'Yes' - Then why do you find it a hassle?
When did you start eating meat?
Aren't you vegetarian?
Did it tell you, sir?
I mean did she tell you?
Yes, she did
Attend to your work
What, sweety pie?
If you giggle again you've had it from me
Look, Meera, how she's laughing at us!
'Deepa, you have a surgery in 4 hours'
- 'Be alert' - Okay
Don't get a shelling
Good morning, sir
- Good morning, doctor - Morning
Come here Come...come
This is a classic case of angular mal union of the femur
This is also for you Pay attention
Like our skin heals when cut same goes for bones too
Last time when your hand got fractured you went to a local doctor who bandaged it
Okay, what happened actually is
It has healed but at an angle, okay?
So mobility has been affected
That's why you felt excruciating pain
What we intend doing now
Break this and remove all the excess
Fix it with a plate and screw
'Doctor, my leg needs surgery'
But they've shaved me all over
'Knife didn't harm any vital organs, no?'
During your rounds won't you explain to the patient?
We did, sir
Uncle, this is-
Our procedure
Don't get tense
When a cricket match is played not only is the pitch cleaned
Entire ground is cleaned, right?
This is a similar case, okay?
Don't get stressed, okay?
You'll be alright
You said you fought with your sister Did you patch it up?
We are okay now, sir
Just get bed #18 ready
That patient's astrologer said tomorrow is a better day it seems
Hey! I can't come tomorrow I need to take Meera to the park
Then how, sir?
How means how?
Tell him sepsis has already set in his leg, it's septic
If we don't operate today I'll cut his tool along with his leg
- Deepa, check the Operation Theater - Okay, sister
Sir, medical officer has asked me not to enter it in the log book
Your patient count will be very high in the last 2 months
If there's any problem because of-
Log book issue is your problem
Don't bring this shit to me, Tulsi You go handle it yourself, man
Okay, sir
"Yeah, keep it hot Keep it flowing like a rock star"
"Fake your bitches Keep it growing like a monsta"
"If hurdles try to obstruct you If the world wants to break you into two"
"Son of a gun, break that forever Close the chapter altogether"
"This is your life, I swear"
"So eff the world eff the people"
"Eff the pain, gotta censor this shit Cos I'm gonna make it rain"
"It's Adi-V"
"Yeah, remember the name It's Adi-V"
- Sorry, huh? - 'No problem, bro'
'We enjoyed the show, Adi'
- Show - Here
Where else?
Hey! Careful, man
Cover with your hand If it spills inside, you're done for
Wearing your briefs will be Mission Impossible
- They'll make you sit out - Shut up!
What kind of medicos are you?
Don't you keep a First Aid kit in your bag?
Einstein, did we dream, in this match sir will give us a feast to remember?
'Right now, St Patrick's is leading the match'
'And we have Ajay all set with the equalizer'
- Hey Ajay - 'Come on, Adi'
Break his face, huh?
'Very important match and very important shot'
Is that your plan, da?
Score your goal, da
Score a goal and I'll run around Balmatta circle in my birthday suit!
Come on Score a goal
Come on
Oh yes! Come on, Adi
'Adi ready, counter counter'
'Adi, pass the ball here'
Go, mark him
Hey! Adi
Come on
Wait, da
Madcap! Why are you grabbing him?
- I dare you - He's provoking you
Adi, listen to me Wait for just 3 minutes
'Referee is their guy Listen to me'
Calm down, Adi Please let's go back
- Come on, guys, ready - Come on
'Ajay, what are you looking at?'
'Bro, go...go...go'
Come on, boys
'Well done...well done What a shot!'
'Hey! What is it now?'
Hey Samar
Only 3 minutes left
St Patrick's will get the cup this year too
Come on, boys, come on
Parthi, look over there
- Adi, look behind you - Adiii!
Hey Tarun
Close that gate just once For my sake, please
Adi, don't
'Kick him, Adi Come on!'
'Don't leave him'
'Boys, please stop him'
'Machan, don't let him go'
'Stamp him on his mouth'
Hit him, machan Beat him to a pulp
Don't spare him
Smash him up, dude
Split his lips
Don't spare him, dude
'Super, da'
Keep it there
- You know Tarun sports a 6 pack - Chee! Shut up
Adi, you yelled at 1 chap Do you know who he is?
Convenor of Karnataka State Football
The way you slapped him with 'respect' he had goose bumps all over his face!
Don't know where he went after placing the cup over there
He knows the cup is ours
That's why he left
Give me some water
- Here - Adi
Dean is calling you
'Good morning'
And very warm welcome to all you new students
So how does it feel being part of a college with a 100 year tradition?
May I come in, sir?
A college with-
Come in
This is Dr Adithya Varma
One of our house surgeons
You must meet a person like him for sure
He is a topper of the college
Topper of the university
And topper of the board
I can say, he is one of the few students to have passed out of St Patrick's college
...with an impeccable track record
But in anger management
He is a classic example
For all of you
In the medical profession
'If a doctor who cannot control anger'
...handles a surgical blade it is equal to murder!
To hate
Get angry
Rush of blood
Everyone experiences all these
But only when all these can be controlled
Plus ignore these you can be yourself
When you treat a patient
...if you lack compassion what is the use of a degree?
'Even a poor show in academics I can tolerate'
But I just can't tolerate it if anger can't be controlled
I have all the videos of that match, sir
I can play it for you
Actually he isn't to be blamed, sir
I'm going to be brutally honest over here
I don't need your post analysis
Get out
Wait, da
Go ahead, sir
I am very disappointed with you, Adithya
Did you ever think of the reputation of our college?
Okay, you write an apology letter to the Sports board immediately
Write another letter to the college also
Addressing it to me
And I want to see a photocopy of that letter
With your signature on the notice board
Along with 1 month's suspension
Otherwise you can leave the college
Football is a violent sport, sir
To strike a goal in the opponent's area where their goal keeper is guarding it
And to stop them from coming into our area
This is the football I know
Are you teaching me the rules?
No, sir
I'm stating my reservation
That's all
Sir, that game exudes a self-respect
In that fight all that cheer and revelry a war like feel
College is the reason for those feelings
I thought about the college, sir
A lot
That's why I controlled my anger for such a long time
If something appears wrong to me
I can't be a silent spectator!
In case that becomes a habit, sir?
Not only on the ground In my life too
So it has become a habit?
To bash up people?
You cannot manhandle anyone
I felt satisfaction in that fight, sir
Before that, you
The bias of losing this championship
If I had spent 3 more minutes on the ground
...a felicitation function would have been held right here
But that's not me
I don't need it
Even our college doesn't need it
And frankly, sir
I don't care
Listen to what happened
I don't need to ask you to watch the video nor are you compelled to
And I am not a rebel without a cause, sir
Or a murderer with a hand blade
I'll leave college same time tomorrow
'Are you leaving college for good?'
What will you achieve in life with this kind of seething anger?
You won't understand, sir
You are the dean of this college
An employee doing his duty
But I'm a student in this college
This is my college
Show some respect to the champion
Hello ma'am
- So you're prepared to leave the college? - Yes, ma'am
Is it really necessary?
'Can't you write an apology?'
Okay, the NOC papers are ready
- Get it signed by the dean - Okay
'The Dean is in a parent's meeting You may have to wait for 2 hours'
I swear it was Salma
"Praise be to Lakshmi residing in Vishnu
"Consort of the slayer of demon Madhu"
"Praise be to Goddess Lakshmi"
"Also known as Madhavi"
"Praise be to Lakshmi residing in Vishnu Consort of the slayer of demon Madhu"
"Moon's sibling, beautiful and shining Made of gold always shimmering"
"Praise be to Goddess Lakshmi Also known as Madhavi"
"Moon's sibling, beautiful and shining Made of gold always shimmering"
Pink 'churidhar' and Swarna'ka gang
"Saluted by sages is she Grants salvation to every devotee"
"Saluted by sages is she"
"Grants salvation to every devotee"
"Saluted by sages is she"
"Grants salvation to every devotee"
"Who speaks words sweet as honey Praised by the Vedas is she"
"Saluted by sages is she Grants salvation to every devotee"
"Who speaks words sweet as honey Praised by the Vedas is she"
"Praise be to Lakshmi residing in Vishnu Consort of the slayer of demon Madhu"
"Moon's sibling, beautiful and shining Made of gold always shimmering"
"Praise be to Goddess Lakshmi Also known as Madhavi"
Good morning, sir
Bro, do you see that girl in a pink outfit?
That's her
She's a stunner
She's embarrassed I think
You're the one embarrassing her So you just leave
Get lost!
Bunking class?
Shut up and get lost
Girl in that pink 'churidhar'
Cute, isn't she?
Hey girlie!
Stand up
- What's your name? - Meera
Full name
Meera Shetty
Shetty, huh? Mangalore?
Settled in Chennai but she's from Puttur
Just 30 km from here
What's her name it seems?
Hey! Baby
Heard sir asking for your name?
- Tell him - Meera
Very pretty, right?
- Look at our Romeo - So cute she is
- Yes, pa? - 'Adithya'
'You know our manager Sundaram?'
'His cousin's daughter has joined your college'
- 'Here, dad?' - Yes
- Your college is famous for ragging - 'Our college, huh?'
