Adventure Force 5 (2019) Movie Script

[electrical static]
[static hisses]
[ocean roaring]
[ominous music]
[chirping, screeching]
[electrical pulsing]
- Dua minggu.
Dua minggu lagi, kita bisa
benar benar siap untuk ini.
- Kita sudah cukup menunggu.
Posisi terakhir dan siap untuk diluncurkan
- Perubahannya--
the unpredictability
these could introduce--
that burden lies with us.
- No.
It lies with me.
Real progress only comes
if we move fast
and aren't afraid
to break things along the way.
- Nolan!
- Excuse me.
Activate the release mechanism.
[alarm buzzing]
[monstrous snarls]
- Nolan,
remain below Level Six.
[tense music]
- Proceed with caution!
- Nolan!
Below Level Six.
[electricity crackling]
[adventurous music]
[lasers zapping]
- C'mon noob, keep up.
- I'm trying.
This level's hard.
- You think everything's hard.
Just focus.
- All right, boys, time's up.
- No way.
Let's beat Gondo, okay?
If we don't beat him now,
we're gonna have to start all
over from the beginning.
- Okay.
[laser zapping]
- Blast his force shield,
and I'll take him down.
- The will of many
by the vision of one!
- I said now, guys.
Turn it off.
- Come on, take down
the force shield now.
- I'm trying.
It won't die.
- He's coming at me.
Get it!
- A new world order is coming!
Miserable cockroaches.
- That's enough.
You've gotta get to school.
Let's go.
- Nice one, Jack.
[upbeat electronic music]
- Child abuse, child abuse!
- Hey, wait, Mom--
I'm too old for this.
Stop, stop it.
Hey, slow down, man.
- Hey!
Remember what we talked about.
Look out for him.
You are the man
of the house now, okay?
- Yeah, Mom.
[laughter, chatter]
- Can I sit with you today?
- Remember what Mom said:
the best way to deal
with bullies...
- Avoid them?
[engine starts]
- Whoa!
Sorry, dude, coming through!
Yo, wait up!
Mr. Del Toro!
- Girl, are you crazy?
- Sorry, Mr. Del Toro.
Somebody took my phone
from my bag,
and my alarm didn't go off.
- Ow.
- Hand it over.
- Sorry, Olivia, don't know
what you're talking about.
- Lemme remind you.
- All right!
That's enough!
Sit down.
[school bell rings]
- To solve the equation, you
need to eliminate the variable,
like so,
then once you carry
the remainder,
you will find
the divisible number.
[video game siren]
[adventurous music]
- We gotta take down
that force shield.
Don't screw this up.
- This battle will be
your last, algebra boy!
- Stuff it, Gondo!
[laser zapping]
- Mr. Zapata, would you
care to repeat yourself?
Or perhaps, you can help us
with the remainder
of this equation then.
- Um...
- "Um" is not the answer.
Maybe your attention
should be up here,
instead of--
wherever it is.
[school bell rings]
[gloomy music]
[boys laughing]
- Yo, check this out.
- What, the new kid?
- I heard he was sent here
from Afghanistan, Iraq,
something like that.
Ain't got no parents.
- [laughs] Man, he's gotta be
a terrorist or something.
- And you know we can't have no
terrorist walking around Kono,
can we?
- No, sir.
- Hey, man, ain't no ISIS
allowed on this campus.
- Yeah, bro, we don't know
where you came from,
but you better go back there,
or we'll send you back.
- [speaking Arabic]
[blade swishes]
- Say what?
- Yeah, bro,
we don't talk Iraqi.
This is America.
[tense music]
- Whoa.
- [groaning]
- That's what you get
when you mess with Don Cero!
[laser zapping]
- You better finish
your homework too
before Mom gets home.
- Come on, let's try to beat
this level one more time.
- I already told you
this morning,
that was a one time thing.
I don't wanna play this
dumb game with you anymore.
- You used to love
the "Chronicles."
- Yeah, now I'm retired.
Get over it.
- Yeah, but you're still
the best sharp-shooter.
I need you.
Come on.
- Fine, if it'll shut you up.
Activate the boosters.
- Nice.
- All right, we got this.
Just stay focused.
- Martha, if that purchase
went through, he owes me
half that commission,
and you know I need it.
