African Tales (2009) Movie Script

Over there
its alright now, I will
not let them hurt you
do you understand?
Woman hand over the child
I cannot do that
She is under my protection now
That child is an abomination,
she bears the symbol of Uru
If we kill her now
we will save thousands of lives
now woman get out of the way
This is my territory
you are trespassing
who is that lunatic
I do not care whether
she is human or spirit
we will crush anything
that stands in the way
you dare to stand in the way of
the great warriors of Obudinike
I believe you are mentally deranged
And because of that I will forgive you
now woman get out of the way
You are trespassing
What are you waiting for, she is just
a woman, kill them kill them all
What are you waiting for, kill them all
That was not necessary
I had the situation under control.
The child is safe and that
is most important thing
can you make them forget
everything that happened today
that will not be necessary
They are warriors
I do not understand
well, in order to retain their dignity, they
will go home and report the mission accomplished
Oh, I see
You cannot go home
what? Do you know what it is?
It is the mark of Uru
what is Uru?
She was a very very bad
sorceress who died long ago
Your people believe you are Uru
Am I Uru?
No, you are not Uru
but, how did this...
when you are old enough to understand
I will explain everything
but I want to see my mother
Do not cry
you are in good hands now
we will take you to place where
they will never bother you again
do you understand
do not be afraid, we will
not let anyone hurt you
Hurry up lets get out of here
Blood spill is forbidden
in sacred mountains
but the black panthers
they kill for food it is natural
are we going to just stand here
and let them tear us apart
no we will not do that
what do we do now, they are
getting ready to attack
Run for your life
Don't you think that was a little harsh
it's high time she faced real danger
you really think she can
out run the panthers
have you all gone cray
she outran the panthers
did you hear what I just said
Don't you have anything to say to me
Like apology for living me at
the mercy of the black panthers
The important thing is they
didn't have you for lunch
your speed is incredible, however
Speed alone will be insufficient when you
encounter a fast and bigger opponent
I am going to cut down that tree
I want you to catch it when it falls
Have you lost your mind?
What happen to your legs
you don't know how to run
do you have a death wish
I don't get it
What exactly do you want me to do
catch the tree or run away when it falls
catching a falling tree is the most
important part of your training
But you don't have to do it if you cant
you almost got me there
I think you are getting
the wrong impression
you really have to catch a falling tree
do enjoy confusing me?
You do not have to catch a falling tree now
but you have to catch falling trees later
are you still confused?
Confused? I am terrified.
Would you mind explaining why I have to
catch falling trees heavier than elephant
what sort of ridiculous
your existence depends on it
why me
common you will get used to it
Hmm smells good
what are you cooking
Idikaiko soup with pounded yam
how long do I have to wait
I am so hungry I could eat a cow
its ready, go spread the mat
I will join you shortly
Who is going to eat all that?
I thought you wanted to eat a cow
What is the problem
you once said I had no link with Uru
I don't believe it
Uru traveled to Keffe
after she was banished from her village
why was she banished
she became arrogant when she realized
her people depended on her for survival
the king of Keffe accepted her
And made her the medicine woman
three months after her acceptance,
the kingdom was destroyed by hurricane
there were no survivors
when everyone had forgotten
about the story of Uru
you were born with the same symbol
that Uru had on her forehead
I don't know who you are,
I don't know what you are
and I don't know why you where
born with the mark on your hand
all the answers to your question
lie within the ruins of Keffe
unfortunately Keffe is out of bounds and
those who went to explore never came back
so in the end, there is no solution
is that what you are trying to say
we are here to here to help you
get your answers from the
lost kingdom of Keffe
The moment she steps beyond the
boundaries of the sacred mountain,
We will strike
until then keep your eyes on her
There are several rumors
about the mark of Uru
many believe it has the
power of immortality
right now everyone believes you are dead
the moment the news of
your survival spreads
the manhunt will begin
many will hunt you down
with the intent to kill you
in other to prevent whatever disaster
the symbol will bring upon them,
the rest will hunt you with the intent to capture you and
use the alleged power of the symbol for there selfish goals
do not step beyond the boundaries
of the sacred mountain
no matter what happens,
until you are strong enough
to withstand the manhunt
who are you?