He's so petrified she'll be ragged He asked me to tell you to keep an eye
I'll take care
Pa, ask him about the football match
Hey! Your anna wants to know about the football match
Turned into a problem
- I bashed up a player - 'Why lose your cool?'
- 'What did the dean say?' - Suspended me for a month
You'll get a formal letter Please ignore it, okay?
The entire class is creating a big ruckus
Looks like that girl has complained to her dad
And that chap is shouting out your name like he's in an auction!
You're already under suspension
Do you need all this?
To pass this course is a pain by itself
Hey! Check if that's him
Adi, he hasn't seen you as yet
Quietly escape
That girl's bringing her dad along on cue like how a WhatsApp location is shared!
I am Adithya Varma
Though you're a doctor are you smoking?
690 carcinogenic agents
4 cancer factors
48 COP diseases I know and I smoke
Become a habit
- Is your father aware of this? - No
But I won't lie if he asks me
I'm Manohar Shetty
Your father's manager, Sundaram...
I'm his first cousin
Oh! Uncle I'm so sorry
My dad asked me to keep an eye on her
My daughter, Meera Shetty
Hi Meera
Keep a look out for her as a brother I can't be her brother
I don't have a sister I'm oblivious to such emotions
I might even take the liberty of hitting her
If she scores poorly
She'll be junior I'll be senior, okay?
Which quota?
Rank holder
What about you? Management quota?
KCET-17th rank
EAMCET-26th rank
I like Mangalore
That's why I selected this college
Okay, uncle I'll make a move
You take care It was good meeting you
I'll see you
Bye, Meera
Let's go
Don't worry I'll take care
- Hey! Look over there - Oh my gawd!
What's he doing here?
"Every moment life is changing"
"Shade sometimes juxtaposing with sunshine dancing"
"Live every moment to the fullest"
Hey! Where is she off to?
Hey! What ya?
Adithya sir
- What? - Oh! Yes
How is the campus?
Canteen food?
It's good
Good good
Is the hostel comfortable?
Playing 'Antakshari' song game?
Has your dad left?
Oh! My God
No one saw me kiss you
What does he mean by that?!
We didn't see either, da
Go and play Antakshari
He's having a ball
Met her in the morning Imprinted her in the evening
"Is this some kind of magic in a way? What has happened to me today?"
"Is there a scar in my heart now? Has love bloomed somehow?"
"Has some magic spell poleaxed me? Why is my life different suddenly?"
"A sweeping sense of comfort in my soul? My mind oscillates out of control?"
Good morning, sir
Go back
Meera, this isn't a normal degree
When you join this college it should get fixed over here
That we are doctors
What are you doing sitting over there?
Focus on the board
You see these fat chicks
They are like teddy bears
They will always be warm
And loyal
Usually girls aren't friendly with each other
But a beautiful girl and a fatso will bond
A good looking chick and a fat chick
Deadly combination
Trust me, this friendship will work
- What's your name? - Ragini
Ragini, Meera
Meera, Ragini
Be friends, okay?
I'll inform the hostel as well
You'll be room-mates, okay?
Whose class is it today?
Prabhakar sir
- Topic? - Hand
Okay, come with me
I'm preparing for my masters
If I teach you for me too it will be-
"Is this true, my one and only love?"
"As a boon from above Ill make you mine right now"
"Even though every night I dream about you"
"Come, I need you by my side in reality too"
"For the first time in my life I find a change has taken over my mind"
"My face will see you crystal clear smile from ear to ear"
"Both my eyes will ask sincere who is this so dear?"
"My beloved so beautiful Light of my life bountiful"
What's the topic?
- Fore arms - Let's go
"Don't feel this way about anyone else"
"Can't take anyone into confidence For this 1st time feeling of wellness"
"When she plays football with her glances"
"Beautiful eyes of the lassie lances Persisting playfully mischievous"
Meera, what's today's topic?
What happened, Meera?
Upper thorax
"Not knowing if its night or noon, dear"
"Shall I come as your shadow here?"
"Without the static seconds being aware"
"Shall I receive your tender loving care?"
"Were you born on this earth for only me?"
"Are you the fire flaring within me daily?"
"Come and subdue the demon, my love-ly"
"My sole sweetheart My soul mate counterpart"
'I just want to tell you...nothing'
You are killing me, da
Parthi, call again
Is patience an alien virtue for you?
Were you delivered as a normal baby or did you jump out of the womb?
Try once more She may pick up, no?
Try calling Neha at least
She didn't answer either Check my phone if you want
Why didn't she answer?
Ask her yourself if she picks your call
I'm just saying, if they have left won't they be here in 5 - 10 minutes?
Hey! I've referred your name and warned the entire 1st year batch
Not a single chap will go near her So stop bugging me
Only you'll smear colored powder all over her, happy?
I came to surprise you
- You're driving me to commit suicide - Dai!
Motor-mouth? Blabbered, huh?
He's torturing me with his non-stop questions
I can even feel an ant-bite after 7 beers!
Damn question bank!
- What's that on your cheek? - Slight...injury
Want a beer?
He must have done some hanky-panky!
I banged against a door
Will that 'door' be 5'2" tall, huh?
Short hair, chick who changes 7 'kurtis' for the same jeans, right?
Adi, I went to the girls' hostel
I saw Meera sitting there in a white dress
No problem at all System is fully under our control
I'll go up to her hostel
Please do, thank you!
Raghav sir
- Hey Adi - What's up, sir?
Good to see you
- Raghav sir - Village bumpkin!
You've changed a lot How are you?
- I'm good, sir - Hi Tarun, how are you?
Happy Holi, sir
- What's news? - Sir, smoke?
- Long time no see - Thank you
- How's life treating you? - I'm okay, sir
This dean is wantonly screwing up my case, man
- Why, sir? - I have no idea
And God knows why Spurthi is stuck to Bangalore
Not in touch at all
I don't know what's happening, man
- How many months as House Surgeon left? - 1 second, sir
What did you say, you -
Who the hell is he?
- WHO IS HE? - Hey Adi
Stay right there I'm coming
', okay?'
'It's alright'
Don't cry
Adi sir
Will anyone cry for something like this?
Wash your face and come
Were you fooling around when students from another college got in?
Not what you think, sir
They were 6 of them
6 of them...?
'Sir, they fought with you in the football match that day'
'They were students from that college'
'They asked for Adithya Varma's girlfriend'
'In front of everyone, they smeared those dyes on her and left, sir'
Tell me exactly where they smeared color
Even on her hips, sir
'Look who's here'
Football champion with a baseball bat, huh?
Bringing a stick along, eh?
Adi, don't Let him go
- Try and touch her! - Sit
Try to lay your hands on her
Damn...! I'll kill you
Don't...keep quiet!
Hey! Parthi
- Sit - You didn't see where he touched Meera
It's okay, Adi
Will you manhandle your womenfolk like this in your house, tell me?
Are you okay with it?
If you hit him once more he may even die!
Relax, Adi
Adi, leave it
If this can happen when we are still here
After 6 months when we leave
Who will look after her, huh?
Who can guarantee nothing drastic will happen?
- He's responsible - Hey! Calm down
Give me the guarantee she will be safe
- Assure me nothing will happen to Meera - Give me a cigarette
Calm down, Adi
- Don't, Adi - Let go
Move aside
Let go
- What's he doing? - Lighter
I love that girl
We live in a physical growing world
When I was growing up I understood this
If something happens to us
If we die
There will be someone who is 'most affected'
She's that person in my life
If anything happens to her I will be the most affected, do you understand?
What you did is unpardonable
Promise me, I have no patience right now
Promise me right now
Promise me
- It's okay - Don't cry
Promise me
I promise
It won't happen hereafter
'You keep saying 'London groom' this will be the result'
'Overdose of loose talk, ma'
'If you had heard him speak you would've slapped him yourself'
'No, ma, I'm in the clinic now I'll talk to you later, bye'
Comparing efficacy of metal implant with-
Bro, are you writing a thesis in this mood?
What are you made of, Iron man?
Brain will be sharpest only in this mood
Hey! Why have you put these fishes in separate bottles?
Our neighbor Peter gave them to me when he left for his hometown
But these fishes were getting randy at night and disturbing my sleep
They were making a racket dashing against the glass surface
That's why I've separated them in individual bottles
What will they do now?
In a world where we are unhappy, no one else should be happy
Do you understand?
What happened?
Doomsday for me!
I'll make mincemeat-
God help me
Adi, don't hurt her
You are dead meat today
It's just a glass Forgive her
Adi, don't lose your temper
Save me!
Don't disgrace yourself
Are you mad or what?
Running behind her?
Does she have any sense?
She has broken 10 glasses so far
My golden drop glass
So will you chase her to hit her?
She's part of a big gang in the city
If they seek revenge we'll be the sorry lot
- Why unnecessarily- - How many times to tell you?
Butter fingers all the tim-
Move aside
What happened?
Fixing it with a suture?
- Yes - How old is she?
Will anyone suture her?
Won't it self-heal at this age?
Instead of gawking couldn't you tell her?
Hey! We just got here
Your hands itching to operate because you're studying medicine?
Is she the guinea pig?
