After the Wedding (2017) Movie Script

This heat wave expected
to continue for at least
another three days.
Stay cool however
you can and make sure
you're drinking lots of water.
- Happy birthday, bear.
Wake up.
Make a wish.
- You didn't have to do that.
- Don't get too excited,
they're whole wheat.
- Yikes.
- Mm, yikes.
- What is this?
You already got me
the trip to Miami.
- It's just a little something.
You know, for inspiration
while you're writing.
Open it.
- Oh, thanks, tiger.
- You like it?
- Yeah, it's really cool.
- Good.
Hey, guess what I started
taking this morning?
- What?
- The prenatal vitamins.
- I thought we weren't gonna
start trying 'til September.
- Yeah, that's next month.
- Oh, right.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Wait, can you just lie
down here for a second.
- I'm late for the
photo shoot, remember?
And you should actually start
packing soon for your flight.
I left you the shirt for
Carol's wedding in the bathroom
so just don't forget it.
- Okay.
Wait, can I just smell
you before you go?
You sure you don't wanna
just come with me now?
- I can't, baby.
It's just two weeks.
It'll go by fast, okay?
- Hm?
- Happy birthday.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Call me when you get in, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- How ya doin'?
- Hey, checking
in for Diego Diaz.
- Okay.
Hey Vanessa.
Okay, you're all set, sir.
Here's your room key.
- Thanks.
- Hello?
- Hey.
- Hey. You there?
- Just checked in.
- So, how is it?
- It's great.
You picked a good one.
They got a pool and everything.
- So, what's your plans
for the rest of the day?
- I don't know.
Was thinkin' about
maybe callin' Dave,
maybe goin' out tonight.
Or maybe just
laying low so I can
wake up fresh
tomorrow and write.
- Bear, I'm sorry
I couldn't be there
with you on your birthday.
- It's okay.
How'd your shoot go?
- Good...
Oh, can we talk later?
That's actually Callie calling.
- Yeah, I'll call you later.
- Okay.
Ciao, Chulita.
- Adios, guapo.
- Happy birthday.
- What's up?
- How you doin'?
- Good.
It's casual, but...
- Oh, this is Miami casual.
- Want a cerveza?
- Sure.
Oh, this is a nice
place you got here.
- Yeah, Mariana hooked it up.
- Where is Mariana?
- She's coming next weekend
for Carol's wedding.
You remember Carol, right?
- Yeah, that
was that blonde, right?
- No, Mariana's ex-roommate.
- Oh yeah, that's right.
Let's have a toast to your
30th birthday, my friend.
- Thank you.
- Salut.
So, what you doing nowadays?
- I'm working at a
hedge fund right now
that Mariana's dad
hooked me up with.
It's cool.
It's keeping Mariana off my back
and I'm making three times
more than I was waiting tables,
but they want me to climb
the corporate ladder
and take my series 7.
- So what kind of
medication is that?
- Exactly.
So I came down a few days
early to finish my book.
- Yeah, yeah, the
brothers from queens.
- That's the one.
- Well, that's blade.
It's time to go, my friend.
- Already?
Let's down it.
- Cheers.
- Hey.
Hey, dude.
Dude, wake up.
Looks like you're gonna
need some of this.
You can get pretty
fried out here.
- Thanks.
- Rough night?
- You could say that.
- I'm Vanessa.
- Diego.
- That's okay.
So, you in town visiting?
I saw you yesterday
with your luggage.
- Yeah, a little
summer vacation.
- Sweet.
Where are you from?
- New York.
- Oh, that explains
your pastiness.
- Where are you from?
- Oh, no, I live here, yeah.
I actually work at the
bar here at the hotel.
Just came by to
pick something up.
Thought you needed
a little rescuing.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, keep it.
I've got plenty.
See ya around.
- See ya.
- Hey.
You again.
- Hey.
- Didn't your mom ever
teach you not to shop
on an empty stomach?
