Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016) Movie Script

- Mic check...
- Sounds good... Checking focus.
- Roll sound!
- Ready, Ayan?
- Great... Let's start!
- So... The reclusive Ayan Sanger!
5 years 4 big songs
...all hits and all non-film
Thanks... and thanks to all of you.
- The lyrics of your
songs are by a certain...
- Saba Taliyar Khan...
...and she's a lesser
known poet. Right?
We had a very special relationship...
- Past tense! And now?
She's a really good friend...
- And all your songs hint at
unrequited loved... Does that mean...
No. No. No...
My love isn't unfulfilled...
- And still... unrequited?
I'd only heard of the
power of one-sided love...
Now I understand it.
Does this love have a name?
What kind of hug was that?!
- Means?
- 'Mmmmm.
I wasn't aware that
hugs had standards.
Listen... save these sentimental
hugs for your family...
...not girls you're hooking up with!
And what was that kiss!
Excuse me!
All my ex-girlfriends say
I'm a great kisser!
Really... People will say
anything these days...
Great kisser...
what kind of guy are you?
A guilty one...
I have a girlfriend...
So? I've got a boyfriend.
And you're not guilty?
Look... boyfriends are like movies...
Some flops... some blockbusters!
And Dr.Faisal was
chosen by my father...
Won't take too long to flop.
This was...
No, no... it's... done.
Nice meeting you...
Are you following me?
I don't know anyone here...
What do you want me to do?
Take you around like a tour guide?
"Hello, Party! Meet Emran Hashmi...
world's best kisser!"
What's with the attitude'?
Hello hello hello!
Did you feel bad?!
Why so touchy' baby?
Just... Fought with my girlfriend.
I fought with my boyfriend. Too!
Just two lost souls
swimming in a fish bowl!
Totally! Why'd you guys fight?
If I tell you. You'll judge me...
Oh. I've already judged
you with that 'kiss'.
- Just tell me!
So... we were late for this party... when I saw Lisa. I asked her why
she hadn't worn her clothes. Yet...
And she said...
"I'm already dressed!"
No way!
Short or skimpy?
Both. She showed up
in a bikini, I swear!
Man... It's up to her!
You stink of male chauvinism!
Are you saying it's my fault?!
I know too many boys like you!
You're so judgmental!
Happily judgmental!
Now... If you're done.
Can we get out of here?
Where to?
Bar hopping!
With me?
Well. I'm not going alone!
Okay. Let's go!
Let's go!
We haven't been properly introduced!
My name is Alizeh Khan...
Khan. And I'm not a terrorist!
Rahul! in Kuch Kuch Hota Ha!
Are you joking or
is that really your name?
It was a joke!
I don't like jokes!
I don't like you!
Ayan... Ayan Sanger.
Ayan Sanger...
It's the time to disco!
- Look! My girlfriend's apologizing!
She's apologizing?
Yeah I feel bad.
How rich are you?
What does that have
to do with anything?
Well. It's not because
of your good looks. Is it?
- Yes!
- Sure...
So... you're rich, right?
Yeah... I'm rich.
First Class or Private Jet?
Private Jet...
I knew it!
She's a gold-digger!
Are you poor?
Well, my father's rich...
I'm wealthy. Big difference.
What's the difference?
I'm the 4th of 4 daughters...
Youngest kids usually get
the most love, but not in my family...
My mom left me when I was 2.
She ran away.
Ours Mothers are Teresa
yours is Usain Bolt!
My mom
I'm so sorry...
That's wrong...
Why did she leave?
I was never allowed to ask...
What difference does it make?
You must be close to your dad. Right?
What do you do
in London, anyway?
You don't look the
the business type!
Another one of your Daddy's dreams?
Don't you have a dream of your own?
What? Is it illegal?
I want to sing.
But my voice won't help
my father's company... so...
Sink it, maybe!
- Hey!
- Sorry
I sing really well! Lots of people
think I sing like Mohammed Rafi...
Shall I sing for you?
What did I ever do to you?
And doesn't Mohammed Rafi
always sound like he's crying?
What's better than crying?
I'm not a fan...
And not of laughing. Either!
I take the road less taken...
Which is?
- You talk like you're Amitabh Bachchan!
- I wish!
Do you do anything but talk?
Or do you rip apart
men's ego's for a living?
Please... I'm really busy!
Sometimes I do yoga...
Buddhist chanting...
I'm learning French...
Bollywood Dance class.
Like the wind.
I'm everywhere...
My name is registered
in any and every course.
But this register
has someone else's name.
Who's Ali?
Hello. Ali... Who you?
Let me go. He's no one!
- Look the train is here.
- Who is Ali?
Who is Ali?
My apocalypse.
I was studying in Lucknow
when I first met Ali...
The sexy, smoldering, deep DJ Ali...
It was like music
was a part of his soul...
He was as absorbed in his music...
as I was in him.
I thought we were in love...
he never bothered to correct me.
But, in truth,
he was the love of my life...
...and I was just his habit.
So, what Happened?
What could happen?
He found another habit...
Decided that was love.
She was this goddamned
beautiful air hostess...
She showed him where
her emergency exits were...
...and that was that.
And me and my broken
heart found our way to London.