Can you at least tell him
to call me back then?
I thought I said no games.
No, not you, Martha.
I'm sorry.
- Mom, I'm sorry we were j--
- I got another call
from school today, Jack.
You were distracted
in math class again.
And I'm guessing neither of you
have finished your homework.
Oh, fantastic.
You haven't even started.
- No, Mom, I started--
- You are supposed
to be an example.
Man of the house, remember?
- We were just playing
one level.
- I don't care how many levels.
After homework
means after homework.
- Dad used to let us play
one level
before we did our homework.
- Well, Dad isn't here, is he?
And this is gonna stop.
You two are spending
way more time
in these make-believe worlds
than the real one.
- Mom!
- Aw, brutal!
- From now on,
there's no more Xbox,
no more iPhones,
no more comics,
no more YouTube, any of it.
- All we were doing is--
- This was--
- It's how
the real world works.
You don't follow through
with your commitments,
there are consequences.
[alarm blaring]
[suspenseful music]
- Imagine a corporation where
intelligence is autonomous--
where reducing
our carbon footprint
and repairing
mankind's challenges
are one and the same.
At Takkara Corporation,
we've been at the front
of innovation since 1997.
- Oh, Doctor.
We are so pleased
you could join us.
- We have a bit of a situation
at the moment, as you know.
- Indeed, we do.
- What's this all about?
- You'll know soon enough,
Dr. Abel.
- Really?
Another meeting?
D-do you want me out there
fixing this
or in here talking about it?
- Take a seat, Nolan.
- Nolan,
as of 6:32 this morning
you've been
officially terminated
from your role
at the Takkara Corporation.
Security will be escorting you
out of the building
and providing you
with all the formalities,
but we wanted to tell you
ourselves first.
- You can't be serious.
My laboratory still needs--
- Your laboratory's been shut
down, effective immediately.
It's TC property,
and you won't be permitted
to access it ever again.
- Are you seriously that dumb?
After one hiccup?
I am on the brink of creating
something that no--
- Young man.
Since the commencement
of your time here,
you've disrespected authority,
done nothing but cost us money,
and yesterday's disastrous beta
experiment was the last straw.
- We're cleaning up your mess,
- That'll be all.
- [sighs] I recognize the need
for disciplinary action,
but that was not
a very intelligent move.
He is the only person who truly
understands these things.
- All right, buddy,
keep it moving.
- I'm not your buddy,
Mr. Potato Head!
[generator powering down]
Sorry about that.
[crickets chirping]
[somber music]
- Mom didn't say goodnight.
- She's upset.
Just go to sleep.
- But she always says
All she cares about
is work these days.
Do you ever feel
like nobody cares about us?
First Dad, now Mom, it's like--
who's gonna take care of us
in this world?
- I don't know, Jack.
Maybe you need to learn
to take care of yourself.
Go to sleep, okay?
[wind howling]
[thunder rolls]
- Sweetie, is that you?
I'm making pizza!
[videogame blasting]
[blasting continues]
Nolan, turn down your game,
It's too loud!
[generator powering up]
I said turn that down!
- Mom, I'm working!
[sinister music]
- Nolan, turn down your game!
- I can't hear you, Mom!
Call me!
[electrical generator blaring]
- It works.
[sonic boom]
- Joey?
- I'm right here, man.
Chill out.
- Where's Mom?
And aren't we late for school?
- It's Saturday, Einstein.
Mom probably had to go
into work early.
- No babysitter?
- No.
No babysitter.
No note.
[static hissing]
- What is it, Joey?
[mysterious music]
She forgot her computer?
- It seems broken or something.
[distant humming]
- Whoa.
What is that?
- It looks like a drone.
- whoa, did you see that?
- Yeah, these--
these stupid drones
are everywhere these days.
[futuristic hip-hop beat]
- Paging doctor...
you have visitors present.
- Who is it?!
- It's us, man!
- Open up!
- The Z Brothers.
What's up, what's up?
I'm glad you guys came by.
I got a little something
I've been wanting to show you.
- Awesome.
- I finally got some peace
and quiet around here.
- Wait.
You're home alone?
- Nah,
my grandma's babysitting,
but she's probably watching
"The Kardashians."
So I was just putting
the finishing touches
on my newest blaster creation.
