After the Thin Man (1936) Movie Script

What are you doing?
Just practicing, dear.
Will you have a little slice of throat?
You'd better hurry, we're getting
into San Francisco in five minutes.
Asta, my best Sunday-go-to-meeting hat!
Darling, don't you want to pack these?
How they can expect a woman
to still have any mystery left for a man...
after living in a place like this
for three days, I don't know.
You don't need mystery. You've got
something better and more alluring.
- What?
- Me.
It's all right, we're married.
Darling, you've got to pack.
Yes, that's right. Pack. I must pack.
Are you packing, dear?
Yes, darling,
I'm just putting away this liquor.
If you break that, they can sue you.
Oh, baby, you know,
I'm going to miss this little room of ours.
- It's left some lasting impressions on me.
- Dear, will you pack this?
Yes, delighted.
- You know, I sort of hate to leave this.
- Don't leave anything.
Well, are you gonna wear this dress, dear?
- No, you can put that in.
- That's fine.
- Hey, is Nick Charles in this car?
- Two cars back.
Hello, Nick.
How long till you're detecting again?
That's what we want to know.
I'm through detecting for
the rest of my natural life.
Will you keep on
with your detective work?
I've retired.
I'll take care of my wife's money
so I'll have something in my old age.
You said you'd retired,
but you took that Thin Man case.
That was a beaut.
They're still talking about it.
Smile for the news, Nick.
Dig us up another Thin Man,
will you, Nick?
That was a great case.
You'd take a case like that,
wouldn't you, Nick?
I only took that to please my wife,
she wanted excitement.
I guess she had it.
It was wonderful!
Two men tried to kill him.
But he's not going to take any more cases.
You can print that.
That's my darling.
Can you get a big story
like that for us Nick?
How could I?
Welcome home, Mrs. Charles.
- Hello, Harold.
- Hiya, Nick.
Hiya, Harold. I'm glad to see you.
So long, Nick. See you around.
- Excuse me, lady.
- Hello, Fingers.
- Well, Nick, how are you?
- How's business?
I quit that racket.
- Nick, look, my purse is gone.
- Darling, isn't that too bad.
- Nora, I want you to know Fingers.
- How do you do?
- This is my wife.
- Your wife?
- I didn't know you were married.
- Yes, I'm married.
Nick, what'll I do? I know I had it.
Don't worry, darling.
It'll turn up, won't it, Fingers?
- Well, I certainly hope so.
- Yeah.
Nick, am I tickled to death to see you.
Good old Nick, and married, too.
- I didn't know you were married.
- Oh, yes.
I'm glad I bumped into you.
- Goodbye, Mrs. Charles.
- Goodbye.
Goodbye, Fingers.
- Come on, dear.
- But, darling, I can't just go off...
We don't want to embarrass him.
- What're you talking about?
- He's a purse snatcher.
- Think of his feelings.
- Then he must have taken it.
- So long, Fingers.
- So long, Nick.
Here you are, dear.
Dear, you do know the nicest people.
- Hello, Nick.
- Hello, Bill!
You can start delivering again.
No, the big kegs.
- Hello, Nick. Where you been?
- Hello. How are you, boys?
- Where have you been?
- Have I been away all my life.
- Have you seen The Kid?
- No, where is he?
- He's staging a comeback Friday night.
- Yeah?
Hey, Screwy. Here's Nick Charles.
- Hello, Mr. Charles.
- How are you? Glad to see you.
- Hello, Nick.
- Hi, Kid. How's it going?
Never better! Say, now I know I can't lose.
You coming to see me fight?
Mrs. Charles would never think
of missing your fight.
Mrs. Charles? Did you ever see me fight?
You got a treat, then.
I'm gonna cut that guy up in ribbons.
- Lf he's not bleeding in the first round...
- You'll have him bleeding? Yeah!
Excuse me, Mrs. Charles.
If my legs will only hold out,
I'll kill the guy, I'll knock...
Attaboy, Bump. You'll get him, sure.
Give it to him hot, eh?
- Sure.
- Okay, Harold.
- Hello, Nora!
- Hello.
Who is that?
You wouldn't know them, darling.
They're respectable.
Isn't it lovely? Home.
So peaceful, so quiet.
If anybody wakes me up for a week,
I'm going to have the law on them!
New Year's Eve at home. Or would
you know that this is New Year's?
- I know.
- I suppose you got ideas, huh?
- Very definite ideas.
- I was afraid so.
I'm going to lock the door, plug the bell,
cut the telephone...
and crawl into bed for a month.
Nora, you're my favorite woman!
Here. I'm going to be in bed at midnight,
so Happy New Year.
Happy New Year!
Here. Come in. Give me your hat and coat.
Make yourself at home.
It's our house, all right.
Let's go in. That man said it was all right.
- The bar is right in here. Help yourself.
- Thanks.
- Okay!
- What's the celebration?
We're giving a surprise party
for Nick and Nora.
- Nick and Nora?
- Don't you know Nick and Nora?
- No.
- Neither do I.
But that's not going to spoil my fun.
It's New Year's, so what's the odds?
- Go on in. Fake it. It's a cinch.
- Thanks.
Go on in and get some of that
Napoleon Brandy before it's all gone.
Let's get it together,
this is supposed to be a surprise party.
- Well, I'm acting surprised.
- Look at that. Not bad, eh?
- Oh, no, not at all.
- How're you doing?
- Anyone wise to you yet?
- No.
- What did I tell you?
- May I have this dance?
If I was in a fire on the third floor,
would you save me?
- It's too late for you to be saved.
- I mean it. How would you do it?
I'd just pick you up
and carry you right down like this.
Now you save me.
You put her down and you save me.
I'm on the third floor, too.
I'll bet you can't do this.
Now watch me. Here I go.
Not bad.
So when I picked this big lug up,
he didn't know a thing.
I taught him everything he knows.
Show them that new
arm lock I taught you.
Just show him that headlock.
This will kill you.
Say, look, show him how
you throw them out in the aisle.
Hello, Nick. Hello, Nora. Welcome home.
We are tendering this
little surprise party for the...
Will you keep out of the kitchen?
We are busy.
Where'll I put this ice?
- Lay it down and don't bother me.
- Put it in the sink and break it up.
- Where's the oil?
- There isn't any more.
- Where do you want these?
- Over here, son.
And after that, come back
from the store with some olive oil.
- My toast!
- I'll take care of that.
Mr. Charles, what are you doing here?
All right!
Hello there, Mr. Charles.
I'm glad to see you back.
- How are you, Nick?
- Did you enjoy your trip to Los Angeles?
We saw your pictures in the paper.
It said you did a good job in New York.
I guess they'll be scared to death
if there are more murders there.
I've been scared
to go down in the cellar ever since.
Don't you worry, Rose,
if anyone murders you, I'll catch them.
Mr. Charles, don't be talking that way.
What do you think of the party
they're giving you?
Looks like we're giving it.
- It does that, now.
- Something's burning!
Excuse me, I'll answer the phone.
That's probably your Aunt Katherine.
She's phoned several times.
She wants you to come to dinner.
Goodbye, Mrs. Charles,
I'll see you next year.
- She expects you, too, Mr. Charles.
- Me?
There must be some mistake.
She wouldn't want you.
What excuse will I make?
Tell her I lost a collar button in New York
and we've got to go look for it.
It's your cousin, Mrs. Landis, madam.
Thank heavens it isn't Aunt Katherine.
- Go on, get out of it now.
- Don't worry.
I wouldn't go through that again
if you had twice as much money.
Hello, Selma.
Nora, I just wanted to make sure
you were coming tonight.
But you've just got to come,
I'm in terrible trouble, please.
No, I can't tell you now,
but you must come. I'm desperate...
- Whom are you calling?
- Nora.
- I told you...
- I can't help it. L...
There are pills in my bag, take them.
- No, really, I'm all right.
- Take them or I'll call Dr. Kammer.
How are you, Nora?
This is Aunt Katherine.
You ought to know Selma well enough
not to pay any attention to that.
You see, it's New Year's Eve,
Aunt Katherine.
- The old battle-axe.
- Shut up!
Excuse me, Aunt Katherine,
I was talking to the dog.
- But, Aunt Katherine...
- Give me that phone.
Give it to me.
Yes. All right. We'll come.
Nickie, I'm sorry. But I had to do it.
Selma's in trouble.
You like Selma, don't you?
Well, not that much.
Family dinner, I suppose?
Aunt Katherine, Uncle Willie...
Cousin Emily.
Aunt Hattie, Cousin Lucius, Uncle Thomas.
Pour me one, too.
Well, Asta?
Why are you looking so
down in the mouth?