Did she pass her MBBS or-
Move, di
Bro, it's a deep cut
She needs sutures
Think beyond book knowledge
Basic First Aid will do May be a bit painful
Just bear with me, okay?
Where were you wandering barefoot?
Try and talk to-
Get a wheelchair
Will you tell me if I ask why?
I'll take Meera to the beach house
It is a deep cut actually
She'll find it difficult to commute from hostel to canteen
- Poor thing, she's young - Very young, is she?
Hey! He's planning something big
- Look at his serious expression - Internal tests are round the corner
- How will she study? - Smooth operator, man!
I'm anyway suspended and jobless
I'm her local guardian, right?
Her dad has asked me to take care of her, no?
Don't drip with responsibility, Mr Adi!
Her dad asked you to take care of Meera as a sister!
Not draw on her hand and explain Anatomy!
Get the wheelchair, da
Where are you off to?
To the girls' hostel
If I ask you why will you reply, da?
Why do I see beer bottles in junior hostel?
- Sir! - Are you drinking beer here?
No, sir
How did a shard of glass pierce Meera's foot?
Pack her stuff in a bag, go
Okay, sir
Isn't the warden here?
No, sir
If she comes, tell her Meera has gone to her local guardian's house
Packed her nightdress?
It's outside
- Those? - Those 2 are hers
So in this place is Apple bones
"With waves of nectar I felt overfilled"
"From my man nectar spilled And I felt ever so fulfilled"
"I blossomed daily with delight"
"Like the water lily blooming at night"
"New eyes looked at me anew"
"Eye lids stroked me into a love so true"
"Dreams are waves of pleasure quickening"
"Dormant desires of ambrosia awakening"
"Passion sings a melody Eyes light up in rhapsody"
"How can we forget the impact on our body?"
Stay right there
Meera is inside
- We'll sit this sid- - Not there either
I've dried Meera's clothes there
My clothes are also drying there
Oh! I bundled all of it into-
- Where did I- - You bundled my clothes?!
Are you going out?
Oh! Going to the theater?
Don't shove us like this
- Want money? - It's okay
If need be we can beg!
Okay, da
Did you say something?
I said 'shut the door real tight!'
"I found the scent of chrysanthemum breeze through my home sweet home"
"A wish gushing to exchange rings to lend constancy to our feelings"
"Time, days, dates are driven by the hands of our clock 24x7"
"Kisses you etch on my lips I need Ill never kiss goodbye to this greed"
"It may seem like pain at first Nevertheless a sweet surplus"
"Pleasure extreme beyond any dream"
Adi, what do you like about me?
Your breathing style
I like the way you breathe
"I felt satiated supreme"
Isn't this brush yours?
What, I say?
Nothing, it's evident that girl will be staying here
Don't keep shooing me off to the beach and park!
Do you get it or are you pretending you don't?
You and Tarun shift to the campus
Control freak!
We are also coughing up rent for this place
Okay, go
Today is my birthday
"As far as my eyes can view who else will I want but you?"
Hey! Happy birthday
"This girl's body and soul too will unite with you, my beau"
"Wont the rain flirt with pleasure because the sky is looking at her?"
"Wont the cool wind blow and caress to refresh her sweat-drenched dress?"
"With me as one shore and you as another"
"We swirled together to merge as a river"
"With waves of nectar I felt overfilled"
"From my man nectar spilled And I felt ever so fulfilled"
"I blossomed daily with delight"
"Like the water lily blooming at night"
"New eyes looked at me anew"
"Eye lids stroked me into a love so true"
"Dreams are waves of pleasure quickening"
"Dormant desires of ambrosia awakening"
"Passion sings a melody Eyes light up in rhapsody"
"How can we forget the impact on our body?"
- Will you pack 2 more books? - This box is done
Kuchi, listen properly This contains your books
That has your clothes and that's your gadgets
'Now what?'
Meera, your exams are over, eh?
Aren't you leaving?
We have to leave day after Aren't you packing?
I'll pack my stuff tomorrow
Shall I stay behind 2 more days?
All this 'goodbye' is not my cup of tea, baby
If you're in Mangalore how can I leave this place?
Go tomorrow, baby
You go to Missouri I'll go to Chennai
But same day, please, baby
You don't get it
Didn't we already discuss this, baby? Why change our plans now?
Even your tickets have been booked
Have you packed your stuff?
"I was 5 and he was 6"
"We rode on horses made of sticks"
This beach house
The times we spent together
'Final year housy'
'Mangalore St Patrick's life'
Mangalorean chicken curry Fun...jolly times
All this is gone Done & dusted, da
What is 'done and dusted', huh?
As if someone is dead and gone
What is over, da?
He is flying to UK I'm going to Missouri
You'll open a clinic in Pudhupettai
Who knows where all of us will be 3 years from now?
Gushing on 'nostalgia' and mushiness
Your life is crystal clear
Hey guys, guess what?
Our Raghav sir Spurthi video has gone viral in our college
- Did you watch? - What video?
They went for a long ride in his bike
They have been kissing each other during the ride nonstop
But didn't lose focus on the road one bit
Their concentration must have been on their bike, not the kisses they shared
Baby, don't get mad at me
Let me stay back for 2 more days?
Baby, please
Let's kiss tonight
- Kiss? - I'm serious
'Tarun, don't get caught Pay heed to my words of wisdom!'
Have I ever called you 'Tarun'?
- No - 'That's real great form!'
Hey! What's up with you?
"Hoist your flag of victory"
'Why are you green with jealousy?'
Adi, will you listen to me?
Baby, listen
Hear me out
Just 2 days please
Why do you simply target my weak spot?
Irritating me past 2 days with this same '2 days'
Have I died or what?
Baby, will someone cry for this?
Baby, are you crying?
Look here Don't cry, baby
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Oh god!
"Distance emphasizes now true depth of our love"
"Tears glisten in my eyes alcove"
"In the same world as you"
"As long as I exist, will do, love"
"My mind struggles relentlessly to look for you restlessly"
"Will I see you or not, I worry this girls heart is in a quandary"
"Come, the light of my life I nourish"
"Hug me, the bond I deeply cherish"
"Come, my world totally"
Are you mad, Meera?
How did you come so far?
- I took a bus - Bus!
Stupid girl
Baby, it isn't even 15 days since we went home
- I want- - It's like 15 years to me!
But I missed you
"Embrace me, my universe"
"I belong to you for better or worse"
"I feel the scent of you in the breeze that blows through"
"I see your footprints unravel in every path I travel"
"Every second I breathe everyday this distance seems so faraway"
"My burden like a boulder becomes heavier on my shoulder"
"If you are not here neither am I, my dear"
"Absence of the sky in her life this moon is waning in strife"
"Come, the light of my life I nourish"
"Hug me, the bond I deeply cherish"
"Come, my world totally"
"All slices of 'me' belong to you solely"
"Come, the love of my life I nourish"
"Hug me, the bond I deeply cherish"
"Come, my world totally"
"All slices of 'me' belong to you solely"
Congratulations, Dr Meera
- Thanks - Is this your house?
- Impressive - Come inside
Adi, this is my brother Mithun
- Mithun Shetty - Adithya
- Adithya what? - Mithun! Behave
- Amma, this is Adi - Hello, aunty
- My sister - Hello
Aunty, I would like to talk to you and uncle
Is uncle here?
He has gone out Anytime he'll be back
In the meanwhile can I take Meera to my place?
Tomorrow is my brother's wedding
At the moment, actually there's a function at home
We'll be back in an hour
Congratulations! But at our house all the decisions will be taken jointly
You'll have to wait for him
- Would you like to take any coffee or tea? - No, I'm alright aunty, thank you
'Missing me?'
I'm missing you so much
Meera, don't worry I'll talk to him
I got this
Uncle, this is what I wanted to talk to you-
I knew you would barge in here when I saw you
Let's discuss this Please don't get mad
Shut up!
Uncle, listen to me just once
If you step in here again you'll be minus your legs
- Uncle, please - Don't, pa
Useless fellow!
Would you do this if I was your son-in-law?
I will never choose a groom like you for my daughter
You want to talk to me or you want me to leave?
Meera, go inside
Meera, your dad is looking with a totally wrong perspective
Sit him down and explain to him
We are not teenagers
Talk to him like a woman
'Meera, go inside'
What work do you have on Meera's terrace?
Why are you looking back? Look at me, da
My bro-in-law!
I love your sister to kingdom come
We are like family now, bro
Go put some sense into your father's head, man
You look so much like your sister, da!
- Which grade are you in? - 12th
Wrap up all these foolish antics
Focus on your studies
What did you promise this set up?
I'll throw a party
- Party, huh? - 'He screwed up'
Tell your father I kissed you too
What happened, Aditya?
Appa, I haven't told you as yet But there's this girl-
- I haven't- - No, just tell me what happened
That's what I'm trying to tell you I know a girl called Meera
I really love her
I hadn't met her for 6 months So I had gone to her house
On her terrace-
We were in our private space
Suddenly her dad came from this side and he got it all wrong in his mind
What are you talking about? I just can't understand
Tell me what happened, da
That's what, appa, we are meeting after SIX months!
Meeting for what?
