After the Storm (2016) Movie Script

Now for a report on the latest typhoon.
Yes, please.
The powerful typhoon, Number 23, is...
Number 23?
That's way too many typhoons for one year.
I remember her name now.
Janet. Janet Lynn.
The blonde. With hair like this.
She fell on her butt.
But she got a perfect score.
Figia skating makes no sense.
- It's pronounced figure.
- Gure?
This Mr. Yanagida, did he work with Dad?
He was his boss at the factory.
Your father used to borrow money from him
all the time...
and I'd have to beg my big brother
for help.
Well, thank goodness those days are over.
It was always up to me.
Sounds like you miss arguing with him.
Not at all.
I feel so liberated.
You'll go senile being alone all the time.
Go out and make friends.
New friends at my age
only mean more funerals.
The flavor sinks into the ingredients
if you cool it down slowly
and let it sit overnight.
Just like people.
Nicely put.
I'll put some in Minori's lunch box
What about dinner tonight?
I Still have that leftover chicken.
That's not enough.
Your husband's still young.
Young? He's turning 50 this year.
But he needs to sit a little longer
before his flavor sinks in.
Look at that word.
It looks like it has slumped shoulders.
I've always had bad handwriting.
I took after you.
I'm not as bad as you.
In that case, you address all these.
But my fingers won't move.
They're moving just fine.
Knock it off. You're not some comedian.
But Dad sure had good handwriting.
That was the only thing he was proud of.
Even when everyone started having
their New Year's cards printed...
- he kept grinding his own ink.
- Right.
Hey, did the Shibatas move?
Their son bought a house
in that housing development.
Wow! I'm impressed.
He was never bright in school.
They say, Great talents bloom late.
We have a great talent
in our family, too.
His height certainly is great.
What would you like?
Tempura soba with eggs.
Here's your side dish.
Come again!
- You forgot something.
- Thank you.
- Thai's my problem.
- Oh, mine too.
How have you been? What brings you here?
I'm here sorting out stuff
after Dad's funeral.
I heard. My condolences.
Say, didn't you move out?
I moved back home.
An elderly man died all alone last year.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
The one in Apartment 535.
No one knew for three weeks.
That made me worry about my parents.
You're a good daughter.
You're the good son, Ryota.
Yoshimi and I were saying
how you're the star of our class.
Your folks must have been
so proud of your award.
My old man never read a single novel
in his whole life.
Yoshimi, huh? I remember her.
She's gained weight.
A lean, elderly man, 57" rail...
Weaving silver-rimmed glasses...
has gone missing.
We are trying to find this elderly man.
Anybody home? I'm coming in.
He even pawned my stamp collection.
Ryota? Is that you?
Oh, you're home.
You should tell me when you're coming.
- Sorry.
- What now?
I wanted to find something of Dads
to remember him by.
Like what?
Look. I brought your favorite cake.
Do you want money?
You've got powder on your chin.
Say, whatever happened to that scroll?
The one Dad said would be appraised
at three million yen
on that antiques TV show.
We never had that.
Are you in trouble?
No, I'm not. I got a bonus, too.
How much?
Huh? Whatever.
You're a bad liar.
Unlike your father.
Are you sure about that scroll?
It was in a box like this.
I threw away all his things
the day after his funeral.
What? You threw them away?
They only take up space.
Are you serious?
I am.
I can't believe it.
After 50 years together. Really?
Fifty years together is exactly why.
That's how it is.
- That's deep.
- Yes, it is.
So, there's no Sesshu scroll.
It's so hot today.
Glad I wore short sleeves.
See? I knew I had two of these left.
Forget it. Summer's over.
But it's almost 90 degrees today.
Something's wrong.
It's too frozen to eat.
Buy some real ice cream.
You get a pension.
When I do, Chinatsu's kids eat it all up.
You can't eat these so fast.
So Sis comes here a lot?
I saw the rice cake on the altar.
Discounted rice cake.
Whenever she wants me
to cook dinner for her.
- Be careful.
- Of what?
You never know what she's up to.
There's nothing left around here
to sponge off of.
This has that refrigerator smell.
If you just shave off the top,
you can eat the bottom pan.
Classical music.
Whose influence... Ms. Nagaoka?
What do you care?
You used to love that nasty radio show.
That's one thing. This is another.
Get a better radio.
That looks like a robot.
I can take this one into the bath.
Yes. I mail-ordered it. It's perfect.
Frozen solid.
Too little syrup.
They deliver groceries now?
To residents above the third floor.
That's so convenient.
To compensate
for the inconveniences of old age.
It's so quiet here.
No more children playing these days.
We used to fight over the fields
just to play baseball.
We threw bails onto the balconies
of the girls we liked.
Remember this tangerine tree?
That's the one I planted from seeds
when I was in high school.
It's grown so much.
It doesn't flower or bear fruit.
But I water it every day like it's you.
That's not a nice thing to say.
But it feeds the caterpillars.
The other day, one of them turned
into a butterfly with a blue pattern.
I'll show you a picture later.
Don't bother.
So it's useful for something.
I'm useful for something, too.
In that case...
The typhoon's coming,
so please move the pots over to the wall.
Sure thing.
That's easy enough.
Oh, dear.
I definitely took care of that
on Saturday.
I'll go back to the bank tomorrow
and ask them.
Knock, knock.
No, I'm not lying. I really...
Hello? Hello?
