Adventures of Dally & Spanky (2019) Movie Script

Dude, you knew I had to be up
early for my math test!
And I have to finish
my diorama, dude.
Why didn't you finish it
last night?
Why didn't you study
last night?
Fine. I'm just gonna tell mom
that you went
to Jessica's house last week
and lied about it.
And I'll tell her
that you and Marcy met
Jacob Taylor and Matthew Sutton
at the mall last Saturday.
- You wouldn't.
- Oh, I so would.
Fine, I'll cover
your dish day tomorrow.
My next three dish days.
Two. Final offer.
Oh, and by the way,
I took a shower last night.
Oh, good day, my lady.
What is the sum
and difference of two cubes?
Um, sum and difference
of two cubes.
Sum and difference
of two cubes.
Um, difference.
Hey, watch it!
I barely touched it, relax.
Barely touched it?
You almost ruined it.
Yeah, well, I didn't,
so stop complaining.
Okay, enough, you two.
Addy, you know better.
No bags on the table, ever.
Ella, stop playing with the dog
and eat your breakfast.
- Can I get a bowl?
- You sure can.
You have got two legs
and you know where they are.
- Good morning, everyone.
- Morning, honey.
- Oh, good morning. Thank you.
- There you go.
- Mmm, you look handsome.
- Mmhmm?
Are you showing
that Briarwood house today?
Yes. Yeah, well, I've got
to move on this property.
Good morning, Addy.
Never mind.
Hey, so I was thinking
you know,
the fair is in town
this weekend.
What do say we all go
over tomorrow afternoon?
We can grab some rides,
have some cotton candy.
What do you think?
My treat.
Can I bring Jessica?
Well, Dad and I thought
it would be a family activity.
What do you think, Addy?
I can't. I'm hangin' out
with my dad this weekend.
He's still coming, right?
That's the plan...
But you know your father.
He'll be here.
So since Addy is
not gonna be here,
can I bring Jessica?
Okay. Time to go.
I do not want you all
to be late.
- Lunch number 1.
- Thanks.
Lunch number 2.
Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
- Love you!
- You, too.
I have to turn this in on time
or I won't get an A.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
I think that math test
literally fried my brains.
It could have been in German
and I still would probably get
the same grade.
- It wasn't that bad.
- Says you.
- What?
- Yeah, you are like Matt Damon
in that movie.
What's it called?
- Bourne Identity?
- No, the one
where he's a math genius.
My parents love it.
Anyway, you're
like the female Matt Damon.
Ew. No, I'm not.
No, don't be sensitive,
you're smart.
I wish I was that smart.
My mom's gonna ground me
for like a week
when she finds out
I bombed this test.
Doesn't your sister
get straight As?
Grades aren't hereditary,
Hey, Ads.
Hey, Dorian.
So what are you and your dad
gonna do this weekend?
I don't know.
He got a new apartment,
so we're probably
just gonna hang out there.
And he also says
he has a surprise for me. So...
When's the last time
you saw him?
Um, it's been a while.
I talked to him last weekend
and his band was like opening up
for a band
I've never heard of.
I wish my dad was a singer
in a band.
Tell my mom that and all
she does is complain about him.
I think your dad's cool.
I mean I love my dad,
but he's an accountant
and that's pretty lame.
- Alright, bye. See you Monday.
- Bye, see you.
So how was your math test?
Ugh, you know.
That bad, huh?
Hopefully, it's fine.
How was your diorama?
It was good.
Just good?
I thought it was pretty lit.
I spent all week on it.
Is your dad coming tonight?
Yes. Yeah, he is.
Cool. I like your dad.
He's the best.
In sports, the International...
High five.
Oh, sorry, yeah.
Right there, good girl!
There is my princess.
- Hi, Dad.
- Oh, I've missed you.
I missed you, too.
How was tour?
Hey, the tour was a blast.
Five bands,
and the crowds were great,
and they liked us so...
Well, yeah, I play your songs
to my friends all the time
and we love it.
that's what I like to hear.
Hey there, Gwendolyn.
- You're looking good.
- Thank you, Robert.
Oh, big James!
- Good to see you, buddy.
- Yeah, you, too.
You, too. Looks like tour life
is treating you well.
- Well, I can't complain.
- Yeah.
I bet.
And Miss Ella,
how are you?
I'm great. Have you met Dally?
I believe I have,
but hello again, Dally.
Oh, I got you guys somethin'.
thought you might like these.
- Signed by Coral herself.
- You know Coral?
we've been on tour together.
- Sure, I know Coral.
- Dad, this is so cool.
