After The Pandemic (2022) Movie Script

The World Health
Organization has confirmed
that the new virus strain
discovered in the UK
has mutated to
airborne transmission.
The report warns that
the infectious...
This new
strain is far more lethal
than the last variant
and could potentially
kill into the
millions by next July.
A UK airborne
strain has been discovered
in Moscow with four
infection cases,
two of which dead within hours
of contracting the
mutated variant.
Believe that there are currently
2.5 billion confirmed cases
of infected individuals,
and the death toll has
reached 1.6 billion.
They'll tell you that efforts
to develop vaccines and
an effective treatment
are not moving fast
enough to keep up
with the ever mutating virus
He added that the last
strain is the deadliest
and may inevitably
kill billions more
- over the next few months.
- The new strain
doesn't appear to be affecting
a large portion of global youth.
We are working fast to analyze
their biological
and genetic coding
to discover the secret of
their resistance to the Virus.
These children
and teens may represent
the last vestige of
the human population.
All major
cities have gone barren
with masses of
citizens taking refuge
in underground bunkers.
With a limited food supply
their prospects for
long-term survival is bleak.
5.3 Billion
lives gone by today's count.
Millions of children,
teens worldwide
have abated
infection and are now
left to their own
means of survival.
The final chapter
of humanity has come
to its fated conclusion
with a consolation of hope,
that the young will
inherit the earth.
We can't leave for a while.
How long?
Two, maybe three hours.
Hey, today I came this
close to losing my world.
You took me there.
Number one rule, no loud noises.
I've seen them pick up
sounds from a mile away.
That is how they track
us. Do you understand?
The city's been clean
for more than two weeks.
You show up and suddenly
they're all over the place.
They're hunting you.
They don't know I'm
here. I can't have that.
You can stay here the night.
Then you have to leave.
Tomorrow, scrounge up
some food and supplies,
help you on your way
I'll cook us up some food.
This is amazing.
And it's safe?
Dried pasta the last few years.
Same with the beans.
Or the radishes in
the neighbor's yard.
Oh my gosh. So good.
What's the last thing you ate?
Bad peaches. I threw up.
Before that, canned cat food.
You shouldn't do that.
Canned pet food goes
bad after a few years.
- I didn't know that.
- Know it.
It's the only way you're
gonna survive in this world.
And stay away from any
kind of animal meat,
seafood, fresh fish.
It's all infected.
Your immune system
gets slaughtered.
You get diseased
and then you die.
That's why there's so many
sick stragglers in this town.
Learned that the hard way.
What happened?
I lost someone very close to me.
This one will tell you
all the safe plants to eat
in the wild and the
ones that are poisonous.
This one has all the survival
tricks you need to know.
How to find water,
treat wounds, illness,
how not to die of
hypothermia, stuff like that.
You're really making me go away.
Who are the
men in the white suits?
I call them stalkers.
They work for the
government or military.
In any end of the
world scenario,
the president and all the
elites go underground.
Doomsday bunkers,
equipped with enough
food, power and supplies
to last them a few years.
What do they want with me?
What they don't
have. Immunity.
We carry their vaccine.
With all their money,
technology, power,
they're stuck in a prison.
No trees, no sun, no stars.
Makes you think
how lucky we are.
This planet is ours.
We're free.
What'll happen if they catch me?
Good chance you'll be a lab rat.
Or dissected.
Forced to be a human incubator.
Either way, your life is over.
I'm scared.
That's what makes you weak.
That's why they'll get you.
Padded foam, glue, and
Velcro to attach them.
This is your assignment
while I'm gone.
And if I by chance
stalkers come here for you,
this rocket is armed
with an explosive.
Make sure the two clips
are attached to the wires.
To launch it, hold this button
down, then press this one.
The sound will let me
know not to return.
I better not hear this.
Hey, I don't know your name.
Doesn't matter.
Got you a little canned food.
Can opener, matches,
compass, first aid.
You'll be fine.
Let's see.
Good job.
Got you a gun. Bullets.
Might need this if a
stalker comes at you.
Safety catch is here. Click
it down if you need to shoot.
Hold it. Hold it.
You may have to kill to survive.
And one more thing.
Don't trust survivors.
They may act like your friend
until they kill,
cook and eat you.
I've seen it happen.
Please let me stay with you.
It's not personal.
I take no responsibility
for anyone other than myself
And don't waste
your tears on me.
There's a town about 10
miles south from here.
Bear Creek.
This road ends a few miles up.