Knock, knock.
Yeah, what?
What is it?
I'll make coffee. Let's eat that cake.
Oh, sure.
What were you doing?
What? Nothing.
Why lock it then? What was the call about?
The new guy at the office is so useless.
It must be tough,
eavesdropping and sneaking into homes.
I saw it on TV.
We're not cops, so it's easy.
Don't risk your life.
You're my only son, after all.
I'll be fine.
I'm just conducting research for my novel.
Fine, then.
But I can't even tell my big brother
what you really do.
I know.
Staying for dinner?
I wasn't expecting you,
so I only have noodles.
- I better get going.
- Please don't go.
You sound like you're about to die.
Is it work?
Yeah. I'm in charge, after all.
One for you.
What's that?
Spending money.
Buy yourself some classical CD's.
It's okay. I've got my pension.
I get by just fine.
Come on, take it. Let me do this for once.
Are you sure? In that case, I accept.
While you're at it, buy me a condo.
The Shibatas
moved out of their three-bedroom.
Don't push it.
I know you can't afford it.
I'm the great talents bloom late type.
You're taking too long to bloom.
Hurry up, or I'll haunt you.
Stop it.
- Thai three-bedroom.
- You don't need it.
Thanks for helping.
Climbing up and down four flights of steps
makes me wheeze.
Ru open n.
But today's not the day
for paper recycling.
Don't worry. No one's looking.
Yes, they were. They were staring at me.
Oh, hello.
This is my son, the novelist.
- Oh, yes. Hello.
- How do you do?
This is Professor Niida.
I've been taking classes from him.
Thank you.
I read your book, The Empty House.
- The Empty Table.
- Yes, yes. Table.
Is that based on a true story
from your life?
No, it's fictional.
Oh, I see.
The depiction of the older sister
was so realistic.
And her fights with her mother-in-law.
Thanks. You're too kind.
He always had good grades
in reading and writing.
Genius is apparent at an early age.
You have real flair.
See you on Wednesday, then.
We'll cover Beethoven.
Yes, Opus 131.
So that's what that CD was about.
It's just a small group.
I'm just preparing for class.
Where does he live?
Number 226.
I figured. One of the upscale condos.
What about his family?
He has a wife, right?
she passed away three years ago.
There were women's clothes
in the dry cleaning he was carrying.
They must be his daughter's.
You detectives dummies a thing, do you?
No, you're wrong.
The eagle eyes of a novelist.
When I was walking here the other day,
a butterfly kept following me.
The blue one?
I thought ii must be your dad.
I said, ls that you?
And ii landed right there.
So I said to him,
I'm perfectly happy without you,
so don't come for me for a long time.
And it fluttered away.
I expected a better ending.
Too bad.
Why is the slide in the park
all fenced off?
A child fell off,
and the community board fenced it off.
Isn't that silly?
It was the clumsy child's fault.
Do you get to see Shingo sometimes?
Yeah. He started playing baseball.
Baseball? That boy?
I thought I'd buy him a baseball glove.
Is Kyoko well?
She's the same.
Busy with her job.
A woman with her own career.
It doesn't always work.
But it's not broken, is it?
I've been careful with it.
I can offer 3,000 yen. No more.
Fine. I'll take that.
Say, aren't you Mr. Shinoda's...
Yes, I'm his son.
I knew it.
Father seems to have been here a lot.
One time, he gave me such a hard time.
He said he was desperate for money
to pay for his son's surgery
and brought in a tattered scroll.
Yeah, he said you had a tumor.
I've never been hospitalized.
Right? That's what I figured.
Hey, dear!
That scroll, was it a Sesshu?
Yes, it was.
But it was only a print.
A Print?
Only the box was authentic.
He even demanded money
to celebrate your recovery.
He was out of control.
I guess she stepped out.
We're having so many typhoons this year.
Yes. There's another one coming.
Sorry. The parking lot was far away.
- I ordered you coffee.
- Thank you.
- Did you already...
- Not yet.
There's never an excuse
for being in a love hotel.
You husband will use this evidence
to get a good divorce settlement...
so he doesn't have to pay you alimony.
What a stingy jerk.
It happens a lot.
Your coffee.
Why did my life turn out like this?
But why are you showing me this?
Of course,
we could just deliver ii to our client.
But if you prefer not...
Of course I prefer not.
We could simply
make the evidence disappear.
You can make it disappear?
Just between us.
For how much?
We have to deliver something
to our client,
so we'll give him fakes.
Like this.
You were at a planning meeting.
Fine, I'm in. Sounds like fun.
Thank you.
Listen, as long we're here...
can I hire you for another job?
At your service.
For an additional fee.
You didn't deposit the money?
What is this area known for?
No. Not now.
I can't be in this sacred place
and not stop by.
I'm sick of going to loan sharks for you.
I'll double this and pay my rem...
and buy a glove, too, a Mizuno.
Didn't you buy ii
with the cash I lent you?
Things happened. I spent it.
What about the scroll?
Wasn't it there?
I wish life were that easy.
I told you it was too good to be true.
They're rounding the fourth rum
and coming down the home stretch.
Hold it, Yoshida! Not yet!
- Go now!
- Faster!
Make a move!
Catch 'em, you fool!
And it's Suzuki!
Let's go.
Let's go.
He was supposed to be hot! What the hell!
What a joke. He was pathetic.
Don't be a pussy, Yoshida.