Seriously, Robert,
thank you.
- Anytime. My pleasure.
- Hey.
Uh, can we offer you a drink?
We've got um, apple juice.
we should get goin'.
I have a surprise
for my little princess
and I don't want us
to be late. So...
Are you taking me somewhere
for the weekend?
Uh, about the weekend...
Oh boy, here we go again.
What is it this time, Robert?
Mom! Let Dad talk.
I have a three-day festival
that I have to go do,
but I swear
I'll be back Tuesday,
and I'll come pick you up,
and you can stay with me
till I go back on tour.
Okay, yeah, that's fine,
that's great.
Robert, why don't you and I have
a little chat outside?
It's okay, baby.
What is it?
When are you gonna stop
doing this to her?
I've got one more gig
and I'll be set.
We'll have plenty
of time together after that.
It's always one more gig
with you, Robert.
- It's exactly why we didn't work out.
- Oh!
I got over you
not being a good husband,
I don't know how she's
gonna be able to get over you
not being a good dad.
I'm doing the best I can,
Let's go, princess.
We won't be late,
I promise.
See you later.
There's a love revival
Can you feel it
In the air?
We're all
The same disciples
Waiting for you there
In the world I'm livin' in
- Oh, you're such a good singer.
- Thanks, Dad.
Hey, you should be doing this
for a living instead of me.
No, that's all you.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Don't get it from mom.
You're a better singer than...
I'm not gonna tell her you said that.
Fire all around
You're drowning in the quiet
Don't you wanna greet it?
Don't you wanna fly?
Come on out
And hold your head up high
There's a love revival
Can you feel it
In the air?
We're all the same
Hey, one of your
headlights is out.
Oh, yeah, I know.
I've been meaning to fix that.
It takes
like five minutes to fix.
Well, I procrastinate
on some things.
You mean your life?
Oh, don't be a smart-ass,
come on.
Reminds me though,
remember that game
we used to play
when you were a kid
where you're drivin' along
and see a car
with a headlight out,
do you remember?
No, no, no, God.
Th... cut that's cheating,
come on.
No, it's not.
Those are your rules!
Oh, that's cheating.
- God.
- You're just mad I won.
Oh, okay.
What's all this about?
- You'll see.
- Okay.
Just be patient,
just another second.
Prepare yourself.
What am I lookin' at?
Say "hello" to Spanky.
Oh, oh. Hi, Spanky.
- I know. Isn't he cute?
- Hi, buddy.
Dad, why are we here?
I thought you'd enjoy this,
just the two of us.
And Spanky.
And Spanky.
- Is he yours?
- He sure is.
When did you get him?
I got him a couple
of months ago.
My friend Matt couldn't
take care of him anymore,
asked if I'd help out,
and I said, "Sure".
Well, that was
really nice of you.
Well, they take really
good care of him here.
At least, they will
till the end of the month.
Oh, it's just for a month?
I'll think of something.
I know you think
I'm irresponsible.
And I guess
I do some crazy stuff.
I mean I got a miniature horse,
I don't think
you're irresponsible.
Well, I know I do some
random things in my life,
but you, Addy,
are my anchor.
You're the only thing
that keeps me centered at all.
If you weren't around,
I'd have no place
to always come back to.
You might be a little crazy...
...but you're my dad.
You're like the most
important person in my world.
Well, you and Mom.
And Ella,
when she's not being annoying.
You give this to Spanky
and I'm gonna give this
to you.
I made this for you.
I know you kids
don't do CDs anymore,
but that's how I roll.
What's on it?
Just some stuff
I've been working on.
And the best of it,
you were the inspiration for.
Thanks, Dad.
Thank you, princess.
Okay, let's put Spanky up
and go get some food, okay?
- I'm starving.
- Alright, okay.
I just wanted you
to meet Spanky.
He's adorable, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Bye, Spanky.
- Bye, buddy.
Yeah, okay,
I'll come see you tomorrow.
Good boy.
Thought you were
getting back early.
I know, I'm sorry.
Traffic was bad
on the way back.
Always something with you,
isn't it, Robert?
Mom, that's enough.
It's fine.
Goodnight, Dad.
Goodnight, baby.
- I love you.
- I love you, princess.
I'm sorry to be on edge,
but things are
a little tight around here.
Addy needs new shoes,
a backpack...
I thought James
was doing great.
Well, it's hard! He just started
his own business.
I'll make sure
to send you a check
as soon as I get back
from the festival.
It's not just about a check,
She's your daughter,
not James'.
Could we... could we please talk
about this on Tuesday, okay?
Please don't
disappoint her again.
