Adventures of Aladdin (2019) Movie Script

- Maghreb...
My beloved Shahzadi...
I fear my time is short
and I must secure the realm.
My loyal adviser, Maghreb,
you have long served
our people as their Vizier.
And I can think of no other
to fill your shoes as well.
- Thank you, my Sultan.
My only wish is to continue
to serve our people.
- And so you shall.
Maghreb, you shall
continue your role
as most wise and
trusted counselor.
Upon my death,
Princess Shahzadi
shall rule as
Sultana of Baghdad.
Allah's will be done.
- No!
It is my turn!
It is my right!
No woman has ever
led our people!
It would be...
It would be an abomination!
- It is my wish and my command!
Shahzadi has
proven her worth
and our commitment
to our people.
Times change.
She has earned the right
to rule in my stead.
So it shall be.
- This... This is sacrilege!
Out of my way!
- He can be
a trifle troublesome.
But my daughter,
you will manage.
- By the power given
to me by the Dark Ones,
I command you to come to me!
Here you are.
Mine, all mine.
Still not strong enough!
Patience, patience.
If you will not come to me,
then I shall brave
the cave alone.
Then we shall see who sits
on top the throne as Sultan.
- My father's favorite garden.
It is fitting that we
honor his memory on this day.
- It is.
For only here,
we will find flowers
that match your beauty,
Your Highness.
- I've already forgiven
your outburst
in my father's chambers.
- And I am grateful,
but my sentiments, they are
sincere, Your Highness.
- Flowery flattery, Vizier.
- Honest praise,
and today, I am just Maghreb.
- Yes! It is nice to loosen
the restraints of office
once in a while, is it not?
- Yes, it is.
Perhaps we can do
this more often...
- Look! There!
I love acrobats.
- Mindless little monkey men.
- I thought Baghdad was
supposed to be generous.
- You just got here.
Give them time.
- A city in celebration
is a city with money.
- And I'm certain some will
find its way into our hands.
- Help! Fire!
Somebody put it out, quick!
- Oh, no!
The fireworks have set alight!
- Oh!
- Stop! Thief!
Help! Help!
- Most impressive!
I should like
to reward that young man.
- Indeed.
Most impressive.
- Oh, thank you!
- All in a day's work,
my friend.
Oh, speaking of which...
- Eh?
- I was in the middle of mine
when all this happened.
So perhaps you could
see your way to...
- Are you suggesting I pay you
for doing me a favor?
- The Koran says do good deeds
and the rewards of
paradise await.
But in the meantime...
- In the meantime?
I don't recall
reading that part!
- Well, it certainly ought to
be in there, don't you think?
- No!
- Um...
- Unhand me!
- Ahem!
- A mistake.
It's not at all what
it looks like.
- Fairly sure it's exactly
what it looks like,
but not my concern.
Someone wishes to have
a word with you.
- My fortune has
seemed to change.
- Your capture of the thief
was most impressive.
What is your name, Acrobat?
- Aladdin.
- Forgive me.
I did not hear you.
- Aladdin, my lady.
- You may approach, Aladdin.
I don't bite, Aladdin.
Come here, please?
This charm has been
in my family for many years.
It has protected me from evil
and now it shall protect you.
- It is too much, my lady.
- He's most certainly right.
It's far too much,
Your Highness.
- Your bravery deserves reward
and I want you to have this.
A pleasure to meet you,
- What just happened?
- Do you honestly not know?
- Allah has given him eyes
and he doth not see.
- Stop that.
You're not a holy man.
- Words of the righteous
may fall from any lip.
- Aladdin, do you not know why
this city is celebrating today?
- One Sultan goes,
another Sultan comes.
What of it?
- Not Sultan.
- Yes, you fool.
You just met
the ruler of Baghdad.
- Wait!
How could I miss that?
- Well, perhaps the charms
on her wrist
weren't the only charms
you were focused on.
- I was thinking that myself.
- I was thinking she seemed
to like Acrobat Aladdin.
- I was thinking
that myself, too.
- You're both mad.
She was...
She was merely toying
with a peasant.