I am here to take you to
the empress of the sea
tell the empress of the
sea to come and see me
you do not understand
I am here to take you to the
empress of the sea dead or alive
come and get me
I am going to say this
once, so listen carefully
I want you to reverse
what ever you did to here
if you know what is good for you
my body is laced with poison
any physical contact will lead
to slow and painful death
don't count on your tricks cold face
my feet are well protected
now, get up and fight like a man
you know what to do, so
do it if you want to live
hmm, you are the ugliest
thing I have ever seen
mind your business my friend
did I ask for your help
this is embarrassing
put me down
hold up, you are not going anywhere
you will stay here and watch that ugly
thing suffer a humiliating defeat
You know what to do if you
value that big fat ugly woman
and am sure she means a lot to you
well, what are you waiting for
her life is in your hands
you really want me to believe you are protecting
the girl out of the kindness of your heart
you cannot full me
be very careful, if I see you
here again, I will deal with you
this is it
the sacred mountains
are you ready?
This is for the headache drink it
Azuka this is Tari, We saw her
wandering aimlessly in the jungle
I think I know the rest of the story
some people were after
her, and you saved her
now she is here because
she has nowhere to go
I did not ask anybody to help me
They have jumped into the
fire without invitation
I need fresh air
I will be right back
you can come out now
you are good
no, I am not
you are doing a lousy job
Why are you following me
I am your body guard
I don't need a body guard
what is this
I know when am not alone.
You are not alone, I am her with you
no, not that
somebody is watching us
I don't think so
I will take care of it
you can come out now
you are good I must admit
but I have bigger plans for you
try me
look at this village goat
is that the best you can do?
Oh no
that was just a taste
if you run away like a chicken right now
I will not pound you to a pop
what is this?
Who are you?
do not come any closer
what is this?
Your beautiful soul shall not be tainted
with the blood of the innocent.
I will kill you
in other to set you free
from the spell of Uru
there is only one warrior guarding the exit
I want you to run to run
as soon as I distract him.
Do you understand
I am so scared
do not be afraid I will
not let them hurt you
I am Azuka
what is wrong with you
do not worry I am here
I am here to take away
your pain, your agony
your discomfort
what are you doing
I am here to set you
free from course of Uru
Uru? Akika
I don't understand what you are saying
apparently you have not
realize what you are
this is not right
please step aside, I cannot
raise my hands against a woman
it is against my principles
forget about your principles
because right now I am your worst nightmare
Azuka what are you doing?
Please don't hurt him
he is my friend
he was trying to kill you
that is why you should help him
what are you talking about
he risked his life to safe me
I do not believe he really meant to hurt me
what have you done
you do not have to worry about him anymore
he is gone
who do you think you are
you think you know what I want
you think you can just show
up and tell me how to feel
well you don't know anything about me
Are you out of your mind
this man saved you
get out of my way
you need to stop
am on your side
get out of my way
you have allowed your rage to take control
spare me wise crack
and step aside
Azuka I don't want to hurt you
I don't want to hurt
you, I want to kill you
Azuka that is enough
Akika, you are not dead
What is the meaning of this
We planned this as part of your training
We sent Akika to Agu N'abo
the day you were banished.
The separation was initiated because
we believe he would be a distraction
it does not matter now you are adults
I said those horrible things
I am sorry Azuka, we had to
I cannot believe this
I don't think she has a sense of humor
oh common it was serious for a moment
was she suppose to smile and give us a hug.
