Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet (2020) Movie Script

- [Sarah] Stop it! - You're in my space!
[Sarah grunts]
Hey, hey hey!
You guys just got here.
You two are gonna have a lot more fun this weekend
if you learn to get along.
You're gonna turn your brains to mush.
Well, there's nothing to do and I'm bored.
How about reading a book?
No, thanks.
All right, that's it.
Give 'em here. Here we go, hand them over.
You can do without your phones for one night.
You'll get them back in the morning.
So what are we gonna do all night?
Why don't we just enjoy each other's company?
I remember when I was a boy...
[grunts] my grandfather used to tell me
the most amazing stories...
[sighs] and I really miss those days.
What else was there to do?
Well, I suppose you're not interested
in the true story of the mansion with the secret doorway.
What's the story about?
Well, it's got heroes and villains,
and adventure, and... magic...
But you guys probably don't wanna hear about all that.
[Grandad chuckles]
"It all started on a beautiful sunny day.
The mansion sat on many acres,
like a small castle in the middle of its own kingdom."
[music playing throughout]
Rufus, hide. She's coming.

You're not getting away this time.
- Give me the book. - Yeah.
How about no?
I've grown just as powerful as you, Abbott.
More evil? Definitely. Just as powerful? We'll see.
Give up this fight.
Can't you see I'm trying to save our world?
Our world isn't worth saving.
Every world is worth saving.
Oh, just give me the book, Abbott!
[Abbott grunting]
Is this what you want? Then go and get it!
[groaning] Rufus...
Get out of here.
Cengail imperio!
[frustrated grunt] Abbot!
Where's the amulet?
How dare he bind my powers?
[lock clicking]
- Hello? - [door creaking]
Is anybody here?
Wait a minute. You're telling me
that there's secret portals in someone's mansion
and there was a wizard battle?
Exactly as I said.
And a raccoon came through it.
- Not a raccoon! - Then what was it?
- Probably just a dog. - Not a raccoon, or a dog.
Do you want me to read you the story or not?
We're sorry. I wanna know what it was.
You'll find out soon enough,
just like Scott and Emily did.
Who were they?
"Scott's grandmother owned the mansion, you see.
And one fateful day,
Scott and Emily became part of the tale."
[distant honking]
[honking continues]
Emily, you have the most beautiful smile.
- Thank you! - Don't you think so, Scott?
- Mom... - Just saying.

Why didn't you tell me they were here?
All right, Mom. We literally just got here.
Oh... [chuckles] Look at you!
You're as tall as your mother.
- Hi, Grandma. - Clara.
- Hi, Mom. - Mmm.
Listen, do you have time for tea before your flight?
Good, good.
She has been waiting for over an hour...
for you.
[Grandma chuckles]
Edgar, take their things upstairs.
[housekeeper clearing throat]
I'll take care of that.
[loud thud]
Scott! How lovely to see you again.
- And... - Emily.
Edgar, Lilith, Norman.
Nice to see you again. It's been a while.
It's Blade now.
- What? - I go by Blade.
It's mysterious and strong.
Don't you think?
Norman, Edgar and I will be here for you
should there be anything you need.
This house is amazing!
When I was little, this place felt so... big and scary.
[Edgar] Oh, no.
It's still just as scary at night.
Especially since your grandma locked some of the rooms
and won't let anybody in them.
And every night I hear sounds coming from the same room.
What do you think it is?
- Scott? - I don't know.
[light chuckle]
I think it's a body.
A dead body.
How is a dead body making noises?
Come on, let's go.
What are you doing, Edgar?
I was just giving them a hard time.
Yes, well, let's not have them snooping around
where they don't belong.
Get back to work or I'll have you digging ditches.
I want this one over there.
[music playing over headphones indistinct]
- Scott! - What's up?
I saw something up there.
That dude needs a vacation.
No, not Edgar. I saw something else.
Uh, can't hear you. Music's too loud.
[music playing over headphones]

Anything worth selling?
Shoot, I can't see anything.
We better get back before the old bat notices that we're missing.
[laughing] Which one?
[laughing] I don't know.
[both laughing]
[owl hooting]

[videogame noises]
Hey! What's up?
What are you doing here?
I had to wait for everyone to go to bed.
Emily, we're not little kids anymore.
- You're gonna get me in trouble. - Relax!
- You're not leaving, are you? - No.
Are you going to the school dance?
I was thinking about asking Megan.
Megan. Why her?
I don't know, she seems... nice.
You don't even know her. She doesn't know you exist.
Who are you going with?
I don't know, might just... stay at home.
- I'll play you. - You're on!
[videogame noises]
- [game] Player 2 wins! - Come on! [chuckles]

[distant thud]
[closer thud]
Scott, I heard something.
You're still here? What time is it?
I don't know. I heard some weird noises.
Maybe it's just Dracula going out for a bite.
- [evil laugh] - I'm serious.
Look, this house is just old.
- Don't let it get to you. - Let's go check it out.
All right, fine!
But then you're going home and I'm going to bed.