- Peasants don't get
silver gifts.
Deeper currents run
in this river.
- Allah hath said...
- Stop it!
- My friends, give me a moment
to gather my thoughts.
I'll be back.
- I assume by now
you know who I am.
- Greetings, Vizier.
- Well met, Acrobat.
- Aladdin.
- You know, the palace
could use a man like you
with such skills and
talents, Acrobat.
- I've already received
my payment from the palace.
- A man such as yourself
does not work for charity.
- A man such as me?
- A real man earns his way.
I offer a task and the payment
is far greater than the award.
- What could be worth
more than that?
- Perhaps an invitation to
an audience with the Sultana?
- The Sultana?
- Mmm.
Why, it is she who needs you,
a man with your talents
and skills, young man.
- An acrobat, it seems.
- Just so, just so.
Assist me in
completing this task
and I shall promptly escort you
to the palace
where you can pick up
where you left off.
She saw a very brave and
resourceful young man today,
one that certainly
piqued her interest.
Now come.
We must reach our destination
before the moon is full.
My friends, they need me.
Our act...
- Currently Sultana needs you
and she awaits our return.
Now come.
We must leave at once.
- First he's flirting
with princesses.
Now he's riding with royalty?
- Are Viziers royal?
- Do they arrest
you for flirting?
- He doesn't look arrested.
- He doesn't look happy either.
Something is going on.
- When Allah directs
a strong wind,
a man must sail that course.
- Guys, we gotta
go grab horses and follow...
- Follow them, agreed!
- Truly a desolate wasteland.
I thought there
was nothing out here.
- The desert holds many,
many secrets, Acrobat.
- Aladdin.
My name is Aladdin.
- Names and titles
are interchangeable
and unimportant, I say.
- So, Vizier, what do
you require of me?
- Demon!
- Vessel.
Vessel, boy.
The will of Allah
runs through me.
I am but a holy man
carrying out His will.
- What does he wish?
- Inside, there is
a caravan of treasure,
a cache of wealth that
has been carried down
from Sultan to Sultan
since time immemorial.
- I always wondered
where the money came from.
There's a lamp.
It represent the Sultana's
right to rule.
You must retrieve the lamp
and bring it to her immediately
so that she may bless it.
Then we return the lamp
so it will await
its next eventual ruler.
There are obstacles
inside the cave.
And, unfortunately,
I am too old and beat up
to contend with them, so...
Now this staff
will light your way.
And this rope will help
you with said obstacles.
Simply unwind it
and place it in any hole
you come across and let it go.
- It will drop.
- You must return
before moonset,
for that is when
the cave will close
and I will be unable to open it
until the next full moon.
- I will have some tales to tell
the Sultana when we return.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, you shall.
Now go, please.
- He said let it go and drop.
By the Prophet!
So every new Sultan or
Vizier makes this trip?
Again with the fire?
A man could spend a lifetime
trying to find the real lamp.
Apparently, someone did.
The light of knowledge destroys
the darkness of ignorance.
- Thank you... fool!
How dare you touch the
Sultan of Baghdad!
Oh, no!
No! No!
- Where's Aladdin?
- Shh.
We'll follow his tracks
back after he passes.
- Then we need to go now.
- There it is.
This makes you Sultan?
- There! Look!
- Like a well-thrown dart
in a game of chance.
The hand of Allah
has guided our steps.
- Thank you, oh, Wise One!
- Enough!
Aladdin needs us.
- Alas, our friend is entombed.
We're too late!
- Already I miss him.
- Already I miss
the 30 drachma he owes me.
- It was only 20!
- By the Prophet!
- Aladdin!
- I knew you were alive.
I tried to tell them.
- First you were enslaved
and then entombed?
How comes this?
- I was entombed,
but not enslaved, Samad.
- What of the Vizier?
- It is a story long in
the telling, my friends.
- Then start it properly
at the beginning.
- The lamp still evades us,
my little pet.
But I will be Sultan and
Shahzadi will be my bride.
At moonrise, I retrieve
what is mine!
- And then I catapulted out of
the cave and into your arms.
- Tell me again about
the special lamp?
