Advantageous (2015) Movie Script

In the past 10 years,
the pace of communication
and commerce...
...accelerated astronomically,
didn't it?
That lecture was interminable,
I need an espresso.
Duchess Carrie likes espresso.
Who's Duchess Carrie?
Duchess Carrie likes certain things,
but not other things.
Can you figure out what
Duchess Carrie likes?
Caffeinated things?
- Tea?
- Nope.
With the Center's latest
technological innovation,
we are working to empower
the average person...
...with a pragmatic response... today's unforgiving jun...
...Impenetrable job market.
Uh, does she eat?
She eats croissants and crabapples.
She likes things that begin with 'C'?
No. She enjoys espresso.
No collaborating.
...She's French.
You need to play more games, Jules.
Only one of you can be the winner.
If you cheat, then nobody wins.
- And as a result...
- Adenine...
And due to overpopulation...
- Today's job market...
- Guanine.
There's no surprise that
anxiety and depression...
- ...have become the norm.
- Uracil.
Duchess Carrie likes looking at the moon.
Duchess Carrie loves feeling cool.
Moon, cool.
Double letters...
...Duchess Carrie likes double letters.
Jules already got it.
Not again.
Where's your umbrella?
It's not raining.
It is in Cherbourg.
Dave, you're calling me.
Don't you think we should
give this a little more time?
I need to talk to you face to face.
I wasn't calling about us.
It's something much more important.
End call.
- Gwen?
- This conversation has ended.
That's your mother?
She doesn't even look like a mom.
Holo me when you hear from Arcadia?
Tell her about
the Eastern Board luncheon.
I'll make sure my mom
holds you a spot.
I like it.
It's old looking.
Who was that with you guys?
Amanda Malthis.
Oh, you decided you like her?
She has interesting moments.
She wants me to go with her to this...
...bonding camp for Eastern.
So they're saying that
all this wacky hormonal stuff,
that's coming from pressure
to be hyper productive.
We have too many choices
and we're making the same ones...
...over and over again.
And they're the wrong choices actually.
So it's like natural deselection.
Our DNA is opting out.
Did you know that by the time
I'm 20, I may not have...
...any ova left?
You know, for babies.
You'd think awareness
would help things, but...
...Awareness influences things.
It just takes time.
How much time?
I was going to tell you when
you were a little bit older.
About the eggs.
I can adopt from other regions.
There's always going
to be orphans who aren't... lucky as us,
who need families.
And I've always wanted a big family.
Oh, crud.
It's an automated message
from Arcadia.
Uh, I can't listen.
This is Melanie Matthews
from Arcadia Prep.
Dean's Office.
Although Jules' grades were top-notch...
...and her test scores were excellent,
there were a record number
of applications this year.
And ultimately,
due to capacity issues,
we could not make Jules
part of Arcadia Prep.
And I see the workers fill...
...those buildings.
These guys are going to get our economy...
...moving again...
...with their innovation and productivity.
There is a bright future ahead.
Rebel group Terra Mamoria... claiming responsibility
for two of the four nation's...
...explosions today.
That's a beautiful one.
Here at the Center for
Advanced Health and Living,
our procedure provides
a solution for any long-term... concerns.
The experience is akin
to a seamless jump into...
...a disease-free body...
...of your choosing.
Through a lossless,
relatively painless process.
Would that this process
were more painless.
Let's review Gwen's old test.
It'll remind us of what we're looking for.
Do they know it could take
a year to find someone... uniquely qualified?
Gwen Koh's test, please.
Username, please.
Isa Cryer, damn it. We've been
here all afternoon.
In fact, the decisions
we make in life define us.
So, shouldn't every woman
be defined by the totality...
...of her choices?
Rather than her race,
height or health?
These are things she often
cannot control.
Here at the Center for
Advanced Health and Living,
we are working to offer you
the safest alternatives... invasive cosmetic surgery... you'll have every
chance to be the you... were meant to be.
Thanks for taking my call, Dave.
I'm sorry, Mr. Fisher.
I know you're quite busy.
That's all right, what's up?
I've been thinking about
my contract renewal.
I've been working
below rate for a while.
Yes. You know, we've just
been talking about that.
You were?
Marketing just submitted
a report showing...
...pretty clearly that...