I'm telling you, pa we were in our private space
We were in a corner on her terrace and suddenly her dad came from the other side
He misunderstood it and it just took-
I can't understand
What is private space?
- You explain to him - What is all this, Adi?
Tell me, da
- How old were you when you got married? - My age?!
What was your age?
How does that matter now?
Hey Sid Keep quiet
How old were you when you got married, dad?
Okay, now what's my age?
How are the two connected?
Dad, what's my age?
What is he trying to say?
Sid, ask him to reply How old am I, dad?
What's my age, dad?'re 25 now
- That's it! - That's what?
Now I think you understand what private space means?
- Sorry, I don't understand - Hey! Adithya
Ask him to explain He's talking in riddles
- What's he talking about? - Dad
I'll talk to him, you go
You go inside I'll talk to him
Please go in, pa
Adithya, get up and sit, dear
It's all fine, if you are in a hurry to get married... should ask 'Appa, get me married'
Instead, if you ask him 'How old were you when you got married?'
Isn't it wrong, da?
If I say 'Meera and I were in our private space'
'You have done something wrong' he blames me'
Badgers me to tell him what I have done
What do I say, grandma?
He just doesn't understand
What do you expect him to understand?
Love is the space both of you share exclusively in college
Marriage is a different space altogether
There will be minimum 10 people on the side of the bride and groom
There will be many nosey parkers in between
They will be judgmental
They will debate all the do's and don'ts to see you are happy together
Don't get flustered by the number of advisers
Both of you should be steady as a rock!
Not move an inch
That's a great relationship
It worked out easy for you and grandpa because of the same caste factor
That's what you think!
Did it happen that easily?
My mother and her sister spoke their mind I must say rather insensitively
'It was wrong to have sent her to Delhi to study' they said'
'She has torn our dignity to shreds'
They were both rude and crude
All this is common
Happens everywhere all the time
When a woman falls in love
...her priorities are different
Okay, what if they had said they will never accept whatever you do?
I would have convinced them
If they said, 'we just won't accept There's no room for that topic'
I would have still convinced them
Meera's dad has a foul temper
You look at him as a short tempered man
To Meera he is her father
1st you reduce your anger
Grandma, Meera
Come in, dear
No formalities Sit down
You look made for each other
You will both be fine
Don't worry
You'll lead a happy and long life together
Do you believe me?
Thief! Cat got your tongue?
See you
Adi, is this your house?
Did you talk to your dad?
- Not yet - Very good
- Don't talk - Why?
No, it's okay, don't
Don't tell him
Did you kiss my brother?
Yes, I did
I'll kiss your parents too
I don't know why you are so amused?
Our wedding night will be on this bed?
1st night?
549th night!
You keep count?
Just like that
Then how were you bang on?
549 times
How do you know 549 is correct?
You keep count?
Let's make it 550
- Right here? - Yeah
What's wrong?
He is really in love with that girl
Let's go and talk to her parents before things get too complicated
What do you want me to do?
In another 2 days you're getting married
You want me to meet them now?
Whatever he rushes into foolishly
...he's stubborn enough not to take us into confidence
That girl shares his clarity too
No need, let them come and talk to us
- Your dad at home? - Stay right there
Don't come in
I apologize for what happened yesterday
But based on that please don't judge us both
I love Meera very much
I'll take care of her very well
I've completed my Masters in medicine
Wherever I practice I'll get a minimum of 200000, uncle
I'll take care of her better than you
I think once our families meet up'll get some confidence in the matter
I know you come from a very respectable family
No, uncle
That's not what I was trying to say
You're misunderstanding this, uncle
I know very well
You'll show off your affluent temerity
Uncle, I know you think all this is juvenile
But please think of this just once...with an open mind
If you do that you'll understand the depth we share
I am impressed by your usage of such 'deep' words
Please let him finish, appa
Shut up, you shameless girl
Before inviting him over
'...did you think of our feelings?'
Listen to me clearly
The caste and family background I choose my son-in-law from a matter of prestige to me
But to think I'll get my daughter married to you is simply out of the question
- Get lost, man - Please don't interfere, Kishan
Have you lost your mind?
I love Meera
Meera loves me
And this is how you treat me?
I am a surgeon!
I'm an educated professional Not some riff-raff from the street
And who the hell is this guy, Meera?
If this is how it is
If this is how it will be
I expected it, I'm leaving
- Adi, please listen - Meera!
- 'Adi...!' - MEERA
Baby, listen to me
You should have told your dad what's going on between us
What's got into you? Why are you raising your hand?
I can't recite magical poetry like you do, Meera
And even if I do, it's waste Your parents have no idea of love
If they did, they won't oppose our relation-
Meera, this is too much Just come inside
He's getting our parents involved
- Baby please - 'Meera'
What happened?
Hey! Who the hell are you?
Call the police Dial 100, da
Hang up Let's go
Do I deserve this?
Love deserves respect Why all this, baby?
You quote cinematic dialogs I'll smash your face
What's up with him? Can't he understand?
Won't he open his mind?
Adi, that's my father!
How's that? Say it once more
I'll use my choicest cuss words at them, Meera
Meera, imagine this is NOT 2019
Imagine the time kings ruled us
I've waged a war against your dad for coming in between us
I would've chained him and locked him in a metal cage
And I would have married you in front of him, Meera
In traditional Tulu style
Have you gone mad?
Have you completely lost it?
Yes, I've completely lost it
Look at me
Baby, please
Don't people in love say this?
I was born for you
You were born for me
Do you know what I thought?
Not only you, Meera
Your father and mother Their respective parents
Their grandfathers and forefathers were all born for me
To make love To make babies
So they can make babies So they can make you for me
To make us meet
And what happened here, huh?
Listen to me
I'll give you 6 hours time
Decide what you intend doing in those 6 hours and call me
I'm ready to do anything to live with you, Meera
If you feel the same way, call me
If you don't call you know me
Please, Adi Don't complicat-
What complicate, man?
What is complicated now?
What got complicated, tell me?
Maximum what can they do? They will get you married to some chap
Go...go...go, I curse that you get married to a Tulu guy
Adi...Adi, please
Meera, let me go free
My bones Swear to God
- My bones will get dislocated, Meera - Don't do this, Adi
Your dad is looking disapprovingly at us, Meera
I don't care
- Your dad is looking - Baby
- Oh my God! - Why are you doing this, baby?
What about your family pride?
What about your Shetty pride?
- What about your Tulu pride, huh? - Baby, look at me
Adi, look at me
I won't leave you and go anywhere
Do you even think I can survive without you?
6 hours, Meera
Adithya, what happened to you?
Why shouldn't I drink in your bachelors' party?
- Please do - Then why ask what happened to me?
Enjoy yourself
Have fun, okay?
What the hell is this, Meera?
Amma, there are 100s and 100s of mails
Why don't you open and read it?
It's even more fun
'Shameless girl Shut up!'
What rubbish is this, Meera?
Yeah, we were beneath the sheets
Clothes off
Having sex
100s and 100s of times
Shut up! How dare you talk so dirty in front of your parents!
Meena, take her mobile away
Groom is ready, right?
Get this...medicine for me
Adithya, open the door Meera has come
'Adithya, what are you doing?'
'Open the door'
'Open the door'
'Meera is here to see you, da'
Lucky, da
What is this combination of alcohol and morphine?
What is his problem?
What do I say, sir?
If it rises 1 more point, you know he'll slip into coma for sure?
Will he be able to wake up before noon, sir?
Don't you know, Parthi?
For his brother's wedding?
No, sir, today is his girlfriend's wedding
The girl I saw during the 'holi' fight?
Does he know this?
This is such a jinxed college, da
Not a single person who was in a relationship is happy today
Tough, Parthi
Sir won't be up for another 36 hours
Call me when he regains consciousness
If I hang around here any longer, I'll go mad
See you Give me a call
- I'll call you, sir - Yeah, okay
"Praise be to Ganesha, clad in white with a moon-like face and shoulders four"
"I meditate upon Thee, Ganesha Remover of obstacles"
"O Divine mother, our hearts are filled with darkness"
"Delete this darkness within and illumine our heart and mind"
'Beat the wedding drum'
'This sacred thread essential for my long life'
'I tie this around your neck, o' maiden having many auspicious attributes golden'
'May you both be blessed with a life of 100 springs in one lifetime'
'Pursue virtuous way of life in physical, mental, social or spiritual realms'
'Bless you with wealth, healthy life, grains, cattle, children and no strife'
Fine doctors you make
1st throw that wretched thing away
He has his hand on his chest
I'm still alive, right?
Hey Parthi, call Meera
I would like to talk to her
Grandma, her wedding is this afternoon
She's getting married?
Does he know that?
No, grandma, will he be lying like this if he knew?
I blessed them only yesterday
'You'll lead a happy and long life together'
She's getting married so soon?
Sister, what's wrong with him?
You get out!
Nosey parker!
'Praise be to the consort of Lord Shiva All powerful destroyer of evil, Sakthi'
'Praise be to Lord Shiva'
'Praise be to Goddess of Wealth Praise be to the Goddess of Knowledge'
I got juice for you
Who put on a diaper for me?