- It is a symbol of
the Sultan's right to rule.
The new Sultan or Sultana
must bless it
and then it must be
returned to the cave.
- I've never heard
of such a thing.
And I've lived in
Baghdad my whole life.
- All 23 years of it.
- I agree. There's something
more below the surface here.
- Let's have a look at
the wellspring
of all these woes.
Well, it's definitely a lamp.
- Okay.
It's an ordinary lamp.
- Why would there be
so many traps guarding it?
- Who knows why royals
do anything they do?
I once heard...
- If it's worth something
to the Vizier,
then it's worth something to us.
We could sell it.
- I don't know.
- We used the last of
our coins on the horses.
- And I don't think
the Vizier is going to be
paying you any time soon.
Perhaps you could
sell the charm.
- I'll clean up the lamp,
then we'll sell it.
- I still think
there's something special
about that lamp.
- Oh! Oh!
- I am the Genie of the Lamp!
Thou hast summoned me.
Why doest thou hide, O Master?
Rise so I may serve thee.
- Forgive me.
I didn't summon thee.
- Thou didst summon me
from the lamp.
- I told you it was special.
- So that's why the Vizier
wanted the lamp.
- That coward!
He sent you to brave the traps
that he should
have braved himself!
He is so unworthy.
- Does that make me worthy?
- Worthy of being
the Vizier's lamp lackey.
- Yes.
You've done well to tell me
these things, mortal.
- Mortal?
You're real?
A genie?
Magic is real.
- I appeared out of a lamp
in a puff of smoke.
Was that nothing to you?
- Actually, it was
when the Vizier
opened up the magic cave.
- The Vizier consorts
with the Dark Ones.
You must avoid him at all cost.
- That will be difficult.
You see, he stands
between me and a...
a woman I've met.
- Ah, now that is
more to my liking.
Romance is my specialty.
So who is this... woman?
- A woman out of his league.
- I woman I dare not romance.
- Romance? That's what
started the entire mess!
Imagined romance!
- Oh, friends of my master,
do you doubt
my master's affections?
- Did he just call you
his master again?
- He who summons me rules me.
- I have a genie.
Oh, wait.
How does this work?
- What do you desire?
- If I were to be honest,
at this moment, a hot meal.
- A feast!
For you and your friends?
- Why not?
Try not to over-season
the mutton, if you would.
- Hmm.
- By Allah!
I was jesting!
- Well, your stomach
said otherwise, master.
- Sorcery!
- Genie. Now sit.
Come on, come on, come on.
- It wasn't the stars
in your eyes
It wasn't the heavens above
Your smile was
just a disguise
And my purse disappeared
with your love
- Your love
- How do you know all our songs?
- Genie.
- Ugh!
- Hey!
- That stench is worse
than a dead camel's backside.
- Eh.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Aladdin, surely this genie
can give you
whatever your heart desires.
- Indeed I can, master.
- I have all that
I could ever need.
I have you, my good friends
who are to me as family.
I have my health.
Our life is pleasant.
I lack for nothing.
- There's nothing missing?
- If I'm to be honest...
the only thing missing
would be love.
And Shahzadi is the only piece
that would make the puzzle
of my life complete.
- Shahzadi?
She can be yours!
- Alas, I am unworthy.
She is Sultana.
And I am nothing
but a street performer,
A commoner.
- A peasant.
- Plebe.
- A rube.
- Laborer.
- Serf.
- Boor.
- Ouch!
- Well, I see what
you problem is, Aladdin.
You two need to be equals.
I shall make her a peasant.
- No, no.
I can't make that
decision for her.
If I were a prince, well,
then she could consider me.
- Well, I can make you a prince!
Either way works for me.
Mortals choose their own paths.
I merely assist.
- How do you get to
be a genie?
Where do you come from?
- We're born to it,
slaves of the mystic lamp,
and the power therein.
- You and the lamp are one?
- If the lamp
were to be sundered,
I would be my own man.
But as long as it remains whole,
I'm forever bound to it.
- So you have no parents?
No sisters? Brothers?
- I am as you see me.
- What's your name?
- My name?
