Adiyae (2023) Movie Script

Okay. I'll be there at once.
Good morning.
All of you had your dinner?
I hope biriyani was there.
You love lamb head meat, right?
Hope that was there too.
What is happening here?
Sir, we have absolutely no idea.
When we opened the vault to run the final
safety test, we found the device missing.
The device is missing?
Did a crow flew away with it?
How did it happen?
Sir, we are cluless what
happened yesterday...
Pardon !!
CCTV recordings since last evening.....
All CCTV recordings since
last evening is missing sir.
- CCTV Recordings is missing.
- Yes, sir.
So, what else is missing?
Our entire reasearch data is missing sir.
Wait, come again.
I didn't hear you.
Our entire reasearch data is missing...
- Entire data? - Yes sir.
- Checked inside? All intact?
- Sir?
- I meant inside your trousers.
- Sir...
It must be an inside job.
There's no chance for
an outsider to trespass.
Also, coincidently CCTV footage is miss...
Is our entire team here?
Well, sir.
Janakiraman is incharge
for the night shift sir...
but we are unable to
reach him since last night.
But...why would he do this?
Yes...Why would he?
Such a good man he is.
Probably security is weak
here and so he took it home.
True, sir.
My foot! Money!
Do you've know how many foreign agencies
want to buy out our data and project?
Everything is screwed!
Shouldn't have trusted you guys... God!
Look what you guys have done!
Minister's on call.
Sir... -What happened?
-Hello sir
What is happening there, GK?
Nothing to worry, sir.
Everything's under control.
I don't understand, how can
you guys be so careless!
Imagine what would
happen if media finds out.
- Our nation's reputation is at stake.
- I know, sir.
Ofcourse sir. We are on it.
Don't worry. We'll fix it.
Do whatever you feel is right.
But no matter what, the complete
responsibility lies on your shoulders.
Sure, sir.
Keep me posted on this.
Sure, sir. I will.
It's the biggest scientific
research of this century.
If somebody wants to screw this,
I'll fking screw their happiness.
I don't know care what you guys will do.
If the device is not recovered
in the next 24 hours,
I'll screw you all!
-Got it?
-Yes sir !!
What are you waiting for?
Fking get lost!
Okay, sir.
Life is unpredictable.
If 200 years ago someone
said that we could fly to
places in plane,
none of them would have believed it.
If 150 years ago someone said
that we could talk to someone
10,000 kiometers away,
they would've been considered mad.
Same applies to Computer,
Internet or any other modern invention.
Everything is considered
a myth unless done.
Something similiar happened
in my life too. Something unbelievable.
Hi... I.. I am....
My name is Jeeva....
Hi. I'm Jeeva.
Hi. I'm Jeeva.
Since Morning 4 'O clock... I've been wandering
around here, whining like a crazy guy.
Because today is one of the
most important days in my life.
I longed for this to happen one day.
So important that...
If not for this incident that took
place a week ago, I'd be dead now.
At some point in life,
when everything is lost,
our very existence feels like a burden.
I felt the same way.
I didn't want to live.
I wanted to end my life.
That's when...
I could feel the magic in her voice.
I feel I could go to any extent
to hear it.
-So that's my first favourite song.
You had enjoyed so many
songs of legendary singers.
Now people are enjoying your songs.
Isn't that a great feeling?
Ofcourse, I am very happy.
That was all about
your first favourite song.
Now tell us about your first love.
No. I am not in love with anyone.
Stop kidding me.
No. I've not fallen in love so far.
Okay fine. Then tell us
about your first crush.
If you deny this too,
we won't believe you.
I've have one.
But... I've never seen him.
What do you mean?
How's that possible?
During my school days,
I was rejected in a singing competition.
It was an internal politics. Back
then, I was not aware of all that.
Well, I was a small kid after all.
I cried my heart out.
I felt terrible.
At that moment, there
was a lettter inside my bag.
'Hi Senthazhini'
'Please stop singing...'
'because, I'm not a poet but your voice
makes me think I am one'
'The moment you start singing...'
'I melt faster than your
favourite Grape Icecream'
'I'll stop with this stupid poetry
right here...'
'but only if you stop crying.
Thank you'
'A small suggestion'
'In future you might become
a Doctor or an Engineer...'
'or even a Scientist'
"But please, do not give up singing"
"From, your first fan"
From then on,
whenever I felt low in life
and felt like giving up singing,
I'd read that letter.
I still do it.
Today I am singer...
and that letter is definitely one
of the important reasons for it.
But... I don't know who
wrote it or their wherabouts.
Even now I am very
curious to meet that person.
Without even knowing who he is,
I have a huge crush on him
I can call him my Invisible Crush.
I've been in love with her
since five years.
No one knows about it.
The invisible crush she spoke of,
is none other than...
Now, why are you weeping?
I didn't sing well today
"Her voice fills the air
Like a melodious ghazal"
"On a cold rainy night
She is a harmonic flute"
"All through the day and night
My world revolves around you"
"I tail you like a shadow
Yet you are afar"
"You stole my heart away
No one saw it happen"
"Give me place in your heart
I will live a joyful life"
"Oh my dear
I was lost and wandering"
"In your charming smile...
I found myself"
"Oh my girl
I saw you in my thoughts"
"In your alluring gaze...
I was lost again"
"Her voice fills the air
Like a melodious ghazal"
"On a cold rainy night
She is a harmonic flute"
"Who is that?
The one who is lost in time"
"You can separate fire and water
But when in love we cannot be separated"
"You are the midnight moon"
"I am the only one who
knows your unknown side"
"First love and adolescence..."
-Come here.
-Give this register to Ms. Maria.
-Okay, sir.
Make it fast!
-Tuck in your shirt.
-Okay sir.
"Oh my dear
I was lost and wandering"
"In your charming smile...
I found myself"
"Oh my girl
I saw you in my thoughts"
"In your alluring gaze...
I was lost again"
"Her voice fills the air
Like a melodious ghazal"
"On a cold rainy night
She is a harmonic flute"
On our farewell day, I went to confess
my love to her.
But then...
Yes, tell me.
You have been called
to the office room.
At the blink of an eye,
I lost my parents.
Life turned upside down.
At that moment, my two friends
were all I had.
Wasim and Michael.
Buddy, don't worry.
You can stay with the bachelors
living in my house.
I'll talk to my parents
Here, have some. Meat was
on the menu at home today.
Now, have it dude!
Whats this?
Did I ask you for rent?
Take it back!
I spoke to my parents.
I'll cover your college fee.
Please come to college.
Fine, you're not interested in studies.
My friend's a Music Director.
He runs a even management company.
You'll get a decent pay.
I'll talk to him. Would you
like to work there?
Not even a week and you already quit?
I took you in my company because
you didn't like working elsewhere.
Won't you ever move on?
You have a whole life ahead of you.
I tried so hard,
yet I had lost interest in life and...
I decided not to be a burden to anyone
and decided to end my life. That's when...
I heard Senthazhini's song again.
Fine, let's say it's crush for now...
I'm curious to know who he is
but I'm not in love.
but what if you meet him in
future and get to know him?
Falling in love is a possibility, right?
I don't know.
See, I believe in the universe.
What is destined to happen, will happen.
Bro, if your watching this interview...
Leave aside whatever your doing
and come looking for her.
Who knows...
This universe might be writing a beautiful
love story for you So, don't miss it.
I felt I had no reason to live...
but after this,
I felt she is the sole
reason I want to live.
(I am your invisible crush. Let me know if
you want to meet me. Waiting for your reply)
"Who is that?
The one who dissolved into the air"
"Who can help me?
My heart still holds the burden"
"If you become my music
I will become your tune"
"When rain showers over the sea
The drops hope to stay on surface"
"I long for a place of solace
You are the shore I seek"
He's behaving strange, right?
He's been like this of late.
He keeps combing his hair,
wears new shirt...
Are you in love, buddy?
Nothing of that sort.
I was just looking...
No. I can see the symptoms.
There! His highness said it.
He is always right. Shake hands!
You love many girls at a time, I'm
sure you must be knowing the symptoms.
What I am doing is not love.
Love and lust are different
Love is like air We can't
live without it Lust is
like hair. We can grow or
trim it as per our wish.
That's it!
Hi guys. I'm leaving to Canada
this February 14, for my higher studies.
I'll be back only after 3 years, until
then let's stay connected through music.
Hey, come here.
