After Love (2016) Movie Script

Margaux, run the bath, please.
- Why me?
Why not?
- I don't want to.
Margaux, your things.
Can I help you, Mummy?
No homework?
Eh, Jade?
Check to see
what you have for tomorrow.
Our teacher said no homework.
I doubt that.
Where's your book?
- I forgot it.
Jade, three times this week.
Get the pasta.
The teacher said we could leave it.
Come with me.
Margaux, your things.
- Hold on!
Your jacket's on the floor.
Use the hook!
I'm sick of repeating it.
Come here.
What did you do today?
What're you doing here?
I finished early.
Ok, it's 8 o'clock.
We agreed never before 8.
Yeah, but I finished early.
It's Wednesday.
Usually, you're here...
You're not here on Wednesday.
Stick to the days
we gave each other.
I'll do that. Hi there.
How's it going?
There's a writing exercise.
Did you do that today?
I don't want to!
But it's what you did today.
I'm sick of it!
- Jade, do your homework!
Margaux, your things!
- Hold on!
Girls, get undressed for the bath.
We're playing!
Homework after bath.
No arguing.
- How're you doing?
You're beautiful! My princesses.
How was school?
- Great.
We did sums.
Good grades? Bad?
- Good.
What shall we do?
- Let's play.
Finish yesterday's game?
- Yes!
Whose turn really?
- Mine.
No, me! Me!
No, me!
- Sure?
Girls? Bath time!
Come on, Jade.
- You missed. Quick!
Don't act like you can't hear,
it's bath time.
I've told you twice.
Let go of that remote.
Don't use the computer now.
Are you listening, Margaux?
Margaux, stop it. Get undressed.
- I won't come out!
It's Wednesday, not Friday, ok?
You have your days.
Margaux, please...
Come on.
Wash your face.
- Stop it!
Your face!
- Daddy!
Daddy, can you come here?
Mummy's not nice!
I'm not nice?
Daddy, are you coming?
It's me today.
- No, it's Daddy.
She has her days, he has his.
It's ok, I'll see to them.
So, where do I start?
- Me! Do my back first!
Lift your hair.
Lift your back...
Filthy! You're so filthy...
Jade is a lot cleaner than you.
That's not a nice thing to say.
Not nice, but true.
Right, come on.
Shall I set the table?
There's not enough for you.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
I'm not hungry.
Open up.
When'll you buy my soccer boots?
Next week.
- When?
You say that, but never do it.
- I promise.
Open up.
- You swear?
Cross my heart and hope to die.
Now open up.
- That's enough.
Stewed fruit.
- I don't like stewed fruit!
You love stewed fruit.
Come on.
I'll have an ice cream.
- No, it's stewed fruit!
No ice cream!
- Yes.
What did I say?
You helped yourself.
I told them "no".
It's just an ice cream.
Finish up and come wash your teeth.
Scrub the top teeth.
Jade, what are you doing?
Leave my things and close the drawer.
Get into bed, Margaux.
Can Daddy read a story?
- No.
A story, please!
- No.
I want a story.
I can't sleep without one.
They want you to read a story.
It's the last time. On my days,
come back after they're in bed.
Where were we?
"I accidentally kicked a pile of bones
that stirred
and said to me in a bony voice,
'What about me?'"
Can you do that in another room?
Can you stop texting, please?
You want to stop me texting?
That's your new plan?
You know what I mean.
Something going on?
Please stop texting in front
of me. Can you manage that?
Your hand.
- No.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand for a second.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
It won't hurt.
Marie, give me your hand.
- No.
For the last time,
give me your hand.
I can't.
That's sad.
That's sad for you.
It's hard talking to you.
Go on, say it.
I know, but I want you to tell me.
Marie, I want you to say it.
Be honest. Be sincere.
Say it as it is.
There, that's it. You said it.
Got the money? How much?
You think I'm fucking stupid?
Calm down. Stop!
Piss off!
- Enough!
What's wrong, Boris?
- Nothing.
