Adventures of the Crystal Skull (2022) Movie Script

The skull, it's been found.
It's begun.
In the western world, we
tend to associate skulls
as a symbol of death.
But in many civilizations,
skulls are associated
to knowledge and life.
Some skulls date back as
far as the Cezanian empire
of 400 AD.
Get off, you perv.
For the crucifixion,
Jesus Christ was taken to Golgotha
which translates as The Place of Skulls.
Stop it!
Mr. Collins!
Sorry, Miss.
Is there something you'd
like to tell the group?
No, miss.
What is it?
Can I use the bathroom?
Give it here.
Give what, Miss?
Your mobile phone.
Well, I haven't seen one
of these for a long time.
It's a relic.
I suppose it fits in in
this place, doesn't it?
Does it have a clock?
Yes, Miss.
We'll be in the exhibition
hall meeting the other group
and we expect to see you in
five minutes in the hall.
Children, children, these
are priceless antiques.
Be careful you don't break
anything on your way out.
What is this place?
Oh, talk about junk.
I'll let Mikey know.
Hey, what's going on?
What's going on with this thing?
Work, for crying out loud!
Why can't you just buy
me a good phone, Dad?
Like all my mates.
Work, come on!
I give up.
Thanks Dad, another dud.
What is that?
What the hell is up with this thing?
What's wrong with that thing?
Micky, stop messing about!
What is?
Gran, what are you doing?
Where are you, Gran?
What can I do?
Gran, I'll go get help.
It's started.
I need to tell you some things.
I thought I had more time.
Be very careful.
Ah Scott, I'm sorry.
I don't know what you mean.
What curse?
Stay with me Gran, stay with me!
Scott, what are you doing?
Did you see the lights?
What light?
The lights, the skull, did you see them?
What are you on about?
The only thing I can see is you
running around like a maniac!
But you don't see the lights?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're having me on.
I'm not winding you up.
Are you sure you didn't
see the skull or the light?
There's a posse of angry
teachers running around
thinking you've gone AWOL.
Come on!
Okay please come in a little bit closer
because you will be
tested on this later on.
And you see we got the
Bar-tailed Godwit there.
And okay now take some notes
and then come along this way.
And be careful.
Come along, children.
I promise I saw Gran.
Dad, what's wrong?
It's your grandma.
That damn bike.
I knew it would do her in.
It was her heart.
What, no.
No, love, Mrs. Banner found her.
I thought I had more time.
Poor mum, dying alone.
Look, it's gonna be okay.
Let him be, love.
Tell me again, what did you see?
What did she say about the curse?
Get lost.
Scott, I thought I
told you to change those.
I can't believe what you're wearing
to see your Gran.
Don't suppose she'd notice now.
She'd also tell you to act your age
and not your shoe size.
The perfect family.
Such a shock finding her, oh.
I'm sure you did
your best, Mrs. Banner.
Well best way to go, quick like that.
You know what, we used to go shopping
together every Tuesday.
She only bought that toaster last week.
I don't suppose you'll be needing it now.
You can have the toaster.
Oh, lovely.
Oh dear.
Do you think that was appropriate?
What do you mean?
Well I always thought it would be
an open casket, you know,
in the true Romanian tradition.
John and I thought it'd be best
for the children.
Please, excuse me.
Her mother, she was a fortune teller.
How about that?
You know, I could do with a,
a little bit of something to drink.
Has anyone got a bit of whiskey
or something to drink now?
Well, you usually do
after a funeral!
It's him.
He's the one.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you?
I'm all right, I guess.
I'm sorry about my Gran.
She's a bit insensitive sometimes.
It's okay, just like my family.
So what are we gonna
do about that skull?
A premonition, a curse?
No bloody idea.
One thing I do know.
What's that?
If someone in this family
doesn't get their hands
on some money soon, we'll
be living on the streets.
We're being evicted.
What can I say, my dad's a fool.
He works on credit and we have no money.
Well, I know this guy,
he does the odd bits and bobs.
I'm sure he could help.
Why not, what do I have to lose?
Come on then.
Come on then, take me to the whiskey.
Where's the pub?
Hello, you two.
Oh by god, you look like you've come
from a funeral.
Oh no, you have come from, sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Is this legal?
Course it's legal.
I'm just cutting out the middleman.
You go down the department store,
one of these bottles
will cost your 30 quid.
I'm knocking them out for a fiver.
You sure it's not nicked?
Nicked, of course it ain't nicked.
I'm just doing it without the big
companies, you know, the big productions.
My nephew's got one of
them A levels in chemistry,
knocks them up in a shed.
A shed?
Yes a shed.
Smells like Chanel.
English Channel.
Smells okay.
Yeah of course it smells okay.
You know what I told you, it's
all proper stuff, this, eh?
Just make sure the punters only smell
the marked up bottles though
'cause the rest of it's, you know,
it's a bit iffy.
Iffy, what do you mean iffy?
