Adventure Boyz (2019) Movie Script

[light dramatic music]
[garage door clanking]
[dramatic music]
-[drill whirring]
-[motorbike engine rumbling]
-[motorbike roaring]
-[crowd cheering]
[motorbike rumbling]
[tires screeching]
[motorbike rumbling]
[bike thudding]
[Jake groaning]
This magnificent castle is
now officially a crime scene.
50 extremely rare and highly
valuable diamonds that have
been in the Hurst family for
generations have been stolen
from this high security
tower right here behind me.
Police are appealing
for any information
that could lead towards
the arrest of these criminals
or criminal involved
in this despicable crime.
[TV clicking]
Lady Hurst was unavailable
for comment,
but those close to her
say that she is devastated
by the loss of these gems
that were handed down
to her as a child
by her late mother.
-[light dramatic music]
-[birds chirping]
-[wheels clicking]
[Jake groaning]
-[leaves crunching]
-Are your arms broken?
Are your legs broken?
Are you alive?
[chuckling] Then let's go.
[Sam] Somehow Daddy was always
there to pick us up
and dust us off.
It wasn't always like this.
-Let me give you some context.
-[bright music]
It was that summer when the
green turned to golden brown.
[bike wheels clicking]
We actually live in Glen Close.
It's the same name as some
American movie actress,
apparently quite talented.
We've won the lottery of life,
Dad says.
He says there are people
starving, no water in the tap,
let alone England's greenest
hills and beautiful views.
There's a saying, "You've don't
know what you've got
till it's gone."
Well, I was soon going to
understand what that meant.
You don't know me yet,
but my name is Sam.
[bright music]
-[ball thudding]
-This is my brother, Jake.
Cute, they all say.
These guys are
the reasons our parents
invented neighborhood
watch, dodgy.
This guy, I've got a four
letter word for him.
Actually, it's five letters.
I was never that
good at spelling.
We'll come back to them.
You yell if you see them around.
This is my mom,
that's my school.
My mom is the sensible one.
That's a good quality
for a mommy.
Daddy, however,
is a bit different.
He's a speedway racer.
Mommy thinks he should stop,
but he loves it too much.
You know, these speedway
bikes don't even have brakes.
The only breaks are
your bones, Mom says.
[motorbike engines revving]
[motorbikes roaring]
[crowd cheering]
He used to be a champ,
but that was long before
we came along.
It's been so long
since he's won,
his trophies are gathering dust.
Something happened
with Mommy and Daddy.
I don't know what exactly,
but grownups are funny.
[clippers clicking]
Everything is a military
operation to him.
He even cuts the hedge
like he's on a mission.
He has a machine in the garage,
but he insists on using
these big green scissors.
He treats everything as exercise
and a test of precision.
[Michael sighing]
He's got this crazy
American car.
-[water hissing]
-He loves that car.
Mom says he loves it
more than her.
Dad seems obsessed with America.
He met Mom there and they drove
around America
in this big old car.
Apparently, I was made
in the back seat or something,
but I really don't want
to talk about that.
Apparently it's the exact
car that was used
in some American movie, staring
Clive Eastman or something,
but I can't quite
remember its name.
It's Clint, Clint Eastwood,
and he's the finest movie
star who ever lived.
And because of his movies,
he'll always live.
[soft music]
[Sam] It's so precious,
he won't even drive it.
He's a bit of a joker.
He used to set traps with
string and stuff like that.
[dramatic musical sting]
[toy squeaking]
-Hmm. [chuckling]
[Sam] One Halloween,
he pulled this gag.
[Jake] Why don't
we go to the park?
[Jake screaming]
[Michael growling]
Oh, Jake, I'm sorry.
[Jake crying]
It's just a silly mask, okay?
-Just a silly mask.
-[Jake crying]
I'm so sorry.
[Sam] Jake cried for hours.
That morning before
it all happened,
a bird circled the house.
I should have known
it was a sign.
Apparently these signs
are everywhere,
if only we knew where to look.
So, Mom's off back to America.
Oh, bye, boys.
[light dramatic music]
-You be good for Daddy, okay?
-[Sam] Okay.
[Sam] This is the moment Daddy
should have stopped
Mommy leaving, but he didn't.
I love you guys.
-Come on.
-[Sam] They think
we don't notice
the looks they give
each other behind our backs,
but we do.
I've become something
of a lip reading expert.
A skill I had no ambition
to acquire,
but it was going to
prove more of a lifesaver
than I ever could have imagined.
So, it's Dad's big race
in less than a week.
Mom normally does
all the kid stuff,
so she thinks leaving
us with him
will stop Dad practicing
for his race.
But I don't think she knows
that man as well as she thinks.
[commentator] Ladies
and gentlemen,
good afternoon and welcome
to Arlington Stadium.
An afternoon of fun,
thrills and speedway.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
But of course, we have to
welcome our resident champion,
the one and only Kevin Jenkins!
-[Kevin screaming]
-[crowd cheering]
[Sam] Everyone loved
this new champ, but I think
he loved himself
just a little too much.
[woman] Come on. Come on!
[dramatic music]
[motorbike rumbling]
[motorbike revving]
[motorbike roaring]
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
[Sam] And as usual,
he won again.
[crowd cheering]
Dad says it's just
about the taking part.
[light dramatic music]
But I could see something
was breaking his heart.
[dramatic music]
Shouldn't you be at home
changing diapers
or whatever it is daddies do?
I came second, didn't I?
You think second
is winning, huh?
What is your problem?
It's a young man's game.
-[Kevin spitting]
-[light dramatic music]
Go and do something
important, Daddy.
[Sam] My dad used
to have sponsors.
There was interviews
on TV and everything,
but guess who gets all that now?