In 10,000 years and
endless masters,
no one has ever asked
me that before.
- I like knowing
the names of my friends.
- Nor has anyone
called me that either!
- Then it's time
we changed that.
I am Aladdin.
- Aladdin.
Well, my name is
far too long
and too difficult
for you to say.
So you may call me Friend,
though I am partial
to the name Murat.
- Wish come true.
- Exactly.
Now back to matters at hand.
If a prince you wish to be,
then appropriate
raiment is in order.
Stand up!
Up, up, up, up.
Come on, quickly, quickly.
It might look a little out
of date fashion-wise
'cause it has been a minute
since I've seen what's current.
- Your clothes!
You look like a prince!
- See?
I told you my fashion sense
was good.
- I think the Sultana will still
recognize acrobat Aladdin.
- Easily rectified!
- Impressive.
Allah himself
would not recognize him.
- Allah sees past the wrapping
to the gift within.
- The wrapping has
more value than the gift.
- What are you all on about?
- You're still the same, Master,
except everyone else
sees a different you.
- I'm not sure I want
to be a "different you".
- It's just what's inside
you that never changes.
She will love the real you,
rest assured.
There's still something missing.
Ah, stand back!
This will be
the end-all, be-all!
- What does that even mean?
- Ya salaam.
- You took the words
right out of my mouth, brother.
- Well, my Master,
I believe this meets
the criteria that
you commanded.
- I suppose it'll suffice.
- Suffice?!
By the beard of the Prophet!
- I'm sorry, Murat. I...
I just wanted to see what you
would do if a wish went wrong.
- Well, my wishes
never go wrong.
Sultana certainly
can't find fault with this.
- She'll never see it.
She's never left Baghdad.
- Well, guess what?
I'll bring the Sultana here.
- No, no, no, no!
Whoo, no! No.
No magic.
We'll invite her.
She should come
to me on her own.
- Oh.
Okay, Master.
As you command.
- It is nice to leave
the worries of the palace behind
even for a moment, yes?
- They are, unfortunately,
never far behind.
- Well, perhaps
the burdens of office
are far too much for
one person to handle alone.
- That is why I have you,
my Vizier.
- Well, perhaps I could mean
more to you than just Vizier,
Shahzadi, if only...
- My Sultana, I bring
a message from a courier.
- A courier?
You may rise.
A courier from whom?
- I don't know, my lady,
but he rode upon
a beautiful white horse.
- "His Royal Highness,
Prince Ali Ababba,
"extends his congratulations
to his royal neighbor
and invites Her Majesty to
attend a feast in her honor."
Who is Ali Ababba?
- I know of no such royal family
by that name, Your Highness.
- Nonetheless, we shall attend.
- Ah, she's here, Master!
She'll enter in moments.
- I am ready to receive them.
- Not quite.
Your friends must not be seen
or else all will be undone.
- Wait! What?
- Regrets.
They have all the best food
in their rooms, Master.
- Very well.
That was one of two concerns.
- Correct.
Now you, my handsome fellow,
need to make an entrance!
- This is wealth unimagined,
- Indeed.
How have we not known of
such wealth?
How have I not known
of this wealth?
- Where is our host?
- At last.
Delighted to meet you.
Greetings and felicitations,
exalted guests.
Welcome to my humble home,
Your Majesty.
- Humble...
- Thank you, Your Highness.
May I introduce
my most trusted Vizier?
Maghreb Arshad al-Badour.
- Your invitation is most
gracious, Your Highness.
Your, uh...
home is quite lovely.
- Greetings to you, Maghreb.
Please, permit me the honor
of giving you a small tour
before we dine.
- The honor and pleasure
would be ours, Your Highness.
- I would be honored if you
would call me Ali, Your Majesty.
- He treats me like
a little sister.
- You have known each
other your whole lives.
It's hard for him
to see you as anything else.
- She doesn't have anything
that I don't have!
Well, we know each other.
I know him more
than he knows himself.
- If you did, you would
see what's in his heart now.
- I may steal your chef,
Prince Ali.
The variety of dishes
you served was amazing.
I did not know the names
of half of them.
