After the Fall (2014) Movie Script

You buyin'?
Uh, excuse me?
Parts. Car parts.
Oh, no, I'm... I'm working a claim.
Must be rough. Ain't no
love for the insurance man.
I think he's playing soc...
Standing up makes it worse.
You gotta sit down, buddy.
It's too high.
I still see it. It's, like, moving.
Here, grab onto me. Grab onto me!
I love my papa
and he takes me to, like, good places.
My favourite place to go when
it's my birthday is Aladassin.
It's a water park.
There's a hot tub, but when we
went there, it got closed down.
There's also a swimming pool,
and we like going right
where it falls onto us.
We just close our eyes and it's...
It was really fun.
I'm not sure what I'm
gonna do when I grow up.
My dad works in insurance, and he...
gives people insurance, like,
if something bad happens,
if somebody's house catches on fire,
then he will help them
get their house back,
if it was an accident.
And then they'll...
he'll give them money, so
they can rebuild their house,
and they can have their
happy life back again.
Or if they were just doing that
to get money away from
the insurance company,
then he would charge
them with fraud, I think.
I told you it was worth it.
You were right.
Say that again?
Teddy, come on, finish
your breakfast, buddy.
All right, come on,
guys. We're running late.
Teddy ready? Henry ready?
All right, let's go.
Don't be too hard on Henry.
Remember, he's already been punished.
Yeah, that didn't work last time.
Mommy and Daddy sitting
in a tree. K-I-S...
Henry, would you put
that down for a second?
I'm in the middle of a game.
Put it down.
I want you to apologize to Ms.
Grasseau for cheating, okay?
Why? I already got punished.
'Cause when we do something
wrong, we own up to it.
It's what you do when you're a man.
You wanna be a man, don't you?
Can I go back to my game now?
Pie, Daddy?
Like some? Oh, sure, thank you.
Your father says you're
a wonderful piano player.
Oh, I'm... really not that...
Don't let her modesty fool
you. Susan's very gifted.
Dad, can we go play Wii?
No, I think you guys have played
enough video games for the day...
Go ahead, boys. We'll save you some pie.
Thank you, Grandpa.
He just loves to piss me off,
always talking about
that private school,
like we can afford it.
I'm sure he'd help pay for it.
And he's always talking
about that loan as if...
I didn't ask him for the money.
He just gives us money.
Always just gives you money,
and then it's our money,
and I owe him that.
And honey... why... why would you...
Why would you tell him
about the promotion?
I was excited on the
phone. Maybe he guessed.
I don't know, what
difference does it make?
Because it's none of his business.
Well, he's all the family I have left.
I wish you two would get along better.
Okay, here it is.
Stay focused.
Fucking piece of fucking shit!
Okay, your turn, buddy.
Here we go.
You got this.
Hasta la bye-bye, baby!
Uh... foot fault.
I crossed the line. My
toe crossed the line.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Who calls a foot fault on themselves?
We lose now. You know
that, right? We lose.
Oh, he's a big boy.
Yes, you can. Yes, you can, my friend.
No, don't go that way! He's fucked now.
Don't you like to see
these guys get away with it,
once in a while?
The size of this guy's sack.
He's got a dozen cops,
helicopter after him,
he's not giving up.
So what's your angle?
Excuse me?
The foot fault thing.
Throw the game, split the
winnings with the Mexican? What?
Jorge? He's Canadian.
Throw the game, split the
winnings with the Canadian?
Uh, no, we don't... we don't
even gamble on the games.
I'm... I'm sorry. No, it's okay.
I didn't mean to... It's okay.
Hey, you know what would be cool?
If I invented, like, a beer return,
and it's like a ball return,
but you put an empty beer in...
The machine is stuck again.
Dammit. I was in the zone here.
Whoa! What are you doing? Whoa!
Hey, hey!
Hey, get him off the lane!
Hey, fuck you, man, huh?
You know what, you're outta here!
Fuck you, I paid for my games!
