Adrenaline (2015) Movie Script

I get this feeling racing
through my veins, this Rush...
I never get enough,
I'm never satisfied,
I race to win and
that's my purpose.
Every drop sends
my heart racing
Relax and let the
vitals spin
I don't think so
Every pulse of new
blood burning
Like current sliding
underneath my skin
Dark takes it.
[Audience Cheering]
Let it all crash...
we 'll be ok
If it all falls...
I'm not afraid
I fee! ya flow. ..feel ya
move. . . feel ya shakfn 'me
I feel ya
runnin' through...
So I think you have
something that belongs to me
That's what
I was thinking.
But you know what, tonight is your
lucky night, because...
I am going to give
you a little something
to help take the dust
off your windshield.
No! you like a dusty
windshield, That's fine,
you know different strokes
for different folks
Have a good night!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Bottoms up fellahs
Racing fuel
Why do you like that?
Racer chasers
I think it's
your shot
Look alive
When is it ever
going to be my shot'?
Pretty impressive
race tonight
So I hear you're the
car to beat these days'?
Yeah with uhm 444 cubic inches
topped with a max wedge cross ram,
pushing 11:1
not to mention a
hydraulic roller cam...
yeah it's pretty
much the car to beat.
So does it have
a back seat'?
We've got to go.
Is this your boy'?
He don't
look like much.
Yeah, well he's the
best driver in the state,
the country.
So I'm standing in the
presence of greatness.
Ha Ha, we'll see.
As discussed, this will be a
race for $10,000 dollars.
I'll send you a text message
one hour prior to the event
which will take place at
7 o'clock on Tuesday.
This is business, I expect
to see you and you alone.
I don't want any
cheerleaders standing around
causing any
extra attention.
Now when the
nevent is over,
the winner will
take the prize
and the deal
will be done.
Do you understand?
We got it.
Did he say...'?
Did he say best in State'?
Best in the country?
Who are you
kidding slim!
You know what
I see here'?
I see an overzealous punk who
thinks he has it all figured out.
He thinks that after
he finishes this one,
he's going to stack up,
that he is going to matter.
But it doesn't work
that way because,
racing is no place
for wannabes.
It's not in
your DNA, okay.
You don't have it, your
old man didn't have it.
That's Why he's
not here anymore.
Save it... Save it!
I hope your launch
time is faster than your reflexes.
Otherwise, I would stay at home and
save yourself some embarrassment.
Tuesday, 7 o'clock,
cash in hand.
Yeah we got it.
Let's do this...
One, two, three
One second, ha ha.
Mom! I socks,
You ever going to get
your own place, man'?
No man! Free food,
rent, laundry...
Those socks
kill me man.
So how are you feeling
after last night'?
Oh he is going
to regret that.
Mr. Kringle!
Oh, you've got
something for us.
Is that how we 're
doing this...
Santa Clause?
Alright then.
Merry Christmas.
Push of a button
and BOOM!
That's what I'm
talking about.
Yeah, boom baby.
Yeah, Aha, fat me tab' you
what I'm talking about,
I know you two are
trying to big time me.
Street Racing,
Snow Man talking...
You want to race,
put it on the track.
Put it on the
track, alright.
We know.
Yeah you know,
what do you know'?
I don't want to
hear nothing on
Facebook, Twitter, newspaper,
nothing... alright?
Alright, get
out of my store.
Is that it'?
That's it,
that's the speech, go!
Come on.
One second,
quick question...
Am I on the
naughty list'?
Right here, solid,
on the list.
Come on, let's go!
Alright, next time I got
the milk and cookies.
Top of the list,
Out of my store!
I feel ya flow...feel
ya move...feelya shakin' me'?
I feel ya runnin' through
my veins like adre-na-line
You 're my adrenaline
Light the fire...
energize... You awaken me
I feel ya runnin' through my
veins like adre-na-line
You 're my adrenaline
breaker 1-9,
What's your 20 good buddy'?
All set, let's do it.
Alright here we go in
Three, Two, One Go!
Lucky socks,
what you go man'?
11.10 big daddy
I like the sound of
that, lets push it.
11 flat Joe
Wow! yeah!
Alright, let's go.
They're here.
It's about time.
You, come here.
Do you think we have
enough time for this'?
Oh it will be over
in 10 seconds.
Line's right here.
You start this,
we'll finish it.
I don't feel
good about this.
This could drop at any moment
and it might get slick out there.
Then you better
hurry up.
Okay, but I just don't
feel good about it.
Hey, I got this,
let's go.
Get out of here!
Okay, okay,
hey good luck.
Let's do this!
Joseph, oh no!
Joseph, no no no!
Hey Joseph, just try
to remain still, okay.
We're going to
get you fixed up.
Joseph as
we've discussed.
The injuries from your accident have
left you with significant trauma,
to your L-2
and L-3 vertebrae.
We call this a class-3
spinal cord injury.
Unfortunately with
an injury like this,
the chances are you'll
never Walk again.
Mr. Jenkins
My name is Josie Rigsby,
I'm your physical therapist.
