AE: Apocalypse Earth (2013) Movie Script

Attention: This is a secure area.
For your own safety move away
from the spacecraft. Selectees please move
quickly to your assigned boarding stations.
Altus Exodus.
Welcome aboard Altus Exodus.
- Welcome aboard Altus Exodus.
- Move this line faster.
Come on!
Move it. Faster. Move it! Come
- This is Baum. The Crowd is riding.
I have men down. -Stop! Stop!
Pebbles. Howell you're with me.
31st command. This is Baum. Do
you read.
I have un authorized personnel
boarding the Albert Einstein.
In pursuit. Ground that air
support. Close those doors!
Freeze! Freeze!
We just wanna live.
Captain. We may have stow aways
on board.
Emergency launch now!
Full thrust now.
I'm sorry. We can't do that
Baum Sir. Frank Baum. 31st
tactical command.
North American joint military.
Captain Sam Crowe. Activate
autopilot and sleep mode.
Sir. Those people don't belong
on your ship.
This is one of humanities
Some where chosen for needed skills.
Others were picked by lottery.
So one human must be just good
as another.
Well I have to get back sir.
My team and I are part of
Earth's defenses.
TIM activate interface once
we reach cryo.
Yes Sir.
We're not going into Cryo Sir.
You know there is an old sailor
saying Frank.
"Never jump into a lifeboat until
you have to jump up into it".
The war is over. We lost.
No sir. We are not giving up.
We've been accelerating at one
"G" ever since we left orbit.
There is no going back.
I wasn't asking, sir.
You know what? You can shoot me.
But you can't change the laws of
We are going to another world. And we will all
be very happy to have your protection there.
Altus Exodus, Frank.
Do you see a red cape, sir?
What are you looking at?
Everyone back to work.
Alright Lieutenant
we'll be putting you in cryo now.
I'll hang on to this.
Will I dream?
It will be like no time has pass
at all.
Come on. Up you go. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Alright.
Psst! Over here.
Take that off.
You might as well
have a bull's-eye on your back.
How we - What the hell's going
Who's shooting at us?
I don't know.
Let's go. Let's get out of here.
Come on. Come on.
I'm going up there to recon.
You stay here. Take him.
I thought I told you to stay
back there.
You're the one with the gun.
Come on.
Come on.
Howell died in crash.
I don't know about Vasquez.
Something's been chasing us but
I couldn't get a good look.
They took out Vasquez.
They're big. Some sort of sonic
disrupt or with active camouflage.
Active camouflage?
I found these two wondering
after the crash.
We better get moving. There's a
stream about half a klick away.
We'll throw them off our trail.
Why should we follow you?
I'm the one with the gun.
No Weapon?
Lost it in the crash. I got
Could you find anything bigger?
It's bigger then yours.
It's not what your mama said.
Did you see those others?
The pale skinny ones?
Yeah I saw them.
They disappeared quick though. I
don't what they were.
They looked almost human.
Who are you people?
We are-
No, no no. Too much noise.
They're harmless.
Who are you people?
We're from the Isaac Newton. We
came in on-
What the hell was that?
Come on. Come on.
Follow the stream.
I'll bear off and lead them
With you boss.
Oh No, you stay with them. Keep
them moving.
Watch your 6.
You! You're T.I.M.
Yes Sir. I'd be happy to assist
you in anyway I can.
No, Why is he in charge?
Come on.
Come on. Hurry up!
Sir, I might suggest you would
be safer under these unusual
circumstances if you were
to lower your voice.
We want them to follow us!
Sir, I am programmed to
preserve human life.
I'll preserve your damn ass
if you don't make some noise!
As you wish, Sir. I'm happy to
assist you!
I found a place to hide.
Who the hell are you people? You weren't on the
Albert Einstein. And where the hell are we?
Don't you know? You've got crew.
You've got that.
It's ok Honda.
We were on the Isaac Newton.
That was the first Ark to
Right. We crashed here. We don't know why.
None of our crew survived.
We were rounded up by the Chameleons.
Those things that are chasing us.
Some of us were brought back and
were put in to the um-
I don't know what to call it. It
was like a prison? A Zoo? A Lab?
What does it matter? It has
It had cages. Until your ship crashed into it.