- Didn't your mom ever teach
you not to stalk people?
Thanks for saving
my life earlier.
- Ooh, are you sure about that?
- No.
- So, I know you got enough
food to last you a lifetime,
but I'm having a little
dinner party at my place
if you wanna come by.
- Thanks, but I got a
lot of work to get done
before my wife gets
into town, so...
- All right.
In case you change your mind.
- Alrighty then.
See ya.
- Dude.
- Diego!
- See ya.
- See ya.
You made it.
- Yeah.
- It's perfect timing.
Everybody, this is Diego.
Mauricio from college.
And this is Giaco.
- Giaco.
- Diego.
- Dortea.
- Diego.
- And Lance from my
music video days.
- Diego, nice to meet you.
- Let's get you a drink.
- All right.
Sorry for the half bottle.
- Are you kidding?
It's perfect.
- It's a pretty nice place.
You live here by yourself?
- I'm house sitting
for a friend.
He's away on business, so...
I didn't think you
were gonna make it.
- I was tryin' to be good.
- But you can be good tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Where's the bathroom?
- Just right
through those doors.
- Hi.
- Hey, tiger.
Sorry, I saw that
I missed your call.
- It's okay.
Where are you?
- Dave's friend's
having a get together.
- Oh, cool.
Did you get a lot of
writing done today?
- Yeah, I did.
- You think you'll
be done by the summer?
- Yeah, maybe.
- Well, I'm really proud of you.
But I'll let you get
back to your party.
I just wanted to say goodnight.
Goodnight, Chulita.
- Bye, guapo.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, I just had
to call the wife.
- Short leash, huh?
Come on, we're
gonna play a game.
- What's that?
- It's called sex,
drugs, and rock and roll.
Okay, this time you
start off, you start off.
- Autoerotic aphyxiation.
- Hey!
- Oh, wow, fancy.
- Fancy pants.
- Okay, um, blowjobs.
- I think I can say cunt.
Cunt's a word at
this point, right?
- Okay, sure.
- Sure.
- Uh, dick.
- Um, ecstasy.
- Obviously.
- Obviously.
- Uh, fuck.
- Guns.
- Drink, drink, drink!
- Drink!
- Um...
H, uh...
Nope, that's not a word.
- Drink!
- You were lookin' for ho.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- On the count of three!
One, two, three!
- Hey, you've reached Dave.
Leave a message.
- Yo, call me.
- You're alive.
- I survived.
- Did you have fun?
- Oh yeah.
Are you kidding me?
- Good.
I'm glad.
- Cute kid.
- You and your wife plan on
having kids anytime soon?
- Yeah.
- How many?
- I don't know.
Three or four.
- Wow, that's ambitious.
- Stop staring at me.
- How old are you?
If you don't mind me asking.
- I just turned 30.
- Oh no, a Leo.
- Oh no, an astrology weirdo.
- I said stop staring at me.
- Alexander.
- Okay, um,
let's go to the beach
before you get assaulted
by a five year-old.
- Sounds like a plan.
- You don't mind, right?
- Nope.
- I just really hate tan lines.
- Me, too.
Nice tattoo.
- Thanks.
Used to say Alberto in cursive,
but then when we got a
divorce I just did this.
- It really is a tattoo?
I thought it was, like, a
club stamp or something.
- Oh no.
Ooh, yeah, I was kinda going
for a minimal art thing.
But sure, club stamp, works.
So, how long have
you been married?
- Uh, six months.
But we've been together
for, like, six years.
- Oh, so the honeymoon's
already over.
- Not really.
- She must be a pretty
cool woman if she lets you
come down here all by
yourself to do writing.
- Yeah, she's really
supportive of my career.
I'm a pretty lucky guy.
- I'm gonna go for a swim.
- I'll be right there.
That was the best Cuban
sandwich I've ever had.
- I told you.
- So, what's the deal
with mystery dude?