I'm often seeing you around.
Wait, let me call the cops.
No, please... well... that...
I'm a driver. I heard you were
looking for a driver.
Driver ?
- You have any job for me
- Are you a good driver?
Today is that day.I will
definitely tell her whatever
happens. If not today,
it never will happen.
You would have listened
to a beautiful Ilayaraja song.
What if we see it come to life?
That is how I feel right now.
-Have you arrived?
-Yes, I am at the entrance.
An interview is going on.
We'll have to start after that.
- So wait there. Don't go anywhere.
- Okay. I'll be right here.
- Hello, tell me, Wasim.
- Dude, we are partying tonight.
It's all set.
Michael already started drinking.
You too... Wait a minute buddy.
Speak of the Devil! Michael is calling.
Great timing dude. Hello Mr. Michael!
Are you Michael's friend?
Yes and you are?
Bro, I'm Sandhya. Can you
immediately come to my house?
- My husband might come back anytime.
- Come to your house?
Madam, I don't get you.
My husband was out of station.
He's supposed to return tomorrow but
he's going to be home in half an hour.
Madam, isn't that a good news.
Why call me and tell me that?
God ! Michael came to visit me.
But he fell unconscious
and is not getting up.
Buddy, you heard that?
Don't panic, madam. Michael's
just wasted. He'll be up in sometime.
Are you crazy?
I don't care if even if he dies!
My husband's is an local
police inspector.
Come and take him before he returns.
Where is your home?
Near Thiruvanmiyur RTO.
Come fast.
-Okay. Send me the location please.
-I'll send it now.
If your not here in 10 minutes,
you are done!
Jeeva, are you still on the line?
Buddy, please go and pick him.
Dude, I can't.
Man, I'm in Pondy. It will take
more than an hour for me.
You're in Thiruvanmiyur
and it'll take you only 20 minutes.
Please go! I'll call you back in
10 minutes. You must be on your way.
Reach there and call me I am
counting on you! Bye! Bye!
- No, I can't. Please.
- Go! Pick Michael and call me!
Excuse me, I am here
as the acting driver.
I have a small work nearby.
Can you call me once the
interview is over? I'll come.
-Please note down my number.
Cut this side too
Dude, how are you going there?
In a cycle. I'm on my way.
Leave it there and take a rickshaw!
Hello, where are you?
Hello, I've reached your location.
Yes, this house!
-Saw you.
-Quick, come inside.
Come fast!
Hey Michael !!
Hey.. Wait a minute. Take his shirt.
Be careful. You might hurt him
-Leave quickly!
-Come on!
-What happened?
-Please hold him.
Let's go.
I don't care what you do,
I want him here now!
Wait, I'll tell you.
Ganesh, you said that
driver was here already.
-But nobody's outside.
-Just a minute, madam. He'll be there.
Hello. Yes, tell me.
-Where the heck are you ?
-I am almost there.
What the...
I told you to wait right there!
Please. I'll be there in five minutes.
'The number you have
dialed is currently busy'
-Tell me.
-Why are you repeatedly calling me?
Well, I just had a small work nearby...
-Whatever! Don't call me! -Please...
I don't want to hear anything.
Hang up. Call again and I'll whack you!
Please, I just went nearby... -Hang up! Dare
you call me again! -Please. I'm sorry...
'The number you have
dialed is currently busy'
'Please try again later'
Hi guys! How are you all?
In my recent interview I had
spoke about my first crush.
I've been receiving a lot of
messages asking about him.
So I want to share
something with you guys.
I met him last week.
Yeah... We even clicked
a picture together.
I guess you all are excited
to find out who he is.
So, as soon as I reach Canada,
I'll share the photo.
No! Senthaazhini!
That should be me!
(Senthazhini, it's me. I had come
to your home as driver today)
(I wanted to tell you
everything but I couldn't)
Imagine racing away in a highway, in search
of the most precious thing in your life,
and suddenly the tyres burst,
the brake fails...
and you're blind sighted by
a truck charging towards you.
That is exactly how I feel now.
I'm confused and lost!
But I understood one thing;
that I've lost her.
I've lost Senthaazhini.
Yeah, he just woke up.
He'll be there in half an hour.
Sure. Okay, bye.
You're still in bed?
Dear hubby,
it's getting late.
Have coffee and get ready quickly.
Make it fast. It's getting late.
Get ready.
That should be me!
Hello. Yes, I had asked for the lyrics.
He has just replied with a 'Uh-hmm'.
Oh, that's 'Hukum'?
Oh it's 'Eagle ka hukum'.
So it's a Hindi song?
'In major Indian cities like Madras,
Bombay, Karachi and Peshawar'
'150th day celebration of Thalapathy
Vijay's Yohan movie is about to happen'
'Indian Prime Minister Captain
Vijaykanth will grace the occasion'
'As per this year's census. India's
population has crossed 40 crores'
'In order to control population
Government has introduced condoms'
'Soon birth control pills will
also be introduced in the market'
You haven't bathed yet?
It's getting late! Go and bathe!
Now, go!
Arjun go... fast!
Good boy. Bathe now.
Hundai toothbrush?
Bakardi toothpaste!
Wills Dettol?
Looking very cute.
We come across some people
with whom we'd like to live with.
But there'd be only one special person,
without whom we cannot live.
And you are someone
I can't live without.
Love you, dear hubby.
You've forgot the car keys. Here.
Hey you!
Don't you have any sense?
Move aside!
Sir... Is this Chennai?
What do you mean by Chennai?
I mean this place, it's Chennai, right?
This is Madras
Sir this is 2023, right?
Sir, aren't you...
Sir, sorry. Please, can
I take a selfie with you?
My bad. I spoke out in a haste.
Sorry, sir. Thank you, sir.
Why are you here at this hour?
Yes! This house.
I told you to come at night.
Why did you come now?
He just went out for a Special Class.
I guess it'll be a while
before he returns.
You are Sandhya, right ?
Before he comes... let's do a quickie!
Hey! What are you doing?
-Please listen to me.
-Take off your shirt.
- Hands off my shirt.
- What's wrong with you?
-Come on!
-Madam, please!
"Madam?" What's up with that?
- What are you doing?
- What? Remember our first sex?
It was when I interviewed
you for the first time.
That was the best sex I've ever had.
Come on, let's do this.
What are you doing?
Just leave me!
Buddy. I'm confused!
I don't know where I am I drank last
night and when I woke up today,
I was in a different house.
Senthazhini was in there. I'm confused.
It's like, I'm in a dream.
I'm confused, Michael.
Do you get what I'm saying?
I am talking to you!
Buddy, what's wrong?
I've told you so many times
to stay away from my wife.
-Don't you have sense
-Your wife?
His wife?
Why are you guys like you
filled with lust?
-Michael... -Look here, we could
have millions of hair in our head,
and billion more could grow...
but is it possible to fix a fallen hair?
Is it possible?
-Impossible, right?
That's exactly how love is.
For some, love is like cutting the hair.
They know it'll grow back.
But for some, love is like hair fall.
Once gone, it's gone forever!
Without understanding this...
This is your last warning.
If I see you with her again... - Do you
think I'll do such a thing? - Get lost!
Get lost!
Michael, I didn't do anything.
He messaged me unnecessarily...
So what if he did that?
Don't you have any sense?
You know he's a pervert, right?
Why did you let him in?
If I see him here again,
then I'll wreck havoc!
What are you doing here?
You were missing since morning.
You didn't even attend my calls.
Are you okay?
Why are you reacting this way sir?
Shall we go to the hospital?
At least go home, sir.
What are you doing here?
Come, I will drop you.
No, it's alright.
- Come, I'll drop you
- No, it's okay.
Come, sir. I'll drop you.
-Come on.
Get in.
Where have you been?
I asked 'where have you been?'
I don't know.
Are you some big shot?
Tell me, are you some big shot?
You think you've grown horns just
because you music directed 2 hit films?
Music? Music Director?
The director and the musicians awaited
you in the studio the entire day.
But you went somewhere else.
This is wrong, Arjun
I guess the National award has
created a massive ego in you.
And... we were suppose to go out for
a candle light dinner at 7 today.
I canceled music director Bayilvan
Ranganthan's recording for our dinner.
You don't remember it, right?
Get out of my sight.
I'm so mad at you.
I'm not cooking tonight.
Do it yourself.
This is wrong. I guess the National
award has created a massive ego in you.