That's okay,
today is just an opportunity
for us to get
to know one another.
We'll get to the
tough stuff later.
Look you've been through a
lot so, you're off the hook.
I 'h' see
you soon.
You have
a visitor.
Hey man.
Page me if you
need anything, okay?
So what's in the bag'?
Oh, yeah.
Well they told me you
might be here for a while,
so I thought I would
bring you a couple
things from your apartment.
There's some other
stuff in there too.
Oh yeah and I
got you
What do you think?
I appreciate this...
but I'm done with it.
Dude this is a super
stock cross ram Hemi.
That's very nice,
but I don't want it.
I know, but it's got real detail,
look at it, if you put some fuel in
Trace, get it
out of here!
I just thought
You thought what?
You thought what?
That a constant reminder of
everything that was taken away
from me might
somehow cheer me up'?
What are you thinking?
I don't want it.
I'm sorry.
I died out
there alright.
Yeah, well you 're
still here.
Look, Why don't you just
get out of here alright.
I almost forgot.
Cement fuel pump to side
of engine block Okay,
Sorry if I woke ya,
found this all banged up.
Hope you don't mind.
Looks nice.
Guess you're never too
old to try something new.
Looks like you got
pretty banked up there,
Did you get yourself into
a quarrel with a squirrel?
Ha ha ha
And we go'n be, cooped
up here for a few Weeks,
just you, me and
the Almighty.
Might as well get
to know each other.
My name is Elijah
Benjamin Salisbury.
Not to be confused
with the steak
- although that is my favorite
food in this institution,
Jeff-O is not
bad either,
but I suggest you take
a pass on that meatloaf.
You sure are one
for conversation.
What can I help
you with Joseph?
Joey, Joe Joe, Jay bird,
Jay Jay Dynamite!
What is it'?
I want to be moved
to another room.
Well, I can't do
that right now.
Why not?
All the other
rooms are full.
If you wanted me to
be quite, Jay bird,
all you had to do is ask.
I'm sorry Nurse Amy, there
Won't be any more trouble.
You just let me know if you
need anything else, okay.
I'm just go'n
to mine my own.
I do me and you do you.
I'm just gonna get back
to putting this here...
Engine together.
Mr. Jenkins,
we have you scheduled
for physical therapy.
Mr. Jenkins, Hmmmm...
Look I'm doing my best.
But you're going to have to
meet me at some point here.
Your life is over Joseph.
You're old life that is.
Excuse the mess, I don't really
spend much time in here.
Much less time to clean.
I don't typically bring
patients to my office.
My first three years here,
I kept a scrapbook...
Of all the patients I got to
know and I guess I felt like...
maybe I made a
difference in their life.
Everyone in this book,
went through an experience.
Just like yours, Where in
an instant, it all changed.
To some, they thought
they were lost causes.
But each and
every one of them,
ended up doing some
amazing things.
This is Kate.
She was 22.
Four days after her
college graduation,
she lost her leg.
She got a
great job.
Got married and is now
pregnant with her second baby.
This is Jake, he's a
murder ball champion.
He's for the
Carolina Crash.
This is Meredith,
she's a morn, has three kids,
husband, was a lost cause
if there ever was one.
She became
an author.
She's currently Working
on her third novel.
All of these people are
much worse off then you.
They went on to
do great things.
You can too.
When I wake up, I get
this emptiness inside.
I have the yearning
to feel the rumble...
of a big block V8.
The dead calm right before
the flag comes down,
and 3 gs are pushing on me as I go
from zero to 120 miles per hour.
It was more then
what I did...
It was a part of me.
How am I going
to get that back'?
What could you
possibly do to help me'?
Cement 196A fuel
manifold, the filter,
then sub assemble
number 202 connected...
Cement the fuel pump monitor
the fuel pump and fuel manifold.
What the heck is
a fuel manifold?
It's what distributes the fuel
to each of the carburetors.
Aha he speaks.
You know what JJ'?
I knew you would
come around.
Yeah, well I just can't believe
it's taken you this long
to finish building
that engine.
Well, maybe I'm just not what
you would call a car person.
Say what'?
A gearhead: a person
to modifying cars,
hotrods and engines,
anything mechanical.
Well, now baseball...
ask me anything you want to know
about the game I can tell you.
San Francisco's own Barry
Barnes broke the all-time
single season home run
record when he hit 73,
which broke the 70 mark
set by Saint Louis Cardinals
first baseman
Mark McGwire 1998,
see what did I tell ya!
Well I guess you're
not into baseball?
But go on, anything to help
pass the time in this place.
Well, when you've been in
this place as long as I have,
you figure out all kinds
of Ways to pass the time.
Well it doesn't look like I'm going
anywhere any time fast, so!
Well, then I guess
I could show ya...the list.
The List'?
A collection of the
best time killers,
each one personally
tested and perfected.
I would like to
get a copy of that.
Son, I said...
I would have
to show ya.
You've got your bearings
on that thing yet'?
I think
I can manage.
Well I tell you What,
Why don't you strap
yourself in and follow me.
Looks clear.
Come on son, I thought you
were a racer car driver!