But you still love him?
That question makes me feel weak...
So thank God for Dr. Faisal...
At least he's nice to look at...
- Great distraction!
My Lisa is very, very hot.
What do you mean 'very hot'?
Very hot.
Wanna bet?
Bet what?
Come on...
I bet mine's hotter than yours.
Done! Double date... tomorrow night?
It's on.
What if I win?
Then I'll let you kiss me again...
But you won't win!
Shall we?
I'm very drunk...
Listen! Don't puke or anything!
No no no I'm okay. I'm okay!
- You didn't have to do that!
- Where are we?
This! This is my happy place.
I come here when the
world gets too much...
...when I want to
spend time with myself...
Because this is the only place
on earth that knows...
Love is crooked.
I'll make you an
offer you can't refuse.
I see... Can you offer me
your address?
- Wine?
- Yes. Please.
Two. Please.
Hi! I'm looking for Alizeh Khan...
Doctor Faisal!
Hi guys!
I'm Lisa D'souza.
But you can call me Lisa.
That's your first name...
what else would we call you?
Your last names are Khan. Right?
'Cuz I've been practicing
this all day long.
Here. Honey. Hold my bag...
.2... 3... you ready?
Salaam Waalequm!
Waalequm Salaam...
Was that good?
That was good. Right?
And What? No namaste for us?
Okay! The table's ready!
You look ill...
Do you have the flu?
'Cuz it's kind of in the air...
No, I'm alright.
I never asked...
How do you two know each other?
We're family friends.
Oh. But we're family friends...
I've never met him...
Well... He's my friend's family...
So... family friends!
Honey, see...
It's amazing...
how we're all so connected!
How long have you'll been together?
How long has it been?
Tomorrow is our
one-month anniversary!
Happy anniversary...
How sweet!
Where'd you meet?
- Gym!
- Online!
It's a gym called 'Online'...
really good...
Yeah. And he was so cute...
He saw me going into the sauna...
and he started singing...
"Feeling hot. Hot. Hot!"
And you guys?
Well. Our fathers are
very dear to one another...
Why not turn such
a close bond into family?
Wow... Urdu is so exotic...
Like French... but Not French!
Because it's Urdu?
Hindi's beautiful. Too...
Only when Mr. Bachchan speaks
on Who Wants to be a Millionaire!
She loves that show...
Yeah. I love it!
He totally nails Hindi!
He used this word once...
And I was like, "Oh my God!
I love that word!
What does it mean?
Ayan said it means...
So me and the girls
use it all the time...
I just love the
"vaatavaran" of this club...
I just love the
"vaatavaran" of this bar...
I just love the word.
Alizeh. You should come
out with my girlfriends some time...
We could do like a girly lunch!
I have food allergies...
and people allergies, too.
- You'll could go watch a movie, Alizeh!
- Yeah! You love movies!
Yeah. We should see a movie!
Actually, I just watched
a great French film... Priceless!
- I've seen it!
- Oh yeah?
- I really love it!
- What's it about?
This immoral hussy...
...lures rich men for their money...
You know what, Lisa...
You should watch it.
I think you'll like it.
Why? What do you mean?
Just... It's a good film.
How dare you?
Honey, how dare she?
How dare you?
They're asking 'how dare you?'
Are you saying what
I think you're saying?
I had no idea you could think...
Wow. You're even
stupider than you look...
Who throws red wine on black?
Oh my God,
I can't believe she did this to me!
She's a very weird. Weird girl!
Stop touching me right now!
Come on; Let's get a cab...
Baby... don't cry...
Okay... Who wants
some low fat yogurt!
Go away!
She humiliated me...
Insulted me.
But you, Ayan
you never stand up for me!
I... always stand up for you.
I have a heart.
I have a heart, Goddammit.
Come Come here!
- Open doors and open drawers!
I was just doing yoga...
If I may say...
your form is remarkable.
Where is
Mademoiselle Skimpy, anyway?
Lisa was really upset yesterday!
Why?! She couldn't
find your chequebook?!
Have some respect!
For your boxers?
What is this?
It's for you!
To hell with Lisa!
You're cute...
I came to apologies.
With this?
What, you want flowers?
I hate flowers.
What did flowers ever do to you?
Flowers are so overrated!
Yeah, they look pretty...
smell nice...
...but colors fade
and scent disappears...
...and what you're left with
is lifeless, wilted and diseased.
Thorns, on the other hand...
They're not so fragile...
Thorns are fearless...
I don't want to be just a flower...
I want to be a thorn.
Want to smack you!
Though she be little,
but she is fierce!
Please sir. Share your gruel...
God, take it already...
May a thousand
Gods shine upon you...
You have to admit...
songs of the 80's were amazing...
Cheap. Vulgar and extra tacky!
My playlist is 'Cheap Thrills'!
No way... mine is
'Jolly Good Bollywood'!
Most famous song of the 80's?
- Film?
- Himmatwala!
Cheapest song?
Maqsad, 1984!
You're not my long
lost brother, are you?
No but maybe the Doctor is!
Hopefully he'll
just be long lost!
So... what are you
doing at 4 PM today?
I'm very busy...
Meetings, appointments...
Shut up! You're free!
Okay... I am!