[Michael] Look at all
of these landscapes,
and America is so huge,
you know, England would fit
into one of these states
and there are 50 of them.
Can you imagine
the biking we could do?
You know that man
at the stadium?
Why was he being mean to you?
Ah, don't worry about him.
Some people are just like that.
Why didn't you do anything?
Like what, hit him?
You can't just go around
hitting people.
Violence is almost
never the answer,
unless we're talking
about an absolute bully.
Are you allowed to hit a bully?
Well, not officially.
I mean... don't tell
your mom I ever said this,
definitely don't tell
any teachers,
but if there's a really
nasty piece of work
and you've tried
everything else,
there's really only
one way to stop them.
But you have to do it right.
Tell us.
Right there,
straight on those nose
with everything you've got.
It doesn't matter
how big you are,
a whack to the nose
and you're down.
But I didn't tell you that.
[soft music]
Goodnight, boys.
[boat horn blowing]
-[car honking]
-[Michael on phone] Come on,
it's the finals, Lucy,
you know that.
[Lucy] But it's so dangerous.
[Michael sighing]
I miss you.
[Michael] Same here, okay?
I miss you, too,
but I need to race on Saturday.
It's what I've been
building up to.
Besides, it's good for the boys
to see some healthy competition.
[scoffing] Healthy?
It's noisy and it stinks!
Michael, you put
your life on the line
every time
you get on that thing.
I hate to break it to you,
but you're not 25 anymore.
I know.
You're a father, you need
to start acting responsibly.
How would those boys
feel if the last thing
they saw of you
was a pile of dust?
[soft music]
[Michael] What else
do I do, Lucy?
What else am I good at?
I'm not even sure
how good I am at that anymore.
-Sam's up, I've got to go.
-[Lucy] Okay.
-Okay, bye.
-[upbeat music]
-[Sam] We were still getting out
and about on our bikes.
[leaves rustling]
Until one day we discovered
something much better.
Something new, something safer,
something easy to control.
We wouldn't even need
Mom and Dad to pick us up
-or dust us off.
-[tires skidding]
[stairs creaking]
-[muffled video game]
-[TV playing]
What are you doing?
Playing tennis.
And what are you doing?
Playing football.
No, you're not,
your arms are not swinging,
your legs are not moving.
Let's go outside,
play some ball.
[Sam shushing]
[Michael sighing]
[fists thudding]
[bag rattling]
Are you angry?
Look, I can play a boxing
game and it's fun,
but there's nothing like
actually punching that bag.
The feeling in your lungs,
the exertion.
Look, Sam, those devices,
they're amazing.
They've changed the world
forever, the people that have
made them are geniuses,
but those geniuses did not
expect the children of today
to be sat there all day
staring into them.
Listen to me, you can
play 1,000 motorbike games
with your fingers, but you'll
never get the same feeling
as when you get on that bike,
you feel that engine roar,
that air is your lungs,
dirt in your face.
That is adventure.
It's exercise.
And when I'm gone, I do not
want you boys just sat staring
into those screens
for the rest of your life.
[light dramatic music]
Come here.
You want to punch the bag?
All right, punch the bag.
-[Sam groaning]
Okay, you want
to punch really hard?
You don't punch the bag.
Look at me, you punch
through the bag.
[light dramatic music]
[Sam] We didn't realize
at that moment,
what we were about to learn
would soon be used in a life
or death situation.
[fist thudding]
That's it, come on.
Let's get this going.
Okay, boys, what is this?
A ball.
It's not a ball, it's a
device to train your accuracy.
If you can catch
a ball at high speed,
you can anticipate
a turn, a bump,
you can react
at lightning speed.
Jake, you're up.
[bright music]
[Michael huffing]
[Jake grunting]
[ball thudding]
-[upbeat music]
[Sam] Then the real
training began.
[fist thudding]
[fist thudding]
[fist thudding]
-[upbeat music]
-[fist thudding]
[ball thudding]
-[Sam sighing]
-So, what do you want to eat?
[sighing] Come with me.
[Sam] To Dad, this was
his worst nightmare.
One day we might not do
anything for real.
In his eyes, something
drastic had to be done.
Look at all this,
this is energy food.
Look at all the colors.
Nature has made all these
amazing things for us.
Here, do you know how many trees
you can climb on one of these?
-[Sam] How many?
-I don't know exactly,
but a lot more than you can
on sweets and chocolate, okay?
Okay, boys, what is this?
-A piece of paper.
-Wrong again.
Everything is what you make it.
This is good exercise,
this is running in fields,
this is air in your lungs,
but you have to make it so.
You just never know where
a little piece of paper
can take you.
[soft music]
[air whooshing]
[bright music]
-[air whooshing]
-[Sam] At first, it was just me,
then my best friend, then three,
then the whole class.
Even the girls joined in.
[air whooshing]
And then, there she was.
[soft piano music]
I should've said something.
But I wasn't brave enough.
Not yet.
And when Christopher
Columbus was sailing
those seven seas,
he experienced things
that others could
only dream about.
Your next topic, I want you all
to think wisely about Columbus.
How was he feeling when
just he had discovered
such a magnificent
and beautiful sight?
[soft music]
And Master Samuel Harris,
if you spent just a little more
time looking at your school
book than you do at Amelie,
you might just pass
with flying colors.
[students laughing]
[students talking]
[children laughing]
[Sam] Uh... uh... um.
[suspenseful music]
Everything is what you make it.
You have to make it so.
Uh, do you want to come
to the races on Saturday?
[boy] No!
-[students giggling]
-[upbeat music]
-[Sam] Of course,
I did that in private.
[motorbikes roaring]
[suspenseful music]
[Sam] Somehow,
my heart was beating
faster than ever at Dad's after
school practice.