'O Lord, whose dress is the wide white sky whose arms are spread to all four sides'
'One with the blissful face we meditate on you, nullify all troubles'
Hey, give me a cigarette
- Remove this - It won't come off so easily
You must soak it in water for a few minutes
Dai...dai! This impulsive nature of yours-
If you had been patient for 5 minutes on that day least there would have been some communication
Why, is she worried now there's no communication?
No, she said she's getting married
Soooper, da Let her get married
And die!
Will my feelings change if she gets married?
No 'if', da The deed is done!
'I am serious'
'She got married yesterday afternoon'
You can't change anything It is all over
Where are you going?
You prophesied like God?
Everything will be fine
What is this?
Kindly proceed
Hey Adi...hey!
Adi, get on to the bike
"O beloved! You tore my soul forlorn"
Adi, please
Listen to me, da
Shut up!
We will only buy trouble if we go there now
"You trampled my love with utter scorn"
Hey, Adi...!
Meera, get up, I don't accept this damn marriage, get up right now
- Meera, how can you sit there? - Listen to me
I'm yelling my throat hoarse and you're sitting calm-
How dare he barge in here!
Throw him out Bash him up!
- Meera, what are you doing? - 'Hit him, throw him out!'
"O love of my life You ripped my soul to restless strife"
Beat him up Kill him!
He shouldn't come here ever again
- LET ME GO - Beat him to a pulp!
Please don't hit him, bro
- Poor chap, please don't - Get lost!
Tell them not to beat him up Poor fellow! He'll die, sir
Sir, please ask them to stop
You rascals
If you don't stop, I'll throw this pot on this old man's head and kill him
Stop it
Come inside
Get up, da Let us go away
Stand up
Let us go away
Let's go right now
- Please, da - Just listen to me
Let's go please Listen to me
- Please, dude - MEERAAAA!
Meera, come out, please
"O' sole soul mate in my life Why did you leave me in strife?"
"You froze in my teardrops, my dream-wife"
Is marriage
...that powerful, da?
Does it mean
...nothing can be done? We can't do anything?
Do I have to accept she's gone?
If I'm unconscious for 2 days can she be someone else's wife?
Without her consent, how do they force her to get married?
I don't understand this
Tell me what I should do
You created such a ruckus but she didn't turn back even once
No, da, I won't blam-
Girls easily give up
I am sure she wouldn't have heard anything in all that noise
Okay, da, what's your plan now?
She is my Meera, da
Okay come, take me to her house
- Hey Adi, don't da - Start the bike
"My night and day blossom duly with the dawn of your eyes daily"
"My stifled breath wanders listlessly"
"What has happened to my love sincere?"
Don't spare him this time
Take him to a police station or admit him in a mental hospital
"I am like the parched land here waiting for the rains, my dear"
Got a cigarette on you?
- Beedi, bro? - 'What about that tea, da?'
'Coming, sir'
'I told you to meet the dean of the hospital, did you?'
'Sir, we intended to-'
'Get lost, lazy idiots!'
Hey bro, no smoking in the station
'Yov, go and meet the dean in the hospital'
Won't you advise him?
Parthi, bring him inside through the rear entrance
How many times will you go there and disgrace us?
- Aren't you ashamed? - Ma, why discuss that now?
You keep quiet
All the wedding guests were asking your father about you
At least we could have taken a group photo
Don't be silly, ma
Group photo is the last thing in my mind
Photoshop a group photo if that's priority
Siddharth, what happened because I didn't attend your wedding?
- No issues - I want you to leave the house
- I'll go after this evening get-together - Leave now
- Please, pa - Get out
Get out!
Listen, dea-
- Pa - Hey, Sidhu
- Son, ask him to come in - Pa, I told you he isn't feeling well
- Let him rest - Got 'loosies' again, huh?
You are not helping one bit Is diarrhoea the only word you know?
I took some booze from your shelf, okay?
Okay, son
He won't eat now Take all this back
Why didn't you come?
When you come to Chennai, come home
- Yes, da - 'I got a job, da'
Congrats, da
Start a new life from today
Did you see Meera anywhere?
How will she show herself to me?
I meant-
You went to pick your bike
No, I sent my father to bring my bike back
Okay, ask your father, if he saw Meera by any chance?
I'm in the clinic I'll call you later, bye
"Why did you give me this pain, my dear?"
"Strife in my life severe"
"In this wide universe can't find anything worse"
Have you noticed this, Parthi?
Meera never made eye contact with even a single chap in college
She is a beautiful girl, da
But she looked at me
And it started from then
Just some
...magic, man
What did he say the other day?
Our caste and our clan?
Who taught all this?
Where did it come from?
It's cruel, man
It's unfair, that's what it is!
If Meera and I were together
...we would have brought a by product into this world
A beautiful baby
And now because of some external factor
...we both got divided and that baby will never see the face of this earth
How can there be love in an arranged alliance?
I don't buy that one bit
Maybe they become hysterical after their wedding night together
Brainless idiots!
Hey, it depends upon the individual, da
"Fulcrum of my life; silver lining"
"Food for the water in my eyes brimming"
"You kill me with your love overwhelming"
"Come and peep in for awhile, dear"
"I need you beside me here"
"My life's breath is you"
"Meaning of my life anew"
"You're my pleasurable pain"
"Fiery thoughts in my mind's domain"
"You closed my eyes for a second only"
"I walk assuming you're teasing me"
"When I open my eyes the next second I'm left all alone in solitude abandoned"
"I don't want anyone but you, dearie"
"Left behind pangs of misery"
"Strangling my breath encircled in love's scorching flames tentacled"
"I searched for your eyes; in vain"
"I wish to see you once again"
"My life's breath is you"
"Meaning of my world anew"
"You're my memorable pain"
"Fiery thoughts as fountain"
'4 months have sped past Meera has moved on'
Look at you! Stuck like a rock stagnating in your life
You've told me 500 times 'Meera is married'
I'll repeat it 5000 times So what now?
- Parthi, come here - 'No, I won't, you'll hit me'
I won't hit you, promise
Imagine your girlfriend is PMSing
I don't even have a girlfriend
That's why I said 'imagine'!
During that time
'Baby, I know you'll hurt with this pain every month'
'Bear it for 4 days, it will vanish' Will you console her like this?
Or call her close to you
Make her lie on your thighs
Not what you think, country bumpkin!
'Thighs' is lap
Your lap
Rest her head on your lap Understand what she's going through
Be attentive and supportive
Aren't we medical students?
Will you ask her to flex her hips and lie on one side?
Or will you say it is your fate as a woman and you have to go through it?
All that is okay
Why bring up my village?
Junk of a jerk!
- You got only that? - Hey, I understand
I get it totally
When women have PMS during their periods need to be treated the same way they should be pampered, right?
They have painful cramps for 4 days You are a pain for 31 days, correct?
My dear man, I can't handle your mood swings for heaven's sake!
I have work in the clinic, bye
"You're my pleasurable pain"
"Fiery thoughts as my friendship vein"
"My life's breath is you"
"Meaning of my world anew"
"You're my pleasurable pain"
"Fiery thoughts in my mind's domain"
"Did distance make us distant 'cos existence got me thinking"
"Now for instance, if I insisted"
"An answer for these questions"
"What were you on a leash? Which made me a stray from the street?"
"Is this what they call defeat cos, baby then this time I'll bring a...fleet!"
"Why did you give me this pain, my dear?"
"Strife in my life severe"
"In this wide universe can't find anything worse"
- Hurry up - Can't you see I'm coming?
Come in, dove who spreads peace!
She'll work properly from now on, sir
- Take her back, sir - Did you see his feet?
So far this aunty has broken 10 glasses
I'll pay for all the glasses, sir
Who wants your cash?
What did sir say? Call Meera by her name?
But this aunty refers to her in 3rd person just to bug him
If he loses his cool, either she should apologize or go about her work quietly
Instead she keeps laughing to annoy him further
You dumbo woman!
How can you call sir's wife in 3rd person disrespectfully?
This, huh?
Yov! Who will pay Rs 2000 for the shabby work this lady does?
No one, sir
'And she's the leader of a gang'
Whether her work is done or not
...she'll call for a meeting and tear everyone's lives threadbare
Gossip with a capital G about all the residents
Pass unwanted comments about who is coming and going in every house
That management chap pours vitriol into my ears!
Protesting about sir bringing in someone at night
Why do you poke your nose in sir's affairs, di?
Even that's okay
How do you look at a girl and decide...what did you say-
And call her a 'TwayOn'?
You're a woman too Don't you know?
Is that how you speak or is this what you call decorum?
I'm really clueless Kindly explain!
Sir is a doctor, you moron!
Will they stoop to such levels?
- Moron- - If anything happens tomorrow
Who is responsible? Who is in charge?
Here afterwards
I won't deride sir at all
Not a word about Meera 'madam' too
I won't gossip or add eyes and ears to a single soul downstairs
I'll come work, finish and go home diligently
Come tomorrow
'Thanks, sir'
Stinking of whiskey Pop a mouth-freshener
Why? As if I'll kiss some girl?
King of comebacks!
Adi, if I hadn't knocked on the door with my 'darling, open the door' dialog think you would have got your job done?
- Yes - No chance, casanova
I know you since you were a toddler!
