After We Fell (2021) Movie Script

CAROL: No. You gotta get out now!
I can't do this anymore.
I will not let her see you
like this.
- You need help!
- I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.
- CAROL: You're always sorry.
- RICHARD: Come on.
CAROL: How am I
supposed to believe you?
- Every time!
- RICHARD: You've been trying...
CAROL: Do you know how many times
you've promised you would stop?
- This is not my fault.
- Not your fault?
You're drunk.
In the middle of the day.
- Of course they fired you.
- Can we please talk about this?
- You don't give a shit about us.
- Please.
- You have to go.
- Don't do this.
Get out and don't come back
- till you're sober.
- Daddy, don't go!
No! No, no, no. Dad, please!
No, don't go.
- Please don't go, please!
- Tessa! Tessa!
Please, Daddy. Don't go.
Daddy, please don't go.
Daddy! No!
I can't tell you how good it is
to see you again, Tessie.
There's towels in the bathroom,
if you want to take a shower.
- I'll make us some food.
- Thanks.
This is good.
I remember
you were quite the cook, Tessie.
- Thanks.
- Just like your mom.
You turn your words
Into big sighs...
I tried to call you, you know.
Sent you gifts
every birthday, Christmas.
She didn't tell you, did she?
So the prodigal father
has returned.
What for? What do you want?
You can stay, if...
If you want to.
We have room, and I don't
want you out on the street.
I'm treading water
- Are you still drinking?
- Can you excuse us for a second?
And it's getting harder...
I know that this isn't
the most convenient,
but you, of all people,
should appreciate me
- giving him a second chance.
- Me, of all people, would know
that he's probably
out there right now
shoving all of our shit
into his pockets.
He's gonna hurt you.
- You don't know him.
- Neither do you.
It's been, what, 10 years
since you last saw him?
Look, I'm just trying
to protect you.
I don't need you to protect me.
Driving through deserts
With clear signs
I know exactly why you're here,
so you may as well just
take this and be on your way.
I don't want your money, kid.
All I want is a relationship
with my daughter.
- If you hurt her...
- Hey, whoa, easy.
I know you have no reason
in the world to trust me,
but how about
you give me a shot, huh?
Well, have you found
a place in Seattle yet?
- Nope. [SIGHS]
- No?
- Nope.
- I'm gonna miss you, dude.
Gonna have to start watching
The Kardashians
to get my fill of drama
in your absence.
Landon, I'm only going
to Seattle.
You're just a FaceTime away.
You can always visit.
Between work and school,
you are gonna be swamped.
You're not gonna have
any time for anything,
like friends, family and
especially not people like...
People like who? Me?
Is there something you wanna
tell me, or should I ask Landon?
He seems to know
a lot more than I do.
Not today, Satan. I am
gonna see you both this weekend,
- at the lake house.
- Don't bet on it.
- LANDON: Okay.
- We'll be there.
- What?
- What do you mean, what?
When was this
supposed to happen?
- A week?
- What? A week?
You're going away in a week,
you haven't even told me?
When was I supposed to tell you?
Because you left.
Yeah, I'm here. I came back.
And I came back for you.
I couldn't get a hold
of you for nine days.
I didn't know
if I'd ever see you again.
So, what, is that it then?
I mean...
Yeah, this... This job's a huge
opportunity for me. And...
And I'm hoping, I was hoping,
that you would come with me.
I was hoping that we could move
to London after graduation.
And how was I supposed
to know that?
Well, I was gonna tell you.
But it doesn't really matter
anymore, does it?
You've made up your mind,
you've got a plan.
Envisioned your life in a way
that doesn't have me in it.
You are in it,
if you want to be.
Look, I get that you're angry.
And we do
need to talk about this,
except I have
to get to class, so...
We will continue
this discussion.
Oh, that's really big of you.
To find time in
your busy schedule. Thank you.
Hi, Mom, how's London?
Good. I just wanted
to check you're okay.
I heard that Tessa took the job
with Vance, in Seattle.
Where did you hear that?
Christian and I
were talking earlier.
That's kind of weird.
He and I have known each other
since long before you were born.
I'd prefer not everyone
knows my business.
Mom, I'm gonna call you back.
Do you need a ride somewhere?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hm.
Hey, you wanna come inside?
Fuck it, why not.
What are we drinking about?
I didn't know
we needed a reason.
Cheers to that.
Oh, look at her in this one.
She looks really happy.
I've really been trying.
Now more than ever.
- Yeah.
- Well...
Clearly not right now.
But I am trying.
You know, you really remind me
of me when I was your age.
- Fuck that.
- Mmm, yeah.
- Seriously?
- Hey. Hey, buddy.
Private conversation,
if you don't mind.
Hey, just trying
to get some ideas.
- HARDIN: Whoa!
That is my daughter,
you fucking piece of shit.
How would you like
Some poison?
I'm sorry, who is this?
What are you doing here?
Uh, bonding.
- Hey, Tess.
- Hardin...
What the hell did you do?
- I didn't do any...
- The bartender called me.
Oh, come on.
It wasn't a big deal.
- Look, he's fine.