Have you got family troubles, too?
For heaven's sake,
do you want the servants to hear you?
I don't care. I'm going crazy.
I can't stand it any longer.
- I'll call the police.
- You'll do nothing of the sort.
We've paid enough
to hush up his other scandals.
He never did anything like this before.
- How do we know whether he...
- I told you I'd handle this.
- I can't go on!
- Quiet!
Beg pardon, madam,
but should I remove Mr. Robert's plate?
- Certainly not. Mr. Robert will be here.
- Very well.
- You know he won't be here.
- I know nothing of the sort.
Now go upstairs and
make yourself presentable. Go on, hurry.
Hurry now, because everybody's waiting.
- Good evening, all.
- Good evening, Aunt Katherine.
I had a birthday last week, Katherine.
I'm 83 years old.
- What do you think of that?
- That's fine, Lucy.
- Next year I'll be 84.
- Splendid.
Now we're alone. I have something
important to tell all of you.
What did she say?
Isn't that thing working, Hattie?
This works beautifully.
It's you, you mumble.
What is it, Katherine?
Nora and her husband are coming tonight.
- Katherine, after the last time?
- But, Katherine...
- Her husband?
- That person.
But you said yourself
you wouldn't have him again.
I know I did.
And my opinion of him and what
he represents hasn't changed a particle.
Then why did you ask him?
I have a very good reason for asking him,
which you will know in time.
That must be they now. Understand, now,
I want you all to be pleasant to him.
- Of course, if you say so.
- It's going to be difficult.
Poor Nora, my heart bleeds for that child.
If that's Mr. And Mrs. Charles,
show them right in.
Yes, madam.
What are you muttering to yourself?
I'm trying to get all the bad words
out of my system.
Good evening, Henry.
Is this the wax-works?
- Sir?
- Nothing, Henry, nothing.
I'll leave my things down here.
Don't worry, it isn't catching.
Thank you, sir. Walk this way, sir.
Well, I'll try.
Nickie, pull yourself together.
One squint at Aunt Katherine
would sober anybody up.
Mr. And Mrs. Charles, madam.
Hello. How do you do, my dear.
Hello, Aunt Katherine.
You remember Nick?
How are you, Nicholas?
- Hello, Cousin Helen.
- How are you, you poor child?
This is Nora's husband.
I think you know everybody.
Yes, I seem to remember the old faces.
Dear, I want you to meet Uncle Willie.
Poor Nora is so brave.
- Uncle Willie, my husband.
- Uncle.
And, dear, this is Aunt Hattie.
- How are you?
- Don't mumble, young man.
How are you?
- She's deaf.
- You're telling me.
What did she say?
When you hear the chime
it will be exactly...
- Selma, how are you?
- It's so good to see you.
Hello, Nick. Thank heavens you came.
Selma, what's the trouble? Tell me.
We'll postpone any
discussion until after dinner.
- Where's your husband?
- Yes, where's Robert?
Robert telephoned
that he was unavoidably detained.
So we'll start without him. Are you ready?
We haven't quite men enough around, so,
Lucius, will you take Hattie and Charlotte?
Willie, will you take Helen and Emily?
Burton, will you take Nora?
Nicholas, you will take Aunt Lucy.
Come on, Selma.
What was it you were going to tell me?
Nora, come here!
Just a minute, Aunt Katherine.
What was it?
- Robert has disappeared.
- Disappeared?
Selma, go on playing.
I can't go on playing.
Nonsense, go on!
I can't! What are you trying to do,
torture me?
How can you act like this when you know
what she's going through?
- Get Nicholas.
- You bet I will.
No, really?
Well, you amaze me.
Will you explain that point a bit further?
Well, I wouldn't go as far as to say that.
What's that?
Just a moment.
Well, now, surely you're not going
to let that pass unchallenged, are you?
You must have something to say to that.
That's the boy. I knew you had it in you.
Nick, come here.
- Oh, yes.
- Hurry!
If you gentlemen will excuse me.
I don't know when I've spent
such a stimulating evening.
What is it?
- Aunt Katherine wants to speak to you.
- What have I done now?
Do you know why
Robert wasn't here tonight?
- Sure, because he's smart.
- I'm not fooling, darling, he's disappeared.
That's swell. Now if we could just
get Aunt Katherine to disappear...
Here he is.
Nicholas, I'm sorry
to take you away from the boys.
That's quite all right.
- How long has Robert been gone?
- Three days.
Three days without a word.
- Have you notified the police?
- Certainly not.
- And we're not going to.
- Oh, no.
Robert may have been kidnapped.
He may be lying dead somewhere.
But we mustn't do anything about it.
Our precious name
might get into the papers.
Don't pay any attention to her.
She's exaggerating the whole affair.
However, to please her, I thought you
might investigate the matter quietly.
- With your experience as a...
- Flatfoot.
I didn't mean to be blunt as that.
What's the difference? It's all in the family.
- Have you any idea where he might be?
- Yes.
- He's with some woman, I know that.
- Selma, you know nothing of the sort!
What about the vanity case they sent me
from that Chinese restaurant?
That was a stupid mistake on their part.
Mistake? He's with some woman,
you know it.
Selma, you know Robert
worships you. He wouldn't...
How can you say such a thing
when you know that he hates me?
He only married me for my money!
He never did love me.
Sometimes I wish he were dead!
I'm just a little confused.
Do you want him back or don't you?
- Nick!
- Why, of course she wants him back.
- Selma, don't, please don't.
- I'll leave this in your hands, Nicholas.
If you'll excuse me,
I'll go back to my guests.
Don't worry, darling.
It'll be all right. Nick will find him.
The one sure way
to get him back is to cut off his money.
- I know.
- Well, if he doesn't show up before...
tomorrow morning, I'll go down
to the police and see what I can do.
- Thank you, Nick.
- Mr. Graham calling, madam.
- David, Happy New Year!
- David, how are you!
Nora, nice to see you.
Thank heaven you two are back.
Selma, how are you, dear? Any word yet?
- I'll tell you what.
- What?
Let's take David and sneak out. We'll go
somewhere and celebrate the New Year.
Hey, that's a good idea!
How about it, Selma?
Come on, it'll be like old times,
when we were all engaged.
Yes, before we made any mistakes.
What do you mean, "mistakes"?
- I was thinking of Selma.
- Come on, Selma.
Thanks, I want to stay near the telephone,
you know, just in case... You go, David.
No, not on your life. I'll stay here with you.
Well, then good night, dear.
- Try to have a Happy New Year.
- Yes.
- Happy New Year.
- Very Happy New Year, Selma.
- Good night, David.
- Good night.
- Come, we'll say good-bye to the family.
- It will be a pleasure.
Look what I found.
- Iced and everything.
- Don't you stay here, David.
- You go out and have some fun.
- Don't be silly, we can have fun right here.
What's the matter with me, anyway?
Why haven't I any pride?
Why can't I face it?
Robert doesn't give a hang about me.
Can you indefinitely go on caring
for someone who doesn't care for you?
Well, it's been done.
David, I'm so sorry. I've been such a fool.
You really ought to hate me
for what I've done to you.
Don't talk like that. Look, you get
the glasses and I'll try to open this thing...
No, we're going out. This is a new year,
the time for resolutions.
I'm through with Robert, I mean it.
I'm going to get my things.
We're going to celebrate!
We'll start the New Year right.
- What is it, Henry? The telephone? Has it...
- No, madam, it's Mrs. Forrest.
She would like you to join her
in the drawing room.
All right, Henry.
I guess it's no use.
- Please go, David.
- Now, Selma.
No, I'd rather you did, really. I'll go to bed.
Dr. Kammer's given me
something to make me sleep.
All right, I'll go.
- Good night, Henry.
- Good night.
Darling, you will try
to find Robert, won't you?
- I didn't lose him.
- It'll get you in right with Aunt Katherine.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
- Oh, Nick...
- David. What happened?
- Selma sent me away, wanted to be alone.
I could murder that Robert.
Wait till I tell you about
the newest thing he pulled on me.
He called me several days ago...
and told me if I gave him $25,000...
he'd clear out and leave Selma for me.
- Lovely boy.
- What did you say?
Well, I didn't know exactly what to say.
I asked him to give me several days
to think it over.
$25,000 is cheap if he'll really go.
Why don't you get up a collection?
I know a lot of people
who would be glad to contribute.
Poor girl, it was bad enough
with Aunt Katherine and Robert...
- now she's got that Dr. Kammer.
- Who's Dr. Kammer?
I don't know, he's some nut psychologist.
Sits around and talks about
her dreams by the hour.
I get the creeps every time I look at him.