I'm sure you guys remember
the Fart Zapper.
- [laughs]
How could we forget?
[electrical power builds]
[all coughing]
- Anyways, like I was saying,
I've been experimenting with
a modified vintage squirt gun
to create a laser-based
mechanism for cutting grass.
- Cutting grass?
- Yeah, my dad's lawnmower
takes way too long.
But anyhow, midway through
my experimentation,
I discovered I might have
something even cooler
on my hands.
- Allow me to introduce...
both: Whoa.
- The Potato Blaster
Model 1000.
- Awesome.
- Potato Blaster?
- It's still a working title,
but here, check it out.
I sync'd the Blaster with these
goggles I've been messing with.
They got an AR overlay
for target precision.
[exciting music]
[radar beeping]
- Dope.
[electrical pulsing]
all: Whoa!
- So why'd you say you guys
didn't have a babysitter
again today?
- I don't know.
Our Mom wasn't here
when we woke up.
No note, no call.
It's kinda weird.
- Hm, come to think of it,
I haven't seen my grandma
today either.
[mysterious music]
[static buzzing]
I've never seen that before.
- This is the same stuff that
was happening at our house.
- It must be another
power outage right?
- Nah, if the power was out
we wouldn't being seeing this
weird--whatever it is.
- Look!
Did you just see that?
- See what?
- It looked like
the Dawn Command symbol
"Boken-no Chikara Chronicles."
- Right.
I'm sure, Jack.
Phones don't work either.
- [sighs] Man, I don't like
any of this.
People just disappearing on us?
- Maybe we should just
wait here for a bit.
- For what?!
The taskforce?
This is Kono Beach.
If something's wrong,
we better help ourselves.
- Should we head to school?
- On a Saturday?
- You got a better idea?
- [sighs]
We should take some supplies.
[slow, dramatic music]
[steel guitar strumming]
It's like a ghost town
around here.
- Is there some sort of holiday
that we don't know about?
- Like what?
Disappearing Day?
[dramatic music]
- Hey.
You go to Kono, right?
- Oh, yeah, I heard you got
expelled from your last school,
and you don't speak
any English.
That true?
Habla ingls?
- Rumors.
- I'm Jack.
That's my brother, Joey,
and that's Trevor.
- Khalil.
Something strange going on
today, huh?
- Yup.
- More than strange.
- What's all that stuff
you got?
- Just some gadgets.
For protection.
- Smart.
- Awesome.
- You guys headed to school?
- Yeah.
- Cool if I come with you?
- Uh, sure.
Just be careful with
those nunchucks, all right?
- Your parents
were missing today, too?
- My parents live in Lebanon.
I live with my aunt,
but when I woke up
this morning, she was gone.
The TV and lights
in our building
had some weird signal
going on and off.
- Yeah.
We saw that too.
[sonic boom]
- [grunting]
- Man, it's spooky seeing
this place like this.
- I told you.
You gotta be nuts to come
to school on a Saturday.
[drone whirring]
- Whoa!
- What was that?
- Another drone?
- Nah.
Never seen a drone like that.
Looked like it was glowing
or something.
- Yeah, like a super low
shooting star or something.
- Let's find out.
Go get it.
[squeaky beeping]
[light suspenseful music]
[squeaky beeps]
- See anything?
- Not yet.
- Whoa.
- That was it.
- Don't lose it.
What is that thing?
- Whoa it's--
- Coming!
all: Whoa!
- That's gotta be
a military drone or something.
- What if it's an alien?
- We should call the police,
- Do you have a memory problem?
No phones, no grown-ups,
- Hey!
- Who's that?
- Did you just see that thing?
- What thing?
- That drone, alien, bird thing
that was just flying up there.
- Man, something really crazy
is going on today.
- Hey, you're name's Olivia,
- Don't ever call me that.
It's Ollie.
- Sorry, my bad.
- And what brings you to school
on a Saturday, Ollie?
- Practice.
At least
what was supposed to be.
I'm the only one who showed up.
- Power goes out, all the
grown-ups in town disappear,
and you show up
to baseball practice?
- Can't afford to miss
practice, dude.
I'm the only girl on the team.
My parents and teammates
already want me to quit.
Not gonna happen.