- You're drunk.
I had a drink. I just...
Look, it was...
- I was backing up your dad.
- Really?
I didn't start...
He started it actually, so...
Somebody called the cops.
You probably called the cops,
you snitch.
Okay, let's go.
Don't be mad at him.
He loves you.
That's all.
Yeah, you see that?
Solid guy right there.
- Why would anyone leave you?
- HARDIN: I don't know.
Yeah, this is just...
It's so enjoyable.
- Why wouldn't I stay?
I think we're in trouble.
Hey, hey, hey, easy.
You know, I'm not sure
that I like this new friendship.
I was just trying to be nice.
I offered him a ride, and
the bar was actually his idea.
He's an alcoholic,
and so are you.
Two alcoholics walk into a bar.
I'm glad
you think this is funny.
I was showing him some
pictures of you on my phone,
and this asshole leans over
and starts saying
what he'd like to do to you.
So... I mean, so?
So I told him
I've already done that.
- Hardin...
- What?
I'm apologizing.
Around 4 in the morning
It was dark, I was lonely
And you swore to God
That you know me
And I lied, said "yes"
So you'd hold me
From the back
Of the hallway
Pulled you into the doorway
Swimming in champagne
Not a worry
We were both fucked up
In the story
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Like candy on my tongue
Once I got a taste
I couldn't stop...
- Please forgive me.
- I, that's...
- That's not fair.
- Please forgive me.
- What if...?
- Shh, he's asleep.
You're so sweet
Like cherry pop
Was like, "Oh, my God"
My new favorite drug
You go down
Like liquid velvet
Maraschino love
I was lost in the moment
We were dancing to Bowie
Going round and round
In an orbit
Got my head spinning
Making no sense
Your lips a sugar rush
Like candy on my tongue
- HARDIN: Tessa.
Once I got a taste...
Oh, Tessa.
Wanted every drop
Give me all you got
I'll sip you out the bottle
You're so sweet
Like cherry pop
Oh, fuck...
So, uh, I heard
you guys are moving.
Yeah, yeah. I actually need
to start packing.
I'll just finish up
and get out of here.
No, no, no.
No, I didn't mean it like...
Nah, nah.
You don't need me around here.
I'll just... I got
a few errands to run anyway.
That feels really weird to say.
Well, that'll be my ride.
You're leaving now?
Come here.
Thank you so much
for letting me stay.
No, stay, stay. He's coming.
Uh, hey, don't...
Don't disappear on me again.
So you shipping me out next?
- You okay?
- You know, it's not like
I want to leave you.
You don't have to.
Vance's offer, it's literally...
It's a dream come true.
I've wanted to live in Seattle
since I was a kid.
The only thing
that would make it better
is if you came with me.
I don't... I don't know
why you want me there.
I don't really fit
into that flashy lifestyle.
It's never been the kind of
thing you've been after...
- I want to make a life together.
- So do I.
So stay here, and we can.
- You're not listening.
- I am listening.
- I've wanted this job since I...
- I know.
You have a great job in Seattle.
That is great.
I'm happy for you. But I don't.
I don't have anything there.
- You'd have me.
- Okay, that's not enough.
You know I didn't mean that.
Well, if I'm...
If I'm not enough, that's...
That's your problem.
But you're not gonna stop me.
Vance Publishing, please hold.
No, I can't. I'm swamped.
You're gonna have to speak
to my assistant.
No, the new one.
Um, well, I'll try
and squeeze you in
for 30 minutes this afternoon.
Tessa! Hey, come in.
- I can come back.
- No, no. Come in. I'm just...
- I'm heading out.
- Yeah.
- Um, you have a safe trip.
- Okay. See you.
Are you sure that you're okay
driving up by yourself?
- She's not going by herself.
- I'm taking Smith with me.
Besides, I prefer to get us
settled up there
while Christian
finishes things here.
Have you decided what part
of town you'll be staying in?
No, I'm still deciding
between two places.
It's scary trying to pick
somewhere off the internet.
No, Tessa. Just stay with us.
You know,
until you get situated.
No, no. I couldn't ask...
You didn't.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Christian will be thrilled.
He's been dying
to spend time with Hardin.
Uh, well, he's actually
not coming with me.
Well, when he comes
to visit, then.
You know, between us,
Christian was disappointed
Hardin turned him down
on his job offer.
What... What job was that?
Basically, anything he wanted.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't walk away from me.
- Hey, don't follow me.
- Tess, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I shouldn't have said it.
Can you stop saying things
you don't mean?
I can't tell what's true.
Can you stop making decisions
without talking things
through first?
Kimberly invited me to stay
with them in Seattle,
- if that's not weird?
- Did she?
No, no, no. It's not weird.
It's good. It's great.
Vance is always gone,
so I think it'll be a win-win.
How do you think they make
that work, the long-distance?
I don't know, they communicate?
Heh, wait, wait, wait.
What was that?
- What?
- The thing underneath the thing
that you just said.
Why didn't you tell me
that Vance offered you
a job in Seattle?
Because I wasn't gonna take it.
But why didn't you tell me
that you weren't gonna take it?