Today, we look at the
latest recipient of
National Award,
Music Director Arjun Prabhakaran.
He was born and brought up in Madras
He's been a naughty kid since childhood
He did his schooling in Velankanni School.
He graduated in Music
production right after school.
He ventured into cinema at a young age.
He has been the programmer to musicians
Bayilvan Ranganathan and Prabhu Deva.
He is also rumoured to be a womanizer.
Okay, I woke up and
everything felt different and weird.
Maybe, if I sleep and wake up
again, things will go back to normal.
Okay, let me sleep.
Yes, I should sleep
I'm still here?
You had anything to eat?
If I say no, are you
going to cook for me?
No, right?
Then why do you ask
-Do you recognize me ?
-Wasim ?
I am Waqar.
Wasim. Do you recognize me?
Why do you keep calling
me Wasim? I am Waqar.
I am waiting.
Don't irritate me.
This is not even funny.
- Why do you keep repeating it?
- Wasim, do you recognize me?
How will I not know? We are childhood
friends. Can't you see that I am Waqar?
Wasim, I don't know
what's happening around me.
They say many weird stuff.
My name is Jeeva, but
they keep calling me Arjun.
They call me a Music director.
What is happening?
I don't understand anything.
You call me Wasim?
What do you not understand?
What is it? Don't you recognize
your friend Waqar Younis?
Waqar Younis?
No, his name is Wasim Akram.
Yes, I am Wasim Akram.
Sania Mirza is waiting downstairs
with Imran Khan, I'll go see them.
Don't drive me mad.
Director Goutham Menon has called
you 4 times, but you didn't attend.
I came to ask about it.
You asked for this meeting.
So, go meet him now.
Don't start with your
'who is he?' story again.
If you want to know who
he is, go check for yourself.
Okay? Hold this Have
your food and go.
Talking with him filled my
appetite. So, have the food yourself.
Waqar, stop.
Get in the car.
Your husband is trying to be funny.
Yes, he is here in the office.
Okay, sir.
Sir, Goutham Menon sir is here.
Listen to the script
and discuss the terms.
I'll do the follow up.
Why didn't you understand?
Tell him to call me.
I am always on the call,
don't you know?
I meant the phone call.
I am in a very important meeting,
don't disturb me now.
Okay? I'll call you.
Okay, thank you.
Aren't you Venkat Prabhu?
Venkat Prabhu?
Do I look like a tyrant to you?
You've been in the field so many
years and you call me Venkat?
He's a psycho, man.
I've heard that he beats and tortures
actors if they are not acting well.
I am not like that.
I am more of a simple,
professional filmmaker.
I am very punctual.
More like the actor Vishal.
I am right on time, just like him.
Let me start with the script.
A struggling man who
has nothing for him in life.
His name is Pandya.
He's a scoundrel, thief,
rogue and a low life.
Beyond all that...
he's a gangster !
Out of his frustration in life,
he gets sloshed one fine day.
When he wakes up the next day...
he is a Police Officer !
Anbuchelvan I.P.S.
He has a teacher
named Maya with him.
I mean, she is his girlfriend.
But how?
What you mean how?
I mean...
How did it change?
Yes, the audience will
also have the same curiosity.
Everything has changed because
he is in his alternate reality.
He is in a parallel universe.
What? I don't get it.
Yes, the audience too will
not get it in the beginning.
Frankly, it took me time
to understand as well.
It is at this point...
that we elaborate Alternate Reality
and Parallel Universe to the audience.
In our daily life, the events
happen in a certain way.
That is the truth and reality.
But the probabilities that could
have happened are countless.
We call them Alternate
Realities and Parallel Universe.
We are having this meeting
because you answered my call.
In case...
If I hadn't called you,
or if you haven't answered my call,
What you'd be doing now?
You might be composing.
You might be sloshed or even dozing.
Or you might be in some personal work.
This current reality,
up to this very minute, is the outcome
of the collective decisions
made by every human being.
What if the collective decisions of
the billions of people were different?
What if those decisions materialized?
The world would have
been totally different, right?
For example.
What if the British had
decided not to travel to India?
No, no. Let's not go India.
Turn the ship.
-Where to, Captain?
-Anywhere except India.
Turn the ship.
What if Edison and Tesla
were lazy and wasted their lives?
We won't be having
electricity, isn't it?
What if Newton had ignored
the apple that fell on his head?
[Reciting Thirukural]
Wow, an apple.
But how did it fell down from the tree?
It's delicious.
If your mom had rejected your dad,
you wouldn't have been born.
Our lives and this world would
have been completely different.
These probabilities lead to alternate
realities and parallel universe.
What if those alternate realities
and parallel universes co-exist?
What if there's a way to
travel to all those realities?
What if we can see those realities?
Everyone would be having such thoughts.
You are a successful music director
today because of your actions in life.
What if you had taken some
important decisions differently?
You could have been anyone now.
You might have been a cricketer.
Dhoni, you didn't play the
helicopter shot the way I taught you.
That's why you got out.
You might have been an actor.
Call me sir!
Yes, sir.
Okay, sir.
You might have been a politician.
I am a classic Tamil poet.
I am the son of Goddess Tamil.
-Will you do it?
-Yes, we will.
So, in alternate realities,
things can be very different.
The famous Racer Ajith Kumar,
in an alternate reality,
might have been a huge Movie Star.
The reputed Scientist GP Muthu,
might have been a porn star.
Why, even Premji who has married 7 times
might have been a staunch bachelor.
What kind of tragedy is this?
Has this happened in real life?
What? Come again.
Like you said, has someone
hopped from his life to another life?
Has anyone jumped to
an alternate reality before?
No, as far as I know.
But many researches are going on it.
Who knows, anything
is possible in the future.
To sum it all up.
These are differences and similarities
between reality and alternate realities.
The things that exist in reality can
exist differently in alternate reality.
The things that exist in reality can
exist similarly in an alternate reality
The things that exist in reality might
not even exist in an alternate reality.
The things that doesn't exist in reality
can also exist in an alternate reality
May be I've come
to an alternate reality.
But how did I came here?
How did all this happen?
I don't understand anything.
We are so late. All because of him.
Why are you lifting the bag?
Keep it down.
What is happening?
How are you son?
-It's been so long
-What is he doing Dad.
What happened, son?
-How are you?
-Dad, mom.
Are you two not dead yet?
Are you still alive?
-The Accident...
-What are you talking about?
It has not happened here?
Mom, dad.
Do you know my name?
Do you know who I am?
Arjun My name is Arjun.
Yes, we named you.
You knew it.
But I know it only now.
You know what?
I am a music director.
I bought you your first piano.
Is it?
Super! Thank you so much dad.
Its okay, son.
Dad You have grown a mustache?
But I have it since my college days.
That is the reality here? Great.
What is wrong with him?
Do you know who she is?
My wife.
-Yes, we got you both married
-Is it?
-Of course..
-Great, mom.
Why is he acting so weird?
Is everything alright?
I don't know. He's been
acting strange recently.
Where were you yesterday?
We can discuss it later,
come sit now.
So, why are you behaving strange?
Where were you yesterday?
Don't pretend like you don't know.
Don't you know?
Dad, this is our home, right?
You should've been here, right?
If we stay here, who'll handle
our business in Singapore?
The Singapore Business took off, is it?
Stop behaving like actor
GV Prakash in Comali movie.
Oh! GV Prakash acted
in Comali movie here?
How did he act?
Similar to how you are acting now.
They are continuously calling
from the studio. Start soon.
Arjun sir... Arjun sir.
The tune we composed last week.
The pallavi part works fine.
Once we finalize charanam,
we can go for recording.
Should I play this?
We don't have the time, sir.
Please play it.
"Naive cutie"
Arjun Prabhakaran was fired from his
upcoming project, 'Thanniyin Selvan'.
He's been replaced with Music
Who are you man?
This is the first time I am
seeing you. Can you just leave.
Are you guys pranking me?
"What am I after?
I have no clarity"
"I slip and fall"
"Naive cutie"
You've littered on the road. Your
fine amount is 50,000 Rupees.
Pay or face one year jail.
Can you take this and spare me?
You think we're corrupt
like the Scotland Yard.
We're "The Tamil Nadu Police"
The 25 year old man who cut down 6 trees...
is sentenced
to death by Madras High
Court Justice Jackie Chan
Your Cool Suresh, right?