Plus, when's the last time
you guys woke up
and had no idea where
your parents were?
- It's back!
- Dude.
[high-pitched warbling]
- Okay.
That is not a bird!
- Gnarly!
- What are you doing?
- Hello?
- Careful, Jack!
[alarm blares]
- [grunts]
- Ahh!
Whoa, man!
- Watch out!
Soda attack!
[humming, zapping]
Come on, let's get it.
[adventurous music]
- I am not ready for this.
[drone screeching]
- It's jammed!
- Hahhhh!
[both coughing]
- Ugh.
[short circuiting]
[tense music]
- [grunts]
- Boom!
How you like us now, E.T.?
- Thanks, Joey.
- Dude, be more careful
next time.
I'm not always gonna be there
to save you.
- Whoa.
- Everybody okay?
- Yeah.
Think so.
- Where'd you learn
to throw like that?
- Where'd you learn
how to fight like that?
[all shouting]
What is that?
- Grown-ups.
This is where everybody is.
- They all look
like they're asleep.
- They're not asleep.
They look hypnotized.
- Do you see Mom?
- I can't see.
Their faces are too blurry.
- Okay,
I'm officially freaking out.
What just happened?
What is that thing?
- This just keeps
getting weirder.
- I don't know
what this thing is,
but whoever
was controlling it
might be controlling
our parents too.
- [speaking Arabic]
[thunder cracking]
[soft beeps]
- Its guts look
like a jellyfish.
- Lots of new technology is
designed to mimic life-forms:
biomimicry, nanorobotics,
that sort of thing,
but all this
spaghetti-looking stuff?
I've never seen tech
like that before.
- So, it could be alien tech,
- Or some kind of
military experiment?
[electrical pulse]
- All options are on the table.
I don't like smartphones.
It's like some corporation's
always spying on you.
- I can't even get a signal.
How do you have anything
working in here?
Emergency generator.
Can't trust city power with all
this valuable equipment.
This is Kono.
Power outages
last a week around here.
- Where'd you get
all this stuff?
- Been collecting it
over the years.
Thrift stores, junk yards,
that sort of thing.
It all started when my grandpa
used to keep stuff here.
He was an engineer.
Worked at a big tech firm
up north, Takkara Corp.
He was the only black guy
in the whole firm back then.
Makin' big money too.
One day, he just quit
out of nowhere.
All he said was, "No company
should have that much power."
Then he started doing
his own side projects in here.
My parents thought
he was going crazy,
but he had
the most brilliant ideas.
We used to work together
in here for hours and hours.
Now my parents think
I'm wasting my time in here.
- What are these things?
- Viewing mechanisms,
I suspect.
Fancy word for eyeballs.
They look like insect eyes,
don't they?
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, I see.
- And then this
functions like the brain.
Everything seems
to link back to it,
but I just can't figure out
what's powering the thing.
- [laughing]
- Sure these are safe to drink?
- What's the worst
that could happen?
- I don't know.
We grow tentacles?
- These fish sticks
are pretty good.
- In my house, we don't get
any of this stuff, dude.
My parents are vegetarians.
No added sugar,
no processed foods.
- I present to you:
pancakes, Kono Beach style!
- Pepperoni?
- Look man, I'm an inventor.
I never said I was a chef.
- [laughing]
- They kind of look
like Velatrons.
- Velatrons?
- Yeah.
A cyborg-drone hybrid.
- It's from a video game.
This is what Mom
was talking about.
You need to stop confusing
make-believe with real life.
What we're dealing with
is serious.
[ominous music]
[thunder rolls]
[crickets chirping]
[static buzzing]
[computer blips]
- [snoring]
- Jack.
I've been looking everywhere
for you.
- Mom, we've been looking
everywhere for you!
We thought you were captured
by the Velatrons
and being held prisoner.
- I told you to stop with those
video games and movies.
- I was scared
you were gonna disappear.
Like Dad.
- Oh, I was just caught
in the storm, honey.
That's all.
Come on.
Let's wake up your brother.
It's time to go home.
- Mom?
Your hand's a tentacle.
- [shrieking]
[all screaming]
- You okay?
- I had a dream about Mom.
- Yeah, I can't sleep either.
- Joey, we gotta find her.
- I know.
Where's Trevor?
- I think I found it.