Here I am,
begging you to come with me,
- just to find out that...
- He kept on harping on me.
It wasn't something
I wanted to deal with.
Remember, at the time,
I had no idea you were going.
We do need to stop
keeping secrets from each other.
We'll have fun
this weekend, okay?
You look like Popeye.
- A very sexy Popeye, come on.
- Get up, we're gonna be late.
We could've just met you there,
couldn't we?
Why did we have to
all come together?
- We could've made our own way.
- It's a long drive.
And this way, we get to have
some very much needed
family time.
Much needed, great.
You're lucky I love you.
Okay, I spy with my little eye
something black.
Black. Easy, Hardin's soul.
- Oh, yeah, ha-ha!
- Hey!
- Come on, boys!
- That's why.
- Boys...
- That's why your soul is black.
Hey, don't touch this!
Whole lives to reach a note
But now I can't stop
Dreaming about your love
But it's all right
Yeah, it's all right
I wake up weeping
Missing your touch
But it's all right...
Shut up!
Maybe call a friend
Shows to recommend to you
Put my radio
On a pedestal...
Are you still going to New York?
Yeah, I've got everything set up
at NYU, so I'm just gonna...
I guess, go with the flow,
you know?
Mmm. I need
to get better at that.
Are you having...
You having second thoughts?
And third and fourth
and fifth and...
I don't know. I'm just worried
that I made the wrong decision.
- Tess...
- It's just, apparently...
Hardin wanted me to go England
with him after graduation.
And I don't know.
Maybe I should.
You've been
gushing about Seattle
since the day I first met you.
Why stray from your path?
- Go with the flow?
- No, no.
Cop-out. That's not you.
That's me.
You have to do you.
Yeah, and what about him?
What about him?
Mr. Grumpy? He's...
If he loves you, he could...
follow you.
I'm just saying.
Ooh! Wow.
Mm, some hard truth.
It's tough love.
- I'm gonna need more wine.
- Good luck.
See? Did you see...?
I don't want to lose this.
I don't either.
But, "If adventures
will not befall
a young lady in her own village,
she must seek them abroad."
But, "There is nothing
like staying
at home for real comfort."
"You pierce my soul.
I'm half agony, half hope."
"We are all fools in love."
I thought you were Darcy.
And you've just been
Jane Austen the whole time.
So are you gonna show me
what you're writing there?
I... Maybe.
- KEN: Reservation for Scott.
- Yes, Mr. Scott. Right this way.
- KEN: Thank you.
- Hardin?
- Ha! Hey, Lilly. How are you?
- Mm!
- How are you?
- No fucking way.
- Long time, huh?
- It's been forever.
- This is Tessa. Tessa, Lillian.
- Hi.
Nice dress.
I'll be over in a second.
I might get something
different, but...
- Crab cakes.
- Good evening, folks.
- Yes. Good evening.
I'm Robert. I'll be
taking care of you tonight.
Can I get you started
with a round of drinks?
Yeah. I think we'll do
a bottle of Cab for the table.
- And some water for us.
- I think we're ready to order.
- Great, what'll it be?
- You're gonna get the...
- Crab cakes.
- Yes. And I'm gonna get the...
- fish and chips.
- KEN: Fish and chips.
And also, we would
like to get a sablefish
for after the meal to take home.
That's a good choice.
- And for you?
- Um, is there anything
that you'd recommend?
The cedar-planked salmon
is our specialty.
Okay. I'm more into like pasta?
Carbs, yeah. I love carbs.
Um, we have
a squid-ink spaghetti.
Um, it was lovely to see you
and to meet you guys,
but I'll have to go. Sorry.
Too fancy. How about we
whip you up something special?
Yeah, okay. Thank you.
Can I get you anything,
or do you need a minute?
Yeah, you can come back.
- Thanks, man.
- KEN: Thank you, Robert.
Thank you.
Alone at last.
That's good.
Come on, before they get home.
It's all the same...
Ow, ow!
I really hope they're having
more than one cocktail.
You do kind of like it, though.
The thrill of being caught.
Oh, that's nice.
So what if one night
Is never enough?
Drive me insane
Don't stop
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Don't stop
Isn't as wonderful
Isn't as beautiful
Trust me.
As you
Isn't as wonderful
Isn't as beautiful
As you
We got big plans
In bed again
'Cause you're no saint
Slipping my hand
Under your dress
I'm glad you came
Don't stop
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Don't stop
Isn't as wonderful
Isn't as beautiful
As you
Isn't as wonderful
Isn't as beautiful
As you
So what if I'm fucked up
Fallin' in love?
So what if I'm such
A sucker for pleasure?
So what if one night
I never enough?
Drive me insane
Isn't as wonderful
Isn't as beautiful
As you
TESSA: I really wish you
were coming to Seattle.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Mmm.
Does your moving to Seattle
have anything to do with Trevor?
No. No. I mean...
we barely even talk anymore.
Did you ever
have feelings for him?
- That's two questions.
- Tess, be honest.
Uh, there was a moment when...
Hey! Seriously?
That's not fair!
Leave a message.
Hey, where are you?