And from there
you'll be off road
and should be safe
from the stalkers.
It's a clear sky.
Moon should give
you enough light.
Good luck.
Goddamn you.
Stalkers are due a
full sweep of the town,
block by block, house by house.
Most survivors lack the skills
to avoid getting caught.
They're careless and stupid.
If they haven't been caught
by now, they will be soon.
Then it's game over.
I refuse to let
that happen to me.
I'd rather die.
Since we're at a higher
elevation, it'll be two,
maybe three days
before they reach us.
But we'll be gone before that.
We'll head north,
hide for a while,
then come back.
Tomorrow, I'll go shopping.
Get you geared up,
utility jacket,
survival supplies, weapons.
But remember, you're on probation.
I'm giving you one week.
If you can prove to me
that I'm better with you
than I am without,
you can stick around.
If not, I'm gonna
cut you loose. Okay?
But most importantly,
pay attention, Ellie.
If the enemy is in front of you,
don't hesitate even
for one second, kill.
Don't think of them as people.
It's you are them.
Now, if you're gonna be
sleeping in my bed again,
you need to clean up.
You stink.
When was the last
time you bathed?
A few days.
Thank you, Quinn.
For what?
Giving me a second chance.
You're welcome.
You're a good artist.
Just thought you should know.
Good night.
Good night.
Put her down.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I have, I have a headache.
How long have I been out?
A few hours.
Last thing I remember is
being taken down by stalkers.
I, I didn't see you there.
I had an idea where you were.
What about the stalkers?
I killed them.
How did I get here?
I dragged you.
You saved my life.
Thank you.
But it was a risk you
shouldn't have taken, Ellie.
Why'd you do it?
Because I care about you.
Those feelings
you have for others,
they make you vulnerable.
They'll get you caught.
I couldn't let
them take you away.
You would have done
the same for me.
No. No, Ellie,
I wouldn't have.
I know that makes me
sound like a bad person,
but that's just who I am.
I won't put my life at
risk for anyone else.
Even you.
That's selfish.
Yeah. It's also survival.
Erase all feelings of sympathy
or compassion for others
if you wanna exist
in this world.
Cut and dry.
I could never be like that.
So you're a better
person than me.
In the end it won't matter.
Where are our supplies?
Too heavy.
Okay. So they
know we're on foot.
I'm sure they've set up a
perimeter of a mile or two.
They're looking
for us right now.
Especially since two of
their own were killed.
We'll have take our
chances here for the night.
There's no point in us
running around in the dark.
Gotta put out this beacon.
You smell it too?
A lot of death in there.
Yeah, this'll do.
Are you serious?
How are you gonna start it?
Test a few tricks I know.
First we gotta find the keys.
You're getting rid of the gas?
Shelf life is only
about two years.
After that it's piss water.
Good. Set them on the counter.
What is that?
It's Everclear.
There's a chance it
could work as our fuel.
Moment of truth.
You can do a it, dammit!
You are such a dork.
This is the one.
Hell yeah.
- Woo-hoo!
- Woo!
- Woo!
- Woo!
Woo! Yeah, woo!
- Hell yeah!
- Woo-hoo!
Woo, yeah!
I can't remember the last
time I was this happy.
It's been so long.
Okay. We have enough fuel
for about three more miles.
We don't wanna run
out on the open road.
All right, I'm gonna pull off.
- Quinn.
- I see her.
Hey, hey, please!
Take me with you, please!
Get out of the road
or I will run you over.
Hey, take me with you, please!
I'm giving you three seconds,
then your roadkill.
No, wait, please!
Don't do it.
With one gun on you,
you might have a shot.
But not with three
Out of the car!
Out of the car, bitches!
Damn, that's some good timing.
White suits everywhere and
now we got us a getaway car.
And dinner.
I'm gonna cook this
one up medium-rare.
You're really gonna
taste so good.
Oh, I'm gonna have
some fun with this one
before I eat her.
Eat this
Come on, get up.
You're lucky. The bullet
went right through.
Hurry, Ellie.
Put pressure on the wound.
Ellie, stay with me.
It's so bad.
Damn, out of fuel.
Come on.
Don't stop. Keep going.
Come on, come on, Ellie, up!
No, I can't.
Come on, up.
I surrender! I give up!
I surrender.
Well, Ellie, we've
got plenty of fuel.
We're gonna go somewhere
far, far away from here.
Where they'll never find us.
I promise,
I'll never let anything
happen to you again.