You rant for Actor Simbu
in movie theaters, right?
He cannot speak. He is dumb by birth.
You call him a Simbu fan?
Look at this.
'Upcoming movie is Captain Miller,
my man Dhanush is always the winner'
'Upcoming movie is Captain Miller...'
Telugu Director Christopher Nolan and Magnum
Opus Director Shankar to co direct a film
starring Formula One Racer Ajith Kumar If
someone asks about me, what will you say?
I'll say some bad stuff.
"My brutal life.
It beats me like a thug"
"It makes me a clown
and laughs at my face"
What happened?
If RCB wins today, we
will face them in the finals.
RCB have won the finals 7 times.
How can you be so casual?
-Who is the captain of RCB?
Then, who is CSK captain?
Don't you know?
Its 'Thala' Kedhar Jadhav.
What is this, sir?
Have you forgotten music.
Arjun, are you okay?
Are you into drugs?
Recently, a director has
called you Naive cutie.
What are you thoughts on that?
Get out !!
How dare you question my
husband inside my home?
I don't know what's wrong.
Whatever it is...
Who are you?
If you want a break from
music and want to stay home...
need not worry.
I'll take care of you, Arjun.
Even I feel sorry for you.
autobiography to be filmed Actor
Critistiano Ronaldo to star as Sachin
Everyone is saying that he has gone mad.
Let's file a divorce.
"The great wave that approached me"
"It changed into a mirage"
Never in my wildest dreams I
imagined such things would happen.
"Everything I touch conspire
and turn against on me"
Dad, if something like this happens to
me in the future. Would you leave too?
You must be ecstatic with such a life.
I am not being patient and
forcing myself to be with him.
I want to be with him.
Whatever happens.
"Oh man! My brutal life"
"It beats me like a thug"
"It makes me a clown
and laughs at my face"
"Oh man! My brutal life"
To begin with... tell us about your
first meet. How and where did it happen?
We actually sang together.
What happened after that?
Tell us more about your story.
Then, I joined his
band as a lead Singer.
Then, I started singing a lot with him.
We had so many beautiful memories.
Feels like a rebirth, isn't it?
As we celebrate 15 years of Tamil
becoming the National Language,
Indian Prime Minster Captain has
sternly opposed Tamil Imposition.
"Your sweet voice,
it alone makes me melt"
"I craved for it all my life"
Have it.
What are you looking at?
This has always been
you dream, isn't it?
Me driving and you
drinking beer beside me.
I went to Driving class for a
month without your knowledge.
"My life has become an Insta Story"
Why are you not saying anything?
Aren't you happy?
"It bids me bye and
vanishes the next day"
"I suffer like a fool
Why? Oh why?"
"In this wretched world..."
Sir, I am talking to you.
I am having a head ache.
Can we do the interview
some other day?
Sir, can we take a break and resume?
-Arjun, are you okay?
No, I cannot do it.
Arjun, I need to talk with you.
I am kind of tired.
Enough, Arjun.
I am tired of all this.
What the fk is your problem, man?
I've been noticing for a while.
You're behaving as if you've
married me under compulsion.
Do you even remember
how much you loved me?
Or the promises you
made before our marriage?
You promised you'd take good
care of me and live a fair tale life.
But look at us now, Arjun!
You've been sleeping in this
couch, all alone, for a month now.
Are you already bored of me?
Or do you like someone else?
Just say something!
Who's Celina?
Deepthi, Madhumitha,
Malavika. Do you like any of them?
I don't get it, Arjun!
I've been hearing
so much about you...
but I don't want to believe any of it.
Because I trust you and I love you.
But your actions tells me that,
all that might be true!
Please, Arjun!
Just tell me the truth,
no matter what it is.
Shit! Shit! This is not me.
I don't know what's
happening around me.
But whatever happens hereafter...
Even if anything happens to me...
I felt I should not let
Senthaazhini cry hereafter.
Please don't cry, Senthaazhini.
Do you remember what day it is?
It's my birthday.
You didn't wish me since morning.
I thought you had planned a surprise for me
and like a mad woman, I was waiting for it.
So you don't even remember
my birthday, right?
I'm really surprised.
Thank you so much, Arjun.
Something is just not right between us.
What is this?
I've been receiving such
messages from unknown numbers.
But I ignored all these
messages until now.
But now? I am afraid, Arjun.
Did you send all these messages?
Please tell me, Arjun!
Did you send these messages?
No, Senthaazhini.
It was not me.
Swear on me.
I swear.
I did not send any of this messages.
Thank you so much, Arjun.
And I'm sorry for doubting you Arjun.
For a second I was scared there.
I don't care what people talk.
I trust you.
But at any point if you stop loving me and
like anybody else then please say it.
Never hide it from me. Please.
Stop loving you?
The amount of love I have upon you,
cannot be explained in words.
That's how much I love you.
Remember you used to sing
'Poongatrile' song during school.
-I've been in love since then.
But how do you know that
I sang that song during school?
Well, I just know it.
Even now, I don't know
what's going around me.
But no matter what happens hereafter,
I promise you that,
I won't do anything that will hurt you.
You are not understanding
a zilch I'm talking, right?
But know this...
I love...
I love you, Senthaazhini.
First, stop being formal with me.
It feels so great when you call me baby.
Hey girl,
Happy Birthday!
Where's my gift?
Hold on.
"The dream I seek
Are you real?"
"I lose myself in you"
"In the darkness of night
I will be your shadow"
"You fill my heart"
"When our souls meet
When we exchange our secrets"
"Our lips will become wet
Let us speak the language of love"
"Oh Senthaazhini
I came running to you"
"Hey Senthaazhini
I leapt out of my world for you"
"Oh Senthaazhini
I came running to you"
"Hey Senthaazhini
I leapt out of my world for you"
"The dream I seek
Are you real?"
"I lose myself in you"
"Like the bindi between your eyes
I would like to be stuck with you"
"The sound of your heart beat
I would like to sleep to it"
She is my wife.
My wife.
My wife.
My wife.
"To be in love with you
To be intimate with you"
"Till the end of times"
"Oh Senthaazhini
I came running to you"
"Hey Senthaazhini
I leapt out of my world for you"
"Oh Senthaazhini
I came running to you"
"Hey Senthaazhini
I leapt out of my world for you"
It was a beautiful proposal.
I'm moving to Canada
for my higher studies.
-It's my father's wish.
-That's awesome!
Thought I'd open it after I
get my Visa but by then... Then
you'll marry someone there
and become a Canadian citizen.
It's so boring. Can we change topic?
Shall we play spin the bottle?
Awesome! Fell on your own trap.
Now, talk!
Buddy, tell us about anything
that's running in your mind now.
Or tell us something that you've
been keeping a secret for long.
Don't think twice and just say it. Now!
When are you going to Canada?
In 15 days.
I don't want to beg and stop
you from going to Canada.
I don't feel like tearing your
Visa Papers if you don't oblige.
I don't wish to have a cute son or
an average looking daughter like you,
and spend rest of our
lives bringing them up.
But I'm afraid, all this would happen.
Think about it.
It's a proposal.
Is this how I proposed?
You forgot it?
Just tell me, is this how I proposed?
Arjun, stop kidding.
No... no... Okay.
What is Mr.Mani Ratnam doing?
Mani Ratnam...
He's the Indian cricket team's coach.
He's a legendary fast bowler.
The way he sledges the batsmen with
his looks and that French beard look!
Such a Star he is!
Of course. He is a Star!
"Oh Senthaazhini..."
"Hey Senthaazhini..."
"Oh Senthaazhini
I came running to you"
"Hey Senthaazhini
I leapt out of my world for you"
I love you, Senthaazhini.
No one can be as lucky as I am.
Okay. I want to ask you something.
Why do you like me?
What do you mean?
What if I were an ordinary person?
Even then you'll like me?
You think your a superman now?
No, I didn't mean that way.
What if I'm not a Music Director...
If I'm just another boy next door,
who's struggling?
What if I'm a driver?
Will you still love me?
Tell me.
I don't get it.
Just tell me. Please.
Arjun? What happened Arjun?
Arjun, are you okay?
What happened?
Arjun, what's wrong?
Arjun, are you okay?
Talk to me Arjun.
What happened?
Doctor this patient
has woke up from Coma.
Sir, the device is active.
I think it's back to reality.
How did I come back here?
Sir, I have to make a call. Can
you please give me your phone?