Well, he can't always
get the chemicals right.
Sometimes it's a bit, you know.
Anyway, I tell you what I'll do
I will give you a pound a pop
for every one you move.
A pound?
We want two pound.
Two pound, are you taking a?
Oh I get it, yeah okay.
Do you know I like you,
I do like you as it goes.
Reminds me of your father, Micky.
Right, stay out of
trouble, the pair of ya.
I won't be long.
Roll up, roll up.
Get your perfumes here, five quid.
Five quid.
A fiver?
- Don't beat that.
- Yeah.
I'll take six.
Get a box, Mikey.
Ooh, I'll have half a dozen.
Oh, here.
My big worry is
she'll end up like her father.
Don't matter what I do.
It's in the blood, you see?
Yeah, and he's back inside again.
And thank the good Lord for that.
They're very lucky to
have you, Mrs. Banner.
Did you hear that, Michael la?
I remind her of that fact
every single day, officer.
See, her mother, my daughter,
she died, you see.
Pretty little thing she were.
Well, I'm no spring chicken
but I do me best bringing
her up on my own.
It's no blooming picnic, I tell ya.
She'll be the death of me.
You will have my death on
your conscience, my girl.
Come on Gran, give it a rest.
Did you hear that, officer?
This is what I've got to put up with.
We're more interested
in their accomplice.
Chap called Trevor Dowd.
Nasty piece of work
with a criminal record.
And that record includes
aggravated burglary and GBH.
Grievous bodily harm.
Oh yeah.
Mrs. Banner, in my experience,
your Michael la and her friend there
could do well to stay away from Mr. Dowd.
In my experience, associating
with people like that,
it'll only lead to trouble.
Where has all the cereal gone?
Sorry son, you know money is tight
since my hours have been cut.
I have been expecting
some money any day.
You should make your customers
pay their bills on time.
It's not that easy, love.
We're going through some hard times.
There's a lot of families
struggling out there.
And I'm only interested in the struggles
of this family, love.
Sometimes people can't pay me.
They give me things instead of money.
You're such an easy touch.
Cat flap, never been used.
What is the point of a cat flap
when we don't even have a bleeding cat?
And I don't know what
you find so funny, mister
'cause you're officially
grounded till the next ice age!
What, that's so not fair.
I was only trying to make
some money for the family.
The last time anyone in this house
did anything for the...
Probably Mikey.
Wanted, caretaker and housekeeper
to care for an elderly woman
and a large country house
in need of restoration
in the New Forest Hampshire.
It's well paid, you can live in
and children are welcome.
There's no way I'm going.
Sounds too good to be true.
New Forest Journal.
Well then someone's
obviously taken the mickey.
You've got something to tell us, son?
Where is the New Forest?
Oh it's hundreds of miles away.
Weird, just like what
happened at the museum.
Why, what happened at the museum?
Our Scott had himself
a paranormal moment
with one of them priceless antiques.
An old skull, it was nothing.
He saw Gran's death.
Shut up!
What are you talking about, girl?
Shut up!
Scott told Mikey that
he had a premonition,
a vision of Gran having a heart attack
before it actually happened.
I don't know what she's talking about.
Listen, young lady, this is not funny
in the slightest.
I swear, it's the truth!
Scott, would you like to explain?
It was a joke.
I made it all up, nothing happened.
Liar, you
said you talked to Gran.
What are you talking about?
He told me!
Mikey was there too!
You got me.
I communicate with the other world.
You little weasel.
- Skunk.
- Perv.
That's enough, the pair of you.
Hey, don't worry love.
We'll be okay.
It could be a new start.
Hurry up.
What's the rush?
Just get in the car.
I can't believe you're
actually doing this.
It's for the best, love.
You know your mum's right.
But what about all my friends?
You've got no friends.
Oh will you two just pack it in!?
That's it, my life is over.
Oh come on love.
How can you say you don't like something
until you try it?
But what about those
brand new red shorts
I wanted to wear today?
Trish, will you pack it in?
You know they've been packed up
with everything else.
Mr. Trelawney very kindly organized
the removal men to
come, pack everything up
and ship it to the New Forest
so we haven't had to do anything.
That man in my opinion
is an absolute saint.
Now will you just pack it in?
Can we go, please?
- Yeah, fine.
- Then drive!
What about my friend?
Oh Trish, stop complaining.
It didn't hit that hard.
I told you we
should have got a sat nav.
I know where I'm going.
Look at the size of this place.
Wow, it's gorgeous.
Must be at least eight bedrooms.
10, actually.
Welcome to Bedford Lodge.
My name's Lawrence Trelawney.
This is my wife Beth.
Hello, I'm Alina.
Alina, wonderful.
- John.
- John, lovely to meet you.
- Hello, young lady.
- Trish.
Trish, lovely to meet you, Trish.
And you must be?
Are you okay?
Quickly, let's get him inside.
Come on, young man.
It's okay, it's okay.