Harold, we want to go someplace
and get the taste of respectability...
- out of our mouths.
- Okay, Nick.
- I don't think I can go.
- David, why not?
I've got too much on my mind, I guess.
I'm glad you're back, anyway.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year, David.
Selma was a fool
not to have married him instead of Robert.
Well, they all can't be
as lucky as you are, darling.
What have you got to offer, Harold?
There's Tim McCrum's,
and there's the Lichee...
and there's the Tin Dipper.
- Is the Lichee a Chinese restaurant?
- Yes'm.
- Me no lookee for Robert.
- The Lichee.
The Lichee.
Not now, baby, I gotta make a change.
I'll be right back.
- Well, make it snappy.
- Waiter, bring Mr. Landis another drink.
Hello, Dancer.
Say, what's the idea?
You better not leave that guy.
- These shoes are murdering me.
- Don't be long. He might get restless.
Say, I'm getting pretty fed up with him.
You can turn him loose tomorrow.
Yeah? Tomorrow's a holiday,
the banks will be closed.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, the day after, what's the difference?
Is it worth it?
Come on, make it snappy.
I'll keep an eye on him.
- Polly! Polly!
- Sorry, Sonny, I'm busy.
- I got a message for you.
- Well, what is it?
- Your brother's looking for you.
- Well, let him look.
- So that's the way it is, huh?
- Phil, don't try to start anything...
- I'm in a hurry.
- You've been in a hurry since I got back.
Can I help it if I gotta work?
That ain't what I'm kickin' about.
What's going on with this drunk?
- Nothing.
- What's this?
Give me that. What are you trying to do,
drive me nuts?
Shut up, or I'll smack you
right in the teeth.
- I'm in on that, you know.
- Now, Phil, after all...
- lf you don't cut me in, the party's off.
- I can't cut you in.
- It's yours, ain't it?
- Yeah, but...
- But what?
- Now listen, Phil, don't spoil my makeup...
- I got another number to do.
- So that's the way it is, eh?
You big lug.
- Now, how am I gonna explain that?
- There are a lot of things...
you'll have to explain
before I'm through with you.
What are you doing?
Shaking her down again?
- What's that to you?
- Why don't you lay off her for a while?
- She's busy.
- I know.
- What do you know?
- A few things that are going on here.
Smart boy, eh? You know things.
When are you going
to start shaking me down?
When I want to shake you down...
I put up with you because
you're Polly's brother, but don't...
think you can ride too far on that ticket.
Now stay away for a couple of days.
My, what big confetti they throw here.
Get out of the way, you big clown.
- Well, that's more like it.
- Too bad we didn't bring Aunt Katherine.
- Oh, Mr. Charles. How are you?
- Hello, Dancer.
Neat way you have
of tossing your customers out.
His sister works here.
I just get tired of him sometimes.
- I felt a gun under his left arm.
- Just breaking it in for a friend.
I want you to meet my partner.
This is Lum Kee, Mr. Charles.
- And Mrs. Charles.
- How do you do?
- I'm your friend, you bet you.
- You sent his brother up, remember?
- Lum Yung?
- Oh, yes.
He's the one who spread out some tong
differences to include a bank stick-up.
You bet you. You catch my brother.
You play trick on him.
No play trick on him, no catch him.
You bet you. Is he still in?
You bet you. For five years more.
Excuse, please.
Is he a gunman, too?
No, but you never can tell
how close brothers are.
- Thought you might like to know.
- Thanks.
He's a great guy to have liking you.
This way, Mrs. Charles.
- Many customers tonight?
- Oh, yes.
We always do a pretty good business,
you know.
Follow me.
- Oh, Nickie, there's Robert!
- Yes, I know.
Why didn't you tell me?
- Why, Robert! Where have you been?
- Well, fancy meeting you here.
Why haven't you sent any word to Selma?
She's almost crazy with worry.
She ought to know better by now.
- Nicholas!
- How's it coming?
Fine, up till now.
Sorry I can't ask you to sit down.
That's all right. I'll ask her.
Nora, won't you sit down?
So, she sent the great
big detective to find me.
I have a table for you across the room,
Mr. Charles.
I think you'll be more comfortable there.
I'm sure they would.
I'll be over in just a minute. Thanks.
Why don't you call Selma
and tell her you're all right?
- Well, don't exaggerate, just call her.
- You can tell her...
when you go back to report on me.
Tell her I'm having a swell time.
I'm not going back unless I have to.
And I don't think I'll have to.
I'll be delighted to tell her that.
Well, you'll forgive us...
if we tear ourselves away?
Dancer seems a bit anxious.
Hello, Handsome.
Is he a friend of yours?
On the contrary, a relation.
He's been hanging around here
for three days, drunk.
Got a case on our prima donna.
I wish you'd toss him out.
His wife's going crazy.
That's too bad. I'll speak to his girlfriend.
- Well, I've done my duty.
- I wonder what's up?
- Up where?
- Up there.
- Where?
- There, and it comes out here.
Scotch. Probably.
- His relatives just blew in.
- What'll we do?
Give the customers one more song
and knock off for the night.
Take him to your place
and keep him there.
- Nickie, what time is it?
- It's 11:35.
- And our first New Year's alone.
- Hello, Nick.
Maybe I was wrong.
- Hello, Joe.
- Hello.
Excuse me, lady. Say, Nick,
Willie the Weeper's outside, see?
- When did he get out?
- He got out this morning. He's on parole.
According to rules and regulations
he ought to be mingling...
with some respectable people, see?
I thought you had
a nice table here, see? Maybe...
- By all means.
- That's fine, you're a gent!
Hey, boys!
- Everything all right, Mrs. Charles?
- Everything's all something.
You needn't worry about Mr. Landis.
Polly's going to see he gets home all right.
- Thank you.
- Waiter, no check for this table.
- Anything they want is on the house.
- Yes, sir.
- I can't let you do that, see?
- But I insist. You're my guest.
Come on, boys.
This'll mean a lot to Willie, see?
- New Year's Eve and everything, see?
- All right, if you insist.
It's mighty white of you.
Meet the rest of my party.
- How are you?
- Gentlemen, be seated.
- This is Willie. You remember Willie.
- How are you? Glad to see you.
I am honored to be
at your coming out party.
- Nora, this is Willie the Weeper.
- Delighted.
- And the boys.
- How are you?
How do you do?
- Do you boys know Dancer?
- I don't want to know him.
He's a crumb.
Don't say that, boys. He's giving the party.
- Everything's on the house.
- Yeah?
- That right?
- That's different. Why didn't you say so?
- Drinks and everything?
- Sure.
- Champagne, boys.
- Me, too.
Sure, champagne. Willie?
- Scotch, with a champagne chaser.
- Likewise.
Well, what do you say?
It wouldn't take much to make me
leave this town for good.
We could have a lot of fun on $25,000.
What's the use talking about that?
You haven't got it.
Don't worry, I'll get it.
- When did he say he'd let you know?
- Tomorrow.
There's my number. I gotta go on.
Listen, go and call him now.
Don't let anybody hear you.
If he says he'll give it to you tonight...
I'll blow with you right away.
We got time for one more song, folks,
before the New Year.
Miss Polly Byrnes will sing a new
number for you, Smoke Dreams.
- Where's he going?
- Getting his hat and coat.
Say, get me mine, will you?
Boy, you can certainly pick them.
I never seen such a guy. Every time I meet
him he's got another good-looking gal.
- We haven't met for years.
- Oh?
When he gives you the sack,
let me know, will you?
I certainly will.
- She's hot looking, ain't she?
- Shut up, you lug. It's his wife.
- Have you made up your mind?
- All right, I'll give you the money.
Tonight? I can't give it to you tonight.
I have some bonds that I was...
Of course they're negotiable.
Now, wait a minute. Just a minute.
That's a lot of money.
How do I know you'll keep your promise?
How do I know you'll really stay away?
And, even if...
Selma does decide to get a divorce,
how do I know you won't fight it?
All right, forget about it. I'll go on home.
Selma will be tickled to death to see me.
I'm at the Lichee Club. All right,
I'll meet you there in a couple of minutes.
Don't keep me waiting, though.
I might change my mind.
You know, it's all to the good,
them seeing him here plastered.
But we can't take a chance on them
tipping off his wife and having her bang in.
- Make it snappy.
- Okay.
We want Polly! Where's Polly?
We want Polly.
We want Polly, see?
We come here and spend all this dough,
and what does she do?
She sings one song and quits.
Now, boys, she had to run along.
- Thanks.
- Glad to be of service.
That's what you get for coming
to a dapper joint like this.
Do you think she'll really take him home?