The guy you're living with.
You guys dating or what?
- Tomas?
No, I wouldn't call it dating.
- Tomas.
What would you call it?
- He's nice.
We have fun.
I kinda wanna end up with
somebody closer to my own age.
- Why?
How old is he?
- I don't know,
like, 52 I think.
- 52?
- He just got recently
divorced as well.
You know, his wife got
the house and kids,
he got the beach property.
- And you.
- Sure.
But whatever, he's always out
of town anyway for work, so.
- You get the place to yourself.
- Yeah.
- That's a pretty sweet deal.
- I like it.
- So, how long you
been workin' here?
- Not long, like, a year.
I used to dance.
- Oh.
- Not like that.
No, like, music videos
for local artists.
I got to do a cruise.
It was fun.
But with my knees, you know,
getting old, so I had to stop.
But whatever, I'm making
my own jewelry now.
- You made these?
- Yeah.
- It's cool.
- Thanks.
What time is it?
I should probably
get ready for work.
Do you wanna stop by later?
Have a drink?
- Sure.
- Cool.
You can finish my
sandwich if you want.
- I will.
I'm not changing the plans.
I met a girl who
works at the bar
who asked me to come
by for one drink.
Can we do one drink?
- Okay, one drink.
That's it.
- Thank you.
That's all I ask.
- I think I've worked
enough with some of
the biggest directors
and I'm still not
a household name, so...
I'm a little
frustrated about that.
So say goodnight
to the park guy.
That's the last time
you gonna see a park guy
like this, let me tell ya.
- Do more.
More, more, more, more.
- Let me tell you something!
- All right.
That's it.
- Hey, it's Diego.
Please leave a message.
- Did you reach him yet?
- No, he's probably
out with Dave.
- So, anyway...
- So, do you wanna
go check out some
really cool artwork?
- I would love to.
- It's caused a
lot of headaches,
but I wouldn't change a thing.
Buying a house was the
best decision we ever made.
- No, I'm really
happy for you guys.
Hey, one second,
I'll be right back.
- All right.
- Hey, mister anti-social.
What are you doin'?
- Just gettin' some fresh air.
- Why don't you let me take
you around the city tomorrow?
Could show you around.
There's a lot more to Miami
than just south beach.
- I don't play bingo.
- Seriously, come on.
Aren't you a writer?
Where's your sense of adventure?
Do I need to ask your
wife for permission?
- No.
Let's go.
Where are we goin'?
- It's a surprise.
But I promise I'll
show you a great time.
- Okay.
- Hey, tiger.
- Hi.
Did I wake you?
- No, I was just getting
some writing done.
- Oh, good.
How was last night?
I tried calling you.
- I called you back.
I left you a message,
you didn't get it?
- Yeah, sorry.
Actually we were at Vaughan,
but I don't have
reception in the basement.
- Oh, that's all right.
Did you have a good time?
- Yeah, but I'm bored now.
So, listen, I was thinking
to change my flight.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
The office is so dead right now.
Kelly's in Paris,
Olivia's on maternity,
and everyone else
is in the Hamptons.
- Sounds like a great idea.
- Yeah, so I'm thinking
I might come tomorrow.
You don't mind, do you?
- No, of course not.
I miss having you asleep
by my side while I write.
- Okay, I promise I won't
disturb you during the day.
I'll hang out with Carol.
- It's okay, really.
- Okay great, then
I'll change my ticket.
Yay! I'm so excited!
- Me, too.
- Okay, I'll
talk to you later, bear.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey, are we
still on for tonight?
- I was actually
just gonna call you.
- Uh-oh, you better
not be canceling on me.
- I appreciate the
invite, but, uh...
Mariana's coming
into town tomorrow
and I have a lot of work to do.
- Are you seriously
gonna blow me off?
I got my shift covered
and everything.
- I don't...
- just...
Come out for one drink.
- One drink.