You gotta go for it!
- What?
- 10,000 yen.
- No.
- Fine. 5,000.
We agreed before. That was it.
Those bikes don't come with brakes.
Howl can I put on the brakes
when they can't?
You're not making sense.
I'll double it.
The boss will chew you out
if you don't write up that report.
It's bullshit anyway. You do it.
Going for a trifecta.
We had to chase him around in the river
wearing rubber boots.
We stank for days.
Thank you so much for finding her.
No more running away, okay?
When I hear those clanging bells,
I just feel so alive.
We only have chunky chili oil.
This one might be old.
Stock up on yuzu peppers
like at that ramen shop.
Get it yourself. This isn't a cafeteria.
Don't you feel that way
about anything else?
I mean, you're just gambling.
How can it make you feel alive?
You just alienated
all 60 million bike racing fans in Japan.
There aren't that many fans.
Not everybody loves dogs.
Manami, get me a wet towel.
That's an impressive fruit basket.
She doesn't even know
I padded her bill by ten days.
What's going on with your case?
What's going on?
No sign of an affair yet.
And the ex-boyfriend
the husband suspected?
We looked into him, but nothing.
The husband probably imagined it.
He can't even trust his own wife.
I think, every year,
men are becoming less manly.
It's true.
All the stalkers these days are men.
You're right.
But we make a living off guys like that.
We'd better thank the times,
this petty age we live in.
Why did my life turn out like this?
It's me, Machida.
Say it's you before you knock.
You gave me a heart attack.
What did you think I was here lo collect?
Electricity? Your gas bill?
Could be anything.
- It rained?
- This morning.
Good thing it cleared up.
That little pitcher can throw.
Shingo! You can do it!
Look at them,
already sitting together like that.
Yamanouchi Real Estate is a huge company.
He makes 15 million yen a year.
Probably from sleazy speculation deals.
The pitchers scared of you!
You think those two have done it already?
I'm asking you.
The high school he went to
excels in baseball.
They beat our team my first year.
Strike three!
You gotta swing at it! Swing!
Don't worry.
He was trying to draw a walk.
Her boyfriend already bought him a glove.
A Mizuno.
- Go for it.
- Again.
Yes! Now it's your turn.
My turn?
Okay, watch me.
Swing with your hips.
Go for it.
Watch my hips.
- Wow!
- Yeah!
As a pinch hitter,
you have to swing the bat.
You can't lose that chance.
You'll try harder next time, right?
I was trying to draw a walk.
You can't be a hero
if you get on base like that.
I don't need to be a hero.
You don't?
Your table's ready, sir.
Shall we?
Shingo, who's your hero?
Who do you admire?
She's very wise.
You can't list a relative as the person
you admire on those entrance exams.
You know where it is?
I'm fine.
Do you two visit his grandma often?
Yes, sometimes.
Do you still have to?
No, but Shingo's so fond of her.
Look at you.
You've gotten bigger down there.
What are you doing here?
Is that your mom's new boyfriend?
What's he like?
He has a loud voice.
- That must be embarrassing.
- Yeah.
Is she marrying him?
I don't know.
Ask her soon.
I have to go.
Okay. See you on Sunday.
Do you have the money?
No problem. Don't you worry.
It's not good for Shingo either.
I'm sorry to be so blunt...
but he shouldn't spend time
with such an untrustworthy man.
But he used to be a novelist.
It's just that, right now, he's...
I read his award-winning novel.
Got it on Amazon.
Really? What did you think?
I won't say it was a waste of my time.
But I just didn't get
what he was trying to say.
I don't suppose you would.
You think so, too?
I thought so.
He touched his head.
He's laughing.
He sure is.
Get lost.
Weren't you better off
not knowing about the other guy?
Why did she have to choose
a guy like that?
I'm sorry. I asked you here,
and now I made you wait.
I just got here.
Thanks for that steak dinner,
even though I was of no help.
The steak was too fatty.
No, it was delicious.
Listen, I'm wondering if you'd like
to write the story for a manga.
A manga?
The rising star manga artist, Ishijima,
has been hired to illustrate it.
It's a manga series about gambling
for our Comic Punch series.
He asked me to introduce him
to a gambling expert
Sure, I'm a gambling expert.
What do you think? We could pay you well.
Would my name be on it?
If you don't want your name on it,
you can use a pen name
so it won't harm your career.
I'm in a rush to finish my new novel.
Hasn't your colleague told you?
I see.
In that case,
I'd rather read your new work.
Sorry for losing faith in you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Did you read my e-mail?
You said you wouldn't do this.
I know,
but I really feel like I can write again.
I've already quit the detective agency.
Don't you dare write about us again.
You're invading our privacy.
My freedom of expression.
Listen to me.
Our family memories
aren't your private property.
Why don't you just give up?
It's been 15 years
since you won that Shimada Shinsuke Award.
You said that on purpose, Sis.
It was the Shimao Toshio Award.
Not even close.
I'd remember it right
if you'd won that famous Akutagawa Prize.
Why did you give Mom money
when you're broke?
She was so excited, she called to me.
But now you want to borrow money from me?
I don't want her to worry over money,
given what Dad put her through.
Dad came here, too.
One month before he died.
He stood there, just like you.
Please loan me some money."
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
You hate being likened to Dad.
I do, but my situation is different.
No, it is not.
You're exactly like Dad.