Yes, ma'am.
You don't always have
to treat him this way, you know.
Addy, go to bed.
I know you hate him,
but he's trying, okay?
I don't hate him.
You got a really funny way
of showing it then.
- What was that?
- Nothing. Just Addy being Addy.
Hey, what's up?
You're gonna love this,
check your email.
"We never really move on,
we just get used to the pain."
I know. He's gone full emo.
Where did you get this?
He just posted it
on Instagram.
Oh, what are you
like stalking now?
Come on,
I'm doing this for you, Ads.
Mom, can you like knock?
Addy, honey.
Um, I'm gonna call you back,
Everything o...
Mom, what's wrong?
Addy, honey.
Addy, your father
was in a car accident...
I'm so sorry.
Well, Robert never remarried
and didn't have other children,
so the next of kin is you,
And w... what does this
all mean exactly?
Well, let's see.
Uh, there is a guitar
signed by various rock artists.
Uh, then there is an original
collection of records,
as well as a vintage
record player.
Uh, there's a checking account
in the balance of $828.92
And lastly,
there is Robert's horse.
- He's given me Spanky?
- What... who's Spanky?
Yes, there is a horse
in Robert's possession
named "Spanky".
Uh, also
one-way transportation costs
have been paid,
along with a bucket of oats
- and a couple of bales of hay.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me,
excuse me, a horse?
Like a... like a real...
Like a... um, horse?
Yes, sir.
Is it legal to keep a horse
in the suburbs?
- He's a miniature horse, James.
- Miniature, okay.
What does it cost to feed
and board a horse?
Does it say in the... in the
will, what it... What it costs?
Is there an instruction manual?
Honey, I think right now
we need to focus
on Robert's wishes
and bring the horse here
until we can figure out
something more suitable for him.
Keep him in the back...
in the backyard?
Alright. Alrighty, then.
So Spanky's ours now?
Technically, he's yours.
So Spanky, huh?
That's a funny name.
When did your dad
get a horse?
Like a couple of months ago.
I don't know. His friend
gave it to him or something.
Enough with the questions.
Leave it to Robert
to do something so random.
I still don't know
how he got a horse.
What are we
supposed to do now?
I have no clue.
I'm going over our finances
and it is bad.
We're not gonna be able
to keep this horse for long.
Well, like we have
to figure something out.
We're so sorry, Addy.
If there is anything you need,
let us know.
We're here for you.
Hey, you're home late.
Yeah, I just had to clear
my mind a little bit.
Look. Dally can totally give
a high five now.
Good girl!
So cool, isn't it?
Yes, it's very cool.
Hey, do you maybe
wanna hang out with us?
I could show you
some more tricks.
Listen, Ella, I know you're just
trying to help and everything,
but I just need
some space, okay?
I'm gonna go to my room now.
I am the pancake king!
You're up early.
Nice um, pancakes.
I wanted to uh, surprise you
with one of my famous designs.
I know it's hard, Addy.
- Do you?
- I do.
My mom died
when I was about your age.
Um, I didn't know that.
No, it's okay.
I don't usually talk about it.
It all happened really fast.
She got sick, and then a few
months later, she was gone.
I'm really sorry, James.
I remember feeling
very withdrawn,
very angry.
Anyway... Ahem.
My mom was
a really good baker,
so now anytime I bake,
I think about her.
So she's gone, but uh...
...she's here whenever I want.
Did she use to make pancakes
like these?
Like these? No.
No, that's all me.
I got to say I think
I crushed these this morning.
Might be my masterpiece.
I almost don't want you
to eat 'em.
You know,
maybe there's something... that would remind you
of your dad.
Like what?
Could be music.
Every time I hear
one of his songs, I cry.
Did Robert bake?
I don't think so.
Yeah, well, you know,
I'm out of ideas,
but something fun,
something crazy.
It's gonna be up to you
to find out what that is.
Thanks, James.
are most welcome, my lady.
You're a cute little horse,
aren't you?
Some surprise Dad left me.
I read online
that horses like carrots.
Do you like carrots?
Dang! Ha, ha.
You sure do.
Hmm, let's try something.
You follow me?
Come here.
Alright, let's go over here.
Good job!
Alright, now this way.
And this way.
Alright, one more time.
Come again.
You did so good!
Another one?
You cleaned me out.
They're all gone.
Hey, what's up?
Can I talk to you
about something?
Sure. Come on in.
Talk to me.
I know it's been really hard
on Addy since her dad died.
I've been trying
to be nice to her,
but it's just really hard.
- I feel like she hates me.
- No, honey.
She doesn't hate you.