She'll take him somewhere, I'm sure.
What do you mean?
Did I ever tell you that you're
the most fascinating woman...
this side of the Rockies?
Wait till you see me on the other side.
I said to him, "You ain't gonna
give me a ticket, you big flatfoot...
"and you know it," I said. "I got the right
to turn there, you know it," I said.
"I ain't got all night to be sitting here
gassing. Go polish your buttons...
"leave me be on my way,
you fat palooka," I said.
I know, and then you busted our plan.
All right, thank you, Mr. Galahad.
You'll keep your promise?
You don't mind if I go home
for 10 minutes?
- What for?
- Don't worry...
I won't see your precious Selma.
I just want to get some clothes.
Ten minutes shouldn't matter to a man
who's waited as long as you have.
Well, ta-ta.
I'm worried.
I'm going to phone and see
if Robert got home.
I don't care whose wife she is.
I don't like a dame that gets noisy
after she's had a few snifters.
- Don't you think I'd better?
- All right. But hurry, it's almost 12:00.
I'll be right back.
Here, get on that phone
and stay on it, hurry.
Well, that settles that.
Never mind, they don't answer.
I told her to take him straight to her place.
Mr. Landis?
I wanted her to get him in shape
so he could go home.
Mr. Landis on phone.
I hear him say he go home.
He did? Good.
He's a relative of Mr. Charles.
I felt sort of responsible.
I think I'll go out and get some
fresh air in one of my lungs.
Back in a minute.
Hello, Selma.
- How are you?
- Where have you been?
Why do you do these things?
I've been going crazy.
- There, there, darling.
- No, I won't this time. I won't forgive you.
You're not going to make
a fool of me again.
All right, darling. I only came
for a moment to get some clothes.
- Where are you going?
- A little trip.
No, you're not.
I won't have it. I won't!
Want to kiss me goodbye, darling?
Thank you.
Selma, what's happened?
He was going away and I tried to stop him.
Now, Selma, listen to me. Now listen.
I want you to go back to the house.
You've never had a pistol,
you understand? You hear me?
You've never been
out of the house tonight.
You don't know anything about this.
Now, come on, hurry.
Happy New Year, everybody!
Happy New Year's...
Oh, excuse me.
I guess there must be some mistake.
Oh, no.
In the dark, and my wife said that
she'd be right back...
- and of course l...
- Oh, yeah?
Excuse me. Happy New Year.
Happy New Year to you, too.
Nora, darling, sugar. Happy New Year.
Nickie, you're bleeding.
Yes, a little accident.
I know, this New Year's traffic is terrible,
isn't it?
Yes. Have you made any
New Year's resolutions?
Not yet. Any complaints or suggestions?
- A few.
- Which?
- All right, shoot.
- You don't scold, you don't nag.
- You look far too pretty in the mornings.
- All right, I'll remember.
Must scold, must nag,
mustn't be too pretty in the mornings.
Happy New Year, baby.
Say, what are you doing here, anyway?
Still trying to call Selma.
Well, what is it?
Come on, I'll find you a phone.
Hello, Dancer. Come in.
Once a gumheel, always a gumheel.
Well, I don't like gumheels.
I thought you'd quit it when
you married a pot of money.
Did he call me a pot?
You know I don't like to be critical,
Dancer, but...
you know, it doesn't look quite right
when you and your partner...
and your prima donna and
your best customer...
all go out at the same time.
Gives the place a sort of vacant look.
Have you ever been thrown
out of a place, Mr. Charles?
Let's see, how many was it
up to yesterday, Mrs. Charles?
Well, how many places
have you been in, Mr. Charles?
Hello, Aunt Katherine? This is Nick...
I mean, Nicholas.
Oh, yes, I will.
Well, now, if you're through in here...
Polly, another of our travelers,
has returned.
Now if only...
No sooner said than done.
Quite a gathering of the clans.
I wonder which one of you would be
more surprised if Robert Landis...
were to walk in here right now.
Of course, you know that couldn't happen,
don't you, Dancer?
I don't know what you're talking about
and I don't care. Now get out of here.
- What is it, Nick?
- Robert's been killed.
- Killed?
- Get out of here.
No, on the contrary.
We're going to have a lot more people in.
- Give me that phone.
- Certainly.
- See?
- You better go. Selma may need you.
Hello, this is Nick Charles speaking...
I want to get hold of Lt. Abrams
of the Homicide Squad.
Why are you calling him?
It's a cinch none of us shot Landis.
Maybe to explain how you knew
he was shot.
Hey, what are you doing there?
How did Mrs. Landis and her husband get
on together? Any fights, any arguments?
- No, sir.
- Mr. Abrahams...
- how dare you question my servants?
- Lady, a man's been killed.
- I got to find out who did it.
- Surely, you don't think...
How do I know what to think
if nobody will tell me anything?
Did you hear anyone leave the house
after Mr. Landis left?
Certainly not.
- Will you please let him talk?
- Mr. Abrahams...
My name is Lt. Abrams. Well?
No, sir.
- All right, I'll see you all later.
- Obviously just a holdup.
A holdup?
With that bracelet
and those bonds left on him?
Henry, will you show Lt. Abrahamson out?
Lady, I'm not going until I see Mrs. Landis.
Now look, I can't help it if
you don't like me. I'm just doing my duty.
I tell you Mrs. Landis cannot see anyone.
- She's under the care of a doctor.
- What's the doctor's name?
Dr. Kammer.
- Dr. Adolph Kammer?
- Yes.
- So that's the way it is.
- Precisely.
I'm sorry to inconvenience you,
Lt. Abrams.
Okay, Doc.
You're willing to take the responsibility
of not letting me talk to her?
Sir, it's not a question of responsibility.
Mrs. Landis has had a very great shock.
It was necessary to give her
something to quiet her nerves.
- Can she talk to you in her sleep?
- When'll she be awake?
Not for some hours.
Do you often have to give
Mrs. Landis things to quiet her?
Okay, Doc. Check that off.
- Then is she crazy?
- You're insulting.
Lady, I've seen this guy
three times in my life...
and all three times he was on a witness
stand testifying that someone was nuts.
First there was that Mrs. Jerris.
Then, the Darrow woman.
- By golly, she shot her husband, too.
- Too?
What right have you
to say a thing like that?
In view of that very definite accusation,
I think that you should...
insist that your attorney is present
at any future interviews with the police.
Anybody's tongue is liable to slip.
Lt. Abrams, hurry...
Nick's waiting for you down at
the Lichee Club. He's got them all there.
What's happened?
- He knows. He'll tell you everything.
- I hope somebody can tell me something.
- Where's Selma?
- She's sleeping. She's not to be disturbed.
I won't disturb her.
But I want to be there when she wakes up.
I don't think that as yet
there is any reason for alarm.
They're going to arrest me.
They're going to arrest me, aren't they?
- No. Of course they're not, dear.
- They all believe I did it.
Aunt Katherine, the doctor, all of them.
- No, Selma, they don't think that at all.
- I heard them. I know.
- Now, darling.
- But I didn't kill him. I didn't.
I'm sure I didn't.
- You'll help me, won't you, Nora?
- Why, of course, darling.
But you'd better lie down now
and get some rest.
They gave me some pills,
but I didn't take them.
- You should have, dear. You need to sleep.
- No, I can't. I can't.
- I've got to think. David.
- What about David?
He thinks so, too.
- He must think so or he wouldn't have...
- He wouldn't have what?
Oh, nothing. You tell him I didn't.
- Tell him I didn't do it.
- Darling, couldn't you telephone?
No. Someone might be listening.
No, you go to him.
- Tell him I didn't do it. Hurry!
- All right, I will.
This is your news reporter speaking.
The old year was hardly out when death...
struck savagely in the slaying of
Robert Landis, wealthy society playboy.
Mystery surrounds the shooting...
It's I, Nora.
Hello. This is a surprise. Is Nick with you?
What's the matter?
Just let me sit down.
Don't you know what's happened?
No, what?
Well, first, Robert was killed.
- He was killed?
- We saw him at the...
David, look!
That's the brother of the girl
who was with Robert!
Don't let him get away,
he might know something.
I'll get him as he comes out the alley.
Not so fast, buddy. Mr. Law speaking.
Get inside there.
Who you got in there with you?
Hey, you. Just a minute,
get out of that window.
What are you trying to do,
make a getaway?
- There was someone on the fire escape.
- Where is he?
- He's gone now.
- All right then, come on, let's get going.
- This lady is...
- I know all about this lady.
I've been trailing her ever since
she left the Forrest house. Come on.
- Where are we going?
- We're going to headquarters.
There must be some mistake,
I'm Mrs. Nick Charles.
