After Midnight (2014) Movie Script

Gentlemen, let's give it up for the Candy
Cat Club's featured dancer - Duffy.
You're beautiful.
Thanks, baby.
Be polite all you want, kid.
The only thing it's going to
get you is the poor house.
Next up on our stage, please
welcome the seductive Sasha.
All right. One for the money
two for the show.
You have no clue what I'm
All you know about me is what
you see on the stage, okay?
And don't you ever think you
can put your hands on me again.
Stripper drama.
Hey! Slow down, honey. Okay?
Not now, Rikki, okay? Just
leave me alone.
Okay. Well, listen, enough of
the attitude.
All right. I am only trying to
help you, Duffy.
Well, if you really want to
help me
then just leave me alone for
because I'm a little freaked
out right now
and I don't want to talk about
So what the hell's up with you?
Just let her be, Tina.
Because she's queen bee I'm supposed
to just mind my own business.
What a concept.
I will mess you up.
Come on, Tina.
You don't want the cops coming
down here again like before.
Okay. One more incident like
that and you're through.
She thinks she's some kind of
big shot.
Always draining every guy's wallet
before anybody else gets a shot at them.
She even took my best customer.
There ain't a dollar bill left
out there.
Do you want to talk about it?
Talk about what?
Well, all that screaming I
heard a couple of minutes ago.
No, I don't.
Okay, well... I'm here if you
need me.
I know, Zoe. I get it, okay.
It's really coming down out
Weather man says it's going to be raining
cats and dogs until tomorrow afternoon.
Gary's always wrong. He's not
even a meteorologist.
That's why I watch Channel
Eight weather.
Is the copy in the prompter?
Done. Only breaking story right
Murder in Tinseltown.
Well, what got dropped?
The piece about the cat that
plays the piano.
I liked that one.
Turns out he was faking. Ten
seconds, everybody. Here we go.
Five, four...
Good evening, I'm Constance Turner and this
is a Channel Six overnight news break.
Police are searching for clues
in the shooting death of a young
dancer outside a downtown strip club.
The shooting victim was shot
execution style in the club's
back parking lot just after
Police released these photos of
the shooting victim.
Twenty-six year old, Ann Turner, who worked
as a dancer at the Candy Cat... police..
What's going on with her?
... are hoping that anybody...
I don't know.
police hope that anybody who has
seen anything will contact them
and... and we will be back
right after the break...
Spring is just around
the corner...
Constance, it's Doctor Hubbard.
I just saw what happened.
If you want to talk about it I'm here.
Hey, you okay?
Yeah. I just lost my place. And
I... I... just that...
I'll be fine. Let's... just let
me finish it.
You sure?
Yes. We're almost back.
And it looks like the rain will
continue through tomorrow afternoon
so if you have any weekend travel plans,
make sure you give yourself extra time.
Okay. Good. Morning crew's going to
be here soon. You did a good job.
That story about the dancer?
Did you know her?
She was my sister.
You know, she was the wild
child of the family, you know.
She was willful and headstrong.
She was always just so
determined to do her own thing
no matter what it did to my
Look, I feel like I'm prying
here now.
No. It's all right. Look, I am sorry.
I should have told someone.
I understand. I mean this has to
be incredibly difficult for you.
I... I... I should have reached
out to her more.
I should have been a better sister
and she did not deserve this.
Look, tell you what. This has
been a big shock for you.
Why don't I give you a ride home
and we can talk about it, okay?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Thanks, John.
You're welcome. Watch your step.
So, maybe I should contact the
police. Tell them who I am.
No. Police can wait until
you've rested.
There's nothing you're going to say
now that's going to make a difference.
Maybe you're right.
I am right. Besides the world's
going to know soon enough.
And I just... I just wish it
didn't have to be you.
You're going to get through it,
And people will stop caring as soon as the
next big story comes along. Guaranteed.
Well, isn't that the problem, John?
That people always just stop caring.