She just is going through
a really hard time.
But I think she's starting
to feel a little better.
How do you know that?
Well, I saw her today
with Spanky.
And I think
he's good for her.
You know how Dally makes you
feel better when you're sad?
That's what Spanky
is doing for Addy.
I just wish Addy and I could be
friends again.
- Like before.
- Yeah, well,
some of that has to do
with growing up.
But it will get better,
I promise.
And in the meantime,
the only thing you can do
is be a good sister to her.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Anytime.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
I made you something.
Oh, thanks, Ella.
I haven't had this
in like forever.
Remember when we had
- that chugging contest when we were little?
- Yeah.
And we had to stay home
from school the whole day,
'cause we were so sick.
I know!
You had like eight glasses.
I had nine.
I beat you by one.
Mom was so mad.
Yeah, she was.
What are you looking at?
I'm doing some
research on horse training.
Spanky really likes carrots,
so I'm gonna use those
- and get him to do stuff.
- Like what?
I don't know. That's what
I'm trying to figure out.
I wanna get Dally
to do some new tricks.
- Like roll over, play dead, and things like that.
- Hmm.
Do you think I could watch you
train Spanky sometime?
Yeah, I'm actually
gonna go outside right now.
- Do you wanna come?
- I'd love that.
- Okay, cool. Bring Dally.
- Dally.
- Come here, girl.
- Dally?
She must be around here
Where did she go?
Uh, is your dog
lying on my pony?
I think so.
But how?
I have no idea.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, guys.
How did you get up here?
I don't know about you,
but I think this is pretty cool.
I know.
I've never seen a dog
on top of a horse before.
You think she'll stay
if Spanky starts walking around?
I mean there's only one way
to find out, right?
Hold on!
Come on, Spanky!
She's doing it!
Dally's riding Spanky!
Come here.
- Good jo... oh, cute!
- Are you getting this?
Oh yeah!
Good job, guys!
You did so good!
Alright, should we go
and do more research?
Come on, Dally.
Here, girl.
Come on.
Aren't you gonna
come look at this?
Why don't I take it from here?
Good girl!
Okay, down.
Awesome. Good job, Dally.
Come on, girl.
Come on. Roll over.
You can do it.
Keep it coming.
Good girl. Amazing, Dally!
See? Even your little sister
can teach you a few things.
Okay, Professor Dunham.
- We gonna do this or what?
- Ha, ha.
Good girl!
Here you go, here you go!
- Oh, bring it.
- Oh!
Go get it. Go.
Yay, girl!
Come on, bring it. Bring it.
Come here. Bring it back.
- Bring it... please!
- Come back.
Give it back!
Give it to me.
Drop it.
What is it doing?
Good girl.
Dally, load up.
- Yay!
- Yeah!
What are you doing?
How about when Spanky
was running
and Dally was staying on
He was going pretty fast, too.
I mean it was awesome.
Who has seen a dog
ride a horse before?
I certainly haven't.
- Me neither.
- You know what we should do?
We should make
an Instagram account for them
and we should call it, um...
A Dog and Pony Show.
- Yes!
- I'll make it right now.
I'll post some photos
and videos from today.
Now, which one of you two
- taught Dally to ride Spanky?
- Neither of us.
We just walked outside
and Dally was lying on Spanky.
Crazy, right?
Oh, Dad!
Yes, honey?
What is it?
I'm really happy that the girls
are having so much fun
with Dally and Spanky.
I think Addy's
getting better...
But I don't think
we can keep Spanky.
You've seen our bank account.
We can't afford a horse.
Look, I get it.
Addy's dad gave her Spanky
and I don't want her to think
we're being insensitive
about that.
But I do think I've found
a place where Spanky can go.
- Really?
- Hmm.
A guy who's
got a ranch up north,
he's got plenty of space
for Spanky.
We can come meet him whenever.
I don't know
if we can do that to Addy.
Maybe I can just pick up
an extra shift at the practice.
You know that's
only a temporary solution.
I know, but it's a start.
You're right.
And maybe if I close on one
of these houses soon,
that will give us a little extra
breathing room, too.
Thank you for being so good
about this.
for you and the girls.
Hey, Spanky.
What are you doin' here?
I mean it's been a long day.
You're not too tired?
Oh, is that so?
I had a lot of fun with you,
And we'll keep doing it
for as long as we can.
Alright, well,
I've gotta get some sleep.
We'll work on more stuff
tomorrow. Okay?
As soon as I get back
from school.
Alright, deal.
Goodnight, Spanky.
This test was
certainly a mixed result.
