After My Death (2017) Movie Script

Your long awaited friend
has returned today.
Go sit.
Excuse me.
Can I see your backpack?
It won't take long.
I don't think so.
- I need to check your backpack.
- What are you doing?
And one more thing.
Then the three of you
went to see a show?
And then?
I went straight home.
Straight home?
Straight home
I didn't do it.
I didn't do what you think I did.
Roughly what time was that?
- Have some coffee.
- Thank you.
I don't know what time.
It was before midnight.
This isn't to scold or lecture you.
I'd just want you to tell me
what really happened.
Did you two fight?
Did kyung-min act strangely?
Or did she confide
something in you?
According to the other girls,
you were the last to see her.
The police will be here
to ask you questions.
Kyung-min's missing.
After my death
You must be going
somewhere nice.
This is the latest model.
It's entirely fire-retardant treated.
Just you and your husband
can set it up.
You'll all fit
even if you have three kids.
Do you have anything bigger?
You must be going on a picnic.
I said I'd take care of it.
What's with you?
This isn't sold elsewhere.
Everyone will really like it.
Thank you.
- All clear.
- Yes, okay.
Yes. It'll take 30, 40 minutes.
Okay. See you later.
Hey, what the fuck?
Can't you drive?
Your driving sucks.
Hey. Lighter.
In position.
- Hey, slow down.
- Farther left.
The backpack was found here.
This is frustrating.
Farther left.
Left! Left!
Pull it back up and
lower it here.
Farther this way.
We dropped a dummy of
your daughter's weight
where her backpack was found.
It'll show where the currents
might've taken your daughter.
We'll scour the area starting
with the bank there.
I hope we don't find her,
but our goal is to find her
as soon as possible.
I'm sure some of you
already know.
Lee kyung-min,
a student in class
her backpack and shoes
were found yesterday
on the bridge out front.
She got good grades and
her parents have good jobs,
so why did she do it?
Perhaps it was
college entrance stress.
We recently divided
the students by gpa
and supervised the upper-tier
students separately.
- The pressure to keep her grade up
- How does that make us look?
Can't you offer a more
acceptable explanation?
Excuse me.
May I say something?
Go ahead.
First, I feel very responsible
as her homeroom teacher.
Such an impulse usually
stems from a mental illness.
She was an exceptional student,
so she might've had trouble
communicating with others,
and only listened to dark music,
aggravating her illness.
So because she was so talented
and so exceptional,
she had trouble communicating
with her classmates
and felt very lonely.
Did she suffer from depression
or anything like that?
Well, she was
in my class last year,
and she did have
a very dark side to her.
Right, Mr. seo?
Yes. I can't say she didn't.
She was listening to music
the entire class one time,
so I confiscated her phone to see
what she was listening to.
It was 90s north European music.
Do you want to listen to it?
Music kids listen to these days
don't sound like music.
Go ahead.
- Is this on?
- Yes.
Maybe it's too late already.
Of course.
They're looking for her body now.
My friend said she saw her
last night on the bridge.
What, really? Damn.
It's really dark there.
I got cramps.
You talked to
Mr. seo this morning?
What did he say?
I said I didn't know anything.
I'm gonna lie down for a bit.
You were here all day
not too long ago.
I don't think it's been a month.
Are you sure?
This is the last of her.
Who's she?
She's Lee young-hee,
one of mine.
There's a cctv in the middle
of the bridge.
Can I use this?
That cctv is broken
so we can't verify her last moments.
This is the school.
It's about 10 minutes away.
- And this
- It's exactly 15 minutes away.
After 30 min, the other girl came out
of another underpass 2 km away.
We checked the cctvs in the area
4 hours before and after,
but there was no one suspicious
who might have hurt her.
Someone could've been hiding,
but we found no one.
So she probably jumped
after sending this student off.
Now that I think about,
she didn't socialize much.
She didn't listen to k-pop.
We had nothing in common.
I think she liked
very offbeat things.
I used to borrow kyung-min's notes.
I was actually supposed to
return her notebook today.
And I don't think she was
particularly close to anyone.
She got along well
with everyone.
Is there anything else
you can think of?
I only knew her as a classmate,
so I don't know.
11 over 14 is square root of 3.
In my 20 years as a teacher,
I've seen four suicides.
It's the same every time.
It always causes a stir.
Give it 6 months.
This will be completely forgotten.