- [clattering] - You heard it that time?
- It's locked. - [clattering continues]
It's coming from that way.
[Emily gasps]
- [screams] - Stop it! You scared me!
Don't frighten your sister, Peter.
It's okay to be scared, though.
I get scared myself at times.
Without fear, there can be no courage.
Now, let's see, where was I?
Oh, yes.
"Emily and Scott burst into the room."
What are you guys doing in here?
It's the middle of the night.
We couldn't sleep, so we just wanted to come in and...
You should go on back to bed now.
We apologize for waking you.
[door creaks and slams]
- That was close. - [Edgar sighs]
- Be quiet, Norman. - I told you it's Blade!
- Make me! - Ugh! Stop it, you two.
It's getting really hard to take stuff from this house
without being noticed.
No, we need to find out what's in there.
There's nothing in there of any value.
I checked it years ago.
Just remember--
if you find any jewelry, show it to me first.

- I don't trust them. - Me either, especially Lilith.
There's something about the way she looks at us.
[door locks]
It will be fine. It's just an old house, remember?
[door creaks]
- It's probably just a mouse. - Yeah...
Just a mouse.
[piano plays discordantly]
- [gasps] - Ow!
[grunts with effort]
Wait! It's okay!
[muffled clattering]
- What's going on in there? - I don't know! I'm not in there!
- What is that thing? - I don't know.
- [loud clattering] - [Emily gasps]

We're not gonna hurt you.
That's it. Come on out.
It's so cute.

[Edgar] What the--
Be careful!
I wanna see. I wanna look.
There's some kind of creature in there.
But I can't get a good look at it.
I'm Emily.
- This is my friend-- - Scott.
[gasps] You can talk?!
Of course I can!
I'm not a common raccoon digging in the trash.
Ahem. My name is Rufus. Pleased to finally meet you.
How do you know my name?
Your grandfather talked about you all the time.
How long have you been here?
Hmm. A few years now.
Does my grandma know?
No. After your grandfather died, I kept hidden.
- I wanna look! - Hush, Norman!
I told you it's Blade now.
[exhales slowly]
Nice to meet you, Blade. I'm Toilet Paper.
- Where did you come from? - Are you an alien?
Hm. I don't think so.
I come from the land of Alainn,
a magical world in a kingdom parallel to yours.
Cool! I'd like to see it.
Oh! You would have loved it when it was lush.
Flowers of every color you can imagine,
and rolling fields of shimmering fairywing grass.
Fairywing grass. Sounds beautiful.
Oh, it was.
But sadly, it's all gone.
- What happened? - We didn't take care of our world.
There's a darkness that covers the land.
It's become dry and grey.
My world is dying.
I wanna see! Let me see!
Come on!
You came here to escape?
No, no, not to escape.
Our Queen sent us here on a quest to save my world
and stop its extinction.
But of course, we were followed here
- by an evil witch-- - Wait. You said "we."
Oh, Abbott, the Queen's head wizard.
We got separated when he was fighting the sorceress Lilith.
[gasps] No way!
Did that thing just say Lilith is an evil sorceress?
If Lilith is a sorceress,
I really am toilet paper.
I can still be Blade, right?
I knew there was someting not right about her.
She's no threat. Abbott's last spell bound her powers.
Wizards? Magic doorways? Lilith, a sorceress?
- This is crazy! - Scott, open your eyes.
This is real.
You said Alainn is dying,
and you've been here for years.
How do you know your world still exists?
It does. Traveling between worlds
distorts time somehow. I don't understand it completely.
This is the door between worlds.
- There's nothing here. - See? I told you. Crazy.
[scoffs] There's something there all right.
You just need to have the key.
This is Abbott's amulet.
With it, certain doorways can lead to anywhere.
Abbott is trapped somewhere behind that one.
- Just a closet. - Trust me, it's a lot more than a closet.
I wish I knew how to use this.
- It has writing I can't read. - Here, let me see it.
Your grandfather wanted to help me,
but he was too ill.
He said if anyone could help, it'd be you, Scott.
He said you had his spirit and the strength for a quest like this.
Well, I don't know who he was talking about.
- That's not me. - You might surprise yourself, Scott.
Please, help me find Abbott.
I don't know...
He can't do it alone, Scott.
Otherwise, he'd be home by now.
I just... don't know if I can do it.
It doesn't have to be just you. You've got me.
[Peter] Hold on for a minute.
You're making this all up.
Sarah might believe you, but I don't.
I don't think Grandad would lie to us.
Never have. Never will.
"Rufus' world had a chance to be saved,
but Scott didn't know if he had the courage for such a quest."
So what did he do?
What would you do?
I'd do it. No question.
If your grandpa was standing right here,
would you tell him "no"?
He wanted to help Rufus and he couldn't.
You can.
Okay. We're in.
Oh, thank you! Thank you!
Not too loud!
- You don't wanna wake grandma! - Sorry.
[Edgar] They're gonna help that thing!
We better tell Lilith.