-Is there an issue sir ?
-Yes sir. It's an emergency
-Hello Wasim, I'm Jeeva.
-Which Jeeva ?
Idiot, I'm your friend Jeeva!
Jeeva? But how is this possible ?
You were in coma. How
come you're calling?
How did I end up in this hospital?
You met with an accident.
Since then your in coma
-It's been 40 days!
-First tell me where are you?
I'll come there.
I'm handling another issue.
Go, see the doctor!
- Share me your location!
- Please go check the doctor!
No. Just send me the location.
I'll come there.
- Hell with you guys. I'll send it!
- Send to this number.
Sir, I need a favour.
Can you please drop
me off at this location?
Are you a patient sir ?
Do I look like a patient?
I knew it. You're a doctor!
Your out after surgery, right?
Please drop me sir, Its an emergency!
Dude, I spoke to our friend.
He'll arrange everything and call.
-Dude. He is here!
-Thank you, sir.
Buddy, I don't know whats
happening? How did I end up here again?
I should be the one in shock not you!
-Take him aside first.
Come, change your dress first
You guys are killing me!
Michael always puts us in such
situations. Nobody listens to me!
-Hey, everything is set right?
Did you set up everything?
Dude, Michael is in love with a girl.
We're here to help them elope.
Change and hear me out before they come.
They're here. Change fast buddy.
-Get in fast.
-Get in!
Why are you staring at me?
Bring him first!
What are you staring at? Get in!
Michael, I didn't know what else to do.
- It's okay Senthaazhini. We'll handle it
- I'm scared Michael.
What if my parents do something?
Don't worry, they won't. My friends
are here. They will take care of things.
Michael... We come across some people
with whom we'd like to live with.
But there'd be only one special
person, without whom we cannot live.
And you are someone
I can't live without, Michael.
Same here, Senthaazhini
Even I can't live without you.
I love you, Senthaazhini.
I love you so much.
What happened?
Sir, I just found something.
Our device is active
again after almost 41 days.
Great! Track it's location.
I am on it.
Signal strength is getting
stronger every second.
Track it soon !
We lost the device somewhere
near Neelangarai sir.
Now it shows here,
sir I am staying on it.
Your staying on it?
Yes, I am staying on it.
Are you staying on his path?
Shall we re-route him to avoid traffic?
You idiot.
Share the coordinates and
send the squad immediately.
Get on with it.
Where he is now? Zoom in.
I felt like I was rejoicing in heaven...
and was suddenly pushed into hell.
Excuse me, leave way guys.
Do it in your room.
Go upstairs.
I felt like the most
unfortunate person in the world.
Why do you keep staring?
Have your food.
Why are you acting weird?
Sorry buddy. I forgot
you amidst all this.
When did you wake up from coma?
You were in coma for almost 40 days.
And suddenly you woke up?
Did the doctor or nurse saw you?
Did you consult them?
What happened? Say something.
Tomorrow, after our marriage...
We'll do a full body check up, Jeeva.
What you say, Wasim?
Why do you even ask?
Look at him, he looks awful.
He's acting weird from the beginning.
Are you okay? What is wrong with you?
I think...
he is unaware of the current
situation and is in a confused state.
God! Not his stories again.
He doesn't know anything
about Senthaazhini, right?
Okay, have this and talk.
So, you've decided to tell
your story again. Alright, say it.
She's Senthaazhini.
You know her right?
She's from our school.
She's our junior.
Senthaazhini, haven't you seen him?
He used to be with me all the time.
I don't recollect.
Look closely.
He's from our school.
My classmate.
- Is it ?
- Yes !
I don't remember
He's always been a silent guy.
That's why you don't
remember him, I guess.
Actually, it is not that big a story.
-I've liked her since school.
-Have this and talk.
I have liked her since school.
I never even told you about it, buddy.
Actually, I never told it to anyone.
I kept it to myself.
I guess it was during
our 12th culturals.
She lost in a singing competition.
She was very upset.
I could see her like that.
So, I wrote her a letter...
and kept it in her lunch bag.
It was the school bag.
Yeah, right. It was the school
bag. I kept it in her school bag
I wrote that I am her
first fan and so on.
I don't remember
what I wrote exactly.
It was that letter...
which united me with
Senthaazhini after so many years.
Just miss. I would've torn
it to pieces if I had known it.
Recently, I saw an
interview of Senthaazhini.
Tell me. What's the name of your event?
I lied to you.
I did not call you to
talk about any event.
No, I... This is ridiculous.
One moment, I wrote that letter.
Velankanni School, I am your senior.
12th standard, B section.
It's me
I saw your interview. You
spoke about the letter in it.
It shook me up.
So, I talked to your
manager regarding an event,
and got to you.
You all know me right?
I always shy away from girls.
May be that's why I was so tensed...
Drink some water.
Do not cough to death.
Thank you.
Where was I?
The interview. You paused there, sir.
Yes, the interview.
After watching her interview,
I decided to meet her and
tell that I am that First fan.
What was written in the letter?
Can you tell?
Are your testing me?
You don't believe me?
It was written years ago.
I don't even remember anything.
I am sorry.
I am really confused right now.
-Mam, your car is here.
-Yes, coming.
I have been receiving numerous messages
claiming to have written the letter.
I just don't know what
to believe anymore.
I shouldn't have spoken
about it in the interview.
I am sorry.
Am leaving !
Senthaazhini, wait a moment.
You don't trust me anymore,
I don't know what to do?
I love you, Senthaazhini.
That was the moment.
Things escalated after that and...
Am I right, Senthaazhini?
Why can't you speak
like a normal person?
Hey, shorty. I just told the truth.
Why are you hitting me?
Alright, give me the
plate, I will feed my baby.
This is what you wanted, right?
You look so cute.
-Where are you going?
-What is with him?
You cannot expect everyone to endure
your story for an average briyani.
Jeeva, look at me.
Why did you walk out?
Buddy, I'm talking to you.
What happened? Why do you look upset?
What is it?
Why are you lying?
I know that you
didn't write that letter.
Whatever you said were blatant lies.
No, buddy.
I never told about it to you.
I swear, I'm not lying
Stop lying.
You lied, both you and I know it.
Yes, I lied
I didn't write that letter
But I did love her.
Right from school.
Back then, I did not
have the guts to tell her.
The feel of being with
her and being in love,
I haven't experienced
it with any other girl.
You know right?
I've had so many girls in my life.
But what I share with
her is completely different.
Only you know this buddy,
let's keep it between ourselves.
Please buddy
I love her so much
If I lose her.
I will kill myself.
I will truly die.
Now its up to you to decide.
Your wish !!
Why are you both acting weird?
What is wrong with you guys?
We are already in a tough spot.
You guys want to cause new problems?
-Wasim, buddy.
-Tell me.
I want to tell you something.
I said, tell me. Spit it out.
I have done time travel.
You think I didn't?
You remember how I traveled
in train everyday during college?
It said time travel, not train travel.
You mean, like the one shown
in Indru, Netru, Naalai movie?
Yeah, but a bit different !!
-It has to do with another world.
-Another world?
I got it. Just give me 20 minutes,
I will travel to that world with you.
By other world, I meant another reality.
The same things happen differently.
-You know Sachin, right?
He's a football player.
-India and Pakistan were never divided.
-Our AK, Ajith Kumar sir...
-He is a Formula One racer.
You know who I am?
I am a music director.
A music director?
Am I the CM over there?
-Be real, man.
-Am also married over there.
-My wife's name is...
-You know who my wife is?
This is a very big
mistake in any universe.
You must never look at
a friend's girlfriend that way.
I don't like the way you see her.
What is wrong with you?
Stop talking some complicated stuff.
This is wrong.
-That is not what I meant.
-Then what?
I met with an accident, right?
So what? It is wrong nonetheless.
Listen to me. Listen.
I met with an accident, do you remember?
When ?
The day I picked him
up from a Girl's house.
That guy is always in some girl's
house. But what you did is wrong.
After I met with that accident...
That night, I got sloshed
and lied down on the road.
And I woke up in a different place.
Everything was different there. I
did not understand; I was baffled.
But how did this all happen?
The phone!
That Phone...
It was with me when I
woke up in the hospital.
Before that...
Where did I see it?
It was there in the house too.
Everything changed between the
realities, but that Phone was with me.
But, how did I get to
it in the first place?
I turned the phone on.