Can you give me a call back?
- Robert.
- Right. Um, Tessa.
So, what are you doing
out here?
I had a fight with my...
It's complicated.
Well, a few of us are doing
after hours, if you wanna join.
- Um, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Heh, you probably
should've worn a coat.
- So you live here, right?
- Born and raised.
But I actually just got
into med school.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah, so just working here,
saving up till then.
- Wow, congratulations.
- Thanks.
Where are you going?
UW was my dream,
but Mount Sinai gave me
a scholarship
- I couldn't pass up, so...
- Mount Sinai is in...?
- NYC.
- Okay.
New York City.
You've heard of it.
The Big Apple, you know?
And Nora, actually, Nora and I
went to undergrad together
and then she moved out there,
so I'll know someone.
Talking shit? Yeah?
She's already got
the New York attitude.
- Tess. Hey.
- Hey! Hey.
Okay, so this is Robert,
and this is Nora.
Yes, there will be a test
And they both live in New York.
Thank you.
In New York? Pleasure.
Hey! What? Oh, my God!
How are you?
It's been...
- You remember Robert, right?
- HARDIN: Yeah.
I remember Robert. I'll do
an old fashioned, actually.
Oh. I'm off, actually.
You're still wearing your
name tag and your uniform, so...
So I heard
that you're moving to Seattle.
Yeah, um, I'm actually
transferring for work.
Ah, I'm jealous.
I'd much rather be
in Seattle than New York.
I keep telling Hardin
he should give it a shot.
- It's not for me.
- No, it's not for him.
- It's the best.
- It's the best.
It is, yeah.
My girlfriend and I,
we've lived in Capitol Hill
for a few years now.
- Oh, your girlfriend?
- Yeah, my girlfriend, Riley.
We should probably leave now.
I don't really
wanna go just yet.
I'm gonna head home.
Let me walk you out.
- I'm really sorry about all of...
- You don't have to apologize.
- Sorry. Heh!
I don't know why I do that.
I could guess, but I won't.
Um, it was nice meeting you.
You too.
And thanks for...
I'm not expecting anything,
but if someday you find
yourself in the city...
give me a call. Or don't.
It's up to you.
- What's that face?
- How was... How was last night?
Oh, it was good. It was...
It was fine.
Nora's nice. She's, uh...
She's kind of a big deal
on the restaurant scene,
so she's gonna show me around
when I get to New York.
- That's really convenient.
- It's all about... Heh-heh.
How was...
How was the hot tub?
Guess what Landon found.
I thought that we were gonna be
more open with each other.
So did I.
I didn't ask for his number.
He just gave it to me. It...
No. I just found another
guy's number in your things.
You made it look like you were
with Lillian last night.
- Lillian's my friend.
- So is he.
You guys just met.
How could you be friends?
You do this. You sabotage
every good moment that we have.
No. If I wanted to try
and sabotage a good moment,
I would have brought
up your moment with Trevor,
- but I'll do one at a time.
- Why can't you let things be?
- Like, let us be happy for once.
- Tess, you must admit,
if I were moving away
with an admitted love interest,
- you'd have feelings about that.
- Love interest?
We're friends. From work.
You don't get to choose
who I have as friends.
They don't wanna
be your fucking friends!
Then why can't you
just trust me?
I do trust you.
It's them I don't trust.
No, you don't.
You don't trust me.
You don't trust anyone.
You just control them.
Is this really about them,
or is this about me moving?
The irony is, I got you
the damn job in the first place.
I mean, I might have had
something to do with it.
Tess, how many freshmen
do you know
with jobs
at top publishing firms,
their transfer's taken care of,
places to live, how many?
This honesty thing's
really paying off for us.
So I won't...
I won't give up Seattle for
you, so you just turn on me?
There is a big difference
between not being able
to live without someone
and loving them.
He is scared of losing you.
He loves you.
He knows you're the best thing
that's ever happened to him.
- Well...
- No, Tessa, it's true.
You've changed his life.
He knows it.
We all know it.
You stay in touch. Okay.
Let me out...
She's gonna thrive
up there, man.
What, and that's a bad thing?
This is a big step for her.
You should be happy for her.
I am.
I am happy.
Further now...
You could come with her.
I've got loads of work for you...
- I don't wanna do that.
- You'd get great benefits.
I don't want your handouts.
I'm sorry, I...
They're the reason I'm here,
and I don't want any more help.
Tessa didn't get a favor.
She's excellent.
She earned this position.
She does deserve it.
I'm sure she'll do smashingly.
Lost to win
Everything believed in...
In time
Every part of this
Still holding
You are not breaking
You are not broken
You are unfolding
You are, you are, you are
You are not breaking
You are not broken
You are unfolding
You are, you are, you are
You are not breaking
You are not broken
You are unfolding
You are, you are, you are
You are, you are, you are
You are, you are
You are, you are
You are, you are
Not breaking
Lately, I've become
very well acquainted with it.
The slow and steady
aching pain,
the type that comes when
you've been hurt repeatedly
by the same person.
You finally breathe,
thinking that yesterday's
problem will stay in the past
when, in fact,
it's today's problem,
tomorrow's problem,
and the problem
of every day after that.
