Adjuster, The (1991) Movie Script

I'll be right there.
It's me.
I'm just on my way
to a client...
And i just began to think
about our house...
It just seems like
i was imagining things.
As i was leaving,
you were moving around.
I'm not sure... i don't know...
I never know whether or not
to wake you during a nightmare.
I work for your
insurance company.
I'm an adjuster.
Thank you...
Thank you...
Yes chiquito la la la la la
La la la la
The boy has sat upon
his mother's lap
Lost who have
played love love
The boy has dreamed
God bless you my joy
The boy has lain
so close to my heart
I'm leaving now.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Bye... take care.
"Lick it!"
Lick it all over this cunt...
That's it...
Look at what i have for you!
It's your favorite toy...
Ooh! Ooh! Hum...
Does that feel good, daddy?
Does that feel good?
Tell me it feels good, daddy!
Oooh! Oooh!
Here we go!
Your favourite part!
Well, it seems like
it's electrical.
Did you sleep?
Was it too noisy?
Was the room okay?
I... i usually recommend it...
It's very important that
you stay some place that...
You feel comfortable.
You may not feel it but...
you're in a state of shock.
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Stop! Please! Stop! Please!
Ooh! Aah! Aah!
Please, stop!
Aah! Aah!
Watch your step.
You must itemize
all the contents.
Everything that was in the house
At the time of the fire.
Beside each item,
You put the approximate value.
It helps to draw a plan.
It makes things clearer.
Unless you have
photographs, then...
I'll take you back to the motel.
No! No! Please! Stop!
We seem pretty much in accord.
25 a's, 13 b's, 2 c1's,
43 e's, 39 f's...
No g... surprising.
And 3 h's.
Any comments?
Jerry, what have you got next?
It looks good.
I gave you my numbers,
if you need anything else...
Do you eat out a lot?
It's an additional cost
We can cover.
There's a lot i need to know
before i can submit your claim.
What you had...
What your standard
Of living was...
But you're tired.
We can start this
tomorrow, okay?
Hi, noah!
Hi, noah!
How are you?
Hello, mister render.
How are you doing, louise?
Fine... and you?
Good... good.
Listen, someone
just moved into 92.
Her name is arianne.
She's very tired.
A pretty bad one.
She'll stay long?
I think so.
I'll let her sleep.
Are these new?
The prayer cards?
No, we've always had them.
They're nice, aren't they?
Hi, mister render.
- Hi, noah.
How are you doing?
Hi, tim.
What a surprise!
I was just passing by.
Come on in.
Of course!
Where's lorraine?
She went out.
They all work?
There's some water
damage on the shades,
What's the matter, tim?
I just don't seem
To see the end of this.
I understand.
Any word on the claim?
It's taking so long!
It's complicated when you live
At your place of business,
Sorting out inventory
From personal belongings...
We did that weeks ago!
You have the list.
No, i'm waiting too.
The sooner we settle this,
The happier we'll be.
It won't be much longer.
We owe so much to you.
You've been so... caring.
I deal with people, okay?
I mean, you're in
shock, it's normal.
I'd better go.
Say hi...
Say hello to lorraine.
He wants to know
if you're an indian!
What if i say yes?
He'll believe you.
You're so good to me.
The boy has lain
so close to my heart
Love a long day
No... no...
You were having a nightmare.
How do you know?
You were moving around.
I don't scare you
when you move around.
I move around?
All the time.
When i'm asleep?
Then too.
What's the matter?
I'm not sure.
I suppose.
It becomes so...
In what way?
Sorting things out...
Deciding what has value and...
What doesn't, you know?
I know what you mean.
It's the same thing i do.
You're a censor.
You've got nothing to do
With my job.
Do i make you feel stupid?
What do you mean?
When i say something which
deserves consideration
And you respond without thinking,
How do you feel?
I feel fine.
I thought you might feel stupid.
Yes... that's it.
Look what i have for you.
It's your favourite toy.
Aah! Aah!
Does that feel good, daddy?
It's like a high school
a high school confidential
It's like a high school
a high school confidential
She makes friends with those
who stop her in the halls
They tease her with catcalls
She's a combination anita
ekberg mamie van doren
A high school
High school confidential
A high school a high
school confidential
What's the principal
doing with her
Who's there
Is he screwing with her
What's her perfume
Tigress by faberge
It makes me cream my jeans
when she comes my way
A high school a high
school confidential
A high school a high school
She drives a great
big pink cadillac
If i don't get her soon
i'll have a heart attack
When she passes me a look
i want to burn my book...