Some of you did well,
but a lot of you fell short.
Guys, look at this.
Okay, so we trained Dally
to jump up on Spanky.
And all we have to do is point
to Spanky's back.
And she jumps on his back
just like that?
- Yeah, just like that.
- Cool.
Okay, look at this one.
So all I have to do
is walk over,
and hold out a carrot,
and watch this.
You guys should
totally enter them
into the school talent show.
The talent show?
Yeah. It's coming up
in two weeks.
The first prize is 1,000 bucks
and a bottomless ice cream bowl
at Fifty-Five Flavors.
But what if Spanky you know,
poops on stage?
What are you
talking about?
Horses take massive dumps
all the time.
One time
when I was in New York,
I was in the front seat
on a carriage ride,
trust me, there were some things
you can't unsee.
I think we'll be fine.
Oh my God, I've been waiting
for this all day.
I really wanna try out some
new stuff with Dally and Spanky.
Yeah? Well, guess what?
- Now we have a purpose.
- What do you mean?
My school's talent show.
I think we should enter
Dally and Spanky.
- Are you serious about this?
- Does it look like I'm not?
Addy, this is so cool!
Okay, but I wanna talk to you
about something first, okay?
So I overheard Mom
and James talking last night
and apparently they're
not doing so well with money.
- Really?
- Yeah,
and Spanky
is costing so much.
I don't know if he'll be around
for much longer.
But what if we win
the talent show?
Maybe they'll
change their mind?
Maybe. But I was thinking
was if we win,
we could give them
the prize money.
$1,000 could pay for Spanky's
food for a while, you know?
Yeah, that's fine.
And you're totally cool
with that?
I mean Spanky is
our responsibility now, right?
Yeah, that's right.
But we should at least
keep the ice cream.
Yes, definitely.
I'm so excited about this.
Mom? James?
what brings these fair maidens
to our bed chambers
on this fair eve?
please don't be weird.
No, but seriously we
have something important
we wanna talk
to you guys about.
Well, there is this talent show
at Addy's school in two weeks,
and we need your help to get
Dally and Spanky ready for it.
They have been doing so well
with their training
and all we would need help with
is like costumes
and putting the show
We just wanna be more
than a few tricks.
That's a great idea!
Of course, we will help you.
- Thank you!
- Oh!
Also, look.
They have almost
Ooh! Is that good?
Yeah, I mean it's pretty good
for a new page.
Okay, well... Muah.
You and your 500 new followers
get to bed.
Thank you, guys.
Sleep good.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Why did you say "yes"?
- They looked so happy.
- Oh.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Yes.
- Come on.
- You two have fun.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
You got this, Dally.
Yeah, hey.
- Look at this.
- That's cute.
Yeah, I like this.
Come on, come on.
Yeah, hey.
Yay, good job!
That's so cute.
I like that, we'd match.
I do, too.
Oh, that's so cute.
Now we gotta put it all together
and we have a great show.
- Oh!
- Good girl!
Okay, my turn, my turn.
High five.
You look smashing.
Oh, well,
you look pretty good yourself.
You excited
for the girls?
I am. I am.
It's been so nice
feeling like
we've got the family
back together again.
Yeah, it's been a blast
these past couple of weeks, huh?
It has, yeah.
Hey, let's just try
to enjoy tonight, okay?
No stressing about finances
or anything.
Let's just have
a fun family night.
Sounds like a plan,
Ew, get a room.
This is our room.
- You two look amazing!
- You really do.
Thanks, guys.
Are we ready to go?
Yeah, let's get this show
on the road.
- Let's do it!
- Giddy up.
- God.
- Oh my gosh!
Give my regards
To Broadway
Remember me
To Herald Square
Tell all the gang
At 42nd Street
That I will soon be there
She is good...
To mingle with
The old time throng
Are you ready for this?
Yeah, definitely. You?
Okay, let's do this.
Very nice.
Danica Williams, everyone!
Alright, alright, alright.
Now, are you guys ready
for some horsin' around?
Or am I barking up
the wrong tree?
So uh, put your paws together
and make some noise
for our first animal act
of the night,
a real dog and pony show,
Dally and Spanky!
You girls
are gonna crush it.
Thank you.
Okay, just like
we planned.
Alright, let's go.
Hey, everyone.
My name is Addy Thompson,
and this is my little sister
Ella Dunham.
And right here
is my mini horse, Spanky.
Don't worry, girl,
we didn't forget about you!
This is my doggy,
Here, give me
a high five.
There you go.
to our Dog and Pony show!
Stay. Stay.