It asked me to enter 4 digit number.
The phone is the reason behind it all.
I'll be there in 5 minutes.
I entered 1 when it was 9 p.m.
So, I traveled 1 hour backwards
to 8 p.m. in the alternate reality.
The first time I entered 1000.
So, 1000 hours backwards
from that moment.
1000 hours means that I have woken
41 days backwards in alternate reality.
-Hello, Senthaazhini.
The show will be over in
30 mins Where are you?
- I am at...
- Your at the same place, right?
Your at the same place
where I dropped you, right?
Oh, yes, yes. I am still here.
Okay, stay there, I'll come pick you.
I am coming. On my way.
I'll reach in 5 minutes. Be ready.
And also, I want to tell
something important to you.
What is it ?
I'll tell it to you in person.
Please tell me now, please.
I think it will be
better to tell in person.
I am curious to know it.
Please tell it now.
Back here again?
10 p.m.
I entered 1 at 9 pm, and traveled 1
hour backwards into alternate reality
I was there from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.
After that 1 hour... I came back to reality
at 10 p.m. That is 1 hour past 9 p.m.
So first time when I entered
1000 I should have traveled 1000
hours backwards That is 41 days
backwards into alternate reality
Once those 41 days are
completed, I've come back
to reality after 41 days
from the day I traveled.
That is, I have come back to
reality 1000 hours after the event.
On entering 1, I am traveling 1
hour backwards into alternate reality.
Once 1 hour is done,
I am coming back to reality
1 hour after the time I entered.
On entering 2, I'll travel 2 hours
backwards into alternate reality.
Once 2 hours is done, I'll be back to
reality 2 hours after the time entered.
Okay, let me check it one final time.
Time is 10 p.m.
If I enter 9 now...
I should go 9 hours backwards.
That is, at 1.10 p.m. I
should be in alternate reality.
Once that 9 hours is complete,
I should be back in reality by 7.10 a.m.
Come on, answer me.
What kind of a wife am I to you?
I've seen this somewhere.
What kind of a wife am I to you?
Gimme a minute !!!
What are you doing?
What happened? Why are you laughing?
What were you asking?
What kind of a wife am I to you?
You are like a mother to me.
So sweet.
Hey wife.
How beautiful is my wife?
Guys come closer.
I have an Insta story to post today.
Look, here he is.
-Come, its getting late.
-Come on, buddy.
What are you waiting for?
Come it's already late.
Make it fast, we are
getting late. We must leave.
Just one more photo, sir.
It's enough, man. We can take later.
Looks like he will take a
photo shoot on the first night.
Sometimes in life, we don't
care about rights and wrongs.
We just go after what we desire.
We would do anything to get it.
Come what, let's face it,
says your heart.
The only way for me
to be with Senthaazhini.
What is the maximum I can enter in this?
416 days...
with Senthaazhini.
She and I alone.
I have decided.
I love you, Senthaazhini.
I am coming for you.
Cheers Buddy.
I have arrived. Great.
"Hold my hands, hold my hands"
"Hold my hands forever, my dear"
"You shook my world"
"Marry me and hold my hands"
What is with the lyrics?
"I search me inside you"
I guess that's the lyrics here.
What a beautiful love song.
"Which is the most pleasurable spot?"
"I will find it out, I will find it out"
"I will find it out"
"I will find the spot and seize it"
Shut up and come here.
What is he singing?
What is he doing?
I'll be right back.
What kind of absurd lyrics is that?
It's so obscene.
I thought that was the lyrics.
Is it not?
Thank you so much, sir.
For singing alongside me.
Why are you calling me sir, dear?
Dear? Why are you calling her Dear ?
Sir, I can't understand
what your saying.
Why do you keep calling me sir, dear?
Why do you keep calling her dear?
-Why shouldn't I? She's my wife.
-Your wife?
Oh man!
Ignore him, madam. My friend
is always a funny type of person
She's the producer's friend.
You call her your wife?
She's my wife.
How else should I call her?
You just met her 10 minutes back.
And you call her your wife?
Actually, we had a very
interesting first meet.
We actually sang together.
Is this the first meeting?
Is everything alright?
Senthaazhini, can't you see?
I'm your husband.
He pranks people at pubs.
Look, there's the camera.
She's Producer's friend, please be quiet
I was confused too, but now I get it.
Anyway. Do let me know if
you have any singing chances.
He will tell you, mam.
Give me a voice test and
take your own decision.
Is it fine, sir?
-How would you call me, sir.
-Yeah, how?
You don't have my number.
Please take my number.
Note it down, sir.
-Note it down.
-Shut up.
How do you know it?
You said the last 3 digits right.
Oh, that...
Numbers with those starting digits will
have these ending digits, don't they?
Alright, okay.
-Call me sir.
-Sure, he will.
I'll take leave now.
Thank you.
How do you know the
last 3 digits of her number?
How would I not know my wife's number?
Knowing the last 3 digits
won't make her your wife.
It's me.
I am your husband.
What is happening?
I came all the way here for you.
I don't know what to do now.
Talk to me, dear. Why are
speaking with some stranger?
Do not talk to such guys.
Sir, something is wrong.
All our information are getting leaked.
We are close to finding the culprit.
If only we knew his name...
Sir, sir...
Why did you shoot me?
I don't get it. Why?
Who are you?
Tell me, who are you?
You asked for my name, didn't you?
Cut! Amazing, sir.
That was brilliant, sir.
I didn't expect the
hand gesture thing.
Wonderful, sir.
10 minutes, we'll get ready.
Take a break.
Music Director Arjun
has come to meet you.
Music director?
-Where is he?
-There, sir Hi, sir.
I wanted to meet you.
Tell me, bro.
I am planning to make a script
based on alternate reality, sir.
A science fiction.
I am having a lot of doubts
that I want to clarify with you.
You have done many science
fictions, so I thought of asking you.
So, from music direction to
film direction. Wow, amazing!
No, I am just giving it a try, sir.
No, no, it's absolutely fine bro.
Please carry on.
Jeeva is an ordinary youngster.
You just met her 10 minutes
back and you call her your wife?
Very interesting, bro. Very interesting.
So, he has come to
alternate reality for his girl.
Yes sir But unfortunately,
he arrived before their love and marriage.
He arrived at their first
meeting point. Am I right?
Yes, sir. How should I take
the story forward from here?
How do I make them fall in love again?
I think Jeeva should recreate
that love moments again.
For example, it may be the moment
where the girl joined his music band.
Or it mat be their moment of proposal.
Or any other love moments between them.
If he can recreate them as they happened...
I think they'll get back together.
Tell us more about your love life.
We had a lot of beautiful
moments together.
Arjun, bro.
Are you okay?
Any other doubts?
No, sir.
I'm very clear now.
Sir, shot ready.
Yeah, I am coming.
Can you wait?
I'll be back in a bit It's okay sir.
You please carry on. Thank you, sir.
We'll catch up at
our usual coffee shop.
Yeah, that one.
I joined his band as the lead singer.
Can you come today?
I am having exams this month, sir.
When can you come?
I'll be done with exams this month sir.
I'll call you a call after that.
-Will you call me for sure?
-Sure, sir.
So, if she joins my band,
everything will fallback into place.
I joined his band as a singer on the
day after he was nominated for Oscars.
If he can recreate them as they happened...
I think they'll get back together.
But, for everything to
happen as they happened,
I should get nominated for Oscars.
But how will I?
I don't know anything about music.
"My love, my love"
"Come, dissolve in me"
Superb tune, sir.
It's great sir
-Which tune?
-The one you hummed now.
It's too good, right?
Won't it be apt for our situation?
You know A.R. Rahman ?
How will I not know him !
He's a legendary dance master.
He dances like a dream. We can
just watch his dance the whole day.
What is the situation of the song !
A beautiful village as seen
in the movie Seven Samurai.
In that village, a well disciplined...
In that village, a well
disciplined Hindu boy...
and Muslim girl fall
in love with each other.
Their parents are against their love.
-We have a song near a turbulent beach.
-Ain't this Bombay movie story?
Excellent ! Excellent !
Music Director Arjun Prabhakaran
has donned the new avatar of a Lyricist.
Is this a challenge to
Kavi Imayam Shah Rukh Khan?
Then, I joined his
band as the lead singer.
The 7 wonders of the world.
Seven, seven, seven.
A beautiful love song featuring
the 7 wonders of the world.
