Adutha Saattai (2019) Movie Script

Greetings to all relationships!
Glad to meet you all
in the education related,
"The next whip"
The teachers occupy the classroom
on the whole...
... is one of the complaint.
Students are not given freedom
in the classroom... an another complaint.
Meanwhile, do educational institutions
teach the students life skills...
...and improve their personality
or just making them as marks oriented.
This film is the debate
on this subject.
-Come soon.
Take it.
-Please, sir.
"Power" tell me different meanings
for this word.
The Principal.
I'll call you after
all the work is done...
...and become mentally free.
wait till then.
Parimala Devi mam, sir.
(Indistinct chatters)
Gomathinayagam sir.
Sir, all teachers have nick names.
Shall I reveal?
Let me hear.
I'll tell, sir.
'Vasool Raja' -'The Collection King'
The HOD'S, sir.
Collecting fine amount for
absenteeism, for being late
dress code, for not getting ID,
for not wearing lab coat, for scoring low marks.
Be seated.
'Dreams of chair'
The Vice-principal, Ponpandiyan sir.
He is awaiting for the Principal post.
'Don't care'
'Don't care'?
Who's that?
Those who aren't bothered
and follow blindly.
We can say them as, 'ATM'
That is, 'Any Time Mindless'.
Load up and lift up.
They'll instigate the Principal
and have fun.
'Saaral' - 'Shower'.
Who's that?
Sir, greetings!
Get in.
Why are you late?
What happened?
Sir, I missed the bus.
Sir, she missed the college bus.
That's why, came to drop her.
What if you miss the college bus?
You'd have come by the public transport.
Sir, she never went alone
to the grocery store near our house.
-Fear, sir.
To her or to you?
The children are just right.
The parents here are the problem.
You've no college bus
from tomorrow.
Commute by public transport to college.
This is also a lesson.
Are you afraid?
Don't be afraid.
From Pre KG to College, you send
kids in the van like broiler chickens.
How will she face this society
in life, tomorrow?
She must get used.
Be seated.
-You can leave.
Bye, sir.
Okay, but why these nick names?
It's because of frowning, sir.
You rejoice at teasing the 'power'.
The 'power' has no loss
because of it.
You must understand it.
Responsibility is a two-way path.
What if they aren't perfect?
You behave perfectly
and ask them queries.
Asking them queries?
Sir, even though dull in studies,
they'll give the marks.
But, when question them,
they'll revenge us in practical marks.
Would you be a slave for that sake?
No, sir.
You must question.
You can pay any price
for the truth.
-Okay, sir.
What's my nick name?
'Enakkul Oruvan' -
'A man within me'
Yourself, the Physical trainer,
Pachaiyammal mam,
Muthu Krishnan sir,
Antony devasagayam sir,
Vivek sir, Ravichandran sir,
Anbu sir, Suresh sir.
Enough, sit down.
Sir, even students have nick names.
Shall we reveal, sir?
It'll be a big issue.
Okay, let's heed one or two names.
'Power' Palanimuthu.
Everyone should've fear
on our caste.
Tie this thread to all our guys.
My dad is the Principal of this College.
I've the equal power of him.
Heard it?
Come on.
Please, brother.
-Show your hand.
Please, brother.
Hey, he doesn't want.
Leave him.
You be quiet.
Tie it.
-Show your hand.
Look, this is safe for you.
If you tie this, I can identify you
as our clan and save you.
Even if you aren't willing,
you've to tie this thread.
This thread will save us, understand?
-Okay, brother.
Give your hand.
-For what, sir?
You belong to our clan, right?
-Our clan?
Yes, tie this thread.
What's this thread?
Caste thread.
Sir, it has been seven years
since I got a certificate...
...that I'm a non-caste and
non-religious person.
Sir, it took long haul to know
what caste you were, seven years ago.
Give me your hand.
I might yell you, go sir.
Don't want?
Sir, have they got the thread
to you too?
Not only in our college,
It's the stance in 90% of
the colleges in Tamil Nadu.
Our college stands first in everything,
including this too.
No, sir.
It's very sad when people who
should condemn, is wearing the thread.
These people can't be changed.
Look at your work, sir.
Sir, we can't correct them.
But, can correct the students.
They should remove the thread
by themselves.
First, they must be united.
It's tough.
Let's try.
Come on.
Your marks are bitter..
Does your dad educate you
to show off in the wedding invitation?
No need of it.
Better, tell your dad to
find a bridegroom for you.
Take it.
S.Palani Muthu.
It's not enough.
Still I expect more from you.
Don't get distracted and
save this father's name.
These marks aren't enough.
Look me, can I become
the Principal overnight?
Not rolling anywhere, take me
as a role model and work hard.
-Okay, sir.
Muthu lakshmi.
How is it possible?
There is no chance for you
to score high marks.
You've copied, right?
Words are written with gaps.
Study and write, next time.
S. Arun.
I must do meditation for
three minutes to just look at him.
What's this mark?
Useless. Already, you've many
arrear papers.
Your caste won't support studies.
Why are you staring?
Go out.
I say, get out.
A bad reputation to the college
because of you.
Sir, this is unfair.
We need to talk about the future,
not the past.
He left the college, when scolded
for low marks, caste etc...
Though searched for him,
we couldn't find.
Sir, coffee.
-Sir! Take coffee.
If you say he is an useless,
he'll be so.
If we encourage him,
he'll manage to come up.
Everyone just looks at
the score of the students.
Not as a fellow man.
The system is wrong.
Is he giving me trouble,
changing the system?
I can't leave him as he wish.
Am I extracting milk?
I'm the Principal.
He says you're brainless.
Is that what he says
or do you say?
I'm the Vice-Principal.
Why should I lie?
Yes, you won't.
Is he saying so?
He says everything
about you, frankly.
He has grown tall
and giving sorrow.
-Yeah, going sir.
You can go down.
- Okay, sir.
Look sir, if we say a work,
he won't heed us.
He runs away in fear,
when the Principal said.
He is not running in fear.
It's friendship.
The friendship of the Principal
and the peon still remains as a secret.
The first job to do after
becoming the Principal is... open the secret.
Sir, Principal meeting?
-Yes, mam.
I thought you'll get a call, when you
were talking about him, on that day.
I told the fact.
-Go, he'll be waiting.
Somehow, the issue must blow up
and reach the Correspondent.
He must be expelled
and I should be the Principal.
Yes, I said,
So what?
Was there any code of conduct
not to talk so?
Can we implement rules for it?
This is why, I told when
constructing the college...
...not to let the Department of Tamil.
They'll speak grammar with 247 letters.
But, our language is just compact,
26 letters.
It's flying to London and Paris.
But, your language is struggling
in Tamil Nadu.
It hasn't been three months
since you came.
Leave the dog.
-Okay, sir.
It has stopped.
You carry on.
Do you mean, I'm a dog?
Flip the word.
It's g-o-d,
I'm the god of this college.
Ruling god!
Let you be the god, sir.
I'll stay. I won't go.
Still, I've two years.
You stay for twenty years.
Why are you tormenting the students?
They're dying when humiliated
before other students.
Let them die.
What is he going to do
being alive?
Waste to home and to the nation.
Sir, it's not good
if I stay over here.
Do you understand?
It's not good for you.
Why is your girlfriend
named as 'Pothum ponnu'?
She was named after the last
of the five women born in their home.
Hey, your girlfriend is coming.
Oh, god!
What an explanation.
Damn it.
I thought of studying for the exam.
But, I can't.
I'm trying for one and half a year.
She won't even look back.
Do you know how many times
she has seen you?
So far, 16 times.
Don't talk about it, anymore.
I'll talk to her and clear off.
Are you serious?
Am I telling lie, then?
As you said, I've to discuss
with her on phone.
But, no balance in the phone.
So I've to...
Hey, take it.
Recharge now
I can do it, later.
First, I must collect
the relevant evidence.
What to do for that?
Just a minute.
Technology will help us, ever.
Take a beautiful selfie
when she comes near.
Take it.
Enough, let me see.
When did he come in?
Okay, she came.
Reduce the tension.
Don't be afraid of the examinations.
Let's manage.
Nothing to me.
But, I'll be questioned at home.
Even he shouldn't be
in the photo.
Why are they staring us?
When did they say the reason?
Always staring us.
We belong to same college
and classmates too.
But, it's like we're
in India and Pakistan.
Damn it.
Take it.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
Yesterday, I came to the store
with my sister.
Oh, is it?
"I was awaiting him
coming on white pigeons"
"He came and I was
on the silvery white moon"
"What a beautiful face for him"
"The night bears his innerness"
"The flower has his mind"
"Come across, I'm your angel"
"Unquenched thirst"
"Love-which doesn't know to age"
"The lust flowes in the body"
"They're eternal, doesn't know to die"
"I was awaiting him
coming on white pigeons"
"He came and I was
on the silvery white moon"
How is it going on?
I came from Srilanka with
great interest to study in Tamil Nadu.
But, I fear I might discontinue.
If you put 2/cos?, you won't get
the answer.
That's why, I'm telling.
Come here.
Why are you talking with him?
Asked him a doubt, sir.
If you've doubt, ask the Professor.
If you befriend with Dileepan,
he'll do something.
Be careful.
Okay, sir.
Okay, go to the classroom.
-Okay, sir.
Sir, just a minute.
Tell me.
He is a dangerous guy.
Don't be friendly with him.
Mr. Azhagiya Tamil Manavalan.
How many days will you
stay away from your family?
Not even one day.
They left their native land,
separated from dear ones...
...and scattered in each
and every direction.
Don't know when
they'll see each other.