And I'm Mother Goose!
Step on it, girlie, let's go.
I've been trying to tell you for the last
half hour none of us had anything...
Shut up, Dancer.
If I want more of your chatter,
I'll ask for it. Let her talk. Go on.
- I took him home like Dancer told me.
- Did you hear a shot?
Well, I heard something,
like backfire from an automobile.
It was foggy and I was too far away
to see anything.
I thought I'd better get out
of the neighborhood...
if I didn't want to get into trouble.
Why don't you ask her
what she was too far away from?
From wherever it was it happened.
If I hadn't been too far away, I would
have known what it was, would I?
Well, l...
- I give up.
- All right, Dancer. Where were you?
I went out to get some air.
What city ordinance does that break?
- I went with him.
- Where did you go for all this air?
Air pretty much same everywhere.
We go in my car. Ride around.
- Ask chauffeur.
- Riding around?
New Year's Eve, the place is jammed
and you two are riding around.
Hey, where do you think...
Just a minute, do you know who I am?
I came here to see a client.
This is important business. Listen to me.
- You can't do this to me.
- Hey, lay him down.
Hello, Casper.
- He's our lawyer.
- I knew there'd be some shyster around.
- Well, what is this?
- Do I know?
So a guy comes in and buys a drink.
He goes out and somebody kills him.
What are we supposed to do?
Give customers insurance with the drinks?
Not a bad idea.
I didn't recognize you, Mr. Charles.
Remember me, Floyd Casper?
Yes, how are you?
Always kidding.
Why, Abrams, you don't think
that these people would have anything...
to do with a thing like that?
Why, I've known this lad since...
- Save that for the D.A. You got a gun?
- Sure. And a permit.
If you want to take those,
we'd like a receipt.
Tell that shyster to shut up
or you'll go to the Hall of Justice.
- On what charges?
- Witnesses. They ask them questions.
Your clients spend
nine-tenths of the time doing it.
Take these down and check them
with the bullet that killed Landis.
- Hold it a minute. You. You got a gun?
- No.
What did you do with it?
I never had one.
Nobody has anything,
nobody knows anything.
All right, go ahead.
Miss Byrnes has a brother who has a gun.
And my chauffeur tells me
that he hung around outside...
until just about the time
she and Landis left.
If he was there,
he was hanging around waiting for me.
He wouldn't kill Robert, Mr. Charles.
He wouldn't have no reason.
I'm not accusing anyone. I'm just talking.
I think you ought to find him.
At least he might give his version...
as to why Dancer threw him out.
If that rat tries
to hang anything on me, I'll...
- Leave my brother out of this.
- Take it easy.
They want to get you
at each other's throats.
Answer what you wanna
and don't let them get you.
- I can't stand that shyster.
- I was beginning to suspect that.
- Did you call me, Nick?
- No, not yet, Harold.
But you ought to stick around.
Outside. It's pretty close in here.
Where is this brother of yours
that didn't kill anyone?
He lives in a hotel on Turk Street.
I don't know just where.
Don't know much of anything, do you?
I honestly don't know which hotel.
Phil is always moving.
Does he have to move
every time he don't kill someone?
Don't be so funny! You got me in stitches.
Stay where you are, everybody.
Get that switch!
I'll get it, Nick.
Hello. What?
Can't hear you,
so much noise going on around here.
This is Nick Charles speaking.
Take it easy, will you, fellas,
I can't hear a thing here.
Dancer just got away. Yeah.
Tell the boys to pick him up, will you?
It's all right, Nick, I got him.
Wait a minute,
my chauffeur thinks he's got him.
The old Gotch toe hold.
Hello. No, it's Abrams he's got.
Harold, you better let him up,
he may not like that.
Say, what's the idea?
- Take it easy, lady.
- Let go of me, will you?
What do you think you're doing?
Lights went out. You want me to stand
out there while Nick might be in trouble?
- What was the shooting?
- I guess it was me.
Did you get him?
I thought it was him coming through
the door. It was only me in that mirror.
And I want...
I want to have a description
of that brother of yours.
What're you picking on Phil for?
What about Mrs. Landis killing him?
Maybe she found out
we was going away together.
Maybe she found out about
that Graham giving him the bonds.
- Don't talk till you get legal advice.
- You're their lawyer, not mine!
How do I know you won't leave me
holding the bag.
We're getting somewhere.
Pick up Mrs. Landis, doctor or no doctor.
- We're going down to headquarters.
- You can't do that!
What's the idea, anyway?
All it sounds like to me is they picked up
my wife in a man's apartment.
- Say it again.
- That's it. That's what she says.
- I've never seen your wife myself.
- Let me talk to him.
Graham. David Graham. Hold him? Okay.
- Why, this is all crazy, that can't be Nick.
- It's him, all right.
- Tell him it's Nora.
- She says to say it's Nora, Mr. Charles.
No, sounds like a phony to me.
Better throw her in the fish tank
till I get down there.
- Right.
- Well?
- Throw her in the fish tank.
- What? Why...
- Throw her in the fish tank.
- Why of all the...
Will you open this door or will I kick it in?
What did I tell you about horning in
on somebody else's game?
All right, Matron.
How do you do? I'd like to get this gal
out of the woman's tank.
Oh, yes. Is this the one that was doing
the fan dance?
- Fan dance?
- Yes.
- Lf it is, she's been holding out on me.
- Hi, there. Say, are you a lawyer?
Did Mr. Feinberg send you?
Keep quiet! Who are you looking for?
Bail us out of here.
- Do you see her?
- No, I guess she isn't here.
Nickie, here I am. Excuse me.
Wait a minute. Wait. Excuse me.
- What?
- Here I am.
Well, this is a fine way
to start the New Year.
Get me out of here.
How long has this thing
with David been going on?
Stop. Get me out of here.
I've something to tell you.
- About the case?
- Yes.
I'll get you out on one condition.
No more detecting, no more cases.
But this is important.
- Never mind.
- Nick!
- Well?
- I promise.
- All right, let her out.
- Come on, miss.
- Are you Mrs. Charles?
- Yes.
Lt. Abrams wants you for questioning.
- Questioning?
- Yeah.
Don't worry, darling.
I'll write to you every day.
- Were you and Landis on good terms?
- Decidedly not.
- On bad terms?
- Very bad.
- You and Mrs. Landis were once engaged.
- That's right.
- Until Landis came along?
- Yes, sir.
Ever ask her to divorce him
and marry you?
- I may have. But she never said she would.
- But you hoped she would...
and you thought that with him
out of the way she might.
- Now look, I didn't kill Robert.
- Did I say you did?
- But you did pay him to go away.
- Yes, I did.
Let them in.
Will you please sit down, Mrs. Charles.
I have to ask your wife a couple
of questions, Mr. Charles. I'm sorry.
- That's quite all right.
- Now, Mrs. Charles...
why did you go to
Mr. Graham's apartment?
- Why...
- Perhaps I'd better leave.
Why, Selma had a silly idea
that David thought she killed Robert.
She wanted me to go
and tell him that she didn't.
Now, wait a minute. I can't imagine her
thinking a thing like that.
That's ridiculous,
I haven't seen her for two days.
- Will you come in, Mrs. Landis?
- Dear, sit down.
David, I didn't want you dragged into this.
Mrs. Landis, why did Mr. Graham
think you killed...
I never said that and I never thought it
for a minute.
It's all right, David.
You have every right to think I did it.
He's just trying to protect me.
He heard a shot,
came running up to me and...
Just a minute.
What were you doing there?
I wanted to make sure that he kept
his promise to go away.
Okay, go on.
He rushed to me and found me standing
near Robert with a gun in my hand.
But the shot came from around the corner,
from in front of me.
You mean you didn't...
No. Look at the gun, David,
it hasn't been fired.
Selma, forgive me.
It's all right, David. Of course I forgive you.
Well, that's all settled. Come on, Nora.
Goodbye, Lieutenant. Goodbye, all.
Now, wait a minute.
Maybe, he believes you.
He's in love with you.
But I got to have something more
than that. Where's the gun?
- I've got to see that gun, Mrs. Landis.
- I haven't got the gun.
I gave it to David. David, where's the...
- What is it, David?
- Selma, I thought you were guilty.
I thought I was doing the only thing...
I threw the gun away.
You threw the gun away?
This is the craziest case.
But they can find it.
I can tell them exactly where I threw it.
I'll send divers down for it and...
They've got to find it!
She don't want that gun back
anymore than you do.
Swear out a warrant for the arrest of
Mrs. Landis on suspicion of murder.
- Get some whiskey.
- Yes, sir.
For both of us.
And that goes for you, too. Go on.