Shall we call the doctor?
It's just a headache.
Look, you're probably hungry.
Well he's not eaten since breakfast.
It's like something out of a fairy tale.
I'm glad you think so.
It's over 200 years old.
Is it haunted?
I don't think so.
How many people live here?
It's just us.
And Grandmother.
Oh, okay.
I'll get us all some tea and biscuits.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Lovely, thank you.
Have some water, Scott.
Thank you.
Hello, child.
Please nod if you can hear my voice.
Don't be afraid.
I realize this may seem strange
but don't be alarmed.
I don't intend to hurt you or your family.
I will explain everything
to you in good time.
Until then, relax.
Gracious, what was I thinking?
Let me show you around.
We're under a state of disrepair.
That's the...
Worst of it.
But I think this would make
a rather nice master bedroom.
Yeah, I could see that.
My grandmother was
away for quite some time
as you might have guessed.
Spent time traveling the world,
saw pretty much everywhere.
And now she's in the state that she's in,
that's why we're here to help out.
Thank you.
Various different
stages of habitation, but.
Scott, you monster!
It's scary enough in this place
without you being here.
So I billeted you on
this side of the house.
I'm sure you'll be quite comfortable.
As you can see there's lots of space, but,
it's got potential.
- Yep.
- Just needs someone
with a bit of aptitude
to give it some love.
Should spruce up nicely.
He seems like a weirdo.
Do you think his mother
really lives upstairs
or is she just a figment
of his imagination?
Behave, you.
For all we know, he
could be a psycho killer
like Norman Bate.
Sometimes I wonder where you got
your imagination from, young lady.
Seriously, what do
we really know of him?
You answered a mysterious
ad in the New Forest paper
and we're the only applicants.
Don't you think that's
just a tiny bit fishy?
Perhaps our luck's beginning to turn.
Oh yeah, for sure.
Look, it doesn't really matter, does it?
What matters is that we've
got a roof over our head
and food in our bellies.
It was either this or
we're gonna be homeless.
And right now, I think we've
made the right decision.
It's me.
It's Trelawney.
Are you looking for something?
A glass of water.
You walked past it, down the corridor.
Hey, Scott.
Get some rest.
I appreciate that you may have a lot
of questions to ask and I will try
to answer them in good time.
But for now, your patience
is of the utmost importance.
Good night.
Good night, sir.
You all right, darling?
Calm down.
Calm down, sweetheart.
Just breathe.
That's it.
That's it.
It's all over.
Come on in.
Oh, I'll take what I need
and I'll donate the rest to charity.
To be honest, most of it's junk.
Mother would have loved
you to have it anyway.
I had to pay 50 quid to bring
that thing here and I have to ride
in the back of the lorry with it.
Well, well, look who finally
dragged himself out of bed.
It's nearly lunch time, Scott!
Hi now, Scott.
Oh poor boy, he looks exhausted.
Morning, Mrs. Banner.
Mrs. Banner here has
brought you a surprise.
Well it's the least I could do
for my old friend.
Where is it?
Hi, Ricky!
You all right, son?
Yeah, I'm fine, what's that?
Look what your Gran left you.
- For me?
- Yes.
Worth a few grand.
What a beauty.
Look out, Steve McQueen.
Who's Steve McQueen?
Uh, film star in the '60s, '70s.
Car chases, motorbikes?
How fast do you reckon
it can do naught to 60?
Oh no, you're not driving it.
What do you
mean I can't drive it?
Trevor will probably
take it off your hands
for a few grand.
No, you can drive it
up and down the driveway
but that's it for now, okay?
Your Gran was cooler
than I thought.
Who ah.
Come on, get on.
I've already done the damage.
Fancy a ride on that?
With you?
On that?
You're having a laugh.
Your loss.
Mum is really angry with you.
What else is new?
Don't you have somewhere else to be?
Get lost.
You're such a dork.
I'm gonna go get changed.
Why are you always so mean to her?
Because she's a pain in my backside.
What I wouldn't do to
have a little sister.
What I would do to not
have a little sister.
You're so lucky to live here.
Yeah, but the owner's a bit of a creep.
Why, what's wrong with him?
He was speaking to me with his mind.
Oh, he's telepathic?
Yeah, that's the one.
What are you doing in here?
Could say the same about you.
I'm not the one hiding
in the bushes spying.
Something strange about this place
and Mr. Trelawney.
He's not the one hiding in the bushes.
My name's Jamie.
Just be careful.
Careful about what?
What have I told you about hanging around?
I didn't realize you'd met
my annoying little brother.
Well, maybe him having a friend
will keep him out of
my hair for the summer.
Oh, that's me lift.
Bye, we'll see you again soon.
Hurry up, the lift's here!
Till later.
I'm not rocking in the back
of that fitting lorry again.
Hurry up!
Thank you, see you soon.
Yeah, see you in a bit.
I wouldn't go over there.
It's really dangerous, it's a bog.