[motorbikes roaring]
[phone ringing]
-[both] Hello, Mommy.
-[Lucy giggling] Hey, boys.
-[Sam] Hello, Mommy.
-How are you?
[Sam] We've been flying
paper airplanes--
[Jake] We've been going on
bike rides in the fields.
We've been flying
through the air.
-Daddy through the ball and...
-I-- I--
-...I caught it, and then we...
-Paper airplanes.
Went to the field
and I did epic jumps.
We went over the ramp
with the scooter--
-[Sam] We did BMXing through--
-[Jake] We climbed the frame
-loads of times.
-Uh, huh.
-And it was really fun.
-Uh, huh.
[Lucy giggling]
-And also, this girl, Amelie.
-Uh, huh.
I asked her out
to Daddy's race on Saturday.
Oh, yeah? Hmm.
[bright music]
Mommy misses you.
[both] We miss you too, Mommy.
[Lucy laughing]
[Sam] We're going
on a bike ride now.
-[Jake] Bye, Mommy.
-Going to go on a bike ride now.
-Bye, Mom.
-I love you, boys.
Love you too, Mom.
You be careful.
-Bye, Mom.
-[phone clicking]
[light dramatic music]
[bright music]
[Sam] Bye, Daddy,
we're off to practice.
[Michael] Oh, well, bye, boys.
[Jake] Bye, Daddy.
[Michael] Be careful.
[light dramatic music]
[wind whistling]
[wheels skidding]
[crow cawing]
[light dramatic music]
[sheep baaing]
"Beyond the dark windmill,
two swallows hold the key."
Let's just leave it,
it's not meant for us.
Wait, the dark windmill,
that's the other side
of the downs.
Yeah, but that's miles away.
Come on, let's investigate it.
[upbeat music]
[birds chirping]
[light dramatic music]
[Sam] Two swallows hold the key.
[eerie music]
Look, over there!
"B13, midnight sparkles."
B for books?
B for bad idea.
Come on, let's go back.
B13, B13, there are 14
bunkers or Kneecap Hill.
Remember, we went on a walk
there with Mom and Dad.
That's miles away.
It's going to be
getting dark soon.
Remember, Dad said we should be
having adventures.
Look, we've got a key,
let's at least investigate.
[soft music]
[light dramatic music]
[bikes clicking]
[birds chirping]
[Sam] There's 12.
There, 13 this must be it.
[Jake] Look, there's
something inside.
[Sam] Oh, yeah, what is that?
[light dramatic music]
[door clicking]
[dramatic music]
-Come on, boys.
-[crickets chirping]
[door slamming]
-[wings flapping]
-[crow cawing]
[lock clicking]
[suspenseful music]
[finger tapping]
[box clicking]
That can't be right.
It's hours until midnight.
-[box creaking]
-[both gasping]
-There's someone in there.
-You what?
[Jake] Wow, diamonds.
Do you think they're real?
Well, how about we find out?
Are you sure?
-[box clicking]
-[dramatic music]
-I don't know.
[dramatic music]
[Simpson groaning]
-[dramatic musical sting]
[Simpson] Oi!
[Sam panting]
[Reynolds] Come on.
Gee! [panting]
[Simpson] What the--
-[boys panting]
-[men panting]
-It's empty.
That's not possible.
Not without the key.
How have they got the key?
[Simpson sighing]
-[Jake panting]
-Are you okay?
-Just, go get them!
-[dramatic music]
[Sam] Quick, they're coming.
[Simpson panting]
[leaves rustling]
[Reynolds] Ah, where they gone?
[Simpson] Hang on.
-[Reynolds chuckling]
[light dramatic music]
[helmet thudding]
-[Simpson] Go, go, go.
-[Reynolds panting]
[leaves rustling]
-That way.
[dramatic music]
[Sam whispering] Quick, now go.
[dramatic music]
[Sam panting]
[Simpson] What? Hey.
[Reynolds] There
he is, come here.
[Simpson] Run, Reynolds, run!
-[bike thudding]
-All right, come here.
[Sam] Quick, come on, come on.
Power it, power it!
[dramatic music]
-Come here!
-[Simpson] Get the other one,
get the other one.
[Sam panting]
[Reynolds panting]
[Reynolds] Freeze!
[Sam panting]
[Simpson] Come on!
[Reynolds] They're getting away.
[Sam panting]
[Reynolds panting]
[Simpson panting]
[both panting]
[dramatic music]
Down here.
[both panting]
[light dramatic music]
[tires skidding]
We've lost them.
[both panting]
[Sam] Hello, Daddy.
-Hello, Daddy.
-[Michael] Hey, boys,
wait a second.
Boys, I was worried about you.
You've been ages.
Are you okay?
I was thinking, you know,
if you want to have a go
at the goggle-pad,
it's okay with me.
Maybe like, uh, ten minute
slots or something?
Boss is going to kill us.
How did they find them?
Maybe the note that blew away?
I was halfway through writing
the note for the exchange,
and I wanted to be outside,
you know, around the bloom.
Flowers are amazing
at this time of year.
I didn't want to miss out.
And the wind picked up
and blew it away.
I tried to grab it,
but it was gone.
I thought it got stuck
in a bush somewhere, so...
I wrote another.
-[Simpson sighing]
[light dramatic music]
[diamonds rattling]
You're meant to be the fastest,
you couldn't even grab them.
Well, it wasn't my idea
to hide the diamonds
in the first place, was it?
Well, if it wasn't for me,
we wouldn't have even
spotted the kids.
[Reynolds] You were
the one that lost that note.
That note was a stupid idea.
[Simpson] Do you know, I never
wanted to be a criminal anyway.
I wanted to be a gardener.
I wanted to have a plot of land,
some tulips and some grass.
Yeah, but my mom said,
"You haven't got green fingers.