Now more of our people are dead.
But you're free.
Yeah and now they are hunting us
instead of feeding us.
Do you want to go back there?
I didn't think so.
Now we have to work together.
To do what? We don't even know
where we are.
Captain, do you know where we
This can't be Alpha Proxima 5.
There's only one sun.
It's the head wound. Probably a
You a doctor?
I'm a nurse, but I don't have
any supplies.
I'll see what I can do.
What about you? You are T.I.M
aren't you?
I am a Transhuman Interactive
But my friends call me Tim. I'd be
happy to assist you in anyway I can.
Make me a banana split.
I regret I don't have the
necessary ingredients.
Yeah, then what good are you?
Where are we? And how can we
both be on the same planet.
Hannah, each Ark went to it's
own destination.
I'm very sorry that I can't
answer your question.
Whatever caused the ship to crash happened
before I was scheduled to awaken.
However, once I was functional I began
recording all ship's telemetry.
Really? Just before the crash I saw something, triangular.
It looked like a space ship.
Yes. I believe I can provide range
and bearing to that target.
But exactly what it is, I'm
afraid I can't say.
Then we have a plan. That ship
could be our ticket home.
We left earth for a reason. The
aliens were exterminating us!
What do you think these
aliens are doing?
We'll find that ship and get
back to earth.
We've got to get away from here
as far away as possible.
Yeah, well you're the one with
the gun.
So how long were you prisoners?
More like Lab rats. But about 2
That's not possible.
I saw the newton leave on TV a
month ago.
I lost counted of the days
around 490.
I was sick for a while. And that
was a while ago.
All relative.
How long does a concussion
I believe Captain Crowe may be
less impaired than he seems.
He may be trying to convey that
the elapsed time disparity is due
to the effects of Einstein's
theory of special relativity.
I always hated physics.
Sargent, let's scout at 6. make
sure we are not growing a tail.
So you're fine flying back to
earth just to get killed?
I didn't say that. Did I?
If there is a ship. There's gonna
be a place on this planet where
there are no chameleon
things are.
Like an island or something.
Yeah. But what if we can't
change their mind?
Then it's a good thing I'm a
What the hell was that?
Let's go find out.
Sargent! With me.
Are you ok?
Stay in a circle.
Fan out.
Where she go?
It's ok. It's alright. We won't
hurt you.
It's ok. It's ok.
She looks almost human. How is
that possible?
We don't know much about them. And the
cages, they use to huddle together
when they weren't being used for
slave labor, or for experiments.
But I've never seen one like her
It's alright.
Tastes... like... crap.
I'm Lea.
You're ok.
Where'd they go?
Where did they go?
What the hell is that?
Her name is Lea.
How do you know her name?
I... said it... to him.
The humanoids in the zoo never
spoke. How do you know English?
I learned... from you.
From him?
From all of you. From jungle... I listen
you in damn cages. You talk a lot.
She was spying on you.
We never saw her.
Can't imagine why. Best damn
camouflage I've ever saw.
Except for the Chameleons.
Yeah. We'd better get going.
No wait where's Honda?
Not a trace.
The Captain needs rest. And
Alright, who's got food.
This is it.
Food. Food everywhere. I show
Alright. Dug in. We'll get food.
Give that to Captain Crowe.
Why you gonna give that to him?
You're just going to trust her?
What choice do I have?
Watch at 6.
Plus your gun's outta amo. Why
should we follow you?
Lieutenant Baum's training as
a military officer would have
included advanced
survival tactics.
As long as Captain Crowe incapacitated,
he is the logical leader.
Where is my banana split
Good to eat. Sweet.
Capelblom. One eat of
those kill a Kormoryx.
Very big. Very... bad?
Got it.
You always fed yourself?
Even when you were little?
- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa!
- Hey!
If you ever lay a hand on any member of
this group again I'll kick your ass.
Unless she beats me to it.
She put the fire out.
So she saved your ass again. The
fire would have given us away.
Well I am sorry I don't have your
training but we can't eat it raw.
What the hell is this anyway?
Don't worry. It will taste just
like chicken.
Hope this spaceship has an oven.
So what can you tell Chameleons?
It's not like I've been able to
run tests on them .