I was gonna walk to the next village.
You've got a long way to
go, it's over five miles.
Oh, thank you.
Oh hello, love.
Cup of tea?
Nah, I'm gonna go see Jamie.
Oh, that's nice.
So nice she's met someone.
Really pleased for her.
Cup of tea, love?
Thanks, love.
Oof, I can't do anything about this roof
until the rain stops.
Do you think we've done
the right thing, Ali?
Oh, god I hope so.
I really do.
But don't you find it, well, odd?
What, living in this big place?
Looking after that old lady?
There's just something
in this whole thing
that doesn't add up.
See you and I have a connection
brought about by an ancient artifact.
The skull?
Exactly, the skull.
In the museum, when
things start going crazy?
The skull is incredibly powerful.
Life and death, good and evil.
I saw my nan die.
She spoke to me.
What did she say?
To put things right.
To break the curse?
I know.
I saw your vision too.
But I promise you, no
harm will come to you.
I'll explain.
At the beginning of civilization,
there was a tribe of nomads,
travelers called the Sengenai.
In honoring their gods,
they anointed three skulls.
Each skull was blessed, cursed
beyond our comprehension.
The first skull was
destroyed before the war.
The second was lost too.
The third resides at the museum.
These skulls can only be activated
by someone who has a direct bloodline
from the Sengenai tribe.
And Scott, that's you.
Tonight is the first night
of the full moon cycle.
While the skull is active,
we only have three days.
It is imperative that I get that skull
as soon as possible.
What's it got to do with me?
You need to
steal it from the museum.
Are you all right?
This is a matter of life and death, Scott.
I'm just a
kid, not Billy the Kid.
What do I know about stealing?
You know people who can help.
I hear he's somewhat of an expert.
No offense, sir,
but I'm sure my parents
would be very interested
in this conversation.
Maybe I'll tell them.
Scott has something to say, everyone.
I think I'm going to like it here.
Believe me Scott,
I wish there was another way
but trust me, there's not.
You are the key.
As I explained before,
only you can make the skull active.
I need you and I can
make it worth your while.
Go and phone Trevor.
We need to do this tonight.
Isn't this wrong?
What, stealing?
Yes, of course it's wrong.
And after tonight, make
sure you never do it again.
But what if we get caught?
What do you think will happen?
Come on.
I don't wanna do it.
Oh, right, here, hold up.
Oh, well this must be pretty special then.
That's a priceless antique.
Over 2,000 years old.
So what, you're gonna give me 10 grand
to go and get it?
That's what we agreed.
What, is this some sort of joke?
Oh I can assure you it's no joke.
Right, here's how it's gonna go down.
Now you sit here, right?
If me and Ricky ain't back in 15 minutes,
you drive off, you got it?
And you're taking Scott with you?
No, I ain't taking him, no way.
You have to take him.
You won't be able to remove
the skull without him.
What you're forgetting, mate,
is that I'm a professional.
I got it all covered, I got all the tools,
everything I need.
Anything crops up, we got it covered.
The case which contains the skull
is hermetically sealed.
Look, you won't be able
to open it with tools.
You won't be able to
open it with explosives.
It can't be done.
You need a key
- and Scott is the key.
- Him?
So are you saying
our little mate in the back there
is some sort of,
he's got some sort of special powers?
That sounds daft.
It's complicated and it will,
it'll take too long to go into.
You're taking him.
Is the building alarmed?
Yes, NEZ or Nez systems model number.
PC3000, do you know it?
Yes, as it goes, I am familiar
with that particular model.
What about guards?
No guards?
Government cutbacks.
No overnight.
Is there anything else I need to know?
Well aren't you forgetting something?
The most important bit?
My fee.
Yes, of course.
All right, how some.
Oh look at this.
What about my share?
Hey what you need money for,
you still live at home with your parents.
Don't know, maybe I'll
buy a place of my own.
Do you know, I like you kid, I do.
And as it goes, my friends,
my best mate's daughter likes you.
So what I'm prepared to do,
I will five you a hundred
pound for your trouble,
that's all right?
Shut him up.
I want half what he's getting.
Oh look, can we just
put money off till later,
talk through it with you later.
Right now, I just wanna get the job done
before the sun comes up.
Come on you.
Where you going?
That's the school.
Museum's over there, get in.
You didn't tell me that.
Trevor, are you sure
you know what you're doing?
Course I know what I'm doing.
I've been robbing people for,
I've been helping people
with their alarm for years.
Now hand the torch!
I'm kind of drafty.
Here, take my torch,
it's really hot in here.
Hold these.
- Help.
- What are you doing?
- Off it.
- Come here then.
- Take it!
- Pull!
Come on, you pull.
Has he gone?
It's this way.
Go on then.
Hurry up.
Be quiet.
It's dark!
Go down!
- Shh.
- Hurry up!
You shush.
What you wearing there, mate?
We're supposed to be incognito.
Look at Mikey!