What did you say?
Did you say something
about scrambled eggs?
No, darling, you must have been dreaming.
Are you hungry?
No, why?
You want some scrambled eggs, dear?
- I can fix them for you if you want them.
- No, darling, I don't care for any.
- Sure?
- Really.
- Good night, dear.
- Good night.
After all, if I want scrambled eggs
I can get them for myself.
Of course, I'm not as good
a cook as you are.
Don't bother about me.
You go right on sleeping, darling.
I love to watch you sleep.
You look so cute.
Nickie, have you any pictures
of yourself taken as a baby?
- No.
- That's a shame.
I want to see what you looked like.
I'll have some taken in the morning.
Poor Selma, poor David.
Nickie, can you reach the water?
Can you reach the water?
No, I just... I don't want it.
I just wanted to be sure you could reach it.
Come on. I'll scramble those eggs.
If you can manage the bread,
I'll whip you up some scrambled eggs...
that'll be a poem.
- I'm so glad you're hungry, too.
- Here, chase this.
No, this. Go get it.
Eggs, milk, butter.
Now, what's the matter?
I'm thinking of poor Selma
down in that jail.
Don't worry.
Tomorrow they'll find the gun...
and it won't have been fired
and Selma will be set free. A bowl.
- Then you don't really think she did it?
- No.
- Now, where's the salt?
- Over there.
You're not saying that just to make me
happy, are you? You really mean it?
- No.
- No, what?
No pepper.
- It's there next to the salt.
- Thanks.
Then, what?
- Yes, I mean it.
- Of course you're right.
She didn't do it. She couldn't have done it.
I don't think I'd kill you
if you ran off with another woman.
- Well, that's something to look forward to.
- I might, though.
Do you mind, sugar?
- Don't forget to shut the gate.
- Nick, what was it?
It was a stone.
Look, it's got a note tied to it.
Silly little woman.
I told her to stop writing me.
Asta, drop that.
Asta, drop that, that's a clue.
He thinks we're playing.
Nickie, come help me.
- Look at him.
- Where is he?
Over there.
- Has he got the N-O-T-E?
- Yes.
Don't pay any attention to him.
Just be nonchalant.
- Asta!
- Darling, let me, just a moment.
Come here, this minute.
Do you hear me? This minute.
Never mind me. Get him!
Yes. Asta!
- Did you get it?
- Got the rock.
- Nick, he's eating it up!
- Asta.
Here, look! Pretty rock.
Get the pretty rock. Here, boy.
Asta, look. See the pretty rock.
When he runs after the rock,
you grab the paper.
Get it, Asta. Get the pretty rock.
That's a good doggie.
I have it.
"Mr. Charles...
"Phil Byrnes, alias Ralph West...
"is a ex-con...
"and was married to Polly in Topeker...
"three years ago.
"He lives..."
What are we to do,
send them an anniversary present?
Nickie, phone Abrams.
And have him here,
keeping us up all night?
Don't you see? If Phil is her husband,
then he shot Robert...
because he found out about him and Polly.
Nickie, you must phone.
- Just as you say.
- Here, you.
Bad Asta. You swallowed that address.
How could you?
And I've been boasting about
what a smart dog you were.
Just for that, you sleep outside.
I don't think Mr. Charles
wishes to see anyone.
You just tell Mr. Charles I'm here,
that's all.
Good morning, Peters.
Mrs. Charles couldn't sleep, so I'm up.
- Good morning, Peters.
- Good evening, madam.
Good evening? Why, it's only 6:30.
- Yes, sir.
- It's still dark.
It's dark again, sir.
You slept right through the day.
- Was it a nice day?
- A dreadful day, madam.
The reporters and the police were
trying to get up here.
- I guess we didn't miss a thing.
- Quick, the morning papers.
- The morning paper's not out, madam.
- Not out yet?
- These are the evening papers.
- Oh.
Here you are.
It doesn't seem right,
the evening papers with breakfast.
If you hadn't wakened me,
we'd have slept right through till morning.
Mr. Charles, there's one of those
policemen outside the door now.
- What shall I do about it?
- Show him in.
He probably wants to question
Mrs. Charles again.
It doesn't say whether they've found
the gun.
Oh, I forgot. I'm mad at you.
Look at him prancing around
with that clue in him!
Hello, Mr. Abrams.
- Good morning.
- Good evening.
Yes, good evening.
- Will you have some breakfast?
- Thanks. I just had dinner.
I give up.
- Have they found the gun?
- No.
Oh, Nick.
Will you convict her if you don't find it?
Maybe I do and maybe I don't.
It's what the D.A. Thinks.
What about the other guns?
Dancer's and Lum Kee's?
They're.38s, like he was killed with.
But the experts say
they're not the guns that did it.
$50 will get you $250 that she didn't do it.
You'd have to say that, you're family.
But that Lichee gang
has got the best out in the world.
They wouldn't have killed him
until they cashed his check.
- His check?
- I forgot, you didn't hear about that.
He gave Polly a check
for $20,000 yesterday.
Robert never had $20,000 in his life.
Yes, he did. I went to the bank
to see about it. Here it is.
His wife put this in his account...
just a few days ago.
It looks all right.
Have you any of his checks?
- I got all of his and they're okay.
- I want the ones he gave to Polly.
Here's the first one for $75.
- $75, that's better.
- Here's the next one for $100.
$100. Going up, huh?
- Forgery.
- Let me have the big check.
Let me see. I've never seen a forged check.
There you are.
- How will you have your eggs?
- Where's your phone?
- It's on the table between the beds.
- I can't see anything!
- Where's the rest of this phone?
- It's in the drawer.
Hey, nice doggie. Will you tell him
I just want to use the phone?
Now behave yourself, will you? Look out.
I don't understand,
the signatures look exactly alike to me.
- That's just it.
- That's just what?
Nobody writes this much the same, twice.
They traced these signatures
from his first check.
Hello. Hello, Joe?
Go down and pick up
that Polly Byrnes for me.
Do you want this thing
back in the drawer?
No, that's all right.
Will you call this bloodhound off,
so I can get out?
Asta, come here.
Don't you know Mr. Abrams
is on our side?
What's the matter with you on this case?
You're losing your grip.
Get Dancer yet?
He showed up as soon as it was light.
Had a story about not wanting to
be around when the shooting started.
Him without his gun.
- What about Phil? Found him?
- No.
Somebody threw this
through our window, last night.
- Where's the rest of it?
- Asta ate it.
- Polly said it was a hotel on Turk Street.
- That's right.
Say, do you want to give it a try with me?
Yes, if you'll give me
a few minutes to dress.
Yes, you wait downstairs.
We'll be right down.
Hey, wait a minute.
- Where do you get that "we" stuff?
- I'm coming with you.
Not cured yet, huh?
Certainly not. Don't worry, darling.
I won't be in the way.
Why, of course you won't.
I just want to make sure.
Nick! You dog!
Let me out!
You stay here
in case he tries to make a break.
- Is Phil Byrnes in?
- We ain't got no Phil Byrnes.
- Have you got a Ralph West?
- Yes.
- Is he in?
- I don't know.
Any way of finding out?
Walk upstairs if you want. Room 212.
Get on the back stairs.
Telegram for Mr. West.
After you, my dear Lieutenant.
Dead, all right. Strangled.
And beaten up some
before the strangling set in.
Someone's hair in his hand.
Watch out.
A pair of spectacles.
I'll have the boys phone,
we'll give this room a good casing.
Here's another.38
for your experts to match up.
I guess the heater is his, all right.
He's wearing an empty shoulder holster.
I guess this is the key
to that Byrnes girl's apartment.
It's got her number stamped on it.
Another good guess would be
that Selma Landis didn't do this.
Fair enough.
But he wasn't killed the way Landis was.
Tell me what your laboratory says
about that hair and those cheaters.
- Okay. Anything else on your mind?
- Yes, that key.
- Could I borrow it for about an hour?
- Sure.
How about your skeleton key
just for good measure?
All right. Say, what are you looking for?
I haven't the faintest idea. Just a hunch.
This is straight from the feed bag. They
just found Phil's body strangled to death.
Say, that's tough.
Polly's gonna feel bad. Thanks.
- Polly in yet?
- No. Police here, looking for her.
Stall them. Keep them here.
I'm going up to her place. I'll be back soon.
Get out there.
Wait, brother.
Say, what is this? Bank Night?
Flash news bulletin.
A body believed to be that of the janitor
was found in a hamper...
in the basement of 346 White Street.
Police link this murder with
the Landis killing.
Read all about the big murder!
Sorry to have to ask you to come to
a place like this, but...