Mummy, Margaux's mean!
Don't do business here, please.
You really think I asked them to come?
Excuse me.
- Sorry.
If you need money,
you can do the work on my house.
She won't hear of it!
I'm co-owner.
- So decide.
You have to do it.
Am I disturbing you?
- No.
We're talking about your father's house.
Why doesn't Boris handle the work?
Wouldn't it be simpler?
Financially, it's more advantageous
for everyone.
I said I'll find a solution.
I have other worries.
Something needs to be done.
Incredible! Surely I can pick
who does work on my house.
Mum, I'm paying so I'll choose.
Boris won't do it.
For now you're not paying.
I'm broke.
All the more reason
to let Boris do the work.
You know he's having problems.
And I'm not?
Your father would never have left
our house in such a state.
Girls, Babou's leaving.
Come and give her a kiss.
Goodbye, Boris.
Why doesn't Boris stay with me
until you work it out?
It'd be better for the girls.
I have plenty of room and...
Do you realize what you're saying?
- Yes!
A foreigner, a Pole, say,
I'd house him too.
He can work and leave you alone.
- Isn't that what you want?
Goodbye, girls.
Goodbye, Babou.
- Goodbye, dear.
This place is a nightmare.
Someone blows a fuse each time.
It's impossible. I...
All right.
I get the message.
Happy now?
Is that your new plan?
Happy about what?
Stop talking to my mum.
You're paranoid.
She asked me to do the work.
Stop lying, Boris, it's unbearable.
If you want to stay here for now,
you follow the rules.
Ok, I'll sum up.
I come back when you say,
talk to the girls when you say,
ignore your mum... That all?
I want you to leave.
Why? Why would I leave?
It's not your home now.
What do you mean?
Come here.
The floor, the ceiling, the walls...
I did it all.
Try to remember that, Princess.
The princess fed you, ok?
I paid for it all.
Know why? I work and save.
I don't blow my cash.
You save off my back.
Me, your slave!
How'd you have done the work
without me?
I had no money, but I had a roof.
You had nothing.
Not even an apartment
to do the work in!
So, as the owner, you own the work?
Is that it?
It's normal to think that way.
Anyone born rich does.
Not true.
- You weren't born rich?
Your parents' money
didn't pay for this place? Deny it!
Who pays the mortgage each month?
You? No, I do!
I do 'cause I work!
Come, girls.
Ok, I accepted the money
my parents gave me.
You wanted me to turn it down?
It suited you at the time.
I don't have a pathological
problem with my family. You do!
You can't do a thing without your mum!
- I have a pathological problem?
Are you crazy?
Mum's here 'cause you can't look
after the girls!
You never do it when I ask.
- That's not true!
Good job my mum's around.
Where's yours?
What's it got to do with my mum?
- She doesn't mind...
My mum says, "Screw you!"
It scares you when we shout?
You think we shout a lot?
Too often?
You too?
We still love each other.
We shout, but we love each other.
It mustn't worry you.
It's not against you.
You know that?
It changes nothing for you.
We love you both
and it doesn't change how we feel.
It's nothing to do with you.
We'll try not to shout again.
We promise.
We have no solution for now,
so we're living together but...
but we'll make sure that we...
find a house each and that we have...
a place of our own each, ok?
But we don't really know yet.
Maybe we won't split up.
Maybe we'll all stay here together.
That's why we argue
'cause sometimes...
we want to split up
and then we don't.
That's good.
Can you bring the salad?
- Yes.
Mummy! You coming?
Come on, it's ready.
Careful, it's hot.
I'll serve.
Are you ok?
You don't look it.
Want something?
What are you playing at?
What is this act?
- Yes?
Can you get my bag, please?
Are you sick?
Yeah, she's at death's door.
Come on, Jade.
Don't worry, he's being silly.
Go and eat.
What do we start with?
Salad for me.
Salad or lasagne?
- Salad.
Jade, give me your plate.
Is that enough for you?
Is it true
you're not as rich as Mummy?
Who said that? Was it Mummy?