A graphic or prolonged scene
Of violence torture, crime,
Cruelty, horror
Or human degradation.
The depiction of physical abuse
or humiliation of human beings
For the purposes of
sexual gratification
Or as pleasing to the victim.
A scene where a person is
Or represents
A person under the age of 16.
Nude or partially nude,
In a sexually suggestive
content or text, or...
A scene of explicit
Sexual activity.
How old are you, tyler?
You still live at home?
How did you know?
I called you yesterday,
An older woman answered.
Your mom?
There's nothing to be
Embarrassed about.
I lived at home till i was 35.
It's common in italy,
for example.
Are you italian?
Do i look italian?
Let's continue.
Ah... d...
Explicit and gratuitous
depiction of urination,
Defecation or vomiting.
A scene where an animal has been
abused in the making of a film.
I like the way you recited
the guidelines, tyler.
The slight hesitation
in your voice...
Your tone seemed to indicate
A certain flexibility.
It's important.
Our role here has changed recently.
We're here to classify.
Censorship is not a priority.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I can't tell you
How helpful these are.
A friend took them last year.
This couch?
About... $800.
Was it a... foldaway?
This was a guest room?
I suppose.
These butterflies,
they're pictures?
They're butterflies.
They're real butterflies?
Yeah, mounted.
What would be
The approximate value?
That blue one, 60;
That one, 80...
340 for the whole thing...
With the frame...
The certificate?
That's my diploma.
What did it cost to frame?
50... 50 $ .
50 $...
Let's try to itemize
The stuff on the fireplace.
They're mostly personal things.
The more we could list,
the more you could get back.
Was this a purebred?
How much did you pay
for it, 500, 600 $?
What was...
The approximate value?
Any word about the claim?
Not yet.
What's the problem?
It's complicated, lorraine...
When you live
At your place of business...
Sorting inventory from
personal belongings...
I've been through that
Weeks ago.
I'm as anxious as you are.
The sooner we get this settled,
the happier we'll both be.
It'll work out.
We owe you so much.
No, you don't.
Yes, you've done so...
You are two wonderful people
Who had the bad luck
To meet with a catastrophe.
It's my responsibility
To get you back on your feet
As quickly as possible.
And you'll be.
Say hi to tim.
What exactly are we
listing here, noah?
Your valuables, arianne.
Of a certain lifestyle.
Once that lifestyle's
been destroyed...
You build it up again.
From what, noah?
To what?
To what it was.
Because that's what you had.
That means that's
what i have to have.
That's what your
claim was based on.
What you need to...
Return things to normal.
Which is?
Whatever you need
To feel like you're
functioning in the right way.
This is where it started.
I know.
The inspector told me.
Did he tell you what happened?
It was a short circuit.
I turned the light on...
I noticed a spark on the floor.
It started so small...
You didn't stop it?
Something had to change.
So i watched while it did.
Jesus! What the fuck,
what the fuck's going on?
Were they singing?
The persons behind the curtain.
I don't remember...
They could've been.
Don't you find that amazing?
People singing in showers.
I've never really
thought about it.
It's one of the only
times we touch ourselves.
All of ourselves...
Do you think that's the reason?
The sound.
Yes! The sound!
And the privacy.
No, it can't be the privacy.
We used to sing in the showers
After a game.
The whole team would.
There'd be a lot of steam...
A lot of joking around,
Winding down...
Then, we'd just...
Start singing...
All of us...
Hum hum hum
Like one big family.
So it's got to be the touching.
Yes, mimi, it's gotta
be the touching.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Where's that?
A place, not too far away.
Got any pictures of the inside?
Not yet.
Should i?
Good morning!
Are you the owner of the house?
Do you speak english?
Does your husband speak english?
Is this your mom?
This is my card.
This is my job...
That's right, bubba...
So i was properly introduced.
Excuse me?
I'd like you to meet tyler,
His first day with us.
He told me your names...
I was so nervous
i forgot them all.
I'm asking you.
Have you been here long, hera?
A while.
This is my first day.
So what do you think?
The process?
It's pretty straightforward.