[Emily] Look.
I know what this is. It's Latin.
"Quod ostium sit in mente dico aperta."
- Can you translate it? - Give me a second.
This is "say open."
And this means "in the brain" or "in the mind."
Something isn't right.
[quietly] In the mind...
In the mind... in the mind...
A door! The door is in the mind!
Okay... what does that mean?
Rufus... did Abbott go in someone's brain?
[chuckles] Don't be silly. He'd never fit.
Guys! What does the brain do?
[sighs] It thinks!
Just picture the place you wanna go and ask the door to open.
Think of where Abbott is.
I'm thinking the forest,
where Abbott is trapped. [sighs]
[door whooshes]

[birds chirping]
[door whooshes]
[Scott] Where is he?
He wouldn't have gone too far from the door.
- Abbott! - Abbott!
We've come to rescue you!
It's me! It's Rufus!

- Where are they? - They were just here.
The big rat said something about an amulet.
They found the amulet?
I don't know, I couldn't see everything.
It is not easy listening through a wall!
Uh... we did hear them say you were a sorceress, though.
Is that true?
Maybe it is.
So maybe you should go find them...
before I turn you both into mice!

- Hmm. - [snarls]
[gasping] Oh! Oh!
The end. What do you want to do now?
What?! Best ending ever!
Very funny, Grandad. Keep going.
[chuckling] Okay. Okay, you got me.
[flipping pages]
"Scott and Emily were alone in the forest,
wondering if they would ever see their new friend again."
- [Rufus screaming] - Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey, hey, no! No, no! No!
No! No! Whoa!
- Ah! Ah! Ah! - [burping]
Maybe you should try something else!
Okay, fair enough! Uh...
Ah, here we go! And...
- Ha! - [grunts]
[low growling]
- [Abbott laughing] - [shudders]
I can't believe that worked!
- [Rufus sighs] - Are you okay?
[shudders] Yes!
I'm fine.
May I introduce the queen of Alainn's head wizard,
the great Sir Abbott?
[fanfare playing]
How exciting! Where is he?
Oh, boy! Lilith must've really scrambled your brains.
You're Abbott! The Great Wizard!
Me? Abbott?
Well, the name does sound familiar.
Explains why I can do this.
- Whoa! - Unfortunately,
it's the only magic I can remember.
[nervous chuckle] Ah, this is bad.
- What's wrong? - We're gonna need Abbott
back to his old self again.
Come on. Let's head back to the mansion.
You know, I was in a mansion once.
Terrible experience. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Unreasonably windy. Also I remember it being extremely dusty.

[Emily] It's morning?
[chuckling] I remember this place.
Um... where's your spellbook?
Yes! My spellbook!
Passed down from wizard to wizard for a thousand years!
It contains spells to conjure wonders beyond your imagination.
And if it ever fell into the wrong hands,
it could end this universe as we know it!
You're forgetting the most important thing.
The book contains the spell to create the magic dust
that will heal our world!
- Where is it, Abbott? - I couldn't let Lilith have it,
so I sent it to the only place I could think of at the time.
The National Library, for some reason.
- Here. - [amulet chain rattles]
- What are we waiting for? Let's go. - Don't be foolish!
You can't get to the library through that door! We have to find another door.
That one's attached to the forest.
But I... smell food!
And I'm not going anywhere until I get a decent meal!
Oh! I can't stomach another squirrel.
- No offense, Rufus. - None taken.
I'll go get us something to eat.
Emily, make sure he stays here.