I have four frames left, you asshole!
Hey, gents, calm the fuck down, okay?
All right, let's go for a walk. Come on.
I just gotta wipe the blood off.
You shouldn't serve alcohol.
Hey, I just wanted to
say sorry about Dave.
It's okay. Okay.
Thank you, man.
Thanks for that.
No sweat.
I'm Bill Scanlon.
Frank McTiernan.
He doesn't usually act like that.
He's been under a bit of pressure.
I don't make judgments.
Clean up messes.
Yeah, thanks again.
No problem. See you around.
See you around.
Hey, Bill. Hey, Larry.
Hello. Hey. Thanks for seeing me.
Sure, absolutely. Have a seat.
What can I do for you, today?
Well, check this out.
What's this?
This is from the Suburban
that was reported stolen.
Now, I went back through the records
and I found something
really interesting.
The VIN-number,
it doesn't match the one that
was in the original claim, so...
Bill, this case has been closed.
I mean, Bobby Diaz already
resubmitted the report.
Okay, um, well, there's
the McCormick residence.
I went back in and I
rechecked the electrical box,
and the fire department,
they confirmed with me that...
What are you doing, Bill?
I mean, you don't
even work here anymore.
Listen, Larry, just hear me out, okay?
I work harder than anybody
else. I mean, look at this.
You know, and, uh...
I'll take a salary cut,
if that's what it takes.
It's not up to me. I told
you already, all right?
It's a company-wide
mandate. Everyone's head...
I won the customer service
award two years in a row.
I mean, two years in a row!
Does that not mean anything?
I've been here longer than Diaz
or any of those guys out there.
So why me?
Listen... we can't keep
paying out every shmuck
who files a claim.
All right, I need guys who
can make it a little more...
challenging for people.
And you're just not that guy.
I could be that guy.
Bill, look, I've got a
meeting that I've got to go to.
Yeah, it's okay.
Thanks a lot, Larry.
Well, you know, I know I
just called a few days ago,
but I've been trying to follow
up, see how things are going,
if there's anything new.
No, okay. No, I
understand. I understand.
Listen, I was just checking to see
if anything changed
in the last few days.
I know I called you the other day.
I... I figured that. All right.
Okay. No, I understand.
Well, I appreciate
it. I know you're busy.
Yeah, you guys are busy
over there. All right.
I'm serious. Anything. Anything at all.
I'll do full-time,
part-time, I'll do night-time.
I'll work as a parking attendant.
I'm serious. I'll take anything.
Anything at all.
Just begging you, please.
Horse walks into a bar
and the bartender says,
"Why the long face?"
Da-da... ching!
I'm sorry, I'm just... Can
I have 35? I'm pump four.
Oops. It's declined.
Um... I think that's a
mistake. Could you try it again?
Sorry, machine's showing
you no love today.
Do you have another card?
Um, not... not here. At home I do.
Um, I'll give you some cash.
You know what, don't
worry about it, Bill.
You look trustworthy. Pay
me next time you come in.
No, no... I...
Ruby, what the hell are you doing?
We got a line of customers.
Chop-chop, let's go.
Okay, Rick, I'm wrapping it up.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
Next in line?
Just keep it moving,
all right? Quick quick.
You're a month behind on
your mortgage, Mr. Scanlon.
You've got such stellar payment
history, but we're concerned.
I know. I'm really sorry.
You guys should I know I'm good for it;
I've been banking here for 15 years.
Dad, can I get an iPad for Christmas?
Christmas is four months away.
But Dad, I really need one.
They're not expensive.
You took out a $40,000
home mortgage loan.
Is that something you can liquidate?
It went into a swimming pool.
I thought it would add equity.
Maybe we could refinance?
Papa, the pool smells like egg salad.
You live in a drought zone.
I know people who are
even filling in their pools
to make their properties
more appealing to buyers.
If you let it go past 30 days,
we're going to have to
start court proceedings.