You've got guidelines,
You've got violations.
When you see one,
you push a button.
That's about it.
You can make it
more complicated,
If you want...
That's a matter
of personal taste.
Can i sit beside you
for the next one?
I usually prefer to sit alone.
So i can concentrate.
On what?
The screen.
Did you make that list yet?
Any idea when it might be ready?
What if i don't make one?
Why not?
To make your claim.
Everything is destroyed.
That's not the point.
What is?
To have something to work with,
Something... something to show.
We know what i'm covered for.
You saw the state of
I don't see the
point of itemizing
What we already know...
It's a complete loss.
It's not that simple.
What about the jewelry?
Now, they remained untouched.
That amount could be
deducted from your claim.
Then why would we
even... list it?
What do you mean?
If any item i retrieve is...
Deducted from my claim,
Wouldn't it be to my advantage
Not to list anything...
Whose physical state...
Considering the
extent of the fire,
Is... surprisingly intact?
Isn't it a bit early?
Simone is sleeping.
When you first
showed them to her,
She could barely watch.
Now, she's...
That doesn't bother you?
That's the point of your job!
Since when have you
thought of my job?
How is your little colony?
I made an appointment
To see someone tomorrow.
A specialist.
Who's this?
He works for a film company.
I talked to him earlier today.
What did he want?
He wants to use our house
As a location.
He said he'd come by
First thing tomorrow morning.
He wants to take
Some pictures of the inside.
That's great... that's great...
Ah! Ah!
It came like this.
I'm not sure i understand.
This is a model home.
They used it to show
prospective buyers.
Why did they sell it?
They didn't need it anymore.
And the price was so low.
We assumed that the other units
Had been sold as well.
That wasn't the case?
They decided to stop building.
The developer went bankrupt.
Then you're the only
ones who are staying
In this whole development?
Well, for now.
They can't just...
Someone will take
over the project.
They can't leave it
like this...
We don't know when.
Isn't that special?
Our brother sends them.
They are photographs
Of our old neighborhood.
He still lives there.
Why is she burning them?
She doesn't like to save things.
She doesn't like
to save things...
So tell us about the
movie you're making...
Hum... what would
you like to know?
Who's in it?
Nobody big.
Why did you
Choose this house?
I guess for the same reasons
that you did, i guess!
Hum... it's all alone,
it's unto itself...
Of course, you thought
that would be different,
That you would have neighbors...
But you don't...
Not yet.
Does that suit your character?
My character?
The character in the film
Who's supposed to live here.
The person in the film!
Well... the persons who
are supposed to live here
Are going through a very
strange time in their lives.
They have everything they want.
Or they have means to have
everything they want...
But they don't know
what they need.
So they try different things...
And this house is one of them.
I'm not sure i...
I'm not sure i understand.
Some of the places you see,
you wouldn't think twice about.
They pass right through you.
And then...
For no reason, you
can see a house and...
Find yourself wondering what is
going on inside of those walls?
And sometimes, the opportunity
comes to find out.
It could be a...
An open door that you're
passing at night...
It could be a quick peek into
someone else's family, or...
It could be...
An invitation to dinner,
though that's rare.
You have to have friends...
And other times, you've...
You would find alternatives.
Am i keeping you
From work?
It's just that i have
An early appointment.
So are you interested?
We will talk.
I... i will... i think so.
We'll talk and
we'll let you know.
Okay... well, by tomorrow?
I think so.
Does that hurt?
A bit.
What i'm doing is freezing them.
It should kill the warts
after a few applications.
Would they spread?
It's difficult to say.
I touch them all day,
I've never had one.
I suppose i'm immune.
Warts are very mysterious.
What happens if
you just leave them?
They grow.
They may spread.
I've had people in here
With warts covering
their entire sole.
It can get complicated.
Do you recognize me?
Of course.
Did that hurt?
These were taken by a friend.
This is your bedroom?
These don't show
Too much of the background.
How are you two holding up?
All right.
Is this okay?
It's important to be staying
Where you feel comfortable.
Because you may not feel it,
But you're in a state of shock.
I feel it.
To noah!
For the guidance
And tremendous care
He's given us
In this time of need.
To noah!
It doesn't always
work this way.
What do you mean?
That the claim comes through.
Especially in a situation
As complicated as yours.
It did and we're celebrating!
Sometimes, people are...