...a younger demographic
would benefit from...
...awareness of our technology.
And we simply can't afford to alienate...
...any potential market.
Of course.
The board just realized,
albeit on the late side,
that we're obligated to
go a different direction...
...for the face of the Center.
Have... Have you already
found your younger candidate?
They've started to search.
Isa Cryer is aggressively
reviewing candidates.
Gwen, I did fight for you.
There's no question that you
possess the highest level of...
...poise, talent and beauty.
I'm sorry.
No. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Jules didn't get into Arcadia.
And I don't know why.
She's brilliant.
Oh, you know, it's just
as likely you didn't know...
...the right people.
Did she get in anywhere else?
Oh, well, with Eastern on her transcript,
she'll have options.
My daughters went there.
I know, but tuition has doubled since...
...your daughters.
Oh, okay.
You're going to land on your feet.
You have to.
Upstairs woman or downstairs woman?
Why aren't you at school?
Conservation day.
Are you going to Paris?
Mmm-mmm. I have a short day
too, so I could meet... after piano.
Did you have your first
taste of the day?
Incoming call.
Hello, this is Gwen.
Hello, Gwen.
This is Drake with Dream No.
More outplacement network.
Oh, hello, Drake.
Uh, just one second, please.
I have to go.
Are you set for today?
Uh, what should we tell Amanda's mom?
The Eastern luncheon.
Tell her I'll be there.
Get more details.
So I can go to Eastern?
I got a call yesterday...
About the raise?
Yes, about the raise.
Gwen, I called to let you know,
that your information... of 3:30 a.m. this morning,
is in our system and you're good to go.
I'm actually on my way in... see you.
Well, don't you have
a speech to give me and...
...then we sit down together...
...and focus on the new days ahead?
Sounds good,
but you're already...
...a noted professional.
Thank you.
I'll be in touch the moment
we get a response.
There's one space you
could fill right away.
I'm sorry. Yes?
Your recent physical
pre-qualifies you to be...
...a paid egg donor.
An egg donor?
It could offset living costs
until we find you something...
...more permanent.
Many women are not able
to have children anymore.
And due to the great demand,
the donor age threshold...
...has risen.
Miss Koh?
How long does the process take?
Three months.
You'll be paid after the harvest.
That's not soon enough.
Can we just focus on the jobs...
...that I've outlined on my form?
Take what you can get.
Have a lovely day, Miss Koh.
Are you okay?
Are you?
Username, please.
Gwen Koh.
That entity does not exist.
Please try again.
Gwen Koh.
That entity does not exist.
Hello Gwen.
Evan, my ID's not scanning.
What can I do for you?
Is Dave Fisher in?
He's offsite at the lab.
Is that wardrobe?
Please hold.
Thank you.
I found a solution to our problem, Fisher.
I'm sorry.
I'm a bit surprised.
I've rarely seen you over the years.
The dungeon's being renovated.
Yours too?
How's the job search?
Well, there's been interest
in the past. So...
I'm not worried.
You've been pursued?
By companies at our level?
Well, I'm hardly surprised.
People connect to you.
The question that we have
to answer is in this current...
...job market,
with shifting desirability
targets, can they get ahead...
...looking like you?
And at your age?
My position here wasn't only
about being a face.
And the knowledge
I've acquired here,
I can carry into other positions.
Teaching, for instance.
You've taught before?
In grad school.
In grad school?
Well, even in the real world,
you won't make close to what
you were making here.
The education profession has
gone pure tech.
There is nothing in our
generation's skill pool...
...that can compete.
Well, there must be something... a mere human existence
that has value.
You and I, in our lifetimes,
will see progress...
...1,000 times greater
than the previous century.
But, because we're mere humans,
we won't be able to comprehend it.
Humans can only grasp
change at a rate they've...
...experienced it.
Which is why they are being left behind.
How is your daughter?
I understand she's quite a talent.
She keeps me alive.
As do my girls.
There is nothing fiercer
than a mother's love.
Hello, Drake.
Hey, Claire.
Uh, no. This is Gwen Koh.
Hello, Gwen.
I see here you just called me.
Yes, Gwen.
Have you heard something?
Do I have an interview?
There's been some activity
on your account.
You've received several inquiries.
And one counter endorsement.