All right
Let's do this
Let's do it
You're simply fly
Want you by my side
You give me
Something to believe in
So baby, bae
Come out and play
You look so fine
I can't even
Hop in my truck
Baby, it's time
We give it up
I know this party
Across the lake
Text your FOMO friends
It'll be the best
Of weekends
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna dance
And get down
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna party till
The sun comes back around
All right
This place is lit
No time to quit
This party
Is the big deal
And the morning light's
Shining in our eyes
We know the struggle
Is real
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna dance
And get down
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna party till
The sun comes back around
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna dance
And get down
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna party till
The sun comes back around
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna dance
And get down
Tonight's gonna be
One for the books
We're gonna party till
The sun comes back around
You guys are really
getting your money's worth.
What is this,
round 3?
Yes, and I'm gonna ask
for another one,
and get cookies and cream.
All I want is
peanut butter cup.
More and more peanut butter cup.
I am so proud
of you two.
That was quite a show
you put together.
Oh, we couldn't have done it
without you, Mom.
And you, James.
It was a pleasure
to serve you, my lady.
So what do you wanna do
with your prize money?
You wanna go
on a big shopping spree?
Actually, we had
something else in mind.
Oh, no.
Take it, please.
Absolutely not.
This is your money,
you won it.
No, mom.
This our money.
Okay, we all came together
as a family,
and we all had a part
in winning the show tonight.
Me and Ella
already talked about it.
Look, we know that you guys
have been struggling
and Spanky is a burden,
we just want the money to help.
We'll talk about this
later, okay?
Just eat up
your ice cream.
Yeah, I can do that.
Morning, Addy!
- What's going on?
- Addy, this is Mr. Sterling.
Hi, Addy.
Is he here to take away
Uh, l...
let's talk about this inside.
When were you gonna tell me
about this?
Excuse me,
I'll be right back.
Listen to me.
We had to do this, because
having a horse is not cheap.
But we offered you the money
from the talent show.
And that was
very generous of you,
but it's only gonna
cover expenses
for a couple of months,
if that.
Mom, this is the only thing
I have left from Dad.
- I know.
- Why are you doing this to me?
You're gonna get
to visit Spanky.
He's gonna be very happy
at Mr. Sterling's ranch.
Are they taking him today?
No, not for another week.
Yeah, that's great, thanks.
You guys are
something special.
I hope you know that.
I'm not mad at them.
I know they're trying.
But why would they
give you to me
and then take you
away from me?
Why not just tell me
from the start?
Hey, you up?
What does it look like?
Okay, someone's in a mood.
Anyway, have you been online
since last night?
No, why?
You guys went viral.
Your videos are blowing up
everywhere right now.
Wait, what? How?
Who cares! Just go look.
Okay, hold on,
hold on, wait.
Oh my God!
I can't believe this.
So are you happy?
No, because it doesn't matter.
My parents are giving Spanky
away to some rancher.
But you guys are famous now.
I even found another talent
show for you guys to be in.
Here, I just sent you
the link.
Isn't it cool?
Don't you have to like submit
a video or something?
Yeah, what's the big deal?
I am never going to have
enough time
they give Spanky away.
you better get to work then.
Here you go.
Okay, ready?
Good girl.
There you go.
Here, grab that.
Very clear.
Okay, ready?
- Oh no. Alright, it's okay.
- Come on.
Let's try again.
- Good job!
- Yay!
- Good job.
- Good job, Spanky.
- Great going, Dally.
- Alright, come on.
One more time.
Oh no, Dally.
Spanky, stop eating.
Come on,
Dally, one more time.
- Yay!
- Come on, Spanky.
Good pony.
One last time.
Go, go, go!
- Yay!
- Dally, come here.
- Good job!
- Good job, Dally.
Good job, Dally.
- Good job, girl.
- Good job, Dally.
Nice job, Spanky.
You looked so good.
High five.
Yeah, good girl.
Oh, get it!
I think they've got it.
And they look pretty good
together, too.
You all set?
Okay. Think we got this one.
- Movin' on.
- Good job, girl.
- Marcy?
- What?
Uh, yeah,
where do you want this?
Right here.
Right... right there.
Okay, this is good.
- This is good. Let's roll.
- Oh.
Wow! What's goin' on here?
Hey, guys. Dorian is
helping us make a video
to remember Spanky by
when he's gone.
- Oh, well, that's nice of him.
- Yeah, wow.
Alright, well...
- ...have fun.
- Yeah.
plenty of sunshine...
Are we expecting
I'm studying for my math test
with Dorian and Marcy.
Don't you remember?
where are you going?
Just like watching them.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- I'm so ready for this.