Yeah, no. We're gonna stay here.
- He's gonna bring us some food. - Oh...
There's nothing to do here. I've read all these books.
- You know... - [Rufus groans]
I think... it's starting to come back to me.
Oh, great. If Lilith doesn't kill us,
he just might.
Good morning.
I already ate breakfast. I thought I'd let you sleep in.
- Thanks. - Did you sleep well?
Yeah. I'm fine.
So, what do you and Emily have planned for today?
I think we're gonna go to the library.
I was just about to head to her house.
Her parents are going to drive us, if that's okay with you.
Oh, it's fine, dear.
I have a meeting with the local ladies' flower club,
so I'll be gone most of the day myself.
- So have fun. - We will. You too.
So, the experiment goes horribly wrong,
we have to shave all of Rufus' fur off,
and he looks sort of like a wrinkly old man
or a hot dog with wrinkles. It was-it was hilarious.
Ah. Food! Oh, and you've got grapes!
Oh, I missed grapes. I love grapes. Mwah!
Did you see Lilith?
- No. - Mwah!
- We need to go. Now. - Wait.
People at the library are going to flip when they see you.
Here. This should work.
Uh, no. No.
No way. No way!
- [laughing] - Sorry, Rufus.
We're gonna need you to hide in here.
- Fine. - [laughing]
Hmm. How degrading.
You are one hairy baby!
[laughing] This is perfect.
You know, I almost forgot how aggravating you can be.
I am never gonna forget this.
- Open! - [door whooshes]
[Abbott laughs, sighs]

[grunts] Get me out of this thing!
I barely fit in here.
Abbott, I want out of here.
You gotta be quiet, Rufus.
What's going on out there? I can't see anything.
- Shh! - Seriously?
Abbott, she just shushed me.
- That's enough out of you. - [Rufus] Hey!
Oh, what a darling carriage! Let me take a look at the angel.
Beat it, lady.
Security! Security!
[Rufus groaning] Ow!
Do you have to hit every... single... step?
Aww, is somebody cranky? Do you need your bottle?
Don't make me hop out of here.
Quiet, Rufus. Babies don't talk.
[blows raspberries]
[Abbott groans] Here we are.
Now let's see.
M for "magic." S for "spell book ."
C for "cookbook?"
- Cookbook? - Yes.
I have a secret recipe for the most delicious chocolate chip cookies
you've ever had.
Those must be some really good cookies.
They are, and let's put it this way.
If that recipe ever fell into the wrong hands,
it could send humanity spiraling...
back into the Dark Ages.
Oh, I remember! Ha!
It's in the Great Reading Room!
- Sorry! Sorry. - [patrons] Shh!
So what we're looking for is old, leathery, magical,
and sort of book-shaped.

My Grandpa used to read this to me as kid.
[Rufus] Ah, Master Tolkien.
One of the great record keepers of our time.
You know my grandfather was actually at the Battle of the Five Armies?
What?! The things he wrote about are real?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some stories are true.
Big whoop. Let's move on.
[Sarah] Hold on.
Do you know what this means?
Unicorns and fairies could be real!
Oh! And dragons! Giants and ogres!
And all kinds of things that could eat you!
I think you guys are missing the point.
Do you want to find out what happens next or not?
Rufus and Abbott are going to find the book! I know it.
Let's find out.
What about this? No. Good book.

Now what?
Just a slight delay, Rufus, and shh.
Guys. I see it.
I see the book.

How are we going to get it?
They're gonna catch us.
I got this.
You guys get the book.
Well, follow me.
Grab Rufus.
Excuse me. Someone's drawing in the books.
I don't know the title, but one of them has "first edition" printed on it.
- Where? - The back table.

Watch this. This takes skill.
- [siren blaring] - [patrons screaming]
I guess I'm not as good as I thought. Hmm... All right.
[screaming continues]
The doors are locked! We're trapped!
Run for the door! [grunts]
- Get the amulet, Scott! - We are going to jail.
[panicked screaming continues]
Sorry. Sorry. Oh, no... [grunts]
Oh, you've got to be kidding me!

Come on! Let's get back to the house!
Where's Abbott?
Got it!
All right. Hold on, Rufus.
- Ramming speed! - What?
Whoa! [screams]
[Abbott laughing]
Sorry, boyos.
Oh, how I've missed you, old friend. Mwah!
[Rufus] Ow, ow, ow,
ow, ow, ow, ow.
[Rufus groans]
[groaning continues]
I don't feel so good.
- [man] What is that? - What are you looking at?!
- [panicked whispers] - [hysterical screaming]
Rufus, we don't have time for this. Come on!
[patrons screaming]
- Hey! - [Abbott] Open!
You gotta check that book out before you leave!
Actually, thank you so much for keeping it safe,
but you should really consider upgrading your security.