How do you know?
You hear us talking?
- You hear us arguing?
How do you know that then?
Did Babou tell you?
So why...
- Know this game?
Why do you ask?
I dunno.
I was just asking.
It depends.
What does rich mean for you?
Lots of money.
Rich is nothing else?
Not lots of feelings, friends,
lots of ideas...
lots of books you've read...
That's not rich?
It's just money?
Wow, that's sad.
If you split up,
how'll you manage without money?
I'll manage. I'll work,
just like I always have done.
Everything ok?
I dozed off.
How about you?
Did it go well?
- Yes.
Alix and Maxime's mother called
for a sleep-over on Thursday night.
No, not during the week.
Surely they can sleep
at their friends'.
Leaving me alone with Boris...
Could you call in
during his weekend with them?
Marie, trust him.
I have to sell Dad's house.
- Sell it?
The house where you grew up?
I have no choice.
The state it's in?
Out of the question.
Go to bed now, you must be tired.
We'll talk about it next time,
when you're rested.
No hasty decisions. Sleep well.
Thanks. Good night.
- Good night, dear.
Is Barths backing you up
at the faculty?
He really helped with the board.
Any problems, you let me know.
I know you have money problems.
You want to emancipate yourself
and manage alone.
Symbolically, it's important for you.
But it's not very rational.
A 140,000-euro loan over 15 years
means you'll pay back 40,000 more.
I can loan you that interest-free.
Think it over.
Why did Mum tell you
about my problems?
Your father helped me over hard times.
He supported me.
I promised him I'd be here.
I'm glad to help, really.
You can pay me back later.
I promised to be here.
Could you try knocking?
- Sorry, I didn't see you there.
Just getting my toothbrush.
I've seen you naked before.
When will you start looking?
For what?
An apartment.
No time, too much work.
Too much work, no work.
Money, no money. I don't get it.
I have work.
So that means
you can't look for a place?
Only people who don't work
look for apartments?
You just don't want to.
I've no time and no money.
How can I look for a place
I can't afford?
And Margaux's boots?
When are you planning to buy
her soccer boots?
Why do you mix everything up?
Unlike me,
they still believe your promises.
So keep them.
Just a second...
You ate all the cheese?
I can't take much more of this.
I try to stay cool,
but you have your fridge shelf
and we have ours.
So stop eating the girls' food, ok?
And I'm not doing your laundry.
You can use the machine,
but I'm sick of doing it.
Start doing things for yourself.
Stop doing my laundry.
Find a solution and get the hell out!
Ok, give me my share.
One third is more than your share.
We're not discussing it again.
Yes, we are.
My work has raised the market value.
I stay until I get my share.
I want half.
Here, for the cheese.
That should cover it.
After all, I loved him.
Really loved him.
But this is...
It's pathetic.
I wake up and think...
that I'll manage it for the girls.
Then I see him and...
I hate him.
His way of...
walking, of standing...
Everything about him drives me mad...
the slightest remark...
How did I end up like this?
I get angry all the time.
Everything gets me angry.
Everything about him drives me mad.
I can't be in the same room
or look at him...
I feel like I've never really
looked at him.
I can't do it anymore.
With the girls in the middle...
It's the girls above all.
Good evening.
Got friends for dinner?
Am I disturbing you?
Good night.
Boris, come and have a drink.
A drink?
- Yes.
All right.
May I?
May I sit down?
May I?
A bit of cheese...
Pass me the board.
Thank you.
- Want a napkin?
I'll be ok.
Want a coffee?
Anything else?
- Cheese first.
Happy everyone's serving you?
Were you talking about me?
- Of course not, Boris.
What were you saying?
You know everything, right?
- Stop.
- Stop what you're doing.
I'm eating cheese.
- Come on, enough. This is ridiculous.
Weren't you talking about it
before I arrived?
Can't talk in front of me?
- It's not that.
Stop it now, please.
Want me to leave?
- Yes.
Want me to leave?
- Yes.
It's ok, we're going.