Are surprised by their policies.
They're not covered
for what they thought.
I'm stuck in the middle.
I didn't sell them
the insurance,
I'm just there
when they need it...
To adjust the claim.
What are you saying, noah?
I'm saying that sometimes i feel
that i come off as the bad guy
Because some person...
The person who sold you
the policy jerked you around!
I'm just there
To clean up the mess.
You cleaned up the mess
in our case?
Yes, i cleaned it up.
You can't go around carrying
The weight of the world
On your shoulders!
It's just a job!
These people's lives...
People will always
Have their lives!
Come on, boys...
We're supposed
to be celebrating!
Noah, come on...
Come on.
All right...
My turn to make a toast.
To tim and lorraine...
For taking on a great policy.
And for deserving exactly
what you were covered for.
It's so warm...
Oh! Oh!
Come on!
It's so warm... so warm!
You seem to be
getting the wrong idea.
I'm not upset.
Not at all.
In fact, i'm thanking you.
For what?
For bringing this into the open.
You see, when i was first
appointed to this job,
I used to think i was alone.
In what?
In feeling, on occasion...
Aroused by some of the materials
I was expected to classify.
It used to disturb me.
When tyler told me about
What he saw you doing,
I suddenly felt liberated.
What you acknowledged
Was healthy...
Of course, it's
exciting material!
If our job is to make sure
That no one else sees it,
We might as well preserve
it for our own pleasure.
I'm not doing it for myself.
Even for your husband,
For his friends,
For your friends...
That's how i'd like you
to consider me...
As a friend.
It's for my sister.
What do you mean?
She likes to know what i do.
She always has.
She's my sister.
When i was at school, she always
wanted to know what i learned.
I'd tell her.
That way, we'd
learn it together.
She didn't go to school.
She's older than me.
She had to stay home.
That's how things are...
Where i'm from.
She... watches your tapes?
You see, it's very strange
What we do here.
Difficult to explain.
Since i started taping, she
can actually see what we cut,
What we don't allow
other people to watch.
So, when i take
these tapes home
And she watches the decisions
i am making, she's very proud.
We all have impulses,
just admit that.
To you?
Hi, louise.
Night shift?
You're working late tonight too?
Work never stops.
You know, mister render,
i hear them talking about you.
The people here.
They think you're an angel.
I do the best i can.
But you really
spend time with them.
You don't have to
visit at all hours...
These people are
in a state of shock.
Their whole lives
have been uprooted.
Some of them don't
even fully realize
The extent of what's
happened to them
And they...
They need all the support
That we can give them.
You're wonderful, mister render.
Don't you think?
At the motel,
We'll get a discount.
They'll still pay
for two rooms.
If we stay in one, we'll save
a couple of hundred a day.
That's above and beyond the fee.
I don't like the idea.
What don't you like?
Giving our house to strangers.
But they're paying for it.
People dream about an
opportunity like this, you know?
I was afraid you wouldn't be in.
I'm sorry, did i wake you?
No, it's okay.
I'll come back...
No, come in.
- Yes!
You want some coffee?
Good morning.
What are you doing?
I do a bit of photography...
It was such a nice image,
You lying there...
I hope you don't mind.
I can make you
copies, if you like.
What's going on?
You have a very
beautiful family.
Have you made
Your decision yet?
If you could sign as well...
There is one more favor
That we have to ask:
If we could have
access to the house
As soon as possible...
This afternoon.
That should be okay
No, we won't be here.
Someone will open the door?
Hera's sister.
It's special to have a sister.
Don't you have a sister?
It's very special.
A discount?
Maybe that's
too much to ask, but...
You realize how much business
You've given us?
Quite a bit?
More than quite a bit.
You're the only reason
this place stays open.
You're in a great location.
I like your staff.
And they like you.
They love you.
We love you.
Have you seen these?
We put them on our beds.
Have you read it?
Why don't you read it for me?
"We hope that god will
grant you peace and rest
"While you're under our roof.
"May this room be
your second home.
"May those you love be near you
in thoughts and dreams...
Go on.
"May the business that
brought you our way prosper.
"May every call you make
add to your joy.
"When you leave,
"May your journey be safe...
"For we are all travelers.
"May our motel be
pleasant for you,
"Profitable for society...
"Helpful for those you meet,
And a joy to those
who know and love you best."