Only those that gab and
make a fuss will fall behind.
You get exactly
what you put into it.
Memorizing one more
english expression and
solving one more math problem
is what you should do.
Ma'am, they want young-hee next.
It's not true, is it?
Kids say you infect others
with bad thoughts.
You're here. Please sit here.
Okay. What's your name?
Lee young-hee.
Right. Lee young-hee.
Grade 2 class 7.
You must know why
I asked to see you.
Your memory can help us understand
kyung min's disappearance.
It's upsetting, but please tell me
as detailed an account
as possible of
what happened yesterday.
Good. So were you two close?
We were close until last year,
but we haven't been
that close since.
I ran into her when I was buying lipstick
in front of cheongsol academy.
I see. Girls your age are
interested in makeup, right?
Did you see her there before?
I see.
If you weren't close,
how'd you end up hanging out?
I just struck up a conversation.
She just looked bored.
It'd been a while, so I said hello.
So you asked her first
if she wanted to hang out.
With han-sol.
I was on my way to a show
with another friend,
so I asked kyung-min
if she wanted to come with us.
Did she seem different
from her usual self?
I wouldn't say that.
Did she seem lonely and distressed?
- I think so.
- I see.
Then you two came back
by bus, right?
You got off by the river,
one stop before your house.
I suggested we walk a bit.
You left han-sol behind
to walk alone with kyung-min?
Han sol didn't want to walk.
Kyung-min wanted to.
She said she wanted fresh air.
I heard you abruptly
got off with kyung-min,
leaving han-sol behind.
I heard you said you wanted
to see kyung-min die.
That's not true.
It's not?
Hi, han-sol.
Sit here.
You tell us what happened.
What do I say?
Just speak freely.
Speak freely about what you saw.
seemed to be a bit on edge.
I got the feeling
young-hee was egging her on.
Did you hear that?
No, I didn't.
Kyung-min said
she had feelings for you,
and you told her to prove it
by killing herself.
You asked her if she could die.
You said you wanted to
see someone die in real life.
I didn't mean anything by that.
Young-hee, han-sol's
being brave for kyung-min.
I was just kidding.
We hadn't hung out in while,
but she suddenly said she loved me,
so I asked if she meant it.
I said if she could
prove it with her life!
- Ma'am, please calm down!
- Prove it with her life?
- Ma'am, please calm down!
- Take her outside.
Prove it with her life?
Why are you lying?
I only told them what I saw.
Didn't you go to see
if kyung-min had really died?
Hey, hey, hey.
Scram. Go study.
What's the matter?
Hey, hey, hey.
Move, kids.
Ma'am, you can't get
worked up like that.
We have to scare the kids
to get something out of them.
I'll try to talk something
out of her, so wait here.
Han sol, thank you. You can go.
Young-hee, let's go over this again.
Put your arms down.
Ll ook at me.
You and kyung-min were
somewhat close until last year
but not so much since, correct?
Then you chanced upon her
after school yesterday.
You approached her first.
But she seemed rather off, correct?
- Yes.
- Then
You said something that
suggested she commit suicide.
It just came up in
the course of the conversation.
In any case.
I'm just saying
the mood wasn't serious.
Don't focus on you but think about
how she might've taken it.
Damn it.
You little punk.
Mind your manners.
Hey, twerp!
You're implying
that I killed kyung-min.
Who said that?
No one here ever said that.
Did I say that?
Did I say such a thing?
Are you feeling guilty or sorry now?
Ll ook at me.
Don't you think something
triggered kyung-min?
That's what I think.
She studied at cram school
every day.
Why did she suddenly
go drinking and clubbing?
Why are you asking me?
I didn't force her to come.
Then why'd you leave
han-sol behind on the bus back?
One might say you wanted
han-sol out of the picture
so you could be alone
with kyung-min.
Han-sol was sulking.
And we were being silly.
- That's not true.
- It's not true?
Of course it's not true.
You two kissed.
It was on the cctv.
Kyung-min fell for you,
and you fell for her too.
I know because I was
hot-blooded too at you age.
I'm not interested in
your relationship with her.
I just want you to explain
last night's inexplicable mood.
I'm not scared of dying.
Isn't it a relief that all this
will one day be over?
That's what kyung-min said.
So I told her my suicide plan.
I'm jumping off that bridge too
before I turn 20.
I want to die too.
I thought that would comfort her.
That'll be all.
You can go now.