Yeah well she's a girl.
Where are the torches?
I don't know.
Ricky's got them.
Trevor, where have you gone?
I've got the torches.
Trevor, where are you?
Put your phone down.
Wait, wait, I got a message.
Put it down right,
and put your light on!
My light won't work.
Hurry up!
What are you doing?
What's this thing?
Don't worry about that.
What does this skull look like?
It's a skull.
How big is it?
I don't know, it's a skull.
What more could I say?
Ah, it's crystal.
You stop messing around!
Gordon Bennett.
- God.
- See I told you it's here.
- It's amazing.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hold that, hold that.
- Be careful.
- Be quick then.
Hold that.
Wait, you hold it.
- Give me that.
- Hold that one.
Oh it's heavy.
It's really heavy.
Grow some muscles then.
And there we go.
Bring me that one, I will.
- I'll use that.
- You take that.
Come on then.
Let's go, let's go.
My hat.
Why are you two doing that?
Hurry up, Mikey!
I'm coming.
Hey hey.
Look at that little beauty.
Well done, all of you.
Thank you.
Well I think a celebration's in order.
Where are we going?
Sorry, some other time perhaps.
Oh, Gordon Bennett.
We've got a long drive ahead of us.
Well it's just
the three of us then, Micky.
We'll go somewhere nice.
Where did you think you've been?
What fair time do you call this?
Let's go get some juice.
Oh, hey, morning Mrs. B.
Don't you good morning me,
What the hell time do you call this?
No, we got held up on a job.
You told me you'd get her
back at a reasonable hour.
This is not a reasonable hour.
She's only 15.
- What's this?
- Your share.
Oh my god!
I told you Mrs. B, I make things happen.
And there's plenty more
where that come from.
How much more?
Oh, more than enough
to get you and Micky
out of this pokey little hole.
But I will need your help.
No problem.
Fancy a little trip to the country?
Come here.
No, not again, no, no,
- no, no, no, no, no.
- Come on.
What's up?
Look at the state of you.
Besides your hair, have you been drinking?
What, no way.
Where is Dad?
He's still sleeping.
My two loafers.
What am I gonna do with you?
Wait, come back.
Yes, mommy dearest?
I need you to change
Mr. Trelawney's bedding.
What, that's so not fair!
You're the one who volunteered
to do housekeeping duties.
Can't Scott do it?
He can't be trusted to
do something like that.
Is that supposed to be some sort
of backhanded compliment?
It is what it is.
Now scoot.
When was the last time
me and you had a lay in?
Before the kids were born.
Who are you?
What are you doing in here?
Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
We've come to make your bed.
Now look here.
I need my thimble.
It's over there on that sewing box.
Could you get it for me please?
What are you doing here?!
We've come to change the beds.
You're not supposed to be here.
Get out.
Oh, reminds me, I've got
to do that plastering today.
That might be difficult.
Well I've just come off
the phone to Mrs. Banner
and she's coming around now.
Are you joking?
She's coming around?
Oh, she's so excited
about the house, John.
What else could I say?
Come on.
She is my mom's friend,
probably her only friend.
It's the least we can do.
The woman scares me.
Oh, and, Trevor's coming as well.
Oh, the ex con?
Yeah, that's the fella.
He's driving her.
Fine, whatever.
We need to talk.
What about?
The Trelawneys.
What about them?
I found some old photos.
Mr. and Mrs. Trelawney were in them.
And they looked exactly the same then
as they do now.
Exactly the same.
What are you trying to say?
We think they are.
Ah, shut up.
But don't come crying to me
when they take a big
chunk out of your neck.
Ah whatever, get lost!
Cold out here.
Hardly ever off leave, surely.
What are you doing here?
Where'd you spring from?
What are you doing here?
Can't a bloke pop
around and see an old mate
without getting a third degree?
I mean we are old mates, are we?
I mean some would say
we're as thick as thieves.
Would you be quiet?
You don't look well, mate.
You all right, I can see a doctor.
I'm all right, I'm all right.
Say one, where's the mysterious Mr. T?
Is he out there playing with
his skull somewhere, is he?
How do I know?
Oh, my bottom!
This van should be done for BGH.
- I warned you nagging me.
- Why didn't you hire
a proper car?
I couldn't afford a proper car!
You know my budget.
Come on.
Where's Michael la?
She's asleep in the back.
Well wake her up and get her around.
Get down.
Well get your hand off there.
Give us a hand out, will you?
Wound up,
- well what you doing?
- Come on.
Oh my god.
Help me now!
Help me!
You better push harder, will you?
Ow, ow, ooh!
- Ooh me!
- Oh my back, my back.
My key, my tailbone.
Is someone gonna let me out?
Do you know I hate the country?
God knows what I trodded now.
We just gotta find that ruddy skull.
Trelawney'll know.
Of course he'll know
but he ain't gonna tell us, is he?
Oh no.
Good point.
We gotta find a way to make him tell us.