You've got sticky fingers."
-[hand thudding]
[Sam] Look at these things,
they could be worth a fortune.
What do you think
we should do with the money?
Right now those two little boys
are making fools of both of you.
Buy a helicopter.
Or even better, a private jet.
[Vladislav sighing]
We could help the poor people
Daddy tells us about.
[Vladislav chuckling]
With your share
of the profit, hmm?
you could buy a patch of
land that you could tend
for the remainder
of your living days.
What do you think Mommy
and Daddy would want?
A trip to America,
no doubt about it.
But without it,
the only digging will be
that of two shallow graves.
One the size of your body.
And one half the size
of your body.
[eerie music]
-Just half?
-Oh, yes.
Because the other half
will be stuffed and mounted
above my desk
as a warning to others
that mistakes will
not be tolerated.
[suspenseful music]
Should we tell Daddy?
No, let's just
keep it a surprise.
Do I make myself clear?
Yeah, completely.
I mean, especially
the bit about the...
the other half body thing.
Just go!
Let's find out what
they're worth first.
Bring me my diamonds.
Or... those two boys.
[objects clattering]
[Vladislav sighing]
-[tires screeching]
-[bright music]
Look, jewelry.
Surely, he'll know
how much it's worth.
-Ask him.
-No, you ask him.
-No, you ask him.
-No, you ask him.
-No, you ask.
-No, you ask--
Can I help you?
Oh, uh, yes, we have
something to show you.
We want to know how
much it's worth.
[bright music]
[light dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
It's worthless, I'm afraid.
You boys are after a bit
of pocket money, aren't you?
Well, I'll take it off
your hands for a tenner.
Ten whole pound you didn't
have before you came in here.
No, thank you.
-Okay, 50, 100?
-[bright music]
You're a good negotiator.
There they are.
That's, that's the antique shop.
[Sam] Yes!
-Come on,
they must've sold them.
-They, they've sold them?
[light dramatic music]
[door slamming]
[bike wheels clicking]
[light dramatic music]
Look, it's as I've told you.
They only had one
and they took it away!
[muffled shouting]
[bike wheels clicking]
[light dramatic music]
Those men,
they must be criminals.
What if they come here?
[toy squeaking]
Don't worry about them,
I got a plan.
[bright music]
[branch snapping]
[light dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
What the hell are you doing?
These are begonias,
they're meant to be in bloom,
-but look at them.
-There's half a million pounds
of our diamonds in there,
and all you're worried
about is the blooming.
I'm just saying,
anyone prepared to let
begonias get
in a state like this.
I'm just trying to figure out
what kind of people
we're dealing with.
Dealing with?
When the boss finds out
that two snotty-nosed
little kids made off
with our diamonds,
-you'll know what
we're dealing with.
-[chuckling] don't be fooled.
I need to relax.
Kick back.
[muffled shouting]
[Vladislav sighing]
[store owner groans]
[Simpson] In the 1920's,
kids went up chimneys,
down coal mines,
their blackened faces
risking more life than limb,
than any adult ever could.
They work for big powerful
On a BMX?
Just saying, kids work
for drug cartels
on, on, on roller skates!
[light dramatic music]
Just be careful, that's all.
Just tread carefully,
there's a light on.
[light dramatic music]
[Michael] You boys
had me worried.
Are you sure there's
nothing you need to tell me?
[Reynolds shushing]
-[light clicks]
-[Simpson] Security light!
Oh, ah!
[Simpson hushing]
[Michael] Thought
I heard something.
[Simpson] That's quite
a nice bush, actually.
-[suspenseful music]
-Goodnight, Jake.
[branch cracking]
-[plank thudding]
-[Simpson groaning]
-What the--
[Simpson groaning]
[flesh slicing]
-It's rigged.
-[Simpson groaning]
Let's get in there.
[Simpson huffing]
[light dramatic music]
[Michael] Dogs probably.
Sweet dreams then, Jake.
Right, right, right,
if you remove just one panel
of glass, get to the door
handle, then we're in.
Here, borrow
my gardening gloves.
-Go on.
[light suspenseful music]
-[water rushing]
-[toothbrush scraping]
[Simpson] Okay. [shushing]
-All right.
-[wood snapping]
[glass clicking]
[Reynolds chuckling]
[Simpson] Right.
[door lock clicking]
-[water rushing]
-[toothbrush scraping]
[light licking]
[suspenseful music]
[bright music]
[Reynolds chuckling]
[suspenseful music]
-[Reynolds groaning]
[Reynolds whimpering]
-[water rushing]
-[toothbrush scraping]
[Reynolds whimpering]
[garage door rattling]
[Reynolds groaning]
All right, I'm going
to smash my way in.
[Simpson] Oh, my God.
-It's Mike Harris.
The speedway rider, look!
This must be his house.
Oh, my God.
I was at the Euro
Championships '94.
He was three bikes back,
then on the last lap,
he canes it up on the inside,
front wheel almost
doesn't touch the ground.
Boom, right on the line,
he takes from Henshall.
It was just beautiful.
I bet that trophy is
here somewhere--
-Right, that's it.
-No, no, no, no, wait.
This is perfect.
Harris hasn't won for a while.
All these new kids,
younger, faster,
I bet he hasn't won
any prize money for yonks.
I hear his sponsor pulled out
and backed some other kid.
What are you talking about?
No one knows who took
those diamonds.
If the police think he did,
and it makes perfect sense,
he would need another
source of income.
So... I'll make an anonymous
call to the police,
tell them that I know for
a fact that Mike Harris has
the diamonds and he has them
right there in his very house.
They'll go there, find the
diamonds for us, the diamonds,
they'll end up in
the evidence room for what?
Two, three days
before they've done
the paperwork, and then
they'll return them.