One drink? I can do one drink.
- Okay, cool.
I'll pick you up at nine.
- I'll see ya at nine.
- So, where are we going?
- Just relax.
It's right over here.
- Vanessa.
- How you doin'?
- Two Tequila shots.
- Hi!
- Cheers.
You'll see, it's
gonna be awesome.
I'm sorry.
- Shh.
- Shh.
- You have to shh.
There's people living here.
- We've got neighbors.
- Oh, it's so nice in here.
- Do you mind?
- Not at all.
- Much better.
I'm so sad.
- Why are you sad?
- I've been having so much fun
with you the past few days.
Don't want it to end.
- Why does it have to end.
Because Mariana's coming?
We could all hang out.
- I'm just really
glad I met you.
- I'm really glad
I met you, too.
I can't do this.
- You want to?
- Hmm.
Of course I want to.
- So...
- Hold on.
- Maybe you should go.
- Hey.
- I missed you.
- I missed you, too.
Thank you.
- How was the flight?
- Good.
- I'm happy you're here.
- Me, too.
So pretty.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- Come here.
Say hello to my little friend.
- Huh?
I ordered a king bed.
- It's okay.
- Yeah.
Ah, look at the view.
We should go for a walk.
- It's a little hot for that.
- Later.
Like, for dinner maybe?
- Okay.
- Hey, you know
what I was thinking?
Maybe we could start, you know,
doing it without anything.
- Yeah?
You sure?
- Yeah.
What do you think?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I think I'm just tired.
- It's okay, baby.
We have plenty of
time for that later.
I'm gonna get my
bathing suit on, okay?
- Okay.
- Hey, we should invite
some friends over tonight.
I wanna see Carol.
- Okay.
All set.
- Thank you.
This is so amazing.
Couldn't you just see
us here in a big house
with kids running around in
the backyard, playing tennis?
- I like the tennis part.
What kind of skirt
would you wear?
- I'm serious.
- I am, too.
Bad girl.
I think I'm gonna quit my job
when we go back to New York.
- Baby, we've had this conversation,
like, a million times.
You don't like anything
else besides writing
and, I mean, this
job finally gives you
that opportunity of writing
in your spare time, so...
What are you gonna do?
Go back and wait tables?
- No.
Guess you're right.
- Hey, you wanna
go in the water?
Let's go.
Oh my god!
Let's get MOJITOS!
- I thought we were
gonna go to dinner.
- I know, but it's
still early, so we can...
- we'll get a drink
at the restaurant.
- But then it's not
gonna be happy hour.
Just one, I just got here.
Can I have a mojito, please?
What do you want?
- Mojito is fine.
- Great, two MOJITOS.
- Oh, so I forgot to tell you,
I actually spoke
to my mom yesterday
and she was telling me
that everyone decided
to go to Mexico City for
Christmas and new year's,
so I was thinking why stay
in New York by yourselves?
You know, I think
it's gonna be boring,
so I bought us tickets.
I actually talked to Alejandra
so she's gonna be there
and she's back with Manuel and
I know I shouldn't be upset,
but I don't understand
why she's with someone that
treats her like shit, you know?
And I was just
trying to talk to her
and I feel like such a
mom and I'm just like,
I don't know, anyway, whatever.
We shouldn't be
thinking about that.
We're on vacation.
I don't know, I just
thought it would be fun.
Everyone's gonna be there.
Oh, thank you.
Oh my god, I love your necklace.
- Oh, thanks.
I actually made it.
- No way.
It's so pretty.
- Thanks.
Actually I'm starting
my own jewelry line.
- Oh, what's your name?
- I'm Vanessa.
- I'm Mariana.
This is my husband, Diego.
I'm actually a fashion publicist
and we represent a lot
of fashion designers
and jewelry designers.
- Oh, that's really interesting.
- Do you have a website, or...
- No, not yet, but
I could mail you
some samples if you'd like.