Counter endorsement?
A flag has been raised about
a detail on your resume.
It is currently under investigation.
It's a mistake.
I have verifications...
...for everything.
Drake, can I ask who's filed
this counter endorsement?
Huh, would you like me to tell
you my astrological sign too?
I'm sorry?
Are you sorry?
Drake, are you a human being?
That's a funny question.
How do you define...
...a human being?
Do you have blood running
through your veins?
That is a definition of a human being?
I didn't know.
That sounds more like a human being.
Not to know.
Account information.
Gwen Koh.
Balance, please.
Checking or saving...
743 units.
Automatic payment will be made after...
Cancel automatic payment.
How long will you
be staying today?
How much is it again?
Did you need company?
Did you hear me?
I was terrible.
No, you weren't, where's Ginger?
I told her not to come over.
Holoprof was trying to finish
the 20th and 21st centuries... one class period.
All I remember is the 2033 bubble...
...and the New York
traditionalist movement, which...
...he said is taking over now.
Which I challenged.
Are women really going
backwards going forward?
You're not.
Let's get you something to eat.
Uh, she's not open.
I don't know why I'm alive.
That's a bit extreme.
What happened with Ginger?
There's so much to do.
I need to exercise more,
study more,
I need to do more volunteer work... art.
I need to be smarter, nicer,
prettier and classier.
But what's the point?
Many reasons.
Being loved by your
amazing mother.
None of you know what you're doing.
You all pretend to have a plan for us,
but everyone's just
either greedy or desperate.
Why did you have me?
When you knew the world was
so bad and you had... struggle so much.
You're all alone with no one to help you.
There was a time when
I was also confused...
...why I was alive.
And I guess something
in me thought that...
...I mean,
I thought having you...
...might make my life more...
You make me very happy.
Archived message.
Hi, this is Lily.
Your one and only cousin?
Happy birthday.
I'm at the restaurant.
I still worry about you.
It must be really hard to be
on your own these days.
Tomorrow's events.
Eastern Board luncheon.
I hope you have somebody.
Would you like to send a response?
For our next hour,
we'll be discussing the recent
rise in child prostitution... our country.
Its causes, symptoms and...
...One week of water left.
A report last week from...
...the Department of...
...I should get paid tomorrow.
...found that 4% of girls
and boys between the ages...
...of 12 and 18,
will have taken part
in a sex work activity...
...Where did you get this recipe?
My cousin Lily.
Lily from the picture?
Yup. She taught me when I had to work... her restaurant.
Gwen Koh.
How wonderful you could join us.
My Amanda has told me so
much about you and Jules.
Gwen is the head of the
Center for Advanced Health...
...and Living.
One of the most forward
thinking companies... our midst.
About to reveal the biotech
bubble of the moment.
You're a scientist?
Oh, not exactly.
Olivia's intrigued by any
woman making her way through...
...the job climate today.
Especially with the backlash
we're experiencing.
I'm sorry.
We would have moved forward
a while ago,
but her father has clout.
We do what is best for our children.
We do.
We studied Jules' CV,
it's clear your agenda
for your daughter is... your career, unstoppable.
Gwen, the mission of our
bonding camp is hundreds...
...of years old...
...and 100 years into the future.
We comingle the finest boys
and girls, in advance of their...
...prep school experience.
Have them introduce their
innate talents and dreams... one another.
To create a culture that will
cohesify them through their...
...years together in school.
In our world's history,
even when resources...
...were limited,
there's always been room for an elite.
As there's less room now,
we're putting our brains
and our pocketbooks...
...where it counts.
This all sounds good.
I'm just wondering...
...We've put in 30K each,
we would ask you for 10,
to hold the waitlist spot for Jules.
I might need a day or two.
Loosen up Jules' father.
He's not a part of our lives.
And isn't going to be?
Not even Jules' life?
That is a wild card.
Hello, dear.
This is the only time in
your daughter's life...
...when her choices will make a difference.
Take the help you can get.
Gwen, look at us.
We're talking again after all these years.
What a blessing.
So let's do this right, okay,
and learn from our mistakes?
I'm truly sorry for leaving you alone...
...with Jules...
...and turning my back on you.
Mom, thank you for saying that, but...
...I have to get something
together, now. Or else...