I'm doing everything I
can to get this money.
You can help me out a little bit, right?
Whatever happened with the promotion.
Did you even talk to him?
Yeah, yeah...
Just been really busy. There's
a big spill in Pinewood.
Hey! Wait!
You're back. Hey.
How's it going?
What do you got?
40 bucks.
20 for the drill.
These are... look here. They're phony.
Phony? What are you talking about?
I got a room full of that junk.
This is a gift from
my father-in-law.
I don't need 'em.
What about this? Is that real?
I'll give you 1500 for this.
Um, I need to pick up my car.
TRV 3D2.
Thank you.
Dude, I'm telling you, I'm
about to jack this Buick, right?
And this huge guy slams
me up against the truck.
He's gonna crush me, right?
And so I'm like, "Please, man, please,
"my little girl just got
diagnosed with cancer.
I don't wanna take your car,
but I gotta. I need the job. "
And then I show him this picture.
And I go...
"Leukemia. "
I swear to god. He starts
blubbering, and he's hugging me,
he's like cracking my ribs, right?
And then he says, "I'll
pray for your little girl. "
And then he actually helps
me jack his own car up
to the fucking tow truck.
Man, no way.
How is your daughter?
I don't have a fucking
daughter, you moron.
Then who is that?
Fuck if I know. I just pulled
it out of some frame at Wal-Mart.
Bad karma, man.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, my god...
Please don't hurt us.
Mine's in... it's in my
purse. I just went to the bank.
It's not a lot, but take it.
Should probably tie you
up or something, right?
No... You don't have to do that.
You have cell phones. You're
gonna call somebody, aren't you?
We're not gonna call anybody.
No, my husband can't know about this.
I'm not a... I'm not a bad guy.
So what's the answer?
I don't know the answer. You're
supposed to tell me the answer.
Dad, I really don't know the
answer, and I'm really tired.
I really wanna go to bed.
Well, I can't tell you the answer,
because if I tell you the answer,
you're not gonna learn
how great it feels
to get your own answers.
It would mean a good grade.
Someone gave me a good quote one time.
You know what intensity is? Yeah.
Intensity is doing something
you hate like you love it.
And to get through some things in life,
you have to be intense about it,
especially about the things
you hate. You gotta treat it...
All right, just get in.
Get in. Go, go, go. Go, go.
All right, I'm sorry.
Could you sit down on the
bed there, please. The bed.
Can you give me your wallet, please?
It's in my jacket.
- Hey, it's me.
- Where are you?
Teddy's about to bat.
Who the fuck are you?
Shit. Um, this is a robbery.
Yeah, you kidding, right?
Why is your phone going to voicemail?
Sit next to her. Come on.
You know there is gonna
be somebody else in here.
I don't usually do this.
This is just temporary.
Shut up. Don't tell me to shut up.
Hey, hey...
Hey, hey! Stop fighting.
Please, stop fighting.
I'm sorry, yeah, I was just,
um... just in this meeting.
Can you please just, um,
tell him that it couldn't be
helped, and I'm really sorry.
I know. I love you. Bye.
How bad is it? What do you think?
He's been talking about
this game for weeks.
I'm sorry. I was held up at
work. I'm gonna check on him.
What's going on?
Okay, listen, um...
I spoke to Larry, last week...
and I was tough on him.
I insisted on my promotion,
and I think I got
through to him this time,
because he said it's going under review.
So I've been giving it 110%.
Been going in early, staying late,
I've been making sure
I'm the last one to leave.
Why didn't you just tell me that?
Because, I... I didn't
want to disappoint you
if it didn't work out.
Okay, well, just... keep me in the loop.
You're right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go check on Teddy.
Hey, buddy.
How was the game?
I'm sorry. I couldn't
get out of my meeting.
Come on, buddy. I'm really sorry.
Why do you promise things
if you don't mean it?
You're right. If you say you're
gonna do something, you do it.
It's just that work's
been really hard right now.