That's the way it is, Constance.
And sometimes that's the way it should be.
I'm going home. I can drive
Hey? You going to be okay? I
can follow you.
I'll be fine. And if I'm not,
maybe that's the way it should be.
Look at that. Rain's all cleared up.
Told you that Doppler stuff was overrated.
A couple of sausage. Here we go.
And voil. Your breakfast, mademoiselle.
I appreciate you coming by but
you didn't have to.
Says you. I talked to Rebecca
and I told her what happened.
She said you could take some
time off if you need to.
I... I don't know how to say
this, John,
but I am capable of making my
own decisions.
I don't need anybody acting on
my behalf.
I know it was well intentioned, but I
stand on my own two feet. I always have.
Okay. I... thought I was
helping. So I'm sorry.
I know.
Just, now, I am going to be linked to
Annie's story and I have to face that fact.
You know everything's going to change and
if I hide it's just going to make it worse.
Maybe. For awhile. I do have
some sleeping pills
or something stronger if you
need it.
No. No, thank you. I... I
just... I don't take anything.
I didn't say you did.
Why are you trying to help me?
Because you're my friend and
I'm worried about you.
Fair enough.
So, I got some errands I got to do.
So I will see you at work tonight, I guess?
Of course.
Okay. Take care.
Doctor Hubbard? Yeah, can I
come by?
I saw your broadcast last night.
I became concerned about you.
You're not the only one. I guess I'm just
kind of walking in my sleep right now.
Did you take anything?
No. No. I wouldn't. You're my sponsor.
I would have called you.
I know. But I'm also your friend.
And you're right, you should have called me.
I'm sorry.
So what do the police know?
I got a call this morning from
some detective
but they don't sound that interested
in the death of a stripper.
I'm sure that's not the case.
I didn't tell anyone. You know,
that I had a... a sister.
Even John was surprised.
John, your producer.
Yeah. My producer and well,
he'd like it to be something more.
Um... how do I put this?
I... I don't want you to get
involved with a man right now.
Look, you've come so far in
reconciling your family issues
and I would hate for you to lose
sight of what's really important.
Your sister was a big reason
for all of this.
But she's dead.
Death is not the end.
For Ann to truly get out of your life,
you have to be willing to let her go.
You're so Zen. That's why I
like you.
Look, I'm just a counselor.
It's okay, Doctor. It really is.
Okay. Well, then do me a favor just call
me more frequently just for my sake, okay?
The Candy Cat welcomes...
...the southern belle who's a
blonde bombshell.
Let's give it up for Britney.
Would you like a dance?
No, thank you.
Are you looking for a job?
There's an opening.
I have to go. I'm sorry.
Help me.
Hey, how you doing? You know I tried
to return your call a few times
but it went right to voicemail.
Anything wrong?
No. I just wanted to tell you I'm going to
take a few days off, like Rebecca offered.
Good. Give you time to clear
your head. Be good for you.
And also, one more thing, I
need you to do me a favor.
Anything. What?
Do you still have that police
detective friend?
Do you think he could get me a
copy of Ann's file?
I just want to find out what
they know.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll see what I can find out
but you gotta promise me...'ll leave the police
work to the professionals.
Got it?
Sounds like you're telling me
what to do again.
My God. What am I doing?
I'm just going to go in there
and ask a few questions.
There's nothing wrong with
that. I'll be fine.
The Candy Cat welcomes...
...the sexy Zoe.
Hi. You're new here.
I just came to get a drink. And
I saw you looking at me.
You remind me of someone who
worked here.
Someone very pretty. She got
Did you know her well... the
girl that got killed?
Well, you never really get to
know the girls, do you?
But Duffy, she was great.
Some of the other girls just want to shake
you down for tips and dances but Duffy...
she liked to talk.
She did? I mean what did she
talk about?
Hello. Are you here to apply
for a job?
You want to come over to the
bar and talk to me?