Oh this can't be good.
Alright, let's go, do it.
Get it in there,
get it in.
One more try.
Okay, okay
alright It's in.
Ha ha ha Yeah!
Now this here,
is about my favorite place
in all of God's creation.
They get in the
back of your mind,
this might be the last
beautiful thing you ever see.
And that would be
alright with me.
Hey Eli...
Yeah, never
you mind Jay,
my pleasure.
Oh Oh!
Yes yes yes!
The good stuff.
You really know your
Way around here.
I've been in and out of these
places for the last 40 years.
You've just got to find a Way
to keep yourself entertained.
40 years
I can't imagine.
Since about my senior
year of high school.
I was the biggest
thing on campus too.
All Star pitcher.
I had the state
record in strikeouts,
everyone knew I was
destined for the big leagues,
I had scouts knocking
on my door every other day.
That uhm...
my prom date that
year was Sally Wilcox,
prettiest thing
you've ever seen.
Nice too.
You might say we
nwere a perfect match.
I drove to her
house that night.
To pick her up,
parked the car,
headed up
to the house.
Heard the screams even
before I got to the door.
Sally's daddy was a drunk
and he liked to beat on her.
A secret she had kept
for nearly a year.
I charged through the
door, pulled him off her,
wrestled him
to the ground,
gave him a
couple licks.
It ended, got
Sally to the car,
dress all torn and bloody and
put her in the passenger seat
and was about
to close the door
and felt a burning
sensation in my back.
Then another
and another.
And there it was...
Shot 3 times in the back,
never to walk again.
And left with a heart
that's barely hanging on
after all these years.
But my number's finally
up on the transplant list.
How did you do it'?
It's about faith, but
it wasn't all bad...
Sally daddy ended up in the
pen and after a couple years...
Me and Sally
got married!
Yes sir!
Ha ha ha
Now that's a story.
Yeah, don't get me wrong,
I was upset about it for quite a while.
Yeah but in time I come to
realize you've got to
get right or you're
gonna get left.
What's that mean'?
Let me put it to
you this way...
Every man runs a race and at the
end of the race there's a prize.
For some it's money
and fame, glory.
But, those things
don't last forever
and not all races end
at the finish line.
So you've got to
ask yourself...
What am I racing for'?
Hey kiddo.
Hey, Hey mister.
What's your name'?
Get over here and
leave that man alone.
We brought you some food.
Mmmmmm, smells heavenly.
Did you bring the corn bread?
Oh I got it right here!
let me tell you,
you want to get in on this
right here, I'm telling ya.
No, I'm good.
Oh, that's nonsense,
just nonsense.
Boy come here, mind your Granddaddy
and give this to Mr. Joseph.
Boy I tell you, you're still as
stubborn as the day we met.
Takes a strong man to
withstand my husband.
You're going to be
in my prayers son.
Pastor had a great
message today!
Sure did.
Oh yes yes,
it was good.
Amen, yes.
Amen, Amen.
Thank you Jesus!
It was boring.
You better
Watch it!
Okay Momma, geez.
Excuse me,
what did you say'?
I mean yes mam.
That's what I thought.
Alright enough of
this, I'm famished.
Let's eat, come on,
let's bow our heads.
Gracious Father we
thank you for this day.
For this family,
and for new friends.
May we realize Lord that
you give strength to the weak.
Lord God, you are the
healer of the broken.
Father we ask that you give us
strength during these difficult times.
Jesus, we ask that you forgive
us for not trusting in you.
Thank you, thank you Lord
for every new breath.
Let us not take for granted the
short time we have left here.
May each and every moment
from this point forward
be a reflection not of
who we were Lord,
but who we are today.
To you be thy Lord for
ever and ever, Amen.
You all set'?
It's been real, Jay Train.
Yes it has.
Thanks for
keeping me busy.
No problem.
Don't be a stranger, huh'?
I Won't.
Is this you'?
Here we go.
Nice ride!
Dude, it's free.
No, I've got this,
I need to do it.
I'm sorry about
the car Dad.
NYou oughta
be sorry,
that car raced
for two seasons.
Two seasons without
so much as a scratch,
then you get in it and
you flip the thing over.
That old Max Wedge
made 525 horsepower.
We broke the
record at Indy.
It was 1' 1:21'
at 121' mile/hour
and we went on
to win the event.
But still it was
nothing like that day.
Now that, was a
moment to remember.
We'd just taken home
the 1990 championship.
We were the "unbeatable team"
they used to call us.
- Your Dad and I.
Uncle Paul'?
Uncle Paul, that was what
you used to call me back then.
Mind if I sit down'?
Oh Yeah sure, sure.
That was the last
race in the old cuda.
He ran straight and hard,
but the next season
we got a new car
running pro-stock.
nl remember.
Yeah, but I'm sure you're
Wondering Why I'm here'?
The thing is, I've been
trying to get the courage
to come see you ever since
you had the accident.
I didn't have the strength
for that and I'm sorry.
You don't owe me anything.
No, no I think I at least
owe you an explanation.
For what?
About the crash that
took your father.