This is his primordial land.
Where will he go
if you chase him away?
We cannot even provide
medical aid to the mother.
We sent her back.
But...we can say with pride.
Go, sir.
-Sorry, sir.
Dude, the war is not only in
your place of birth but also here.
There are such men, everywhere.
You've to thump them
and move on. Understood?
Yes, sir.
Aadhi, get up.
Why didn't you come, yesterday?
You'd have told me,
if you want to take leave.
Did he tell me,
if he takes leave?
Hey, what did he say?
Nothing, sir.
Tell me.
-Nothing, sir.
Except you both, others can leave.
Thank you, sir.
Go soon.
Hey, you go out.
What did he say?
Tell me, what did he say?
Dude, why are you standing out?
Sir, he made me to stand
for past one hour.
-Tell me.
For taking leave, yesterday.
What did he say?
Tell me.
'Did he tell me,
if he takes leave'?
Did he say so?
How arrogant are you all...
Sir, just a minute.
Give him water.
Take it.
Sir, why are you punishing yourself
thinking he is being punished?
Don't need so much pressure.
Are you advising me, Mr.Dayalan?
No, sir.
Sorry, sir.
I shouldn't have said that.
I was bit upset.
That's why...
-What's that?
Why are you upset?
I was upset because of you.
Sir, just a minute.
What's the problem?
Yesterday morning, when coming
to the college...
Take it.
-Give me, dad.
-Dad! What happened?
He got paralysis attack because
of high blood pressure.
Promptly, admit him in the bed.
No need to help others
in their hardships.
But, even it's enough to heed.
That'll be comforted.
Sir, dad.
-Sir, greetings.
My sir.
No, you lay down.
Take it.
Are you two children?
My younger sister is in home, sir.
Sir, if you take proper physiotherapy
and good diet, you'll be back to normal.
Don't cry.
Recovering from pain
is not important.
The key is to win
from it's impact.
If you both recover,
you can take care of him, safely.
Take this for expenses.
It's okay, sir.
Keep it.
Won't you get
if your brother gives?
Sir, dad took care of us
by his job.
Don't know what are
we going to do?
Tell me, whatever you need.
I'm with you.
Be bold.
Come on.
We've to face everything.
Okay, sir.
Why are you here?
Just came to visit Aadhi's dad.
Okay, go.
Aadhi, take her.
-Come, mam.
What happened to these students,
asking more doubts, today?
A small doubt.
-What's the doubt?
Today, you'll ask in the corridor.
Tomorrow you might ask on the road.
And will you come home and ask?
Whatever the doubt is,
you must ask in the classroom.
Move away, first.
Don't stroke, be careful.
What happened, mam?
-I asked her a doubt.
What's the doubt?
-I know what's it.
It's an old doubt.
Sir is coming.
Greetings, sir.
Move away.
-Be seated.
Sir, it's not your session now.
Won't you give me two minutes?
Take it, generously sir.
-Be seated.
What's your doubt?
Sir, that is...
I said, anyone who has a reasonable doubt
should always ask anyone, boldly.
Ask me.
We're asking the questions.
But, the staff are ignoring.
It's okay, ask them till
you get the reply.
Okay, sir.
-Be seated.
What's the difference between
unifying in Science and unifying in Tamil?
Hey, excellent question!
I too thought of asking
this question for many days.
Not like that...
I've this question for many days.
Sit down. I'll tell you.
-Okay, sir.
What he is asking is not a
disgusting matter.
The world functions on the love
of the male and female.
The honor that comes
when saying as love...
...if sarcastic when speaking
openly about it means...
...we haven't learnt the science, properly.
Good morning, mam.
Sit down.
Good morning, mam.
-Morning, sir.
Hey, look there. Both are taking the class.
-If you want, continue the class.
No, you carry on.
Thank you.
Ask your doubt to mam. She'll clear you.
-Okay, sir.
What's your doubt?
Sir, Dayalan is going overboard.
Tell me something new.
My wife called me and
asked about her cooking?
In the class time?
-Yes, sir.
I said, it's good.
For that, he said,
'close this devil'.
Did he tell your phone
or your wife?
Sir, leave it.
Given ten questions to students
and asked to answer in a nutshell.
A goof has written that he 'knows'
and 'doesn't know' as the answers.
Enraged, I squeezed the paper
and thrown out...
He takes it and puts
in the trash bin.
He takes the trash
and puts in the trash bin?
Sir, the students keep asking
more doubts.
You may answer, if you had read.
-Yes, sir.
They ask questions before
the class begins.
Born to questions.
When I went to his class
to bring the attendance,
The students are calling him by relationship
as 'brother', 'friend' and 'dude'.
Are they building the relationship?
One more important message.
Come forward and
whisper in my ears.
More than that, a girl called him...
Who's that calling sir by name?
Sorry, sir.
Oh, it's okay.
Say what you want to.
-Dayalan, had food?
My mother will ask the same.
It's you asked, after her.
Sir, don't we need to maintain
a distance?
We've to.
They'll call us the same, tomorrow.
-Calling us?
What do you mean?
-Sir, if he does something which they deny,
How will the students respect them?
Okay, is he done with that?
-Still there?
Whatever I read, doesn't stay.
Whatever we eat also doesn't stay.
For that, will you stop eating?
Then, what?
Don't memorize the lessons.
Understand well and study.
Who do you like?
Cinema, sir.
Assign an actor's name for each
and every query.
When looking at the question
in examination, you'll remember.
-Okay, sir.
If not, give colours in your mind.
Try something new.
-Thank you, sir.
Sorry, mam.
Hello, mam.
Why are you behaving, rudely?
He is hitting me like a buffalo.
Instead of warning him,
you're staring me.
They're youths.
We've to handle them, maturely.
We've to handle them, maturely?
Want me to speak mature?
Sir, what are you talking about?
Nothing I'm talking about.
He must be of your son's age.
I'll even tolerate his hitting.
But, he said, that wastrel
is like my son.
,That's what I couldn't tolerate.
My son is only six years old, now.
How could I react for it?
Mam, do you've a son?
When I first saw her in college,
I thought she was a
first year student.
I was known later,
she was the Professor.
What's this?
-Hey, wait.
Hey, ask them to stop.
-Stop it.
Sir, not only he ruined
our students.
But, trying to get the support of
the Professors, who were obedient to you.
Especially, Pachiammal mam.
Yes, sir.
He intrudes, In her class.
If you see them both talking here
and there,
Do they look like Professors?
But as lovers.
Look here, sir.
If our college gets a bad name
in the future,
You're answerable to
the management.
Take care.
Leave the matter about Pachaiammal.
Her father belongs to our community.
We can control her
through her father.
Do one thing.
Come along to the Correspondent room.
We'll put an end to this issue.
Sir, they all forgot to tell you an issue.
Because of the Tamil department in this college...
-Good morning, sir.
As education is taught
to all the students,
What's the effect, now?
Don't talk ill about the students.
Speak with some respect.
What's that I'm speaking disrespectful?
You're a Professor of Tamil,
including ...
That's what, I'm saying.
-Yes, sir.
I taught about ...
What's wrong in it?
education is a recognised subject.
It's in our insight.
Don't think bad of it.
Then, the discipline is lost.
Which is discipline?
Insulting the student to stay away,
who came to ask for doubt.
Slapping the student,
who hit by mistake
Throwing away the exam paper in corridor,
Spitting on the way where students walk,
is this the discipline?
Do you know what he says?
Do you want the students to roam like
unleashed cows, anywhere?
I'm not saying like that.
Then, how?
-Don't collect fine for everything.
What do you mean?
-Fine for everything.
Moreover, if a student does any mistake
his parents are called
and made to wait till evening.
Saying wrong about the student to his parents making
then to lose confidence on him
And the students lose confidence
on them too.
We abetted the suicide of eight students
in 38 years.
They were dead.
Still, many students discontinued the studies
and ran away unable to bear their torture.
Henceforth, it shouldn't happen.
Why did you stop?
Sir, he provoked the students to commute
on their own instead of college bus
saying they'll be like broiler chickens.
What's the effect?
Our buses are running on loss.
Students are travelling on footboard
in public transport.
The results will also be the same.
The results aren't the life.
The life is different.
It's not only in the college, it's outside too.
What's outside?
Not everyone in the classroom is
doing the job related to his studies.
Only a few will do.
Sir, you tell me.
Are you working for your qualification?
Sir, do you understand?
Do you know what is he trying to say?
You couldn't study more than third grade.
You brother never visited the school.
On illegal money, you've constructed
this college and became Correspondent.
And wearing a mask as,
"father of education".
This is what he says.
-Sir, just a minute.
Why are you mistaking whatever I say?
What are you trying
to prove him, now?
Sir, there wasn't casteism
among students.
But, the teachers had implemented
the casteism.
It's too bad.
Education which doesn't teach
virtues is dangerous.
Here, who needs to be changed
is not the students but the teachers.
Sir, if I've done something wrong,
punish me whatever.
Sir, it's getting late for the class.
I don't want to waste
the class hours.
Sorry, sir.
Sir, he himself told to take action.
Take action, sir.
First, remove the threads in your hand.
Sir, this is our identity.
To be honest, you've to tie it.
My caste has the power to decide
who is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
I'll never give up the honour
of my caste.
If I need to remove the thread on hand,
I'll hang on and die.
I'll die.
Come on, everyone.
Sir, didn't you come?
Sir, I'm not wearing the thread.
I've twenty years of experience.
I wish to be this College Principal
when I retire.
I belong to your caste, sir.
Go...I told you to go.
Think well.
Thank you, sir.
Heed me, next class is also free.