Don't think you can fool-
How do you know that 'darling, open the door' story?
Did I blabber when tanked?
Even if you blabbered it will only be about 'Meera'
I was the one who referred that patient to you, that baldie photographer
Okay, tell me this
How did it begin?
That chap had a fracture in his radius, right?
That girl would call the hospital daily
And ask 'Can I give my fianc chicken or veggie diet only?'
24x7 nuisance
Is it jaundice or what to specify a bland diet?
I gave her my phone #
- Straight? - Direct connection
Who are you, man?
How did you learn all this?
You went to check that girl and got your job done!
Ice into your pants?
Why is she bugging me daily saying 'shave' when she passes by?
Don't take all that seriously
1st come out of the mind-set you can forget Meera with all these flings
Choose a good girl as your girlfriend
Adi, are you crying?
Adi...hey chee! Don't be silly
Are you mad or what? Crying like a baby?
Hey, this is why you shouldn't try what you are not good at
Who are you? What charisma! Girls will bend backwards for you
If you don't believe me, strip and stand in front of Stella Maris
Girls will form queues ABC falling all over you
Shedding tears for Meera like an idiot!
1 minute, madam
Don't overdo it, Lakshman
Sorry, madam
Is this a reputable hospital?
- Looks empty? - Not like that, madam
Good hospital
Sir, Priya madam has come
'Heroine, sir'
- MD has referred only you, sir - Send her in
Dr Adithya?
VIP patient
I'm your fan
I never miss your movies
- You act so well - Thank you
If you want to shoot in our hospital
'Call me anytime I'll grant permission'
'No problem'
She's there
To provide whatever help you need
Take good care of madam Make sure she has no hassles
- 'Yes, sir' - VIP patient
Has the water level decreased in your brain?
Don't you know the difference between black and white?
Are your sense organs working or-?
Star gazing you forgot the procedure
What is the first thing you must do when a patient arrives?
Sorry about that
Tell me, what happened?
She slipped while dancing and her knee got-
Knee got twisted
It hurts to walk
Just relax
- Here? - Yeah
- Now? - Yeah, doctor
- Okay, Tulsi - Yes, sir
- Get a ROM knee brace - Okay, sir
This has to be worn on bare skin only Not on your leggings, okay?
Remove it before going to bed, alright?
Okay, doctor
Thank you, doctor
How do you feel now?
Wow! Thanks
- I feel much better - Good
Madam is ready Bring the car to the porch
Get that doctor's #
9500019010, madam
Over smartness is not good for health
Watch your step!
- What are you doing here? - Show me your hand
Hey! What?
- Open your mouth - Let go of me
Look at your teeth
- How much will you drink? - Disturbing me
What is all this doing here?
All this isn't my stuff
His dad paid him a surprise visit
How can you be like this? I shouldn't have left you alon-
I'm not coming
- Why not? - I'm not coming, that's it
How long will you be on this ego trip?
You call this an ego trip?
Adithya, listen
I'll talk to dad for you
I'll sort out everything
This isn't about dad
I just need some space
What's this obsession with space?
4 months since you left home
Why bring up that topic now?
The bike you love Royal Enfield
Interceptor will be delivered within this week
- Come home - Bribe, huh?
- I'm asking you to come back home, right? - No chance, bro
I'm not going anywhere
Why are you being so stubborn?
Know how tough it was to find this place?
Did I ask you to go to all this trouble?
I'm fine, right?
I'm not leaving without you, da
Instead of talking to you-
Yes, I emptied all those bottles I smoke up and I snort drugs
So what?
My wish, I'll do what I want, get lost!
I'm older than you-
Meeting you more than half way and you're-
Hey Sid, let me g-
Listen to-
- Adi, why are you doing this? Come - I'm not coming home
Hey! Adi
How dare you hit me, huh!
Then...what's news?
Where was your honeymoon?
Didn't go anywhere
You went
Into exile
How can I go then?
Between you both, any tif-
Nothing of that sort
Then when will our house hear a baby wailing?
Nothing for 2 years
- 'Plan after that' - You're planning?
Can all this be planned?
It has to happen in a flow
Out of...out of love you know
- Good morning, sir - 'Cut...cut'
Tea or coffee?
- Do you have juice? - Yes, sir
Sir, madam is busy in the shot She'll be here in 5 minutes
'Tilt up that 2K light'
Sir, juice
- 'Ready? - Ready, sir'
- 'Roll camera - Rolling, sir'
'Background move'
Hi Adi
I didn't expect you here
- How is your knee? - Much better
I wear the braces only when it pains
Did you come just to ask me this?
- I came to tell you a story - Story? Tell me
When I was in college I had a girlfriend
Her name is Meera
Almost a living in relationship
That girl got married
I tried all kinds of stuff to forget her
But...didn't work out
I'm so sorry
Don't want pity
That's what messed me up in the first place
- Just a simple request - What?
Will you help me physically?
If you want I can show you my medical certificate
- What? - Yeah!
We'll keep our relationship raw and open
Friends with benefits
No strings attached
No questions asked
Should be fantastic What do you say?
Do you want time to think?
Priya, my friend
Hey Adi
- Parthi, sit down - You have a surprise, da
Hey! Tarun What's up, bro?
Good to see you
- How are you? - I'm good, dude
- When did you come? - This morning
- What happened to your licence? - Got cleared
Congrats, bro
Nice...nice Then what's up?
Nothing much, Kavya's father has started looking for a groom
She got so tense, asked me to fly back to India, I obeyed implicitly
Is your relationship so serious?
Then what?
What I'm trying to say
Everybody is obsessed with caste!
Take life in easy strides
If it clicks, okay
If not, double okay
Otherwise you'll become like me
You're painting yourself to be pathetic!
Happily hooking a heroine here, huh?
You were having a serious chat when we interrupted you
Shot discussion, huh?
Did it get set or work in progress?
1-track mind indecent fellow
I came just to chat with her
Tarun, it seems we can see the sun even at night from tomorrow
It was announced on TV!
I was talking to her about Meera
I asked if she could help me physically
Physical help, huh? What was madam's reply?
I think will slowly surrender!
"O' dream, in my sleep loyally why did you haunt me royally?"
"Till the moon sleeps in the sky's altar why did you shower me with nectar?"
"Why this flustered feeling? My breath goes a-reeling?"
"Why does my heart beat helplessly when you move away from me?"
"O' dream, in my sleep duly why did you haunt me daily?"
"Till the moon goes to bed at wee hours why did you shower me with honey, I ask?"
" rain above"
" land below"
"As a garland of dewdrops fall this flower blooms overall"
"Like the waxing moon aglow with bliss in the days that follow"
"O' dream, in my sleep loyally why did you haunt me totally?"
"Till the moon sleeps in the sky's altar why did you shower me with nectar?"
"Why this flustered feeling? My breath goes a-reeling?"
"Why does my heart beat helplessly when you move away from me?"
"O' dream, in my sleep duly why did you haunt me daily?"
"Till the moon goes to bed at wee hours why did you shower me with honey, I ask?"
Hey, Parthi
- Why is this girl ironing my shirt, da? - 'Which girl?'
- Priya, da - Hey! Where are you now?
My flat of course
'She just woke me up with coffee'
Oh! You drank, huh?
Job over?
Don't think too much Your brain may pop out
'It will happen now, right? Happy journey!'
Hey! Listen to me seriously
I read her Wikipedia page
She passed out of IIT, Ahmedabad
Her father is retired chief justice of Delhi High Court it seems
Got what I said?
You can't get a better chance than this Settle down with her
'Dai! Shouldn't you know when that girl irons your shirt?'
I don't like someone doing all this for me
I should feel like doing this of my own accord
I felt that way only with Meera
Hey! Back to square 1, huh?
Meera is married to someone else 'That chapter is over, da'
'Why are you still reading that same book called 'Meera'? I don't get it'
'If you drink 24x7, you'll die-'
What, heroine?
You've lured an innocent chap into your web, huh?
If someone sees us what will they think?
Lakshman will deal with it
- Ooops! - Oh yeah!
Adi, I love you
- Adi, what happened? - Madam
- Adi, wait - Sit inside, madam
Lakshman, get out of the way
- Madam - Adi, wait
- What happened? - What 'what happened?'
I've told you twice already
Then what do you mean by 'love' or dove?
Adi, let us discuss this inside the car please
Hey! All this won't work out for you, understand?
Why do you drag love into this?
Aren't you intelligent?
Why you being so emotional?
- Adi - Look here
I won't come and meet you You don't come looking for me
I'm done with your-
Really? Get this, Adithya
Your life with Meera ended right then
Why can't you accept that?
Lakshman, get lost!
'Get this, Adithya'
'Your life with Meera ended right then'
'Why can't you accept that?'
'Hello, sir, I'm Tulsi calling from the hospital'
Tell me, Tulsi
Prabhu sir case is an emergency, sir
Tulsi, it's my day off
'I know, sir Sir...hello?'
'Sir, no one else is on call here'
'Sir, emergency case'
I'm not in a condition to operate on any patient, Tulsi
We'll do it tomorrow
Sir, please, if you want I can give you Alpax
'Really critical, sir He has lost a lot of blood'
'We will lose the patient'
Follow the basics, hook the patient on the ventilator, I'll be there now
'Okay, sir'
Sir, all preparations done
- Deepa - Yes, sister
Sir, are you okay?