Is it Nick? Where is he? Is he hurt?
No, he's all right. He's upstairs.
I called you here because...
we found the janitor's body here.
Been dead about 24 hours.
Shot near the phone, there.
The telephone company tells us that about
7:30 last night, just before he was shot...
someone here called up information and
asked for Nick Charles' number.
Mr. Charles doesn't remember
this Pedro Dominguez...
- and I thought perhaps you might be...
- Pedro Dominguez?
He was my father's gardener,
about six years ago.
- A small man with a mustache?
- Yeah, that's the one.
Hello? Just a minute.
Call for you, Lieutenant.
Would you mind going down
and taking a look, just to make sure?
Certainly not.
- Would you take Mrs. Charles...
- Right.
Those glasses you found in Phil Byrnes'
place are nothing but window pane.
The hair is false and the gun
is not the one that was used on Landis.
You're a great help.
Did you find out about the fingerprints
in his room?
Dancer's, eh?
Well, that helps a little. No others? Okay.
Get to work on this case. And take a look
at the bullet that killed this guy.
Funny you didn't recognize
this Pedro Dominguez.
Why, does Nora know him?
Yeah, he used to be her father's gardener.
Remember him now?
Who ever remembers a gardener
unless he squirts a hose at you?
- Hold this a minute, will you?
- What is it?
You'll see in a minute.
Think Mrs. Landis might know this Pedro?
- She might.
- And that Aunt Katherine?
What do you think you're doing?
There it is. Hold that, will you?
Well, what do you know about that?
A ladder.
$50 will get you $250 that...
it just reaches down
to Polly's apartment below.
With this left over for good measure
when he got there.
- Let's try it.
- Sure.
All right. This end first.
How about it?
- You're right.
- Yeah.
What did you find out about
the person who was here?
Not a thing, not a fingerprint in the room,
not a stitch of clothes, nothing.
Anything in Pedro's books?
Just that someone named Anderson
took it a week ago, paid cash in advance.
That's all, huh?
There's a record of a new lock on the door.
Bought it yesterday.
Wait a minute,
what does the card on the door say?
That won't help you much.
No, just Anderson. No front name.
No Mr., Mrs., or Miss.
Isn't that just dandy?
- Lf we found out who took this place...
- I took this.
- You took what?
- I took this picture.
I found it in Pedro's apartment.
I wanted to show it to you.
You see, he was our gardener.
These are the servants we had
down at father's place.
There's Pedro, and Rose...
- and there's Annie...
- Yes, darling, that's just fine.
I'm sure that Lt. Abrams
will be very grateful.
What do you think we ought to do?
Bring them all here.
Everyone mixed up in the case.
- Let's see what we can get.
- You're on.
Going to take him tonight?
We're going to try.
Let's get something to eat. I'm thirsty.
How are you going to do it?
I don't know. I'm going to look, listen,
and pray that somebody makes a slip.
Just one slip.
- Did you get them all?
- They're coming.
- Selma.
- Take her upstairs.
What is it? What does this mean?
Darling, don't worry.
Nick will fix everything.
I wish I were as sure as she is.
Figured out anything
about the setup here?
- A little.
- What's your plan?
Build up a case against each of them.
Throw everything we've got,
hard enough to bounce.
I'll make it bounce, all right.
- Wait a minute.
- It's all right, let him in.
- Nick, have they found the gun?
- Not yet.
- Selma's upstairs.
- She is?
- No talking, now.
- It's all right, I'll go up with him.
- David.
- Now, none of that.
No, no siree.
What about a few more chairs.
I'll keep my eye on them.
Sure, Mr. Charles.
Thank you, Nick.
This is outrageous,
bringing us to a place like this.
Break. That's fine.
- They're all here, Miss Forrest just came.
- Good.
You didn't ask Aunt Katherine?
I thought we'd return her hospitality.
We owe her something after last night.
I'm going to get myself a box seat.
Now don't get so fresh!
Take your hands off me!
All right, I just wanted to see
if you had a gun.
That's a new name for it.
Just wait until you boys ask me
to do another benefit for you.
All right, inside.
Say, is that Mrs. Landis?
Yes, would you like to meet her?
No, thanks, I've had enough of that family.
How are you, Lum?
I got restaurant to run, no time for this.
If you're worried about the place,
I'll have it closed up for you.
we almost ran into each other
earlier this evening.
That so? Too bad I missed you.
Then it was you. Thanks, I wasn't sure.
- Where's Casper?
- His phone's out of order.
Why don't you send a messenger?
What's wrong?
Shut up you. Cut out the chatter.
Well, Nicholas. I might have known
that you were at the bottom of this.
Come right in, Aunt Katherine.
How much more of this nonsense
have I got to endure?
We hope this'll be the last.
Aunt Katherine, sit over here.
Yes. This must be Dr. Kammer.
I've heard so much about you, from David.
Won't you come in?
Sit down, just find a chair.
I asked you all down here because...
we found another murder
had been committed here.
He's a man I think you all know.
Pedro Dominguez.
Pedro, killed?
- Yeah, don't you read the papers?
- I was in the jug.
- What do you know about him?
- Nothing.
I only saw him a few times
when I went to pay my rent.
What about you? You're in and out of here,
you must've known him.
Sure, I know him. So what?
And you?
I never been in this house before.
I had nothing to do with it.
I'm here to attend Mrs. Landis.
You're here to answer questions.
Did you know him?
- You knew him, Mrs. Landis?
- I knew him?
Yes, you remember him, Selma.
He used to be our gardener at Ross.
David, you remember him?
Was he the man with the long,
white mustache?
- Yes, what did you know about him?
- Nothing.
That was six years ago.
I haven't seen him since.
What about you?
I can't see what possible connection
this can have with us.
You don't? Well, I'll tell you.
Pedro and Robert Landis were both shot
with the same gun.
Some monkey business was going on here
that we want to find out about.
You tell her, Mr. Charles.
Yes, with pleasure.
It seems that one week ago...
Pedro rented this apartment to someone
calling himself, or herself...
- Did you ever see this Anderson?
- No.
- Ever hear him up here above you?
- No.
I thought not.
He was rather clever and ingenious,
this Anderson.
Always wore gloves,
never left a fingerprint.
He intended, with the aid of this ladder...
to crawl down into your place some night
and polish Robert off with this.
Then he was going to climb back up here,
unscrew the ladder...
throw that out the window
on a dump heap down below.
Then walk quietly out leaving you
holding the bag for Robert's murder.
Do you know anyone who thinks
enough of you to do that?
Why, no.
- You're Dancer's girl, aren't you?
- I work for him.
That's not what he asked you.
Well, we got an understanding.
Did Dancer know you were going away
with Robert?
Go on, you told us before.
You promised you'd keep that a secret.
I'll never trust a cop again.
Now listen, if you've made a dicker
with the cops, okay.
But that ladder stuff's a lot of malarkey.
No one did come down that ladder,
and Landis wasn't killed in her place.
The only reason he wasn't killed
in her place...
was that Anderson was found out.
Pedro came in here yesterday
to lay a new rug.
He didn't like the looks of things,
so he changed the lock on the door.
When Anderson came in,
he found that he was locked out.
Then he heard Pedro
telephoning me downstairs.
- And he shot him.
- So what?
So, who is Anderson?
I'll bite, who?
- Polly, Phil had a key to your apartment.
- Yes.
- And so had Dancer.
- Yeah.
- What about Lum?
- No, of course not.
- Anybody else?
- Nobody.
What do you think I do,
go around stuffing them under doors?
He's trying to hang this murder on us
to protect his family.
If the janitor didn't think everything
was okay, why didn't he call the cops?
Why does he call you?
Because it's a family affair.
She knocked her husband off.
Everyone knows that.
- I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
Then you got that lug
to throw away your gun.
- It isn't true.
- That's a lie.
- Now, Mrs. Landis.
- Mrs. Landis.
You knew your husband and Polly
were friends, didn't you?
- No.
- But you knew there was a woman.
- Yes.
- You knew this Pedro?
Lieutenant, suppose we take up
this check business.
Wait a minute.
Who's doing this, you or me?
- It never has been my party.
- Maybe this guy is right. How do I know?
- Were you ever in this room before?
- No.
What about you?
Of course not.
- What do you think...
- I'll tell you what I think.
She had this room and you knew about it.
You knew she was going to kill
her husband. You had Dr. Kammer...
all ready for the nut alibi.
I attended Mrs. Landis just to make sure
she didn't do anything desperate.
Mrs. Landis' mind is not balanced.
That isn't true!
There's nothing wrong with her.
You're trying to drive her crazy.
There's another mental case right there.