- What's the problem?
- Problem?
I saw you busting
your moves at home...
...what's with the
dainty flailing now?
It's embarrassing.
Embarrassment is just a fancy
word for self-importance.
You're nobody here!
So you're not shaming
Daddy Dearest...
Nor are you embarrassing yourself!
Just dance. Man!
I can't dance in groups... only sing.
Oh, really?
And that's amazing...
...but this isn't choir
practice - it's a dance class!
It's just not my scene...
Shh! Just dance!
Forget your inner Lois Lane...
you were born to be Wonder Woman!
In the name of JLo's sex appeal... this cruel world.
You truly are a Baby Doll!
Baby Doll!
You're off your rocker...
Get ready.
See that girl...
Watch that scene.
Digging the Dancing Queen!
Woohoo! That was awesome!
You were right. I feel great!
Told ya!
But if you thought
this was impressive...
...wait 'til you hear me sing...
You'll be a fan!
- What?
- Sing!
- What do you mean 'sing'?
- Sing means sing... Sing!
- Here?
- Where else?
On this sidewalk?
Not again!
Why are you getting annoyed?
Because. Celine Dion...
Your self-praise is
driving me up the wall!
You're not taking me seriously...
My voice is a gift from God!
Then sing for Him!
Don't be so attention seeking. Man!
What if you fall in love with me?
Well. Mr. Casablanca...
I'll take my chances!
Come on... Sing.
Not singing?
This is your last chance...
Okay... then get lost!
How was that?
That sounded like
an ad for constipation!
Following a tune isn't singing...
It had no pain... no emotion...
- And you're an expert, so...
- I'm the audience!
There was no feeling.
Because this...
has never been broken.
You'll only really sing
when it does break.
Til then, you can do your MBA'
make some money
...and leave music alone.
See you water Bye!
Charlie Brown...
are you feeling blue?
- I knew you'd call to apologies.
- You wish!
No sorry, no thank you
in the bro code.
Listen! I've made another
great plan for a double date!
No, We had enough!
Just hear me Out!
The plan involves not
listening to Lisa's crap...
...and watching you dance!
Because you're my dancing star!
Silent Disco. Bro!
I'm not your bro.
Because you're my dancing star!
- Bye.
Excuse us!
- Doctor!
- Hi.
Alizeh and I wanted to
apologies for the other day...
What?! No!
Thank you, Doctor.
That's so sweet...
Eid Mubarak.
Eid Mubarak?
- Today's not Eid...
- Let it go, let it go!
So! If you like the
"vaatavaran" of this place...
Wear your headphones.
Switch to a channel you like...
And dance!
And here's an added bonus...
What's this?
This is the nectar of love...
Like dreaming while you're awake...
I'll be right back.
You've just disappeared!
Where have you been?
- In London!
- Shut up!
You broke up with
Ali and forgot us all!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah! Okay, listen...
Play a desi song, man!
This EDM is making my head spin...
What? Here?!
Just me!
Well... I have one...
But it's a break up song.
Then for sure!
- Okay. Tune into 4!
- Okay.
God' I have to pee!
Excuse me. There's a queue.
I know, but I really
have to go... Please?
Where'd Lisa disappear?
Screw this. I'm going to the men's.
Excuse me. This is the men's loo.
I know... but sometimes even
I feel like I could be a man...
Doctor... Can you check my pulse?
- Don't cry, don't cry.
My boyfriend's a douchebag, too!
Don't cry!
I'll get us a cab. Okay?
Tell him your address!
I don't want to be alone tonight...
Take me with you...
You've gone insane!
Ayan. Get up!
No? Fine. Go to hell!
- Bye, Ayan!
Sit there!
What was in that drink?!
Nectar of love...
My foot!
Lost my love...
My heart us shattered!
Now little pieces of my heart
are buzzing around me like flies...
Stop behaving like a spoilt child!
Someone just snatched
your favorite toy!
Your heart is just fine!
What do you even
know about heartbreak!
Sorry. Only you know everything!
A thousand people have
their heart broken every day...
And we been down that road!
You've never even been
in the neighborhood.
You're not even in love!
You know what...
Lie down here.
- Alizeh. I'm not in the mood for sex...
- I'll slap you again!
Lie down!
Lie down!
Does it hurt.
That's heartbreak.
I'm okay.
This is Lisa!
I understood. I've got it!
Now please go home!
The high must have worn off.
This is Heartbreak Hotel, my friend...
You have to be qualified!
You've driven me mad all night...
Go away!
There she is... Ms. Gone Girl. Herself.
I'm sorry, Ayan...
I truly am.
Will you call me?
Jesus be with you.
Both of you.
Ye evil shrew!
Ye wayward wench!
May thee be attacked by
the fireth of a thousand Suns!
Burneth. Thee shrew! This is the
beshrew of a wrong'd mistress!
Whats that?
Please don't curse me.
Be gone. Evil Wench!
If thee ever showeth thy face again.
Thee shall be ruined!
I'll help her with the bags.
Are you crazy?!
Out of here. Black-hearted wench!
I've been dreaming of
talking like that for years!
I'm having the best time!
Now what?
Now! Recovery Retreat!
Recovery Retreat?
Recovery Retreat!