- Me, too.
we're all set.
That was insane,
that was so good.
Yeah, you guys
are 100% getting in.
Cool. You don't think
it's too derivative?
Never mind.
Thank you.
Guys, the video
is due tonight.
What are you waiting for?
All we do now
is hope for the best.
It's all up to
online votes, right?
Yeah. The top 10
contestants go to LA,
to the live shows
to compete.
Look how many likes we have.
Look, that's a lot, right?
I don't know.
I don't know if it's enough.
Stay, stay.
Take a selfie.
Get a selfie.
Hold on,
I'm posting this one first.
Okay, okay.
There you are.
Good morning.
Addy, this came
for you yesterday.
I forgot
to give it to you.
Oh my God!
Addy, open it!
Look at that.
They know how to talk again.
Is it something
Addy, what are they saying?
"Dear Addy Thompson,
we are delighted
to inform you that your
talent show submission video
has received enough votes
from our viewers
to satisfy our requirements.
You are now
one of our top 10 finalists.
Congratulations. Kelly Banks."
- We got in?
- We got in!
Yeah, we did it!
Care to fill us in?
Okay, so here's the deal.
I was really upset
when I found out
you guys were
gonna get rid of Spanky,
but then Marcy told us
that our videos
were blowing up
on the internet
and that people actually cared
about what we were doing.
Marcy sent us the link
to We Got Talent
and she wanted us to try it
with Dally and Spanky.
And Dorian helped us with
the submission video and...
We got in!
And now the top 10
contestants get to go to LA,
compete live
for the grand prize of...
- Uh!
- When is this all happening?
In like a week from now.
I guess
we better call Mr. Sterling.
Dally and Spanky are going
to Hollywood.
Come on, come here.
- Yes!
- Yeah, good girl!
- Come on, girl.
- Okay.
Dally and Spanky, right?
Yes, we are.
I mean...
They are, but, yeah,
we're all ready to go.
We are so happy
to be here.
Go for Jocelyn.
Yeah, okay.
I'll be right there.
That was a little rude.
- Welcome to Hollywood.
- Okay, girls, grab a seat.
Did you guys
watch the videos?
I saw the dance troupe
and they were amazing.
- Do you think we have a chance?
- What are you talking about?
Of course.
And everybody in here
looking at you well knows it.
Team Dally and Spanky.
Team Dally and Spanky.
I think you two
should get some sleep.
It's gonna be
a long day tomorrow.
I don't know if I'm going
to be able to sleep.
- Just a little nervous.
- Oh.
Do you have to deal
with that every night?
It's the beauty of marriage.
What if we lose tomorrow?
I don't even wanna hear that.
You two have accomplished
more than
most people
could ever dream of.
And I want you to know
Dad and I
have been doing
a lot of talking.
I want you to think
of Spanky's time
at Mr. Sterling's ranch
as just a fun extended vacation.
I'm sure we'll be able
to get him back
once we get
back on our feet.
And as for tomorrow,
I want you to...
To go out there
and show the world
who Dally and Spanky are.
So proud of you.
Welcome to our third annual
Kelly Banks' We Got Talent show!
We are streaming live
from Los Angeles,
where our 10 finalists
will be performing
for our audience and our judges.
But first, remember
you get to vote, too.
That's right.
You can score
each live performance
on our website.
And of course comment
on our show on social media
using our hashtag
We Got Talent.
So make sure you get
to your keyboards,
because we have
a fabulous show for you
with incredible acts
from dancers, to singers,
to animal performers,
you name it!
And of course,
last but not least,
joining me in the studio
are our wonderful commentators
Graham Mahoney.
And Tracy Donaldson.
Who you'll be hearing from
all night long.
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind, but now
I see
When we've been here
Ten thousand years
Bright shining
As the sun
We've no less days
To sing God's praise
As long as we've begun
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind
But now
I see
- Ooh! Wow! Uh!
- Well, Tracy...
You know I... I think
I might start crying right now.
Oh, well,
here's a tissue, Graham.
- Thank you.
- And by the way,
I couldn't agree
with you more.
Hazel has got talent
and man,
that song is not
an easy one to do.
- Not easy at all.
- Mmhmm.
Let's see her scores.
Oh, it looks like
everyone agrees with us.
Lots of 9s and 10s tonight.
Well, that's it,
I'm gonna call it.
I can say with confidence
that a star is born
in sunny Burbank.
- Amen.
- Great.
You girls are up next.
- Okay.
- This way.
We've got this.
Yeah, I know.
You guys ready?
Oh yeah.
As ready as we'll ever be.