...Or else you'll continue
to suffer, I know.
And so will Jules.
So, how much money do you need?
$40,000 would get us
through the next month.
Access costs money, Mom.
You know that.
So, who does she look like now?
She looks like herself.
Well, send me some pictures, okay?
You know, it doesn't matter
who she looks like.
Your father thinks
about you, you know?
He talked about you
in his sermon today.
Mom, don't.
Okay, uh, let me call Dad.
If I don't ask your father...
...He's not ever going to meet
my daughter, Mom.
I will die before that happens.
He's changed.
God has forgiven him.
Your father says I can't help you.
Aren't you still working?
Let's pray for your forgiveness.
you used to love to pray?
Dear Lord,
please listen to us.
At this time, we're ready for
you to take away...
I'm hanging up now.
...this sin that Gwen has committed.
Thank you for your infinite...
...patience, dear Lord.
I love you, Mama.
And your infinite mercy
that you have shown Gwen.
Goodbye. End call.
Please look down on her now with love...
...and heal her of this sin.
Help her to start a brand new life.
A brand new life with you
at the center of her heart.
And please...
...Please watch out for Jules...
...and wrap her in your loving care,
dear Lord.
Sorry, how've you been?
Am I too old?
To be of use?
What're you talking about, Gwen?
So many women are out of work.
Some are in real trouble.
To be frank, there is talk
among recruiters about...
...letting women stay unemployed and,
well, return to the home.
The perception is it's safer
than putting millions of...
...desperate men on the street.
Safer? For whom?
Make me the younger candidate.
I'm sorry?
The procedure you're launching...
...Use it on me.
Put me into a younger body.
We haven't had any civilian
test subjects yet.
I want to be the face
of the Center again.
I've done all the prep work already.
I'd be both an expert and a user.
Your ideal spokesperson.
I'm the best there is at this job.
Can I talk about this later?
I really need to do this later.
I can't get an interview,
Dave, not one.
I really have to go.
I have to position Jules now.
If I can get her into a good school,
she'll have a chance.
I can't let her become
one of these women,
so desperate that they would do anything.
you would do the same
for your own girls,
if you were in my place.
Marketing has a specific
physical type in mind.
They're looking at
candidates that come off... a touch more universal.
So if I could tell them
that you'd be willing to...
...give them full control
over the creation...
...of your host body,
that might show them
how much you care about...
...the product's success.
You'd be willing to do that?
The point is to push
the product, right?
When isn't it?
I'll talk to them.
Thank you.
Yes, Miss Cryer.
Make replications of Fisher's last call.
CC the Board.
Working on it.
Couldn't say this on the record,
but most of our test subjects
develop breathing issues.
They have to get a shot
every two hours for a year.
There's recurring pain.
I'll deal with it.
Evan, what's wrong with our filters?
I can barely understand them.
There's an error.
Working on it.
The board was expecting
you'd offer yourself up.
You're the logical next step.
After this, the board'll wanna
protect their show piece,
Jules'll get what she needs.
Are you ready to explain all this to her?
I've been trying not to think about it.
Well, think about it.
This might be a bigger sacrifice...
...than you imagine.
Gwen, it's not like
you're a consciousness... a jar...
...that we're dumping into another jar.
The technology is not there yet.
What's the reality then?
It's the location.
I don't think there is a fix.
What're you trying to hide from me, Fisher?
Please don't do this.
But this is still Jules'
only chance though, isn't it?
You know it is.
You just won't say it.
I'm not going to get another job.
They'll make sure of it.
I want...
...Christmas with her first.
What's wrong?
I was thinking about dinner.
If I had to go away,
you'd be able to take care
of things here, right?
You'd do okay without me.
I guess so.
How long?
I don't know.
A while.
A while sounds too long.
I hope you think you're pretty.
If someone asked you
to change something...
...about the way you look,
what would it be?
My nose skinnier,
my shins longer,
my jumps higher.
We did this in class.
And what would you change about me?
We're going through a shift at work.
It comes along with my raise.
What kind of shift?
In my appearance.
They want to appeal to younger audiences.
I guess that makes sense.
It's good that they'll pay for it.
They're here.
Goodbye, Miss Koh.
Hi, Mom.
Everyone's calling their families before...
...we go tech-free.