If Dad had worked hard all his life,
Mom could have moved
out of that housing complex years ago.
She'd be living in a huge house
in a fancy neighborhood.
That's right.
Her longtime, unfulfilled dream.
When we lived in Nerima,
Mom used to roll up
the bank passbook and seal in her stocking
and hide them
in the bottom of the rice jar.
But Dad found them anyway
and dug them out.
There were grains of rice
on the kitchen floor.
Mom flew into such a panic.
And after she got rid of the rice jar?
The space above the closet.
With his bad legs,
Dad couldn't reach that high.
Right, right.
Of all his pieces, Beethoven
was most satisfied with this one.
Upon hearing this composition,
Schubert is said to have reflected,
After this, what music can we write?"
I saw that scene in a film, right?
With that actor who died.
Hoffman something or other.
I don't watch films.
Professor, didn't Beethoven write this
the year before he died?
That's right. He was 56.
In today's world,
he'd be considered elderly, like us.
When he was writing this...
His daughter.
She plays the violin.
Apparently, she quit.
We're still far too young to be elderly.
I feel younger already.
I wish there was a program like this
on television.
I'd watch it every week.
When I was younger, I got an offer
from the education channel.
Wow! How amazing.
But I thought that would be disrespectful
to the gods of music.
- So I turned them down.
- What a shame.
But we're thrilled to have you
all to ourselves.
See you next time.
Oh, yes.
See you next week.
There's no way a guy like that
can make Noriko happy.
We'll start investigating tomorrow.
Please, I'm depending on you.
We'll be in touch.
Machida, do you want
to work this case alone?
Go for it, young man.
It's a standard background check.
If you need help, take Manami.
You're on a job, man.
They're already divorced. She should
be able to date whoever she wants.
Why envy the future?
There's a guy like him sitting here.
What are you talking about?
I'm not jealous.
Really? What is it, then?
No, you're still besotted with her.
Do you even know what besotted" means?
I do.
How do you write it?
It's written like this.
- One line too many.
- No, there's not.
You see, men only realize they're in love
after they've lost their beloved.
Shinoda here
probably hugs his ex-wife's picture
and cries himself to sleep.
Maybe you do, too, boss.
- One for each ex-wife.
- See?
I'd rather hug you, Manami.
No, thanks.
Why am I out looking for a lost cat?
You loved them that much?
Of course. They're my family.
But you never even mentioned them
before you got divorced.
That's not true.
Let it go. If she remarries,
you won't have to pay child support.
But then I won't be able
to see my son anymore.
When he wants to see you,
he'll come to you.
He will?
No matter who tries to stop him.
You saw yours?
Yes, when I turned 20.
I can't wait that long.
He's dating his tutor?
I took this high school's entrance exam.
I didn't pass.
Still pissed?
What did you want to be in high school?
I forget.
- Ask me.
- How about you?
A civil servant.
So conventional.
I didn't want to turn out like Dad.
Life is complicated.
Hey, that must be him.
To see my son, I'll cross any tightrope.
It's any bridge.
Any bridge.
A bridge is a kind of tightrope.
If you say so.
I'm not forcing you to stay.
I can do this alone.
I'm in.
I owe you one.
You owe me? For what?
It's no big deal if you don't remember.
Don't play with fire, kid.
I'm not playing with her.
She's playing with you.
Whatever happens,
I'll never grow up to be a man like you.
Listen, it's not that easy growing up
to be the man you want to be.
You sponge off of your folks.
A bouquet of red and pink flowers.
He's not going on any business trip.
She probably won't like it,
but his wife was right to suspect him.
But she won't be sad, either.
You never know.
They've left the shop.
They're walking to the hotel now.
Follow them in if you can.
Don't worry, You look like a professional.
That's a compliment.
Hi there. It's me, Sumire.
I'm in the lobby now.
The other day,
you said, Don't envy the future.
Don't most girls erase the past
once they start a new relationship?
Is this about your ex?
No. Just in general.
You know what I think?
Using painting as a metaphor, girls
paint in oil rather than watercolors.
New oil paint
covers up the old painting...
even though it's still there.
So it never goes away.
Of course not.
It's not like replacing data.
Such awful taste.
And those pathetic roses.
Look ai him grinning like that.
You made a fortune because of me, right?
You can make it all back
from your husband.
And more, thanks to these.
Do you wish you hadn't found out?
Not at all.
For better or worse,
it's all pan of my life.
See you. Thanks.
Watch your step.
No gambling it away this time.
I know that.
This will pay for the child support
and his cleats.
Not enough for rent.
Can you believe it? She was a friend
who had attended her wedding.
That's awful.
Under her very nose.
I know a girl
who stole her friend's boyfriend.
What's with you two?
Something happen last night?
I am single for now.
Good morning. Isn't today your day off?
That was the plan, but...
That typhoon is definitely on its way.
Typhoon Number 24
is going to land on Kyushu today.
Hey, Shinoda.
You've gotten used to this work.
Forget researching your novel
and make this your full-time job.
I'm just here for my writing.
Let me read it.
What's it about?
Is the detective the lead character?
It's not like that.
Is it about a really bad detective
who shakes down high school kids?
That high school kid is my boss's son,
from my days as a cop.
Are you trying to ruin my agency?
That's not my intention.
Is it because
I didn't pay you a summer bonus?
Yes. No. Well...
You want to see your son that badly?
Of course. I'm his father.
You, a father?