- Well, actually we're
having people over tonight,
like, around 10, at our suite.
Is it 265?
Yeah, so suite 265, so
if you wanna come by.
- You know, I'd love
to, but I actually
already have plans tonight.
- Let me just give
you my business card
and then you can get
my email off of that.
Nice meeting you.
- So, I was thinking we
could either go somewhere
in Mexico or we can just stay
in Mexico City and relax...
- Why the hell did you
invite the bartender?
- What's the big deal?
I just wanted to
see some jewelry.
Hey, check my bag, I
brought you a shirt.
Why are your jeans rolled up?
- I don't know.
- So lucky.
Seriously, having a
small wedding is probably
the best thing ever.
- I hope so.
- Yeah, we actually
wanted a small wedding...
- really?
- My mom and my dad
would've been, like, no.
- I know, but your
wedding was beautiful.
- No, I'm not saying
I didn't like it,
I'm just saying something
intimate and private
like yours is perfect.
- Don't forget my drink.
- I don't know, whatever.
Enough of this wedding talk.
- I'm sure it's gonna be perfect.
How are you?
- Good!
It's been forever.
- I know!
So ready to get fucked
up at my own wedding.
- You're so...
Oh my god!
- Mariana!
- How are you?
So good to see you.
Look at this jacket.
- It's so nice to see you.
You look amazing as always.
- Hey, what's up, dude?
You got a cigarette?
- Yeah.
- I love that new
haircut, by the...
- hey, sexy people!
- Ahh!
- Ha ha ha!
How are you?
- Oh my god!
I got your email...
- Nice shirt, dude.
- So, you all right, man?
- No.
It's that girl Vanessa.
- What, she say
something about me?
- Not quite.
We hung out last night
and we almost hooked up.
- Really?
- Nothing happened.
Well, we kissed.
- Whoa!
- But that's it, okay.
But Mariana met her at the bar
tonight and invited her over.
Mariana doesn't know
that we've already met.
And if she did she'd
fucking kill me.
I'm scared Vanessa
will say something.
She's been acting jealous.
- So you think she's
a bunny boiler?
- A what?
- You know, like in
fatal attraction?
Glenn close's character
boils the kid's bunny
to get revenge on
Michael Douglas?
- Not helping.
Look, could you just keep an
eye on Vanessa tonight for me?
Okay, I don't trust her,
especially around Mariana.
- Speak of the devil.
- Thanks for coming.
You look so cute.
Are these it?
- Don't worry, I got this, man.
- Fuck.
- Just a few pieces.
- Awesome, I
can't wait to look at them.
Can I get you a drink?
- Um...
- Let me get that drink
for you, actually.
I'm Dave, I don't
believe we've met.
- Vanessa.
- Pleasure to meet you.
I've got this.
- We'll catch up later.
- Little surprised
to see you here.
- Please, get over yourself.
I came to see your wife.
You know, I looked her up.
How come you never mentioned
she works in fashion?
- I don't know.
It never occurred to me.
- In case you're wondering,
I'm not gonna say
anything about last night
so you don't need
Dave to babysit me.
- Whoo!
All right, where are we going?
- We could go to
electric pickle?
- Yeah, the pickle!
Come on, let's do this.
- You wanna go?
- Not really.
- Rumba!
- Let's go!
- Please?
Just one.
- Okay.
- Let's go!
- Hi.
- Hey.
Where's Dave?
- Getting me another drink.
Hey, I'm sorry about earlier.
I didn't mean to get upset,
I'm just going through
a lot right now.
- It's okay.
- I really admire you, Diego.
- What you think of me,
it's important, you know?
I don't want things to
be weird between us.
- They're not weird.
- Hey, what's going
on over there?
- What?
- Girl, are you seeing this?
- Oh, hell no.
- Girl, go handle your shit.
- I'll be right back.
Can I have another one?
Can you make it a double?
- Where's Mariana?