They have technology. Better than ours. But
they only seem to use it when they have to.
They keep the humanoids they catch as slaves, but
they didn't seem to know what to make of us.
What did they do to you?
Well, they seem to want to
know if we could inter--EH!
We're going to get wet.
I'd be happy to assist in
constructing a rain shelter,
however I don't believe that was
Everybody under cover. Now!
Come on.
Oh god.
No. No.
What the hell just happen?
This soil appears rich in
decomposing biological matter.
It's possible the bombs ignited the methane.
Higher ground will be safer.
Still looking like paradise to
This place ain't perfect but
it's got good air.
Even better then earth. Food. Water.
Even the right type of gravity.
You're forgetting about the
Tim, which way to the ship?!
The structure is approximately
ten miles in that direction.
Let's get off this planet.
Don't ever try to stop me from
doing something again.
Lieutenant, as a military officer I
recognize that you tolerate a higher
level of risk than the others, but
I cannot allow you, or any human,
to sacrifice themselves for a lost cause.
Jason was already dead.
It's a long way to Tipperary.
It's a long way-
How are you doing?
How am I doing? Better.
Thanks for uh-keeping the group
It's my job but I-
I had a concussion once... They asked me my name.
I said "Wednesday".
To bad it was Saturday.
I wonder what day it is here.
And what time?
Well the sun is going down. We
just don't know how long the
days are. Or the nights.
Sergeant, Improvised Weaponry
Yes sir.
Do you have any idea where we
Our target was Barnard's Star 4. But
that shouldn't have these rings.
Something went wrong.
We were supposed to go to Alpha
Centauri. Three suns there.
I didn't have time to check the star charts.
Once we came out of.
Cryo we were hitting
the atmosphere.
Frank, Alpha Centauri is the
nearest star system to Earth.
So wherever we are,
We're further away then that.
So we're talking 40 years. Maybe
Earth is still there. You just
find it.
If it was a ship, yeah I'll find
Your camouflage is incredible.
Your um-
I wish I could disappear like
You want... be like me?
What What is "get the hell off
this planet"?
My world was under attack. They bombed us from orbit.
That we didn't even see it coming.
Hhmm, your world. Where do you
come from?
Earth. Far Far Away. Out there.
Like tell children. Stories.
Well that's what we thought until they
came and try to take our world from us.
And... go back?
If we can.
Well, that could be a problem.
Our destination lies on the
other side of those mountains.
How did I know you were going to
say that?
I don't know. Clairvoyance in humans
is not a well-understood ability.
Altus Exodus, Frank? Huh?
The others are never going to
make it up here.
We've got to
find an easier way.
No one else ever do this.
None of your people use
Not my people. They hide
in caves.
I live in jungle. I hunt,
I kill, I feed. Me alone.
Ok. What about family?
They must be lonely.
You family?
On Earth. Maybe.
You didn't hide.
Always something ready to hurt
Do you hear that?
Are you sure this water is safe?
Most of the water on Earth is
Do you have any idea where this
water goes?
Down to...
What the word...
Big Water.
You mean like a lake or river?
I'll be right back.
You really want to say here?
If those things catch us... Honda
told me Hannah wasn't sick.
They impregnated her and she
Like I said, we need to find a
place away from those things.
In Earth, 12 billion people. There
were still some unhabited Islands.
We need to find a place like
But there's only 2 of us. And
you're not really my type.
So we stay alive. We watch each
other's backs.
The Captain is the only other
If something were to happen to
Yeah. Then they need you.
We could take charge. Fly some
place safe, and just leave.
It makes sense. The others will
come around.
Hhhmm, Yeah. That Victoria is
kinda hot.
We just need to be ready for
What's that sound?
Lieutenant Baum, there is a
Chameleon Airship approaching.
Please join us in hiding.
Yeah I know.
Look, there's a river that will
take us right where we need to be.
But we've got to make a run for
But they'll catch us.
Would you for once just shut up
and listen to him.
We've got to move now! Come on!
TIM do you float?
I'm capable of submerged or
surface operation.
Get in the water. Stay Submerged
as long as you can. Come on.
Let the river take you.
Lieutenant! Here!
Everyone out! Come on. Let's go!
Where's Hannah?