It's okay, Papa. I get it.
There an accident here?
This is a fucking... ghost town.
Hey! Any of your reprobates
like some free beer?
I gotta get home.
You're kidding me.
I can't. Big day at work tomorrow.
Et tu, Brute?
Come on.
All right, that's a yes.
Boy, we had this guy...
bludgeoned his wife to death.
Chops her up into little pieces.
Puts her in the blender,
divides her up into a
bunch of Ziploc bags,
sticks her in the freezer
next to the Wavy Gravy.
I interviewed him.
Said his parakeet told him to do it.
The other night, when you
helped us out with Dave,
and you said you don't make judgments...
How do you not pass judgment
with something like that?
Figure the parakeet's
acting on instinct.
Morality's an illusion.
We invented god to stop
us taking each other's shit
and beating each other
to death with clubs.
That stopped working, so
now we have cops and guns
and the electric chair, prison.
It's a bunch of bullshit.
It's fear that keeps us in line.
It's not fear that keeps us in line.
I know the difference
between good and bad.
I have a conscience. I have
a soul. I'm not an animal.
Good for you.
There ain't no sin.
There ain't no virtue.
There's just things people do.
I can think of a few things
I'd like to do to her.
You okay?
Yeah... Yeah.
All right.
Here? There. There.
I'm fine. Honest. I'm okay.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Okay. You're a good guy. You know that?
Here it is.
Don't... don't bump into that thing.
I always bump into that thing.
You wanna watch TV?
This couch.
Yeah. Love this couch.
Get... get some beers.
No, I... I can get you some water.
Did you just move in here?
No. Couple years. Three years...
Why, should I fire my decorator?
I'll get you a glass of water.
All right, I'll just...
I'm just gonna lie down,
but I'll keep talking,
or you keep talking.
I'll keep listening.
Great job folding this,
here. This looks like shit.
Mess. The potato skins
are all over the place.
The stock is low. I need you
to stock and dress the shelves.
Is that too hard? Can you do
it? Can you start by dressing it?
I'm not paying you
to stand around with
your thumb up your ass.
That's certainly not in
the job description, Rick.
Listen, sweetheart, if
you hate it here so much,
you can always go back to the Cock Pit.
Might pop down there myself.
Drop 20 bucks, you can put
that mouth of yours to good use.
By the way, there's a bunch
of shit in the bathroom
you need to clean before you leave.
Consider it part of
your new job description.
Uh... five... five dollars.
Why did the snail...
What did the snail say when
it rode the turtle's back?
"Wheee... "
You okay?
I'm just... I'm emotional
because I'm PMS-ing.
That guy. He's a... real jerk.
Don't listen to anything he says, oaky?
No, he's right.
My future prospects seem
to be fairly limited.
Well, that's not true.
You're young. You're smart.
You seem like the kind of person
who could do whatever she wanted to do.
See you later.
Okay, hey!
Yeah, yeah. Open the register. Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Okay, okay.
Come on. I'm trying. I'm trying.
There. That's it. Take it.
Under the drawer. I know
it's there! Under the drawer!
Go! Just go! Go, please.
Okay, um... uh...
Okay, walk with me. Walk with me.
Walk with me. Hands up. Hands up.
All right, stop, stop, stop.
Okay, back, back, back, back.
back, back, back, back, back.
Okay, stay there.
Yeah, all right, put
your hands around that.
Put your hands around
that. Close your eyes.
Are they closed?
Yes, they're closed, they're closed.
Okay... listen to me, okay?
Just 'cause you're the boss
doesn't mean you can be
an asshole, you understand?
The hell are you talking
about? I never met you before...
Shut the fuck up! Don't
talk to me like that.
Don't make me come back.
I'm watching you. I'll be watching you.
Oh, my god...
Come on, lovebirds. I need my food.
Okay. Demanding!
Hey, Teddy, can you pass the syrup?
Hey, Teddy, where'd you...
where'd you find that?
From your jacket.
Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.