Heartbreak Holiday, dude...
I told Dad that I've been
hurt because of him...
now I need to go and recover!
The man us Pans!
What are you doing this weekend?
I'm very busy... Classes,
Shuddap! You're free!
Tell your father...
I've kidnapped you.
Why are you so clingy?
What's the rating of this place?
5 stars! 3 for the hotel
and 2 for us!
1 you + 1 me equals 1 room?
2 hotel rooms = over budget!
What if you take advantage of me?!
Shut up!
Wow. Nice!
Yeah. Man! I love hotel rooms!
I wish I could live
in a hotel forever!
New beds. New pillows!
New soap. New shampoo! For free!
That's not free!
You have to pay for it!
And you know what the best part is?
Room Service!!!
I'll find a menu.
Alizeh, have you ever
had paratha and eggs?
Like you'll get that here!
No no...
That feeling I get when I eat that...
I'm getting that feeling today...
Like my heart is full.
You know?
I never want to lose this feeling.
I know that feeling...
I feel like I'm
starring in my own film...
I want to dance, I want to sing,
I want to go crazy on the streets!
Feeling hot, hot, hot...
You think I'm nuts...
No, dude... I've got
Bollywood in my blood, too.
I want to wear sarees
and run around mountains, too!
The hills are alive...
But you know what
I still have one
unrequited Bollywood dream...
Which one?
The airport dream.
The airport dream, For so long
I dreamed that I would be that girl...
...the one the boy chased through
the airport and confessed his love.
Twice I thought he'd come...
Both times I waited for him...
And both times. He didn't come.
Mademoiselle. We are Private Jet
people. We don't have airport dreams.
We're young,
we're free and you're in Paris...
...with the future Mohd. Rafi!
What's your point, dude?
- Now?!
- Now what?
Wait for it...
Oi. Hero!
Come up!
Do you know how to tie a Saree?
I know how to take it off...
'Now, let's learn how
to tie a simple Saree...'
'Ensure your petticoat
and blouse are matching...'
Now, this is how to
start draping a Saree...
Alizeh, if I go around you again...
we'll have to get married!
Just shut up
I'll slap you!
Start pleating like so...
and tuck it in.
Not sexier than you.
Shot's ready!
And so am I!
My morning prayer!
Are you serious?
Do you even see what I'm wearing?!
Get up now! Come om.
Where's my jacket?
You know. You're useless!
Dude... Bollywood people are nuts!
It's too freaking cold for romance!
Come on in!
You should be called Hennessy.
Not Alizeh.
Cognac's not really liquor.
Of course it is! Give it here!
You really like me...
You really like me.
Like really. Really. Really like me.
Don't lie... because I've noticed.
I really like you!
Why? Quick, tell me.
I don't know, man...
The first time we met...
...when we spent the night talking...
I just got the feeling
that you're my friend...
My best friend...
...and always will be.
I don't know...
You know, I wasn't popular in school...
They thought I was a weirdo.
Freak. Introverted...
And honestly, it made no difference...
You know why?
Because I knew I was
holding on to my personality...
I was waiting to find that one person...
...who got my weirdness.
So... best friend, huh?
Bestest friend!
And... you're not attracted to me?
What's wrong?
Ego's a bit bruised...
Are you attracted?
...a lot?
Not a lot... But... yeah I am.
Don't feel weird...
I don't love you or anything.
No, no... I know that.
You know,
I'm really happy we're friends...
I feel that sometimes
lust just kills friendship...
Love is passion...
...but friendship is peace.
And I never, ever want
to lose the peace between us.
Girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife...
when those relationships die...
the people just leave.
And I never want to leave you, Ayan...
- Never?
- Never.
Wow, I feel all mushy...
What do I do?
Go ahead...
I'm feeling a little mushy, myself...
Give me a hug...
I've decided that...
I've decided we're
staying here another week!
Oh, no... I'm really busy...
Meetings, appointments...
Shuddap! You're free!
Okay, I am!
- So good?
- Yes, poopie! Yes!
Can we get two beers and
something to eat... like peanuts...
Peanuts you know, peanuts?
Kidding... just beer. Please!
Stop staring and pay!
Ayan, I need to go...
I Need to get out of here...
You can stay if you want,
I just need to go.
One sec. I'll organize the plane...
I'll walk home if I have to,
I just need to go right now!
Where's my stuff?
This room is such a mess...
Alizeh are you okay?
Alizeh... are you alright?
Are you okay. Alizeh?
I'm fine, Ayan! Just stop-I'm fine!
I'm fine!
I'm fine!
He can't come back...
I don't want to see him.
He was gone.
I erased every trace of him...
He can't come back,
do you understand?
Yeah, Captain...
Terminal FBO 4, right?
Okay... 45 minutes.
Thank you so much!
Alizeh... Alizeh!
Sir, please!
She doesn't want to talk to you!
Who the hell is this?
Your lover?
- I'm her friend.
- I wasn't speaking to you!
Well, she doesn't
want to speak to you!
Stay out of it, man!
This is between us!
Sir. Please!
- Hands off!
- Or else?
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it!
I love you. Alizeh...
Come on. Alizeh.
I know I made mistakes, but
how much longer will you punish me...