- I think she went
to go find you.
- She went to the bar.
She's over there, I think.
- I've been
looking all over for you.
- Yeah, right.
- What's wrong?
- You just left me there.
I could've left and you
wouldn't even notice.
- You're drunk.
Let's go back to the hotel.
- Hey, Diego, let me handle it.
I got it.
- All right.
- Hey, hey girl, it's okay.
You okay?
- Fine.
- Why won't you talk to me?
I'm not a mind reader.
I'm sorry I yelled.
Will you come out?
Do you want some water?
- No, I'm fine.
I'm gonna come out
in a few minutes.
- I got you some water.
- I just need to sleep.
- Good morning.
- Oh my god.
My head.
- I'm gonna go get
us something to eat.
- Gracias.
- Gracias.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's she feeling?
- She's still sleeping.
- So, you probably won't
see me again before you go.
I'm gonna head up to
Tallahassee and see my brother.
- Thanks for everything.
Take care.
I got you.
- Thanks.
- You feeling better?
- Yeah.
- You're organizing your bags?
- Mm-hm.
Is there anything that
you need to tell me?
- What's goin' on?
- Was yesterday the first time
you met Vanessa at the bar?
- Yes.
- So why is she repeatedly
on your call log?
- You're mad at me because
of some stupid texts?
- Stupid texts?
- Nothing happened, if
that's what you're thinking.
- So if nothing happened,
why would you pretend
you didn't know her?
- Because I know how you are.
- What the fuck is that
supposed to mean, Diego?
- Mariana, please, I just need
a clean, well-lighted place.
- What?
- It's Hemingway, forget it.
- Okay, you know what, Diego?
Just let me if you're
ever ready to be honest.
I'm gonna be at Carol's.
- You're leaving?
- Hey, Mariana!
- Do you have everything?
- This is perfect.
- Good.
I'm in shock.
I didn't think he had it in him.
I really thought that
you had him on lock down.
Like, in a good way.
- I'm so tired.
- It'll be okay.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry for doing this
right before your wedding.
- No!
I'm glad you called me.
That's what friends are for.
- Don't be so hard
on yourself, Diego.
I mean...
Married life's made
you a little sloppy,
okay, you know, you forgot.
You forgot what you had to do.
You never thought she'd
look through your phone,
but look, you know, it happens.
I mean, it's not uncommon
within the first year
of marriage for newlywed couples
to experience this
kind of stuff.
And you know how girls are.
They get a little wacky
over the first few days,
but then that's when
it's your green light
to go in and patch things up.
- And besides, you know,
Mariana's gonna
understand one thing.
You're having trouble
adjusting, you know.
Corporate ladder.
And I think that was
just the real Diego
that we know that was
itching to come out.
- And what? What do I do?
She won't fuckin' talk to me.
- It's normal.
The first few days are
gonna be like that.
And then you'll see that
there's a golden window
that's gonna open and
that's when you come in.
You go on the Internet,
you get a letter,
one of those apology, you
know, boyfriend to girlfriend.
You modify it a little bit,
'cause you never know,
one of her friends
could be like, "oh that's
a letter from," you know.
You don't want that.
So change it up a little bit.
Get her a nice little something,
do something special for her.
You know, don't go get
her an expensive thing
'cause you're never
gonna pick the right one,
but do something nice.
A bed of roses, you
know, a little champagne.
The letter.
Let's just cheers to
an honest lifestyle.
- Thanks, bro.
- Hi.
Thank you.
I got flowers.
You got flowers.
Mariana, it says.
Wonder who that's from.
- Yeah.
- What'd it say?
Please come back, I love you.
Are you gonna call him?
- No.
No, I can't.
- Hey.
I sent you something,
did you get it?
- Yes, thank you.
- You're welcome.
I asked for orchids,
did they send orchids?
- Diego, I can't talk right now.
- Okay, I'm not gonna keep you.