Why do you have zip-ties?
Can I keep it.
I want one.
Yeah, okay.
What colour would you like?
Can I have red?
Red. Red it is.
Now you can start a zip...
you can start a club.
Club of two.
Pass me the syrup.
- Teddy... look at that.
- You are so silly.
It's not bad.
You know, a grouping.
Could shoot like, a 400-pound woman.
You know, you get either side of her.
It's part of the chest, right
in the middle of the torso.
Take him down, baby.
All right, don't waste a round.
No, no, no, you've got
to squeeze it gently.
All right, take it easy, take it easy.
Go again.
Guys, could you hold
on a second, please?
We've just got to reload.
There's got to be some use
for these, don't you think?
There's got to be some use
for these things, right?
What else you got?
We've got a whole media centre
out here. Somebody came out...
Somebody is dumping their
past out here because...
...can't you see that no one
has come out here since 1994...
You ready? Yeah.
Go! I'm ready.
That was a bad throw. No, it was not.
I think that was...
You're supposed to
hit the record, right?
- No, I hit it, I hit it.
- I went through the middle.
I went through the hole.
Let's go.
Oh, I'm jammed!
Okay, I'm out.
No thanks.
This is my dad's gun.
He got caught stealing
money at a crime scene.
The department, they were
gonna give him early retirement
in exchange for making it all go away.
He shot himself.
Look, Bill, I've got
to come clean with you.
I knew about your dad.
When you introduced yourself,
I recognized the name.
Everybody knew.
He was a great cop.
People make mistakes.
Everybody does.
God knows I know I have.
Come on.
Go. Come on. Let's go.
Let's go inside. Let's go. Oh my God.
Okay, where's the money?
Where's the money?
It's in the safe.
- All right, get the money.
- All right.
Anybody else here?
No, no.
Come on. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up.
Let's go. Let's go. Focus, focus.
Here. Ready?
You owe me 50.
I know! I know I owe you
50, man. Come on, man.
I'll get it to you.
- All right, on the ground.
- Right now, on the ground!
Get on the ground! Get down right now!
All right, all right!
Get down! On your knees, on your knees.
Put your hands behind your
back. Hands behind your back!
Okay, I'm going right now!
All right, all right!
Keep looking forward.
Don't look at anybody else.
- Don't look at her!
- All right, all right!
Keep looking forward.
Quit talking! Okay!
I don't have no cash on me, sir.
Look, please, man, please
don't take my money, man.
My little girl, she's
sick. She's got leukemia.
What did you just say?
- My little girl, she's sick.
- She's not doing so good.
There's a picture in my
wallet. Look for yourself.
You think I'm a fucking moron?
No! No, I don't think
you're a fucking moron.
Get down, come on! You think I'm funny?
No! Get on your face right now!
Get down right now!
You think I'm funny? I
want to hear you laugh!
I want to hear you laugh right now!
All right! Please don't kill me!
I want to hear you laugh! Come
on, I want to hear you laugh!
I'm laughing.
Please don't kill me!
# You can't roller
skate in a buffalo herd #
# You can't roller
skate in a buffalo herd #
# You can't roller
skate in a buffalo herd #
# But you can be happy
if you've a mind to #
# You can't take a shower
in a parakeet cage #
# You can't take a shower
in a parakeet cage #
# You can't take a shower
in a parakeet cage #
# But you can be happy
if you've a mind to #
# All you gotta do is
put your mind to it #
# Knuckle down, buckle
down, do it, do it, do it #
# Well, you can't go
swimmin' in a baseball pool #
# You can't go swimmin'
in a baseball pool #
# You can't go swimmin'
in a baseball pool #
# But you can be happy
if you've a mind to #
# All you gotta do is
put your mind to it #
# Knuckle down, buckle
down, do it, do it, do it #
# Well, you can't roller
skate in a buffalo herd #
# Can't roller skate in a buffalo herd #
# You can't roller
skate in a buffalo herd #
# But you can be happy
if you've a mind to #
I'm gonna need you to stay
and do a little inventory
after your shift. If you want.