Let's go to the movie.
-What happened?
Greetings, sir.
-Why are you standing out?
Staff didn't come.
Whose class?
Pachaiammal mam's class.
Didn't she come?
-She didn't come for past two days.
Why should you stand out,
for that?
Stay in the classroom.
-Okay, sir.
Hey, get in.
(Indistinct chatters)
Take it.
Hey Aadhi,
-Sit down.
Sit here.
Have it.
I had.
It's okay, taste it.
No, it's okay.
Have it.
Hey, look there.
Some more.
-Some more...
Hey, go and hit him.
-Hey, wait.
Why to hit him before her?
To fall in love on sympathy?
Who are you to speak
with her?
A friend.
Is the girl of our caste,
is your friend?
I know well what will you do in the
name of friendship.
Don't talk to her, anymore.
Hey, why are you staring?
Palani loves her, deeply.
If you think of interfering,
we'll slit your throat.
Come on.
Dayalan, I'm the Correspondent speaking.
Greetings, sir.
Tell me.
I wish to do the felicitation function
of Gomathinayagam, a grandeur.
Good, sir.
I'll assign the responsibility to you.
Instead of taking responsibility ourselves,
let's give to the students.
We'll get new ideas from them.
The function will have new look.
There is a meaning in what I say, sir.
Good, go ahead.
Good, I'll discuss with the students.
Sir, it's not the work of students.
Don't assign your work to us.
Okay, you don't come.
Sit down.
-Sir, I'm ready.
Sir, I'll come.
-Sir, I'm ready.
Sir, 33% is for women.
Shouldn't we participate?
It was said, 'Ask for more'.
I'll give fifty percent.
Sir, I'll join.
I too.
You and Aadhi lead the team.
They'll co-ordinate with you.
I'll support you.
-Okay, sir.
You both come along.
Others, go through the book until staff arrives.
Don't make noise.
-Thank you, sir.
This is what the story of Annamalai,
who took away with no effort.
How do you shut the door of getting
any chance to speak to her?
Why are you looking me?
Come, let's see what's happening there.
If sir goes away from midst,
your stance is worst.
Sir is leaving, he left.
He'll be in terms, if hit.
Sir, girls first.
Hey, be careful.
It's heavy.
Mam, just a minute.
Your face is looking different.
You didn't come to the college
for last four days.
Your phone was switched off.
A problem in my house.
Anyone was sick?
We both talking and
getting along, is the problem.
You're citing reason
like school children.
He talks rubbish, sir.
The Principal.
What's his problem?
He yelled at my father.
He ashamed me not only in my family
but till the end of my street.
Then, nothing...
My dad asked whether it's true?
I said, no.
Then, what?
You'd have come to the college.
What were you doing f
or four days?
I was thinking.
What's it?
I was wondering
if there was anything wrong in that.
Was there anything?
No, you were thinking
for four days, right?
Was there anything?
Nothing, right?
Go and sit there.
I thought it'll be good
if there was something.
Staffs should sit behind.
Go and sit there.
I know.
See how I switched off her.
Will never switch on, anymore.
It's switched on.
They spoke for half an hour.
You provoked them.
-Ill take away the main switch, instantly.
Sir, we shouldn't sit in front.
What will you do sitting in front?
Just disturbing.
In all the functions, staff sit in front
and making us to sit at the back
Staffs standing like bodyguards
and instructing not to do this and that.
That's why, boys behave so.
Boys are our safety.
Haven't you seen in Jallikattu protest?
In this function, the boys sit in the front
then girls and boys at the back.
Staffs can sit at the back.
This function won't happen, lethargic.
Just watch, how disciplined
it's organised.
Will it happen disciplined?
The boys will jump out
of the compound.
It's good to let open.
He has organised, right?
Let's wait and watch
till it mess up.
Totally, four seats are here.
-Okay, sir.
For the Chairman, the Correspondent,
to Gomathi nayagam.
And what about the other?
-Will it be for Dayalan?
Go down a bit.
Damn it.
Talk to me like I feel happy.
Greetings, sir!
-Greetings, sir.
How is it going on?
Now, I welcome the 'man of the show'
Dr. Gomathinayagam to the stage.
What's this, sir?
We invite our Principal to give
welcome address.
Go, sir.
Greetings to all!
In my education journey,
I've met many Professors.
But, sir is the best.
He'll issue an order
in his looks.
A command is seen in his eyes.
He is straightforward.
I fondly call him as,
'a six feet lion'.
A teacher should be strict.
Straightforward like him.
Only then, administration will be
under our control.
Both of their signals are rocking
than the function.
Else, how can we maintain
these students?
In this glorious time,
I wish to convey our Chairman
and Correspondent.
He is like me.
I'm like him.
In other words,
If I'm the elephant,
he was the 'elephant herd'.
If he is a lone tiger,
I'm streak of tigers.
If he is 'Thirukkural'
(Sacred verses),
I'm 'Valaiyapathi, Kundalakesi' in
Tamil literature.
If he is 'Shakespeare'.
I'm 'Shakesfire'
Listen him.
So, his image is going out
of this college.
But, the mirror of his image
stays here.
I wish to say the College administration
will still do better.
Thank you all.
This function is new.
Well disciplined.
Thanks to the students
who planned it.
Thank you Dayalan
for guiding.
Come and talk, Dayalan.
Go, sir.
Thank the lord!
The most resilient moment.
We both aren't much familiar
to each other.
Just we'll smile when passing on.
I understood one thing
when everyone praised him.
Very angered, behaves terror
and intimidates by his eyes.
Students are afraid of him.
I see all these as criticism on him.
Is it your family business to blame?
Sir, if you don't mistake,
shall I share a small grievance?
Yes, tell me.
Thank you.
It's not only the grievance with sir.
A small grievance with many Professors
like him.
The relationship between the students
and him was like the water on the lotus leaf.
Because, he wasn't close to the students.
Always stayed away.
He can't remember his students
face or names,
And their strengths and weaknesses.
Because, he wasn't close to them.
Brushing everything aside,
When the Professors move
close to the students
and ask about their problem,
It would've been a medication for...
...the wounds of the students
who have passed you.
Sir, who needs the lion,
tiger and bear?
Who needs?
We want teachers with humanity.
No need of a qualified teacher.
The students need a teacher
who learns everyday.
Forgive me,
if I've said anything wrong.
You speak only wrong things.
We invite Professor Gomathinayagam
to deliver the acceptance speech.
When I was new to the job,
I was enthusiastic in the classroom.
When my studies and respect
was grown
the enthusiasm disappeared
and I became rigid.
I became still rigid.
The students were afraid of me.
I was far away from the students.
In classroom, there wasn't sharing
between me and the students.
What happened?
It's late. You go.
That hand should touch you.
What Dayalan said is fact.
He spoke well.
Thank you.
Now, our Correspondent will give
the memento...
Aadhi, take this.
...and felicitate.
How was it?
It's okay.
Hey, go...
Go and hit him.
Let's see whatever happens.
Hey, come on.
It's Physics.
Didn't you get Chemistry, yet?
Why didn't you get?
-Have studied to some extent.
Hey, Why are you staring?
Why are you staring?
Listen me.
Hit him.
Hey, stop it.
What's the problem?
Stop it.
I said, stop it.
What's the problem, here?
Sir, I'm silent.
They're creating ruckus, unnecessarily.
Is everything because of you?
You'll be spared.
What will you do?
As long as my dad is
the Principal of this College,
No one can do anything for me.
Don't roam around in father's name.
Try to achieve something
on your own.
Let me try.
Are you hurt?
-No, sir.
What about you?
-No, sir.
Everyone go to the classroom.
Is there division even
at study place?
Hey, stop.
I'm watching you, you're showing off
in the retirement function.
Hey, not her even if I see you
speaking to any of our caste girls,
I'll kill you.
Get lost.
Palani doesn't like you
speaking to Aadhi.
Take it.
-Thank you, sir.
Come, let's go.
Enough, go away sir.
Tell me, sir.
To eradicate the caste feeling
among the students...'ve conducted the
felicitation function involving them.
-All your efforts are waste, sir.
They're brawling more than before.
They're asking to think us
more than before..
Let's think.
Kavin, come on.
Wait, I'll have water and come.
Still ten days, more.
Can take, leisurely.
Why are you in hurry?
Readymade attires for children is okay.
But for others, need to be stitched.
Sivasamy sir.
-He is inside.
Be careful.
-Okay, grandpa.
Why are you doing so, mom?
Leave me.
-Is it ready?
-It's over, sister.
Take it.
Sivasami sir?
-It's me.
I'm Dayalan.
I know.
-Children, go out and play.
I'm the Tamil Professor
in Appa Arts College.
I know.
People who said wrong about your daughter
would've said worst about me.
But, one this is true.
Whatever the Principal said is false.
He has outrage on me.
So, he has thrown mud on everyone
who speaks to me.
Mam is pityful.
Pachaiammal, mam.
Be seated.
On that day, when he spoke to me
about my daughter
-No, sir.
I know what he'd have said.
It seems to be a large family.
We've been in the same house
for four generations.
In the same house, 166 people.
Yet to be born two babies.
Nowadays, families exist like Islands.
Happy to see a large family like this.
How many people in your family?
I'm alone.
Might be because of that,
I yearn to be a member of a joint family.
Greetings, Sir!
-Welcome, mam.
Wonder, you're here sir!
I came to meet your father.
Is it self-explanation?
-Might be.
Greetings, sir!
-Greetings, Why are you here?
After dad was discharged from the hospital,
mam is teaching me tailoring.
If I buy a tailoring machine,
Somehow I'll manage.