- Found what?
- [laughs]
What powers it.
- What is it?
- [sighs]
Some type of energy source.
Man-made, but I've never seen
anything like it.
Rare stuff.
- What are you doing?
[electrical whirring]
all: Whoa.
[clicking keyboard]
- Dr. Abel,
please report back
to conference room one
- I guess you were right about
this place after all, Doc.
- It's been almost 36 hours,
Why are those TerraBorgs
still out there?
- We're doing
everything we can.
Something is scrambling all
communications inside Kono.
- Something?
Do you perhaps mean our
psychotic former employee?
- Well, I'm afraid it's
even more complicated
than we thought.
It appears a command drive
containing a beta
of our Dawn Signal technology
went missing
around the same time
Nolan was escorted
off the premises.
- Wait, wait.
That technology is untested!
It is unfinished.
- There is no mechanism
with which he could have used
that on a civilian population,
is there?
- New information is coming
to light moment by moment.
- This entitled little brat
and his whole stupid secret lab
was your responsibility,
You promised us--
you assured us
that this technology's--
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Gentlemen, ladies,
I think it's important
that we keep our heads
about us here.
At the moment,
everything is contained in
this quiet little beach town.
There's one road in;
there's one road out.
Actually, it was the great
doctor here who suggested
that we launch
Nolan's little project
there in the first place.
Let's employ
a stealth command unit.
That'll buy us some time before
any government intervention.
And you...
The great doctor.
You must, and you will,
handle Nolan.
You've done a lot
for this company, Doctor.
My goodness,
I'd hate for your final chapter
to be you unleashing
our most dangerous technology
on a quiet, innocent town...
Where there's no one there
to stop it.
[wind rushing]
[electrical pulse]
- Nice.
- This is some of the most
sophisticated holographing
I've ever seen.
- How do we know what any
of this stuff even means?
- Wait.
That looks like
a Pixel Code Map.
- A what?
- A Pixel Code Map.
- Another game?
- [sighs] "Boken-No Chikara
Chronicles," again.
- Boken-No-Chikara?
- It's an old Japanese
video game.
- What does it mean?
- "Adventure-Force."
- In the "Chronicles," Gondo
uses encrypted information
as diversions.
- It's kinda like a code
that's supposed to be confusing
to the good guys.
- But you can crack 'em.
Once you click away
the right extra symbols...
You see the real information.
- No way, th--
that worked?
- Epic.
- Okay, we're in business,
- And now, coming in
at a collective 400 pounds,
the baddest, maddest squad out
of Kono Beach yet!
The Savage Spinner.
Aerodynamic design,
magnetically enhanced,
activated when thrown.
- Laser-chucks.
Laser burners
with an auto-link feature.
And they do that too.
Potato Blaster 2000.
Or as I like to call it:
The Frantic Fury.
Improved precision power
and blast speed.
And now, for the master gamer,
the Master Remote-mote-mote!
with ultrasound frequency
and broadcast signal intruders.
- In English?
- Pretty much, it can hack into
and control
just about anything.
Of course, it's still
just a prototype.
Smart watch, utility belt,
modified Max Rambler,
Potato Blaster Super-Drome,
rocket shoes.
All right, y'all.
It's show time.
[engine revs]
My grandpa's car.
'78 Cadillac Deville.
Original paint,
original engine.
I've been making my own minor
modifications over the years,
but I've never tested it out.
So, who's got their license?
Learner's permit?
- I haven't gotten around to it
- Yeah, same.
- Uber.
- [sighs] All good.
Luckily, I've prepared
for this exact situation.
- Are you sure about this?
We could always just
take our bikes.
- Five kids exploring
the town on bikes
is a little inefficient,
don't you think?
Not to mention clich.
- I'll drive.
[engine revs]
[electronic beeps]
- Can this thing
go any faster?
- It should, technically,
but I'm still working out
the glitches.
- What's this do?
[rap music]
- That's my grandpa's 8-track.
- Nice.
- Bass in your face,
from the streets of Shaolin,
Survival of the illest,
got the whole block howlin'
We have rap in Lebanon.
[static crackles]
- I feel like we're on
a really weird, scary ride
at Disneyland.
- How do you turn down
the music?
- Uh, press the blue button.
all: Whoa!