What's to explain, first
round of the qualifying.
Car got out of shape, he
collided with the side wall.
Your father told me, that
he felt like the backend
was shaking so much that
it was going to come out
of the frontend.
I tried every adjustment
that I could think of, but...
The floor length, rear
shocks, everything.
And I never quite
figured it out,
but still I insisted that
he go on and make a full run,
and keep his foot in
it and you know the rest.
After that day I drank
myself into an oblivion.
I lost everything I ever had
and I never forgave myself.
The reason I'm here is because
I need you to forgive me.
Joseph I should've
been there for you,
I wasn't and I am
truly sorry for that.
So, you said that uh,
the most horsepower you ever got
out of that Max Wedge was 525'?
And that was
on a good day.
We got her up to
625 on the dyno.
It looks like it's
clearing up a bit,
would you like to go
get some fresh air'?
That sounds good.
Right over there is something
you don't see every day.
1932 Cadillac V16.
They stopped making those
babies just before WWII.
Of Course right here is
the Ford flathead V8,
preferred power plant of
hot rodders everywhere.
This place is incredible!
Yeah, well I've got something
else I want to show you.
Hang on...
Pro stock engine.
Just like Dad ran.
Take a look at this!
This isn't real...
Dad's Barracuda!
I didn't have the
heart to sale him.
Perfect name
wouldn't you say'?
Oh yeah.
Yeah he's tried and true,
battle scarred, that's for sure.
Hasn't been run
in over 20 years,
but I think with a few tweaks
here and there he'd be just fine.
Wheelie bars,
Lexan windows...
That's a tube
chassis right'?
Yes it is!
See that button on
the steering Wheel?
Tranny brake!
What I would do to
feel a kick like that.
Well I do just happen to
know a guy who knows a guy...
I'm that guy.
There you go.
Ha ha ha.
Figured next time I seen you,
You would be in a wooden box.
NO, I wouldn't do that to you,
You would miss me too much.
Is that right'?
That is right!
So who is your
friend here'?
Come on take
a closer look.
Ronnie's boy Joey.
Shoot boy, you've seen
better days I reckon.
You've got to
forgive Bennie,
He's not much for conversation,
it kind of confuses him.
All seriousness, your
Daddy was a great driver.
I used to let him
test out here.
Seen better days I guess!
No, it looks
about the same.
Now that's
nostalgia boy.
What's y'all doing all
the ways out here anyway'?
Came out here to teach this
young fellah how to drive again.
You said you wanted to
feel the kick right,
there's no better place to feel the
kick then right here on the track.
I think you're missing
a pretty important piece here.
Look all I want to do is
get you back into a oar
so you can get the
feel for it.
I'm not talking about breaking
any land speed records.
But I do want you to
adjust to something new.
This is the best place, if
you want to learn to drive.
You don't have
to race again.
But you do have to
be self-sufficient.
You're out of your mind.
That may be, do you have
something I can put him in'?
Okay this is obviously a whole
different car then you're used to.
Tell me something
I don't know.
I want to start by working
on your coordination.
Yeah, I got it!
I'm thinking we'd go a whole lot
faster if you actually start the car.
Pull it up to the
line, nice and easy.
Oh he's lost his
dang mind for sure.
I can't Watch this.
It's okay, don't worry
about that, back up.
You've got this, just
try it again, let's go.
No way!
I can't do this.
You don't have
a choice.
You're going
to do it.
But We're going
to crash.
If we crash,
we crash!
Now on three,
you ready'?
NO! 1!
Steady boy, steady.
Alright, ease off,
counter steer.
I've got it.
I can't, I can't!
Brake, Brake, Brake!
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
How do you feel'?
Let's do it
Let's do it
again, Ha!
Alright, back
it on up.
Boy can't hardly Walk.
But he sure can drive.
We must have ran that
track like thirty times.
Finally had to stop
when the sun went down.
That's incredible.
I can't believe it,
that's great.
Yeah, it was great,
just... great.
Maybe one day you'll get
a page in my scrapbook.
That was just for fun.
Felt good though.
Well you only have a
few more visits with me,
I'd say I've helped you
just about as much as I can.
Got any plans
this Weekend'?
Or not, there's a points race
tomorrow and I just thought.
Yes, I'll go.
On! Okay!
Haven't been to a race
like this in a long time.
Everything is the same,
the sounds, the smells, everything.
Missed it'?
Never thought I
would, until now.
I grew up on the track, every
Weekend this was my world.
Nitro fumes, burnt rubber,
popcorn with butter.
Extra butter
for me, ha.
Everybody loves
extra butter.
I know the feeling.
I had a place
like that,
that my Mom took me
to when growing up.
What was
that like?
You don't
want to know.
I do,
tell me.
Don't make
fun of me.
I Won't.
My Mom used to take me
to this place called...
"Mary's Gone Mad"
Basically, this lady one
day just started painting,
in her house.
Everything inside and
outside of her house,
Windows, toilets,
kitchen sinks,
you name it she
was painting it.
People in the community
started finding out about it
and just would show up
to see what she was doing.