Hand me the envelope.
How much did you take him for?
30,000 yen.
There's more in here.
I stopped by the racetrack.
Listen, stop seeing your son.
It takes real guts to accept
that you're not in their lives anymore.
Got that?
Good thing you set aside 30,000 yen.
Are we still a bit short?
You know, Ryota,
I still have the baseball glove
my dad bought me when I was nine.
Use these...
to buy him cleats or a bat.
But stop being so nice to me.
You'll make me cry.
A used book fair.
We used to come to these together.
Why are you always late?
I had a meeting with my publisher.
On a Sunday?
I'm always working.
Where's my 100,000 yen?
I got back late last night
and couldn't get to an ATM.
And the banks closed today.
I couldn't find Dad's book.
You should have just told me.
Let's go, Shingo.
I look forward to our monthly visit.
Don't cancel it over a minor detail.
A minor detail? That's what you agreed to.
- You know I'll pay.
- When?
Later today.
5:00 p.m. sharp, here.
Pay up in full and don't be late.
Cant we all have tea together?
I have to go to work.
I'm always working, too.
See you later.
I'd like these.
Don't hold back.
I'll buy you the Mizuno.
- Are you sure?
- You bet.
You're a size 3.5?
Wait here, okay?
- Excuse me.
- May I help you?
I want these, but it's scuffed here.
I'll check the stockroom for another pair.
That pair is fine...
but can I get a discount?
What did you ask her?
Do you like him?
- And she said?
- Yes, I do."
Go on.
You don't want me to date another man?
Thanks for waiting. Here's your burger.
Where's yours?
I'm not hungry.
And what did you say?
If you really like him, it's okay.
That's when you have to say No.
Loud and clear.
Do you like him or Dad better?
What did she say?
That's so long ago. I forgot.
Want to buy a lottery ticket?
Mom will get mad.
Don't worry.
Let's buy one to remember.
To remember our bond.
Hello, sir.
You pick.
- Can I?
- Sure.
Your grandpa and I bought tickets
starting in kindergarten.
But I'm paying for the ticket,
so we split the winnings. Deal?
DOM talk to your father like that.
There are two kinds of tickets.
Singles are more fun
when you're checking to see if you've won.
I'm getting singles. How about you?
Let me see.
Thank you. Enjoy, please.
Hello. It's me.
What are you talking about?
I'm not Dad's ghost.
Can I come over now? Shingo's with me.
He has something
he wants to show his grandma.
He's coming?
With the typhoon approaching?
He's bringing Shingo along.
This feels great.
Right? My co workers love it.
- Be careful.
- Of what?
He's up to something.
He never used to visit,
not even on New Year's.
Maybe he wants help.
Financially, you mean?
No, with his ex-wife.
It's too late for that.
People give up so easily these days.
I think she put up with a lot.
A decently educated woman...
can support herself.
I think that's great.
Cant they get back together?
I think this will hold for now.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much for your help.
He likes helping out like this.
She's right.
The truth is,
this is what I wanted to do for a living.
Don't do it.
Do what?
Don't take them out to sushi.
Why not? We're friendly.
I don't think Kyoko likes it.
If you do, take them where the sushi
isn't sewed on a conveyor belt.
That's where I took abacus lessons.
Hey, the Chinese restaurant is gone.
Next stop, Housing Complex Center.
Stopping next.
One time, I snuck inside that thing
to eat snacks during a typhoon
late at night with your grandpa.
Wasn't it dark?
We had flashlights.
- Did you get into trouble?
- Who with?
- With your mom.
- Your grandma?
We snuck out and snuck back in.
Once, my friends and I climbed
all the way to the top of that tower.
One of them got too scared
to climb back down.
Why did you climb n?
Why? Because it's the symbol
of this housing complex.
That's weird.
It's not weird. Don't you do that stuff?
- No.
- Really?
What are you doing here?
Have I ruined your plan?
I didn't say that.
We came to fix the window you broke.
The perfect daughter.
I work extra hard doing your pan, too.
Look who's talking.
Can't you cook dinner for your family?
Stay out of it.
Grandma, sweeten mine.
- What now?
- She wants something to drink.
Why can't you drink plain water?
I'm going to take figure skating lessons.
Grandma's paying for them.
That's great. You must be thrilled.
That explains it.
Explains what?
Figia skating? Whose princess is she?
It's pronounced figure.
So we commoners can't skate?
Not by paying for it
with your mother's pension. Poor Mom.
And who was the kid who used to take
very expensive violin lessons?
Don't you take advantage...
Of me or Mom.
We're going home when you're done.
Staying over?
I'm going home.
What about Shingo?
Kyoko said she'd pick him up.
I called her.
Kyoko's coming?
Let's stick around a little longer.
Stop grinning like that.
She's your sister-in-law.
Hey, now.
We're going home. The typhoon's coming.
You want to see my ex-wife that much?
Kyoko, how have you been?
Oh, hello.
The typhoon's coming. Better hurry.
Thanks. I will.
Good luck with your entrance exams.
- I'm going for a private school.
- Don't be silly.
- I'm gonna be a figia skater.
- It's pronounced gure."
- Bye-bye.
- See you.
See you.
I'm sorry, Mother.
This wasn't the original plan.
Don't be. The more, the merrier.
- Hi, Mom.
- That was fast.
Don't wear shoes inside the house.
Take them off.
You're scratching the floor.