Yeah, oh I got it!
Got it what?
You go, go to the front door, you knock.
I'll go round the back
then when they come to
answer it in the front
I'll go in the back.
How about that?
It don't make any sense.
Yeah, yeah.
I knock on the door,
you go round the back.
No, you knock on the door.
You ain't a lot of cop
to me, woman, are ya?
Come on.
- Where you going?
- In the house.
Come in.
Oh what a lovely house.
And so humongous.
It's a shame that you don't have any heirs
to leave it to, isn't it still?
I suppose there's plenty of
time for that, eh?
I tell you what, Mr. T, you don't mind
if I call you Mr. T, do you?
You have a lovely house.
You know, you know?
It's one of the finest
houses I've ever seen.
- Thank you.
- Oh, this house and,
and there's only three of you.
Well it seems a bit of a waste, ain't it?
I should go and see
how Beth's getting on.
And please feel free to
make yourself at home
as you would anywhere else.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. T.
You are a real gentleman.
Oh, makes a change, doesn't it Michael la?
To meet a proper gentleman like that,
what'd you think?
Yeah, Gran.
Oh, be a bit more enthusiastic, girl.
He's something special, you know.
Look at this place, it's marvelous.
I could do with living here myself.
Ooh, look at that nice thing over there.
Trish, Trish.
I've got a plan.
Okay, hang on.
Oh, now this is a bit.
Look at this place.
Oh, Joe!
Found what you were looking for?
Mr. Trelawney.
It's nice to see you, mate.
I just popped in
'cause well, I brought Mrs.
B back for a little visit.
Right, I
wondered why you were here.
Yeah, love the place.
She wanted to come have a
look around, that's all.
I see, and moved you too.
Well, yeah, just, you know,
I love old buildings,
I love old properties,
love furniture and all that.
You all gone out, just look at that.
Look at that painting.
Now you tell me about that.
Who's that by back to then?
That is lovely.
Well, it's the Battle of Chafall.
That is very nice.
With all this, it's only
a reproduction of course.
Used to be in our lavatory
but I found that so much of my life
is spent wasting away...
See this is lovely, a bit like this.
Now this is a lovely bit
of, bit of wood this.
Now you tell me what, tell me about this.
What'd you know about this?
Well nothing really.
I'll tell you about it, right?
This is a Chippengale, right?
Now Brian Chippengale,
he used to make this
back in the 50s.
He made a lot of these.
Where's that skull?
Ooh, this is nice.
These are nice, I do like these.
What's the matter with that one?
It contains my father's ashes.
Oh, sorry.
That one's all right though, feel free.
Oh mum's not in that one is she?
- Not yet.
- Not dead dogs, cats?
Oh my god.
Sorry, I.
I do like the clock.
Is that a grand mama or a grandfather?
It's a grandfather.
Mrs. Banner is outside.
Can you...
Does it work?
It hasn't worked for years.
Well you wanna get it cleaned up.
My work you see.
- Maybe I will.
- All the guppings in that,
loose up it probably would work.
Probably every 15 minutes you'll get
a little ping out of it
and every hour you get a double ping.
What's through here then?
Who would wanna go down
those stairs, oh they're not.
Oh, you got a piano!
Look, Trevor.
Nice, very nice.
Is anyone there?
Vampires don't like garlic.
You go over there.
I'll go over here.
Right, time to get that skull.
Your mother used to
go on about you, John.
She used to say that he didn't have enough
spark in him to light a campfire.
Oh but she had a lot
of plans for you Alina.
My little Alina this,
my little Alina that.
It's a shame it didn't work out.
It's a real tragedy.
And I'm sure he'd have had
a lot less trouble with Scott
if she hadn't kept poking her ore in.
She loved the boy.
And that boy's just here.
I ate a rat once.
Ratatouille, dear.
She had Ratatouille in
Paris in France years ago.
Tasted lovely.
Yes it did.
Oh, poor thing.
Her mind is shot.
I can't imagine how that must feel.
I'd like a nice up of
gin, Beth, mother dear.
That's all right, grandmother,
you just have your tea.
Two sugars.
Later, and just finish that one off.
Be very careful.
To old friends and new.
Oh look, there's Trevor!
I'll take him a cake.
You don't look well.
I think Trevor is up to something.
I caught him in the house.
My vision!
What vision?
Back at the museum.
I had a vision of Trish.
She had been tied up by someone.
Why didn't
you tell me about this?
Because I thought
that someone was you.
Like some tea, love?
You must make it right.
- Hey.
- What's wrong?
I heard it.
Heard what?
What did she say?
To make things right.
I'm sorry, John.
Oh god.
I gotta sit down.
All this gallanting's playing havoc
with me hematoma.
Oh be careful!
Just look at it, rub it there a bit.
By my account it's not in the dining room,
the kitchen, the bathroom, the lavatory.
Well it's not in the house, is it?
We know that.
Oh but where is it then?
I don't know, do I?