You can't just cut me out
of your life after all these years...
Come on. Let's go...
Alizeh. Please give me a chance...
Okay. I'm right here... I'll wait...
No, Ayan.
To London?
Alizeh. The plane
won't come back for you...
I'll find my way...
Take care.
Ever been suddenly slapped?
That's love.
And it only hits you harder,
when there's someone else involved...
Why is there ever someone else?
- Hello?
- Ayan?
Alizeh! Hi!
Where are you?
Where are you?!
I've been calling you for days!
Please leave a message
after the tone...
Please leave a message...
Even your voicemail's full!
Where are you?!
In Lucknow...
Lucknow... why?
I'm here with Ali...
Ali... Right...
Same flight...
Passenger seat.
Together Same mane?
- What are you saying?!
I'm with Ali...
Did you sleep with him?
- Ayan! What?!
Don't lie to me...
I know you had sex with him.
He's your lover now...
Back together.
Are you drunk?!
You're the one who's drunk!
You said you never
wanted to see him again!
I know, Ayan...
But people in love are liars.
This isn't love... it's weakness!
Ali's my weakness...
Alizeh. He's going to leave you.
Then don't call me...
I'm very busy!
I know you're being protective...
You're a goddamn fraud!
Fake! Liar!
You can say what you want.
But I love him...
- I can't help it...
I really love him.
- He's very sorry...
- He even cried!
But Alizeh. I cry all the time...
Where do you fit
in to all of this?!
What does it have to do with me?
Ayan. Listen... It's important.
Ali's going on tour for a year...
and he wants me to go with him.
- He wants to marry me and...
...he proposed.
What did you say...
- Yes, what else?!
- Mum and Dad have kicked me out...
...they won't come for
the wedding, either...
- Some of Ali's useless cousins
will be at the wedding...
- Will you come from my side...
For me?
I don't have a visa...
- Yo. Mr. Britain!
I'll organize all of that...
- So... You'll come?
Hello? Ayan?
Of course I will!
Thank you, man.
- Dude, I love you...
- Say congratulations!
Hi, bro!
You're spinning like a top!
You're seriously like Mohd. Rafi!
I was wrong about you, man!
You really can sing!
Forget this MBA...
Follow your dreams!
Not like you can't afford to!
Today you sang such...
Tell me, Alizeh...
Did I sing with love today?
Who was it for?
Who was it for.
Should I tell you?
- No...
- But you must know.
I love you. Alizeh.
I love you...
I'm madly in love with you.
And now. It's too late...
Now, I want that DJ Ali
to die in the wedding procession...
And from that shock,
I want you to die, too.
If I can't have you. No one can.
Ayan... Please...
Please, Ayan!
You want to know what it feels like?!
I'll show you...
May death do you'll part, Mrs. DJ Ali...
Have a great life...
It's all good.
May I sit here?
My wife's sitting there.
I don't see anyone.
Excuse me, ma'am...
May I sit there?
Yeah, Sure...
Thank you.
There are a lot of empty seats.
But I don't want to be alone.
I was at a wedding...
My best friend's wedding!
I left that halfway.
Book or the wedding?
British Passport!
British Passport!
I was born in England. You too?
Same pinch...
I'm on my way to
Frankfurt... Via Dubai.
Via Dubai?
Same pinch!
So what's up?
What do you do?
Nice to meet you, Ms. Wright.
I'm Ayan.
I write poetry.
My name us Saba.
Too good...
We'll chat on the flight...
wait til you hear
some of my stories...
whats up?
Chatter is a fool's pursuit.
Your eyes can't hide
what your words conceal.
Why me your tears?
Don't imprison them...
Let them be free
I'm very sad...
- That's me...
- That's me.
Listen, it was really
amazing meeting you...
Thanks for listening...
And sorry... I think...
I fell asleep, talking.
Well, you were even
talking in your sleep...
Shit! What did I say?
I know words can't always
heal scars that run so deep...
But words are all I have...
So here, this is for you!
I hope it helps a little...
And if words aren't your thing...
Maybe the number will help.
Have a nice flight.
Thank you! same to you!
People always say
heart over mind...
But when the heart breaks.
Shouldn't you follow your mind?
- Chatter is a fool's
pursuit... or so I've heard...
- But old habits die hard...
I've been rather
impatient for this call...
Sorry. My cheeks are turning pink...
You make me blush...
It's true, though...
You've told me
everything about you...
...and you know nothing about me...
- Why do you think I'm here?
- Where?
What are you doing here?
Crossed the boundary
to cross some boundaries...
That's tough...
- I can handle tough...
Get to work. Then...
See you tonight at 8?
- I'll send you the address...
Okay... Of your house, right?
You wish...
Good morning...
Slept well?
I made breakfast for myself.
I hope you don't mind...
I'd have made you some...
But I didn't know
what you'd like.
You know nothing about me.
I got to know quite
a bit last night...
Passion isn't familiarity...
I'm blushing again...
Change of topic!
I read some of your poetry...
It's beautiful.
Glad you liked them...
I don't get much
appreciation for my poetry...
There's so much angst
in your poems...
Angst will always find angst...
Can I steal it for my music?
I have an excellent lawyer...