You know, I mean, if you want overtime.
If you don't, just let me know.
# You can't change film
with a kid on your back #
# You can't change film
with a kid on your back #
# You can't change film
with a kid on your back #
# But you can be happy
if you've a mind to #
That's not how you answer questions.
I'm gonna take you down to the
station and ask you questions.
You guys get nightmares?
Ever stay up with nightmares?
The only thing that's
gotten me a nightmare is.
Have you ever told a scary story?
What are your favourite
subjects at school?
Science? Why is that?
It's fun.
A couple academics you got brewing here.
You know, there's plenty
more if you want some.
No, I can't.
Thank you so much. That was fantastic.
Long time since I had a meal, you know,
didn't come out of a Styrofoam box.
Both of you.
Have you ever killed anybody?
No, no. It's okay.
No, Henry, I haven't.
I haven't had to. I
hope I don't have to.
Well, I'm a detective now so I
arrive after everything is done
and I look for clues,
I ask questions, I try and
see if people are lying.
How can you tell?
Oh, I can tell.
I just look deep in their eyes
and they give themselves away.
I think you're good.
- My grandpa shot people.
- Henry.
Yeah, he was a policeman.
He was killed trying to stop
a bad guy from robbing a bank.
Yeah, he's basically my hero.
Mine too, besides my papa.
Okay, you two. Homework time.
But I want to find out if the
cloud man destroyed the beach.
Sorry, buddy, we're gonna
have to do it another time.
I have a guest. No, no.
No, you go ahead.
I'd like to find out if the
cloud man destroyed the beach.
It's a pretty sweet
setup you got here, buddy.
You know? Hope you appreciate it.
Yeah, I'm pretty happy about it.
You mind if I ask...
How I fucked up my situation?
Not at all.
I, uh...
I don't know.
I... I was working, you know.
Cop work, it's pretty heavy,
but I thought we were happy.
Apparently she wasn't.
She had a fling and...
you know, thing is, she broke it off
before I found out
but I...
should have let it go.
Should have pretended
like it never happened.
Eventually the truth comes out.
Oh, fuck the truth.
Fuck the truth.
What does it matter?
Every now and again I get to see my boy
which is, you know...
Good times.
I like Frank.
He seems a little sad, though.
He's not married?
His wife cheated on him, I think.
They have kids?
Yeah, a son.
He doesn't see him much.
I ran into Jesse the other day.
Oh yeah?
He said you told him
that we wouldn't be needing
his services anymore.
Yeah, I mean, all he
does is skim the water
and check the chlorine levels.
I figured I could do that.
But he said we owed him 300 dollars.
He seemed pretty angry about it.
Let's get that on there.
There you go.
When did this happen?
When I went swimming.
Okay, let's go.
I'll be right there.
See you later, Dad.
- Bobby Diaz.
- How can I help you?
Isn't this Bill Scanlon's extension?
Can I help the next person?
You okay?
You okay? What's happening?
What's going on? Are you all right?
Is it your heart? What?
Okay, okay, okay, I got
it, I got it. I got it.
Okay. Breathe in. Breathe in.
Breathe. There you go.
Some more?
Come on, come on. Please
don't die. Please don't die.
Please don't die. Please don't die.
What's going on?
Is he okay?
calling 9-1-1?
You son of a bitch!
He's got a gun.
He's got a gun.
Go on, go on, go on.
Wow. Wow.
Oh, hey.
I got off work early
so I thought I'd get
you a break from cooking.
You were at the office?
Um, actually, no, I was doing
a claim out in Rio Rancho.
Because I called you at the office
and they say you don't
work there anymore.
Who said that?
Bobby Diaz.
Bobby Diaz?
I've never heard of him.
So you still work there?
Yeah, of course I do.
Susan, what's going on?