Only in those rare moments
when he pulls me to his chest
and makes promises
he never seems able to keep
does the pain disappear.
Shit. She looks upset.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Let me take that
for you upstairs.
Oh, thanks.
- Welcome home.
- Thanks.
Well, you look...
Come here.
Heard you got the job
Hope it serves you well...
Oh, uh, excuse me.
Do you guys know
where Bagley Hall is?
Coffee ticket town
Your steady behavior
It's all in your nature
I call you my neighbor
In number nine
It's all right now
Now, all right now
Take a generational bow
Are you calling out?
Bang, bang, baby
You're dead
Politics will mess
With your head
Oh, you voice of the people
You leader of evil
You messed up the church
Put a gun to the steeple
It's wavy, man
- HARDIN: Hello?
- Hey.
Hey. What's going on?
Hardin, come back here!
Tess, wait. Don't hang up.
That was Iskra, my trainer.
- I'm at the gym.
- I'm kicking his ass, Tess!
And he is not kicking my ass.
I didn't mean to hang up.
I think you did,
and I know exactly why,
'cause I would have
thought the same thing.
Yeah, I'm a little relieved.
It's nice,
showing Landon the ropes.
Don't take all day.
Okay, one minute.
You okay, though?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
How was the drive down?
Was it not too long?
It was good, but when
you get in the city,
the traffic's terrible.
It takes like 20 minutes
to go a mile.
And Vance and Kimberly's?
Yeah, yeah, it's great.
The, um...
The place is amazing.
It's like...
It's huge. It's like a palace.
I'm really glad, Tess.
- I'm sorry I hurt you.
- You don't...
No, I...
I just want you to be happy.
You deserve to be happy.
It's cool that you're boxing.
I know, right?
I really fucking like it.
It's nice to be able
to punch people
and not have anyone
call the police.
I think that
that's a step forward.
I'm trying a new approach.
Hardin. This is not
leisure hour. Come on.
I really have to go now,
but I'm so glad you called.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
All right. We'll talk soon.
- Bye, Tess.
- Bye.
- Yes.
- He's a pretty boy.
You scared to fight Landon?
You heard... Oh, shit!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Vance Publishing, please hold.
Selfies, huh?
No, I was... I was just
showing Hardin my new office.
Seattle looks good on you.
So how's it going?
Fine. Yeah.
I mean, work, school.
It's a lot, but it's fine.
Give it time. You'll settle in.
You'll find a place.
It's exciting.
Are you sure
that you don't want a glass?
I think she might be
on to us, darling.
Well, we have some news.
We just found out...
we're having a baby.
Are you kidding?
I'm so happy for you guys.
I'm gonna tell Hardin though,
if that's all right with you.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Ken mentioned that he'd managed
to get his GPA up to a 4.0.
He must be looking forward
to graduating.
Yeah, that's great.
Um, I didn't even know that.
It's because of you.
I mean,
I didn't write his papers.
No, well...
Maybe not, I'm sure he did that.
But, well, he has got
a gift, that boy.
But he's stubborn as hell.
You're one to talk.
- Touch.
Well, I should get some sleep,
but I will see
you guys tomorrow?
Yeah, of course.
And you should take this.
It's too nice of a bottle
to go to waste.
- Yes, please.
- Don't worry about me.
- I won't have any.
- You don't need any more.
- Good night, darling.
- Good night.
- You have to suffer like me.
There you are.
I just got back from the gym.
You did?
Wow, you must be getting
pretty good.
Are you drunk?
I was hanging out
with Vance and Kimberly,
and she gave me
the rest of the bottle.
Oh, yeah?
So how much wine have you had?
I'm on my...
You were actually
quite the topic.
You didn't answer
my call earlier.
No, I know. I've been at work
since, like, 8:00.
Except for taking
office selfies.
- Which you didn't respond to.
- Tessa.
Hardin Allen Scott.
Why are you laughing?
It's just all so ridiculous.
I think you need
to put that wine down.
Make me.
Well, I would if I was there.
What else would you make me do?
Theresa Lynn Young,
are you trying
to have phone sex with me?
Tell me what you would do
if you were here.
- Are you lying in your bed?
- Mm-hm.
Close your eyes.
- Are they closed?
- Mm-hm.
Are you sure?
Fuck, I wish I was there
watching you right now.
You like that, don't you?
Watching me?
Fuck, yeah, I do.
How'd you sleep?
Not as good as I do with you.
I know the feeling.
Come here. I miss you.
I miss you too.
Don't say "too." It sounds like
you're just agreeing with me.
I love you.
I love you.
Tessa? Tessa?
Tess! No, no, no, Tessa! Tessa!
- Tessa! Tessa!
No, no, no!
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Fuck you! No, no!
- Hi. Hi.
- Hi.
What... What are you doing here?
Well, I came to see you.
But I can leave.
- I'm gonna get my bags.
- Mm-mm.
Give us a hand.
SMITH: What's the fastest
train you've been on?
- There's this train in Japan.
- Oh, hey!
- Hey, hey.