Okay. My name is Rikki.
Come on.
Bye, Connie.
Well, I do have to say that you
have a... very nice look.
And... we are kind of
shorthanded at the moment.
Yeah, I heard about what
Did you know her well?
Who, Duffy? Yeah, of course I
And I take a very personal
interest in each one of my girls.
I mean I... I have to.
Why is that?
Well, because I'm like their
Mother Hen.
I've been there, done that and
these girls are like lost souls.
They're like kids that have foster parents
that don't care whether they live or die.
I guess they're really lucky to
have you.
Don't fool yourself. I am no
You do junk, you rip off my customers, you
steal from me, and there will be hell to pay.
Tow the line or else?
That's about the size of it.
So, what do you think?
You want the job?
Yes. Please.
You've never danced before in
your life have you?
No. I just really...
I need the money.
Boy. Amen. Don't we all,
Look, I got a big empty hole in tomorrow
night's roster so if you want to show up,
you want to shake it a little bit. I don't tell
the girls how far they can go with the guys.
But one thing directly affects the other,
if you know what I mean.
I know what you're talking
Okay, have your start paper filled out and
also what I need from you is your stage name.
Stage name?
Yeah. All the girls have stage names.
No one uses their real names around here.
Um... Ann.
Ann? Ann? Okay, well that's
kind of dull.
Do I fill out my
paperwork here?
No, you can take this paperwork
to the dressing room.
It's just down the hall and
introduce yourself to the girls
and I'm sure you will all get
along just fine.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Ann.
Hi. Hey, do you know anything about these,
like, clasp fastener thingies?
I can't get this one to pop
like the other one
and it's just, like, not as
hot, you know?
Try squeezing it first.
It works! Thanks.
You just started?
Have you ever done anything
like this before?
No. Does it show?
Well, you're still standing there
like you're afraid to sit down.
Just take a load off.
Right. Thanks.
Hey, aren't you scared to work
You mean what happened to that other dancer?
Did you hear anything about that?
It's a robbery. Maybe.
Yeah, maybe.
Duffy didn't make very many friends here.
Especially not with Tina.
And she really didn't like Misty.
She was real jealous. And then this...
Britney! Why don't you just shut your mouth
about things you don't know anything about.
Some of our regulars aren't
exactly gentlemen.
I don't know. I've been thinking
it's a good time to retire.
Or just move. I hear they always
need good dancers in Canada.
It's way too cold up there and
who you going to dance for?
Lumberjacks. I mean it's got to be
better and safer than this place.
Well. I'm up.
Gotta go.
Good luck, Ann. See you
You're sitting in my station.
You new or something?
I'm Ann.
Great. Don't even think about
looking at any of my regulars.
I will seriously mess you up if
you do, got me?
Tina, don't be so mean. She's
never even danced before.
I know. And those creeps eat
girls like her for lunch.
Okay. I'm up after Zoe. See you
guys later.
Tina, can I ask you a question?
Get away from me.
Who are you? New girl?
That was Duffy's real name.
I don't know anything about
She made somebody really mad.
And that person was you?
No. Not me. I'm Pax. Bartender.
I make it my business to know
all the dancers.
Bully for you.
I'm not a bully, baby. I'm a lover.
Can't wait to see your act.
Where you going in such a
hurry, darling?
Sorry, I don't start until
Come on. Come on. I got a
little secret for you.
You hear anything about...
about that dancer that was
killed... Duffy?
Why? Do you know something
about it?
Well, I know a few things. I
know who killed her.
Well, maybe you and I should
talk because...
how much is it worth to you?
You don't know anything.
Hey, I know that you're the
girl from "T.V."
No, I'm not.
Well, sure you are. See, I'm
good with faces like that.
Yeah, see, you painted it up
different but it's you okay.
All right. Yeah. Hell, maybe I can get
a couple of bucks for a, you know,
a reporter working undercover
as a stripper.
Rusty, damn it. What the heck
are you doing here?