How do you know that?
Because my mom works down
at that police station.
Your mom works for the police?
As a cleaner.
She's cool and she's
very supportive.
And the other thing is, she
can get into that evidence room
on her cleaning duties, which
happens to be tomorrow night.
She can slip the diamonds back
to us, and from then on,
we're in the clear.
Meanwhile, Mike Harris
will be speeding
his way to a life behind bars.
What do you say, guys?
[Vladislav slurping]
-I like it.
-[Simpson sighing]
But on one condition.
If we try this
and it doesn't work,
it'll be the last thing
you ever do, ever.
Yes, sir.
-[light dramatic music]
-[Simpson chuckling]
-Goody, goody, gumdrops.
Let's do it.
[Vladislav slurping]
[coffee splashing]
[light dramatic music]
-[Michael] Jake.
-[Jake] Thank you.
[Michael] Sam.
-[Sam] Thank you, Daddy.
[Michael] My pleasure.
Boys, have you been
messing around down here?
There's a brick on
a piece of string.
-Do you think that--
-Who do you think it was?
-[car door slamming]
-[muffled police radio chatter]
[dispatcher] Negative, sir,
there's a car parked
in the drive.
[Sam] There's something
that we need to tell you.
-[door knocking]
-Tell me in a minute.
-I'll just go and get the door.
-[door clicking]
-[muffled radio chatter]
-[Sam whispering] Do you think
it's about the diamonds?
Can I help you?
Mr. Michael Harris?
Detective Inspector
Peter Hector.
That's a lovely motor
you've got there.
Bit of a diamond,
wouldn't you say?
If this is about
that number plate,
it never goes off
the end of that drive.
It's not about the number
plate, is it?
-[dramatic music]
-Mr. Michael Harris,
we are entering your premises
in accordance with section 32
of the Police and Criminal
Evidence Act 1984--
Wait, wait, what is this about?
-Just stay calm.
-I am calm,
-but this is ridiculous.
-[inspector] Is it now?
[whispering] It must be to do
with the diamonds.
[whispering] Shall we tell them?
-Where's the boys' mother?
-She's back home in America.
Is she now?
-Who do you think--
-What should we do?
[woman] Sir, I found them.
That's, that's not mine.
Mr. Michael Harris, I am
arresting you on suspicion
of the theft of half a million
pounds worth of diamonds--
-Boys, I didn't do anything.
-You do not need
to say anything,
-but it may harm your--
-[Michael] This is ridiculous.
-I've done nothing wrong. Boys.
-You do not have
to say anything,
-but it harm your defense...
-[officer] Ah, ah, ah.
...when questioned,
something you later rely on...
[light dramatic music]
-Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
-No! [grunting]
-He didn't do anything.
-[officer] Calm down.
-We found them.
-Calm down.
-But, but--
-He'll be fine.
We'll look after him, okay?
Boys, I know this is
upsetting, but this is the law,
and the law is there
to protect you and us.
[Sam] But, but he didn't
do anything.
He didn't, we found-- But--
Now, listen to me, your
mommy's going to be contacted,
but until she returns,
you need to come with us.
It's a really nice
facility, boys,
with very caring professionals.
You'll be well looked after,
you just need to come with us.
[light dramatic music]
[Jake sighing]
But we need our teddies,
otherwise we'll be very sad.
Okay then, let's go
get the teddies.
[upbeat music]
-[Sam] Jake, run!
-[officer] No, you don't,
come here. Come here, you two.
[officer] Oh,
come on. Stop, stop.
Jake, out the window!
-[officers panting]
-Where are they?
[officer] Oh. oh, my God,
the window.
I can't see them,
they must have jumped.
We're going to have
to radio this in.
-[dramatic music]
-Hey, stop, you two! Come here!
Where do you think you're going?
[chair thudding]
Hey, hey, where are you going?
-Hey, stop, stop!
-[window lock squeaking]
[suspenseful music]
[officer] Where did you--
Come back. Come here.
[officer] Boys, stop!
-[bike clicking]
-[officer] They're getting away!
[Sam panting]
[male officer] Hey, come on.
Hey, oi!
[female officer]
Stop these boys!
[tires skidding]
I'll go and radio it in.
[car door slamming]
All units, we have
our suspect under arrest,
stolen diamonds in hand.
[bike clicking]
Two boys on the run.
I repeat,
two children on the run.
Description, one blonde,
about, well...
not very high, um.
-[crows cawing]
-[birds chirping]
[man] Don't touch me!
-Don't you touch me!
-Enjoy your stay with us.
-We look forward
to welcoming you again.
-[muffled yelling]
-[female officer] This way.
[female officer] Right,
down the stairs, come on.
And who might you be?
Mike, Michael Harris.
Michael, lovely.
Speedway rider.
Speedway rider. [chuckling]
That's very good.
Speedway rider.
[Michael sighing]
-Speedway rider.
-[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[bike wheels clicking]
Fabulous, reason for arrest?
Theft of half a million
pounds worth of diamonds.
-I, I didn't.
Is this some kind of joke?
We take crime very seriously.
Very seriously, indeed.
I've spent 23 years with
criminal after criminal,
and I don't know
how much more... I can take.
Look, my kids are out there,
God only knows where,
and no one's doing
a thing about it.
Well, no disrespect, but maybe
a little less grand theft
and you might be at home
playing pass the parcel
and eating ice cream.
-Cell number seven.
-[Michael sighing]
-Enjoy your stay.
We look forward to working
with you again.
[light dramatic music]
This is all our fault.
We can make it right.
Should we call Mommy?
We just got Daddy arrested.
Calling Mommy is not an option.
[Michael sighing]
We have to get Daddy out.
Plus it's his race on Saturday.
He'll never forgive us
if he misses that.