You were so great
out there.
Thanks. Well, I've been singing
since I was 2.
Wow, that's amazing!
How long have you guys
been doing your pony show?
Um, like a few months.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
That's great!
Well, good luck
out there.
You know,
people love pet shows.
But judges though,
not so much.
Um, I'll be right back.
Can you hold that?
I'm so sorry, Ella,
but I can't do this.
You really believe
what she said?
She was just trying
to intimidate you.
Well, it worked.
What I was thinking tryin'
to parade Spanky around
like it was gonna bring
my dad back.
Your dad would be
so proud of you.
I feel like that's
why he left you Spanky.
I just...
I feel so useless.
What do you mean?
Look what you did for Spanky.
And Dally.
...look what you did for me.
I feel like I finally have
my big sister back.
You have got so much talent,
I couldn't have wished
for a better sister.
You're not so bad yourself.
I've been looking everywhere
for you two.
You girls are on
in like 30 seconds.
Wow, that was so fantastic!
You guys did awesome!
Stunning! That performance
was absolutely mesmerizing.
Well, you know, Tracy,
I think Hazel still has my vote.
But it's very hard to decide
with so much talent all around.
Alright, let's turn around
and get your scores.
Well, looks like you guys
are in 2nd place so far!
Up next, we have a sister duo
performing with their dog Dally
and their miniature horse
for a one-of-a-kind
Dog and Pony show.
Dally, come here.
Come on, Spanky.
Alright, come on,
one more time.
Good pony.
Come on.
What do you think, Graham?
Really, it'd be cruel
not to like those two,
but what an overload of
cuteness and expertise.
Good job!
Oh, I love it!
You girls did amazing!
Wow, just wow!
Wasn't that something, Tracy?
I don't know, Graham, watching
animals is always entertaining.
But what will
the judges think?
Will they be impressed
by something
that belongs
on your Facebook feed?
Well, they certainly
have never seen
a dog riding a pony
But it would take someone
with a cold, dead heart
not to be moved
by that act, Tracy.
And as you see, the audience
agrees with me again.
Hmm, that's because they are
just as dumb as you are, Graham.
Or maybe you're just
a cold-hearted...
I say let's go take a look
at those scores, shall we?
Hey, here we go.
Hey, well,
I'm not great at math,
but I think
it's safe to say this is
a close call
between them and Hazel.
I think Kelly has
the final results now.
Okay, you girls
did so amazing.
And our winner is...
...Hazel Douglas!
Congratulations, Hazel!
You did so great!
Let's bring
out top three contestants.
Come on out, you guys!
You all did so fabulous.
And let's give it up
one more time for Hazel!
Good job.
Hey, we could hit
In-N-Out on the way home.
You guys like that place, yeah?
You know, I think it's best
we just go straight home.
Hello, hi, you guys.
How are you doing?
We've been better,
but I think this was
a great adventure for all of us,
right, girls?
Oh, you guys did such
an amazing job, you really did.
Oh, we're grateful
for the opportunity.
Well, anyway. I didn't just
come by to congratulate you.
I wanted to introduce you
to my friend Aaron.
Hey, guys.
Nice to meet you.
Aaron is a movie producer
who works with the studio,
and he happened to be
in the audience during our show.
Yeah, you guys were
just tremendous today.
Anyway, I will let you guys chat
and congratulations again.
Bye, everyone.
Well, I'll talk to you later.
Alright, sounds good.
So... would you guys
like to make a movie?
We'd love to.
Everybody ready?
- Let's get this started.
- So excited.
I know.
Spanky, look.
It's starting. Okay...
We're rolling, rolling.
Let's start here.
Come on.
Yeah, great.
And go... well.
Start going for the...
Oh, gosh!
You got an itch?
Oh, baby.
don't bite me or...
- Dally, this won't...
- Do this way.
Hey, look
like this way.
Turn! Dally.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Okay, goin' up!
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Under my umbrella, ella
Okay, are you ready?
- I bet.
- And...
Hello, Miss Ella.
My God,
I've been waiting for this all day!
Wait, let's back up.
There was a little bit
of noise over there.
I can tell you
some more tricks.
Alright, okay.
- She is terrible!
- Cut.
Maybe you wanna hang out
with us?
I could show you
some more tricks.
listen to me.
One more time!
- Why?
- Still rolling.
Oh wait, I just looked right
at the camera.
Full feeling
and you're setting.
- Set.
- Camera set.
- Ai yai yai.
- And...
- Cut.
- Halt.
- Mark.
- Alright.
- Are we rolling?
- Yes.
You nailed it.