This is what, 'Instead of feeding a fish,
it's good to teach how to catch it'.
Mam, my respect for you
is increasing day by day.
I'm leaving.
You came to ask something.
No, I came to convey and I did.
-Dad, I'll be back.
I yearn to be a member
of a joint family like this.
Dude, just a minute.
Dude, I understood what
you've conveyed.
But, I can't take
any decision, solely.
I can decide after consulting all.
After deciding,
I'll convey through her.
Don't think, everyone is
just going around.
They're heeding every
word of your's.
Uncle, did you heed?
-Yes, well.
I too heard.
Heard this far?
Your name was spoilt
because of me.
I'm trying to rectify it.
So, there is something
in which I said as nothing.
The gossips has brought us here.
If we get acceptance,
that's the next level of our friendship.
What happened?
They're chasing me,
save me.
Okay, go inside and hide.
Hey, who are you?
If I doesn't get her,
I'll kill you.
Look there.
Look well.
She isn't here.
Hello, Police station?
I'm speaking from Netaji Nagar.
He is calling the police.
Come on.
Hit him.
Are you calling the police?
I'll kill you.
Come on.
Don't be afraid.
Be silent.
They've gone.
Okay,who are they?
My brother's friends.
Your brother's friends?
My cousin.
I considered him as a brother.
But, he didn't consider me
as his sister.
He took videos of me when bathing
and dressing up and sent to his friends.
Now, they threaten to upload
in social media.
Don't cry.
Dayalan, sir.
What's your father?
He is the Professor in the college.
His name?
Azhagiya Tamil Manalan.
I've mistaken you, Dileepan.
Forgive me.
I apologize, falling on your foot.
Sir, don't cry.
You've saved my honour.
Sir, she is my sister.
Why are you weeping?
Stop it, first.
Mom is saying, isn't it?
Get fresh up.
Sir, because of crying like this,
they're bravely doing faults.
Sir, take your daughter to the
police station and file a complaint.
Sir, by giving complaint,
you want to be humiliated?
Sir, all the officers won't be the same.
There are honest officers too.
If we take action now,
it'll be a protection to other girls like her.
You gotta be brave.
I'll bring the lawyer.
Okay, sir.
They rape a three year old girl.
A ten years old girl is gang raped and killed.
The girl who trusts a guy as a friend...
...and goes along was beaten,
tortured, made naked
and takes video of her
and spreads across the country.
What's happening in this country?
Can't we stop all this?
- Why not?
As the offender easily escapes,
Crimes are on the rise.
They must have fear.
They must have fear of dying.
Penalties should be tougher.
That should be executed, immediately.
People who commit mistake must brought
before the public and his head...
Then, who will commit mistake?
No one will do.
In our country,
people are punished only for crimes.
Punishment is not given
for chastisement.
The one who was imprisoned
for petty theft, comes back as....
It's all a curse for us.
Damn it!
Hey, see whether she looks
at me?
Good morning, sir.
Greetings, sir.
What happened?
Why today's greeting
is dragging?
Last day of the week
and it's last hour class.
That's why...
That's why, dragging.
Sit down.
Sir, it'll be good if we've college
on alternate days.
Yes, it'll be good.
Yes, sir.
Sir, we had physical training class
in the school.
There is no such thing here.
Sit down.
Okay, do one thing.
Take this session as
physical training hour.
- Okay sir.
Hey, what happened?
He has filled my scholarship form, wrongly.
Why did you give him?
Sit down.
Not for you, many students
have this problem.
Doesn't know how to fill the
scholarship form, voter ID, ration card,
aadhar card and even
the bank challan.
What to do?
Our education system is
for the teachers.
The day when it changes for the students,
everything will be right.
It's your weekend holidays, right?
Yes, sir.
Throw away all your books
and come.
Let's meet somewhere, outside.
Let's learn what is needed
for the life.
A classroom without walls, okay?
"The dense black forest
is a knowledge"
"The depth of the sea
is the root of an eye"
"Like the knowledge of the sheep"
"Prevails our educational system"
"On the platform..."
"In the midst of the street"
"We can learn good lessons"
"A little bit of search..."
"A little bit of thirst..."
"Is enough to gain the knowledge"
"The dense black forest
is a knowledge"
"The depth of the sea
is root of the eye"
"Like the knowledge of the sheep"
"Prevails our educational system"
"There is science in the dome
of the temple"
"It's not illusion,
our forefathers brain is a treasure"
"The bare part in the earthen pot,
makes the water cool"
"The emptiness is good"
"Be an empty vessel"
"The land, water, air and fields
conveys hundreds of messages, everyday"
"Let's travel to the forest
where there is no school"
"There will be lessons on the paths,
let's learn it"
"The earth rotates without halting"
"The nature is the judge
of justice on love"
"The dense black forest
is a knowledge"
"The depth of the sea
is root of the eye"
"Like the knowledge of the sheep"
"Prevails our educational system"
"There is love in the song
singing in the fields"
"There is a lesson..."
"There is a culture..."
"The politics lies in the
hands of the last citizen too"
"There is concern..."
"The earth is the eternal god"
"Begins in the air
and ends in the air"
"Life is a lesson learnt from air"
"A student is the backbone
of the nation"
"A friend is the blood
for the struggling life"
"The time goes on
without our acceptance"
"Understand that and live your life"
"The dense black forest..."
"The depth of the sea..."
"Like the knowledge of the sheep"
"Prevails our educational system"
Hey, go.
Why are you dragging?
Hit him.
What are you doing?
Hit him.
Catch him.
Leave him.
Why are you brawling?
Don't brawl.
Don't brawl.
The students are divided into two groups
and indulged in clash.
Shoot everything in your cellphone.
- Okay.
He is holding me.
Hit him.
Hit him.
Hit him.
-Leave me.
Hit him.
I'll kill you.
Dare to touch.
You're done.
You're dead.
Catch him.
Thump him.
-Why are you hiting too?
Why are you hitting him?
Leave him.
Don't hit.
This area looks to be nice, isn't it?
- Yes, mam.
Sir, they're hitting each other.
Hey, don't hit.
Hey, don't hit.
Stop it.
Dayalan sir!
The students are indulged
in brawl.
(Indistinct voices)
Don't fight.
Hit him.
Please, heed me.
Leave him.
Don't fight.
Please, heed me.
Hey, don't hit.
This is why, I said not to
bring them out.
See, what happened?
Stop it.
Sir, he is the reason for all this.
Hey, ask him to leave me.
Hey, stop it.
Heed me.
Stop it.
Will anyone heed me?
Stop it.
Come here.
Stop it.
I'm telling you.
Did I teach this?
Is this why I brought you out?
You're students.
I want you all to be unified
beyond the caste.
Is this wrong?
It's wrong.
I did a mistake.
I've lost to you all.
Hey, I don't like to see you all.
Go away.
Just a minute, sir.
All these problems is
because of me.
I want to speak to all.
Palani, you don't like me speaking
ith Aadhi, from the beginning.
So, you brought the caste
along with it, isn't it?
Do you know how he struggles
to attend the college?
Only today, I see him laughing, happily.
You don't like it, right?
A true friend is the one who understands
the difficulty of a classmate.
I see Aadhi as my friend..
I think of him as my sibling.
It's you misunderstood us.
For a middle class girl like me... you know how difficult
it is to come up to college?
Do you know how many people we cross,
who blabber as love?
Do you know
how many people have missed...
...their lives citing the earlier reasons?
I thought nothing like that should happen.
Is it wrong to think I should be a role model
for those who comes next to me?
What's the hell is the caste?
Did you wish to be born in this caste or did he?
It happens on it's own.
And we're within that.
The man who lends his hand in a predicament
would be an unknown person.
Your community people won't come.
Do you know what will he do?
He'll think, you've to keep struggling
and you need to be advised.
Adding the caste name
or retaining the caste as name...
Is all these a pride?
Shame on you.
Palani, I too like you.
First, let's study.
Come up well in life.
Why to hurry?
You won't change.
Dont change.
If I come to college, you keep
fighting citing me as a reason.
I'm leaving.
You tie this caste thread
not only in hand...
But also to neck
and hang yourself.
Sorry, sir.
I'm the reason for all the issues.
I feel happy, now.
Sir, full evidence is here.
Watch this.
Who did you ask to take the students out?
Sir, it's a holiday.
Holiday means?
What if anything happened to the students?
People would've spoke ill about our college.
Nothing has happened, right?
Sir,"Educate, agitate and organise"
was quoted by Ambedkar.
Because I took the students out,
Though there are tweeny fights, they've buried
the dirt of caste and are humans.
Good! It's good.
So, you'll create arson,
if something good must happen.
Good, there were no casualties.
He is arrogantly speaking
as he escaped luckily.
He has shown his outrage
on sir to his son.
If the Principal stays silent
despite all this
it's his generosity not to yield
a bad name to our college.
If anyone else,
sure would've created caste riots.
Sir, take some action.
Not some action?
'Dismiss' is enough.
Yes, sir.
Dismiss him.
Stop it.
Dayalan, I'm suspending you for six months.
I expected you'll say
a word, 'dismiss' and expel him.
But, you're favouring him.
Enough, stop it.
Thank you.
Sir, this group supports him.
Suspend them all.
Do it, let me see.
You can leave.
Though the judgement
is a mess up, it's better.
He isn't dismissing.
To be honest,
you must've been appreciated
But, they've suspended you.
It's okay, leave it mam.
Sir, we must do something.
Sir, we've achieved
what we thought.
The students are united.
We can take them
easily to the next level.
For this, not a semester...
...I'll be in suspension even
for a year, happily.