[fist thudding]
[Michael sighing]
I'm hungry.
[Michael] Look at all this,
this is energy food.
Do you know how many trees
you can climb on one of these?
When I'm gone, I do not want
you boys just sat staring
into those screens for
the rest of your life.
Come on, I've got a plan.
Come on.
[officer sighing]
[light suspenseful music]
[tires screeching]
[birds chirping]
[crows cawing]
[light dramatic music]
[water rushing]
[bottle thudding]
[water splashing]
[suspenseful music]
[light suspenseful music]
-[dramatic musical sting]
-[box thudding]
[door creaking]
[light dramatic music]
[light suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
Oi, you two, come back here!
Here! Hey!
All units.
All units, all units
to Glen Close.
[officer chuckling]
Glen Close, that's brilliant.
I'm being serious, those two
little boys have escaped again.
Yeah, all, all units,
all units up Meryl Street.
Those kids again.
[upbeat music]
[sirens wailing]
-Hey, Lucy, how are you?
-Michael, I've been worried.
-I've been calling and calling.
-Yeah, sorry about that.
The boys and I have just
been playing and playing.
You know how it is.
Okay... would you put them on?
I'd like to talk to them.
Uh, yeah, of course, of course.
Hey, boys, do you want
to take a break
from the tennis
and talk to your mommy?
-Really sorry.
-Really sorry.
We'll pay you back, we promise.
-We promise.
-We'll pay you back.
-Sorry, so sorry.
-Come back, come back!
[Michael] No?
[light suspenseful music]
Hey, Sam, be nice to
Jake, all right?
None of that stuff.
Cheeky boys, you know
how they are, right?
Okay, as long
as everything's fine.
[Michael sighing]
Is everything fine, Michael?
Everything is great.
It's all under control.
See you soon, right?
[light dramatic music]
[Michael sighing]
[gentle music]
[Jake groaning]
[officer sighing]
Well, if you really
didn't do this,
yet the diamonds were
found in your house.
You have to consider that
the real thieves are your boys.
No, no way.
In my line of work, we normally
find when people run,
they're guilty of something.
My boys are good boys.
They would never do
something like that.
Let me show you something.
[light dramatic music]
[Michael sighing]
So, your boys would never
do something like that, eh?
Quite terrified, the poor lady.
Probably a small mercy
we don't have the sound.
[phone dialing]
[light suspenseful music]
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[phone dialing]
Come on, come on.
[phone ringing]
PC 383 Jackson.
Uh, I'm sorry?
Who is this?
Lucy Harris,
who the hell are you?
I'm the policeman
guarding your house
while your husband's in jail and
your kids are on the run, miss.
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[phone ringing]
-[Lucy] It's Lucy Harris.
Get my husband on
the phone, please.
Do not put me on hold.
-[officer] Well, just what--
-[Lucy] I am not waiting...
-No, no, no.
-...any longer.
Just give him the phone.
[officer] All right.
There's a call for you.
-Now, officially,
you're not meant to
have any more calls,
-but this lady here...
-No, no, no, no.
...she's phoned about 57 times,
and she's not going to
-let it go, so, uh.
-No, just tell her
-I'm not in.
-Oh. [chuckling]
I'm just handing the phone
to your husband, madam,
in his cell.
[dramatic music]
-[Michael] Lucy.
-What is going on?
I leave you for a week
and this is what happens?
Stolen diamonds,
boys on the run?
-You-- Where are they, Michael?
-Just let me explain.
[Lucy] I knew you were
but this is off the scale--
-[security] Ma'am.
-[Michael] Just--
I am on the next flight.
Listen... just let me explain.
I'm sorry.
[phone thudding]
[birds chirping]
[light dramatic music]
[Michael sighing]
[light dramatic music]
[bike thudding]
[birds chirping]
[low rumbling]
[gentle music]
[air whooshing]
[children giggling]
[distant yelling]
[light dramatic music]
[wheels skidding]
-[wings flapping]
-[crow cawing]
[Sam] Well, I don't know
if it was that weird dream
or the church, but I remember
something someone once said.
"If you are lost and
you don't know what to do...
you should retrace your steps."
So, that is what
we're going to do.
[dramatic music]
[tires screeching]
[Sam] Stop, wait!
[light dramatic music]
[key clicking]
[finger tapping]
[Sam] This must be where
they were watching us from.
-This looks like a bomb.
-Jake, just put it down.
[Jake grumbling]
[dramatic music]
[bike clicking]
[tires screeching]
[dramatic music]
[Sam] Suddenly, those years of
lip reading practice
came in handy.
Even with my lip reading skills,
this was a tough one.
I couldn't be sure,
but he said something
about the police station.
And a cleaner mom, very odd.
That was not the owner
of the shop.
Those criminals have done
something with him.
-[muffled shouting]
-[Sam] I can only imagine
-how terrible.
-[shop owner groaning]
-[Sam] If we're ever going
to get Daddy out, it was time
to do something
a bit more drastic.
-[light dramatic music]
-[bike screeching]
[phone ringing]
[bike screeching]
[light dramatic music]
[Sam] I knew I'd seen
that face before.
Now this cleaner mom thing
is starting to make sense.
Is she in on this?
[phone ringing]
[cleaner humming]
[sighing] Do you mind?
You are meant to be
a cleaner, not a masseuse.
Well, I've cleaned
everything else.
Everything except
the evidence room.
[light dramatic music]
I could go down and do that.
I just need the key.
We don't clean
the evidence room.
No one ever cleans
the evidence room.
The evidence room is
a dank and dirty place
full of unspeakable things
from unspeakable crimes.
Well, I'll just stay
here then. Carry on.
I've got two hours
of my shift left.
We'll soon have you
spick and span.