I just wanna say that I miss you
and I really wish we
could talk in person.
- Are you ready to
be straight with me?
- Yes.
- Okay then, just meet
me at Carol's here
tomorrow at noon.
- Okay.
I love you.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- Nice makeup.
- It was my bachelorette
party last night, smart ass.
Come in.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Brought you something.
- Thanks.
- I'll be in my room if
you need anything, okay?
- You wanna go outside?
- Okay.
- This is hard.
It started the day
after I arrived.
I met Vanessa by the pool.
It was pretty innocent.
She woke me and
offered me sunblock,
but then I ran into her again
and it was just friendly.
Then the night
before you arrived
she took me out,
showed me Miami,
and we both had a little
too much to drink.
We went back to
her place and we...
We kissed.
She kissed me, to be exact.
But I didn't pull
away immediately.
Mariana, I know this
was wrong, but...
I didn't sleep with her.
I'm not gonna lie.
I considered it.
But then I thought about us
and how I didn't wanna
throw all that away
just for some girl
giving me attention.
Mariana, I know I acted badly
and I'm not proud of this.
And I'm not asking
you to understand,
but I'm asking you to
at least believe me.
I didn't sleep with her.
- I've been thinking about
us a lot the past few days
and how I just
haven't been happy
for the past six months
ever since we got married.
It's clear now that you
haven't been either.
- That's not true.
- Let me finish.
It's just lately
it just feels like
your mind is always
somewhere else.
Why can't you just be happy?
- It's called stress.
Sometimes I feel
like I'm on some sort
of check list of
yours, you know?
Engaged, check.
Married, check.
Find Diego a new job, check.
And now a baby?
It's like you're trying
to prove something
instead of just doing
things because you want to.
I'm sorry, but
I'm not like that.
- You were the one that said
you were tired of
waiting tables.
I was just trying to help you.
- I know, tiger,
and I would've never
gotten the job without you,
but sometimes I feel like
you don't have faith that I'll
be able to take care of us.
- That's not true.
- Well, I don't wanna
argue with you about it,
but that's how I feel.
- Did you wanna get married?
- Yes, of course I did.
- But if I hadn't pushed you
we would just still be dating.
- Look, I wanted to marry you.
I love you.
- What about kids?
- I want kids, but not yet.
Why can't we wait a year?
Or two.
We're still young.
- And this has nothing
to do with Vanessa?
- No!
It's a stupid night that
I regret very, very much.
It was just...
Morbid curiosity and I never
shoulda hung out with her.
- Do you wanna be with me?
Because you know we're
both adults, Diego,
and nobody is forcing
us to do anything.
- Yes.
And I want us to
have a family, too,
but when it's
truly right for us,
not because you're
trying to prove something
to your coworkers.
Or because your
parents are asking.
Can I hold you?
- No.
I just need time.
- Mariana.
I love you.
- I love you, too, okay,
but I'm just really
confused right now.
- Sure you don't wanna
come back to the hotel?
- No.
I'll see you at the wedding.
- Okay.
- Family and friends, on
behalf of Mike and Carol,
I'd like to welcome
you all here today
on this beautiful beach.
We stand together
beside the ocean
not only to witness
their commitment
- I now pronounce you to
be co-captains in life,
best friends forever, and
most important of all,
husband and wife.
Mike, you may now
kiss the bride.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- The reception's started.
- It's okay.
I'm sorry.
For letting things
get so out of control.
And you're right, I've been
putting a lot of pressure on us.
But I've been thinking
and I wanna support you.
Whether it's in quitting
that stupid job or whatever,
and it sucks but
you'll figure it out.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But you gotta be
more open with me.
No more secrets, Diego.
No more texting girls,
no more lying, okay?
Just complete openness.
- Okay.
- Can I have a cigarette?
- You don't smoke.
- Well maybe I wanna start.
- Shut up.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- You got everything?
- Yeah.