No! No! No!
Help! Help! Help!
Come on Peebs.
We must go. Kormoryx is near.
I can smell it.
I would be happy to assist by
digging a grave for Hannah.
Happy? Heartless Son-of-a-
That's enough. We don't have
time for this.
We don't have time. Stop. Stop.
I must apologize if I have offended.
I'm only here to assist.
While my form is designed to put you at
ease, you're correct. I have no heart.
That's very touching, but aren't we
supposed to be finding the ship?
What the hell is a Kormoryx?
Very big. Very Bad.
We're going to bury her, aren't
We didn't get to bury the
There's nothing left to bury
You know what? We are going to save humanity.
We gotta stay human.
So we are going to bury her.
He's right.
It's an attack ship. It must
have escaped the invasion.
Looks like they made a
controlled landing.
Stop Stop Stop.
It will eat us. All of us! Skin
too tough for spears.
We need to get inside that ship.
Well, it's not gonna eat all of
us, will it?
Would you be happy to assist us?
Look, just distract it. Get it
to chase you.
You're not edible. There's
nothing to be afraid of.
I'm not programmed for fear. But if I'm
not edible, how will I lure it away?
Switch clothes with him.
Out! Out! Damn dragon!
Everyone. Those are capelblom,
they're poisonous don't eat them.
Looks pretty good.
Is it dead?
I don't know. Keep your fingers
We'll have to check the
power cell connections.
Here. Pull this up. Right here.
Right here. Pull up.
There she is.
It looks ok.
I didn't expect for everything
to work perfectly.
But these connections are secure.
It should power the basic system.
I checked the weapons locker. It's empty.
But the emergency kit is intact.
Like it's never been opened.
They took the weapons and left
all the survival supplies?
I thought an antimatter power cell
was good for a thousand years?
Well that's what they say in the
Ahh! Hard as a rock.
Alright lets check every compartment.
There's gotta be an answer here.
That's it. No coffee mugs, no old magazines.
It's like it's fresh from the factory.
It doesn't make any sense.
If it was the power cell, could
she fly?
I can't find anything else
But we don't have a power cell. It's time
to figure out how we're going to live here.
Look man I'm going home.
Frank, We can't make antimatter
We don't need to make antimatter. Power
cell's are designed to withstand anything.
Right? Even a crash.
Yeah it it were to rupture. It
would be "Boom".
So the AE didn't blow up. Her
power cell is still intact.
- You
don't know what they're like.
Why not?
- We're lost.
You know I'll follow you
anywhere but that sounds crazy.
Come on man.
No, Frank. We've been in flight
for a very long time.
That thing is back. It's got
Alright dragon. Let's find your
weak spot.
Good Job.
You risked your life to save me.
You did the same for us.
I am programmed to assist and
protect humans.
You risked your life for me. For
a machine.
You're more then a machine.
You are one crazy, heroic,
son of a bitch.
What is "Altus Exodus"?
It's a moronic slogan they made up for the
evacuation, to make it seem less cowardly.
It means, "The high noble
In the unit we use to say "Up,
up, and away".
You risked your life?
For a member of my unit... my
It was the right thing to do.
If we don't protect each other,
we'll all die alone.
We are family now?
Do you have other family? In
your world?
A... mate?
I have a wife.
She's gone. She left before the
But I have a daughter.
She's 5 now.
Probably older.
I have to get back to her.
I promised her I'd be back.
If we get the power cell,
will you leave?
You can come with us.
But that might not happen because without
anybody's help we're not going anywhere.
I got your back Frank.
Me too. Let's get out of here.
I'm with you Frank.
I'm in.
I would be happy to assist you.
- Good Morning Cassie.
- Good Morning. Where is Frank?
I thought we were all going for
the power cell together.
Frank and Lea went to get water.
It's beautiful.
What are you looking at?
Is this a tattoo?
Some sort of rite of passage?
That looks like everything.
You all sure about this?
Come on Frank.
It's too dangerous. We're
Of course we got to get back to AE.
Without being caught by chameleons.
Or something worse.
Yeah. And getting here almost
killed us.
We should take the river. It will be a lot
easier than going through that jungle again.
And probably a lot safer.
- Well let's say that we get there.