I mean, I've been working a claim
that's required a lot
of time out of the office
so maybe they switched
phone lines or something,
I don't know. They do that sometimes.
I didn't think I had to fill you in
on every little move I did at work.
I mean, I come home, you're
gonna question me like this
because one guy who I've
never even heard of before
is telling you some false information?
I really don't appreciate
coming home to this.
Henry's been suspended.
It's my job.
I can really see a future in it.
The benefits aren't great.
You had me fooled.
I thought you had the
world by the balls.
I got a lot of people fooled.
Like Susan.
Henry, my oldest:
He's been cheating at school.
Oh, come on. It's youthful rebellion.
I wouldn't worry about that.
I just don't want him to end up like me.
Sorry, Mr. Scanlon,
but you're still short.
We need the payment in full.
Really is out of my hands.
Why don't you give me a fucking break?
Please calm down, sir.
Calm down?
Are we talking about your house?
No, we're talking about my house.
My wife, my kids, my home!
Where are they gonna go, right?
Don't tell me to calm down!
All right?!
Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Why don't you give me
that envelope back, huh?
Let's go.
No, you'll probably keep it, right?
Because that's what you do.
You fuck people, little piggies.
All you little piggies!
Huh? Why don't you bail me out?
I bailed you out, right?
We all bailed you out!
Let's go, sir. Get off me!
Anybody fucking care? What
are you fucking looking at?
They're fucking all you too!
I'm just doing my job.
Yeah, keep up the good work!
Yeah, sure.
All right, pick me up.
What are we doing here?
Captain's got us all on OT.
Look at this guy.
This month's centrefold.
You know what's gonna happen.
This asshole is gonna
shoot some innocent fuck
and fuck everything up for himself.
How long do we sit here?
As long as it takes.
- Hi, this is Susan.
- Leave me a message.
Susan, hey.
Hey, it's me. Um...
I understand you went to stay
at your father's house for a bit.
Please come home soon.
I'll explain everything.
I'm sorry I wasn't
completely honest with you.
It's really not as bad as it seems.
Could you just, um...
Can you call me back
so I can talk to you...
It's me, baby. Come on, it's me.
You know me. You know I'm not...
I swear, it's not...
It's not as bad as it seems.
Okay, try it again.
There you go. Here, try this one.
Remember, don't hold it too high.
Don't hold it too tight.
Just like a bird.
You don't want to choke it or let it go.
That's right, exactly.
My papa is gonna teach me how to bowl
when I get big enough to hold the ball.
You don't want to waste
your time with that.
Here, come here. Try this.
But my papa likes to bowl.
There you go.
I've been thinking about that night
when I asked you about the future
and you got really quiet.
Maybe you were trying not to think.
Maybe you were afraid
of how much you might say
or what you feel.
But you had risked everything
to sneak out of your house
that night just to see me.
I drove up slow with the
lights off looking for you
until I saw the red
tip of your cigarette.
You got in the car and we drove off,
and I wanted to keep
driving and never stop.
But we did stop near
the edge of the desert,
turned off the headlights again
and watched for the coyotes to come out.
You sat close and said how
you always wanted to live
close enough to train
tracks to hear the whistle,
how that sound calms you down.
When you talk about
the future like that,
I listen to every word
so I can remember
because I want to give you everything.
I know that you worry when
people say things about us,
that it hurts me, but it
doesn't matter anymore.
I feel really good these
days, clear and strong,
because I know that
we're going to make it.
Our days of having something
to prove are almost over.
Ah... ah... ah!
Mom, is Dad gonna hurt himself?
No. Why would you even
think such a thing?
Because of what Grandpa did.
What did Grandpa do?
Grandpa didn't do anything.
Henry! What is wrong with you?
I'm scared for Papa.
Sweetie, don't be scared.
It's okay.
When do we get to go home?
I love you.
Hey, hey, hey!
Oh, I missed you too.
Yeah, he did!
Oh, I missed you guys!
Teddy cried every night.
He cried every night?
What happened to your face?