But one thing sir,
They might tie the thread again
and confuse the students.
Be careful.
Sir, no one is in the classrooms.
I'll take care, go.
Okay, sir.
Such an incident never happened
in the history of our college.
Would I let it happen,
if I were the Principal?
I can hear you.
VP means Wastrel.
You'll only be VP, until I retire.
Let's see.
Go and call.
He has gone to make a call.
Given the signal, it seems?
Don't I know what will you
do behind?
Good morning, sir.
Are students creating ruckus?
No, sir.
The college is compact.
Be careful, the issue might
go to the media.
The whole college is in silence.
He is showing off as if
he is the reason for the silence.
Isn't it?
Each and everything is
under my control, sir.
I'm coming there.
Hang up the call.
He has informed the Chairman.
He is frowning.
What to do?
Just wait.
Let's give a last try, sir.
Do it immediately.
Okay, sir.
Don't take a week time.
Dude, come here.
Ask him.
What's your problem?
What's the reason to
suspend Dayalan sir?
It's for your goodness.
The reason...
Everyone has written the same.
It won't be right, come on.
We didn't expect students
will go to this end.
Yes, sir.
Somehow, manage.
Come, let's manage.
What happened?
It's not going to be right.
Is this a reply?
We must do something
before the Chairman arrives.
Squeeze your brain for an idea.
It has to be there to squeeze, right?
The world knows you don't have.
Sir, shall we lift four students
and brainwash them?
I thought you're standing
just but you're brainy.
Come down.
Go ahead, immediately.
Go at the back gate
of the college.
Dude, call Dayalan and tell him to come.
- Okay, brother.
Look here, you must say the
same to the Correspondent.
If you change anything,
the Principal will issue the TC.
Okay, sir.
We'll do as you said.
They'll do, perfectly.
You both are my reflections.
Sir, the Correspondent came.
Lets go, sir.
Don't go anywhere, until we come.
Stay here.
He has come.
We'll get a solution.
Greetings, sir.
What's happening there?
It's the task of Dayalan.
Come and see.
Come fast.
Look sir, look at his atrocities.
Why are you sitting out instead
of going to the classroom?
What's that, everybody is
showing their hands as 'reason'?
He is the only reason for all these.
Listen, put your hands down.
Put down.
He is coming.
He has come.
He is nearing.
As usual, he'll exaggerate the Shakespeare's
drama above than his height.
Expel him from the college
by evening.
You won't leave, right?
Where is he?
Don't let him, please.
Though you leave, I won't.
Greetings, sir.
Is this your task?
Sir, I didn't do anything?
The students are doing
something in affection on me.
Just a minute,
I'll speak to them.
What are you going to speak?
You've created clans by speaking.
What else to speak?
Sir, we've the evidence for
he is the reason for everything.
Go and bring the boys.
Okay, sir.
Hurry up.
What these four guys says is the fact.
(Indistinct voices)
Sir, I had hold with compact
and discipline without any complaints.
He has ruined everything.
Why are you looking at me?
Tell the Chairman, what has happened.
Sir, Dayalan sir told us...
he was suspended for six months
and asked us to protest
not attending the classes
till his suspension gets cancelled.
Heed him, sir?
Hey, stop it.
You were sitting here, isn't it?
Sir, I'm the reason for the problem,
on that day.
You'd have asked us before
suspending Dayalan sir.
Because of him, we're united
throwing away our casteism.
Got it, sir?
He has sharpened my son
against me.
Nothing like that, sir.
We want Dayalan sir.
If not, our protest will continue.
She isn't saying it.
He has rented his mouth to them.
Sir, say the balance too.
Sir, what you taught me was over.
Sir asked me to say like this
about Dayalan sir.
No, sir.
In a small gap,
...he had erased our evidence.
Hey, stop it.
We want Dayalan sir.
I've entrusted you
and handed over the college.
What are you doing?
We want Dayalan sir.
I blindly believed you.
Don't stand before me.
Sir, heed me.
Sir, don't take any decision in hurry.
We want Dayalan sir.
-Stop it.
Who has pelted the stone?
Stop it.
Who has pelted the stone
on the glass?
I know, our students won't do it.
This too is a failure.
Really, if you've affection on me, must be in the classroom
in ten seconds.
-Come on.
Heed the Principal.
Don't go.
Heed the Principal.
Don't go.
Heed the Principal.
Dayalan, those who are afraid
of you went inside.
Those who are true, stayed back.
What are you going to say them?
Tell me.
Who are you?
No ID too?
Who allowed you, inside?
Sir, you told us to come.
Is it getting confirmed, sir?
He brought the culture of biryani
and booze in this compound too.
My heart beat stops
when thinking of him.
When did I said to come?
You called us, now.
Tell my phone number.
He'll tell, now.
Tell my phone number.
Hell tell now.
Sir, be quiet.
Tell me.
Tell my phone number.
Who told you to come in?
Correspondent sir!
Why is the Tamil Professor
banging the wall?
Do you think the Tamil Professor will sport a
traditional look and be afraid if you stare?
I know to read 'Kamba Ramayanam'
and also to hit furiously.
He is fuming.
Who are they?
Ask them.
Save me from him.
Behind you.
Who told you to come?
Who told you to come?
I'll tell, sir.
-Who told you to come?
Tell me.
Who told you to come?
I'll tell, sir.
-Tell me.
Ask them, sir.
Hit him, sir.
Hey, thugs.
Don't know to hit and to escape.
What the thugs you're!
Hit him.
Senseless guys.
Don't know how they came in
and who is the reason.
Is it you?
It's right to hit the wastrels
with the blocks.
Isn't it, sir?
I know, the students
didn't protest on my provoking.
Like wise, you know who is the reason
who made the thugs intrude...
...among the students,
pelted the stones and created ruckus.
But, you won't take any action.
And you can't.
Because, few letters will inhibit you.
The caste.
I would've got permission from you
and took the students out.
What I did is a mistake.
But, students say they felt good.
That's their generosity.
I'm cancelling your suspension.
Go to the class.
Thank you, sir.
We can't leave it so.
Then, the staff members can create issues.
Why should we get into new perplexes?
Why to create a new habit?
So, we'll give a minimum suspension.
Is 15 days okay?
I can understand your stance.
It's okay, sir.
I'm leaving.
Then, students?
I'll speak to the students.
They'll obey me.
Bye, sir.
You might've done. I know.
Don't I know about you?
Go carefully.
Let's see, tomorrow.
He shouldn't come to our house,
next time.
-What's his caste and our caste?
Dare to speak against me.
I feel ashame of saying you as my father.
-What did you say?
Palani, don't speak against father.
Is he telling you to spoilt you?
-I don't know all those.
I'll stand by whoever does good.
-Is what we do is bad?
My mother came running
and said about your birth.
I came to the hospital ward.
You were looking at me, sharply.
If I'd have killed you, then...
That's bad.
But, I've brought you up.
This is good.
Will you lend your hand
to the guest, ditching me?
The dog which I fed with the biscuit
should move around me.
The horse which I fed with horsegram
should take me to ride.
Hey, how is that you get ready to give
your life for the leader?
If you give your life to the leader,
what will you give to the parents?
Look here...
Heed me, well.
From this moment, I'm the leader
and the father for your son.
Where has he left?
We must distinct clearly between the
milestones and activities.
Can you understand?
An activity is a part of the project.
That takes place over the period
of the time.
Can you understand anything?
Nothing is understood, sir.
What didn't you understand?
If you read the same from the book,
how can we understand?
Please, explain us.
This is clearly explained.
If you can't understand this,
what else will you understand?
Sit down.
Sir, we can't understand
Chakrapani sir's method of teaching.
Just he reads from the book.
How many Professors
are there for you?
Seven Professors.
Except Chakrapani, can you
understand the teachings of other's?
They're better than him.
I'm one among those six.
Why have you become silent?
Sir, it'll be good if we get
another Professor.
Sir, we don't want
a qualified teacher.
We need a teacher
who learns, everyday..
I heard this somewhere!
Sir, it was said by Dayalan in
Gomathi nayagam's function.
How did you study all these days?
By memorizing, right?
Carry on the same.
Okay, sir.
-Send them.
-Come, let's do the same.
Earlier, students will ask only doubts.
Now, they ask to change
the Professor.
Not only that, they say
he administration is not good.
What will you do from this moment...
-Tell us, sir.
You'll be memorising the contents
of the syllabus, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
-Stop it.
Okay, sir.
Instead, notice the students
who speaks in favour of Dayalan.
Okay, sir.
Target them.
-Okay, sir.
Because of your torture,
They must become insane.
Will you do?
-We'll do, sir.
Hey, look there.
Sir, my father asked you
to come, immediately.
Okay, coming.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
You've come soon.
Be seated.
Sister, it's getting late.
I'm leaving.
A happy message.
-Tell me.
Everyone in home agreed
for the marriage.
That means, aren't you accepting?
If everyone accepts,
then myself too.
Great pleasure!
We'll fix the marriage,
Tell us, where to conduct
the marriage?
Brother, Greetings!
Generations together you live
in this house.
It's a temple to me!
If you all bless us,
we'll lead a happy life.
Glad, we'll conduct
the marriage here.
Hey, stand up.
Why are you hissing like a snake?
Only two fans in this classroom.
No air.
It's sultry.
Yes, only two lights also.
Oh, will you excel in studies
if you've fan and light?
When you concentrate on the lesson,
How will you think of these?
Sit down.
Why are you late?
I fell in the pit at the college entrance... went home to change the attire.
That's why, I'm late.
Just roaming somewhere
and saying telling tales.
Leave from here.
What's this?