- Right.
There aren't enough of us for an
I had an Idea about that.
Would your people help us?
Are you alright?
I'm glad something good has come
out of all of this.
I think Frank is a very good
What is it?
What is... "Tattoo"?
It's a long was to Tipperary.
To the sweetest girl I know.
Goodbye Piccadilly. Farewell Leicester Square.
It's a long long way to Tipperary
My heart is still there.
What does it mean? Tipperary?
No idea.
Are we there yet?
Did you ever consider that the
filed was being bombed?
If you'd stayed you would have been blown up.
So in a way I saved your life.
The village is far bu there is
and entrance near.
The not used way.
Back door?
Back door. Long walk in dark, Under mountain.
Chameleons don't go underground.
So we'll be safe inside.
Never safe. Never all safe. The
people will not want to help us.
The chameleons hunt them kill
Maybe if we give the Chameleons a bloody
nose they will leave your people alone.
Come on. Let's go.
Stay close.
There's something back here.
Just ignore them.
The village is in the next
I can't go in.
You know what, we need you to
What's wrong?
This is where I use to hide. To
Sometimes my mother would leave
me food.
They caught her and...
These are not my people.
I don't have people.
I was - I don't know know words.
Sent away?
They called me a monster.
When child born like me.
They take into jungle to die.
They say if I ever come back I'm
Why would anybody call you a
Not "Tattoo"
I don't have tattoo.
You are the most beautiful woman
I have ever seen.
Why did you bring us here if you
knew you couldn't go in?
You only people who ever see
Did you learn their language?
I can speak to them.
If Lea will teach me the words.
Many languages have similar
sentence structure.
I'll teach.
I'll teach.
Hehessom Naloopaf.
Yatunn tunnik sutta mo?
Thasim shelesteyfas fa thafalt.
He suggests they kill us, that we're
demons who fell from the sky.
Thahessoom lin Kamelonas
fey missaf! Hefoompat!
He says we must be with the Chameleons.
This isn't going well.
Tell them what Lea taught you, that
together we'll kill the Chameleons so
they can live in peace.
Hehessoom tuhehenool pooshik kooa.
Sin tuhekil heyleth lemelonikas tha
tuhehessoom shorith homaf sutta,
na sool tukaliff naloopaf.
Soofsh tuheleyn tutiskpa. Kil
loos. Kil loos elas.
Uh oh.
Yey. Yaliff.
Yes. I live.
Pit pey toos meywakafas
maliffsh ashoomish.
But thanks to these visitors I
no longer live in fear.
What are you doing?
The right thing.
Hasim to humm weymish kessil.
This man is a great warrior from
a far off world.
Shelesteyfa. Hasim pash
tuyahessoom sa.
Abomination. It is death for you
to come here.
Is that what you do? You kill
what you don't understand?
What are you afraid of? A little
baby with colored skin?
Kakil fa katunelsh. Wikoolem?
Kasim fesal mo? Solonepsil.
Thaklasht thamaf feynaf.
Hepashimt mook sut.
Na helifft mook!
Hapoosht too humm mook koo
tusloothin heylaf Kamelonaf.
This man killed many Chameleons
after the crash.
How many of you would be dead no
if it were not for him?
Sin amin tukasim rey sellafas.
And now you won't help him
defeat your enemies.
Thooish loos nik mua? Sashoon
Stop living in fear. It's time
to do what must be done.
It is said that our
people have collected and guarded these down
through the ages. Some stolen from
the Chameleons. Some passed down
from the dark times. Awaiting a day to strike.
The Chameleons still hold many of our people
as slaves. We will help you, if
you help us.
We'll do it together.
So this is how they disappeared
so quickly after the crash.
Hehoolt lif sen Kamelonafas ta. Soolu.
Tunoos piffes. Tuhool piffes.
He say tat there is about a
hundred Chameleons.
There may be more.
So what's the plan.
We need a diversion. We get back
to basics. Come on.
Hatunnt kisiwin: Thoo hesim hoowa, sin tuyapakpa
Sool tuyahessoom shorith tuyalif kon.
So you really think this is
gonna work?
These are zookeepers or
scientist, not soldiers.
Even if they were, who would
they be fighting?