No, I've made a cake. Stay!
It's good to see you all.
You're not invited.
- I want some cake.
No, you're not invited.
She won't even give me some cake.
Stop this stupid game.
- Don't lecture me!
No one's lecturing you...
You're sick in the head.
Seen the situation
you put us all in?
Like it or not,
you're not invited tonight.
Get it?
- I was offered a drink.
So, how are things?
How are you?
- I'm not talking about me now.
The two of you.
Is the crisis over?
I don't know...
Haven't you had a crisis?
- Not yet.
I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
- We were talking to Marie.
What were you saying?
We were talking to Marie.
- I'm interested.
We'll talk, you and I.
You offered me a drink.
- I know.
And now you regret it?
- It's a bad time.
We can meet up.
- Not all together.
You turn up with that hangdog look...
You're the ones
with the hangdog looks.
You're gloomy.
Who's he?
The suitor?
I hope you have money.
What's so funny?
Let's go.
- The suitor?
We're going, this is getting...
Can I get a ride?
You're ridiculous.
It's my dinner, so go.
"My, my," that's all you ever say.
Stop it.
Why don't you just go?
I apologize.
He apologizes.
Sit down, this should be good.
The victim's apologizing.
Go on.
I apologize, but I'm not a victim.
- Really?
Victim of what?
- I dunno, look around.
I'll get the cake. You get lost.
I'd like some cake.
- Too bad, I didn't make it for you.
Get lost.
- Want me to go?
What is this?
- Picked your side?
Stop this.
No one's called me.
Not one of you.
Do you ever call us? Do you?
My life's crazy.
- You never answer.
I don't answer?
- He called, I was there.
Give it a rest.
You're making us uneasy.
So be more frank.
We're not being frank?
You talked for two hours about me...
- We didn't!
You're getting ideas.
What do you think?
What do you think?
I'm watching you.
Watching me? In my home?
You're watching me?
You're not going to fight.
I don't like his mug.
Is he a pal of yours?
Whose pal is he?
Who brought him? You?
He's a friend.
Come on, have a laugh.
Why look so grim?
No idea. I haven't tasted it yet.
Stop it.
Stop what?
Enough, Boris.
We'll have coffee,
just you and me.
I don't think so.
- Why not?
I feel you've abandoned me.
- No one's abandoned you.
We're here.
- What's this hangdog, victimized act?
Cut it out. Stop it!
I'm being objective.
Come on!
Let's talk about you then.
What are you after exactly?
What is it you want?
You want me to get mad?
Come on.
Let us finish dinner.
You've amused us enough now.
Yanking my chain now...
- Leave her alone.
I'm getting edgy.
- Classy.
Otherwise we'll leave.
- Spare me your fighting.
No, you're staying.
Stay and I'll cut the cake.
Look at me when I talk to you.
Calm down.
- Look at me.
He'll whistle for me next or go "Hey!"
You should do something.
- You should get help.
All right.
I'll be going.
Can I take my wine?
Have a good evening.
- I'm not hungry.
It's great!
He'll drive me crazy.
Is it true about estate agents?
- I'm not answering that.
But you know what I mean.
As you can see, it's an old workshop.
We did the partitions,
decor, floorboards, light sources.
This is the first room, the kitchen,
as you can guess.
The first bedroom, the girls',
is the biggest.
My wife...
What's going on?
I'm getting the place valued.
- Selling a place that isn't yours?
I'm just getting it valued.
And did you ask me?
This is my apartment, see.
This here is our bedroom.
Excuse me.
- It was our bedroom.
Please follow me.
- Hello.
Direct access to the bathroom.
The bathroom also gives onto
the main room and there's...
a third bedroom,
used as an office or spare room.
Originally, we planned to make
the bike shed into an extra bedroom.
Sorry about the mess.
It's my dog-house for now.
It's your business, right,
to enter people's private lives?
We aim for the best price
in each party's interest.
Of course.
Such a good renovation is rare.
I designed it all, I'm an architect.
An architect...