A diagram, sir.
It's like a vomitted sample.
Is this a diagram?
You know to complaint the tank is not clean,
the drinking water is not good
and dengue spreads because
of mosquitoes.
But, don't know to do
the record, properly.
It's exact, isn't it sir?
Am I finding fault?
If you create any issues,
I'll dump you in the
practical examinations. Go.
Sir, earlier they avoided us
without clearing the doubts when asked.
But, now they're torturing, indirectly.
-Yes, sir.
After the strike,
Instead of solving the problems,
They're trying to shut
our mouths.
It means, they're afraid of you.
You'll get response from them.
But, it'll take time.
You've to wait till then.
But, don't stop questioning them, okay?
-Okay, sir.
Student power is the
greatest power in the world.
You'd have heard the speech of the
political leaders like...
the pillars of the nation,
future of Indian nation etc.
Yes, sir.
That's true!
As you all are lineant,
they cheat you and enjoy.
You must wake up.
Get ready.
You must be bold enough
to face your problems.
Sir, they're threatening us
when questioned.
Yes, they'll do so.
The 'power' threatens.
It'll intimidate you even among many.
Will panic, grab and mislay.
You must ask your needs
as an organisation.
That means, 'Students council'?
Yes, still better.
-Students charitable board'.
-Revolutionary students society'
Still....that is you shouldn't plead
for your needs
but ask with authority.
It must be like that.
'Students Parliament'.
Very good.
'Students Parliament'
It'll develop your personality skills
along with your needs.
Super sir.
Shall we start?
-Yes, sir.
Who is the Prime Minister?
Who is against Palani
to be prime Minister?
Sir, Aadhi is the Prime Minister.
Just wait.
Don't start the fuss as clans.
Wait, shall we decide by voting?
-Okay, sir.
Now, raise your hands
those who want Palani?
So, Palani is the 'Prime Minister'.
Congrats! Prime Minister sir!
-Thank you, sir.
Next is the 'Deputy Prime Minister'.
Sir, no need of voting.
Better, you select.
Yes, sir.
-You select.
No, it's against the democracy.
Okay, I'll tell you the names.
Accept those who you like.
If not, revert it.
-Yes, sir.
Aadhi, the 'Deputy Prime Ministe'.
-Thank you, sir.
The President, Muthu Prabhakar.
You're the speaker.
Transport department.
Alcohol abuse department.
Public works department.
Department of Law.
Department of Agriculture.
Department of Sports.
Department of Food.
Department of Arts.
Department of Electricity.
Department of Health.
-Shall we begin the Oath taking ceremony?
I, C.Palanimuthu...
"Welcome to the No mafia zone"
"Give the nation to us,
We'll change everything"
"Without cheating you for votes,
We'll raise your life
I'm not prepared to answer you.
You're Also Indian.
"Give the nation to us,
We'll change everything"
"Without cheating you for votes,
We'll raise your life"
"It's's horrible...
The stance of this nation"
"Poverty here...poverty everywhere
Will there be a revolt?"
"Look at the stance of
the Tamilian spread worldwide"
"Who are the wolves
scraped our wealth?"
"We don't want money for votes"
"We don't want any freebies"
"The younger generation
doesn't want your old tales"
"You said many things to believe
"It's known, revealed,
cleared and cut off"
"Let's collect the rain that falls
on the house and make as a pool"
"Let's make the river and pond
beautiful by dredging"
" "
"Let's help the children to study
by our small savings"
"Let's hail our national flag
flying from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari"
"Let's clean the trash in
the streets and beautify it"
"Let's lead the 'Green Revolution'
to rejoice our mother of nature"
"Let's begin to rule the world
with all that we've as high"
"Let's have a relationship with everyone
and adore friendship, everyday"
"Give the nation to us,
We'll change everything"
"Without cheating you for votes,
We'll raise your life"
They've cleaned well.
Our college restrooms
are fragrant, today.
Wait. Let's go step by step.
Stop it.
What are you doing here?
Cleaning the toilets, sir.
The administration will
look after it, if said.
But the administration
didn't heed even after telling.
Look here, those who question
has one thought.
Those who heed has thousands
of thoughts.
The mind would've been clumsy.
You must ask still it listens.
We've asked many times
but didn't get response.
Still you'd have asked, right?
Would've asked thousand times.
Don't speak against me.
Sir, unable to bear the stenchy smell,
not using the washroom
a girl is affected by urinary tract infection
and got admitted in the hospital.
Doctor cited this as the reason.
How can we be idle still?
Come on.
Is it?
You've cleaned up
the stenchy smell.
But, who will clear your arrears?
Give it.
Give me.
It's our washroom.
We've to keep it clean.
Department of Sanitation.
Who is this?
-It's me, sir.
Peoples spend crores to get the seat,
And spends thousands to get the votes.
And becomes a MLA and also as Minister,
but can't do anything.
Will you become a Minister,
by flushing the toilet.
Be the college Principal for just one day.
Then, you'll know what administration is.
What's that administration?
Not only the college,
we're able to rule the nation too.
First, clear out the arrears,
and save your parents money.
Then, save your nation .
Come, let's go.
Immature students.
Sir, instead of studying, the students are
administrating the college.
Doing administration?
Yes, sir.
It won't be effective if said to elder brother.
That's why, I'm saying you.
Come in person and see.
Okay, hang up the call.
I'll come.
Greetings, sir!
Look there.
They've done like proving the students
administration is better than the Principal's.
I told you earlier.
You didn't bother.
But, if I were the Principal,
I would've done a better job than this.
Call them.
They're coming.
Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir.
Why are you coming to the college?
To study.
But, you're doing everything
other than that.
If anything is not proper,
you've to inform the Principal.
Instead, you're doing everything.
Sir, we've informed the Principal
several times.
Instead of solving the problems...
...he started to take revenge on
the students who complain on problems.
As no other go, we've started
to rectify our issues by ourselves.
You'd have approached me,
if not him?
I thought everything is
going on well.
Henceforth, inform me
your problems, directly.
I'll solve it, immediately.
First, disperse the "Students Parliament"
and concentrate on your studies.
Sorry, sir.
We didn't start it just to solve
the issues in the college campus.
Even to solve our issues outside,
To improve our personality skills
and to protect our fundamental rights.
Our studies will not be affected
because of this.
We're learning more.
We'll take care of not spoiling
the name of our college management.
Tell us, if anything goes wrong,
we'll think of dissolving the Parliament.
But can't do now.
Are you the Prime Minister,
talking so much?
No, sir.
He didn't come.
Okay, go.
Thank you sir.
-Thank you sir.
Tell the Principal to come.
-Yes, sir.
Why are they standing here?
To grab your post.
Good afternoon, sir.
May I know the reason
for calling me?
Don't you notice at the outset
if the students complaint?
Just a second, sir.
VP, go out.
Going to get scoldings
but need dignity.
Go away.
Sir, if I wish to fulfill the desires
of the students,.
You need to go to
the bank, often.
To get the loan.
Sir, isn't two lights and two fans enough
for each classroom?
They want all that
to be switched on.
Is it an educational centre or
an entertainment park?
Sir, they wish right from drinking water
to restroom water
everything must be purified.
Is it possible?
Our students will get money from their dad,
pay the college fee
will steal the small savings of their mother,
watch movie, sleep and stays quiet.
Though have arrears,
they don't bother and stay happy.
They were provoked,
And someone is walking high.
Who is the reason for all these?
Dayalan, who thinks himself
as holding the legacy of Tamil.
He is misusing the students
behind the screen.
He is the bad operator for this college.
-Stop it, sir.
If you'd have solved the problems
at outset, why it's coming so far?
When asked the students
to dissolve the parliament
they're asking me,
what's your problem because of that?
Didn't they heed you?
Asked you, what's your problem?
Let's do one thing, sir.
Shall we create a problem among them
and keep them occupied of that problem?
Why, sir?
Will you think controversially
for everything?
Henceforth, make sure
no problem emerges.
Go, sir.
I'll take care
without any problem, sir.
Sorry, sir.
(Indistinct voices)
Why have all the parents come?
Hey wastrel, can't you understand?
Explain him.
I'll tell him, sir.
If any problem arises because
of the "Students Parliament",
They all said to Correspondent,
they would dissolve it, immediately.
These people are the slaves
organised by sir.
This is a trap.
The set dosa is coming.
One of them is just getting down.
Where's another one?
Greetings, sir!
- Greetings.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
Is it going on still, calling the parents to meet
and making them to stand all day?
They're asking, "will you take the College fees
and let our children to clean the toilet?"...
...and yelling me for past one hour.
-Tell me.
I'm from 'NAM TV'
Have to meet the Correspondent.
He didn't come, today.
The Chairman has come.
Come on.
Sir, they've come to meet you.
Greetings, sir.
Through "Students Parliament" you've given them a
good chance to rectify the problems by themselves.
So, we've selected your College as an
exemplary College in Tamil Nadu.
We've come to take a special interview, sir.
You're welcome.
Mount the camera on stand.
Keep it, here.
Sir, we want to interview Dayalan sir too.
Call Dayalan.
-I'll call, sir.
Sir, call the important members of the
Parliament also for interview.
-Ill bring them also, sir.
What's going on here?
Prem, ready?
Just a second, sir.
I'm calling you.
I'm calling you.
It's bit disturbing.
Go out.
Come left.
That's it.
-Are they teasing me?
Speak now, sir.
Initially, I too thought whether
the students need this Parliament?
After noticing their activities,
I realized they need it.
Students are like match sticks.
If we be a little spark,
They shall shine forth.