What were you thinking?
What? We got the book, didn't we?
So, I guess you can go home and save your world.
Not yet. The book's just the beginning.
Most of the elements we need for the spell are in your world,
which is why we are here in the first place.
What elements?
It's why I need the book. Can't remember.
Let's see here. We have...
Transformations, curses,
summoning dragons.
Love potions?
Oh, no, no.
Ah. Here we are.
[loudly] The spell to heal my world!
What? It's important and simple.
We only need four elements--
The bone of a dinosaur,
the bark of a thousand-year-old olive tree,
and some volcanic stone. Perfect!
Wait. But you said four.
That's only three.
Well, we... already have the fourth element.
What is it?
Well, it's... it's a... it's a--
[quietly and quickly] the blood of a beast.
- I'm sorry, what? - I said it's--
it's the blood of a beast.
We still can't understand you.
Oh, fine! It's the blood of a beast!
Oh, I see. The beast is me.
When were you planning on telling me?
Right after you stab me in the back?
Oh, Rufus. You're my dearest and oldest friend.
And you are no beast...
but you are covered in fur, so technically you are.
- [growls] - Oh, come on.
It's only a drop. It won't even hurt.
Fine. If it's to save our world.
But if a spell ever requires wizard blood,
you're in trouble!
See? That's the spirit, old friend.
All right, who's ready to save the world?

We're not going to break into a museum, are we?
I don't want to steal a dinosaur bone.
We don't have to. We can just go straight to the source.
There's an undiscovered archaeological dig site.
We just may have to dig a bit.
- Open! - [door whooshes]
Abbott! Give it to me!
[grunting] Never!

- It's mine! - Why don't you go get your own book?
[Abbott grunts]
[Lilith yelps]

[Abbott grunts]
[door slams]
Abbott, your book!
What happened?
Oh, no!
[exhales sharply] Don't worry.
She didn't get the healing spell.
Oh, no, this is bad, really bad.
What's wrong?
It's the other pages.
I can't remember what's on them.
Well. Come on, then.

[all groaning]
You got the book.
- You got the book! - Only half.
- I need the whole thing. - [groans]
Why do you need that stupid book for anyway?
- Is it worth a lot of money? - [scoffs]
It's worth more than everything in this house combined.
Maybe fully intact.
But half an old book ain't worth nothing.
If you have that book, you can do magic, right?
- What are you talking about? - Hear me out.
Lilith, if you get the whole book,
you could you turn stuff into gold, right?
My dear, simple man.
If I had the rest of this book,
I could turn anything into, well...
[chuckles] anything.
Help me find it
and we'll all be rich beyond our wildest dreams.
Hey. Where you going?
I'm going to get my powers back.
You two idiots wait here. Guard the door.
They'll be back soon enough with the rest of my book.
- [Emily] We can't dig all this up. - We won't have to.
We'll make what we need come to us.
Now, stand back.
Think he knows what he's doing?
Oh, come, now! Have a little faith.

Prehistoric bones buried deep,
reveal thyselves at my feet.
Advocabit simul dinosaurum ossium!

I don't think it worked.
Well, let me look at the spell book.
Ah. See? I'm a little rusty.
I said "bones" and not bone.
- Abbott... - I seem to have said
"together" rather than alone. Those words are so similar.
Abbott! Look!
[bellows, snarls]
[Abbott] Oh.
Maybe it's... nice?
Not nice! Not nice! Run!

[grunting with effort]
[Emily gasps]

Come on! Come and get me!
[thundering steps]
[gasps] Rufus!
Run! Get out of here!
[relieved sighs]
- Are you hurt? - Thanks for saving me.
Aw, how sweet.
[wheezy laughter]
- Oh, no. - I totally saw that coming.
If you're so smart, then what happens next?
Rufus just got eaten again!
Grandad will tell us if you stop interrupting.
"It was going to take powerful magic to save Rufus.
Unfortunately, Abbott wasn't quite the wizard he used to be."
[stammers, grunts]
A little help would be nice!
Come on, Abbott!
- [grunting] - [T-Rex roaring]
What are you doing?!
Gah! I'm trying my best here, Rufus!
[Rufus yells]