Wonders? Wonders?
Featuring the 7 wonders.
I already had an idea...
and composed a song.
"The fruits veiling in
the flower are a miracle"
The 7 wonders of the world...
It's superb, sir.
The 7 wonders of the world.
Excellent, sir.
Then the long drive.
Long drive.
That was actually the
start of our journey together.
Shall we go for a drive?
Forget it, whatever
happened is for the good.
Yes sir, I am trying to.
I am trying, sir.
Trying, sir. I am trying, sir.
Shall we go for a drive?
You may feel better.
Shall we go for a drive?
You may feel better.
Shall we go for a drive?
You may feel better.
I want to learn
keyboard as fast as I can.
We've become more close
to each other after that drive.
You can call me Arjun Okay, sir.
I mean okay Arjun.
Thanks Arjun, thanks for the drive.
Thanks Arjun, thanks for the drive.
We've become closer to each other.
Right after his marriage, he's going to
Kashmir with his wife on an crucial job.
There, he gets kidnapped by terrorists.
Kidnapped! Kidnapped! Kidnapped!
"Oh my lovely rose"
What is that? What is that?
Arjun Prabhakaran
gets the title 'Isai Puyal'.
He seeks the help of a
poor barber to woe the girl.
-"My love"
-Superb, sir.
"When the entire world falls asleep"
This song is sung by
your Arjun Prabhakaran.
And my first playback song.
Say it to the person who
is going to sing the original.
That is why I said it to you.
What he told me was...
All the best
But why?
I'm here just to sing
the dummy track.
Say it to the person who
is going to sing the original.
Yes, that is why I said it to you.
Arjun Prabhakaran won the Oscar
for the song Jai Ho that he composed.
In his Oscar speech he said
'All credits to Senthaazhini'.
It has created some heated discussions.
The accident that happened
on our way back from an event.
Poongatrile! Prabhu Deva's
music will be on another level.
Watch out! Arjun.
Feels like a rebirth, doesn't it?
What is your favourite song?
Prabhu Deva's music
will be on another level.
Actually, I was about to say the same.
Watch out !
I don't want a handsome boy like
me or an average looking girl like you.
I don't wish to raise them up with you.
But I am afraid that it would happen.
It's boring.
Shall we discuss something else.
-Shall we play spinning the bottle?
-What is that?
-Don't you even know that game?
-Yes, yes.
Oh, it's nothing.
We must spin the bottle.
Whoever it points to, must answer
any question that is asked to them.
-Got it?
-Give that.
You must answer.
Tell us a secret that you have been
hiding for a long time. Come on, tell.
Why is it pointing at her?
A secret?
What can I say...
I don't think its a secret,
But there is one thing.
I feel kind of awkward
to tell it, but I'll tell.
I told you guys that I am going to
Canada as my dad wished right?
He also wished me to get married.
I am getting engaged next week.
Wait, I'll show you a photo.
He's my fiance
You should all come to the engagement.
Arjun, I will expect you also.
I will share the location
and time with you.
You all must definitely come.
Please, you all must definitely come.
Our band will perform at your wedding.
Very interesting bro.
This Jeeva character will get a
lot of sympathy from the audience.
That is, if he acts will.
But, if we recreate everything,
the boy must get the girl, right?
How can she get
engaged to someone else?
Bro, bro...
It's your script bro Write
it the way you want it.
What can I do? This is so unpredictable.
I cannot go with this flow.
Is there a possibility for
things to change on it's own?
I don't get it, sir.
How can it change by itself, sir?
They both should be
getting together, right?
Bro. Okay, okay.
Do one thing.
In this paper...
mark 50 dots.
Why sir?
Just do it.
Now, exactly replicate
those 50 dots in this paper.
How is it even possible. sir?
Just give it a try, bro. Come on.
Look! Are they alike ?
No, right?
The same applies to your scenario.
Just like how we cannot replicate
the dots in two pieces of paper, the
same way, when we recreate events in
life, we cannot replicate it exactly.
When recreating the events, Jeeva might
have done some minor changes to them.
Thanks, Arjun. Thanks for the drive.
Don't call me Arjun,
you can call me sir.
Okay, sir. I am sorry.
Thanks sir.
Why is she say sorry?
Don't call me sir, call me Arjun.
Oh my God ! Please wait.
I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
Please call me Arjun, not sir.
It's alright. I will call you sir.
No no. Please Don't call me
sir, call me Arjun.
-No sir, it won't be good.
Call me Arjun, please.
-Please, I beg of you.
-Okay, okay, Arjun.
Such minor changes might
have snowballed into
a butterfly effect,
causing a drastic change.
Watch Out. Arjun, Arjun.
God! I missed the accident.
Arjun, what are you doing?
Arjun, why are you turning around?
We must be going straight.
Talk to me. What is happening?
Arjun, lorry, lorry. no, no, no.
You don't feel like saying something?
What should I tell?
It feels like a rebirth, right?
You literally tried killing
me and call it a rebirth?
You crashed into a unmoving lorry.
This is an attempt murder.
Tell me, dad.
As a result of all this, she might
have been engaged to someone else.
Actually, this is a superb script, bro.
The climax? How you
are going to end this?
I feel like a blind man
lost in a deep forest.
I'm lost.
I don't know, sir.
Don't cry, you will get your climax !!
"I am burning from the inside"
Hey hubby.
It's getting late.
"The kisses you gave me
I forgot to save them"
She's my wife.
"Hey girl... Hey girl..."
But there'd that one special person,
without whom we cannot live.
I'll find a job.
I'll take care of you, Arjun
Hey hubby...
I feel so lucky.
"Will the distant moon
ever love the water that reflects it?"
Listen to me. Don't call her!
Hello, Senthaazhini's fiance here.
She's in a recording. Any urgent?
"I laid in your feet,
like a humble leaf"
"A paltry mistake,
It has shattered my dreams"
"I am burning from the inside"
"My love has turned to ashes"
"The kisses you gave me..."
Hey! Are you out of your mind?
I've been searching for you everywhere!
He's the groom.
Why are you looking at that
crap? Whats wrong with you
Just when you think
everything is over...
Life will surprise us!
Like the teacher who gives us pass mark
like pushing the cat over the wall,
Life will give us one last chance.
Careful! What happened?
If she knows this about him...
- she'll definitely not
marry him.
- Tomorrow is their marriage. Stop it!
I must tell her this. I'll definitely tell
her, First tell me what is the matter.
Sir, we are starting. We'll
be there in an hour.
Sir, Senthaazhini...
- Any problem? - I must meet her.
She's getting ready inside
- Sir, what happened?
- Senthaazhini.
I have something
important to tell you.
What is it, sir?
I don't care what you
think but it's the truth.
What do you mean? You're confusing me.
Deepthi just told me.
What did she say?
- Your fiance is a...
- I don't get you sir. What happened, sir?
Your fiance is a...
Senthaazhini... What happened?
Hello! What happened?
Talk to me, sir.
Why are you quiet?
Sir. I am talking to you.
What happened, sir?
Senthaazhini... sir...
Can you guys hear me?
Dude, what is happening?
Hi Jeeva...
Welcome back.
How was your trip?
Had good time exploring?
How was the experience?
Gautham sir, what
happened all of a sudden?
How did we both end up here?
- What's happening here?
- Gautham sir?
Have you met me before?
Sir, what do you mean?
You're the one I
consulted with my ideas.
You've guided me. The
recreation was your idea.
You're director Gautham Menon, right?
Gautham Menon?
People say he looks smart
like Venkat Prabhu Wait!
So you've already seen
me in an alternate reality?
There I'm director Gautham Menon.
Great. I'm Director Gautham Menon
In the alternate reality too, am I directing
love, action, cop films similar to here?
Sir, you direct Science
Fiction films there.
Sci... sci.. sci-fi films?
Oh amazing!
If I'm directing Sci-Fi's there
If I'm Gautham Menon there,
who will Gautham Menon be?
Will he be Vetrimaran?
Sir, I don't get it!
What is happening here?
Don't like him?
We'll think of someone.
Sir, I don't get what your talking
Sir stop acting like a lunatic!
Sir, how did I travel
to few months back?
Please tell me sir. I don't
understand anything, sir.
If you can remain calm for sometime.
I can explain you everything.
After years of research. We developed
a scratch time travel device.
Upon testing it, we had
some shocking results.