You know you're not supposed to be
taking photographs. Get out of here.
I'm going. All right, I'm going.
Yeah. Go. Go.
You okay?
Who's there?
I was going to knock you out,
kid. Sneaking around like that.
You shouldn't have taken that
reporter lady's picture.
It's not polite.
You're not a nice man.
Why don't you mind your own
Get the hell out of here before
I kick your ass.
Yeah, run away.
Feel better?
I'm fine. Just a little amped
Maybe you can get your doctor to
prescribe you something for that.
No pills for me. I'm alert and
that's how I like it.
Good. Because you were right.
My detective friend called me.
Said they don't have any real
leads on your sister's case,
so they're going to treat it
like a robbery gone bad.
But it wasn't.
Yeah. I'm sorry. He did say
though that...
he'd call me if anything
All right. Thanks.
No, not really. Why, what you
got in mind?
I think I thought...
I thought this was what you
wanted, right?
Yeah, it is. But...
Do you got a problem with that?
She's... she's...
Hey. Hey, hey. You okay?
What's going on?
I just had a nightmare. I'm
Okay. All right. You sure?
I am so sorry I gotta run.
We got development meetings all
day into the night.
Are you going to be okay?
Yes. I am taking it easy per your
instructions and I feel better already.
You call me if you need
anything, okay.
Hey, Sam. I've been thinking
about you... yes.
Yes. I will. Soon. I promise.
I'm afraid I don't have any
good news for you.
There really hasn't been any
change since you were here last.
Nothing at all?
I wish I had something more
reassuring to tell you
but there really isn't anything
else to say.
The trauma is beyond any treatment
that I've been able to prescribe.
We keep waiting for some kind
of breakthrough
and hoping it will happen but I
just don't know when.
No signs, no anything for
months. How can that be?
The mind is an amazing thing.
Sometimes it hangs only by a
We really don't know why she's
not responding.
But I do believe that she knows
that you're here.
I really thought that after the
We removed glass fragments from
the brain.
But the impact from the
it caused damage in other areas
that we're unable to determine.
At least your other sister came
out of it okay.
They always say the drunk driver
has the best chance of survival.
I know your other sister feels
terrible about what happened.
She should. She caused it.
She's lucky she didn't kill
Really? Julie's as good as
dead. Now Annie's dead, too.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
It doesn't matter. Can I see
her now?
Of course.
Hey. Mind if I come in?
So, I just spoke with Doctor Miller
and he says you're doing great.
And it won't be long before you're
up and running around again.
Doesn't that sound fun?
Julie, I hate to bring you bad
news because I don't...
we don't need anymore in our
lives right now.
But there is something very important
I need to tell you. Annie's dead.
Somebody killed her.
It happened a few days ago and
nobody knows who did it.
You know it might have been one
of those
psycho customers at the club
where she dances at or...
or it might have been a drug
deal gone wrong or...
well you know Annie.
She's always up to something
Anyway, the police aren't
so I'm working at the club
myself to uncover the truth.
I will find Annie's killer. And
when I do...
I just wish I danced better.
I hear the tips aren't bad.
I'll be back as soon as I know
I love you.
I owe this to you, Annie.
No matter what happens
I will find who did this to
I promise.
Why do you always look so
worried, Sam?
It's my job to look worried.
What's with the new face? Are
you going out tonight?
Just wanted to get out of my own
skin for a little bit, I guess.
It... it reminds me of your
sister a little bit.
Yeah. By the way, how are you
doing with that?
I'm trying really hard to work
through this with her.
What do you mean?
I have seen her.
You mean you've been down to
the police station
so you can identify the body,
That's right.
Look... I saw Ann every so
often... you know.
Why didn't you tell me?
She was going through a lot of
emotional stuff about Julie and...
well, you understand, I...
it's really not appropriate for me to
talk about it anymore at this time.
Why does everybody hide things
from me?
Well, I didn't expect to see
you back here.