He didn't even spare
my ex-husband!
Why so pleased?
Of course!
You're single...
Happily divorced...
and I have no regrets...
Tahir and I are
very good friends.
Every poetess should
marry at least once...
A happy marriage means
a good life... unhappy one means
good poetry!
By the way. I was kidding...
If you need my poetry...
Go ahead.
...but what I need is you.
I don't want to be needed...
I want to be desired.
You're relentless...
Like a walking-talking Ghalib...
what am I supposed to say?
Your silence said
more than enough...
Don't worry...
I have no room for
a relationship in my life...
Not anymore...
There's more than
one kind of relationship...
...but only if you're up for it.
What are the rules like?
Easily broken...
So you get my poetry.
The chance to drown your sorrows.
What do I get?
I thought I was enough.
"I seek the truth that
pierces the darkest night..."
"I seek the devotion
I surrendered in your stead..."
"I have known the virtue
that surrender proffers..."
"But I seek that heaven
for which I have bled."
Is this supposed to be good?
I don't get it...
Didn't you say he was world famous?
He is...
People really admire his work...
And you?
You're awkward.
A little...
You can leave, if you like...
And leave you alone with him?
No way...
I'm dying to meet your ex-husband.
How come?
- Tahir...
- Hi...
Your Facebook tells me
too many things have changed...
Like the colour of your walls...
...and the claim to your heart...
Fantastic work, sir!
Sir? Really... Sir?!
Are you trying to
make me sound old?
By the way, he doesn't
call you ma'am does he?
- You think?!
- I don't know!
So you're the one...
who's keeping her up at night...
Why waste time on sleep?
Sleep is critical...
for her to dream about me?
Oh, now I definitely
won't let her sleep.
I can't see this...
Change of topic!
Besides, you've fulfilled
your dreams...
Your new work is very interesting.
Actually, fantastic!
Without a lover in his arms,
what else is a man to do...
- Do you guys rehearse these lines?
- No, totally natural!
Ah, Natural...
People often shroud
their fear with words...
Our relationship
may have changed...
...but the fear remains.
Why did it change...
If I may ask?
Maybe you should
be asking the person...
...whose nights are now yours...
People often falter...
...on the slippery slopes
of relationships...
You could have shown
me a better way...
Let the one who is lost.
Find his own way...
I hate you.
A little... no, a lot.
Such hatred... so soon?
Give me a chance...
Hating you is
completely justified...
Because I still love Saba...
I gave your love a chance...
It's time for you to
give my friendship a chance.
Isn't that hard?
- What?
To love someone...
who doesn't love you in return?
It's the most beautiful
feeling in the world...
- Doesn't it make you feel weak?
- Not at all.
There's nothing like
the power of unrequited love...
Unlike other bonds,
It isn't shared...
It's mine...
and mine alone.
For a love like this,
I don't need Saba to love her...
There's no better love than that...
"If you gamble in
the name of love..."
Stake whatever you put,
Not to fear?
"How wonderful if you win..."
"Even if you lose...
all is not lost."
Don't hang up!
- Hello?
- Ayan!
Where the hell are you?!
I've been trying to call you forever!
- You blocked my number!
What did you think I'd do?
Walk you down the aisle?
Did you marry him?
Yeah... I did.
Now you're Mrs. DJ Ali!
Must be stuck on
him like headphones...
Ayan, stop your crap
before I hang up.
You don't scare me!
Control yourself!
I have a girlfriend now.
She's really hot!
- And she writes poetry...
- You'll never get it!
Are you jealous?
- I think you're jealous.
No. Dude...
I'm just really glad you called.
I'm so happy!
I have to go back
to my dinner date now...
- Candlelit... Romantic!
Ayan, listen...
I really missed you.
I hate you.
But I missed you...
'This is Saba... My girlfriend.'
'Wow... '
'What's she doing with you?!'
'She's gorgeous!'
'Yeah, way better than you.'
- 'Like it's a competition!'
- 'Of course it is!'
'is DJ Ali still handsome
or did my curses work?'
'My prayers worked!'
'Are you happy?'
'Yeah... I'm happy.'
'Feels like I'm finally
a part of Ali's life...'
'Our lives are wrapped in luggage...'
'And hotel rooms are home... '
'But it's nice.'
'There's the occasional
dark cloud...'
'But other than that,
the sun is always shining.'
'I'm really, really happy.'
'I hate you.'
'I'm coming to Vienna!'
'What plans?'
'I'm very busy...'
'Meetings, appointments...'
'Shuddap! You're free!'
'Okay, I am!'
'Saba and I would
love to host you...'
'...but leave that DJ Ali behind.'
'He has a concert.
Anyway... I'll be there!'
- Hi!
- Hi!
You're dying to wait
by the window...
Check if she called...
Walk around restlessly...
You're not fooling
anyone with this pose...
What? Me? Why?
I'm totally chill...
I'm cool!
Someone's at the door...
Go... She's here.
Hi... Cold outside?
What are you doing?
Didn't bring any wine?
Flowers? Thorns? Nothing?
Should I have?
Welcome home...
- So Alizeh...
- So nice to meet you...
Heard so much about you...
All good things, I hope!
No... just... trying to
ease the tension!