What are you doing?
I said, what are you doing?
Mr. seo said
- look in the classroom
- What the hell are you doing?
For kyung-min's will.
Ll ook for it.
Ll ook for it!
Cheongsol academy
What did that girl just say?
She was looking for a friend.
What are you going around doing?
Checking what?
Do you believe that
kyung min's dead?
She's screwing with me right now.
She doesn't have the guts to die.
She's probably hiding
somewhere laughing
Don't act dumb.
You knew everything.
You did this to kyung-min.
I'll find her.
I'll prove you wrong.
Where is it? Damn it.
Did kyung-min kill herself
because she liked young-hee
but was rejected?
What are you talking about?
They did always go
to the restroom together.
I remember seeing them
holding hands inside the pocket.
Hey, where is it?
How much farther?
You said you knew.
I don't know exactly either.
Then why'd you fucking say
you knew?
Hurry and remember.
Remember where it is.
The principal apparently
asked kyung min's mom
to say kyung-min
just slipped and fell.
They're liable for a lot of stuff
if it's a suicide.
But it is a suicide, right?
- It is, but
- But what?
It's obvious
Lee young-hee killed her.
Without lifting a finger,
she bewitched her with her eyes.
Hey, did you know her eyes
are different colors?
- Really?
- Yep.
I bet she's been
seeing right through you.
Stop it.
I'm hungry.
Is this the right alley?
I think this is it.
Hey, don't go in. Come out.
Hey, it is
It's so dark.
Holy crap.
Is this right?
- Try this.
- Hey, give it here.
This is to avenge kyung-min,
you bitch.
You can't avenge anyone.
Why not? It's fun.
I'm gonna rip it.
- It won't fucking rip.
- Hey, give me the knife.
Hey, you do this.
You do it.
Come here. Let's do it together.
Hey, sit.
Let's do it together.
- Film it.
- Hurry up.
Cut it up.
What the hell?
You fucking bitch.
Fuck you.
Hey, give me the knife.
Give it, you bitch.
Sorry ass bitch,
why'd you push it?
We're screwed.
Why'd you take
the knife out, bitch?
Fuck. I don't know.
She won't tell on us to Mr. seo,
will she?
What kind of trouble
are you getting into?
Stop being dramatic and go in.
Go in.
You'd better behave yourself.
Be carefull!
We'll drop this to the riverbed
and do a sweep.
It's heavy, so if we go slowly
to keep it from rising,
the barbed wires will catch
clothes, skin, hair, and such.
It'll be better than
groping around 20, 30 cm at a time.
But it can damage the body.
We'll proceed then.
All set?
Are you ready?
Be careful.
Check as soon as
something gets caught.
This is the last time.
Stay focused and
take good care of yourself.
Take good care!
Go slowly. Slowly.
How did it warp this badly?
These crappy barbed wires.
Damn it.
It was very rocky.
The boat should've moved
at a set speed, but
The communication was damn.
Will that be?
Are you marines too?
Fuck, communication is
Hey, pick these up.
Sir, I think we should stop
the search after this week.
What are you talking about?
We haven't found her.
There's a lot of pressure
from higher up.
We're using a lot of manpower here.
Many investigations have been
suspended because of this.
Anyway, bodies are bound
to rise to the surface in time.
You guarantee that?
But why haven't you found her yet?
We find it regrettable too.
Don't apologize.
Just do your job.
Ma'am, you're out of line.
- What are you doing?
- Have we been twiddling our thumbs?
What are you doing, shithead?
Watch it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
He's an emotional fellow and
slipped up. I'm sorry.
Ma'am, please calm down.
Come this way.
Sir, I'm sorry.
Come over here
We did our best, but alas
I know how hard
you've been working on this.
She slipped up too because
she's so distraught.
I have a kid too, so
I don't know what to say.
But can't you help us
a bit more?
That's not up to us.
- Do you smoke?
- I'm okay.
The case will probably close
as impulsive suicide.
Kyung-min probably wanted
some things left alone.
It doesn't seem respectful of her
to try to dig too deep.
The detective said earlier that
it would make sense
even if she has lost her footing
if the police conclude that way,
the insurance company
will help us better.
For an insurance claim,
loss of footing is
more advantageous than suicide.
It might be better for us that
Kyung-min's body is missing.
Let's think
she's alive somewhere.
From now on,
all we have to do is
Getting out of this torment.