Ha... oh! Oh!
[low growl]
- [growls] - [Rufus yelps]
Run! Run, Rufus, run!
Open! Run, run, run, run!
[Abbott and Rufus yelping]
[growls, roars]
Oh... oh...
Uh, where are you going?
What do you mean, where am I going?
We've got to go get the olive tree bark.
What about Scott and Emily?
- What about them? - [exasperated sigh]
They're not here.
You're right. They're not here.
- [groans] - Don't just stand there.
We've gotta go find them!
Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?
[Edgar] I am not gonna ask you guys again!
Give me the book!
You already checked us. We obviously don't have it.
Don't get smart with me, girl.
I have a feeling everything is smart compared to you.
[grunts] I oughta...
- Leave her alone! - [mocking babble]
That's enough. Where's the book?
Why do you want it so badly?
Ah, so Lilith can use it to make us wealthy.
Oh! Hey, Edgar.
Why should we give it to her?
What if we keep the book
and turn stuff into gold for ourselves?
We don't need her.
That might be the most intelligent thing
I've ever heard you say.
[chuckles] Thank you very much.
We could get the book and we could be gone
before Lilith ever knows what happened.
Yeah! Hey, Edgar.
What are you going to turn into gold first?
I'm gonna get a solid gold knife
with "Blade" etched right into it.
No, no, you're thinking too small. It's too small.
A solid gold car!
Now you're thinking. [laughs]
A solid gold car?
Wouldn't the weight blow out the tires?
He's got a point.
No. The tires are solid gold too.
Solid gold tires!
Sorry, mates.
Don't have time for this.
- Hi. - [Emily] Rufus!
- You're alive! - Barely. No thanks to him.
I'm not sure I've ever been eaten alive
twice in one day before.
First of all, the alligator didn't swallow you.
Secondly, the T-Rex didn't have a stomach.
So technically, you have not been eaten at all today.
Thanks for saving us.
Rufus was going to leave you guys behind.
Wait. What? I never said that!
You totally did. Now let's get out of here before they wake up.
Oh, right!
Scott, can you put that in your backpack for me?
All right!
Next stop, olive tree.
Hopefully it's easier than getting the dinosaur bone.
Ah. Well. It is and it isn't.
But it's in a park.
That doesn't sound so bad.
Well, it's not entirely true.
Actually, it's in a mysterious, magical forest.
Plus, it will be very dangerous, lots of predators.
But! The entrance is in a park.
- Open! - [door whooshing]

Potentious regresium!
[exhales sharply, gags]
Ugh! We almost had 'em!
And then they got away.
[guys gagging]
Oh, man! This is nasty.
What is this?
It's a potion to get my powers back.
Did it work?
Well, let's see.
- [Edgar yelps] - [loud thuds]
Oh, yes. It certainly did.
Much better.
Oh, no! She got her powers back.
Now it's really gonna get exciting!
[makes zapping noises]
Okay, settle down, Peter.
Yeah, I want to hear what happens.
"They needed two more items to perform the healing spell."

[talking indistinct]
Hey! Pick that up!
Don't just leave your trash lying around.
And why should I listen to you?
Give me that plank with wheels.
Hmm. [grunts]
Whoa, dude! That's sick!
That's nothing.
Whoa! He's all right.
You think that's amazing, watch this.
Hey, man. What is that?
I am not a "that." I'll have you know
I am a respected member of the kingdom of Alainn.
I'm the sidekick to the head wizard Abbott over there.
See this knife? The Queen gave this to me.
For slaying an ogre.
My grandfather fought in the Battle of Five Armies.
- [groans, thuds] - [knife tinkles]
We're going to a Renaissance Fair.
Cool, man. I love the outfits.
Hey, if this is for a costume contest,
I mean, little dude got it in the bag.
Yeah, he does. Yeah, he does.
Where am I? [groans]
Hey, well, good luck.
- [Rufus groans] - Oh! Hey!
Stay safe.
That was nice of you.
Oh, I was having second thoughts about that spell.
I could've just as easily blown off their heads.
[birds chirping]
The entrance to the magical forest
should be somewhere around here.
Orducia Resermos!
[portal whooshes]
Ah. This reminds me of home. I'll scout ahead.

[Emily] Abbott, what exactly happened to your world?
Could it happen here?
Yes. Yes, it can.
My world used to be a lot like yours.
But my people grew careless...
And what was once beautiful and green
became dark and desolate.
You're gonna fix it, right?
I'm gonna try.
But you need to take care of your world.
Don't let it get so bad that magic's the only way to fix it,
because I might not be around.
It can start with you.
Oh! We're close!