I had an accident but I'm okay now.
Don't ever lie to me again.
And then here's the real treat.
This is the living
room slash dining room.
A lot of space. A lot of light.
The accent which leads
right out to the patio.
Mountain view.
Just so you know, this
house is being offered
at 20% below its appraisal
and if you're preapproved,
then maybe you can get an
even better deal than that.
My wife has a little
problem with the bank repo.
She thinks there's bad voodoo
because someone was evicted.
But if I can get a deal, I'll take it.
I mean, the bank didn't force anybody
to buy a house they
couldn't afford, right?
And now these people
want out? Give me a break.
What do you think?
What did Dad do to the pool?
Is your mother home?
Can you tell me if
John Sawyer lives here?
Are you a cop?
I'm not supposed to talk to cops.
No, no. I'm not a cop.
I'm a... a real estate agent.
Who's taking care of you?
What is it?
I need to talk.
There's this man.
He's been arrested.
He got caught robbing a gas station.
But he's also been charged
with things that I did.
I don't know what I should do.
You do nothing.
You don't know this guy.
What could you possibly do?
He's a criminal.
He's going to jail.
This is nothing to do with us.
He's got a son.
So do you.
I thought you said no more lies.
This is our family, Bill.
It's over.
What's going on?
You don't think it's a little
early to be playing Santa Claus?
Don't play stupid. We
both know what's going on.
I'm really glad this is happening.
I really gotta tell you something...
No, you... nothing is happening
if you don't tell me anything,
you don't do anything.
I really need to get this off my chest.
I've got to set things right.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
What do you want to do? You
want to destroy your family?
Is that what you want?
I hurt people, Frank.
It's fucked up. You want
to fuck everything up?
You want to never see your
wife again? Never see the boys?
I'll tell you, from
personal experience, Bill...
nothing good comes of that.
So you go back to Susan and the boys
and you... you love them.
You take care of them and
you don't talk about this
to anyone ever again.
You're getting another chance,
something nobody ever gets.
You understand?
Okay. Now, don't destroy it.
Yeah, my turn? All right.
We need to be careful now.
This is the stage where
you have to be careful.
Now we have to rebuild it.
Last year, I broke my
mom's favourite hand mirror
and buried it at the end of the house.
When she asked me about it,
I said I didn't know anything.
I did some other things
that I wasn't allowed to
and I blamed them on my brother.
He did some things
that he blamed me for.
That's between us.
Last year, I cheated on
your test, Mr. Pullman,
and I want to admit it.
And I understand that I'll
probably be punished for it.
You know, my dad taught me that a man...
My dad taught me that a man does...
my dad taught me that a
man takes responsibility
when he does something
wrong, and I want to be a man.
I'm gonna try not to
do any more bad things.
What do you think?
I think it's great.
I love you, dad.
I love you too.
# It's not gonna go down like this #
# I ain't gonna try to sink this ship #
# I'm gonna sail these
rocky white caps #
# I'm going way up high #
# To make it back #
# Oh no, it's not gonna
go down like this #
# Oh no, it's not gonna
go down like this #
# I haven't shared my
final say even though #
# I don't know #
# Which way this is gonna go #
# Hey, I'm not going down #
# I'm not going down #
# I hoard my candy,
I'll treasure the taste #
# Take a menthol breath,
picking up the base #
# See you soon with a
wild look on your face #
# 'Cause I'll make it to Saturday #
# And everything will be okay #
# 'Cause I'll make it to Saturday #
# And everything will be okay #
# Oh no, it's not gonna go #
# Down like this #
# Oh no, it's not gonna go #
# Down like this #
# One more season and a farewell kiss #
# When the tears started
trickling without even crying #
# Oh Lord, I know you're trying #
# Oh, you can't #
# Oh no, it's not gonna go #
# Down like this #
# Oh no, it's not gonna go #
# Down like this #
# Oh no, it's not gonna go #
# Down like this #
# Like #
# This #