- Neither did I.
- Oh?
- My, uh...
My chef is relatively
new to this region.
- This is a pleasant diversion.
Your garden is lovely.
- Aha! I win again.
- You mean, you cheated again.
- You wound me.
Was there ever a man
more misunderstood?
- Oh, I understand you fine,
you wooly-headed rascal!
This time, you've gone too far!
- Temper!
It is but magic money!
- It's the principle!
- It's always
the honest man that suffers!
- The Acrobats!
Aladdin has the lamp!
- Your garden is truly
remarkable, Prince Ali.
- Please, just Ali.
- Never have I seen
such lush growth before.
Such unusual trees.
- My gardener called
it a forest.
- I love gardens.
- As do I.
As a youth, I would
sit in the trees barefoot
and play the flute.
- I was never allowed
to climb a tree.
- Mm, rules, rituals,
- Such is our life.
- You should never be afraid
to break a rule
if it means
a little happiness.
- Happiness is hard to come by
when you rule a kingdom.
You know this.
- I know I yearn for a life
that is more than ruling.
- Your home is truly beautiful,
Prince Ali.
- Made even more so by your
presence, Your Highness.
- Please, no flattery.
I get my fill of that at home.
- Every royal does,
but surely you have
learned to tell the difference
between false and real?
- I seem to have
missed that lesson.
- Allow me to share the chapter
you skipped, my lady.
Were the stars themselves
to drop from the heavens,
they could not match
the sparkle in your eyes.
- Even the dimmest village girl
would not fall for that.
- The sound of your laughter
is like unto sweet music
and gladdens my heart.
- That is better.
- Your hands are
as warm as your smile.
- They are merely hands.
- They tremble
as does your heart.
- I think I've learnt
the lesson, Prince Ali.
- You're a quick study.
- I have a good teacher.
- And what has
the student learned?
- It's the eyes.
The mouth may speak,
but the eyes
speak the truth.
- Then you know the truth
of the matter regarding me.
Your Highness?
Come join me.
- Prince Ali, I...
I couldn't.
- Ah-ah. Mm-mm.
My garden, my rules,
and there are none.
Come. I'll help you up.
- My mother used to say,
"Aaliya, my heart,
time for bed.
The moon will
be back tomorrow."
- Aaliya?
- My middle name.
Father named me Shahzadi
because I was a princess
in his life,
not just by office.
But my mother
named me Aaliya.
Do you have a
private name to share?
Maghreb, what are you doing?
- Don't, no.
- Thank you, Prince Ali,
or should I say Aladdin?
- The eyes!
The acrobat!
- Yes, my dear.
He has deceived us
all into believing
that he was a real prince.
- But the palace, the garden!
- All magic!
- Let her go, Maghreb.
- Magic?
- Behold.
- Thou has summoned me, Master?
Command me.
- Genie, I quite
like this palace.
Move it to yon
mountaintop here.
I shall rule
from there as Sultan...
with my new bride, of course.
- No!
- Genie, take all that
I now possess to my new home.
Thank you, fool.
Enjoy your return to poverty!
- No, no...
Shall we?
- I knew it was
too good to last.
- Aladdin, what happened?
- The Vizier happened.
And that's where we have
to go to set it right.
- How would we get there?
We have no horses,
no camels, no genie!
Maghreb took everything!
- And we will get it back.
- How?
We have no weapons, no magic.
- We have each other.
- He has a genie.
We should leave while we can.
- He may not spare us
when we next meet.
- Aladdin, this is a sign,
a sign that we have no business
consorting with royalty.
Their concerns are not ours!
- In the heavens,
we all look the same,
we just follow different paths.
- So a wicked man in power
doesn't concern us?
All of this happened
because of me.
It's mine to undo.
- I'm with you, Aladdin.
- As am I.
- When a man stretcheth
out his hand,
his brother may not refuse.
- Or his sister.
I'll go.
But only because you lot
can barely tie
your sashes without me.
- Why, the radiance
from your cheeks
shames even the moon
and stars into retreat.
- What do you want, Vizier?
- It is Sultan to you, my lamb.