[cleaner humming]
[drawer clicking]
Bon Apptit.
Merci, seor.
I warn you, the smell
down there is so pungent
that you and your little
pompom friend
won't be down there very long.
[light suspenseful music]
[distant yelling]
[female officer] I don't know
what's wrong with that officer
Pierce. [giggling]
Perhaps he needs to get
himself a girlfriend.
Would you do?
-Or a boyfriend.
-[male officer] Yeah, move over.
[female officer] I mean,
and that one in cell 12,
for goodness sake,
-he is really--
-[phone buzzing]
I got the keys, son.
Wait out the back and I'll have
those gems to you in no time.
[cleaner cackling]
All right, Mom.
[Simpson chuckling]
[light dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[bag rustling]
-[cleaner grumbling]
[eerie music]
[bag rustling]
[eerie music]
[cleaner screaming]
[body thudding]
What was that?
What the blazes?
What have you done
to this poor woman?
-Arrest them!
-[Sam] Jake, run!
[officer 1] Stop, come here,
boys. Come here.
[dramatic music]
[officer 2] Come here then.
Stop, you little.
[officer 1] Stop,
come here, you two!
[officer 2] Stop!
[officer grunting]
[gate squeaking]
[officer 1] Oh, my God.
[dramatic musical sting]
Stop, hmm?
-[boys groaning]
Hang on. Just stop, all right?
You don't know
what's going on, do you?
The cleaner's son is outside
at the back door right now
waiting for the diamonds!
That is ridiculous.
What the, what?
[paper crinkling]
This man, I know where he is,
I can get him for you,
if you give me my dad back.
[Hector scoffing]
Well, if you can prove
he's the real thief,
your dad goes free.
[light suspenseful music]
[bikes clicking]
[tires skidding]
Hello, boys.
May I help you?
Your boys have failed
to get the diamonds.
You need us, we're ready
to make a deal.
[Vladislav chuckling] A deal?
[Vladislav laughing]
I stole those diamonds, hmm?
But okay.
[dramatic music]
It's my deal, huh?
Give me the diamonds
or I'll snap his neck like a...
how do you say, uh,
a lolly stick.
That's my brother!
Then you'd better be quick
or I'll snap both your necks.
[Michael] Violence is almost
never the answer,
unless we're talking
about an absolute bully.
You're a bully, aren't you?
[Vladislav chuckling]
I'm only just getting started.
Right there,
straight on the nose
with everything you've got.
[suspenseful music]
[Michael] You want
to punch really hard?
Punch through the bag.
[fist thudding]
[Jake panting]
[gentle music]
[Sam chuckling]
-[sirens wailing]
-[muffled radio chatter]
[Sam] Wait a second,
let's rewind a bit.
[tape re-winding]
Detective Hector did check out
my story, and guess what?
[muffled police radio chatter]
They got those guys.
[Sam] But then
I did have to deal
with a little bit of technology,
but for the right reasons.
[Vladislav] A deal? [chuckling]
I stole those diamonds, hmm?
[sirens wailing]
[Sam] It turns out the police
don't much like bullies either.
[bright music]
[Vladislav on recorder]
I stole those diamonds.
[Sam] All in all, I think
it was a pretty good
day's work for Detective Hector.
But there was still one
pretty major thing left to do.
[airplane roaring]
And we really have to do it
before Mommy gets back.
[tires squeaking]
[Michael] Boys, God,
I've missed you.
I missed you, boys.
I missed you so much.
I really have.
Just a little paperwork.
Three to four hours
and you'll be out of here.
[Jake] You'll be in time
for your race, Daddy.
No, boys, I don't care
about any of that now.
The fact is you're safe, and
that's all that matters to me.
[Jake] You have to,
it's who you are.
It's what you love.
[Sam] And Jake was right.
But my race is in 30 minutes.
[upbeat music]
Put these on.
[Jake] You can do it,
Daddy. Come on.
[Sam] It was like watching
Daddy come alive again.
[motorbike rumbling]
Don't forget
to polish that chrome.
I want to shine when I win.
[man] Sure.
[car doors slamming]
[car starting]
[sirens wailing]
[sirens wailing]
Your radio, get me
the officer in charge.
-Mrs. Harris,
-Detective Hector here.
-What is going on here?
We have your husband and
your boys, everyone is safe.
It was a wrongful arrest,
I'm afraid.
We're escorting them
right now to the race track.
You're taking them where?
His race, we should just
about make it in time.
Are you insane?
Mrs. Harris.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no.
[sirens wailing]
I'll, uh, just use your loo, and
then I'll be on my way, miss.
[Lucy scoffing] Unbelievable.
[dramatic music]
[keys jingling]
[car door slamming]
[car revving]
[tires screeching]
I'm going to be speeding,
by the way.
-[car engine roaring]
-[tires screeching]
-[Jake] Good luck, Daddy.
-[Michael] Thank you.
-Good luck, Daddy.
-Thank you.
-Go fast.
-See you from the stand.
[motorbikes rumbling]
[Lucy whispering]
How long do I have?
[motorbikes roaring]
[commentator] The riders
are lining up for the finals.
[motorbikes revving]
-[motorbikes roaring]
-[commentator] And they're off!
A great start from Chris Warren,
but local champ, Kevin Jenkins,
is having none of that.
Jenkins leads, but Mike
Harris is catching up.
And he's chasing his tail.
Jenkins leads.
Harris is catching up.
He's really giving
his all today.
Watching as Mike Harris
overtakes into the turn.
-[bike crashing]
Oh, Harris is down!
Mike Harris is down.
Red flag.
Harris is down.
This looks like a bad one.
He's not moving.
The helmet's off.
Medics, medics.
[light dramatic music]
Ladies and gentlemen,
he's moving.
Well, that'll be it
for Mike Harris.