They're cleats, not shoes.
The floor's all worn out anyway,
just like me.
I'm so sorry.
Come inside, Kyoko.
You're soaked! I'll get you a towel.
Don't make me worry like this.
Shingo insisted on coming.
Blaming your son.
Come inside, both of you.
Just for a bit, then.
Don't cut your fingers.
You're doing a great job.
Throw in some green peas, too, for color.
I know.
He loves his peas.
Are you the fifth shortest
in your class now?
Third shortest.
Your dad didn't start growing
until junior high.
You're 4'9 now?
4'9 1/2".
Let me see your legs.
Look, he's got firm knees.
He's not a dog. You can't tell that way.
It's true for all animals.
See? You'll be taller.
You will. You will, you will.
Three times, sounds like a lie.
She made a kimono for me,
sewing it herself,
and everyone is thrilled when I wear it,
which makes me happy.
But it is a little embarrassing
when they say I look adorable in it.
I'm so happy
that you do so many things for me.
But working so hard,
I'm sure you get tired, so please rest.
Please keep living for a long time,
You really wanted
to read it out loud to her, right?
That makes me so happy.
But if you're going to admire someone,
you should pick someone like Mother Teresa
or some astronaut.
This one, there.
Beautiful. You can still find these?
There's still a lot of greenery
around here.
That one was on my tangerine.
Your tangerine?
It was on the leaves, the caterpillar.
- How old was Shingo?
- About three, I think.
A larva.
Is that strawberry field gone?
Yes. They built a house on ii last year.
If I'd known,
I would have visited it more often.
Yes, please.
You were really hungry.
I haven't tasted that in a long time.
It's great.
Shingo, you have seconds, too.
Even as a child, he always loved my food,
no matter what I cooked.
That was his only virtue.
What do you mean my only?
The curry flavor infuses everything.
Right? I use fish broth for the soup.
His father loved this.
I made a lot of it
and kept it in the freezer.
This is six months old?
Don't make such a fuss.
Besides, it's too late now.
Men pay too much attention
to expiration dates.
Of course we do.
You do, too. Right, Shingo?
Look. There's curry on your shin.
Hey, did you just lick that cloth?
That's disgusting.
Who are you calling disgusting?
I can do it myself.
I've wiped your poo and pee.
Oh, my.
He may be a grown man, but he still
needs someone to take care of him.
Is it gone?
Please spend the night.
You're leaving Grandma all alone
in this storm?
There she goes again,
like she's on her deathbed.
I have extra futons,
and I just washed the sheets.
But Shingo has school.
The schools will close.
But if he has to go to school,
he can leave early tomorrow morning.
I didn't bring a change of clothes.
I see.
It's a 30-minute wait for a taxi.
If you gel home that late,
Shingo will get to bed too late.
It's not good for him.
- Okay, then.
- Great. I'll heat the bath.
- No taxi, then.
- He needs a toothbrush.
And he needs pajamas.
Can Shingo still fit into his pajamas
from two years ago?
She comes right back to life.
See? Your father also wrote well,
even as a child.
Maybe you've got flair, too.
What's flair?
Don't make a face. It's nothing bad.
It's not?
That's right.
It's a wonderful talent.
Not everyone has it.
You don't want to be like your father,
do you?
Why not?
Mom left Dad
because she didn't like him, right?
They got married
because they loved each other.
That's why you were born.
Do you think Dad likes us?
You know he does.
If we win the lottery,
could we all live together again?
Well, maybe. Maybe you can.
If we do, let's build a big house
so you can move in and live with us.
Your invitation makes me so happy.
Please, do make that happen.
Hey, Mom, let's play a game.
At this hour?
Yeah, Game of Life.
Okay. But only one round.
Twelve, 13...
- Who won?
- Let me see.
- I did.
- Good job.
The bathtub here is too small.
I haven't been in it in a while.
A bath, Shingo?
Can't decide.
Take a bath. It'll feel great.
Mom, you need to clean the drain.
There were dust fluffs in the bath.
Those dust bunnies?
Dust bunnies in the bath?
Sure. In the bathwater.
Who's winning?
Let me play, too.
The three of us, then.
I'll sit out this round.
You two go right ahead.
In that case, I'll go take a bath.
I want to see the dust bunnies.
Good, go take a bath.
If the water's too hot,
right is cold, left is hot.
I know.
Shall we play a round?
Not a chance.
Playing Game of Life with you
is like a bad joke.
Are you mad?
What did you and Shingo do today?
I bought him cleats.
We had burgers.
Not McDonald's, the better place.
What else?
Please don't drag him
into that 'hobby' of yours.
What harm is a lottery ticket?
I want to raise Shingo to work hard...
not make money by gambling.
The lottery.
The lottery isn't gambling.
Of course it is.
No, it is not.
What is it, then?
It's a dream.
A dream you buy for 300 yen.
That's gambling.
You just alienated
all 60 million lottery fans in Japan.
I'm happy to alienate them all.
Say, Mom.
Mom, that's not...
This was your father's futon.
I had it cleaned, so it doesn't stink.
That's not what I mean.
We're not like that anymore.
Please don't.
Shingo can sleep in between you two.
A rare family get-together.
He's got real talent.
It's rare for a child in grade school
to structure an essay like that.
You think so?
You should give him lots to read.
Like what?
For example,
books by E.T. Seton and Jean-Henri Fabre.