Break it up, boys, break it up!
Hey, what's the idea?
This way, darling.
Darling, you have the nicest
relatives and friends.
- Mr. Charles!
- Yes?
Don't walk off and leave me
with this bunch.
I wouldn't have said what I had
if I hadn't been a bit punchy.
This gang has got me nuts.
- Go on, Nickie, it's just getting good.
- Attagirl.
All right, darling.
Let me know when you've had enough.
Now take it easy.
Well, suppose we all
go about this thing quietly.
there you are.
You know, that check of Robert's
for $20,000 was a forgery.
- So, what's it to me?
- It was traced from another check.
I still say, so what's it to me?
Just a minute, Lieutenant.
We'll handle it differently.
Selma, did you deposit that check for
$20,000 to his account a few days ago?
- No.
- Yes, you did, Selma.
I remember your telling me.
Did you, Selma?
Yes, I think perhaps I did. I must have.
You think Robert forged her signature
and you're trying to hush it up, aren't you?
- Aren't you?
- No.
For years you've paid
to hush up his scandals.
Don't you see
that's just what they're counting on?
Selma, is that the vanity case
they sent you?
And when you returned it,
you sent a note along with it.
You took a signature of that note...
traced it on this check
and deposited it to Robert's account.
Then you forged Robert's signature
to the other checks...
and had Polly keep him busy
until you cashed them.
Then I suppose I knock him off and
stir up all this fuss before I get the dough.
What kind of a stumblebum does that
make me out to be?
You're the stumblebum
that left your fingerprints...
all over the room
when you killed Phil Byrnes.
- Phil's dead?
- Yes, strangled.
- I didn't do it.
- Why did you go to his place?
Because I thought he'd gummed my game.
I figured he'd tried to hold up Landis
and had to kill him.
I pushed him around a bit
just to learn him manners.
When I left him he had a split lip
and couple of dents in him...
but he was just as much alive as you are.
If that means anything.
Just a minute, Lieutenant. Polly,
who knew that Phil was your husband?
- What?
- You were married, weren't you?
- So Phil was your husband?
- As if you didn't know.
I didn't know it until now.
I wish I had, baby.
Didn't you ever tell anyone
that you were married?
- No.
- Would Phil have told?
No. He knew if Dancer heard,
I'd lose my job.
- Did you and Phil ever talk about it?
- Yeah. One night last week.
But nobody could have heard.
We were alone, down in my room.
With these earphones...
Anderson could hear everything
that went on in your place.
- Everything?
- Everything.
Holy smoke!
He knew more about all of you
than you know yourselves.
Dancer, you went to Phil's room...
right after you pulled the switch
at the Lichee, didn't you?
- Yes.
- That was about 1:00.
- What time was Phil killed?
- About 4:00, near as we can figure.
At 4:30, Anderson threw
this note through my window.
He was beginning to make use of
the information he got while he was here.
Dancer, how do you spell married?
Get Casper on the phone.
We'll pass that.
Polly, how do you spell married?
Thank you.
When it comes to words like that...
- an illiterate person...
- What do you mean illiterate?
My father and mother were married
right here in the City Hall.
- Having a good time, Mrs. Charles?
- It couldn't be better.
This note is a poor attempt at illiteracy.
The easy words are spelled wrong,
and the tough ones are spelled right.
Like to see it, Lum?
That was meant just to get me down
to Phil's place, to find his body.
And your fingerprints, Dancer.
Somebody's framing you.
- You say you don't know this Pedro?
- No.
There's a picture of him over here.
Perhaps this will refresh your memory.
Were you in on this check business?
- I know nothing about it.
- You lie.
You were here with those earphones on
listening to everything.
You were sore because
they weren't cutting you in on it.
You followed Landis that night
and tried to stick him up.
But something went wrong,
and you had to kill him.
I do not kill Pedro.
I do not follow Mr. Landis.
Ask Dancer.
- I go with him to get air.
- So you're the one that's framing me?
You weren't with me.
You can't use me for an alibi. You dirty...
Just a minute, please.
All this time I've been waiting
for someone to make a slip.
Someone has made it.
We've been wrong.
This wasn't a killing for money.
It was a murder of hatred, of revenge.
Polly, what did Phil go to the pen for?
- Blackmail.
- Blackmail.
Did you and Phil talk about that, too,
down below?
Thank you.
David, when were you supposed to give
Robert the money to go away?
This morning.
- In cash?
- Yes.
When he decided to go last night,
you had to give him bonds?
Yes, that's right, Nick.
But where did you expect to get cash
on New Year's Day?
A bank holiday?
- I forgot about that.
- No, you didn't, David.
You never intended to give
Robert that money.
You didn't want him to go away,
you wanted to kill him.
You wanted to get even
because he took Selma away from you.
Nick, please. Nora, is he fooling?
Oh, no.
But you were fooling, David,
when you said...
that you hadn't seen Pedro in six years.
You said that he had a long,
white mustache.
Well, he has a long, white mustache now,
but look at that picture.
There he is six years ago, and his
mustache is neither long nor white.
You didn't notice him six years ago,
any more than I did.
You remember him as you saw him
last night when you shot him.
You killed him and then you killed Robert.
Phil saw you do that...
that's why he followed you,
that's why he was on your fire escape.
He was going to blackmail you,
so you killed him, too.
Then you threw that note in at my window
hoping to throw me off your trail.
David, don't let him say
those terrible things!
Tell him it isn't true.
Tell him it isn't true.
Ask him why he threw
your gun away, Selma.
He knew that it hadn't been fired.
You'd only have to show it
to prove your innocence.
Yet he threw it away. Ask him why.
David, say you didn't do it.
Wasn't it because you hated her
as much as you did Robert?
Wasn't it because you wanted
to get even with her, too?
Because you wanted to see
her hang for Robert's murder?
Oh, David.
Tell her the truth now, David.
You don't have to pretend any more.
All right, it's true, every word of it.
I've hated her, hated them both ever
since she threw me over for Robert.
I've been planning, waiting
and watching for the time to come...
when I could get even with them
for ruining my life.
I killed Robert, but not the way I wanted.
It was too quick, too easy!
I wanted to see him suffer
like he'd made me suffer.
I wanted to see you hang.
I wanted to see you
go gradually madder and madder...
until the day finally came
when you were going to hang!
Well, I made a mess out of everything,
all right!
I don't want a single move
out of any one of you.
All right, Selma, I may not see you hang...
but I'm gonna see you die.
Don't be a fool, David.
Get out of the way, Nora.
Nora, let me go. He will.
No jury will hold you responsible.
Dr. Kammer was right.
I got six bullets in this gun.
One for her, one for myself...
Yeah, one for myself.
And the rest of them
for anybody that tries to stop me.
Get out of the way!
Give me that gun!
- Nickie!
- Get him out.
I'll kill her!
Good heavens, I was right.
The man is crazy.
I can't believe it! David!
Well, you certainly can pick them.
- Nice work, Abrams, nice work.
- Yeah? Come on, Dancer.
What for?
For about 10 years, for forgery.
Not counting that potshot
you took at Mr. Charles.
- Come on, get out of here.
- You, too, sister.
- This wasn't my idea...
- You were in with him, weren't you?
- Yes, but...
- You're going to be in with him again.
Nickie, are you sure you're all right?
I'm afraid so. Nice work, Lum.
And you sent his brother up.
Sure, Mr. Charles sent him up.
Number one detective!
I no like my brother. I like his girl.
I'm your friend, you bet you!
Here's to a very pleasant trip abroad.
- Thanks.
- London, Paris, Vienna, and points east.
Splendid, Dudley, splendid.
You're getting better every trip.
The telegraph boy at
the last station said...
there's a lot of telegrams
for Mr. Nick Charles.
Who's Nick Charles? I never heard of him.
- That's what I said.
- Fine!
- Your room is ready, Ma'am.
- Thanks.
Well, good night, dear.
- Good night, sweet. Sleep well.
- Don't worry, I shall.
Good night, Nick.
And thanks so much for everything.
I want to kiss you. May I?
Go right ahead. But I warn you,
it's a hard habit to get out of.
Good night, Selma.
What's the matter, Nick?
It isn't true.
What isn't true?
- Pinch me.
- Why?
Pinch me.
- It is true.
- What?
We're alone. No family, no friends...
no reporters, no police, no nothing.
I suppose we ought to decide
where we're going.
- Why? Do you care?
- No.
- But I haven't any clothes.
- What's the difference?
Saves you the trouble of packing.
And I don't need anything in the world,
darling, but you and a toothbrush.
What's that?
Looks like a baby's sock.
And you call yourself a detective.
Why, Mrs. Charles.