We didn't know if it's a
malfunction or a glitch.
Its capability was not
limited to time travel..
it also travelled to
an alternate reality.
We couldn't believe it.
We tested it one more time.
We sent it with a camera this time.
From the photographs it took,
We got an idea and gathered
data of that universe.
To explore the other universe we
prepared to send a Human test subject.
For the safety of Test Subject
in the Alternate universe
We designed the device
in a mobile phone format.
Before the final test run,
one of our researchers stole it..
and tried selling it to a Russian
agency and somehow he lost it...
and it ended up with you.
Without any idea about
it, you activated it
The surprising factor for us is how you
understood everything happening around.
We had a tough time bringing you
back here by neural simulation.
It was really tough.
It's a Time Travel device!
Have some respect!
You were using it as if
it was a cab service.
God! Had enough of it.
So I'm back to Reality?
Sir, I don't know all that.
Please give me that
Phone sir I don't know if
her marriage is over already.
I must go, sir.
Try to understand this first.
It is not a phone.
Similarly that's
not your reality
This is your reality. This
is where you have your life
-Give it.
Please sign here.
I'll make sure you get all the
benefits of a test subject.
Do you even understand
what I'm speaking?
This is not my life. Without her, I don't
have a life Have you ever been in love?
What do you know about love?
Sir, sorry. Please...
I've just vented out of frustration
Even In Alternate Reality you
guys end up with a love story?
Why not try an IPL Money Heist?
Or try Saving a CM being
struck inside a time loop?
You could've tried something
intelligent like this.
-Sir, stop irritating me.
-All those are hit concepts.
Sir, Please give it for
one last time sir.
I beg you sir. Please sir.
Please give me the phone sir.
I beg you sir.
This is not gonna work.
Okay guards, sedate him
and throw him away.
Yes, sir.
Take care Jeeva.
Sir, where are you off to?
I'm not going to repeat
the same mistake again.
I want to see her again.
This time, I want to confess everything
happened in my life so far.
I don't care even if I die,
I will come for you.
"Oh my love
I search for you everyday"
"Oh my love
Show yourself; let me live"
"My legs will not rest
In my search for you"
"My love will never fade
It was last forever"
"Where does the truth lie?
My heart bleeds for it"
"The days we held our hands
It lingers in my memory"
"I must become together again
My heart longs for it"
"I am drowning in my tears"
"Save me from this peril"
"Even while staring down death..."
"I will not forget you, Senthaazhini"
- You're Arjun, right ?
- Yes bro.
Please give me your phone bro. I have to
call someone - Take it bro. - Thank you.
Who is this?
Wasim, where are you? I'm Jeeva.
- Wasim? Hey Arjun, is it you?
- Yes.
Tell me where is Senthaazhini ?
I'm in middle of something.
I'll call you back.
Just tell me where is Senthaazhini.
Please buddy
- Go ask your Wasim. He'll tell you.
- Hey...
Any problem?
How much time it'll take
to reach Thambi nagar?
-Half an hour.
-Half an hour?
Are you looking for someone to drop you?
- I can drop you.
- Please bro.
Bro is this the number you dialed?
Yes bro. Please stop!
- Hello
- Hello Senthaazhini, where are you?
This is Jeeva.
- Sorry. Wrong number.
- No no no. It's me Arjun. Music Director.
Is this some kind of a prank.
Not the time.
No. It's me Arjun.
- Senthaazhini please listen to me.
- Sorry. I am hanging up.
Bro what happened?
Is everything alright?
Why are you sitting on the road? You
said you wanted to go somewhere.
-Bro. Bessy mall. Please take me there....
-Yeah bro. Sure.
- Thanks bro.
- Take care bro.
"Oh my love
I search for you everyday"
"Oh my love
Show yourself; let me live"
What happened Arjun?
Tell me, what happened?
I was worried, Senthaazhini.
Leave me!
I was worried that I'd
never see you again.
Get lost!
What happened?
What are you talking about?
I don't get you, Arjun.
People are watching Arjun.
What are you even doing?
What happened, Arjun?
Senthaazhini I'll be here
for just 5minutes.
I'll have to tell you
the truth before that.
-I don't mind if you mistake me.
Please leave me.
What truth, Arjun?
I don't understand a zilch!
I'm not Arjun, Senthaazhini.
I'm Jeeva.
I'm not a music director.
I was living a pathetic life.
When I thought I was living
a life without any purpose,
I got you Senthaazhini.
As a wife! As the whole purpose
of my life!
I love you, Senthaazhini. A lot!
Right from our school days.
From the day you sang Poongatrile song,
I like you so much.
I didn't even had the guts to tell
you that I was in love with you.
It was only when I was with you, I
really started to live my life.
Now I'm madly in love with you.
Your anger, scoldings, love and
especially your fragrance,
Oh my God...
It just drives me crazy.
I can't survive a moment
without all that.
I want all that till the
last breath of my life.
It now feels like a toy
snatched away from a child.
How can I bear it if it's
the end of all that?
I can't imagine a life without you.
I can't live without you, Senthaazhini.
What are you blabbing?
Your my husband!
Where am I gonna go without you?
We're married already?
Arjun, what's wrong with you?
How do I explain you?
This is not my life.
Please go away!
This is my alternate reality.
I have just one more minute left.
Once its over I'll be gone.
This phone here. I teleported
here through that.
It's a device. A kind
of a time travel device.
I'll be gone once it times out.
I don't know if I'll be
able to see you ever again
- So, this phone is the issue, right?
- Yes!
I'll be gone once it times out.
I can never be back here...
-Snatch the device from him.
-Yes, sir.
-Sir, the device is missing.
- It's missing?
Check properly. It must be with him.
No, sir.
Where's the device?
I'm talking to you. Where's the device?
It's broken.
Come again. What?
What did you say?
-It's broken.
It's broken.
It's broken?
It's gone..10 years of hardwork!
And you say it so casually.
Cutie fellow.
You scoundrel!
What happened to Michael's marriage?
Marriage? Who's speaking?
It's me! Jeeva!
Yes You either go into coma or go missing!
And then you call from unknown numbers.
What happened to you?
I'll tell you. What happened
to Michael's marriage?
His marriage already took place. Whose
number is this? Where are you calling from?
You suddenly showed up and
vanished the other day.
What is up with you ?
Hello, buddy? Can you hear me? Hello...
I love you dear hubby.
I'll find a job.
I'll take care of you Arjun.
Let's have a baby.
All for ourselves.
An ugly like you and cute like me,
little baby. Resembling both of us
Can we have one?
-Hello. Who is this?
-It's me! Jeeva!
- What happened to Michael's marriage?
- Jeeva!
Whose number is this?
Where are you calling from?
First tell me what happened
to Michael's marriage?
I've just told you. It just took place.
Tell me clearly!
You remember the other day they
eloped for registrar marriage.
Her father came to know about
it the same day Suddenly
he changed heart and
agreed for their marriage.
He also marked the date for it.
It was today.
I wondered why everything
was going all good today.
Unexpectedly the girls Michael cheated on
barged into the wedding and ruined it.
Senthaazhini was all broken.
She vented her anger out and went off
-What do you mean 'She left'?
-She broke up with him and left.
He lied about everything to her.
What else we can expect her to do?
What happened to Michael?
There will be a girl
born for me somewhere.
I'll find her...
I'll not utter a single lie to her...
and love her with all my heart
Heard that, buddy?
He speaks like an enlightened
villain in a movie climax.
Things lost should be
searched where its lost.
Instead I was searching
for what I found.
What is destined to
happen will happen.
I'll never miss it this time!
"The dream I seek
Are you real?"
"I lose myself in you"
"In the darkness of night
I will be your shadow"
"You fill my heart"
"When you desires talk to you
and when you set out in pursuit of love"
"You will find it one day
and the rainbow will light up your sky"
Thank you.
This lyric is written by
How did you know these lines?
Your Michael's friend right?
I am Michael's friend.
Before all that...
I'm your fan.
Your first fan.
Why didn't you say this before?
Can we take this discussion
somewhere else?
If you're okay...
can we go for a drive?
Then, we went for that long drive.
That was actually the start
of our journey together.
We come across so
many people in life...
But that one special person,
our soul mate...
Go, find them.
If you think they are worth it,
then sincerely go to any extent for them.
If you stay sincere to them,
then no matter how many obstacles
come, this universe
will make you both overcome
that and unite you both.