And Doctor Dolittle.
I'll send him a selection of books.
Thank you.
that's all I can do now.
Are you writing?
You know, these days,
literature is out of fashion.
It's all light, pop fiction.
Same old complaint.
Speaking of which,
I got an offer
to write the story for a manga series.
I'm thinking I should give it a try.
I kept trying to tell you to do that,
but you never listened.
If I take that job,
I'll be able to pay monthly child support.
You don't have to work so hard
just to visit him.
I really want to see him.
I'm taking responsibility as his father.
Taking responsibility
is acting like his father once a month?
Wait a minute. Don't call it acting.
That's all it is.
I'm happy to see him every week.
You know you can't.
If you're that interested
in being a good father,
why didn't you try harder before?
You're right.
We're divorced now.
But it's not over.
I'm always going to be Shingo's father...
whatever happens between us
as husband and wife.
You're already in a new relationship?
Well, yes.
Another man?
Did Shingo say something?
So it's true.
Have you...
done it?
Don't talk about that here.
Have you?
You have.
So, you have.
Of course we have. We're not teenagers.
Are you going to marry him?
I don't know yet.
You did it before you decided?
Couldn't you wait?
Who decides those things before doing it?
What are you saying?
Don't talk so loud.
Why did you have to choose that guy?
Did you say that guy?
You already know?
Know what?
You saw him with me?
Who? Where?
Right, right, right.
You're Mr. Detective. Of course.
How can you stoop so low?
Are you going to have kids?
Yes, we might.
That's why you're in such a rush.
I am um 'm a rush. Dam be so mean.
You're so calculating.
No. it's called planning your life.
Well, it's not love.
Grown-ups can't live on love alone.
Hey, what are you doing?
We're both adults. Why not?
Your mother's right there.
If Mom wasn't here, it would be okay?
Mom's trying to bring us back.
Are you two in on this scheme?
You set this up from the beginning?
It wasn't like that.
Don't make it sound crude.
Mom, which one's my toothbrush?
I'll be right there.
It's okay. I'll go.
More importantly, where's my 100,000 yen?
I'll pay. I'll pay, I'll pay.
You said it three times.
You always visit him and never pay.
This is your last visit.
Your towel, Shingo.
Thank you, Mother.
Happy to.
Dry off, Shingo.
I'm glad I bought some big towels.
The latest typhoon news.
You're still up?
As you get older,
you fall asleep but not for long.
Ask your doctor for sleeping pills.
I have, and he prescribes sleeping pills
now and then.
That wind is fierce.
Something just flew by.
They said it'll blow over by morning.
I love typhoons.
They're so refreshing.
You're strange.
When we lived in that house in Nerima...
every time a typhoon came,
I worried it would tear the roof off.
At night, we packed up our things
and took shelter in the church
with the kindergarten.
I only ever saw the church during the day,
so the stained glass
looked extra beautiful.
When we moved in here,
I was so relieved I wouldn't have
to be afraid of typhoons anymore.
But I never imagined
I'd wind up living here 40 years.
I'm sorry I'm such a useless son.
I am going to die.
What? DOM talk like that. it's bad luck.
Luck has nothing to do with it.
I will definitely die someday.
And probably right here.
Are you sick again?
No, I'm not.
As I grow weaker and weaker,
I'll need you by my side
to take care of me.
That's not for me.
They say that it's easiest for the dying,
and for those left behind,
if you die in your sleep.
But that's not true.
It isn't?
That's how your father died.
But he shows up in my dreams.
You have dreams like that?
Every once in a while.
What do you dream?
He's always alive.
I feel like he's still alive, too.
Which is better?
To have me bedridden for years
and unable to die...
or to have me die quickly
but keep appearing in your dreams?
Oh, no, you have to choose.
Which is it?
Bedridden, then.
Final answer?
That's such an old show. Yes.
Final answer."
The singer Teresa Teng
is known by her fans
for her songs Atonement and Beloved.
But my personal favorite
is Wakare no Yokan.
I wonder what Dad really wanted.
From what?
From his life.
I never could figure him out,
to his final day.
His life didn't work out like he wanted.
So many things...
because of the times.
He blamed all his weaknesses
on the times we lived in.
Why are you so grave?
Do you think that the incense is your dad?
Missing him after he's gone
won't bring him back.
You have to deal with people
while they're alive.
I know that.
I wonder why it is
that men can't love the present.
Either they just keep chasing
whatever it is they've lost...
or they keep dreaming beyond their reach.
How can you enjoy life
if you keep doing that?
If you say so.
You can't find happiness
until you've let go... of something.
Even deeper than the sea
Even blue: than the sky
I've never loved anyone
deeper than the sea...
even though I've made it to this age.
Don't sound so depressing.
Have you?
In my own way.
No, not most people.
But we still live our lives,
enjoying every day.
Actually, we keep on living
because we haven't.
So we manage to find joy
day after day.
That's complex.
No, it's simple. Life is simple.
I just said something really deep,
didn't I?
You can use ii in your next novel.
Write it down, or you'll forget it.
It's okay.
Where's the notepad?
I'll remember it.
Which pan?
You can't find happiness'!-
The typhoon's still around?
It's intense.
The toilet? The light switch
is the middle one on the right.
I know.
Shall we go?
To the water tower?
No, the park.
Rice crackers, cookies, candy.
A feast. We'll get drinks there.
They're not climbing up the tower,
are they?