- [laughs]
- That did not
turn off the music!
- I told you,
it's still got glitches.
- Whoo!
[tires screech]
- Give me that.
[static crackling]
[mysterious music]
- Freaky.
- They zapped it.
- Who?
- There's other kids here.
- Aliens.
- We saw one zap
a vending machine yesterday.
- And almost zap us.
- Wait.
Keep watching.
- Ew.
- Look how fast it is.
- What are those things?
[eerie music]
[tape rewinding]
- Look.
That flash.
It's coming from
the peoples' phones.
- What?
How can you see that?
[tape rewinding]
- Joey, this is just like what
happened in the "Chronicles."
Someone was using
peoples' cell phones
to spread
a mind control signal.
- Come again?
- Maybe they were trying
to clear the city,
or they guided everybody
somewhere, or--
- Jack, that's enough.
This is not a video game.
This is not a comic book.
This is real life.
- What about the map?
- I don't, Jack.
Maybe that was just
a freak coincidence.
We don't even know
what we're following
or if we're even
following anything.
- We are.
We just gotta keep going.
- Jack, will you just be
quiet for one second?
All right, we need to think
about this rationally.
If cell phones are turning
everyone into zombies,
then how come we're all safe?
Enough with these crazy ideas.
I mean, if you didn't try and
become friends with that thing
in the first place
and freaked it out,
maybe none of this
would've even happened.
- Harsh, bro.
- Hey, man.
You okay?
You know
he didn't mean all that.
- [sighs]
I can't believe
he doesn't see it.
Nobody takes me seriously.
[sighs] Joey was the only one
who I could talk to,
but now he thinks
my brain's fried too.
- He's just worked up.
We all are.
It's been a pretty crazy day,
ya know?
- It's just--Joey used
to love the "Chronicles,"
and all that stuff,
just as much as me.
But now he just
makes fun of me.
- He's a big brother.
It's what they do.
- I didn't have it.
- Didn't have what?
- My cell phone!
I didn't have it
on me yesterday.
My stupid teammates
took it as a prank.
- No way.
- From now on there's
no more Xbox, no more iPhones,
no more comics,
no more YouTube, any of it.
- Mom didn't say goodnight.
- She's upset.
Just go to sleep.
It was the phones.
[drones screeching]
- Sir, I'm afraid they've
blocked off access at Route 1.
- He's closed off land, sea,
and air access by now.
- What about these?
What's he doing
with these ones?
- He's slowly gathering them
all in one place.
I'm just not sure why.
[eerie music]
- How many of those things
are out there?
- I don't know, but our parents
could be trapped inside.
We gotta move.
- What?
We're just gonna go in there
and fight a bunch of aliens?
[laser gun clicking]
[arcade machines beeping]
- It's like a giant beehive.
- If they operate like insects,
it's possible
they have a hive mind.
- What does that mean?
- No one fully controls them.
- What do you think
they're doing?
- Tough to say.
Maybe some kind
of data download?
- You think this is how
they communicate?
- Could be mapping out
something or plotting.
- Plotting?
- Yeah.
- You mean plotting, like--
- An attack!
[drones screeching]
- I don't like social media,
but this would be a dope post.
[heroic music]
[alarm blaring]
- TerraBorgs attacking again?
- No.
It almost looks like someone
is fighting back.
[lasers blasting]
- Trevor, throw me your shoe!
- Say what?
- I said throw me your shoe!
- Who are these kids?
[drones screeching]
- Fall six times, rise seven.
- No, no, no, no you don't.
- [grunts]
[drone snarling]
- These stupid kids are gonna
screw everything up!
That's enough.
- There's too many of 'em.
- Just keep blasting.
[tense music]
[remote beeps]
- Uh-oh!
- Argh!
- What's wrong?
- I'm out of power.
- Me too!
- Fun time's over.
[drones chirping]
- Check it out.
- No way.
Go Jack!
[drone warbling]
- Do you think we could
find a way
to hack into his comms panel?
[distorted ringing]
- Dr. Abel.
- Nolan--
- Let me guess.
The board's asked you
to beg me to stop.
To control me.
Like always.
- [sighs]
Nolan, I'm not sure you realize
the gravity of the situation
you've created.
You are an extraordinary
young man.