You must be insane.
Do you want to conclude by saying
that she accidentally fell and died?
Nothing will be changed.
She won't come back!
It's done!
If we don't pull ourselves together
it all will collapse.
We need to know at least
why she died.
We have to know
why she's been thinking that way!
If we do that, we just let kyung-min go
without truly understanding her.
You should've taken care of her!
A person called mother is
only crazy about her own work
What the hell?
Then what did you do
as a father? Huh?
Did you do anything for her?
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Breathe deeply.
Breathe deeply.
Are you alright?
I ower it.
Move it, will you?
It's slippery.
Hey, hold that side right
so it doesn't slip.
Okay. So who's at the center?
Kyung-min, right?
And who's on the right?
Kyung-min's family.
You'll enter in groups of six.
Each group will have a rep.
The rep lays a flower here,
placing the stem toward kyung-min.
You'd normally light an incense too
but you won't, in case you start a fire.
Then step back, stand in a line,
and bow. Twice.
Then you'll bow to the family, okay?
There are always idiots who say
hello or how are you.
- You're here.
- Mr. seo.
- You're here.
- Yes!
Kyung-min's grandmother
wanted a sendoff rite for her.
There's our class,
five reps per class
and five reps per grade
You can come down.
The family members haven't slept
and are distraught so
Who's laying the flower?
I am.
Yes. Group rep.
Remember what I told you?
Keep the kids together
so they don't scatter, okay?
There's no rep here?
- It's me.
- You?
Sir, come on down.
Why didn't you raise your hand?
- I did.
- Stay focused.
There's that
suicide prevention training.
Let's do that again.
Yes, sir.
We'll schedule it soon.
This way.
My sweet girl.
Mom, should I get hye-suk?
Leave her be. She's frazzled.
Let's talk after I go in and see.
I can still see her.
When she came home from school,
she looked for me.
She looked for me.
I can still see her.
Stand here.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you for coming.
Be respectful, okay?
Kyung-min. Kyung-min.
My kyung-min.
My poor dear kyung-min.
My sweet girl.
My sweet girl.
My poor dear kyung-min.
Good heavens, my sweet girl.
The students seem to be
respectful and orderly.
Yes, we have good kids
at our school.
We gave them
instructions beforehand.
Oh, you came too.
I have something to tell you.
What happened to your face?
I want to revise my statement a bit.
Just a few lines.
I remembered something.
Everyone should know
exactly what happened.
Okay. I get what you mean.
You can come see me later.
Mr. seo.
Mr. seo, it won't take long.
I did some thinking.
She was going to die anyway.
I remembered the last thing
she said that night.
She definitely told me
she'd been thinking of dying
before she ran into me.
I've been feeling
really bad and guilty.
But I've had no reason to.
She was going to take sleeping pills
and die that night.
She said she had
her mom's sleeping pills,
which she'd amassed
by lifting one or two at a time.
So I told her the success rate
was very low with those.
She would've killed herself with those
if she hadn't run into me.
I get what you're saying
and will take it into account.
Let's call it a day.
Mr. seo, let's stop.
Yes, young-hee. Let's stop here.
No one thinks it's your fault.
But I still want to
accurately revise my statement
so that everyone knows.
Everyone already knows.
And we only used your statement
as reference. So enough.
Young-hee, you need to know this.
What you're doing right now
is an awful thing to do
to kyung-min. You know that?
Everyone here is distraught.
We're all upset.
You're being selfish right now.
You little twerp.
- Calm down.
- You little twerp.
Just look at her attitude.
It happens. She's still a kid.
That's enough.
But still.
I should have died first.
I was thinking of
killing myself first.
I'd long thought of
jumping off that bridge,
but she stole my idea.
Are you threatening me right now?
That's no way to speak to
your teacher. Enough!
Say it again. What did you say?
Say it again. What did you say?
Don't you know the adults have
been looking out for you?
I really did think of
killing myself first.
You little jerk.
She was your friend!
You've picked up nothing but
nasty crap. Little squirt.
I'm leaving
I'm leaving
When my spirit rises,
I'm leaving
I'm leaving
Mom, it's me, kyung-min.
Mom. Mom, I'm sorry.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, mom.
I'm sorry.
Yes. Go to a better place.
Hey, she's crazy.
She kept her eyes open
even when she was puking blood.
Wow. That's insane.
So she was forcing herself
to keep her eyes open?