I will talk to her
I don't think that is a good idea
let me talk to her
you think you know her more than I do
believe me I do
go away
I am very happy to see you
what do you want me to say
let me start by introducing our friends
Adisa, he was sentenced to death
for a crime he did not commit
he tried to prove his innocence to avail
in the end
he ran away because he believes
it is wrong for a man to bear the
consequence of another mans actions
Mitai was rejected by her parents after she was born without
hair, they believe she was a cause and left her to die in jungle
a lonely woman found her raised her and
also discovered her unusual ability
the old woman later died
and Mitai was left alone
Tari is the only child of warrior king
when her father was killed
in the battle of Buguma,
she was accused of killing her
father in other to ascend the throne
You know about me, I have been
an outcast since childhood
You see Azuka
we are outcasts and we are going
to stand by you til the end
Akika remove your mask
who am I
I ask you a very simple question
if you don't want to answer me
I will understand but
please do not lie to me
to the best of my knowledge you are
the daughter of Etchida
I think I know who I am
I am a monster with no self control
Azuka what are you talking about
did you not see what happen there
I told Etido I was going to kill her
and at that moment I meant
everything that I said
that is not true
you see when we are angry
we say a lot of things that are not true
and a lot of things that
we do not mean to say
are you ready for your final test
is it going to be another sick game
trust me there will be no more games
I am ready for anything
What are you doing here?
I almost Killed you
Now this is what I call
catching the bull by the horn
an Armour tank and a parasite
that is wonderful
we are not taking prisoners today
we don't have time for that
finish him
please wait
he is my uncle
he is your what?
That is not possible
you are Igbo he is Hausa
my mother is Hausa
this man is my mothers youngest brother
how could you protect a man
who came to kill your people
you are a traitor
no sir I am not a traitor
I want you to prove it
how, how do I prove it
you want to prove you
are not a traitor, ehn
kill him
I cant sir
he is my uncle
he is your enemy
shoot him and make sure he is dead
but I cannot do that sir
if you want to prove you are one of us,
shoot him right now
if you refuse to do that
I will shoot you and I will shout him
and you have 5 seconds to make up your mind
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
please wait
I will do it
that is better
drop your weapons
drop it and step back
I will hunt you down like an animal
I am sorry captain but you
ask me to do the impossible
what are you going to do now?
I don't know
are you aware of what you did
it is called treason
yea, maybe I should have allow them
to slaughter you like a chicken
what is the meaning of this
are you blaming me for saving your life
you did not understand me
I am very glad you saved my life
ehm yes, listen this is not necessary
I have to go now uncle
and I hope we meet again on a
more positive circumstance
where do you think you are going
get rid of this uniform we
are going to Kano right now
and if I don't
what are you going to do
tie me up and throw me into a
well while am still breathing
Ikenna are you insane
I will never hurt a hair on your head
what were you doing in the amour tank
you came to deliver food to the refuges uhn
is that what you came to do
I don't think so
I can see you are young and inexperience
to see the handwriting on the wall
Ikenna there is a death
sentence hanging on your head
they will never understand why you saved me
even if they did it will not stop them
from shooting you when they catch you
in their minds you are a traitor
the enemy of the rising sun
get rid of this uniform and come with me
I will take you to your mother in Kano
I am not going anywhere I am sorry
I do not understand
would you rather stay here and
die in hands of your own people
I believe it is a better way to die
you have become very cold
what is wrong with you
I am sorry uncle
we are at war now and things are
not the way they used to be
I am not even sure they
will ever be the same
why don't we go our separate ways
until we meet again when we are
not supposed to kill each other
what about your mother, what do I tell her
I thought you loved your mother
That has not changed
tell me something anything,
she is going to ask of you
I need to tell something
you are not making things
easy for you are you
do you not understand
I don't want any of this
I don't want this war anymore
I am caught in the middle of
something beyond my comprehension
and I don't want to find a way
out because there is no way out
you better get out of here
because if they catch you,
I will not be here to save you
Take cover