Your destiny should not end
like this.
- You and that stupid company
never understood
the potential of my creation!
You never did.
I mean we could've--we could've
repaired failing water dams.
We could have
prevented genocide
without any ground forces.
We could have rescued
sinking ships
in the middle
of the Atlantic.
- No one doubted
the TerraBorg's potential.
But one needs to be patient
with these things.
- Patience, patience.
See, that is the whole problem
with your entire generation,
is that you don't realize
that you need to move fast
and think radically
in order to make actual
progress in this world.
And now--now, you think that
you can just turn these off
in a board room meeting?
And stop me?
No, I won't be held back.
The future will not
be held back.
Not by you, not by
Takkara Corp, not by anybody!
- Nolan,
if you do not stop now,
we will kill
all those TerraBorgs,
and you will go to prison.
- Is that what
you really think?
[ominous music]
Come and stop me then.
- Nolan, don't do this--
[monstrous snarls]
[drones chirping]
- [groaning]
- Jack!
- What's happening?
- Something's sucking him in!
- Joey!
- Jack, no!
[suspenseful music]
Come on,
we've gotta follow them!
- It's pitch black in there.
- I'm his big brother.
It was my job
to look out for him!
- Dude, maybe we should try
to look for help.
What if we can't beat
these aliens?
- They're not aliens.
- No?
- They're something worse.
- What's worse than aliens?
- Big tech.
- Big tech?
Come on.
I know you hate smartphones
and all,
but do you really think
some random app company
is sending drones
to take over towns?
- Hear me out.
These tech companies
don't answer to anybody.
They take away our privacy,
spy on us through phones,
control us through
social media.
I mean, we've been their
guinea pigs the whole time,
and we just don't know it.
They test new stuff out
all the time,
and if something goes wrong
we're just supposed
to sit back and take it?
- Wack.
- You said it.
Not this time.
This time, they messed up
the wrong experiment.
[dramatic music]
- It's disturbing to see
such raw willpower.
- It's not willpower.
It's ego.
He's drawing them into the lab.
Whatever he's planning,
he's doing it soon.
[ominous music]
[electrical storm]
- [heavy breathing]
I don't see him anymore.
- I think we're going
the wrong way.
- Just keep riding,
we can't fall behind!
- We might be going
the wrong way.
- I can't go much further
My truck's totally busted.
- Look!
- What is that?
- Uh, I think that's
the old aquarium.
- [grunting]
- TerraBorgs?
- My grandpa and I
used to come here all the time.
The city shut it down
a few years ago.
- Doesn't look so shut down
to me.
- Jack's in there.
- How do you know?
- When we were little
we used to play video games
with each other every day.
We could talk to each other
without actually saying
anything, just--
feel it.
It's a brother's thing,
I guess.
[door opens, slams]
- Who are you?
And what are you doing here?
- You made the TerraBorgs.
- I did.
- Why?
- [sighs]
"The will of many,
the vision of one."
- The "Chronicles"?
I was right!
You did use cell phones
to brainwash everyone.
And that was the Dawn Command
symbol in the weird static,
wasn't it?
- I did not realize
I was speaking with an expert
on the mythology.
That's very good.
- What are you trying to do?
Where are our parents?
Why did you clear the city?
- As--as a fellow fan, I think
that you will appreciate
that just like Gondo Fujihara
in the "Chronicles,"
I've heard the needs of the
masses, and just like him,
I have decided to be
a master of my own destiny.
Subject no longer to the rules
and limitations
of our bloated
bureaucratic society.
Like him, I have built
an ultimate tool.
A tool that will make me
It's very exciting.
- Gondo Fujihara
is a psychopath,
and so are you.
- Why are the lights on?
- Coast is clear.
Come on.
[suspenseful music]
- Strange equipment
for an aquarium.
- Where could Jack be?
What if we're too late?
- The course of a warrior's
destiny cannot be altered.
- Sick.
- Time to find your brother.
[AC/DC's "Highway to Hell"]
- Look.
- What are those kids doing
in there?
- I don't know,
but we've gotta find a way
to communicate with them.
Those kids could be
our only hope.
- Living easy,
living free
Season ticket
on a one-way ride
Asking nothing,
leave me be
- My Mom was right.
I never should've quit karate.