But you can still reach me
through the camp office...
...if you need me.
It's super beautiful out here.
Really quiet.
I think I just heard myself blink.
I love you.
I hope you're not working too hard.
You should go out
and celebrate your big raise.
New message.
It's Lily, again.
I hope you got my last message.
I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.
You know where to find us.
I remembered the code.
All three of our birthdays.
We never changed it.
Just one minute.
Is Lily out there?
You need to call us first
and say exactly...
...why you wanna see us.
Okay, we're not putting her
through this. Please.
I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't know that.
Okay, I'm coming.
Okay, she's had a long day.
It's not a good time for this.
I need to...
Go. Please don't do this.
I am begging you.
You need to stop watching
those crime shows.
What's the matter?
Where are the boys?
They're waiting for you... the car.
You're taking them to practice, right?
Thank you, honey.
I'll go pick up menus for dinner.
I have to see her now.
Lily. Lily.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
But we're about to open for dinner.
We have time.
It's fine.
Go get the boys.
You should meet.
Lily, do you remember...
...Gwen, we're really busy today.
You know, don't you?
Han told me.
It was a long time ago.
I had a child.
...Had a child.
That's not possible.
She was seeing other guys.
I lied about that.
Well, then you're lying about this.
- No. Her name is Jules.
- No.
- She just turned 13.
- No. No.
You can't do it this way.
And so I stayed away
as long as I could,
because I didn't want to do
any more damage.
The only reason I'm here
is to ask that you consider...
...helping me,
helping your daughter,
and then we'll be gone.
The boys are still in the car.
Am I taking them or not?
You know, you never believed
I was there for you.
Even when we were little.
Why would you be there for me?
I slept with your husband.
And he slept with you.
You must feel so lonely.
I just need help for a year...
...or six months,
and I can even... you interest.
You won't even have to see us.
You can move on and be the same... you were before.
Why do you do this?
Why do you continually go into things...
...that will be a disaster?
I've been trying to get you
to help me heal this family.
And when you finally
show up, you just bring...
...more pain.
That's what I do.
The parking lot's filling up.
We need to open now.
Hey, you.
I can't talk about this anymore right now.
I wish I had time.
But I don't.
We need time.
This is a lot.
Shh, it's okay.
Aren't we going to practice?
As soon as we open
the restaurant, sweetie.
We have kids too.
I know you've always been there for me.
I know.
We did sitting meditation too.
But it wasn't as fun.
Sometimes if things got loud or...
...I couldn't go to my room
I would do the spinning.
I felt energetic afterwards.
Like I could do anything.
I met a ton of fun people.
A boy?
But I miss Ginger.
Do you remember what I said about...
...having to make a change at work?
It'll be hard for me
to take in oxygen at first,
which will affect
the blood flow to my brain.
You may have to remind me of things.
Especially what's important to you.
This is a big change.
No one will recognize you.
I'll have a special ID.
And as more people
get the procedure done,
it'll feel easier to explain.
She's pretty.
Don't you think so?
Would you feel okay around her...
...first thing in the morning?
If you were sick?
Imagine if she got frustrated...
...or even mad.
You keep saying 'she.'
It's still you, right?
I'm sorry.
This whole thing is...
...kind of weird for me too.
What is this?
This is me?
You're amazing.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Listen to me.
It's good to be humble,
but you need to know your value.
The ideas, the wisdom,
and the kindness in you.
That's the secret
beauty everyone wants.
Are you okay? emotionally.
The Center's procedure...
...provides a painless alternative... invasive cosmetic surgery.
We move you into another body...
...and the lossless...
The Center's procedure...
...provides a painless alternative to...
...invasive cosmetic surgery.
The experience is
akin to a seamless jump into...
...a brand new body,
circumventing the extensive
recovery period of invasive...
...cosmetic surgery.
I can attest to the seamlessness...
...of this experience,
not only as the head of the Center for.
Advanced Health and Living,
but also a very satisfied test subject.
Okay. So who out there thinks...
...they have an imagination?
Okay, everyone.
Close your eyes.
Imagine a world where you
were diagnosed with...
...a terminal illness,
but you live to see your
great-grandkids go to college.
Now let's imagine living 48 years...
...with a clubfoot.
But on your 50th birthday,
you're a professional ballet dancer.