drop your gun an stay away from the boy
what did he do anyway, I saw you hunting him like an
animal and you are suppose to be on the same side
I will advise you to drop that
gun go back to the convent
listen, I am neither your friend or your enemy
my father is Hausa and my mother is Igbo
that really makes it easy for me to
shoot you without a second thought
you better not try anything stupid
if you think I don't know haw to use this
think again
birds of a feather
what are you talking about
you are just like him
his mother is Hausa, he turned his
back on us to free a prisoner of war
his mother's youngest brother he said
their tribe killed my family and here
you are pointing a gun at my back
do you know how I feel about it
I am really sorry about
what happen to your family
but it was not my fault
I have been living here with my mother since I was 10 and
here you are accusing me of something I am not even aware of
I have not seen her since
the whole thing started
maybe she is dead maybe I
will never see her again
and you are here
you are guilty by association
what, you have lost your mind
you will loose everything when you wife
and daughter are killed in your presence
everything humanly possible
you will dye and the only thing left is
the the murdering flame of vengeance
it is a fool that will consume every stumbling
block, and you are a stumbling block
stop don't come any closer,
I swear I will shoot
you most be joking
this is a strong hold
what makes you think you will
get away if you shoot me
my men are everywhere
and next time you want to shoot somebody
do it don't say it
let me show you how it is done
I am Zainab
is he dead
what are you going to do now
I don't know
what was that
stay behind the tree, I
will go and check it
Now listen carefully if
you move or say a word
I would shoot you
do you understand
where is he
I am tired of this hide and seek
it ends now
you are one confused moron
you are in a very difficult
situation I most say
but one thing I know is
that you are not a traitor
so what happens to him
oh, nothing really
But I will advise him to get
away until the war is over
what about the captain
the captain?
Don't worry about that
he will be alright but he
will never know what hit him
I do not understand
why are you helping him
are you not one of the men
hunting him down like an animal
I wouldn't used the word help
lets just say I returned a favor
what favor
does that mean you know him
not exactly
he had a chance to shot me a few hours ago
but he did not
alright no more chitchat
both of you get out of here
before I change my mind
I am not very comfortable with
your choice of exterminator
that woman has no experience
you know this very well and yet you
oh, no there is no problem
no problem at all
that woman is the right
exterminator for the job
you will find out later
and besides they will not
be expecting a woman
in a fancy motor cycle
and that is our element of surprise
oh and one more thing
there is blackout over there
and I believe it is going to
last for more than 7 hours
alright if you say so
I will see you tomorrow
alright I will see you tomorrow
Damn you idiot
What is the problem with that useless man
I hope you are not drinking
alcohol over there
Oh my God!
Listen, I was sent here to kill you
but that is not going to happen
What is going on, who exactly is after me.
Keep your nose out of their
business if you want to live
what are you talking about
do you remember your report on police
brutality and human trafficking
yes I remember
A lot of feelings where hurt
who are you
I am surprise you don't remember me
I have never seen you before
do you remember me now
I don't think so
never mind
I am getting you out of here
why should I trust you
I don't even know you
why should you trust me?
Hmm, now lets see
I punched out your body guards kicked
your ass and you are still alive
what other prove do you want
you did not kick my ass
I let down my guard when I realize
I was dealing with a woman
hmm well, you can put it that
way if it makes you feel good
common hurry up
What is the situation
mosquito exterminated, no obstacle
beautiful, I will see you tomorrow
the girl is the only exterminator
that knows about this project
I see noting wrong with that
the girl did an excellent job
and we should bring her closer
I know she will be an obstacle
perhaps not now, but down the line
yes we don't want to raise
suspicion among the exterminators
they where kept in the dark
non of them will raise
an eyebrow of suspicion
when we get rid of the girl
go ahead
keep her out of the scene
move now
that woman is very dangerous
do not underestimate her
I understand
I repeat do not underestimate her
hit her with everything you have
I understand
hit the road
Hey the coast is clear
What is this
fake id
fake id?
You need to lay low for a while
until the heat goes off
hit the road