Get a hold on yourself...
The 'tension' will disappear?
- You know how girls can be!
- Sexist remark...
- Not appreciated!
- Not at all!
Give our intelligence its due!
Maybe later...
Oh, okay...
But, Saba...
Beauty like yours often
overshadows intelligence...
Ask those of us who
live off our personality...
Beauty fades, Alizeh...
But Death, himself,
can't kill personality...
Wow... So the poetry
really was yours!
I thought Ayan was just
copying it off the internet!
If it weren't for poetry...
...I'd have died a thousand
living deaths already...
Will I sound phony
if I praise you some more?
Not at all...
Please go ahead...
No judgments!
Pictures do you no justice...
You're even more
beautiful in person.
Oh, so those pictures
were to show you...
To make her jealous...
...but why waste
envy on the resentful?
Wow, Ayan...
Saba, looks like you've
had an influence...
A little bit of it...
A little bit to go.
Well. It's not envy...
But you can't sing
to a mute person...
...and expect them
not to feel inferior!
Speaking of singing...
This is my favorite song...
"O lover, don't ask me
to love like I did before..."
O lover, don't ask me...
To love like I did before.
Why didn't you bring Ali?
He had a concert... 50...
DJ Ali's super busy, you see...
Why do you keep calling him that?
Like it's an insult...
Not at all!..
Who doesn't dream of making
people dance on their fingertips?
Alizeh, may I ask
you something personal?
If you don't mind...
How did you not fall in love
with someone so charming?
Charming for you, maybe...
He was a big baby
when I met him...
He cried on the streets,
cried in my arms...
Ayan... Is this a compliment
or a slight?
You've never cried in my arms...
How could I cry in your arms...
...when I'm so distracted by
my other feelings...
You got lucky. Ayan!
Saba's wonderful.
- Thank you for dinner.
- Go to hell?
'Thank you for dinner'?!
You're soulless!
Don't you have any feelings?!
Not jealousy. Not guilt...
- Nothing?!
- I feel everything, Ayan!
But you'd never
understand if I told you...
You'd just misconstrue it all!
You're a goddamn child!
You've got everything!
Goals, passion,
a relationship...
Why are you still so stubborn?!
Because I am!
I'm stubborn
because it's my heart!
What are you going
to do about it?!
Why can you love me?
I do love you, Ayan...
Just not the way
you want me to...
I can't... Please...
- I don't want to be selfish, Ayan-
- Get lost.
It's over, Ayan.
It's over.
I lied...
First to you...
...then to myself.
I lied that I don't
have place for love...
I'm falling in love
with you, Ayan...
And today, I finally understood
that you can never love me...
...the way you love Alizeh...
And still...
I love you...
What do I do?
Saba, you've always known...
I can't do this, Ayan...
I've been down this road...
It's broken me once before...
Please don't try to
change my mind...
If you try...
I'll give in...
If I give in...
I'll fall apart again...
We can't choose who
to fall in love with...
But we can choose
when to walk away.
Go, Ayan.
Let me go.
Please... let me go...
I can't go on like this...
So I have to go, okay?
I have to go...
If I can't do it...
...then you have to be
the stronger one.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Thanks Good job on the mix!
Hey, Ayan!
- Hey, Ali!
- What's up, man?
- Avoiding me?
- Avoid... no...
You sang really well...
Looks like you're doing well...
Well, I couldn't be
Mohammad Rafi...
...but I've found some
love on the internet...
- All good, otherwise?
- Yeah, all good... Superb...
I'm finding this
formality really funny...
The truth is that I'd been
hoping to run into you...
So I could beat you up...
You have no idea how much
I wanted to beat you up, DJ Ali!
Why'd you feel that way?
Because of how you felt.
Your love was so strong that
mine couldn't live up to it.
What else have I ever done...
Sang some songs...
and fell in love.
You're fortunate...
Not everyone can love
so faithfully...
How's Alizeh doing?
You're serious?
You don't know?
I don't know... what?
Congratulations, man...
She left me.
Maybe I couldn't love
her the way she wanted me to...
I haven't seen her in two years...
Even her parents
haven't heard from her.
Last I heard, she was in London.
But I don't have the details...
Why didn't she call you?
Everyone knows love is crooked...
But to find peace
in that crooked love... a gift only few have.
- 'This?!'
'This is my happy place!'
And when there's nothing left...
...they find shelter
in that crookedness...
'I come here when the
world gets too much...'
Crooked love.
'When I want to spend
time with myself...'
'Because this is the only
place on earth that knows...'
'...that love is crooked...'
Where have you been?!
Where the hell were you?!
Where the hell were you?!
No one has a clue
where you are...
Who are you?
Malaysian Airlines?
You think it'll make a
difference if you disappear?!
I've been lying here for
2 days like a homeless man...
I'm frozen through!
This is the cone and
this is the ice cream!
Haven't eaten, haven't slept...
Not used the loo for any business!
What if you'd showed up?!
- Where the hell were you?!
- Slap you!
Why'd you shave your head?!
Why are you bald?!
I'm dying, you idiot!
At least give me a hug!
Dying means what?
What do you mean dying?!
Love is like cancer.
Comes without warning...
and left you destroyed.