- I am not your lamb!
- Genie.
My betrothed
needs proper raiment.
- As thy command, Master.
- Ah, ever more lovely.
Genie, you may go.
- I will never
marry you, Vizier!
- Hmm. Your venom stings,
but I shall pull your
fangs soon enough.
Now prepare yourself,
my love.
- Never use that name!
- That's it
unless we find more.
- There should be more up
ahead by the mountain.
- It is so hot already!
I don't think
we can make it that far!
Aladdin, we're still
close enough to Baghdad.
Let us return and
grab supplies at least.
- No. We don't have time.
We don't know what
Maghreb's planning.
We must move forward.
- To be honest, I'm not
in such a hurry to meet up
with a wicked man
wielding a genie!
- Samad...
I don't know
what fate awaits us.
Take courage, brother.
We will make this right.
- You would die for a lie?
- Even the Vizier
spoke with a little wisdom.
He said it is never sad
to embrace your destiny.
- I don't like this.
- Nor do I, Sister.
It wreaks of sorcery.
- Guys?
A little help?
- Dairush!
- Come on, Dariush!
- I'm slipping!
- It's a trap!
Hold me!
Dariush! Grab my hand!
Grab me, grab me.
- I can't...
- Dariush!
- Hold on to his hand!
- Grab my hand!
- I have your lunch,
Your Highness.
- Dariush would
have something lofty to say
if he were here now.
- If we weren't here,
he would be here.
- It's happening again.
- We should get under cover!
- Ah!
- Sister!
- Naveena!
- Samad!
- No!
Oh, no!
- He's dead!
He's dead!
- I...
Am not... Your wife!
- Is this truly the whole
of our world?
- As thee commanded
to see, Master.
- The lands beyond land,
vast oceans!
There must be sights
and marvels to behold.
- Oh, indeed, Master.
Wouldst thou carest to see
a volcano up close?
It's truly a wondrous
thing to see first-hand.
Though only needst wish, hmm?
- Volcano?
What is a volcano?
- It's--
- Never mind.
Perhaps you can tell me later.
For now, I wish to hear
more about these distant lands
and who dwells there
and all the gold they possess.
- As you wish, Master.
- This is sorcery.
Maghreb knows we're coming.
- I don't think so.
He has set traps.
But if he were watching us,
he'd make certain
we'd all be dead.
- He toys with us.
We are but flies in his web.
- It's possible,
but I have to believe
that there's a chance
to set this right.
We have to try.
- We will all die trying?
Just like Dariush?
Just like...
This is all your fault.
If you hadn't tried
to impress a princess,
we'd all be back in Baghdad now,
planning our next show!
And now my brother
is dead because of you.
- Naveena, I'm sorry.
None of this was
supposed to happen.
- If you're sorry,
let's go back now!
Before it's too late!
- We can't do that.
We have to finish this.
- We die to save a woman
you imagine you love?
- He's not the only one.
- Naveena...
We are as family.
Dariush and Samad,
they were my brothers, too.
- You're so blind!
Dariush and Samad would follow
you to the ends of the earth!
We all would...
But you led us to this,
and now they're dead.
I'm done.
- Naveena, please.
- I will not die for her.
You may follow your heart...
but mine has died.
I'm going back to Baghdad.
Return with me and live
or remain and be fools.
- I'm sorry, Naveena.
We have to finish this.
We have to stop Maghreb.
- How many guards patrolling?
- When I wished for a palace,
did I wish for this many guards?
- I can safely say that's the
work of the Vizier, I believe.
- But that window looks
particularly inviting.
- A man standing
on another man's shoulders
should be able
to make it without effort.
- Let's see if that's true.
- Where's Maghreb
keeping the Sultana?
This can be hard
or easy, my friend.
I'm gonna release this gag
and you will give us answers.
If you yell...
we won't
be so gentle this time.
Where's the Sultana being held?
And what is the feast for?
- You're the acrobats.
- Yes.
We're here to save the Sultana.
- She's on the second floor.
She is to be married
to the Sultan tomorrow.
- The Sultan?
- Maghreb.
He's made himself Sultan.