Tulsi, what happened here?
What happened?
This is regarding the reputation of Orbit Hospital
Whatever happens, I'll make sure that man's licence is cancelled
I'll go to any lengths necessary
Tell your favorite doctor
I'll see him in court
Ma'am, if you go straight Room # 1729
- First room - Okay, thanks
- I'll get some food, eat something - Got a cigarette?
Hello, aunty
How are you, dear?
Hey Parthi
The body rings an alarm bell once in our life
To announce the end of its capacity
We should pay heed and stop everything then
Right away Period, full stop
He doesn't listen to anyone, sir
He has to listen, da
Or he'll see Heaven!
Are you still drinking?
- Why? - Yes, ma
I drink daily
How does that matter to you?
I feel like living this way
Just let me be
Bugging me with questions and torturing me
'What kind of a question is this?'
'Is this how you handle a sensitive issue?'
'Let's face facts'
'Dr Adithya Varma is our college topper'
'He's one of the best doctors St Patrick's has produced'
'He had some anger issues'
'I accept that'
'But alcoholism, drug addiction? Who said so?'
'Is it easy to become a good qualified surgeon?'
'What 'Indian medical Council?'
'Indian medical council is to do with doctors like us'
'Why should media and politics poke their-'
Grandma, you used to keep asking about his whereabouts
Now even after you know you don't want to visit him
I don't understand why
I can't see him in his present condition
You don't have to see him At least you can talk over the phone?
If you call him, he will definitely come home, grandma
Siddharth, if the person we love dies that's a different feeling altogether
It is different leaving us and drifting away from us
In the 1st case scenario
Our heart and mind will get adjusted to the fact he won't come back to life
Like me
In the 2nd case it won't fade out that easily
It's very painful
Like Adithya
I can extend any help he wants but-
Can I share his suffering with him?
So are you saying we just abandon him?
Suffering is verrry personal, Siddharth
Let him suffer
Adi, Mr Anantanarayanan
Very successful lawyer
He will be handling your case
1st of all don't keep saying 'case' as if I committed some crime
As far as I'm concerned this isn't even my case
I was called because there wasn't any doctor on emergency call
Isn't the patient alive?
In cases like this patient being dead or alive is secondary
Primary case is a surgeon
That is you
If he has consumed alcohol during surgery time
Depending on whether it is within permissible limit or not
This can change into criminal and medical negligence
So, Adithya, tell me
- What was your alcohol intake that day? - Criminal negligence?
Do you know under what circumstances I went to the hospital on that day?
Without motor control
I could barely talk, that's all
I sat in the chair, guided the head nurse and performed the surgery
If I hadn't done that the patient would have died you know
Medical negligence!
We also heard about this
We understand too
Are you a surgeon?
Sid, is this man on our side?
- Of course - Then why is he talking like this?
I don't like this interrogation tone
Adithya, the case has gone out of our hands
Indian medical council is also involved
Sid, I need a better lawyer
Hospital management is trying to prove you're guilty
As a womanizer, as a drug addict, as-
As an alcoholic womanizer for God's sake
Already this news has been splashed in all newspapers and all TV channels
I want your complete support to get you out of this
Adithya, can you hear me?
Please, da
I'll go to any extent to help you out
Please, da
Show some presence of mind
This is eye witness material
All your patients have endorsed
Saying that you're a wonderful surgeon
There are totally 484 radiographs
Your total number of working days is 214
Your total count of surgery is 486
2 are unavailable
Out of station
But in your hospital log book
...number of surgeries entered is only 300 on the whole
Even if log books can be manipulated radiographs won't lie
Because in every single radiograph
'Referred by Dr Adithya Varma'
Your name has been embossed
I can give the back-up also
Plus in your favor is
...the patient is still alive
If we grease some palms we can manage to cover up, it's easy
Want to know the minus?
Hospital management has collected your blood sample
Alcohol level shows 140+ in that test
And you are high on cocaine
- What shall we do now? - Good question
A preservative is added in that blood test
Only due to variation in the fermentation level
...we can make the blood test invalid claiming the results were wrong
But most importantly, 184 surgeries haven't been entered in the log book
if I mention this in court that's enough
Hospital management will plead guilty
Adithya, very simple
Go in for a neat shave
Wear crisply ironed pant and shirt
Come with a calm demeanor
Whatever you say that day repeat that verbatim
That's all
Okay, Siddharth I'll leave
Okay? Bye
I'm coming, sir
This case is as good as won
But my only worry
Your brother's unconventional mind-set
Siddarth, this kind of free spiritedness won't work in our democracy
You have to deal with it
Irrespective of how much you pay to manage this
...don't let it show on your face
- Okay? Right - Thank you
No time, da
Where is he?
- Hey Parthi - Hey!
- Hey Adi - Lift him up
Be careful, da
Go this side
Watch your step Careful!
Make him sit in the chair
Gently Look here
- Adi - Wait
How could he?
Dai! Adi
Hey...hey Adi!
Why, da?
I'll be back
Everything is over, Tarun
What are you doing, da?
- Wait, da? - Why do you need this now?
Shut up, da
I don't know how
Hey! Adi...Adi
Get up
Adi...dai! Look at me
Come, sit up
Go it
Snort, da
Hey...hold him
'How is he now?'
Crystal clear!
Your brother has arranged an in-house court hearing with great difficulty
Please try to be normal
Are you teaching me how to be normal after intake of alcohol, da?
1st wear your pants, da
Madam, he has a drinking problem
The nurses in the hospital have served him liquor out of sheer fear
In fact we found drugs in the surgeons' dressing room
He behaves rudely with everyone
I got to know all this rather late
But the toxicology report gives him a clean chit
Present your proof
Court won't accept this kind of emotional statement
We have got 300 recorded videos as testimonials from patients
And a written document from the dean of St Patrick's Medical College, Mangalore
'Explaining his sincerity and efficiency'
Convocation was held, right?
Do you remember the oath?
Hey! Case is going in your favor
Don't mess it up
Wrong, da
Give me the proof and statement of the accused
Hey Sid...Siddharth
What is happening?
How much did you pay?
Look at appa
Dad doesn't like all this
What are you doing now?
Will you shut up now?
My profession is the only thing I like about myself, da
Please, da Listen to me
How can I function as a doctor if we win a case by greasing palms?
Shut up, da
I can't...I can't
I can't do that
I'll be living a lie
Don't mess it up Please listen to me
If I go to jail now
Will your dignity lessen somehow?
- Tell me - Just keep quiet
Isn't that how you feel?
Please stay quiet
Siddharth, please please
- Try to underst- - Silence!
Dr Adithya Varma
If you say anything now, it will be admissible for criminal proceedings
'Do you understand that?'
Nodding isn't good enough
- You have to say it - Yes, I understand
Tell me the time you attended surgery
I don't remember
What is the case you were treating that day?
Can you explain in detail?
Road traffic accident case
Multiple fractures
Patient was diabetic
Long history of asthma
Patient's name Shankar
Age 58
The opposition claims you weren't even conscious
And in a state of half consciousness you instructed the head nurse
Stabilized the patient and conducted the surgery
Is that correct?
Now tell me, Dr Adithya
Were you intoxicated on that day before the surgery?
Had you consumed alcohol?
Or any other form of substance abuse?
Just say no
I'll repeat the question
'Were you in any way intoxicated...'
'...or on drugs'
'1 day before the surgery?'
Deny it, Adi
Please, da
Were you drunk on the day of the surgery?
Yes, I was drunk
And the day before too
I have always been drunk for all the operations I've performed
Even now
I've come here drunk
Yes, I'm an alcoholic
I have a drinking problem
But no patient of mine has been harmed before this because of my inebriated state
And I am proud to say it
And I am good at what I do Goddamn it!
I have ruined the trust patients place on doctors
I...I do not deserve to be a doctor
It is in no way connected with my hospital
Please make that clear
I think there is nothing more to say
Your license will be seized for minimum 5 years
If you try to practice during this time frame
'You will be put behind bars'
'For 3 years'
Appa, I'm sorry
Sid, I'm sorry, da
Section 269 of the Indian Penal Code
Causing hurt by act
'Endangering lives'
'Or personal safety of others'
'Whoever causes hurt to any person by doing act so rashly or negligently'
After all this, you didn't want to listen to us?
'Has to endanger human life for the personal safety of others'
'Shall be punished with imprisonment of either description'
'...for a term which may extend to 3 years'
'Or with fine which may extend to 500 rupees or with both'
Come, Meera
Why have you started smoking 'beedi' now?
It gives me a kick
What happened to all the stuff at home?
You sold them and drank with that money?
I sold all that so you can have money for your grandpa's funeral rites
Hey! It hurts
Why don't you ask me if you need money?
Parthi, put that cash back
How often I've borrowed from you?
Adjust this for the lunch I ate at your place
Chee! Don't act too smart Here, take it
What the eff...get out!
'Hello? Mister! He seems to be missing?'
Where's my air conditioner?
'Fridge is missing The furniture here-'
Where is all my stuff?
Hello! What is happening here?
1st vacate this place I'll call the police
Get out!