It's all in here:
surface areas, service charges...
You can take it.
- Thank you.
I'll see you out.
- I'll call you.
Take my number.
I have your husband's.
- It's my apartment, so call me.
Yes, of course.
Excuse me.
It's a lovely place.
- Thank you.
Call me first.
- Yes, yes.
What are you playing at?
- Nothing.
Did you ask me
if you could show the place?
I'm getting it valued
if we want to sell it.
I paid for it, it's my apartment.
You ask me!
What did you pay?
You've no right without asking!
I put more than that in it.
I put in something you never could.
Oh yeah?
- Love.
Think about it.
Ok, I'm fetching the girls.
I imagine you hadn't planned to.
One more page and that's it.
Sit up straight.
Where are these from?
We bought them with Mummy.
- When?
This morning.
What is this?
I said I'd buy her boots.
Her match is tomorrow.
You said that two weeks ago.
A promise I made her.
I was supposed to buy them.
You can buy her next pair.
Humiliating me turns you on.
Using the girls is sick.
One day they'll realize
and they'll make you pay.
Her match is tomorrow.
They'll recall your broken promises too.
I keep my promises, you know I do.
Antoine offered help with Mum's work.
I'll accept.
But you won't be doing it.
You'll pay twice as much.
It's not your problem.
- It's not your money.
Nor yours.
I can't earn a living
if you stop me from working.
I stop you?
- Yes.
With that job, I could rent a place
and end this shit.
I don't get the logic.
Explain it to me.
It's simple. It's over.
I won't pay for you anymore.
Just take what's yours and leave.
- Sure.
Half! I want half.
You won't give an inch
'cause you don't want us to split up.
See you Sunday.
I'm off to Lucie's as I told you.
Mummy, I don't want you to go!
Don't worry, I'll be back Sunday.
Come on, Jade, let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go.
- Stop it. Call if there's a problem.
Go now, please, just go.
Go on, it's ok, go. Hurry.
- Don't worry.
Careful, you'll hurt her.
Bye, Margaux.
Remember the game's at 11.
Let's finish this.
Finish the homework,
then we can make dinner.
What shall we have?
- Dunno.
Pizza? Pasta?
- Nuggets.
Nuggets? Jade, nuggets?
Nuggets then.
Margaux's choice. I'll be back
to correct it in four minutes.
Tell me if this hurts.
What are you doing?
Hold on...
You have loads of apps.
You're breaking my toes.
You're crazy!
Crazy. Come here.
Loads of apps!
- Who'll give me a bite?
Tickle contest!
- No!
The one who holds her breath longest.
- It won't be me.
Steady? Ready? Go!
Jade's the clear winner.
Ready to start?
Hold on.
Three, two, one, go!
No, it's even worse like that.
Hold on. Three, two, one, go!
Your turn now!
I hate tickles.
Get ready, we're late for soccer.
Did you hear me?
Hurry up now.
Get dressed.
Come on now! What did I say?
Margaux, what did I say?
Give me that.
- We want to watch!
We're going to the soccer game.
It's your game, not mine.
Come on, hand it over.
- No!
Margaux, give it to me.
Calm down!
Know judo, do you?
Come on.
- Let go!
Give it to me.
- No!
Careful, I'll hurt you...
Give it to me!
I'm stronger than you.
You hurt me.
Show me.
- I want to call Mummy.
No, I want to call Mummy.
- Let me see.
We're not going to call Mummy
every five minutes!
Let me see... You're fine!
Let me call her!
Ok, we'll call her, but calm down.
You'll calm down?
I'll call her.
No, I will.
- Cut it out!
- Mummy?
What's wrong, sweetheart?
I want you to come home.
I'll be home tomorrow, you know.
It's not long now.
But Daddy hurt me!
What do you mean, hurt you?
What happened?
She's exaggerating, it's nothing.
It's nothing at all, ok?
It's ok, I can handle it.
Don't worry.
Come back then, but we'll be out.
We're going to my mum's for lunch.