She built
this chapel,
like a full on chapel out of
glass bottles in her front yard.
I don't
believe it.
Which I have to
say was incredible.
I don't
believe it.
Well, I will just find
you a picture then.
I'm going to
need to see it.
Cause it's amazing.
So what
about your Mom?
I never knew her,
she died when I was born.
And my Dad raised me till
I was twelve years old
and then he died.
Then I was in and out of foster
care until I was eighteen.
But luckily for me though Trace
and I kept in contact and...
As soon as I was out, it was like
I had never left the neighborhood.
He's a good friend.
He seems like it.
What are they doing
to their tires'?
They're spinning the wheels
to get the tires hot and sticky,
so it will have better
traction on the track.
Put your ear plugs in.
That was so much louder
than I had expected!
That's a rush
for sure.
Was that fun'?
Newcomer Jason Skinner,
pulls up to the line for
the final run of the night.
He's had a great
season so far
and has finished up
very well in his class.
And here to play there's
no doubt about it.
If he pulls
it off today,
it will be his
third straight win.
Did he say... Did he say best
in state or best in the country?
Who are you kidding slirn,
racing is no place for wannabes.
It's not in
your DNA okay.
Your old man
didn't have it,
you don't have it
and you never will.
I want to race again!
I can work hard,
really push myself.
Hey, hey, hey,
slowdown, slowdown.
What are you
talking about?
There's a race
in three Weeks.
I want to do this,
I'm going to do this!
Are you
absolutely sure'?
Meet me at the
track in the morning.
I'll be there.
Oh boy.
Hey, I got
something for ya.
No way'?
How did you get this'?
Oh, I figured your Dad
would want you to have it.
This is legit.
Alright, this is it.
Trace get my helmet.
Hold on a second.
Am I missing
something here'?
I'm going
to race again.
H ow'?
He's been practicing.
Boy knows
what he's doing.
This is LEGIT.
So you in?
I'm going to
need my socks!
Come on,
start it up!
I thought the car would run
faster than that in the 8th mile?
The Car will
run in the 5s.
So what's the problem?
Well, either there's something
wrong with that clock
or he's not getting
off the line fast enough.
Let's run it again.
Well, it's not the clock.
I can't get my feet
to react fast enough.
Naw, you're just having trouble
getting off the starting line,
that's all,
everything else is fine.
Well how am I
going to fix that'?
I don't know.
How about a hand
lever system'?
A what?
Yeah they make something like
that for handicapped drivers.
I checked into it while
you were in the hospital.
So he would have to start the car, stop the
car, and steer the car all with his hands?
Think you can handle
something like that?
That could work.
My legs are the problem.
I don't think it will be as
easy as you think, but...
Boys we've got us
some work to do.
Come on!
We're not going
to do it here.
Give a little
gas there mousy
What do you
think of that?
That's it,
that's it!
out it , out it!
Turn it off!
Let's take it
to the track.
I don't
see why not.
now that is a run!
That was good huh'?
Did you see him
get off that line'?
He went right
off that line!
So anything new'?
Oh you know, not much.
Still hanging in there, every day
I move up on the transplant list.
Shouldn't be long now,
or at least they keep telling me...
Well, you need to get out of here
and come see me on the track.
That's a deal.
First race
is tomorrow.
I wan't to be honest,
I'm excited, but...
I'm a little nervous too.
The adrenaline's
pumping that's for sure.
Adrenaline, huh'?
Makes me feel
alive again.
nothing like it.
Tell me, how long does
that feeling last'?
Less than 10 seconds.
That's a whole lot of
work for 'lo seconds.
It's worth it though.
Is it'?
Hey I uhm, I really
should get going.
I've got to uh...
practice and uhm...
Okay, okay don't let
me hold you back.
Rain check'?
Rain check.
Yes Sir.
Alright guys, I've got this
under control, let me do all the talking.
Sorry I'm
late fellahs.
Paul Sharpe,
Trace Mallery,
Joseph Jenkins
Now since this is you
first official race,
I want to get a few
things clear, alright.
Before you can even
get on the track,
my tech has to
check out your car.
Make sure it meets
IHR regulations,
if it does you
can race, alright.
Follow the rules
on the track.
If you don't you
will be disqualified.
It's as simple
as that.
Yeah, yeah.
Alright, then all I need
is your driver signature
right here and
we'll be good to go.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I can't believe
it either.
Well, see ya on
the track.
Good luck.
It's too
late now.
Oh yeah, I've
got this old man.
I don't want you
to break anything.
Old Man!
Alright Rookie,
I'll meet you at tech.
Hey you.
Hey, you made it.
Of course, I wouldn't have
missed it for the world.
Oh no, me either, ha ha.
Nice set of Wheels.
Oh thanks, it's a 67 Barracuda
with a low block stroker.
No, I wasn't talking
about those Wheels,
I was talking about
those wheels right there,
ha ha ha.
What's you all
dressed up for boy'?
Looks like somebody
going to race.
Oh yeah, you
going to race?
I'll shut them
up on the track.
He's going to shut
us up on the track.
Hope you drive straighter
then your legs look,
ha ha ha.