We have to hurry.
And forgive me.
Give me that.
You know nothing of fighting.
- I'm learning.
- Shahzadi!
- Aladdin!
You came back!
I am so glad to see you!
- You are?
- Wait! No! I'm not.
You lied to me!
- I can explain,
but now is not the time.
- You took the words
out of my mouth.
We should leave quickly.
- Well, that explains that.
- I need no rescuer,
but I'm pleased that
you've made the effort.
- I could not do nothing.
This is all my fault
and I have to set it right.
- Your new honesty
is refreshing, Acrobat.
I look forward to
hearing your tale.
- It's not quite over yet.
- Well, that took you
long enough.
Trouble with the sand traps?
Shahzadi, my flower,
consorting with
the rabble again?
You know, even in
slaves' garb,
you're still the most beautiful
flower in the garden.
Much better.
Now come.
Come sit next to me,
my Sultana.
- I am not your Sultana!
- Hmm.
These cherries are delicious.
Your fall from grace
is also delicious.
- Your taste is questionable,
- Sultan.
- In name only.
Without the genie,
you're just a little man
with a little lizard.
- Hmm. Indeed.
We shall rectify
that scenario.
Genie, see to it that
my beloved Tanin
is a formidable adversary
for the Acrobat.
Oh, and be sure
that he breaths fire.
That should make things
more interesting.
- As thou commands, Master.
- What were you thinking?
- I thought
he'd fight me himself!
- If we live through this,
I will kill you myself!
- Aladdin!
- You've never understood
the office which you held.
The people don't want a friend.
They want a ruler.
- Here, you overgrown tadpole!
- A Sultan leads and
punishes as needed.
Only a man can
know these things.
- A real man doesn't need
a genie to accomplish them!
- Perhaps, but it helps.
- Over here, you great
big ugly belching beast!
- Zamir!
- Bravery is
no substitute for skill.
- A thousand lashes wouldn't
be enough for you!
- Flee, you fool.
- Yes. Flee, you fool.
Run back to the squalor
from which you rose...
...and I will let you live.
He never gives up that easily.
He's up to something.
Guards, find him and kill him.
- You are a serpent
made of lies!
- But never with you, my sweet.
Be at ease.
This will all be over soon.
Such spirit.
We will make a perfect match
once your soul
has blended with the Dark Ones.
Genie, fetch me my
conjuring bowl and tools.
We have a ceremony to perform.
- Thy wish is
my command, Master.
- I revealed a glimpse
of the Dark Arts
to that dunce Aladdin.
He understood nothing.
- Foolish mortal.
- Yes. Yes, he is.
You meant Aladdin, yes?
- But, of course, Master.
- I call to thee
Oh, Dark Ones.
I give you my own
life blood.
My devotion.
I have offered them
your mind and your soul.
The rest of you,
well, that shall
be my reward.
- You'll never live
to collect it, you swine!
- There's the defiant spirit
I love so much.
We'll be a perfect match
once it's aligned with mine.
- What matter of man needs magic
to push his will on another?
- You gave your heart
to a peasant!
A charm, the likes of which
you never gave to me!
- Is that where this all began?
Sad fool...
My heart was
never yours to claim!
- That sharp tongue shall
be first thing I silence!
- Oh! Oh!
- The Dark Ones bless me
with their countenance.
I am their living vessel.
- Well, if thou has such power,
what need has thou for me?
- The price they exact
is a high one.
My years shall fade
much like the leaves
that drift from
a tree in the fall.
You shall act as my conduit
from this day forth
to carry out my will
so that I may live
my years of leisure with her.
It shall be
my last act of magic.
The Dark Ones call
to you, Shahzadi!
- Stop it, you fool! It's me!
Maghreb is protected!
Destroy the bowl!
Save Shahzadi!
- No!
You think you've won?
You worthless dog.
Come claim your reward.
- The dragon's weak spot
is his eyes.
Go for the eyes!
- I confess I am most
impressed, Acrobat.
Few men have had
a day such as yours
and lived to tell the tale.
Why, you wooed a Sultana
and won her heart.