I always follow through on my
That's surprising.
That so?
Especially when it comes to
Are we that predictable?
You're all seeking your daddy's
You're crazy territorial.
And you all think you're good
But deep down you got a dark
jacked up,
twisted side that just loves
guys like me.
And what type of guy is that
besides nauseating?
I'm a wolf, baby.
In wolf's clothing.
You got that right.
Who's the new bitch?
That's Ann. She came in
Well, she's sniffing around my
man and I don't like it.
Whatever, Misty. Who hasn't Pax
tried to bang around here?
I don't care about that, Skank.
He's mine now.
Good. He's a mega-loser.
I'm going to kill you, you know
Try it.
Misty, you're up.
I hope she dies.
I am so glad to see you here.
I'm a little bit nervous.
You know what, I've got a great
idea. Why don't you watch Misty?
She is one of our greatest
But... do yourself a favor, try
not to get on her bad side.
Well, actually, I don't even
think she has a good one.
Please welcome to the stage,
the lovely Misty.
No. There's no way I can dance
like that. Maybe if I...
Look, you're here, right? Trust
me. These guys...
they are all going to fall in
love with you.
I'll go get ready now.
All right. You're going to do
New girl seems all right.
Yeah. She asks a lot of
questions, too.
What the hell were you doing
with that new girl?
Just my job.
You know what happened to your
last "new" girl, right?
What the hell is that supposed
to mean?
She's dead. And now this one.
You ready?
You'll be fine.
This... this just isn't me.
Yeah, we've all said that before. And you
can tell yourself it's all about the money.
But the fact is, there's got to
be a small part of you
that really enjoys it or else
you won't be any good at it.
How is that?
Well, it's the freedom. The
The feeling of being desired by
someone when you're on the stage
with the lights on you just
doing your thing.
That makes sense, right?
More than you know.
Good. Because you're up next.
And now the Candy Cat is proud
to present our newest dancer.
Let's put our hands together
for Ann.
Guys, be gentle. It's her first
And don't you tell me you had
never done that before.
Yeah. Nice. Now, you've just got
eight more hours of it to go.
Anyways, I'm off early tonight.
Got me a date. I hope he's a nice guy.
He won't be.
He'll take advantage of you
just like all the others,
you brain dead floor mat.
Do you have to be so mean to
Yes, I do. Mind your own
I work here now. Get used to it.
Don't challenge me. Don't ever
challenge me.
Where did you get that necklace?
It's mine!
It's not. It's...
What do you mean it's not mine?
You stay the hell away from me,
you freak. I mean it.
I will kill you.
You know, with the cops looking
for a murderer
you might want to lay off that,
"I'll kill you," routine for awhile.
Here's an exotic treat from the
far east...
east Los Angeles. Let's give it
up for Tina.
Hey. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Could use a little polishing
but that's okay because you've
got something...
you've got something so natural
that you can't teach.
Thank you.
You're welcome. Are you ready
to make some money?
Because I have a gentleman over
here who would
like a private dance with the
new girl.
Actually, I don't...
Good. Come with me. I'll
explain how it works.
This is Julian. He is one of
our best customers.
I guess, Rikki. Thanks.
He's harmless.
So, you want a lap dance.
Yes. Yes, please. Mostly
just talk though if that's okay.
What do you want to talk about?
Um... why you're here. I mean,
why you're really here.
I don't really know what...
You're Constance Turner from
Channel Six.
You do the overnight news.
I don't.
It's okay. It's okay. I'm not
going to say anything.
And neither is Rusty. The guy
who took your picture.
How did you know about that?
I stole his phone.
I don't want him messing up
what you're doing.
Are you working on a story?
Maybe I can help you, right.
I hear a lot of things around here.
How well did you know Duffy?
She was my favorite. She gave
me things.
What type of things?
I'd rather not talk about it.
It's kind of private.
So what do you want to talk
I'm not comfortable talking here.