I just try to do my job.
You've done it well.
Thank you.
It's time we pay you back.
You've got a room.
Consider it a gift.
Thank you, that's very kind.
You've looked after
very unhappy people
Whose lives have been
turned upside down.
In the process,
you've looked after us.
It's our turn.
We're going to look after you.
Why do we have
to move everything?
Why not?
We'll only be there a week.
You never know.
You never know what?
What might happen.
What could happen?
Who knows?
That's what makes
these things so exciting.
Why would you want
to involve them?
They make a nice background.
A nice background...
Mimi, it's something
That i would like.
I thought of the reason
why people sing in showers.
It's got something to do
with cleaning.
The joy of washing things away.
What do you mean?
Dead skin...
It makes me happy
just to think about it.
They'll be picked up
and brought back.
What's bothering you?
I think it'll be
a great experience.
I almost wish they'd ask me.
Why didn't they?
Ask you.
I guess i wasn't right.
For what?
For what they needed.
So you rent them out instead?
He's offered you a good price,
he's given them value.
You like that.
I'll be right there.
Mister render...
What are you doing
out at this time?
I'm going to a fire.
What about you?
Finishing off some business.
The day is too short
for kind souls,
Isn't it, mister render?
I guess.
It's so nice to have
your family with us.
Yeah, they're
enjoying it here.
Anything we can do
To make your stay
more memorable,
Let us know.
This is the woman
Whose house burned down.
I'd like you to meet my family.
This is hera, simon and seta.
Would you like to sit with us?
No, thank you.
I actually just came in
To look for somebody,
But they're not here, so...
There's still no
word on your claim.
It should be any day now.
Oh, good.
It was nice to meet you.
She looks tired.
It's been rough on her.
Good morning!
I was at the house this morning.
They have done a great job!
That's good.
What are you having?
No meal?
We just finished.
So i've come just in time.
These are gifts.
This is for you.
This is for you.
This is for you.
And this is for you.
The next item is this
unusual selection of masks.
These can be purchased
separately or as a set.
Excuse me!
Would you mind if i took a
picture of you standing there?
It's just not fair
to the flowers.
By the way, my name is greg.
What's yours?
Which do you prefer?
Suzanne, i guess.
This is just a rehearsal,
so let's save our energy.
You cannot move these wedges.
These wedges allow the
smooth movement of the camera.
Okay, it's really...
So far, it's been
going fairly well.
And please...
Don't eat those.
Those are props.
Only eat them when
the camera is moving.
I think you guys have been...
It's a party,
You look kind of pissed off!
Enjoy yourselves!
Otherwise, this doesn't
really make any sense.
You look like you're being paid.
You are, but don't look like it.
Otherwise, this whole thing
Doesn't make any sense to do.
This is where
i make my entrance.
And this is where i stand...
Excuse me.
The candles will all be lit.
We're all gonna
gather around me
And everybody is gonna be very,
very happy and smile a lot.
We're all gonna start singing.
You like cake?
- Yeah.
Yeah, me too.
Okay, jerry...
Aren't we going to wait?
They called in sick.
There's a flu going around.
I'm catching it myself...
Is three enough?
Oh, i think so.
Hey, bubba.
Do you want to play?
You know what would
really turn me on,
Really get me going?
Come on, take your cock out.
Yeah, i want you to jerk off...
Come on, show it to me...
Look how hard
you could be getting...
Just watch me...
Watch me vibrate...
I'll make it hard
for everybody to see...
Hard! Hard! Hard!
Do me everything!
Usually i call it a penis,
but now it's a cock.
So, how did it go?
The filming.
All right.
What did they have to do?
Where did you spend the day?
With all your needy people.
There was one couple...
That had photographs.
It makes things easier.
It just gives you a
place to start with.
We didn't have pictures...
But you started with us.
I won't be late.
Are they in the motel?
The people you see.
What happened today?
Sort of.
I will rock you i will
I will rock you
i will rock you
The boy has sat upon his lap
These are a few of
my favorite things...
The boy has wings
Hum hum hum hum hum
Now you've come in
just at the moment
That the character in the film,
The person who is
supposed to live here,
Decides that he is
gonna stop playing house.
Are you in?
Or are you out?
I will rock you i will
Is that your house?
Where's your husband?
I work for your
insurance company.
I'm an adjuster.