But I know someone that might.
How did you know I'd be here?
I didn't.
The skull.
I sense it and it senses me.
Me too.
You look poorly.
I'm afraid that is also
to do with the skull.
I'll be all right.
It'll all be over soon.
Let's finish our preparations.
Bring the skull.
How's your biology?
Not very good.
Well I'll try and make this
as simple for you as possible.
You see it's all about genes.
It's to do with the X chromosome
which is carried down
through your mother's side.
See you only have one X chromosome
which means you have a greater chance
of getting your gift.
Whereas Trish has two X chromosomes,
that's two curses
canceling each other out,
getting rid of the mutation.
Well at least that's the theory.
You see, I told you it was complicated.
So my mom has the gene
but it's not active,
and Trish, she's just a
useless waste of genetics.
Well, more or less.
That's not what's important here.
Tonight is the last
night of the full moon.
And it's our one and only chance.
But there'll be another full moon.
Yes, but you won't be here!
And if we fail?
Then you'll die.
But I thought you said
no harm would come to me.
I lied.
Where'd you
want this last one, Mrs. B?
Yeah bring it in, love.
Scott's mum, she used to,
her granny, she used to,
she used to dabble in
the occult, you know?
All that magic whole black mystical stuff.
Well was she a gypsy or what?
Yeah she was.
She used to travel all
over the world you know,
telling people's fortunes.
Well you wanna do one of them seances
and get her to get the lottery numbers.
No, no, no, she's dead.
I know, but that's the
whole point of a seance.
You talk to her, oh never mind.
Where'd you want this on?
Give us a kiss, love.
Hey, no, hey no.
Hey no, I left the van running.
I left the van running.
Oh wait, wait, wait.
I'm gonna go get the van.
Now wait, my man, I'm
not finished with you yet.
Who are you?
And what have you done to my son?
It all started when
we met your grandmother.
Didn't she die in a war?
What are you talking about?
I think it's time we
gave you an explanation.
It all started the night
I was to be deployed.
You want to know your destiny?
Come, have your fortune told!
Shall we?
What's the worst that could happen?
Please be seated.
Give me your hands.
Let me read your palms.
Crystal is all power.
It sees the future, it sees the past.
It brings together life and death.
We are of the same blood.
Don't worry.
Fate can be changed.
I can offer you a cloak of protection.
This must be returned to me.
You must never lose this.
This spell will keep you safe
but only if you heed my words.
We were sent to El A lame in.
It was a mess, the horror.
I lost the jawbone in the battlefield.
There was no hope of finding it.
I didn't even look.
Hundreds of men from my battalion
were wiped out
whilst I returned home
mysteriously unscathed.
A hero.
We were married a year later.
Not long after that, I gave birth
to our first and only child, Victoria.
Where is she now?
She's sitting there.
Well that makes you
over a hundred years old.
What are you talking about?
Mum, let him finish.
You see, there were side effects.
The spell gave us immortality.
Forever young.
We would never die.
Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
Oh but let me tell you.
To see your friends and
family wither and die,
day after day and months after months,
year after year
whilst you stay exactly the same.
I can tell you that's a curse.
We've watched our baby
girl grow old and frail
before our eyes.
We're prisoners trapped in a world
that we're not part of.
A man and a woman from a different time.
The doctor says that
Victoria won't make it
to the end of the year.
We want to go before she does.
No parents should have to endure
watching their only child die.
Scott is the conduit.
That's why we brought him here.
I knew this job was too good to be true.
Scott is the only person
who can break the curse.
The deeds are all sealed and sorted.
As soon as we go, everything,
the house and everything in
it will be handed over to you.
The only thing that we ask
is that you look after our
Victoria in her last days.
And I'm afraid we have no time.
Scott's dying.
The only way to save him
is to perform the ritual
tonight before midnight.
Ricky, you're always on
that phone, put it away!
Get the rope out the van.
Oh and that duct tape
I asked you to get me.
Come on.
Good lad.
What you call that?
I like the color.
Well it's pink!
You ain't a lot of good to me, are you?
Come on!
What are you doing there?
Mom, Dad, help!
Down this way, follow me.
She's in here.
That's it, come on.
Where is she, Trevor?
What's happened?
Come on.
Right now, in here, look.
In there, go on.
She's in there.
Just where are you, darling,
mommy's really worried.
She's not here, Trevor.
Help me!
Trevor, let us out.
Trevor, let us out!
Trevor, open this door.
Right, no one's gonna hear ya.
What are
you playing at, come on!
- Right.
- Open the door!
Now to find Scott and that skull.
He said it would be easy.
I never meant for any of this to happen.
We used to be best friends, Mikey.
Mates are 10 a penny, mate,
you'll get used to that.
Will you keep still?
You're such a fidget.
Stop, you're hurting me.
Why don't you just let her go?
Trevor, I
didn't sign up for this.
I've got a plan.
Just follow me.
Please, just let her go, she's only 10.