You braved the Cave of Death.
Did I mention that's
the real name of that cave?
You had a genie, a palace
and true love all
in the span of a day.
You fought a dragon,
and lived.
All for her.
Was it worth it?
Perhaps we should
ask your friends.
You had friends with you
when you came in, right?
Loyal friends, I recall now.
Loyal to the end,
I believe the phrase goes.
But they all met their end
helping you find true love.
I just realized that
you're exactly like me.
Why, you discard and
destroy anything
and anyone who gets in
the way of what you want.
Why, you could be my son!
Hmm, there's one
of your friends.
I think I shall hear
his screams
in my dreams tonight.
I know that you will.
Took you long enough.
He's all yours, my pet.
- We go together, Vizier!
- You've learned nothing, dolt!
Now die!
Let me live me in peace.
Clearly a mistake,
hiring an acrobat.
- Inshallah, guide my hand.
- Tanin!
Shahzadi gave you a powerful
charm that day, Acrobat.
Kill him.
- Yes, Master.
- What is happening?
Why does he still live?
- I too am mystified,
O Master.
- No charm is that powerful.
- Yes, and he's also
an agile acrobat!
Truly his skill
is unparalleled!
- I am your master.
You must obey me!
- Thy every wish is as
a command to me.
- Now slay this man.
- Yes, Master.
It seems he enjoys favor
from above, O Master.
- Enough!
I am the holder of the lamp!
- I see no lamp.
He who holds
the lamp commands me.
- Here now be the lamp
that commands you.
- Ah, yes, the lamp
that binds me with its power,
never to be sundered.
- Now remove him
from my sight!
- Yes, Master.
- At last.
Never has there been
a bigger thorn in my side.
You and I have much
to discuss, Genie.
There is no place for friendship
in the realm of rule.
is the greatest treasure
of all, you demon.
- You still live?
Treacherous slave, kill him
and be done with it!
- No lamp, no Master.
- Fine.
You speak of friendship?
That knife sure looks like
it could use a companion.
I hope there's enough life
left in you to see
what I do to your last friend.
What do you imagine you're
going to do with that?
- This!
You came back.
- I told you that you couldn't
tie your sashes without me.
- Genie, come forth!
The Dark Ones
still favor me, peasant!
- Ah!
- Even to the end,
you avoid your fate.
- Dodging things is what I do.
- That's all you've
ever been good at.
That is for my pet!
That's for stealing the lamp!
And that is for
stealing her heart!
- Will there be one for
being a better man than you?
- A fitting end
to the would-be prince.
- As you said, we must
all embrace our destiny.
- No Genie, no friends,
no charm, so no magic!
Die, Acrobat!
- He's waking.
- He sounds confused.
- If he thinks I'm an angel,
then he's definitely confused.
- Not yet, my heart.
You've been unconscious
for many days now.
- Maghreb?
Where are we?
- We're safe.
We're home.
You're in bed.
- Maghreb is no more.
You killed him.
- No.
A great wind came and
carried him off the cliff.
- Not a great wind.
He had a little push.
I couldn't let
that two-bit sorcerer
kill the best friend
I ever had.
- Thank you, Murat.
My friend.
But what of you now?
Where will you go?
I destroyed the lamp.
- Wherever I will,
former Master.
I am no longer bound
to the lamp.
- I am pleased.
You have earned your freedom.
I guess I should be
on my way as well.
- On your way?
- Home.
I do not wish to cause you
any further trouble.
- You are home.
For now and forever.
I found this.
You cause me no trouble.
Not now, anyway.
- But...
I'm not what you think.
I am not a prince.
I lied to you.
- You are a prince...
in here.
All my life, I've had
every comfort
I could ever want or buy
except for the love
of a worthy man.
You are a worthy man, Aladdin.
And, as Sultana,
I make the law and can
marry whomever I choose.
I choose you,
if you'll have me.
- I suppose.
I have no right to refuse
a Sultana anything.
- Aladdin, what was the last
thing you said to Maghreb?
- We must all embrace
our destiny.
- All right, everyone,
stand back! Stand back!
Because I've got
a wedding to plan!