I was afraid to go to
the nearby grocery store,
Now I'm ready to face the society...
with courage and personality.
That's because of Dayalan sir
and our "Students Parliament".
My daughter!
Not ashamed to say,
I don't know to fill a scholarship form.
Now, I can help anyone
to fill all types of forms.
That's because of the life skills
taught by Dayalan sir.
Forgive us, sir.
How do we as parents know,
what's happening in the College?
This Principal called on phone.
He said the students are roaming
in the name of "Students Parliament",
and asked us to ask it in the management.
That's why, we came.
Our children are going
in the right path.
We're happy to meet you.
We're leaving, sir.
Hey, Principal!
Stay good.
Good, sir was there.
If you do like this,
I'll expel you from the post.
Be cautious.
Sir, like Dayalan sir was suspended
for 15 days
let him be suspended for a week.
No... just suspend him for one day
assign me as the Principal
and see my management.
You'll understand, then.
Hey, don't irritate.
Get lost.
As usual, it's also 'no ball'.
Hey, come.
Greetings, sir!
-Come on.
Greetings, sir.
-Be seated.
Why is the session here, today?
Problem in the education department, sir.
What's it?
These both guys discontinuing the studies
and going to Chennai for job.
Father's health is getting worse.
My sister's earnings is not sufficient.
My educational expenses
along with my sisters
and father's medical expenses,
all these are tough to manage.
My friend works in Koyambedu market,
thinking of joining him.
I'm also going, sir.
Where are you going?
Both of my brothers didn't even complete
the schooling.
I managed to enter the college.
We've pledged our land
for studies.
My sister-in-law is torturing of
losing the land.
Yeah, you had appeared for
TNPSC exams, isn't it?
Yet to get the results, sir.
Just wait.
Have you studied 18 years,
to work in the marketplace?
Complete your degree
in four months, okay?
Until then, if you need any support,
I'll do.
Will this degree get us
a job, immediately?
Don't say like that.
-What's wrong in it, sir?
Do the people here are studying
with interest?
Take me, I must've studied MBBS.
They conducted an entrance exam,
Asked wrong questions in it and degraded
many talented students like me.
Yes, sir.
Cheetah runs at the speed of 70 km/ hour,
is it right or wrong? is the question.
What's the meaning of it, in Tamil?
The 'Cheetah' runs at the speed of 70 km/hr.
Is it right or wrong?
It's the meaning, isn't it?
But, do you know what did they ask?
'Seetha' runs at the speed of 70km/hr,
is it right or wrong?
Which 'Seetha' do I think of?
I marked it as wrong.
They made me failed.
So many wrong questions like this.
They said marks will be given
to all such questions.
But, didn't give till the last.
Somehow, I must settle down in life.
What's that meant as 'settle'?
Tell me.
Earning crores of rupees
and wandering without peace, is that?
We must earn to fulfill our needs
and live happily.
Whatever we study, we've a job.
It means we didn't knock
the right door.
You say the degree is useless.
You've a job for this degree.
If you knock the right door,
you'll get it.
Call Palani Muthu.
Okay, brother.
Hello, tell me.
-Hi, Palani,
Greetings, sir.
Tell me, sir.
Okay, sir.
I'm planning to complete B.Sc.,
and do IAS.
Best wishes.
-Thank you, sir.
We'll send a circular to all through
the Correspondent to discuss what you said.
Circular, sir.
I'll send circular to others.
But, you got a circular now.
The Correspondent has sent it
on behalf of "Students Parliament".
Read it.
Is your granny frying the fryums?
You read it.
-Yes, sir.
What happened?
Vision problem, sir.
Ever you must've the spectacles
in your pocket.
If you skid in the drainage,
who'll respond to your wife?
In order to discuss about the
future of the students,
You're asked to participate, definitely.
-Through the Correspondent.
Who calls and who goes?
Send it to him.
Sir, if you don't come now,
VP will occupy the seat.
If I don't come?
Have you signed, already?
Take it.
Greetings, sir!
-Greetings, sir!
Be seated.
Tell me.
Sir, we can't be sure whether students
who finish their degree here can do further studies.
So, you want us to give job
in this college, my son?
No, sir.
Like the placements done by
campus interviews in the Engineering colleges,
We can do in our campus too.
Is this campus IIT Engineering college?
To fetch you all for leading companies?
Just wait, sir.
Why are you hindering at the outset?
It's an arts and science college.
Rude students.
How is it possible?
We must talk, sir.
Let's discuss.
Oh, it's the revolution of ten fingers!
How it is possible?
Why it's not possible?
Those who've studied Tamil has jobs
in Malaysia, Singapore and Mauritius.
Those who work in the call centres are
B.A., English gradutes.
Chemistry graduates have more jobs.
As sir said, only WIPRO and TCS aren't there.
Many small companies exist in the city.
We can try there.
The effort is the first success.
By talking with quotes,
you made everyone to sit equally.
Today, they're sitting equally,
Next might sit on my lap
and later might play with the Correspondent.
Sir, what's your problem?
You're the problem.
-What did I do?
What didn't you do?
You made the Principal to sit
like a beggar.
My self dignity is hurting.
Be quiet, sir.
-Turn back.
Sorry sir.
Dayalan, will the companies consider
our college students for the placements?
Definitely, they'll support.
Sir, the successful people look for goals.
The defeaters only look at the hindrances.
We'll take effort, sir.
Okay, go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
"In the hot sun"
"In the torrid land"
"In the hot sun"
"In the torrid land"
"This education is the hardwork
of my parents"
"This respect has come
from it"
"Given birth with love"
"Worked hard everyday
to send me to college"
"The money is not big
Their dreams are big"
Suicide is not a solution for any problem.
It's an unregretful pain
for our dear ones.
We must live .
Live to the extent the enemy feels shy.
This society will pelt stones on you,
We should fly high,
not hit by the stones.
Those who pelt the stones
should get pain.
Only then, you will get applause.
"When the child recites
some lessons"
"The family will delight,
kissing on forehead"
"Where will that memories stay?"
"My child speaks English,
a foreign language"
"Will convey everyone
and feel proud"
"Will forget the worries
in that words"
"In the hot sun"
"In the torrid land"
"In the hot sun"
"Gleeful to go around
in new attires"
"Will pay a monthly chit
and buys new attires"
"The smell of poverty strikes,
in that too..."
"Praying the family deity
to tonsure the head"
"And sent me to exam,
Got this marks on love"
"How many people travel
in this kind of life?"
"If I get a job,
all the farming lands..."
"Can be redeemed,
anticipates the relationship"
"We need your kindness"
"In the hot sun"
"In the torrid land"
"In the hot sun"
"In the torrid land"
"This education is the hardwork
of my parents"
"This respect has come
from it"
Dad, I got a job.
Just three months.
The starting salary is 28K.
Super brother!
Dayalan sir is the reason for all these.
I'll take you to a speciality hospital
and cure it.
I'll arrange my sister's marriage, grandeur.
I'll educate my sister better than me.
What are you saying?
Yes sister, when I get a job,
anyone can lend a loan.
Greetings, sir!
-Greetings, sir!
The professors of Appa arts college is
role model for other colleges.
What are you saying?
Yes, sir.
Being an arts and science college,
you've sent many students to placements.
Really great, sir!
Thank you, sir.
The phone is ringing.
-Greetings, sir!
I'm MA Univesity Chairman, speaking.
Tell me, Sir.
We're running the university so many years...
...and have many colleges.
It's tough for our students to get
selected in the campus interviews.
How does your students
got selected, easily?
it's dedication and organisation.
Is it, sir?
In Tamil department of your college
is there Dayalan, a professor?
There is talks that
he is the reason for this.
Can I have his number?
Is this okay?
Sign here.
Where is the aide?
Who is that sir?
Where is "lift up and rise up"?
Instead to tell,
better come and see.
Go away.
Good morning to all.
Students, you can be friendly with me.
Feel free to ask anything.
Come on.
-What is this?
Why are you getting tensed, Perumal?
Still, you've more to watch.
My dear students, you can tell me
what you like and don't like about me.
Anybody, you?
If you hesitate to tell in person...
Still more to watch, Come on.
...You can either message
or call me at any time.
Dear students, there is no chance of
anything you like about me.
If known...
what you don't like...
Still more to watch, Come on.
That'll be better to change myself.
Tell me.
Tell me without hesitation.
Look there.
.What's there in posting?
Job satisfacation is important.
I don't have that desire.
I must do something good
before retirement. That's enough.
I don't have any other wishes.
Not only them, the entire college
is against you.
Anyone could change,
But you're with me.
That's enough.
Apologize me, Perumal.
You got me a job
because I'm your school mate.
For that sake,
I'll not nod my head for you.
Everyday, you took money for
fake over time.
Henceforth, I won't give you.
Is it okay?
It's okay.
My salary is enough.
You've shown your attitude.
Get lost, traitor.
Are you threatening me,
"Where you live abide with it, else die".
Singaperumal is always a solo king.
Control your anger.
I'm asking you as a friend.
What didn't you have?
You've all necessary luxuries.
And a son to carry your legacy...
Still, why are you wandering?
I can understand.
If the elephant lays down,
an ant will ride a 8 figure.
Are you advising me?
My old chapter.
Get lost.
(Indistinct chatters)
Hey, be careful.
(Indistinct chatters)
Sir, we both have been selected
in the TNPSC group examination.
Is it?
-Thank you, sir.
Where is the posting?
-Near Kallakurichi.
For you?
-Hosur, sir.
When one door closes,
another door opens.
We've to wait till, then.
-Yes, sir.
When are you joining?
-Next month, sir.
Join the job but complete
the degree.