I'll show you a place, bro Stay here just for the night
Bro, lie down here This is my place
No one will dare breathe a word
'I'll get you the perfect house in the morning'
- What, bro? - Your friend isn't here
- He has vacated - Where did he go?
I don't know, sir
'Free public Toilet'
Bro, walking off without paying?
Oldie! Whom are you asking for money? Write it down in my account
Bad enough you are a freebie yourself
'2 cups tea'
2 more days, bro
You'll get a house
Why do you worry, bro? I'm there for you
We are a team, bro
"I can see in my mind with delight a future so rosy and bright"
'Will we get our tea today?'
Dai! What are you doing here?
I've been roaming the roads like a dog looking for you
- Hi bro - Hey! Move
- Move out - Okay, bro
Dude, your grandma passed away
Totally unexpected
- Sit down - No, it's okay
Where is appa, ma?
He's over there
Why are you sitting here all by yourself?
Appa, I can understand how you must be feeling
I know you will be the most affected by grandma's demise
We led our lives without even thinking such a day will dawn, right?
Life is so funny, pa
In our life
To be born
To shower unconditional love
To be born again and die
All this is just 10%, pa
Important moments
Balance 90%
Mere reactions to this
Appa, in your life this is an important moment
Please get up, pa
So many people are waiting to meet you, come, pa
Let us go in, pa
Get up, pa Please don't be like this
Come, let us go inside
Come with me
It's okay, pa
"Take me in your arms, dear"
Pattima's favorite song
Move aside
Move aside Careful of the body
Who called her a 'body', huh?
Adi, don't get hyper
"Take me in your arms, love of mine"
"Who knows if this night sublime if we will ever share again this lifetime"
"In this life again we may or may not meet someday"
Give it to me
Ages since I took a puff Last was when I was in college
Here you go
No need, pa
This is a famous English proverb
It's not the goodbyes that hurt
But the flashbacks that follow
It may seem very simple to you
But there's a world of truth embedded in it
I think the time has come for you to understand it
Appa, I'm-
From today I'll give up all my bad habits
It's okay, Adithya I understand
Why don't you take a break?
I think you deserve it
Come back
We can start afresh
What are you thinking?
There's plenty more to see in life
Don't waste time stagnating like this
Bro, make an U turn
"In a life without anyone"
"I yearned for you alone"
"In the shower of love till end of time"
"I slept in the warmth of your lap divine"
"You are drifting away from me my soul shatters to shards totally"
"I try to string myself again with the remaining dust in vain"
"Not carrying her glances in my minds eye as nuances"
"Dawn of such a day is not too far away"
"It seems ultimate in a few seconds"
"Death as a boon that beckons"
"In the depths you disappeared into"
"I try to hide to find you"
"I melt in the orphaned wind anew"
"I save my tears for you exclusive"
"My miracle pool elusive"
"I understand now the anomaly of a fish not thirsty living in the sea"
"To a no man's island I'm travelling"
"As an insignificant dot Im shrivelling"
"How will I bear the burden burning of fires footprint on a beetles wing?"
"Where can I buy an unscarred heart without you in my life, sweetheart?"
"I save my tears for you special"
"My magic pool essential"
You're here in Europe Didn't think of even calling me?
I stay just 2 hours from here
You don't pick my calls either
Fine, forget that
What are you doing here?
Hey Tarun
When I was coming here I saw Meera, da
8 months pregnant
She isn't happy
I can see that clearly
Fine, she was forced into a marriage
This pregnancy?
- So what? - Whaaat?
She's my girl, man
Same girl
Same Meera
She's married and pregnant As if anything will change?
Adi, are you aware of what you're saying?
I'm going back to Chennai tonight
I wasn't in my senses that day
I screwed it up
Now with all my senses intact
Let me tell you now
She is my baby
She should be only with me
No one can prevent that
9 months since Meera got married
She is someone else's wife
Watch your tongue Speak decently
Don't go back to your old style, okay?
If you mess it up
...those people exercising will bend your body into multiple folds, understand?
Meera, da
I want to talk to you
Please just a minute, Meera
Baby, I know you're angry with-
Baby, please
Baby, look at me at least once
Give me some water
Meera, please
Baby, why you're ignoring me?
Okay, you don't talk At least listen to what I have to say
Why should I?
I spoke so much that day Did you listen to me?
Why should I listen now? Go...just go
I didn't come to walk away
I'm here to take you back, come
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
- Baby, please - Please just stay away
Baby, what is all this?
Both of us are not happy
Come with me please
Who are you to decide I'm unhappy?
Baby, if both of us are far away we won't be happy, I know that
I am fine, nothing wrong
'I curse you to get married to a Tulu guy now'
Didn't you curse me?
Thanks a ton
Your words came true
You must be happy now?
Leave now
Baby, don't keep shooing me away Come, let us go home
On that fateful day the time you gave me
Was just 6 hours, right?
You abandoned me and left, right?
In that 6 hours my whole life collapsed
There are restrictions for a girl in her house, Adi
You don't have sisters, right?
How will you understand?
Crossing many hurdles
I came home to you that night
I couldn't meet you
I bore all that
Because I knew you would come
But when did you come?
After the ceremony
2 days later
What were you doing till then?
You forgot?
I swear he didn't know you came over that night
When you didn't call, like a psycho he started injecting morphine to himself
Became an overdose
It was a hopeless situation for him
'Just missed, otherwise he would have gone once for all'
'He regained consciousness after 48 hours'
'By then your wedding and his brother's wedding...over'
'When he got up, moment he knew you were getting married, he was at your doorstep'
'His father threw him out of the house'
He attended hospital daily staying all by himself
His grandma died some time back
'You wouldn't have known all this'
I came all that way, Meera
But you didn't even look at me
How far?
Was that the Himalayas?
Boat club to Adyar, that's all?
Why should I see you?
Why did you come now? To get bashed up again?
Please don't remind me of all that
Baby, please
Calm down
Okay, I won't come again to meet you
But just answer this 1 question of mine
Go ahead
What is stopping you from coming away with me?
This, right?
- Meera, this is just flesh and blood to me - Oh! Really?
Meera, trust me
I'll handle this I'll take care
This society, our families, our friends
Eff all of them
Meera, don't think too much Come with me
I'll come with you
When the baby is born?
Whom do I show as the dad?
Point at me
Sounds good to hear
But I don't intend falling for it
You have your heroine
You have booze to forget the people who love you
Plus totally into drugs, right?
- You can go - 'No, Meera, he has given up all that'
No one is more important to me than you, Meera
I'll talk to your husband if you want
I can go right now and talk to him
Just say 'yes', please
Come here
Sit down
Come closer
Baby, how did you survive without me all these days?
Tell me
I came away the 3rd day after I was married
But to think I should go back to you
It didn't occur to me at all
I was so angry with you
I didn't go back to my parents either
I stayed in a hostel nearby
I'm working in a clinic
My anger dissipated after a while
I thought I'll get back to you
But only then my periods got delayed
I found out I was pregnant
After that I didn't want to reconcile with you
After some time I thought I'll come back to you
But at that time I saw your name in the paper
...linked with that heroine
I read that news
I was so terribly upset
Some day
Some day or the other you'll come in search of me
This firm belief was implanted in a corner of my mind
So I was waiting
I didn't let my husband touch even my little finger!
Not even my used clothes
Adi, this is not just flesh and blood
Listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you
This is your baby
Yes, Adi
"O beloved!"
Do you know how many times I thought?
I should tell you this
Till now I never felt like confiding in anyone about this
I wanted to tell you first, Adi
Tell me
I'm pregnant
You'll be a father soon
We are pregnant
We'll be parents soon
Do you know how furious I was with you?
But my anger that brewed for 9 months
Vanished into thin air in just 9 minutes!
That's okay
It's okay
Marry me
Today Right now
At this very moment
"You cascaded one day into my heart"
"I knitted you in my atrium never to part"
subtitled by rekhs assisted by seth and krish
"You melted in my eyes ever so rapid"
"I enclosed you, I did with love, with my eyelid"
"Blessed by the arrow of Cupid"
"Tell me now your reason, my love"
"Why did you abandon me thus letting miles come between us?"
"Wait, my dear fellow"
"Let me bask in the warmth of your love"
"You danced one day into my heart"
"I knitted you in my atrium never to part"
"A part of me, my sweetheart"
"I searched for the life I lost; agitated Even when you were there; I vegetated"
Mistake is all mine
Only now I understood the love you both share is so pure
"Let your nights and my dream unite in our life's love-stream"
"Let the bliss of living with you"
Forgive me, dear
"Till the end of time continue"
"Darkness has dissolved out of sight A new light has blossomed bright"
"I find more meaning now for my heart to race faster, love"
"Did I liquefy in your love's melody? Or breaking in our mutual rhapsody?"
"Do I melt and dissolve in the embrace of your love?"
"If I will merge into you once again"
"I don't mind separation and the pain"
"My only beloved always to be loved"
"If I had to leave you once again"
"I'll die this very second, I'm certain"
"In front of you, my beau"
"Enough, love so true This bond will do"
"My soul will live for 100 births I'm sure"
"Live life as a joyful adventure"
"My sole soul mate forever"