- Hardin.
Smith, what's up?
- How are you doing?
- Fine.
He asked if he could stay,
and I thought you might
be all right with that.
It's a lovely place.
Where should I drop my stuff?
- Uh, let me show you.
- Cool.
I'll call you guys
when dinner's ready.
- Sounds good.
- TESSA: It's this way.
It's nice to see
a smile back on her face.
It is.
So, um, I found this.
And I'm really sorry,
but once I picked it up,
I couldn't put it down.
You're a brilliant writer, Tess.
And I came across
that page about pain
and I just wanted to apologize.
The way I made you feel
is inexcusable.
So I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for you
to read any of this...
- I'm sure you didn't.
- It's pretty raw.
I needed to hear it.
In your words.
And I fucking hate myself
for making you feel that way,
but I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Hey! Steaks are on!
Be right there!
Will we?
I love you too.
We shouldn't keep them waiting.
What? I mean,
I'm sure that they're fine.
Come on, I'm hungry.
He really wants me to go.
He keeps talking
about me wearing the hat
and the gown and everything.
- What's so bad about that?
- It just looks ridiculous.
Can you imagine me in the hat
and the gown and everything?
I don't even wanna go
to the ceremony.
I can't imagine it,
but I really wanna see it.
You gotta celebrate
your accomplishments.
You don't wanna
look back and regret
having not had
those experiences.
Trust me, I know firsthand.
- I'll give it some thought.
- I think you should.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hi.
This needs turning,
do you wanna do it?
- Why not?
- Okay. There you go. Grab that.
- This is really nice.
- Yeah.
You know, all of us
together, under one roof.
- Here we all are.
- Yeah.
- Well, tonight, anyway.
- Oh, come on.
You two will work it out.
Sometimes distance is
a good thing.
You think so?
Honestly, I have no idea.
Look, relationships...
they're complicated.
Did I do something?
You've barely said a word to me
the whole night.
I had this horrible dream
of you and Robert.
I can't get it
out of my fucking head.
But I'm here with you.
That's exactly it.
I can't help but think that
you should be with someone else.
Your life would be
so much easier.
There's all this bad shit
that I've been trying
to suppress for so long.
It's just all coming up.
And there's nothing I can do.
The thought of losing you
is just, heh...
It's pretty fucking dark
in here, Tess.
Why didn't you just tell me?
That's the whole point
of being open...
Because it's a burden for me,
and I don't wanna burden you.
I don't want to be
with anyone else.
I wanna be with you.
[WHISPERS] Fuck me until
you forget about that dream.
My heart beats in patterns
To the broken sound
You're the only one
That can calm me down
My head spins in circles
So I'm dizzy now
All of this time
I should've figured it out
I'm a free animal
Free animal
I'm a free animal
Free animal
Free animal, free animal
My heart beats in patterns
To the broken sound
Free animal, free animal
You're the only one
That can calm me down
You get what you came for
What you stay for
I only know how to
Oh, fuck.
Satisfy your cravings
Look in the mirror.
This is what you crave...
Oh, yes, baby.
- You close?
- Yeah.
Flesh and bones won't lie
They won't lie
Free animal, free animal
My heart beats in patterns
To the broken sound
Free animal, free animal
We didn't
use protection last night.
Yeah, I know.
I'll have to go
to the drugstore tonight.
I should get on the pill anyway.
Yeah, you with no condom,
on a regular basis,
that's gonna work for me.
Here are the kids.
Hey, hey.
You look in better spirits
this morning.
Yeah, think I just needed
a good night's sleep.
Oh, it's Mom. One sec, guys.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, my love.
How are you doing?
Good, thanks. How are you?
That must be about the wedding.
Uh, whose wedding?
- Trish is...? Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh, that's amazing.
- She deserves it.
Yeah. And Mike is a good guy.
So he'll look after her.
- Okay, let's go.
- Oh!
- Okay.
- Come on, bud.
- Smith.
- What?
Hey, hey, hey! Backpack.
- Bye.
I will, I will, I will.
All right.
- Bye.
What? What?
So, what do you wanna do today?
- Got everything?
- Yep.
There's nothing...
There's nothing
you've forgotten?
No, I think I'm good.
What happened to our not keeping
secrets from each other?
- What are you on about?
- You're not gonna tell me
about your mom's wedding?
the only reason
I haven't told you
- is because I don't want to go.
- Okay. Why...
Why don't you wanna go?
I thought you wanted
to show me your hometown.
I wanna show you London. I do
not wanna show you my hometown.
If you don't wanna bring me,
I think that that's fine.
But it's her big day.
I really think
you need to be there for her.
If I was going,
I would bring you, but...
Do you know what,
I'll think about it.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Hey, this was a good weekend.
- How good?
- This good.
- Better.
Can you come back on Wednesday?
Vance is having an event.
I'll try.
I nearly smashed
your fucking head in!
What the fuck are you thinking,
breaking in here?
You weren't here, and, uh...
Tess told me
where you keep the key.
You look like shit.
Yeah, well, uh, I owe a guy.
- How much are you in for?
- Five hundred.
You can take this.