Hey! Rufus just found the tree.
Get off the ground! It's dirty! Hurry up.
[Peter] They almost kissed!
I think I'm going to be sick.
[chuckles] It's not as bad as you think, Peter.
I think it's romantic.
Ah, to be young and in love.
Nothing seems impossible.
One day you'll find out.
I don't think so.
Love is a wonderful thing,
and to give it to someone?
There's just nothing like it.
It's like the way that I love you two.
"Emily followed her heart,
and she knew deep inside that Scott felt the same way.
But for the moment,
they had other things to worry about."
[owl hooting]
And here we are.
That looks like a thousand-year-old tree to me.
You just need a piece of bark, right? I can get it.
It's not gonna be that simple.
What we need is sun-kissed bark from the top of the tree.
Somebody's gonna have to climb for it.
Nope. Nope. I'm out.
You know I don't do heights.
I thought you came here to help.
Help, yes. Die, no.
[Rufus sighs]
All right. Fine.
But when I tell this story to my children,
it's going to be more epic.
Rufus, the brave. No!
Rufus, the Great Protector of the Kingdom!

I need to learn how to say no.
You can do it, Rufus!
[grunting with effort]
Ha ha! I got it.
[kids in unison] Yeah! Let's go, Rufus!
- Whoa! - Rufus!
[yelping and screaming]
Do something!
[stammers] Fine.
Wait! You might hit him!
Whoa! Whoa!
[owl hooting]
Put me down! Put me down! [yelps]
Oh, come on, come on, come on.
[grunts] Abbott!
- [hooting] - Help me!
[grunting] Ah!
Owl maorga, le do thoil titim mo chara.
[hooting stops]
- What did you say to him? - [urgent hooting]
[yelps, then screams]
[thuds] Ow.
Oh. But hey!
I remembered how to speak owl!
[chuckles] Did you know that owls
don't have a word for "owl" in their own language?
I almost died, and that's what you have to say?
You should be happy. I just saved your life.
Happy is not exactly the word I'd use.
Rufus, you're my oldest and dearest friend.
You know I love you.
Well, the feeling's mutual.
I love you too, Rufus.
And I return my love to you, my lady.
Yeah. And...
[stammers] I like you too, Rufus.
Ahem. Okay.
Really? It's not hard to tell someone you love them, Scott.
- What? - Never mind.
Ah... to be young and clueless.
Oh, and if anybody cares, I got the...
Ugh, never mind.

- Open! - [door whooshes]
All we need is a little volcanic stone
and we're home free!
Volcanic stone? How fun.
- Lilith! - How do you plan
on getting to a volcano... [gags]
so quickly? Oh, yes.
The... [gags]
We need to make a run for it.
Don't underestimate me, Abbott. [gags]
You can't bind my powers forever.
- What's wrong with her? - Seem like someone's had
a little Restoration of Magical Powers brew. Nasty stuff.
Though I never understood why it needed a dirty sock.
[evil chuckle]
[grunting with effort]
Get a room. [laughs]
- Open! - [door whooshes]
This is incredible.
Where are we?
We are at the edge of the world.
Too close. if you ask me.

[Grandad] "No one said a word,
as they stood in amazement and wonder.
They were at the edge of one of the most desolate places on earth.
All they had to do was collect a volcanic rock, and with it,
they would be one step closer to healing Alainn."
Well, that doesn't sound too hard.
Harder than you think, but they have each other.
Rufus is my favorite.
He's strong and loyal and courageous.
I don't think the others have done too badly.
Emily figured out how to use the amulet.
Abbott has saved everyone many times,
especially Rufus.
- Mm. - What about Scott?
He saved Emily from that dinosaur skeleton thing.
Don't care. Rufus is the best.
In the end, it's going to take all of them working together
to save Rufus' world.

What are you doing?
We're running out of time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. "We?"
We're simple thieves.
Plus, you said you were gonna make us rich.
Yeah, we're tired of getting zapped.
So, why don't you let us know how it works for you?
'Cause we're done.
Oh, you're done all right.
Oh, Edgar. Blade, dear.
See? She knows it's Blade.
Whose side are you on?
Rodentia transformulus.
- [laughs] - [mice squeaking]

That was too easy.
[Emily] Hey. We got it.
Perfect. Let's go home.
[evil chuckle]
You've nowhere to run, Abbott.
Give me what I want and I'll let you live.
The other half of the book, if you please.
Give it to me
or I'll just take it from your dead hands.
You know what?
I would love to see you try.
[chuckles] Really?
You're bringing a knife to a wizard battle?
She's got a point.
We're rooting for you, buddy!
[inhales deeply, grunts]
- [grunts] - [laughs]
[grunts with effort]
[continues laughing]
You are not the wizard you once were, Abbott.
I think I'm doing pretty good.
Try spending two years in the forest, in your underwear,
eating squirrels and see how you fare.
- No offense. - [sighs] None taken.
Let's see how well you hold up against your own magic!
[evil chuckle]
Born from the deep and liquid fire,
I command the dark and terrible...
dragon fire!
Did... did you just rhyme fire with fire?
You wrote it.
She's... she's right. I did.
Ho! That is a lot scarier in person!
Why do you have a spell for an evil dragon?
It seemed like a good idea at the time!
And what time was that?
I was going through a phase!