Mike Harris will be
surely leaving the race,
ladies and gentlemen.
[light dramatic music]
[gentle music]
Don't worry, he'll be okay.
[commentator] And that's it,
Mike Harris is out.
No, wait, please.
Just, my boys are watching.
If they see me walk
away like this,
what does that teach them?
I want them to know
anything is possible.
You're a father,
you understand that, right?
Please just let me finish this.
Just let me race
and I promise you,
I'll never race again.
[commentator] Wait.
-Thank you.
-[commentator] Incredibly,
the Marshall has overruled.
Mike Harris is allowed
one more race.
[announcer] Riders,
you have two minutes.
[gentle music]
[Sam] Mommy and Daddy
haven't looked at each other
like this since
we've been alive.
It's something called
support... and appreciation.
And we should all do it more.
-[Michael] What else
am I good at?
-[Lucy] It's so dangerous.
[Kevin] Go and do
something important.
[Sam] Why didn't
you do anything?
[Kevin] It's a young man's game.
[Jake] You have to,
it's who you are.
-[Michael] When I'm gone...
-[Jake] It's what you love.
...I do not want you boys sat
staring into those devices for
the rest of your life.
Riders are lined up.
Counting down.
[upbeat music]
And they're off.
An incredible start for Harris.
He's flying, folks.
Phenomenal turn, I've never
seen anything like it.
Jenkins battered with dirt.
Harris powering forward.
This is like the Euro
Championship of '94.
[crowd cheering]
Jenkins gives it all,
it's nowhere near enough.
[crowd cheering]
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mike Harris wins.
What a celebration this will be.
[gentle music]
[Sam] Those TV people
asked Kevin Jenkins
what it was like to be a loser
and he declined to comment.
[bike wheels skidding]
We all make mistakes,
it's a part of life.
But when we do,
it's how we fix them.
-[Sam] Keep the change!
-[Jake] Sorry again!
[Sam] Bye.
Come on, let's get back
to our cell.
[Sam] What goes around
comes around.
Sometimes we have to accept
that things are unfair,
but maybe there's a reason.
[birds chirping]
Now Daddy does drive
that old car,
but only for special occasions.
Ah, Mr. Harris, I presume?
And you must be
the two young lads.
Master Jake and Master Samuel,
come this way.
[Sam] And what could
be more special
than visiting England's
largest castle?
[Butler] Lady Hurst
is expecting you, sir.
Thank you.
[gentle music]
May I present, Lady Hurst.
Master Jake and Master Samuel.
You have both shown incredible
bravery and courage,
and that must be rewarded.
[Sam] I'm sure I saw
a tear in Daddy's eye,
but of course he denies it.
I suppose you're wondering
what is in
those little posh pouches.
Well, here's a little clue.
[diamonds rattling]
And did I get my dream girl?
Well, I'll leave that
to your imagination.
[bright music]
Locked in time with
No space to breathe
I look around
What do I see
A light from afar
Comes to guide me
I have a choice
I break free
Is this what my soul's
Been dreaming of?
Feeling the earth
Beneath our feet
[Sam] Now it's time
for all of us to get off
our devices and get out there.
Adventure awaits.
Thanks for watching.
It is what we really need
I'm running free
I'm running free
I'm running free
Colors shine brightly
I'm running free
I'm running free
I'm running free
Colors shine brightly
Over me
I open my eyes
The sky talks to me
The greatest of fields
-[director] Okay, take two.
-[clapper snapping]
Everybody quiet on set.
Get ready, everyone else
walking in the background.
And Rory, on action. Look
caught out and say the line.
And three, two, one, action.
Observe, look back.
[Rory] Sorry.
[director] Action.
And coming through.
Is this what my soul's
Been dreaming of?
-[Rory] One more time.
-[director groaning]
Feeling the earth
Beneath our feet
[director] Quick, Rory,
quick, quick, quick!
Oh, cut, he's, he's fallen off.
I'm Lisa Harris. No,
I'm not, I'm Lucy Harris.
-I'm sorry.
-[director] Okay,
just go for that again.
I'm running free
[director] Did you
have the gloves on?
-Read the whole thing again.
-[Rory] I'm trying to open it.
[director] There you go.
Look a bit up, yeah.
And Felix, turn up in the
background, look at each other.
Not a smile, you've found,
you've found the lot,
you're intrigued.
Rory, climb in there.
I want them to know
anything is possible.
You're a father,
you understand that, right?
Please, just, let me
finish this, let me race.
I promise you...
I'll never race again.
And then nod your head.
Detective Inspector
Peter Hector.
[Michael] If this is about
that-- [chuckling] Do it again,
keep rolling, keep rolling.
-[director] Action!
-You don't know
what's going on, do you?
-The police-- ugh!
-[man] No, "You don't
know what's going on."
[director] He's adjusting,
one scene is down.
Ready, and three,
two, one, action.
Look, jewelry,
surely he'll know how to--
Look, it's as I told you.
They had one and they
took it away with them.
-Sorry, I couldn't
get the bloody thing.
-[director] Cut.
-[camerawoman] Rolling.
-[director] Take two,
get ready. Whoa!
Three, two, one, track, action.
I'm running free
Okay, oh, cut. [chuckling]
[cameraman] Go, go,
go, go, go, go, go!
Go, guys, chase. Ow.
It's Clint, Clint Eastwood,
and he's the best actor
who ever lived.
And I've messed it up,
take it back.
[cameraman laughing]
Keep rolling.
Brightly over me
I'm running free
Running free
I'm running free
[director] Okay, cut!
I'm running free
Running free
Colors shine brightly
I'm running free
Running free
I'm running free
Running free
I'm running free
Running free
Colors shine brightly
Over me
Running free
Running free
Running free