- Don't need reason
Don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing
I would rather do
- Joey!
- Jack!
- Goin' down
- Joey, listen, this guy
who makes these things.
They're called TerraBorgs.
He's gonna do something big.
- I'm sorry that I doubted you,
I'll always be there for you.
- I'll always be there
for you too.
- What does that mean?
- It means let's move!
- My friends are gonna
be there too
I'm on the highway to hell
On the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
- Come on, come on.
- No stop signs,
no speed limit
Nobody's gonna
slow me down
Like a wheel,
gonna spin it
- Yes!
- Nobody's gonna
mess me around
- Quick, let's go!
- Highway to hell
- You know what you're doing
with this thing?
- No idea.
- And I'm going down
[pulsing beep]
- What are you doing?
- Give me that.
[electronic hum]
- Come on.
[suspenseful music]
Who's this guy?
- I think he's trying
to tell us something.
- He's on mute.
- --lo, hello, hello!?
Hello, can you hear me?
both: Ow.
- Yeah, we hear you, man.
What's up?
Who are you?
- Children, my name
is Dr. Lawrence Abel.
Our time is limited,
so you need to listen to me
very carefully.
- We're all ears, doc.
- The civilian population
of Kono Beach
has been placed
in a state of hypersleep.
- Hypersleep?
Those are our parents!
- What does that even mean?
- For the moment,
we believe they are all safe
in a deep hypnosis
inside Kono stadium,
but our time is limited,
and you may be in a unique
position to help them.
- Now what?
- We must break the signal
and wake up the people.
Once we do,
within an hour or so,
your parents will eventually
come to and be fine.
But this is
experimental technology.
Still unfinished.
If we don't
deactivate the signal,
its effect could cause
irreversible damage
on those who are
under its spell.
Time is running out.
- So how do we do this?
- To break the signal,
you must find and remove
the command drive.
A black cylindrical device,
like um--a flash drive.
We believe it's plugged
into a powerful server
inside that laboratory.
- I'm on it.
- [panting]
- We better split up.
There isn't much time.
- [screaming]
[both screaming]
- Awesome!
- This isn't a joyride.
Do something!
- The command drive.
All right.
You got this.
[exciting music]
[alarm blaring]
- They did it.
They did it!
The signal has been broken.
- All right, listen up.
I want boots on the ground
in Kono
before those folks come to.
And remember, Doctor.
None of this ever happened.
[laser zapping]
- Was that it?
What happened
to the rest of 'em?
- I did it!
I did it.
I killed the command drive.
- What does that mean?
- It means it's over.
Let's get out of here!
- That way.
- Whoa.
What is this?
- Must've been working
on something.
[dramatic music]
[chorus humming]
- What the...?
- Game over, stupid kids.
- [yells]
- Fire!
[electricity surges]
- Joey!
I have an idea!
Aim and be ready!
[heroic music]
[heavy blast]
[warm music]
- You did it, Jack.
- Nice work, man.
- Kaboom.
That was epic.
- Way to go, Jack.
- Hey, we should celebrate.
- Party at my place.
- Sounds good.
- I got dance moves.
- Okay, all right.
all: Go Jack, go Jack,
go Jack, go Jack.
Go Jack, go Jack,
go Jack, go Jack.
all: Oooh!
[foreboding music]
- Jack.
Jack, wake up.
- Mom?
- Hi.
- Mom!
- Oh, hey!
Whoa, whoa!
Mom abuse, Mom abuse!
Come on, we're gonna be late.
Dude, what is this mess?
We talked about cleaning up
after ourselves.
[soft dramatic music]
- Pfft, no way.
Did you see
what the news says?
- Yeah.
- [sighs]
Does Mom know?
- No.
- But what if nobody ever
believes what really happened?
- It's something we should
probably be prepared for.
- [sighs] So what are we
supposed to do now?
[adventurous music]
- [heavy breathing]
Mr. Takkara, if you
are receiving this message,
please know that
it was never my intention
for things to unfold
as they have.
We lost some assets,
and the damage was more
than I could have ever
anticipated, but--
I think that you will agree
the experiment was successful.
My only intention
has always been
to move forward
with my technology
and follow in your giant
footsteps, Mr. Takkara.
It's time to initiate
Phase Two.
[static hisses]