I don't care how old she is, right?
Do you think I'm an idiot?
This little girl is collateral,
make sure everything runs smooth.
We shouldn't be doing this.
Where the hell are you taking us?
This is wrong, let her go.
We got dead bodies out
here somewhere all right.
Sort of place people could go missing.
Disappear forever.
Come on.
There's no point, it's locked.
We're stuck.
We're here.
It's somewhere near that stick.
Well go and get it.
What, help me look at least.
Well come on, go and get it.
I haven't got all night.
It'll be quicker if we all.
Oh forget it.
Right, this is a warning, right?
If anyone tries anything, she gets it.
Well stop whining and look.
You behave yourself.
Oh, forget it.
Try over there, Trevor.
Well what sort did you put out there?
Yeah well to mark it.
Well what sort of bloke
puts up a marker to mark something
if there's nothing there?
Besides, go look.
Right, well give us a hand.
That's for
messing with my sister.
Hey give us a hand now!
Michael la!
Give us a hand out mate, come on.
You created this mess.
Now you can uncreate it.
And by the way, I'm not your mate.
After everything I've done for you?
Serves you right, Trevor.
You okay, little sis?
You tricked him, didn't you?
Anything for you, you know that.
Take her back to the house.
Tell Trelawney to bring the skull.
He'll know where.
She'll be safe with us.
All right.
Come back, give us a hand!
I'm sinking!
Look, help me.
After everything I've done?
I'm a family friend,
you can't leave me here.
Shh, I can hear something.
Is there anyone there?
- The door's locked!
- Who's there?
- Let us out!
- Help, help, let us out!
Oh my gosh.
Oh, sweetheart.
Hurry, there's no time to lose.
That Trevor's a creep.
He tied me up.
Oh sweetheart, I'm
so pleased you're okay.
From the moment you came
into this world until now
you have brought me nothing but joy.
Farewell, my darling daughter.
I'll see you in the next life.
Goodbye, my darling mother.
We shared a long life,
your mother and me.
Longer than most.
And you've brought us such love.
More than you could ever know.
Goodbye my sweet Victoria.
Goodbye, dad.
There it is.
I'm having that.
Trevor, bring it back!
You don't know what you're doing!
Come back!
Let's find him.
You head up that down that way,
I'll take up here.
Oh, oh my god.
Keys, keys.
What are you doing?
Come on, Scott.
You idiot!
What's that thing doing?
Are you okay, son?
Dad, get the skull.
We'll take this.
And don't you ever come
anywhere near my family again.
Trish, I've got a plan.
The incantation, do you remember it?
The what?
The chant.
You remember the chant?
It's been a pleasure meeting you Scott.
You too sir.
Your courage and bravery
will not be forgotten.
Your parents should be proud of you.
I wish you the greatest fortune
in each and every one of your endeavors.
Thank you.
Thank you for looking after Victoria.
Goodbye my darling.
Truly hexed, cursed I am.
Let it break.
Truly hexed, oh cursed I am.
Let it break with quench of flame.
We'll be okay.
Well done, Scott.
Let's go home.
Son of a.
What did I think?
Ah, I give up.
Hello Trevor.
Taking the family heirlooms
for a little walk, are we?
No, it ain't heirlooms.
They're from the car boot sow.
No, no, they're not nicked.
No, Trevor, you're nicked.
You're not going anywhere you blaggard.
What's he from, blaggard?
Were you from the 40's mate?
Gordon Bennett.
I always told you I'll
get you one day, Trevor.
Yeah well I would have got away
if it weren't for them
pesky kids, wouldn't I?
- Hold up.
- Get in!
Yeah I'm getting in.
Oh, right!
Oh for Christ's sake, Trevor.
Just get in.
Lock the door.
No, no, no, no, no.
We'll look after her.
Yeah of course.
She's a sweet old thing.
Yeah she is.
She's a lovely girl.
Come on, Mrs. Trelawney.
Oh, hello.
The rest of the family's
waiting for you downstairs.
Hey, here's Scott.
She's just on her way down.
You sure you're okay, Scott?
I'm fine, thanks.
I've been thinking about Gran.
Why didn't she tell us about her past?
Maybe she just didn't
think it was important.
Or maybe she just wanted to forget.
There's just one thing
I don't understand.
Trelawney said there were three skulls.
One was destroyed before the war,
and one Scott had.
So what happened to the third skull?
Come here.
We got to find a way to
find this bloody skull.
Trelawney'll know.
Yeah, but he's not gonna tell us, is he?
Give us a kiss.
Yeah now up.
I've got to go, love.
No, no, no, no!
Hang on I'm not finished with you yet.
I'm gonna go get in the van.
Well done.
- Be careful.
- Be quick.
Hold that.
That's it, well done, well done.
Give them to Mikey.
- Okay.
- Give me that.
- Oh, it's heavy.
- Give me the iron.
Grow some muscles then, jeez.
You hold that.