Despite foaming at the mouth,
she glared at each of us.
Like she was possessed
and cursing people.
So creepy.
Young-hee's conscious.
Who told you?
You wouldn't say that
if you'd seen her.
She was throwing up blood
and shaking all over.
She's perfectly fine and walking.
So she's fully recovered?
She probably never
wanted to die.
She might've put on an act to earn
sympathy after killing kyung-min.
You all think she killed kyung-min.
Excuse me.
Did young-hee really wake up?
It's my wishful thinking.
I'd like her to live.
Don't read it.
Give it to your parents.
I really hope you guys
will all get along now.
Thankfully, young-hee's
gotten better.
So those of you who can,
let's go visit her.
Class rep, find out
how many can go, okay?
That's about it.
Young-hee says she was so upset
by kyung-min's death.
She's also very sorry for
doing something so foolish.
Those of you who feel bad
about something you've done
to young-hee,
visit her as a form of apology.
Class adjourned.
Thank you, Mr. seo.
You said young-hee
told you everything.
You said she called you that night
and said kyung-min might die.
You said young-hee had made
kyung-min do it!
You lied, didn't you?
Crazy bitches.
= I'm tired - I blew so many.
Hurry up and blow.
Mr. seo, these are fresh flowers.
Match the color.
This one fits better.
Keep it down.
Hello? Hello?
Please keep it down. Go on in.
Yes, ma'am. I can hear you.
Yes. It's ward 9.
The number 9.
You are there already.
If you walk into
Wait a second, ma'am.
Hello, sir.
I was about to pick you up
We'll all get the axe
if she doesn't wake up.
I can't take anymore
whatever happens in school.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Tell other teachers too.
One strike and you're out.
Yes, sir.
Will keep that in mind.
There she is.
Shall we go in?
The inside's all damaged.
We made an incision
in the front to insert a tube.
She'll have a hard time
eating or speaking for a while,
but it could've been a lot worse.
She ruined your daughter's wake.
I'll get solace from
seeing young-hee do well.
I'll visit often.
We wouldn't be comfortable with that.
I think I have the right.
You know that young-hee's surgery
was paid for in small part
by the school foundation
and the remainder,
with kyung-min's insurance payout.
Going down.
Hang in there.
Everyone misses you.
Geez, min-young. Speak up.
I was gonna.
With a smile.
But didn't she say a lot
of shit about young-hee?
I know.
Why's she going overboard?
Yes. That can go inside.
Just leave that.
Oh. We'll take that last.
Ah, I found this.
It was lying around
so I grabbed it.
You won't find it if it's packed
with everything else.
How are you?
I ook at this.
Everyone misses you.
They found kyung-min's will.
It doesn't say
why she killed herself.
She just apologized to
some classmates and her mom.
Which classmates?
Just kids she was close to.
Heard she mentioned you too,
I can't see.
She used to come to me for advice.
But I lashed out at her once
because I was in a bad mood.
That was nagging at me,
but she said she forgave me
as we're very good friends.
Young-hee said kyung-min
really hated someone,
but she can't remember who.
Where is the root?
Are you still having nightmares?
With you
Then you realize
it was just a dream?
And when you see
kyung-min again
It's been a while, young-hee.
How are you?
You need to get better soon.
You should've called first.
I won't be long.
Consider it a present from kyung-min.
Never forget kyung-min.
You should go. Please.
I just want to give her this.
- Please.
- I just want to give her this.
Stop harassing her.
The world knows my daughter
had nothing to do with it.
It's been concluded.
What's been solved?
What's been concluded?
When she's standing there
with her lips sealed?
There's something
you haven't told me, isn't there?
I can't take this anymore.
- Young-hee.
- Just go!
You need to leave now. Please!
Young-hee! What's wrong?
Young-hee, calm down.
Why flip out at my daughter
over your daughter's death?
Young-hee, it's okay.
Calm down, okay?
Exhale. Good job.
One more time.
That night,
Kyung-min and I fought
when you weren't around.
Don't try to win young-hee over
with such lies.
You can't kill yourself.
You'll see tomorrow.
You'll see whether
I'm lying or not.
You'll see tomorrow.
You'll see whether
I'm lying or not.
I still hear her
saying that sometimes.
I can still see her eyes.
Forgive me.
I sat back and let this happen.
I played dumb.
I really liked you.
You left me alone.
I raised my head
what do you see?