Now open your eyes.
You don't have to dream
up that world anymore.
That world is here,
and it's yours.
New recorded hologram message.
I was in shock.
I hope you understand.
The day you visited us...
...reminded me how much
I hated who I used to be.
We wanna help.
I miss you.
Did you forget your shot?
I forgot my shot.
Don't come to meet me anymore.
Not until you feel better.
You think I'm an idiot.
It doesn't matter what I think of you.
Did the operation make you weird?
You seem weird.
The majority of people who are down...
...on their luck...
...are peaceful,
law-abiding citizens.
But you know, there are
these people out there,
that think the way to solve it is...
...violence and destruction,
bombing and terror.
Look at the success of our city.
New skyscrapers going up all the time,
bigger and better.
These are...
...majestic, gorgeous works of art...
...designed by some
of the top internationally...
...renowned architects.
We live in a great, great
city and we are fortunate... be alive in these times.
Don't get distracted.
Can you turn that off?
I thought you liked it.
Not right now.
Can you cheer up?
What for?
How about for your mother?
Because of me, you might
actually get somewhere instead...
...of dreaming your life away.
I'm not dreaming.
I'm thinking.
Where's my mother?
Get back to work.
You're not her.
Where is she?
What happened?
Get away.
Well, you were right.
About the pain not going away.
I feel this anger...
...something is sitting next to
me screaming all the time.
It's what we're calling
mnemonic dissonance.
It's your new body's instincts clashing...
...with your old memories.
It might help you to
concentrate your thoughts...
...on what's good for your daughter.
For some reason I don't
want to focus on her.
Your animal connection
with her may not feel... it's there,
but it will come back.
I think...
...she and I need a break from each other.
Jules needs your help
with her transition...
...into prep school.
She hates me.
She'll probably be relieved
to get away from me.
But I don't mind.
Then what was the point of any of this?
Do you remember this place?
Yeah. We met here before Christmas.
Well, we didn't.
Someone's got to straighten
out your priorities...
...before you squander
everything for Jules.
This might be a bigger
sacrifice than you imagine.
Gwen, it's not like you're a
consciousness in a jar...
...that we're dumping into another jar.
The technology is not there yet.
What do you mean? My marketing
characterizes the procedure.
It's just that,
a consciousness transplant.
That's marketing.
What's the reality then?
In order to reproduce your memories,
we have to plant electrodes in your brain.
And in the brain of the new host.
We use a semi-separable
feedback loop between...
...the two of you,
to generate a psycho-physiological twin.
New neurons, cloned matter.
She'll be a copy of you.
Same skills,
same likes and dislikes,
same personality,
but an entirely separate awareness.
So there'll be two of me then?
Once the electrodes are removed,
the host brain can repair itself...
...because it's still young.
But your older brain can't.
Your particular awareness
will cease to exist.
You mean, I'm gonna die?
Your cloned brain will wake up
in the new body...
...with all your memories,
and since she knows nothing else, she'll...
...believe she's you.
But this is still Jules' only
chance, though, isn't it?
Please don't do this.
I want...
...Christmas with her first.
And, Dave,
Jules can never know.
Gwen needed you to perform
without misgivings.
So I excluded this memory
from the transfer.
She gave away her life with her daughter.
There's nothing inside of you
that knows what that meant.
There's nothing left.
Sales are through the roof.
Was I someone else before?
Body donor.
Do you remember my last
conversation with Gwen... the holding room?
Can you feel that part of her
reaching through you...
...towards her little girl?
That part is lost.
Just inform me if you need
any additional changes.
Did you kill her?
She did this.
She's gone, Jules.
I'm sorry.
I don't believe you.
She wouldn't do that.
I can't seem to find my...
I'm not gonna be here for anyone else.
I'm not gonna be here for any other reason.
What's wrong?
I don't really know why I'm alive.
Doesn't matter.
Whatever you do will be
wonderful and worthwhile.
How do you know?
I know because you're kind.
People say being kind is being weak.
You're alive because of energy...
...and empathy.
Your mother had
so much of it inside of her,
she needed to get it out.
So she made you.
You're starting to sound like her.
I'm sweating.
I hate sweating.
Are they late?
Let's do the meditation thing
you learned at camp.
That was fun.