My dad gave me that.
I never wear it.
It's worth a lot more
than what you need, so...
- Yeah.
I'm gonna get better for her.
I'm gonna get better.
I promise.
This should protect you
from pregnancy
for the next three months.
My concern is...
you may not need it.
It's your cervix.
You may not be able
to get pregnant.
We need to do more tests
before we know.
As much as I'd like to help,
by the time you apply
for the transfer,
you register and start classes,
I don't think
it's worth the hassle.
And I don't think
you're gonna get
the classes you need
to graduate.
I figured
you were gonna say this.
- Just thought I'd give it a try.
- It's only two months.
And you know, it's been
one of my biggest dreams
- to see you graduate.
I guess it hasn't always
been a given, has it?
No, no. It hasn't.
It has been a gift,
having you here.
And I'm grateful that you were
willing to give me a chance
to see me sober.
When was that?
Oh, that was freshman year.
Your mom, Vance and I.
Never seen it before.
You know she's getting married.
- To Mike?
- To Mike.
Oh, good for her. He always
seemed like a nice guy.
I've always thought he was a bit
of a wanker, but if she's happy.
Two months!
It's just gonna go like...
- Hey!
- Hello.
Don't you two look gorgeous.
Relax, it's soda water.
- Did you tell him? Did...?
- Vance called me.
- Oh.
- Well, enjoy.
- I have to go play hostess.
- Okay.
They were ecstatic when
I told them you were coming.
What, just them?
Well, I was... I was happy.
I do have some bad news.
Oh. Uh, what?
It's not looking like
I'm gonna be able to get here
- for another two months.
- What, uh...?
What do you mean, like visit?
- Wait, what?
What? What do you mean?
I mean, like, for good.
Like... Uh, wait.
- Do you mean like move here?
- It's two months, though.
- I wonder if I should even...
- Are you serious?
Should I call the whole thing
off? Maybe I should cancel it.
- I love you so much.
- I love you.
Hate to break it up,
but I wanna dance!
Come on!
How are you, my boy?
- There's my boy.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Never better.
How dare you
Gon' kiss like that?
How dare you...
- I gotta go to work.
- Go ahead.
Touch me in the way
That you do
No matter who's in the room
I see you sweatin'
When you feel it
Goin' full out, baby
Touch me in the way
That you do
No matter who's in the room
I see you sweatin'
Never thought
I would love again
Never thought
Here I am in Love Me Land
Never thought
I would love again
Here I am
Here I am
In Love Me Land
Lost in your vocabulary
Got our own vernaculary
Take me home
Don't call me Mary
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah, ah
Touch me in the way
That you do
No matter who's in the room
I see you sweatin'
When you feel it
Goin' full out, baby
Touch me in the way
That you do
No matter who's in the room
I see you sweatin'
Never thought
I would love again
Never thought
Here I am
In Love Me Land
Never thought
I would love again
Here I am...
- Let's go. Right now. Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
You're moving here.
- Your elbows are up again.
- Oh, man.
All right, then.
You looking forward
to visiting home?
I know I am.
Oh, I see.
Celebrating your mom's happiness
doesn't sound appealing?
It's not that.
So, what's going on?
I really want to bring Tessa,
but I don't want to bring her
around my old life.
It's just a sad house
in a sad place.
Has she ever made you feel badly
about your past?
- No.
- The only way you can find out
if you trust her
is to trust her.
And it'd mean the world to
Trish, having you both there.
Look. Seriously, mate.
Your wedding is
a moment that's...
bigger than anything else
that you can possibly imagine.
- Kind of changes you.
- Mm-hm.
And that's why
they all fail, right?
Not all of them.
Not if you find the right one.
You know, I believe
that you have
two real great loves.
So in your case,
that would be Tessa and you.
You gonna show me what you got?
- Yeah. Come on, then.
- Aah!
I got us tickets to England.
- TRISH: Keep the change.
- Don't worry, Mom. I'll get it.
- No, no, no. I've got it.
- Hi.
Oh, it's so good
to see you both.
Jesus, Tessa.
Is there a body in there?
I didn't know
how much I'd need.
Here you go.
Thank you.
How was the flight?
Sorry it's not more comfortable.
I didn't expect the house
to sell on the first day.
No, it's great.
I left your bed up, Hardin.
I wasn't expecting
to sleep on the floor.
It's perfect. Thank you.
Well, you guys
must be exhausted.
So I'll leave you to it.
- I'm staying next door at Mike's.
Hey, give me a sec...
- We're really happy for you.
- Thank you.
I'm glad you came.
I've gotta go to
the bridal store in the morning.
I was wondering,
do you wanna come?
- Yeah, I'd love to. That's...
- Great. Great.
- Call me if you need me.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Don't take any of my stuff
or go in my room,
and definitely don't have
any friends over, okay?
RICHARD: Yeah, yeah.
Hey, thanks for letting me stay here.
Yeah, well, don't thank me,
because it's not permanent.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
Make sure you call
if there's a problem.
Sure thing, Hardin. Bye.
Who was that?
That was a random homeless man
who I've been letting sleep
on my couch.