A lot of people overhear things.
If you're interested, call me.
Maybe we can go out for dinner.
I mean... my treat.
All right. I'll call you.
You did really good tonight.
Is it okay if I go now?
Yeah, of course. We're closed.
And by the way you did a really, really good
job tonight and I hope you stick around.
Goodnight, all.
'Night, Tina. I'm going to have
Pax walk you out to your car.
No, thanks. I'll take my
Hey, Quinn.
Hi. I didn't expect you tonight.
Have you seen John anywhere?
I thought he was with you. He said he had to
help you with some things about your sister.
Think you'll be back soon?
They've got me doing the
overnights but you know
I'm only happy when I'm out in
the field.
Yeah, don't worry. I think I'll
be back soon.
Good. Hey, do you mind
taking a listen to some copy?
I'm trying to make things sound less stodgy
but I don't think I'm very good at it.
Yeah, sure. Go for it.
Okay, good.
Police report another murder downtown
as the body of Russell Barnes
was found in the back alley not
far from the Candy Cat Lounge,
the scene of a gruesome murder
just days ago.
I'm sorry, Constance. I
totally forgot.
What happened to the guy?
He was strangled.
Are you ok?
Whoa, what are you doing here?
Where have you been?
Just now? I was taking care of
some business.
Quinn said you were with me.
Quinn's a bubble head. Now,
what's going on with you?
I've been seeing Ann's life.
Like I don't know how.
I can't tell you how, but all I know
is that police aren't doing anything.
Did you go to the Candy Cat?
One of the dancers had her
necklace. And a gun.
You know that place is
I had to for Ann's sake.
Ann is dead.
Now, you know how crazy you
sound right now?
I thought you understood, but I
see you don't.
Yeah, no kidding.
Hey, there's been another
murder downtown.
Another dancer at the Candy
Cat... Tina somebody.
My God.
You stay away from me, okay.
You're dead! You're dead!
You're not the delivery guy.
I know.
I'm calling the police.
Go ahead, kid. Call them.
I'm sure the police would be
very interested about
your involvement in a string of
murders at the Candy Cat.
I'm not involved with that.
This says you are.
How did you get that?
None of your business. And what my
business is is keeping Constance safe.
So are you seeing her or ever
have anything to do with her,
it's not going to happen ever
Did she...
Did she send you here?
I'm looking out for her.
You see, she's mine. Not yours.
And if I ever have to come back
here again for anything
I'm going to hurt you.
I'm going to hurt you very bad.
Do you understand?
So you stay away from her and you
stay away from the Candy Cat.
And maybe you won't be the next
Don't hurt Constance.
Hey! You stay away from her or
I will eat your face!
You got it? Do you got it?
Good. Lock your door.
A lot of bad folks out there.
This is Doctor Samuel Hubbard.
I'm not in the office at the
moment but please leave a message.
If it's an emergency, please
hang up and dial nine-one-one.
Doctor Hubbard, it's a friend
of Constance Turner.
I don't know what you've been
telling her,
or what kind of thoughts you've
been filling her head
with but she's in a very bad
way right now.
And I'm holding you personally
you got that?
I can't believe this.
I have worked so hard to make
this place what it is
and somebody is killing all my
Didn't you talk to the police
Yes. I've talked to them twice.
I need somebody to find the son-of-a-bitch
and just freaking bury him.
Maybe I can help you.
Maybe you can. You hear a lot of things
that go around this place, don't you?
I do.
All right, great. Then why don't you tell
me and start from the very beginning.
Somebody came to my apartment
Hey, junior. Thought I'd find
you here.
You run this place?
Who are you?
I want Constance. Would she
happen to be here?
I... I'm sorry. Who?
Look, I'm real sorry about what's
been going on in your club.
But Constance... she's sick and
her coming here doing...
well, whatever it is she's doing,
it's making her paranoid and delusional.
So I came by to tell you that
she has to get away from it.