The humanoids would never attack
Hope you're right.
Ok. Let's go.
Come on!
Let's get out of here and find
your friends.
What happend? Where did they go?
Ok. Ok. Ok.
It's still energized.
Uh-That will work.
Look, we'll have to look for
Hope our diversion's still
We're going to risk our lives
for them?
That's what they are doing for
Fine. Let's get this over with.
Foot prints.
Go. Go. Go. Go.
Go. I got your back.
Go on. I'll catch up.
It's my turn to be a heroic son
of a bitch.
I got this.
What your 6.
I guess I'll be taking that
fancy gun of yours.
Lea no!
- Oh no.
- Oh no.
No what? We're sitting ducks.
Well bulid uh-We'll build a
plasma field.
The Jungle version. A Wall of
Methane. Shoot the ground.
You alright?
I'm ok.
Are you crazy? You could have
been killed.
TIM. Come on.
I regret I am unable to assist
you at this time.
You saved my life.
That is my purpose.
Is the power cell damaged.
If it were, none of us would be
- Take it and go.
- What?
I would be happy to perform one
last piece of assistance.
I will wait for our pursuers and
then self-destruct.
It should be a significant
No. We'll take you with us.
I cannot allow you to endanger
yourself for me again.
You don't have any choice.
Let's get the hell off this
Come on.
Take, Take him. Take him.
Grab him.
Where's Peebles?
He was with you.
Keep going. Move! Move!
Go Go Go!
- Here take this. - I'll catch up.
- You'll need this.
Damn. This will never work.
We'll lead them right back to
the cave.
Captain. Take TIM and the
Back through the Mountain. Get
to the ship.
You'll be killed.
I'm dying on earth not here.
I'll come with you.
The more people the better the
Alright. Move on 2. 1...2.
Are you sure about this? There could be more
then a few Chameleons zookeepers out there.
We'll head for the river. Find
- Alright.
- Go!
- Don't you want me?
- What are you doing?
Of course I want you.
You belong here with your
You are my people.
Alright. Ready? Go. 1, 2.
Follow me. There's a boat!
There it is!
Get in.
Colin where's the power cell?
Looks like we lost them.
That wasn't so bad.
I was hopping they only had one
of those.
Colin where are you?
Paddle Paddle Paddle!
Give me your hand. Give me your
You took your time.
Good to see ya.
Altus Exodus?
Come on!
Well that explains why we
Some kind of planetary defense
Probably automated.
I'll take a few moments for the
computer to figure out where er are.
This doesn't make sense.
Nothing is where it should be.
I my have the answer to that
this time.
We arrived at Barnard's Star after a
flight time approximately 10 years.
No habitable planets were
observed, so we continued on.
Eventually reaching more then 99
percent the speed of light.
Several other systems were also uninhabitable
and with Cryo liability limited to
100 years, I instructed the ship to initiate
a return trajectory hopes to whatever the
outcomes of the war, Earth might
still be habitable.
You're saying we've been gone a 100 years?
And we crashed on some habitable planet
on the way back to Earth?
Relativity is a bitch Frank. It's been 100 years for us.
But on Earth it has been...
Approximately 325,000 years have
passed here.
Wait? Here?
The AE successfully returned
That's not Earth. Earth is blue. And
what about that ring around it?
We're the moon?
I would suggest the alien
invaders destroyed it.
The ring is the debris left
Why would they destroy the moon?
With no tidal influence, the surface
of the world would grow flatter.
And with the runaway greenhouse effect, the
planet would eventually become covered
in tropical jungle and shallow
Perfect for a race of
- Why didn't you tell us!? Huh?
Peebles and Hannah and all the rest.
They died trying to get home.
When all this time there was
nowhere to go. Was there?
- Frank.
- What there?!
If I had told you, will you've
had the will to go on?
My programming shows that a
goal, a reason to live is one of
the most critical factors in
human happiness.
So you were trying to make us
He didn't have the heart.
He's saying he didn't have the
heart to tell us.
I- I promised her.
Your people...
You're us.
Lea's skin is may be the next
step in human evolution.
We can't go home Frank. We're
already there.
Yes we are.
And we are going to have to
We're going to take back our
It's going to be a long long
Yeah. But there is no place like