Can I have lunch at my mum's
without asking you?
Fine, come back, but they'll be out.
I'm managing. See you tomorrow.
Come on, let's go.
Don't start again.
Hurry and get dressed.
Hurry up, we have ten minutes!
Are you ready?
- No!
Hurry it up!
Where are the car keys?
Where does she put the damn keys?
Do you know?
- Come and help me look for them.
Give them to me.
You're not driving.
Jade, wait! Margaux, hurry!
- Hold on...
Hurry! Put your boots on!
Not until I'm on the pitch.
Other shoes then, but hurry!
God, you're so slow!
Wait, Jade!
I have to do my laces.
- Screw your laces.
Quick, get inside.
- Hiya, girls!
Take it all off.
I'm in the bath, I'll be out soon.
Hi, Mummy!
- How are you, girls?
I missed you.
Everything ok?
Did it go well?
- Yes, I forgot my soccer boots.
What do you mean?
She lost them at the game,
on the pitch.
We went back but couldn't find them.
I bought another pair.
Did you have a good weekend?
- Yes!
Great. My mum was glad to see them.
She talked about having them to stay
in the country this summer.
Their cousins will be there.
She'll take them
and I'll join them after.
But for how long?
The whole of August.
They're too young to go a whole month
without seeing me.
You know...
if we split up,
I'll get a whole month with them.
Our cousins will be there.
A month is too long.
Marie, you can't make
all the decisions.
Weekend, evenings, holidays...
I get a holiday with them too.
And if it really is too long,
you can come to see us.
You'd really like to go away
for a whole month?
I'll deal the cards.
No, I will.
Want to play too?
Want to play? Know how?
I've forgotten.
- Explain.
You explain.
You explain.
- You.
You explain then.
Don't know how?
- I've forgotten.
It's either figures or colours.
The first one to finish wins.
What colour, Jade?
No, I choose.
- You do?
Yes, I put in the extra four.
Stop saying blue!
- Too late, you said it!
Ok, I win. You said it.
Hold on.
- She doesn't have any.
She can change colour.
Go on.
- Red!
I don't get it.
What passes through a window
without breaking it?
Spiderman, King of Ham.
A bad burglar?
- What do you say?
- I've no idea.
A sunbeam!
A sunbeam.
My turn! Two fleas leave a cinema
and one says,
"Do we catch a dog or walk?"
That's your joke? It's over?
Your turn.
How do you call a dog
with no legs?
No idea. Do you know?
You don't call him, you fetch him.
Your turn.
Two blondes are outside an elevator.
One says to the other,
"Call the elevator."
The other goes, "Elevator!"
- Mummy?
Mummy, can we go on holiday
with Daddy?
Can we show you our rockeography?
Your what?
Your "rocky" what?
What do you call it?
Give me your phone.
- Say the word properly first.
Your what?
- Our rockigraphy.
Fetch Mummy.
Time for bed.
- One more.
No, bed.
- Let us do just one more!
Come on, quick.
Give me a quick kiss.
- Good night.
A nice sleep now.
Where are you?
Where's my kiss?
- Carography.
Good night, Mummy.
Good night, Daddy.
You can have the bed.
Go on.
When's the multiplication test?
It's today. This morning.
This morning?
7 times 3.
Quick, without thinking.
- 21.
7 times 4.
Don't tell her. 7 times 4.
You've forgotten, Jade?
- 28.
7 times 5.
Jade, this is going to get tough.
8 times 7, Smarty Pants.
8 times 7.
- 56.
Miss Know It All doesn't know?
That's right. Bravo.
- Honey or chocolate?
We'll revise this evening, ok?
Margaux, are you done?
Get your things ready.
You too, Jade. Hurry.
Finish it in the car.
Here, Margaux.
Where's my snack?
Maybe we should try couple's therapy.
Pay and if it works,
I'll refund you.
Ok, I dare you.
Dare you.
Let's go, girls.
We can't get to sleep.
Come on...
After, I'll put you back
in your beds.
Where's Daddy?