I think they're going to the park.
They mentioned the slides.
They'll be fine, then.
I'm sorry to ask you at this hour.
I'm wide-awake anyway.
Would you like a snack?
No, I'm fine.
I'll make some coffee, then.
I just hope you aren't picky.
It's late. I'm really fine.
You're right.
You have such beautiful handwriting.
I envy you.
You're too kind.
Your mother had good handwriting, too?
Yes. She was a calligraphy teacher.
If I had been a little smarter...
I wanted to be a home economics teacher.
I studied teaching, too.
What a coincidence. What subject?
I even did some practice teaching.
You make me nervous
staring at me like that.
I just wonder...
if the two of you are completely over.
You treat me like your own daughter...
and I really appreciate that.
But Ryota isn't cut out to have a family.
I hoped having a baby would change him.
In that sense,
he turned out just like his father.
I'm sorry.
No, I owe you the apology.
The subject is closed.
So, no more sushi parties.
No, let's have another one.
Can we? Let's go to a sushi place where
they don't serve it on a conveyor belt.
Yes. Next time, it's my treat.
That makes me so happy.
His umbilical cord.
I kept it after we took him
on his first shrine visit.
You're right.
From now on, you should keep it.
I will.
I really just can't...
why things turned out like this.
And look at his terrible handwriting.
We should have asked his father
to write it.
He only inherited my bad handwriting.
Something just flew by.
A plastic bag?
An umbrella.
Someone's there.
Just kidding.
Time for a snack?
A little stale.
But still tasty.
Shingo, do you remember your grandpa?
Yeah. He was nice to me.
But you didn't like him, right?
That's what Grandpa told me.
That's not true.
It's just that...
we had a fight.
Probably because I became a novelist.
Shingo, what do you want to be
when you grow up?
A civil servant.
Not a professional baseball player?
I could never be that.
Why not?
You don't know if you don't try.
I'm sure.
What did you want to be?
Are you who you wanted to be?
I'm not...
who I want to be yet.
But, you know...
it doesn't matter whether
I've become what I wanted.
What matters...
is to live my life
trying to become what I want to be.
Is that true?
It's true.
It's true, it's true.
It's true.
Shingo, are you in there?
It's Mom.
What are you doing?
Come on in, Mom. You'll be dry in here.
Come on in.
My favorite umbrella ruined.
Let's go back. Grandma's worried.
So soon?
This isn't how
it was supposed to turn out.
That's right.
We were supposed to go right home.
That's not what I'm talking about.
It's really true.
This isn't how
it was supposed to turn out.
Don't fall.
I already made up my mind.
Let us move on.
Do you understand?
I understand.
I always understood.
Coffee at this hour
will keep you up all night.
I won't sleep anyway.
That's not good for you.
You're still a child.
Not fair.
Sometimes I'm a kid,
sometimes I'm a grown-up.
When did I say you're a grown-up?
The other day, you said to me,
You're not a child anymore.
Pretend to enjoy yourself."
After your date.
That's confusing, isn't it?
You shut up.
Did you have to bring that up now?
What's wrong?
I cant find my lottery tickets.
Maybe I dropped them.
Just forget about them.
They're for 300 million yen.
Cut it out!
You're not going to win anyway!
Silly you.
You always win at least 300 yen.
What? Really?
Find them?
Found one!
How many, Shingo?
Two down.
- Kyoko?
- Found one.
Four more!
Typhoon Number 24 has headed north
and is now over Hokkaido.
More than 120 people
were injured across the nation,
and public transportation
was impacted as well.
Al 9:30 p.m. last night, the river in...
See? You were right to spend the night.
Yes, we were.
What's that?
It was your father's.
Your shirt hasn't dried yet.
Wear this instead.
I thought you threw them all out.
It's just this one I forgot to throw out.
It might be a little small for you, but...
It will look good on you.
- Seconds'?
- Yes, please.
I thought it was a lottery ticket.
Look. It's Grandma.
Time to get back to work.
This is worth...
300,000 yen.
It's a fine inkstone.
Dear, could you bring that here?
Your father gave it to me.
He said, It's a first edition
that will be worth a lot someday.
- My old man?
- Yeah. He must've been so proud.
I heard he handed out free copies
to all the neighborhood shops.
Dear, let's ask him.
You're right.
Could you autograph your book
with this ink and brush?
You've got yourself a fine son.
Dad's here.
He's here?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
The lottery tickets are all yours.
See you here again next month.
And you can pay me 150,000 yen...
Three months' worth.
Don't worry.
Take care, Shingo.
See you.
Bye, then.
Let me carry the cleats.
At your next game, hit a home run.
No walks.
I like drawing walks.
You do?
What kind of future was I dreaming of?
So long to myself from yesterday
I look above
and see a vapor trail streaking by
Where should I go home to?
Maybe I haven't lost a thing at all
So long to myself from yesterday
I close my eyes and call out
I see your face from days long past!
Hey, hey, I still remember you
Hey, hey, HI never forge! you
I thought
I heard someone cal! out my name
I turn around, bu! you're not there
Hey, hey, I still remember you
Hey, hey, HI never forge! you
Hey, hey, even in times
When I couldn't believe in myself
You were the only one
Who believed in me
What kind of future was I dreaming of?
Hello again lo myself of tomorrow
I won 't be able to let myself go
So I'll take another step forward
Another step forward
Just one more step forward