Really? Because every time I see her here
she's open, she's free and she's happy.
So if there's anybody that she probably
needs to stay away from... it's you.
You want a lawsuit? You want a Channel
Six news story about what a dive...
what a dump this place is just
keep talking.
You know, I should probably tell
you that I have been threatened
by much bigger and better
people than you.
So why don't you do us all a favor, turn around,
walk out my door and never come back again.
Unless, of course, you want a
lap dance from your girlfriend.
You got no idea who you're
messing with, lady.
And you have no idea who you're
dealing with.
Holy cow, Rikki. That was
Everybody's a tough guy until
they meet my little friend.
I brought you an ice cream.
It's your favorite flavor.
What do you say?
All right, then.
You know, I really
shouldn't be eating this.
Once you start dancing naked
you've got to watch your weight.
Things have gotten very
complicated, Julie.
People keep getting killed and I don't
know if they're the right people or not.
I mean one of them's got to be guilty,
right? I mean what are the chances?
I... I just... I don't know
what to do anymore.
I'm afraid to leave you alone.
I mean what would become of you
if something happened to me.
I can't leave you alone with
these strangers. It just wouldn't be right.
You've got to know that...
know how much I love you more
than anything.
I love you this much.
No. I'm sorry. I'm so
Don't cry. I am so sorry.
You have one new message..
Doctor Hubbard, it's a friend
of Constance Turner.
I don't know what you've been
telling her,
or what kind of thoughts you've
been filling her head with
but she's in a very bad way
right now.
And I'm holding you personally
you got that?
Yeah, I got it.
So, you can see how everything has
gotten so complicated that the only
real solution is to make sure that every
"I" is dotted and "T" is... is crossed.
Now, that creates more
complications, of course,
but I feel confident that I
will rise to the task.
I mean so far so good, right?
What's the matter?
No more words of advice.
No more telling me every move
to make.
No more spying on me. No?
Well, good.
Because I have had it up to
here with everybody
just treating me like I'm some
kind of child,
I mean... sorry I'm rambling.
So, I've got some things I have
to tidy up
so if you'll excuse me I have a
late show to get ready for.
There's someone here to see
you, Julie.
I don't know what you're
but this girl hasn't spoken
since she was operated on.
I understand that. But this
point I don't have a choice.
Julie, Constance is in big
trouble... really big trouble.
And I want to help her but I
can't find her.
Do you know where she is?
Julie, if you know anything
you've got to try to help us.
Thank you.
What are you doing here,
What does it look like I'm
I'm picking out my costume for
tonight's show.
The club is closed. There's no
one here.
They'll come. They always come.
They'll come to see me.
No one's coming, Constance.
And stop calling me Constance.
She's such a drag, man.
Who are you? Annie?
You're funny.
All that money I paid you to straighten
me out and you still don't know who I am.
Where's Constance?
I don't know.
Maybe she's dead. Maybe I
killed her.
Annie, you need help. Let me
help you.
Help me? Like you helped my
I don't think so, Sam.
You're fired.
My God.
Did you kill me, Julian?
Kill you? I didn't kill anybody.
You're the only one left.
How do you explain that?
I think you killed them,
I think you killed your own
And then you killed everybody you thought
was responsible for what she'd become.
Don't call me Constance!
Why not?
Because Constance can't live
with what she's done?
My name is Annie.
Annie! Say it!
All right. Annie.
Okay, now what?
First round's on me.
Sorry for dragging this out.
I'm usually a better shot.
What the hell is going on
around here?
I knew I was forgetting someone.
Yeah, everybody's a tough guy
until they meet my little friend.
My Gosh. Come on get up.
Get up on your feet.
You're ruining my carpet.
Thank you. You saved my life.
Well, maybe you should stop
hanging out at joints like this.
You might live longer.
I swear I'm swearing... I'm
swearing off strippers. Okay.
I just want a real relationship
and make it last.
Sorry. Come on.