The girls won't have parents
who hate each other.
You lived a lie, I can't.
What are you saying?
I never lived a lie.
Your father always told me the truth.
You can't desire the same person
all your life.
That doesn't happen.
That's the lie.
Friendship replaces desire
and that's eternal.
It's hard work, I know.
But it's worth it.
If only for the children.
Mum, I'm just not in love anymore.
People used to be able to mend stuff.
They'd mend socks, fridges...
Now, they throw them out
at the first problem.
A relationship is the same.
No desire, out it goes.
But nobody's perfect.
Antoine called me.
I sent him Boris's estimate.
He finds it reasonable too.
It suits us both.
The ball's in your court.
Out of the question.
- He's the cheapest and can begin now!
The others need six months.
Being angry is no reason
to make the wrong decision.
Want some of the quiche?
Are you ok?
- Yeah.
It's good.
Did it go well?
They were happy to go to Mum's.
The notary has done the calculations.
Your share, loan plus work,
makes one third.
I saw a lawyer who said
I can ask you for alimony.
You've lived off me 15 years,
you won't...
Screw the alimony
but I want a fair division.
Look, I can give you
an extra 20,000 euros.
No, I don't want charity,
I want my share.
I'm offering
a little more than your share.
Show me the accounts.
It's time this got real.
You want to see the accounts?
- Yep.
The first time in 15 years...
I didn't do the accounts,
a notary drew them up, ok?
I put in 200,000 euros, agreed?
- No.
- 100,000 was your mum.
It's the same, she's my mum.
She said it was for us both.
Are you doing this on purpose?
- It was for the girls.
That's 50,000 each.
The girls will get it one day.
She didn't say it was for you
or the girls.
She said it was for me. Look.
Is your name on it?
For the rich,
a gift is never permanent.
Can we read the whole file?
- Go ahead.
The building service charges...
I pay those.
The monthly mortgage payments...
Those too.
- Wrong!
We've paid back the same amount
since the beginning.
The same amount?
When you're in the red
every other month,
I fill the gap.
I paid for the rest:
the car, food, holidays...
I paid the everyday stuff.
- You've no idea what that is.
Nothing's ever regular.
Money, work, us...
Ok, keep going.
100,000 euros of mine...
100,000 euros of my mum's...
The service charges,
the mortgage I nearly always pay...
That makes more than half.
Not forgetting something?
Take a closer look.
Not forgetting something?
Where's the renovation work?
It's weird how you always forget it.
My hard work,
how do you calculate that?
It increased the apartment's value
by 100,000. That's why I want half.
Are you being deliberately stupid?
No, you are.
- You don't want me to buy your share?
Your estate agent,
the one you brought here,
came and valued the place.
We can sell for 400,000.
We paid 300,000.
The 100,000-euro appreciation
includes your work.
Boris, work it out, you win.
I want it fair!
I am fair,
offering more than your share.
No, your share is without the work
and my share with.
50,000 from your mum,
50,000 in mortgage repayments,
100,000 capital gain,
that's 200,000.
That's a good half.
50-50. I want half.
I won't leave until I get half,
Aren't you ashamed?
You should be.
You treat me like a dog.
I can't afford a place without my share.
I'm not treating you like a dog,
we're splitting up.
I'm offering you 150,000 euros.
Realize what a huge amount
150,000 euros is?
When we met, you had nothing.
- The charity act again?
True but, through work,
I can claim half of this place.
The value of work in a capital.
Ever heard of that?
No, you're a rich kid.
You can't function without your parents.
You should've refused the inheritance
and lived your own life.
Who were you living with?
Who do you mean?
- You saw my dad?
He never bothered about me.
All he gave me
was Mum's house when he died.
A 12-room house.
- Seen the state it's in?
Could we have bought this place
with just my parents' contribution?
No, I had my savings
'cause I work.
When you put nothing in the account
and I fill the gap,
think it's easy?
I have it tough too.
Tough? Don't talk about tough.
You don't know what tough is.