All the hipsters
are doing it these days.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- There's nothing to eat.
- What are you looking for?
I don't know. Something edible.
That I don't have to cook,
Look, why don't you take
the keys and go to Sainsbury's.
It'll give you something to do
when we're gone.
- You ready?
- Yep.
Are you sure
you're not jet-lagged?
- I feel fine.
- You don't have to go, you know.
Come on, Tessa. Let's do this.
What if I wake up happy?
What if I wake up sad?
Sorry if I said something
Something that made you mad
Wishing that
I could call ya
Sorry my service bad
My bad
When I wake up
You're not next to me
Guess I'm missing
All your energy...
I really shouldn't. I'm sorry,
guys. Have one for me.
Hey, man. Come on. Man.
All I want is you
Is you
It takes two
'Cause all I want is you...
Yep. That's it.
It takes two
All I want...
You really look amazing.
It's beginning to feel real.
What's her dress like?
I can't tell you.
You're seriously
not gonna tell me?
Yeah, I can't tell you.
You're gonna
have to wait and see.
Don't care that much anyway.
- Please tell me.
No, I won't tell you.
I'm so glad you came.
You're my better place, Tess.
- What the fuck?!
- Oh, fu...!
- Vance! Fucking hell!
- It's not what you think.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Well, it clearly fucking is!
You're getting married tomorrow.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
The love of your life,
is carrying your child
while you're here...
- That's enough!
- What is wrong with you?
- Vance?
- HARDIN: Yeah.
He's been fucking my mom!
Please, Hardin, just stop it!
Don't yell at me. You don't
get to tell me what to do.
You were getting fucked
on the counter like a slag.
Don't you talk to your mom
like that.
- Oh, fuck off!
- TRISH: Hey.
Who the fuck are you
to tell me what to do, huh?
- You really want to know?
- No, Christian, don't.
- Enough, Hardin!
- Stop, stop.
- TRISH: Hardin, please stop it!
- Stop it! Ugh!
Please, Hardin.
- Hardin, that's enough!
That's enough!
Enough. That's enough.
HARDIN: You're getting married tomorrow.
Did you forget?
Who the fuck does that?
What are you going to tell Mike?
Hardin, Christian and I...
- He's...
- What?
It's not that simple.
Okay, let's go.
- Tessa, don't.
- Let's go.
Are you all right?
Can you...?
It's okay. It's okay.
It is not okay.
It's not okay.
- Please, don't ever let me go.
- I won't. I'll never let you go.
That even though
you're a superhero in my eyes,
you are still human.
Mike Richards,
do you take Trish Daniels
for better or worse?
I do.
I really do.
PRIEST: I'm happy to pronounce
you husband and wife.
- Hardin...
- I have nothing to say to you.
- Come on.
- Get the fuck off me!
Do you wanna go again, old man?
If that's what it takes, yeah.
- There's a bar in the hotel.
- A fucking bar?
It's just down the street.
I'll wait there for you.
I can come if you want me to.
But either way,
I think you should go.
HARDIN: She looks like
she doesn't need telling.
Yeah. She definitely knows.
I'm gonna go sit with her,
but if anything goes wrong,
just come find me.
- I'm surprised to see you here.
I'm afraid I won't be able
to stay as angry as I am.
Trust me, I am.
But what do I do? I love him.
And I love the life we're
building, and I love Smith.
You wanted to talk, let's talk.
- I know you feel betrayed.
I want to explain myself.
But I honestly don't know
where to begin.
- I guess that makes us done then.
- Look, listen.
You are so important
to me and your mom.
Are you serious?
Now you two want to play
some sort of united front?
- Fuck off with that.
- You wouldn't be so angry
if you didn't care.
You know, I wish I could say
I'm surprised...
but I'm not.
They have a history together.
One that I'm not sure
I can compete with.
I was gonna tell you ages ago,
but your mom didn't want...
Tell me what?
Tell me what?
Some things
We don't talk about...
Hardin is Christian's son.
Just hold the smile
Falling in and out of love
Ashamed and proud...
- You... What the fuck!
- I'm so sorry.
Time, time, time again
Younger now
Than we were before
Don't let me go
Don't let me go...
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
We're pulling apart
And coming together
Again and again
We're growing apart
But we pull it together
Pull it together
Together again
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
I'm tethered to
Your cannonball heart
Your wind, your rain
And all of your flaws
I'm tethered to your moon
And her tide
The push, the pull
And all of your lies
Dark and light
I'll save your life
Just stay the night
And we'll be all right
As distant as the stars
Together through our chains
Of broken hearts
And you're holding on to me
Like a comet
Falling from the sky
Till after our dawn
Till after our dawn
I'm falling right back
To the start
The spark of your touch
When I'm in your arms
There's something in the way
That you smile
The warmth in your eyes
Like a blanket of fire
Dark and light
I'll save your life
So stay the night
We'll be all right
As distant as the stars
Together through our chains
Of broken hearts
And you're holding on to me
Like a comet
Falling through the sky
Till after our dawn
Till after our dawn
Till our dawn
Till our dawn
Till our dawn
Breathe, we're falling deep