Okay, sir.
If you get a degree,
you can write higher examinations.
Are you going to stop as VAO...
...or continue your exams
to be an IAS or IFS?
Okay, sir.
I asked you to take a list.
Did you?
Yes, sir.
(Indistinct chatters)
Total count of the students
who completes the course.
98 students are going
to be entrepreneurs.
76 students go out for jobs.
25 students goes for higher education.
12 students are getting into cinema.
Along with that doing part-time job.
Other four students are going to be idle.
We both are joining the Government job.
Very glad!
Sixteen years of experience.
But, well satisfied this year.
'Necessity is the mother of invention'
A mother who finds the need.
We had a need, we found it.
A campus interview, in an arts college.
When the students leave the college,
they should go without fear on their future.
Thank you, sir.
Great pleasure!
A question to you all.
What do you like
and do not like me about me?
What's this?
Did he reform?
Did you think I would ask
the same question like others?
I've my own individuality.
Will he change?
Leave it. It's known matter.
When I'm talking here,
what are you murmuring there?
Nothing, sir.
Stand up and get out.
Get out.
Sir, what wrong I did?
Dare to speak against me?
Oh, is it the attitude of
Deputy Prime Minister?
Would you go to work,
if you get a placement?
You must complete a degree
and get T.C., right?
I'll not let you
till I'm here.
I'm feeling bad for giving
admission for your caste.
Do you think,
I'll send you to job?
Get out.
Why should I go, sir?
I won't go, I'll be here.
Dare to raise your voice?
Go out.
I won't go, sir.
Get out.
-I can't, sir.
Get out.
-I can't, sir.
-I can't, sir.
Get out, I say.
Aadhi, stop.
I'll also come.
Why are you going?
Sit down.
You don't like me from
the day, I spoke against you.
That's different.
Sit down.
Aadhi, stop.
I'll also come.
Hey, come.
-Let's go.
Sit down.
-Aadhi, stop.
Sit down.
Why is he enraged on me?
Always telling me to get out.
Leave it, what are you going
to learn in his class?
Be happy that you came out.
Hey, leave it.
-It's disheartening.
Hey, we're the next generation.
We're right.
Be cautious for the first
three months, when conceived.
Don't travel too long.
Shouldn't lift heavy weight.
Your HOD has taken leave, today.
Sir, please come.
Sir, please come.
Our students went on bike
and met with an accident.
One of the student
is seriously injured...
... and the other one
is spot dead.
Students are watching.
Palani muthu!
Would he have died, if you hadn't
asked him to go out?
Sir, greetings!
Did you call me?
-Yes, sir.
What happened, sir?
Two students were riding
on the bike.
One of them was hit by truck...
Aadhi is no more!
I should have been inside.
He pushed me away
and fell on the truck and died.
Why did you go out
at class hours?
Aadhi died to save me.
Hey, wait.
I can't, sir.
Get him water.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Have it.
-Have it.
(Indistinct voices)
Look here,
Go to Aadhi's house,
talk to them and bring them here.
Lawyer, did you take
Aadhi's family into custody?
They're in our custody.
Aadhi is no more!
Aadhi left us.
-How it happened?
Aadhi is dead.
Hey, don't shout.
Hey, what do you want?
I want to see them.
You can't see. Go.
Hey, you can't see.
I said, go...
Who has come on behalf
of the College?
Everyone including the Correspondent
and the Chairman is here.
I'll talk.
Don't worry.
The Principal told to go out.
-I'll talk.
So, they left the college.
Greetings, sir!
The problem might be intense.
What are you going to do?
Hello, who are you?
I'm the relative and belong
to the caste of the deceased.
Who'll ask other than me?
Tell me, what are you
going to do?
Hey lawyer, why are you
talking to him?
Come, let's go on to the road.
-Go away.
I'm talking, isn't it?
-Go away.
Let's fight with the corpse
on the road.
The elders are talking, isn't it?
Go away.
The deceased is my brother.
I'll talk.
Hey, I won't leave it.
-Sir, don't be afraid.
They're enacting a drama.
-Hey, which is drama?
All my community people
are bursting out in tears.
Does it look like drama for you?
It's people like him
who drags the problem.
The head honcho is speaking.
Tell me, sir.
Okay, sir.
Our head honcho wants
to have talks and settle it.
Shall we talk?
Did you bring them?
They're all there.
The community people have
taken them under their custody.
Not allowing to meet them.
Sir, it seems you might blow the issue
which is to be solved by talks.
Come, let's talk.
It won't be right.
Wait, let's talk.
Sir! No.
-Come on, sir.
Give fifty lakh rupees
as the first instalment.
The head honcho will
take care of everything.
I'm saying for your goodness.
Else, your college name
will be spoiled.
It's an hefty amount.
Consider it.
Sir, what's this?
Hey, who are you in between?
That's what I'm also asking.
Who are you in between?
Don't you know if you see my attire?
I'm the lawyer.
Go to court, then.
What are you doing here?
You won't understand this, Dayalan.
You see only as academics.
But, we've to see it
as business too.
If the problem becomes intense,
you want to shut the college?
To start this college, right from getting
the application form till approval,
Do you know how much we've spent?
-Sir, for that sake?
If given to them, they'll loot it.
-Hey, it's over...
If we've to do something
to their family, let's do.
Let's settle to their family,
straight away.
Hey, will you give?
Will we allow you to give?
There will be riots.
-What will you do?
What will you do?
Hang up the phone.
Let's settle for forty lakhs.
Sir, don't be afraid.
Why are you afraid?
The head honcho.
Give me.
Sir, first this call should
be recorded.
Hey, call the boss.
Call the boss.
He has grabbed my phone
and recording the call.
I'll make it a big issue.
Call the boss, first.
Hey lawyer, finished talking?
Pretend as if you're true
to your caste.
Threaten them, it's not an accident
but murder.
Don't accept if they bargain
for less money.
Ask for ten seats a year in the
Medical College.
Medical seat is like a duck
laying golden eggs.
If nothing works out,
kill them with the help of our clan.
The students are wastrels.
Throw the spark, they'll blaze.
Come, sir.
It's not the time to take an emotional decision
-The Principal is the reason...
but should take intellectual decision.
-The Principal is the reason...
Aadhi has thrown the caste away
-The Principal is the reason...
but it's intruding now in his death.
-The Principal is the reason...
I've sent you how they spoke about you.
-The Principal is the reason...
Share this voice over
among 'Students Parliament'.
Let all heed.
-The Principal is the reason...
PT sir, take the Principal, safely.
Finished talking?
Pretend as if you're true
to your caste.
Hey, move away.
Leave the way.
Move away.
Threaten them, it's not an accident
but murder.
The students are wastrels.
Throw the spark, they'll blaze.
(Indistinct voices)
Did this matter go up
to the students?
Kill the Principal
and turn this into caste riots.
Move away.
Can't you understand?
Move away.
Move away.
Take the Principal.
Come on, sir.
This problem is going in other way.
Come on, sir.
Leave way.
Hey, give my phone.
Many other contents are
stored in that.
Listen, give the phone.
-Use the phone only to speak.
For unwanted things...
Why are coming into the college?
Among the students?
Go out...
Thugs inside the college.
Go out.
Oh, no!
The students are brawling.
Don't know what to do?
Hit him.
Hit the white shirt guy.
Hey, students don't hit.
Hit him.
Students, go out.
Hit him.
Hey students, stop.
Hit him.
-Don't hit.
Don't hit.
Heed me.
Stop it.
Hey, heed me.
stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it.
With the deceased, you do
caste politics without conscience.
Hey, you're my relation
and the deceased is like my brother.
We're talking to favour you.
I know why are you doing this?
Better, you can die instead of
living this low life.
When we can't pay the fee
to study and struggle to live
...where did your caste go, then?
He is the one who gave us hope
and led us to live.
Do you dare to speak that
these people are with you?
They'll abandon you, later.
If anything happens to you, in future
We, the community people should help you.
Better, get lost.
We'll take care of
our problems, ourselves.
Without us?
Run away before the one in
my hand touches your face.
Come on, guys.
You've to walk down in our streets.
Come, then.
Oh, no!
I did this.
I did this.
He is dead.
But, I'm dying.
So far, others just don't like me.
Now, I don't like myself.
Sir, where did you hide the Principal?
Call him.
-Call him.
Guys, I apologize to you
on behalf of him.
In our college days, a teacher will always scold
the students and send them out.
He carried on that words
on his head.
He has been scolding
for 35 years.
Has everyone died?
It was an accident.
You all must understand it.
Call him, we must see.
Call him, we must see.
You want us to get him
before you.
That's all, right?
Go and bring your father.
I don't know the way to die.
Leave me, I'll die.
-Sir, nothing.
Don't be afraid.
I did a mistake.
-Sir, come. Let's see the students.
Come on sir.
How could I face them?
Sir, students have kind heart.
They'll forgive.
I did mistake.
-Come on, sir.
I brought him.
Here he is.
Henceforth, I'll never use
the word, 'Get out'.
Apologize me.
Sir, on the way from the College
to hospital,
I realized what my life would be like
if my son died.
This tragedy is very cruel.
It happened to you
because of me.
Sir, if your son was alive
and do whatever for your family,
My son will do it
from now on.
I don't know any other way.
Sir, get up.
"By the time you woke up,
the evil eyes of all fell on you"
"A fault has happened,
"Whom do I grieve?"
"In which direction to go?"
"When you thought of
taking care of our burden"
"We're carrying your burden,
"The god stayed aside
and vanished"
"My dear, you've left to heaven"
"Study from there
and take re-birth to win"
"Resolve this case, later"