Hey, listen, this
is your first run.
So if the car
gets squirrely
anything goes wrong
out there just ease up.
Okay, ease
out of it.
You this.
nGo Cripple!
nYeah! Woohooo!
Ha ha ha.
Don't ever
do that again.
Stay a while.
I can't believe this
could get any worse.
I lost everything
I've ever had,
cause I threw
it all, away.
Oh I know
I need a change.
Can you hear me,
am I the
only one here?
Get around,
turn the pages
Of all the years that
I've gone ahead and wasted.
Is it over?
Is it all for nothing?
I'm not so sure...
Why don't
we lock it up'?
Yup go
get some rest.
Let's call
it a night.
Hey Kiddo!
Look at you,
all grown up.
I miss you
too buddy.
Listen to me Joseph, you have
always been a driven person.
Disciplined, I always knew you
were destined for great things.
But I need you to
understand something.
As much as I
love the sport...
racing wasn't
everything to me.
If all you have to live
for is the next rush,
well then you're a
oar without an engine.
You serve no purpose.
I need you to understand
what I'm telling you.
Racing was a job...
Not my life.
I love you kiddo.
Lord we thank you for this
time that we have together.
And Lord we pray for special
protection for our friend Joseph.
As he pursues his dream.
To you be the glory.
Forever and ever.
Now that's what I'm
talking about right there.
Here you go hunny.
Ha ha, hey hey!
No I'm good.
Oh come on nonsense!
You might as well, he's gonna
get his Way no matter What.
Jay Train,
thanks for...
Thanks for coming
to see me like this.
It's the least
I could do.
So one last
week here.
My number has
finally come up.
Mine too.
I can't
believe it.
In 3 Weeks I'll have a chance
to compete at Dragstock X.
Man who
Would've thunk it.
Not me!
I mean this is like the
world series of drag racing.
I'm proud
of you Joseph.
I appreciate that.
Hey Eli,
Uh hmm.
Do you think dreams
mean anything?
Why do you ask'?
I keep having this
dream, It's Dad...
He's at the
end of a track.
And I'm running, I mean
I can run my legs work.
I see him and I'm going as
fast as I can toward him.
When I get to him, he's
trying to tell me something.
What is he trying
to tell you'?
I don't know...
He says that I'm a
car without an engine.
Ha ha, I mean a car
without an engine'?
What's that
supposed to mean'?
What do you mean,
"What's that supposed to mean"?
A car without an engine
doesn't get very far does it'?
Sounds like a man
without a purpose.
I have a purpose.
and what is it'?
I mean isn't
that enough.
I mean...
Even without being able to
Walk people look up to me now.
They need to know
that I can win.
I give people hope.
I'm someone
to believe in.
Spoken like a true fool.
Was glory worth losing
your ability to walk?
I don't need this...
When I first met
you, I told you,
you had to get right or
you were going to get left.
Do you remember that?
That meant you had
to get right in here.
But mostly it means you
have to get right in here.
I think your Daddy's trying
to tell you that without God...
That thirst, that need for
that adrenaline pumping
threw your veins or
you'll never be satisfied.
You'll always be like a
junkie trying to get a fix.
Why do you
always do this'?
God, really?
I hate to break it to you,
but I think God is a joke!
You listen to
me this time!
What kind of God takes a Dad
away from a 12 year old boy'?
You tell me that?
Tell me that?
If there was a God,
Why would he let me crash,
leave me crippled,
let someone shoot you'?
Come on, God's not
running the show here...
We are!
We control what happens,
it's our choices.
And you need to
start seeing that,
open your eyes
and wake up.
Take a look
around you.
God's a fairy tale.
I earned
all this myself.
Protect him Jesus.
Protect him.
Joseph Jenkins,
[off to a rough star'!
at pro outlaws]
[He stalls out the car,
right after his burn out]
[engine having
troubles starting]
[Engine Starts]
[Chief is running up to see
what's going on]
You all set'?
Yeah, let's go, I
don't want a penalty.
You okay'?
I said let's go!
I don't want a
penalty Okay!
Okay, alright.
[Car appears to be okay]
[Joseph now pulling
up to the line]
[Revving it
up on the chip]
[Jenk is all over the track,
almost crossing the line]
[Loses to Jessie Nowling]
[Jessie Nowling going
to the next round]
[Jenkins loading his
ar in the trailer]
Wow, wow!
Hang on!
What happened to
you out there'?
I couldn't get off
the line fast enough.
Yeah I saw that, you seemed
a little distracted.
Oh was I'?
Yeah you were all
over the track.
Did you check the lane'?
What kind of a
question is that?
Did I check the lane'?
The right lane
wasn't right,
I didn't have any
traction out the hole.
If the right lane wasn't right a lot of
people were racing in the right lane.
Nobody had any
problem except you.
Is that what you told my
Dad before he ran that day'?
What's this really about?
Responsibility to my Dad,
Josie, Trace, everybody!
People are
depending on me now!
Is that right'? You think this
is about responsibility?
Come on be honest
with yourself,
what about
Jason Skynard'?