My, aren't you scary.
Burn them!
[shield thrums]
[evil laugh]
[breathing hard]
[evil cackle]
[Abbott grunts]
- [grunts with effort] - [groans]
No... No....
[grunts with effort]
No! The amulet!
Looks like we're all stuck in this realm now.

- [Rufus yelling] - [roaring]

[grunting with effort]
- [yells] - [dragon bellows]
Whoa! Oh!
Whoa! [grunts]
[grunting, groaning]
- Open! - [door whooshes]
I can finally get out of this dump.

I remember who I am.
I remember everything.
I'm Abbott,
the Great Wizard of Alainn,
Keeper of the Book of Spells,
Traveler Between Worlds!
And about to be Slayer of Dragons!
[spell building]
[spell buzzing]
[grunts, screams]
[screaming continues]
[breathing hard]
You've wasted enough of my time.
Give it to me! Now!
You are so fired when my grandma hears about this!
She can't fire me, 'cause I quit!
[grunts, thuds]
[evil laugh]
[gasps, screams]
[yelps, groans]
[breathing hard, groaning]

What? I don't want to hear anymore.
Don't you want to hear how it ends?
Nope. I'm done.
Yeah, this story's terrible.
The story isn't done yet.
A lot can happen in a few pages.
I guess, but Rufus can't be dead.

- [door whooshes] - Fool!
You can't destroy me!
This is for Rufus.
[Lilith groans]
No! No!
[spell hums]

[Emily] Rufus.
Don't be sad.
The magic dust doesn't only have the power to heal our world.
But I will need the elements from your backpack, Scott.
And my spell book, if you don't mind.

Blood of the beast and ancient bone,
olive bark and volcanic stone.
From the past and living old,
grant the power, new life take hold!
[power building]
It only takes a few grains.
[choral music playing]
It's not working.
Give it a second.
- Rufus! - [Rufus groans]
[sighs] What did I miss?
Did we win?
We did. We won.
Scott, help me out with this.
Thank you.
Now. We need to go.
Thank you both.
We could have never completed our quest without you.
And our kingdom is forever in your debt,
as are we.
Will we ever see you again?
Some day.
You never know what our futures may have in store.
Take care of each other.
We will.
And try to do a better job of taking care of your world.
Hey, Rufus.
I know I'm hard on you.
And, honestly, I'm hard to deal with.
But you're the only true friend I've ever had.
And I care a great deal for you.
Now, come on, Great Protector of the Kingdom.
And don't you forget it.
- Open! - [door whooshes]
Ho! Really? You two?
I would've never saw that coming.
I just came back for my spell book.
Rufus! Did you know this was going on?

Have you two seen Lilith or Edgar or Norman?
[in unison] No.
I set this whole table by myself.
So, how was your day?
Did you learn anything at the library?
Yes, lots. We only have one planet
and we have to take care of it.
His grandfather always said knowledge opens doors.
We went into the locked room upstairs.
I told you not to go into that room, Scott.
I'm sorry, but Rufus and Abbott
needed our help to save their world.
Rufus and Abbott?
They came from another world through the magical doorway in the attic.
We helped them make a magic dust to keep their world from dying.
Stop it. I don't want to hear any more about Rufus.
Your grandfather would tell me stories about him.
I don't know how you found out about it.
The last year, with your grandfather's illness,
was very difficult.
I don't think he knew the difference
between reality and make-believe sometimes.
- Grandma... - This isn't funny.
We're telling the truth.
Look! It's real!
[magic dust ringing]

It's real, Scott?
It's all real?
There's magic in this world too.
What magic?
It's the way Scott is looking at you right now.
His grandfather looked at me that way
every day of his life.
I still remember the first time.
That's when I knew how much he loved me
[voice breaking] and how much I loved him.
Cherish every day.
Having you two here
reminds me of what it's like to be alive and loved.
It's the most powerful magic I've ever seen.
[light chuckle]
So... Emily.
You got a date for the dance?
- Rufus? - You're going to the dance with Rufus?
Scott! Emily!
Did you forget something? Is the magic dust working?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was a month ago now.
The kingdom needs your help once more.
What do we need to do?
- They did it! - I would love to see real magic.
Time for bed. It's getting late.
Oh, come on, grandpa!
What about Rufus? He needs their help.
And that's a story for another night. Come on.
- You promise? - Yes, I promise.
- Good night. - Good night, grandpa.
Good night.