What it's like being broke,
not knowing how to eat...
You know nothing about it.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see the girls.
I can't this weekend.
Why not?
I'm working.
- You're working?
I'm doing your mum's job.
She didn't say?
- Antoine gave the money
and I got the go-ahead.
How's it going?
That looks good. Can I try?
You wangled it.
I never agreed.
Skilful manoeuvring.
- Not at all.
It suits everyone,
me doing the work.
Right, you work to suit everyone.
- Yep.
Don't turn up unannounced.
I'm telling you now.
What'll it change?
You can't change your days
when it suits you!
You're their father, not a pal.
You stop me from being their father,
and the rest.
Want me to live in the sticks
and never see them? Is that your plan?
I just told you to be a father.
Respect the rules.
- The rules? Your rules!
You always set the rules!
Your rules drive me mad!
Get the hell out!
- No, I'm not going!
Go on then, hit me.
That'd suit you.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Your mum doesn't want me here.
- But it's not your day!
You're at it again.
Your mum really called me
for the job.
If I'd wanted,
I'd have done it ages ago.
Open up.
There were three of them.
They took everything.
Visa, keys, the lot.
The keys are a drag.
The keys are a drag.
How much do you owe them?
I took the girls to school
without waking you.
Thank you.
You can thank my bank manager.
I don't want the girls
to see you like this.
It's ok, it'll soon pass.
No, you're not sleeping here.
- Where do I go?
Work something out.
You're not sleeping here.
Don't forget your things, please.
- How's it going?
What's that there?
- I fell.
Does it hurt?
- No.
Hi, Jade.
How's it going?
Are you ok? It still shows.
I need them back Sunday.
There's chicken and pasta in the fridge.
Bye, girls.
Where are you going?
- A weekend away.
At Lucie's.
What are you playing?
What's that?
I fell over.
Does it show?
Is that your score?
You've beaten me.
- You're pleased?
Come and eat.
Jade, come and eat.
Margaux! Jade! Dinner.
A bit more?
The pool was fun.
We go back tomorrow?
- Yes.
If we go, you dive.
- Yes.
There's water everywhere.
Jade, we're eating.
Are you asleep?
Jade... Open your eyes.
Jade, open your eyes!
Margaux, hurry,
get the car and house keys!
What's wrong with her?
Close the door!
Where is she?
- First room on the right.
She's sleeping.
You're crazy!
- You won't have them again!
It was your pills she took!
- Stop it, that's enough!
Calm down!
You'll never have them again!
She took your damn pills!
You're useless with them!
Calm down! Stop now!
Let go of me!
- Calm down!
Calm down now!
Calm yourself.
She's fine, she's out of danger.
Everything's fine.
Are you ok?
Fine. And you?
I'm ok.
You're pretty. Very pretty.
- Thanks.
They'll be lining up at your door.
Everything ok with the girls?
The parties cohabited from the year 2000
and separated in August 2015.
In a deed received by Mr Olivier,
associate notary, on April 3, 2005,
Mr Marcker and Ms Barrot
jointly acquired a property
located 12, Rue St L.
It is currently occupied
by Ms Barrot and their two children.
The parties have agreed
on the following:
Article 1: Mr Marcker transfers
all joint rights to Ms Barrot
in return for an inclusive
and final sum of 200,000 euros.
Article 2: as agreed by both parties,
all sums paid and advanced by Ms Barrot
will be deducted from
the aforementioned 200,000 euros.
Article 3: if all terms
of this agreement are met,
both parties' rights will be exercised,
ending any litigation
arising from the aforementioned
joint property.
Concerning custody of the children,
Margaux and Jade Marcker,
both born June 2, 2007,
and in their best interests,
both parties have agreed on custody
organized as follows:
the father will have custody
every other weekend
and Wednesdays in odd weeks.
Otherwise, the children will live
at their mother's.
For school holidays,
the parents will share custody
in two week-periods,
given the children's age.
For summer,
Mr Marcker and Ms Barrot request
the same two-week division.