I know it, Trace knows it,
everybody who knows you,
knows it's between
you and Jason Skynard.
Even your Father would
tell you that if he were here.
Well, he's not, you made
sure of that didn't you'?
I'm going to do us both a really big
favor and forget you ever said that.
Don't you pretend
for a second,
you're the only one
who ever lost anybody.
Why don't you get lost.
You're pretty good
at that aren't you'?
Hey guys.
Where's Paul'?
He couldn't make it.
That's weird.
Yeah, I'll see you
after the race alright.
Everything okay'?
Yeah, I'm just trying
to concentrate.
[And here we are, final round pro outlaw
Joseph Jenkins lining up against Pete Folsom.
[Jenkins on edge, he's got to win
this one to go to Rockingham.
[And he does it!]
[Jenkins is going
to the finals!]
We are gathered
here today.
To celebrate the life of
Elijah Benjamin Salisbury.
A man Whose heart gave
more love and happiness...
Amen ...then he
could contain.
Hey buddy.
It's going to be okay.
He Would've
really loved this.
I wish I would've had just
one more chance to say...
I know.
I just don't
I don't think we
ever really do.
Then why'?
Why does this have
to happen, to Elli, my Dad'?
I should be the
one dead not them.
But you're not.
You're probably just going
to say that's a miracle.
I know this is going to
sound crazy, but I...
I think it's much
more than that.
There was a time
I had my doubts,
but I don't anymore.
Why is that?
I think We're all here
for a purpose and...
Eli served his.
He spent most of his
life in a hospital bed.
You're missing
the point.
It's not about the time he
spent in a hospital bed.
It's about what he
did with that time.
I saw Eli make people laugh
when they were crying.
He changed them,
He changed me!
He changed you.
His love was real
and powerful...
and greater
then all of us.
Eli always said that
love comes from God.
Do you think
that's true?
I do, It's a kind of
love that never gives up.
It's the kind of love that
Eli and your Dad had for you.
I want that
kind of love.
What's holding
you back?
Morning Kiddo.
Thanks for
coming back.
Not a problem at all.
Just taking
one last look.
You sure you're ready
to do this thing?
My whole life, I just didn't
think I would get here like this.
Did you ever see something like
this and think to yourself...
If this is the last
beautiful thing I see,
it will be
alright with me'?
Listen Paul I...
I want you to know,
it was never your fault.
[ Welcome ADRL Nation, ]
[The dragstock X here at
beautiful Rockingham Dragway,
[Steve Earwood's
palace of speed]
[If you would, please stand, remove your
caps as we sing our national anthem.
Oh, say, can you see, by the...
You all sit down
...early light,
What so proudly
we hail'd
at the Twilight's
last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes
and bright stars,
thro' the
perilous fight,
You made it just in time for
the pledge of allegiance.
Miles, it's the
National Anthem.
It's the same
thing Mom!
The only thing
that's the same
is that you put your
hand over your heart.
Yes, mam.
That's what I thought.
And the rockets'...
[so as we get set for
this first round matchup]
[between Shawn Barron
and Joseph Jenkins, ]
[one can only imagine]
[what is going through
the young Jenkins mind, ]
[after all he's
been through]
[Should be quite a day, we'll see
if he can handle the pressure]
[Speaking of guys that
can handle the pressure, ]
[our Diane Godwin is
with Johnny Lightneen]
Hello with Diane Godwin and I
am live back on the track.
Today We've seen many
great races and it's
almost time to find out who this
year's new champion will be.
Standing right next to me is last
year's winner and top contender,
Johnny Lightneen.
Why don't you tell us, what are you
feeling right at this moment?
I mean you are on the verge of
winning your next champion title,
will Lightneen
strike twice?
Well first of all it's very
exciting to be here again.
But you never can tell what's going
to go on with this kind of talent.
He's cute.
No, No, No.
He is not as
cute as Joseph!
Oh and you're not
biased at all'?
Come on!
[So the wait is
finally over, ]
[it is time for Shawn Baron
vs. Joseph Jenkins]
[as Jenkins rolls his beautiful
barracuda towards the starting line]
[here at a packed
Rockingham Dragwayj
[all a part of the excitement
here at Dragstock X, ]
[and this is where
champions are made]
[This is where nerves take
over and if you can manage]
[those nerves and
get past this round, ]
[the rest of the day could
be just a little bit easier. ]
[Right now he makes
his final adjustments]
[He'll get set to
do his burnout. ]
[Here we go ADRL fans,
make some noise]
[Cheering and
engines revving]
[The burnouts are complete and
nJenkins will purge the nitrous]
[and get set to traverse the 1/8th
mile here at Rocking/tam dragway]
[Jenkins is away green,
they are both off green, ]
[Barron at the
1/8th mile stripe, ]
[it's going to be Jenkins
running a 5.37 at a 129.05 mph]
Now that's what I
am talking about come on.
[And the young man is
moving on to round number 2]
[Next up it's going to be Jason
nSkynard taking on Jake Varner.]
Hey, this is the guy he is
always talking about.
What the heck is
he doing there'?