I shook my head
I don't see anything
it's dark, dark, dark
I'm beautiful
it's dark, dark, dark
you're beautiful too
It's uncomfortable at first,
but you'll get used to it.
Young-hee, I'm sorry.
This means to cheer up.
I heard
you're learning sign language.
I'll have to work hard
to converse with you.
Everyone makes mistakes in life.
Because we're imperfect.
Despite that, we must carry on.
How do we do that?
We must quickly forget.
At times like this,
you have to be thick-skinned.
Your long awaited friend
has returned today.
Holy shit.
Was that your seat, young-hee?
Go sit.
I am here
lo complete my death,
For which you have
all been waiting.
I want fo die before you
Go sit.
Although young-hee's much better,
we must be mindful
so she doesn't get stressed.
Should I do your class duty
next week?
Oh, come on.
I'll fetch you your lunch then.
Then I'll buy you snacks.
Don't give in even if
you're dealt a hundred blows.
This Chinese proverb tells us
despite many trials and tribulations,
we must unite and
We ran out of time so
you couldn't sing last time, right?
Yes, I was disappointed.
Then should we go do karaoke later?
Shall we?
You need to unwind.
Let's do karaoke.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Ms. park. Come sit here.
I'm very sorry.
I was so frazzled that I forgot
about this pta gathering.
Let me pour you a drink.
Thank you.
We suspected you
because of this bitch.
You said kyung-min
cursed her to the end.
I didn't!
She went around saying
she wanted kyung-min to die.
I'm s 0 rry!
I'm s 0 rry!
I didn't know things
would turn out this way.
I'm sorry.
- Isn't this pretty?
- Yeah.
Isn't it carress'?
It's caress.'
is it 'carress' or 'caress'?
Isn't it 'caress' with one 'r'?
Is it 'wrapped his arm around'
or 'wrapped his arm round'?
I think it's round.'
yeah, it's 'round.'
You're good at sports, flexible,
and have a nice figure,
he said, as he caressed my thigh
and wrapped his arm round my waist.
You're great, but your flaw
is that you're young.
He caressed my thigh and
wrapped his arm round my waist.
I wonder if this is appropriate
for a teacher to do to a student.
I wouldn't feel this wronged
if I'd done all these.
Would you like to caress them now?
Mr. seo, the detectives
are here about da-som,
so we came to get you.
Let's focus.
I didn't catch that.
Mei ting jian le
Mei ting jian le
Mei ting jian le
about the scholarship.
We're very grateful.
But some of students'
mothers are against it.
An anonymous donation to
the foundation is fine,
but a scholarship in
your daughter's name is a bit
Is it wrong of one classmate
to help others?
You know how it is.
The kids and teachers need
some time to heal.
Kyung-min was a student
at this school too.
We're heartbroken too.
You're a decent person.
We're trying our best for
kyung-min to be remembered
by the students as a good friend.
You look good.
I'm relieved because
I'd been worried about you.
We're here to see
Ms. park hye-suk.
General manager park hye-suk?
Yes. Trust you've been well.
I'm calling because
your daughter's here to see you.
But she doesn't seem to know
you resigned.
Should I put some music on?
What do you like?
We're fine.
They said my daughter came,
so I thought it was kyung-min.
You've gotten prettier
since I last saw you.
Young-hee's doing
very well these days.
She has more friends
than she used to.
We're going to study hard
and go to a good college.
I tell myself
kyung min's studying abroad.
It's more bearable that way.
We came to talk to you
because we want to move on.
We think we must tell you
what happened to get closure.
Have you girls eaten?
What about young-hee?
Can she eat?
She can have simple things.
Every time we passed by,
kyung-min said
we should try this place.
Only now am I here.
You want to know
what she said that night,
don't you?
Kyung-min said
No one would care if she died.
Let's just remember the good.
That's probably what
kyung-min would want too.
But kyung-min
wasn't all good
like you think she was.
She could be rather selfish.
That is, she sometimes had
no consideration for others.
You shouldn't say that.
You two owe her.
Your life was spared
with kyung min's help.
You should be grateful.
It was
my fault.
That night,
Kyung-min told me everything.
I could relate wholeheartedly
so I couldn't stop her.
I was the only one
who could have stopped her.
I should have stopped her.
I can tell after dying once.
By tomorrow,
people will ask you
why I died.
Just be sure to tell them why.
Ms. park, put it down.