This can't be happening. Alizeh...
Well... It's happened.
I thought I was so cool...
Love turned me
into such a loser.
Ali was making me act insane...
From checking his phone.
To following him around...
- I'd stopped being his wife
to act like a parole officer.
I can't even really complain...
I was even willing
to overlook the cheating...
I finally gathered the
last shreds of my dignity...
...and left him.
- I decided that my husband does
not control my self-worth.
All that anger, hatred,
balled up in my throat...
I dismissed it as an
effect of the circumstance...
The doctors called it cancer.
- Straight to 4th stage!
I never even scored
that high in school, man!
But look at you!
You've gone from just
Ayan Sanger to Mr. Ayan Singer!
If you even think of dying...
I'll kill you.
Now that you're here...
I don't ever want to die.
So, what do you have?
Hi... Just some muesli
with strawberries, please.
- Muesli with strawberries...
- And how about you?
- Okay!
Oh, nothing...
Just donated my hair online...
May this bald head shower
you with blessings...
You call that a reaction?
So low-key?
Alizeh, I just donated my hair...
And you're giving me an Irfan Khan stare?
A little over-the-top won't hurt!
Ayan, have you gone mad.
Take a look at yourself!
You look hot. Man!
You'll be fighting girls off...
We'll have to call security!
- Really?!
- Yeah!
- Should I come there to try my luck?
- Come on over!
You're mad!
Goodbye. Hairbrush!
Now. Listen...
I have no real religion...
But I only believe in one religion.
R.D. Burman's music!
If we both look like Captain Picard
anyway... let the Starship Enterprise fly!
We're young, we're free
and we're ready... let the freak flag fly...
...with Jolly Good Bollywood!
Your tea, madam!
Careful, it's hot!
- Did it burn you?
- A little...
- Hi...
- Hi!
Actually. Sorry but I'm not sorry.
What do you want from me?
What do I do?
You think I'm dying
to sleep with you...
I'm dying for you to love me...
I've tried everything...
Staying away, staying close.
Another relationship...
But I can't...
I can't get you out of my head!
What does DJ Ali have that I don't?
If I get some tattoos
and start spouting poetry...
Will you love me then?
Will I finally be worthy of your love?
Because I'll do it.
I can do it.
I'm talking to you.
Yeah, run away.
Not like you have anything to say...
- I can break things, too!
- That's a pressure cooker!
Let it burst then!
What do you want me to do?!
- Lie to you?
- Yes, lie to me!
- I can't lie!
- Why not?! You're dying, anyway!
Live or die. I will not lie to you!
This is the only honest thing
in my life, Ayan!
Can't you love me
instead of DJ Ali?
This is love. Ayan...
- This isn't love.
- This is love for me, Ayan!
Ayan, this is bigger than love...
This is the greatest love of my life.
I don't want this kind of love.
You're my friend...
My family...
My everything!
You're just not my lover.
Why not?
I can be your lover, too!
That kind of love has only destroyed me...
Do you want to be destroyed?!
Yes, I do.
I want to be destroyed.
This thing we have between us...
Our friendship...
It's my greatest strength.
Love us my weakness.
Why don't you understand that?
Because a man and a woman
cannot be just friends!
Get out of here...
I can't explain this to you anymore...
If you can't understand. Just leave...
Take your stuff and get out!
Get out!
Get out. Ayan!
Alizeh, I'm sorry...
It's a strange story...
of Love and Friendship.
Love, the hero...
and Friendship, the heroine.
The awful thing is that
Love never understood Friendship.
'I do love you, Ayan...
Just not the way you want me to.'
- 'Love is passion...'
- '...but friendship is peace.'
One night, tired and weary,
Love threw a tantrum...
Like a spoilt child... Stupid!
And what did Friendship do?
Friendship threw a tantrum, too,
and left in a huff.
And where else do heroines go?
The airport.
- 'Ayan... I'm going back home...'
And Love freaked out.
- 'I hope one day you'll
understand my love...'
When Love realised that Friendship
is leaving him forever... He ran.
And how he ran.
In taxis...
Heathrow Airport!
In trains...
He ran!
He didn't stop to breathe...
Because Love knew...
Friendship was about to breathe her last...
And he wanted to be with
her 'til her last moments.
That was Love's right.
I need to get to BA 109!
I'm sorry, the gate closed
20 minutes ago!
Has the flight taken off'?
It's about to go!
- Hello?
- Alizeh!
I'm at the airport!
I'm here!
Please don't go Alizeh. Please stay!
Ayan. I'm taking off.
You can't die...
- Ma'am, keep that oxygen mask on.
Alizeh. Listen to him...
Put it back.
I'm acting, I'm not really dying...
Don't react... We'll get caught.
How else do you runaway
from a runway?
Cancer's got to have some perks...
You came to the airport, Ayan...
You fulfilled my dream!
Alizeh, I'm sorry for last night...
Friendship doesn't know
sorry's and thank you's...
I swear I'll never trouble
you about this again...
Because, Ayan...
It's a lot like love!
I friend you.
I friend you, too.
I friend you for life...
I friend you, too'
for whatever life is left.
Come, now, sing something...
Anything you like... I'm sick!
Interview done?
Hey... can I sing something?