{And Skynard's away with
a huge whole shot]
[He straps one on Varner
at the finish line, ]
[it's going to be Skynard with
the easy victory, he is moving on. ]
I don't
like that boy.
[The honey badger doing
his thing right there]
[and that is awesome man,
to see that car. ]
{Team Alan Obye and
that little mustang]
{that's laid down the world's
nfastest record, recorded run. . .]
Those trailers
are huge man.
We're doing it man, we
are really doing it.
Hey guys,
Hey Lizzy.
Nice run out there today.
Hey not too bad yourself.
Thank you.
Maybe one day I can run
top sportsman like you.
Now you're talking.
Yeah give you a
run for your money.
Ha ha ha Do you think
you can handle my class?
Do you teach
private lessons'?
We've got to go
Lizzy come on.
I've got to go,
I'll see you guys.
Alright, see ya.
Good luck out there.
You too.
Do you teach
private lessons'?
That was good man.
Stop play'n-
Jason skynard, how do you feel
about going up against him'?
To get into the finals?
That's funny, you know,
the whole season
I've been keeping my eye on
him, I've Watched him,
he sort of came out of left
field and he's doing real well,
so I would say today is going
to be a very interesting time.
[So up next it's going to be Tony
Cameron taking on Joseph Jenkins, ]
[will the dream weekend
continue for Jenkins]
[or will Cameron move on
to the final round, ]
[we are just seconds
away from finding out]
{AH the stage
bulbs are fit]
[the green light
is down and... ]
[So Joseph Jenkins and his beautiful
67 barracuda go into the finals]
[but man you saw the
puff of smoke fans, ]
[he has hurt
that motor, ]
[no doubt in this
announcer's mind, ]
[they're going to have to
thrash between rounds, ]
[but none the less Jenkins
going to the finals]
[the American drag racing
leagues premiere event. . .]
Ha ha ha.
Way to go Joe.
F... Are you kidding me]
Trace check the
intake and the heads.
What's the problem
I don't know, I definitely found
a loss of power. Here get me out of here.
No, no, no,
take a break.
I'll check it out,
you get focused.
How do you fee!
about Joseph Jenkins
I don't know really
what to tell you,
except he's been
through a lot.
Uhm, I've been very
impressed with him
and I'm very interested to
see what he's going to do.
And actually you know,
If I was going to say anything
to him right now, I would say
"Hey Joseph, God bless
you buddy, good luck".
It's the
head gasket.
Either that or the
head's cracked.
How bad is it'?
I don't know I'm going
to have to pull it.
How much
time do we got'?
Not enough.
Your lucky socks,
do you got them'?
We've got a chance.
See you back there.
[Alright, ADRL fans,
who's it going to be]
[taking on Jenkins in
the championship round? ]
[Will it be Johnny Lightneen
the defending champion]
[and future ADLR hall of famer
in his 57 ford thunderbird,]
[or the young up start,
Jason Skynard in his 66 Chevy too]
[here we 90-]
[Man'o man what a heartbreak
for Johnny Lightneen]
[he turns on
the red light]
[which means Jason Skynard
is going to the final round, ]
[Johnny Lightneen
is going home.]
I don't
like that boy.
[... Get through this
top sportsman Al Tucci,]
[we are going to bring in
the original champion]
[dragstock back in 2004.]
This is it.
Yeah it is,
thanks for everything.
You're welcome
for everything.
Now go out there
and win this thing.
You got it.
Please tell me
it's all fixed.
Let's just say we
put a bandage on it.
Lie to me.
It's all fixed.
Good Job!
[So the traction twins
putting the final touches]
{oh this track surface as we get
set for our championship match-Lip]
[Is it going to be Jason Skynard or does
the dream weekend come to the ultimate end, ]
[for Joseph Jenkins? ]
[They approach the water,
it's burnout time at the rock. ]
[In the words of hall of
fame announcer Al Tucci,]
[ 'Beautiful
smokey burnout! ]
[Both stage bulbs are lit,
Will it be Jenkins? ]
[Will it be Skynard?]
[The tree comes down]
[they're away and they're both away
clean and green dead even off the start]
[Jenkins with a slight
lead on Skynard]
[Awww another huge puff of
nsmoke again from Jenkin's car. ]
[Jenkins and Skynard are glued
together at the finish line, ]
{who's it going
to be'? ]
[Who won? ]
[It's dead even, in all
my years of doing this]
[we're going to have to go to the 4
digit and triple zero margin of entry, ]
[we have no idea who won, ]
[we'll go to our assistant director
of competition Leida Corzine,]
[take a look at the
computer printout]
[By one ten thousandth
of a second, ]
[my voice is shot
[Joseph Jenkins gets the win the
dream weekend dragstock champion, ]
[can you
believe it?]
Heavenly Father thank you so much
for the family and friends around us,
we love you and we pray for this food
for the nourishment of our bodies
and our bodies to
your service.
Amen, Very good
Who wants some of this...
Green beans.
I thought my
life was over,
but it's now only
the beginning.
I found the rush that
always satisfies.
I discovered...
It's not what you drive
it's what drives you.